Tragedy In the Skies of Southwest Airlines, Honoring the Life of Barbara Bush

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, April 19th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no big Stokley radio program. Good morning welcome to broadcast it to be back with you hope your day is starting off well. So often. There are just so many things that occur in our lives that's just reminders about how fragile life news. I mean very eager to talk review about the events the last 48 hours. We have this Southwest Airlines flight. Where a woman Muster life we're going to be talking about that a bit but also the loss of Barbara Bush. Wonderful the fact that she lived a long and productive life. Why former president's mother. Of another presidents. And there are a couple of personal reasons why I aim. Also who. Very much sensitized to this issue which I'm going to talk about as well. I wanna start off. Talking about us one man you may or may not have heard. They missed him McGinty. By now you've heard the story and it was interest here was just talking my wife about this yesterday and it's amazing just how the events. News events happened so quickly how much it changes the news media narrative and focus. Because Serb by the time I'd gotten in the unite the plane incident occurred. I was very eager to see the story I was out late and I wanted to see the story and by the time. I arrived home. Also learned that. Barbara Bush had passed away during the course the night as well and all of the coverage was on that and appropriately so. And so quickly. We move on to the next crisis the next story. But I want you to know about a mimic the name of Tim McGinty. And also another man in true Needham. First I know these guys never knew each other. Never interacted before this fateful day. They were on a flight from New York City to Dallas and their plane suffered engine failure. By now you know woman was sucked out of her window. On southwest flight thirteen eighty. Mr. McGinty was wearing cowboy hat. When he was interviewed and had a bandage around his arm. And he shares a little bit about his experience to hear from him a bit but I wanna tell you about what these two guys did. They've pulled this woman back inside the plane ultimately is you know she would later passed away. Jennifer Reardon. But there are back. There is no less heroic. This was. One of those situations again where. We just never know when we're going to be called on. To step up to the plate to do something that's we probably never imagined. They pulled the mother of two Wells Fargo executive. Back inside the plane. McGinty whose wife Kristen told USA today my husband loves god. And believes our purpose here is to low fiercely. And to serve others. Some heroes Wear capes. My wears a cowboy hat. When I set that quote it just. It just leaped out at me. I love this. And honestly. As I reflect in my life. I hope. I can be sent me at the end. Christian loves god. And this year and if love fiercely and to serve others. When it description. Neither man a nurse perform CPR and Riordan. And ultimately say mentioned they were not able to. Revive her she died from her injuries. But. We must. Remember. They heroism of these two brave folks. Injured Needham. And Tim beginning. Tim Guinea was interviewed by television station. Once they were on the ground here are some of his brief comments. Interviewed after this incident. They're doing now. Under the Pentagon ladies were good. Controller and a Buddy Guy killed and we get a flu mainly try to resist later. Anyway the true. Well they got. He got it landed. Anyway. Justin ordeal. And that was indeed quite an ordeal. Quite an ordeal. And I never tire of this quote. Tony share with you one more time. What Kristen. McGinty had to say about her husband my husband loves god believes our purpose cheers too low fiercely and serve others some heroes Wear capes. Mine wears cowboy hat. Isn't this wonderful thing to aspire to. Love fiercely. Server of ash. I also wanna share at the top here. And I hope you'll indulge me with a person request those of you who were inclined to pray. These last fifteen years have been me. An extraordinary journey for me in many ways and as I look back. As is the journey itself. And having a sense of divine purpose about it I'm. I can look back with a sense of thank goodness nor can also tell you. There have been a lot of very. Challenging. Well I wouldn't say a lot there have been some very challenging circumstances. Along the way. Hands along the way lord is also blessed me with some wonderful friends. I think of one friend of particular. Who. Has just been in this a source of extraordinary encouragement to me the past few months especially. I'm telling you about him this morning. Because he is. In very very much a life threatening situation my friend Peter if you would. Indulge me and ask for your prayers for Peter. He's a little bit younger than me he's had a problem with. In his heart there's a it's finally been addressed. And they've tried to basically shocked his heart into. Proper rhythm. They thought they had accomplished this just today and I'm not so much. They did some testing and determined that he's going to need open heart surgery. And because of the condition his heart now. They need. Medications. To work to bring his heart into place of rest so they can actually do the surgery. I'm asking can she would prefer my friend Peter. It may be a month before they can actually get this surgery and my hope is and that's. They will be able to do that and if you be sustained during this time and they will be able to. Perform the surgery that's needed to restore him to help. I would absolutely appreciate that reminded again. About how fragile life is. Much more as we continue our broadcast this morning. 