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Saturday, March 10th

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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to Bulls and Bears out here hosed Adam at this goes back and enjoy a great weekend and fired up excited. So many things going out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and has pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy school that teaches the trade and invest in the financial markets. 41 K is higher raise cash accounts understand online trading academy school at U itself director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 8887508723. As always in studio coast of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy senior coach Steve gentle what's going on chip yeah it's the weekend and. Excited to be here Los talk about the market is really volatile. Higher highs lower lows great opportunities you know to do. Lot of fear coming back into the market which is healthy we need that to talk about capital preservation today but good to be here good to see you back from skiing. In Colorado it we had a great trip obviously jays are you missed it but javy get. New debt so we gotta give kudos to Jay's and you did this week and like I cited. An Eiffel that would be the same broad you got your first you guys kidnappers like diamond that's where it out of state it here you guys say hey wait guests and we both live yet if you're above that the you know it's yet excited to be accurate. That'd always a lot to talk about the markets you know is 2018 continues to push on. You know I mean a lot of people you meet a lot of people that they're concerned about this market they're concerned about the the quick movements the volatility. Up in the downward swings when's a good time to get in one's a good time to get out we're gonna talk about all that here on Bulls and Bears. One of the things we always talk about here each week. Is understand how to preserve the capital they have a lot of people's accounts right now are up. 41 taser out ire raiser at the start to see volatility. A lot of questions about when do I get out of this market how to protect them the profits that I got. Well you need to first of all understand that Paramount to protect your money because we're in a market where we've gotten increased volatility and that's been. Long overdue I mean for nine years we had the market goes straight up with low volatility in other words little movement daily to slow steady growth over title nine years as a while one of the longest bull markets in the history of the country that was sitting in bull meaning up so no tree grows to the sky we're in an area now where would start to see real volatility. And in with summit decisions that the administrations made with tariffs and tax reform we've seen this dramatic movement and price and that gets a lot of people's attention it should. Because you remember 2000 ace and it was similar in 2007 we start to see volatility kickback in where. Higher highs and lower lows in the Al in the S&P people's ideal panicky because. If you're listening to me got a 41 K your money tracks the performance of the Dow and the SNP pretty simple. So they get crushed they fall dramatically you lose so a lot of people stuck to wake up a little bit we get this volatility movement will get these higher highs and lower those. And it becomes a little scary and maybe gets people ready and prepared for it significant move down which will come it has to happen. And so the job obviously of Bulls and Bears is to prepare you'd get you ready but you have to understand that you need to do something now to preserve capital forced to leave because. If you wait until after the price falls are after the move. You missed it now happens a lot of people we can't afford especially if you near retirement age in lot of our listeners are probably in that boat where they have to worry long term about. Retirement more importantly. I preserve what I bills that give backs right can't ever retire which is obstacle flow of people. Exactly in champ you've met a lot of individuals a lot of people are concerned you know individuals took a loss in 2002003. Individuals to the loss in 2008. If you take a third loss what's that got to do for retirement for a lot of people that take another 3040% hit retirements are tape it it's not an option it's I'm gonna work in July die. And I think for a lot of people that's not legal and a lot of people have a lot of knowledge about how the mark. It works and how price changes in the markets have determined that they believe the market's gonna fall dramatically in the just recently the JPMorgan vice president or. He came out said we think it's gonna be a 40% move down in the overall stock market over the next few years 40%. Think about that can you afford to lose 4% because many of our listeners have money and forward k.'s fourth freebies diaries that tracked the market. And see when the market falls 40%. It eight lease your account go to somebody's understands how to profit when the market falls in because the market price so high in port such highest prices in history. We have to prepare for that move down and not take in absorb that 40% loss and that's will capital preservation becomes a key in a lot of ways that the listeners can do that they can use options. Futures as so many things in instruments that are available in the market to protect against loss. When the market collapses and actually profit from its collapsed and many of the listeners don't get it. Because they think they're not Smart enough for sophisticated enough to understand it. And the reality is you are that's a lie a Wall Street Wall Street's elegy not Smart enough to understand how to make money in the market was down. That's a bunch of bull note no pun intended bulls than bears it's a bunch of bull because what it does it takes you off the field and doesn't give you competing for the money win. The reality is that Goldman Sachs wants to take your money. And so we have to know how they approach the markets and they don't care about direction they don't care in the markets moved. They always