Three Dog Night, The Oscars, and Delta Airlines

John Hancock
Monday, March 5th

Danny Hutton from Three dog Night joins Hancock to discuss the band and their upcoming concert. Additional discussion about Delta Airlines, the Oscars and more.


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This is John Hancock. Other orange Monday as we can babe. It's a good day out. But thanks Stewart Dave controversial woman on a Friday. I do. I'm Mike congratulations to vote Thompson and Mark Garrison for. I really thought. Just unbelievable exemplary. Coverage of the Graham funeral. Starting at 5 o'clock in the morning. We we're getting ready to go to Savannah Georgia for the weekend and got up. I don't know 6 o'clock so much better and I turned on the radio and we stayed good long while with the Bowen. And the governor I'm McCrory and and Denmark garrison and not a loss into an awful lot of their broadcast leading up to the the broadcast to the Graham's funeral. And I it's got to tell you Charlie card children have been so Dem party were to know what to do. And to be pointed Eller an excellent job those guys did and it really was it was just exemplary for must start to finish. And I it's probably as good broadcasting effort is a solar radio station has a put forward and a long long long long long long time. So. Edge we noted and it should be recognized and so low watch me noted recognize that. And down. If you were oh were unable to attend the festivities or unable to lobby sitting in front of a television or whatever the case may be your reliance on radio. I didn't put you at a disadvantage at all in fact you probably got some insight through radio that you wouldn't of gotten any place else. And McCrory is. I contribution. As an invited guest to the funeral and the connection city has is two is pretty special as well in that regard. So I just thought they I saw they were absolutely and unbelievably a great. We left the house probably about eleven or 1115 and checked our dog and two layoff. My into our. Strong. At the it's it's a place called pet paradise it's over there by the airport. And headed on down to us Savannah Georgia and listen to those funeral on non WBT well past Columbia and then finally. Weighed down 26 started to get a little scratchy. And so I picked him up on non serious satellite on fox and listen to the rest of it and had got a thought that was a great funeral. An and probably just went. Doctor Graham what do wanted. His kids. Were magnificent. You expected Franklin. But IIIIII. Just topple I thought the whole thing you know from a start to finish was. Where it was did just inspiring. Made made me wanna be a better man. That whole last ten days of since Billy Graham passed and then everything that we had heard and talked about and been exposed to Indian Rome. Made me wanna be a better man. And I don't know that you could come up when they. I think doctor Graham urban real happy that that affected some people like bet and that the gospel of Jesus Christ was broadcast. To hundreds of millions of people again. Probably in a more powerful message than what he has had in the last ten years eight to ten years. I mean given the page and and and and torrential fourth. So all lomb. Was to die in bed but I I was really proud WB team a man I was really proud of the effort that was put forth and I think that I think the bow and marker probably primer responsible for. The reason that that to happen to look they were both prepared donut Bo Johnson's number on the air and prepared and none neither is part garrison enough between the two of them they just made sure that it was. Done correctly and I saw the shot and so. I wanted to get that out and if you feel the same and maybe you should write a letter to the management around here and now let them know love. When a good job you thought should only be two did. Never hurts. To run to let the guys in the Thais. Know. How you feel about. One of the people that take this radio station Charlie Crutchfield seriously so. We went down do less Savannah. City that we've been come love familiar with our son worked out there for about five years so that gave us the excuse to go down there and so low we you know. No some man are pretty well on the back roads and alleys and we have a good joke friend down there. Who are owns a bass street books. Which is just a real Jim Susan love's in terms is is trying to collect the whole series of Nancy Drew. There are books and and in a certain addition and a solo Betsy down there owns a big street books and we went down and saw her and and didn't just did what we are normally do we always avoid. The tourist he places but. I got talked into on Saturday night. Into eating dinner at lady and sons. Which there's not a bigger and bigger tourist trap in Savannah Georgia. Then Paula dean's restaurant. Down mirror. Right off Ellis square. Not far from city market area. And we had never been done. And I had no desire to ever go. Because I just had a feeling that it was just. And and I was wrong. It was worse than that. It first place they. They've got it down to a science. They motor more people through that thing and then you can do it than is humanly possible. Even after the controversy that put kind of a taint on the Billy are on the Paula Deen name. They are run and people today owned three floors in that building I had no idea I've figured that the main dining room got on the main floor was that narrow. We had reservations. They called us reservations were for it eight at ten after eight they call our name they give us a card. They say go down that way you go through this board though they got a buff Fay is not at a salad bar the salad bar is the poorest excuse for a salad bar of a percent. Tom and the buff Fay has just got a whole bunch of stuff on. But go down there and turned your left and take the elevators after the third floor we were out at third floor they've got so they've got 34 hours. Bars. Tables. And so there are out of the people there and then noted to the back side of those of the building then they have the Paula Deen gift shop. So that if you haven't. Donated enough for the dean empire. I and Paul as retirement. And his sons easy lifestyle. You have a chance to even contribute more. By going in there and buying or cookbooks and her aprons and everything says. Hi you all or butter ya all or I mean they got that they have that copyright on you all. So it's I mean it's it's a tourist trap Wednesday and I I get back congratulations to them talk about new building an empire I mean. They are more shot thought that. But I I we ordered writers Susan ordered the salmon I think that was okay. I ordered. I'm a crab but. Stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon. And by the time I got to I think it'd been sitting underneath him he Lam for about 45 minutes. We think we saw them walking through the dining room ordering and looking for its home but they couldn't find it. And then it went back and then it came back just a few minutes after that. But it was I I can it's still sit in my gut. So if you ever get the chance go to ladies and sell lady and sons. Don't eat they're just walked through. So off who won the CIA. After the man I just as stood TJ because I don't know that I don't know. I know they had a problem on Thursday night my minor dude I think and then I assume the rest of the evening are the rest of the week it was generally clean. There's a story about a boxer having some sort of stuff stolen no somewhere another. And it was a red cross and had a heart attack so he didn't make that. You make is a deal. On and take a read before I left that O'Dell Beckham was. Oh hosting a party out of the White House are you familiar with the White House all welcome to boulevard out there are right girl right pretty much right extort a priority Joe's. So. But no I what near four but I have no idea from a unit the other play basketball games are the CAA tournament that. So I have