Tribute To Jerry Klein, Panthers, and I77

John Hancock
Friday, August 17th
Erik Spanberg ftom the Charlotte Business Journal joins Hancock to talk about the I77 Toll road, the Panthers and the RNC. Hancock and callers pay tribute to Jerry Klein.

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These these chew on there. Or thirty you'll make way for Jim Tokyo another head of the previous 730 we got the game. One news talk 1110993. W VT Miami Dolphins were in town. So tailgating I assume this already commenced. Tell a lot of calls for a rain or anything like that could see history shower possible. Could see a thunderstorm. Possible but I don't see though a whole lot of activity on doppler radar at this point so hopefully we'll get a good evening and little toasty outside but. Other than that we should derby in good shape we're gonna hour and a half show wiped off 4 o'clock we'll talk to a mr. spam burger expand murder about a but a number of things that he writes about another slow weeks Charlotte business journal. 77 tolled lanes talked a little bit earlier this week the RNC and some contractual obligations that were changed at the last moment. I'd be Jerry Richardson nun named staying up on UNC's. UN CC's stadium and some future panther plans that gets kind of interval when you start to understand. Though land that is. Now occupied by the stadium and the practice fields and the least that they have of with the city of millions in the outs and what they can and can't do and so on until force so we'll look forward are talking there expand Bergen monarch. And then the next hour we'll just try to well pack a whole bunch of stuff than there are some headline observations of trust us what's going on today. On an abbreviated version of our read the news today oh boy. Tell you weaken calendar there's a lot of stuff going on including the mid Atlantic boat show. Summer sale. Down entire Charlotte convention center and got boats from the top dealers get rigged out get ready for the waters is a great time to be looking at boats because this is when know the prices of the best. When tickets for you and your family go to details go to RW BT dot com slash contest and find that in there but to mid Atlantic boat show was one of the things that is so gone on this weekend it's a we'll get some. Big weekend stuff SO welcome a couple of alterations on a refill that. I found overnight. Including the fact that apparently Fox News yesterday remember wreath there with a photo Patti LaBelle. And do better than. MTV will honor wreath though with a celebration on no Monday. At the video music awards ceremony. And they've announced a public viewing which will load take place. At the Charles H Wright museum of African American history in Detroit. I don't think there's date set for that. I'm a little bit more all local and personal note Jerry Klein passed away this morning at 630. And we will have a celebration of life for a jury Kline tomorrow at the great aunt Stella setter at 926 Elizabeth avenue. And nobody's told me that not everybody's welcome so I assume everybody's welcome and quite frankly if you feel so inclined to a come down and and to celebrate the life Jerry Klein with the many of us tomorrow at 3 o'clock agreement still sooner. We've got to seats and I'd like to see you know as many people down irresponsible. For Jerry. I think you get a kick out of that amount. Could be a deal last gift that were able to to give to him. So why Jerry Klein celebration of life tomorrow great aunt Stella senator which where he was one of the founders of along with Rebecca Thompson who was really spearheaded this whole. My two week vigil for a Jerry and is responsible for an awful lot of the detail Scott swimmer from my drums stronger we've talked about for so many years. On raising money for cancer is another one of the entities in a lot of Jerry assurance got together yesterday and family got today yesterday or not. Spent a good 67 hours down it is a hospice room a non jury pest at 6:30 this morning so while. Born on the same day as Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern any almost. Died on the same day as Aretha and Elvis nonetheless he keeps good company done. And he lost his beloved wife about six or seven years ago when I just can't help but believe the lowest was waiting for and somehow someway somewhere. So blow willow we'll spend some time with and none and celebrate to Jerry Klein a brother asking that of people Wear bright colors tomorrow. So that's great. Jimmer my regular shirts. I'm Elena go clearance sale Andrew Lloyd George WB two is called in about it Jerry Klein hey George. They'd be gone up. You already years have a list of the late night one jury wears on I which one it is cheap debt Tagamet. But he was always kind and courteous. And we ditch agreed beer bet they. And they all right thank you I ever held against big bullet so it is not a big deal got back. Door at any rate. I have only one word toward Gerri I mean it's for a bottle but our. Shoot a low Jerry. Am very cool George thank you much ram yeah. Very cool George was one of this antagonists. And Jerry had fuel. And actually when