Todd Tibbits

David Chadwick
Sunday, July 15th
Todd Tibbits, CEO of Charlottes YMCA,  joins David to give an overview, history of the organization and  how his faith shapes his leadership!

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick news talk to let us in 993 WBT's. It's great to have you on the show this is the faith and values shows that allows us to intersect different issues through the lenses of faith and values. Thank you for being with me again now. Running eighteen years plus it's always been a joy. Being able to speak do you about different issues that are surrounding us and our culture. On my guest today is a friend but also as someone who has enormous responsibilities. Here in the city of Charlotte. It's oftentimes. Surreptitious. It's hidden behind the scenes but his influence is seen but calls. On the influence of the YMCA. One of the most powerful institutions in Charlotte his name is Todd tidbits he is the new relatively CEO. The YMCA here and Todd it's great having won the show David thank you it's great to be with it today well what you have been a fixture now in Charlotte for how long. I am about two and a half years into my tenure here in Charlotte. If you succeed is almost a legend Andy Calhoun who's a good friend of mine as well and he was here as the CEO for how long. Yeah and he was CEO for about seventeen years but he was with the Charlotte YMCA for about forty and I would suggest I actually succeeded to let students because he. Before AMD. With the legendary great absolutely. If for those who've been citizens here long term remember fondly. Ares great leadership and his great faith when he was taken away from us he was. Relief sorely missed on the so you came here from where. I came here from the Twin Cities in Minnesota and while. So this was a little bit of removal from the frozen tundra for you right back at oh yeah a little bit. A lot of it bet background before then though one what's your history your original. Place of birth. All of that yes I'm from Michigan I I grew up in the state of Michigan. My dad was a Christian camp director. And my mom was schoolteachers so. My whole life was for that. Most part was in Michigan and and I went to a little different than you want to small college and played basketball Paula Winkler yes how far out in an in Michigan. And then rate out of college I became a schoolteacher opt for about a year and then I had this DNA in me with my dad. And an almighty history of growing up on a camp that I just made this transition that felt so natural to the YMCA. Back in 1992. Mound and then since that point my career has taken me from Lansing Michigan. With a YMCA to New Orleans, Louisiana. I was in Toledo Ohio for thirteen years. And then up from their I want to Minnesota. And announced here since march of ninety parents RE 2016. Assists sounds like. Camping it was a big part of your growing up and that was a part of the appeal to be a part of the YMCA yeah my first job with the YMCA was youth team in day camp it just also natural because I did it but growing up on campus just felt like a natural experience side I have I've had every single. Jobs some even got paid for. Growing up out of from water safety instructors at night watchman I'd serve food I've washed dishes I clean toilets I've mowed grass. A little of everything and that's needed and and you are a family man I know you are married and and have a family so tell us about that demo life. Didn't he sign that at the YMCA in Lansing and we have three children to adults and Elian as our our later in life gift Elliott's and very involved that the Harris YMCA in the gymnastics program. And our oldest but bowed in California and we have little granddaughter. While the grandchildren are so fund area changed life around like nothing else Purdue and in your surprised daughter we've talked about this because we had a surprise sun later on in our lives and not expected but so appreciated. Yeah my wife is OK with me talking about the suns who is actually 47 years old now when we had we had Alley and a and it Elian is Hebrew for god has answer prayer not Denise my wife at five miscarriages though. As I know David you do did the attached to struggle and challenge of infertility in the miscarriages it. It is allowed us to actually ministers and has helped us show up differently around faith. You know or when we entered God's call only listen to god and we accept God's. Timing and her life and we didn't expect. Of this but C is an incredible class and I don't know I can only imagine with the this pregnancy 47. After five miscarriages there must have been some fear. Annual sports that might happen again well to be honest with you the last couple of pregnancies on Disney's. It was almost reluctant to tell me and and she says that what she told me mighty initial reaction wasn't the same as in the first few pregnancies fully. I'll what I have so much joy and excitement it became more of financial side of foreboding. Over. We need to take a break Todd but when we come back I'd like to pursue them more with you because. Miscarriages a huge issue out here it's a silent pain that a lot of people experience and I'd like to have you. Talk from years in the nieces perspective. How people should deal with miscarriage in and also let's talk about the powerful force of the YMCA here in the Charlotte area. Because again it's oftentimes hidden behind the scenes that man you guys impact lives like. No other organization in this city I'm David Chadwick this is there's talk 11109893. WBT will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news vocalists and 93 WBT welcome back. Show us. A my guest is Todd hit it's he is the CEO. Of a wonderfully. Influential. Institution. In this city called the YMCA. And Todd before we get into actually what you do in the influence