Traveling the Black Water and Fly Fishing

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, May 26th
This week, the #outdoorguys are paddling down the Black Water, hanging with US Fly Fishing Youth Team, and we’ll spotlight UNCC’s National Champions.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. Caroline dealership he's brought Cuba the Jewish guys from Jesse breath just. Good morning and welcome to a Carolina outdoors delve largely an action packed show this week stick around for the last segment because you and I are gonna learn some holiday it is and it's not the first down and it we have learned something on the Carolina outdoors we're gonna learn about rugby. What. You got it I've it's like cricket I don't understand it at all but by golly UNC Charlotte does national champions. Isn't that something Charlotte you're in CC forty niners rugby team did win the national title Don Yeager bill bark tea are gonna learn. A little something about that who would have thought they had black water creeks in South Carolina as well the rugby players well maybe we'll find out I don't wanna go for a moonlight paddle cause we're gonna go. That was tongue NC by the way there's plenty of black water in both Carolinas but. Quinn be creek is a place full of wildlife full of history. And it can be full of travelers on Monday we're gonna bring on guide natural since historian. Jeff Caruso from coastal expeditions. To talk a little bit about that Quinn be creek had all. Under the full moon. Now let's part of the France's Marion national forest which otherwise known as a small pox from revolutionary war exactly so maybe will learn a little bit. About that as well plus hey are any use up early on a Saturday morning listening to us via the airwaves of a WBT radius of the youth listened on the podcast on exactly. And that is what this is as well they Carolina outdoors podcast that she can join in if you are used. Because we're gonna have team manager of the US youth national fly fishing team Tucker horrid. On talking about programs. Not only competitive fly fishing courses but it also courses at education editor being offered. In North Carolina and around the country so will delve into that. For those of you who are listening to all of the segments of the Carolina outdoors via podcast. Now you know Memorial Day many times brings on special sales at different places pay sales. Furniture sales all kinds of things but it just you're browns it's going to be impacted yeah we have MK days that we are celebrating it Jesse Brown so. How does that work this weekend. If you step by in. Purchase any mountain khakis product totaling a total of 75 dollars. You'll get a twenty dollar gift card and in K day card if you will that activates Jeanne first through the thirtieth to come back. It's been at twenty dollars on more man khaki product from Jesse browns says I. Everybody wins as a future reward. It's you can celebrate during the month of jeans khaki days that your height says anyway. Don (%expletive) have a mayor bill Bart he has ever hear we'd do the Carolina outdoors where we talk about different outdoor activities sports. And places including. Team sports like rugby in this case we'll find out the celebration of that. US he's. US team. National champion team has almost been a combined rugby and fly fishing competition that would be. That would be difficult quite a new sport says don't let me do the things are very different. It's a good anyway. We count on to celebrate all of the segments that we talked about and they categories that we talk about on the Carolina outdoors. But through the week we hang our hats at Jesse Brown says. During this time of year not only are we celebrating Memorial Day in that is kind of an odd way to say it's celebrating Memorial Day but a recognition. Of those who gave their lives for our country. In in duties past at times past but it. We invite you to stop by Jesse Brown where we are also providing great advice for people who are traveling to. Parts of our country in parts of the Carolinas and parts of our world. In these warm weather months says stopped by you need any help or advice. As you begin preparing for your summer travels in summer vacations. Whether it be two debates to the mountains today even. Disney World Don we had some people and Heyward hit Al fitting for Disney World and with the weather lately you're my wanna take a look at a rain jacket. Bat as well we have had quite a rainy may have a weakness where. Well and it just brings the thunderstorms of June that are upcoming. It is a good time for a rain jacket that says chip in at Disney World thing you know while we have people in outfitting if you will for Disney World on ghostly Minnie Mouse. They wanted to see Minnie Mouse but more importantly they didn't want to be sunburned and they didn't wanna have uncomfortable seat so we were able to get on line that was some brand new. Well fitting. Footwear from Jesse browns and I gave them the best that we had you know what the best use for walking around Disney World. K yeah you've listened to this program before I've been in the business world let me tell you what your dogs were remarking that the