Time to Remove Electoral College, Trump Dines with Democrats, Woman Sells Bigfoot Juice

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, September 14th

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I got seventeen emails yesterday about it. A series quickly got out about Hillary's book big foot so therefore we did have the book woman locally. Who was making it bigfoot its break we'll work. I'm excited but up its Olympic team will be doing that some changes. Come our way when it comes to donations for lawyers with a lot of lawyers. Better kind of circle around the White House because folks your around they're worried about what might happen with the Russian investigation and typically you have to pay for your attorneys yourself. But there's a a movement afoot that would change where that money can come from I think it's a bit on the movie side. Changes to the Electoral College do they need to happen we'll talk to David Schultz we spoke to him yesterday. But a couple of political things and we'll do that for you coming up at 9:15 this morning. So typically when you watch late night television. Who was the target. Almost every night for the past seven months. The the sole target blacks and the couple salt in your targets it would either be Sean Spicer. Or of course the president the United States Donald Trump is not got an easy ride when it comes to the late night host but yesterday. Guess who was in the crossing years it was. Hillary Clinton. I believe that I guess Hillary Clinton's book what happened came out today. Now I heard that it's almost 500 pages long. Unfortunately only present have enough time to read it is Hillary Clinton. They won god won her. Flash camera that Hillary will actually be signing books at a cost code in Connecticut. Could be opera when someone gets the friend goes oh I thought this is Roger cheese samples sometime. These strategies apple. Usually if you pick up a copy of the book can see that a lot of notable people wrote little blurbs in the back covered. I'm sure it would mean for example Vladimir Putin wrote was like I said it tells Cinderella book includes sales and home can become friends. Next Barack Obama wrote I'd say I got ahead and do the last summer tried to hand is on your losses the Dow dropped. There's Craig did but I haven't paid much attention to it to Jimmy Fallon who lately. But that was certainly were that absolutely worth it also late night television. Just by certain you know he does certainly been a target from time to time but he decided he was gonna get out into the public and he sat down with Jimmy Kimmel. My apology. And we have fun yeah blew me. We're trading. And may need glasses so yeah. Except. Yeah. I guess. Yeah. You dog I was sorry all right that was that was kind of my idea. The president in the heat in the nose running. I don't think they're. Honestly I'm America is now they're particularly annoyed by the fact that a woman was playing you that I'd I'd really didn't ask atomic questioned yeah. May have Vatican Jim what I'm no win situation that is like they're making fun of me. And you're mad at me for it and you win nanny and then she won an. But what. It's really a pretty nice guy that. You know when he's not to us in that they're gonna try to deflect some really stupid questions from reporters. And if you're remember how it all started when we were first introduced to Sean Spicer. He put his foot in it immediately. It was up to you would this even have been a topic. You know I looked it goes up to me I would have probably want a different sue time. I thought I was going into Saturday morning I set my office upped its computer make sure the emails went out. You know and end and somebody told you need to go out there and hey the president wanted to make sure that the record got sent straight. Photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed it away. In one particular tweet to minimize the enormous support data gathered on the National Mall. This is the first time in our nation's history that floor coverings have been used to protect the grass in the mall. I had effective highlighting any areas where people were not standing one years past the grass eliminated this visual. We. You tell the tone of his voice that he knew he was like well. Here is something that may sound like the truth but absolutely it's not for sure. Funny stuff. So he had access to a lot of folks you know obviously the inner circle of the White House here are very important question can the last in day and I was very impressed with how Shawn answered this one about writing. I will you write a tell all book without every detail you will not now why. Because I don't think that's the right thing to do I think he views zoning trust you to bring you into the inner circle something. That it is you'd be an act of betrayal. Would be inaccurate I agree on its. So apparently president truck for the democratic leaders in congress have come to some sort of agreement. But different media sources don't agree as to whether or not that's actually the case will work toward a few of update on that one as we make it through today the Electoral College she's so winner take all in most states. Does that need to change so that. The elections don't just become about battleground states and anonymous donations for lawyers to spells bad we'll talk about it when do we next. But David Schultz joins us now he is a professor. Hamlin university professor of political science also a university of Minnesota School of Law he teaches election law. And and I forgot how prolific Q are urged doctor shall choose thirty books on the world would you find 230 books between ordering and trap a well. Earlier there was a up. A little bit about Hillary Clinton in her book being 500 pages and Jimmy Fallon said no what is the time to read that book rather than Hillary Clinton who's got plenty of time earnings right now national. It's going to be under reading list. Feel a little bit but although this is the best book that I read this year and turned the election to the book called chatter which you sort of it inside. I'm account by embedded reporters looking at a campaign arms in terms of Aaron Miller blog. Odds are probably look look at it out portions of the Clinton book but not read the whole thing because from what little life into the excerpts. There is some note that the reflection regarding what really happened contrary to the title. Yes I'm not a real intrusion read that when he there would for the comic book to come out because if you put up. I think the book and a developer crowd don't you today yes it did end I think it was Wal-Mart in there was another location and restore big bucks to this and we're already putting content discount bin. What are at the plot you know that's a that's a good indicated there. So what I wanted to have you on a couple of questions for you here there was a new story that came out. Do you have a US Office of Government Ethics has reversed its own internal policy before. It used to prohibit anonymous donations from lobbyists. Two White House staffers for their legal defense funds and the reason I think this is important news. There's so many folks have gone through the trump administration that have cleared up I mean from planned to commissioner to produced a junior to know Roger Stone. To upon metaphors here. I see an incredible problem here does the smell funny to you. I think that they probable RB general I don't buy the problem with anonymous donations. Comics you know contribute and help small evolve toward their people feel poetic from lobbyists for example are interested parties. All that should be disclosed because these are people who have tremendous interest before the federal government state government there were maybe. And hello lobby of the free path for any read that in turn to be able to contribute really undermines. Pulled the public's right to go in to give these lobbyists. Significantly even more important they have in the political process. Yet to me it seems like it's bookends almost you know look the left book candy is well we're working on trying to get what we want from the folks in government. And then the right book and is okay well they got in trouble shall work so given the bingo money in a bag of money here so. I think you're ethically correct then again I can you know I draw I draw a lot but some alliances and figure for example if you were I wanted that 25 dollar to fifty dollar software competitive choice. Got both America I don't think anybody to hear about that fact I think that's really good that we want to support the candidate we do but we get we comfortable again lobbyists people. Who are being paid to try to influence because I describe this lobbyist with the situation. Are people who are competing against the public they are competing against the rest of us they should be required to disclose tactical situation I don't think they should be allowed together. Yes no I agree with the 100% in my life like can you characterize that. Working against Alaska's yet they don't have our best interest in mind. It's their round NC is selfish or action altogether here Tom let's move to the Electoral College there was another article that I read it to. I found to be very very interest and the idea that perhaps we need to look at how this works 'cause the concept based on the constitution is it. That all votes should count equally but the way. Since do you United States develop the way that reduced and it you know one vote in Miami Wyoming's into two winner take all state. Is worth about three and a half votes in California. So this Electoral College deal comes down to ignore it really comes down to maybe two or three states. That ends up choosing the president of the United States and do you think that's what the the men the framers had in mind. Not at all you know what I sort of get my lectured if you execute introductory American politics class. And I explained to my student electoral college for their ice glazed over picnic you're right that is the way the system is set up. But I described the thing that's all the reasons by the framers created the Electoral College. In terms of saying it would hopefully overcome all