no idea what happened with that the ACC tournament opens up this week. Solely alone. You'll have all sorts ACC action going on Roy Williams live but tonight at 7 o'clock. So we can speculate a little bit about there are Mo being the number succeed after losing not to duke over the weekend. Charlotte have six with more garrison comes up until 6 o'clock. So what we're to that kind a year from so what does that mean does that mean selection Sunday airs this Sunday and then are we this time next week are we ended there. Are we into the dances ago that. Works for me. Well why did I take days off next week. But that is that is bad Thursday Friday. That's the best two week days in sport. Game after game after game after game and maybe even an upset or two or four or whatever. Anyway ACC tournament begins technically tomorrow. And so that's utter words that time your game. I shape of water won the Oscar last night for best picture we'll talk about the Oscars so little bit later. The to watch. You watch any of an item and not a not a single Payer George. Not a minute. We had it on. I'm I don't know that I can say I actually don't watch. I'm better able we had it on. And that are about to. 10 o'clock 1015 some like that I turned it off and went bad. Arab and I think one of the reasons they're they're saying that the TV ratings for Doris lowest possibly they've ever been. But they also didn't have a whole lot of headliner movies there's only two movies out of all those nominated that have been had the big box office draw the the jet iron I've dug in the movies that were sucking the people into the theaters they didn't have any. Nominations they don't ambassador kind of movie that gets him nominated those just the kind of movies sell tickets. And any other part about all of that is is that you know what you're gonna get when you turn in the Academy Awards or the golden global awards or the Grammy Awards or the Emmys or any of the award shows now. I'm you're gonna get a whole bunch of people telling you all Y eight dumb you're logo big get all the flow. Jackass. Back to do what else what do we I mean you know so that's uninteresting marketing proposition. The people that you want to buy tickets to go see your product you basically. Amended have met and make them feel load. Inferior for three and a half hours okay. As are working out for him. So mom. Kimmel. I watched Campbell's opening minute monologue and. It is funny allied Kimmel. August politics but I Kimmel. Like what he's done for the hospital in the in the name of his own child who has it's not challenge it all like all that stuff but I. Just to be. That it. Eddie Eddie and I know you know what what to wire PV don't know what what your thing and if you're a football player and you are gonna give a speech. Don't come give a speech about baseball. If your position and your girl brought someplace. Don't go in a comedy routine and there are here you play your music if you're comedian don't do a drum solo. If you're an actor I don't become. A politician. Tom. We we we look to end is the same thing that happened in the NFL and we look to sports. And entertainment movies and things like that is a diversion. So that we can kind of get away from reality for a few hours. But they don't understand that the how Smart is that. I'm against or sailor and a big phone calls and doesn't not a road trip together and do the same damn sure that we get on Thursday. It almost run by we can. Maybe I Greg bring it up because we have had Arkansas has come up in our conversations on a number of occasions. And so when I got out here on Thursday even though I wasn't working on Friday I went home and I found the same article that we had reference to what we got into a conversation about arkan. Saw the first time. That was printed on October the 31 2017. And says Arkansas generally prohibits the possession of a firearm. Concealed or on concealed. Upon the developed property of public K through twelve schools. In or upon any school bus. Or at a designated bus stop as identified on the route lists published by the school districts each year. It says however. Arkansas allows persons to license. License to carry. Concealed handguns to present us. Or store a firearm in his or her car. On K through twelve premises. In addition a church that operates a private K through twelve school and private K through twelve school or preschool. May allow a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun to possess a firearm on school property. I'm now that's that's what we. Have been riding on. If you want. Try to do research on what are the gun laws and Arkansas. Regarding having a firearm. In a public school. Good luck. Because I spent an hour and a half. And all and you file I found virtual Addai and I found that again and and then there was an article that was in the observer on Sunday that I saw last night when I was perusing the newspapers I had missed from being out of town over the weekend. And it talks about hundreds of school districts already arm their teachers and it didn't specifically mention Arkansas. But it did talk about. Ohio. They are district right outside of Dayton and what the Florida legislature did last week and and this that the other. And then I found an article from. February 28. Of this year. And it said these schools say arming teachers can be done right. And they don't reference Arkansas. Some teachers across the country already bring guns to school. In the wake of the Florida shooting debate over whether teachers should carry guns in class has intensified. State laws related to guns in schools vary by state. And although many only apply to college campuses some will state laws give teachers with concealed carry permit the ability. Who have guns on the grounds of a K through twelve school according to the Giffords loss at her. To prevent gun violence well that's the same. Giffords while sitters to say one I'm quoting from Tony seventeen. I don't what we had used. In our conversations with some audio. And I here's a look at some of the state were teachers and other school staff are willing to carry their weapons. And it says faculty members at Clarksville schools in Arkansas. Undergo firearms. Training eerily. Now I'm assuming Clarksville schools are public schools so that's contradictory. To what the Giffords loss in her article from walked toward October. 2017. Says. Well at least generally. That Arkansas prohibits the possession of a firearm concealed or an concealed. Under the developed property of a public K through twelve school. So that's why I say when you start actually trying to find the right answer especially as it pertains to Arkansas. Then things start to get murky because you can find from the same source. Essentially two different explanations. The one explanation is the one that I've used with a couple of callers. To defuse the argument that Arkansas is one of those and many of you have taken deal liberty to email me. You're very direct emails. And and listen I'm not trying to spew out false information here I don't have an agenda. I'm just trying to get the right facts out that's why I'm bringing it up today. Because this is this is how it's it's difficult in some cases burst of ball. If you're doing a radio talk show. Anybody can call up and say I'm an NRA instructor I'm a member of the military you can be whatever the hell you wanna be on talk radio there's you know I don't know if you're telling me the truth or not. You can make up pretty much anything you want to now many of you can spark speak from experience and fact. And the next caller can come in and be nothing but B yes. And how do you determine one from the other. In less you're all knowing and I think I've proven on many occasions. I'm not. Said after sandy hook shooting eight school district in Arkansas wanted to hire an extra full time security guard but couldn't afford it. Instead they trained more than a dozen teachers and staff members of the