electorate. Stand in line though wasn't there that there's so much for and we have people going on these wilderness trips all over. The country we have young people who are doing bureau two hours and in that sort of thing the castles of Scotland and wonderful places like that and somebody's doing tinker Bell's counsel if it's exactly slur. So anyway we invite you to stop by. Jesse Brown the other thing Don that we need to bring that we often times talk about and I've got the exact number now. There are thirty Ford delayed harvest strains and lights. In the state of North Carolina yet but the harvesting going to be lower delayed much longer know we're talking toward the ends of your listening to the Carolina outdoors radio. Program or podcast. Right now. Then you just have the next week. To enjoy the delayed harvest programs where the state of North Carolina stocks the strains. In the western part of the state for the most part full of Trout if you will for recreational. Catch and release. First Saturday and you're down. That I am senate reserve group route resorts to catching people or. Have trees supported rules so war and also its youth only till noon on the first Saturday. Is there any hope for any kind of carry over for some of these strains where they stopped. Thousands of fish into home and maybe they all won't be caught out quickly. I've read that 1% you know the one person honors will be survive in Ohio now under a law Barack undercut bank. Somewhere pour away from the easy access points. And will be a few fish survive I think it'd that's a unit that protest open Wall Street several years ago they were talking about the 1% a year ago is that what it was about 1% of the trial haven't gotten. Appear Tibetan protests they get into to go do it on one of our aerial rail line there she is a friend of mine. Where you know what happens is going. Boy that I've got him up for corn mill over coats for Saturday injured we and it would you participate in any Trout harvesting nominee amend those are my friends I'm not gonna murder and I think it is very interesting if you will that that is trap that they stopped. Are purposely stopped and sterile fish they're good in not too. Reproduce. And only are they gonna get eaten or not gonna get to spawn. Not not a good life to be that that Fisher was raised and hatchery it sounds like getting hooked up with a clue that might be the best thing that they had gone over with a it's theater fishermen are an eagle or hawk that maybe he's on usually human use common and you can't tampered as a place. The other thing is bad for first on the first Saturday injured. Well the other thing that we have going on if you're listening to us VNA airway is news 1110. WBP. Is we have a whole bunch of race fans. In town for the Coca-Cola 600 upcoming on Sunday. I've heard that about band and says that brings the Carolina outdoors program to a whole new set of campers to because many people are in the infield camping now for. Not just not just for the day before a long weekend. A Memorial Day weekend celebration and that we welcome them from all over the country to. Our great area of the Charlotte area of older folks with a purpose for getting cooler. Oh yeah the bigger the better they put it to the test and that brings us around to rugby again where we started this segment of the Carolina outdoors. We're gonna find out from John brand about the national title winning UN CC. Read B team but one of the captains on the it team is a young man from Concord. And he is his name is Ryan Johnson of course. It would be so interesting to find out his thoughts on on race week in Concord as well maybe he can get out there. In the middle of that infield. The speedway and have a rugby pitch force. There may be that going on he could probably lead a pubs armor through yeah they keep the lists and he's done dagger on bill Bartz the stay tuned for the rest of the Carolina outdoor program right after these messages. We're back on the Carolina outdoors last week we were talking about battling among those fighter oil is down Atlanta food canal state park where it's gone down the river a little further billboard two eons ago we confine. To observe a long. The waterways in South Carolina. All right just imagine a late may paddle through some South Carolina black water. A black water creek if you will the birds chirping small alligator sliding. Into the water as you passed by hundreds of years of history surround upended natives have lived there are hundreds. And hundreds of years ago at the revolutionary war heroes. Who made their name here. The wildlife it's common to us all. Jeff Corey says got to paddle trip just like that it's coming up Monday he's a naturalist historian. And a paddle guy at. And he's got a rare opportunity. Upcoming this Monday we're gonna bring him onto the Carolina outdoors. And find out a little bit about this Jeff Caruso welcome to the Carolina outdoor program. Hey all our mandate is going hey okay now that little intro that app put forth kinda. Is an intro to the queen bee creek which is southeast of lake most 3COM within the confines of Francis Marion national forest. Conveniently located between Allen doll and Cary