Trump and Putin Meet for Summit in Helsinki, Calls for Impeaching Rosenstein

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, July 16th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street blues 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't blog find the real. Good Monday morning. Welcome back good to be back with you. Hope to get a great weekends. Fans are all set to jump into a brand new week. Lots of things going on including. This meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Instead of interest in yet leaves this morning I saw someone had posted something about. This meeting and made some reference to do to Vladimir prudent. Current term is a former KGB agent. And IE share the correction that I received on this years ago. There is no such thing as a former KGB agent. Just keep that in mind. Any case. President Vladimir Putin are meeting I understand they are going to have a news conference. And if that does occur during the course this broadcast is supposed to be a few minutes from now but after learning what we did on Friday with this news conference that was supposed to take place 1135. I'm not counting on it. Will tell you about that little bit later on by the way. That did take place on Friday but. Nonetheless as for today. We will I'd try to take this life. To see what statements are made and learn what has taken place. I want to turn your attention to something. That is not really getting a lot of attention at all and it's. I think most of us agree. That it should receive attention. Because unfortunately were at a place where. The news cycle. Just runs after shiny objects. Shiny objects means if something has been in the news for I don't know. Seventeen years. People don't care anymore. And you scouted dusted off well that's old news. I'm referring to Afghanistan. You know we're still there. Fact I eat. Impromptu edge tracked I will do business over the course the next few minutes send a message out to a couple of friends of mine in congress nest. What are we doing in Afghanistan. And why. Reason I bring this up. As we have yet another Carolina deaths. Another brave American. Giving his life. In Afghanistan. This time is sergeant first class Christopher Andrew Russo leaves. From Somerville. Killed by enemy gunfire. Serving in Afghanistan. Sergeant first class Christopher Andrew so leaves. 32 years old. He died of the wounds while supporting operation freedoms sentinel a release from the Department of Defense. Communicated this. Very said message. So les was decide the first battalion 75 ranger regiment. Hunter army airfield in Georgia. Came under small arms fire while conducting operations in support of a medical evacuation landing zone. In the German district. He was treated immediately medically evacuated the nearest medical treatment facility where he died of his wounds. The incident still under investigation. So les is a native of Summerville South Carolina. Enlisted in the army September. 2007. Completed basic combat training advanced individual training as a combat engineer at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Deployed from 2008 to 2009 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 2011 and twelve in support of operation enduring freedom. On this fifth deployment. When he was killed a fifth. So lease will be posthumously. Awarded the meritorious service medal. Bronze star medal and the purple march. Another life. Lost. In Afghanistan. And I think it's a fair question to ask why. What is our mission what is our purpose in Afghanistan. I believe we've had a number of discussions about that on this program. I immediately think of my good friend parish and Thomas Massie whose been raising questions about this for some time and make it go back to the hearings. Where he was asking questions about our financial investment and I would use that word investment in quotes. In part of the efforts. To try to bring feed drug. Industry. Under control. As an illegal drugs. Because it seems to be. Continuing unabated. Nicholas Thomas messed you raise the question you know for concerned about. The illegal drugs that are being grown there. Marriage issues roundup. You remember that. And the person made the comment well that might be too effective. We seriously. Honestly this is this is what we're dealing with. And they got also told you on this program. Good several years ago I came across an interest in huge booklet to. This booklet. It was from the Geological. Survey. It was hundreds of pages long I mean we're talking when I say booklet. I'm talking about a thick booklet. Talking about minerals and Afghanistan. Which raises all kinds of questions for me because I suspect. Are continuing presence there. How is very little if anything to do with national security. And probably something else I think it's conversation we need to have do you agree. We need to talk about what we're doing there. Rather than just marking time. Now in our seventeenth year there seventeenth. Something to think about for sure. And thirteen minutes after 10 o'clock. On Friday as I mentioned we were waiting for a news conference. That did finally occur after the program ended. The news. That special counsel Robert Mueller and indicted twelve Russian intelligence officers