Tom Wolfe and Spider Lillies

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, May 19th
This week, the #outdoorguys remember author Tom Wolfe, and we’ll take a trip to the Lansford Canal to take a look at the Spider Lillies.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. The Carolina George Shelley's brought a few bucks. Well good morning welcome liquor Ron how old billboard tier one and every two weeks make two weeks ago world scrambled around gotten her AM on Harman. Now we're sitting back watching it rain. Petrified. Let's digress script for another hate betting that's right we don't mind of a rams now let's listen to it it is amazing. This is what they made rank has its forward on those listen what farmers do they stand around talk about the weather that think you're exactly right well this a raincoat weight kept vortex moment in the mountains this week that's for sure. Well we're gonna break that down found out what the report is from those mountains and that sort of thing as we welcome you to the Carolina outdoor program of course. The voice over their Don Yeager I'm bill RTM on Saturday mornings via the airwaves at WDT. We commended talk about the world of outdoors. And then some in parentheses are also available at podcast. It did Jesse browns dot com website so click on every day here if you want to listen to any of our four segments this week. Or any of our segments in prior weeks they're available at Jesse browns dot com. Hit the podcast button in Don as you mentioned we live from some beautiful spring like weather to a day lose your brain. Felt more like summer to me than spring while the week before when it was. Push in mind DM. Were shot plumber pay around. We did break some temperatures that that's for sure some temperature highs but I the all purpose say spring Don because. We did have a a bit about late spring if you will it stayed cool. Deep into spring. And it was interesting to me of course if you're distorted nest on the Carolina outdoors Don Yeager bill artsy things are headed Jesse Brown sort of the week so we are out theaters. And a guy and by design and we get to talk to a lot of different people go to a lot of different places doing a lot of different things but one common thing. Seems to be complaining. About the coolness of spring. And then as it does warm out. I had just takes five degrees and this same grouping of people are complaining about it being too hot. It happens. At the snap of the finger was wrong with the thermostat but at certain but so anyway pay the -- complaint six. Didn't know it will complain gear effect but that's exemplified by what do you know anyone were like the local bartender you do publisher drove. Them was they were invited some close to fix that and that exactly that's right warmer clothes cooler clothes what we're made we're gonna mall dollar. We do have a mollen rank candidates are in fashion for some odd reason this week could that. And you know what it. It puts what are pursuits are in a little bit. Different perspective because people are still going to gonna go outdoors and may not be in the pace field per say but they are gonna. Go our high go for a fishing trip. Go do something and in Don that brings us to the North Carolina mountains and all that rain and you have been up there. What is happening with those water levels and if we go fishing had a week fish safely. Well Wednesday the day it rained so much on and off and so forth I was up on Wilson creek and let me tell you what. There was a group of grounded rat college students from Baylor university of all places left in Texas right that is where again and all the way over here and has good national forest. It's said Baylor. Biology on the road by hand and not tell you what this group of youth work. So I gave the fifth cut cut and and obviously couldn't tell a player were generated Lieber stick around for more of the same good but they were. They were Saudi they were muddied they were McConnell little measurable. It's in what place did you Ketchum where they campaign where they in the creek flip whenever rocks like a fly fisherman would do. Not not at that point there weren't great cuts for sure but they they were her as we were having some lunch under the picnic shelter at he's more remote campground which was the only drab place. In sight for miles around. Talk talk about that a little bit because it is important for us to be safe when we are out on a trip like that in that. When it rains is one of the most dangerous places in north Carolina at a day to day I dare say in the southeast the Wilson creek gorge. When that rain comes down that's a flash floods in place. For sure well and and people don't realize there're sirens up through the gorge there and those sirens go off Cuba via get amount of the gorge completely because. A couple of times and history there's been only thirty feet of water comes around through there and actually wipe adopters. Five strange and make up the Wilson creek itself authors north Harper's Shia laws go Greg from rock Allison over Wilson itself. And they all come together right -- about the aerial bed tomorrow which is the tiny little town of about ten or twelve houses. But man I tell you what got such a steep drainage and water level can come up quickly now. We knew it was a marginal but I am I'd tell you know look to US jails website Cecile water levels Arnold this kind of stuff we knew it was gonna rain that we when anyway. And we got to Wilson creek down on the bottom can there really wasn't mad