Jerry came back here and did some fill in work on my show and some others. A bomb. The divisive ness of politics said it changed since Jerious first. Not to say that there weren't heated arguments managerial long long time because there was an old TV commercial. Where he and Mike Collins were and it's it's made the rounds on the Internet recently. But. They make reference to a Mike Collins being a liberal weenie over here at WB two at the time. And Klein says something like. Mike's the liberal weenie. Because. Jerry Klein made Mike Collins look like a conservative. When Jerry came back here and it's until ends I think he had gotten even more to the left. And obviously. The ability to converse. Among opposing views politically. Has. Disintegrated. Over the years. We investigated and has some pretty good arguments. I don't mean we meaning Jerry and me I mean. Well even Jeremy Brent. As a role here. We used to get into some are pretty good loud. Passionate arguments here. And colors a lot of times and in the call by saying. Thanks John I really appreciate very enjoyed them and a minute wasn't personal means that we were slightly from what we believed in him when it was all done it was done and it was a personal. And now it's gotten person. Jerry Klein and I disagreed on religion. And politics. But we found day friendship through music. On and humanities. Just the way that estrogens are supposed to do so. Bob Jerry Klein celebration alive tomorrow great and still senator 3 o'clock 926 Elizabeth avenue would like Ted it would be a part of it if you feel so when not climbed. Allergan remember it. That's right. It down. Some places in my notes here. Have noted because some speaking at Thursday's celebration of life for Jerry Klein tomorrow with the gradient still senator 926 Elizabeth avenue at 3 o'clock in I can't imagine that the public's not invited. Should you feel so inclined. The. And put up by the fact that he had a past her this morning soon as I found out about it he passed away in about 6:30 this morning and in three hours ahead dirt 265. People respond to it. And 122 shares. Means that 22 people took Mike. And I put it on their site nor send it to other people. Which is are actually pretty healthy numbers. So. Jerry. Baca and and others who had spent just some time down with jury over the last ten days. Doctors told him a week ago last Monday. Or are told everybody a week ago last Monday that he had one to two days left. And and he made it to Tim. And I think that's the first time that he had been told Bernie might be on death's doorstep via duo defeated those. Projections before. There were a lot of messages that were left on my page. Or on the jury climb house Jerry Klein community page. And I had a chance to read an awful lot of those two Jerry. And people that had contacted does Del Mar contacted me in massed about him. Oh our old program director Randall Bloomquist was one of them than it was an interest in story Randle was the guys that drove me out here in 1999. And I don't I don't love hate relationship with with Randall and talk to him of couple weeks ago Bulger. But. And I hate relationship within them. And so I have quit this place and Madonna did mornings at the end for a couple of years and a jury was still. Here are temporarily in and he and now Randle had a come to Jesus meeting so to speak in and known Gerry left. And that may have happened before Ireland government. So Jerry packs up resigns his job is editor or as a writer Donna creative sloping impacts up on everything and none in Lois. Head for Washington DC. Where he ends up working for him mail as a producer. And I don't know how long it was that he was an MA LWMA on Washington DC but it could have been six months before they named a new program director. Randall Bloomquist. So all the sudden are Randall well follows him. From Charlotte could Washington DC. And I'm working at the end I remember college you're on the phone sent. That in what are you doing wrong with your life. And but as it turns out Randle actually allowed Gerri some pretty good opportunities open their mail also I mean it worked out a lot better the second time around and it did the first time around but I just looked like there was some sort of a curse on Jerry. That he would have to you know because once we were done with Randall we were done I was and I guarantee you. But like I say hello when I got back here one of the first people heard from those rental and I thought that was bigger demand not he had some challenges in his life a few years ago and I. Contacted him consider you okay and he said nobody will be and I he has and he contacted me. Ten days ago or wherever it wasn't until we manager. And I told jury or had somebody tells Jerry that door Randle had called and was inquiring about himself I'm sure that broad. But a lot of you who left messages. Our old general manager Rick Jackson and others. Those messages got to Jerry. So. If you were on that left one non chances are yours got rid as well. It's funny because in any announcement I put up today how many people knew him from grade school there are people in my area on my page today talking about