15 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Ninety minutes after the hour took clock. Here on the Vince Coakley review program glad you're with his by the way. Joining you today. Firmer upstate studio in Greenville, South Carolina. It's always good to be down here in fact it's been awhile. Screen than usual to actually see Alonso who I wore abuse later on with our. And making faces now really good very mature there. We will. Course have that little bit later on in the broadcast. I mentioned in the first segment. About the the the fact of life is so fragile. And one Q also spend little time reflecting on the life for Barbara Bush I'm sure there have been plenty of biographies. And Saab comments and segments you've seen on the news over the last few days and increasingly. I find myself. Very much focused on. Cultivating. Healthy humanity. I mean it's really kind of a theme of what I try to do in my life. And I'm very concerned. I'm just interject this right now. And I think this is the first time I'm actually saying this. On the broadcast. You have for years and and I agree 100% with rush. When he talks about how. The left views politics as religion liberalism is a religion. Just the past few days the thought just really hit me and it was over the weekend. I'm very much concerned that in many so called and I see so called because I don't think it's genuine. Conservative and Republican circles. I believe we are guilty of doing the very same thing. These political things and I'm not saying that we should be uninvolved and we should bury our heads in the sand. I am saying that I do believe that many of us have come to a place we believe. And we acolytes. Politics. As a religion. It is really. Let's just say eclipsed. When I believe. We are professing our values really are. Can I think some of us are falling into the very same trap that we have criticized liberals for firm. Mini meet many years and appropriately so. We're at risk of losing our humanity in the process. I think we're well down that road. Which is why I wanted to share this story because I thought. It's one of the favorite things that she. I she. About the life for Barbara Bush. And the impact that she was able to have during her time here. There's a story. Don't buy or radio station. Can Washington DC. Speaking of all the accolades that Barbara Bush is receiving after her death at the age of 92. People link your courage being the matriarch of a par four American political family which she was. But a few people in the DC area reporting to enact a grandmotherly humanity. As her defining moment. March 22 1989 more husband George H. W. Bush was in the White House her son future president George W. Bush should just move to Washington to assist. In the fairly business. The First Lady visited grandma's house when the first residents in the country. Created cure for aids infected infants. The images of Barbara Bush hugging babies perhaps more importantly an adult man with aids and a powerful message of compassion and understanding. During a period of fearful us about the disease her words and actions. During the largely unscripted exchange dramatically changed the nations' understanding in first impression of people infected with the HIV. Mary Kate Kerry who's a speechwriter for president George H. W. Bush. So this was the heights of the aids crisis she was before he kind of Richard Pryor oral drug had been invented. Scientists were still trying to fully understand HIV and aids but the time many Americans not of this. Candy it was largely true as a gay disease. And issued no others ignorance associated with this. People but you could catch it by touching people and it was highly communicable. I drove the fear is really the ignorance that drove the fear. During her visit to the stately Victorian townhouse. Westminster street northwest near Logan circle. Bush cradled and kissed infants. She said you can hug and pick up aids babies and people were of the HIV virus without being put at risk. There's a need for compassion. Joan Carly was the executive director of grandma's house she told WT OP bush is this it's still being felt in the organization of the time HIV had strong stigmatized and stereotyped sheets said down with no stigma. No stereotype. Just unconditional. Love. It was empowering to adults in the room. For the open resonates in the public at large. She did very boldly. Compassionate leave with no display of any furor barrier it changed the climate. Also in the room Debbie take president of terrific incorporated housing and human services organization. Which operates grandma's house. That opened the door eventually princes di that a benefit from grandma's house. They still have on the walls of the Westminster. Street house. Photos from Bush's visit. Lot of people may not realize this but carry. We called the fact of president George HW and Barbara Bush lost a child at age three to locate leukemia. They were in their twenties the time. I think she has special antenna for sick children. And I would interject here. This is very often what causes people to be. Extra sensitive when you grow through crises yourself you go through tragedies yourself. He can do two things she can either choose to. Have a tender heart or you can Harden your heart that's a choice we all make. And the Credo the choice of Barbara Bush made. One of the men said something along the lines have it's true figure holding these babies with the aid to the country sees them as innocent the rest of us who have aids as guilty. The whole community here could use a hug from you. This is what one gentleman said. And I think he meant it metaphorically. But she immediately jumped up and hugged him. This mean. Spanish name is Lou task Johnny. He told bush she felt isolated from his parents and long to be followed again by his mother. Jerry read Bush's words from her memoir a poor substitute I hug that darling young man did it again in front of the cameras but what he really needed. This family. Choking up while reading Kerry said to me that tells you everything you need to know. About Barbara Bush. By the way to Scotty died two years later grades at age 42. Just got. He found its Damien ministries a lay ministry serving women and men living with HIV and aids his brother told. WT OP Bush's target acceptance were never never forgot. You never know the impact you may have and we're thankful for the impact of one Barbara Bush. Much more sweet continued Vince Coakley radio program the 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. It. