Top Three Anti-Aging Strategies

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, April 21st

Dr. Ernst discusses the top Three anti-aging strategies and how to implement them immediately.


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All right happy Saturday you're the since yes I've heard cell hits a sour pounder said diseases dead where you can be that freaked me help from. I mean Earth Day doctor Aaron Harris here to guide you coach Hugh in help you to achieve your fullest health potential. Love it here today we have an incredible topic you guys are gonna absolutely go ape over this is the top three strategies. To help you anti aids. And feel younger top thirty ways to answer agent the other younger. I got sub metals I have all kinds of protocols and even some ebooks on anti aging at my website asked doctors dot com. With the gambit there in a while aspect are thought com's the great resource for you we have. Free health consultations and I'm talking to a fifteen minute one on one phone call with me you can ask me any health question I'll give you any health fancy you need. You did that by visiting this site and hitting to request to console tab. We also have not ebooks downloads protocols guys that is worth your time has been at least five minutes on that today. And make sure you stick around all during a show today and giving away free tickets to my anti eighteen dinner seminar. That's coming up on Tuesday. Inmates the first two days 6:30 PM may first. At the boiling pot here in Charlotte so you'll find different times and I said that you can get those tickets are free. We're talking an anti aging and I bet you it's gonna hurt your ears because who wouldn't like to look ten years younger naturally. When having to spend all this money on those anti aging creams and potions and lotions. Look most of those products by the waited just adds they may actually make you feel younger but they don't actually make you look younger. And right now you need to know this is secrets out there is not a product by itself that's gonna change your lifestyle. Because it's truly our lifestyle that ages us we are living in a a world where basically the amount of physical mental emotional and chemicals dressers you have. Bombarding your body on a database is is actually what's causing you'd aids faster. So the question is not will you aids the question is going to be William H successfully. Or not. And the hallmark signs listen to this of unsuccessful. Aging chronic pain hormone imbalance low energy. Degenerative diseases like cancer or heart disease diabetes dementia. And a classic signs here we are of successful. Eighteen good posture great breeding habits optimism a sense of humor. Great relationships. A healthy pursuits to your life. Sort of adds zest and vigor that people go hey what kinda old lay cream do you use to look this way and you go no it's not old lay it's how I live my life. So the question is bag this ready. How do you naturally slow down aging when it's something we do all the time all of us are aging regardless of how do we slow it down. It's a question mankind's been asking for centuries. And in fact many attempts have been made to reduce or come batted. And what we use is actually somebody's gonna make you aids faster all these sort of creams and regenerates and all the stuff. Even the techniques like. Melt away your wrinkles and Botox them off your face are actually adding to your global toxicity. Which are gonna learn again remember I said it's three strategies to naturally anti age you have to deep crease your inflammation. When you do research on this that he could actually look into the worlds of anti aging theirs I mean there's an entire scientific community geared towards this. The longevity. Experts call anti aging insulin made Jeanne you hear it and flow may gene because an eighteen is built inside of it. The more inflames you are the faster you needs so if we once you. Becoming the fountain of youth naturally. Secondly we get to change how you control what you eat. Because you're gonna learn today one of the top things that makes us aids faster hold on your seats for this is if you eat more than three meals a day. Technically if you eat three meals or more per day you'll aids faster than if you don't. Now into the world of intermittent fasting which is also being called the anti aging diets to get the digest that today. And then lastly I'm sure you would agree stress will make you age faster so we have to help you not manage your stress. Listen when you manage something you're controlling it but it's still there are OK I don't want you to manage your stress elegy to release its it should be free. Like a bird you've been holding on to the flies off and this guy goodbye stress. I don't wanna manage stress I wanna go on in my life so again wake up to date how to we control inflammation. How do we control this anti aging diet called intermittent fasting. And how to we release are stressed