armed guards. Now this says that Arkansas generally prohibits that from happening. But I guess the generally prohibits has got a little bit of a gap and it. Said for nearly four years the Clarksville school district about a hundred miles northwest of Little Rock has had teachers janitors computer technicians. And other staff members ready to respond to. In the case of a shooting. Hiring one school resource officer would have cost the district about 50000 dollars a year the district spent at least 68000. Dollars. Training about thirteen staff members when the program began. Teachers and other staff members are becoming school sentinels in South Dakota and it goes on in talks about in in Texas. A callous spurred independent school district sought. I bring this up because as I said a few seconds ago. I'm not trying to do I don't have an agenda here I'm not tortoise and trying to send out false information but to back up some point of view that I have. Sometimes I'll play devil's advocate. And question your opinion that doesn't necessarily. All of those so many of you don't never quite understand that but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm expelled in my own views. I'd let you know what my feelings are on stuff. My reason for bringing this up today was there has been a discrepancy and the information that we have used to discredit some people. Who have called and talked about Arkansas. The same source that says. Schools are not allowed our guns are not allowed in high schools. Is also the source. Which cites this school district in Arkansas. Betraying thirteen members of their staff to carry guns into schools. So my wrap my reasoning here is to try to get out the facts and apparently in Arkansas under certain circumstances. You can have firearms. In a public schools to. Last week we had done. At the big controversy surrounding Delta Airlines. I and other companies as well who said they were going to end their in our aid terror program. Rush brought up a little bit earlier Bristol and it's on. I hope to do. Delta using it as. Ammunition I don't know would you would don't know that's probably not for. That's probably the wrong word. They weathered the lieutenant governor has run for governor is highly. But to possibly win. Favored to win. Basically. Said that he's going after and they passed legislation to. To de Berry delta for this decision lawmakers in the Republican dominated Georgia state legislature. Voted on no Friday. To kill a tax break that would have benefited delta. After the airline cut their ties with the National Rifle Association in the wake of the Parkland Florida shooting school shooting. By ending a discounted care program for NRA members. Lawmakers gave final approval. Our Thursday to a tax bill. Tax cut bill actually that. That after stripping out of jet fuel tax exemption that would have saved 38 million dollars for delta. We do which is based in Atlanta and is one of the State's largest employers. And do you know how many people actually took of that took took advantage of that. That. NRA's terror program that delta had offered that that discount. Thirteen people. So I don't know that makes us Jupiter I guess. The legislature forget all riled up about a program that only affected thirteen people are Delta Airlines who tried to use as a statement. A program that hardly anybody used and thereby put up 38 million dollars in. The jet fuel tax exemptions on the line. But between the two album it's just it's almost absurd the Republican lieutenant governor's guy by the name of Casey cable. And a he's also the Senate's presiding officer Ernie vowed to kill the jet fuel tax break earlier in the week tweeting corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back. And the Republican governor Nathan Deal criticized the controversy over delta he called it a unbecoming squabble. But said he would sign the broader tax bill in no whatever form it passed. So Friday GOP lawmakers retaliated against Delta Airlines for recently ending its discount for National Rifle Association members but it turns out. Only thirteen people took the deal in the first place. So it really wasn't much of a loss. But on the other hand why would delta put themselves in a position. Took costing themselves. 38 million dollars in tax exemptions. I wonder if they know that only thirteen people had taken advantage of that. Or did they know it was just thirteen people what could possibly be the harm this will allow us to make a statement. And anyway it beyond the delta the CEO Ed bastion. Said the company's intent and ending the discount was to remain neutral in the debate over gun access and public safety. He said that the discount could have been seen as delta endorsing the NRA. And the goal was to end that perception. He said our people and our customers have a wide range of views on how to increase safety and our schools and public places. And we're not taking sides are objective in removing any implied affiliation with the NRA was to remove delta from this debate. So you can take him at face value or you can taken out at face value abided it was a program and a third essentially. Benefited thirteen people. Now. On the other hand. There was a guy unknown Friday who was boosting boasting about his. Arsenal. And this one may be a little bit more serious or maybe it's just but it was Vladimir Putin's. So as we were I get ready for the funeral for Billy Graham where Roloson into the news on the way down to a Savannah and listening to the story about Vladimir Putin boasting a media in state of the nation. Speech. About Russia's new one nuclear weapons including a nuclear powered cruise missile and nuclear powered underwater drone that can be armed with a nuclear warhead. And a hypersonic missile claiming that they would make US and European missile defense useless. And he said the announcement was intended to get Americans attention well it got America's media attention but he stated we are threatening anyone. We are going to attack anyone we are going to take anything from anyone. The US downplayed the announcement State Department spokesperson Heather NORAD said noted that this game a couple of days before an election in which. Bruton was expected to win another presidential term any well. They said we think he was playing to the audience AP cited some. Analysts are saying Putin's remarks may speed up what they view. As an emerging arms race with the United States. Top administration has vowed to expand nuclear strength Americans. And and criticized Russia's build up but. I guess the scary part of that is is now that we've got to multiple egos out there. That are using nuclear weapons says they're chess pieces. I don't know what that does to the doomsday clock if that puts us another half a second quarter or what it does but it just. In the past it's always. We everybody's head you know there's always been the presence but nobody's ever really. Use them as a major U bargaining chip. And now it seems like we're starting to move video game pieces to the front of the board. Just don't know I get to Billy Graham. There's an online petition calling for a national holiday honoring the reverend Billy Graham. I'm all gun shy about saying things like it'll never happen after the Donald Trump. A fiasco. But I can't imagine that will happen. And I think it's a misguided idea and I think you all know how much I respect Billy Graham. So they were we'll talk about the had just second to Joseph wants to talk about the delta decision that we were just a talker rove for re edited the news and Joseph you're on to only be T hi. Thank you sir how would you how well I won't I won't trade a Columbus Day thought they'd national Billy Graham days. May hear the big eater. Had to speak to be bill the situation. Belt so made it to the decision whether it is flawed profile athlete. Our affiliation what the organization. And yet they only serve thirteen member of the better or prevention. The