Titusville Fla Armed Bystander Stops a Gunman / NY State and the NRA / Police Interactions

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Monday, August 6th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battles. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Monday morning and back would you hope all is well in your world. We start up. But the story about what could have been as in a story that could have been. Disasters. But the outcome. Well it's very different ball because someone exercise. Their Second Amendment Rights. Also here at the top. I hope to give some of view. An idea. Mean I wanna speak to someone right now and maybe you're that person you're sitting in your car you're sitting at home. And maybe your mid stage point of transition your life she cannot find. Whatever opportunity you need to move for each job opportunities are just not materialized for you why I've got its. An idea for you. The idea is in the form of jobs that are in demand that they cannot find workers for. I want you to stay tuned because I'm gonna talk about the shortly. If you're in that place. You're trying to figure out what to do. You need to stay tuned. Because this can be. They transformative. Few minutes for you maybe a light bulb will come off and you'll. Recognize. This is direction I want to ago. I want to start off talking abouts a back to school events. This was in Titusville Florida. Now. One of the context I want you to understand the story within is the idea. What happens with mainstream media coverage. And rush very appropriately refers to the drive by media. Because if Thursday catastrophe. And we've got children killed. And teachers. It's wall to wall coverage. And in. We know in most cases it is justifiably. So. There's a need to cover these stories having said that. How about if you prevent. Something like this from happening. What kind of media attention does that deserves. This is what happened in Titusville Florida. And armed bystander. We'll be concealed carry license shot a gunman who opened fire at a back to school event. This happened over the weekend. The event. Started. With a fist fight one of the individuals involved in the fight later came back to the park where the back to score that was ongoing and opened fire. Endangering the lives of dozens. Of children dozens. Can you imagine. How disastrous this could've been. Politics is one person. One person. With a gun. To stop an evil person with evil intent. With a gun. Here's what happened the bystander. Who's legally licensed to carry a firearm by the way drew his weapon fired on the gunman shooting him in the head. The gunman was the only person injured. Taken to hospital with life threatening injuries. The person who fired the shots. And shot the gunman has been fully cooperative of law enforcement. And everyone agrees if he had not acted the situation kind of been much much worse this is not the opinion of right wing commentators. This is what the police have said. Here's direct quote. The deputy chief of the Titusville police department. We're extremely grateful. Nobody else was injured in the sense that the suspect opened fire at a crowded public park this could have been so much worse. By the way. No charges. Are expected in this case. The preliminary investigation indicates. The citizen who stepped up to the place year after within Florida law. I just wanted to share this reminder of yet again. Another example of how important it is to exercise our Second Amendment Rights. The difference it makes. An armed citizen. Ready and prepared. And it probably saved lives. We've talked a number of times in recent weeks about the wonderful economic picture that is developing especially in the job market. One of the things in fact I've gotten so much positive feedback from discussion we had last week. I had a friend. Come to reinstate Vince I was listening to your pro program last week when you're talking about it's. How some employers are dropping some of their requirements for college degrees and other things like that. We're teacher kept these ideas I never thought of these things before. And it was such a. Cool discussion. Paris that was really encouraging to me because that's exactly what to do wanna do is to Foster this kind of discussion. Because so often what we do is wind up marching like robots. In sync with whatever the culture is doing. And sometimes. We need to bring disruption. With the culture is destroyed. The results. Of the economic picture of the job market right now there are certain industries that cannot find workers. Revelation here. There's an industry they cannot find workers. If I'm in a place where I'm looking for jobs may be this. There's a story a need to pay very close attention to. One of the skills that I can bring to the table that I can perhaps. Media meet. Fans. Open up a new opportunity for myself. Here's what's happening. We have the longest ever streak of job growth some American ministries are having problems finding workers to fill their openings. Many of these struggling industries pay well provide ample benefits. So many cases you think where the world's going on here why is it. They can't find workers. Many millennial sure likely be more educated than the generations before them. They're seeking employment and other sectors. So these jobs remain. On the filled. Let's talk about the first what. Construction. US workers apparently aren't interested in replacing the aging workforce. Even though it's a well paid industry. Does not require a college degree. And many businesses are willing to put in the time to help young people with on the job training. Your skills in this area. And this is something you may wanna consider construction. I know from experience I've had good friend who has construction business. He has the hardest time finding qualified workers. And I might also add qualified workers who are drug free. You're one of those people. This might be for you. So I'm giving you some ideas. For career opportunities. Some adjusting items here on the text line in this regard. It's Dexter says national driver shortage is an epidemic stage just as you said they have to pass a drug screen and physical to drive. Most kids have no idea that local drivers making as much as. 80000. Dollars a year majority of college degrees we'll take ten plus years to make that much. That's pretty significant don't you think. Also. So on trying to