Trump Administration Rescinded Obama-era Policies Promoting Race to Achieve Diversity in Schools

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, July 5th

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And I was elected to represent. The citizens of. Harris exposing. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Good morning had to stay after Independence Day hope you are well. Lots of interesting things to talk about. Hence I hope that very important conversation about our future because. For me and I've communicated this a number of times. I'm not so much begin in two days for events. There are certain things that involve a 24/7. 365 commitment. Liberty is one of them. And so it's very important for us to recognize. The importance of Independence Day why. We celebrate that today. It's about us. The ability. For us to assert our sovereignty as citizens would no longer subject to a crowd. Otherwise suspect and there's a part of me a nagging concern. That we are trying to reconstitute. The same kind of leadership bridge here in America. That's a conversation for another day. I kind I finally figured out I remembered the name of the book that I knew reading it's called the coming Caesars. The title itself just grabbed my attention the other day it's been a late. It might stack of books for quite some time and I started reading this just the other day. It's quite intriguing. Because I do think it's human nature. For us to thrust a king before us he goes all back to all the way back to biblical times and I'm sure before. That's a conversation we will have another time. When we talk about something good. I'm sure this is not a good thing for some people. But I think it's the kind of step that we need to take. In terms of the federal government. And its involvement its engagement it's entanglement. In our system. See I believe ultimately the less the federal government is involved. In just about everything the better. What does that joked years ago if you put it. The federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert would run out of sand. And it's true. So I don't have confidence the federal government so whatever you think. Of the policy I'm about ready to describe. Can we just agreed that the federal government aren't just stay out of this in the first place. We learned that trump administration's claim to rescind or set of Obama era policies that promote using race. To achieve diversity in schools. Here is what was put out by the Justice Department spokesperson DeVon O'Malley. The executive branch cannot circumvent congress and the courts by creating guidance that goes beyond the law and in some instances. Stays on the books for decades. Last year the attorney general initiated review of guidance documents which resulted in dozens of examples including today's second tranche of rescissions of documents. We go beyond or inconsistent with the constitution and federal law. The Justice Department remains committed to enforcing the law and protecting. All Americans. From all forms. If illegal race based discrimination. I would say. A resounding amen. I do believe there's concern about what has been characterized as reverse discrimination. I don't believe that blacks should have a leg up I don't believe that whites should have a leg up. And for the federal government put its finger on the scale and say hey you wanna help this group over that group. Profoundly inappropriate. I did this is a great direction ago. So far no comment out of the Education Department. But this decision. Pretty much throw his weight behind student group that accuses Harvard university of discriminating against. Asian Americans. In its admissions process. Asian Americans. Twelve week second half. How is this possible. Ends you know what the risk of stereo types. I think it's quite evident in many areas Asian Americans are performing better than even white's. We can allowed him. To prosper. Beyond other groups. So we need to set some. Chorus. We need to provide some incentives so we get some of these other groups that are left the height. Not the federal government's job. It is not. I've come to the perspective of the past few years watching the Obama administration for eight years. And it's been very concerning to me because I think race relations. Have taken a nosedive in recent years. Rather than helping the situation and causing us to be. In an atmosphere would that is more harmonious. I see more acrimony. And I think one of the best things to do is to avoid at least in the federal government side. Adding provocations. To put more fuel on the fire. And continue stirring strife between the races. What do you think about this. Squad took off from Joseph here insurer American morning Joseph. Right to do about it right here. All right I. But it's common did you ever blew out. And go. Wait a lot of that hole. Burton the regulation over here. Fair bit hard but he did it all. We knew about it. I know that all the way it shoot. Good. Luck out. If you think back to Bo I cannot say that we're up at the old. We've got the lucky now people are all. They export it bought. They port hole. So. While you. It though don't we got to wait so you helped are the real. Look for work. But. We ol' ball. If you could support. The whole. A ball back at it in college this year. Bob. Albert where it needed to do it. So what they'd get a pretty duel it yeah. Yeah. Still call it black build it up. They are angry at big hit the ball. All for it to. How well. Big. So we're. Here at. They do what it would do well. They're not the jets. Are better built and all the awful or. That. We begin at the back a little. Bit cubic feet. Yet and there's no question about that Joseph and you know there's no question about the disparity the past. And so the question is do you correct wind up. Injustice by creating another that's one of my concerns here while more conversation about this coming up. Yeah. This is fiscal clean radio program. Ninety minutes after some clutch on the Vince Coakley radio program. Getting your perspective on and this decision by a federal government stop getting involved. On the issue of preferences. In college admissions I read just one portion. Interestingly enough. This is an opinion piece posted on AC NN website. I thought they are supposed to be fake news. You're the title this is. Liberals can't handle the Asian factor in affirmative action. This part of what the stories related to human decision. By the trumpet administration. And here it