instead of manage it because that right there are the top three and taking strategies. This is your seat greats to bring your skin your brain your heart your joints. To feel and look like they're twenty years younger. Look look okay if you're somebody wakes up in the morning in your joints ache and it takes you thirty minutes to get moving and feel good. You are unsuccessfully. Aging. If you wake of the morning you have to pop a pill because your doctor said your precious few high your sugar steel high that's unsuccessful. Aging. If you're somebody who feels. As if you're ten or fifteen or twenty years older. It unsuccessfully if you've ever had somebody guess your age and your forty and they say you're sixty that's unsuccessful. Eighteen. I want you to have successfully you know wants you to be alive and vibrant love your life. And these are the top three ways to do that okay control inflammation and deep crease your stress by releasing it and begin as anti aging inflammatory diet now ready. What I need to do is this okay. I'm gonna give you all those resources when I come back from a commercial break in a minute right now you've taken action by calling a phone number. And registering for my anti aging dinner look I'm gonna pay for your food. And the food for aghast. But there's only one catch you have to called now the restaurant holds fifty seats. And every time I do this dinner all fifty fill up so I'm asking you to take some action so you can learn the top strategies. For you know what causes you to anti age is one thing but now you got to learn how do you actually implement the corrective process. That's with the dinners for 70490620947. Afford 906. 2094. I just need your name. And your email and look the food is free your guest is three the information is transformational you're gonna look great and feel great and love your life. So again if you wake up taking a medication seven afford 9062094. If you wake up when your back hurts your neck hurts your hips hurt. It takes you a half hour to feel good again 7049062094. If you oil look younger feel better. And just have that desperate life I mean so you natural ways. And look if you wanna save money and anti aids LSU but every generous cream is like eighty bucks for an ounce ridiculous. I'm gonna show you how far less than even now price you can basically activate these three pathways. 7049062094. The number again. 7049062094. Yes doctorate so we come back top three strategies to activate anti AG to become the fountain of youth. We will be right back. Welcome back Gillis into gas our current cell I mean host doctor Aaron. I I hope you're in for a treat today actually I know you're in for a treat today. And I'm asking guys to do a couple things one if you're driving and pull over this this next fifteen minutes is worth your life so I went to a poll over. Grab something to write on clutch of phone Pulitzer tablets start taking notes Sackett what it once you do if you were at home man pull up the Internet. Go to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor arts have a live stream right here and point at the camera. You guys can steamy Sherry you can comity tetra. We're talking today about your top three strategies for anti aging top three ways you can turn on a fountain of youth. And I want to understand this ready you're gonna save a ton of money. You're gonna love this that he didn't do and the results kick in in a matter of days you get a feel younger first you're gonna look younger Sackett a case of here's what it is. Americans spend billions with a capital B billions on anti aging creams potions and lotions and most of there are just some sort of ad product. That's some celebrity says I used for a week and I no longer wrinkles and because she looks good by the way the reasons he looks good she's been a hundred million dollars on her face. Is this a cake. You're gonna actually toxic by your body by putting these products on you because the number one strategy to deep crease you were eighteen. Is to down regulate inflammation. In a world of longevity the science is out. We called this inflow and eight Jeanne. So in slam aging because. The more inflames you are the faster you aides still before you can do anything to look younger feel greater. And have a more alive zest for your life is this you have to understand the number one aging factor. Is the amount of inflammation in your body. Now there's ways you can test for this okay if you go to your doctor you could say I like to have my inflammatory markers checked there's. Your said rates their C reactive protein homo assisting there's a and tireless go to my website. Asked doctors dot com in the search parts I keep typing and inflammation you'll find everything it's out there but here's the key with that you can test to see how inflamed you are. If your flat at Torrey scores are two times seven times ten times higher I want to think like this. The amount of inflammation you have is equal to how faster