stir it up on this Monday morning this is notification you'll be receiving a tanker of Kool Aid this morning. For all the extra trump followers there are somehow going to justify LeBron James viewed poor's we college. The royalty rumble. And a that's pretty good if time permits I may go into this. But I think. Just by infected I'm not starting with this. It tells you what I think of this nonsense by the way. Over the weekend. And I'm just. Just how parenthetically inserting this. Yesterday I was quite frustrated watching news. IA. Noticed on social media. About the attempted assassination. Of Madeira do you remember this. Yesterday's happened over the weekend at. Supposedly with the use of drone. And it it just. Blew my mind because it's not while this'll take an interest in story they've got video. I that the networks going wall to wall you might turn on the TV and see the first thing they're talking about this stupid Donald Trump feud. With LeBron James. He got to myself what in the world is this country coming to. In this particular network and I don't mind saying it was Fox News Channel started off. With that story at the very beginning of the hour. Do your head to turn to get more information. On the assassination attempt. BBC. They had extraordinary. Coverage. And they covered news novel idea. Rather than covering food fights and stupidity. That happens over social media. I it just blew my mind yesterday. At what is wrong with these people. But unfortunately. And this is where we've got to do some self examination. We somehow must have signaled to these morons. Running these networks that we wanna sit around and watched this garbage 24/7. I don't wanna sit and watch people feud. I wanted to watch this and be entertained I'd watch WW week. It's much more entertaining. And it's just that entertainment. It's not grown adults making total jackass is out of themselves for real. Nonetheless. We won't move rock. I told you parenthetically. We're going to move on because I do have some more ideas for you. I mention the first job category construction. Areas where they are labor shortages. Farmers. In Washington are having. A shortage of workers to bring in their harvests. This is why we need to. Look to people outside the country to do jobs Americans won't do. Very few American workers want agricultural jobs the federal government's guest worker program. It's too expensive for workers and useless. For some farmers well imagine that yeah I think it's great solution for this job and how about putting our teenagers to work. So they can learn a work ethic. Alike. I think this is the perfect place for them to enter into the job market. And understand the importance of agriculture. To our society. Because I don't think people grasp. Most people in this generation. Don't know where food comes from. This will be a great way to find out I text her caddie gave this away. Another area truck drivers. 51. Vows and that's how many there are short. 51000. And this is expected to surged to 100000. By 20/20 one. Baby boomers are retiring from the truck driving business millennial should have been unwilling to replace them. Given the grueling hours and travel associated with the job. But it's definitely worth considering. Remember what I said about salaries. The texture had to say about salaries here's what I would have never thought of that would be on the list jobs. In demand of workers. 911 dispatchers. All across the country. So what's the challenge year small centers the lack of resources to train him pay workers. And the unwillingness of many job seekers to deal with positions life or death consequences. Can you imagine. The emotional roller coaster. She I'm the kind of person this is just me. If I were a 911 operator. There's a part of me that would wanna hang up the phone and run out to respond to the emergency I mean I've been able to do anything. But this just me. I mean I would it's. There and imagine that weight. For a police fire medic to arrive. And you're all this time you're thinking. Manner they gonna make it in time. But these are some jobs that are available. Or any of these appealing to you do you have the skills. To make construction worker. Tour got a farm. The driver truck or. To be in 911 dispatcher. These are job opportunities there available right now. If you like to communicate about this the Eagles advantage stock claim numbers 890 Ritalin intend Cummins since retirement planning takes line. Is 71307. So that's the empowerment. And good news portion of the broadcast which doesn't mean the rest is going to be bad news. But a lot of that will be. There's no question about that. Let's take your call briefly firmed Dick out of Simpson bill who would like to talk about Russia. Good morning. Well I that's good morning I just got a couple questions cannot hang up. I was seven just debate this. We can recover Mike couple college graduates from Clemson welcome USC welcome Florida and nobody could agree on this statement you make all the time. About what isn't falch binary choice. No they could agree all the college graduate of the game is so different just number one number two. Russia medal. We're up the road or staying out dress parade they'll say we told the Russian medal. I have not seen one piece this somebody that what I mean by that that's. Immediate FaceBook let me tie in this address this name and it's gonna show me a picture are so aspect that. That's a Russian man I have not seen that and a year and a half where it is they say it all the time where is he advocates. Well I'll Moussaoui to listen to you have a great different. Hey thank you very much I get to hear from you would Dick out of Simpson bill well I think you put out something that's really important let's see the evidence. Now we've heard now when they are can tell you're not going to be able to see any of these accounts FaceBook or otherwise because those have been deactivated. The other thing that goes your mime it is an I don't believe in past some of these people. Could some of this being an inside job. A bigger share were cute couple weeks ago there's a story indicating the possibility. That this could have been an inside job. Any could've been. Carried out in a way that it made it look like the Russians were involved that's always a possibility. Just putting that out there on the false binary chair or fifth choice staying I don't know what to say about that. Or