Toy Hall Of Fame, New Gun Regulations, I Read The News and More

John Hancock
Thursday, November 9th

Hancock discusses the weather, new proposed gun regulations, Toy Hall of Fame inductees, Veterans Day and More!


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Oh. This is John Hancock. They're rather there are incidents on Thursday. Cold yucky. Yet he will go by have a good tomorrow oh turned out he had deciding. Called is not going anywhere. Was we want fifties tomorrow. But today you wanna if so are you got it I'm fine weather. Really sunny skies tomorrow and a high of 57. Down to 41 tonight. I think the rain is is pretty much gone. If you were south of us probably got to grow more than. Than most of us. Secure turf came out to my house earlier this week implanted Durham Cray admirals and a dog foot and a weeping willow and so Mara river verges. So was more happiness. To see what rain that we got commander in kind of take care of all that. I Baghdad Thursday LO Thursday's missed Thursday's sort of final day before you get to Friday. Thursday is when you still have the anticipation. Of the weekend before you section the best day of the week. Reilly under one more day. And it's a weekend. It very rarely do the weekend really. Right complaint and had bad but rarely are they. Unbelievable. There are three new entrances Detroit all of table talk about that does see a day goes on we had talked about all the nominees earlier assault tell you who are finally made it in there. The TSA you what was it. Couple years ago few years ago they found out that ninety's they'd be missed 95%. Of the stuff that'd. Well they've got a lot better now they're only miss and about 75% of so we'll talk about the TSA in the airport failed still. In Florida there's a sheriff who wants you to buy a gun so that if you're in a situation like that Texas church you can. Right back. In Michigan there's a bill has been proposed that would allow concealed guns in schools and churches. And senate Democrats and bettered his bill to ban assault weapons so there's some good news out there I know you're always are crazy to hear about that Jerry Jones is going after Roger Goodell is job. And idea pay your kids to do jurors did you get paid to do chores when your kid. Did you get an allowance. Now so I'm it was a David Ted technically were you supposed to do stuff to get your allowance. British you didn't do and to distribute your allowance. I don't know I think at some point parents are to the point ravaged kids can be allowed tournament to go through all agree from the that word and it. Lets start triple. So why anyway 505 Teddy our revenues boomer traffic all that kind of stuff. Jimmy crack Torre heard about the trump family store company owned by president Donald Trump is just opened an online store to sell products branded with the trump name. Well. Can be president United States are vital marketed. Does little or no laws against that is there. These store features a kinda merchandise sold and trump golf resorts and hotels seem by hats and bags and shirts. All branded with the trump name Mayo talk about a new exclusive merchandise down they're called Charlie The Beatles. And Charlie did Beagle is a stuffed dog when they blew trump ribbon on it. Would you say the other day you want to one of those. For Christmas. It cost 35 dollars according to CBS news and looks just like a stuffed Beagle that's available elsewhere without the ribbon. For seven dollars and 62 cents so that's. That's 128 dollar ribbon. And every one of those professor of ethics I was not shocked. Though was she said it it breaks the normal behavior well. This president breaks the normal behavior. For American politicians compared with the other things he's done this is not in the top Tories have Kathleen Clark air professor Washington university School of Law I don't have via. I don't have the of the website address here but if you are a church you put trump family story it'll probably legion to wherever you need to go. You already have your Red Hat make America great again on your. What else do you need. The three richest Americans have as much wealth as the entire bottom half of the US population. Bill Gates Jeff because Warren Buffett. According to the Institute for Policy Studies they are sitting on a combined to. 248. And a half billion dollars. Now gates is in is it not gates and Buffett are involved and effort to give away a lot of their money and no open and I know Gates's. And in Buffett one of his partners on that. That's. That 240 and a half billion dollars is as much as the total net worth of a 160 million Americans. The wealthiest 400 Americans have a combined two point 68. Trillion dollars. That wealth inequality is growing at its fastest rate in history. Josh oxy coauthor of the report quote. So much money concentrating and so few hands also many people struggle is not just bad economics it's a moral crisis. Okay. I'm great. Now where you do about it. You can regulated. I would agree with that. It shows more of a society it's it's out of whack from good to me than it does anything else. But that's the same society that'll pay a guy a 124. Million dollars a year to play a professional sport. And paid. Battery door wanna use schoolteacher and that's what reminds say about it you don't understand. But I don't know what you do about it and must all the sudden you have a societal cry desks. Or or. Or decides to adjust that. Or may be maybe you have a sense of the people who were making us so much money they don't know what to do that. Well it does so we just talked about a new. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and a whole bunch a gazillion mayors are all pulling their money to have given way to a Philanthropic causes. So I don't know I don't think there is an answer to that it just happens to be. But the sides society you'll event. And it's gotten a bit these days I mean you know you're used to be the rockefellers and a necessity others and they used to make their money. But now it's tack. So. I just an action figure you know the one figure all that we always talk about all we're talking about taxes is the top 1%. Wealthy. In the country the top 1% pay 50% of the taxes. The top 5% pay 90% of the taxes. So everybody's talking about the new tax regulation and how into benefits the rich. I don't know maybe should. They're already paid an inordinate amount of taxes. Oh. I'm not an economics guy as many of you already well known but don't. That's a society that's out of whack more than anything else that's not a government that's not that's not a problem looking for a government solution that's a go problem low looking for a societal. Adjustment. All right let me I'll wander on over the phones. Willie is unknown news talk eleven to know he bta willing. I had the built on the idea you know that is still send in my heart. You know I think it's always sunny in your heart. Those are guitarist. Also on the blog Larry I am. Being we wealthy people who have an interest says I'm not even have a demand among the way that they want a few more that are there mean well it's. They're great on Long Island Carla that there are well. These are there is no money and most cities. Organizations like united way. You know I'm a big big tent without that you branded king gently and then move and I arrived and now and then sort of discrimination that they borrowed money that people dominate. Let let the good intentions don't do well for the baby's eaten probably nothing they should be highly regulated. All right you're you can you can do your homework and after I I saw what you were gonna talk about two and you're and so I just for the last five minutes and it's not as easy as Izzo looking for but