Treasury Department Has Cut Over 300 Standing and Proposed Rules

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, April 25th

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That's what I do like fix things what the straight day. Okay I'm good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character you've. This is too. You radio broke. Good morning welcome broadcast good to be back with you look and and interesting things going on in the news. And we delve into their own. Over the next couple of hours just a sampling of some of what we will. Talk about. Travel ban going for the US supreme court's. Daka. Once again we have a federal judge. Who's decided to. I don't know. Become the king. And make an executive decision. Also an update on the run a Jackson nomination which. Looks like it's pretty much dead we're just waiting. For this thing to be buried were also waiting for. The jury to get the case. Bill Cosby's. Bill Cosby on trial. Accused of being a sexual predator. Will this actually lead to a conviction this time around and some interesting research on what Google. Is able to do. With the swing voters. Is this really true. I wanna start with some good news. And it relates to what's going on with regulations. Washington examiner. Has a story that they've put out by Paul Bedard. Are we should just just think about this headline for a moment. Think about this headline. Treasury kills 305. Regulations. IRS hammered. That's great headline isn't. We've watched for years. As these organizations these bureaucracies for the federal government has gotten bigger and bigger. And they just continue we've we've laid out the case. Constitutionally speaking. That some of these agencies should not be your should not be able to operate as they do they are essentially making law congress ceded its authority. Seated as in gave away its authority. It allows these agencies. Really to make law. And so they've become law making machines. They can just put out whatever regulations they want and it's. There's no recourse for us none. So does she. Some start to killing these regulations. That is something to celebrate. The director of president trump gave to the cabinet secretaries was to guts Obama era federal regulations. The Treasury Department now announcing it's got over 300 standing and proposed rules. With a focus on the Internal Revenue Service boy that's a great place to start don't you think. If I may interject here. One of my concerns. And please hear me in what I'm saying here. Do not hear what I'm not saying. My concern is that this can only be temporary. We've got to figure out a way to slam the darn door shocked. So some of these things can't be done again. I know you should know what's happening with our country we're swinging. In different directions and I would say in some cases we're swinging in different progressive. Directions. This. You know how I've described the parties there's progressive bread and there's progressive blew both parties. Are progressives. Big government. Is not something that is a monopoly of the Democrat party. Republicans love big government to. So we've got a twenty page report that's come out. Secretary. Stephen the new action highlighted the elimination of 305 regulations including those proposed and the wiping away. Of 298. Iris deadwood rules. Here's what he said about this reducing unnecessary burdens will lead to increased economic growth. Greater job creation and a fundamentally stronger economy for our country. Regulatory reform. As a key opponent the president's plan to make American businesses more competitive and create opportunities for hard working Americans amen. This is good stuff. This is why it's. Needs to be done. And we're not talking about it. Pinprick. Precision strikes. We need. Figuratively speaking. A neutron bomb dropped. On this regulatory states. That is choking the life out of America. So the effort to comply with president trumps orders including killing two old regulations for every new one imposed. Treasury officials put a spotlight on the IRS where several major rules committee pushed by the Obama administration have been killed. Among those. One that let the you are the IRS used nine government so outsiders. To audit Americans. Think about this for Ramon moment. None of government so outsiders to audit Americans. Do you see any possible problem there. Why in the world would this be necessary. They've also set up a plan to change or eliminate up to twenty other key iris rules. You're just some of the highlights. I vote. What the Treasury Department put out eliminating reducing proposing to eliminate more than three under regulations in total. Including ineffective unnecessary and out of dates deadwood regulations. Producing treasuries regulatory agenda by approximately one. Hundred items year over year. From fall Tony sixteen to fall Tony seventeen. More than 250. Specific treasury recommendations to reform. And reduce the burdens of regulation in the US domestic financial system. And this I love this. Introducing zero new significant regulatory actions zero. Zilch nada. Great start don't think. Rusty would like to talk about this good morning got about a minute resting. Our own activity that's been dirty our founding father geniuses. That's why they put into the foundation and the United States that you don't vote you don't pay back the proper. If you ask people that would not coach Gary Gary. Better help to make decisions that go to your heart to your money they spent. Much of your money they hate. You're just at one that people realize they can vote themselves a bite them on the public coffers the republic it can get out. And that's exactly what's happening is that. That is why we have people variety. Are heartless we just don't pay your bills for you. People laughed it realized the poor people that we didn't get on the goal they will continue to vote for. And it works very well very effective system rusty very concise. Excellent job our first call on the broadcast they would love to get your thoughts. On these regulatory. I don't know what how he would characterize this. These regulations just blown up. I