is. This is really intriguing stuff. Because the thinking is. Well when you don't do things for affirmative action what you're doing is you're hoping to promote white supremacy. So you can help them white people. Right. We're just ranked. According to this particular opinion piece when we look at the affirmative action policies that selective institutions. It isn't whites who will benefit the most of their restricted. It is potentially. Asia and us. This entire uninteresting. Hey Princeton University study 124000. Applications to weed leaked selective institutions looted SAT scores. Found that Asians experienced the greatest disadvantage in admissions. This of the other. Comparable racial ethnic groups the researchers claim that being Asian is comparable to a loss of fifty. SAT points. The big surprise this study Asians had to score significantly higher than whites as well as blacks and Hispanics. Despite having a higher. Average SAT score. Asians have lower odds of admission then duke comparable whites. Take away those inequities Asian enrollment would do what it did it cal tech in California where racial preferences are outlawed. In 1992 Asian Rome it was 25%. In 2013. It was 43%. According to students for fear admission in anti affirmative action group during the same period. Asian enrollment at Harvard a staunch practitioner of affirmative action went slightly downwards. From nineteen to 18%. Liberals cannot absorb the Asian factor it doesn't fit the white spurs as people of color set up. What's most frustrating to liberals. Advocates can't point to Asians as victimize there's a blacks and Hispanics to justify the unequal treatment. The old argument of compensation for past abuses. Doesn't apply to them only to whites. Former I've told you repeatedly. This is. It's been frustrating to watch this it really has been. That the media. Loves the narrative absolutely loves the narrative. A black vs white and they can't let go of it. This is why he had to turn Zimmerman into a white Hispanic. Corner portal world's ever heard of such crap. Such stupidity. Why does this happen because they want a narrative. Narratives cell. So when he takes. It's important to keep this in mind. And I think the federal government and less there is injustice. On any side. Needs to stay out of these things. Let the system worked let the most qualified people get in. Let those least qualified not kid and and let's deal with the foundational problems. And ask the question why are certain groups not qualifying. As much as other groups and look at the root factors rather than trying to. Equalize things at the other end. Because we're doing what we're doing is we're covering up. The problems. And we're dressing symptoms. This is how we get into trouble. Rose skip morning and welcome. Good Bart and and I don't think the federal government is historic she straightened and saying I have I don't know that trump you're going to look like the but could it but think about it idiot. I think our constitution. Say it has been the first bands. The toll. And end up Al Iraq. It is our end up. I'm glad to hear they wait wait wait attacking Iraq anymore and don't think about it idiot how I hollered out I'm. Then put it up McCauley used to. We're on the radio with pastor Collins perhaps. And I got it yet and he felt that it was called come down under the Obama adminstration had spent more than happy yet but I think the question. Shall I late that you anxious but I wouldn't say it I don't do it all at one time it is true. I regret this slowly damned if they end up. I don't know I think I'm bored about Abby 78 we expect beware and duck. I'm hopeful they can we know that I'm Gomorrah about it my grandchildren. That don't happen at that they don't have that don't turn to get into it you know it's. Obviously I play act but culpable we don't know why it all happened. And I couldn't and didn't look like they didn't have got op. I usually sit opposite course I am a military base to stick trying to get comfortable and I commend. I'm not dead yet sure what happened. That they've thrown it not be shocking how can lower the bar at the end and that rent at market epic game and got wrapped up so he thought it was a Grand Canyon. Under Obama but it had to but I can't say just slowly to break them down he'll. I I hope that day never comes through as I do appreciate your call. You know I think we are probably years away from anything like that happening if it ever does god forbid that it does occur or. All held literally break loose I assure you that Brian good morning. They don't until each year. Yeah there of course you'll make it look like they'll all Obama did that the Alito up. I'll I'll break out other greats who is already there with that that would have been off that. Note that really felt the weight belt. Building had a about it. Don't like that but there but if you or do you think there's there's this thing out there and likelihood that the effort shouldn't they look up the will be out. I don't believe any any such thing Brian I really done it okay I've I've been a problem or yeah. You know it's not a problem it's it's a problem for who Brian it is important than reality dry and who's that a problem for. Oh well who isn't a problem for. The problem I mean not believing that who is that a problem for. Now you can definitely all of our they know I'll call Paul Allen didn't do it it is great though well. I'll opener let me. Okay let me ask you a question Brian I used to live in Kentucky are right and there are thousands of people in the eastern Kentucky white people living in trailers. You know pretty much eating dirt and someone Toni may have fresh water where's there white privilege. Okay yeah well what does that mean they're they're not why not ask you where is where is what I hope I don't think people they're very. I'll do that emits what look what they did there. If you think you've got adults who didn't hear that part they Ed and you think about your black or a parent and buried the ball got black. Oh my goodness no no no you really believe that. You honestly believe that Brian and here here's my question Bryant Bryant Bryant. Jim we have a conversation for a minute here. Who can we look at this rather than looking at this is a racial issue look at is a class issue. Or are. Okay. As I think. That's the that's the way I think we need to start looking at that it's like it's a class thing it's not about race. Because there are some blacks who are much better off than white people. I