regionalism. Overcome on the idea that people only go campaigning in big states or they don't like to get me a particular state. All the promises that the Electoral College sports to bring about. Never really had materialized. In more often than not it creates confusion it creates disincentives for people to vote I. But I can tell people if you're Republican in New York or a Democrat from Texas. What reason do you have to go full the presidential election you're you're voted wasted so I think there are all kinds of problems with the Electoral College. There's an easier it needs to be scrapped or significantly modified so that it would be more fair because because I think there are some people who voices. Just aren't counted because the where they live. Yeah I I get in state politics winner take call yet you get the most votes for governor and then you should be the governor for armed. But the states had an interesting twist to how the Electoral College works and that the states are the ones that decide. How their votes you're going to be count on whether to take all of that can be split. And with the continuous changing of the landscape of state government. I could see how that bit. The scales could be tipped dramatically to the point where you almost can't dig yourself out of a hole. He definitely definitely correct here now they're. In terms of reform just impossible at what this straight popular vote with the people advocated for which which I think makes sense. You've been good and of course we're worried about the fact for anybody campaign Idaho. The other possibility is that they get this is a violate scraping Electoral College would require constitutional amendment. That's not gonna happen the other possibility is that north Carolina at every state in the country could change the rules of apportionment. And say that they're gonna award the electoral vote based upon our I don't know. But congressional districts so we awarded by congressional districts across North Carolina that are that are durable ideal ways of doing this to make the system more fair. But I would say right now if I were to design a system that is. Probably very confusing. Or the most confusing in the most unfair system come up what I would think if the current system that we have right now. Yeah when you take a look at what just happened the other Obama's recent election. Florida North Carolina Ohio and Pennsylvania. They saw almost. 75%. Of campaign ad spending. Bill that to me to me that's mind boggling that. You did it all came down to that came down to these four states. And when you try to think about how to make this more fair. If North Carolina you know if for example we have via a Republican legislator here everything is is run by the GOP. They have no interest at all in changing how the the apportion their votes. So would we ever. Anywhere across this country have an opportunity to quote be fair because whoever's running that they're dog they wanna make sure that that one witness. Right and it's exactly the problem here is that. It that it probably our collective interest to make all these changes to live in the nation. But it could know what particular state interest to do it because of the way partisan politics for the point out across the and for all the kind of stuck with the what if this system. That nobody likes slump but I think the political don't want to change it except when convoluted type of course. They wanted to drag out with her when you're losing your bit louder doses of Africa and David Schultz professor from Hamlin university political science as well as election law. The university of Minnesota schools of law there any final thoughts here before we move we move on. As they're moving forward looking at that we're probably get a look at the 2000 according it is going to be that being a handful of states in fact I'm working on the book right now because it's not just about being. About get caught holding a handful of counties. For only like about 400 can compete in the country's ethnic communities even campaign had an up so it's probably only about. 45 or thirty that really matter felt that shows you how pervert the system that hole without the Jesper thanks to governor Carroll County Blount that you over the election. Yeah and and all of them were named after slave owner Serena the change all of their names get read a Jefferson and Franklin county and you can you name itself. So doctor Schultz thank you again for your size loads of changes afoot. Some for the good some for the not so good. A break and back we'll go to the White House find out indeed what happened we've got cut and the wall is this a double crossed by president trump. The White House says that the president promised him a signing congressional resolution condemning widespread. That congress intended to use Stewart and speak out against me she saw that is going to be passed through. It says he races violent condemned the racist violence and domestic terrorist attack white nationalism white supremacy in neo nazism as a hateful expression of intolerance kind. That's coming out the White House. Also coming other White House was from Sarah Huckabee Sanders that when I pronounce it Jamal heal from ESPN per tweet. That Donald Trump was a white supremacist. She says it's a fireball offense. But I disagree. I disagree I don't think she should be fired for that. But I wanna know what you think 7457. Or 1110 talent ESP had a she stay or dish ago. Are you living there yes sir I'm right here with you. I'm holding your hand we can make it through this together. I don't know what Sarah Huckabee. I'm just tired all this crap you if you call it public. All your rice's spokesman in Charlotte, North Carolina. All but where are you you know it says darned if you do that darned if you go Kabila's father Carl was I think they. Okay well I know what we had been laid out in the road you're on over so well. What is CO LO what would your justification for the firing me if you said she needs to be fired because dot dot dot. There's there's there's any buying guns my hair anymore second scorer all the experience in our fate. Mean I I I don't disagree with bit. Here's my following are disoriented reporter know this is the ESPN reporter me he is right up this a black woman who who tweeted. That that the president was a racist. Yes you think culturally there's a lot of other mr. Bobbitt are gonna have to do on the UK EE EK became very well. You know if you live in Charl up in your 64 here at third. And if so what places like like Bernie very torn down and our. I hear exactly what you're saying and and you're right it's coming from all over the place these kinds of statements but I'm asking. She is a member of the media and the White House is saying she needs to be fired because of what she said. If this became commonplace. Let's say Obama. Said oh boy when Rush Limbaugh said that about me. He needs to be fired. How would you feel about something like that. Well you'd be Hillary didn't think could very well all of our. Triggered ever occurred here to federal know what I'm saying is. If it's good for the goose would be good for the gander and here's my take on this I know a lot of people are tired every SPF. They're gone to the left right. Further going to the left correct. The ratings are going down. Why would you fire somebody. Win what they're doing is perpetuating. The flight 93 as you say aspect of of ESPN. She's in Hong golf a lot of people who all they wanna do is watch sports. So. She pooped in the bad. Let her sleep there absolutely let her sleep there. He was funny at Tucker Carlson. Was saying that. PSP and no longer stands were entertainment sports network or whatever it is endless stupid political nagging. And that's fine if that's what they wanna do. Then let him do it again I think everybody has a right to say whatever they want. Unless it's considered threatening or it's dangerous sure you know people all those are the rules libel and slander and that sort of thing. This she's expressing her opinion. That's how she feels. Let her feel that way. Let her feel that way and let the walls come crumbling down. Around her and her on ESPN if he has PNC's they're too many conservatives who are upset and discontinue. Participate in Wear their eyes then they'll make you change. Can only go on so long before they realize that they're making a poor business decision. We'll continue this guy discussions momentarily if I would do wanna get an update bomb on a terse she's become Kirschke. Kaspersky you know gonna get into the the the the consonants in the valves in the right place here I am I used Kaspersky on one of my computers in the past but did a pretty good job. It did take have a lot of memory has slowed things down that was my only real complaint but now the United States. Homeland Security says in the federal agency using that software get out of there. Erin could terse keep this is this is like a spy vs spy thing here is what it seems to me her. Well it may well be and that's the fear of the Department of Homeland Security has had been using Kaspersky. Software on government computers is is too risky poses too great a security risk. And the FBI's been investigating conspiracies. Are purported ties to to the Kremlin. And I think the ultimate fear is that. Through these Kaspersky products the Russians could be spying on American computers stealing documents launching a cyber attack say interfering with. An election and so that's why the Department of Homeland Security said it instructed all federal departments play in the next thirty days to identify. Where they use Kaspersky software and and start removing him. Is there any discussion about an audit of for example. Election committees in people that are part of the democratic party of the Republican Party. To see if indeed they hand Kaspersky on their computers Shanda whether there's some sort of coincidences here. I haven't heard that they're gonna take it that far but any federal agency. Has been instructed to scrub its systems have Kaspersky products. And then that'll all happen need to be identifying goes on over the next thirty days and then process to remove it should be done by the end of the year. I understand the government can do you think they will insist. That any government suppliers. For example defense contractors its that are under the same thing. They haven't said yet but but you could imagine that the they're there would be. Some things that you know the government could order depending on the findings have the FBI. No link has been confirmed but I think to suspicions are fairly well documented. That's Kaspersky has some ties to the Russian government and and and could be part of a Russian intelligence and that's part of the reason I think why. They've basically started with the federal government. Itself and then perhaps contractors or others could follow. Samaritan I had a friend who was part of the Kaspersky marketing arm. And one of the ways and it was market it was through talk radio across the country so it's a kind of ironic. That they snuck in through that particular medium and now the particular medium. He is saying let's get the hell out get rid of it here so Erin pitchers do with ABC I think consumer. 