accusing them of interfering with Tony sixteen US presidential election. They're charged with hacking the computer networks are members of Hillary's campaign. The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They allegedly coordinated to release damaging information to sway the election. Under the names DC leaks and Christopher 2.0. However. The deputy attorney general rob rose and Stein told reporters. It's unclear if their efforts changed the outcome of the election. In total the indictment charges eleven spies with conspiracy to commit computer crimes. Eight counts of aggravated identity theft. And conspiracy to launder money. Two of the defendants charged with separate conspiracy to commit computer crimes. Hence the scams and an interesting time as the president. Is meeting with Vladimir prudent. By the way. Prudent continues to deny that his country is interfered in the election and anyway. So. That was the big news that is develops here. Coming up. We will talk more about the probe. And so we'll talk abouts. In an effort to take down mr. Rosen Stein. And in fact. There's an effort to take him down and there's someone who's come to his defense already a Republican we'll talk about coming out. This is this Coakley radio program that. And I'm 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the text line defense. I watched Trump's interview from Scotland where he describes Germany's natural gas pipeline deal with Russia as bad an unfair. Trump did not offer any explanation as to why who trumpet offer any natural gas alternative to Germany. Did he offer to deliver American natural gas at competitive prices. To Germany of course meant. Ultra pads is toxic criticism without solutions. By the way did look up this update on this particular story. The president claiming 70% of its energy. Germany's energy would be coming from germs from Russia. Truth of the matter is. Natural gas is a significant fuel source in Germany only accounts for about 20%. Germany's energy supply and consumption. The only thing that it's mysterious to me about this is why why are we even talking about this wry. Why are we meddling in the affairs of other people other countries so none of our business. They want to make a deal. With Russia let them do it. Better business. We have plenty of business what do I talked about the beginning of this program. Afghanistan. When we have a conversation about that. What we have more of a conversation about what's happening at our border. And what to do about it. That is also floating out there in this election year. Just a thought. Pins when trump meets with prudent may be prudent to give troops importer trump some pointers on how to conduct a war in Afghanistan. You know since the Russians did so well there. A couple of yes they. Went so. Taking off after quite some time. Their tail between their legs. Not a pretty picture. What else do we have here. Since I was deployed to Afghanistan 2011 and twelve I spoke with several other soldiers contractors training Afghan soldiers. With the exception of special ops troops training Afghan commandos. They also the Afghan troops weren't competent enough to stand in their own. And would run at the site of the Taliban. Point it's depressing news and it's. Also on the text line Vince wouldn't be funny for once indicted decided to defend themselves. The trainer for after you get the DNC and Clinton servers. Do you see the evidence discovery rule the courtship that would be very interesting yet that would be great wouldn't it put all of that out there in public. I'm sure they would be absolutely thrilled. By the way I told you about this indictment this new indictment. Against new people. In the Russian investigation. Over the weekend. Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN. And I don't think he's praising this but he made any announcement or something I think it's pretty obvious. Graham Paul said it's mistake to try to extract accountability from Russia for its interference in the Tony sixteen. Presidential election. Same countries with the means to meddle in foreign elections including the US have at least tried to do it in the past. Yes before honest. Won't acknowledge this. They're another country they're going to spy on us they do spy on us they're going to interfere in our elections we also do the same we all do it's. What we need to do is make sure our electoral process is protected. And because this has gotten partisan. It's all about partisan politics we've forgotten that the most important thing is the integrity. Of our election. And that is true. We need to focus on this and take it seriously. Can recognize. We're not it's purest the wind driven still on this issue at all. Ran pogo is on to say I'm not saying they're equivalent or morally equivalent. But I am saying this is the way to Russians responds. Said he doubted the Russians would admit it the same way the US isn't going to admit its influence in campaigns in other countries elections. I mean we do this all the time. One of the things I would love for us to give back to his country. It's a mindset where we just mind our own business and and I tell you we have our hands full just doing that. You don't have talent you know do you find this an year old life your I was just