Top Three Household Items You Should Avoid

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, April 14th
Dr. Ernst discusses the top three household items you should avoid. 

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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information you. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading them growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour you learned from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Ask doctor. Here's your host doctor Eric Hertz. Good afternoon happy Saturday to Yale you're listening to be asked doc turns elevated the seller pat just said is these instead of me to be set free from all of your health problems. I'm here with doctor or nerds to hear tweeted today to coach inspire and guide you to that in my pupil while potential. Low amateur here at love our topic is the detoxification. Through to mean that I've been hosting here on the gas that turned show and today were discussing that top. Three household toxins. The three most dangerous things a year exposed to on a daily basis and how they can wreck our health. There are of course more than 3 but I am picking the top three because these are. In our day to day actions we are exposed them all the time and make him because Corzine but it'll help is needed to deal with. This is your health nauert called the ask doctor so for reason you ask your health questions we answer them you can also visit our website aspect cars dot com. For a plethora of free downloads content. But the most valuable and most important part of that website is the request consultation. Because their free I think occupant of fifteen minutes over the phone about your health issues maybe points in a direction suggests that you or your doctor be testing. Potentially help you figure out how to heal by yourself. That's easy to rhetoric pressed the console button at the top. Asked doctor dot com also every week I live stream this with video on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com asked doctor Ernst. And very into the show I give away four minutes of free information refine only two or video viewers. So if you're just tuning in pop on over to FaceBook dot dot com slash doc turns. And we're gonna have a lot of fun today. This comes from the announcement that the Environmental Working Group put out just recently stay eighteen. That their new regulations to the United States regards to chemicals. The frank. 21 century act. That was huge wasn't it. Says the EPA for the first time ever is now required to review existing chemicals. And how they can affect your life your health. So where should the EPA start there are 80000. Known existing chemicals whose gonna take them for the next ten years to go through all of these. So based upon public information. I'm suggesting that they start with the top. Chemical exposures that you get access to daily. And I'm gonna go over the top three that are found in your house. How you should identify them get rid of them and wonder if they're causing your health issue. OK so last week we talked about the top three most dangerous heavy metals. It was lead Mercury and Valium if you missed that Mike Cox go download our podcast about that had ever iTunes I'd been asked doctor Ernst. There is for you. We discussed heavy metal the connected things like high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides diabetes heart disease cancer you name it that guess what he's top three household toxins. Are also connected to that. And the Environmental Working Group is a website you should hop on over to whatever your feeling fine and frisky about health. They have a ton of information guys off three. I don't wanna do a show you how everyday chemicals like deodorant shampoo soap furniture in your house even closed team. Has been connected to birth defects cancer thyroid disease healthy sees high blood pressure tetra. So we need to spend some time type about the top three sources of contamination that you and your family are around every single day. These things are ominously not really but you think there ominously lurking around your house. In fact you're being exposed to them every day d.'s top three very dangerous ready for them. Water. And it's at companies and it. Air dots and it's all around us and and household items that you use like yours sunscreens toothpaste deodorant. You know etc. so water air and products that are in your counters in your cabinet except. And I mean to break it down because her about puberty you're exposed your household water every single day. Multiple times today you start your day by beating yourself in water hopefully you are. You wash your dishes with that your cooking with it eccentric everywhere. You're in the air 24 hours to date more or less in your house and you guys that are in the now year round air all the time. And air in your house according to Simon working group can be extremely hazardous issue for your health. So we have to talk about how do you identify toxic air and pretty clean and get rid of it. And then lastly of course everything you put on you or around you or clean your house with or clean you with. Could be highly toxic. Toothpaste deodorant lotions creams and music that trip. Cleaning agents and we wanna discuss how you clean out your house. So you clean out your body so there for high blood pressure cholesterol triglycerides thyroid condition diabetes heart disease. Will be cleaned out of you. And all their initiative today and giving tickets weightless and next Saturday April when he first pace on the called project detox and I'm posting here in Charlotte. And it's at the holiday and express suites is currently as of today's sold outs. You cannot come to it unless you pick. And pick up a phone call this number I have ten