7045711. Tennis and every here can you called in. ESP had what's your take on this you do agree with me that they should be allowed to to take all the rope in the world to hang themselves. I agree a 100% that the best way that you know people. Want these people are really about let him talk. Let them talk. And Billy gates to debate. And even people who work out all their side. What they is that they were the true spirit. Does people can be equally convinced. Of how wrong it is for what they gut the bill and they're usually. You know there or on their job to talk about sports. To make political statements I don't watch it's the end I doubt about belated Al it'll. You might get more accurate reporting from a sports station not necessarily ESP and then at some of the other networks that are out there but. Yeah I think I'm the same way I don't really care about their political commentary. I wanna watch sports and if they continue to do this. It to me it seems very obvious and apparent decision to be an incredible backlash it's can almost be like a rip tide. Going against them and I say let him do it I say keep keep bungle that's one aspect and the other thing is I don't need I don't think government. Any former fashion should tell or pressure companies to fire people that to me that's not American they're you know. This country is still about free speech we don't have a constitution. Are now. Thank god that. Ed. Did because GAAP free speech that demand that you're Smart but I do believe it's free speech even for stupid people. Yeah I don't know migrate. Sometimes is very amusing you know when somebody really stupid opens their mouth sometimes it's just an annoying as hell and in this situation. The First Amendment does apply to what she said. About the government and about trump and the White House. Free speech in the First Amendment doesn't apply. Within the walls of ESP yet so that's the difference there and and we'll see whether or not there's enough pressure on them to take action but again like a sailor it's a hands off. Let idiots be idiots. They'll open their mouth just like you said stupidity. It doesn't really go away does again. So there's really no cure for it I beg people being informed. And knowing all look back. Being overlooked you both sides will be no regret that in your view did you close your mind off. It yeah. Are not there yet no I agree with when your talking your ears artwork. When your brain is trying to figure out what it is you're gonna say next you do not here with the other person has stood and that seems to being the the American way like. Get a conversation was somebody's like. Kiss and a fire hose you know you just can't figure out a way to stick the word in there it was. He the president is going to be touring Florida visiting southwest Florida today. He is gonna speak that seems to be. He the information is coming away from ABC news no time. Is seven given horse yet on that limb but if you just take the podium. And waxes poetic than that chances are we're breaking them allow you. He's on a roll the president of the United States to break him back we get news coming your way this is they still haven't yet. Not a guy free WB two. Thank you a sentinel for vitamin and Scott. Thursday call from the White House to get rid ESPN reporter look tweeted. There's that president trump as a white supremacist and that the white supremacist put him into office. Everybody in the White House village promises. Or Cyril can be Sanderson shooting should provide. I say no this is. So it brought them Lomax himself if that's the angle that they wanted to take effect if that is the kind of network that they want to beat. Then. They will pay for it. With a lack of audience or illusion audience they're already losing audience the ratings are going down if you're sports and you go there and you expect to see nothing but sports. And then your expectations are not met then eventually people say no comment go someplace else Gary called 704571110. Good morning. Good like got a Leo I'm living large man I'm leaving it all behind me OK I am not out there if it meant that you. How old in my. Yeah literally afford nothing personal about because that happened years ago and I'm pretty sure I'm not a 100% but probably 95% sure if the end. If you remember it very private guy who's a sport I love writing that Jimmy the Greek Dahlia. Remember that he said Ron monkey look at that monkey run as what he said. Yeah pot they didn't get in well with the reasoning behind it. As well as he was talking about black athletes. Who are less than. They won't let them about beliefs and look at your Olympic championship. Political and keep blimp Nadal and are still a black athletes. And we say this I don't know apparently. Happened about. That they have an extra dependent and get Ecuador I'd go again and repeat the barely talk and read it and everybody and he was fired. You know I remember that actually I was wrong when I said you know look at that monkey run that was Howard Cosell look at that monkey run. Yeah that's what that's what got him fired. That brought us Jamie Gorelick got talent but they don't happen that this. Actual not a derogatory. You have been the moon. McCain had absolutely with condemning them because they won't bet they won't let them quite happily well and he got hit by ESP. Incorrect but there was no call from the White House for the firing. You know I I think ESPN has every right in the world to fire this woman don't get me were. And they may very well do that they may decide this is just too much heat for them to deal with. I I don't think that the government should be telling. Anybody in the media to fire somebody I don't like that that that feels dictatorship like to me you know. How about the media group and they give I didn't look that good there at least as. And really stupid dude and I got to swallow them. Say that again I'm sorry you what you kind of got muffled there. But I don't I didn't really know that there have been a power plant and equipment group believe it's been a bad Democrat or let them. And it ended up people and all the appropriate and do a member of congress who content to attempt to get on it I know the complaints about bad. Well once again it's that's a different animal in the public. Stands up and says you know get rid of them we're going to. You went to the media outlets across spooky it. And then put into the seats well of course that. He has remained the media follows the media to the media pays a lot of attention to sell you not want it it's it. It will look because that's what they do its master maturing but the government shouldn't be the ones to say. This person needs to go because of what pace set in Los it's slander or it's libel they can be it in my opinion they can be as racist as they want. Like Oprah and say what. Not who I don't we were all patient or even think we're pretty appropriate. I don't know they could call it hate speech. Too close to the important. This is what the Syrian people don't let me speak. To play incredibly. Like you're you're really muffled cheer you Gary you know and I'm not trying to dodge you just can't understand we are sent so talk a little bit softer because I think you're getting distorted attack. Okay now would be a campaign to. Our Olympic about it and it's protest is set and speech in Connecticut writes the pro am at my friend does that present. No it's not privileged reachable nor I understand which are sank. But hate speeches usually. Directed it's something that is inherent in a person. As opposed to a choice to somebody makes a political choice that they make. Gary appreciate your calls go to Dave ESPN should she stay or should she go does it matter what your take. She should be little scroll it up. You know the way I look at it was good looking actually good for the gander. And used to you know you're sort go you're definitely followed Mike Ditka. Mike Ditka is always send us saying I support del potro. I endorse dole called for a adult trouble bring leadership to the white house with President Obama does. And they are get over that. Did the did the White House event anything to say do they comment on it. Whoa did not okay the ball was in their favor to adopt an important right. See now I just think this artist and it shows ESP and stroke followers know Arnold told. Understood so therefore why should they fire her let them continue to show their true colors so we know what we're dealing with the. Well I guess I guess that's where also I think you'd be cutting the way that I would still say ration power because. The day if if there if this year were reversed. If it was our ball I don't know Brady was retired and working for you history and it came out made a statement supported tropical is that there's Kevin Brady so. I just think she should go and what spares prayer. No I didn't I understand I mean curt Curt Schilling got fired because a comments that he made. And a lot of folks didn't think it was fair and then when you take this and you compare the situation here say wait a minute. So I think there's. There's a certain fear in firing somebody I think it's fear based. And is based upon their fear of losing