In Toronto, Authorities Still Piecing Together What Happened When Van Plowed Into Pedestrians

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Tuesday, April 24th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no big Stokely radio program. Do you find yourself seem certain events. It's like Groundhog Day. So here we go again I remember yesterday afternoon. What do you think images of what happened in Toronto and thinking well. This is absolutely bizarre welcome to the broadcast today. Stands. Is really sad again to see this kind of carnage ten people dead fifteen injured. This happened north Toronto fan. Just Graham did to people. One of the sad things about this and again this is one of those things where. One person does something like this. And then you have copycats they come along and figure out this is a great way to kill a bunch of people. Do you stop this. How do you stop this. And I think you would all agree and I'm not being flippant here. In this case this veil was every bit as deadly as a gun. Someone posted on social media yesterday once I posted the story. Mean I commented we going to try to do vein control. Pinch this expose his steel lack of logic in the old gun control debate. Alec menaced Ian 25 year old. The alleged driver in the attack have you seen the video of this guy getting arrested. May end. And one thing I really have to commence here. Is he restraint exercised by authorities when they arrested this guy this guy pulled a weapon out on them. Have you seen the video guys who have you seen that I think Charles you've seen it. My goodness. And if there ever were a situation. Where it's justified to use deadly force not only had this guy killed ten people. But here is standing there holding a gun at officers. Blow the man Horry. They didn't. He surrendered. They took command. And that that was kind of interstate. Rather instructive in light of so many of these situations in this country that are turned deadly. And I think many of us serve ever asked the question why then you don't have to go into racial considerations or anything like that. But I did find it rather intriguing. What is it about this circumstance. I'd love to know. That allowed them to be able to take this guy and peacefully. Just curious. Now this port authorities are saying this attack does not appear to have a national security connection. Could just be a nutty guy. That simple. Ten dead fifteen people injured. This guy just took a van. And plowed into pedestrians. His Linkedin profile identifies this guy as a student. Our student at Seneca college. Government officials briefed on the investigation so far should the suspect not associated with any organized terrorist group. Does not represent a larger threat to national security. There's a reason behind this at this point we do not know. We do not know. They writer VAN. When used in this attack infect you conceive of fan you can tell it it. All right it. With. Objects I'm sure people and things along the way. Authorities are warning this is going to be a long investigation. Numerous witnesses surveillance cameras in the area. A lot's. Of things to take a look at. At times a driver drove in both north and southbound lanes. Over the course of the attack. Suspect arrested 26 minutes after police received the 911 call. There were a lot of pedestrians out enjoying. Just enjoying themselves. Witnesses. So this becomes the new normal. Unfortunately these kinds of attacks how do you prevent them. How do you prevent them they're going to be able to put barricades up everywhere. It's just not out possible or practical. This is part of our new normal. We also have good news the case Travis rankings he's the guy who killed four people Waffle House in Nashville. He has been arrested as well. A man characterized as mentally unstable no kidding. He's sort of opened fire inside that Waffle House restaurant. Leaving four people dead on Sunday. He was arrested near his apartment after hiding from police for more than a day. His arrest about 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon in what area less than a mile from his apartment. Which isn't far broke away from the scene of his crime. He doused faced with four counts of criminal homicide. And assault on a two million dollar bond. When he carried out this attack. Nearly naked wearing only a green jacket brandishing an assault style rifle when he opened fire in the parking lot then storm the restaurant. Addition of four people killed four were wounded. And yesterday we share we cue the incredible story of James Shaw junior. The guy who wrestled the got away from the suspect. Providing even greater loss of life thank goodness this guy is now in custody. Thank goodness. They actually had eighty. National police officers out searching for this guy yesterday eighty. So this was a big deal and it's certainly a good thing that he is now in custody. Thank goodness. We'll probably have to talk more about this after the break I wanna set the table for this discussion this week. Dover and these matters of life and death. This one. Unfolding in a British hospital. These stories are becoming. Quite frequent. And it goes back to the question again. A child's. Who's the child belonged to. As a blow to the parents. Or does it belong to an institution. I'm not sure if you heard the story of two year old Alfie Evans. Alfie Evans. Bonus the one of the latest developments in this story just to give you some background here. There are those medical people who have concluded. That there is no hope for young Alfie Evans. An incision was made to take him off a ventilator. In a final step to try to save this. Young boy's life. Italian embassy. Issued a warning to the hospital and they granted. The child's citizenship. Yesterday. With the idea if you believe the UK and seek treatment. Italian citizenship so now one of the things that happened here. Theoretically. This was supposed to be an opportunity get this kid out. And to be able to take care of him. But so far this has not worked. We're gonna talk more about this and with the implications are of this story. All of these things and there are others will delve into during the course the broadcast. These the types of things. Unfortunately become trends. They've become trends if we do not act to the affirmative. To prevent them in the future. Much more on the healthy Evan stories we continue our broadcast. 