learn how to protect and preserve against lost and then how to take money when it's available and that's what the listeners can do as well it's really simple process. It's his understanding capital preservation is Paramount that success. It is Paramount in a lot of individuals don't realize that the average person's not focusing on long term success financially. The average person is focusing on their current jobs they're focusing on what they're. What their task network need to beat the folks in on how to get the kids to soccer practice how to howdy and that they're so focused in the dated today. If you ask somebody you know when's the last time we sat back and really focused on your retirement account. The average person doesn't more people's been more time focusing complaining annual vacations and do and their annual retirement program. And that's that's a travesty and if you just focus just for a few hours a month you put yourself in a different place in a staggering to think about that the people finally realize when they're 1560. That they don't have enough money and that's one of the biggest where the baby boomers in this country is that they're gonna run out. Money before they die and the reason is is it because they didn't work harder because they take at least two dramatic moves down on the market in 2002008. He crushed a long term growth. And ultimately David try to recover all those years and they run out of years before they get to the goal. And so the focus of capital preservation is to not have to take those used losses when the market fall dramatically and more importantly. A light reach those goals on the back and hit that retirement lifestyle you. And many people start to focus on that and don't wait to get 5055. Or sixty to think about that folks start to think about your thirties because you know it knows gonna pay for your long term. Lifestyle except for you'd you'd better be prepared for that capital preservation. Key part of that whole process exactly an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they Anderson a lot of people right now are concerned about capital preservation. A lot of people are focusing on how to protect this money in the 401 k.s higher race. And that's what they have a class specifically on capital preservation talk right at the campus of online trading academy. At a few sees the giveaway to this class we're gonna take callers right now fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trait for callers fifteen to thirty get a 500 dollar value class on capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy. 84451878233. That's 84451878233. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class and capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy. Again for one k.'s higher raise money that's in the market. As long if you're concerned about it if you wanna protected this is huge opportunity for you from online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears. Caller fifteen to 384451. Trade that 844. 51. Of trade this is adamant chance fumbles in bears. Oh. I. Welcome back the bulls the bears a little bit a separate and it's. Nothing screams wealth intelligence like little Sanford and Son absolutely always a good time here's studio isn't it time. Champion a one of the things about the market is that it's real simple the market when you break it goes up. And he goes down a lot of people lately airplane for the long market since March 2000 on the market's gonna. But the concerns and the wavering how long is this thing last you always say you know it's gonna go forever we got to get ready for the outward movement market when it goes down majority of people lose money but yet some people make money. That process is called shorting you want the best in the world explain it let's take a moment let's talk to listener how do you make money down market. Well I learned years ago that no tree grows to this guy and that ultimately and obviously fall that the political reversion to mean fear in the market which means things get over price. Stocks go lower prices like gasoline and branded cheese it's based on supply and admits there are times when it's a rip off the bye. That its eyes when it's undervalued we want to buy so we have an under valuation and over valuation level call fair and fair value means worth about what you paid for. And so we look for opportunities that are undervalued affair right we wanna sell overvalued. The problem is is that you don't own something and how can you sell or that's what shorting it short and allowed me to make money when price falls. Without doing something think about that they let you could sell your neighbor's house and make money. He's also you didn't know and that's what shorting is not with a disconnect happened with a lot of people present this is a Bulls and Bears because. They're not tuned in to make your money when the market goes down the problem with many listeners and the problem with. The people that Julian is that. They've been trained to think that up is good and down as best they think that when the market goes down at the bad day when a stock goes down at the bad day it's not a bad days just the day. It's just a natural progression of these get over guys to get an event they always find their fair value. So we understand that the market provides opportunity when price goes up or down to make money. It's a game changer. And yet most people don't make money when the market falls and think about this that well in 2008 and S&P collapsed. The broad market collapse the Dow fell 50% the S&P 550%. Most people's retirement accounts got crushed. People or making money in that collapse in my amateur taught me no matter how thin you slice it is always choose sides in other words there's a winner and a loser. If you lost in 2008 because the market collapse someone profited the money wasn't lost interest transfer. And so we start to understand that there's opportunity when price goes up or down and really get to see some of the great volatility changes were seen recently. With the high movement and prize and dramatic falls in prize this tremendous opportunity if you understand