there are charity you can find and I have a mineral find yet. But you can find a listing of what percentage actually goes to the cause and what percentage actually goes to administrative. These are involved with Easter seals and I think they're number was 83%. Or something like out of the time went to. The actual research and everything with the administrative costs 17%. So if you do your homework you can aim your money yet places that don't. Abuse it. Then you can also noted that raw and let them try to tell you is there are some bad news bad and they do. Mean demonic or administrative while they're saying given bonuses norm not I'd attempt. Bottom line apparently represents an important part of our minimal as he deserved jet ridiculous. It's like but it says. I mean. And then I understood the welfare and the senate but now they have it has been designed but never committed the sort all those. And then Bobby. And amen I want Quebec. All right thanks they raise the minimum wage in Seattle fifteen dollars an hour and it's may differ if you're jobs. Now maybe that's. Maybe that's sort of a result of agreed as well have no idea. But the idea that just doubling the minimum wage is all the sudden going to be utopia for people is not necessarily. The case although I admit seven point five an hour in this day and ages. How do you do that. You don't. So and that's why I said I ended that this is wait when you have a gap of wealth. When the three richest Americans are as wealthy as the entire bottom half of the US population went three guys. Net worth is the total net worth of a 160 million Americans. Armed then that's has decided to settle rack. But that's not not on not to I'm not dead is. But screaming for government regulation or anything like that that's the that's that's something of a society good. As to not accept. And I and then do I the answer to how that is I had no I don't. Am I willing to give opening in my money right now no or not. But I Gary to promote a far cry from. Bill Gates Jeff appease us and and Warren Buffett. So I'll solo Pollard Terry I'm probably not in that group of 860 million Americans here. So. If it's funny whenever I hear about somebody that's. Just barely getting by economically I just source think about. And not everybody I guess had parents that told on this but didn't your parents ever tell you better study you're you'll grow compete. So I better than just resonates in my head of retirement as well did you study. Is it your fault that your word you are did you did you not did you do did you not listen to your parents did you got study. I didn't study. That you're guilty but been given a back. Ten years ago today. 44 year old Kyle Fleischman walks out of an uptown Charlotte Barr. Never to be seen again. There's article in the paper I also think Arian as Charlotte Observer written by or Bruce Henderson. And I also think the channel three and Gasol pro from general three we have had Kyle Fleischman is dead in here and talk to him not long after the assault took place. I'm a Christian monastery. Was the girl who all went out to San Francisco for a summer job. Her power her parents lived here. Disappeared off the face severe. You could not have gone through more than the model ferries did. And her neighbor third try to find out what the answer to the dilemma what to a mystery was they never did find Crist and monitor. Kyle Fleischman stat according to this paper article is resolve to the point and you'll never know he sure is now a days series dead. Kyle Fleischman scene and a short sleeve shirt and jeans leaving uptown. The Buckhead saloon which. Is not there any longer but every time I walked past that part of the bad bad building I did the other day when we went down to the hornets game we're back on her way back up two cantina fifteen elevenths new location. And and we walked right past and you can tell because the front America. Alters. On the sidewalk. Some I have but I think about how flesh and every time I walked pastor drug test that building he L walks out of that building and a 30 degree morning. He ends up down its fuel pizza. Add to. Dead did down the street. He or tries to get a ride home he tries to call his roommate and he tries to call his sister Marie tries do call this a friend and his dad's office in torrents over the death escorted the favoured it saying if they in this day and age. Think he could've called Hoover. But did an Abu Rebecca. So as dead things that Diaw left the pizza place went back to the Buckhead saloon to get his coat in his wallet bounded closed. Watered up north Davidson street. Can you imagine. Losing a child. And never. Knowing what happened to them. It's one of the scariest. Thoughts on earth. And video from my home. No I'm just a little bit out there in Colorado there's an all or winner is here for the folks on the East Coast. They're bracing for this blast of larnaca air that will look bring with it the coldest temperatures of the season so far record lows twentieth at 245 degrees below normal. Possible for tomorrow night into Saturday morning throughout the region like New York City. I think a new Yorker dip into the mid twenties on a Friday night. Got a trip scheduled to. Going out in the Big Apple this weekend. Nice timing. Com. Or anyway it's and won't work work cold. I'm kind of Drury today bolo be sunny but still cold sort of moral. And Saturday I mean tomorrow we're supposed to get a 257 but Saturday. With a few clouds should be a beautiful day temperature highs gonna be like Lola. Fifties. So world. Just a little chilly. There's a FBI supervisor. You've heard this story with the Charlotte connection. New York Times has found a police report. Embarrassing to the FBI into one of their counter terrorism supervisors in particular. Seems that the unit chief. Tied one on while in North Carolina for a training exercise. He was down at the Westin hotel. Hooked up with an exotic dancer. And took her back to his room. And woke up to find out that she had stolen his gun. His 6000 dollar water each and a small not a cash. And he didn't even make the report he was still too bruised up there was another agent that actually made the discovery and called police. So lot of guys name apparently if Robert Manson. Overseas terror investigations in the midwest in the Carolinas. And is now the subject of an internal investigation police in Charlotte haven't made any arrests are recovered to gun. Which was apparently a compact blocked 27. They're drinking our Charlotte hotel. The report the police report notes somebody else a file the report or someone part that I thought was. Manson and other senior agents are no Charlotte for training told police that they had been drinking with women who said they were exotic dancers. Now deserted new guys. You're at the western. And you're drinking. And it's objects come out. And they tell you there exotic dancers. Does that mean you stayed or you leave. You may answer your own. It's believed the theft happened sometime between TA 2 AM and 5 AM the a bar closed at 2 AM again identified as they are blocked 47 investigators determined that the victim met the woman and hotel bar the prior night and then took her back to his hotel room. All the bad before he. Coffee. That's probably exactly right because they have those little love machines. I'm a little packets were you can make your own coffees for your cadets you know that is that is probably exactly right of Equus for coffee and the monkeys make in the coffee. She lists is gun in his wallet. And and then takes off and then once you start with but no wallet no money no gun. And are really crappy cup of coffee. I figured figured probably right on the money for that would doesn't really thought of