would call that down payment. Let's do a lot more of this what do you think. Fourteen minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. I'm not sure where this question came from I don't know if this was from a previous program. Could you define the difference between demon possessed and mentally ill. Concerned about when I go to confession today. Tempers would like to know just exercise and come with like a one year warranty. The total don't I can't speak to that at. My goodness. This sexual like to know was thirty justification given for starting the dock a program. Then why is it necessary to end it. Very good legal question. This is one of the big issues. That will garner some headlines today as the issue goes before the court. Big discussion about this. What are the things that I eight. Wanted to follow up on but our first segment. And then please understand and I and they keep emphasizing this. And because there's a place for celebration there's a place. For freezing things that are good. I believe we need to begin instilling an understanding of limited government. Helping people understand what that means especially our younger people. This has got to be a long term battle our long term battle. So I just about the headlines today because the things that are done today and I've said this before bouts president Barack Obama. Because many of the things that he accomplished. This president is undoing. I think that's great. But if it's not done with legislation. The next president can come along and reversed every single solitary thing. That's been done for good. And there are few exceptions here including. The Supreme Court. And judges. Those are really the only things. That will continue after this administration. Even the tax cuts are going to expire for regular people. So something to keep in mind this is a long term battle. In it would not be wise of us. To. Lose sight of that. In the discussions that take place today. On the immigration subject. These travel ban. It goes before the US Supreme Court today. The administration. Defending the legality of the travel ban targeting people from several Muslim majority countries. One of the most contentious. Actions of his presidency. The conservative majority nine member court. Started hearing is scheduled our arguments and to challenge led by the state or four YE to drum struggle ban. Third version of a policy sought to implement a week after taking office. January of last year. Policy blocks entry into the US or most people from Iran Libya Somalia Syria and Yemen. Chad was on the list announced in September but trump has removed that's country on April 10. Well at this point. The church before now's never heard arguments. On the legal merits of the travel ban or any other major trump immigration policy this is a huge test. Case on the subject of immigration. Including his move to rescind protections for young immigrants sometimes called dreamers. Brought into the country illegally as children. But the court has previously acted on the Republican president's request to undo lower court orders blocking. Those two policies siding with trump on the travel ban and opposing him on the dreamers. And we'll have a little bit of suspense here because a ruling is due at the end of June. June. Now you're probably not surprised that Hawaii is democratic government. They've argued this travel ban violates federal immigration law. And US constitution's prohibition on the government favoring one religion over another. Now this is where I think the president is not served himself very well. Because. The Muslim reference many of these Muslim references. They came from the campaign. And they have found their way these comments have found their way into the courtroom. That's the one thing that I think a trip up a ruling. In the president's favor. Now back in December on the fourth to be exact the court signaled it may lean toward backing trump. Granting a 72 vote. First administration's request to let the band go into full effect while legal challenges played out. The trumps position is the travel ban misty did protect the United States from terrorism by Islamic militants. US attorney general Jeff Sessions. Said the president's broad discretion and authority to protect the United States from all foreign and domestic threats. That's pretty straightforward don't you think. Sessions said president trump determined this travel orders critical to protect the American people. Not surprisingly we have our demonstrators out there about a 150. Against the travel ban. One person. How early homemade sign that read proud American Muslim but good for you. The Muslim band offense freedom of religion by the way. Where in the world is this. Characterized as a Muslim ban. We're not in the order. The Muslim bad offense freedom religion which is a protected right. This gentleman seamless dead. Who immigrated with her parents this lady I should say. From Pakistan when she was a toddler now lives in Virginia it hurts me because it's singling out and demeaning Muslims. Because of their faith. Challengers argue the policy was motivated by tribes in the Teague toward Muslims. Pressing that point lower courts with some success by sending statements he made guess where and as a candidate. And as president as candidate trump promised a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. Not Smart. And it's rather unfortunate here. Because these arguments are now getting drawn courtroom perhaps the court to look. Beyond these comments. And focus narrowly on. The question of whether the president has the power to do this promoter for really doesn't have very much to do with this at all. I think this is one of the things they attached to reciting a little bit earlier. What is the motive have to do with the U the president can do this. Or he cannot that is the question that's before the court. Very important question. The Justice Department facts is trump statements as a candidate carry no weight because he was not yet president. Demonstration also reported to waiver provision allowing people from targeting countries to seek entry if they meet certain criteria. Venezuela