image. Really rip that bay made a good decision to divest themselves quite well. Double the bit with the base it looked pretty bombastic. Knee jerk reaction of a GOP politician. That has brought this to an unfortunate car. And taking a wait 38 million dollar Paul won a bit larger employee you're in the state. Sony is so are your guys this area has injured your parting we are critical finger more at the politician nearly lieutenant governor. Then you are delta. You're you're taking delta at face value when they say we were just trying to get ourselves out of the middle of a gun debate and by having that discount. It appeared that we would be in endorsing the NRA and their goal they said our goal. Was just do denting to get rid of that perception they wanna be Switzerland on the house. Exactly intimate merely a bit and the grand. What the hope for if you look. How cool about an athlete that did something crazy in the media. And they got bit with the sales were all quite a bit commercial. And Ed Ed Ed left him out we would say OK what did it today it'll be affiliated. Look this guy did via bat. So why not an organization now. Well earlier today the most I mean is dead dead at this point delta is gonna have to pay. Penalty it would appear. Further possession and you better. Exactly exactly but better and fortunately it will be a rating of great GOP member debt and war. It idiot the only just leave to do bet to eight business community number that employers. Are a lot of people in the community. Although it only consequences to be paid will be that a delta and not for anybody else and let's all the sudden delta says you know what Richmond Virginia said they'd like to have this worth thinking about going. Exactly so where oh where do you want the Ripken broke. Well at this point though only risque is that Delta's lost out on apparently on down 38 million dollars on May on May on a tax cut jet fuel tax exemption. Com but it delta decides to take this now a step further and say you know the the legislature of Atlanta. Is not conducive to a good business decision for us then you know if they were to pick up and and that would be a pretty major decision but if they were gonna pick up and moved their headquarters elsewhere. Bush then know that then Atlanta would be reeling. You're right about that I guess. They're getting back several decades I get all caught what do they hated to hear more to aborted right bell start over the so you know. I would you overstep the big black yeah. Byproduct that. Hey Joseph look cute and I have a conversation today that Linden and yell at. You're exactly right not to break I don't predict attack all right that's known and appreciated. It never we had ever gotten you know as a browser than. It. Truth growers sellers who are where's the what is a joke the join John theme song. As opposed to our normal. They'll have got to deal pale Holloway were talking do or Danny Hutton. In about an hour of Three Dog Night fame they are coming into ovens auditorium on April the fifth. So why he's been made available to us so well talked to Danny gotten from a Three Dog Night. See if you remember the Denver pop festival in 1969 Oregon my first taste of tutored us. And I wasn't me doing anything wrong I just in the stadium the wind shifted as they were trying to. Get people that could jump on the fences and they threw tear gas up there and all the sudden the wind sifted into the stadium. And the announcer basically said. Cover your face with your coat or something like that no reason to be alarmed all armed. Good larger phase was burn and so we all the Rand out on the field there ran up and of those stadium very. But Three Dog Night was one of the bands that thing that was also the last concert bit Jimi Hendrix Experience the band the Jimi Hendrix Experience played. Two weeks later it was Woodstock Hendrix played Woodstock but not with the experienced the last appearance. Of the Jimi Hendrix Experience was at the Denver pop festival in 1969. Credence was there. I was apple was there are. Tommy Boland and I errors have been moved it was an unbelievable lineup of events and Three Dog Night played Friday and Sunday night it's not Saturday is Saturday was denied all the tour has started to fly. But one was a huge song back in those days and then another row incidental or that we had with Three Dog Night. That I probably won't bring up went in because I doubt very seriously he remembered but I think it was after a. Beach boy. Eagles. Yeah maybe sell out concert that at Mile High Stadium. As we were all we are all working for sale on presents and video word came that everybody Russo event today there was going to be a jam session down at his nightclub in downtown Denver called a missed field. And so we. Is send them an insider information thing and so we all wondered on down dismal place limits field. And all the sudden walking across the street where a couple guys from Three Dog Night and they went into jail modestly. So they were talked to today had no and noted just about an hour. And that should be front reverend Graham national holiday you will love. Two world. It's a little world and so to sell. I heard about this Killen baca from Savannah yesterday. Susan said to me as we were driving down the highway. Hey apparently there's an online petition to make. Dead for a national holiday honoring the reverend Billy Graham. Well firstly you have to remember how difficult videos. And Martin Luther King was very difficult. Martin Luther King wasn't put him over religious reason. Although he was a reverend he was put under for the civil rights movement. I can't imagine given what we've been told about the reverend Billy Graham that he would necessarily embrace this idea. Tom I happen to think it's not gonna happen wouldn't that'll never happen. I've ever since Donald Trump came along and I hear myself say never happened I I'm reminded that one might never happens happened. But I think it's a misguided idea given what we know about Billy Graham. Yeah I'm. Good Friday is not technically. A national holiday. But if you were going to have a national holiday for Billy Graham. Would it not being Good Friday. Is that not the just days had not. The essence of his whole life. That god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ. On the cross. Good Friday. Online petition. Calling for Donald Trump Richard Burr Tom tell us a note congress to. Enact a national holiday to commemorate the life and legacy of the late Billy Graham reverend Billy Graham. Online petition. Calling for a national holiday. I'm Scott 65000. Signatures so that was the original goal I think they. Petitioned so's posted a few days ago six days ago by our Kyle Siler. Says let's get a national holiday. For Billy Graham mr. Graham preach the gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history nearly 215 million people in more than a 185 countries and territories through. Various meetings including mission no world. And global mission. Hundreds of millions have. Excuse me hundreds of millions more have been raged throughout television video film and webcast mr. Graham's council was sought by president and his appeal. In both the secular and religious arena as is evidenced by the wide range of groups. That have all heard him including numerous honorary doctorates from many institutions in the United States and abroad. America's pastor. The movement. To establish this national holiday for Billy Graham. He got tens of thousands of backers fast on this petition at change dot org. I'm so they increase the limit they originally had a 65000 signatures they are got that in a heartbeat so they raise two via a goal to 75000. The holiday is and will meet with some resistance one because of concerns over the separation of church and state. Marveled at king was a reverend but. His honor was to recognize his impact on civil rights more than his religious preaching. Are there are already. Have been critics and