Trump Administration Strips Consumer Watchdog Office of Enforcement Powers in Lending Discrimination Cases

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, February 12th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Good Monday according to. He's back with you. Hopefully had a somewhat of a restful time. Talk a little bit about Ryan and coupled amusing things that happened a long way. This is pondering this not a few minutes ago. Abouts protection. What do we need protection from. What do you need protection from. One of the reasons I raise this question you'll understand this the context of a news story this developing today. Just in terms of these threats that you face. To your personal economy. Who is the potential to do more damage to you. Isn't some business. Somewhere. Or is it the government. Think about that for a moments. What poses the greater threat to you in business. Or the government. I was pondering this. Because I'm always amused by how all. The left is really worked up about big corporations. And I think we realized by now that there is a union an unholy union between big corporations and big business I mentioned you by the way. Very soon. I need to put this on the calendar I'm going to share with you again speech. That Niger fraud sliver dads she packed several years ago it was right on the money talking about what's happened in the United Kingdom. Because the same things happen here. You got people telling you. Know this about Republicans this about Democrats truth of the matter is. The leadership of both parties. Are pretty much in union with the each other I mean if you have any questions about that just look at this last budget deal. But I digress. Here is what's is developing which I think is a very good thing. This agency several years ago that was touted as being. Some wonderful new agency to protect you and I look how they give these agencies names. These CF PB the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And this comes in the wake of the terrible things have happened years ago. When we had the economic collapse. The idea was to protect you from those horrible companies. That might rip you off. You probably noticed the Donald Trump is not a fan of this particular agency. Which I think is hilarious. And generally. Does former congressman make movie any have the job of being the budget director he was given the job of taking over this particular agency humor there's a showdown over this. The previous person who headed up this agency went to court. To fight for the right to be able to appoint his successor. Accord or of course rejected that argument. Chance mic over eighty is still there. Try to have reached out to begin to try to have more on this program again so I love to talk about what he has in mind here. Well guess what mr. movie he wants to do he wants to makes radical changes. To keep the agency from aggressively pursuing its mission. Can I tell you what I love for them to do with this agency. Close it down. Shut it down. So who's squealing about this in PR. They obtained an internal memo. That says the CF PB. They Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They're gonna put out a plan today. The revised mission and vision of the bureau for the years 2018 through 20/20 two and again my only disappointment about this. Why put out a plan for the next four years. But to just put out a twelve month plan. Or maybe less than that to shut that thing down. So this plan will call up on the agency to fulfill its statutory responsibilities that go no further. And also says the bureau should be acting with humility. And moderation boy there's a shocker can you communicate that same message to the IRS. Humility and moderation. This new direction consistent involving these other memos and statements formalizes his plans for deep hanging. The watch dog bureau in reshaping its mission. Now this whole purpose behind this agency was for to be powerful and independent as a watchdog many Republicans have wanted to show it down since day one because they think. It's too powerful. Make movies and he's one of those people. As a congressman Moakley recalled the agency a sick sad joke. Even drafting legislation to abolish it. So can you imagine the people working for this agency. When they find out just who's going to run it hey folks here's the new boss. If and I can imagine. They're probably thinking something like make movies the grim reaper. I hope that's what he turns out to be for this agency. So what he's done his c.'s work to make this agency less aggressive. They have delayed. A new payday lending regulations from going into effect in dropped an investigation into one payday lender contributed to more babies campaign. I'm sure they're gonna focus on that aspect of it. Another route to an upset some staffers the new bus also dropped the lawsuit against alleged online loan shark called golden valley Lindy. So it says the lender illegally charges people up to 950%. Interest rates. It took. CF PB staffers years to build a case. Here's what a former. Office of enforcement attorney at the bureau said people are devastated and angry just imagine how you would feel. If you years of your life have been dedicated to pursuing justice. And you lose everything. Patrick Christopher Peterson said. Lose everything he believes that had the loss you've been pursued. And the agency one it would of clawed back money to help thousands of people allegedly didn't hurt by the lender. But I'm not looking for opportunities for people be swindled I'm really not. But I keep coming back to this question are we missing the point here. This is something that financial education. Might be able to accomplish. And he goes on and they like to tell you a sob story of someone who. Got into some sort of trouble. And it just comes down to reading. Rethink. Nobody is compelling anyone. To take any product anywhere. No where. Which is one of the reasons why so many of us were opposed to obamacare. As important as health insurance is people should not be compelled. To buy anybody's. Goods or services. So why do you need an agency to look out for people. Before perfectly capable of looking out for themselves. And agree disagree. Hence would you agree with me. That it be wonderful thing to begin shutting down this agency altogether. Just another waste of time and money yours of course. Things advantage talk whenever 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line. It's 7130714. Minutes after 2 o'clock. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock. Armaments through the reverse what do you think my comments. About this. Consumer and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the idea of just shutting this thing completely down. Do you greet. With what I've said here about the fact that we need more protection for our government than we do private industries. Because we have choices. Plenty of choices. We'd love to get your thoughts on. How we should proceed in this particular manner the other big thing that is developing today. We expect to hear more. About president Donald Trump's one point five trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan. We talked about this before. Now if I understand this correctly we're not talking about the government putting out all of this money by the way as an aside. Right now there is still alive ceremony taking place. Where Michelle Obama is speaking. And they're about to unveil. The portraits of president Barack Obama you know this happens. Effort repress it leaves office they. Get a new portrait. But I assume will be at the White House. So. Michelle Obama is speaking and they will be unveiling this thing very soon I just what you might be intrigued. None intrigued and have to listen to the speech. But. It just putting that out there. Anyway. So administration supposed to be putting out this plan today. One of the things that we do is cut the permitting process for new projects. From ten years to two years. Also bruised investment for projects in rural America including transportation broad band. Water waste power flood management imports. By fifty billion dollars. No one of the concerns about this. Some Republican senators were concerned the drug administration's initial emphasis on public private partnerships. Would do little to healthy rural traditionally GOP leaning states. Now I think a lot of view. Are in this place you have a great deal of suspicion about these public private partnerships. You've seen them plenty of times before. And there are mostly. Happening in the city's deep blue areas. They're going on in Charlotte they're going on in Greeneville. In the whole idea behind this it's supposed to be the best of both worlds right the governments and private industry working together. They ask. Now just 200 billion dollars of this. Would be in federal dollars. Now and I'm always intrigued when they say this because my big question is where. They would get this money from reductions in other areas of the budget. What various. Half that amount would go to grants for transportation water flood control clean up at some of the country's most polluted sites and other projects. The State's local governments and other project sponsors could use to grants. Which administration officials view as incentives. For no more more than 20%. Of the cost. So we've explained this before this is not a government handout. By any means this is basically the you know enough for a down payment. On some of these significant projects. 20% of the cost. Transit agencies Majorly kind of federal government for half the cost of major construction projects. And federal dollars to make up as much as 80% on some highway projects. So the formula is a little bit different depending on what project is. One of the comet's president trump made its State of the Union Address every federal dollar should be leveraged by partnering with state and local governments and where appropriate. Tapping into private sector investments to permanently fix the infrastructure deficits. That's what the president has proposed here every your thoughts on this. Are you encouraged by this infrastructure talk there are some and I can understand people wanting to do this there are some. To raise the question. And they make a connection between this infrastructure project. And what was done by president Barack Obama which really amounted to. Not much more than a hill of beans. What's the reason behind that. Well the part of the goal there to wish to be a stimulus. In the economy what is that guy wearing John. You see the guy in the left. What is that. Well. Outside strike that suit maybe with. Big stripes you know we cut our minds if you see I can't remember what tech commercial for I don't know if Jews for some sort of laundry product. You don't have very weird black guy on TV. You know issues. You know he's very emotional and talks about how long it's been since he says last day or something like that. Anyway it looks like him sitting there and that that horrible suits get me I don't know it's it's. I've never seen such. Disastrous. Outfit that point that's awful. Anyway. Get distracted easily that I know of any there's this girl. Yeah that's me. That is me. I was talking about infrastructure. And there's another area. Because we've already discussed this in some form. By the project. All of these space project. There were said the other day for me Elon Musk remember he knew he is put a lot of a lot of vision in a lot of investment. Into space. And I wonder whether this is a situation that he might be very interested in Burma talking about. A recommendation by the president now. Of turning the International Space Station into wake commercial venture run by private industry. That's for the White House wants to do. They want to end the funding for this program within a few years. The goal here is to privatize. The ISS they low orbit space station pilot to by the US space agency NASA and developed jointly. With this Russian counterpart. The goal is to try to in the support by 20/20 five. The so protestations allowed international cruise. Mostly clipper collaboration with the Canadians Europeans Japanese. To pursue scientific your surge in the environment of a low earth orbits. So the decision end direct federal support for the ISS and Tony Tony five. Doesn't imply the platform itself will be deep orbit it. But the idea is to turn this over depriving fans. They think this industry can continue to operate certain elements. Berg capabilities of the space station as part of a future commercial platform. I know a number view expressed. This is something you would like to see. Where this entire program. Becomes a function of private industry. How comfortable are you with this idea. 8921110. 