I knew Jerry I was in the fourth grade. He was in the sixth grade. Or they knew him itself macro they. Breached. A Kenya on WBT hi. Hey you're gonna lower this circle a group that story I want to tell about Jerry Lewis when he was it what it celebrates are not likely speaking. Let the great crowd servers but one of his. Or that his star Kohler inner battle that you called connect. We're all on line and they crawl over broken at the bit where people who listen to Hillary aren't Sheldon is. They're going to remember a list with an older lady yet scratchy or. End they just you know very popular a popular enough that Jerry Klein spoke. At Kirk graveside service I remember this. OK well anyway her real name was solid. In Helmand with a friend of mine are due to her family and for the last I heard. I were a warning that our cohorts who can get her car concrete didn't bring her. And so. And that's what we're really well start every week it would have to worry. It's the moment that armed group are at beat your retirement app came up and shook his hand and that's only part. If people don't turn it. A quarry we about these. You know while we're doing this at home we were well you know. A month although Ronald Reagan Republican. Didn't think he thought that they need it. You've got to know he couldn't he couldn't reconcile. And someone like me would get the grocery purpose it's just that pretty much you get this kind of fun. You know he dumped his yeah. And now right yeah hey I can't think for all but we appreciate your. Number two tonight as Panthers host the Miami Dolphins at Bank of America Stadium the thoughts of second year player Christian McCaffery for this game coming up next. I'm Jim joking with a Pampers update after the it. Then there's office scored four touchdowns last Friday's free season opener at buffalo. Christian McCaffrey's for the opening touchdown and touched the ball six times in his two series against the bills. Tonight they host the Miami Dolphins as the starters we'll see more extended action and McCaffery what they wanna see on the offensive side really just. The officials I think you know anything anytime you can appreciate their regular season jump on the badgers. Trying to gonna score so so we wanted to swim at all mistakes. And and move the ball north I think we know we've seen a lot of them the mistakes we had last game early you know as far as. Three announced soon try to limit those and be efficient ball forward and put the ball in the end zone. Dolphins pass defense should be a good test is it one of the better secondaries in the league led by Pro Bowl safety Rashad Jones and TJ McDonald. And first round pick Mika Fitzpatrick from Alabama McCaffrey how they look to attack under new coordinator norv Turner's offensive scheme the biggest. And for us and we're play fast and you know with that everybody's got a job to do and no they do well and then we're going to be pretty good bit but it's not just really just go out there and execute Newsnight no secret formula there's not you know some kind of secret message that he shared with us it's it's you know going out playing football and trying to score every single. Or five time Pro Bowl center Ryan the Lil will play tonight after sitting out last week while Tyler's little rest and elbow injury. Jim's a few news talk 1110. I guess some stuff going on video we can Jerry sighed rolled into town tomorrow night Bob Saget as they're doing a couple of nights is coming you don't know tonight and tomorrow. So you got that going on gay prior weekend is going on no uptown Charlotte all weekend long with a parade on a Sunday. Our hearts and Wilson is in town PNC music pavilion on no Sunday along with the Jeff Beck and know Paul Rodgers. And I guess and then now. And Nancy ear canal on the outs with each other right now associates who are no longer own enough and Nancy is a cup for grown bare but to fans doing a lot of cover songs. But anyway that's what's going on at PNC music pavilion to some of what's going on for your big weekend personally wander over here to Karen and I toggle bit more about our buddy Jerry Klein who passed away the C this morning at just 630 will do it. Celebration of life for a jury tomorrow at the great aunt Stella cent or 926 Elizabeth avenue at 3 o'clock enough. If you feel so inclined we'd love to have your high out curatorial. Cheering Jenn sorry old. They're okay. And I can just tell a story about scary. Several years ago he Torre went to DC. He loose cannon salute. Issues at home. All the so I knew who he was not going into the spend Christmas with a little party. And Corey called a mile long. Of course. We're typically don't do so and we were different political war at home but I was trying to his program. Because Google Chrome that. Hall and Jerry and knowing going to be an Karl Malone. Critical if I owned. I'm Catholic won't know you aren't great form would you like to come to mobile or whether we can celebrate liberal formally. Oh and he said. It opened until a couple of this debt every Christmas and eat when he went looking good go to. Salvation Army won't found somebody. Who had children they're called. When