promote. And there are some whites who are much worse off than black people so you can't just look at this is a racial thing if you wanna hold on the line we can. Continue our conversation. I just absolutely afford this new creation than it is a new creation. I won't talk about it as we continue to broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock rarely conversation with Brian about us the issue of white privilege. And I had to give ten communicated this before I I'd. Here's what frustrates me and here's how I defined so called white privileged. Life and my concern is. It has become an excuse for black failure. And rented then. You know looking for things to accuse white people of I would rather try to figure out what do we do to make sure that as black people we succeed. I'm not sure even having that conversation yet. Brian I AM how where do you disagree with me on this. Could it okay that they are apparent to perpetrate that you may. When you Panetta as an excuse that you've been successful all of a lot to go and I had to fight everything but what I'm saying that they're. Don't let it all white folk can tell you that you talked about just like the dirt all white folk the West Virginia. I'm better than white man and no community that you thinking about forward but don't troll because they are adults with the make America great here. Dog was so I hope wanna say Bryan Bryan and pillow. What is the dog was so mean what is the message that is being communicated. Let the white men don't oh god which Brian really. Brian. Why why don't why don't you propagate this stuff why is this necessary. Because reality bear some whom trump cool. I'm in in reality prime home by Brian you're not answering my freaking questions and I'm sick and tired this crap. Shot up this garbage already people. I'm so tired of this. You're telling me you're reaching into somebody's heart and saying Buddha Air blowing the dog whistle. So that whites can be back on top again. Whom goodness. So it and and I want to ask you Bryant. If if you're idea of paradise is South Africa why don't you go there. Because there are about ready to begin taking over there already doing taking over white people's farms and then we'll have black supremacy is that what she wants. Because I honestly think that's what a lot of these people are looking for. They want black supremacy to replace white supremacy I don't want either. Zero. The above false by an airy choices I reject the mall. This really sends me folks it really dies. Because there's an inherit indictment here that you have a critical mass. Of white people then embraced the idea. I'll supremacy. I think that's an abomination. To promote that kind of idea. Now there remnants. Of discrimination out there are there racists out there absolutely. Tell you what's. To call around. And to try to ascribe this motivation to a majority of white people. And say that that's what the trump campaign was about it and that's what make America great again is about I'm sure that's the meaning for some people. But to somehow project. What you think is in somebody's heart. That's an overreach. Profound overreach. Jean in green told good morning. Yes Good Morning America. Well real world with respect to white purple or try yum I picked apart and Ottawa to lift the leadership of the Democratic Party used actual real white privilege. Permit control against Murray. Yeah how wanted to go with respect to the discrimination. It is not applicator applicants. The question I have to ask himself with respect to the American nation what. Why impact has four Chinese students particularly those Communist China have had a mistress this themselves. Well actual quote all racial group is a big hit may very well fitting today. And secondly. What about the match. Male I mean hopefully over the years I actually are reducing actually significant a significant increase. In the percentage of female suspect right now they like dominating in full profile medical profession. In the the different field. Closed up by a medical endeavor and getting the scientist Gary if you are going to school now. You know it's interesting about this appreciate you Carl other gene and and me just say about the black community you won a seat. Where where things are really not going well. In the black community. Where are most. Among blacks. Who's going to school who's going to college. Most of the time it's the women. Our men are in trouble. It again so while we're having these stupid conversations. Trying to find. You know the great white. Enemy. To go after today. We're watching the continued disintegration of our families see this is where this all wind downhill. And I would daresay. These so called well meaning white people. Progressives. Have helped the destroyed the black family. Indoor court black people running after. These stupid white politicians. You wanna talk about enslaving people and white privileged. You'll have the picture a white privilege is okay you wanna play a white privilege game. Bernie Sanders. That's white privilege. Hillary Clinton that's white privilege. Seek I don't even embrace these ideas. I believe in class privilege. Some of those people happen to be white. There are some people. Were black or Asian or Hispanic. Privilege is a mindset it's a stayed up parts. And to try to ascribe this to a whole group of people. Absolutely rejected to Gerri good morning and welcome. They're a great game no matter where it. I'm Leo their very little bit. I don't Mahmud normally you know a lot of liquidity but I know how to work people who my in laws are white people out more conservative there there were about eighteen years. And you know just how will be borrowed your. People who suffer the consequences of the court is pretty much you know. And I want now my problem real well all in black and I'm not only certain decision I don't know the young man and nobody. Noticed a light the light. Curwood it's a silent about the awards are now. All askew Jerry and it did without having that transparent conversation. What are some of the choices you made maybe just one choice you regret. I. Maybe it instead of going to college actually fail. Okay and had a lot to do well wound up you don't stand alone. I broke the law when I was younger. You know they are caught important work that you know. I didn't seem to learn about credit and and and when it takes to all the business started it is and our young rough start to learn about that when our little old I wish I had a mindset