There Are Great Opportunities in the Current Market

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Saturday, May 12th
The Online Trading Academy helps you make money regardless of the status of the market.

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. This is a paid program for online trading academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. And welcome to bulls the bears out here rose Adam at Cisco sit back and relax and enjoy it a great weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets 401K is higher res independent cash accounts. Understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to self director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 888. 7508723. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy. A friend of mine and enter my senior coach Steve champ bullets or not Jim. Yeah it's the weekend man good to see you back from the Turks and geragos penalty at work in their body through the city and it Jada Booth until and let's talk about this with we had the Federal Reserve meets this week we had a lot of movement in the market lot of dramatic volatility movement higher prices higher highs lower lows. Great opportunity you know to do very fearful of you don't know what to do so got to kind of put the listeners are these in didn't plan hopefully. To grow preserve capital and make money regardless what the market does that's going to be the theme of the day make money no matter what the market does what a concept you know it. Everybody listen to a ski do absolutely and don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is a Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 if you have a question for senior coach college coach hotline at 877. 904. Trade that's 877904. Trade. And allies of the 24 hours and lot of did request is confusing they're a great question today so it it helps a lot of the listeners when you vessels quest because. They have the same questions they just might not have the ability to call in it they complicity it should hopefully it'll serve them as well as that serves the listener that called it absolutely champ. You know it's great to be back and one of the things I'm excited about is this market is is doing exactly what the market always does and has opportunity daily. As opportunity capitalized to generate money as opportunities. And a lot of you'll understand actually how to take the money that they have and really be in the market protective. There's people out there for one k.'s -- race champ they don't understand how to be in the market while protecting it. A lot of people are fewer fearful right now let's take a moment let's talk about capital preservation. Well a lot of bells stuttering the last few months when the volatility came back in this market in other words since 2009. March. All the way up until about six months ago we had straight up market for nine years very low volatility in other words the mark was slowly moving up and everybody loves that. There's not a lot of panic is not a fear. Those four days ago and up nicely those managed diaries are gonna nicely. And they need it to those areas where everything that record highs or near record highs that we Sutter get the volatility swing come back and play and that's what's amazing what I really want the listeners to think through right now is. If we look at the first quarter this year I mean a lot of us companies have announced earnings these last couple weeks. And we're seeing that corporate earnings are up 18%. Over last year. And a lot of it has to do with a tax reform and just you know the growth of stock prices market's gone up market's gone up nicely for a long time. And so we're seeing a corporate growth and earnings in other words companies are doing better. If the market's been flat for the year and other were slightly down. So long we have great corporate earnings and the market stays flat that's a sign that's a bell ring. That well we don't have these great corporate earnings because all of these great returns that were seen for these companies. They're resting and absorb those tax reform credits into their bottom line. Not all of his rosy next year and that's what's gonna happen in a market as a whole or gonna probably see a dramatic move down in price because the market's overvalued. And so for a lot of list there's your it a man his situation we have your money being managed and hire a you know 41 K you have no control. Or be able to protect and preserve against loss on then going to cash or. Maybe by and bonds are by and some other asset that meeting goes against a protects you when something falls in price. That's not the solution the answer is to understand how to preserve capital are protecting any market. And for a lot of lists is gonna become Paramount because as the markets to us that our role and we start to get this dramatic move down a prices were expecting it simply because. The reason the markets rallied historically is because of stimulus and the Federal Reserve tinkering with the market they did again this week. And as they raise interest rates we're gonna see significant move down the value of equities and that's where your fourth case city. And when that happens if you're not prepared to protect against loss to take all those gains you made the last nine years and you give back a transfer back. And that is not an alternative for many navy because you have retirement goals. And that'll crusher long term plans retirement. And it's really something that you have to understand now otherwise. It'll be too late it's too late. Then it's just