of the wide let's pursue a little bit of our conversation before we took a break and you shared openly with us that you went in the east. Had a child at 47 Maryland I had a child that she was fortieth time a little later in life a little bit of a surprise but he had gone through five miscarriages. And I would just love for you to use that microphone for the next couple minutes and help pastor people who have gone through. That problem we I know we have people listening right now who've had 1234 miscarriages what would you say. To film at from your heart of Ayers. Yet that. I guess what comes to mind David is it the fifth. First thing I wanna do is have wrapped my arms around the person and Wednesday is the last thing I wanna say is an odd feeling because I think each. Individual cases different I really don't know how you're feeling that Hillary I know I know how I felt when -- allies felt and and kind of how like cult. And that's when I've had two ounces within my life and things that really took me to my core of who I am. Indiana I knew god was teaching me lessons and taking me through that lights alike could actually. Hopefully help others. Along the way second printing is one that reverse that when you've been comforted through what you've been through you write that comfort the comfort someone rice and that has certainly been the case and on YouTube I've heard you have forest so a number of times talk about you know you've Maryland have been through with infertility and and and how you've been able to use that in and how he has blessed you. Down and an you know it certainly came to us the same way you we've looked at international adoption we looked at all sorts and literally everything. Didn't turn out as the doors closed door is closed completely. And it it it's a you've heard the story probably so many times it was when. I personally in the knees and separately but when I personally. Just that god. It's obvious it's not in your plan that you have to have a prayer relinquish my dad all the right yeah we I I just totally that and I'm moving non that's not a Smart well whether it's international adoption domestic adoption or biological child that's just going to happen. And David it wasn't long long after that that. Elian. Came into our life. In an amazing how well when you give up something yeah and hold your hands wide open and say lord I'm not going to cling to this anymore. Only then does the cancer comment. We are so used to holding on to the things of this world making them are gods but again only when we release them or does the gift come and that's when you're she was your experience but that doesn't minimize the pain people feel with the miscarriage for example they they really do feel that loss off a child yeah. And you only can let time heal that relief. Right. Todd let's move on to you were roles as the CEO on the Charlotte YMCA on. How long has the log in in Charlotte. In two the year 2024. Or we will celebrate our 150. Birthday no kidding 150. Birthday that's right so established way back in the 18100 that's right. Why did he know its Genesis and who brought it here I may be asking you know something you should you don't know I'm wondering if you do yet. I can't recall the names but it it came just like it came to many cities. After the industrial revolution it was founded in London England. By a guy named George Williams who founded the YMCA. For our young men coming in from the countryside that we're going to brothels than other places during the industrial rubber revolution. As a Bible study. That was the Genesis of the YMCA move just as a Bible study that is that but Christian based crib very creepy Aaliyah yeah it was found on the Bible verse down 1721. That they are may be one mean and so. George Williams and then soon after that a guy named William Sullivan who has in the shipping business from Boston. He was in London and in and somehow pot. Caught wind of this and not that many years later started the first YMCA in Boston Massachusetts thing. And about fifteen years later Charlotte, North Carolina had had and it it was very much it was. Strictly. Young man's Christian association at that time. The what you see now and our facilities. With the gymnasiums. In the swimming pools had it really didn't have any of those. Type amenities until probably the twenties the thirties of of of the of the twentieth century. So it started out. In different cities with men who wanted to reach young man. With the Christian faith yes and it would have Bible studies together and it would they didn't buy buildings that where they would Meehan would come and meet together and in when he went to his start that they started having rooms where they could spend the night. Yeah that that was in there early twentieth sun today and that's what distort it and kind of the one in Chicago. I went to one time I mean it's like hotel away and he. Yes and our current doubt YMCA. Has. What was a residence at one point a wiser about upper floors of the doubt YMCA had residents and and speaking of the tout family. It's an amazing family you know when I knew was offered the job here in Charlotte Andy Calhoun called me. And he made a point to tell me. That we've had a doubt on the YMCA board since the late 18100 its real. So it's it's just an incredible legacy of of families commitment to disorganization. And it has obviously become a national and do you know all the top how many branches there are all over the country I mean I would guess in the hundreds certainly maybe thousand. Yeah there's. There's I'm trying to think that there's I believe around 2000 YMCA's. Around the country and he would you know it in Charlotte we have 21. Two resident camps in nineteen YMCA facilities. And Charlotte has remained one of the strongest. Why strongholds. If you will. Throughout all the