tickets that I have kind of set aside. You know I listened to the radius of times you hear. Such as that reformer is coming to the such and such eater but the tickets are sold out you can only get accessed by calling this phone number. So I sort of I heard Andy grammar is in Charlotte and it was sold out and that that that link it to be BT had tickets on my costs brewing. So I kept tennis side where sold out the guests like you'd get them now point five dollars normally throat and project detox. Is mile wide events and are you gonna see me personally. You gonna learn exactly how to identify all of the toxins in your environment but most importantly. The test gliding year and you can request from your doctor you can get run for yourself. And the protocols on how to pull this stuff now will be read yields. To show you how to enhance your body's natural detox process. If you're excited about this he should because it's sold out seven afford 9062094. 7049062094. And it's something free and special today when you're calling you're gonna get my book. We gave a hundred copies that we last week it's that the world record asked doctorates were record. Bob books give it away. I give a hundred books away last week I wanna know what you do another hundred this week 704906. Two's current for the book is toxic top ten. By doctor Aaron aaron's myself. The tickets are free I only have ten. So he got a call right now 704906294. When we come back this commercial break were digesting the top three household toxins water air. And products what are they where the comp from what are the issues and Heidi get rid of it. That's all on the gas doctorate so that call line again 7049062094. Yasser Churchill will be right back. Good afternoon happy Saturday it was enthusiasts are turned shall I mean host doctor Aaron aren't suited to sell or pounder said diseases dead you can be set free from all health problems. Love agitated today on this beautiful Saturday. Our topic for the hour gas doctored so it is the top three most toxic substances found in your house and how they affect your health. In fact sadly these guys are everywhere in your home in L it teach you how to clean them up. Because you can't get rid of them okay we're discussing water air. And various products cleaning products beauty products your home how they can be destroyers for your health. This is your how are you guys ask questions throughout the week. I summit altogether during the show. That give a question you want me to talk about at any point in effect today. For but I with the upcoming cell converts my website asked doctor dot com. Top right hand corner is a contact section there's also request to console which is free by the way. You can get on the phone with me for fifteen minutes no cost no co pays no consultation no deductible these days away from me just to say hey what's going on. And he tried this have you looked into that. Back to be the most valuable phone call you ever having your life that's free pass doctorate dot com don't forget we live stream every week on FaceBook dot com slash half doctorates on on this video right now talking to you. And you guys can head over there. Today's topic again is the top three most toxic household items. And I'm breaking them into major categories water air and then products a case that we got a clean our water out. Why do we need cleaner water out to pay if you head over to the environmental working group's database that is the EWG dot org. And you typed in water. They have a national database we can search the water in your city. And find out what's been tested what's been found eccentric. So I typed in Charlotte and looking at the report right now and it says we have eight contaminates detected about health guidelines. That would be the EPA the FDA. So these eight are big big deals because the cause problems. Roma died or a methane if they cancer agent Roma form cancer agent for reform cancer agent. Chromium heck surveillance. This is the Erin Brockovich chemical that was so detrimental. And cause massive health issues in cancers. That he Erin Brockovich became famous for. Yeah makes guys it's in the Charlotte water had to bail chromium. Died robo coral methane. I chorus he acid. Total try out how low and means heats the ATM's cancer causing agents. Strike or a CD gastric cancer cars needed bears the eighth contaminants. Known in the Charlotte water. Why is that important for us lets you would they cause cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer Dicey cancer eight times. Huge issues that case our water has eight. Cancer agents found that it above the detectable health guidelines. According to EPA. Chordiant DA then we have other detect contaminants like chromium. Chloride. Struck him it and DM this for the top went to announce how Lewis CD gas kids. Mono promise heated gases. And died from the gas it again. Go to the EWG dot org hit the water button typing years of coding you can find out so water is a big deal. And having these chemicals in our water is a big deal for our health because I don't know if you're aware of this or not. Your body can absorb things through your skin based upon exposure to your skin. In medicine this is house sort of these trans thermal patches work. OK so. Over the counter nicotine and nicotine patches work because the nicotine out of the pact wills. Go through your skin and into your blood in your Olympics at thereby being exposed your skin. So you'd take a five to seven minute shower. And if you're taking a shower full of chlorine or chlorine arsenic volume copper lead cat impact today on chromium except for a tenure absorbing this stuff. Secondly. Because of the steam from the hot water. They become volatile and you inhale them so its potential that your inhaling core means in Florida means and Roman