talking with someone about this last night. Sometimes people can be such experts about other people's lives. Chance we can be so preoccupied with what some individual needs to about their you know. How about putting that time and energy into your old. I think that's pretty important. On the subject of the investigations we showed a spectacle last week. With Peter struck. Fans. I told you it was pretty much a circus. It was going to be a circus and that's exactly what it turned into. Going up a few rungs on the letter of authority. We have one rod Rosen Stein who's the deputy attorney general. We know. Talk out there. About the possibility of impeaching. Mr. rod rouge in Stein. As reported by the UK independent. Republicans that house reportedly preparing an effort to impeach him. The man overseeing the special counsel's probe. Into Russian meddling. Members of the conservative house freedom carcass or drafted impeachment filing for mr. Rosen standard playing to introduce it as early as today. According to Politico. Republicans have long accused mr. rose instead of stalling their attempts to investigate the FBI's probes. A president Donald Trump's campaign team and election rival Hillary Clinton's private email server. Democrats. Not surprisingly claim the Republicans are just using this threat of impeachment. To undermine mr. Mueller should probe. Which mr. trump this repeatedly criticized as he politically motivated witch hunt. Mr. rose instead took over supervision the probe. Which also concerns possible obstruction of justice by mr. trump after attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself last march. Now interestingly enough. In response to this talk about possible impeachment. We have none other than the Arab states congressman trade gallery. Who made an appearance on board the nation this weekend. Discussing this issue of impeachment. Here is how that conversation went down. At least we hope. Standby. Through these tactical difficult. It hurt to impeach deputy attorney general Robertson sign that house Republicans are talking about putting forward this week. Know. For what MPG four. Not. An appropriate. I had my difference of the rob Rhodes assign a home I it. Talk to him and quite often privately which again is a lot more constructively in the public hearings we have. On these are top appointee so it's Jeff Sessions so is Chris Wright if president trump is to satisfy all broad rose died he can arguable the tweet. Tomorrow but but but two would pick someone. Com I. But we should note I would not be I'm not convinced terrorism though not not read about it in Politico wood and then sometimes there were as a battered bond but. But but I'm Laporte and it's. There you go trig out. What can I remind you again. When I said last week about these hearings what I said weeks ago about these hearings. You remember the Peter struck thing. I told you there be a whole lot of instincts. A circus atmosphere and people are gonna get their emotions all revved up. But at the end of the day we know what's gonna lead to one big freaking grew sick. That goes for Peter struck that also goes for rod rose in style. If I stayed corrected let's see in the future. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You know I I. Well I'm going to exercise some restraint here at least for a little bit. All right that's actually if we start here. Since Germany or Russia seemed to be such good allies. We can pull out NATO's since that existed for in Germany and Europe against Russia apparently Germany's now go with Russia. Let's save our money for more important things. When we could. Vince didn't Britons and 800 troops to Afghanistan last week to assist US troops gee whiz we're kind of thinks does he give Teresa may. Yet criticizes her praises bores her adversary. And this Dexter can't change the channel fast enough wind 10 AM hits your ignorance is depressing. I decided to reply to this troll and say please call in and inform me where I am ignorant the line is wide open. We'll see if I get a call here. From someone who is desirous to educate me. I'm I'm glad to be educated I education for me is 24/7 365. Bring Iran. Don't think I'm not into its propaganda. So. Any case. Another texture here on the Middle East. Every time we joined the Middle East it's because of money drugs oil or minerals. Pretty sad. Vince you're super Whitey today. Also trump said he'd seen reports it to be up to 70% of energy from Russia please stop. Us from page. I replied to page as well said showed us see if Donald Trump. That makes it so. Come on people. Which reminds me this is the perfect time to share something with you. And this is gonna make some people mad I don't care Kyle. But the sun social media over the weekend in the 1980s conservatives listen to Buckley. Friedman and soul. Today many self described conservatives listen to Alex Jones. Or Dimon and silk. No wonder were in this mess. He makes a great point Disney. I'm concerned that the intellectual underpinnings. But what so many people believe have just been shot to hell. Whatever our favorite cult person says. That's true now. And everything else is fake news. Anyway. Just thought I would throw that out there. Two alliance. We're talking about interfering in elections the