agent if you're two times and played here two times aging if you're seven times inflamed your seven times aging. The risk is this guy's you know while one year of your life to equals seven years that someone else's that be like you have dog years you're gonna leave this earth early. I want you to be. At the rate double one to one ratio or possibly a half to one ratio that's were pulled off longevity okay. Inflammation as a whole is a big animal because it's caused by so many things that tank it negatively affects primarily. The ability your body to produce energy. You have these little pony guys inside of you called mitochondria. And they are the powerhouse. For every selling your body. Win you feel old when you look old when your joints ache it's generally because the mitochondria. Have lost the ability to produce energy for that sell all or part of your body. So think of it like this that day if my phone is running at 5%. Battery life have you ever noticed that it's slow it's clogged. It doesn't work well if you're on a laptop and you have 1% to new gotten alarmed sand plugin now. Otherwise you might lose your data when you try to open a file it's it's it's clogged okay. When you don't have enough energy your body does that worked its full capacity. And you are supposed to anti aids naturally. We have regenerative power are immune system can clean a south. But when your deficient in energy because of inflammation. You don't ate properly now were unsuccessful. What are signs of unsuccessful. Aging chronic pain hormone imbalances low testosterone. Improper estrogen except for a low energy a thyroid disorder did Jenner to disease osteoarthritis. Joint pain except trip and then we start to get these did standards of diseases like cancer heart disease diabetes X that trip. Why would you be successfully aging and that number one strategy to do is to Null. What inflammation. Is with him displaying staggered two to know how to score your courage inflammation. And three Heidi crease that pace so what is inflammation a what did you think of it as like it's a fire its date. If the congestion it's a clog dean of yourself capacity. When your sinuses are inflamed. You can't breathe through their car. That's inflamed sinus it also drains its leak would be its Mukasey its pots like now envision your cell. A paid the individual cells are made up if there inflamed and their mucus the end they're producing all this Duncan liquid. The membranes that are responsible. To bring oxygen and food in nutrients and are clogged so you can't create. Cellular energy you can't get rid of cellular toxins. You can't react normally when a hormone is supposed to tell the cell what to do inflammation triggers hormone change. And this is a huge deal. In the world of health care because hormones make you look younger and feel younger did you know for example I'm gonna get this feud is it's free. There is a hormone called the HEA. It is the key anti aging hormone it's naturally produced by your body when you're not inflamed. He ATA lands on the cells of your body and says. You're gonna be reborn you're gonna be rebuilt. Do you hear sell you need to have the new zest for life that hormone is supposed to anti age you if you're inflamed it doesn't work. Did you know that insulin is known as the Eads team hormone ready the more insulin you have the faster your cells die. It's weird because we think insulin is what brings our sugars downy does. But if you rapidly push sugar into a cell the cell becomes over staggered. Over toxic this sugar becomes oxidized. And now we have a form of rust inside the cell and scientists call this rust an advanced like consolation. End product. Which stands for. Eight GE. AE advanced G got a consolation the end product. You get aids spots you need you here it's eight GE when you have too much sugar in your cells. Insulin pushes sugar into the sell it causes the cell to advance collect possibly end products. Any aids is the cell which makes you aids so if your someone who has high blood sugar. Typically it means you also have relatively high insulin and heaven forbid you didn't fix your health. And now you have to inject insulin your physically injecting an aging hormone into your body. And that's something you don't wanna deal. So if you're stuck in them merry go round of health of medicine retaken medication. You're trying to control your sugars. You have hormone imbalance your diabetic yap parity issues this enemy you don't actually have any of those you have an inflammatory. Disorder. That is age you faster memory and flood may gene your aging faster because your inflamed the what do we do okay listen. I could do an entire five hour seminar on how to naturally anti aids and how to get rid of inflammation okay. This radio show is designed to give you the top tips that you can start learning. And that I really want to become the nine anti aging dinner seminar it is upcoming here about two weeks okay. May first two tonight's 6:30 PM at the boiling pot I have fifty seats the restaurant can hold fifty Max. And I'm giving away a free dinner for you to learn how to implement these top three strategies. You can join me for that by calling 7049062094704. 