a matter of understanding you might not ever get those goals you set the self defense well that's not what. You are set out to do champ people are set out to you know go get a job get a career get on a path. Save money. But I you know do what they need to do for the family and if you think about it the average person doesn't have enough tucked away for retirement. The money that they do have tucked away they can't afford a 3040% in the market that's. 23 years a salary for a lot of people and we really just he railed on when it comes it really hit that long term goal of financially being to the pointer tire. But the way they structured their foreign k's name managed irate positions as they're they're gonna take the brunt of the moved down. And that's the thing that's worrisome. And the reason we banned the drama Bulls and Bears because you don't have to take that loss this only things that. The average person anybody listening to us could do to protect against loss and downward move the market is. Derivative products things like options and futures satellite to protecting hedge against loss. Paging is 888 tactic that a lot of the institutions and best players traders and investors use. It allows them to protect against loss and still have that upside opportunity in other ways they can make what they need to make. But if there Ronnie ticket very small creek final loss and that's what capital preservation leads us to. And so for a lot of people you've never really thought about. Protecting your long term investments your forward care irate because for most of you think you can't. And there's funny ways that the average person to protect that money even if it's in a 41 K. And this just a matter of understanding what's available how can I do it and most importantly how can I preserve that wealth but at that long term mistakes that I am up retirement age. Or closer to. I'm in Asia where about a run out of money which is a big word for a lot of listeners cheerful and banners well it should be chipped you know what because the average person is more focused on family they're more focused on. They're career they're not thinking right now about retirement I'm not saying those others are important but they need to focus on it. Online trading academy as a class specifically on capital preservation this allows the individual who is working a full time job who is concerned about the mark correcting. Be prepared for the next correction protect the capital that that works so hard for. There's a 500 dollar value as a class taught right on campus of online trading academy. We're able to take callers tenets wanted to get this class way right now you do don't wanna miss out on this pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers 220 to unify and our class. And capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy that's 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers tender twenty to get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation. Again if you before one K and higher rate here in the marketing you do not understand how to protect your money from the next downward move the market this is a huge opportunity for yet. Do it now before the market crash is 84451. Trade that date for fourth. 51 trait for callers tend to twenty 500. Capital preservation. And Jeff a lot of people out there they don't know where to begin they don't know how to get started and sometimes are almost fearful getting in that process and online trading academy makes a smooth form. With this class is a 500 dollar value again for callers ten to twenty. 844. 51. Of trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears from. I. Welcome back the bulls the bears so little for the have heard heads that's the wealth themselves. Like Sampras. Absolutely always have a good time here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like his doubles the Bear's radio and of course 447 if you have a question for cedar coach. Call the coach hotline 877904. Trade. That's 87790. Portrayed your questions about their denies will be MB prize that this Wegman a teacher really nice teacher but soft fluffy guy you know that look good on you know kind of trendy. Not those. As a DDD feet yeah you know about data burlap you go to the games they shoot those things out again right I always gets flooded and immediately. If this is got to beat him Berlet teacher back in the day being lowered its justified brigades in those days there will send you a log that large patches. I'm more indexes that she's you know it's yet talking about a variety of big. Always have flooding here appreciate the time. But you know well one of the things we like to focus on his understanding how to market works in the markets fairly simple goes up it goes down. There's ways to capitalize in both directions the average person the person was seen this show right now. They have no idea how to capitalize and a downward move the market is called shorting champion one of the best let's take him almost talk about shortage market. Well amid great week understand how to should this week we have a lot of dramatic movement intraday and if you're more of a short term. Intraday swing a position type a traitor. He could've really taken advantage of a lot of price fluctuations. And what you got to understand folks is that. Wall Street understands that up is good and down is good and they've that you convinced that up is good and downs that. And that's the Lyle Wall Street. You think data the Dow goes down to the S&P goes down the NASDAQ goes on that's a bad day that's not a bad day just