Top Ten Questions For The Lending Process

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Saturday, August 11th
Sandy Dickenson of Summitt Funding jpins Paul to discuss lending questions and answers to real estate questions.

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And advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Many investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. DC you'll be listening today on who's talking 1110 WPG. Hello and welcome to show your real save today it's called Jamison your host would Jamison realty company's Jamison realty Jamison property management Jamison property investments. But today. We're live from the WBT studios to talk to you about real estate anything haven't been doing it. Whether you're a buyer or seller investor whether you wanna improve your property change it. I have an issue with a real stake. By golly we hope that you Collison in the number 704. 57011107045701110. We look forward to that opportunity to talk to you now let me just set the ground rules for that if you call. We'll take your call very briefly will get the your question. And your phone number in case we disconnected George has been known to do that I like three times in all the years I've known him but that's OK it does happen. He'd spilled a drink on a console somewhat. My hand and then have. We will put you on the airworthiness to answer your question but but I also have. With me. The one the only sandy Dickinson wants summit funding page sandy. Good to see is sandy just completed a very successful loan for me for some good friends. That are purchasing. The whole other dreams. They did yet. And now we were excited about that Iran and bill have. Are herbs and now and a house they sought two years ago that came up and sandy came and and took care of that menu took care another friend of mine's daughter in Greensboro. Georgia out Brad Durham got word not close at same vicinity of the same but different you can drive there are saying my. Yeah great client has great a lot of fun yet you did a great job Kenny thank you especially make him look good again thank him appreciate that. So I feel again have a question don't wait until Monday to call me at 830. Call 704570. 1110 we'd love to talk with you we'd love to have you participate so. Anyway and then get ready today. I came up with a couple of ideas to talk about one is. As the market tightens which means. Hey. Inventory continue to shrinking alas homes for sale or. Homes not selling quite right away it's always good to your room remind yourself what are some things that you can do. To help the home be promoted in a better way or sell faster so I'm gonna share some marketing tips. Some things some of them are a little bit fundamental but hey fundamentals are good right yeah strengthen your fundamentals you strengthen your opportunity to do. So like a motivational speaker he would have a headset on want to report analysts say it's getting paid a lot of money gets OK art very Parker. And sandy. I sat down this morning. And I culminated. A series of about ten. Questions. I have more for backup but 10 questions. That I am asked constantly. About the lending process. And you know what I. I need mantra I'll answer column you think you get alternative eyes big sad and angry character and an interesting case. If we'd hope if we we need more I got more so I tried direct leads as the top tea cart so this'll last time. If yours at their home Dutch arm out the window and your think and I got a question don't forget to share it with us because you'll help somebody else besides yourself. 70457. Now a moment to start. Okay sandy. When men. Our points. A good idea and I we need to clarify what points are numbed out but I'm not talk about brownie points I'm done enough points. Meaning. Discount points discount points which are. Does aria points are cost to buy your rate down. One point equals 1% of your rates okay. Senate typically. There are good idea when someone else is paying them like the challenge. Okay all are if there's a small change in rates for our low amount a price like say sometimes they have a 5%. Costing inane and at five an NH ping. Giving your credit of 38. And depending on the difference and that mortgage payment you might want to just pay that little bit and go with a lower rate verdict so. On average. If you. Pale point. How long does it take you get the money back from ten and a lower rate you breakeven is about five years. Five years five years now most people don't keep their mortgages more than five or seven years so that's why I say. Probably not a great idea debate point. So okay. Carts on unless. And I should sellers pan am yeah I need a little extra. When Pol Pot because you get an infection that's right okay. Cars aren't dumb like that OK so points are a good idea if you know you're gonna be there for at least five years my. And you have money from me seller sometimes there's a concession and repairs are sometimes is a concession for the offer right. America. So if you had a choice between the there's seller. So if you if you get closing costs money your money from the seller. And you had a choice of them paying your insurance premiums for a year or paying down. A point which would be a better recommendation treat. I would say depending on your situation. If cache was not the issue. Cash isn't the issue if if you're going to be in the house for awhile. Pinpoint pinpoint Brooke. There are likely to smoke. Are. Question number two. My problems upcoming game show that you. How many people don't realize. You can re amortized. On. And explain or re amortized means. I would first say. Probably eighty to 90%. Don't realize that just a re amortization and is if is basically