9062094. Again the food is free. The information is light changing and you can even bring a guest with you and I'll buy their dinner to a case that we have to down regulate inflation. The reason I'm doing it dinner is guess what food. Is the number one way to down regulate inflammation and the only way to do it is you have to remove the inflammatory foods. And replace them with anti inflammatory foods I hope that makes sense I mean this is just basic okay. What you may not know though are the foods that cause inflammation and actually they're grouped it's easy to remember okay. If it's whites. And it's a food it's generally. And inflammatory food and I say generally because you guys are gonna go doc parents call flowers white and it's anti inflammatory I get that okay that's a vegetable. OK it is naturally occurring and it's white it's good for you now and SE question at camp. When I look at things like process sugar white. Refined week's white refined rice white rice the cane not around not wild the black. Why eight grains white sugar Y eight dairy if it's a Y 82 men made food. I guarantee you it's increasing your inclination. So refined sugars it promotes spec like consolation product I talked to an earlier like consolation damages cells and physically causes your skin to wrinkle. It is the number one food did this. Number one food UNH UH faster sugar refined sugar I produce corn syrup process white sugar eccentric Tetra Tech number two grains. So white rice white corn white wheat to tetra. For the same reason that sugar causes problems these grains cost rounds because once you put them in your mouth they turn into sugar boom. Okay. Manmade fats are a big deal with inflation trans fats hydrogenated. Fats. Or what I'll call chemically extracted facts. That's stuff like canola oil south flower oil accepted these bats promote inflammation. And they can according to research could lead to advanced aging in your hearts. Your brain and your cells. See yellow less. Did this when Nate this is a big one guys and I hate to say is because it sort of a deal breaker for most people our local hall. Can cause. Inflammation. Especially when it's made from those two sources I talked about before sugar refined in grains so when you do stuff like. You know whiskey which is made from rye. That the type of a grain or you take like they adopt date and you turn into an alcohol a godly is a sugar by the way from cactus. So via a take he'll lose they come from sugar. Are very inflammatory. Are there alcohol that are anti inflammatory yes at the whole another topic go to my website asked doctor arts type in the phrase drive farm wind. That's a wine that anti inflammatory and you need to know it's it's got to be alcohol from a non inflammatory source that kind. Because artificial sugars in artificial sweeteners and sugar in general is in almost every form of processed or boxed food. The easiest way to know if the food you're eating is cause inflammation is did he come from a box. Doesn't have a wrapper around it was that manmade. Okay. Just because it says it's organic and natural doesn't automatically. Make it an anti inflammatory food. So if you want to. Real not from a plant like a physical plant in the smokestack. But from an actual plant that comes out of the ground attack on their real quick give you the top. Foods that create anti inflammation. And they're not necessarily in any order but this is how they work paid these guys have you eat Kimmel make you feel younger look younger in end stage because they decrease inflammation. Blueberries. By far their the highest anti inflammatory scores. Dark wrought chocolate again highest anti inflammatory scores not that are fatty macadamia Brazil pro con. Collagen protein that you would get from eating like state bone brought the bone but proteins salmon. Mock up roots big anti inflammatory here rob O'Connor into Emmerich while it's a huge list. That's why you can't just kill all the input today I am gonna spike your brain I'm gonna make you stay I want this I want this and guess what you'd get the rest of it. When you come to my dinner seminar 7049062094. 7049062094. It's dinner with me Tuesday may first 6:30 PM. You can grab those tickets right now seven afford 9062094. When we come back who's next commercial break. We're going into gear to intermittent fasting the second highest strategy that we talk about releasing your stress don't go anywhere this Yasir Churchill will be right back. While immaculate since gas doctored so I'm your host doctor or nurse and boy what a great day were having today. We're talking about the top three anti aging strategies. And giving away free tickets to my dinner seminar it's coming up here on Tuesday may first. 