means except for a how is this stuff in there what we use these to clean water right. You get the price familiar with the concept that deck chlorine and kill contaminants in swimming pool waters that makes the water look clean. So guess what. The water treatment plants use chlorine and flooring and Perot mean for this very purpose so when we talk about sort of a bro my chloride met Pena Michael way to backup from a customer reaction from the war in the Perot mean combining together. Roma form. Is is a downstream the tablet abusing Perot mean to clean water. Chloroform same thing text avail chromium not from chlorine but from content contamination. That comes from sort of run offs. Because of industrial products and processes right so industrial pollution. Natural occurring mineral deposit it stature but Texas Baylor chromium is not something that naturally occurs in nature it's in our tap water it's in our drinking water so when you're making. Your foods in your washing your plates are showering paid the reason I say this is one of the top. Three toxic exposures your house is water is everywhere OK so what do we do okay can we go by a British filter and filter it out. Rick is designed to use a type of Q leasing agents known as charcoal. To pulled a certain how lied like broad meaning chlorine in Florian stuff which is great big good you want chlorine on your drinking water. But that's just drinking water are you running your shower water through a rift filter probably not. Are you filling your bath with bread water probably not are you cooking with fits you know probably not so pretty as they're great. You know so we can start getting these fancier ones right turkeys and also stuff but again that's just your drinking water what are you doing for your showering in your bathing. Well doctor aren't that went to lows not bought this chlorine filter. That you screwed you're shower had. Better than not doing that but again it's only removing the chlorine in certain like lead and things copper eccentric. The top guys Texas Baylor chromium and heavy metals like down. Saudi M and radium at things like this they're not going to be necessarily remove directly by somebody that the filters. And even if you get a good house filter can't reverse osmosis perky filters. You're gonna pull a lot of stuff but again it's just the drinking water when it LP eighty water what about eating water and things like that. Okay the most dangerous of them all in my definition is the chlorine flooring chromium based products write the text of electro music tetra. So you're gonna need to get special filters for this stuff and I highly. Highly recommend. That if you have a health issue Kate you're taking a medication because the high blood pressure high cholesterol. A thyroid problem except for eccentrics extra clean your water out. As the number one step to cleaning out your house clean out your health. You do need to look in a whole houseful tracing units. That art is gonna remove quarry of Florian and actually get down and remove these dangerous chemicals that tank. In my opinion that on the research on this the only way to pull industrial chemicals packs have really chromium. You know try core with a weak acid and B how low methane and all the heavy hitters heavy metals and things like that. You're going to need a zeal light based filtering system for your house. Zeal lights as we talked last week. Calculation. Agents they can pull heavy chemicals still viking use says he'll light to clean year lighting your year end. We can all see use deal lights to clean out your house you want more information about this go to my website asked doctors dot com. In the search bar type and household filters are gonna find the different ones that we talk about. And even the ideas on Weis to clean out your household water OK so what is the number wind most threatening health exposure in your house. The water. That your drinking and salaried and everything else again why because of the fact that the Environmental Working Group has discovered in Charlotte eighths. Contaminated detected above the health guidelines. Meaning it's beyond the EPA's. Regular monitoring rule. The use the MR three program. Says you shouldn't have these guys above this level. We do for these eight and we have seven other detected contaminants. Such as chromium flora I'd strides we have been indium gallium X that your case that guys you have to start cleaning your water out. Okay now wait a second doctor aren't the cape. I only drink filtered water. I only remove it with great except for remember that's phenomenal you must be doing that but you're probably not bathing in this on you're probably not filling your bath water with what Fina you could understand. It's great pitcher drinking filtered water but your body is absorbing chemicals as you shower. And as you do other things with the water in your house like architecture and what is the best filter in my in my opinion if you're gonna just filtered drinking water. Three filtered Lorraine reverse osmosis filter the case you need a pre filter to remove the flooring has RO doesn't do a good job with Lorraine. And then you would RO filter water what's the challenge with RO filtered water it removes a lot of the minerals that you need a magnesium potassium makes that trip. He must add the minerals back some systems will have neutralizing agents afterwards where you can just buy complete minerals and a bottle and scored a packet and if you're a note taker okay go to my website has all this information is available for you. This show topic today is to make you go oh my gosh. What if the reason I still have high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes heart disease except her thyroid problems is because I'm exposing myself to toxic water. I live in Charlotte