batterer rouge up just a few inches and it was. Just a little off color not bad at all in the irony of that as we went to his six and seven miles up through the gore urged. The water got worse you would have guessed that it immoral in a way that it would be clearer up higher but it wasn't it was getting worse it was getting higher or getting darker. And it continued that all day long even though it didn't rain all that much right where we were but it was obviously raining further up in the mountains and come on down. And it was amazing to see that river come up during the day AM and how much. More water by the most common Nam and he ought to want to form lives but for. Streamer rumor comes up a couple of inches that's sometimes almost double the amount. Cubic feet per second but to. Not not a good Fisher and experienced a wonderful experience in the Al Borussia structure. Well and if you don't know where this Wilson creek is it is essentially it just north of Morgan time. Is cool where you would head the next ridge line ever says is where the limbo gorge. Wilderness is in the limbo gorge. Itself is but Wilson Craig being. I guess just today east of that right. I'm Wilson Craig does have low road to drives up through an online global gorge which. Really doesn't I'm not you have to hike down in limbo gorge material railroad track them down ran up to Mortimer and all. He is now the road bed that runs up through Wilson creek or turns a beautiful drive if you've never been up in that area. It's it's well worth to drive come by Eric you're not sure we're talking about Wal-Mart from my Koreans on your on your way of great place to go have a picnic launcher. Just enjoy the solitude of a now does gravel road to them not. You know you don't take your finest car up there not a not especially if it's got about three inches aground Clarence. Much better place for children with a little more travel as Lisa. But it is a wonderful place again. But if you're going out they it's great place to camp clinic campground Wetherbee. Paid to camp places like Mortimer and such or primitive sides. Watch where you're setting appeared stand if you're going out there and there is rain Paul going on and also. Who pay attention. Even to don's point if it's not raining a lot where you are. It doesn't take much for that stream to get out so if you are playing in the creek maybe your Baylor student doing some studying of wildlife in the creek maybe your fisherman. Pay attention to what's going on around you because that we want all of our Caroline out or listeners to be safe. We're gonna take a quick break here come back with a whole bunch more of the outdoors you're listening to the Carolina. Outdoors on WBT's. Our belt larger now I know we tell people every day get outdoors and just get out during your movement but once and awhile on a rainy day you've got a lot of good old book and just sat back. You're such variety to our relationships get on the screen fortune of some good rain read a good story. Little R&R. Pay. Your twisted my arm I've talked to him that this do you have any good books that you may recommend. Well. I think I think maybe our next guest is gonna take us down that road so I'm gonna aboard that answer a let me see if I can set this one Don because in the news just this week in in Manhattan. One of the great literary writers of our time in America passed away Tom Wolfe. At age 88. Passed away we're gonna learn a little bit about his career than in in. A journalism and new journalism status. Category that he was one of the once that helped cultivate in maybe we can learn a little bit about astronauts or. Four test pilots or your cousin Chuck Yeager that might be a book she might recommend but we're gonna. Without further ado we're going to be educated on the Carolina outdoors by doctor Jennifer Brett Ganske. Welcome Jennifer to the Carolina outdoors. Dominant under debate here. Can I ask you why that we are talking about Tom Wolfe what was his influence and why is he a subject matter. These days upon his death today to 88. Well I appreciate the opportunity to talked her listeners and everyone about Tom Walsh he is probably one of the most extraordinary contemporary writers in the fact match. He could capture. True. The islands what would refer to it and you journalism. The ability. To convey an entire decade. In one novel. And you journalism really came about. Early in the late sixties and early seventies with the idea of spending and then I had a very long time in a subject matter. Has somewhat arguably than that investigative journalism while in action but it means that in order to capture story and to be able to convey it cheerleaders. Journalist like he and Barack conscience would spend months shouldn't even years working on a particular story. And then it could be serialized and something like the New York or or Rolling Stone which really each what does that periodical matched. Do you journalists like kind of restaurant chain and Tom Welch really shelves for nearly a new type of reader looking to kind of getting grossed an subject matter rather than just reading it once or twice in the New York Times or something similar. So he would totally immersed himself and of course he started as a journalist. Our guests back in this the fifties or so in. The journal is come back then was purely a supposed to be purely objective. And he would take delivery area and this. Was kind of a twist on that they took out the objectivity. If you will and mama made it more subjective. I guess