71307. I'm a big believer in private enterprise. And I think this is the direction we need to go if no other reason the fact we don't have a lot of money we're broke. I think many of purity know that huge role you've got about a many here. Thank you very pressure. What I want to bring up for this I think. Barack Obama and Donald Trump our votes squandering. Money on infrastructure. Barack Obama even fit it yet again to shovel ready jobs weren't ready. I don't got stayed up so but what Asia divert funds to achieve that operate. Stopping you operate Social Security as it's gone on for decades. Boom. That's really good to great observation their Joseph. You can talk about a transfer of wealth. And worse the authorization for this come from. You certainly cannot do this in your private business. Or you would be in prison. Thank you be under the present operating like that Tony it. This is still this Coakley radio program. I think deep mystery is. It's solved here we're talking about the scam this horrible suits. It turns out I think he's the artist behind the portraits of the president and and it looks good it's it's a portrait of the president sitting in the chair. And the president should be former president Barack Obama. He is speaking right now at this portrait unveiling a statue would like to know hope for Condit takes line. We're talking about this consumer agency. Some varying perspectives here on this. This person concerned about the predatory loans law enforcement goes to bat for that predatory lender when citizens default on alone that's what needs to be stopped. Okay it's understandable. I think we have a sore issue for the president let's listen in on what he has to say. The mayor Joseph Barton. This is former president Barack Obama speaking in Washington. And even more special shout out through. My mother in law. Grew up in addition. Who addition to providing her being hot and his jeans. Brock. Foundation stone for them then we are so so grateful to her we love her so much. Com. Like Michelle. I have never had portrait out of myself. And I hope. Bolstered by. Ship was cool but I didn't support. Nobody in my family tree as far as I can tell they had it over done. I do have my it high school yearbook picture. Rich you. There's no great shakes its. And so what I heard that this was part of the tradition I didn't quite know what to do the show and I were somewhat confused we were. Lucky to have some extraordinary friends. And people would exquisite taste. No moment. Thelma Golden and Michael Smith who gave us the assists and helped. It's to consider a whole range of artists and we had. That an immediate. Connection with the two orders that are. Sitting here today. That's all wonderful one wonderful wonderful I Barack Obama there are just we thought we would. Chip in on this for a little bits and he's gonna babble for awhile I was hoping you would see something somewhat substantive. Substance or knew of goal likely something we would not necessarily agree with so. We're just put that out there were talking earlier about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. On the text line you're someone saying shut them down as far as compelled to buy wood about car insurance well that can be an interesting debate. Should that be something that we are compelled to buy. Vince I fail to understand why trump make statements that seemed to defend rob Porter. When he would be better served to stay above the fray like it or not find ourselves in a climate of backlash about abuse against women. It totally overrides what is fair for rob Porter life isn't always fair I think you've made great points here. And and I should just plenty of times. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just shut up don't say anything. Because it has come across. The president's much more sympathetic of his friend then he is the victims in this case the alleged victims. So in that case. When it just leave it alone. So I agree with you. Also on the text line somewhere. Doubled comments here about listening on Barack Obama could grieve but what are your bag criminal. But a couple of the a couple of Vince Obama just said we miss you guys were I've got news for Obama Michelle we don't issue that's just going to be it's what it is it. What are you making me listen to that stuttering idiots while. On infrastructure events as a former elected official in Spartanburg I can speak to the waste of infrastructure spending of the Obama's stimulus. We have. Eighty EA. Compliance. Crossing signals an area and areas where there are no sidewalks. Are my goodness. Tennis incredible. But the person says if you listen to Barack Obama again I will turn to another station. You can tell Obama does never teleprompter. Hulu. Hook. Oh my goodness. That is just incredible anyway. No love here for a Barack Obama. As he hadn't unveils his new portrait. So happy for him good for him. At 42 minutes after a 10 o'clock and we take a look at the wonderful and maybe not so wonderful events that occurred on this particular day. February 12 2018. As we ventured down to our upstate studio. And Alonso good morning man good morning. By the way. There are couple stories don't get too I don't know targets of these before the break or make time one way or the other. We have 1235. Particular items behind today's list. Let's see how blogs or does beginning in eighteen or nine. This civil war presidents. Who was born eighteen or nine. Civil war presage. Yeah I know until we Sandra welcome. Abraham Lincoln you're correct each Abe Lincoln and some people down route same club. Yes I need only go down that road eighteen Saturday. This particular territory. Granted women the right to vote but seven years later. They revoked it. Big of a state where they would perhaps do this. How I'll give you him say religion has a lot to do with this I'm betting you know you are correct. The territory of Utah granted women the right to vote it's been seven years later they revoked in 1924. Hour. This particular. Musical production by George Gershwin was performed in public for the very first time. With the artist on the piano. What wasn't. Gershwin's. Well you're the expert on show tunes not me no far from it. No guesses. Any guesses in the studio. Who gives a studio. Rhapsody in blue. His name this 11973. A lot of manpower and taken away you know 1973. This government started releasing American POWs. 1873. Vietnam you are correct Vietnamese government and 1999. The senate acquitted this president's on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Camilla and Bill Clinton and and runs or gurus. I think four for five that's not good I'm glad I'm didn't get the warrant Amara well I am perfectly okay I could get that would either. No big deal coming LA via Iraq that's soup man I'm telling you oh my goodness that's an awful suit if I. I would not Wear that