them. I figured if he was no decaf for. Probably does or doesn't really matter. Guns are in the news the Florida sheriff Paul county sheriff Grady Judd. Called on residents to arm themselves. He wants the people down there to buy a gun so you can stop the next mass shooter. This this last. Episode in Texas didn't work Ro well for the anti gun lobby because. It was a guy with a gun to basically stop the carnage. A guy with a gun that shot the gunman twice. Who have been amoled tomorrow's speed chase. Who would then killed himself. But it was a guy with the gun. Then ultimately stop them. So that's exactly what people argue sometimes and these are gun debates is that you know all these places where the shootings take place. Are in gun free zones. And if somebody had had a weapon and maybe somebody could've stopped it before it got to the extent that it got to announce you know. 26 people and twenty injured is. Pretty pretty extensive but. This so pull county sheriff down in Florida Grady judge says CEO wants everybody to buy gunned down their so you can stop the next mass shooter and he's asking residents armed themselves and be prepared for the next active shooter situation. He called the Texas gunman and not mentally deranged obviously in any added someone's got to be there with a gun to stop them. He encouraged his viewers to us sign up for radio free active shooter prevention training and his office so that they are able to opera tech themselves. That good advice or bad advice. The training of vindicate. Just get a whole bunch more people with guns is not necessarily be good but getting people would guns that are comfortable with them and that have had some training and have some. And maybe that's. And maybe it makes sense where he sheriff and maybe it would make sense so alert. This was on the same day that they got three bill package was passed by the senate government operations committee up in the city of the state abyss again. With Republicans supporting it and Democrats opposing it there's a surprise for you it would lead gun owners take their weapons if concealed. Into gun free zones. Those areas would include schools and churches in daycare centers in bars and dorms and no stadiums and places like that. The state senate majority leader said that the recent shootings demonstrate the importance. Of this so legislation. He said. It's no meaningful gun legislation is passed soon. He wants to know would you consider getting got to protect yourself. I'm. Can you combat mass shootings by arming more law abiding citizens. The negated a tattered testy questions like would you be OK if your child's teacher had a gun and plus. I think there's a there's provisions on this thing. Com. Under the legislation concealed pistol license holders could get an endorsement on their licenses exempting them from no no no gun zone restrictions. If they can show that they have taken at least eight hours of additional training. Or are you certified firearms instructor. The senate bills wouldn't limit the ability of private property owners to ban guns on their premises it also wouldn't bar universities from using their constitutional powers to regulate the carrying of guns on their campuses. Andy would close a loophole under which concealed pistol license holders. Could bring guns into schools. And other no go zones provided that they carry their guns openly. In other words it would close that loophole. The. The Democrats ridiculed the legislation is reckless tone deaf. And another attack on local control. I senator in Michigan from East Lansing a Democrat called it the pistols in preschools. Legislation. So Democrats proposed a series of amendments including one. From the guy who originally put forth the the legislation to ban people who are on the no fly list from getting a concealed pistol license. Data memo was rejected along a party line vote along with the amendments to cover any increased liability insurance costs for schools that arise. From the legislation and to reimburse teachers for the cost of buying body armor. Not clear if that how shall take legislation opera not it won't happen until after Thanksgiving if they do. The legislation would allow schools prohibit students both minors and adults from carrying concealed weapons in schools. And it would allow schools prohibiting employees from carrying concealed weapons in schools if they wanted to. The governor vetoed similar legislation in Michigan back in 2012. I and so far he's not on record as how it feels about the your current legislation that was and introduced there. And then now there are the senate Democrats in Washington and they better do is to bill to ban assault weapons and I'll tell you about that in just a second. We discussed about this stuff Florida sheriff wants you like to buy guns so you can start the next mass shooter he's a whole county sheriff's name is Grady Judd. And go on residents starved themselves to be prepared to be but to be able to stop the next active shooter. He encouraged people to sign up for free active shooter prevention training with his office so that they are able to protect themselves now least you think this is. Just another. Somebody just sent me a link to part of the story. He's quoted as saying I'm an absolute proponent of the Second Amendment to the United States constitution guarantee the fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms as strongly support and encourage citizens owning guns to protect themselves and their families. I and then he talks about does this said the other thoughts or at recess. After talking with several staunch gun right advocates and licensed gun dealers in my community day. All agreed now is the time and congress is the place where a simple single topic only law. Must be immediately created. As sheriff Paul Paul county. And is a father and a grandfather. I am calling on congress to outlaw devices designed. And manufactured. Imported or possessed. For making any firearms simulate or function. As or in a manner of an automatic firearm. Now the legislation I just started to tell you about that being put forth by senate Democrats they introduced a bill on assault weapons. Moving to do well ban assault weapons. But they also included on the bill a device that allows semi automatic weapons to simulate automatic fire. This would be in the wake of the mass shootings in I in Las Vegas and in Texas so roughly two dozen Democrats in Washington. It is legislation. That would ban assault weapons. High capacity ammunition magazines and bumps stocks. Devices that can be used to make. Semi automatic rifles fire faster. Seoul. This sheriff in Florida is calling for a single topic only law. Calling on congress to outlaw devices designed and manufactured or imported and possessed for making any firearms simulation oral function. The problem is that we expand these things sometimes to the point that they include they're all encompassing or they have. So I like his idea of single topic. Stick this one step at a time to make sure route stepping on anybody's rights. So anyway between the Florida sheriff and governor and the Michigan three bill package that was passed by the senate government operations committee with Republicans supporting it that would allow concealed guns in schools and churches. With. And I read I read it to be a little bit earlier. With or it was safeguards put into place and schools being able to say no not here and end this that the other. And then whats going on in Washington you knew. And you know. That guy and legislation is gonna come up and and hopefully at some point we get past the that the arguments that are so. Predictable. Where you have one side saying no nothing. And yours have another side saying yes we need all of this. To the point that we get down duel little bit more common sense and start to address. Some of the problems without stepping on your Second Amendment Rights. And whether or not that the second you know they NRA. 