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock that Vince Coakley radio program a couple of quick things. In the first block couple blocks. We've talked about it's Barbara Bush. And also the Southwest. Airlines flight. Where we had some one lose her life very unfortunate incident. I am a couple of other quick notes on both of those stories one of them. Regarding. Barbara and George H. W. Bush. One of the other heart warming stories. Done by the New York Post. How George H. W. Bush was at barber side and told the very end. I don't need to tell you. How cheap relationships have become in this day and age. People dispose of relationship left and rights whether it's. Marriages friendships whatever. People were just trifling. In so many ways. And unfortunately marriage. It is not honored and respected like keep used to being. This story Susan toward dying breath. President George H. W. Bush held his wife Barber's hand. He held her hand all day ms. underside when she. Left this good earth. This couple had been together. Seven V. Three. Years. 73. Years. They met as teenagers. On the eve for World War II. Obviously. The spokesperson said this is a very challenging time it would not surprise all of you who know and love him. He's also being stoic and strong as being lifted up by his largely supportive family. George HW and Barbara Bush for the longest married couple when presidential here's history far outpacing. The union of John and Abigail Adams. We've done it 54 years. An amazing 273. Years. Ends as you know. Fisher something else in common. Having a son to service precedent is not cool. I told you there was never notes about the Southwest Airlines crash. Not crash but this incident that occurred. In ends. I thought this was really cool because this is an important take away a very very important take away. If you don't remember anything else especially fear person who flies. I assume this person is in employment and airline. But it's this person. Very much wanted you to know. How important it is that you listen and pay attention to what is just happens. He ends. I should tell you right now you've probably seen that picture. Of the passenger cruise wearing the mask. That dropped. When a plane for started experiencing some problems. And here's how are Jordan Ramsey started this post this is a cell feed from a passenger. On southwest flight thirteen eighty the plane that landed. In Philly after losing an engine and a window and then going into a catastrophic decompression. First things first let's not even pretend the majority of you all even watch our safety demos anymore you clearly do not. And on southwest to where they do funny ones by the way have you seen some of these. Announcements they're they're really there's a couple of people why I've seen him do some really hilarious once got to keep the attention somehow. He said despite this you'll still don't listen. Take your ear phones out of your ears for four flippant minutes you can listen to this important information. The new Carty B album on your iPhone can wait. Oxygen cubs go over your nose and mouth. We require by law to cover it in all of our demonstrations. Number two. A lady got partially shut down another passenger died from heart attack but in certain valley girl voice here. We're gonna take self fees and still have our ear phones and he's listening to pretty beat because that album is straight five year. And I do that well. Where could. Where your foot been seat belts when your in your seats because you never know what can happen turbulence or you getting sucked out of window. Maybe take out your earphones when something happens. Turning off your music when something bad happens. Can be a good idea as well. I mean I get it you flown like three times this year you feel like you're pretty well equipped to handle emergency which will probably never rise. This picture and all of the other self fees from emergency situations would indicate otherwise please please for the love of everything that is wholly. Take a moment the next time your flying to pay attention to the safety demonstration. He could save you or someone else's life and it could also prevent self fees were you look like idiots. Also a shout out to the crew on that flight. They were in the aisle trying to get people to cover the hole with a window blew out that's dedication. Yet another example. A flight attendants willing to sacrifice their lives to save viewers. And you all can even be bothered to say hello back to us when we greet you toward knowledge or presence when we asked if you want something to drink. Duly noted. Thanks PS. I'm just saying I only mentioned Carty B because I was listening to invasion of privacy is Eric approached. And it is street fighter. I dug the Swiss miss this message was really cool obviously a flight attendant who cares. Cares about you wants to make sure. Then you. Are safe. Because you just never know. This is why didn't I fly frequently. And I have to admit I'm one of those people last night I had a flight attendant kind of jokingly look at me tell you were paying attention. And I really wasn't she was right. She was doing it jokingly. But. I mean this in all seriousness. We should pay attention. Just never never know. Overrun attacks line a couple of great text your offense. A true grid for and we'll keep you humble. I also keep bad friends from my past as well and when people ask me why. I tell them to remind me where I come from in the show me where I could be had I not made for a choices. That is pretty good. Preteen goods. The other person. Vince life lesson for sheriff will Lewis who never get ahead if you think with your head instead. Of your head. Jeff. That's some good counsel. Very good counsel. Goes back to whatever sharing with you before folks. We make. Might truce is every single day. And we wanna make sure the situation is that's. We don't look back on with regret. Yeah and reflecting on the life. Barbara Bush. And banking on the fact that these people being married as long as they were well I was listening to an interview they played from Barbara abortion this is so important and our DNA aged. When so many. Women have devalued marriage they have devalued just being a mom. Fans this is a woman. Provide being those things. The impact she's had on the world is pretty significant. Wouldn't you say it could mean you have to agree with everything the bushes have done. Tried you wanna talk about impact finding cures a lot of impact there coming up we'll talk about congress looking to protect Robert Mueller. And leading the effort a senator from right here in the Carolinas coming up. This is this Coakley radio program. 