you definitely are I hate to say it but the Environmental Working Group says our waters toxic is in need. Go to the website check it out OK number two air. Okay according to again Environmental Working Group your air is more toxic in your house and even outside air this is a big concern and why is that. Furniture carpet paints the most dangerous of them all air freshener to get this thing you plug in to make your air smelled good. If you think your air smells bad it's not smelling bad because. A some odor coming fair trashed and it's smelling bad because of toxic volatile compounds in the air. Air pressures are so dangerous can they have so many chemicals and them. That in other countries they're technically labeled as illegal bird general use. Met bill Pryor all prior bullets that tough when methyl trial item nine. And pencil out the Hyde is bound in many over the counter air pressures and they are carcinogens. The case that we use things in our house to try to fix the smells. And we have things like. Our and furniture and our carpet dinner paints expected to do this. Radon can also be a big issue of course if you have a basement we have an area where there's raid on command that ground except for a but one of the biggest contaminants of a lot of our houses that has a smell that you can't smell that it might be in your hair is mole. Especially if you live in an area that's damp like Charlotte's. That we can start to have mold growing in our crawl spaces. In in between drywall or bathrooms. And mold is a sticky thing because the challenges. It is in the air it doesn't always have a smell but your body gives you reactions. Symptoms that mold exposure are things like headaches. Joint pain depression anxiety. And then. Digested issues discomfort acid reflux digestive issues bloating gas eccentric. Stiffness of your joints in the morning so against sort as a breath you might look at this thing go my god had all of those. Maybe the air in your house is toxic. Maybe you should start looking in to clean out my comeback and it's Eric you'd be easiest way. To clean out your air in your house and we're gonna break apart how do we fix things like the water in the toxins. Don't forget that right now I have six tickets left for free my events holdouts. April when he first project detox you can call right now. If you're one of the next six colors they're yours for free in that it sold out I'm sorry there's nothing left. 7049062094. Seven afford 9062094. And also giving away copies of a free book I wrote called the toxic top ten. It's gonna show you how to clean your house out do the things that affect free seven afford 9062094. We come back the next commercial break. More on the top three toxins in your house how to clean them out how to heal naturally gas doctorate children pack. I'm happy Saturday you're listening to ask doctor Eric Snow thanks for CNN I'm your host doctor Aaron Aaron we're here to set you free from your health issues. My discussing the top three most toxic products that are found in your house I say the word product I mean snub categorical groups. Waters in your house Ares in your house cleaning chemicals. Now household items are in your house. These are by definition the top three most toxic things you're exposed to. And before you start Cohen way to sect and this is ridiculous like the water here in Charlotte is clean and pure. You know like now I just watched the reports from Duke Energy that the waters healthy. And I saw the Charlotte you know water organizations are and we of the cleanest water in the nation. Will be careful because the environment working group says we don't. Now this organization that looks at things like. The EPA's recommendations the FDA's recommendations they have national databases Greek and look up detected contaminants. And I clicked on the water tab I typed in Charlotte centered zip code. And we have eight contaminates above the environmental protection agency's maximum guidelines. And those eight are on the list you can go to the web site and feed him and we also have seven detected contaminates. That caused things like cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer is a big deal. A case that we've got to clean our water out. And if you miss the beginning segment the idea that paid download our podcast at the end of the hour. Go back and listen to the water section or stick around because I dude that top three takeaways on TV Cypriot Poland that. We mentioned a number two is a year. And the idea that the air in your house can be extremely toxic because. Of the off gassing of chemicals from your furniture your carpets. Your paints and or the mold. But it ominously growing behind the walls or in your crawl spaces is being distributed through your eight back system. Now I'm nastase or did you just because it just happens he recently I had to replace. My central units for heating and air because that thing just sort of just died after a while they have a wife and after while they just go. Can't do this anymore. So I replaced it what was interesting is when the guys came to pull it out they said oh there was a small leak. Where they condensation line wasn't training properly so there was water pack up and there was mold growing inside the blower. Now this is a big deal because it means every time my unit turned on it was pushing mulled through my house. And down you know we notice certain things like chronic fatigue and headaches and crop up with my wife. My my children I'm I'm home like never become network all the time so I wasn't affected as much but they work. So I hired a company to come in and bring in A happ use the ozone system because I'm like we're fix in this case though. I am so dedicated to my health and my family's health. That would at 101000 dollar bill came I'm like done deal