6:30 PM at the boiling pot at dinner seminar is to help you implement. Everything and teach you today I hope you realize I can't give you everything at our changer like just like that I wished I could. But the reason I do beef dinners and I do my life events I do everything that I do is I want you to take action I want you to go after your health. And I need to help you with it's a come to my events. Is on Tuesday may first 6:30 PM at the boiling pot if you missed the of opportunity before. Pick up the phone right now 7049062094. 9062094. And hey you're listening to death doctorate so I mean wrote doctor or nurse and today's topic. It's about natural ways to anti aids. I'm calling it the top three strategies controlling inflammation strategy number one. Intermittent fasting strategy number two and release senior stressed not just managing it but read Lee's senior stress. If you're just joining us you've got to download today's podcast is to be finished. To go backing grab that how to control inflammation it's life change I can't go over again to gonna run time. Now we shift gears to strategy number two in this there was huge guys because in the world of longevity they claimed this to be the anti aging diet. They've even done science on this and there's a gentleman in Japan who won the Nobel Prize. For selling that anti aging diet is called intimate and fasting if you're new to the world of Edmonton casting a camp wants you to think for second. It is the idea of skipping meals. On a daily basis for the sake of having a period where you fast every day and having a period where you eat every day. What the current model of eighteen talks about is if you eat three or more meals per day. You're gonna make yourself aids faster why okay. When you eat food you're sugars go up it's a known fact okay. Now sugar should come back down with about three hours if you are healthy but most people senators take more than three are to come back down. And an average person I talked to and I would say you were nod your head this. Is at least eating something every three hours they're either snacking. There going line had breakfast at six. Launches until noon I'm hungry and in my office others eat this OK if you put food in your mouth. More than every three hours you are activating a sugar reaction is not eaten that is not natural for the human body. So your increasing your like consolation at the fancy word for eight gene because of the sugar reacting to your cells a case so. Intimate in fasting is designed to deep crease your sugar load on a day to day basis by saying don't. Eats until. A specific time. And the best to deal with on whether research the best way to anti aids with this diet. Is to completely. Eliminate your breakfast 100%. Gone breakfast and I know what your gonna say. Doctor urged breakfast is the most important meal of the day my nutritionist my medical doctor TV everybody stymied don't skip breakfast at can't. Well listen a paid the Bjorn people who teach this. More than likely have some tie in or buy into the fact that at some point you're gonna aides past and should. You'll be unsuccessful with your aging and you're gonna have pain you're gonna have hormone imbalances you're gonna have no energy. You're gonna degenerative disorders like thyroid diabetes domestic sector they want you to eat breakfast because they once you get sick. Because then you'll have to buy their products their anti aging creams he'll have to go to the doctor and follow their advice. I have nothing against that if you want to but there's a way out. It's like unplugging yourself from the matrix okay reached back to the backing your skull. Pull that thing out and look at it and they'll never again. And I gonna listen to someone else from the media. And have them tell me what to do okay oh gosh I just realized on on the media are not among the radio. I'm on FaceBook a broadcasting live right now to live stream you got to recognize you need to know who you're listening to a pay attention to pay. I'm a living example of this I've been intimate fasting for ten years. And I have photos that I will post to my FaceBook page just to prove this to you. Of myself when I got married fifteen years ago and myself today I looked younger I feel better I actually looked physically younger I've had people tell me this. Because it is diet. How do we intimate in fast simple you wake of the morning news say no. No breakfast no food nothing solid you don't eat anything you just drink liquids that can. If you talk about the best way I'll say what we get called this. The asked doctor Ernst intimate if nasty anti aging tonic that you can't drink in the morning it'll give you little boost but how do you feel good. It's gonna help you to wait until you both. Product you can ever drink in the morning. To anti age you down regulates inflammation and make you feel younger than you ever have been in your entire life why. Lemons boost your immune system to balance your PH they help you to flush out toxins