business if ESPN isn't Smart enough to figure out of the probably going to be losing business. Then all the power to let them take themselves down to be like a restaurant serving crappy food to break him back. This is there's 1110 that in my freedom you beat me when it's got its jaw about an hour from now. We're going to be talking a little big foot big foot story. There's a there's an advantage in the world of marketing. You find it needed and then you fill out this. Goes to you know you created me and then you fill it not necessarily finding in the Kansas you're that would be. That would make a lot of sense I'd be logical right so we'll talk to the woman who came up with this a big foot spray. And we can take on this one as as to whether or not it's to help you see a big foot or to make sure that you don't so another statue was been defaced. This time. Francis Scott chi. During a bill. Jamar hell yeah he's one of the good guys out Butler that with a white hats and make up song builds. Was National Anthem yeah surged during the banner here he wrote that. If you do that while he was watching me a battle for McKenna reduces during the war of 1812 can. Will. Turns out that Frances mr. Keith. Also. Owned slaves. And so the other statue there was defaced. Somebody wrote on their base of the statue racist anthem. And deal Baltimore cops not happy about the things so they're going to prosecute. Whoever did it. So. What ended Jefferson Memorial that was another one of the targets were that it was in the news a couple of days ago here. Pretty soon we're not going to be a lot of statues at all. There there all dragging down they're all going to be put in museums because somebody's going to be able find something about every single statue that's out there get parked off about. And put more away. And that'd be sort of like the movies. And that it is hard to. Hard to go to the movie theater anymore without there being superhero movie right. So that's bullets coming out so I think that maybe we need to put the two of them together and and just have. The statues of superhero us all over the place right is these were our heroes who were were supposedly our heroes are historical figure heroes. And and I'm not so much so. Iron Man I think we need to have a big giant Iron Man statue. Right. Or commit the fraud coming we can give Muppets to union superheroes and Muppets. Pro superheroes Muppets all uphill battle and all would be good idea. I think we could also grow with the the smoke smoke and Muppet Campbell baby in a member Eric didn't Joseph the camel. And we let them open to me. And of course NASCAR drivers. There's via a New York based law firm that. Represented twelve students. Who have nothing better to do. Then to pursue. The University of North Carolina to remove the silence and confederate soldier statute. Suing over silence and a. No lawyer Sen university leaders a letter demanding that silent Sam come down. For the university will face a lawsuit now in a letter students say silent Sam sends a message a racism and creates a racially hostile environment. Michelle Braun as well as students threatening a suit she says one key piece of evidence is a speech that was given at the monument unveiling 104 years ago. It brags about with being a black bonnet if brags about its purity of the Anglo Saxon race. Being maintained by those who follow on behalf of the confederacy that's racism. The university says it hands are tied because of a 2015 law that prevents removing monuments. Without approval from the state historical commission. So we'll see whether or not the other law changes to the attorney general of the North Carolina Susan wishes he would not have voted. For that particular act. Change his tune on that one. Slavery it is seems to me that the whole racist. Undertone in this country it's just been ratcheted up so much so so much in the past year. And really old. Both both sides of it people are saying you know I'm not a racist. And people are saying earlier you are racist. Got an email. Moved back to hear that those are pretty. Uninteresting fraud. Church to church went through. The basic question was what's wrong or what's worse being a racist. Or accusing someone of being a racist without just cause. It's an interest in question. They both kind of shot. Locally. Such not just quote whites having supremacy. Blacks. Can be racist to rent. This certainly can't and throughout history it's always sort of been. Whoever's in power picks on somebody below them and whoever's getting picked on tries to find somebody below them typical right kind of goes down the chain. Andy McDonald's here in Charlotte. There are a video went viral. Of one of the workers behind the window. Having the conversation of sorts with somebody who was in the drive through. And I don't feel. When you do. Is there right. Seeing the franchise owner of that McDonald's on east ray drive in central avenue tells wc TV Charlotte the actions of this employee Jerry inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald's and my organization placed on diversity inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers. This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation. Right so there's a black woman in the drive through when the window there. Asking me Latina woman if she could spiral deportation. All over the place. There was a banner it to that the on the green monster do you see this the video that under the to have that there was a bad it was confiscated. Red Sox game they're playing the eighties and the poor fans who were seated right above that green monster which is a big giant wall there in the field. I dropped down a sign in the fourth and it. In a red racism is as American as baseball. Racism is is is as American as baseball. Panda security now of course they went right after it grabbed it. Rolled it all up within minutes inducted the fans out and a the officials there from the Red Sox has during the fourth inning of tonight's game for fans unfurled a banner over the left field wall. In violation of the club's policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung or affixed. To the ballpark they were escorted out. There's some irony for yet is there anything more racially integrated. In Major League Baseball. We no I agree man its. It is the most incredible sports. As a matter of fact that if the white supremacists are Coinstar deserve to free white people client you know. Very good it's an Afro American sports a white sports Latino sport it to truly is universal and even some Asians played baseball has ranked about that here. I think you're really thinks Suzuki interests of the nature of each Ichiro Ichiro. On to somebody Hideki yes I can make up a bunch of names that and I want to know that there may or may not be true national. A short time later there was a group called the Boston antitrust. I don't claim to be responsible for the stunt. Then life great. And and also finally in loving world racism which continues on liberty Missouri there's gonna Richard guys and higher. He hung a confederate battle flag over his home. With a sign it's a slaves for sale. I got folks' attention didn't it. Pieces of people actually believe that a confederate flag stands for slavery quote I may as well be just as stupid as they are. It is for people that are tired of the government telling them what to do and what to think that is worth a southern rebel it's. And he's as you can get away this because he's their grandchildren about mixed race. So one of the neighbors said I'm gonna tell you why it's offensive to me I remember the signs in the lawless as white only and I'm that old and I remember the signs that said negroes only entrance here. If you want of attention he's certainly got a good thing. I'm tired of it and just absolutely tired of which ignore. Too much too much hate being used as a tool you know and I'm sand there are other things in the toolbox students. Figure that out and Mike I'm gonna get your first on the other side this is news 1110993. WBT. So governments is now if you that the spurs beat. I'll spies have crumbled Russian spy. Why should we discriminate. Too much discrimination gone on endo will continue your moments the conversation on race is Mike you called 704571110. Good morning. Scott. Bluntly redundant but I really enjoy your show because Iran are very professional. You're very objective you know how I'm million. I don't but when you don't Greenland someone. What I call about. I just I just dumped jet at Mike. Not just get it also just getting my. Sore this morning at a party you know again that's right. But then I'd probably I think it always says Obama on the leg sociology and I am not. They've come in my earlier you said. I'm black people can be gracious to. Quite to the contrary can ask any black person and say it or black farmers latter. We are incapable. They are incapable of being gracious medics say as in have you heard this before. Will be an important black political caucus what would happen if we tried to have a white political caucus last saying. Come on different topics they are but the thing about tire down all the monument summer history. Ensure that low ghoulish specifically. I do not like anyone should touch any monument. I don't feel. And birdied the monument and Marines yeah all of building. He does not include. Bob Walton. Who is a convicted. Child molester who showed time and and the the sad all they. I believe that was the county commission this shows is that building downtown is an arrangement. For a while Walton. He was that he was indicted. But he was not convicted. Of the child molestation if I understand the to a simple assault and simple assault. Do we know what happened most likely we we probably have this figured out Michael appreciate your call. But I didn't dopey idea I didn't dump people put you on hold but now I'm good hold on the pursuits no I don't. Thanks like so by the president is well. There awaiting his arrival in Florida in the early going to be continuing to take a look at the damage is gonna give us another speech and give us an update on on how recovery is going Jim Ryan when ABC is in Miami and unfortunately. The the math of the dead. We need more