we have a lot to learn about this and I'm still learning myself. Back on our Monday broadcast until the radio program. Let's just start off this sacred and our friend Roh who's good morning roads. Good moment Fayette. I checked that in print does it say about it the issue and he said that a lot. I looked out our ration entertainment Barry to that I'll punch to our military base at the end copper up. And what's been happening and you're out. Odd media are so actually ER PI. And the umpire and the tab doesn't. Mr. I shall walk I don't know much scrutiny and that would mean capital are now claiming he's keeping it straight here. Then you can they generation to a paramilitary. Convention. And she didn't think putt and our Homeland Security had been great group and paramilitary or didn't pop up every bit dilution to our acknowledged trying to block the lower endorsements. But there's no antenna and the military. And military are still wet but perhaps been accomplished if not I've not stopped that. I'm all well. I'm not the radio went to have a lieutenant look like without a rock not to know planner who don't that Arab and excited that happened Jordan are out of the administration but it hasn't happened yet. You can bet that thing about that I was you can contact group and according to potentially if you could he could get in touch with you want and you can donate puke brought. Cigar when I was delighted porcelain. I practiced involvement military engineer people. Oh yeah that's pretty interesting I think I've heard about this kind of thing for several years so always good to hear from you roads and there is this suspicion out there I know it exists. What are some of these groups and organizations planning I mean at one of the stories that's gotten a lot of attention in recent years it's kind of faded. From view lately because Barack Obama's no longer in the White House. But about the the tremendous. Supply of ammunition. The federal government was accumulating different agencies. So I think it's quite legitimate to have some question about this is the very least. Let's go out to Chris in Charlotte can morning. President I would go on this Monday at each year. Gregor the other tries they employ the target point about the up and get the work on the arms. And I couldn't agree with two more and I are considered big in the last several minute try to come up with a time let the people close myself. Pick strawberries tomatoes rolled Belda a closer to the guys load him up when posters small pick up a ballot area really hadn't I I love water. I feel most people don't work and almond construction and do very well myself my family and and anybody out there that they get those kids don't work but the war. You know I it's kind of interesting to hear you say that what was your experience like when you were doing yet it would did you do what you were you grudgingly. Doing this just because you were told or did you have any sense of enjoyment or satisfaction from it. I was a higher odd man out the big time I have and 52 wideout or the candy in the camp out tonight and I had a job and I had to fight our way and made the money. Other like it might point 5% to court to pick strawberries and and tomatoes but. They gave me a sense double establishment you know I'd I'd put the time and now I've got the resources to do two things I wanna do what I'm what I'm not hole in the weeds out of Leo farmers built. And that's pretty awesome Chris I so appreciate your call Manning and you've hit great and they had exactly what I was. Running to communicate which is the importance of younger people. Gaining a work ethic and and as early as possible. This is why. This to minimum wage jobs or four by the way I get frustrated when I see all this talk 1818 of Fannie and their minimum wage you were never supposed to feed their family are numb minimum wage. These jobs. Are for kids. Her entry level positions. Earlier in the broadcast. We told you about each one has taken place. In Titusville Florida. Potential disaster averted by. Is citizen with a gun. It wasn't. Such great weekend in the city of Chicago did you hear about how bad it was this weekend. Forty people shot. Four killed. Over the weekend. Forty people shot in Chicago over the weekend during the seven hours for midnight Saturday to early Sunday morning. For more fatalities. Now supposedly. Gun violence has been decreasing this year. The chief of the patrol division the Chicago Police Department says these were both random and targeted shootings on the streets. Mostly shooting Schenectady gang violence. We said gunmen target a block party gathering after a funeral. My goodness. Another gatherings a night where thousands of people gathered for a downtown concert. Local media reporting the brunt of the violence happen in the city's west side were 25 people were shot in separate attacks. And as I said. Shootings are actually down this year from before. 533. Fewer shootings as of August 1. When the same time and Tony seventeen. And this dismissed me improvement. My goodness. This ties in to our concern about gun control. Because there are continuing efforts. And a lot of our young people have been roped into this the idea that somehow free just just guns off the street. You gonna talk about stringent gun control measures that are in place in Chicago how is that working for them. Clearly not very well. Try to John in Fort Mill good morning. Good morning EL just so you a screener battle gear we're gonna talk about you tell you to. The the violence in Chicago. Yellowstone would those who violence should. I would go to these good idea if it's the NFL. Pro Bowl players want to protest something lineup we did a potential oldest violent string wound George Carlin and in the cities. And also domestic violence right in the NFL. My goodness. We would call. That's an you know here's the other thing John something that people can actually do something about. I mean when you talk about this this. And and I don't wanna make people feel discouraged about something but. You know this this mr. Cole. And elusive. Racism here in fair. You're you're not going to be you're not going to bring about any tangible proof. Of anything positive accomplished but you can't make a difference. Ands encourage. Safe for families. You know rebuilding family relationships. UK and take some positive steps. In fact some of these. Teams ought to take more. Aggressive