from your kidneys. They have been shown to decrease wrinkles and blemishes booklet cookbook people go to spas and pay a ton of money at someone's like the limit in half and placed on top of their eyes why. The asked did cause this ended the inflame it takes the wrinkles away it's also been shown to reduce. Your inflammation. And help you lose weight. All of that is the combined effects of apple cider vinegar lemon juice and water that's warm. Blended together why did it lets me warm because your stomach is stimulated with warm foods. And it turned off. With cold foods so we don't want to be called drink that in the morning and here's the secret to integrated fasting you have to wait to eat lunch until it's lunchtime. OK so generally speaking the best way to do it is. Is to engage a idea of between noon. And say six or 7 or 8 o'clock is the only time you eager to noon to 67 or eight. The wake of the morning at say 536637. Whatever but you don't physically to anything until noon. And and you stop eating at six or seven or eight based upon what you wanna do and that's science says. That willing gage and anti inflammatory. Intermittent fast in your body. And overtime day after day after day after day after day you'll lower your blood sugars you were lower your insulin. You will lower your inflammation. Because inflammation is the number one strategy get rid of it and you anti aids. And because it's been fasting is the number two strategy you are now all. A huge lean dean. You are anti aging. Your activating the cellular responses that you were given as a gift by god when you were made to stay young stay vibrant and alive. So I wanna wake of the morning. I wanna not eat anything solid when I drink that tonic edges gave you don't have lunch at noon analysts stop beating by 8 o'clock at the latest. Intermittent fasting is the anti aging diet. Wow where's the time going to OK when I come back the big one how to relieve stress so you can anti aids. Andy is this your second to last chance technically to join me from my dinner seminar which is next nose and exits on Tuesday may first 6:30 PM. At the boiling pot. And a dinner is free information as transformational and I'm gonna show you how to activate. Everything we're talking about today. For yourself it's deep planned 7049062094. 7049062094. Will be right back. Good afternoon happy Saturday you're listening to the gas are charged cell I'm opposed doctor Aaron are so hey this sort pounder said diseases dead heat beat that beat money out problems. They we have a hot topic we're talking about the top three strategies. On how to anti aids and is a big deal because in the United States we as Americans spend billions with a capital B. On anti aging creams potions and lotions most of which are just bad products. And actually when you look at his science behind it they're gonna make you aids faster because they're just superficially. Making you look younger. We got to come from with end to do this. Hallmark signs of you'd knock eighteen properly are having chronic pain hormone imbalance. Like like say thyroid issues are something that affects low testosterone or low estrogen or high estrogen having no energy and having been labeled. With what's known as a regenerative. Aging disease okay this is the stuff that shows up as you get older cancer heart disease diabetes dementia except for a when your aging successfully. You'll have great posture really good breeding habits. A good sense of optimism a great sense of humor. Really good relationships and healthy lifestyle. That her suits happiness that Kate noticed that that's what everybody wants you'll look great you'll feel great you'll love your life. And when we talk about this I'm not saying we are going to technically. Reversed your aid Jean. Maybe have really figured that out I don't really truly think we're going to I'm gonna show you how to pull the brakes on the rate at which you aids. By discovering these top three strategies that can't. Chronic inflammation. Is one strategy you have to control your inflammation because. Even in the world anti aging then longevity experts call eighteen and one needs Jeanne. Because it's an inflammation connection to your agents that strategy number one you have to control information. Strategy number two we down regulate the inflammation by intermittently fasting. Several people who are quite famous in the worlds of longevity of even one Nobel Prizes to prove to us. That when you don't eats you clean your cells out you clean yourself out and as a result of that you anti aids. And and we know there's a direct connection between stress and eighteen. A case till right now I'd hit my third topic look if you're just tuning in you've missed the last forty minutes. Win this podcast post iTunes download this and go back in get information on how to control information. Hadn't been in the past but tell me if you would agree with this threading. Stress definitely AG'S_U. Go back on the Internet and