acknowledgment for Rand Paul that's exactly what happens we've been involved in interfering in other countries. This Dexter says Obama the Muslim tried to oust Netanyahu. Where that was funny wasn't where that really worked well for them to admit. Boy. Let this go out to a call from Gerald Intel prince. Who holdings would like to talk about the NFL what what's going on with the NFL. Very good moderates or if here let her get put away for NL label to stay up all through the play Dingell to their community. I can't afford it matter can do what they get a break I think there's no direct air stadium too who have. Which is spewed into the bathroom considerably older thirty Naples. Walk. Colorado City Hall intellectual but thinking they can get a whole lot better if it called it again. Luke and I for it. Got the puck up up up. And thanks so tough for your old Europe he's always get these pithy comments just correct me yep absolutely. Entertaining every time around let's go out to right and good morning Ryan. And it and I just want to make sure that. I heard you say you know correctly because that comment you know rest a lot on the position you just took about. Yeah maybe not necessarily admonishing. The body politic of you know American church believing Alex Jones didn't diamond so locked up by. Correct me if I'm confident that she'll just arch your former governor Mitch Kupchak bet. It's all he. But it doesn't matter what does it he says what she Sanchez the what are. Because the people who really called shock to the one bit drastic. Country's remote areas that they debated. Lot of truth in that. What a lot of truth and that's. We and it ends and a warm I think I'm out of the ecology discuss that because. You know that support is pretty significant that. Why is it that talk show host of former governor doesn't change it Jake calls from let. Really frustrating few matches that. I don't know wall. I would suggest you would send a message in to raise that very question Ryan you're you're certainly free to do that. But about this question though as it sounds like you're kind of equally disgusted by all of the the smoke in mirrors in the entertainment that seems to have overtaken the political realm. Right there's very few people that are jetlag but all branded Iran. Your friend just sitting bash these are guys that are real object where people look at people took consulate. Think cheer that they're bring our troops come through most of the day they say. They're bad but I don't think you know here's here's my question for Ryan since you're you're kind of tried to Indian so to speak. How do you get people interstate in. Something that's a more deeply intellectual and thoughtful. Rather than simply inflammatory. And flame throwing how do you get people interest in that. Honestly. I try not to because they get. Very upset. When I can't let what's really going on what I try to do so well or. I'm trying to exploit chase balls you know most people are more concerned with sports you can actually track and beyond. You give you attract the attention of basketball you know while we political apathy as those got more popular. You've got more apathetic towards authors. It's say. What they call it. I think there's something even worse there's something even worse here I Deke though whole political realm. Has turned into entertainment. Well we attitude they won't show that politics is social and fervor people. Yes. I'd love that went up and zips when we hilarious I appreciate your call their right it affected you are. I'm very much paying attention these things and thinking deeply on them billions Oakley there will be more. And and this ties in really well. With the poll it's been conducted. This isn't it service poll. And it has do with immigration and people's perspectives on immigration this is not going to be surprising at all. By now you know that people. RI and different sides. As it relates to even news we can't even agree on what new cius that's where we are. When it comes to immigration policy americans' opinions often break down along party lines. Most Republicans supporting president trump Democrats vigorously approached. But according to a new if so sprawl there's even better predictor of how you feel about immigration. Where you get your TV. News. This poll more than 1000 people asked about Trump's immigration policies and proposals about which immigrants should get priority in the US system. Conducted in English and Spanish. Last month. Most respondents got their news from TV we're gonna talk about how this breaks down. But you probably not going to be surprised at all. The next question becomes how we move on from this. We're it's the place where facts and truth mean anything anymore and this is no longer subjective. By the way. The texture I called out and said to call and educate me. Is still dodging. So. And doesn't surprise me at all 44 minutes after ten. This is so is Coakley radio program. 