suit alive just put it that way. Contact slides still some responses or reactions to Barack Obama speaking a few minutes ago. Obama seems to have problems speaking that's teleprompter. So many booms are not as he's missing his neural link with stick programming. Already. Hence I've just seen Brooke Obama's tortured looks like it was done by a five year old in finger painting class. And how are all. Someone making the distinction and insurance for car insurance obamacare was compelled to protect ourselves. Car insurance is to protect others. Current age. Then we also have this so Barack Obama's portrait is complete. I hope taxpayer money is not being used to have it shipped and mounted in the Kremlin. It he that's pretty good like Alan. Since you see the way the Republicans react to what Obama was giving a speech. They didn't stand up and applauding each year there was so un American and treasonous how dare they act that way. Pretty clever. Tim good morning welcome to the broadcast. More events. Yes sir it or. Burke Graham needs. Either man but I guarantee. George Bush is probably generation got hit it hit it I could've done better. That's that left his pretty you did that left really well. Garcia opportunity creates its. Pat. He pocket remote Michelle mom taught this Jeep. Can you imagine if trump. Talk about the line he is non patent is key. Trust expert on gee we all know that but China will be in trouble for it needs to be all over. You know it's interesting that you say that that's a great observation. Because you can imagine all of the things don't come out as a result of that well here he is. You know being the lecherous old man then he's always been right. You know that's the way this works. Brock PM ET try to come off cool and with young people themselves but as part where I'm here. Whatever he's got out so we got put up with that tortured soul man and they're now. If that's the insult our fear collared him. My goodness. It's yeah I was listening to it's just I eat you know it's one of things. I determined comfortable and I see people who it seems like the over play. Some of this and like social media push rice she you know Keith this is a picture in my smoking hot wife. And I am vegan myself. Why is is this something you've got a stroke your ego. And say that I you know what I'm saying it's just weird to be. When people make comments like that all the time it's it's and my own theory a lot of times it's it's insecurity. Insecurity. And it's really not about praising the life is much of it is you've bracing yourself. For. How old you know how cool USB to have this life. That's really what it's about. An enormously woods about I'm I'm just putting them out there. I tell you about a serious story. And then I wanna tell you abouts. Paid less serious story well it's serious I'm sure. For the family for the couple. That escaped disaster. Did you see the story about the Russian jets. Note to self don't travel Russian airlines. I'm I'm watching these pictures here. Absolutely horrendous this thing was carrying 71 people. It crashed in just after taking off in Moscow. 65 passengers six crew onboard. Vanished after takeoff and crashed any village. They were covered both the black boxes. So hopefully there will be able to figure out a cause here. But it is absolutely horrendous what has happened here. But here is what's really interesting in this goes into the final destination story. Remember we've talked about this before about people who've cheated death. New York Post has a story about a couple it was supposed to be on that plane. And last minute. They changed their tickets. There were supposed to be on Sundays doomed Russian plane crash. But turned out to be a plane crash they changed their tickets last minute because a hard they plan to buy. Was not ready on time. The guy. He's famous maxim he turns 35 I will not even pretend to pronounce his Russian name. He turned 35 on Sunday was going to be on that flight. This 25 year old girlfriend. Lizzy Jacques. So they can spend his birthday with family. In the city of course. You plan on giving himself a new car from a dealership at his home city to push the show him actually called to say the car would not be ready on time. So when I found out the car was not ready. I delayed the trip for a week. Changing their tickets cost about 170. Dollars. But he added we've got our lives. Ash isn't as sobering. That amazing to think. If this car had been ready they would be dead. It's really that simple. You know it's one of those things sheet you kind of wonder in eternity. Whether people would get answers to questions like this. You know both ways for the people who perished and those people. Crew survived this couple. By the way have to share are on the totally totally flip side of this. Amusing story from travel over the weekend. Went two up. West Palm Beach again on Saturday this time there were sunshine the temperature is in the eighties John. In the eighties sound nice for you Clinton went out to the beach with wife and daughter coming back. We're out writing on plane and I might favorite drink is the cranberry apple Jews I just absolutely loved that. So the flight attending comes up and says come on he said don't you want something different it's like what why it. He said come on penalties to a whole lot better with some vodka in it hope. Yeah see so glad to be any good over my daughter and he said. Your dad's old enough to drink Disney. Said don't worry about it if you have too much we've got wheelchairs weakened role you routes and Chile's Demi. It's pretty funny it was one of those weird moments. He just never know what you're gonna hear it. During the course one of these troops in any case. Much more on the Vince Coakley radio program straight ahead including talk about the aluminum body and yes we will talk about. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Observing a new era of that's what they do like fix things what went straight day. I got good. Empowerment self governance and draw. Character you've. Leave radio program. What other broadcast. As always if you like what the conversation you are welcome to. And you can even tell bad jokes to the release of those here. I don't know why but somehow we do. We're actually gonna delve into it conspiracy theories. And we have a couple of war that we're going to share Q1 involves. A public official. Who seems to be confirming. Something that he says is taking place another one related to the plane crashed and I mentioned a few minutes ago. Our Ingles advantage startling number 809 to 1110 common since retirement planning text line. 71307. Our and that takes line. We begin here. Two people on board were connected to Hillary. Won two dossier wanna CFO Everest Etan. This is a company connected to uranium one you still need to ask why it crashed. Another texture did you hear a top officials including CFO from uranium one were on board that plane. Responding to my comment earlier about people boasting about their spouses and how they look I'm shocked by how many spouses and parents. Promote their loved ones physical attributes like they are pimps. One of the wanna draw attention to others to look or lust after your loved ones it's sick think you that's exactly how I feel. There really is. Also on the plane crash take the red pill plane went down to kill passengers 32. Another person. CEO of Russian company involved in uranium one Diaw on that plain truth is out there for anyone willing to search. We're going to go into the story in just bid first call from major role in Charlotte good morning. I you do it bit down on a really low this second where and what you look want to be good but in reflection of the outburst that we're. In reference to move the all of president comment. How would I would. The form what the record of the global crude comments. On your life in order it'd be able for a short out Kirch group that it says it's open about your wife. His daughter in particular it's gruesome it's a girl that there are too old job. That was kind of creep you know the would you look at the record cup it. What global. Try to be cool full body built pretty below we but you know. Who got broke and respectful call it. You could bit The Big Talker like we forward but by eight years. If I I can certainly agree with you in a firm that there's no question about that Gerald. ET get true truly it is quite a federal pool in shell hole. Media and how you gave me NN web value given our epic set this up it's what you you'll just see them mania. Art or his wife for the car that you. I think that that that that that that show how you give respective are too. Ends in its overall as far as we know in what has been demonstrated over there are no life for their marriage show. You know there should there's not any hint at least we're aware of I know there were stories floating out there. But in general. There are into these stories of scandal or anything like that certainly no escapades to. Like we saw was Bill Clinton which is certainly good thing Reggio. Big big exactly you know the total book. Well below the one the car ripped the ball well. Yeah we don't need to go into that again so work seeker of that incident makes love your column called their joke. And again for any trolls and just heading this off the past this is not an endorsement or embraced. Of the Obama presidency. Just an area of his character that just happens to be stronger than our current president. And we should be able to. Embraced that nuance. Without so drive ourselves crazy doesn't mean needing more than just means there's some nuance there. Now. I'm gonna share this information with you now because I agree with its core IE can independently affirmed or confirmed this. But I just wanna put this out there for your. Interest. For your exploration. And I will be watching this as well to see if there's anything. That's comes of Davis. But drove accorsi. Frankly fight interviewed several years ago. He has made the allegation. That's the Russian plane crash was a CIA hit job to cover up uranium one scandal. That's the strong allegation he's making. Yesterday. He won on the Alex Jones show. Russa frequent guest. He asserted the crash was really the result of a bomb planted by the CIA in two executives the Russian energy corporation rose to Tom in order to cover up. Uranium one scandal. That companies the center of the bogus uranium one. This is by the way I'm I'm giving and giving an account the only accounts of this particular story. That comes up and a search. Is on a website. By eight People for the American Way which is a radical left wing group. So the characterizations are bearish not mind. Chris it's obvious the center of the bogus uranium one rightwing conspiracy theory course she declared this plane crashes really a CIA hits. To kill company executives are to prevent them from testifying against Hillary Clinton. Despite the fact there's no evidence supporters claim that any executives from rose Tom grieve and on the plane in question. Here's what mr. qureshi said turns out on the plane crash there were several executives traverse town which is the Russian energy agency involved to the uranium one deal. Several executives actually on board one of the top ones a gentleman named I've enough who ended up being the CFO Bruce Tom. This is the agency has been involved in the uranium one deal. Suspicions are it may have been a US intelligence agency CIA hit to kill these rose Tom executives. To prevent them from testifying are being available to give testimony in the beginning inquiries. On the uranium one scandal. Which. This gentleman Jerome course she's predicting will be the end of Robert Muller's career. That's pretty strong allegation is that. Now jet I'm just putting this out there. For your review. You can explore this further I am sure there other sources you can look into. I'll be very intrigued and the other part of this I'd be very intrigued to see what happens when this investigation. I won't tell you the Russian. Aviation industry has had its problems for years now supposedly they've been on the rebound. For the past few years. But I eat if I can all afford it's. That's not the first place what I would be five flying a plane I'll tell you that much for sure. But let's find out what happens with the investigation. Was this a bomb. This turn out to be human error something else. If it is something nefarious. Well it certainly raises all kinds of questions doesn't. But it may be some time before we actually find out. What is developed you're coming up. We won't go into another favorite word associated with conspiracies. The illuminati. There's actually a public official former public official who uses that word it says. This particular organization is real. We'll share we have to say much more as we continue our Monday morning broadcast. After 11 o'clock on Vince Coakley reading program. So we think about the possibility something was kind of fishy. Would this Russian plane crash. Mr. curious I'll be you very intrigued to see where this investigation goes. Or front the