that advance. I know are my brother Doug look with a single mother. I didn't really I had male iron great male role models but. For the most are I have emotional thank you ma'am how far are you we're in a row. Made in my decision don't marbles interpret. Two you know much like our group that you know are. I don't know where it's in our experiment or the show when I got to get the word. You do know that there is so I'm sure there are some really regret that we know what the what I've seen a body that Manny really opened up my. I don't know much outcome a lot of stuff. Being an emotional victim. That made all the difference in the world hey we ought to talk some more some time to call back Jerry. Man Jerry just hit it right on the head. You know candidates you don't look at what's happened look at the path of where this emotional stuff leaks. And you go the other way. The problem is we've got people telling us keep doing what you're doing and other people are the ones who need changed try that out see how well that works for. This is so is Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock and we will get to more of your calls here but I wanna. Interject something because this ties in. With our conversation about privileged. A Gallup poll this one really. Disturbed during a great deal in the USA record low 47%. Extremely proud to be Americans. 47%. That's well. This is the first time. Then it's gone below the majority level. We've seen sharp decline since 2017. Among liberals and Democrats boy is that a shocker. The high point was 70%. In 2003. Think about this. We've gone from 70%. Of people were very proud of their country. Now we're down to 47% what happened. This Gallup story saying fourth of July marking a low point in US patriotism for the first time in gallons eighteen year history. Asking US adults how proud they are to be Americans fewer than a majority say they are extremely proud. Currently 47% describe themselves this way down from 51% and 2017. We've lost ground just in a year. Well below that peak of 70% in 2003. When Gallup first asked the question in 200155%. Of Americans said they were extremely proud after 9/11 terror to terror attacks. The percentage. Expressing extreme pride the country increased 65% what up further to 70% less than two years later. By 2005. About time judge George W. Bush was set to begin his second term. And the US was going on its second year military involvement in Iraq the percentage extremely proud to be Americans felt the 61%. How in the high fifties between 2006 and 2013. But it's fallen at least marginally each year since Tony fifteen about the times when he sixteen presidential campaign was getting underway imagine that's. So much at this. Is tied to politics. So much of this is tied to even leaders. So how do you feel about this. And this is a good lead didn't use something I want to share with you about. Brain how why you can get into this in exchange I had over social media yesterday. I want to contrast a few things that I read yesterday and social media. Just there are definite contrast. Let's start here. Let's find this weird did that post go. I decided to put these in because I really thought too. It would show. What's going on in our country we've talked a lot about this divide between red states Blue States. Ends me and it is significant. And I'm concerned that if we don't even have a baseline of understanding and appreciation of who we are and where we are. We can't even start with. A unifying point of the declaration of independence you know I don't be interest in. Let's do a poll of the declaration of independence and find out how many people embrace that document. I'd almost be afraid find out. I'm gonna share what you were gonna save this for after. After the break the top of the hour break I'm gonna share which you were contrast. A post yesterday and unfortunately. They go along racial lines they really do. It's heartbreaking. Because I think it's. Even in contrast. To doctor Martin Luther King's dream. That's coming up on the broadcast just few minutes let's run to Jim first good morning Jim. Yeah man. I'm so glad you brought blacks are more questions comments earlier today. And I'm ER do in my career. Some of our course comments I was all over comments obviously there's some are more comments were all about diversity. And equity and let that there's there's a lifelong American or spot duration American imposed on my family or your breaks my heart. You know Hardin sixty years ago bears would vote for her white man's war. He wrote or is he going. Here out wearing a white man's war and except for a few remarks from both sides learn you know about half a million lightly and kill each other. And I think you heard it. Five artwork for poor then you're you're up or bear not from without of this country. And I the other poked somehow we get together and then helping each other and make this country stay around a lot longer. I am there with you I do appreciate your call their gym. It is unfortunate isn't that weird place now. I mean I think there was there was progress going on for a number of years. And it's now I think we're going backwards. And it's by a it's intentional. These are people don't want us to be at peace because there are financial incentives they're political incentives to stirring up strife. Among racial groups rock kill let's go out to Joseph good morning Joseph. Oh. Yasser. White privilege where do you start grand you know I'm never stated Ramallah court outlawed. I'm that would give people jobs market. I'd be proud about organ McDowell never probably can't do better but I always try to do better up there always thought that far better job you know. I was watching our money. A budget they live. Up some somebody's got I got. Surgery he had dollar down I am Alamo for what it is is that balance sheet of paper and his right now or is monies go every month every week. And maybe he'll let you know did not reveal what has privileges what is I don't they'll get off the you can make department has more than you do is try to never try to do it new batteries. You put Ali but I don't know a lot about you know these they'd pick you you're here is injured again Igawa. You gotta kill you to get over there. But you're you're darn good small body they're more how. Tough it is to sit down describe is that. We just don't rattle you paperwork or money. Bryant Brian. I'd love to hear from him again appreciate your call Joseph. Yeah have a conversation about this because again this gets into. Personal responsibility. He can't get around that no matter what it. Coming up we'll have a contrast to views of Independence Day stay with us. This is this. Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty Nancy is that Vince Coakley radio program. However true. Barbara desperate to get to this survey this poll that I mentioned about us. Pride in America and in just a bit and get to share with you some contrasting pros. On social media that are just. Frankly I found them to be heartbreaking first ordered this story did you hear a. About the fact that it's additional people have now been poisons and apparently by the same poison. That affected us to other people in Britain just few months ago. Here's what's happening now and this is just the last few minutes some pretty strong words which is probably about all you're going to get out of the British. Pretty strong words. The home secretary's accused Russia of using Britain as a dumping ground for poison. At 32 incident involving the nerve agent that would shock. Charlie rally. And on Sturgis collapsed and a house in aims for. They're critically ill. PH and similar to that used on ex Russian spy Sergey screwball and his daughter in March. Russia said Teresa Mae's government was subjecting them to hell. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said. Police. Should not be led by the dirty political game since she was confident London would have to apologize. To Russia. And I just interject something here. This ought to be another reminder to us of the Russians and how dangerous. This government in years. No. I'm don't believe into the collusion stuff but I'll tell you what's. I have to be very concerned. About a man who is president of the United States who seems way too conciliatory toward these people. I'm very concerned about that. In the statement. The home secretary said it's time the Russian state comes forward explains exactly what is going on. He said the strong working assumption was the couple came in contact with a nerve agent and a different location to the states. Which had been part of the clean up preparation in nearby Salisbury. After the script called poisoning. And here's the statement this pretty strong. It is completely unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or aqsa doled targets. Or for our streets our parks our talents to be dumping grounds for poison. Already. The question is what are they gonna do about it also make the Russians are behind this to get the evidence. Put it out there. And what's the consequence. This again. In finding this very timely to have this conversation the day after Independence Day. Where with the brits the without the United States of America. Could they even make strong statements safely without the backing of the United States of America. No they couldn't. I wanna go to. Some social media purse. And I'll get to their owners after we take call here from stand good morning welcome stand. I didn't carry it right. No I'm I'm not saying there aren't that may be out awhile back called the patriot. But no Gibson and oh yeah she ever say the medieval yes. Well there were no worker there was a story in the in this story that maybe not think it's appropriate. Now as foreign because too little regulation as well and their story different things in America alcoholic Majorly in the first thing there's a black man. And you rating assigned. And the sign says owning slaves who. What I served in the army for independence. Carter term will be granted his freedom. Little why can't stand there watching him read that I'm and he looks at him and so what are you going to do what freedom. And I'm and small and more so. Later on in the movie. Not the build a battle and that white men. They're not talking of course and London to build a battle and then from current aren't sort gone everywhere. And the black man as our rhetoric has to safety and say that this same Barton and crawl across that they'll and rescues that man and Beck and to a lesser ranked while. Now and the very end of the movie. They. Compressed to face and department still has a peace sign there's been great but indications are in goma to complete recovery. And he looked at that black man and he says you're a good man. It has been a pleasure to serve which he Hugo and you enjoy your freedom. And and that is what this world needs more. We're not gonna solve this problem was affirmative action or eightieth city or Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It's going to be one on one isn't it standard don't want I want I want and loving people but that's hurt your. Yes yes that could not not how they treat Cuba the critical York. And it'll be about conscious choices for integration. Not forced choices. Let her and that has to happen on both sides who I wouldn't say both sides I mean every side. They're making conscious choices stand. Absolutely appreciate you sharing that story very moving. Because it I I eat. I have found over my life experience. I've seen a lot of white hypocrites it's not a black Q were created the credits to people talked about what do we just Kobe did the other. And they don't have a single black person they interact which. You know what this is worse than anywhere else in the church. I see way too many. Church get knows. Right groups where there's not a single black person to be found. Black church groups not a single white person to be found. Who the hell are we kidding. Because it's ultimately not about coming together in singing a bunch of songs. And the style of so long and preachy and all the other stuff. It's about how I treat my freaky neighbor. Because if I don't treat my neighbor well. It pretty much shows what's in my heart doesn't it. I wanna share with you some pros from yesterday. On social media. Because there's some very interesting ones here. We'll start with good ones. Doesn't like to start on a positive note anyway. Testify can find them they've disappeared. We just came across the social media approach yesterday ends. Some more encouraging. But then I came across. A couple of things are we're very discouraging to hear the encouraging once Cindy hips. Posted this yesterday and social media. They keep in mind and I don't think she'd mind me saying this her son talk. I think it's Tucker. Who's part of me fraternity controversial case. And he lost his life circumstances we still don't know what happened how he died. The rise and where force. Here's what she said in a push history after listening