he would he would take their place. Long before a car. True story Laura and yet there was very nice person. He was I return to her and let him politically and everything I didn't agree with them well. He would and could go. He wanted to be I was and not day wanted to be a night he was very passionate about. Helping people and sometimes. His passion was a little overbearing to some people. I and I think anybody that ever maybe got in doing enough. Argument argument with him much here on WBT may have wondered what that guy was a nice guy but that I was an unbelievably nice guy and his passion came from. On him worrying about the state of his country and his love for his fellow man and he was very passionate about them. Well he was so passionate and he was so kind to me because I think he appreciated that so much. We didn't know somebody left me alone over how important. Yeah no he Molly media and I mean I don't know the specific story but I know Jerry and I if you reach out to Jerry in that way. I it would have been unexpected did him in and yeah I believe me he was appreciative I got I had just knowing too well. Over probable probable or yeah no it's exactly what he was who who looked like Jerry Garcia. He can help you out one word Rodin. There are sounding a little mantra near civil cheering crying. Sharon. Crying and oh yes absolutely. We are so wrong with good experience yeah. Now I got good friends who are what are grown right here. Thank you Kara appreciate it nice to organize to talk to your I signed felled in town and ovens auditorium by tomorrow night ovens auditorium dot com Richardson and that. Saget is that the a comedy zone 29 tomorrow night 730. Tomorrow seven and 730 on Oscars or 730 tonight. Seven and seven and 930 tomorrow. Dolphins and the Panthers will make way for the year pregame show on added till 430 with the Jim's Oki here on NeuStar element in 993 WBT. Charlotte comic con is going on at tech Concord convention center all day tomorrow from 10 AM until 4 o'clock. Charlotte knights are in town post game fireworks tomorrow they played a noon game today problem because of the football game. So he won't have to fight with baseball traffic down there and Sunday they'll do a 505 game where the kids were on the basis Charlotte knights dot com Louisville seuss play and government mule is in town denied its Charlotte metro what credit union 7 o'clock tonight. And they've been doing some shows around the country with the David Brothers the dark side of the mule shows. But it's just a Warren Haynes and company add to Charlotte metro credit union tonight at 7 o'clock Glenn Miller orchestra a couple of view our. Go there they got tickets here for that Belk theater tonight at 7 o'clock. And I need to breathe when Johnny swim play in Charlotte metro credit union next Tuesday if you want a plan ahead for that high school football games. Including a big one up in my neck of the woods crest. He is coming to Belmont south point. South quiet beatle last year. Chris got a whole bunch of returning players coming back seventeen starters this year. South point got new law replace a pretty impressive back field a tandem of has Scott Healy and Jake Alexander. Also we'll see what happens with the red raiders tonight and other games they have to west Mecklenburg Indian trail Porter rigid don't wax talk health burden. No afford it maiden. Scotland county at Butler at memorial stadium they're doing a double header Butler stadium. The Scotland county a know bomber game starts at 5 o'clock and it'll be followed by Dutch fork. And our Mallard creek. And I'm to take that back that's 5 o'clock tomorrow for that game for that. Butler game and then 8 o'clock tomorrow for the the Dutch fork and a Mallard pregame. Catholic Christian carding a tough. Hi Brittany. High school football back. First sign of full. Yeah. Humane society or Charlotte this haven't a clear the shelters day tomorrow they are always very cool hash tag humane Charlotte or hash tag clear the shelters all animals. He waved tomorrow. One day only so if you're looking for a new blood. I had downed the humane society and the cut today a bug that needs a symbol. Where the shelters humane society are cool thing Charlie pride festivals going on this weekend parades on Sunday the festival tomorrow. And I and a Sunday the or Charlotte pride parade just set a record for attendance last year they'll probably beat that this year. Two days Charlotte pride parade and festival starts tomorrow on trial on street runs from noon until 10 PM. And then noon to six on no Sunday. The upgrade takes place on Sunday. It's on a north trial on street kicks off at 1 o'clock in the afternoon travels from ninth street to north trial on and the intersection of trading Troy ounce let's say you think as were all ends up. I'm 43 floats and no more than 970. Groups participating in the pride parade over the weekend. South trial on street has so have been closed as of 9 AM this morning between stone wall and trade streets you might wanna be bad for the game tonight. To know that tonight south trial on street closed between stone wall and trade streets. Should closed at 9 AM this