man that is a good deal from my health. And actually has a good deal for a full system which happened you'd be innocent. So you've got to understand you may have these things lurking around without you knowing about them a case of mold is a big deal any time water. Is around and hanging around because we have mold in the air and making grow on stuff. I was shocked to find out I can grow up the side of a metallic item tank I was shocked to find out he can grow behind the wall. Drywall in your house. I was shocked to find eking grow underneath your Florian on the sub floor and you would never know it because it creeks along the underside. Yet you may have helped defeat coming from this. Of the Environmental Protection Agency if Simon working groups say your indoor air is possibly. More toxic they knew going outside inbreeding fresh air. So what do we do to fix the air and our house well the recommendation accords Environmental Working Group. Is to open the windows and air exchange for fifteen minutes every day. To get the toxic air in your house how. By allowing your house to breed naturally the case that that's an easy 31. If you wanna be a little more professional about this do what I just did. You'd be Tampa ozone filters on your systems so that every time it turns on. It pulls the air at your house runs at three UP like a hepa filter and its ozone killing anything that it like mold spores viruses exception. If you wanna go a step above that. Get a system that takes the air from the outside and pumps that air into your house is called forced air exchange which is what I did. So we can do that tank. Next of course you can now and started cleaning the air yourself by running certain filters in your house if you don't wanna upgrade your entire suites. A year central system. Go to Amazon and buy a cup of filter for you know maybe 150 bucks. Usually they run about 2003000. Square feet of your house they'll clean it out and you're looking at maybe a 103 dollars to do this guys it's your health. It's worth it it's important. Yet one that has the UV lights. You won as happened filter. If you can handle this analogy you're not says that it should get one has ozone filter and run as a when you're not your house it'll heal all the stuff in your air and clean out. So water we have to filtered we got to do it the right way not just with that. You know British filter for your drink you water your whole house must be filtered why. Environmental Working Group says we have eight cancer causing agents found in Charlotte drinking water. And we have seventeen contaminated contaminants like calf flooring chlorine Perot mean except restaurants in the Indian Valium heavy metals is we've got to clean our whole house out. We have to clean the air out and now here's the heavy hitter guys. We have got to stop talks a finer house by the products that we use okay the reason I'm giving away this toxic top ten e-book. If it shows you the ten most toxic things are exposed to daily gives you'll targets guys can't do all ten on the air I'd be here for four hours. So it's free 8704906209. Ports an e-book that I wrote. He called the number we humility you and you have access you know what to do. I am now down I I got a text just now from my am manager he says who left new. The case though what is left are the tickets that are sold out. My project detox next Saturday guys April 21 11 AM at the Holiday Inn express in suites. This event is sold out and no one gets access to it except for the next two callers 7049062094. There goes 1704906. Who 094. What I'm doing at the event is a new show you how to identify in your body. What's there OK look we know they're text about chromium flooring broke mean all these things that are drinking water. But what about inside of you if you got text don't chromium for a your blood that's a big deal. And acted BYU can't break free from your health issues okay. We say that the asked doctor are still exists that you can be set free from disease. Set free from your health problems but if something holding you back it's hard to be. You know free from now. I want you to visualize the idea of a butterfly B and tied down to a rock. And being asked to fly away. It's not going to be able to because something's holding him back. Now that butterfly can fly. It can do what it's supposed to do but the rock and the string is connecting it what do you have these rocks in your body called chemicals. And they're holding you back from flying free for your health. I hope you guys CD now as you write this event is designed to teach you how to test how to look for in modifying these contaminants and how to safely remove them. Seven afford 9062094. 7049062094. When we come back more about the products that you're using every day. Like deodorant so it's feel soaps and shampoos. Yes doctors are what your back. Take it up today and you think to ask doctor itself. I mean pro stock pared airs this seller pounder said as Baghdad you can be set free market health problems. Our topic today at the top three most toxic. Products that are not your house and again I used the word products at an air quotes. Because there at the top three toxic categories that they water is a product on your house. Air is a products found in your house. And any apple of your soaps and laundry detergents and cleaning agents that's the third is the water one heir to products three clean agency catcher. And now we spent the top of the hour discussing why water is so toxic in the real quick ten seconds here. Environmental Working Group found eight carcinogenic. Agent above the EPA guidelines for maximum allowable amounts in Charlotte water. We have seven known detected contaminants. Like chlorine flooring bro mean on him and AM he tetra so we have toxic water courted the Environmental Working Group. Go