action is against some of these players for some of their behavior that might be you could start as well John I do appreciate your call. By the way related story did you hear about the in our day this was kind of a shocker. And he always dot that the NRA was kind of like a juggernaut when it comes to fundraising and they're Mike on the leading edge of organizations that just to have everything working right the PR the you got the kind of political connections in Washington. Just everything seems to be on all cylinders. But now we've learned. Defeat in RA is in financial trouble. What's the reason behind this we will tell you as we continue our Monday broadcast. Over on the text line we're talking about job opportunities. HBC. Good choice for someone graduating from high school. Go to tech school to get to training. Also Vince after two years the field of plumbing. You qualified to take the state exams start your business. Tell him to two years must be under relations. Plummer and that is from dead. Another person saying you're 80000 dollar truck driving jobs do not exist. Just another trump idiots let's celebrate all the low paying jobs the corporate greed that's going on right at our own country are ready. We have this texture who'd like to know what assassination attempt to you talking about it. Well here's what happened in Caracas Venezuela the race detained six people suspected of using explosives. Late in drones. Have failed bid to assassinate. The Venezuelan president Nicholas material. But I'm away. As soon as I saw the video of this it reminded me. Of the assassination of in Morse a dot do you remember that. I remember when that happened seek and when that happened now granite. They succeeded and they. Killed and injured a lot of people. I remember there was wall to wall coverage of that. So I'm thinking I'm gonna turn on one of the cabled networks and they're gonna be wall to wall coverage of this thing no. They're talking food fight garbage. Nonetheless. The Interior Minister described this is a terrorist attack and said more arrests could follow within hours. Try to investigators are rated hotels and seized vehicles for details into the plot. Venezuela has a socialist government by the way. They alleged they detain suspects conspired with others in Miami. And the neighboring capital of Columbia. As in the country. They did not offer any evidence to support this allegation. But it's pretty compelling video when you. See the people on the stage reactor outdoors and they're reacting. To the sound of these shots and explosions. They're very fortunate this thing. Did not succeed. So that answers your question this is what happened and it's quite interest in this story was buried. Can. Buried. Also on the text line. How about prisoners. I assume you're talking about the idea of giving prisoners job skills that's certainly good thing. I wanna be your radio announcer money chicks know content restrictions and everybody loves me. Fifth. Yeah try that on and see how well that works Korea. Let's go out to Tim again Estonia good morning. Hey man out there come they would give the NFL players. And bulletproof vests and let them go out police history. Young. Boy that would be pretty interest in what and it's. Our Mary are a cargo. You know that's that's a great idea to to put him out there and the idea is. Why are you thinking maybe there'd be some respect for them and you think this could also be good for them so they gain a respect for police and what they do. Yeah that's what I'm banking Gainer respectful please someone produced. It's a win win for everybody that's a brilliant idea there Tim I appreciate your call earlier we have a conversation. Which rose. Who is expressing concern about the powers the federal government's action sizing. And you know where is all of this going Doug I think wants to further develop this thought good morning Doug. Good morning to answer trust you doing well. Yes and actually got two things Gloria these first one is I tuned in late so I'm not really sure what the exact topic is by her bruised. Talking about these men and get you set that the powers that they have. Or supposedly what can tell you this for a fact I have an uncle looked in Connecticut who used to be an constabulary. And the constabulary was under the jurisdiction of the buck. They trained luster twice a year but they were not activated. Unless a disaster happening in the came in at that point there even was activated just like the National Guard. So I can't tell you proved positive. This agreement doesn't facts. Have those sorts of people that are not even foresee that they're historically under that that they would mobilized in a time of crisis. Well that's a pretty interesting to learn I do appreciate your call their Doug and you know the the rationale for this. Kudos we've created so many agencies. And you kind of wonder is it necessary for all of these agencies to operate as they do. I'm debating. River to take this call but the our rights I'm gonna put this out there and go for broke really you've gather about a minute or so. All they could do it's our hopes he'd get himself as governor David himself he's blaming the United States and Colombia he's backed by the Russians and the Chinese. And Syrians. If they have but don't want to it's good that the the people that there are other big they don't send that he didn't beat anyway then it's useless. Well I don't believe that the Venezuelan people armed or even have the courage to do that I can't. Bob the apple as well not because it. The streets because happen about the world records are not going to be a qualified to be police. The tax. We know them out we have a glow up we're so sorry let's. It's identified. While Wembley and while that's up. That's a pretty product. And damning assessment of these players. But I think you're. Idea of what may have happened in Venezuela. Is is quite plausible. Quite plausible. Much more as we continue to broadcast this morning including a look at the day in history our good friend Alonso back with this. And we'll talk about his experience being a green implies that wonderful. And so Wells Fargo says oops we made a mistake. After yeah 400 Wells Fargo customers lost their homes and we'll talk about what they're doing to make things right. This is still this. Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing that easy fans into focus with the land so liberty vestiges of fits Coakley radio program. What this organization thing you have to agree with everything they do. You have to have some appreciation for organizations that are very much on the front lines. A defending our constitution. And our bill of rights. One of those is the NRA. Now we've learned they are in trouble. Big trouble. Here is what's going nine. We've learned a little bit more information. About actions by the State of New York this is where the problem apparently is coming in a lawsuit. Filed by the National Rifle Association says the gun advocacy organization. Graft to close its headquarters. Shut down its online media presence and stop holding rallies and conventions. If you're stymied by New York State from doing business with banks and insurers but I told you before. This seems to be the new strategy of the left. It's not to use government action so much. It's to. Coerce. And compel. People in the business community not to. Cooperate. Tell the banks you know we don't want you loaning money. To help businesses. That are involved in guns. This could be done. Entirely without government action you can basically make the Second Amendment absolutely worthless. I'm not completely. Because there are. I'm gonna tell you something there will be ways around it people will figure out. This is the goal. This is the goal. This NRA suit was filed in May amended in July says New York governor Andrew Caldwell. Strang illegally course financial companies into halting business relations with the group. These are bullying tactics. There's really no other way to put it. Far from protecting government speech defendants' actions constitute an implied threat to employ could distortion of state power. Against its d.s doing business with the NRA. The NRA lost its insurance coverage from its provider in February when an entity of locked in companies drop the organization. She what's happening here the business community. They're close again. They smell blood in the water here. Marked an affinity. Notified the notify the generate it would discontinue providing brokerage services for in RA endorsed insurance programs. Under the terms of its contract. The narration it's spoke to other insurers TA corporate coverage. But sit nearly every carrier has indicated it fears trans acting with the NRA in light of actions by New York authorities. This is where this gets very messy. Is this for the government ought to be involved in state government. The organization suing. Caldwell. The state department of financial services. And the DFS superintendent. New York we will not be intimidated by the NRA is frivolous lawsuit to advance its dangerous guy and peddling agenda. That's an Andrew Cuomo had to say Friday announced the stated filed a motion to dismiss this case. Hearing coming up on September 10. And how many about the NRA's financial status the updated version of the lawsuit the governor said. If I could have put the NRA out of business I would've done it twenty years ago. The lawyer for the NRA said Friday in New York officials are unfairly targeting first amendment rights. This is some serious very scary stuff folks very scary ascribe to call from Spencer in Charlie good morning. Good morning bomb. He covered just about everything I was gonna look forward and they'll. Met the governor Obama. Doing this is interfering in interstate calmer and that's where they're gonna collapse and they don't you think self. It yet AP news is viewed intimidate. A business that not in your state. Did not do business or not do something. You're interfering in act calmer and not an inner state calmer. Problem. We will see because this is sided do you have concern here about judicial activism what if you have. Judges shooter who were involved in this case and a very friendly to this cars. Well it'll go all the way up there Supreme Court that you couldn't about kind of deal. And we can certainly hope that once it gets to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court come down into yes that's words can be very important we hope. We have five solid votes there Spencer I do appreciate your call. Of course are so in charge so important sheer it's got to page slim and Mike good morning. I. If he cavity. Kept America. Maybe share and Sharon. If you use that same. The line of business. And it crawled. Kris hey attorney who. Did the same thing could go under me. And have the NFL. Player. Put their money where their about. That is took crime that occurred either. Who. Represent. Families who have had. There's hit third you know whatever loved ones that might shot in the back for instance. Eight and two. Support help and actually the same way the police officers. Have the taxpayers. Pain there are legal speed and actually. And then there's several different things. You could griping about slavery operation that is from all the other stuff that you can quit thinking about a path. Yorker. Providing a service. And for the future and even better than Matt. A lot of tax write off for these guys. And secondary that is. The result did it well off a third insult. Him and it split second. The decision. Which you can't share it office's job but he can't change his. Necessity bird split second decision. That other decisions like shoot your kid in the back did. Thirty yards away and we've gone the opposite direction he'd shoot in the back and kill him. That is proud. To step back. And should be brought to trial. Differently and as he put into the mind of the officers. I'm gonna get food in the gonna take my help. I need to make better decisions and sedated. They get it is pretty accurate everything. I'll get down to is. God working for the future. Been doing something about the future and haven't more responsible. Well basically. Everyone in those voluntarily. And being more responsible. Accord a lot of. So it sounds like you're very much. Concern about this issue of police brutality G of brutality in new mood tend to be more on the side of the other players. My agent at world could play. No I'm not on the side of the players and all the different being and my dad brother. What shot not bad but offered her two year old and you move on day bicycle. Big news thirteen your goal. Maintenance and if it happens has been happening for years and years. And the different creative city definitely. Over being the police. They're so independent that. Now I hear you hold on the line Mike