recasting the mortgage so if you have a thirty year ours they have 29 years laughter whatever. And you put down 101000 MRC's cells something our youth. When a great scratch off while you get a big bonus and you wanna pay down combined fall right and you want your payment lower. You can request for the mortgage company to re amortized or re. A gesture payment to reflect the lower principal balance and most companies will do that upon request if you put an insignificant amount down. Most of them are gonna charges small fee like about 300 bucks on some Milan Italy six months Sunday about after you purchase it to do that. Some don't care and it's and we had 11 investor than I should do it three times a year. So it's just saying it depends on the investor but most of them will do that. And investor meaning the person that the money has actually come right so Leon like Wells Fargo orders came AUS bank I guess that okay. All right so. Does the does alone. And interest. Amortization start back at zero if you've already paid a year reducing go to the same 29 years and recast from there they recast for 29 years 29 years. What America. Why would people do that. They don't know about it well some people wanna pay their loan off early so. You have a choice meet Ken reduced the term of your loan if your goal is to eventually pay it off. Or if you just want the lower payment thing you want to recast. Okay well I kind of liked that idea so when we get back from the break. We have more questions for sandy. And I'm gonna give some marketing tips were were waiting for you if you're out there don't don't forget about a series give us a call. But otherwise we've got more to share they show your real estate today it'll odd to day from the WBD studios here on his 11109. Three WBT. Welcome back. The show your notes that today bought Tate George I can tell a difference in the break music between when you're here there weren't Jesse's years. And it's I'd say any did you do in Georgia Georgia is doing stuff more my style Jesse he comes up with his cranial life death. I feel like I'm sitting on the river you know and deliverance is about that happened on some of those stubby grass. Hard Hilliard turned into the show your real estate today we're live from. Debbie VT studios today as Carl Jamieson here with sandy Dickenson. I'm with the Jamison families or companies and Jeff and sandy is where it summoned from the start so. Let me out throw out another question to you sandy MM we're gonna do some marketing tips but erratic because you know we got tend to do and we only have so I'm now I'm okay. I sell her parents did it just archived. Right what makes sense to put down on a home if it's your primary. Well let's see if questions come I would say you what you can afford. That's. Not a primary you don't have to put a lot down but on to get. I mean if you have to pay mortgage insurance I think 10% is a good number if he can't if you can do it. You can do as little as five and sometimes 3%. But on temper sink it's a little better mortgage insurance rates and and it gives you you know a little bit of skin in the game and come a decent break. Yeah okay you know are they air ratios. Yes they look at that this scooter could not effect said debt ratio this is very important but it's cut loose there Michael we don't want Cher hasn't that really more than about a third of your monthly gross income. Okay and then total dead. We like to keep it under about 43. Now I've got numb approved at fifty and have gotten some DA's approved it 80%. Who met. So thanks Batman and thought I'd but. But it comfortably. Either trying to keep that thing under forty there is no. Who can afford injury and her. 704571110. If you wanna join in let us sir you have a question we're here so don't hesitate to start. Real estate market. Like our kind of go through some pass some slopes some tasks to her here's the first one. Do the work. I assign this is just a sign. That your house is for sale before and you're waiting for somebody to drive by it. You got to do more than a sign and. As as I say about the sign. If you got your high school picture on the sun if you're one of those be changed the sign that I could put up a and cut that figure around another shot at a threat than insert to have. Work you don't like the glamour shot with a fur collar that's not a good side okay are. The MLS the multiple listing service give that information and the MLS multiple listing service. Is only the start. For example. Our team pays for what they call enhanced MLS that means to We pay a fee. So that our multiple listing goes to a broader reach of other sites. Also as a part of my affiliation with Keller Williams I'm in the Keller Williams. MLS it's called KWLS. I am also a luxury agent. Is being a lot sheer luxury agent my coolest things go in to what's called proxy you know. Proxy though is like world dot com where it translates into about 48 different languages and goes worldwide. Yeah. Don't want things you've got to check when you go and look at the other web sites is does the information from multiple listing. Transferred. To those other sites correctly. For example. If you put your home into multiple listing and you go look Godzilla. Mean OK yeah. They're not always the sense that they're not go windows zillow. Make sure warts in zillow matches what's in you are multiple listing service saying what truly is saying what's. You know whatever whatever the car so make sure that happens to make sure the data is right and that transfers correctly. And this is gonna sound silly to say so hang with me until I get it out. Make sure your listings right. I can't tell you. How many times. I have gone into a house advertised as a three bedroom. And it's really a four. