Thyroid (Hypo and Autoimmune)

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, September 8th
Dr. Ernst discusses the causes and cures for thyroid conditions.

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Maybe have regular show has been printed yet again for another football game and while we wanna celebrate UNC in the back there out there crushing it. We also make three bring great health information to you we don't let our. Live on the air print prevents you from scene it's watching a hearing so this shows being podcasted. Does have been FaceBook live streamed in though. I know it takes a little bit firm data hop on so in this first minute or so. Lots of introductions and welcomes. And today showed topic we're gonna knock out of the park what's going on with most people's I rights did you know that recently. But you know last year or so thyroid medication has become the number one most prescribed drug in the United States. And that is a massive upsets in the used to be Lipitor which is as Staten drugs that we used to of course lower cholesterol. Prevent heart disease to easily that it things. And I just recently Tyree jumped for a number eight all whip the number one Fella talked Q why are so many people game tightness that Ari conditions. Once the actual underlying cause how we solve this problem naturally and if you're watching it if you have. A thyroid condition and you're taking sent the girl lately but the rocks and need to early arm throwing anything to try to make your thyroid work better. You're gonna learn today that its high likelihood it's actually your thyroid. That is causing the problem. It's that we need to going to areas of thyroid health than most doctors miss. And oil slick you know you can get off that medication overtime you can reduce or eliminate the necessity. And make yourself. Do something in regards to taking medication and forcing a symptom to change. By simply going deep enough to find the cause there's always a cause for all health conditions. And that is all about your thyroid that we're gonna specifically focused on height haute thyroid so low thyroid. And also will be termed. Hakim photos or the auto immune thyroid. Where there's an immune system disorder attacking the thyroid gland and making it low. Now in order to do this now needs to give you little history behind sort of how medicine looks at a thyroid. And immediately some of the classic symptoms. You know they estimate today that right now if he gets into it is about twenty million Americans. Have already got some sort of been diagnosed thyroid problem. And generally affects women more than men. And a lot of times when we see a fiery condition. We tend to see things like I'm tired all the time. I'm like lack of motivation I just just don't feel like doing anything at this point stay in bed. And skip work or you know not have take care of my kids or whatever there's a lot of booting it up and down anxieties stress worry concern. There's this sense that even though everybody else's kind of going out so hot here. You are always cold shivering and you know it could be ninety degrees outside you have to Wear a sweater jacket here freeze. The classic pirate. Maybe it's you're noticing that as are combing your hair in the morning you've got a ton of hair coming out or showering. The bottom of the shower or the back is covered with hair. We are 68 classic sign with thyroid and a lot of math and probably that's it. Which is a sense of generalized. Brain fog forget on this or some people call it. Mental confusion just eyes feel like all over the place can't concentrate. I'm losing my my thought process is easily can't remember where things are I'm becoming more forget full. And in the downstream effects which killer today. I your thyroid is your main. Energy supplier for all functions. In of course leads to the fatigue that most people have. But every system in sided view becomes deficient in its functionality. So digest the system goes south. We start to get a lot of constipation things moving Kathy bloated irritable. Our muscles become weakened AT. Our joints hurt. I mean it can go as far down as then you can have blood pressure issues you can have weight gain issues where you're gaining weight evenly doing everything right. You can have all kinds of problems with health. Though an undiagnosed thyroid. Is a big deal so you may actually have all these symptoms. And not know that it's actually Tyree condition because here's the challenge today. Most of our medical doctors. They superficially. Looking your health by listening to your symptoms. They'll hear you say I'm tired all the time I'm anxious and duty I don't feel like myself I'm gaining weight Matt Harris on now. And they'll think in their brains sound like a pirate so I'll run your test your lap welcome back in south they well. Yours and your TS states which is carried stimulation hormone. Is either normal or abnormal. If it's normal. Then they'll say well I could be something else. They'll look at things like your teeth for which is your thyroid hormel. If your T four is normally you're TSA it is normal but you still feel these symptoms they'll tell you there's nothing wrong with your thyroid. But in fact. It is Europe Ira. Because you can't have these symptoms. With having a normal thyroid function the difference. Is they only looks superficially so I need to heats today. About what you thyroid actually dies. How it's not just your thyroid hormones that make you feel this way and actually I'm gonna spill the secret. It is more about