town South Carolina. Did I get all that right. You'd did get on there right as predicted there. Cattle on a southeastern section of the porous it's just each branch of the copper river. And that. And we're gonna act. Have a nice paddle through. Section. Black water creek as a panic setting in full moon that coming up. I'm still have them less she'll event and the guy happening. This time a year the wild flowers there and boldly and I'm sure he got it talking about it buyer is they're gonna be president on. Any of that panic black water. Areas that we have here in South Carolina. Along with Carolina swamp road and a girl leading cardinal flowers Lokhmanian. We get. Condo wildlife activists time a year it's warmer and warmer our reptiles are going our. Our yell about ladders are red belly fighters and even our megaphone like the alligator in your birds of prey and the guys and it's an amazing. Ejected in the goes through and it's connected to our human history as well. Billboard Katie you know what a yellow bellies slider is. At turtle and headed turtle. About a red bellies slider that eternal different. At those guys it's not all that Logan had no water out. Now you mentioned alligators of course everybody's afraid of alligators what about him. So. Alligators there's not going to be afraid there that don't want anything to. To do that human beings. They've got about 2000 pounds of pressure per square mentioned those choppers and bears. And that's actually what makes me feel pretty comfortable. They're designed. As ambush predators won by one children outlook and anything larger than about. Eager it's something they don't really wanna mess with that it. Well at the majesty of the pal. Our panel next to such an ancient and really ultimately cool creditor. Around you and especially at this on ball may come out there doing their thing here though and back to each other. In the marine life it really adds to the magic of the area. Because it sounds kind of romantic and we need to talk a little bit about this Don Yeager build party where the outdoor gas hanging our heads. At a south cog Jesse Brown here in the middle of Charlotte but on Saturdays. We bring forth the podcast the Carolina outdoors in our guest Geoff Corey says. Again as a historian. Naturalist. And a guy at all sorts of things bit on Monday he's going to be. Guiding a Black River. Quinn be creek what constitutes. The title of a black water creek or river. So black water is. We totally opposite of Whitewater very low moving water that. It goes slow moving that all believe that ball from the trees down into the creek out and leak their and it acted. Out into the water kind of like a tea bags peeping in hot water. I am in that case it's nice cool outdated water. And it creates this larger bat at you like. Water which looks very black. Announced that we call it black water. Fresh water system. Starts in the coastal plain instead of the mountains where water would run really back down and pop operation interior lot betterment. Sentiment settled that the Bible black or creeks and rivers and land. And the freshwater species abounded all for the orient it really cool place because. Carolina goal the right that was grown in the colonial era the typically ground in black water areas because their title. And fresh water is actually. Less dense and well water but the tide raises the level of the fresh water. Let the right field. All the different mutations in the area and there are a lot and rhetoric can decree. Now this is this is Indy France's Marion national forest. Tell us a little bit about the role he played some good news to get this named after him. How well France's Marion also noted that want boxes actually considered that. Founder of the army Rangers he was the first carries guerrilla warfare tactic and he's one of the reasons that we could defeat the British. In the revolutionary war he actually. Parker and a battle at the queen bee creek bridge. Right next issue brick plantation. Which was. And I actually plantation and then it was a challenge hill now and it's. It's an interesting spread through many of the different. Dana means the South Carolina the ball well and cheaper than. The rough edges than. And in this particular battle is for certain lose ground in 7081. And Thomas Sumpter was the general of the time and Francis Marion came to his aid and they export side and they'll embrace it and in the kubert plantation after crossing in the creek on the bridge and they're trying to remove point. On the bridge. American. Army couldn't follow them but they arrived just in time to come across. But the charge of horses in. Many of the men cannot cap walked across the support beams of the bridge and I ended up trapping him Shubert plantation. Nagy can't answer that. You're gonna Google. Did you you're given us the the real version of Francis Marion but for our Hollywood friends. On the fictionalized account was played by Mel Gibson in the patriot. As well many say Francis Marion. Who inspired. That that character in that Hollywood blockbuster movie. Yeah I made some things right and Namibia I'll say that. Corner opposite definitely trapped by. Well accurately his name in the