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a four Bagram. And it's really for. How many times as a single family that is poorly manufactured. So this. So. Make sure the data is right now errors happen it has happened yes yes yes but. Make sure that day that it is bright who we got on the phone George Tom. All right how like Tom's questions are it popped Tom on there. Hey Tom. How are you I'm just peachy keen on dandy what score all you. Well we've got to log cabin up from the mount. About thirty years old and that you could imagine. Gibbons are never perfect condition after back at a page. And we're getting I'll crawl from buyer who lost. He used is CAA eligibility VA lap that would hurt grill our story about. Yeah our Google billions for example although what the real real yeah. Well I'm not saying do you wanna go first and then I'll answer aren't are not allowed to answer that landing into the OK and then on Monday led many in the ahead. I like CA elevenths myself. Com the panty though VA appraisers once they get on the big they tend to get some pretty good ones. Once they're on they're there on their for life as senate basically have to die OR like supreme it is like the supreme art. Sell. I I haven't had a ton of problems with says we don't require. Too many inspections that they you we may have to have a wealth tests to show there's no bacteria in the water here on a well. Com I didn't mad and not any maybe it termite inspection. Those would be the only two so if year you know it if it's star actually sound if bomb. If you mechanical work. And dumb you know you windows are broken and then you probably it's it's easier than they change I think. Hey Tom. What is. Range in prices hit the engine over 200000 or under 200 deaths are. Over elaborate about. He picked it is that it that's what we're back. Okay and sales pretty good up where they are mean a lot of demand up for this is. I think they are still a pretty regularly puts it while. Wondered if we held out for badge ala. OK so here's my thing I from the real stateside the VA blunt okay. Where I find the most problems with the VA loans. Is that on if there's if if you're pushing the envelope a little bit on price. And you're taken about a 5050 risk of it appraise. OK if you're right in there where you should be you should be fine. Where where I also see the VA guys palm to spend time. It is they look at the odd things okay they look at plumbing. They look at the water heater. They look at the roof. And they look in a crawl space. And even though they're not inspectors. They believe they've had a good night's sleep last night and they should they. So if those things are in order I think you're golden. Because I mean they had that you're you're pretty if you can get over those couple hurdles primarily by the appraiser. There's a really good chance you're gonna close. The data. Proper. Yeah we're going to fight for about. Thank you Tom B well. And minus 7045701110. If you wanna call us like Tom were hearsay and he's here I'm here we'll take any real estate question. We can't we can't answer we'll figured out he call you back but. We got a few interest men to guard. OK so it. We talked about making sure your listing enjoy it and second this is this is another very key attribute to your list. It isn't just about putting factual information in your list at number of bedrooms number bathrooms. Soon you know area it is lots of amenities baba baba block the standard stuff. Know who your audiences. Know that if this neighborhood has some special features that are great for families in 90% of the people in the neighborhood her family's. You can't say. Things like walk double neighborhood there are rules against that because not everybody can walk us but what you can say. Are things that relate more to children talk about the swimming pool has a great swim team they give lessons for swimming. Lots of a street parties and picnics. You know socially driven. You know there there are things that you can say. That Taylor told the audience stitcher torn are all too so think about that for a minute. If you're you're in a neighborhood that is all who mostly. People with hair that is not. And not inclusive of gray. What I'm columnist silver generation. You're gonna have a particular message right yeah yeah. You know like. They have bingo night on Thursday zarb load multiple bongo club Zore you know. Drive your golf cart terrorist leader horror you know whatever the case may be and I'm I'm being a little facetious but I think you get my point right. Let the message in the description. Talk about things that will emotionally connect. With the folks that will be in that neighborhood kerik Bryant were heartbreak at 230 will be right back after the commercial break and a little bit of news. On the show your real estate today I'm here was sandy Dickinson I'm poll Jamison stay away at us on news 1110993. WBT. Welcome back to show you real estate today it's hall Jamieson from the Jamison family of company is Jamison realty Jamison property management Jamison perfect investments here with a one the only sandy Dickenson was summit funding. We've got bill and add on the line we're gonna chat Wear them anybody has any questions 70457011. Tennessee bill was first right. All right let's do bill first guys now. Billionaire. Bill. Hello. Hello and art let's move on to head. Here are purchased area code four rehab. We're not playing this through subsequently ripped a it's an it area which is mostly rental. Our our personal situation has changed we're looking at probably wanting to cash out after we've finished the retail. Do you generally like many blown words I used to rule out some. The monthly rent should be some but not on the order