have stepped up to note that Graham lying and on or near a US capital might have been inappropriate if not illegal. A live let everybody also fight over that. I'm Barbara Perry is the director of the presidential studies at the Miller center for presidential on political history at University of Virginia and she told the Washington bush thinks honoring someone whose primary service. Where's the conversion of people to a certain faith. With a rotund a ceremony violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment. The the idea of a national holiday for Billy Graham is a nice sentiment. I never knew. Doctor Graham. I can only go by what everybody tells me that I learned last week. And I think he would be opposed to the idea of a national all the great to holiday just celebrated film. On I think that he would. That he would be more in favor of something that would do. I'll appoint people more to. On the life of Jesus Christ. I immediately without really thinking thought to myself boy already have a national holiday it's called Christmas. But that was the birth of Easter is C. Rising. Good Friday is the death on the cross. And so. Good Friday therapy if there were actually going to be a day where you would want to recognize Billy Graham. The emphasis of his message. Was that Friday. That Jesus died on that day for your service. That would be the essence of doctor Grail. And I can't imagine and again I didn't know him. But I couldn't imagine that he would be in favor of a day that called attention to fail mark. More so then he would be in favor of a day that called attention to. His life's work his wife's message. And we already. At least those of Christian faith acknowledge. That day. Ash Wednesday Monday Thursday Good Friday. And Easter Sunday. So I think the intentions are good but I doubt very seriously if we'll ever see a Billy Graham national holiday. All right Dick. March 5 to eleven of the first four days of march traffic February. 64 days into the year. 301 days ago John Belushi died on this date in 198236. Years ago. That's almost normal it. 2005 Martha Stewart convicted in New York of obstructing justice and lying to the government about to know why she'd unloaded her imclone excuse me I'm a clone of stock. Just before the price plummeted she served a five month prison sentence. Hunter College in New York trying to evict a former 32 year old student to a refuses to leave her dorm. Well I'd you know if I did known. Then what I know now I'd probably still be try to hang out the door. Cleveland Cavaliers suspended dead JR spring you have to go to class. Because I there was rotary dial up the door was quick go to class they go to because it. Problematic by the Cleveland Cavaliers suspended JR Smith for throwing a bowl of us open an assistant coach everybody know what kind of soup. Junkies. Is that Terrel Davis or did he do junkie commercials wrong. And China is serious that debt the US congress passed a bill supporting Taiwan. Lottery jackpots no one matched all the numbers and the two big national lotteries on Friday and Saturday which means that. Tuesday night's Mega Millions will be worth 265. Million. And you know what they'll what they'll probably win it tomorrow either because 265 to wait to load have a winner. Under age eliminated number. More winners less cash who needs. We get a whole bunch of people that got forty million bucks after they pay tax the stuff has been like a 167 million. I'm I and no I have been Wednesday night's powerball now be worth the 348 million there was some guy that won a million bucks last week curator Charlotte in a lottery drawing. Million bucks by the time he got done I think he took home 400 some odd thousand dollars. That would work. Supplement your retirement income was 400 some odd thousand dollars. Jamaican boomer Vaughn can't and money you get is that 400000 dollar range single day. Why yeah I think OK so maybe were exaggerating a little bit too. So little wider. Then the third fifth infantry. Canadian company named Eric pound division. And either putting in nap pods for employees. How would you feel about to be able to take a nap at work. I'm telling your. Ten minute fifteen minute now. Especially like when you come back from lunch and all that kind of stuff. A vision productivity would pick up immensely if everybody had the option to do that now the big the down part of bet it is obvious. Those nap pods better just fit one. In David they better be pretty compact. Because otherwise they're gonna be. Well I can't say that record on the radio but. They're going to be more than nap pods. 141000 dollars or map I didn't companies like go to Google and Brock told gamble also have them so they don't. Your daddy had a Three Dog Night governor of 5 o'clock news. They outplay ovens on 9 April the fifth. Start reading about other a bio I mean. Sixties. 686970. Everything they touched turned to gold day instead they've I think drilling had three number ones only. Three number one songs but I mean some of the songs you think would be number one work one. To meet their signature tune never got any higher than five on the charts. Under there's anything wrong with five. But. You would think that one would get to be one winner. So maybe five is a long list number. All right let me illness. I read the news today oh boy millennial -- on track to be the most overweight generation since record keeping began. So based on population trends. More than seven and every ten people between now born between the early 1980s in the mid 1990s will be too fat by the time they reach middle aged. In comparison about half of the baby boomer generation born just after World War II. We're fed at that age. We don't talk about now. And moral ideals are losing money to us gamers have been seniors. It's unusually. Yeah I mean you do that you would think. That that it would be seniors who were most vulnerable to becoming victims of scammer is but it turns out the more millennial are losing money to scams and older people. An annual report out from the Federal Trade Commission shows that 40% of those ages twenty to 29. Who made fraud complaints to the FTC last year lost money compared to just 18% of those who were seventy and older. Market watch said I know what you're thinking TJ just watch it right now. We're staying at seventy and older. Teaches in oil or what about old people like Hancock. Federal Trade Commission shows that 40% of those ages twenty to 29 who made fraud complaints to the FTC. Last year lost money compared to just 18%. Who were us seven a year older market watch said that part of the problem is what's called optimism bias. In which young people assume other people are at a higher risk of fraud so they take more risks on line. For instance. They're more likely to share personal information like their email address or mother's maiden name on line younger people may also be less familiar with. What do scam looks like however. One area worthy stereo type is true. Is in how much money is lost. Because while younger people are more likely to fall victim does cameras. Seniors lose more money when they do. Which would make sense because they have more money. Retirement savings and the FTC said the median loss for people between the ages of seventy and 79. Was 621. Bucks vs just 400 dollars. Offer those 2229. So there you know. Now your desk. At work. Unit launched your desk or can you drop something on it it. Let your desk. You're. You're. Eating something and you drop it on a toilet seat here you don't write. How often do you clean your work desk. New study reveals the your desk could contain 400. Times more bacteria. Then a toilet seat. Everybody feel good. You just get ready to walk out of the office 3 minutes before 5 o'clock about a looking for disinfected voted. Leaving little note under desperately nighttime cleanup crew. Please disinfect my desk. Researchers sound the average desktop has 20961. Germs per square tension addition. 