what to do. And the great thing about the Bulls and Bears program is that we teach the average person you can do something about it. Wall Street has you convinced you're not Smart enough to make money when the market falls that's a flat lie. They make money when the market falls so can you and I and the best way we can do it is by shorting was short selling and let's use alert that steel. He stuck to employ it into the process of grow your wealth. Will grow your counter growing your retirement. It really takes to the next level it separates the wheat from the chaff in the markets as becomes Paramount if you wanna have long term success. Well that long term success is Paramount because a lot of individuals. They make money when it goes up they lose money when it goes down and they're just hoping that they're gonna retire and an up market and I remember that an individual he was supposed to retire. At the end December 31 2008 was his retirement date. And he told me he has out of this last year alone has like almost fifteen years. Essentially income form and he has I got to continue working. Like a prison there yeah I think he's countdown the days until he's released. And then you have one dramatic move down like we had 2008 in the market as a whole piece is hopefully is out the window that's the problem. And so there's opportunity when that price falls you understand let me explain short in the short selling. It's a simple process is not difficult as is different. In yet many Melissa's have never incorporated its and it trading and investing or its at a retirement account into a nest egg their diaries you can do that. In those accounts now. Its stock like Coca-Cola. Base Atlanta Georgia currently trading around 44 at all this year multinational global billion dollar company. Large cap blue chip stocks great stability been around forever 44 bucks a share that view believed. When you look at that stock it was gonna go to forty for some reason. You believe that forty Ford's gonna go to forty. You can profit from that for all moved down you can you know the use options to make money on the way down you can actually sure what the actual stock which means this. I can sell shares of Coca-Cola stock without owning them. And that's where a lot of new confuses how can I sell the stock. The writing is gonna fall price I don't own it. Well that's where your broker Simpson when you open your brokerage account your broker allows you short which means they allow you sell shares of bear inventory. So they have shares of Coca-Cola stock. That they're gonna allow you to sell 44 the total loan in the stock essentially. Sit by hitting a but you're selling the shares into the market 44 bucks a share so you have to all the stock in you can sell that short. Now what happens is the moment in short that stock your goal is to buy back at a lower price because in order. Backed out of that position that you just entered used sold enter if the buyback to exit. They call it covering the short when you buy back suffice sell Coke cola stock at 44 altering the listeners view. And we weighed in and price falls to 4040 we buy it back. Now we buy it back. We immediately to bully but back that inventory goes right back in our brokers warehouse and to their inventory because we use their stock to sell to start the position to answer the trade. Now we're basically buying it back at a lower price the mold would buy bagels read that Barbara was inventory. But the let us keep the profit in other words what we do we sold at 44 of the shares we sold at 44 to the market. We bought back at forty demo we bought a bag right back in the day inventory to shares did the flu also share stays in our count. On a hundred shares that's for a box on a thousand shares at four grand on a stock we never owned that's shorting nothing about this you can shortly SMP. You can shoot the doubt the thought of you shorted the S&P rep for the class of 2000. People did. They saw that it was recent atop they saw the market about the class because of over leverage. They position themselves to proverb a 50% moved out so when you lost 50% of your wealth and your 41 K listener. Somebody else took it. Because they shorted that position why you only in the position and that's all we're talking about is understand that if you wanna separate itself from the masses financially. You need to do different things they're doing. In many of them do not know how to make money in the market falls which means that you had the ability to separate yourself from the masses and take the money. Just like a Goldman Sachs Jessica try to securities is like Morgan Stanley you have the ability. And Wall Street's doing it we can do it that's what shorting is it's a scheme change when you start to understand how to do more poorly you incorporate into your every day trading. While you talk about being a game changer that means you don't have to worry about market direction if people listen in right now that you go to bed at night you're concerned about market direction. You go to bed sleeping and you're thinking. I hope the market doesn't crash tomorrow when she understood and he capitalized and a down market he no longer have to worry about direction online trading academy teaches a class specifically on shorting the market. Every time we talk about this class here phones light up here on Bulls and Bears the 500 dollar class were given away analysts are right now you do not want to miss out on this. If you have money in the market for one k.'s higher rates of cash that you utilized in the market. Understand how to capitalize and downward move in those different accounts. This class on sorting will be game changes a 500 dollar value we're gonna take callers and the twenty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that take 4451. Trait for colors 1020. If 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market from our sponsor. Online trading again that's 844. 5187233. 