text line some people replying to what we were discussing earlier about Barack Obama. We share here. Obama and his wife for Communist they deserve each other. Joseph loves Communists. Come on really people. Obama's character towards his wife. What came out. That's well this allegation Rebecca go into. Arm in other text saying one thing is effective you crust Hillary you may die. Yeah I've seen that list of all the people connected to the clintons. Who were dead. I mean it it really does have to intrigue you when you're into conspiracy theories or not. Does make you wonder I don't know anybody who has that many suspicious deaths around them just we hurt. Let's see. Also why the tech site Obama had no carry Q ever look at the looks his wife gave me the funeral they attended with the president we you can up with a cute blonde during the service just a thoughts. Is the former official believes the illuminati is at Ralph Nader by any chance. No not this time. Vince doing the history of death suicide of Clinton associates who wouldn't surprise me knowing there were people get testify against her on the plane. Here's how the leftists always changed names and definitions to meet their purposes People for the American Way progressives pro choice free thinkers. They are poison. In the antidote is right now action against stark just the level of action should be equal and opposite and overwhelming. As from John. I have confidence. And someone else. Mentioning here. The story that I just shared about Jerome accorsi. Another person suggesting here regards this crash can you say portable EMP. How important that sounds really scary. Let's go into this public official. Because I that this story was very very interesting. Did you think of these conspiracy theories is being relegated to guild the dark corners of certain areas of talk radio. But here's one. It's kind of a mainstream person. In Canada. Because famous Paul hell year. They former defense minister. Here's what he says the aluminum Audi is real and secretly running our world. That's what this former defense minister says. He's believed to be the highest ranking former politician come out as a believer of the popular conspiracy theory. As one of the world's biggest. Biggest conspiracy theories the illuminati is said to be a secret of global elite. Which runs governments from behind the scenes it's planning to introduce a new world order. This reported by UK express. His key members are said to be drawn from Hollywood and world political and business leaders. Some even accusing its true leaders are being reptilian lizards from space. Accusations very and extremities from the east simple improved implementation in W always a goal. To the illuminati being out highly satanic cult seeking to return the double to earth. I really need to return. Thirty here. Other than repeating claims by conspiracy theories which of the wounded number since the birth the Internet. No actual proof of the illuminati exist existing at all. However in a podcast mr. Howell year. Who served in his first in the 1960 say the aluminum Audi at least its most basic concept it was real and all powerful. He said corrupt hidden leaders continue to wage needless wars and focus on profits rather than stopping climate change are my goodness. Boy this is a very weird twist for somebody who believes in this. Climate change. Wish the time this is associated with so called right wing people. The truth of the matter is this guy's obviously not one of those easy. Believes in global warming. He believes a secret global elite is running the world. Mr. hell your claims the technology to reverse climate change has been developed. But is suppressed by human Johnny. As most of its key members have big stakes in the fossil fuel industry which they wish to continue for as low as possible. Hello Josh. Is this a weird twist I touch good friend this intriguing. Because this doesn't fit the usual narrative doesn't. He said you've got out. Secret cobalt this actually running the world they managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash end. These trillions of oil assets that they've got so let me get this straight then I'm just not being facetious here. It sounds like both theory developed by eight gross rating this believes that. The goal is for these elites. To use all of these oil resources. And make all the money they can. And then they'll switch to the other alternative fuels. Now I'm Amy and one leveled the theory kind of makes sense is if you got all these assets the last thing you wanna do is to. Essentially neglect those assets. And go to some other technology. Because what would happen you will devalue. The fossil fuels. Don't be a terrible thing wouldn't it. I mean this is the theory anyway. Mister collier Garcon is not going to change until hundreds of thousands people band together and say look. You have got to come clean tell us what's going on in change your priorities to save the world. For future generations instead of blowing and on wars. It was sounds like usual tripe does net. No blood for oil you heard that line being used over and over again. Mr. collier joins the ranks of world famous conspiracy theorist David Dick Dick nervous. Former footballer. Maybe she won grand stand present her who came out as a so called truth hurt in the 1990s. He describes illuminati is a good ball and hidden hand in lectures across the globe. So what do you think. Do you agree I am curious how many people in this audience actually believe in the Illumina honey do you think it's Rio. Or do you think this is out something that is fictional. Curious about that but how many people. Believe in this this last night homeland folks. Brought in the deep states. They actually first cover this in season five and more so in season six of 24. Binge watch him if you get the chance. Jefferson saying trump is thirty year. Am I right. At the events are you a reptilian from space. Please have your associates comment on air courage he has my answer this question. And I reptilian from space. Vince. Who don't know look like she's good I'm glad to hear this talk like this is going to get rose to call in. No wonder she's listening right now. Hey I'm just putting this out there a touch you'd find it in intriguing. American collusion the Russians do not need any help in silencing your killing people can disrupt the playbook on this. The Chinese just translated it and pump it up a notch. Okay. That's how this thing works. Very very curious frank in Charlotte good morning Sherry got about thirty seconds here hitting quick. Well that's you know I I. I don't agree with any you know what that guy Serb. This suspect himself pumped pretty dry there is little a lot of truck Coolidge the Charlotte area for. Over a decade and I just never could get any at any traction so we're basically just go far to sheet but yes it is very real. Okay so frank believes in this. I love this when Vince these conspiracy theories are even more ridiculous. Than your actual beliefs as a conservative. How that's nice. I away. What are those beliefs that you were attacked you I'm just curious. Because I have doubts as to whether you even know he. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. An update or one of the big issues going back to the campaign I told you two big issues that really helped to. Determine presidential election. Trade and immigration. So now we have a group of Republican senators who basically take what president Donald Trump has suggested. And they put together a formal proposal introduced in the senate. Because there will be a floor debates on immigration this week brace yourselves. This is going to be quite the spectacle. This proposal expect to be one of several amendments to the Senate's. The cynical consider this week. Spotted debate about immigration. Mitch McConnell was used to bill I'm related to immigration is the starting point for the debate which allows senators to offer proposals. They can compete for sixty votes to advance. That's got to be the threshold here. Sixty votes. Is necessary if you don't get sixty votes legislation is dead. Which means something by a party and her weaken a grand stated gender are afforded American people. This bill. Was put together by Republicans senators Chuck Grassley John Cornyn. James Lankford David Perdue Tom cotton Joni Ernst. And a familiar name from rank your North Carolina. Thom Tillis. At its base. A resolution for the deferred action for childhood rivals program. Which is protected John undocumented immigrants brought to the US is children from deportation. The White House. Their proposal is offering a pathway to citizenship for one point eight million eligible immigrants. More than 800000. Of whom register for doctor in the five years the program in exchange. The White House looking for upwards of 25 billion dollars for border security and wall. Also a number of changes to laws to make it easier to deported detain immigrants. A substantial cut to legal immigration based on family relationships and an end to the diversity visa lottery. The Grassley bill. It makes these bullet points a reality. Including the proposals that would toughen immigration enforcement and limiting family based visas only to spouses and children under eighteen. That's a vastly reduced number of eligible immigrants from the current system. As proposed by the White House the cuts the fairly system a diversity lottery would be used to allow in. The four to five million immigrants already waiting years in some cases decades. In the backlog for recess. Cuts to yearly visas would only occur after that backlog is cleared allowing congress to time to make the reforms. Here's what's. Kind of crazy about this. This bill is not expected to get sixty votes in support. Democrats have uniformly objected to cuts to family migration. And they have issues with the ending of the diversity lottery. Without another way to support immigrants from countless. Countries that are otherwise underrepresented in immigration to the US. So who knows where this gonna go that I mean right now does it it looks like an exercise in futility. But part of what happened here. With the recent budget deal. They made the promise to have a hearing to have a discussion to have floor debate while the Democrats are going to get it and that may be all week. And we fed a number if you calling in suggesting this is really not about doing immigration reform this is about having a campaign issue. Because this is what they'd love to do is get richer state over the weekend. I was checking out as I do occasionally checking out FaceBook page. Of someone I know. Fans. When I looked at that site I was like wow effect could pull this up now. Because this is sad what has become of our country as you know I am not a big Kool Aid drinking trump supporter. But at the same time. I reject hate. And just pure nastiness. When I saw this person's. FaceBook page I just thought how. Is just a bunch of post. Taking aim at the president. Just personal stuff. We see if I can find a couple of these guys are richest. We over the top. Term let's see here that screwed too. Anti trump when it's in much of it but the way. This person just happens to be Hispanic. I'd be very curious at some point I'm gonna ask what disguise story he has. There was two YE. He finds it necessary. To promote such. Vitriol. Because that's really what ideas. Yeah here's why and its profoundly inappropriate which. I would not dare repeat the here's what this is this is one of the ones I was thinking of as a matter of fact. Here's what it says. We hate trump. Like you hated President Obama. However we hate trump because he's a racist. You hated Obama because you are racist. I looked at this and I just thought this is just so. Flimsy. It's sad it really is but is it the way a lot of people think. So their minds work or don't work for that matter. I don't happen to believe Donald Trump is a racist. In Durham other things you can say about him and his lack of character. But I think it's a pretty. Big stretch paid big leap. Assays racist. Then again they are doing two things are saying the only reason you're opposed Obama has the measure racist. Kind of sad isn't it. But this is the world where a lot of these folks live. And one of their big issues is immigration. They believe we should just have. You know just. Unlimited access. To allow people from everywhere that wants to come into the country. Here's another one it's the kind of thing that. You know just becomes viral. Because of people's anger and their hatred. Then again I remind you this case Hispanic. I don't give a crap I am ending words by the way. How tall trump is and what his weight is or whether or not he paid off for porn star to cover up an affair. I care that he's giving our tax dollars to the super rich sabotaging our healthcare system. Jerking around the dreamers destroying the EPA. Ruining our public school system. And flirting with the war on his blinking Twitter at catch. Instead. Tersely this is the diet. Of so many people who. Just market in this stuff. This