and North Korea also targeted in this travel ban. Those restrictions not challenged in court. So it will be interesting to see what emerges from this court and it'll be especially intriguing. Because. We want to see. How Romeo course which. Is going to come down on this particular issue. How many times have we look to court and we thought oh great we've got a conservative justice. And then we see groups. Not so much show. It's early in it's too early to draw any significant conclusions about. How strong new course it is. But this will be an interest in test to see how he comes down on this particular issue. Still to come on the broadcast and they related issue we'll talk about daka. You wanna talk about how to control judges. Well we've got another one. And what he's done is absolutely. Positively. Outrageous. Where is the leadership thinks this country needs right now. To deal with out of control. Judges and courts. How we address this problem we'll talk about why coming up. This is so is Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 2 o'clock Vince Coakley reader program over on the takes on responding to. The allegation about us what this. Immigration ban is all abouts and the reaction to. What one of the demonstrators had to say. The demonstrator who very much feels like she is targeted because she's Muslim. This person responding on Tex lines say I'm sorry wasn't doctor an executive order. Sorry about that I got ahead of myself. As the text below. Nobody Muslims driving vans through crowds shooting up nightclubs and murdering journalists demeans your faith. Wow that's quite responsive to think. We also have this undock I'm sorry wasn't dock an executive order seems there's still an executive order can rescind it. And with the court challenge you with their army can't that's pretty good. Where is the courts army. Isn't amazing. How we listened in and I am not encouraging lawlessness. But how we take it that these judges. Darren law is sacrosanct. Just because they made a declaration. This is yet that's the end of the road. But other text here. The doctor kitchen demanded Obama for use an executive order meaning it was knowingly temporary. They should be Mehmet Obama and not trump. That's a really good observation and the amazing thing about this. They could've gotten this thing passed. When they had Democrat majorities in the house and the senate. They had the perfect opportunity to get this stunt was this a priority then of course not. So it's their fault. Democrats are at faults. For not getting this done before in getting it done with force of law. And I certainly hope there's not a court. That will ultimately uphold this thing because this probably going to go all the way to the Supreme Court don't you think. By the way I want to give you an update to. I'm a story speaking of courts. Crying and if you seen this picture. Have you seen this picture of little Alfie Evans we told you about this story yesterday. Who reported to resign. Even insulator. And he's now been off any stolen life. He his family they just want to take him to Italy. And try to continue some sort of treatment that's all they're not looking for somebody to pay for that the government to pay for that. They've already got the means in place. This story. You gonna talk about being really ticked off this story is going to take you off. Yesterday we told you. About the air ambulance that was standing by ready to take Alfie. T at the medical treatment. They can possibly help him. This story really takes the cake reportage. By this UK news agency. Two people believed to be members of private ambulance crew. Were asked to leave the hospital. The man and woman had been seen talking to members the Evans family. Security from the hospital. Escorted him from the building. When they were asked to leave. The court fight continues. It's still raging on the trim we still trying to get him sent to Italy for treatment. 23 month old. Tennis life support switched off on Monday the family's legal team. There are going before the highest court. This is really disturbing. To doctors already stopped providing life support treatment. Instead Tom Evans and his son and confounded specialists expectations by continuing to brief. I mean can you imagine how. This how perverted this is how preferred it can you possibly be. Here you are in and frankly. I I'm gonna say it. I really think these people are hoping that he dies and dies soon. And one of the reasons he has to die soon because that's in affirmation. Of their position. The fact that he's still alive. In obvious signal. Give the skits and helping who knows. What kind of treatment elsewhere. Might be able to accomplish who knows. So far Alfie is parents and moss two rounds of flights. In the High Court Court of Appeals or Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights. Doesn't look good so far. There was a ruling doctors. And hospital can sap treating Alfie against the wishes of his parents. Following hearings of the fairly division the High Court in London and Liverpool. The specialists of the hospital said life support treatment should stop. And the judge. Said he accepted medical evidence would show that further treatment was futile. You know well I'll get to this moment. In fact this judge crews and say flying Alfie to a foreign hospital would be wrong and pointless. Who the hell gave this guy the right to make that decision. If it's futile and pointless. Let the parents make this darn decision it should not be up to a judge it should not be up to a hospital it should not be up to a doctor. That's a decision for he is parents. You and also it's frustrating about this. Where's the international community on this and dare I say it's where is the president on this. This is what I'm talking about when I speak of moral. Guidance and leadership. I commend. The Pope. For making a statement about this. Where the rest of the world leaders where our day. I got news for you they don't care. Can I have checked in the back of their minds they're hoping a similar situation will not happen in their countries. Because they would probably side with the medical community