nation. Is I understand it maybe to Charlotte YMCA's plural and the Nashville YMCA's are the two strongest is that accurate if you look at budget size the Charlotte wise about the tenth largest lie in the United States New York City is the largest. And but but we are growing David B when you look at how the demographics are changing the population is increasing in the Charlotte region we continue to grow. Aren't some of the Charlotte lies some of the largest in the country. We are unique in the fact we I would suggest we have three YMCA. Is that. Are on the Barry large size when you look at their counterparts around the country the doubt YMCA. The Harris YMCA. And embrace YMCA which was recently renamed after the third race and him. And what about the on Valentine why isn't that when this ever burgeoning as well yet yet the eight bit it's a it's a new or YMCA in comparison to the others but yeah it's it's certainly growing. And that's where we have incredible partnership with forest hill. It's been kind of unique it's one of a kind and we have people coming from all over the nation studying it we wanted to get into Ballantine and have an influence there. We realized by property and build an infrastructure costs somewhere around 25 million dollars we did a cooperative arrangement with the Ballantine Y which needed. A new GM so we said hey got an idea and we'll build a gym for 5000. Five million skis B will be able to figure out how to use it in configuration as it jammed into worship facility on the weekend. And it seats about you know 900 people on the weekend we've got a full. On and we have a great arrangement with you guys that allows the church to be the church too wide to be the why it is we saved millions of dollars for mission instead of mortgage. And it's just worked perfectly yet it's a great commentary on what collaboration on organizations that have a light. I'm mission. And and some real synergies elect can do it when I first came to Charlotte was touring RYMCA as it did my heart good to see that collaboration. When I was in Toledo Ohio and in the Twin Cities we had YMCA is that had. Full blown collaborations with churches. Similar to that I've eyes just love that we have that partnership with the forest has been cool to see experience and again saved us lots of money issues that we could use were much better things and and allows us to leverage and and and you have greater efficiency and you have a greater gym now but also awaited if you want it to two model that so you can have a station platform for a meeting room of several hundred if you wanted that as well. It just worked well listen I arrangement between this. On top of the YMCA. Obviously the sea is a part of those four letters. Christian. That has been debated a lot around the country as the culture becomes increasingly secular rise sadly. On but yet Charlotte's been able to keep that see that Christian part off the YMCA's emphasis. As very important. Why is that so he adds it's a really good point. As you look at because he says that really the landscape of our country. And at the YMCA has really locations all across the nation. And each YMCA is autonomous. On the we have standards we have to comply to to the national. Office but we are. Owned and governed from locally we can pick her own mission statement. And we actually have capped the national wise mission statement which is seventeen words to put Christian principles into practice. Two programs that build a healthy spirit mind and body overall. Some YMCA have taken where Christian completely out of mission statement. And in our our. More socially driven and do rages call themselves the why most of Valencia case then they go Valencia besides the sea at all right. Okay yeah not at at he writes probably not at all on it and they're trying to have greater diversity even within faith. And so. Vote the one thing goats that. Lured me in really intrigued me to Charlotte was that Charlotte is one of those wise that is in the and there are there are strong winds CA's around the country. That have a strong C emphasis that actually Charlotte can learn from. But one of the things I set up my interview and I still maintain. Is that as long as I'm at the sorrow line NCA. My desires that the shuttle wise lifted up as the largest CY. MCA in the country but there's not a period that. While being lifted up as the most diverse and inclusive one in the country. What some YMCA's around the country have attested as to be one either with strong seats or. Really diverse and inclusive you have to dilute one for the other. I do not agree with that I think if I'm going to be candid I think that's a silo. So how I actually put our mission and action council so this immunity and I've repeated it multiple times. Is our mission inaction for me is to love serve and care for all in a manner that Chrysler. And if we do that. Then we're living our mission. Todd tidbits is my guess he's as CEO of the short YMCA of the metro lot why. Finally come back let's talk about your personal faith and also the influence of a lie. In this whole community and I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk eleven tonight nine freedom between. Welcome back to show. If you'd like to hear this interview in its entirety with Todd if that's the CU the short YMCA. Go to WBT dot com scroll down of the week in shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can download the pod casting here to show in its entirety atom. Todd it's great having on the show thanks again for your time and you know we we've looked at though the C and the YMCA and how that's important especially here in the city of Charlotte. I've failed ask you about your own personal faith would you talk about that for a second place. Certainly. It what I love about the YMCA it allows me to have my profession be a place