15 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Lot of people will. 1019 on the Vince Coakley radio program. Before you go into this story. About the rights of parents and children for that matter. Also update you about a story that is developing this morning. About Donald Trump's nominee to serve. As the next secretary. Of the Veterans Affairs Department. This is really taken a really strange turn in the last 44 hours. Really strange turn we now have a nomination. This hearing has now been delayed indefinitely. Because of questions about this man's background. Here is how CBS is reporting this. The ranking Democrat on the senate veterans affairs committee is reviewing allegations he's hearing about runny Jackson. The White House position president trumps picked to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. We've already told you this is delayed the process. Here is what we're hearing so far sources familiar with the tails. Say senator John testers committee staff is reviewing multiple allegations. Of a hostile work environment. The accusations include excessive drinking on the job. Improperly dispensing methods. Those are some pretty serious allegations. If proven true one of the sources said this will sink his nomination. Can probably be just the beginning of problems for this gentleman if these things turn out to have any substance to them at all. Testers office began hearing the allegations from current and former employees in the last several days over the weekend. According to one of the people familiar with the ongoing probe as of late Monday. Late Monday we weren't sure whether this of was scoring to have any of impact on the process. Now. The nomination has delayed indefinitely. So will be interesting to see where this process goes also. President Donald Trump and the French president Emanuel make chrome. Robin news conference this morning if it happens during this broadcast we will take a life. Is scheduled for 11:45. AM the presidential events are notoriously late. So we can I guarantee. Truth that what happened during this broadcast if it does we may listen in one of the big issues. That has been going on. We know that it's Emanuel make Kron has been trying to influence. President Donald Trump. On one issue in particular that is the Iran deal they very much wants. The United States to leave the deal as it is the president wants to make some changes. So be interest in here we hear any new developments along those lines. I told you before the break about Alfie Evans. This is about his foundation we should get you really have to issue she one of them is the right to life the second issue. Is a question about who really has custody of this child. Parents. Or the states. You can put in state slash hospital. Medical authorities. This little boys ventilator has been removed. Even after the Italian embassy. Issued a warning to the hospital. Since Italy had granted the child's citizenship on Monday to allow him to leave the United Kingdom for treatment. Curious what the father postage Tom Evans. Posted on FaceBook Alfie has been granted Italian citizenship he belongs to Italy. They tried. Thanks usually put out if you remove the ventilator from Alfie Evans. We will file a complaint against you for the murder of an Italian citizen. Well. Pretty strong. Alder hey Children's Hospital claims it's not a boy's best interest to stay on a ventilator maintains that further treatment is futile. The boy's parents. They wish to continue to fight for the baby's life. The Christian legal center representing our priest parents stated the Italian ambassadors urgently contacted the court. With a request for the Italian government to be allowed to intervene in the case and seek the return of their citizen Alfie evidence to Italy. We also heads. Some attempts at intervention from Pope Francis. Move by the prayers and immense solidarity. Shown. But what Alfie Evans I renew my appeal the suffering of his parents may be heard and their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted. All of this pleading. Was met by deaf ears the ventilator was removed. Here's what else priest father is postage he's been sustaining his own life. Ever since the very leader and later was removed we just need him oxygenated. They're denying us to do that. So if anyone has any ideas from anyone can help fuel free. Alfie is still here fighting. This story. My goodness can you imagine what these spared to roaring through it again. This decision has been taken out of their hands. It's no longer players. Hospital has stepped in. And decided. What they believe is in the best interest of the child. Do they have the right to do that well apparently so because so far. It is there will then has prevailed in this very very very sad circumstance. Over on the text line is 713 series seven some comments on what we've talked about so far. We start this convinced to go on your Groundhog Day observation another thing I noticed how officials and leaders. Always seem to scramble to say it wasn't an act of terror. In this case. It doesn't look like it is an act of terror looks like it was. Somebody who's probably just off his rocker. We will find out more later on another techsters saying they should have shot him. This when I don't think Canadian caps are routinely armed either. That might be why the police didn't shoot him. We used to put crazy people and mental institutions until the ACLU's said that was scroll. Tonight you have schizophrenic and mentally ill wandering the streets. And out their longest. On the Alfie evans' story Alfie highlights different screen subjects and citizens citizens have rights subjects are property. Like seek livestock or pets that are killed at will. And I'm not meaning to be crest by this. But it kind of reminds me of the far side. Mirror the far side. Ends. And two of my favorite comics wanna move his horse hospital. They show this picture of a doctor Roy room to room. With a shotgun. That's the point this Dexter is making here. We are reducing human beings to livestock. By the way the other one. Was a medical guide to treating sick courses. And had a list of conditions on the left side and on the right side. You know what the solution lies shoot. You know it's funny when it's comedy and you're talking abouts. A hypothetical were guarding animals it's not so funny we're talking about human beings but the texture makes a very good point here. Life is simply been cheapened year. We just barely reaction barely a reaction. From the world community where is everybody. We are today. It's just a few decades