fingers unfortunately. But unfortunately you're right that's the case more than thirty people across or they go to the Carolinas have died now as a result of the storm. Oh really yeah and and of course statistically they tell us and it's hard to believe sometimes that. The majority of deaths related to a hurricane come up to the storm already been downgraded Oregon State the way. That's what happened yesterday storm. So there's a lot of wandered off into the Atlantic you're still ringing but to have but it's gone essentially get the eight people died yesterday. And hurt him albeit a big air conditioner or soft power work. But it will be a tree had fallen into the trance from the group won power through the air conditioner. Then goes to eat people unfortunately died others are still in critical condition today. These deaths are being attributed to the storm at work after the storm the gates he would have been working we shall. And depth they have these folks are still being alive but there are investigation almost every level at this point play out exactly what happened. Yet but there's got to be some accountability and culpability in this Jack just because. There there. There's booster main routes you know there's posted check off on their clip boards when they walk around and make sure that everybody's okay and they could not have been doing that if served for this to go on because I think the first calls started coming and around the world midnight 1 o'clock in the morning and will always till 6 o'clock in the morning when the evacuations started. Well yeah 101 patient came into the emergency room or hospital just down the street from the nursing home. Eritrean or in the first first ever patient arrives with severe heat distress. And none of you can came in about an hour later and then go hospital steps that we need to get that figured regulatory not so. They walked into the certain moment insurer pitched out slowly sweltering for a while we were all. Video wall outlets work for the air conditioning or cultured bingo there was stuck there apparently burned a step was suffering the same condition. There were window units were near the court order conditioners Robert. Burton had little effect on this sweltering heat inside that building. Never place a criminal investigation under way not ruling anything out Jim Ryan with the ABC appreciate the update its it's. Horrible stories and I'm waiting for the the good stories to start coming out of all this you know via the the ones of about heroes again or thereabouts and here she. These guys. Michael thank you again for your call. You interest to come about taking penalties statues and everything and removing the the aforementioned on non gentleman's name thing announcement some time behind worst. I think I do believe superhero isn't the answer is if we take down every single statue in the country and replaced them at all. We Wonder Woman like Freddie. So loved in England they've got a bit of an issue. Which makes me think that fifth tranche we need to call via the short department here. We'll move on what's that what's the sewer department called what they called. See mud I think she much. Charl make utilities department you think that they do it is a takes money to call them and find out if they've checked their pipes recently. There's no this is not like a chicken part but when you go to be a pathologist to renew your urologist and not talk about. But those kind of pleasure talking about the actual sewer pipes did you see the picture. Of the blob I think the fact berg. That that's what they're component there and England. Mean you're laughing this is the nasty story I did citizen discussed it at eight I clicked on it. I know you can unseal that you can't NC it. A fat burger fat Bert what is a Fat Albert you know this is not the the new hamburger that's coming to town. This is a blob that is stuck inside the sewer. In London. How big is abroad. Just how long this might be gimme gimme against John morrow and over and under here. Maybe four feet four feet three feet and a little bit longer. Do the three is right but do you need to add something else to that in order to maybe zero at the end of thirty to thirty feet. That's a pretty big blob and yes there's bigger than that I'll bet you know. If 300 is that like the three football fan all hooked. This blob. Could you imagine. Are all roller order product and so we got a little bit of. Blocking and we don't you come and if you are more from take a look at it may be squeegee out just being it's as those who have all the master is in effect it. What's an idea of how it's mostly up. Can shield fat. What lights right. Guidance. And to have an anchor and condoms. I'm. Richard ocean. Hello. Don't they have not. They admit to make a lot of phone calls. It's gonna take about three weeks to remove the blockage. So they say it's basically like trying to break up concrete. And and of course they say that is an understatement to say that it's frustrating. As these situations are totally avoidable and caused by fat oil and grease being rushed on sinks as well as wipes. And diapers getting flushed down the loot you. I have it is never ever cross my mind to a to shove a diaper and a toilet. And I thought it was a pretty stupid things in my life. Anyone. Not one of them whatsoever. So the other president awhile ago announced that we've got an emergency situation here. It in the country because of appeal is nothing has been done as any as a result of that yet I don't think with interest or trying to figure out what are the next steps. And obviously it's a problem for this citizens in the populations of families all across the country. As well as current law enforcement misses a huge extra burden on. Law enforcement he amassed first responders. Cause fatal overdoses sir. There is a huge number Nate surpassed shooting deaths and fatal traffic accidents how the cops. How to shares deal with a break gear with the ABC yeah. Crime and terrorism analyst you're on you've been looking into this story here and I have to imagine this is just an an an unnecessary. Added level of stress and danger to to our law enforcement folks. It is in here that actually a lot of them are certain reality that. You can't serve our our arrest your way through this addiction problem. The system really can't accommodate the people there's skill and they got back out still with that could. So I'm hanging in the number of jurisdictions where the police are sort of treaty. You know it it could go over our hurt us steps they find on street. You know more as a disease public health issues. That a crime this year and so. I I seen live in a developing sort of these networks of people when they find put some restricted me up you know should get what are can't keep them alive. And they get they bring in people who sometimes accuracy. That can do what how significant temporary housing we can deal with treatment facility now you know the status perfect. Is actually in big time in short supply almost since every community. But the point being if you don't get people into some sort of environments where. They can get themselves off a drugs you're just gonna have them as sort of the tendon and and and the destruction to society or better part of their life. It's it's almost like we got a leaky pipe the police go out they put you know paper tape oh moderate. Right very briefly yeah it may stop the flood there but it's gonna come off and they're gonna have to go out and do it again and then go out and do it again. Unfortunately depth they're playing the role social worker your less exposed to either job. It's not that it's also sort of the reality of what we're dealing with the banning cop still a lot of things today that it G-20 years ago you know extreme and more also asking them to do more the last people. In most jurisdictions so it's sort of the you know except it's a double win and another and you know while arch Cox server are pretty flexible like OK you know I mean I want to do that but that's part of this job and that they do that so. I think they're real and yet they don't end up being a social workers in this case that there are sort of pay. You know eight number of people that need to get offered up yet to take its deal with this this year. And unfortunately budgets are tight I mean we hear this all over the place were law enforcement budgets are. Are so small that there they're using resources that really should come out of public health their department you know of health and human services right. Right which also is not funded adequately compare what they access and immediate issue is a big big problem I get why people got one of sun that means. Treatment episode authority is sort of gray issues about what works what doesn't work. We a lot of little relapse issues when it comes to treating addiction so I'm I'm I'm what people laugh along he just he does is kind of what they want to hear. Do you wanna continue to feel good if this is expensive. And that you hit it it could range. Local budgets. It is dealing with it ended in it it's something that also. And he gets a little into the hundreds of billions of dollars a year when you start talking about. People that are dictated aren't working either don't pick it out there are going to work they're doing anything port Perry and every vote. Not good for you know they're helping society yeah that have been entering the market sources could truly good person. Michael -- there was ABC is with us here today and is is there has there been a change. In and how. The drugs are getting to the street to main it seems like glue whatever sort of supply chain that these folks have gone on these bad guys have gone on they've gotten very very efficient. There are worse so many ways you can get it in the country the idea that. People walking across the border in a while and stop them is just fantasy because that is typically don't get it now it is sick predicted trucks. Is it should be an internationally as things that look like Torre. While the uncertainty is it yes is a pardon by boat is a brought in by Horry. You name it and there's some ankle could just too much money. And now we have so many addicted people who either