the reefs captors themselves aka couple at the graphics and Purdue and as special presentation. On this FaceBook like video I wanted to bring the things that you guys can the though give me some thumbs up as the likes that I can just confirm that you guys can see this policy people engage in air acting you're gonna learn today. The number one answer to getting out of this irate trap. Is to recognize not actually your thyroid. It's your cellular response that case though here I'm holding in input graphic of a human cell membrane. What you're gonna see is we have Bayreuth receptive ears. The ability for your thyroid hormones to land and give you function. So what we're now learning today is doctors are not checked in the right word mound they'll look at key four and keep or is he or. I'll call in active average Harmon I'm gonna say another info graphic here. This is us zooming in on this cellular functions of your thyroid what it does is it takes iodine out of your glide. The sell itself in the thyroid makes the pro team called pyro globulin. And then you have an enzyme called TPO. That attaches the iodine from applied to that globulin protein in it six creates what's known as he four. Now you can look at any real quick that this is very science sees some of you might be going that turns a blues and it. I have brain fog I can't concentrate aboard forgotten everything you just said. It watch it you have four iodine. Kate watched for iodine attached to that Ira globulin pro team. That your thyroid cell is making and you have heat for if there's only three of them that you have T three if there's only two of them yet he too. That the main hormones. They your thyroid produces. Are called the four. Int he three. Now what doctors look for is they measured the amount of heat for it it's been produced by the pyrite. Because in their model if you have enough heat for being produced and you authority is working properly. And then an indirect measurements. Of how well your authority is working is your brain has the ability to think create something called. He asks eights it is a stimulation warm owed. That comes from the brain goes to your thyroid it tells you thyroid to turn on this process. And make tea for the watched if you're Yancy Gates is elevated. It's an indirect reference that your brain sustained make more thyroid warm out. And eager he forays lol if you don't have a enough production of this steep for. He has states is high brain says make hormone T four is low thyroid go and I can't make it you'll be labeled as high post fire played. You'll be given a drug. Either sent to Reuters lead with Broxton or whatever the prescribed drug is and that drug that they give instant that it. He for warm up. Okay and you see how. If you swallow 24 hormone. It's gonna elevate your levels of the heap or in your blood. Your brain is get a sense that and say oh bring that he has stayed down and apparently disparities working. And it's known as this feedback loop. No other reason that it works so well is it like give you the medication. Then year TS states will come down UT formal come up your labs will look at it but because it's not addressing why is this happening different about second. You're still gonna have that that he you're still gonna have the coldness that moody aired ability to rain fog of forgetfulness. So what most people that take a thyroid medication Tellme is they go dot. My numbers are normal. But I still feel like my life has fallen apart guys need help so let me show you how we help. We have to understand the physiology in the science okay. With a bit of world today where you have to know more about yourself and your doctor does that says the sad fact. Now let me ask you some questions for all of you are watching right now. Is it possible. At a superficial simple level. That because we need iodine. To make T four that you made just haven't iodine deficiency. And not the reason that you're not make enough teeth or is because you don't have the building blocks necessary. The sell itself will make the Arab globulin pro team out of the DNA molecules in the proteins that she consumes that do that pretty well all the time. But this enzyme called TPO. Adds the iodine to that Arab globulin stuff you're missing iodine in your diet. And you're not gonna have enough to produce it that's one possible caught. Now I'm gonna give you a little free tip here on how to test your iodine. Right now at your house and do it real simply. And it just requires you to go to a local pharmacy or drugstore and buy some iodine is if your gonna do DM cleansing. You know I'll call it. Sterilizations. Of your skin or cut terribly indicates they sell these little bottles that sort of iodine sterilizing solution. Mean as they know what I'm talking about that kind of stuff where. If you paint your skin your skin could but it turns dark brownish. It has iodine it peso it's called these in iodine past. What to do is you basically take some of that iodine solution and you paint about I don't know an inch by inch cube on your skin. You wanna let it physically get dark to take a Q tip or a cotton ball of this suspect what he actually paint the iodine on your skin. And you wanna test how long it takes that to go way. And it did disappear. In less than twelve hours. What's Japanese your bodies in the iodine is grabbing him pull in England and god we've been low and iodine. So the actual discoloration on your skin it shows up from the die. Will disappear very rapidly. Of it takes less than twelve hours that to disappear. And you