I'd like to you talking to move it more about this statements. Before the break we're talking to Mike you pagelet. Inch seems like his very personal. Reason for his concern about what's happened. Any encounters between police and citizens. I didn't I'd like to be just kind of start from beginning here Mike can tell us about what happened with a relative of yours. But my dad and brother. Dallas now back to that 1940s. Both anyhow. He didn't sound terrible. Jim in his body. A lot of bias that role based below hub cap off a car. Hey denied my dad and brother was on the back to the bicycle. And that saw the third. Who knew might mic people buried under the name. You don't because Gary was taking classes. From the same cop shooting the political story born. Yeah I think so we have agreed to kids are on the bicycle. And they pick up and occurred he's pat Internet can't stop we cannot let. And that top hill that day it stopped well. The end he has he attacks there. A good government and the Matt pilgrim. Got big pick them up any time over this shooting range when it could pound small town that let California. And although it is fully committed to pay the pollution noise. Kill the kid because you know who I am more attitude. Been this stupidity. Better put. Jordan and emergency situation. But it could doubt. And it permanent. And he can't go backward and the whole town life did little small town like this that and ended up where my grandparents. Brandon didn't you can't wait. Alcatel and take their cars and pull out all the seats and door everything on the ground shook their cars. When you leave home and drive away you know word we're punishing you guys are getting upset about Dick kit. So you at least twice if you punt entire community you don't spend enough for a kid. Well. This has been sanity. Cal league. That in any guy I've tried. To contact. Can do and he does Jerry Johnson doubt cowboys. Owner. And boy he can't find the address is like get these guys have so much money. That would be really difficult. I am curious about something how does this case dealt with the. Well it probably buried it. And it happened there was no consequence at all yeah they ignored it. Yet we are at a job and then the whole nine yards and everything with the don't under the carpet ignored. They controlled the newspaper at all that so. Sub. Ridiculous. Absurd dumb thing to go on right now nowadays. Do we and Cingular. And that there are ways about it nowadays if you. At least have some kind of loud. Legal responsibility. Even is that it is provided by others. To get some action. Am I I hear you might can I do appreciate your calls him very sad to hear. That story ends you know and I think what is being said I've always wanted. Out of these situations understood his. I don't think these have to be characterized as a racial. I think that's really been the idea behind the black lives matter movement the idea that somehow. And and I think the extremists. Correction characterizing this as police. Are pretty much era it's open season on black citizens. The truth of the matter is. I think this issue is one that affects. Every race. As it's called demonstrates. You know you need self control in dealing with white citizens. And Hispanic citizens just as you do with black citizens and sometimes unfortunately. I think there's questionable judgment exercised. And it's set there's just no good outcome here. No good outcome. Let's go to Gerald in Charlotte to morning. Well yes year. Are yet I'm gonna go out yup mayor Cuomo was in our bank. Back in the seventies here in Charlotte we had to come cult follow motor right there would only carrier it will not union not. And every where they try to deliver products. To a business. There was union. That union will walk the job. And an in depth and a big lawsuit that's called secondary boycott or you go worse fate business. Not to do business through somebody you don't want. And debt of rep I'm right about that them. Irbil and Polly stricken illegal. Well you we had a caller who is suggesting this earlier that this is interference with interstate commerce and perhaps we'll see. The justice system. Exercised justice. Mean that would be a novel idea to see that occur here I am. I'm have I have to admit I'm a little bit nervous about this. Because I'm not sure. That. You know even so called conservative justices. You can't be 100% sure you remember obamacare. Some of these decisions. It's very narrow margin there. And it's even though we have Kennedy out of the picture. Is it possible we'll have another justice. Who could become wobbly. Mr. since all kinds of issues force. Subscribe to a mere in Charlotte good morning. And the Marlins found quick comment torture thing I think you're either in that the police issue. It it is. On the national level or the media is magnified a lot. What what I think our tool along group would tobacco flatter. But it but it does not across the board through to everybody. And I think the problem is how the police are aware the police are getting trained. I'd be doing any research you'll realize that. American police force being trained by Israeli forces and the situation there is different they're trying to they're occupying forces trying to deal with the Palestinians. I'm over here the police forces are the citizens this is not occupying force. So you can not go over there and Israel give trying cargo people I come over here and do the same met different tactics oh you're also a citizen. I think that's where the problem goes from where the police who penetrated. Don't what evidence do you have that there is any widespread. Use. Of training by Israelis. Order. I'm asking you what's your evidence that there's widespread training. From Israelis for our American Derek Graf Trish Burke. But the veritable arm and anybody can do to reassert these are going to talk. Trainer at the top. And Brin and police force there and then marketing. Military training a lot of them the talk turner got two more defiant than there are and Israel are there are part of Israel are forces. Because it is big goal so forward to returning and they go around the world they turn under people are blogging on our most special force we are no cops. And you can either their researcher yourself where do American crops get trained. And you'll see who what at what international forces are providing training for American cops. It really forces. So