can't get her hands on our prescription painkillers loans to a state heroin and that's work. The Mexican drug cartels until the boy and boy have they killed. Because it's is that such a big market now for heroin. Is is heroin easier or harder to detect and other drugs. Maybe about the same isn't going up it's not that difficult and now searching. Basically you can get an individual does. A heroin for about five stocks. And so as a result if you're addicted person you can pretty much stay out all the time this week major hands on all the small number while. And then and then compare that to the street price for. A narcotic pill that would sort of do the same thing what would what with a price for that pre. A lot I mean like this several dollars and eighty Appel. And you know a lot of it's. It's he got started when there's just too many drug prescribes that still prop recorded on the other side on it and it's so. Lose that target started in people than what. Financial implicate get their hands on it. The issue again sort sterile. Got you. No easy answer to this that that would be for sure but the answers not. Harpo weeks unfortunately. So many to think out of the box in the globe with a new potential solution for the insurance or get. Red hair would ABC appreciate the update their North Korea the other rather battered again their their their flap and enjoys. It's is it somebody needs to keep track and perhaps write a book. Maybe we can do this Charles you can do the research on this we would not a military into a screenplay. To. To keep track of all the rhetoric. In the inflammatory remarks but. The North Korea uses a mean they've got some great creative writing they personally truly do. So the North Korean state agency threatened to idea earlier today to use nukes to sink Japan. And I reduce the United States to ashes and darkness. Once it was pretty big fight. Passes and darkness. I would do well for your home value would it. Those locations awesome but here I go like it because it's answers in darkness and fortunately. But is better than Japan eagle on the move because they're sinking right yeah. It brings this all comes because of the UN Security Council resolution and all the sanctions over. Latest nuclear tests. To all the people they say it took two of evil. And and look out they're gonna pull that stopper member of the super consistent in the field. I love this like Japan has no longer needed to exist near us. I'm glad they're the ones that are making the bigfoot discussion coming your way at 1150 a big plus. Round you are you on the way we can answer that for you coming up. Let the forehead and Scott FitzGerald. We we thought we break here for maybe she can see an FBI. It's pretty Smart mile long career in law enforcement and he had an interest in it's been alive and Charles brought that to our attention again. And that deadline which you can't arrest your way out of BO Buick. Crisis. Which which is true unfortunately. They need to be a bigger solution and that holistic solution needs come from the supply side as well as demand side the demand side would be. The other recovery portion the supply side that's and that's Jeff Sessions deal you know. Could not to supply to our Matt Henne outcome and on appeal it's good morning under the Dmitry. From artists I have personal and I've had I've known numerous people that has. Gone through the order or heroin dependence and I can't argue wit. Over prescription. Absolutely agree with or not gonna arrest our way out of it but beyond other prescription flying counter. A lot of data on a day to day basis talking to people all over the place is. Hopelessness. And desperation. Which leads to the buying into bitterness. And despair which leads to anger. And that the disease. That's the effect in the country and the way everybody's. Doing drugs more and slapped and Horry each other more and paying more those are the symptoms. And I think if we got rid all the hopelessness than the other stuff budget mention I don't know how organ and do it but one of the ways we can do it is. We've got just somehow. Find a way. To bring bring back a sense of stability. And I can make it. Even though I don't have a graduate degree right. And I don't know if it'll be manufacturing or robotics or we all need to learn IP skill. But you know what I'm not gonna put a religious or spiritual bent on an artist that's what I encounter on a day to day basis is. Everything seems more messed up and messed up than. That gulf symptoms of the disease which is really just hopelessness. And I feel if we can address that if people are hopeless. And then you know. Good things can start to happen again you talk about make America great again you know ha ha you know. That can make America great again as we've got to figure out how. To provide people with circumstance now means the government with with circumstances. That a society. That's not so hopefully. I agree remain I think one of the things that I seat now and give might dovetail into what you're what you're talking about here is that people are. Looking to external rolls. To make them happy or to keep them upset you know people want to materialism drives and devotion has been a thousand dollars on the iPhone work. The external love being on social media and having something like to you know be up or finding something that you can identify with in the world politics. That makes you fired up and angry and and gives you some identity all those are external things and put it. Doesn't take a take advantage of org or even utilized the fact bidding intern. Lee we can choose at any moment in time how we're gonna react to things we're in charge of our emotions if we if we take that time. To work on those is not easy. You first got a real common brain Donna get a couldn't begin charging your brain and the more stimuli that that goes into it. The more that your brain races to computer that that just continues and continues to process things. So some sort of you know meditation retain or something that you do to calm yourself down. You know Hillary's you know alternate nostrils breathing followed by a bucket or shorten mayor whatever she's at. Whatever you can do to slow your brain down can go very very long long way to. To making yourself. Not an addition to the problem. Easier said than done there's a lot of work. Byrd. Is worth doing and when it's all said and done the problem is there's IC it. Panel worked at heart. And they want a pill to feel better they want a pill to lose weight nope they want a pill to be smarter. We all want some sort of fix. And then we go after the fix. And then. Almost without exception. We realize that whatever the fix it is whatever we thought it was going to do for us. It's gone. And take wrong. And it's like. I can't remember the name of those minced a certain mints that that restaurants put out. None others these are like the world can we ones and you put him in your mouth and they disappear almost immediately dipped its community is gonna dissolve. Its kind of like what. All of this external. Looking for an external to make you have regrets. That's what it's like just goes away is very very temporary. Spending and everything in life is tendering. Delegate spiritual and a general Tivo and here. Well we got his us this moment right here so if you can choose. You know approach and in this moment I choose. To get ready. The excellent stay with us coming up next few feet. 1117. About a year from now I think is gonna have and we we've talked in the past who have. He the fearless leader from big foot 911 loved Gruner and they're working on creating a have been put festival. In in Marion and as for about a year away from that so this for your time to. I don't think about. What is going to be like him day in what sort of I don't know boots need to be there and businesses and what sort of music needs to be played. And then what sort of items need to be sold and I would imagine that there will be a pretty large stock. Of some big foot spray. Now I I wanted to get to be a to the bottom of this year's run go into the creator Alley Megan web. If you were on the happy body care store at a Marian there and you're the creator. Of this big foot Sprague what does it actually called. I thought thank you so much for having me on and our right is called the big that you and Lee do. I'm happy happy bunny here and then and then marry in North Carolina. All right so big foot Jews. I know that your husband's part of that big foot 911 is that right. They're yeah and how long you've been doing that bigfoot. OK and that he had had again I would think that 911 for around two years now. And they think about about a month I need to do them part gather a little more reach certain. So they're pretty busy with at the end I know bro. It goes up there on a regular basis is gonna all the equipment he gets big footed up and an entry into the woods there. Sometimes you I guess they called and investigations sometimes it's a you know this up. And uses a different language for that does your husband go out with mr. Brunner. He empty beds and they usually go out together and begged. Typically. A pet and that are always with a group there they go out and I know that they. What happened at younger. Than that not everybody is together. You know it and they're able to cover a little bit larger parent Tori yeah don't know where they got so bad because that the top secret he can even capital. Well I'm going to be here's question I don't know what upsets you okay or were put to. Don't put suspicions in your mind here Alex. They had Sally meg in web the creator big crude Joost. So these these big foot 911 people at 7 o'clock usually on the weekend and you don't know where they go do you really believe they're out they're looking for bigfoot do you think there might be some other. I don't know nefarious purposes going on. I know I don't think people. Thought OK we'll probably pick the officials that. You promised me they're going to look for bigfoot okay often viewed as they're going to look for big bet all right. Then I just have to ask you giggle so cute what is making your giggles so much what do you what images do you have in your minder what is it you're