are iodine deficient now you paint that on your arm. And you'd you know put it on this morning you wake up tomorrow and you can still see it's. In his shows us that you don't have a major iodine deficiencies that the real simple way if you did this by yourself. Paint that little block of the iodine on your skin you'll watch it turn darker collared police state that's not do anything it will eventually disappear. But we wanna see if it rapidly goes away. If it rapidly disappears here I dine deficient. And now here's thinks he most people think like I dine for myself because I needed. Look iodine actually found in larger quantities through other foods seeking to him. And the most famous of the mall RC vegetables. So sea weeds and helps and in the tools to flakes and things like this so if you haven't been eating seaweed on a regular basis and chances are you're getting low and iodine and there's actually help. Based salts like seaweed sol you can use. It gives you a large amount to buy it some people need to take it and stuff. A case that now. Another thing that may actually happen that's causing this issue with your low thyroid is it's possible that this enzyme itself is not working. Here's what's very unique about this heat PO enzyme. It requires. As a regular function selenium in order for it to actually activate him pulled iodine and your blood and make it work. So do you see how. What we're looking for is cause. That's creating your effects like the fatigue the million is the brain fog the weight gain ex catcher. So it could be that again in properties FT four. Because you're selenium deficient you have plenty of iodine but that ends I'm right there is no work team. And so you may need to do is decent sample testing. It is a vitamin nutrient testing perhaps you start increasing your selenium dosage you see gosh I'm feeling a little bit more energized and I'm sorry to lose weight. Well that's an indirect way of us going you're activated EPO. Ends and when TP it was activated takes the agony your blood it makes the T for now here's the challenge. Just because you're making enough to keep Ford doesn't mean it's actually working properly for your thyroid to have its full of facts you need to branch out and recognize that if I were laid. Is only the top part of this entire. Higher picture. That we have what's known as the I'll call it. Thyroid. Diagram. That actually says. When your brain to Crete TS states that irony supposed to make T four and a little bit at T three. The majority. Of the guys in the days you're looking at nine beat 3%. Of the actual Barrett Harmon made your thyroid is key for. And what he Ford does is he goes and applied it in active it won't do anything until it's converted into the active form T three. It has to go to the liver to be activated by enzymes in the liver so that heat for its converted into T three. Now 60%. This worth noting 60%. Of the conversion from New York inactive thyroid hormone. Active parent element takes place in the liver the other 40% takes place across other tissues like your. Gall bladder and your intestines and even the cells of your body in felt. That the majority of the activation take place in your liver. Maybe you see where I'm going with this it is perhaps that your liver is toxic. Or is missing essential nutrition or is not at full capacity he might make the right amounts of teeth or from your thyroid. But you're not converting improperly. And here's something unique about the liver winningest stressed out when it is toxic when it's not function to its full capacity. As it does it conversion instead of converted to the T three which is the active thyroid hormone. That lands on a salary set to earn big and makes you energized and gives you. Sort of a sense of clarity. And helps you to feel you know like your losing weight and you feel great. To sort of what you think of active T three hormone as the one you want it's the one that. Gives you energy throughout the day it makes you. Totally 100% clear in your mind it makes you lose weight it forces you to burn fat for energy gives you ranked makes your bones strong. Everything you want to break away from the fatigue and losing your hair and having dry ski ended feeling cold all the time. Concert having T three work. Now win that hormone glands gives you all those great responses. But when you're stressed out when your liver is in a state of congestion toxicity. Like most device or your adrenal their Friday near stressed out. You'll convert key for and something called reverse T three. It is sort of that toxic version of tyrant Norman and what that does is it can also in looks exactly the same through Atlanta's on the same intercept their. But it is responsible for what gives you all of the symptoms I'm tired all the time Mike Harris find out I'm anxious I can't remember things I'm gaining weight. A case of reverse T three is the antithesis poured out. That this is why so many of you have normal TS State's normal team for your taking the medication. And yet you feel these symptoms that would even worse if I had to say a cabbie Autoliv as. Is when you take a synthetic thyroid hormone you have a higher likelihood that you're gonna convert the synthetic form into this reverse T three form. It's that your body feels these symptoms. A case that we have to address multiple layers one are you converting the hormone into the right test or not. Notice how when most people get their thyroid tested. They're not tech in the race of T three to reverse T pre. There are thyroid tests that can actually