where I can actually live Maffei. So I'm I've spent the last to live in a group brought in a Christian household and and probably have some benefits and some privilege is related to being exposed. To boot what it means it is have a relation with Christ and very young age and that has spent a blessing it's it's. It and threw it. Everything from me I I plan my personal life and my profession and I I feel blessed field to do that the lines the so. One of the things that type talk a lot about is what's important to me in one of the biggest challenges for me it's to ensure my actions aligned with rhetoric. And it's like talk a lot about the YMCA talk a lot about my faith I talk a lot about. What it means to be Christ like and when I wake of the new morning in a brushing my teeth and shaving. And I look at myself and I think. Are my actions monopoly and that of Christ. So. My faith is incredibly important to me it's my relationship with Christ is incredibly important to you know and and political animals here. But what I always try to reflect on is I I can articulate my faith but my goodness I hope my actions articulate but they better. Will face is more caught than taught as my dad used to say all the right I mean it's true in any form of leadership if you say one thing live another. People aren't going to take you seriously sublime. Excited that you want to live out your faith in the when people see the Serb part of Christ in your leadership. I'm which leads to this question on you oversee how many staff people here in the city of Charlotte it we spike in the summertime so. Currently we have just over 5100. Full and part time team members about 430. Of that as full time the remainder as part time what age or say well that's really interesting David what we've broken down at that age demographics. The largest group of our team is under the age of 20/20 9% of our employee base is under the age of twenty. Over 50% of our employee basis under the age of thirty. While suited to you could say you'd could be one of the largest employees. The millennial engines see folks. I I think that's fair assertion. And when I look especially at that 15100. Youth. On that are under the age of twenty that are employed by the YMCA. I consider that the largest teen program we have while we don't wanna earlier suggested that the YMCA could be. One of the most surreptitious yet powerful influences on this communities like I'm in it because when you think about the number of hours those kids are putting into the life of our kids and our grand kids right you're talking about those who are really molding their minds in their lives for the rest of their lives he's. Talk about that. Yeah it end if it really. So it look what comes my mind David you know we all saw what happened in Starbucks in Philadelphia a few weeks or month or so ago. Where the two men were arrested. And out and I as a CEO I always watch how other CDOs handle situations. And as I was watching what the seal a Starbucks is doing and I thought he handled that actually really well. But who what when it ran through my head because I thought it's easy to get really critical at times of our leaders and how they handle things. And the what ran through my head and that was playing out and I was I was reading that what occurred in Philadelphia. But what through my head is. Could that happen at the ones via. When I have 5100 employees. Honestly I don't know them all I can call them all. I try to meet a lot of them in the field. And especially when you're talking about the the younger group. And as you've talked about the social landscape is definitely changing and those opinions and attitudes in the belief systems are very different and how people. Demonstrate that those are very different and so what the what that. Taught me is we have to continue. To try to it it it's all hiring people and boarding people. With a clear and consistent message of here's our mission there vision. Years if you're going to Wear that name tag that that a YMCA name tag at the YMCA. This means. That's who started the national the society's going to treat people the society are going to love serve and care for all right. Expected behavior veteran. Will Todd on age we think about what the YMCA does in this community give us some insights into some of the programs. I even call them ministries. That are really are affecting people today especially the poor. Yes those three come to mind. And I actually participated one just yesterday. The wonders why readers we have we have a program that we haven't collaboration with the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. Where we are focused on literacy and making sure they know forced analysts were trying to do that Perry saying it economic I was. Quick comment absolutely just can't read by the end of great three it is the greatest predictor of prison address harsher rationing in other stat and I know chief putt he would would agree with that completely I've talked somewhat about the so. Where word. We continue to be committed to what we're doing a round literacy in making sure kids are in the best equipped to be able to read at grade level. By third grade. Are wired readers program all summer long we will be engaged. Almost ten policy and masks schools. We share data with CN mass we work with the parents on a round at the literacy programs. I'm a gold going into neighborhoods where there kits are frankly struggling and and we have incredible partnership with a lot of corporations who volunteer a ball 300 volunteers that that call in. And into these schools to be a reading body and that we need more reading buddies and per Putney would say one of the biggest things church can do right now. Is to go read with a child. Well I just have an interview with on young lady who support of Forest Hills life in ministry