thinking. Two to be so sure that these are big foot or so. My guys. Have hit today my husband like the gig geared up. You know get in the tent part of on an awful lot and the head glance then yeah he's really get in there they really enjoy going out bled together and you know gently and I think pictures we're all of them are staying in her on an hour I'll hear about the so excited it. Moments like about the little yet confetti began play in the. We'll so now this bigfoot juice here. Which way does it go is this city I don't know like bigfoot pheromones where you put a little dab on your neck in the new weight from the camera and a half. Yeah and snuggle with you or is it the other way around. Ed big usenet where I'm her manipulative acts stories that are big panic in Claire I everything I'm on my husband started going. I'm I'll learn to make here on the firm but break. That is made with the people that we make it through at happy body here so when he started even that he loved it because it works so whale. Yeah the problem that he did not want to not go lady when he was in the lead. Political problem one about making it a little bit more would be smelling. But break. I'm only thirty talking about if bigfoot was going to be attracted to about right what we pretty and it got you so we we started with a little bit. More would be back east now. And then started working and they are. So we will get off and on the home actor he. More valid the evening. That they said that all the encounter they had an. Does do you think this would make big foot party I mean is it that kind of of scent. I mean. No no you Evernote does it all the hold on Alec pepper big threat that does it do it for you well. It does not do it does okay. Right. But I mean duds it's an important question shall a menu to want to ask that all of yeah rough ralphie is called in and and has a has an idea for years so ralphie help you're with. Alley Megan where appeared on WBT. Good morning well I'm Pat Brown did not problem we're gonna start paying big foot experience Edberg bit about what hours. Not the end of the day when you go our virgin you wolf we're pretty solid a big foot experience. Now our body and now we can't eighty hormone your money back even a bit. Not able to put in the back of the bus is. But at that. Did you let me know how that goes OK you let me know that worst and then. After you've been doing it for a while Kenya Rafa can you tell me what your your ranking your rating is with the Better Business Bureau I think that would be there will be interest in denial. So so Alley around. You you know that that mr. Brenner is a believer in that your husband Cory. Are believers what Jeff what sort of I don't proselytizing. Or evangelizing. Do they do to try to get shoe. To also become a believer what what's what's steps to they take to try to convert you. We know they're pretty logical people and they're not gonna. Beaten with a big threat Bobble I get it yet he could say I'm gonna they're gonna provide you improve. You know I don't I don't know if I believe that included here. But I do know that there are things in the woods that I can't explain things that had been dominate that just could not be buying. But then I have been out there. Thing so your your. A sort of believer I guess would. Look toward a believer. I don't think about it people think he had. I'm now do you make any other sort of I don't know. Attracting sprays it means you have one for you in accordance. You know we honestly don't have any unicorn break it yet but I was in my girlfriend liked to get you know or honing. I'm at a local bar here and why. I've heard that sort of technical hurdle in. Because look at the fifth now at the same time as as. Joost that will attract a big foot. Do you make it repellent or bigfoot repellents just for those people who I don't know might have the bigfoot phobia you know. You know I don't. I guess that you could just walk around with the hot in pain and that it. An opinion just continued early Vietnam but if they like loud noises. Yeah who and then you wouldn't wanna get people confuse have a confusing. You know the order of somebody may they may mistake via the attract. Bigfoot juice with the you know repelled Jews. Yeah yeah and then then you might be liable for. They're their emotions in the PT EST Google experimental a ball right Lola. So is this going to be something that you're going to be able to retire means it's your your retirement dream here all all your resources gonna to bigfoot juice and this is going to be your nest egg. But you know I would love to think it is. You know we're doing next on the diet and it says. It is kind of fun right now yeah it would be pretty often can make my million. Yeah and always worried it would if you can prove that this works and it will attract a bigfoot then not tell you what I will invest. She was so much fun. Sixteen dollars and 42 cents to make this this this dream come true there are Big Ben I know you better believe it real quick what's the website for it. I'm right now we're working on our web fat it is going to be happy body Cary NC dot com. I'm here I'll say let's check it out there we are happy body hair we would love that they UN talk feel and check out our product. Did not bigfoot juice and appreciate you joining us today. She's the creator of this well maybe you started preakness while she was at the bar you never enough Alley Megan web bigfoot juice. Time for some news Rebecca a moment here and there's 1110993. WB teed. So well Martin and squarely. You know him. He's the affirmative that it bought the farm pharmaceutical company and then charged the change via price of the pill up like eighteen 1000000%. He's he's back in jail yet. He's considered to be dangerous he offered a 5000 dollar reward for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair and the concern was that people were going to be. Mobbing her his so she went to know her book sites so good news the other do expect is is back behind bars him. And the rules much safer place so the other movie yet I haven't seen it yet and and I've started the book and it's an inch Thabeet. Florida's books it's going to keep me up at night. Charles has read it to and he said that when he was reading that he had to keep the light on in the closet. In order to to not totally freak out. That say if you don't know are not familiar with the concerns about. Was there a lot of things but the the bad guy candidacy is a clout and the cabinet you know Bastille club I mean truly sold. This has some clowns in New York City on the little upset. There's a professional clown there. There's this company's clowns in town and he says his businesses dropped off because of all the marketing. Around his serve there's this horror clone. So that got me a little more concerned. Because. We we don't want our clowns are local Klaus to be losing any business because of this movie you're sort of find out. What what really truly is gone on so well so quirky the clown welcome to go to WBT good morning how are you. Think you know how I Hague and the. Good well that that was an interest in greeting thank you hi good. We'll you're welcome and hello and and I'm glad that your here. So you you work Corky the magic clown. Yes I have been a common solid four. Probably when he played two years ten and that the Dalai is third and my full time job and Charlotte has supported me saddling the parent. No are you. Are you a scary clunkers and the some folks who wrote the it it makes them nervous clowns. No I'm not a period kind of I even we might make. You know let parents who want more last. And it's more about making them feel special on their birthday yeah. Me to occur under a vehicle that parents choose to create happiness through children do do you. Have you seen head down ticket dollars anybody canceled on him because of the their fear about this this this club penny wise. It he has funny that you ask I clean my business has improved as the month of September. I think that people are mature. They realized. The difference between you know acting and movies tonight. They're good and then actual reality of me. Well some people do you know senate remains at I think said the requests to cancel. Or are actually coming from the children who sees some of these ads are billboards and go. Yeah I mean that children. They have a right to feel that way they need to be on our I can imagine. Some of these children would be at hand that. I thought I would probably as a tiled but I mean most people in the area know me they've seen me out a farm agent Mathews a lot. So well OK now I'm more of you know a local somebody that they know. That they heard about their friends know them are men are home. So I'm more than just. Some strange calm. A genetic creep because you like feminine clothes on right. Yeah yeah and I deliberately good once you see that I think the furthest thing from your mind would be. Anything scary you know your husband he's a clown too right. Yeah he hit you are in the clouds and is he more of the scary kind of Connor. No none ever since K okay now we wouldn't be in business that we were very I'll be it you'd been buried like a circus. Billy clown touches so they can track up there. Screaming crying laughing yeah any any parents get afraid because I know the bid. I think it's more some adults it to the cure doesn't know jobs in the sense of people because I don't come home and change before I go pick something that Harris theater really evaluate that old but Corky you go into Harris teeter is a clown. Of course I do okay I don't do my job. But he I drive around as a class on the fears that cloud my pick up I interact in the community of a clown. And they are always a few adult. Are. You've runaway and they like her clothes feared a plows but okay well market. Again here's a question is the other way around on have you have you been hit on. As a as economies elect a group of people as is or some sort of subculture of people who are really really in the clowns. I have that everything has happened to me as a clown people have treated me nice people treated me mean people one in my column number. People have treated me every way that it's really a reflection on them yeah