to there web site EW GE to be G dot org and looking at this. Which we talked about how you've got to fill your house water's not enough okay to do tap watery that your whole house. As you paid and it's you shower and it's you you know drinking it from the faucet cooking things in it to tetra. If you don't think it's a big deal. We knew cook hospital with tap water you're letting that stuff absorb into the food. When you wash your plates with your water your pretty chemicals all over them and eat food. When you shower in a chlorine filter maneuver good for you but what about the text of ailing chromium nick in our water accorded the Environmental Working Group the cause of cancer but it. Okay air we mention that although volatile compounds the smells of the paints in the fumes that come from your carpets. If you have fake furniture like you know fake leathers and you have stained furniture and things like that they off gas. It's been found that your memory foam beds off gas for months in you might not smell it but it's still in the air. And their volatile compounds meaning their toxic agent that are found in air. You brief and then they go into your lungs to get into blood Nicholas health issues. What are the most dangerous things found in your house is possibly mold and mold spores in the air. And so you need to clean out in an instant that I had the joy of clean my system might make eight Texas and crack down on me sadder place it. So I got to you'd be Tampa ozone system to clean out clean the air. I also did an upgrade which takes the outside air and pulls it into my system and pushed it in my house every time mine and as a running. Or Miami heat's on a mine areas on. I'm not re circulating air in my house I'm pulling outside here on forced air system if you don't have that or you're not looking to upgrade that. Open your windows and allow the Eric to exchange. But dug earth at forty degrees outside that's fine your heater will turn on and fix the temperature. Ring the outside area and every day for fifteen minutes according to the Environmental Working Group. Clean air out right if you don't wanna do that's been a 150 bucks on Amazon pine happily use the ozone filter your house and run it every day Hitler sent. In this studio. I have an ozone generator running because that's how important areas for me in my producer shaking his head going now the best thing you ever did for the airing here okay so look. I care about myself. And those around me enough to say I'm pop in this 150 dollar generator here to clean air. Kate third okay this is a big deal guys the products found in your house. That are affecting you are at the various things you used on a daily basis okay and that would be stuff like again. You're. Toothpaste Spaniard deodorant your shampoo. Your conditioner. You're cleaning products at your putting on your counter tops your windows if you're wiping things down with wipes Clorox wipes and things like this. Can't lift here what I consider to be the most dangerous. Not necessarily in order but in order of how they affect us. Because a lot of people now are doing is that it's springtime. And we're going OK let's not kill the weeds that are. Cropping up. We run out to our garage and we get roundup or we do whatever and we start sprain in the cracks of our drive way we start spring and a lot of the like this okay. I don't know if you've ever noticed this but when you drive their neighborhood or you gonna walkers have like that. And you go. Can smell that someone just put pesticides down. You're inhaling it which means it gains that if you why is it's so important that you grabbed my free toxic topped many book because you need to think about this stuff okay. I gave away a hundred copies on myself last week I wanna try to break the record in 2203050. Today. You get those by calling this phone number 704. Nines are 62094. The book is free is going to be emailed directly to you it shows you more about this kind of stuff. Sons greens Yoder and shampoos conditioners etc. and the other categories of case to pick up the phone and called the number. Now I made a call to action earlier agreement so its data you can join me for my project detox next Saturday unfortunately. I just got attacked our manager is now sold out the tent a broader gone black. But don't let that hold you back here's what I would suggest you do. Human nature says not everyone's gonna show up. Just happens that tank I always two days before the event yet you know ten cancellations or seven people saying pass fail emergency can't make it. My tickets now available. If you're interested in this case if you wanna learn how to get off medications naturally. You much energy to come back he would clean your body out you wanna learn how to clean your house home. More importantly you wanna know what the test to find the cause of your toxins that tank. Why don't you call right now on an open up a wait list sort of reserve list tank. You get your name on this list when summoned cancels we'll send it over to you. And again I'm gonna keep it for free 7049062094704. Nines are 62094. When you call and they're gonna say guys that it sold out lots right now for you you can get on the list name phone or email bulletin of the and cancels. Case so what's the big with a can of roundup is by far the most toxic products you can ever happen your house if you've habit I suggest you take it to some sort of a dumb. Or take it to be you know chemical controlled zones called OSHA and say hey I'm dancing again in my house. Round up is a chemical known as go like the states. And it's been known carcinogen and noon hormone disrupt Armenian it messes up the ability for your body to work properly it disrupts hormones. OK it is sprayed on 60% of the world's crops. So I suggest you don't sprayed in your