ago Kerry equivalents doctors Turkey chase all the way to the Supreme Court to keep pro life support the times there a change in. They sure are changing. And I think in many cases we would agreed not necessarily. For the better. This text says Italy shouldn't invade England over this to rescue an Italian citizen who's being held hostage. How far do you think they're actually going to go not Jerry. Bloody your thoughts. As we continue to broadcast this morning 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. There. Very clear you understand the implications of what's going on this I'll be. Evans' story. This Dexter says it's about similar situations happen in England for. Nothing excuse based on the fact they gave government health care. If this is what single Payer will bring. Yes we'd better be where. On the Waffle House incident Waffle House shooter had the guns three separate times while it's an interesting revelation. If Alfie is permitted to go to Italy recovers outrage against the executioners will rage will certainly will socialized medicine equals. Death panels. Yep. You've hit it on the head. Who's paying for Alfie medical care seems to me the public should not be paying for treatment for child that's been designated as hopeless. But compared should be allowed to spin their own money if they choose to. Vince Alfie story this is a prime example socialized medicine why we never need to have it here in America might. Out of Charlotte communicating match. Cool this is a good when. Well if Alfie was the queens new great grandchild. Will. Or you're going into medley now how dare you suggest such a thing and there were be a different standard surely not. Boy. Our humanness schools teach children evolution and survival of the fittest is holy richt. By their priest the teachers so no small wonder life has no value. If we're just a large Petri dish called earth John out of cal pins yet this is a direct result of that. England socialized medicine routinely kills elderly chronically ill patients by withholding water or IV fluids. They're left to die of thirst in hospitals. Right. Joseph out of your good morning welcome. The more I think this error are when I was eight years old my mother was our engineers technocrats. Carrying United States. And should she would come from home from there will meetings and she told me it actually meeting debt. As it technocrats society. That they government. Would he need each person born some units so your resources and whenever you step. If government at the right to terminate you. Our big crowd that you were useful progressive society. That they didn't have to terminate you. This is socialism. What it means is that they edit her powerful person you live your life are normally picture not a artful person. You're just wait and you're terminated its I I wouldn't this aren't so cruel to me that I left almost seems like good. Wow that is sort of scary very scary and did you see this mindset beginning to take colds in Eden this country. Well he the UNC. Left Winger. Since late in the second treacherous or around. Have your actually read about that appreciate your call their Joseph described to Willie here in Charlotte could morning. I love it out there it is people who. Complain about this several of their child that would love with a single paid double paid Medicaid Medicare all of that came out well. You know it's a soul into that criticized. Somebody else's problem. You know why wouldn't let them deal with it and hopefully. The Paris after the deal and it and it's very calm the left to pay a flat Soviet. So aren't you concerned about this happening here in this country willing or why not why do you what do you think we'll keep this from happening. The let me get there right out I think it'll let me cast a shadow lately. Yes you're out. OK today. Go to avatar but it's all our product for a bit in the weeks it's gonna yes we are you were there. Yes I lied love defected to I love the fact that it's it's privately funded here's what I'm concerned about though we have a trend of people. Who won who have to. You put in place some form of socialized medicine that's what concerns me. If your child that can't sort they have got a bit okay driver and they said let's Saddam. Russia has this. This miracle man it's okay. Gareth gates. OK I think there's there are all because I'm against continental wanna yes vote shall pay Medicaid single red double bank look at the sort split up they are telling the truth. Well why wouldn't I do that. But here's my question Willie should these should these institutions. Have the power of choice of life and death. Over the authority of parents that's the central question you're willing. Right that's that's. But is that that's the definition. Yes it is and that's where exactly what we're talking about appreciate your call there Willie. We cannot lose sight of the fact that we're talking about the authority of parents and of citizens to make these decisions. And this is where we have the corruption a big government and big corporations. Because if they are given those corporations. Are given the power to make his decision to repair its its just as bad. As giving this power and authority to the states. This is not healthy. By any means. And what I've said here is what really concerns me is you have people. You don't have an uproar at all in the United Kingdom about this you have people who are so passive. And there's so fatalistic when it comes to government practices. Don't just given. Whatever the government thinks is best. That is scary. Really scary the other checks to seniors is happening murmur Palin's assertion about the death panels and obamacare. And frankly Obama care still in place it's not gone anywhere. There are things that we're done to neutralize it. But it still fair. We must remember that. 42 minutes after 10 o'clock great time for us to take a look at the day in history as we traveled down. Interstate 85 to our upstate studio and Alonso very eagerly. Waiting to answer some very important question this. Things have happened. On April 24 on this April 24 20:18 good morning sir good morning I'm so looking forward to a roughly right and you have four question is an opportunity to shine and impress. We begin an eighteen hundreds. This particular government into. And you might do so I'm reading. That this. Place. Library of Congress you're a genius but you have the answer correct. 