bad that he merchant. Into whatever culture he was immersing himself in to write about. And I think that should get one of the first books that he wrote that kind of highlight is that type of new journalism would be electrically you have to test. Which was published in 1968. And that way. Spending time with the group and a very interesting. Individual members. A counterculture unknown at the Merry Pranksters coming out of Stanford just got to be a contemporary for The Grateful Dead it's. I'm spending time with. Pioneers of a new type of psychology can easy and others he really hung out with kind of the next generation to beat then. And literary figures in the 1960. And spent time with them as they've heard talk in what was then a com and Ellis each trip that would include new you'll media and music. In their early sixties before. Kind of a catastrophe that would follow us as a nation which regards cute. The violence in the try to attach that that period of what was refer Q largely as a curator quote unquote innocence in the early sixty. On he immersed and opened that tapered fiscal culture now he wasn't. Quoted in 2017. Or Rolling Stone article indicating that he himself never perch in Ellis each but he was able to kind of learn about the trip shouldn't learn about the psychedelic. On aspects of it and captured at all and electrically that's attached allocate it. That book is very difficult for a lot of people to get in jail what I tell my students who want to tell people who are interested in need each picking it up. If you can get through the first two chapters you will literally be taken on a journey that apple. Blow your mind. So at least now listeners on the rainy days for the next couple of weeks. We'd consider picking up that part of that is and insightful look in Q. A period of time that really is largely misunderstood. On an American history. Well Matt was 1960 fat and act kind of kicked off. A large part of his career and if you're just joining us here on the Carolina outdoors where haven't literary tab and we're talking a little bit. A lot of bit I guess about Tom Wolfe who passed away. This week in if you do not know. Can he is he wrote books like the candy colored tangerine flake. The bonfire of the vanities. The right stuff all of those were parts of what were works of his. But he took on a lot of criticism. During his career with these books and wins new journalism. Jennifer can you talk to us a little bit about that criticism that he received. Well absolutely thank you beat them you aren't they receive blades. He would become pockets or take liberties which. Real individual. History. I think part of our identity to the market picking up of the booklet about published in the mid eighties and 1987 which. On it captured. A gentleman by the name of German boy who within finance. I'm kind of those masters of the universe can be. The stock market and finance world of Wall Street can be eighty. On the criticism he received for a lot of these books works that he was writing much off. That it wasn't as necessarily a tribe Broward and Norman Mailer some of the other esteemed contemporary writers at the barracks. And he took great. I saw to that because she was the journalists he even hit structure applied materials. He spent many many years researching his subject matter and because we only have one of novel essentially a decade from him. He is able to capture a lot of what takes place over a decade a popular culture. A popular sentiment it. You would not have to be an expert in 1980 to be able to recognize individuals that are composite. Of various figures are allowed the 1980 strategy sparks. And a lot of people at great issue with that. Now I kind of enjoyed the role of being off the beaten path Indian and and a very droll. Right down to the fact that he often wore a white suit much liked. Mark Twain and colonel Sanders. A true. In 2006 I had the pleasure. Meeting him. I had a conference at Oxford University was the first time I had presented a paper. At such an esteemed university and he was there at a conference let's talk Reagan's America. And Internet funny very cold do really believe. British today this man in Hawaii. In a white she chose that and she stands out honestly as a beacon of the client among all of these very drab dreary. Grade but to act academics out there action. And I just remember. Being such a fan of his work and I taught his work for many years that when I spoke to him he is as. It was as genuine an individual. And extremely. Enthusiastic when he when he would meet someone who enjoyed his work. Still very interested in learning about the trip which books I collected from my classes and I told them like each got a rod. The 1980s than seven be still sports page I achieved by the electrically got to test and bond are the vanity he just. He giggled at me and I thought this I love that man I loved that meant illegally. Well and at Al wanna switch gears and talk a little bit about gear doctor Jennifer break Ganske is our guest here on the Carolina out doors were talking about. Tom Wolfe and his death at age 88 and in his career. But Jennifer you are an educator lecturer teacher Providence day school CP CC. That sort of thing in one of the things that you cover. As an educator is history in many times and I know a lot of our listeners may hear this and go all those are a bunch of dates. And a bunch of places and that sort of thing are you able to use. New journalism. To a degree to help teach history to make it more exciting and make