to moved. To assure yesterday's hearing how our young people feel about America I can only blame the mini adults who post item after item. On social media as well as those who twist the truth in the media. America is still the best place to live and I am proud to be an American. I am so thankful we can live in peace and voice our opinions. But we are responsible for planting bad thoughts into our youth stoppage. I see a resounding amen to that. Hence. The guy that I went to college with Brian twisted this make this fourth of July memorable. By counting your blessings. And truly appreciating your freedom. I think these two were on the right track. Unfortunately. There's a very different perspective our efforts by eight. Another. Group of people and I'm gonna share a few and just to get. This is this. Coakley radio program. All right let me just preface what I'm about to share a few. Those of you who are. Drum beating conservatives. Constitution lists America lovers. You're you're waving the flags you know you're you are buying into this. Your total by ends on the pride in America okay. Can I just borrow your heart for a few moments. Because. It and here's why I think this is so important might appeal to you. I'm not trying to load you up when I share this with you. I hope you're more moved to tears and heartbreak then you are anchor. This that is said to me yesterday. By the way one of these guys you may remember I mentioned a few weeks ago hanging out with some friends of mine in Indianapolis. We just tell you something. And and I don't I think I can say this without fear of contradiction there's not a single one of us. And I don't you know I don't know all of what's happened to these guys that were I was hanging out with him. All of their lives right now but I I think I can pretty safely say none none of us are destitute and living on the streets okay. I can say that boldly. I didn't just as a reminder I've spoken fondly of my days in Indianapolis. Middle class neighborhood. Pretty good mix of black and white I don't remember any racial tension what so ever none. So it's disturbing to me what I read this. Some like queer to these people live. Here's what's my former neighbor used to live across the street from me. Pretty hard to celebrate Independence Day when babies are being held in cages in two year old are their own advocating court. Refugees are given this choice to go home with your child. And without asylum or go home without your child without a silent. What does that native Americans had told the pilgrims that but they didn't and well we all know how that turned out. Let's to celebrate when the police are called on black and brown people for barbecuing. Selling water smoking and a parking garage. Campaigning swimming driving through a neighborhood cutting grass you know for living. So I'll say this happy fireworks day. Can't wait yeah the reports of the police being called I'll wait. It's sad. This is her perspective. And by the way can I suggest to you this is a I think a woman who's doing very well for herself professionally. I'd suspect quite affluent. This is what she post it. On Independence Day. So. Brilliant and be your host. And why do you. I put something. You're so I said. Congrats how about celebrating your freedom and out of most others as you worked to write the remaining wrongs. Perspective is an important. Don't think that's a pretty harmless post. I'm not saying I disagree with anybody. Just what we started a place of let's be thankful for our freedom we can't even agree on that. This is really sad is when my friend Anthony posted response. True but in the meantime understand that we are reminded every day that it is it really for us. Only goodness. A guy I was hanging out with with some other guys playing pool. A few weeks ago in Indianapolis. I can not destitute. In fact I saw the thing. My friend Anthony out on a boat yesterday celebrating the fourth of July. This isn't for us. How are you kidding. I said that is your choice that was not to perspective of doctor Martin Luther king and he posted a video where Doctor King is talking about income inequality. And I just stop moving ahead. Unfortunately. There are aspects of doctor king's message that started to go down the lines of socialism. In the latter part of his life there's no question about that. I'm making reference to his I have a dream speech. Where he said I have a promissory note and I'm here to collect. That's the part are we speaking. He didn't drop the document. He called the document a piece of trash ridden by a bunch of racist he said I am here to collect. I don't hear people wanting to collect I hear people moaning and complaining and whining. In aren't even celebrating what they have. Anthony goes on you need to understand we're the only ones who have never got our checked. Oh my goodness. Really. Another guy named Russ look I keep perspective I just don't think our country's paying much attention to what's happening. I'm grateful for our veterans who suffered and died preserve our freedom. I'm grateful for the excellent public education relatively inexpensive college education at all but none of this goes on anymore. If I and those who agree with me don't actively worked preserve we've gained it will be gone and more than just children will be in camps. Seriously. Who is on somebody's social media push yesterday starts would not. Playing their stupid desensitize and rituals. Yeah I'm grateful for my past I'm very afraid of the future these despotic people have in mind for minorities they don't find pleasing. And yes I'm so ticked off. It's come to this in our country. The Germans depended on the complacency of the populace I will not be complacent. Not with what we have today. And one who posted this originally said with everything going backwards are we still free. Can take in need during the anthem can't sell water cut grass barbecue. Have to have that conversation with a black sense are we free or just tolerated. And we have this. Guy named Phil posts your might equal. Our CIC referring to commander in chief his cabinet this many ignorant bigoted sheep believe otherwise after the ball. You. DelHomme this OK I just now Saunders. Just now saw this. Our CIC has cab and his many ignorant bigoted sheep believe otherwise F there mall. I will not hate but it's very close. How old do you Q with this. How'd you do that. And we have this. He added this later on. All that and not a GD thing has been done about assault rifles while summer is on. In another month and a half for children teachers will be in danger again there's our spineless lawmakers haven't done their jobs. Somebody else so sad it's a shame America can't do any better than this. But they did this to our ancestors. So I guess we're not. I. You would do you remember back during. What are what are all of these liberal media people say Becky and. Tony he was this a beginning of 2017. Win Donald Trump gave his inauguration speech do you remember how they referred to it what do they say about it. It was dark Mary that's it was dark. Can you explain to me what I just read. We had a picture of that of America is stacked. I ask you. Again. To a kid net. Don't go off farm people. Grieve. And pray. And figure out yourself how can I engage people. In a way that. Somehow instills hope. Please I don't get your perspective on what I've just shared here. You can understand why these. Super leftist politicians. Have so much to offer to these people. 