and she came to me after a service and said. I'm so excited she's the principal storm an elementary. Two whites are excited she said. We have an 11% increased in reading proficiency. With all is that good. And she said oh my goodness that's wonderful she's at 4% would have been so exciting she said 11% just wonderful and she said. The reason is because of Forest Hills. People who have gone into that school from our two campuses South Park itself boulevard the simply just read with kids for an important isn't exactly what's different is does. Yeah another program is our safety around blotter where we go out this summer will be at thirty different on subsidized apartment complexes. And will be providing freeze on construction two to children. And in fact I I was in the lottery yesterday. Participating as a volunteer assistant instructor I do not want us that was an instructor because I'm. Opener qualified anymore. To do that but. Will be teachings 15100 kids this summer free water safety skills hundred throughout the entire lot Charlotte region and it isn't that one of the major reasons African American kids yet anomaly guy yeah I drowning it's the second largest cause of death for fourteen years and under. I'm just. In aggregate of all demographics but what date it hits significantly increased in with children of color and that's largely because they've never had access to schools right and when they get near I don't know how to swim and they oftentimes drowned so there's 28 kids there yesterday in the program that I was hoping assisting with. Every child with a child of color while. Well that's exciting they're teaching them how to swim and as one who has thoughts on who loves to swim it's good to see that kind of gives being given to young children what else time he had the the last one is one that we developed with her Putney. And CM PD. And it was really after the protests. And it's how we could work together and how we did use the mechanism of the YMCA in the facilities the lions he would help build trust between. The police. And the community specifically the teens so. There's now four YMCA is that we are opening up for free. To the police and to the community forward on thirteen to eighteen year olds to come in. And two to have experiences. And collaborative experiences. An and also hope to hopefully have a reduction in crime scenes and user Todd you have a great park for racial reconciliation and that drives you itself part of your compassion and again my guess is positive is the CEO of the short YMCA. Talk about where that part came from and what you'd love to see in Charlotte. He had I knew I would have been on a journey on for probably about ten years. I almost feel. Inadequately when I'm asked that question as as oh a white a white male. On to be honest with you but I I subscribe to the in my good day doctrine. Which essentially says we're creating God's image and god created us all equal in his eyes and. The United States. From our inception. Who played god yes as someone said we were born with a birth defect yeah yeah we played god political in the amount of Dade doctrine states that all of us are created in his image and all of from our inception we create this this racial hierarchy. That. That puts the white. The white. Race at higher than the others and then we have these systems Iverson's. If it's something that I impassioned. Well let's pursue this on the other side of the break because I know that's. Where your heart is distorting my heart in the we've got to find answers to this racial. On tension among us in order for our nation and our city to be all the god wants it to be I'm David Chadwick will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick it was news talk 111099 through WDT. Welcome back to the program. My guess Todd tidbits the CEO of the shoreline keeps you don't know when the war just lies in the country influential in this city beyond words. Whenever there are different folks gathered together to give their views or insights into what the city needs to do. Todd tidbits is always invited to the table he's a thoughtful guy a very committed Christian and Todd. Before we went away we were talking about racial inequality and your heart for racial justice for racial won this to occur in our city. On talks more about your heart in that area. Yeah and Alison just it's still evolving and and I'm still trying to figure out as a white man. What my places than that end. In and how I show a lot because I knew what my heart is split. I also recognize I am bias. I was born you know I've been socialized. As though white male with bias and and had the with the systems we have in place and I eight. And then and this scissors so something I think we all are challenged with especially this this becomes a very uncomfortable subject for many very quickly. And I got twelve point probably seven or eight years ago where at the citizen and uncomfortable topic for me to discuss I want a lean into it because I think when we lean into it. And at the same time given received grace. Regardless of our color. Because front both sides Ramos and the other absolutely has to be emphasize absolutely. Because one thing I recognize I have triplets I I one of my board members who happens to be a leader of color on the semi a book a few weeks ago that that I read white await. And it was an incredible read it's written from a Christian perspective. And one of those things it it it defined privilege. In a way that I hadn't seen it. Before essentially. How we define privileges. Privileges having the ability to walk away when you're in an uncomfortable situation. I have that ability in almost every sentence I can walk away. People that have lived in and in certain zip codes in certain economic conditions in certain systems. The generational only do not have that ability