it not just be dates and places. I'll app. Thank you for asking that question that question I I love to explain what I've been teaching history for very long time and often when I'm match. A social event torn I'm meeting someone and they actually what ideally tent while on the history teacher I get the guy role in the I hated us. Actually he's not had a really bad teacher its history. Why each. Tom Walsh teaches. It's called sex drugs and rock at all now. If it's hot well trodden and aired Scott. It's anecdote or. If you haven't if you have a teacher that it's giving you a bunch of date potential names. There's no story new journalism is the perfect type of historical writing in the sent you're conveying a story. Till group of people that have no idea what you talking about in body and that story each. They're either going to want to know more about the character Ers. To learn more on their own or they're just when I returned not spyware they learned about that won't forget it. Well on next it were wrapped around at a time 'cause it's always too. Quick doctor Jennifer Britney Hinske storming the Carolina outdoor guys and Jennifer I need to ask you this. This man is a writer but a lot of his books made it to the big screen. In the Charlotte to EU played a big part in the film festivals. In the past and I'm. Are his books better than his movies or the movies are better than his books. Well I'll tell you that that's a hard call because I love his rating on a town but I hospitality and I loved the movie that raged out there's nothing better than that movie. I wanna convince you to be an astronaut. And not. I do love that but I do love that movie channel on bonfire of the vanities I often tell students when I signed a book read the book content better than the movie. Fantastic. Jennifer bringing nasty thank you for joining messing give us a little inside a little humanity. And look at Tom Walsh and his career in his life and what it meant to American literature thank you very much. Gentlemen thank you have a wonderful day and I hope the rain let up early can get back outdoors. Anywhere with you on that he's done to figure out though party will be back with more of the Carolina outdoors after best. Scarborough Marciano is that your take a little high excuse dealers say down South Carolina. Always yes style love talking about this I love this time a year. Springtime. May. All the wonderful things candidate intro to summer so to speak but it also brings about spotlight on our area of the country. Our area of the world if you will because mid may through June really. The rocky shoals spider literally blowing begins in we have one of the world's largest blooms in our area an hour or so from Charlotte. And that's what we're gonna learn a little bit about. Don't this segment. But not just the flower we're gonna learn about the place where the flower blooms and why it blew Zaher. So without further adieu Don Yeager on that had built RT on this sad let's bring our in our friend. Al James who's a superintendent. Of the Lance berg canal state park in the south Carolina state park system Al welcome. Good morning gentlemen it is great to have you first off let's do we won't beat around the bush tell us about Lance forward. Sure I don't blame for gonna have a state park were listed as Fort Collins don't use state parks so good for daytime activities. Park is open from sunrise to sunset. And we offer bank like hiking trails. We've got you know picnic tables and playgrounds and picnic shelters. And also access to the top political for people who can come down and bring you know canoes and kayaks and stuff like that explore this section of the style forever. MS trails are and the trails and the river are part of the fifteen county networking system called the Carolina thread trail. Correct yup we're remote that Beck group were actually listed as what they tell you blew away because our connection to the trails to the north and south knows just by the river itself we don't actually have physical woken trails. That connect us and other links to that but we didn't have our section of the trailer is listed as Carolina for a trail. Well it's really easy to get to from Charlotte you just head down I 77 south to exit 77. And then you can head west ever ended Chester county South Carolina and Neil. Land right there it plans for canal stay apartment tell us about the river's history they are because of it gets its name from well I'll let you tell us where he gets its name. As they just got a lot of titles to its so. In the beginning. There was a gentleman that eight trading produced at what was known as a forward or Carlson in the river. And that gentleman's name was Thomas land. And back then back crossing in the river is called lands for. I was in about 1750. It's. And then in the eighteen hundreds the state of South Carolina figured out that. Content was going to be king in the did figure out ways to get from the upstate of South Carolina down into Charleston or two ships at ports on the cash used. And they designed a series of canals. And these canals were set up about past really bad sections in the rebel or there's lot of rocks and rapids and drops and stuff like that that would have hung up these big shipping boats. So that's for the command comes from Myers is about. To a record my house we've got to manage trail on a mile and a half father and had actually dropped the birds or was able to change that elevation. From the river of 32 feet so that these boats control person sections