8445187233. For colors and the twenty to get this 500 dollar class explicitly shorting the market from our sponsor online trading again. Once again for four. I've won trade is that a chance on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears ever housed out of it just yet at the last have some good times always enjoyed the time with the fellas in the studio to forget to head over to FaceBook like as the Bulls and Bears radius he's in the bloopers sees that the clips. The our diets at face in the caricature it looks really great I mean I think maybe in us that put the moustache is on the objective of people's though. Mark Marta marble bit so it looks good but he did a great job our artists absolutely products and of course today it's obvious questions for the coach senior coach college coach outline 87790. Portrayed. That's 8779. Of portrayed in color out like 24/7 at your question and the prize that we got a request today from my Karl Sanders sent his son with him and so absolutely once again ask the coach eight cents zero portrayed. Chip talk about a variety of things at times individuals when it comes the financial markets. People are handing the money up to somebody else you know if you work a job you work for corporate America you 41 K let's face it you're handling money. He set it up with a program where every single month Saudi your paycheck that money's going to 41 K. Sometimes you'll sit down on the financial advisors they will shift over old 401 k.s and IRAs and his advisors will manage that money. Wanna take a moment and really talk about in keeping it simple in the constantly keep it simple. Was a look like for someone handle and manage their own money. You know we call that self directed what does that look like sometimes what someone learns how to handle their money champ you know this firsthand he can generate monthly income. As wells that can help prepare and setup the long term well. What is the real question was about if they don't learn handle money. Mean that's America. Average American is night easily from bankruptcy if they lose their main source of income I mean. This country the big boomers are sixteen trillion dollar short of being able to retire because we have this finite amount of money in the forward case situation. That has an unlimited risk position think about this if you got money to forward okay. You're tracking the market as a whole what we fight is about 95% of the 41 K accounts that we see. Track the performance of the S&P 500 of the as a 43% you'd drop point 2%. And you take the full risk to the position that's insanity. And yet many people don't think they have an option alternative. But it haven't somebody else manage their money. And that's the big Wall Street Y you can take six to ten hours a month Mitch your own money into a better job. We've seen it we've seen dumber people they need to have success I promise you we have. By simply learning this deal. And what's great about self direct to your money team join him when he is there's basic principles that you follow it's a learned skills not like while we hope you're successful managing your own money. What I love about the academy is we teach people let's deal we show them the rule based process step by step. How to manage and sell after their money and do you baby boomers this is critical. And in your face and it. Many of the biggest worries that I find when I talked of people that are in that generation the baby boom generation born between 1946. In 1964. If you're worried about run out of money. And you listen to me right now in the next few. And yet you've got its position in a 41 K or the market collapse if you take the full brunt of the loss in pay fees to summon him is that money. And they have a guaranteed return those fees and they have no risk in the position. And that person that's that gets those fees the entity is a Wall Street institution Goldman Sachs TA crypt UBS that's who's managing your wealth. And they're competing for the same money you're competing for think about that. Think about the just the dichotomy of that process of how they're managing years yet they're competing for the same and you're competing for seems like a conflict of interest. Welcome to America that's Wall Street's way of handling and managing money. And you need to break away from that because think about this is one I asked everybody to listen. How many people do you know who have a 41 K who are wealthy because that forward to mean welcome talking wealth on my talk and they have a good lifestyle talk and wealth. And how many people do you know make eleven think about that so self directed because Paramount and if you could do better regardless of direction the market's not pay those fees and peel profit. Up down sideways. That's self directing that's what offers and that's my mental illnesses or start though reach out and learn the skills because they don't have an alternative they want that the Eagles. Well you know it's him a lot of individuals them where to begin with that a lot of people donors in the ideas self directing mean the biggest misconception you've been in Israel and you'll think that that's. And that's literally of the most successful people wasn't at the least amount of time because they're effective in the time they have I've seen people manage their own retirement account. In 6000 month and outperform any money manager any markets. And simply by having some good rule based guilty following that strategy that's good. Lowers risk and give them high probability outcomes. Of the game exactly an online trading academy sponsor bulls the mayors understand specifically people want a softer. They don't know where to begin they don't know how to get started they don't even know it looks like what's on the day how much time per week those type things. Online trading academy as a class specifically on at a 500 dollar value we're gonna give a way to listeners right now you don't want to miss out on this let's talk right at the campus on self directed. You're branded the marketed in the market for years that you want a manager on money this is a huge opportunity for you were gonna take callers fifteen. The 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that the 844. 51 trade for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Self directing your portfolio from online trading academy. That's a 445. Point 87233. 