movie but it apprentice Mary entrapped in through. Guerrilla warfare tactic is the acting supply lines and I actually am at about seventy. From the king street in Williamsburg area that debt trap. Those fellows in the swamp and actually got it nick meant that he was all right. Colonel Carlo and the villain in that community. I was charged with catching them and he wrote for a while later on too weak so trying to chase is accurate want. The same double himself couldn't patent battle. On Barack. And that is one of these stories that your gonna bring forth on this special trip that you are leading Monday may 28 it's a kind of an evening at all. Bomb through coastal expeditions down there. Tell us how many people you expected tab do we sign up to come down there this is about two and a half hours from Charlotte or so head down into the low country of South Carolina. How do we get in touch with you to participate in this Memorial Day full moon Hayat Toure with Jeff Caruso and coastal expeditions. Com you can go online because this is common and track and what you're there you can call could split edition. 843. 8847684. And talk Peltier Brittany and see if you can. Get on error back in the anywhere between big you know twenty people at the Mac you know be myself and Libya will not accounted. Naturally then historian. Paddling through. The creek yet that night on set and only rat. You know do we need to run out by a kayak you know had all in PFD and water bags and all of that stuff to come out there. We. We provide all the year necessary for our PS these cattle attack and and drive back available now. And do the entire goal provide everything you need except. I would strongly suggest you bring your own water and and what that'll be. It pretty much it will take it from every Mac with via. And should be an awesome evening of of paddling and you won't have to worry about my fair. Well and in it is and it kind of an evening I'm askew again why it's a rare bit of one of the reasons is there's a full men and another reason is that time of year. It's 3109 PMC can get to see the sunset and the men rise. 95 dollars per person to participate again coastal expeditions dot com in contact Jesse Jesse Brown street for more information but. Come here are there other reasons. Or do you want to reiterate. Their rarity of this occasion down on this cool windy creek. Black water will river in South Carolina. The panel itself has hit. An incredible experience mainly because you know opportunity Powell on black water. And you get experience. He's it was revealed want in the evening. And aggregate darker we see wildlife react to this incredible area and see it in a different light. It doesn't happen often. And timing it would be the last few events to get a little bit everything. It's fantastic. And I didn't have all my paperwork here is is you just need to bring. Some water some snacks and most importantly your sense of wonder. And Jeff Corey say you've held paint that picture so that we too can sign up this Monday trade picture offering thank you for being on. With us here on the Carolina outdoors. And off he goes Don Yeager said I'll match sag bill RT on this will be back with more the app orgasm Carolina outdoors. It's. So barred by on the Carolina outdoors always been around on the small and black quarter let's go the other direction announcements on crystal clear cold dropped street like sounds perfect about me. Fact let's get an updated US east fly fishing team. You know what mommy fishermen black quarterback pressure that doubled thanks it could be a whole new caviar. At target to lodge and alligators and not catch and Burnham. Welcome back everyone to the Carolina outdoors the voice over their Don Yeager the voice ever hear bill Barghouti. We hang out at Jesse browns through the week stop bad business were in mr. corners shopping center in the heart of the South Park shopping district. Here in Charlotte, North Carolina bad during this time we like to talk about out where things including. What these UUS news. Five fishing team has going on we'll find out what they've done this spring and what they have up their sleeve this summer. With no further ado let's bring on the manager of the team Tucker horn to our airwaves Tucker welcome. Today now and you guys have been busy and I used specifically. Had been busy as well as. Her Dana all of the team members. Of the US team. I'm how has this spring dome thus far. This brings literally off some guys we just. Wrapped up our our clinic and until later northeast regional clinic. And we got our north toward an undertow earlier that day. And we are going to has a clinic authority full Idaho commitment July. The pitching championship coming up. What wait a minute let's talk about these clinics now that's not a competition what is. Correctly critics are opportunities for our instructor significant kit are reluctant to black history. It's kind of a deal worked with. There's going to be interest by anglers keep it competitive. Freddie clinic there ought construction on him. Competition at Olympic technique. All kinds instruction from some of the best soccer world. Wow so and in your start them young too because as