morning. And on a Saturday and Sunday that section of south Tryon street will remain closed. And all cross streets in that area will close at just 6 AM tomorrow morning. Sunday's parade on north trial on street obviously won't close cross streets between church and college. On the parade route from 11 AM until 4 PM and all the streets in uptown will reopen they say by 11 o'clock on Sunday and be ready for your back to work. When you head out on now Monday and Wilson of heart shame. Is that PNC music pavilion 7 o'clock on Sunday she'll be there with that Jeff Beck and Paul Rogers and is doing a lot of book cover stuff. And coming out with a new album called immortal which consists of songs by ten artists who have died in recent years including Tom Petty Jeff Luna. I instead of free falling or something it's a little bit more well known SOA and hard to and Najaf beckon now Paul Rodgers so that should be interesting habit to PNC music pavilion no part of your big weekend of shows are high noon. Neon tour. PNC music pavilion. Ten Knight country starred Jason all game. Performance on his new one is old stuff 7:30 o'clock tonight 7:30 o'clock you said Jason. Dean at it PP NC a music company William. Dubious 7:30 o'clock. Mr. President should their big. If it can be 7 o'clock why can't it be 7:30 o'clock. Charlotte that kick off tonight at The American Legion memorial stadium we told you about that two games tomorrow first one starts at five. Which is Scotland high school on taken on Butler and no then Mallard creek basis Dutch fork. And I can't think of his name right now but the guy who coaches a Dutch fork is the guy who are used to coach independents that took Tom knots and the same. Took them to so many state titles. Amigo. I'm told by producer TJ showing up of the US Whitewater center at 7 o'clock tonight river jam at the US. National Whitewater senator so they got a lot of stuff going on but amigo that's when you're you've told us about them before. So that's tonight at the a Whitewater senator from 7 until 10 o'clock. And to our body Daniel Costin has his photo show going on you heard about he was a featured on the news yesterday about a rethought. Are part of that a magic night that we also heard from lurch harbor about down and just spirit square of the night deterrent publicized after Whitney Houston died doing. Aretha Franklin did they are heartfelt show went tribute to Whitney before she jumped back on the bus and headed up radio music city music hall for the earlier. For all the memorial also up there are so on. Night gallery its spirits squares where you'll see Daniel Coston sort of Fidel photographic work and no pet trysts he's got a I show going on down there until the end of August 2 which is called to your face. Sings it. And then you got NASCAR and Bristol Saturday night Bristol race tomorrow night and you've got to NFL football as well. So if you're just hanging out at the TV tomorrow jaguars at the vikings that's 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Raiders at the rams 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon bill angles that the cowboys 7 o'clock tomorrow all these are on the NFL network will begin at. And a Seahawks at the chargers. 10 o'clock tomorrow. Some good baseball games going on over the weekend as well via a NASCAR guys are at. The bred bass pro shops in RA night raise 500 laps Bristol Motor Speedway low Bristol. Even if you've tired of NASCAR crystals worst the president mission. 730 tomorrow night the PGA golfers are at deal Wyndham championship. And I think that's about it first got to dolphins and the Panthers tonight will love break for our mid show. Pregame show in just about a 34 minutes after we talked here expand Bergen the 042430. May quit for Jim's Nokia and our company for the pregame and then you'll hear or. The Panthers in the dolphins here at. News talk 1110993. WBT starting it to 730 and also tonight if you're sitting at home and you want to be a flippant back and forth bills from the browns. On the NFL network so that's what's going on there as we told you run Charlotte knights are and down all weekend but they played at 1205 herded days so that they wouldn't get in the way of the football game. 704 tomorrow night vs Louisville bats and 505 on Sunday where the kids run the bases self abbreviated show today. A mid Atlantic boat show we told you about Charlie conventions that are going on this weekend. Got that out of the way. Ortho Carolina ten K classic presented by hangar clinic. Takes place tomorrow. Five K ten K kids dash rookie run. I cannot run and you can go out and enjoy the expo which is smooth and presented by united health care were all you can sample beer from a local breweries enjoy local food trucks. You get all the details on that at WBT dot com slash events. Europe today when your big weekend. NWB eighteen miles. We are only heard the news they came. Like dirt dust means to me. Remember feeling good. For sure the vocal quality reserve harder they fall. You can his courage and the. He's very Julia how bad you have to be you have TJ courage. Now come over to the WB TM hotline we go lower Eric spared bird sits