1915. There. This was a tragic incident that occurred. In this particular and what should name this modern country the Armenian Genocide. Began as there was a forced deportation of Armenians many on foot. The death toll estimated between 600001. Point five million. What country is this known as two day are many and genocide. Do drilling I know that's a tough for anybody here wanna take a stab at this went. Turkey you are correct Jain has this corrects this is modern day. Nineteen by the way they are denying this ever happens. Kuwait's this sound familiar 9053. This. Very famous. Person who had a significant role in World War II became sir. Knighted by Queen Elizabeth. When the most important figures in Europe at that time what was his name Winston Churchill you're correct. 1981. I don't wanna just breezed through this what I'm gonna save the legs the last question. Four after the break. And we want answered and talk about its implications. Coming up next. Right here 44 minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program one of things sets we were doing. Before the break. It's going through a list of history items. And last what I didn't want to just breezed through because I think. It's probably one of the most significant. Developments that happened on this particular day. It's affected everything. That we do literally everything in fact where I'm sitting right now. Reminds it was sitting right now. Where John is city where Charles's city. We are all at a place where we are. Music. What was introduced way back in 1981. If I named the company you'll know exactly what ideas do you wanna guests or should I give you hints months ago. You put so much pressure on the on this. And that's so important that we alone it's been here changed every thing it. Literally everything comes in the Internet all my goodness what do we gonna do it here Alonso. Well before you get to the Internet. You gotta have something to access the Internet rates. How about if I give you the company name IE BMC. Computers were around before that. They introduced the PC. In nineteen. That was the significant development deep personal computer. Well I disagree because computers existed before IBM did the personal computers known. Weakened still this job we do is tap three rooms. I don't know calculator out of a possible. Yeah isn't that funny to see these old movies when they get these floors and floors of computers. That now so you know these you know our telephones. Have more power than those things did. It's mind boggling is that you wonder what your life would be like without these things. Now remember we're old enough to remember what her life was like. We probably have forgotten some of the. Yeah I wished you know I was thinking about this we were talking yesterday about going back in history to childhood that sort of thing. And it's the simplicity of our lives before all these computer devices injured. And now. You know literally every time I saw a story the other day. Signature phrase seemed that story or not how many kids seven years old have phones. I mean how early the Guinea introduced this stuff but just remember one used to have to answer the phone to find out who was on it. I know and now with horrible and I can this go around mount pocono and now. Got a. You're absolutely right put out to you what we always answer your phone calls and so. So our failure Tom the listeners of course we answer there's just keep that in mind always answering your calls a great start with the men. We will catch it would begin soon always a joyful time. Pleasures or yours I'm sure. She had 52 minutes after democratic. We were earlier talking about the story. Alfie Evans who was on life support and she was taken off. By the hospital. Even though the Italian government intervened gave this kid citizenship and say they come seek treatment here. Mary would very much like to talk about this good morning Mary. Money is yet it's already happening here and be out little daylight in the nation and you on. That is there any limit doesn't think it's gonna happen here that you're derby day and I mean there at those certain amount of compassion but. Bottom line is they can't be countered and the Avalon and make that determination. That says okay get insurance meaning if you don't have insurance the bottom line is what we realized you consider that an obligation. That's medical care but are going to be Ugly Betty initiate its big picture stabilized and they can formula. And if they can also say that no more we can do you and they're not gonna keep you hooked up but I mean there's a certain amount of pressure that's put to their but what they'll do the best they can't help you put purple substance YouTube. Here call the cardinals. You can get nursing staff and they thought that line or they will send you to a rehab place or someone that is or another facility will more likely. Mechanic here facility at how to cure type thing because they no longer running. Pat you and a bit in the hospital. Because you don't qualify for the hospital and listening more. No Mary do you think we in the United States. Are kind of in this false sense of security as we think this can't happen us. Don't question that we are there are people they're not worried about it I don't think it's gonna happen rarity happening here. And eat it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see at let. We knew there are based on the end and there's a certain amount of apple not responsibility you have to go attack but we do give. It's we yet. There there are more free services that are available for people that are not here illegally. 'cause I know that until this. A stellar as hair I didn't get there are more services that are done and then those that are set that are. Am I trying to throw anything out there other than to say that I don't know why. We'll take our own better. And I don't know why we haven't opened our eyes to say it was good to hear each other. I'm not I'm not bashing attack that are coming from another country music that's fine but I don't know what this in equity. And street how we're serving. Those that are not here illegally and those are telling them as well and there isn't distinctive. Difference between her so. So as to how they're being served. And I don't I'm not trashing one or the other I understand people come here for reasons that they need to be here and that's fine but. If you're gonna do it from one direction or the other and and cultural staple items streak. Connection made that are you need to prioritize your citizens first and foremost especially when those citizens have invested in this system. For quite some time Mary appreciate your call let's quickly garage to Chris she got about a minute here Chris. The bell and it sir it look the most disappointing part of this whole topic is. But it wanted to royal family kids or anybody with any kind of resources. But it wouldn't be happening there they would they wouldn't do this to themselves that they're big and justice to mean not you know not withstanding this the fact that it's wall. But when you couple that witnesses say. And inequality. They shoot due to financial privilege. That's really where start their homes like all that well at more money maybe they would save my babies. Appreciate your call there Chris thank rob for doing some broadcast is worried are never too. Straight ahead we'll talk about California and free speech shift. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real nice exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street. Those 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Six our neighbor who. Broadcast we told you a little later on president traveled trump and Emanuel may call on the they had a joint appearance a little while ago that was recorded. And some news outlets have shown that they are going to speak live. Allegedly at 1145. And as you know these presidential events are notoriously late. If it's on time we'll try to take it life. On this broadcast we can tell you just few minutes ago. In just get richer stink as one of the purposes behind this meaning in manual macro one of the things he's wanting to do is to convince president trump. To leave this Iran deal alone he wants it intact as it is. But during this appearance. President trump said. This deal was mistake and never should have been made it. So we said this whiff the French leader fair going to be interesting to see. What happens. We end they do this joint news conference will be later on this they said we will take that. If indeed it happens before the end of this broadcast. I told you. We talk about issues of life and liberty this is a foundational broadcast incensed that. We'd like to talk about the root issues I try to avoid all of these silly snipe being. And stupid things that go on and between people in between the governments. Ends. Really talk about the substance of things. That are going to have an impact on you one way or the other. What are we talked about this first hour life. Threats to life. Threats to our freedoms. And now we have this. This bizarre story that's happening out in California. Seek California's kind of a Bellwether forest. British you can guarantee that things that they'd try and get away with out in the nutty fruitcake states. They will try to would do and implement and other parts the country if they can't. You know that. It. Daily wire reporting on this California bill could ultimately banned religious speech and religious books. There's a Cogent arguments made that a bill that passed the California California assembly. Any beef 2943. Can be used as a weapon to ban religious books. This argument made by national review's David French. Here's weeks buoyant. Assembly bill 2943. Would make it an unlawful business practice. To engage in a transaction intended to result or the results in the sale or lease of goods or services. To any consumer that advertise offered to engage in we're doing engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual. Who in the world would write a piece of crap like this. I mean first off. The legalese of this need lawyers. Would translate this garbage. More specifically the fine folks at Catholic world report noted this. Orientation change can be innocuous. They're stating in a paid conference that homosexual and transgendered desire can be overcome not necessarily in eliminated. By the spirit of Jesus or even complying with an attendees requests for prayer. That the spirit of god empower the attendee not to succumb to the power of same sex attraction. David French continued on this story. The bill that defines sexual orientation change efforts as any practices that seek to change an individual's sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expirations. Or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions are feelings toward individuals of the same sex. The issue they're trying to do here. This just blows my mind and worst choice in this matter. Where is it. So your. You're free to choose as long as you cues. To be a practicing homosexual. Or to be transgender or whatever it is my futures something else and somebody influences you. We're back to be banned speech. Folks this is profoundly dangerous. Profoundly dangerous. This is the agenda of the left. There's a hostile. Posture. George. Faith and religious practice. That's the bottom line here. This continues. This is extraordinarily radical Christian orthodoxy is simple regardless of persons desires to. They're orientation the standard of right conduct is crystal clear. Sex reserved for marriage between a man or woman when it comes to gender expression there's no difference between sex and gender. And the Christian response to gender. Astoria. Is compassionate treatment not in georgians and surgical mutilation. This week David French went further delineating how the progress. With the process of banning books would work. First the bill by its own terms applies to every broad category of services and goods here's the key enabling language. The following unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices undertaken by any person. In a transaction intended to result or the results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer are unlawful. This this legalese is always scary to me. Second a book along with other written materials like ample support work books. Fit within the very broad definition of goods tangible channels. Bonner released for use primarily from personal family or household purposes including certificates are compliance exchangeable for these goods. And including goods. Then the time of the sale or subsequently. Are to be so affixed to real property has become part of real property whether or not they are. Several ball from the real property. I know and you probably cliche you're listening this. This kind of nonsense but she gets. From politicians. Who are mostly lawyers and no I'm not knocking all lawyers but who in God's earth would write this crap. It's garbage. In the translation of this. This is taught in mind