today it's a price changes. It's valuations of things changing its supply and demand moving price it's a normal function. Of the market's price going up the price going down the problem is. And the problem for most of our listeners is you've got money in managed dire days. Or sitting at a forward case somewhere and up is good when it goes down and you lose pretty simple and if it doesn't go up dramatically you lose because you get crushed in fees. And maintenance fees did manage the money. So for a lot of people when they begin to realize that down on the same opportunity you have to make money in the market goes up you have when it goes down it's a game changer. And we start to realize that the most successful traders impresses you Goldman Sachs is citadel is your Paul Tudor Jones for an individual trader. These people these institutions they proffer regardless of direction. So up is good and down as good and the hard part is getting people to understand that because the programming that has gone so deep. From most of you listening to us is that when the market goes down that's a bad day that's a lies is the date as the price change that day. It just changed in the direction may go down. But there was opportunity understood how to profit from it and what you do it allows you to take the money market Sicily which ultimately. Collage and have that long term growth you conform exactly that long term growth is key. It's exactly what people need I mean we can't afford every five to ten to fifteen years. Take its warning at 30% hit instead. Let's take an opportunity where in that short period of time on the market does correct like in 2008. You actually capitalize and really be able separate yourself from everybody else out there and it's not complicated C. Wall Street has you convince folks figured out sophisticated enough for Smart enough to manage your own money and that's the great lie. It really use I mean I've met people that literally your high school ged your high school drop out of people that were bad students never really had a lot of money work and that will learn the steal of managing their own money and I'm gonna the next level financing of transition their life transformed their life. So it has nothing to do with IQ has to do with understanding net. Up this Gooden down as good a once you realize that once you understand that you can make money when profit when something falls in price. It really sixty of that and level now to give an example let's use let's use Coca-Cola for an example great stock based out of Atlanta Georgia. Everybody knows the company been around forever large cap blue chip stock trading right around 42 dolls share. If you believe that that stock was gonna go to 38 medals that's at 42 right now. You believe it's gonna go to 38 you could profit from that Ford all moved down in price you could profit from that. I'm not talking about using an option in her future. I'm talking about shorting on actual stock could actually short sell that stock now here's what this means in this is where. The confusion happens a lot of times people don't understand how to make money when price falls. When we short something with selling it without calling it now that's the disconnect people say how can I sell some off I don't own it I got to it I have to buy at first fork and sell it. Know your broker owns it and what's great about the financial market is your broker wants you to. Hit the button they want it XQ they want it take advantage of opportunities because they get paid a commission when you do that. That's the cost of doing business has nothing wrong with that but your broker makes shares available to you to sell even though you don't own they only inventory. They allow you to sell their inventory into the market when it's at 42. What's great about that is that money that comes in your account so if you just sold 200 shares of before he's dollar stock Coca-Cola. 8400 bucks just came in your account now listen carefully that 8400 dolls just came and you're trading account. You can't use that to go by GE you go by some other stock because your short the stock in other words. You're using the brokers him into you borrowed the stock to sell its 42. Your goal goal is to buy back the two goals by Beck a 38. So what goes to 38 you buy back do they call that covering your shorts and other words you sold its to enter the position. And when I guess that's what it when he gets a 38 your buying it back you covering the short in other words the moment you buy the shares back the inventory goes right back in your broker's warehouse. But you keep the difference in profit which is sold for 42 what you bought about 438 that four bucks a share a stage in your account. On a hundred shares that's for a bucks on a thug just that's for grin he's made 4000 dolls on a thousand shares of a stock you didn't know. Think about that on a move down in price. See that's how Goldman Sachs profits that's how the best traders of rest is profit the problem is the masses don't get it. Well let me be blunt folks you need to do with the masses are doing. My mental toll find out what everyone else is due to do the exact opposite that's they get wealthy in America and if you learn the skill of shorting a short selling. You can take advantage of price regardless of direction. They'll take that next level separate you from the masses which of these is that financial goals you open for an ultimately you that consistency long term. That the markets can provide if you know how to play. Exactly a lot individuals other chip they want to learn how