in his palatial office overlooking New York skyline now probably near the hot tub would have. It's a bit but that. Just watching people start to make your way down the street for. The home opener increase seen in terms are now. Miami Dolphins when you think Miami Dolphins what's the first thing you think you have. I got ticket would be Don Shula. Dan Marino in that crew. Now what's her what's the first thing you think of how many people are gonna be kneeling on that sideline today for the national has the look a look at cheers see I don't trick question I just couldn't figure out. Yeah you do other one of the James Joseph you know we don't necessarily I get to have to put up with that a lot to earlier in the Carolinas and but Miami's got a history of that so Lola. We'll see how long Carolina panther fans. We'll react to that I suppose. And we'll see how long of course the starters play usually not very long when you're in the second. Exhibition under the NFL for a couple the word exhibition to what you can and often as possible. Probably get a quarter tonight maybe a little bit into the second quarter but does that get substantially more than they did last week. That is true and we're we're gradually gaining on it which is getting. Two of the games that matter September 9 this year mark your calendar China believed that he dealt tabloid figured they were at least. Darkening the door of Bank of America Stadium on that day. I've heard of them. Yeah an expansion team I think you know but it didn't count popular in my computer logo gear around. Now gathered at getting history Caroline answers to go to our. Heaven that. But but but so. The did you go to the chamber of commerce separately Norman the other day. I did yes I no longer take you to get there. That's you know what's funny is it really didn't take me very long and I was disappointed because that of course would have been. An anecdote in my story but I had no trouble which usually at the end you know it takes a while but if you were they like you went up chooses to. No I went to visit the nicely done I took a helicopter in oh for some reason it was easy to get there by the way I am sure this won't shock you it wasn't nearly as fast coming home so there you have it. I just did the same thing couple Saturdays ago ran up enough picked up an old friend of mine though former general sales manager remind thirty years ago at a station KB CEO in boulder and he has family that lives up around exit 31. And I didn't have any problems getting up there at all but are coming back home aren't took a little bit of thing but the interesting thing was is that. You've got a chance to really see. Because I don't get up there that much anymore because of the construction you've got a chance to see worded as. Mannered they're gonna get this stuff opened by the end of the year and I listen I've been in the restaurant business I understand or it's like to have six hours before the of people are coming in the door and you look around and so there's no way. But boy it looks like they got a lot of work to do. Right you're exactly right in that several of us were reporters were talking about that and and asking about that someone from. The state of armored transportation reiterated Saturday and Wednesday afternoon that they think it will be ready. By the end of this year but of course John will we talk about this topic. It's really a lot less about what it's going to be finished in more belt whether it will ever be improved so we're. And where do I get my EZ pass you are ready and they're demonstrating how well they have that. In other words the told collection will be something that's attached to your windshield not necessarily you reaching into recorders. Correctly you can already buy those online I think it's the North Carolina turnpike authority web site. And they are compatible with other states Florida and Georgia and so on and so forth and if you don't have that. A camera will take a picture of your license plate and they'll send you a bill in the mail to. Other state transportation secretary Jim drugged and and tell those people as you well know what they wanted to hear at all and that was that there was going to be one free lane and 12 hole lane and he said you know maybe some day about the process. Is going to be eight years along a process. Odd the observer today has an editorial on May end by saying meanwhile construction on the toll lanes continues Sandra gets more leverage by the day traffic on 77 moves about as fast as a state official facing a difficult political choice. There's really not much to quibble with there that's. Pretty much this summer of lead and had the transportation secretary said this several times since they came in anger and yet again. That he really doesn't have many options because he has limited funding which is the overall state. Roads budget and of course you have this. Complicated. Formula scoring project him when they will come through and so in essence John it would probably be eight years at the earliest before you would see one of those two additional lanes converted into a free lane so you can imagine how that went over. Well