1049 on the Vince Coakley radio program over the text line since few years ago when I was six years only to be job. Driving a school bus or Greenberg county schools for a year one of the things. I was struck by how many of those students are self centered and very selfish the whole world. Should revolve around them. Many of the things you're talking about her because of all of this self cinder disk selfishness. Me and you are preaching to choir on this I've been on this this week. I mean thinking of one situation in particular. You know which is amazing to me how. Well I won't go into that story I'll just tell you. There are so many people can be so sensitive. Two things that are happening to them and what's the world or other people were doing to them have no consciousness. Of what they're doing to other people. You've noticed people like this. It's just strange. This texture is saying response to our discussion of southwest and that flight with my luck I would have been in the bathroom on the plane that damage. Would have torn out the wall on the toilet with neon it's and I would have been sucked out. Yeah that's. You just never know folks. Vince nice portrayal of the California valley guy tried mixing in words like totally awesome suit. Called mood. Your show was like mud dole really cool man that I do that well. We're working on it Willie good morning good to have you back on the broadcast serve. All are missing and how are you. Right you're up there this is terrible. Somebody posted here on on this sand regarding. Barbara Bush that you see there the pulpit as the cold and this woman from the university and. Oh I heard about her tonight. I don't wanna give her much attention at all or go ahead to go ahead eat where an army with comets secular. The general isn't Smart animation races who I don't know what a husband. Great the war criminal thing did you know that I don't think we'll fairway there are no respect for. Urgent care. Everything is about their religion of liberalism. Here also and railroad that's all the matters. Even even her aunt march I'm not a popular drummer Tom caller but I mean dedicated. He's got a wife he's got family. Love them we could be enable whatever but you know we can't we can never get part tunnel you know and that's very personally. Want to have to disagree. I'm done nations but the target personal Byrd Barbara herself on the plane. Very eloquently trial. When you sit on me and I know he netted points she wasn't fit in India to skate. Door right emergency exit. When you sit there. The flotilla composed species she forces you to actually pick up the book and read it told us in that week's inaugural finding your next week. And ask you if you're able to hit you know something happened can help them out of the kitchen opened. But she's standard you want to pick up a book and read it but there are people don't know what the cell phone. What about wanna go up its drive and an in infection but they'll also irritate me until we have become. And that there isn't just people got hurt every day and the way that any kind of an. You're right really. Care preaching your car you made a great point here in India and it's worth noting. You know why I was struck by this fact that was brought up a couple of days ago with the southwest incident can think of this this is sobering. Do you know in the American commercial airline business. This is the first death in nine years. First death in nine years that's pretty extraordinary. And they got a great records. You know how many people were dying and routes every single day. Let's take the opportunity to take a look at their day in history here 53 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock kick in fact. You'll have to go down I 85 this time ought to do his. Look across the window at Alonso who's joining us to answer a few questions Kagan C again man. Good to actually see her yes yes absolutely awesome let's breezed through the use. If they hadn't. We'll look very delicate I don't know not that again so 7075. April 19 he is a good date. And colonial minute men did this when they took on The British Army at Lexington Concord. What do they do. This is a famous quote pleaded to list all the whites of their eyes at the that's no. Hey you guys back in Charlotte when you're this wanna try John under Charles. Would you be doomed the minute men. Resorted to sling shots. Oh come all and they've fired. Cannon shot heard round the world dare you know is oil in oil is close schoolhouse rock. In the first I just cut the wrong line it's okay and it's RA there are others here. 1933. The United States came all of this with its currency and if you've been listening this program I've said this was a big mistake. But its currency you are right Swedes it's 1933. April 19. 1993. The FBI launched its attack. Condit they compounds. In Waco Texas what was the name of the group they were targeting you remember their names. New Koresh. Yes. Room give that to you it was crystal Branch Davidians. The colts have fired the building's eighty members including leader David Koresh died in 1993. And 2003. We had this horrendous back then occurred. And this was carried out. Against the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. With CD was that located again. Oklahoma says. You are correct 168. People. Passed away in that particular incident April 19 some very extraordinary events. In our history. We have the shot heard around the world. Gleaming gold standards. We have also blew out the branch Davidian. Assaults by the federal government's convenience. Unfortunately the Oklahoma City bombing. Some terrible things in our nation's history month so great to talk we've you can get deceived him and and some of the Yasser. We continue the broadcast. Our number two we is straight ahead we'll talk about a member of the Carolina delegation. Trying to work on saving Robert Mueller. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. Owner and I was elected to represent. The citizens of this. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Our number two of the broadcast. And orange the text line a couple of interesting items Stuckey about the day in history. This many of the USA's most critical events took place in mid April beginning of revolutions civil war. Waco Oklahoma City column buying gold standards Doolittle raid Abe Lincoln assassinated. Combat injury in Vietnam Boston Marathon and tax day. I called two weeks in the middle of April. The mid April crucible. Kind of intriguing way to characterize this. And we also have this from Gerald out of conference Vince is it just me. What you have your set and roll back since being the upstate. That's pretty good I like Alan coming or we're gonna talk about what's going on with Mike Pompeo and on the surface you would think. Based on what looks like a pretty significant. Diplomatic breakthrough. That he might be at a better place. In his quest becomes secretary of State's. But apparently opposition to his nomination is mounting we will dress this coming up but first. Let's talk about. Robert Mueller. That we mentioned this several days ago and I'm very curious especially for those of you who are now. North of the upstate. About pure. Junior she injure. Here's what I'm talking about. No Mitch McConnell. Being the brilliant politician that he years. He doesn't have any interest in allowing a vote on a mission to make it harder for president trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller putts. It's not stopping some Republicans from forcing this debate. Who is in fact working on a bill to allow more access to speedy judicial review. If trump tries to force him out of his job. Leading the Justice Department into Russian interference in the 2016 election with or without McConnell support who is the person behind this. Do you wanna guess. It is none other than north Carolina Republican. Tom Telus. He told reporters will have a markup in a voting committee something that can lie in the senate chamber. Facts may lead to passage or not. Tillis plans continue lobbying leadership on the bill even after McConnell explicitly rejected this legislation. McConnell said this is not necessary there's no indication Mueller is going to be fired. Torre said in a Fox News interview on Tuesday. Will not will not be having this on the floor and sent. But it's Tillis and other supporters the bill say they aren't backing down. Senator Jeff flake of Arizona. So the goal is necessarily to pass a measure with the hope of forcing trunk to decide between send the door issuing a veto the real goal he said is to sit in the the president a message. If the goal and I think it should be used to convince the president not to take this action I think the message needs to be that we take this very seriously. There are plenty of Republicans say they agree the issue should be taken seriously but they want to lobby trump quietly. Not through an aggressive public measure like voting on this bill supporters the legislation. So it's wishful thinking Richard Blumenthal Democrat of Connecticut said Shuster Republicans who hope they can convince trump not to fire Moehler threw such discussions. Are facing reality. Blumenthal said if he's not listening to his own lawyers I don't think he's going to listen to a bunch of senators. Trump is actually crossed Republicans on a number of issues like the recent tariffs on China. Many in congress grown weary of a string White House firings. My former secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Biscayne without any warning. Can Blumenthal said you know same thing and after Robert Mueller. But there is another group for Republicans. Including McConnell and senator Orrin hatch of Utah who simply believe trump will not fire Muller. I'd says it's hard for me to just type that we think this direction because I don't think it's gonna happen. You'll be a mistake. So I'm kind of curious. Especially for the interview in North Carolina. How do you feel about your senators spearheading this effort to protect Robert Mueller. There's this where you are you want him to protect this investigation. You would say hey here's a guy who's representing me he's representing my view is representing my values. And I'm very pleased about the fact. That senator Telus has taken on this issue. He is speaking for me I do this. I'll be very curious to see her reaction to this. On another subject. We have Mike Pompeo and say mentioned you think. We pissed. Very clever. Visit to North Korea. Basically. Advancing the process of dealing with. He North Korean government and the potential for having some sort of meeting between president Kim Jong-un. In many ways this looks like a diplomatic coup. It surprised a lot of people. However. There's opposition mounting. To Mike Pompeo his bid to become secretary of state. When he needs it. Our 51 votes. 51 senate votes. In order to move from his current position CIA. To the State Department. Pompeo is characterized as say hard to lie and Republican. Former businessman turned politician. Donald Trump speak to replace Rex Tillerson. Adam is nomination Pompeo served CIA director delivered trumps intelligence briefing nearly every day. He's been quoted saying the president asks really hard questions. Earlier this week Republican senator Bob core Kirsten C chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said he hopes to hold a vote as early as next week currently. Senator Rand Paul Kentucky is the lone Republican on the committee who's announced he will not vote in favor of Pompeo. The reasons for this. Just support of the Iraq War. And enhanced interrogation techniques were in contradiction to the drug administration. Thanks Ron Paul Rand Paul said this I'm perplexed by the nomination of people who love the Iraq War. So much they would advocate for war with Iran next. It was against most of the things president from campaigned on. The unintended consequences every gene change in Iraq led to instability in the Middle East. Now if Paul does not change his position Pompeo would be short of the votes he needs to win the recommendation. From the foreign relations committee. Which means he'd need Democrats to step up. So Rand Paul's a key person here. If if he doesn't step broken plate and vote in favor of this nominee this nomination goose down owner. The dream. So far. No Democrats indicating and there interstate in the least bit. Kinda wait. Rip right now this hour at the Air Force One is taking off from West Palm Beach heading for an errant an anti trafficking summit in Key West, Florida. Kubiak keeping an eye and that is that takes place 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. Am and I. This is a fiscal clean radio program. 