8445187033. For callers fifteen at 45 it is 500 dollar class specifically on self directed. You know 41 K and hire you'd understand how to control it as a huge opportunity for you 844. Five wind. Trade is that a chance I'm Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears have heroes at this guy have a good time at the lapses relax. Take with the fellas. The forget to head over to FaceBook like is that bulls bears radio and of course anytime 24/7 if you have a question for the coach called coach outline. 877904. Trade and it's actually that time Jim we got a question now I believe it's our. Yet this is karlson and implement it and trade war us shake weight. Seminar. And let them know more information about it the nuclear issue would appreciate it thank you very much mama. What a great question caught a lot of people always ask me wiccan I get a good system. To approach the markets well here's the problem. If you go to Google and type in trading you'll get eight million hits he billion hits I don't know some ridiculous number. In everybody's got a plan everybody's gonna strategy of he's got a rule based process and the reality is is this the only specific things that work in the market. And see what I love about the academy in our sponsor alleged academies that. Dave basically gone through and establish a plan where people can learn the skills from the ground up brand new students novices. And be able to show them how to navigate the market economy money could Sicily on a short term basis how to grow wealth. How to manage your nest egg if you get a forward care and hire a this so many things that you and I can do and it's not a complex process what a lot of what I love about. Our light trading getting as CU coach over there. I do a lot of orientations. Around the country and a lot of ties what I'll do is I'll walk up in front of a clash from I'll tell people the great news he's you have to be Smart to be successful. Yet to be won't be teachable and for a lot of people called it not teachable they want the quick fix they wanna know how to get rich and a day. And what I love about the academy is that the state is still trading and investing has learned over time. Which always talk about a three and nine month learning curve where you have to put your time in AG and I tell everybody that trading and investing is a learned skill just like be in a framer I learned a frame from one of the best framers that I've ever met my uncle. He grew up I look in the Boston area learn how to swing a hammer learn how to build homes I learned from one of the best and I learned along side him. And I watched him and I was able to duplicate the process. And when it comes a trading and investing. You really know who you can watch and duplicate probably not many people and what happens for a lot of people as they checked out they say well I'm never ever gonna be -- amend my own money yourself strict Mon money here or take over my retirement account and make it this is myself because. I'm not Smart enough. That again is alive Wall Street you are samarra. Everything that Wall Street can do when it comes to making decisions financially whether it be buying or selling in the financial markets you and I can do. So in other words we can get there is also Wall Street gets on Wall Street makes billions of dollars trading and investing and the masses basically typically. Mediocre success at best. And so we have to do what Wall Street does not what they say and what I love about the academy is at the skill set of how Wall Street approached the markets what they teach. And so I'm gonna give some kudos on like Judy cameo sponsor because that academy has helped over 400000 people get on the path. Like you're looking to get on Karl to make better decisions in managing and trading and investing. And see once you start to understand it's just to steal it takes time and energy and you repeat the process over tired of it you get adept at it get to be more successful. He can really take it the next level finance its willow about the markets I love the candidate because they hold your hand for the entire process. Every single student as a coach and that coach walks them through a learned process. Of time and energy putting in and how to create that kind of returned to form based on the capital that they have. It's the Brady processor so it's a great question. I know that if you're listening to us that Bulls and Bears is traditionally a campus somewhere close to you. So I was seek out treating enemy dot com I would seek them out and find a way where you could. Get plugged into at least a half day class and see how they approach the marked more important holiday. Really gets you started. Which is really the biggest hurdle for most people title like get into the game. And that's where our sponsor electric and they really started with novices people that a brand new finally got a pass for the and a effectively approached the markets the more important have the kind of success that look and was so. Again great call always great to have people talking about the academy and it's always good for me it's not about the case because I love the weekend. Absolutely and you know what that's what you call the coach in Alaska gold variety of different questions that Karl appreciate the call. The Chevy talking about the academy and academy in the process 21 years has been educating 21 years. You know 41 campuses around the globe Singapore Mumbai Abu Dhabi Sydney Australia Toronto Vancouver London all of the United States. And you know a 21 years and educating people. On how to trade in this how to sell direct and that's why the academy has a class it's essentially that introduction trading how to get started where would someone be DN. If they've never been involved in this process before as a 500 dollar value it's actually taught at the academy it's a class that allows someone who's a novice when it comes to treating him Aniston. It during the notes have a brokered open I don't know what to a platform how much capital I'm much time required. That's why they have a class introduction to trading is a very neat classes taught right at the campuses the 500 dollar value. We very rarely give this away Durham Bulls and Bears every time we do the phones light up however few sees the giveaway we're gonna take callers right now angle from callers and the 25 pick the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for 451. Trade for callers ten to 25 to get. 500 dollar class on interdiction of trading from our sponsor online trading academy at 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers to the 25 to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. He entered trading from online trading academy. Once again 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade your brand new trading and investing if you're looking to get into the markets is huge opportunity for you again a 500 dollar value of 844. 51. Trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that are as that if this the collapse. Always have the last old school stuff got music of them relatives yeah he's out there he is he still make your money. The link and look at. Islam but a big wallet and I mean he does get the and you 4050 billion of the pictures you know. I'm do one nugget yen. That the ship don't forget to head over at FaceBook lite is a bulls bears radio and of course 4470 got a question proceed to coach the coach outline. 87790. Portrayed. Chipped out about variety of things one of the biggest misconceptions people have about financial markets. Is that two minute you'll tree as a hobby and not a business and when I meet professionals that are treaties in the market. I've never met one that says they dabble in him that one that says try. On meet people that are in the market that tree as a business a lot of people want to treat the market is business. That are not the yen at an awards started listing of almost talk about treaty as a business Willis is the reason why somebody was sort of business first and foremost and build equity. To own something that I have something that continues to grow on values that you work for. Most people working JOB and somebody else has the equity you might get a little peace and shares are. You know shares this view but ultimately you know decision making ability no real equity in the in the position. So people love to build equity is the American dream they wanna be their own boss it was at their own schedule is a lot of reasons why some who start a business and for many of you start businesses small business owners that the that it did heartbeat of this current views they employ the masses that this country. But for most points in most size. When you on the business the business don't you. You know wanna talk about the summit ground on the road right now I got is an atop the attract you are small business owner you're chasing money your contract you chatty people to pay it. Guys aren't showing up for work. I give it my heart goes out yet I empathize with you yet inventory of people literally of money. Welcome to the party pal that's business in America and has a lot of ways that you can build a business in America. But if you could build a business that had all the upside opportunity potentially. Without a lot of traditional headaches that start most businesses like the first we'll start up costs mean. You know capital have a lease the building academics house inventory your employees staff workers comp I mean insurance all of that. You know I love about the financial markets I go to my computer I can fund on account. In a formal little smarter than the masses it's really not that hard to be Smart in the masses like consistently monies trader investor. I can involve the upside a construction as a business I can take benefits like a business like incorporate myself like a business. Have all the upside opportunity that any business owner has and not the deal workers' comp employees staff liability issues. Dealing with customers selling a product none of that is available to do idiot that. I can literally sit in my computer I need to sell something and as millions of people in a paint before right now funny devise something at a price and I believe going to be as he allowed to make a profit. His knees if you wanna sell me right now think that. Think about opportunities the American dream. It's alive and well it's trading and investing. And a lot of people don't understand it because they think it's some magical mystical thing that only intellectuals or analysts are mathematicians are good at. Some of the most successful traders of rest is I know you would higher pump gas or not that Smart but they've learned skill. They learned a system that separated him from the masses and anybody can Sicily in the market they do is a business think of that. The American dream it's alive and well. And it's right here. In the trading and investing in actually is that there's lot of people out there that have wanted to create a business or at least a chance that created businesses that if it never utilized the financial markets to create a business. An online training academies sponsor bulls bears they know people want to create businesses they also want to have control that business. The financial markets can be done business with the start with a small account couple thousand dollars you have large amounts of money to work with it depends on you the individual. Online trading academy teaches the class specifically on treaty as the businesses in the 500 dollar value every time we do in this way your rumbles of mayors the phones light up Allen a few seats to give away the 500 dollar class. We're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that they ate pork pork. 51 trade for caller fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Treaty as a business from our sponsor on line trading again at 8445187233. 84 or five point 871833. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class from online trading academy and treaty as a business some of you want that business on the view there trying to figure out how to start the business this is the opportunity for you 844. Five wide trade champ appreciate you being here Jay is always the is that a champ on Bulls and Bears.