I'm by that time we've only got 42 years ago. So what you ought to do what's the point. The tent. You'd have to stay centered yet tart was that the median income in his lipstick comment Larry it's a reaction I should say was that. Well by the time they get around to do any thing this project will be a bankruptcy obviously a reference to. Some other project that this company has worked on that is. Not turned out two well so who knows what ultimately going to happen this much we do know it's not going to move quickly. Tart made comment though when we were heading up to this meeting speculating that the lanes won't open until next summer but he also said. Way it is quite being there that they would have given the state more time to negotiate an exit which isn't but he also said there's no reason funds aren't available to shift the contract based on what I know. I don't think it's a money issue I'm confident there's 45 sources that can find this that's certainly. It was not done in part of the dialogue that was presented dawn none on Thursday. That way and let the lower court of course it's all in the eye of the beholder but both standard chartered and ever percent of job Bradford. I've pitched plans ended legislature this year there were no where they're both Republicans and of course it is a Republican majority so. Some people turn that around and say hey look you're part of the majority if you chicken catcher Kelly if on this. Why blame governor Cooper and the Democrats know it it is an interest seen. Dilemma here because there are some partisanship but then there's also. As not in my backyard is a mess and there's also a gloomy about all this the idea that. If something this change if the contract is altered in some way. No one else wants Q jeopardize any funding for their roads wherever they may be so that's why I just don't think this is going to move her. Much if at all and certainly not quickly. He did kind of say that he would approach centro those conversations have not started yet but talk talk about told rate caps and discounts and allowing medium sized trucks do a be approved enough. I've sort of and so forth but a why would Sandra be opened to allay any kind of adjustments if it's gonna cost them money at this point. Well I John it was did it it was. Varying interest seen Gilbert over the BSS they would it was part of the group where we were asking questions of Jim Chardonnay afterwards and he asked that question peace table what it's centrist has no. And it would at least a five seconds before the transportation secretary said any thing and ultimately. He's well that same will keep working so that's pretty. Strong acknowledgment there without playing any thing that this is an uphill battle and that they did not have a whole lot of leverage remember this young. This matters not just for the transportation and the people in north Mecklenburg. Who are frustrated this has political implications all over the place because many people. I believe it Roy Cooper is governor in part because. Then governor McCrory staunch support to keep the contract as it is. Although as McCrory is pointed out on his show here on WBJ between nine and did several times. Cooper Ed right off on this thing do eight and quite mention that but his attorney general on this set to pass by his desk to. Yes and it goes to have gone back and forth as well not surprise you about whether the attorney general's office is just reviewing for language or for the structure of the contract and I think after a while all people's heads are about to explode with all of the technicalities and back and Fort Hood the summary of this is it. Not much change anytime soon. That's exactly right all right hang on we'll come back document that Jerry Ericsson stadium and Carolina Panthers what they may be up two or may not be up doing what their limitations may be. Had Baghdad's ever show business journal or given your purchases came up on the football stadium we don't really know in India sands and that's about the meeting and there I guess they don't have told released the transcript other. Well they're saying they don't have to do I think. Many of us will probably asking more about that to see if there is anyway to get the minutes put forward about what we're told that they are unavailable. This was a closed meeting held. On Tuesday afternoon at teleconference and there was not a boat John which is interest saying there what the spokesman for the school said is that they reached a consensus agreement in the room and decided to keep Jerry Richardson's name on the football stadium out at UNC Charlotte so. What do you think it's certainly all along I think you know I've talked about this couple times is they're really. Hasn't been a whole lot of Al prior critique from students. UNC Charlotte at least that I have been able to you ascertained. So they have a meeting and somebody says you wanna keep on getting a million dollars annually through Tony Tony tune somebody says he absolutely in the that was the end of it. I think well yeah. What we've got an alloy you know we don't have the minutes but you know I'm I'm not gonna argue with your. Sadat