'cause the NRA at one point caddie gave you my hint that they might be. On board with some sort of legislation on things like bonds stocks. But then as the days went on you kind of found out that they weren't really as supportive of that is what. We originally were co led to believe which probably means we were kind of led to believe by the press. Not just in case I've there's another one I've and a bowl or hang around carry around with me a study that found three million Americans. And there's 316. Million of us right. Three million Americans carry loaded handguns every single day. As many as three million people in the United States carry a loaded handgun daily while nine million do so at least once a month according to a US study. Most are young men live in the south. And say personal protection is a top reason for walking around with a deadly weapon. The survey found that 80% of surveyed handgun owners who carry their handgun half of a concealed carry permit. So if you were however wondered about the numbers. There they are. And at the latest on day news. In the news about gun legislation. There you are with that do. Until the finalists for the national toy hall of fame. I hang on credit miniature gold segment. Were risk. Magic eight ball. Whipple bowl. Match Bart cars. My little pony the game clue. Pez candy dispensers. Paper airplanes. Play food. Sand. Transformers. And the card game Bhutto three of a made an auditory hall of fame. What do you figure. Sand it did not make it this time around into the toy hall of fame. But something equally as simplistic natural not that necessarily natural but. Not something manufactured. By Hasbro. Did. In Tibet and just second we're talking about a weapons and guns and all accounts tough couple sort of secure friends up on Billy bta Fred. John you don't but he I'm good or you could look at it and make a quick analogy. And why. Tell me it's obvious why the NRA wouldn't care support automatic weapons. All it can't. End the amount you wanna make is that it's you know this similar to what's going on with tax reform today now. The eight secret call in tax reform is for real terms and never give up. Mortgage interest. So a few years go one lap to capture all want. No I am the realtors lobby gave them a little bit and that okay. Will allow a cap on mortgage interest and will make that capped a billion dollars. The point being made it you've given to a point they'll take a miles. Well now in tax reform what's what's on the table. We Alter our mortgage interest in have been reduced to come a 1500000. Okay go 500000 at. Oh so I found that the chair being if you compromise once then you basically have opened the door for future erosion of what it is to juror afraid of yeah let it happen time and time again it always it always had a gun control. It into I don't it'll be pumped about it always happens and happens when you raise your kids and have I mean yeah I mean you're gay you're you're spot on I mean that's that's that's the nature of the beast it as soon as you relent on one thing basically it's gonna have. To come back for more yeah. Poll why give him the first thing because we know what's gonna happen they're gonna come back for more well to guarantee you knew what did you did you say no. Anything else. Then you're saying now that's not gonna happen they're gonna come back. Well Cheryl Floyd Dave. They're already saying no they're experienced at saying no you can give it alone now under the nose can go back year old ways and say no to everything. It's a lot harder this thing though the second time what he said he what you said yes. The first part. I I agree with your analogy. Have been debated the NRA. I DRIs used as standard to take an art stands and say no saw that won't go that wouldn't be anything foreign to them soft they gave in on one point I don't necessarily mean is is that bill that would erode all their other points. And did a great OK well then good dory we disagree. I can live without. You'll get it back to eject. George did OK if we all disagree I repaired and give back to the national toy hall of fame and we all agree on this. These are the three finalists that go into the hall of fame sanded did not make it transformers did not make it the card game uno did not make it. Play food. Is that like a plastic steak or something like that. Why if you can't get played food into the national hall of fame I guess who have played in fifth big dog poop is never gonna. Ours Narnia and if it happened. The Pez dispenser. My little pony matchbox cars magic eight ball. The game risk none of those got into the national toy hall of fame this time around three new entrants on the board game clue. But we're full bowl. And the paper airplane. And the paper airplane is actually pretty cool. Oh are they going to kind of an explanation where they go exactly who made the first paper airplanes is unclear. Though artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci gets credit for designing and designing flying machines out of video parchment. I in the fifteenth century. Quote where some toys require financial investment paper airplanes start with a single sheet of paper. Coupled with creativity and dexterity. To produce a toy. With infinite aeronautical. Possibilities. That's the words of Christopher bench of these strong museum in Rochester New York or the hall of fame is located. They allow the image imagination to take off and soared they have. Competitions all the time do they not about. In your piece of paper and and and then tell you make a pair red paper airplane and if it flies. Longer. Better. Smoother than all the rest UN. How extravagant can you make up paper airplane. Yeah I can't either you or your your point that'd said the two sides down dual appointment. And pulled that and half and then yeah. Couples some wings and that's it right. Is it helping you cut the paper shorter. Or is the length of the paper help you with your aerodynamics and flight. And no idea of marijuana competition. Some guys some people have a tendency to where they can. Folded to the point that the weight is distributed and even way and build the wings fly out like. Like a commercial airplane do you remember the first time major ever on a commercial airplane and you looked out in the tips of the wings were pointed out. And did you wonder is that just. Her appearance deserves our role. Aeronautical. Reason for that. And do you think they learned from the paper airplane. The Whipple ball. And clue clues to the whodunit game where players also must name that a crime scene and murder weapon and that continues to sell millions of copies each year. Since being patented by a British couple during World War II. And it was actually liked PR game clues that led to have you ever been to a murder mystery weekend at a hotel or select out. I was in a bid for bachelors and northeastern Pennsylvania. And the lady who. Got the highest bid on me. And to take her up to a place in the Poconos for murder murder mystery weekend. Just a minute. It's just a nightmare. You know ago when I said okay I'll do the bid for Daschle thing I thought it was going to be like dinner. Now this turned out to be a pick up on Friday drop her off on Sunday drive to deal just a nightmare. But the murder mystery weekend part of it was an interest. I kept on sending her offer clues it's. We'll win and ended shots in the bar. By the way we lost we would come even close to it. They say other Whipple ball like close the little ball