Theresa Payton: New iPhone; Equifax Breach


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605 and is 1110993. WBZ time vote Thompson on this. Wednesday morning of September 13 and yesterday. New I phones in the house iPhone in ten and also I've phone eight. And with the iPhone to end this facial recognition. Technology that. Our next guest recent Peyton and I were talking about so Theresa this is officially a thing now ha. It is a bank and evidently they actually created a custom chip and they naral and and just. For the application you pick up a found it easier saying it going to let you end. This could be very helpful for the toddler who helped about him and I'm Turkey at those are watching movies that like. As well as figure out a talent but I'm concerned about that biometric data at the end toward but it should help wit it. If you're owner Alan. Or if people sort of look like you but they're not exactly like you and trying to prevent them from getting on to the. And so it's iPhone ten their and there are several models released yesterday or announced. The 1000 dollar iPhone ten and then also the iPhone eight in the iPhone. Eight ass or eight plus. Only the ten only the expensive version has these new features and I imagine that. Apple wants these features to become commonplace for regular users so it seems a little strange to me. That there are only making this available to the people that can shell out 1000 dollars. Yeah nick it gently that that ship and that there'll engine work very expensive to reap search and develop an answer on that well but I thought it would a little curious as well that. On the expensive bottle or that the lower. But that. Accurately they hear what they get and they're real people and they are using and how they feel about the cute I did collapse found. As well but some recognition and no home button. OK next item this week Teresa. A new option coming from Twitter. It's gonna allow you to unleash your own tweet storm as they say. Which essentially means you can send a bunch of tweets out at the same time. How does this concern you does this have any security implications. And that that would worry me is you've seen the count take over a popular count people a lot to our politicians athletes. Celebrities. And this neck of the counting on March acted because why be limited to under forty characters when you could get tweaked charm everybody all day and I would just tell everybody at the Egypt and Saudi not count helpful and it probably will be many. This is going to make those. Accounts that have a lot of hours you know perhaps even somebody like you about that and and radio and in the news. You're gonna have a very active accounts or take over they'll clean the extra careful what you feature rolled out. And you and I talked on Friday about the big Equifax breach and if people are late to the game on this this is not just another week where to resent dollar talking about the latest high profile breach this is one that we're going to be talking about. And maybe years from now so I may be a good time to give people a refresher or a reminder on now this Equifax breach in May be is there any update on it this week. Yet oh here's the bank we know it just getting worse they're still doing a frantic trying to hide data I could tell that they act. My security researchers believe that the North Korean. But they'll have an update yet that we're still kind of working through that. But here's what I really want people to be doing it you had an email address that you think could have BN and that act what act database. Stop using that address that there really anything healthcare financial dirt circulating get a new. The second thing it did do not click on any link on social media aren't any ads on an email and get a personal information. Where claim to give you great credit record monitoring. If you are concerns. You have the right and screen your credit and you can breathe a tree and being in. Experian and Aqua acts and to let them know your victim the act look back data breach. If you haven't checked that database that it you're victim it was working very strange. I'm in one case we were able that tight end at 23. And it all the Lira. No I don't a good attitude that your pick them. And eight had just been that you are and that the one of the things that because they don't art replacement particularly late. Date of birth which you can't replace mother's maiden lane lets you can't replace and your Social Security number would she cannot equate they dole permanent aid that the going to be around. For years to com. You hear Teresa every week here on WDT on my show he can also follow her 24/7 and get more tips and more. A timely updates on Twitter cat tracker patent thank you Teresa. They agree that we.