1119 on the Vince Coakley radio program this heads up for you tomorrow faith focus Friday returns. Also returning my good friend Wayne Jacobson he's the author of the new book called beyond Sundays and we're gonna do a series of shows based on the that particular book actually not sure is that segments. We're real address the things he brings up one of the things this is a good chance for you about tomorrow. We're gonna talk about 35 million people that Wayne Jacobson is looking for. Why is he looking for those 35. Million people. Well. To find out the answer. Tune in to the next episode of the Vince Coakley radio program. On that this great radio station. House that. Let's talk about. The potential something distort. You know it it's really interesting to me how many times and we've discussed this on this program how many times. We've had. Military events. They're technically not really wars. And how many times we've seen wars where there is really no official into the war but. Eight CC of hostilities. I mean that may sound like you know it just pursing words but it really isn't. What's really taking place here. News. Looking at this from the legal standpoint. For instance. When we went into. Grenada. Was that a war did we declare war there but I know this was a police action. Do we fight your shots. I again. And it's pretty obvious. But we don't find it is a war. And there are other events. Where there was a war that took place bets. Didn't really officially in case in point. North and South Korea. Now there's talk to me may actually bringing. The war to an official end. They are going to meet next week the leaders of north and South Korea. This is an advance of the tri nations summit with president Donald Trump scheduled next month. Reported the two nations are going to officially put an end the Korean military conflict. Which technically lasted from 1950 to 1953. It actually ended with a truce not an actual peace treaty. They also discussed the demilitarized zone that separates him and possibly return. This area to its original state that would be a big development. Big development in key. The Dayton location of this three days three way summit by the way of not it's now been announced yet. But the north and South Korean meeting that's scheduled for April 27 so look for some pretty interesting developments there. It would be cool to see beneficial into this and one day. It would be great to have crazy people out of the way in North Korea but wouldn't it be great to see every reunification. Of north and South Korea. Under some wholesome leadership. And I know it you know very different cultures. But we've already seen this with the Germany. And there's really no reason why this can't happen with north and South Korea. At some point. So it'll be interesting to watch. I wanna break wait a little bit from. News of the day to something that really seemed to resonate with people when I talked about it on this Sunday broadcast that I do you. And the reason I'm bringing this up is it's in a broader context. In follow what we are having discussion about Syria and the military action was taken a response to the use of chemical weapons. And one of the things that I eight. Decided to delve into you. Was. One of the unfortunate. Incidences where we decided to intervene in another country. With consequences that we're very very bad for that country and I would argue. Bad for the United States of America as well. Now. I would encourage you if you have the opportunity. Because some of you may be busy at work right now and you're not a place where you can access this information and I get it. I want to encourage you to go to your computer later on. And take a look at this. Story. Because I think you will be quite intrigued. My version of events that's. I would suspect. You have not hurt. Because didn't get a lot of media attention. And you know you've heard rush referred to the drive by media. And it's not just liberals who do this. We have really not. Done a good job in general of drawing attention to some very important things have happened. In our history. So as a result a lot of people are profoundly ignorant about. What the real circumstances are. One enlightening book for me. Was. In I'm still reading at X I don't think I've completed by the way. Look there's a squirrel. I need to post this pictured was at the other day I was just talking about the fact have a stack of books. Well this morning before leaving the house I took a picture of that stack of books if I don't get to this today. In fact I'm putting all of you guys I noticed Lou and so that includes you. And Charles and John and at some point you need to remind me Vince you need to poster picture of books. Whether it's today or tomorrow. Because you know what happens to my mind. I think I've got to share 11 really comical line my mom used to use. Senators say this long time ago. Your mind isn't any lower than pat stayed in the arm. A Psycho who is pat you know she would say that for years. And one day I finally Esther who is packed in what is the story of him going in the army. And basically pat what he did is he enlisted and didn't he checked right out. So anyway but it's just a question about my mind and I'm sure Obama's laughing right now. Listening to described as and laughing. He. Explained her analogy. Here's what I wanna tell you about it in the world go into this in more depth after the break but let me set the table for you you remember. Wind we had the in the unfortunate. Intervention in the country of Libya. By all accounts. Muammar Qaddafi was on good behavior he got rid of the offensive weapons. Chemical weapons whatever it was that he was holding on to get rid of those. Was engaging the United States of America in a positive way. And there are a lot of people asked the question why now why in the world. We're at a point where we are pretty good relationship with Libya why in the world. Would we intervene in that country. And allow this. Pains and I know make them very clear I'm not saying this guy was a completely good guy. But why would we intervene in our country. And allow this guy to be brutally sodomized him murdered on the streets. Why. Why do we do that. The argument presented the time. Was. It was to protect people. The truth of the matter is something much more insidious and I am giving you this story now. Because whether it's Syria whether it's Iran or whether it's North Korea. Taiwan a puts you on notice. There are forces at work in this country that want us involved in war. And the reason that will be given has nothing to do with the real recent we'll talk about Libya. Coming on the broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. It's. And. During the breaks your business school and trying to