safely. And be deposited in the water down below chose to continue on down strike. And that ends up given that Lance Ford can now. And then in the 1970s. Duke Energy detonated. But a 190 acres of property on the top wherever that contains this canal to the state of South Carolina to be used as safe state park. So that's briefed him on third. And those canals are still there are so if you go down there on the nature trail or the canal trail. You can see that and they're beautiful day the there will work the masonry. If you will that built the canals is really beautiful and and still there. Yes and amazingly so consider in the number of you know flood events that happened on the server. There were times were. This section down here was under about thirty trade war percent. The Stanley structures are intact most of the canal that mile and a half if you consider the canal profile you know what there's basically a big dirt bitch. But the stone features world well and crap that they actually brought in stone masons from the north. To create these lifting logs in court blocked structures here on site. And I know that that lift and lock structure upper lip and life structured down at our second power canary look arch bridges veritable open man and around the country because it's very well photographed by everybody. Not now elect canal bypassed or very rocky area of the river were true drilling. Impassable for the bigger boats but the interesting thing goes that's home to the spider Lovelace. That's correct that's the only place that these lilies are crackdown is in black else crops in. Fairly fast moving clean rivers and South Carolina Georgia and Alabama. And they are kind of the rock star of the lambs for canal state park and that you have a spider lowly festival when people come from all over to photograph well. That's correct you have this this Sunday the twentieth we always store accessible on the third week in and night. And it's usually typically erupt at around what we call the peak bloom in the spider Lilly's. And we did get a lot of people come out for that particular day but the good thing about the lilies of the people and last about five to six weeks. So there's lots of powerful people facilities flowers once again when people. Al did you see what Don did there I saw what he did it Don and he said the splattered Lilly was their rock star. They stuck with a revolt against this kind of let it. All right now despite earlier being a rock star of the festival but also. The spider Lilly really provides some wonderful habitat for wildlife for an all kinds of critters right. That is correct the other one of the things that people noticed Stan here's. And there's a lot of nesting birds that use bill. Spider lilies for protection and and they're used to build their nest little red wing blackbird is that he won out there. And using your time those guys in the lakes and swamps in places like baton I'd like the cat tails and it would have a similar league structured to this fighter little as very big and keeps them up out of the war most levels side. But also you you know councils you know other plants and stuff to grope me on the little used. Those plans have for the roots so you've got that Israel might mad at Warwick each system out there that attracts Solio. In a bird or birds and small fish and frogs and you name it just about anything to be fan out there and the Lily. It's really a nursery for all kinds of our administration for all engine and birds and just. Everything seems to really profit from those spider lowly being there. Truth and they've been here for centuries and hopefully will continue to be here for centuries openness habitat out. Al James is our guest here on the Carolina outdoors he's park superintendent of land sort canal state park Danica Taba South Carolina and Lily test that's coming up this weekend in celebration. I'm the rocky souls spider Lilly. But Al way although this is the world's largest bloom it's extraordinary. Win these when these flowers. Are on. I hear that they are listed as being rear why is that. Would be mostly because of back habitat BP's rocket up crops in South Carolina rivers historically. Have attracted industry. In particular bands and stuff like that and that cannot industry will impact and and and indeed we can mandates these kind of rocked out crops like that and these flowers even though they are chronic. And they can't takes emergence from the war for a short period of time. Once you once you put an area like that you won't find these plants less transparency and lakes and stuff like that maybe I'll. They just don't propagated on the banks and water movement and stuff can covered up washout though bulb underneath and then they lose their grip and the head on the hamstring. And these are implanted in the cracks and crevices in the truck outcrop here. And the ball to actually have what they tell were tracked Al roots when that ball goes down when the city produces the ball in the risk than the rocks. The ritual actually. Cannot subtract that ball down into the cracked the Foreman and a little bit but protecting it from the how water flows and any debris that comes down to really benefit when this thanks words there's. Literally didn't told trees going down through here and they can act like shovels that because weren't really protected and suddenly drop. Now this is of course below Lake Wylie dam has slowed down or have any influence on lessons have been better or worse surely have made an interpretation of the