I mean it's not a bad thing that's toward the top forces are both political sort of best honest the talk force that. But the situations differ I think that's the problem they're taking notes tactics. I'm bringing it here and I'm putting it in implementing it on their own for that is in the US. So your concern is about context that's what they're being trained for are two totally different things. There are saying it's not appropriate in this particular instance in the factory it's pretty interesting observation there Amir I do appreciate your call. I still come to the broadcast and we will take a look. That the day in history. If time permits may be we will talk about this LeBron James Donald Trump nonsense it's your thoughts and much more. Still it's. Grabbing your conversation about what's going on a relationship between police and citizens we have this email that's come in from Randy. Mince have a cousin. Who's a state attorney for Cook County in Chicago also an army reserve colonel. Plus his wife five children behind several years back for two tourists in Iraq. Leading daily patrols and some of them was dangerous parts of Baghdad. No listen to this email carefully. He has revealed. With stories of both worlds. In saying he would much rather deal with insurgence in Iraq. Then gang bangers on the south and west side of Chicago. There's a generation only entrenched lawless population. Of these no good neighbor it's haven't changed in decades except to get more dangers. The stories she's told. There incredulous. More enforcement consist of containment and Force Protection. I've been down some scary streets there. It's another world you do not want to see. Doesn't surprise you Randy and said the effort this kind of thing before. This in the United States of America. I'm when you know it's kind of interest in is I think about the America first message from prison Donald Trump less focused not focus on her own cities. Let's forget about trying to patrol Afghanistan. Iraq. When we try to get control of our own cities. Debbie good start member put your mask on first. Then help others. We seem to have got the order all screwed up here rob good morning welcome. Play a dog right here. My problem with. The communication and it the regulations are the most people want to deliver. Our early. In through the courtroom. And went up off certain sort of a mystery he just they're trying to get a charter era. And they don't what does that the I'm all for the flotilla is simply. While watts wow wow why does not listen to the results of those are the heartbeat save fifteen pounds. Jameer him. And the Kremlin is going to hear all the all of this support in his corner preacher and not just listen. A native if they caught pulled over for a bad stop or bad move. They're sort of bloggers out there that wall listen to their. This case and they can figure this city ranks I think pocket. But they just don't want to give up and Al industry and let me go to court. And you're dismissed an all out. Oh yeah and the truth the matter is as you've described here. It's really unfortunate because yes you've got people behaving as. Judge jury and executioner on the streets. And I think that it's email that was sent to us really describe the environment very well the atmosphere lawlessness you know when this breaks down. It breaks down with the family. If you don't have authority in the home. Then you can forget it it's not going to be exercised anywhere else had an interest in conversation. After a funeral interestingly enough with a young lady have gotten to know. In recent months. And she was telling me about her husband at the very different culture they've come from their agents. And she said she just cannot identify. With what's happening in America. The lawlessness. The disrespect. The lack of values and principles. And one of the things as very quick to get to a nastier and she kind of confirmed. These kinds of values are making inroads. In her country as well. It's really sad. Because people wanna emulate America. Coakley isn't that wonderful. There's some things economically that are worth emulating. Right now. Certain aspects of our culture. I am police. Don't export it's it's bad enough here. Tribes who met insurer Lincoln morning. So maybe more advanced by the wanted to make it quick comment on personal I'm not on Kool Aid drinker I mean a court middle aged. But I nobody's Kool Aid drinkers that think that the cops are always right in everything I remember a couple of years ago when that off certain South Carolina. Basically unloaded is just on that man's back is trying to get away from. I I think that I should be charged with first degree murder and should be sent to jail or whatever department has however. I think the black white matter is if anybody's really willing to look at the actual foundation of that organization as a Democrat. 400. People that get paid to go around and make something look bigger than that is. They have nothing to say about the sort of people that got shot in Chicago course that was in a thirty hour period of time. For that there was one person that was not African American ball on the charter that'd be the top story on the NBC nightly news. Yep this is how it works and unfortunately you're right about this Matt. You know you wanna make a difference this is where you make a difference and I'm not saying that's when there's injustice she normally dress the injustice I get that. But the same time. There are things that are under our control. We can start rebuilding our families. Because I think that's the number one cause of these problems. You have a broken down. Family structure. And once that's lost you're not gonna fix that with a schools or anything else. It's really that simple. Let's go to butch in Morrisville. Good morning doesn't contradict my column developed solid screener the problem I have my own child growing up. They always stop Perot should he now. Signaled a Connecticut you can shoot somebody in the light you don't have to kill go. But it's some kind of probably over for sure an amendment here banning African I'm not what I don't understand that could you elaborate on please. I you really can't I mean that I mean so many of these issues Bundchen you know this is what was I do they are all tied to liability. Ammunition I need to think of things in this way but it comes down to money. That's really what drives a lot of the