to do that they don't even know where to begin. And you know it's not difficult it's different and a lot of times people losing their humble themselves they you know it is just something I need to Gillard. And if they do so who knows what could turn into its amazing think about a feud or shorted. Was short sold the S and Peter in the collapse of 2007 to 2009. And in the market fell 50% pure as a people that we're short the S&P during that season. And made money hand over fist CD called the largest transfer of wealth because those are viewed it lost money due and a collapse of 2008. It wasn't a loss is just what to somebody who was short who's on the other side who made and took advantage of the move down price. We have the ability to be ready for the next collapsing correction. And now's the time to learn that skill. Exactly and online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears. They understand a lot of people out there wanna learn how to make money in the downward move they also understand allowed you don't know where to go that word to begin. Online trading academy as a class talk right at their campus at the 500 dollar values on shorting the market now you have money in a 41 K. And hiring you feel he can't do anything with a this class allows you to see the picture of what that would actually look like to be able to capitalize and a downward move. There's a 500 dollar class only a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick of the phone right now call 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for callers 1530. You have 500. Online trading academy that's a 44518782338445187233. For caller fifteen to thirty get this 500. From our sponsor online trading academy again needed I want to miss out on this of your money in a market. 84451. Trade at 844. Five up one trade does that mean champ fumbles and banners. And welcome back the bulls the bears IBO is adamant this guy have the blast have a good time with the fellas as usual. Always fun always fun don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is the Bulls and Bears radio and of course 24/7 if you have a question for senior coach call the coach outline. 877904. Trade. That's 877. 904 trade any question in a question for you coach. But it yeah it's great we have lot of questions about the 41 k.'s about a higher raise about trading -- line whatever and it runs again and it it has to have the financial markets. We'll do the best you can help you and ladies yes he's been yes Diane that yes I'm not selling questions yet assess happily married. Yet what I think that we talk about every week whether things we talk about here Bulls and Bears is understanding that the market has a lot of potential as a lot of opportunity a lot of people look. To the market is generating count and a key part to generating income in the financial markets is understand how to make your time valuable. And the biggest component you know this is using leverage don't want take a few minutes I want talk about. How do you leverage in the market how that potentially can be short term or even consists of streaming cumbersome. Well we've seen it done over and over and over again with people use different asset classes than stocks things like futures are currencies. Or options to profit from daily or weekly price movement and one of the things it's. I want academy cleared of the listeners is that when you hear the word traitor a lot of people get that picture of Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street. You think high stress high energy ruthless mid viewers suspenders that it's a big building somewhere. Some of the best traders that I know people that literally have forty minutes today and our day. Because they have full time jobs careers and businesses and enable it to happen in the markets and about 3040 minutes every day find a good opportunity. Whether it be on the S&P of the Dow with a Russell or an individual stock or it could be a currency or commodity. Find a good opportunity where they can profit regardless letter goes up or down. And they elated order it in other words they put an entry and they put a target what do I get out they put it that target waiting now for a loss and I was gonna have a smaller loss than if they make money. So they have a small pre defined lost. And there are some of the best traders that I've ever met that literally in a market for forty to sixty minutes today and many of them. Are never in the market wants open in other words the market open from 930 to for the US stock market these people are treating it that arena and they're never on the feel wallets open and there. Consistently profitable that amazing. Because the technology because the availability of all the different things that these broker platforms give us the ability to automatic execution it opens that the war. The so many people that never felt like you could ever take advantage of speculating in the market for short term income and it's available and we start to add leverage in things like futures are currencies are options. He really brings everybody in the field because now I don't have a ton of money. Kabila and make a good amount of money in other words you can use a low amount of capital. They make a good return because of leverage in the equation now one of the things about leverage as you well know Adam is it works both ways so we wanna use leverage responsibly here Bulls and Bears were big proponents a leveraged. Using futures using options using currencies. Or also bigger proponents of managing risk we always talk about capital preservation