show you if you have too much reversed he three in your blind. And that would tell me as a functional practitioner if reverse these three as high. Liver is highly stressed outs what's happening the conversion process of your thyroid isn't working properly. And they said load alluded to your mind as far as how you look here thyroid. It would tell me that there's nothing wrong with your Ari even though you've been diagnosed. You could rip the label off your forehead of being hypo thyroid. And you can clean your that routes starting its function to improve you'll see physically on your blood work shift away from reverse to victory. To the act 53. And that healthy hormones and lands on the salary set there and everything works perfectly. Now I'm gonna peel the onion layer back a little bit one. You have normal T four. Normal T three. Normal reverse T three. Normal TSA each and yet you still say the doctor that title that I understand I went to this specialist they've been on the test they're still normal. When now we have to go deeper there is what is known as a cellular inflammatory. Process okay. You could have what's known as we sept or interference this is the bigger animal that no one is talking about. And the reason for that is again remember here's the reset their OK so we went back to this analogy. You have the hormones reverse T three or T three what we want 53. The right here there is stepped their it has to land on the wrist set there. And then send a signal to the cell to do what we want. So what if the were set there is interfered with what if something is sitting right on top of it. And so the hormones are out here following around and they can't land on the earth after. This is what's known as toxin induced reset they're interference. So you could have a toxin like heavy metal and classically what I see with most fiery conditions that are hyped ho. Or Hashimoto. Is that we have a heavy metals like Mercury or land or volume stuck on top of the except here it's almost like. Think of this for stepped their as a key. Or as like. A lock. Hormone is the key you have to put the key in the lock. Turn and the lock in in the door opens. So the wrist set there is the lock. The hormone is the key what if somebody GM to key and there are broke it off so that you have this. You know piece of key it's still thought the lock that would be the equivalent of eight interference with the receptor. Soviet a heavy metal like lead or Mercury or volume bound to that race up there you can have perfect labs and still feel the way you feel. And now we have to start testing for things like heavy metal toxicity or inflammation. And getting tested is one of the best things on the planet because it will help you determine. Are used this category. Our use this category are used this category you can see how works to meet. You'd need to figure out what area of focus do you need to put the most out of your energy and because I've seen it before. You might say well I'm taking all this selenium because I watched a webinar that sense that it is the greatest nutrient. That's only gonna work if you are deficient in selenium because you know activating this sector and descends on. What happens if you have a normal levels. You start spinning the wheels doing all the right things and nothing's working creates a tremendous frustration trust me I've been there myself and I've seen hundreds of patients do. Why did we wanna get tested. If for heavy metal toxic comes back positive it's going to explain cancer. What about his global toxicity we know that toxins are attracted to act yourself member in their native pat. To the more toxins you have attached to your cell membranes. The more inflamed they become and believe it or not inflammation can actually block interceptor just as much as if you have heavy metal toxicity. So we could have toxicity. Inflaming the cell membrane. And here's the beauty of that you can get tested for cellular inflammatory markers we can look for things like cardiac reactive protein. And we can look for almost Sistine we can look for lack beat the tragedies. We can check you're set imitation rates we checked the size in the within your red blood cells because as red blood cells that the blow up and balloon up. We know at the global sign of inflammation going on the body. There's even tasks like banana ox the year and panels and other things that can actually assess the them out of toxicity present in your body. If your highly toxic we know you're inflamed and it dreadfully and we know other sectors being blocked. Sometimes people that are inflamed it tested and it also had been that'll toxic. It's almost like a double whammy and that of the same token knows people because of their toxicity. Half congestion in their liver as your livers your main detox organ. And it congested delivered as wide. It's the creates more of the reverse ski three which is that toxic thyroid hormone they gives you all the symptoms you have. Did you see how it's a double loop. The very thing it's creating condition. Is what is trending Utah port the conversion to the toxic are -- that makes you Philly feel. All the while your medical doctors testing none of this that the frustration and icy. Now at throttle called action for you were about twenty minutes in this broadcast today in here watching you've probably seen underneath this video. Is that registration for you to compromise September 22. It's all been Bayreuth seminar. What we're gonna do with his seminars that partnered with several labs. And I now have the opportunity