control. Scroll down to the list of dozens of prohibited acts you come to paragraph 28 which banned advertising offering to engage in. Or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual parents faced the child it was a dead are vying as a person of the opposite sex. Then services and goods making the argument that for example. They should persist in calling their daughter she. And withhold life altering hormone treatment in part because most children exhibiting symptoms of gender destroy yet to assist. Would violate the statute. So basically. You have a daughter. Who identifies as a male and you insist on well let's keep you as a daughter let's call you chic. You run a final of this law. This is dangerous stuff folks do you see but the leftist trying to do here. They are trying. To fulfill 1984. That's what this comes down to you. Yeah absolutely. Disturbing. Fixing you know they'll go after the bibles and everything else related to challenging people's. Behaviors and lifestyles. Don't doubt me on this they will do. Owe it to. How dare you reject perversion. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley review for her over the text lie in the we have this. About this issue of the little boy who. Is off life support now. Because the government decided to QB off life support now. Texas is how much controlled we have now spank your kid roll your eyes at them or discipline them in public. DSS will be all over the parent in a minute. Yep. I can watch nine to five this is on the subject of computers were discussing the introduction of the PC in 1981. By IBM. Go back and watch nine to five from the seventies there were rooms and rooms full of women just typing away no computers. Hamid interest in sound to hear that get also reminds me of the old news service through that. And so you know they used to have the teletype sound of the background. IE I know I'm dating myself by saying this I remember. Being in newsrooms where we did have that's machine that just ran all the time in the AP wire out. And you know immediate sound news. That's attacked. Yes it's kind of interest in. Another person saying the viking a pioneer spacecraft. Had such early PC computers on board. Well one of these things were first experimented with in outer space. Vince while that Justin Trudeau guy sounds like a natural leader actually you sense which he'd make Obama look like Winston Churchill. I wouldn't follow that guy into a wall more it's. So what does California. Gordon restarted book burning ceremonies. This sounds almost like a first step in and certainly could be. Frank got a group says no worries the Bible is not a religious book it's an owner's manual. That's pretty get electro. What France wants to keep the Iran deals they can keep selling them all a crap to make a bomb amazing couldn't see that one coming. I don't give Colombia to pass medical candidates this year what's the hold up I don't know with all the pieces. I am not sure that's certainly an issue that's getting a lot of traction lots. Of interest. In the league is legalization of campus. In the use of industrial hemp products as well I knew my good friend Thomas messy congressman. From right to see out. The out expedited to legalization process there. And I think there are many who agree. Right told you a lot of the things that we've talked about. The have been tried elsewhere. Other people have been Guinea pigs for us so we have the benefit of looking to see what does that work. It is kind of interest in one of the stories we're gonna talk about. I saw a story. That's very is C net case liberal. Well actually socialist. Maybe even Communist. Who would like to implement a program in this country this feeling elsewhere we'll talk about this coming up. First let's go out to standing clover good morning. Thank Ben how are you want total ulcer. Come out tomorrow bigger but it. Oops are you still there stand. Yep I MO karma but southerner I didn't book unproductive and in fact it got me out. Still ahead. OK then how are you to mourn our answer. I'm I have I have appointment I'm super or talk about banning your bike air our armed. And fundamentally don't just let alone in California right now. It would be too farfetched for them to band of I don't our armed cover mental illness it's eat out its industry can't beat. We'll let can be an interest in new category coordinates this miniature obviously mentally ill rights. Right I mean it's okay if you did talk to but if he's talking back to you you're definitely in that case we. That's the conclusion here. Sure that's and I think this is where people were quite concerned stand and justifiably so appreciate your call. Don't miss a church they really don't. They won't cover every every ounce of territory on this to make sure. The state reigns supreme that's what this is about this is about supremacy. Of states. Then there's another important part of that. Supremacy of the state with him in charge. That's another important thing. So I came across this intriguing story. Of one of those other wonderful socialist experience that has been tried and bombed out. Daily wire also doing something on this Finland have you heard about all this talk about a basic guaranteed income. This has gotten a lot of attention lately to seeing that what's his face. From FaceBook has advocated this two. Well the folks in Finland have figured out it doesn't work. Starting in January 2017 Finland experiment with giving a random sample of 2000 unemployed people. Between the ages of 25 and 58 a monthly income of roughly 690 dollars. The recipients were not required have a job if they did take a job they were to receive the same amount boy this is brilliant. I mean think about that for a moment where you can work if you like to but either way. You're going to get 690 what would you do. Would you god blessed your rear end off or would you simply sit on your fat rear end. Sit and home. And some snacks as you are. Playing video games yes he. This is crazy. Now. Allegedly the idea was to stimulate people look for paid work by eradicating gaps in the welfare system. That's the Finnish government thought. With existing unemployment benefits are high and unemployed person. Well they wouldn't. Look favorably on the idea of getting a job because they would risk losing money by doing so so the more money they made the lower their social benefits. The basic income was meant as an incentive for people to start working paper. Guess what folks. Now Finland is canceling this program. The government will not say why. The finish social security agency asked the government to expand the two year pilot term group of employees this year. But the government. Mixed funding for a meeting the entire program we'll come to a crashing halt. Next year January 2019. Fact the pilots results will not be released until late 2019. They probably need some time to besides the numbers. I'm just guessing here. In Tony sixteen Swiss voters rejected a proposal that would have given a monthly income of 2500 Swiss francs. That's about 2550. Dollars for adults. And 645. Swiss francs preached child. 