house and your products around your house. Because you're already eating at more than likely if you're not eating organic produce the widely we have to clean out our diets because we have chemicals coming from what's sprayed onto them. Please stop spraying your lawn with roundup. It give a lawn crew and they're doing it for you asked him to use that the more natural that are available. Almost don't cost anything extra roundup is the most dangerous. Physical products in your house please stop using it. Case on screen. It has chemical agents that have been linked to creating cancer. In the first place why because when the sun goes through it and it's on your skin it's oxidized and then again remember your skin absorbs chemical products. That we don't want things on your body the tank. Zinc oxide is a natural sunscreen you can use by the way and there are many. Nine toxic sunscreens now that we've learned sunscreen is very dangerous as we are now shifting gears from spring to summer. Hopefully restoring its duties right now right. We're getting days where it's nice and you're going out my remorse and hit the sun. Good dishonest great for a 1015 minutes let it build the vitamin. And also it is the absorbs into the chemical toxins there are natural sun screen you can find on our website asked that turns dot com available for you. Toothpaste is a big deal. Partly because most toothpaste have sodium laurel sulfate which is they foaming agents make it all soapy in your mouth which is very dangerous for us to know and toxin can mess up the liver. And can mess up your kidneys and missed a bit of various hormones with your body and fluoride is also a very dangerous products okay. Fluoride has been connected to massive issues like opted sarcoma which is a type of bone cancer. And many too face also contain an antibiotic it will wreck your micro bio contract with sand. I'd cosmetics again big deal for us the ladies and also press guys are using you know things like mascara and foundation and you know them. The various emotions and stuff that we use that came. When we talk about this stuff go to the Environmental Working Group there's entire category. Of the most toxic products like mascara. On basics extra. Many cosmetic still today use things like formaldehyde. Benzene in styling and taught you liens and I Cox means. Very very dangerous fourth. Older style lipsticks back in the day used to actually use that led. As part of the die because led gives things a reddish color okay and I talked before once that if you have a tattooed it's red you have led. As of Kansas washed out there are certain products even in the beauty industry there's the dangers Boris here's what you might not think out. The granite countertop that you invested so much money and make your kitchen looks so beautiful. Can't actually be a source of toxicity. For two reasons. All stones spastic granite give off small amounts of radon. And there are some things point to the idea that the grand it's your house can be giving off a radioactive. Organic compound in the year. The slow decay of the granite itself. And that radon exposure from that has been linked to things like. Lung cancer and other among issues so you have a granite countertop I would highly suggest you get somebody committed to a raid on check. Mixtures not coming off I believe you can steal it helped it but still doing it. Okay and then here's the big when that all of its exposed to all the time so. Right the problem with soap is this unless you use and natural plant based soap they all have chemicals antibacterial agents and things incited them. And no matter how hard you try there's always soap residue left behind. I've even read some web sites that are suggesting that the consumption of soap. In low dose quantities for long periods of time is why we are so sick. Why we have so much cancer heart disease diabetes everything else because soap. Is dates upon a fire it breaks facts apart. Your brain is made it back to Pinkett Smith back to carry it back to your data that a lot of us have more fat dude like. And if you break the fats doubt you break them apart your Norah logically breaking your brain apart you breaking your organs apart. So you're eating so I'm not talking about taking dawn importing your mouth K you'd know pizza dude. But when you run I'd hide through your dishwasher. They're soap residue left behind. When you wash yours your dishes and you things biking and Whitney soap. Left behind the case that we wanna stay as far away from chemical base soaps what you need to use instead. Or more plants based and or natural base soaps against arguably this stuff. Give my toxic top ten e-book which gives you some resource 70490620940. Grab that. But you can also just you know use common sensing clean things more naturally. We've talked before on many shows in the past about how vinegar and water is the only thing you should really be cleaning stuff with in your house. You don't like the smell. Adds an essential oils to help it to be flavorful right you can do things like lavender you can do that tea tree oil you can do whatever you want. A tank I'm running shine on time which is why you've got to download my free e-book. 704906209. For a state download because it's not my web site. But I will give it to you with a free download leak 70490620940. My goodness where is the time gone. Mr. hop over to FaceBook dot com right now slash ask doctor Ernst that's my life BM 8084 minutes of fine in about thirty seconds. If you want to get on the wait list to come to my event which is Saturday April 21 next week project detox it's wait listed only seven of four. Nines are 62094. At 7049062094. Take aways ready water. Air and the price we use the most toxic you gotta get rid of them a seat guys debates Nazi next week thanks so much.