here. Let me rephrase that they would not side with the medical community they would side with the medical industry. Can I make that very clear there's a big difference between the medical industry. And medical professionals they are two different entities. One is made up of people who care the other is made up of people who are pencil pushers. Bureaucrats. And yes some of these people Wear white coats. They're still bureaucrats. Because the bottom line is. If your priority. If you were priority. Transcends. Parents. You were on the wrong side of the story. Period. And we can talk science and we can talk all kinds of other things. But really the elephant in the room in this story. Inspected these parents. I chips just been pushed aside and the fact the matter is this child. Is awarded the state. The state has taken over decisions about care and they basically said to the parents screw you. We've got it. Again where's the world community where is the kind of nation. About this barbaric. Act. Because it is barbaric. And all of these folks ought to be ashamed. For participating. In such a godless and heartless decision. May god have mercy on their souls. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes. After 10 o'clock until the radio program. We've talked about this extraordinary and very sad case. Unfolding in the United Kingdom. There's a little bit more when a share a few on this story reported by The Daily Show are on line. And you know these polls are not scientific. But they're exclusive. Poll. Of their readers. You guess how many of them. Backed Alfie Evans fight for life. Here in the studio. Which your guess what percentage are readers. Want this kid to fight on. I wish I was a good 85%. Charles what do you think what would be your guess what percentage. Of these readers of this story want this kid to fight on. He's saying John saying 85%. How are you like to think a 100%. Optimistically. The figure is 92%. Of the readers they've been following this story. They backed his fight for life. You know discos folks I am I'm sitting here and I'm thinking right now. I'm just thinking. All of the people of the United Kingdom and and and please understand what I'm saying in June 9 here when I'm not saying. Don't cheat thinking. A stuff something of this magnitude and I'm not advocating violence. Is there are points. Where the British people or any other people should rise up go to that free can hos. It all and tell them. You let. This child go. Why did they just go about their lives. And allow this evil wretched government. To do something so awful. They allowed that. If you're gonna watch this and yes I love and respect. The fact that it's. You know this princess lady whatever had a little baby the other day you know praise god wonderful for her. And someone made that point given day isn't an interest in all the media attention. The new royal baby well big flippant deal. At the same time. You have a government thus facilitating the death intentional death. And I would argue premature death. For baby. Why are people up in arms about this. I'm so passive. And allow all tyranny. Hector Brit complain about the tyranny related to T eat. How about a human being. Don't you think they should cause people to be motivated. To stand up and take their country back. This shows how bad it is the level of passive that he. Gonna touch on this I was gonna save this for Friday I should really share this. And our guys remind me to share this quote from Steve Crosby today because I think this really fits here it really does. Any political context. Here's the rest of the story. The dead Tom told I TV. His son is now being given food again after surviving for 36 hours without life support. He said he's doing still as well as he can't he's fighting still not suffering hasn't had any epi is no sign of paying. He sustained his life like any other child would for 36 hours totally unexpected. I believe I'm getting closer to getting home. We would be happy with that he said. He added we would be more blessed to get him to Italy where he needs the treatment. He made it a tracheotomy. He may not two but the moment he's showing he's still fighting he's proved all the docs wrong and all the courts wrong. We were told he wouldn't last five minutes. But now here we are 36. Hours down the line 36 hours. Is that extraordinary. My friend Steve days. Had a great post about this yesterday evening I love this. Now we should listen to this carefully this is not about cost but control. The state in the Alfie evans' case wants to kill this beautiful child may make an example out of him to show the state is supreme if it was about cost. They'd let Alfie leave. But they wanna kill him in broad daylight to send a message the message is this if we're willing to do this to an innocent child who. Can breathe on his own. And has other options for care. What do you think moral duty confirmed the disabled. And those on the wrong side of history who'd dare defy us this is evil stages and plain and simple. Steve case is right on the money that's exactly what to see this evil states his seven. Pure and simple. I wanna save the Steve Crosby. Pushed for next hour. As we don't have time to do that justice we will take a brief call here from Tim you get about a minute sir. This is an angry at risk for a yes. Yes. Fixed bridge Gingrich just stood for much Syrian that they don't. Well or had any affiliation to other than they were done wrong. It's almost an act of terror and toward this child. By their own people. Immediately thought I don't I don't get it. You don't you bring up a very interesting point is it odd how would you be motivated. About something clear on the other side of the world in something right in our old community. We. Allowed to happen and injustice we could do something about routes without doing any harm to anybody else. That's kind of what's on their own rules in you know offered. Sure they'll let them drop one bomb and Syria Robert Morgan paid for whatever medical. Home kind should young. Tan while that is a very insightful observation. And you know the thing about it is. That's something somebody else can you tell somebody else can drop those bombs somebody else can take care that. What we're talking about here is citizens and taking authority over there or in the country. And frankly. These folks are clearly afraid to do that. Coming up militia that Steve Crosby quotes and applies across the board here. This is this. Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. Art ever chew over Wednesday broadcast. A lot of youth with a really stirred up prior discussion about Alfie Evans. He is the little boy taken off. Life support who still alive at last word. Over on the tech slide. We start here court of human rights. Just proven to be obviously miss named. Boy how orwellian can you possibly gets. I mean think about that. My goodness. The jury would Britain's prime minister said she said the child belongs to the government the Princeton have custody of children. Wonderful. Another reason for gun control in the UK so they can choose to let your kids die without worrying much about what you may do about it. Yep. Wonder would have would have been the result if they had tried earlier. As far as getting the kid evacuated from this from the east the hospital I assume. Still wouldn't have been allowed if so did the justification is complete BS. Knowing dared the cause the child wasn't allowed to leave sooner. Could this have anything to do with socialized medicine how about death panels. Yet. This reminds me of that Denzel Washington movie where they wouldn't treat the child because of insurance. Said situation yes is is that was my child I would be the most dangerous man in the face of the earth. And woe to anyone they got in my way I'd stack them up like cord wood. No I'm just gonna leave them alone. Baby killing in the womb. Is an everyday event in the US by the way discipline founders gave us the Second Amendment yet. It's all over the world millions of children are dying the cliche with a basic food and clean water each and every person. You're shouting about this child should open their wallets and put their money where their mouths are otherwise it's just talk. Vincent said commentary in western society we no longer value human life or converse plan to eliminate. Undesirable most emphasized economics. No one. Would have protested to. Someone else you're suggesting re read the book 1984. You know that is a brilliant idea. That. I'm thinking to myself yeah I'm reminded of that picture I took of the stack of books that I have. In my reading location. But I think it is worth it three read 1984. I think I will do that. Princeton new baby born in the world family this week. It would be different this newborn baby needed the same treatment as the baby tonight treatment in England. It's who you are. If you're important. Where on earth are you this is uninteresting right handers do you lashing got a Kate Middleton giving birth and England. They have nothing to do the situation to seek child. Focus your anger in the people were responsible I'm also worried about the stress it puts on Europe. Per Euro condition don't worry I'm fine. I'm not lynching in the Kate Middleton. Number I said to you do not hear what I'm not saying. Why I said that. When he said Willis. The emphasis. The juxtaposition here of these stories. Is very intriguing. Dennis out of easily good morning. And more convinced I just want to refresh your memory we have the similar patent brought in about two years ago look at brown bit covered. In her name was adjusting to the Pelletier a pronounced it correctly shoot so sifting loads. The and the state of ordered hospital and well. And they see is diagnosed. They claimed it was a mental defense wound would actually physical defects. And they want to allow the parents to take appropriate action. Pretty amazing isn't it's so what's happened here in this country as well I do appreciate your call tennis I wanna go to the broader question and issue and you may think what does this have to do with what you just talked about has a lot to do with it. Because you have to understand this issue of governance in the context of borrowed. Self governance. That's what this country is supposed to be about right. I would say everything that I see in our society military it's against self governance. Everything in every place military aides against self governance. As individuals our culture is not focused in that direction. Our government certainly is not focused in that direction. Our churches are not governed. In a way that they're focused on the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Governing through individuals. I would argue that many churches are monarchies. They're glorified. Humanistic. Monarchies. With a crossed the road on top of them. Yes I said that. Let me read your quote. If you are FaceBook. You probably get these problems where they tell you. What you posted a year ago would five years ago in this case this was five years ago from my good friend Steve Crosby. Steve is a person who is very insightful. Very prophetic in his gifting and by that I'm not talking about making predictions but I mean in terms of having insight. Spiritual insight. And I think you understand where I'm going with this here's what he posted five years ago that I re posted today. I have worked with many in the past to consider themselves. Visionaries. Or visionary leaders. I found that most of the time the label is too convenient. Our cover an excuse for being in her personally dysfunctional. Relation only obtuse. Insensitive. And vicious and self centered. The only vision the scripture endorses is the accurate unfolding of Jesus Christ for who he is and that unfolding in people's hearts. Is being visionary means leaving human carnage in the wake of your visionary pursuits you are an abuser not a visionary. The welfare of people any put people in all caps is God's vision. So the next time you feel steamrolled by someone who claims to be visionary stand up. Say something to protect yourself and make a change in your associations if you have to you. Do you see the connection here. How many so called visionary leaders politicians. Dreaming up all these stupid. Half witted ideas. Like government health care. Where are they now. Where the people dreamed up this crap where I think. Nowhere to be found. Just it was never about you it was never about your family. It was about him getting elected. They delivered on their political promise it's. Don't care about you as an individual. You are a means to an end. This happens in politics. Hammonds and local government state government certainly federal government. And yes it happens in our darn churches. This is one of the reason for our country screwed up. Because I think we lost this issue are of these supremacy of Jesus Christ in the church first that's where was lost first and so we have all of these. Thousands. Upon thousands of little hopes and religious dictators across the country and around the world's. We're running their little kingdom's. And you are simply a subject. What are you gonna do about that. What are you going to do. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Okay we're ready. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock by the way we have Emanuel McCraw who is speaking before a joint session. Of congress. And so. You listening just for men met with student. I believe. We can address all citizens' concerns. Regarding privacy and personal. That's not. So recent phase. Oops. There isn't Facebook's hearings. I lied to us in this city to preserve all citizen digital rights all of those are words. And politics that confidence. In today's digital tools of flying. The European Union passed a new regulation. Club that's a prediction. I believe. The United States and the European Union should cooperate to find the right balance between innovation and that takes. And the harness the best of today's revelations in did you pull that up an artificial intelligence. I believe. Facing any point you should push us to improve policy coordination. We've seen to date twenty to reduce financial speculation. And create mechanisms to protect the middle class into arrests. Because all middle classes. Also backbone all followed them all presses. I. Emanuel met Krahn who is speaking now before a joint session of congress. Some of his remarks. And as you know there was said extensive amount of time he spent with the president Donald Trump yesterday. Lots of text here before we move on to a couple of other items lots of passion on this subject. A little Alfie Evans. We have this text. Any government powerful enough to give away freebies is evil enough to take away your rights. Yep. Since they were allow woman that killed an unborn child would not to save a life of living child it is wrong. The quota read from Steve Crosby. This sector should consider that five years ago ten years ago or a thousand years ago 500 years from now people are people. We don't change dewy it's the same foundational problems. Seam problems. Mr. excuses I can only do what I can do live my life as best I can and listen to you when it's a good choice listening to me did you good choice. And that if I can just appeal to you who sent that text. I am not trying to put pressure on you or anybody else yes do you can do. A balance in your sovereignty as a citizen and where you feel led to do something stepped up its own. And it's all. All of us need to do. Let's make sure we don't have one person or few people burying an unnecessary burden to carry the rest of us. I don't I'm I'm trying to remember with that figure was because I saw this recently about the percentage of people. Who were. In supports. Of the revolution in this country. It wasn't a majority of the way. It was a small minority people. Just think about that. Vince I love it when you get fed up with stupid programs and call them what they are crap. Very easy to do. Spiezio for straight talk we have our friend Willie on the line what do you want to talk about today mr. Willie. They're born in Brazil born to a let the that we have to speak rides in upfront smoke Colin Powell who just that I. Instead I'm. Then read an autograph of president micro look. I love it when you have that passion with the churches what to do according such as monarchy. I'd note that. Again it's one word I used. LePera I would be very careful. Because these. Churchill radical crazy could come down there. And god knows what they'll booty he's even even if you don't think they're out there and Syria and Iraq albeit in a minute drought at MI. I don't know that I'd imagine that before people you can talk about your rewards built them up the desperate these radical. Bill kooky religious fanatics here in the think religious fanatics really have a value out because that's what they do believe and use those in the savior and thank god but these leather. Couldn't you want you know I'm talking about that you're not a cut it to. I don't know what only willing to argue about because amateur I want to make sure we're talking about the same that I just wanted to clarify I'm talking about people and I don't care fits in the political system or in the church system. It's people who believe in people in in leaders and worship leaders and sit at their feet rather than got. Yes legend Benny Goodman opponents okay. Okay we're on the same page Willie IA are always enjoy your your calls and it's always entertaining. To interact with you. Let's talk abouts. Judicial tyranny. This is this is a real winner Rupert as reported by The Washington Times federal judge orders complete restart of daka. What's. Yes that's exactly what he's done. In the effort to roll back the Obama era duck or programmed by this administration. This judge ruled that last year's revocation was illegal in the entire program. Could have to be restarted. It. This actually goes beyond the other judges. Who'd also ruled to phase out was illegal. But it only ordered Homeland Security to accept renewal applications. These are people who were already apply it. And people who've been awarded status. Judge John. Meaning even illegal immigrant dreamers who never been approved before. Well now they can apply. Now this judge also imposed a ninety day delay in his own ruling to give the government a chance to re argue the case but for now the ruling stands. Judge Bates said the government