77%. Of voters voted against this plan I wonder why. Can you imagine that's. 2550. Dollars a month. That's a pretty good amount. But again. All of these programs. All of these programs that are designed. To cover everybody protective reply this is what justice looks like. At least this is what people will tell you. Everybody provided far. But it's a fiction. Is a pure fiction. And the irony of this story. Will be evidenced by the story I'm going to share after the break. Because there is a socialist moron and there's actually proposing to this very thing here in the United States of America. You're at scares me is I think there are a lot of people out there who agree with him and will vote for this guy when they have the opportunity to vote for him again. I think many of you very figured out. Who I am talking about. God help this country. Affected people even. Give this man the attention he gets. It's very scary. 29 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Didn't. 1136 some of its troops are ready for a screwed up to a call from Jeanne good morning. Good morning bent kind of leadership and you. Know him out of that about an article that I read in the paper a week or so ago. About this new. Welcome school program. That there is there a cabinet negative lie because a lot of cities yesterday were protesting. This program it's. If you can program it not been put together to try to stop the bullying of kids that are in a transgender. And they're people they're teaching kids three young into pockets and all about these effects. Practices. It's got to be in a home master page doesn't. All these things that. I hope they think they allocate an American district he. Wherever. We need to learn that for I mean come on they don't need to learn those kinds of things need to. Teach them all kinds of crazy pro versions as early as possible that's the girl I hope because they need to get him from from Steffi people like yourself. And teach them progressive things. Oh yeah we infer that. I don't know whether anybody else who upset about it but. I think it's all all I would want to be a teacher having to teach that. I don't think I would either what do you think people seem tour just become so passive on these issues. Just giving. I don't know a lot. I think it. I think it something to be really up in arms about out. Here that don't keep count peaked at since schools are so high school about a American. American history. And the constitution and everything. I read it and applicability to this. So bill. Wolf fully see these are the stability and problem as not a reason for this. I've always known that that's what this whole agenda was about it was never. About you know they're telling you it's about protecting kids it's not. This is a means of brainwashing. And and spans. Basically propaganda rising children that's what this comes down to using them as a vehicle. To move through basically create a brand new society. Of acceptance. Yeah how well I've gotten substitute teaching. And that they had a counselor command. And proctor to class I didn't do anything but elementary school. And they had to defer a lady come and talk to them about bullying. Showed a little film. And what does that do. Everything. They bully got. But of course. Of course it it brings just don't change the you do the gene that. The are contradictions she urged really frustrating to watch I do appreciate your call. I once you give you an updates. On this story that is taking place. With Alfie Evans and we will do that after we take a short break we're going to attempt as I mentioned. To take a news conference from president Donald Trump. If it's on time we'll take it if not it's you know you'll do it here later. It's 39 minutes after look. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 44 minutes after eleven at heart. A short segments we are coming off of so the weekend and go live to a news conference I believe. He this. Is wrapping up now this here's what's going on the president's at a meeting with Emanuel Mac cry and just a few. Moments ago and the White House released. I eight video delay. A recording all of that session. And there are supposed to talk live at 1145. Now we heard just a few minutes ago. This may actually be delayed. So what's wrapping up now is the live feed of the recorded session does that make sense. Now we're waiting for the actual life. News conference these two going to hold and I mention one of the big issues that will be discussed. Is. How to deal with Iran. The president would like to reopen this Iran deal. And it's the French president would like distinct stayed intact as it is so mention as soon as this begins. We will certainly go back to it. I wanna go back to what I mentioned to you about this universal base income idea which has been rejected. Because it doesn't work. So what do you do we have a program that doesn't work. Well. You try to get. Because you know those people who tried it in other places they just didn't know how to implement we know the true way. I am one of the brain trust that is now offering this same kind of idea. Repackaging it with an American flag on its. This guy who ran for president in Tony sixteen. Got screwed up the nomination. I Hillary Clinton. And he's back. Don't go to this headlined in the hill Sanders to announce proposal promising jobs. To all Americans. Is this not the dumbest thing. I mean seriously. Truly the world you can make that kind of promise. I can deliver that promise. Just blows my mind anyway here's what he's doing. Announcing a federal jobs proposal that would guarantee a job at least. A fifteen dollar per wage and health benefits to every adult American who wants one. Everybody. The senator still in the early stages of crafting the plan according to the pros which would it provided job required training for any American. Sanders' office has yet to release the details the plan's funding could. Wonder why. But previous large scale projects proposed by the remark progressive have involves. Ending tax rates for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations and other war. It's this is the same old Luke the rich. Nonsense. This if there's didn't unlimited supply of money from the wealthy. Then they can just take and that'll solve all of the issues and problems. How can this you know essentially. How many people are gonna fall for this big this is wonderful. So many of our young people they will fall for this oh this sounds for to be reasonable. It ends. It's horrible. It is just absolutely horrible. Averaged. Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker. Who also expressed support for similar proposals in recent weeks. These folks are delusional they really IR. The ghost eliminate working poverty and involuntary unemployment altogether. There's an opportunity for something transformative. Beyond the tinkering we've been doing for the last forty years for all the productivity. Those gains have gone to the elite of society. And you gave that to them you did. This party the progressive movement had eyes participated in the transfer of wealth. How did they do it. Promoting liberalism and socialism. It's certainly. Not because you care and because your hard working citizen. None of that matters what matters is the sheer and Syria intentions. Of the politicians and bureaucrats. Who believe they can solve all of these problems. Fifteen dollar an hour. Minimum wage. How. Now critics of federal jobs proposals say the government intervention to raise wages could lead to private businesses cutting costs and other areas including hiring fewer employees. Sanders a longtime advocate of fight for fifteen the national movement aimed at raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. The proposal would have trouble getting enough democratic two supports two. It's a real traction in conservatives among some jobs promises unsustainable and unaffordable. Well duck. So as I said before. Q you have an idea that has not worked in other countries in a variation of it. Now proposed. By Bernie Sanders I guarantee. If you were to see him do a rally he would distract thousands of people especially our young people who are susceptible. Because of the error. Immaturity. And frankly because of their ignorance. They will fall prey to this garbage. Mark my word. Tried to Spencer good morning. Morning Daryn com. Locally people don't know how capitalism more. I'm. If you give somebody I I I wage. I think that the federal government could give every family United States a million dollars. But of course tomorrow morning. Welcome bread would be you one point one million. Book called capitalism look at the market increase what the market will bear. And that took pride there that want health insurance does not work but called complete quote free money. But the government is pushing in there to try to keep. The cost down actually. Beat capitalist who looks at what the market will bear. And Fred could price the baton and put it properly don't couple fought the government given. It will never work that's why socialism. Always turns into totalitarianism. British you have to take from others to in order to provide for the people who don't have. Yeah but capital or come in and of itself. Will roll. Charge what the market will bear if we can afford. Fifty dollar that's what capitalism won't charge. If the government give good. Forty dollars so weakened that board that fifty dollar. Capital will charge ninety. He. It. It's scary is that where do you find yourself wondering lengthy Bernie Sanders types. Where these people get the money from you think they have any idea. They got no clue. It just I don't I mean there's a part of me I don't get it. Robert Burton never. You can't hear if it. The government took. All of the profit from. A million dollar loan up from everybody united I could have about it that have enough money to run the government or maybe sixty day. He. So low it always it's Spencer and and this is one of the frustrations about the size or do appreciate your call. The economics they just don't add up. Are you going to do is just borrow. Forever borrow forever. In order to keep big government afloat. I told you we have an update. On the Alfred Alfie evans' story an air ambulances arrived outside the hospital to take. This little boy to Italy if record proves it. The air ambulance has arrived. And they're going back to court the couple is. To try to get him released. And part of their argument is he's already survived for over eighteen hours over eighteen hours without life support. They also gonna get life support we storage. As they take him to Italy. So we continue to keep this situation in your prayers. And will continue to follow it to see what takes place from here. With the legal hearing now pending. And the decision on this could literally. Neo life and death decision. We will find out here very very soon. We mentioned we're standing by for a news conference from president trump if we now. Pretty much concluded. That it is definitely delayed. I wanna leave you with a few good story. Did you hear about this. It's true Grohl. Disappeared. But she didn't disappear alone. She was accompanied by a deaf and partially blind dog. Max age seventeen year old blue healer. From Queensland Australia. Praised after spending more than fifteen hours in rugged bush land in the rain with a lost three year old girl. Arora was reported missing. 3 o'clock in the afternoon she wandered off from her own her family searched the property could not finder. By Saturday morning. More than a hundred state emergency service volunteers police and members of the public they were out searching for. A roars grandmother. Said she heard little girl's voice from the top of the mountain Saturday headed toward it. And that's when she found Max. A shot of the mountain when I got to the top the dog came to me and led me straight to work. Aurora. Sound Saturday morning. About a mile. From her house. With some minor cuts and abrasions. This is Mary with a lot of mountains. It's not a very safe area here at all. Gillette. That dog stayed with through the entire time. Hence the girl of course was returned safely to her family. Largely. Because of these heroic actions. Of Max seventeen year old blue healer. Dogs are wonderful aren't they. Ourselves the great day job bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.