girl's spiraling. They've pretty much you're gonna have saved it hasn't made any difference. Dana was built in 1907 I believe or. 1960 anyway it's early nineteen hundreds so it's been over a hundred years of these plants have been down here and doing as well as they head out. So where I would say that the word and you got a friend who were also about Tony Tom miles from lake quality ams so we did get a little bit boring you know and there's no. Huge inundation of water to the media you know concept here. Give us to report on the flower give us a report on the spiral like how is the bloomer Canada just at the front end of it so it really hasn't gotten into its full expands yet. But what what's your view of the spider Lilly as far as rating the blame. Yeah we're looking at probably somewhere between twenty to 30% of what we call full pretty there's a lot of flowers and you know what a lot of people don't realize there are. Twenty acres of plans out there. And when they do go wonderful blend the entire colony is covered with white balloons and everything and so right now. Had about 30% of blame you also see a lot of flowers but it's just not quite what we did what would like combat pay. Now how Long Will those last you know annoyed last several weeks but you know just predicting they sure things run in a little late how Long Will be ever come down and enjoy them. Pet pig balloon work so human and open and thank him that people and that's probably gonna happen sometime next week may be on the weekend. What will be close so that the 100% of full blame and that full bloom the last at least until the second way to Jane may be in the of the third quarter. Well even if your missile spiral LA's just a wonderful place to go for strolled along the ripples. There's always some mystery out here we've got off a nesting pair of bald Eagles federal property and we actually have a young young bird in the mess right now that should be leaving the nest probably producing within a few weeks is is are you just prediction. Well my answer to nag used to have to park along the roadway about values get a nice big expansion at their debt 448. Acre. Park you've got to gravel parking lot new bathrooms of our boat launch for people who put the committee using tax stand to paddle through the the lilies as well. Yes so we're very excited with this this is a partnership with Beijing energy when they did their replacements. Breed licensing for their expert at times. There's a lot of improvements list of along with Pablo watery Chinese. And one of the things was this brand new park and a lot of what they. Nice concrete step kayak and canoe launch is not about who rang out purse site because you won't be able to bring trailer boat stamp. But it's perfectly suited puts people up and know what we tell though not flat quarter of this black border which is an hour north stand up here. You don't have to fight current if you don't want to. And it's going to be extremely useful in orbit in two weekends. Al james' park superintendent glanced at canal thank you so much for talk and we know you've got to go get ready for Lilly says this weekend so have a big ones. Our job RJ were back from the airline out those who was just talking to our friends down and lands for him now state park and material I can talk about Glenn and Alan I want. In years down homeowner your favorite places to catch a bass sonic a bomber were. He suggests. That one I would be a net lands for canal area girl. Except Don I am I must I must tell you in in what. We had to battle Don and I did with the Carolina outdoors. Television program they have matured after five minutes of that's right you can still gave a lit up if you're really really did deep into the dark Webb who do you time. Dylan Don kitchen basset Al found the Carolina outdoors television set on now bill Ketchum mass. Don not the point is that dotted Democrats it's. I. I. I. You're worried your greatness on mad vast body hit the other day bright sun hot as they conveyed quote builder. Well term a lot about seven pounder on TV. Today and I earlier asked about her mad men eleven with a 712 by amounts never let a fracture and a good story. There was a man role last. Well let me tell you what act should not tell this I didn't borne out Domingo old snake right beside Jeff he hit Canada would have been an ugly I got some of those down their arms by early so be careful warrior Beckham did a little older parent company yet but does look low water snakes they'll have they still fool you go out watch him. Eat the other wild live eat fish and that sort of thing it's something the state everybody in the world loves to be born of Leo lands for canal on the smarter Lilly's all the frogs are everything I mean gosh that's a wonderful place to be wildlife. Well and if your children have never run around a tree view of gravity hopped Terence Blanchard canals a great place. I taught my baby at a catch a heartbeat added. Mary Margaret yes Eminem get to know for all currencies see is that how you celebrated jumping frog of Carol burst coming is kind of writers and white suits and it may be says. I don't know but I didn't realize she didn't have had a Carrot Top because it's nasty does. Says she's proud and I'm sure showed. Share that with her preschool class in her hand to recover more and there has not the one thing had trouble teaching her win at this trip that was had a kits this damn mayor of course you get the great big tube top over river. Plenty of bank to fish prominent when he trailed