young as the age of eleven preteen. You can't half they are participating in these clinics. That's correct we'd like to start you had the anglers young and they dare to compete in nineteen. So this is kind of road recruiting Toro tool would have I mean he and other words of someone. Thought they might be Anderson joining the team this is how they would approach and. Exactly exactly that we keep these clinics here at little cost. Our most eccentric and a good idea of America reader that you power the entire week and that include being lodging. Room and board. It's really an all the instructions. That we Internet sort of like thing that the handlers need to come here. Fly rods real center. Well fantastic it's and he named off a you know several geographical locations but do people. You know these days. In regards to youth sports and easing travel the people travel from other areas of the country to participate in something like in Idaho clinic or Pennsylvania clinic or a bad. Yes. Absolutely a beating example met from the northstar at comic we had to anglers or game. We had today from Arizona we had. Some Pena. We got some millennium tour umbrella. That. There's not a lot going on you competitive fishing for it they YouTube and we we trawler and audience from Milan player. Well you've had a lot of success the USG spot they seem to name has. Claim the championship in 201113. Fourteen and were medalist in. And twelve when he 1516. And seventeen but Tucker I have a question for you because we're talking about young people. But talk about gender specific. Clinics and that sort of thing are you split nov boys from the girls. A little bit yet. Not. Little that's certainly not like to because. We want girls to feel comfortable. In in the session setting fishing is it pretty dominantly. And they look like this. What a bar. Donor. Well foundation from really wouldn't hurt in a girl clinic. And work go to our first girl I can definitely. Yeah I have that fire here it's called real girls ate there are some marketing person must have come out tackler. It in real girls this early summer girls clinic bald eagle Pennsylvania is June 12 thirteenth and fourteenth there are the dates that I have here. Tell us about this and I'm able it what it's all about Don mentioned recruiting. Is this recruiting the ladies out there for the sport of fly fishing. Yes absolutely but really it's it's more about teaching in a foundation foundation you don't get expert Kleinsasser. Woman to attend this clinic. We popular herb Miller experience repeat that. Really excited to provide that or. I've Fisher woman otherwise known as an angler. Right track a bit politically correct here now I'll tell us about the content to the competition competitive side of this. Well what's next for those who used five fishing came were they be participating where they problem this year. Yeah. This year we've got a world championship coming up this summer in all. Exciting for our seven kids from the team. And they're gonna get a chance to go over there and compete against the best slot as an oral. And internationally. Europe is really bad again competitive plot fission Arctic. That's correct Eastern Europe in particular arm they dominated the competitive. You bring what what will want their program their state funded so that certainly isn't lottery sources that we might not out. What is what's a water going to be likened in the polish event. So there are stopped and while the Arnott and revert. All the lords and their 10 larger bird there to reverse. And theirs to make been. Of course collect revenues of be a little strange for astute as often get a chance route to practice on likes. Yet we we do we make it very important point to to practice on Mike's. Well so a lot of individual product individually heavily armed particularly are turned. And northeastern. Participants do very well makes it is their where you stood in the north carolinian. You know golf has been played all over the place these days and for tournament golf of course the players will come in and practice of course. Before the actual tournament begins sang with competitive aspect CNET late this being used for a tournament. Often times is opened up for the competitors to command and learn the water and practiced the water with the US east fly fishing team going to a place like Poland. Do they have an opportunity to to practice or get to know the waters in Eastern Europe and Poland before hand. Yeah so that's actually an interesting question we have a cut and an angler. That's not on the current team that are going out this. Portal world ticket and go about that water get to note your life is like in the water and come back. I know that they're beat Joseph report ardent. Everything. I Hostin somebody's got to do a book report. Or a water port assistant. It is just permitted to resist monus fine. It. Okay. Thought it but it did I do not wanna have to have a special counsel in renewal to investigate the polish connection. We would not wanna call the dark baker well. Back. It it is going to be an exciting opportunity and it sounds like that if you have an interest in competitive fire at fishing. If you're a boy or girl is to jump