first and foremost every week how to protect against lost. But when you start to understand that these other asset classes are available and you can use them consistently in Europe to be tied to computer all day long man oh man so many people have never really thought they could be in the markets on a daily or weekly basis. Consistently making money have now venture not to this field. And we're seeing it transform a lot of things for them and what's great about it is this. Is that they're able to do it not changed their life dramatically with their careers and the marks a time that they have they just have to be a little more effective with the time that really opens at to a lot of opportunity form. Exactly a lot of field understand how markets work they don't understand. You used the word opportunity I mean every single day there's opportunity I know traders that trade in the morning chip and searchers are traded night. And they can set it up and they stuff their time their capital they've put realistic goals in place you there's just couple hundred dollars a month that the game changer for a lot of people and it's not a casino. What I love about the academy's we teach how to follow rules ought to be strategic about. When I'm Rodham and make more than one armor on the fight losing my take a small lost. And once you start to factor in futures I mean I've students. That trade the S and he used in the ES which is the futures contract that tracks the S&P every day if the S&P moves a certain amount they make consists of daily income they're able to do that utilizing futures in the markets. A suit a crypto currencies Pete Cowen theory in this so many ways that we can utilize the different asset classes other than just stocks. To take advantage of leverage which allows us a bigger return less capital and for a lot of people once they learned that skill. It can help them not only to supplement their income ultimately Kadima replace their income. And as a game changer for a lot of people a lot of people out there are looking for additional streaming cam looking at Fiat to capitalists it in the bag. Not making any money form this is huge opportunity online trading academy as a class specifically on using leverage products. To generate short term income does a 500 dollar value. We're able to give a few seats away right now we're gonna take colors tend it's wanna you do don't wanna miss out on this pick up the phone and call 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers tenets pointing to 500 dollar class specifically on. Using lever for short term income in the financial markets is a great opportunity you're branded the market even in the market for years you don't understand how to set that up for that short term income. Does a great opportunity 84451878233. That's 844. 5187233. For callers to 120 in this 500 dollar class and trading for short term income using leverage prides that's 844. I'm one trade at 844. 51. Trade does that in champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back to Bulls and Bears that goes at the Disco am with them but haven't some laughs excited because right now it's that time is that Todd asked the coach and we and Ashley from Cumming Georgia. My name actually and I'm calling from coming. And I'm wondering North American Free Trade Agreement was going to affect market and hearing about how we might be out of it from side. It. Our great question nationally you know what a lot of what moos price in the markets is economic data financial data comes from the government comes from. Different things that happened what we see virtually daily is when these announcements come out about jobs reports or. You know the unemployment numbers it really does create an impact in a movement in the market but. One of the things that I tell people and having coached in the financial markets for a long time is that. News just move something quicker to an area where it's gonna eventually turn in price anyway. In other words. If put out a NAFTA is gonna affect stock premiums are stock prices. And know very well made because a lot of these companies are multi national level are they have a presence in Canada Impreza Mexico a lot of these US based companies. They also presents a body's other parts of the world Europe and Asia. And so I think he'll be a little bit of an effect but I think what will do what is that ultimately is drive price to an area where it's gonna fall or coop anyway one of the great things about. Understanding price movement in the financial markets is that it's all built drug supply and demand. And so when we come into aerial it is more cells and byers no matter what the news is prices gonna fall. And we come to an area what is more buyers and sellers no matter what the news is prices gonna go up. Lot of times the news will drive it fashion to that area were prices gonna turn. And now just a matter of us taking advantage of that opportunity when price does turn because we talk about is that going to affect US stocks. What that means for much from my perspective is that your word that they might go down in price in other words some of these US stocks might lose value their stock prices might fall. We talked about earlier in the second session that shorting was short selling is an opportunity to profit from price falling. So just because we potentially pull out of NAFTA if we did there would be some sort of an effect on the market as a whole no question. But what you and I have to understand is that we can respond to that market and a spot of the opportunity to provide root cause