23295. On the keyboard. 16176. On the mouse and 25100. And Torre phone modified 27 on the phone. All those numbers are impressive compared to the 127. Germs per square inch found on the average toilet seat. Also surveil a thousand office workers. By Petr London dot com dot UK. Reveals just 33%. Follow our guidelines and cleaning their desk while 10%. Admit to never cleaning your. Now my little cubicle downstairs were I've been inferred. How long TJ. 101215. Years that they moved us down there. I don't know that if there's ever been. I don't eat error. But you still. You drag your hands all written. Re distribute and you just don't think it think about. It August stars died. Major Winchester 75 years old. It's it's hard to believe that. Mash could have the turn over that they had. And replaced so many key characters. And remained so consistent. Because. Charles Emerson Winchester the third was a replacement. Major potter was that a replacement. There's just an unbelievable show he died David August Garza died 75 bladder cancer whole month but no Newport Oregon. His work on mash. He was twice Emmy nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy or variety. Or music series in 8182. Any earned thirty Emmy nomination for his performance and NBC miniseries called the first Olympics Athens 1896. Where he played William Milliken a Sloan. But he was. One of the great pompous jerks. That. Help our times at least his character was who came across as kind of and Harvard educated. Boston. Type but that wouldn't really have an all that was just good pure correctly. David Ogden starters major Winchester from mash when this last week that we talked about mash his final episode anniversary. Get a VH 75 still. I mean. And is now. Got no idea how big got song was unless you lived through it back another day and in fact it takes me back to a place told the Denver pop festival where Three Dog Night headlines Friday and Sunday night's. Tom and we went all three nights it was the old Mile High Stadium. I got my first taste to tear gas on Saturday because that's when everybody decided that this buying that ticket was just for. Burton for really uncool people it you can get into the concert if you could just get through that cents. And the winds changed and the tear gas kind of sifted back in a Mile High Stadium and so whale of most of us got our first taste of a tear gas but don't. We are a place to talk to a Denny hadn't. Who you know from a Three Dog Night I don't know the we've ever had a rock star actually call us at the exact time he's supposed to calls mr. hunt now argument. Good and I've unfairly because I made a mistake about phoning you late so alive shelf and that's not a good thing due date July they blow you off the job that they. They get a lot of swear words they didn't do on air that that you have but I I learned yet you know as if you'd use scare me a little bit because. I know you're in the beloved great yeah they're both Levitt John Hancock. That's that that that was so well that's a rumor but you know I'm the one that started it. Yep but you know it's every gag that I am mad that I was gonna meet in his name as tiny whereas in 300 pound cat. So also my I don't want my questions were if you don't mind jerk. Now I'm John Hancock when you're younger did you try to imitate his signature thing that I gotta say you got the cruel signature. The constitution I think. You had it can't be done to start with maybe the lack of mobility or operate a quilt is on I don't know but don't. Our staff you know I I I've met it's just that punk group called fear. And the late seventies and get up there in the movie called. Decliners civilization and yet we went out on the road in. Finally I just got a stamp for the second half and we they would step saw the losses that have up witness signature so. You're coming to town in April you'll be at ovens auditorium on April the fifth he still having fun. I still have fun and you know been out we've been together fifty years. The end we go out now real well we get we gotta gotta figure that everybody almost everybody who lives and different states. And we just like fly out we're flying out of the mine. That's tomorrow and then we're picking up a tour bus forward. For four days and they're not we're all flying home so it's it's it's wonderful you know it's it's the best of both worlds. We're out we're friends with a banned out here called the David Brothers and yeah. Very very poker or crap yeah they're friends of ours enough and they kind of gotten into the same deal they'll fly out on Thursdays and I do three or four dates and then come back and that gives them time with family and did make him feel like the road dogs all the time. Yeah yeah I've I've I've either nor can you know in Hollywood so we finally for her I know you pick a room where foresees purebred. You have up popped a one day it's seventy. Now plus for us we are in the fifty's and sixty's so it was. They are breaking our heart. I'm Mbeki and ask you are inside question and then you when you say no we'll move on admit to the curtains stuff do you remember a nightclub in Denver called and its field. Oh man I'm sure I might have spent two nights there. Well that you did. There was as I recall there was an Eagles Beach Boys concert at Mile High Stadium and after the show and I used to work for sale on presents a thousand years ago and after the concert rumor was that there was going to be a jam going on down and have a sealed in downtown and as we got down there. You and I think judge chuck Negron and basically came walking across the street you participated in this jam until about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning with all sorts a guy it's. I'm might have done that now. Some of it is so little blurry to me you know. Well now and it and feel like you say fifty years he can't remember every every jam you ever took a part of but yeah. You remember how high you were in 196869. I used sold I think probably what you correct me about. More tickets more concerts more albums more than anybody during that time you're out. Well you know most people it's kind of in re written but that there was The Beatles is the first stadium tour we didn't second stadium tour before crisis diplomats before anybody else. We had that routes are open for us when the face is open for us and not that cotton ball. If we did Atlanta Braves stadium. Where the first guys to bring and not big screen this big PA system in the in the field didn't even do that of course I'm not. Sam what we liked The Beatles on that level but yeah with Brad federal thing and we we were we were we were. Part of their biggest. The biggest drop off on earth for a lot bigger than the stones. I'm not that sounds crazy. But it. It doesn't when you look down your hips when you look down and all your number one hits when you lay and that this thing it's inching to me as. One is one of the signature songs from that decade and that was an only number five song liar was number seven. Easy to be hard one of my favorites was the number four. So I mean you don't even have to get into your number one hit store all the sudden bring up songs that people have I mean there were that they're part of the fabric of our growing up. Yeah I think we have like 888. Eight goals and we had 41 top forty hits in the world we all the records. For that. But you know I am not number one is more up by yet timing saying. And I you know you can you can that you commit and beat number two behind The Beatles for two weeks access and does not make it because you're timing was not. But yet that we that we we actually we. We had we had a lot a lot of yeah lot of people moderate its yeah and I'm real proud of I'm proud of the band you're not I would be doing it now. Going out out I did okay money lies is that somebody else could result out so I'm not I'm outside now should searching for snakes is that. But that's that's not that bad that's -- you do