of 1% per month. Of the value of the property. And so my question would be my they did so. Talk or the proper thing they can. Or. We wish to where they responsible and a. Okay should I'm gonna make deceit is is set here at Wright is present. He wouldn't. I'm sorry say that again my mobile hearing impaired themselves OK I'm gonna answer your question very clearly are you ready chart. Make it. You learn a lot. And yup that's. I'm Burma here's just a war. Because. Tenants. Don't make a property. Appealing. To a buyer. So if you have a renters staying in a piece of property although they should feel secure that you say hey we're still gonna continue their lease and do it on. There's only a very small percentage of renders they're gonna make at home look good in appealing. And so we as a matter of course find that they sell faster. And sell for more money. If you sell the home bacon if you sell the home vacant and you've got a track record of being able to pull 1% per month. My recommendation to you is. Sell it make it. Okay so did our appreciate Tierra bunch and we'll take that into consideration thing all right if you need help give me a hall. Okay fascinated by your eye opener ideas and pastor look program continue listening to you. Thank you sir I appreciate it experiment and how you to. 7045701110. We're having a little bit of phone back up so just hang with us. We'll get to you shortly. So stay with us and she's putting everything together we got Nubian here in the studio with a so just be patient don't hang up we'll get tea. 7045. Set don't know 1110 okay. I'm sandy while they're getting that calls and things together and we got kind of three in the Q. Let me just ask you a quick question so caller just hang on we will got plenty of time we'll get to you. Does putting more money down mitigate poor credit does putting more money down mitigate for credit. Pumped typically. It doesn't. But I will say that if you if you put. A good amount down and your credit is. May be in the mid to low six hundreds. Persistent premiums seven authorities like an unconventional around ya. That the whole a lot of that rate hit goes away say you're not gonna get hit as hard on the on the great. Mom like on investment property or even a primary or somebody puts. 304050%. Down they're looking much better gas thirty to 40% probably 40% on investment okay good enough to merit. George can we queue up bill I know he was home before they take care of a deluge. I mean this time. Bill. Earlier there are way ahead still ahead how can I help you I'm sorry we got the names mixed up wherever a little trouble on our end. How can I help different. I've got a question I thought that that was the case in the mail facility that almost bound flight data it's been visited cooler it was the reverse mortgage if they're they go West Coast company not a book I want to get the moment not that. They were saying they wanted to do invest in the equity that I have in my home and I've had up to thirty years to pay them back. I didn't help them pay them. They have. That I did they would make the money based upon an increase in. What do you or if I lost my. You've got to go to the thing like that. Yes indeed that's a reverse and yes that's her that's absolutely reverse mortgage had. That is that is absolutely reverse mortgage and here's here's sandy can can color a little better than me. I'm not a reverse mortgage rate and she knows that and and I want you to make sure you read up on them. Before you do it okay. Okay well up well it wasn't that the fact that they did not even but it was river more than they would assess. They're calling it something different and I just have a and that he had been which is something I guess and. Well maybe they call it something different on us anyway they could be tying and a heck some. Maria. And yeah make that up now it is set out OK and what does that have come. And then a weird name for alone and come and load of money just for the heck. That's Hank what the heck. That's an SH a reverse mortgage so. I mean. The good part is that you kit that you worked hard and you've paid your mortgage offered down and and you bikinis at equity to live off of the bad news is that it's been an increase your balance every month and down. And it's possible that you won't have any equity if he wanted to is say your house and buy something else serve. Or if your kids end up with that or whatever so you know it's just not depends on your circumstance in America not for everybody yes they're they're not cheap and they're for some. I'm aware that this kid David clarification there. All right then be well friend thank you that it did not all right can we pull up Roy Israel is that Roy there. And I'm gonna marry okay Roy Roy or you let us Cairo are sorry about the little. Chappelle recently darn close to screen portrait mode is firmer earlier about a hundred certain score pretty. No longer fine index finished outside the room where the value city to frame the square foot birdie of the wrestler Carol and the second part. It'll do your where did better extending the duct work. Moorhead over into Europe or put. A separate storage unit more on. Oh standalone or more because their conditioning unit and there. OK. I did what you're asking. Personally already OK and here's why I did it and how I did I extended the vent system from my existing house to. The summer. Okay and I'm so I assume you have glass windows correct per okay. So I extended that to the sun room in my house now. I'm not an appraiser please consult an appraiser for more information but I did have a good night's sleep last night as well so. I'm gonna Tenet was and at the motel. This Holiday Inn express. So. I think. It's better than using a window