remains a big seller more than six days to decades after it was invented. A buyer retired semi pro baseball player in Connecticut whose son had given up on the regular backyard baseball for lack of space in too many broken windows. David Malloy eighty was his name and he began by cutting holes in round plastic parts from a factory and eventually developed a ball. With eight all long slots that allowed the ball to grab error and change and and slow its trajectory. So a strike out was called up we have. According to the family owned don't we have full ball ink which has produced millions of balls each year. Ever cents. So there you go on the paper airplane the Whipple ball and the bell and the game clue what are your newest entries in the national toy hall of fame bricks up on WBD Eric. I don't know I don't know if I'm. My own goal who just passed away a couple weeks ago started the paper airplane competition. So middle schoolers and what was called the science olympiad and he was he was professor science university so go to. Note this started in South Dakota. So I'll go to our yeah no kidding I like whether it's I mean I know South Dakota a little bit because that's my part of the country. And nobody else knew about south to North Dakota except for me. I don't know what this does this work and Colorado we met under terms of haven hard on this so is so he did the first one ever. Yeah he started that the competition. To get kids interested in science. And they would do couldn't do you page and looked at. Home but that's that's woman is little part of his legacy. I can't have been vision right now but I've seen pictures of of on paper airplanes that justify it. Are your imagination. And and they do they use somebody who really knows what they're doing controlled these things and to some limits their economic well I mean do you know and that's the whole deal was longest flight and some of these things will stay up forever. Yeah you know they they make a deterrent Herbert walker and socialist failure or longer and a very go on South Dakota who would've thought Rick appreciate golf thanks and we've been adopted it off he goes. And he can carry out veteran. Schools are out tomorrow by the work. But if you're a veteran there's all sorts of places around town or street John's Saturday you'll need to grab your military ID or proof of your discharge. But then taken which you then had to Bob Evans. Where you get a free meal including our breakfast elections in countries fried steak dinner. There's one up on no states still road there's another one on non north cross tribe opened hunter's bill. Crackled Cracker Barrel. Free serving of double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake all day. You've ever had that. And a son of a boy does that sound like something very diabetes type two person can't even be in the same room with. Double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake. So what's your Cracker Barrel if you're a veteran. You can go over to the queen's driver Mulder rotor. Independence boulevard. Or any interstate exit in America. Says the observer that's pretty brokered pretty close Hickory tavern half off all food and on alcoholic beverages on Saturday. Dunkin' Donuts free doughnut one per person. No other purchase necessary your vet you just walk on in saying. In my military ID or here's my. When donut. I'm JJ is red hot side take advantage of that anything you want except alcoholic beverages including a hot dogs hot dog combos sausage sides other beverages and a desserts. 11 AM till 9 PM on he's boulevard or the north John Delaney drive up and Ballantine location JJ's red hots veterans. Anything you want for it. Record. On the border Mexican grill free combo meal Red Robin free double hamburger and steak Fries. Texas Roadhouse restaurants free launch for a veterans and active duty military. Personnel. That'll be 11 AM till 2 AM on a Saturday. They you have a choice of ten entrees two sides and a soft drink. And the locations all over the place Tijuana flats 50% off any on trade all locations. You are pie. Which is a pizza place. I would have thought it was a pipe place. Three pizza 2400 south boulevard veterans got have a military ID here. Some sort of proof that you are served and as those kitchen. Ours is always kitchen. Free country at the luncheon dinner alone and AM till 930 so I if you're a veteran no please take advantage of that don't guard yourself Solomon now. On and accept the thanks. From all of us. I a couple of college games on a TV tonight north Carolina at Pittsburg. And BE SPN at 730. And you got Georgia southern an app state. For a 730 game on ESP and you'd tonight. And I would think it's probably going to be pretty chilly up to Boone this evening. Football weather and then on no TV the Seahawks at Arizona for game against the cardinals. So. You conceal what Adrian Peterson looks like it may. In Arizona cardinal uniform. And he's run pretty well for bill. When he couldn't our didn't get to do in in none New Orleans he seems to be doing pretty well. There are so there's that does GSA has failed most of the tests in the latest undercover operation at US airports we'll talk about that and if you. And if you pay your kids torture yours. Showers and. What's the name of Joseph worse if you pay your kids for chores. Were you could be getting it right according to a new annual survey 83% of parents who give their kids an allowance believe that they should earn it by doing chores. But parenting experts say that children should help out around the house because it's the right thing to do not because there's money involved with that and we'll talk about. That. When we come back on the other side has as well. So stick around what that I read the news today oh boy is coming up next. Some I I've just come from our kids first of us so much first picture or just by driving sort of sulfur put enough about. And it's here I mean right around the corner. Our 313. Days into the year there are 52 days ago it is November the ninth two weeks from today is Thanksgiving. And then before you know like Christmas is here and I mean before you know what Christmas is here. So our kids first is on the horizon couldn't do can be more excited again. I don't know where you're loses. Its 44. But it has a torn before last year. It's forty something. All on this date November the ninth 2006 CBS newsman Ed Bradley died New York age 65. And birthday today from one of the kids I used to watch play baseball cardinals Bob Gibson 82. Years old today. And he can probably still thrown 82 year old a mile or. Biotech company has gotten may have approval from the FDA to raise and sell male mosquitoes infected with the bacteria that will prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. Please science here is that the males will mate with female mosquitoes in the wild and then the bacterium stops the eggs from hatching. It's like. Birth control for mosquitoes. It's a van Gogh often painted outside. For researcher just discovered a dead grasshopper covered in paint stuck in one of his masterpieces. Have you seen his picture it's fascinating. There's controversy in the world of sciences researchers have begun implanting human brain tissue in rats. What could possibly go wrong. And yeah I'm thinking if you have bridge issue in rats what do they go on to do for a living. Bad dog thinking about the same provisions as you are. It's the. Q ball. Cars. Radio executives. Carting your news study your wounds will heal faster if they occurred during the day. To other go through tonight for baldness LC talks is that the Arizona Cardinals NBC at 820. Human driver crashes into a driver Le shuttle but how do you exchange information. On Wednesday a