29 minutes after Roland. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after look like you're welcome to comment on the social media posts I read about Independence Day. How did it affect you as always sharing those streets is more assessments about America what it's about. How this dream is not for certain people. If you're person of color. Politicize take the opportunity to traveled around interstate 85. Two. Good morning. How we're sure our fourth what did you do you. I do absolutely nothing wrong that is awesome. That is absolutely us we are four question treat answer on this day. We'll see how wise you are 1865 is the first day William Booth started an army. But these soldiers did not have any weapons what is the name of this army started in London England and 1865. Really I didn't give you a hint if you need what. Yeah Christian organization. Salvation Army yeah this. I should have known how. 1946. I've passion a Paris fashion show. Debuted this particular garments that many. Men who appreciate she during this summer what was it. We resumed 1946. Likely to be seen on the beach Kimi you better believe it. That is a big key need 97 a five. This man defeated Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon to win the men's singles title the first black man to do so. Are corrupt yeah. You're right it's. He ends. You can go first week if you get this when in 1986. The birth of a cloned sheep what was the sheep's name. Dialect. The food does play a win win move who've done it. I do that well you know if you pull a little more intuit which you don't wanna risk your voids the warranty and you could kill that. So Alia dot got to work on that. That would be pretty impressive. Let's talk about some pretty crazy stories that are in the news. I'm not sure which one of these I wanna start with can zoom we've got some really bizarre. News stories here why don't we begin way fiscal. All right your laughter. Here earlier in the week this really isn't funny mixed up. This is so terrible. All right here's a woman in Cobb county jail. And choose to die off because a man went to see another woman. She now faces eight felony arson out you know what she did the she set the guy's house on fire. What is wrong with these people Alonso. True to woman writer get the burning and I have you know get the quote what does trump. Where is that from especially Willie a bit yes I'll bet Willie noticed this John know that we is at the burning bed with fair process management. Now look the mood there's a movie but there was a there's a rap song but look so. I know fences and into the rap music I mean it's a classic it was back in the eighties. Definitely not yet here's what happened here the man at some point left to go see another female companion. This woman didn't like that she called and told him to come back home or something was going to happen. While on the phone with him fire investigators heard her say she did it because he went to see another woman he asked her why she would do something like this. UID. It she told. So there you ago. That's a lesson learned this year I don't think this guy he'll do it again. What do you think. And here's a bizarre one I mean did she retirement. Horrifying experience tournaments cue the Twilight Zone episode. Vigorous Twilight Zone. Eight south African woman. Mistakenly take into the Mort stored in a fridge after she was declared dead following a car accident. And someone found her breathing. A more a morgue worker found her briefing. Well. This person was writing a report checking on the body. Hence they brought the paramedics in. And now she's being treated at hospital. Choose a life it's amazing how many times this sort of thing happens. In fact. This story says this is the third time in recent years and assume deceased person was later found to be alive in South Africa. 2016 another person involved in an accident was declared dead but found breathing the next day. Seven years ago fifty year old man woke up screaming and remorse. Can. Carl my goodness if you look at the more you're probably a beast or I'm going to be streaming true you better believe it. Oh my goodness that's just awful absolutely awful. And we have for let's see one more crazy story. When actually. I think that's enough of crazy stories. We need to I share a really sad story. Did you hear about duke. The dog in the Busch's baked beans commercial. He's now passed away when one of the last words were. Did you hear reveal the secrets of the recipe. Maybe it's and is well I'll move on that's a good possibility. By the way. This dog is the spokesperson for Busch's baked beans. And you know the started back in 19961996. And Busch's beans put out a statement we can you be overwhelmed by feigning interest in their level of duke. The relationship between Jay and his beloved dog duke is deemed by Mina the Bush's brand it's been part of our family story for more than twenty years. During that time we work closely with several dog to portray duke in our commercials including. Sam while Sam was not work has not worked with the seniors were sent many news of his passing. Grateful to have him to picked duke because duke is iconic to bush is. And so adored by our fans will continue to use him in our ads so the theme will continue though the latest iteration of duke has passed away so this wasn't even the originals do the semi original but this is another iteration of duke I'm not being named an awful cheated a little because I mean I made it sound like this was the original. You had this to