both to access the water from. But who'll Don we had trouble we had trouble catching fish down there. There's as a fisherman would there's plenty of blame to go around we're just gonna say the time of day. Know what is what and high noon. I don't know what it was. Anyway set out shall return to this place called Blanchard canal to kits and fish. Well it's a great place to go down and have a picnic it's not far from here and non. If it's an easy walk into early as a stroll list socialist state park that has heard little elevation change. Not like you're going to south mound and Walken above the falls that's just demise gravel pathway. A mile or so down without your version back where you can really get a good eyeball on the spot a relentless. And I'm old canal is really interest and. I'm glad you said that Don because oftentimes we talked about we talk about Wilson Craig was has a bunch so wonderful trails in an earlier segment. This is very accessible for everybody. Knew I had a five year old to. Was how I can market chant they were. Much older people out there. Myself out wrecked remain nameless who could easily handle that hike. Too so. It was coral it's not like I mean it's just. A wonderful afternoon walk YouTube or early morning what are we perform good place to go have a battle particle offer on the picnic table fool. Bad mouthed Santa I had curiosity thermos now has been. A listen Don there's a lot of things coming up here in May and we need to take note of it one of which is. The royal wedding. We have a big royal wedding going on this squeaking through future imitation I did not. But it is it is happening somebody in the royal families getting married. Okay. Didn't know we had a row forum it is our hardware borrow one from England mountain yes and just disperse the gossip column the other thing you're doing George. Steve the other thing is the may twentieth. Society in May twenty it is common two that is today Ole. Well I'd wanna yes I can say after the nineteenth I could say the perplexed look dude that's right so anyway may twentieth is when. If they captain Jack the declaration over his independence and that sort of thing. And it. Old Mecklenburg birdied the captain Jack destroy local bike brats going to be happening may twentieth and I'm sure whole bunch of other. Fun things going on got to go down to the statue rode the horse on the lows that sort of stuff exactly. Oh I left this out may nineteenth that chair wine festival. Is going on your mind you're on the mend ties. It to take some local homegrown deal where now it takes you go along way when I got that you Christopher Lauren will be at that one year probably exactly right. You're probably the preakness that's another thing happening. When silent coach make an up bombings at this Sunday ram a week from Sunday and Norman come on up soon. Coming up senators took archive I gotta get back on and I got the CO for a justify is still blame or not. Oh well adjusted base just a fact is the favorite whenever they run this thing going reload at bat after the day of the Kentucky Derby was off on the black left rear view on a flat tire by the out in and you know what I have got to say we're running out of time here on our final segment of the this show bit Don act I got questions for you if you ever disliked a song yes. Have you ever wanted to improve it or replace it or just turn off. Forced to just turn it off defer Nadal changed now listen Memorial Day is coming out. It's coming out some tell you about butter fields lullaby the ever heard of that not that I know of aren't. Here guys must story it's a song that every one knows and TJ's gonna help us played at the end in my story. But this is the story of how it came about is a 156. Years ago. But a fields lullaby that is it was a revision. Of a French bugle signal written by union general and his bugler. Is written right outside of Richmond Virginia says. Anyway brigadeer general Daniel Adams Butterfield. And his view Goler Oliver Norton candor revision. Of this the French being ghost signal bright after the battle for Richmond to end the civil war. July 2 1862. The reason he revised it does he did not like it he thought it was too formal. For lights out so anyway he adopted this new tenant and had played at the end of each day. His men loved it and other brigades begin to adopt it keep in mind he's a union general. In fact not only the union troops enjoyed it but also the can. Better troops who heard the union troops playing it day began to adopted so within a few months both sides. We're using it to sit signaled the end of the day. So a week after wrist first uses lights out it was used during a burial ceremony. Union captain John tipped ball used it rather than the traditional three round volley he felt like the three round Hollywood betrayed their location today enemy. And replaced it with better fields law about ten months later bode better fields all about was written by union general. At the funeral. Of confederate general Stonewall Jackson. Now it's used in a common him accompaniment with the lower end of the flag and a signal lights out but scouts military and others. And it became regulation and eighteen not anyone in plated all US military funeral ceremonies it's a 24 noted melancholy view called. Better and anti UN and I as taps we had a thing TJ Boggs Don Yeager in bill Bartz aids and our guest Jennifer bread Ganske. And Al James for join and us will see you next week get outdoors take every trash. And we'll see on the Carolina outsource.