with a price goes a Purdue out of profit from. That's the key. That's we talk about your Bulls and Bears. Direction doesn't matter so we pull a lot of math and all of a sudden all these US based stocks that have. A presence in Canada or Mexico may be lose little production to lose a little profitability. That might cause those stocks the ball down in price you can profit from that simply by utilizing what the market office us. And taken advantage of whatever direction it gives us C one of the great things about the markets is that if we learn how to be driven by what the markets giving us. Rather and hoping it gives us a certain direction like out which most people hope for mart goes up that's good down that's bad. It's not true which improper regardless of direction. So we able to ultimately make money regardless of what the markets giving us up or down simply by responding to what's gonna happen. We put ourselves ahead everybody out there in the financial markets and our on the level of media and institutional as far as a style of trading and investing. Where we're not moving with the market as a whole were a lot of time going against what the market's doing simply because the masses have no clue how to make money when the market falls. And you are now learn the skill how to do that now what's great about that NASA is that. That involves you learning how to self directed involves you learning how to look at price. And determine should something go up or down and ultimately when you realizes nothing more than building a skilled. Looking at the market is no more than building a skill dislike you know be in a governor being a nurse you go through training and ultimately gets the point we can do it. Pretty much without thinking about it the markets at the same way. Once somebody learns that practice of self directing in other words. They're able to proffer regardless of what the markets do it and it they take control of their own resources in other words they're managing their own money. You really can get to that next level financially because most people aren't ever gonna Reese sellable because they're only able to make money one direction so NASA does pull up the market falls a gonna. Sit on the side and hope the market messy bounces and found some buyers and goes up or or. They're gonna prop from the moved out of happens. And you can do either one the key thing is is that get ahead of the masses take advantage self direction and now you don't care about what happens when these type of announcements come. You're able to profit regardless of what happens because your position to do so so self directed becomes Paramount great question Ashley. We'll see what happens on the north American free trade agree it but I do will say this no matter what happens you can profit from it if you know how to understand. What do you use how to effectively use it and most importantly. How to put that skill in the play. Exactly and a lot of people out there you know they have questions similar to that that's what we have the coach hotline at 87790. Portrayed at NASA we appreciate you called and it's exciting champ because it really it's ultimately understanding how the market works. We're really beating control and a lot of people don't take the time to control their own resources they don't take time to sell direct for that they can make these options well in the key things is this. You and I can do everything that Wall Street does as far as trading and investing on our own level. It's not complicated process in other words everything Goldman Sachs all the ways they made money and it anew in the mark goes up to make money went to mark goes on you and I can do the same thing. We just have to go through the process of learning that skill and it's not a hard process to understand. It's like any new skill is just a matter of time and energy of learning and repetition but what's great about that is. He can change that and refinance if you get really good itself tricky and manage your own money. And for a lot of you to have money in a management this is the time if you start to look at managing yourself and self drift because if you don't the results are gonna change from many view the results aren't good enough. The way it is status quo. Well exactly and that's what people are looking at what's gonna happen in the market people look at the news people are uncertain. And if you're ultimately self directed with high probability low risk that's a huge opportunity for yet. An online trading academy the sponsor bulls and mayors they understand a lot of people out there are like ghastly that wonder what's gonna happen in this market there wondered how is it an impact of 41 k.s or higher is. And when yourself directing you have full control what's gonna happen in your situation your per portfolio regardless of market conditions. That's like online trading academy as a class specifically on self directed as a 500 dollar value it's taught at the campus. This class allows summaries brand new to the market may be that in the market for years but if they've never manage their own money this is huge opportunity for you as a 500 dollar value. We only have a few seats to give away were you take callers ten to 25 pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trait for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 dollar bag class and self directed from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 844518723384451878233. For callers ten to 25. Is that what you fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears because Adam it's