never gave an adequate justification. For revoking Dhaka. So its decision seemed arbitrary and capricious. Which makes it illegal under the administrative procedures act. Excuse me for a moment. I. Let me get this straight. So. President. In rejecting an overturning an executive order. From a previous executive order from the president has to justify why. Has to given quote adequate justification to revoke it. Now arbitrary. Let me go back to this this phrase here arbitrary and capricious cannot do the same thing be said of duck duck. Was that not arbitrary. Can it not be said that was capricious. To single out this particular group of people and give them special privileges and everybody else screw you. That's not capricious. I think this is an argument for impeachment. I mean it just blows my mind. How long are we going to allow these judges to make these unilateral decisions. I mean you may as well put Crennel and these judges crowned on them. There ruling. The department's decision to rescind darker whispered predicated primarily on its legal judgment the program was unlawful. That legal judgment was virtually on explained. Excuse me. There's no force of law for this pretty nice for and the justification for doctor where is it. What. What sort of explaining to they need to do I don't see you need to explain this. Anyway so it cannot support the agency's decision he wrote in a sixty page ruling. Sixty pages. This is the other thing the blows my mind about this whole legal industry one in the world does it take 63 contagious to explain this. It's our constitution takes sixty pages. I'm just curious. 29 minutes. After eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. It's obviously by the way. It's sounds familiar. It's called cheerleaders. Cheers. In Houston but. Over on the text line. Then so we have church monarch who's now shall we burn them down a publicly angered clergy and anger. Yeah I think Henry the eighth did that to a Catholic Church in England they've worked. Very well. Now I know you're being facetious here in no this is not when I'm educating. I'm encouraging people don't participate in monarchies. Unless Jesus is the key period that's what I'm telling you. If you're in one of these and I don't care rarity this. And this thing is built around a pastor built around the leader. If that's what it's built around run for your life and that's the point Steve was making. Now there are various forms of this dysfunction not all aren't that bad. But believe me. I have the scars. From this garbage. And I carry them with me every single solitary day in their people or you're just bitter you're just angry no but I I have people in my life or in that place. Because of Jack asses. Yes I said it. Who misrepresents. The creator every single day since I've gone down this road I may as well finish. Yesterday evening. I was talking with the young man. If friend of mine and I we're talking with a young man. I just recently gotten to know. My heart breaks for this guy. Liked him thinking of the conversation right now and it. It just really gets right under me. This kid's an atheist. Pretty much. And I you know against the point I don't get into these and again. Let me give you this disclaimer again don't hear when I'm not saying I'm not a big believer an apology at six. See I think the best apologetic. Is the life. That is beaming an overflowing with the life of Christ. That's the best apologetic. This is not to denigrate people over Intel apologetic and the people who do apologize ex. That's great more power to yeah. But I think what most people need to see. Then to see they need to be able to stick a fork in you know people like you people like me and say you know what. While there is something to this Jesus stating. There's something they are there some substance there. There's some things there's something going on in this person's life that stimulates mystery meat I wanna know more about what this person has in them. And I'm impressed with our our smoke shows and our famous preachers. And our videos that we circulate around the Internet about what great wisdom came from pastor so and so they're done with that crap. They've seen it before they've heard it before they wanna deal about poke a fork in there and say you know what. There's something there I can dig into. Libya have more to life speech you've got tell me more about what's fair. Probably Ford could. Power. This friend of mine and I had a conversation with a sky. And she I'm always suspicious of people who tell me either agnostic or atheist and they will go on and arm and arm and arm. About Christians in the church. Just angry bitter. Greetings. So I started asking some pointed questions why are you so emotional about something you don't believe it. Boy did I bring it out. He started telling me stories. Of priests. Personal experiences. Just watching people. Continually. Refer people for money. Take advantage of people. I'm sitting here thinking. This is disguised image of what christianity is even though it's far removed from. From my spiritual journey it's far removed from the person who was with me. Why would anybody believe if these of the representations. This person experienced. Of Christ. Why in the world with this guy wanna believe and that high. My heart breaks for. Because this is what he's seen. And I hope. He seemed a little something different. But it really. Points out. Well I've already mentioned. Which is that. It's time for us to shift away our focus on leaders to follow the leader. In a cold type way and I don't care wherever this year's whether it manifests in politics or religion. We used to dear to be individuals this is what's so great about our country this constitution was not written. Four groups. For in four organizations it was written for individuals. And I think in many ways we've ceased to be that. And we become mobs. And you can just give the mobs different names. And I love this. It takes to singe or did you hear about the domestic you have to be dyslexic. I've heard this show before and I love it. He questioned the existence of dogs. Hit it. I love balance. That is so good. Goodness