on main. I mean you're pretty clowns so no control concerning new. And he got it really is like art it brings out my opinion of and they got now is this and is this a role playing thing for you and your husband nor is it more visits sexier to actually take your make applause. Yeah we have been crowned an appropriate number of guys were not and a market that you are OK I mean I'm not forgive me for Bryant. Well I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay in the world clubs into the court here appreciate you joining us. If if somebody wants to find you online had they do that. It magic Corky well I it Corky magic. Dot com Corky CO RKY. Magic dot com. Yeah and they can call me yeah you can go to FaceBook look at Omar reviews and the album happy. Handling the current happy mom's been. I think the scary part is just how happy you sound and a and Courtney thank you so much magic quirky. Dot com court you to crop conditions not being impacted too much by a penny wise. Ramadi Stephen King movie good news. Slid all the clowns in New York City you want to subtle take care of our clouds here in the queen city Wallace eleven sorting. Government Korea has an opportunity. Joined boot times and never did actually it's the other way around they they have the opportunity to talk to show this. Fascinating they talked about today what's happening now and what may happen in the future which is which find out things. Utility bills right now zones because you don't like the so we had a big foot and a and a clown. But actually was big foot and a clown we grabbing the bigfoot conversation because of the front portion of that was me someone that was targeted corking the clone. It was actually took bronze or. John warrior clan as well guess Charles we'll leave you out of the clown conversation. For the time being. A bit Ryan he called seven afford 57011. I'm glad you did what we're what do you mean it is in the clown. What. Well and I don't want to know spoil it for years and I have let it. Penalizes. Aliens supernatural intelligence who takes this sheet. A look out. Right no I knew that. I guess I didn't think for a minute that it was you know some dude to get kicked out of the circus and I decided to. Terrorize little boys although that's important but this is truly out of the question please. Feuding using all kinds of Psycho active drug ensure that it all the way that most of the encouraging describes in that particular book work yeah. But yet the other pair got me when I was in and I suspect in the first of liquidity issue in the studio keep that we're not calling it right. Beat just because you're such it was really worth a lot more company may use it in the odd entity budget appreciate public college he's good that you have been video. Oh no no that's not my gay I'm I'm now one of those those those talk show hosts. That it just has to invite women to have discussions. To make me feel better because there. Although well and they kind of what we know what I'm saying dignity we normally don't fire people who are all where it's customary that you like that prevalent it's. No flattery used in person and not over the follow rarely the bad Stephanie about nothing at that that. Such a thing if you they'll let pressing a kind of surprised me which he says. You know speaking to how important they're what kind of pop culture outcry of September the most common love the verdict. Showed her bid in particular that have ever thought because. They're they're caught on TV here that the content of movies it's because September the most popular pick Berger John Hancock bank generation architecture. Yeah was because people they'd they'd tend to get lucky on New Year's Eve. Exactly right I am I'm good at that math cut off I'm gonna dead baby man and forge ahead well we're fortunate I get wonderful kids but. There's an old boat load of and so I had to do those math problems on a regular basis soft. Ryan I appreciate your insight into and again I do understand that that is an alien being with the a supernatural powers that earth takes on the form of a club. Which I don't think Corky as I I get a feel she's on alien. Now you do July. I'm a Booker for the next. For the next birthday party at its public funds I'm Gina I've I've been an educator Bennett came back on the law. So well I mean it may inspire you for new career. I. You know that's make any assumption that you're not already a clown and I don't wanna jump to any sort of conclusion drawn. A reformer like that people are so bitter they cut cut cut cut cut royal legacy and it may be a new career for you and a and I'll betcha you'd look good with the wind with white and you know white face in and out big red nose. Vieira the rest of the make a you can he could figure and hero. That's what I don't bother me not to be in the club and Seminole that make upon. You know donated. Going to be bad for your complexion I would imagine looks uncomfortable to just look on comfortable if you sweat and feel like Nixon Nixon and the Kennedy debates. And all over the place. So. A new addition to the 2 WBT's morning news where that would Burt Thompson. This week has been. Pat McCrory in has been nice to hear amazed to hear from them all the time when he was governor many it was a every single day there was it was his voice is also taught school over the radio. And this week he's been with well. And today to discussions local elections. And locally what could be a game changer for Charlotte. Amazon. Your campaign was affected the last last time around by HB two let's turn around the other way though the reason HB two is he was even a thing. Was because there was a nondiscrimination ordinance put on the table correct you know brought to the table by Jennifer Roberts in the first place. How much do you think HB two and that ordinance and all that had to do with her losing the other night. I think that we had an impact on the list people and shorter now realizing that they speak to the state bill would try side. The main purpose was to overturn control ordinance. And guess what they're still as a patrol the ordinance. So nothing has really changed simply to be to control it in stay awards there are still live. Short ordnance. So there're. There's one issue that Carlyle. Probably doesn't wanna talk about in this campaign between now and a bumper that as well derby eight other orbits. And wolf he who supported the last one the long we're Gennifer. Pulling up another warned once the election is over. And I concur and probably Roy Cooper did not or burned had a few up because there's still confusion about what each beat two really worst. In what the short order a truly was what was what corporal Robert should brought to shore up. Through the atrocity and what trump a new governor really got elected on and Jennifer great a lot of money up shoot with the issue is going to be woke far. It's going to be an herself Kenny Smith scored that there were two other issues are the way that your body hearing about it the territory east. There have kind of turnaround. In addition to and did not discriminate orange which but once talked about. Bones also talking about whole range. We're towards the second biggest issue and Charlotte's six months ago in the third edition that don't talk about really is so why. I mean and the aftermath of the riots that we've had here in Charlotte I think also regulars especially to a more factor in the drawer pull Roberts primary where the Democrats are divided that the only way. Kenny Smith can win this race it's to divide the Democrats and that's why they will not wanna burn up positions between now there are. You brought up your successor governor Roy Cooper he yesterday was talking about this. Possible love luring of an Amazon headquarters to Charlotte. I he talked about this as being a trans formative type of thing that can happen two or Charlotte and the state where do you come down on this Amazon a possibility. I hope whatever city every city in the United States can go after I mean. You're talking about 50000. Jobs which moon well over a 100000. Additional citizens now a big issue for telling governor Republican or Democrats going to be. He is housing infrastructure gonna Hannibal that the roads and schools the tax system. The military is that every city that's going to be applying for what you gotta get their hands around and then the other big issue is going to be. What type of incentives were gonna get city telling. Stay order themselves and Brett could become a Merrill issue too in this upcoming campaign has. How much tax benefits you wanna give you such a massive projects which would be very beneficial or what but also have an impact. I'm controlled region it's it's a very complex solution you. I heard one of the Republicans say yeah we even give struggled against some sort of an incentive for that. Well but the question is how will you pay for their structure. It's a game changer it's a game changer in many ways let to any our national layer or let. Came up. Birmingham anyone whether they're. A major port indeed apple such. Our boots on the is this simply a lot of cities. They're going to be pretty incorrect it what are some of the entry of former governor former mayor Pat McCrory got going to be joining us at this time just about every day thanks again. Frontier. I like that we're here to go to. The questions to them. Good questions. So you can go through the WBT website go to my page Nabil regularly run here. The entire show when you can hear me the interview with the big footers which closed quickly the crown. Can broker a fun one. I choose if you club. But tomorrow to be strapping on a weekend edition who were strapping on when fifty voted one of our guest is going to be of course will go over all the news. Well these developments of the another White House. Which are tomorrow's a couple of women who decided that says they wanted to start their own business. And the owned business that they started had to do with the toys. Military president. Vibrating Joyce said vibrating toys. Okay the women who some sort of business. That field with a vibrating fluid it's kind of a look into the psyche of an entrepreneur will be there tomorrow so that when you lose guys and.