driver Le shuttle debuted in Las Vegas the shuttle made by the French company it neighborhood yard mark. Began a route looping. Two to Vegas is downtown within an hour the shuttle was already involved in a crash the crash apparently was not shuttle's halt. The damage was pretty minor all told and there were no injuries the shuttle seats. Eight with seatbelts and has the ability to immediately break automatically or manually in case anything crosses his staff somebody like that was tested and know Wednesday's incident. But if you get into Iraq for the driver it was everything you can anybody do. I do exchange information. What do you tell the job. I do I just didn't transport unit there's no driver. If he does it feel misunderstood your trunk although they're doing a search for guys did you know there was no drug. The FaceBook you know tomorrow. Teacher. Raza lamented indyk is very big deal. Still big deal this Obama's but I guess. So I don't know what you do after a celebrate 1110 day I think you bias of bike and put in your garage and hold it for the bike drive come and open next month for kids first. Or you'd get ready to adopt a kid when we open up that program. Which I think we're gonna have helped put do we have to Zia this year with their kids first that's how cool is that. Are maybe it's just you send this money I don't. But to tomorrow's 1110 days it's is. Which is a Helen bigger. Now do they do do do do. They do anything across all dug a hole on June 10. In a dead there and thought about. 610 day. They. Now we got probably got jingles or go all sorts of stuff but they're all thirty years old but. It. All right problem. Obama had jury duty yesterday. And and he heard the words that we all hope for a when we go to jury duty your dismissed. Like there was a chance he was gonna have. He was got turnout is signing copies of books and doing this senator do you remember years ago when Oprah went on for a jury duty and didn't judge didn't trump going to jury duty onetime. They've had a limo drop him off. I think that was during the campaign if I'm not mistaken. I am not a knock on Formica I haven't been called for jury duty and couple years three years elect to have but I mean not in the time I've been in Charlotte of which have been called five times. I've been no and it grew once since they built a new. Jury room and stuff like that doubt courthouse. And I still haven't really seen it it was a it was a dog how to resistor British jury duty do they ever took the day off from work. I got down there what time associate down their 8 o'clock. Parked the car. Walked in the door at 8 o'clock. And it was like a rotating thing you walk in and there was a girl at the reception desk was handing you a piece of paper saying you know you've been dismissed you've been dismissed you've been dismissed you've been is it. Literally walked in past the reception desk turned back around walked out got the car parking cost me. I don't know a dollar. Below is a beautiful thing. We want to gonna have. I choosing the right friends is the key to happiness. They they're happy just you want to had to get Jared choosy about about who you spend time with Northwest University researchers found that choosing the right friends causes our brain waves to sync with theirs. And that means you'll start picking up the desirable behaviors and perspectives of those closest to you without being conscious of it. They Purcell a professor by the name of Moran a surf. Explains. The people you hang out with actually have an impact on your engagement with reality because are beyond what you gonna explain. And what are the effects is that you are become alike. So if you don't wanna be like the person that you think is your friend. Don't that friend. Tom. Which is better eating too birders are eating a murder and eating one with Fries. To birders. If you do know that thirty years ago wanted to change your life. Elect tries. I like bird having a puck going to Brooks. You have an by the birds murderer and a Fries for you haven't you Brooks Brothers. Yeah thank you very much. Few things go together as well burger and Fries turns out eating too birders and in addition to Fries altogether is healthier for your body. And Holyfield as they are registered dietitian explains that by swapping out Fries for another burger you could reduce your overall calorie intake for the rest of the day. As well as reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you're considering. See if you're looking at the numbers a hamburger safe from McDonald's has 250 calories and thirteen grams of protein what is that just like the regular hamburger. Like a one daddy you won an amber I can't be there have been the big Macs got like. Ted and a medium fry has 337. Dollars and 3.3 grams of protein and as far as cards one burner has 31 grams while the Fries have 42 grams and also. Fries have more saturated fat three grams than the birther one point five grams solve. But they're talking about the kids the birders are kids murders. Which is a kid. I thought the world the McDonald's though the single little old original mcdonalds burger all got a thought that was because we know when we were kids they have McDonald's. But you didn't rely on fast food nearly that was a bill that was special tree. I remember I said to my mom onetime I like McDonald's hamburger better than yours. I think I hurt her feelings. And now that I think back on it I give my left arm to have one of my mom told him birders because they you know she doesn't. Has expressed on of them he can hold my you know the whole. Now if you order a McDonald's never what do you do. He ordered to an end to throw the way the bunt on wanted to make it a double and if you get cheese burgers that he got so hopefully that's actually not too shabby. What does it cost you 38 cents. Don't be more like two dollars and find. The number of adults living with their parents has reached an all time high and if you pay your kids for chores you'll probably get that wrong its final five. And demand and. Well those five and let crunch. Benighted country WPG traffic and weather together brought to you by hunters will sport I 77 X 243 and boomer Vaughn Kevin hey thanks a lot John delays occurring on independents to erupt camp this report is sponsored by its Sonny's Barbeque haven't visited eastbound independence of the left flank just around the curves you make your way from the ramp from a brochure on the independents that far left plane submerged right to get her. Three right lanes are open biz a bit of an onlooker. Wave affecting Berkshire make you wait outbound on independence. They don't independence near Albemarle road is a medical incident this affecting the left lane of independence in each direction judge just west of Albemarle to emerge right to get around also to the east have a provisional Sharon amity at Albemarle road to the south phone Sharon road just north of quail hollow. And your drive time for I 85 headed southbound exit 38 I 77 victory seventeen to Estonia less than 28 minutes. Sonny's barbecue is serving up the signature baby back ribs with two sides of bread for just fourteen Donnie nine for a limited time to get some of his slows smoke goodness now what Sonny's. Local pit masters and 68. WBQ weather channel forecast clearing tonight with a loaf forty and Friday sunshine 5951. Of hundreds real and the queen city hired extra beta five point eight. Homer by Kenneth WBT all day times' favorite press. All the wars skirmishes that we've got into since 9/11. And then have you ever wondered how I assume we are all average taxpayers. Given wondered how much technically those wars have cost you. Course were nineteen trillion dollars in debt so. But Tom. How about drop about 23386. Bucks. Since 9/11 US wars have cost the average American taxpayer 23386. Dollars. US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and Pakistan. Have cost the average American 23386. And 2001 according to a new battle analysis. Pentagon's June estimate said the because have amounted to about one point 43 trillion dollars over the last sixteen years but a new analysis via Brown University. Shows that figures probably closer to five point six trillion dollars if you take into account the ongoing medical care for veterans. Of those conflicts. The war related costs of these state and Homeland Security departments as well as other cost that don't fall under the Defense Department. And soul. They say average American taxpayer. For wars since 9/11. 