and there's another one. But I don't to have tracked this season can you do that. That's my appeal is just it. Think about it which you see around you. Do you see a journey do you see a pathway. That is extraordinarily different from what everybody else is doing. If you don't. You could probably be sure that it's the wrong one. Clinches second. Which is that's typically what people do they follow the crowd. You know whether it's political crowd the religious crowd. The social crowd. I want a blaze another trail. I went I'd look at the trails around me and and frankly most of what I see I don't like adults. So because I'm smarter and everybody else. Is just that. One of these things simply don't work for me. Nor for the people who are on them. But people just don't. Want to Rock the Vote. We can't do that's. Everybody else is over here so act so it. Any case. I promised we would get to this and we don't need much time to talk about this. The nomination of Ronnie Jackson. President trump. Wanted to make a couple of things clear about that said Jackson's a terrific guy great physician everyone likes him drums totally behind him. And the same time Jackson may need to step aside. But these are the messages communicated but I the president yesterday. Kind of been contradiction. So what do you do. What do you do so far no plans by this guy to withdraw his nomination. We will see how this unfolds in the coming days and we're still watching. The results of the trial bill Crosby will they come back with the conviction this time. Who knows I think we're gonna save this Google manipulation story for tomorrow this is a whopper. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock. Hey let's take the after it we've had such heavy stuff today I didn't intend you know it's one of those things when I talk with you every single day. IE have the under how to characterize this butts. There is much more I prepare for a for the show that I ever gets here. And it's. I never know which direction it's gonna take a mean I have an idea have a rundown. And very often I deviate from that as they did today I hope. This have been enjoyable conversation. So we've got to go to the lighter side here and take a look at the day in history as we wrap up. And go to round two upstate studio in green pulled my good friend runs so good morning man. Good morning my suggestion to. Guys in studio Minsk it's round like that he loves group hunks son and I do too couple my goodness thanks a lot blood so I. Hugs. This is the 25 day of April and let's go back to 1719. Daniel did fold publish this in London. 1719. What is it. I can give you can't if you like. Would you know the answers from. After hearing this heads I wouldn't I can't imagine that this particular story is. Referenced in. Oh robs in the cup cup. That adds. Published 1719. April 25. I didn't think that was not old gas is now an amazing. Thought Morris frank you're probably not familiar with this name. But he got the first of this kind of animal. Back in 1928. Who is initially set up to help World War I vets who were blinded in combat. What did he get to help him see united yes. It isn't that cool and that's absolutely cool. Oh let's see here. And. Man this is a tough and how in the world to like characterize this. Biologists. Crick and Watson who published their article describing. This. That you never get this I'll just tell you where you give me a hint I'll give you eight cents. It's say double helix of something. 1953. What were they seeing a double helix well. Only been open up to anybody in the studio. You we're doing much more with this today especially with decrying him. We if we if what is it they use that TM. Why all and that's what I thought it was in the first place Alonzo you're way ahead he's three for three. And you can finish it off with this 1956. This son from the king went to number why not it's about a place. What would it be. Tough place blue line you all know. Jailhouse rock know. And love. Does ranking itself yes heartbreak hotel went to number line. April Tony feels horrible head on I know I'm terrible sometimes. Sorry about that play so well jailhouse rock in Vietnam never it is jailhouse rock is a place so yeah I. I just thought that I seagull three answers we. We're places sounding in a while. Are you can. All right. I heats in density. Gross note here and I let me just warn you. This next story may be very very disturbing. Well will be stirring everybody to see the story about this woman who's upset because this guy leaked a six tape. Anybody else know this story. No none of listen no no glory gosh. A woman from Argentina accused. You know what she did to her boyfriend for doing this. She got a pair of gardening sisters. I think we know where the stories go you got nominated. Oh we didn't. Have a new look at me I'm no. Float. Should not be left to vote isn't horrible. This. Is. That's what she did she cut it off. With a gardening scissors. She was provoked because he showed his friends their homemade sex tape. She committed this revenge attack. In not Argentina last November left her forty year old boyfriend with 90%. Of his manhood chopped off in in life threatening condition. She's serving imprisonment without bail ahead of her trial. And this guy of course this blows my mind. Said she suffered great psychological harm because of this leaked tape. I caught this but not completely I injured and it wasn't complete I injured him. Home canoes. She sounds disappointed that it wasn't complete address what it sounds like to meet true. But the guards almost willow and I lift to ask for help I did not want anything to happen to him besides I was afraid of the blood the man has been left depressed one of the attorney said. As he waits for future operations. By the way the hospital employees were unable to reattach. He is parts. Column film. Thank goodness. The Bobbitt treatment would you call it Bob the tiniest dominated by omitted. Boy that's a new word for the day bobbled it. So the message is. Don't release sex tapes you don't want against bobbled it. Just ask one so I had a good people. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.