in on some of these clinics and it sounds like they've the next one is the real girls clinic body go Pennsylvania. Upcoming how to we signed up Tucker for interested in joining in on one of these US he's fly fishing team sponsored. Clinics. Yes to the best do is go to that you're you'd like this column. Burton or would be your partner that you. Shouldn't. Com or YouTube like that in being out column you can go to that you couldn't like FaceBook we are we take a page. Umpire about it keep happening to the team and get some things and equipment. Well and it sounds like it does not matter where you were from that you just need to sign up and get transportation. And you can be anywhere it sounds like for these clinics except for that I death so clinic. Because for whatever reason the base and missed the extra good out there because there is sounded like he said that oil was already full. Yet sound like we're gonna. Or possibly in Texas in December that era or. Our hot one more reason to join in via the web site USE fly fishing team or US. You spot fishing dot com or join me and via the FaceBook page Tucker horn team manager. For the US he spot facing team thank you for joining the outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors. Fantastic Saddam I. People can contact us at Jesse browns have they have an interest in gets signed up as well. Don't get out your fake ID for some US even buses and teams memberships. A rare off that. Gonna take a break and be back with more of the Carolina outdoors. I was back on the Carolina outdoorsman Charlotte's gonna lure wrapped up with the sale of the NFL team here lately fell Barkley and we've miss Baum a couple other. Major sports that are happening around here. Where we want a national championship. Let's celebrate it. What sport with bad days Super Bowl or rugby guy that's exactly and that's what we're gonna talk about. Right now here on the Carolina outdoors but let's get a little break down of the sport of rugby. At least as much as the Al org has indeed. I would have thought Matt thank it would have been considered kind of an upper class sport played at the private schools in Europe maybe. In the northeast but over the last several decades the sport of rugby has erupted especially down here and there. In the football country of the south and southeast in the basketball interest of the Carolinas. Along comes rugby in due in the C. The UNC Charlotte team just won and we're celebrating along with them. Then national title that. Seven national title we're gonna I'd have a little bit about what all of that is. What the team has done the past couple of years. And kind of what they have a coming with their courage John Browne John welcome to the Carolina outdoors. I got shipped. Well congratulations. On the women of the national championship. Yet ninety week we can work it out for a few months so it's. It's nice to see the fruits of how late does come that the altitude at Petit in the play is that out of school very excited about it that such long well and. And I would say not just the past few months because. You posted hard last year and where the runner up to the the eventual title winner Whitewater. Mike Miller the Southern Conference director of competition said that there's a new powerhouse. In the gas RC. But it Don Yeager and I daresay there may be a new national power because this year you knocked off. That rivals that defeated you last year and is this the dawning of a new era in UNC Charlotte. Rugby. Yet it was like thinks sorry you're right we for the last three years we've been slowly. Building the program you know we've been. Lucky that as you mentioned on rugby is growing in the region and a lot of high school played now in North Carolina and shot. Specifically though. Do we get those kids. They come through it and attend UNC Charlotte. So well as peaceful weave it took fighting wrestlers that. Lacrosse players and football players we now have a a basis of some good rugby players so that's that's really helped in the last few years. And then we've really talked about. The coaching skills. And some real expertise. The coaching level. And so those two things combined. That got 222 way that we saw and yet it is not a knock off like war that they. The sixteens and Evans. Champions. So is that it is not to be them as you said it is in the final last year so it felt pretty. I'm not have to admit I've never seen a rugby game and person. I'm gonna come say one now that I know we've got to national champions Kim may have a crash course and what I'm looking now. Yeah and so said the two formats you said that the fifteen aside and seven decides to two different game. In view of the way I'd I'd like to explain it. It's sort of my American friends is fifteen is that more that they ought to Hewitt and then seven more of the mr. McCaffrey. So does the normal speed and I'm pace in the sevens and besides team because. You'd use the same size field and such that the football field. But yet seven of these seven rather sixteen V sixties south of a lot more rooms so. It's it lends itself to more athleticism and speed because you have a lot more room in the seventh aside form. We we play about