find a photo of Barack Obama in 2008. And then look at one right now. The guy went completely gray and look like he aids when he five years in just a couple years OK and this is what's known as the presidential aide gene you know sort of the Michael I guess you can call in okay the higher the stress in your life a faster you'd literally aids it's proved then. A 2012 study published in the journal of PL a whole ass which is an acronym for on the way to long Mimi to announce PLO last found. That stress related work ages your DNA faster. And how we know that is your DNA has something called a Hilo Mir to fancy word for the end of your DNA so. He go to FaceBook real quick if you've got to visibly ceded its FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor earn it AS KD ER. ER an SD. There and you give you normally do that but those of you were already there. This is my ID tags let's into the studio. So wants you to think that there's an end here and here of course now DNA is coiled and it's really long except trip but you have a front end back in at your DNA. They called the end of your DNA eighteen the mayor. And the link that beat you Amir is how old your DNA is so if you're like state sixteen weeks old you have a really long tila me. And if you are stay around snouts 96 years old you probably have a sort TU Amir. Now the reason our telomeres shorts is your DNA has to copy itself everytime a new cell is created. When the old one dies. And the new and comes back it is a carbon copy Cologne of the previous cell was beautiful about your body. But have you ever taken us something like a picture Qaeda theme iPhoto and you're taking a picture in photo copied it. And then instead of photographing the original. You photocopied a copy. And NAFTA like seventeen or state thirty photocopies you can even see the original anymore. That's what happens if you telomeres they start to fade. So the length of your team Amir is directly connected to united stress you have. That we can't just manage your stress we have to release it has to be just gone goodbye. The game hears anything about stress. Is in the eye of the beholder. OK some of you might get stressed out by speaking to a crowd of 500 people I actually on the I actually get jazzed up doing it so if not the speaking to the crowd it's making distress it's your reaction to wit. So you too. Be hold your stress you get to determine if it stresses you latter not the case so while we need to do. According to the University of California at San Francisco. Is we need to think about our life events as not being stressful. My gosh there's a whole radio so and of itself there's a whole topic and of itself. You just need to think. Pay your life event is not ace wrath. And it instantly becomes not stressful now I know that's hard to know it's difficult to do that but it is the way to stop managing stress. But it's going to be analogy you can't if you're stressed out because of something I'm trying to see if that becomes a mind. You got this massive project it's do it's her office in your boss says if you don't have it on my desk by noon on Friday buyer that had to deal with stress. A case they'll look you can go gaga and so stressed and so stressed and you can try to do all the stress relief management tools you go in the size. You acupuncture. To meditate to do yoga but really the best way to get to stress is do what. Did the project done now. Not to wait teen until Friday at noon and he gave you a deadline surprise your boss by blowing it out of the parking being done now. Yet to stay up a little later yes. Yet to work a little harder gas use your situation. As something to your benefit. Rather than always going like this. God Mano Y fronts so stressed out ahead this massive project do you I don't know what I'm gonna do about it. I think we're gonna go drink with my buddies and tell them about all my stress this does nothing in fact. He encouraged you to think about the stress all the time as the guests like you actually aids faster. Plus you're drinking alcoholic your buddies which he talked about earlier is actually in into its inflame air tonight your your aging even faster because you don't know about inclination to go see it. Top thirty strategy down regulate inflammation. Intermittently fast and release your stressed by taking ownership. Of the idea. That you're the one creating stress in the first place. Okay sell to manage stress is something we don't wanna do you think about it like this if I'm in debt do I wanna managed debt. No I wanna become financially secure so I don't even have to manage my debt anymore OK if I'm stressed I don't want to manage my stress by going. Okay it's time back I mean to go to the size of me to go drink this that he wanted to release date goodbye. Some tips from the American Psychological. Association. On how to relieve stress ready for this. Take a break from that the aimed at stressing you. So you can focus on something that not stressful. Okay