you talk about timing no if you look at some of the song writer for the songs that you guys had hits with Harry Nielson and Randy Newman and Elton John and Laura not row and Paul Williams. Who won a thousand awards written for his writing and avoid axed and that's good timing you got good songs at the right time. Well yet again and you know lot a lot of people that believe they used the word cover but we've covered and that. Except for orchestrating the Crandall Canon as we never covered. Antibodies music. Aaron Yeltsin's album came out and that is not gonna happen without first six monster year we've basically done that and I would think we resurrect his songs Randy. You Randy Newman was the same way you know that was the demo. That he's done years before and nothing happened where that. Got to cover we get as that it is Otis handout photo is actually. Strong candidates covered Frank Sinatra and I think it's probably didn't go to recover recover CNN everything uncovered. Otis and that have to respect. It's all kind of crazy you know but I think we we've always had a great ability to arrange you know. And I think that's that's really come out. Part of this thing that we do well. How long do I have you for a highway where were injured when your next hour call went out how long gonna keep you. You can keep me on my babies not that sorry. How good I can keep you for one more segment let me break for traffic and not in a catch up on some stuff and I'm a come back and talk some more. About tell your concert ovens auditorium they're coming up on April the fifth well some tickets to giveaway next week. But if you wanna get an early get the best seats Three Dog Night and ovens auditorium on April the fifth. Potter banned in the land. In the late sixties and early seven days you know Three Dog Night and I'd Danny had and is joined just their come and ovens auditorium on Thursday April the fifth. But tickets are on sale and no will be given away some tickets probably next week. But Danny were talking about you guys when you guys got together about 1967. You work too before that. Singer songwriter for Hanna Barbera records which I gotta tell ya I don't know that they never heard of Hanna Barbera records Ted talk to me about that. Yeah well act the FHA BR was you know they did a Flintstones say you know shows. So I Irish and started at Disney studios. At the bottom of the barrel off. I loaded and unloaded records. And the warehoused and that's how it started in the business it has that I started reading Billboard Magazine which was live which wouldn't trade magazine is really good but it wasn't for the public at the time and just you know I play guitar and it started kind of figuring out what was going on and then I met this guy named Kim folly in him stood started me in the record business. Aired out and they needed that there are at a bar bear record who's gonna start a rock and roll division of direct cup and because they do cartoons. So. That they've had they brought me fair and as they said okay here is the years as far prohibiting property kangaroo. Gone the other men who I need you we wanna hear it in half an hour so I went and I wrote it they have hardly know I'd been hired anybody other that the united in our guys. Artists rock repertoire guy as they have a Barbera records and now I would they're go women that I've played a lot of interim. Saying don't send all of the parts of lead in our background parts of then they would that they'd release a record let's say in Oregon or Washington DC and made higher up and to go out and sang it as it was me. And that was my start in and I ended up five. Writing this song and pebbles and bam bam member pebbles and bam bam. The first time they appeared singing on the Flintstones they. They drew me as a Khartoum. So I was on the Flintstones. And I've started my my thing up went out on tour with a went on American Bandstand and and I went unsure where it's sunny and share. One man I got you babe. But this tournament this was before Three Dog Night tonight and 65. You had done some stuff with the Beach Boys someplace along the line. After that a bit and I've. I have my I didn't secure free songs would never Barrick gets screwed many lies completely. Got off the label and they're not my manager at this time ended up working at MGM. Record air and so he brought me and Frank Zappa. Overture MGM's side I was I was president frank and then. Didn't Denver pop festival I talked about earlier franks followed you guys on Saturday and on that tough Friday night. Yeah Hendrix is on I'd still prefer to experience leave the country. Yet say you know as far as I'm backstage. And that Jimmie is that doing his guitar and it's attitude it is into an upright. And you're trying to tune into having their anger and so he ran out and he would then set out at that you know our problems. He went out there and he played and he has been so strange. That that's when you find it there right now you know that you do about it you know. And no I never know what you just can't do it they at least trying to we it is amazing. Anyway I got. Felt my managers. And without that being the president and a brother records to Beach Boys started to record company. So. They invited the that Bryant's house since Brian. They invited me up when need be played any good vibrations. Now umpire about the original. Good vibrations. Not like they're different slot made it sound like a swim meet Phil Spector can't ever. Som without plane and then on the drums a lot of echo. And what it would you have when Glen Campbell have been around in those days. Gatwick or wrecking crew guys yeah not all those guys and so I just became really good friends with Brian and but I I always loved what Bryant did that I had no idea when I I was there for the whole pet sounds album. I its site. I I would like a college. Guy as far as engineering and not I have produced saying and I kind of went to two Oxford fact that it's. I mean. I just sitting their watching him. Do it he did that learned. I think it helped a lot with the dog night. If you guys get together as a band radar and I guess together is abandoned 67 we talked about The Beatles a little bit earlier but once The Beatles broke didn't everybody wanna be a dual band and ended it was thank your influence at that point to wanting to be a musician. You have well I I'd always put together he didn't have even learned a folk hero with. Kingston trio on stuff like that I was always the guys that. I would fall. You know I was some might I'd get two side we have the studio here and step forward record at my house cannot. Tell me even got a faults don't give a guy that answers the phone yeah. I was always the guys saying hey I get a good idea let's look wanna try this and I always try to get people better than the around me and I think. And I think that's real important. OK on that now I'm gonna be expecting you to do Scotch and soda by the Kingston trio when you come here two ovens auditorium Monday April the stuff. At. None on an announcement that it don't need like a couple of the things that they did you know they and they were right and the Beach Boys last Monday they copy the assurance that this. I think there this year as its first such as copy from a bit from that can compare that. Well I've just become. Brian on my best friends are immunized I love him I was best man at his last sliding so that he can you can't in my wedding night at my house. I became would be. I gorilla mask. Heck he had geniuses. And hope he serves and now I gorilla mask. As they say that sounds like a friend of mine. I got a couple of seconds left assuming your music's been used for commercial purposes is that does that put money in your pocket and how do you feel about that. I think it's great it's at recognition is great I know that is their biggest two different versions of one. One position our commercial and waters a I Cadillac. You have let go of who follows time we got