23000. 386. Dollars. Now charges are we broke it all down. That the guy was when I got finished our regional that last night. Anonymous letter this is what you want her cute to big. Moline Illinois business owner trying to track down the rider of an anonymous letter who sent an apology and money to fix a construction truck that he thought he damaged. The apology letter read. Mr. I wanna say I'm sorry. My friends and I were running across the street where your truck was parked in my friend pushed me into your truck and I scratched your truck with my skateboard. I am sending you my grass cutting money for the insurance. The author of the letter enclosed forty dollars. To help cover the insurance deductible apparel. The business owner John news Zell neo says that his truck is not damaged. And wants to return the hard earned cash to the well intentioned skate boarder. How cool is that. So anyway I called. Guys Moline Illinois they've told those marvelous. He's an identical in my name is boomer and some comments. I told you yesterday. About a story on the river got to learn about chocolate could soothe your pesky Kauffman we said this is what you want your doctored it's a real originated. If he'd chocolate. Ever growing list of ancient superffoods dominating health trends. There's we just had a steady on dark chocolate Allan good it was for your health. And then we found out that the study was done by the chocolate. Company's. But anyway a familiar favorite a Turkey such I think all of them chocolate they are a recent English study compared they are new cocoa refused medicine. With your regular over the counter syrups. And researchers saw a significant improvement in those who took the chocolate based treatment inane and just two days. Twice as many patients also stopped the treatment early compared to be over the counter stuff. Researchers believe chocolate is so effective. That today essentially means that the rich almost sticky decadence. That we just can't get enough of his better it coating the throat than syrups. And can protect the nerve endings to trigger your cough. So the next time you got a call. If nothing else tried. I would assume bush or mobile extra chocolate not necessarily have segment borrow. You went to Zagreb are just the just the plain old chocolate NASA the silky like those so one of those things that stood dove bar and don't winner of those little. Chunks of pure shock that are that. And a little over your tong and this floated to sift on down your throat. I got to stop because. Diabetes type two you don't need a whole lot of chocolate used utilized chuck. More. There's a 74 year old guy by the name of Wayne winners you may have heard about him he was desperate to find deal love of his life a kidney. And so he walked. Miles every day with a sign. Hoping to add time to his wife's life you have you data you heard about the story. Walked and walked and walked and walked seeking a kidney donor for his so wife. His. Plea finally caught the attention of the people around the world and now his wife. Has a new kidney. The story went viral hundred stepped up to help overwhelming him with the calls three weeks later he's no longer shuffling around Utah sidewalks but threw away the hallways of a hospital Sunday. His wife Dee and got called that they've waited two years were we have a kidney and therefore you get down here she did it. Indeed order passed away. Bringing new life to his wife they put the new comedian on Sunday. That's pretty cool are you an organ donor. You can always be part of a pretty cool story to a few world. Because it deprives overture a theological beliefs are but quite frankly just think this is a shill the world and are known to have been able to. Leave all the parts behind if that helps somebody else wanna. I what's your favorite should Thanksgiving. Dressing. Listed by 17% of the people Turkey 46%. You're addressing you know Turkey. Bachelor made dressing one time didn't have an greeted and have a spice cell effect it only called for a little bit. How important could that be. It was sage. Turns out sage is very important in the making addressing. Otherwise you have Whitbread. Pumpkin pie listed by 6% to one food or dish that people most look forward to reading on Thanksgiving Day. Pumpkin pie would not be even beyond mired. List. But we sweeper can apply. To people still do yams with. Marshmallows let's talk on the. My grandmother taught to be a great idea to put reasons and one year. Not gonna do up sorry sorry to the F I don't mean to be dissing you on the air but. Really what you're gonna be a mashed potato 6% sweet potato slash yams. 4%. That's and they were my exercise tape you know bugs and yams. Hey I'm 3% other applies 3%. Minutes meeting ever have been speed Wednesday rewarded they used to one of the standards in our house convoy I was restores the greatest because there was some. They almost had to chip it out of the pay and the bottom guzzlers. Go on homes unbelievably good cranberries cranberry sauce 2%. And vegetables to persist salad 1% casserole 1% other desserts 1% everything 2% other 6% quote other being. Two murders instead of a burger and Fries. It's. Yeah. And it's. You are giving kids an allowance. Do you think they should earn it by doing chores. According to an annual survey T. Rowe Price 83% of parents who give their kids an allowance and believe they should earn it by doing chores. But parenting experts say children should not. Well they should help out around the house because it's the right thing to do not because they make money at it. So if you pay your kids for chores. You may be getting it wrong if you buy into this survey. And did tell your kid no you can't turn off the radio right now. I'm sorry kids on I'm just trying to help you in the long run. It's being done your body. They pairing experts say children should help out around the house because as the right thing to do not because you make money added the book the opposite of spoiled argues that we shouldn't give allowances and exchange for chores. Because one day our kids will decide that they don't need the money and refused to do the work. Allowance ought to stand on its own not as a wage but as a teaching tool. The book positive discipline eighth through Z argues that allowances should be educational. Shores are separate issue should not be connected to an allowance. Even doctor Spock. Which many of my generation was raised by. Baby and child care. First published in 1945. That was dubbed baby book of its time. Had come around by the eighth edition and proclaimed it allowances away for children to learn about handling money. And allow it should not be used as payment for routine chores. Now you're saying to yourself or final giving money he'll do in the jurors. If I don't give him if I don't tie and him taking out the trash and goodness said the other than. Well that's your job I guess kids should do their chores and not be paid Ford is the philosophy here