to actually give you the testing and a significant. Discounted price the you can actually test all of this in one city. And not only does that have give you the ability to know what's going on. I mean it heats you'd be exact protocols on what to do it you come back stay for example. With an enzyme deficiency where do you come back and your liver toxic or you come back yet to hive reverse T three. I mean it show you a three step system. That when you activate these three levels knowing what you. And it will help your body can heal by itself. It's so powerful that I've seen people who are hypo thyroid had to make cases for twenty or thirty years in as little as 98 come back and say. My doctor's time in my laps that they run now stand over medicated. And a half the up these medications mean to me that is exactly what your body with a view is supposed to heal itself so that the medications you're taking. Are making you over active according to with the drug does and your doctor says oh my gosh we must pull back all stops and on prescribed you. Because were overdosing you. In your body is now working its capacity. It. I don't know if you guys are aware of this but that is the way it's supposed to be. A medication it was never meant to be taken for more than in short the reach of time. In fact about a married medications. Themselves oval and it tested on people took him four short two race 345 months of the Max. We don't know the long term effects of the for 10152030. Years. While we come along way. Now I need to. Break apart and talk about one more thing. And this by the way. It actually should lead with beak and eyes. 90%. Of everyone who has been labeled high amplifier that you've been told by your doctor your authority under active. If you're taking something like sent the writer David Broxton you have a nine out of ten chance that one I'm about to share with you right now. Is you were underlying cause in addition to potentially some of the things that we just discussed. Can you how of eight under active thyroid. And be inflamed and heavy metal toxicity have too much reversed he three have you converging going towards the wrong corner and yes. But you can also have an idea where you actually build antibodies that attack the hormone that you're making from the beginning. Or you attack the enzymes. There is what is known as autoimmune thyroid you can term it Hashimoto is because either doctor Hashimoto or. Whoever the Hashimoto was. He discovered the idea that a Ira can actually be deficient. Not because there's anything wrong with the conversion process all of this is working properly. Not because there's any receptive and if parents are because the reverse T three's high you can test normal for everything and still have a hypo thyroid. Because you have enzymes. That are being attacked and yet the lobby and that's been attacked as if you were attacking yourself an autoimmune disease. So we came up with this phrase called Hashimoto thyroid tightest. Because if you have antibodies against the and nine are against the globulin now you don't produce. Any of and so your doctor would feed that they would see your team for as low they would feed TS states it's time. They would give you the medication. You still feel the symptoms and tired of the time and gain weight I'm brain fog and cold. But the labs will look good but you're still presently in that state of symptoms. Because where it's coming from is the fact that it's been destroyed in the source. Now hottest someone ever get the enzymes. Or antibodies against their debt sorry proxies and I'm wearing it's apparent obvious. This is where the conglomeration of our entire health comes together when we talk about your micro bio or your got. We know for a fact. That autoimmune conditions spike from a disk bio says story leaking it to the intestines. When we start to develop antibodies against sensitivities. A lot of the foods we eat can have protein molecules or enzymes that look like the very enzymes that are Ira. So the leak here your gut the more dissed by out of your micro buying them if you have made digest is disturbance. That leads to an increase spike in the antibodies. That go after your thyroid. Though most people nine out of ten have facts and honestly if I'd stay on top of that. About fifty to 60% of people that have an autoimmune thyroid. Also have an underlying congested liver all seven underlying shift towards producing the toxic Paris apartment. And all that and underline either heavy metal toxicity. Or a global toxic effect. So could you go down that route to clean out your intestines fixing your leak. And still feel your symptoms yes could you go down the line of detox team holy now the risk that heavy metals still theater symptoms yes. The reason and I say that buys those to heal by itself is that that's what it does when there's no interference. Now you might feel a little bit better as you peel the onion layers back but after ten years of working with Barry patients. We often see it the trifecta. There is a gut that's leaking there is a global toxicity issue there is precepts or interference. And there is a neurological disconnect with how the brain actually oxidant pirate that we have. The wrong mormons being sent out it too much yet states are not enough. And it requires you working on all three of those at the same time in order to fix yourself. So my take home message is we close out today's special broadcast is this. Nine out of ten people wouldn't Tyree condition have an autoimmune condition. Called Hashimoto's pirate