follow through and I. Ledger injury this music they're Luntz and let's give. I am. Posting my stack of books here. I'll I'll try to finish the scrutiny of this post may be during the break. So you can get a good laugh when see how many titles you can actually. Well you won't you'll make that many titles December turned the wrong direction in regular guess how many books there are I don't know. On the text line. Texture says Thom Tillis is never done anything for Meeks said disappoint the hell out of me what a joke. Thom Tillis needs to change parties he is a rhino. Tell us needs to focus IDC a federal spending actual immigration reform and stay off the Sunday shows. Just like Graham should be doing. Noticed there's a lot in common between those two guys I'm just saying here. I live in lake lure I am ticked. About Telus. Also ticked Rand Paul. At him for doing the games the president when is it going to end. So what else saying firing of ineffective bureaucrats should be the standard not a rare or surprising events. Do a lot of people would certainly agree with that. Also that Iraq odometer is flipping over that last letter to an in right now Vince look for something today or tomorrow the points to the a Iranians really. Note to senator Booker I believe gay sex is a perversion as well as a man or woman committing adultery to the real perversion as politicians. Changing their morals for votes. Already. And we have this. Vince my wife says my memory is so bad I eight can hide my own Easter eggs. That's pretty get a light that went on to remember that. Let's see here Vince militia being shot out on foreign soil you cannot speak of wars. Panama Grenada every other military action was a war. Already. Princeton the navigation of the Korean Peninsula would be a great thing that leaves the question of what do we do about the murderous little. Rotund men and any suggestions. I don't know. I hope this gets worked out peacefully. We will find out. Soon enough. I want you to bear with me is I share with you. At least some segments. Of something that I posted on the FaceBook page. You may have to scroll forbid because I think this was on this Sunday. In fact I need to push this on the 163 to be your deep FaceBook page maybe I'll just re posted as well. On the WBT FaceBook page. It's a story that was stunned by the colleges dot org why Qaddafi had ago. Fuel wasn't about protecting people. This headline African gold oil in the challenge to monetary imperialism. What was NATO's Barry wood intervention in Libya really all about and I wanna remind you again I'm sharing this story. In this story was originally posted in march of Tony sixteen. I'm sharing this again because I want us to be aware. Very much aware of what has happened in the past in what is likely to happen in the future if we're not careful. And we make the mistake of intervening in another country. Before we delve into this. Let's go to Duncan and Rick good morning welcome to the broadcast. They've met thanks predicament calls anymore. They oh. Oh great. Sounds like we've got a very. Bad connection here with Rick just called back prequel try to take your call here a few minutes oh we're back let's try to get. Yeah that's here I guess you'd. Clarity and it has won a talk a little bit about this story went that he alien wide outs because I I get looks pretty bad you know allowed. She had gone out dom Mondale was the fact that. You know there are going to be some sanctions coming out but then. The I'll White House walked it back and there are some talkback export ban. You know they're they're certainly true love reasons why that happened is that. Dinner trump purposely set up to make a fool of our. Port number true that communication within me out white out is so bad. That they didn't caliber. That the storyline it changed over the we can thank you come up looks fool. I don't know which ones who are worse off from I think a pretty bad but you know I'm Nicky it's. Nikki not gonna BA out and tight character or. Which you just let whatever happen happen and she always about I didn't I think production goes out she's gonna go down blaming. What should not. I think you're right hold on with me a little bit wreaked by the way for those who were are curious about this may be not familiar with this particular story. Yes she was signaling that's more action was going to be taken. And it's ultimately the issues later contradicted by Larry Kudlow. How by the way she is been asked about the state of her relationship with president Donald Trump. The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley gave reporters at thumbs up yesterday saying it's perfect. This is an internal battle what she said on face the nation the administration would soon announce new sanctions on Russia. Your response to the Syrian chemical attack. Now Haley statement was walked back on Monday by the White House which should trump was still waiting further sanctions Larry Kudlow is the man who did this. The director of the National Economic Council escalated the flap on Tuesday when he told reporters during a Florida news conference. Daley's announcement was the result of momentary confusion you remember she struck back and she said look would all due respect I don't get confused. Kudlow called and apologized later to Haley. According to a White House official speaking on background. She continued taking that hard line on Russia united nations Security Council meeting yesterday. Saying that's as we stated previously the US agrees the UK's assessment Russia is responsible. For the chemical weapons in Salzburg this was the incident. The involves the former spy and his daughter. Now to go back to your comments here Rick here is. Here's what I think I agree with what you said I think either way it's not good. And CI AE I think you're right about Nikki Haley if they try to blow her up I think she's going. Who I think she will she'll defend yourself. I don't think she's a by what she said are ready about not getting confused and I think that signals pretty clearly. She's not playing around here and she's not going to allow her her integrity to be damaged in the that's pretty much Richard thinking about this Rick. Yes so right sort out why would trump wanna take god out. And then it got our our new story out. Earlier in the week it was commenting on an eighty up British Open book called repealing mail. Story buyout. That. And and I