and if you want to pay your child to do extra work around the house. Your own work then that's perfectly fine. It's some parents encourage their kids to a look for jobs that need to be done and name a price there is a way of encouraging entrepreneurship. The survey also found that 34% of parents don't give their children an allowance and all of those experts would say. That's another mistake I'll explain why just a moment. Another song goes city jail if I can just get off this Berkshire freeway without getting killed or product. Maybe down the road in a close smoked for some land that I. But something that I think it's a virtual three way in this. Surveyed 34% of parents should do who don't give their kids an allowance and all of these experts say that's another mistake after all. To learn to ride a bike. You need a bike. To learn to play the violin. Unita violin. To learn to manage money. You need money they'd even and households were money is tight and parents can move a little a bit of the money that they spend under their children and don't do it band forms of an allowance. And and the children go spend it on themselves in the says the other so there you go don't pay your kids for chores and do pay them allowance but don't by the together. OK. I. So we're just told you about allowance and all that stuff. Your kids Lebanon vows with your. Now I mean you're older kids I mean you're young adult living kids. Because the number of young adults living with our parents has reached an all time high. I don't know if that means it's harder to leave the nest these days or just from an economic standpoint it makes more sense. The new data are. Released by the UK's office for national statistics shows that the percentage of young adults meaning ages twenty to 34. Living with their parents has risen from 21%. In a 1996. To 26%. This year and that equates to about 700000. More young adults living with their folks compared to 1996. I don't wondered if if they just don't mind as much I don't mean to pair considering the kids. I got I got got a house about time I was eighteen. I act couldn't wait. Fact I got a house. Halfway through my senior year. Went London Kevin Rose by other people. But then I got into trouble with the IRS when Iowa roots. 28. So like that. And move back in with my folks because surly IRS was. Beaten on my door late fees and penalties and armed. And I think it was hard on them and I know what was hard on me and I love my parents to death but I'll just tell you what to to a certain part of your life after you've had independence and you've been out you know back in the house you just got to think yourself. I'm that I live British. And they're probably think in the same thing. Anyway about 700000. More young adults living with her folks compared to 1996. Young men 32% more likely than young women to be living with their parents at this age. I would've thought exactly the opposite is believed the uptick is caused by more young people remaining in school for longer periods of time. Bomb and and people marrying and having children at older ages. I and the increased costs over renting and or buying a home and and maybe that's it may be baby the kids are smarter these days. Maybe a deal we'll stay on longer and not you start to build up a little bit of a nest eggs so that when you do find somebody that you got a down payment for a house or or whatever the case there'd be open. Anyway the numbers increased more power to your. I think my I think our little reunion lasted about ninety days. And then and then that was them. Cassette tapes are making it come back. Did you know that. He. So you can motivate us why because you're gonna record and easier to record a cassette tape that is to burn a CD. Depends on what kind of equipment you're gonna ever gonna keep. Finally have a few I mean you can buy a hundred does seating is hurt. Buck and a half for what we whatever it is these days. Vinyl records have surged in popularity among vintage of sister millennial and now cassette tapes which are killed off by all of the first time around are making their own comeback. Hello remember when they are argument was to set her eight track. And I want cassette because they took up less room in the glove compartment. But most of my friends didn't care about that. If you look in the backseat to their cars they had you know 5008. Tracks in in the backseat. Cassette sales soared. By 74%. Last year. Which sounds more impressive probably than it is. It's like an old story I told you about when I was ordered forgive one time Minnesota went to swords or radio station and I increased or more in ratings by 86% news and or they start. Well the answer to that was they started with like a point four by the time we left they had a point eight or something like that we do it wouldn't really necessarily go set the world on fire. So at the the cassette sales soared by 74% last year. Our current artists putting out music on cassette and cassette versions of classic albums by a range of artists are being re released. Owner David Brothers are doing anything on cassette. I talked adult about that golf has really gotten Indo vital. And companies really get down to cassettes that's the nostalgia factor is one of the reasons so people are. Rediscovering cassettes and another is the appeal of being able to make your own mix tape that's what's your second. When I left boulder. There was certainly a girl their name lorry Cobb. She was doing nights a ticket KB CEO at the time. And I was get credited drive to a northeastern Pennsylvania for a new gig up and walks for his friends to be program director of the station told WA RM. And my going away party from glory worry about eight cassette tapes. Mix tapes man she put more I've still got him. More great music on those eight tapes and you can shake a stick at them and it was like listen indicate BC EO. Out the middle of the highway this long before satellite radio or anything along those lines. So the nostalgia factor is one of the reasons people are rediscovering cassettes and and the other is the appeal of being able to make your own mix tape Anaconda records. Manager their by the name of bush on couple I'll. Suggested that they also forced people to slow down. Telling the Wall Street Journal cassette tapes demand that you are patient. You're not going to be skipping tracks. As you would. Oh on your phone. Fast forward fast forward fast forward even an eight track technically didn't used to hit a button and it would take you to the next track. So even an eight track was faster than a cassette. But anyway cassettes or are making a comeback so whether you're gonna and finally drinking cherry juice may help you sleep more. If you have a sleep issue. I tried drinking tart cherry juice an hour before you go to bed. I in a study of insomniacs Louisiana State University that we're all these. On the national located while Louisiana. There when they can't sleep because they're out there because they're living in Louisiana. Speaking out Louisiana and air expand bird will be with us tomorrow at 4 o'clock. A Louisiana State University researchers found participants who drank about eight M ounces of this that tart cherry Jews. Months more and see what it's called. Twice today were found to increased sleep proficiency blood samples revealed the drinking the juice reduced levels. This chemical in your body which has been linked to sleep disturbances another study so there you go if you're not sleeping well drink a tart cherry juice. We said that I said that. Whoever wrote them. Mark Garrison. Of Charlotte have six. He is coming up next and we'll kick off the big weaken tomorrow at 3 o'clock or sere John Hancock's Charles both love and out here.