it may seem difficult to walk away from the big project where if your toddler's crying and screaming match Q where your credit card bills are climbing to the nth degree I get that okay. A cable when you give yourself permission just for a moment to walk away from them the entity itself behavior. Trying to crunched your numbers for your bills are trying to figure where the money comes from look club get up in just walk away from it it's still gonna be there when you come back to deal with the later. But if you do this they're saying go outside. For ten to fifteen minutes and look at it three. Look at the ants crawling up the tree or focus on the lead try to count how many are on the three. He takes your brain away from the thought of this stress. And healthy to think about something else that guys this is a lot of psychology here tank takes some work. But if you can recognize that you're the one creating your stress. And you start to recognize you're in control. Of also your release of the stress. Another tip from the American Psychological Association is exercise again the reason I think it is is gonna get your mind off something else. When you run a mile and you have a the focus on breeding and affect your hip hurts because you're not successfully aging. Remember successful Ager could run a mile and feel phenomenal the pixel actually. Help them and they'll feel great afterwards it can't. Exercise is great because it takes your mind up the things that helps you to focus I actually use exercise is a way for me to control my thoughts because when I'm running. I can start thinking about certain things that can't. According to American Psychological Association if you simply just laugh. Laugh at your situation. And at 161000 dollar credit card bill and Angela idling 8000 dollars in my credit and nine bank accounts. I thought it's great. I love it if you start smiling if you start laughing your brain will interconnect the emotion on your face ready for this. And it will create the emotion in your body. The neurology. Studies behind this says way in your face looks. And sounds. Like it have any good time your body will also say OK great we'll do the same. OK laughing and smiling is a great way to release. The stress not men or zip or release it. That we need to smile we need to laugh when need be queued outside. Mead exercise and you go for a walk except for a and then another one just because I love this is meditation okay. There are all dozens of studies. On the idea that medication physically lowers your stress response OK when you're stressed out used to create hormones. A stress the court is all the big. By the way the amount accord is all your body is directly connect the amount of inflammation. And an out of inflation is directly connected up faster aging of you're stressed the aids because of that right so meditation by far has been sound to be the easiest way to decrease your cortisol. Multiple studies have been done on people who meditate and they check their cholesterol or cholesterol their cortisol before. They meditate for fifteen minutes they do blood court Zoltek afterwards and it's that dramatic. Drop 5067%. Drop. Just like exercise the reason meditation works is it for you to practice. Your thoughts. OK I used to think meditation was you're supposed to turn off your thoughts your brains is both ago like. Like it's dead. I've actually learned have been coached in medication that that's not what you're supposed to do you're just supposed to change your thoughts. Is supposed to focus on something else that you think about that we can go into things like. Compassion of myself I love myself forgiveness begin thinking about things we need to physically go up and often in those quiet times. God the universe successor will talk to you. And many times I've done this I'm stressed out I'm not manage in my life appropriately have some big event coming up. And the dairy answer to what I need comes to me in mind meditation time silence and wow where's the time going running out. But hey listen. Top three strategies to anti aids you're not going to be able to implement all of this today that's why I have my dinner seminar that's why do my events. Look I if you wanna come to my dinner seminar Tuesday may first 6:30 PM at the boiling pot food is free. And they show you how to implement this new lifestyle. And you're gonna anti aids feel great get off medications your life is going to change 7049062094. 7049062094. The does that you like takeaways top three strategies control your inflammation. Start intimates in the fasting and relieve your stress not manage your stress. If you're just needed for some reason at the end of this show download my podcast this into the hits on iTunes it ask doctor Ernst AA SK DR. ER NST these guys like your key to success you go to my website asked doctors account FaceBook asked doctor. I can't asked doctor art. And Alec Ford senior guys each and every week until then thanks so much but I.