unit and I think you will see a pay closer to normal square footage. With some conditions that it's got to be finished well and not raw you know if it spoiled just plywood not sheet rock and and you know. It looks like up you know kind of the reports that doesn't have the finishes. You will get Ding for that on a square footage races you will poker but if it's finished out real nice Troy. Yes absolutely and it's well worth the money. Our current per cent and Oakland is oh yes sir thank you see okay are you marry. I want the follow up its key error. Kristin let them come on ask if there are element helped with the treatment that I am in yup. Com I'm mark how someone sales yet encountered are here to collect grandmother and can I have a and then there and made it much fake liberal relative billionaire he ineptitude here are not kept her out there. And that can't get him out and it went harsher. Permit players that could barely get them out of the house. OK Mary so I'm gonna answer your question. Briefly. And then you and I need to talk offline because there's questions I need to ask you that I'm not gonna ask on the air okay. OK okay so number one. You call me Monday at 846366. Or 846366. Story okay. What won't all go 846 Dunn is my phone can count 000. Threes 3663. Okay. Now. I'm gonna answer your question this way. Depending upon the prep there's the lease the agreement. All of those things and we'll get into that Monday will depend on how do you extricate. That tent okay. It is and and you know their payments. All of those things together if you don't have a lease and it's an oral lease. Then you have to give certain notifications. There's all kinds of different attributes but it starts. With the notification. It starts with a written notification that has been delivered and you have proof of delivery of that notification. Could carry a crow. And without that just corn over and tell him in go to work. All right so when we talk on Monday I'm gonna walk you through a series of steps. That will go through together to help to get that person to change their mind from living there. Our role and give it the number one more at 7048463663. It was very yes ma'am I hope primary. Target on Monday you give me a call Arquette are thank you. All right well we've got another segment together show your real estate today is 704571110. Sandy Dickenson summit funding hall Jamieson the Jamison companies. We'll be right back stay with us share. Welcome back to show you real estate today is a fun game to use. I'm Paul Jamison your post was to Jamison family of real estate companies here with sandy. Dickinson was summit funding. We have so much to talk about but we're also here to talk to use 7045701110. Bring your real estate questions anything you need air wanna talk about. Whether it's mortgage related. Investment related by cell related. Tenant related like Mary earlier anything we can do to help yet related to apiece a real estate should you should you not. We're here to help so 70457. Now in them connect okay. Sandy yep. Who is making the decision on the loan that I or anyone has applied for. And do you have any influence in that decision. That decision makers are the underwriters and command some an analogy not related to undercut workers that's correct OK that's. So yes I do has some influence I mean that they have to follow the guidelines basically. So that lung can be sold so I just had one actually that I submitted and nom itself from what borrower and they suspended the blood they changed mine come. And nom so I a I got my implode together and I called back and victory they raised the income back up and we have an approval so. It's it's a lot of experience that it it takes to do that but yes that means they have to file the guys and then in the about them the summer item I. So what I'm really hearing you say is two things number one you know what the guidelines are and number two is you know what the guidelines. Yeah and sometimes it's some subjective and numb so we present that very positively and how we want them to look at it. First is some companies it just toss it at them and and. Let them channel that interpret that trash as soon you know what they say about a semi and a little camera there was. Okay. If people don't stay in our home any more than ten years. Why doesn't everyone use an arm Malone is the savings that great. If you put. And good chunk down at it it's probably like 20%. Are more than you make you may get a good amount of savings with an arm. But it really depends on the market at the time and then come back home mortgage coupons or bond coupons have so it's some case by case say I would always do compare send. And then it into it can make a decision based on that. Yeah so you are you have more than. One option right. Like you have a lot of they have a lot of options that's always good gas I'm Jessica options are good especially because. You know it's like houses right you know it's funny. And I'm twisting in a marketing thing vs also the mortgage thing but they're related. I'm not everybody's fits in the same. Seek. I and some people are scared of any kind change market so I think it. Don't be anxious about it it it will make you comfortable. Right exactly and you can't market how's everything else the same music but you can't have a package that fits every home it just doesn't work. Months I think that's one of the things are truly cool you know mom I can keep going back to bed very creative commercial about the insurance people that are being handcuffed to the desk my. And then they're stuck because they only have one thing to offer and that's all they have to offer I think it's really funny commercial artist gets a point across our. I'm not I'm a they're