come across as the original. Talk but I hate to see Marco you know they aren't passed away at some point but. They become part of our lives they're welcome into our living rooms Alonso. To talk to you as usual man Chris to talk to you by the less into a video I saw that us despite ETS phone you'll enjoy it I will check that out child and one. Johnson played a big number appreciated how bad John well I knew how this guy and I will listen to a mission is clean for. You read about that. All right man. Why don't we take a very quick call here's Tim can you do it in about thirty seconds. Yeah. That was cut so I don't borrow about opening elect Barack. I'll. A little perky and find out there on the spot. Yeah it back the pot that aren't whoever it is an internal. It. It's not art. And it it the whole it'll the attention of the art adrenaline you know. Got a crack head and I don't want that again. He can get bigger and you have the ability that. What it. Amazing that he's not saying I Japanese. It's. Has the story Coleman did this I think that would wake you up to I'd I would just. Don't grab it I'd jump off the carpet. Why did this. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley read your firm final stretch of the broadcast on this Thursday ends. And if we're gonna talk about what's going on with the Supreme Court list. We've heard it is down to 33. Weeks we'll talk about that coming up. I have been very negligent with the Tex lines so good shared just few items from that takes line. Referring to duke. We Steve latest Peter iteration of duke. In news Bush's big being commercials. Person you're saying Duke's death this trumps fault. Dispersant obviously being facetious. Through a lot of people think after. One person's also asked the question how many dogs named lassie where there. Can't that's a good question but there were several of those. Very good question. Also what else we have here Vince I think you mean spokes dog not spokesperson. I stay in mid air. Newton. And someone was apparently listening to this broadcast earlier. Earlier as in none under BBT this morning. Prince FYI bikini named after the bikini islanders where the native women wore those garments. US soldiers sit through some of those ladies and the rest is history. Now those islands are former nuclear test sites not fit to an appetite. As Charles corrects that incessantly. Charles tells us that news lately this fake news you need to correct this. Not this story and the guy who invented the bikini wanted to did call the fabric after the ask him yet and because the island was called bikini at all and after all is for Adam he's chosen a bikini. So that's the real story we're not there you have been subjected to fake news. Charles has corrected Q. I knew we would sit there and up we just Q that went up for you and I think it. It. Are also undertakes line we're talking earlier about the racial issues we still have here. Techsters says hey Vince that colored inks South Africa's the land of milk and honey should take his bad attitude goes there. He would likely find himself and a large pot with chopped up carrots and potatoes. As for Jeff wow. That's pretty brutal. Susan's very concerned about Alonso. Wants a sounds tired are you sure he stayed home yesterday that it I. What else do we have here. That is sometimes I told you this is C mind field. So I'm trying to be very careful Vince as a nun who never hole I am thankful that I have. And I worked my butt off I'm thankful for what I have and I worked my butt off and him greatly appreciative to this country. Wow. That's pretty cool. This is why I mean after hearing what you just read is there anyway. That I will not be seen as a racist mongoose posting regardless. Of what I do. And if I never acted a racist way yet they still seem he's a racist who are the real racist then. Just wondering that's really good it's very insightful. Because I think there are millions of people out there just like you. You have a racist bone in your body and get your being put in this class of people who supposedly have white privilege. Screw that. You should never even reached this garbage. Then send the widest cracker in the hawks. And I haven't gotten my checked either where's my wife privilege I keep hearing about. Hyperion. Maurice reports sparked. A a a I should tell a story but I am I give myself in trouble. About a good friend of mine. No I'm not gonna share that story may be I will some day. It's. Yeah. Study saying only 47% of people survey were proud of America respect for the national and from the flag certainly not what used to be. That is true it is not. Vince I'm originally from Russia. In your 38 years a couple of points about nova checked very unstable so cannot stay around very long. Very. Very unstable. And this nerve agent. Straight lethal effect of Britain refuses to submit any info to Russia despite constant requests accusing Russia. Without a bilateral investigation also raises some questions the nerve agent was developed in former Soviet Union a very long time ago. And now almost nobody. Well actually seeing almost anybody. Can manufacture this. Then. I understand your curiosity. Certainly need a lot of answers. On this one. And what else do we have few. I like this when Vince you're less segment was well set both by you and the patriot collar church out of Spartanburg grudge you enjoyed that. If you treat your neighbor well. What does side church mix or who your friends are have to do with anything sounds like a formula to tear apart. Rather than unite. Racing is naturally segregated in their own. In life. Yeah. Also. What else do we have here are who yes yes yes. I think that is about all that we can safely shares so far. Been set said to say the biggest promise you America the untouchable political privilege at the highest levels it's a blatant form of tyranny. And it hurts assault team I think that's that's what I wish we'd all come together can we agree if you do and us and them. Let's make that they have not the elitists who were trying to rule over us of whatever stripe. And how much I asked people figure out how we can get along together. And tell these people. We're trying to exploit our differences. Where to go and how to get there. How about that for a plan I think that's agree. Any case as usual enjoyed visiting with you forward just a few hours on this. Wonderful day pedigree went out there and god bless you take care and help our our our current. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.