to not have that privilege and you know this is tied to segregation I know we have both been through does dismantling racism programs and that I've I've had this heart before then but it was became so clear to me of how. We continually. Redefine. The systems of racism and segregation all for and over again. And wordsmith that and frame it in a way that doesn't sound like racism. But it is and it down and and so I think we have to be able to. Recognize that own it. And we just aren't that are and it's really uncomfortable because as soon as you start talking about this. If become so I was the social justice topic becomes politicized. You can give you start picked up pulling away any layers of it it becomes politicized. And what my heart is is that. It wouldn't be politicized it would be spiritual lives because once again the amount a day doctrine if we truly believe that all were created in God's image. And we will be can chill up with the same opportunities than life and and treat it in the big seat church. And prepare church organizations like the YMCA. And then I think we're at a place that we can start. Reconciling. With where whereas in hopefully where Christ would have us. My my whole point is that it if people of different colored and I am or having trouble moving up the ladder toward what god wants them to be. Then I don't look at their color I'm more concerned about the Margaret eighty idea there were all rid I mean really we're all hat at the same blood pulsing through those who all come from Adam one common ancestor world human beings so. Regardless of color why can't I who has this one reached down into a neighborhood. That doesn't heaven help those children be upwardly mobile to be successful in life for me Todd it's that simple right and. And this whole notion that individuals. Just not working hard enough or that are that are allowing the system to take care of them. I just think it's it's an unfair assertion you you know another thing from the dismantling racism that actually shared with some people. Who have who have their contention with a book have you ever played the game monopoly. And it as they shared in that program is. You know our systems were set and laws change and we we have there there's been some good positive movement. But when you've been playing monopoly for an hour and everything's bought. Andy you don't have the opportunity. Eat you know you come to the game plate you come to the game late you land on something you have to pay somebody else tax you'd be it's not. It eat you are not at the same place so. You know I'm sensitive to the space because. I recognize the fact that while I try to empathize. There's. I'd never ever. Had dark skin. I've never no one. What but that's Weiner felt like god it's what it feels like to be targeted or right over by a police officer just because you're driving to a neighborhood that he suspects you should mean drive against Iran or shopping in the store they don't think you should be shopping right hand right. But I've also had a number of conversations with black leaders. In our community and in other community that ban in that says we need this it we need to. I'm individuals like you and when he says like me is it's not me personally its people why on and then specifically white leaders. Who have influence in the community to stand up and stand alongside us because. Of their Aaron and in from. For good reason their number of people that have been fighting this this battle for a long time that are really tired and in an exhausted emotionally spiritually in every sense. So I I would hope that myself and others can come to a point. Where we have trust in community and we can stand alongside our brokers. As of the embargo date. States you know unity. Keyword I keep pushing people toward is empathy he'd be nothing is just a key. A word empathy is the pathway to progress and if you're going to make progress in this issue. You've got to be able to jump inside the other person scanned in as you just said both sides doing dad. And trying to understand one another but especially those who have trying to understand what it's like. To be a person who has not. Who is really trying to work into this whole idea of the end of one pork. It is odd bad monitor because most of the poor are working oftentimes two jobs now and they just have trouble making ends meet. Yeah so what's important to me as I shall up is I I try to shall. And on this topic specifically. Humble and broken. And not righteous. On and that's a check I try to do every time because it's it's easy. As a human being especially with with pride ego. Feel that to become too self righteousness I think we have to continue to check ourself. For our our own biases than in. And frailties we bring. And come up with. Humility and broken and move toward one another and law veteran John 72 when he won the Bible verse that drives the wives or I unity. And our nation will be for ever taunted. As an inferior nation unless we solve this problem and come together. As one you've got ten seconds to preach a final sermon to our people through that microphone which like Tuesday. A I element and with the Bible verse of the YMCA Jun 1721. That that will my prayer is that we truly are in it in a society that's so divided. That we come together as one as Christ it. And if we do be a stronger community. Todd tidbits. Hit of this what short wind CA thank you for being my guess they've been great having a joint statement and every one if I could end with this Bible verse which I in with every single week hey. Love god with all your heart soul mind and might make him the highest priority of your life or how do you express that priority. I'm loving your neighbor as yourself if you'll just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chad local talk with a golf. Next week.