not a sponsor to say that. How can the application process. If you just did alone a year ago is it any simpler. Yes I would say yes because some. They have come. They've simplified a lot of things have gotten rid of some of the rules that I didn't like. It's a little easier on self employed. Sometimes we don't need appraisals. We don't need as many bank statements sometimes they don't need always meet business tax return so it has gotten a little easier is still process. Thumb but try to make it fun that there are so. Tons of fun this dilemma who. Well you make it easy. I don't know about fund pay you know I'm trying to guy and all those documents in my level of organization. Because my wife will tell you. Isn't fun that's why I have others to help him well okay what is the fastest you were able to get a deal done. My this last month I had men alone wearing that was some and that pickle because as mortgage lender. Declined comment the last minute and we did his run in nine days so he can do many fashion and seven that's a law. And you still have to depend on appraisers and title attorneys to get you information. We depend on a lot of other entities that we did that one in nine to Asia what were you able to use his previous appraisal and yes some of the other doc yes and then put together and try to work things like that I haven't most of that was ready that other lender didn't even realize we can transfer his appraisal. And I I mean I really become him and I think it takes them a good. You've been on this a little while all right and pretty sad news for five years since she was for gas that's amazing can blossom. Target what is the most critical step to the process. And what can people do to avoid failing. From most critical step is. Starter early. Get an assessment early Saturday in Hattiesburg at the best best lung best price com. Prepare them. Current and last before we go to mark and I think we'll have time foreign. Do you think rates are going to rise question mark and also Jumbo rates question mark. I think I suspect paragon as high as about 6% that's my thought conforming or Jumbo. Or both but they're both similar is still very similar so on yes I think south. Okay and for those that don't know Jumbo rate means. That it's over Sasha he's 3100. KPF 453100. I've got. And typically. What is FHA slim right now. 29. 4515. Okay. See how she just kind of spilled that out I was pretty good front we're gonna try to fit gym Marc what you got. Pandora mark. I'm doing where you expect how can help you friend I have written report barrier and then well I would like oh and some very. But right now are up and I felt good record are they can't you know I need to do all employing other cool. Tutors and purple arm somewhere or broker broker if there are. You know. That's a really good question. I know that you have to keep harm arm's length from it and you have to. Have everything handled in any third party type scenario. So you know what mark I got your number I'm gonna find out a confirmation of that question because most of the people dead by the real estate are buying it. Four Rand told my assumption is is that you cannot. Because a primary. But I want to get that clarified this kind of like to own a 1031 exchange and then make an an as your primary for investment. I do not believe that you can but you know what I'm not a 100% confident song gonna find out. Could Jerry Recco I'll do it thank you mark went feel you got one on me that's good I'm like drive lower yourself a stump right here. So he. And a good. I liked it and mark was that's a question now I've never been asked that question for you now and now I don't get I give me a lot of people use the self directed our. And it's a good thing you know that the hassle his use and finding the unum intermediary finding a company that will handle at all for you. And then of course you have to use a management company. It has to be an arms like everything has to be at a distance. And not everything has to flow through. Connie IRA. So it's it's that it is a great way to do it I know a lot of people that have done it we've managed properties to people have been self directed our eyes soft. That's a good question I we'll find out. How did it dawn. You went up. So sandy what does the rates right now the proxy. The five finish. Five ish and then it all right and how can people get in touch with you if they want. To get more information about your awesome services. Seven now far 770144. 5770144577014. Foresee any tickets and some plan. And our market discourse pop and shaken move and angry even if you have a house out there that your interest have them selling. We would love to talk to you if you're a buyer we'd love to talk to you or. If you're replacing your life where you're looking for residual income. To help support. Your retirement your kids' college many other ways that people look at that type them of income we'd love to talk to you as well we can be founded 846. Done 8463663. And on the web at my Jamison homes dot com. One of judicial burn very quickly to finish up one last little tiny teeny bit and we can probably talk about it another time. Would like to route to let you know that if you're selling real stuffed. Or even if you're buying it. A picture speaks a thousand words about a piece of property. And it also speaks a thousand words about a ten minute on FaceBook content and it speaks a thousand words about your real estate agent. Sure if they hit it hit him in good pitchers Acura. So if you wanna get a picture about a picture. We're gonna talk more about that next week but sandy thanks for being a woman friend loved it. Coming in ahead of me he would be a god bless you all take care or talk to you next week to show you.