the type fifteens in the full. Seven in the spring. We we have been pretty successful 23 years in both formats. But seven as well we've really action on the last couple years. Just because of the severity we've got. Some good skill set and so to deduct. Witnesses. I'm now gonna give us some basis so we're got seven on each team obviously we start the game with. Some type of kick off or something but what happens next I mean literally I know nothing of rugby. Yet so so you do that yet it's becoming a full force a couple it's Israel in you know they rugby. Stop with the kickoff. And it really it's about position right by keeping the bowl. It's about defense. Particularly sevens you have to cover a lot of ground you can imagine when 77 guys. So we worked really hard on defense. You are you probably know there's no helmets or padding so it's a very physical. Contact name. And that the fundamental difference we rugby is. Is when you do make that contact is hopeful the whistle goes restock it would be you keep god like they have in school wrote symbols which keeps the poll in play keeps moving collage the opportunity to to to to go again. So if you patient and you defend well keep possession. Then eventually gaps put out because so much space on the field sevenths so that but that's Condit the woman secret. Just seven of ought to be too much to judge what tremendously. How tough talk a learner. The voice there is John Brown he is the carriage of Charlotte's UNC. Seat 49ers rugby team they'd just won the national championship this is for the first time. In team history and John of course in 26 mean this Evans took place in the Olympics for the for the first time I do believe said this is now an Olympic sport. And you mentioned. You can't have the growth growth of the sport and the easier recruitment of players to human species Charlotte's rugby team. But tell us about the makeup of this championship team. Is it is it made up of people from the Carolinas. From around the world. Who are the players and why and how did they get this title. You know you know that's that's very insisting and that we we we wedge quite proud of the fact that. Podsquad he's from north to the foul line. So we we don't. We don't offer a scholarships we don't recruit deceased players we really try and find. Comprised in the Carolinas all we can planes from other sports. And so one of the things that was was. Pretty exciting for us what everybody was from from north count on you know. This is basically students. That attend UNC shot I read the is confident a secondary thing for them so. That the makeup of the team. Is local pizza shop that they got the guys from Greensboro. And we have and expect we have we have plays at the plate in the high school. One of top players. Tyreke Huntley is. Track and field. Saw that converted. Michael Batman and the media cast as they call and he's a converted soccer player. And that you know we have wrestlers without the rest as because there at the strong and powerful and it began nicely. And then we had some some kid that played at the end and wanna pursue that. They. So it's a real product mix of talent that we have in the team. And really is it's all back. He is catapult in the again. And really working hard on them generally as a team to bring that. Let this is abruptly this week. Well the this the championship I should say took place out in Denver did dark Carolina boys have any trouble. Obviously they didn't have any trouble with altitude but do you have time to acclimate when you go out there or did you just go out there and play. Yes actually a couple of days. Two for that purpose so on the first they're out there. We had between what them pretty hard that each trying to get them a privatized. We had them running this. We actually after the red rocks app defeat out there and we had to run in the trial and using some of the steps. We actually how about how does a lot so that was a win that by Friday. They felt a lot more comfortable with the out which you'd. And so you know. Really help is on the first day and that by the second day you kind of back in the groove it in bits and that'll you have to worry about these injuries but. You know you you mentioned the product citation that's one of the things way we've tried to be a bit smarter this year that we well actually it any radio. Our old clubs songs required at the completion of the game to sing. I. Bought. Not. It's well Don and acted saying we would sing and old pubs are actually dawn might be able to stake an allowance and all things songs on rugby game broke out. It's not just rugby shirts cauliflower ears and pubs songs anymore it's all about UNC Charlotte 49ers championship national championship. Rugby team coach John Browne thank you so much for joining the outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors. Thank you thank you appreciate it actually much for I have to worry are so happy for you also thanks to Tucker warm team manager of the US. Use my fishing team in coastal expeditions guide. Jeff Caruso for joining us he's TJ box or Don Yeager are built Marti saying get outdoors picked up the trash and we'll see you next time on the Carolina. Out towards.