assisted I don't have any other information but if so what we know for a fact is that the name is staying on. And they won't move on from there and we'll see if there is any kind of blow back core. If any kind of criticism from students or others out there but as a safe. For the most part it's been very quiet while all of this other noise was going on with the investigation in the findings in the time in the sale of the team that it UMPC. Doesn't seem to be had two prominent on the radar. Time and time again follow the money proves to be pretty viable idea. Com and Carolina Panthers may soon tackle real estate partnership the city and leases the land to the Panthers and I guess I didn't really know that the practice fields and all that stuff is all part of its all one big. Section of land. So what whatever tapper may wanna do all hum and it's not to say it's gonna run and opposition with the city they've already proven are in already said their own open throw overworked and with him but to whatever he decides he wants to do. The city's got to be willing participant. Yeah that's right and John I'm actually had to go back to look it's on the dot I didn't know the details on net doesn't practice plan property how this would work. As you say this city has been in their pretty forthright they want to work with David ever but they are going to have to be involved one way or another win next. We have some type or proposal about what I would think would be restaurant hotel holes those kind of things because. If David ever already made it very clear that does practice fields are not coming here for the long term so. You would open up that land uptown and then of course look somewhere else for practice fields and team headquarters. Type projects so what we're alternatives are there exactly where this is going but we at least have a few clues so far as to what might be in the offing. Seven acres general I mean I know what seven acres is but I don't know what that means in terms of well above potential soccer field probably not. Yeah I think that they would look at some. What I just mentioned would have real particular cult mixed use development vicious mean the combination of things there would be store shops restaurants maybe hotel maybe compartment because we don't have enough apartments and Charl that you know. But I would think he would be more along those lines than soccer field that one of the things that may have Mitch do you the last couple weeks is when we talked about Major League soccer. We don't really know whether he has. Bank of America Stadium in mind as a home port MLS team or he wants to build a soccer specific stadium either on this practice fields. Or. Adjacent to a new routine training complex that just sit at getting off to dopamine head. I would think it might be BankAmerica would be its first choice you have told some of those seats. I would think so too and then at seven acres put something on that it's a little bit more revenue producing. Oh over you know over a consistent period of our time. Real quick. RNC had some. In my contract changes before they actually signed the Charlotte deal love some way to know about. Yeah there a couple things one was being open to union labor which of course would it impact spectrum turner among other venues. I know wants a commitment to diversity among vendors and suppliers and then. That verbal and I think a lot of people probably have heard at least a little bit about is this guaranteed it. Federal security grant for fifty million dollars is not fulfilled its Bob march 20/20 in this city would be able to cancel the convention contract so this was. Further protection in case something went wrong and I think it was in part of T give the council members who were voting in favor of this. A little more reassurance that discipline something that there would not come back to bite them in terms of the contract terms. Are you go yeah. I am not going to get denied because I am not a fan of the models of television what about yourself. Well no I'm not going either but I was kind of wish you know that you were I want to know what they're servant for food now under the new ownership and halftime up in the press box. Oh well I think next week I won't fulfill those it. Those commands in duties in net figured out in the way we can have a conversation. Did inquiring minds want and also a little to bring him back that lemonade you know he never mr. rich and never responded to my requests are they return of aluminum back up at bat out. I had Robitaille what's going on well I thought waited till you know but apparently. It's drawn that eliminated due to demands that happened so fast I just said that would bring into question my club. Have AI have a great weekend solid join you on the couch watching the game tonight and know we'll talk begin next Friday. Don't Terry thank John records being virtual business journal. A a celebration for the life of Jerry Klein tomorrow. He passed away today at just 6:33 o'clock tomorrow to great aunt Stella center and 926 Elizabeth avenue. Brando we'd love to have you if you would like to welcome help celebrate the life of Jerry Klein. And.