just go ahead with the glass so. I'm jealous of the Sudan over the FaceBook like get samples of Bear's radio and of course point 47 if you have a question for the coach. Got the coach hotline 877904. Trade that's 877904. Trading called at number 24/7. And your question it's on air nice a prize that we does that actually in the glasses. Great question hopefully help some people about economic news there on the market and how it affects the market the key thing is we talked about. With improper no matter what the market does so it's really a hopefully an eye opener for ass in some of the atlas bush absolutely in champ one of the things that we like to address here Bulls and Bears understand the market. Has a business element to it unfortunately the average person out there when they're in the financial markets they treated more as a hobby. Not as a business I wanna take a moment wanna break it down what does that look like what does it mean for some at a truly treated as business. Well when you look at business opportunities in America I mean most number cost prohibitive a lot of people. And a lot of money on inventory in overhead liability insurance and worker's comp and equipment. To start a business in America it's a real real high bar I mean you got to have a lot of times incur a lot of upfront costs. And what I love about the financial markets that we've had people literally start a business on a shoestring I mean just with a very home on capitol. Europe the lease a building unit of employees are staff for workers comp and what's great about it is that. You got these global marketplace is the currency market the futures market the options market the stock market and you and I can literally sit at home. And we need to buy something at wholesale price will we believe is going to be an opportunity to profit by selling at a higher price we have somebody will sell to us. If we need to sell some been cooler and unload some intakes of profit off the field we get somebody wanna buy from sticker that that's the dream. That's the dream business I mean it's the land of opportunity. And for a lot of people they never really thought of it that way. People are literally but they're harder and savings into. You know kiosk or some sort of of vending business and god love here and entrepreneur and I love the spirit but you know what there's a lot of involved in that. And when I when I got introduced to the financial markets ice are an opportunity to sit at a computer get paid if I do a little bit more than the masses and auto that'd be that much smarter than everybody the syllabus mark and everybody. In a fight to at a good price of buy and sell I was I could take money consistently I can set up as a business. I did take tax deferred benefits like a business and most importantly I can only equity units. And creates something they ultimate like give them my family and my kids and create an income and that's what the dream is about and the problem is is that being you know the set and I say this all the time. Is this has become the land of the secure jobless benefits. It's really still the land of opportunity. But a lot of people are looking for that opportunity. And my mantra time it's easy to get wealthy in America than it is to make a living because it's so few people even competing think about that who you know trying to build wealth. In a business and we don't make a living. Most it'll make a living. Tonight on the field trying to get the money and so we can separate ourselves in the financial markets on most amazing business opportunities in the history of the world. And what's great about it is that you can make all the potential income. And not have a lot of traditional headaches most as is happening for a lot of people that's really just a realize open forum. Exactly why would that be a lot of people out there their employees of a company or their line of business and that business more had he tennis really worth. And they can turn to the financial markets and if somebody just has a simple senate rules of a plan in place. It can be seized b.s on the small lake in turn in this of the large you've seen it you dislike any business you start with a plan you have some people that maybe you've had success economy Q and walk you through. And you know on your path and the great thing is is that it such a great opportunity it's just a matter put it time and energy and learned that skill exactly an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears. I understand a lot of people out there. Want to be in the market Sanderson a lot of people would like to trade as a business like people want a trade of business and I don't know how to get started. That's like online trading academy as a class specifically on trading as a business not your brand is the market great you've been in the market you don't have business results and this is a huge opportunity for you as well. There's a 500 dollar values taught at the campus we live a few seats to give away at every time we give way to phones light up your Bulls and Bears were to take callers tend to 45 pick the phone call. 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers to 125 to get a 500. Trained as a business from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233. Before 45187233. Callers to 125 do you this 500 dollar value class and trained as a business taught at the campus online trading academy. Again if you bring into the market and you're looking to start a business and you don't know how to get off the ground this is an opportunity for you. 844. 501. Trade champ.