we have Tucson on divorce come on out as well and has yet fails because that we had that a lot you know let. I was so my my days my son that day at all they say well what they'll. All of you fans what do we have to do to really make it and I would just tell me that he got to be great lies. If you want longevity you got to really that you can go around wants to be hot. And people see you my peace after. Ourselves of Bologna and you know it's assault. That would what magic Izturis. You're not gonna last us. That's bad side feel about it's harder. We we can guess. Well and and merlot and listen we're looking forward to around Augusta and I've seen you on a number of occasions a couple of occasions there's a long long time but all of the end of its unknown Thursday April the fifth to know hopefully will love packed the place. And Albert I'll open I hope turns out they want your better shows up you guys enjoy played oven though this is a good rooms a laugh from that standpoint I think you'll enjoy the acoustics in there there. Yeah if if they if they like how we found on record we found we sound like a record or better and that will also be sought and won at least one new song. And it's hard to get the fresh reaction that night night which Israel phrase you. Blues. I now that as the press further children. At Rockefeller yeah Burton. If folks say well hopefully get what what we'll battle it out first but I appreciate it John you're. If you are pro Q man. Love it and my heart. Thanks thanks for being a nice guy appreciated. Our job hi Danny had and Three Dog Night April the fourth and our April the fifth Thursday and ovens auditorium. And will be given away tickets to that next week. Thanks to Danny had enough from my Three Dog Night April 5 they'll be at ovens auditorium. And appreciate him a B and now. It seemed to talk to. It's tough. To watch the Academy Awards last night. Jimmy Kimmel. By the way if you didn't. Neither did anybody else that. Could very well be the least watched deny history and I think to some extent. Awards shows themselves. Are starting to do each other a disservice. Because even if you. You all well I'll watch the grammys because all like music. I and then it just turns into all political convention. And you don't walk away with any kind of satisfaction out of the deal and so you just say OLD inaugural preached to me has not audit. You're era I guy I don't listen to music to be preached to. I don't go to sporting events to be preached to and go to the movies purse say. The movie may have a point. But I'm not necessarily adjusted. And and it is it just kind of gets to be it'll lead festival. And that's fine so we all believe in the same thing but you're basically. Look at the bird do the people we want to buy the tickets to go see your movies. Maybe that's one of the reasons movie attendance this down. Could be the lowest rated Oscars of all time. There was lack of high wattage stars in the major categories so that probably didn't help then there was. A whole host slayer slate of films. Then the movies that everybody went to. The ones that you know the Star Wars last jet IA and no Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman and a I Jumanji welcome to the jungle. Spiderman. Those didn't get nominated for stuff but that's them that's true but that's what sold tickets to. Final numbers subject to do adjustment but so that nobody was watching the Oscars last night Sunday night's awards politically charged and and maybe people are getting tired of that. So. We didn't make films like call me by your name for money Kimmel said last night we made them to upset my parents. OK so you just flip the bird do to have a million of those viewers. What you expect. Homecoming parade. Dow Jones up this afternoon 336. Point seven though closed at 2487476. NASDAQ up seventy two's almost 73 points. S&P. Of 29 point 69. So oil producing dale neo stock market back to the Oscars last night the shape of water. Swept the ninetieth Academy Awards. Not only best picture but best director led the pack thirteen nominations. High praise for the night with the best picture. Frances McDormand got best actress for three billboards outside ebbing now Missouri which was a movie that was shot up and Silva. North Carolina. Win because they liked via small town atmosphere up there. Gary Oldman best actor for darkest hour Jordan appeal made history last night became the first African American to win both the original screenplay. For you again out. Or to win best original Steve's a screenplay four or get out. Kobe Bryant. Won an Oscar last night. He was the executive producer of a six minute animated short called dead basketball which is based on a poem that he wrote in note 2015 announcing on his retirement. And during his speech last night Coby. Says basketball players for religious post to shut up and drivel I'm glad dough we are got a little bit more than that you've taken a shot it to Fox News host a Laurie Ingram. Which in that case or can she had taken a shot at LeBron James and Kevin Doran messed up like bad sore maybe that was. And then this wag bag. If you're nominated data for one of the major categories you get this wag bag in this wag bag last night is worth about a 100000 dollars. Twelve nights stay in Tanzania refer to a seven day trip for to a gold endorsed on California. Our week long stay and no Hawaii. A DNA can't 101000 meals is pretty cool 101000 meals donated to an animal shelter or rescue by halo. That deals worth about 8000 bucks in the recipients get to pick which animal shelter or rescue whoa look at go we'll get that one so that's part of the grab bag that I think it's. Is kind of a pretty cool thing. And remember OJ Simpson wrote that book boom. I'm more at least put his name on that book called if I did it. And fox was commander U do an interview with him and it cut. So much show outrage. Lauren eleven years ago that it never aired. What's gonna error. Fox TV plans to air a repackaged version of that interview with a OJ Simpson in which he hypothetically. Details how he might have killed his ex wife Nicole brown and her friend Ron Goldman nobody was dropped because. It's too much pressure too much negativity. Simpson interview it within publisher and no TV host Judith Regan. Was to be a cult if I did it. Ando was viewed by many including Regan herself has. It is basically a confession to the 1990 forces stabbing deaths of brown and Goldman that he was acquitted it to the trial of committing but. In a partial transcript reported on the at the time. This would have been late 2006. Simpson laid out a court on court hypothetical scenario of how the double murder took place including lines like. As things got heated I just remember Nicole fell and hurt herself. And this guy kind of got into a karate thing. Close quote. Simpson and saying that he quote. Grabbed the knife. Well fox spike that's special a mid day a public outcry and Rupert Murdoch that then News Corp. Chairman publicly apologized. Buzz feed now citing a source as saying that the tapes had been forgotten. After being put away in a secure location on the fox lot but that they were recently found and in the wake of the success of recent projects like. FX's the people vs OJ Simpson box decided to repackage it into a special that'll be hosted by Soledad O'Brien. And I thought she'd been gone for about six kilometers due. That will analyze. The interview and it will be called OJ Simpson. The lost confession. Question mark. It errors on March. The eleventh so that Sunday night. Just in case your interest at FX. Here's where you'll find. How the earth is doomed a calculated. Calculation bridge earth will be swallowed up by the sun. Seven point six years. So our seven point six billion years excuse me. So I think we'll get through our. Journalists are Smart person before you haven't had a really don't worry about I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock thanks to Denny had no.