think he would god make a formidable team should truck yeah. Like MPG virtually none of the vote blowing up around first second term and that that story. That was after Arafat's new has got it all worked up to where he is angry that horror. Prior nothing that you may not like how Mike got it wrong that night. You know that's pretty interstate now that you say that's. You really have to wonder about the timing of this ends you know because. I'm trump watches these news reports any takes them all very seriously and very personal. But IE would certainly add my voice to yours and saying you better not screw with this woman because I think. She can fight back pretty seriously we'll talk about Libya take more of your calls coming up in the broadcast it's 1145. This darn thing doesn't work for trying to put this so overwhelmed if mode here and show you this stack of books. And I'm reading. On the FaceBook page in it's just not working pleased that you're here. Republicans stole parity has never shows up. I wonder for the work for the other settings any case. I'm making progress here on the Vince Coakley page on FaceBook. Mean public page you conceive my stack of books if you want to be amused. Go check it out and surely if I can figure out how to do this as well it will be up on the one of 63 degree or deep FaceBook page end. VW BT FaceBook page I will try to take a couple of quick calls that I won Q very quickly go through. This situation regarding Libya let's go first impeached yet about a minute or so peach. Yeah Oprah has par call rocker's before the job come off court and understand. Somewhat agreeing with Bob will say this how have. Which top banks always in the count or jail are so I'm gonna have you got pop your podcast. Is it that people were accused man alive. You'd be just so brilliant. Or is urged banks are are just out of sight. It's governor wanted to Corey urged people opt picture you're in Q walked out I also just. If you ought to get credit Nikki Haley ordered governor Becky Gail what our government is dugout or Herbert ought. So what bank. You know there are some things are stalled while up caller they'll come out very epic that you'll go first go up or troubled pop like that. But there are big this was a straight. OK I don't art so it's hard just to mop up a little bit so he could chapter. The group of mandate Alpert he's sort through this process. What are your thoughts. Interest teach you think there's some stretchy dream here nor are from 40. Or else. We'll stay tune and she weathered this one works out as well Pete I do appreciate your call. Jerrold very quickly out of cal prince once talked about these Starbucks story which we didn't get to today but will let you have your two cents worth go ahead. I expect a little bit more mature and it looked ethnic store bought it then backed up poor. If I were black and my outlook demand that they deliberately free coffee in my. The teachers sell well all I cannot touch. Gerald that is clever IA I gotta hand it to you for that one that we may go into the story tomorrow because. Goes into a broader discussion about sir what is going on this thought process of reparations. And what justice means. In the odd time we have left here. I do want to mention about it's this situation with Libya. What was really going on. Because there are facts that were uncovered even beyond the story that I read several years ago in this. And I think it's very important. That we understand this history. Because we're risk of repeating. The same mistakes. According to Alan brown in this article that was in the colleges to. And we learn more about this from Hillary Clinton's recently published emails it was to prevent the creation of the independent hard currency in Africa that would free the continent. From economic bondage under the dollar the IMS the IMF and the French African franc. In other words. This was all about continuing to exploit the African continent. You remember when she did that. Screech. Can toll. Do you would you call it we came we saw he died. Mirror they tackle. This was all premature. Because the country didn't dissolved into chaos leading to a civil war. That would destabilize the region fueling refugee crisis in Europe and align the Islamic state to establish a Libyan haven. That the United States was trying to contain. Supposedly we did this we intervened on humanitarian grounds after reports of mass atrocities but human rights organizations question those claims after finding a lack of evidence. Surprise. Surprise. Now the human rights situation in Libya is a disaster. Thousands of detainees. Including children languishing in prisons without proper judicial review kidnappings. Targeted killings rampant. She knew about the true state of Libya before 2011. Libya had achieved economic independence with the wind it's only water its own food its own oil its own money. And it's all in a state owned bank. All because of Muammar Qaddafi. It used to be one of the poorest of countries. And it turned into. The richest. In Africa. Education and medical treatment were free having a hole was considered human right Libyans participated and original system. Of local democracy. The country post the world's largest immigration irrigation system. Great manmade river project which brought water from the deserts and cities in coastal areas Qaddafi was embarking on a program to spread this model throughout Africa. That was before NATO. And US forces bombed the irrigation system and wreaked Havoc on the country. Today the situation so dire prisoner Obama. Has asked his advisors to draw up options including a new military front in Libya Crist may remember the stories from 2016. Defense Department. Standing ready with a full spectrum of military operations why was this necessary because we screwed this up why do we do it. It was about money folks. He was all about protecting. Western. Western monetary interest. There's much more on this and I may go into this more tomorrow because we didn't even get to the part about the Hillary Clinton emails I'm going to save this. You finish up this discussion tomorrow I wanna encourage you. Go to the 1063 to be orgy FaceBook page or the WBT FaceBook page may have to scroll down a bit to find this story about Libya read it. And beyond that he didn't have yourself a great day folks and please pray for my friend Peter. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.