political approach. And it's and that's very unfortunate. Donald Hollis to characterize that shy net got about a minute here good morning man. This can be sure unless you wanna tell me sort but won't sit at military not to be a hero being in Baghdad. Been working at Chicago enhanced the military transport service and you come in earlier. I mean nobody Chicago would have blown up appear of course forty is we explain what I'm blown up. The legacy and our Condit like people sort of bank I'm Sandra got blown up voter and you did that should appear only get a strike. Mentally comet and idiotic thought quite yet figure. Better Chicago but it did not know where you can expect cook anybody shot goggle it got ball not so subtle in my column a bit. I want it would pay don't you list as do marine. Bear now fade Goodyear Fermi of their shine. You know once you don't you it's one thing to talk about threats that you're aware of it's another thing to talk about the unpredictable. And I think Q you know to this to be here here's what I would encourage you to do. Those who embrace the black lives matter message. What you want people to appreciate your perspective. Why don't you appreciate somebody else's perspective this is what one person said I'd rather be there then in Chicago. Why don't we just take him at his word that that's where he would rather be. You might disagree with them. But the truth of the matter is I'm betting Sean you've been denied a place. So I don't know that you can help. Making a fair assessment there. Just something to think about it. Gotta walk in someone's shoes first fully understand and grasp this stay woods. Promised word gets this story before I close today here's. This this story is just mind boggling. But unfortunately it's the type of thing we continued here. About some of these big corporations. Does not to slam them just reality. Pure and I'll have old Wells Fargo by the way this story freight saarc correctly came out on Friday. Team I wonder why this story came out on Friday. You know how this works. The basic knowledge to hundreds of its customers lost their homes. Over roughly five year period because of an error by the bank. In yet another apology. From the spank the sound based in San Francisco. They're saying this was a calculation error involving a mortgage underwriting tool. An aide to guide 625. Customers. From the opportunity to get modifications on their loans to make them more affordable. In about 400 of these cases the homes were ultimately foreclosed on. Oops we're sorry. My goodness can you imagine hearing this. This error affected customers in the foreclosure process between April 2010 and October 2015 by the way if you're affected by this. You up probably need to have a conversation and reach out to the bank in this situation. Because there is a proposed remedy here. This error was uncovered in an internal review. And the bank has set aside eight million dollars. For customers who were caught up in the problem. You know I won the ad did not do. Can do little math here bear with me because I'm kind of curious as to how this is gonna break down. With a number of people who have been affected your rates. Syria eight million dollars series Sheen. Noon. Keep moving doubters in you divide that by a 400. People. And you come home my goodness. John you wanna tell me what this figure is on the screen. Oh wow 20000. Pool unless I've done my math wrong. That's really meant a lot of money. If you've lost your home. Or here's 20000 dollars from the band aid for your tongue my goodness. Some people going to be very very unhappy and understandably so finding out this into you know I'm not encouraging miss. But I'm sure there are law for firms lining up right now can teach and involved in this. They see an opportunity. During the final stretch of the broadcasts let's say catcher and our good friend lungs so who is back from his. Wright issue Garland vacation time and we'll find out a little bit more about what he was doing over the past week welcome back man. Yeah I am back the try to contain your excitement RH UA year. You know it's just a little too overwhelming this ma am where I mean yes I can tell we have for questions here to answer before we talk with you about your. Week. The end another part of the country. In 1926. You probably never heard of Gertrude Everly have you. Yeah everyone knows dirty. Work runny nose dirty. She performed quite odd feet. Swimming. What is everybody seemed to be out what is everybody seemed to swim. Okay Eric couple places with the on the go with the English Channel why. All you are that man. I knew that when things that is pretty gossip 1945. The Enola gay dropped this. On Hiroshima Japan. What was it. The gap band is playing in my mind. No bomb home here there you go. Nineteen sixteenths to arrive this president signed the voting rights act that outlawed literacy tests for voting in the south. Which president was it 1965. Kennedy. No. Isn't afraid to get a save. Who came after Kennedy. Johnson & Johnson now. You're right I Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 Jensen. Took his place 2003. Arnold. Schwarzenegger. Put on the Tonight Show to make this announcement. What was it. 2003. What was his announcement running for governor in California you are correct. Very impressive. So let's talk about your trip we only have man about a minute here does it feel to be a granddad. You know I don't feel old I feel awesome because she is beautiful and the worst thing about it is yet to be born in the worst state in the United States. Stink in New Jersey. Not a pop up. Like Guinness and you know what this means if you wanna go more frequently. The best way to get there and I am not flying the good shot that on her husband may get transferred to Charleston that's what I do rim for yet. Yeah and that would be a rather go to Charleston and it's commuters. Fifth and yet that it's pretty cool I saw you can't turn left their events you can't. Really yet to go to a stinking you turn laying go all Lloyd a mile of income but it's ridiculous. He had defense fro the least of new Jersey's problems but silver rose is the most beautiful baby in the entire world. That is awesome and congratulations man we're also glad to have you back in. I hear you on suspect to be many great days of joy ahead in doubt for everybody enjoys it. That's all the time we have. Ourselves a great day and got bush accuse.