ideas that ought in the conditions stems from one of your core foundational roots your micro bio or digest that system been interfered with. 50%. Of those nine out of ten. Have global toxicity issues either heavy metal or things like pesticides herbicides or dioxins. That is affecting that we deliver works. And act creates the second here dysfunction have the despite assists leaky got. They'll have the toxicity. And a third here which is the icing on the cake the last 20% to sell. Is somebody as neurological interference with how the brain is not communicating appropriately to the tyrant. The pilot to share views sort of how we fixate thyroid naturally. Is we have to tax book you have to find out if you had you know toxic. Your global toxicity. You have to find out if you have reversed. Because of its high. And you keep taking your medication you're actually making the condition worse by encouraging the conversion. To go to the reverse 23 Norma. And remember averse to three is what makes you fatigued. And gain weight and anxious for the medication makes the labs located. The medications and that makes a push is the reverse T three conversion. And you still feel the way you feel so if we know this is hi how to we fix that we have to go into the liver. Which does the conversions 60%. Of the conversion taking place with in the labor. And we have to clean liver. That's only done with diet and it's also done with direct. Liver detoxification. And you can also again and the conversion problem taken place in the Bayreuth self. Either because your low and iodine you don't have a felony and activating that sorry proxies and nine. Or you have the antibodies that are attacking it now I'd like you what you're looking now right now on the screen is your point. So complicated how on earth am I supposed to know what I need to do that's why I am highly suggest if you watch his video. If you attend by events on the 22. Look you might be in other states we're gonna broadcast it live dislike and doing this show. If your blessed enough to be within driving distance of Charlotte. Then on September 22 at 11 AM I am hosting a natural thyroid summit want to show you. How to get the tests where you can get them from how to save a tremendous amount of money the best part. You'll have the what do I do it on had a real toxic you'll have the hot alike detox the receptive membranes. You'll have the idea you'll know exactly if you're reverse. That's that you need to do and then you will be able to go do that because you are supposed beer and doctor. Now the cost for the the event is normally 25 dollars but because were opening it. During this next two weeks on free registration online if you wanna the first thirty people that you fill out the link below. Only needed your name your phone number in your email address will send the tickets do you prefer he is at the Holiday Inn express and sweet turn Charlotte starts at 11 AM. And I promise you you're gonna find answers not only for use it for anybody you know look that medication. Be in the number one prescribed drug in the United States is making me realize it's a bigger deal than what everybody thinks that. If it is the number one prescribed medication in the United States soon it's gonna be them on prescribed medication in the world. We know that there's an answer for this we know that take the medication only covers of the symptoms so if you're ready to. Start burning fat making your body lose weight without having to go to the gym doing crazy diets. It's possibly that's your tired your tired all the time you're sleeping you're taking naps during the day is sleeping 810 hours you waking up tired. It could be a firing if you're noticing your hair is falling out. Even though you're doing everything right he could be your parent if you're having trouble concentrating if you're forgetful at times you feel like you have rain fatigue can be your thyroid book if you have. And explain sort of digested disturbances he go to appearance it's time we are constipated in that appears ties or is Ryan I'd like crazy your bloated. He could be a parent if you're waking up in the morning your joints ache you're tired your muscles are week. You almost feel like your eighty years old he candidate picks up pick up your son or your daughter. It could be your tyrant what I'm here retire you with it is most people get their diary tested medically. At a superficial level comes back normal. And they say well I guess it wasn't my tyrant but you have a nine. By conversion issue in your liver and ought to mean Casey going on because of their guts or because you've ever sector interference. From some sort of toxicity. And all you need to do is figure out which one it is and I can show you the way to get it fixed. Thank you guys pertaining today. We have some incredible shows coming up the next couple weeks we're gonna dive next weekend to the hype her thyroid. The ones who have sale liken march thyroid cystic waiters were gonna spent about two weeks on tirade is a big deal. To make you tune in next Saturday this same time for a FaceBook live broadcast. Yeah football is starting to take my show off the air but we're gonna come at you each and every week through this FaceBook live ability. And hey stick around and just a moment I'm a switch gears and performance of finally show you guys and simple ways you can take some key nutrients. And turn that got around Internet parity around the beginning he faced herself thanks for today Alec for seeing guys next week. Yes I turn itself until then but I.