is what people want to believe. Once they buy into the narrative. And here's 10 my goodness totally inappropriate. Picture the president you remember his comments about certain countries. Well they have referred to. Him as that kind of president. You know that. Yes that word the S word. And they've turned his mouth. Into let's just say portion of the anatomy. On the other end. I mean this is really charming and these this is from the folks who are supposedly so accepting. And so open minded. There's just so gentle. I see a lot of hatred on this page and it's sad because. This person probably has no idea that's what it is. Pretty sad. 49. Vince Coakley radio programs got a call from Bob in Charlotte good morning. A basket morning very good show I just wanted to make Eric or child met. You know Betty Belle that your register better go it always strikes is really weird that. The people who are on the cutting edge of how our group but are usually the most empower. Yep. You look at it it's scary to rent is you know we just seem to be so polarize the dispatcher we just. We can't have honest discussion about eight say. Yes serious discussions about these things and everybody's so you know so don't get on their side of that fat netstat scary. It is and I think here's one of the things I've found and I know other people gonna get to have ticked off with me but to hey what else is new. And I've noticed stats on quote our side. This same level of intolerance and anger and vitriol. Has been adopted that I've seen on the left for years. It's like they are people who want to get even. You know they've been doing it to tell us for years it's our turn let's strike back. Yeah I agree with it that's just as dangerous. Yeah we've we've got to resist this there's no question about that Bob appreciate your call. You know being conservative for me it's not just about ideas and it's in values. It's about character as well. Timing I don't rub right type of character and temperament. Those all go together is part of the same package you can't dismiss those things. Some comments about the a woman Downey. That's before you dismiss the Illumina any theory do some research on the Rothschild. Darrent dynasty illuminati and the rockefellers. You'll see how they came to control the money and economies as well as their mission statements we just do the math it all adds up. You're assuming that I have not done or search. Just saying. Jumper as the woman on a deep state sweating. 9000 sealed indictments they want to kuril trump. Then keep in mind the Bible says Satan and 130 the angels were cast to earth. But the person sitting here I feared John birch and Charles fort were both right to. They're text saying I do believe. There are people trying to director global shadow government but I don't know if they're called aluminum body or if they are satanic or watched. Evidence George Soros. By the way. Who's planning to put out a whole lot more money to accomplish his purposes whatever those nefarious purposes are. Any idea how the Second Amendment procedure for states. To amend the constitution is proceeding more convinced book on this is great to. Another person saying let's roll seem persisting with certain seventeenth amendment. I think you didn't mean Second Amendment you meant article to. I believe assortment seventeenth amendment. And adding I hate people who ate. At a but a seventeenth amendment by the way. Was passed to allow. Us to vote directly for our senators. This is part of the progressive takedown of our. Constitutional system. Your government supposed to be founded on what to. Everything that was not enumerated in the constitution. Or rights and privileges that are reserved for prove the states and the people. They've already. Basically blown up the states. So there's no state representation. In the senate as there used to be now. They're both popularly. Elected. This is out the same mindset of getting rid of the Electoral College. Prince the people calling your racists are in fact there racists. Sony's Obama was black he could do no wrong no matter and he was a demon. Incarnate Muslim traitor president Barack Hussein Obama. Wow. Pretty strong stuff here. I'm amazed with people worried about the people who surround trouble temporary clearances when Obama would never passed a clearance check. And didn't rate clearance without the help of acorn almost half the American people. Already. Another text to say I love all of mankind. I don't think they can read the rest of this text it looked safe for the moment but then it took me very sharp turn. I saw Vince satirist read a few weeks ago he got the secret illuminate handshake from him you have been warned. He can kick it. It looked up up up up up. My goodness wait you funny jive in Charlotte good morning. Hey good morning charity event all right sir. Yeah you know. Pursuit here earlier conversation I really think that the change in our society has gone from our society. Where it and evaluation. Of fairness. Let the boy of the most important we're now with our all aspects. The big individual Porsche nor the person who's making the people for example I outlook. Talk and it might need to is a centenarian. In cheap words she's very liberal but very hurt very urged our gal. And made out of bed sheet was more for socialized bats and because for watching it to pay to see it doctorate she got sick she thought I was crazy. Or per student said what do we did the same thing we've been bet nearing matter. Limiting. Him. No puppy dog should ever go about it shot in putrid may collapse work harder she'd like well yeah. Yet a debt completely different. It's just how. In the back exit you know the academic support and I expected more are. From the fact that you know any more I made exporting. Term. Come up before. But I'll say to get discourage kinda humorous I think a lot of people will like. You know baseball. Mean how much wrong with baseball beatle watch. If you figured out there at New York in some of the bigger well markets could pay their players more therefore to make things quote. Fair we gates. Teams like Kansas City. 47 strikes in fifteen out red. It's like New York only got three strikes into. How much do you enjoy the American past time yet you make your grade point their giant at and boy this thing about selfishness right on the money. You know I wanna have you know. I wouldn't partake of somebody else's services as long as I don't have to provide mine for free. Where there's a great plan for the day this is still Vince Coakley radio program.