48 minutes after 10 o'clock time for the contrasted with a together your spring your opponents as the new accident right here aren't announced Myers park area of queens red western around south kings trying to watch an accident there. Also working clearing a problem spot right at central in Oakland ten earlier promised us trade street Renner on third. And also promised butter brier creek and independents that looks like there's a lane blocked through their so possibly is disabled vehicle maintenance and construction of that spot. Looking at a mostly cloudy day with scattered thunderstorms today in a high near ninety cloudy tonight with storm total of 73 and for Tuesday mostly cloudy skies. The scattered showers and a high of 91 and 81 and punish the lady in Charlotte. Next update at 11 o'clock pretty hammered WBT traffic. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock news out of Vince Coakley radio program. We are apparently just minutes away from eight news briefing. President trump and Vladimir Putin are going to actually take questions momentarily. In fact the major TV networks are actually breaking into their programming right now to carry this. Very interesting stuff so we're gonna stand by. And if it starts before we go to our break. We will certainly bring that to you certainly not on the same scale one to make that very clear. But boy this is a huge story. In the pizza world. John Schneider familiar with him the founder of Papa Johns has been kicked out of his own office. Kicked out of his own office. Special committee of the board of directors met on Sunday to discuss. Mr. should matter. The board decided to kick him out of his office. At Papa John's headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. They also announced natter will cease all media appearances and not making any further statements the media regarding the company its business or employees. The company already announced on Friday would remove shatters image from its marketing materials. Too many world overseeing auditors investigation and Papa John's culture including the company's existing processes. Policies and systems related diversity and inclusion. Michelle herself still on the board. Still owns 30% the company shares. He resigned as chairman last week. After it was revealed used in word on a conference call within its ad agency laundry service. On Saturday mr. Schneider told CNN affiliate WOK why removal the ad agency extorted him. Are ready. So and then we can talk about this I'd love to get your thoughts about coach how old. Things like this have transpired in recent years. The passing comments. Pretty much becomes a death sentence for somebody's career. There was a black man I don't relished this at all. Does this mean automatically that. John shatters a racist. I don't know that that can even be said here but it doesn't matter because all that matters is image. Ends. Once that becomes the issue. This takes on a life of its own. I'm with him still only 30% I guess distill means. He will be part of the upper crust. That is so bad. I am convinced you can do better than that. Let's go out huge jacket easily good morning. The morning spent the morning. This sort that killed without a kind of spur in my mind you're com. I think we can find probable birdie answer for the problem and Afghanistan. And the drug problem lies right here in South Carolina. I would like throw the gauntlet down sequentially university or any of these big universe and you have agricultural. Horticultural program. Don't find a way to genetically engineer. On this that we can do that or anything without unfortunately. Genetically engineer kudzu. And firing and has survived in that god forsaken lunar landscape but they call home and sort typically like five dollar aware that they are that there's when he introduced it into the oil open their problem wouldn't that. Wow and you're talking about an organic solution to this. Say like this isn't court saying lies that won't cost a lot of money that the morn paid a lot of money and aren't big server search has been developed by. You know what happens once firing from a cut going to do is the most oil we will never be where I don't know why couldn't hear what they dealt. I can just see them going to offer a long winter nap waking up next. Next spring and our field look like baseball diamond been you know and that nothing but green we. While ended now if you're like me you would cynically say. The United States doesn't wanna do this. Yet but I'm being I'd I'd say the pair tongue in cheek and down it would be a good idea. I mean I understand it wouldn't do it but all the power in Afghanistan comes from there. Consummate drug lord what we know once. Want to get at a Kabul I mean the president of Afghanistan are prime minister whatever the call on a volume of the mayor probable. What did that a Kabul there relevance of Yarborough and exactly exactly what they weren't there with them so we could bring the drug the drug industry towards me no pun intended and you know. There was a problem with that I cut to a fire is going to let us into the great I've been. Brilliant idea Jack. I love this diocese should hope this is part of what I'm talking about. They're talking about genuine solutions not so you know just stirring people up getting people excited. You know ways it's a lot more interest in to talk about you know the beginning of this. When we talk drug going inning getting the terrorist this sounded really sexy didn't its. All the sudden seventeen years later. It's like what the heck are we doing where. And what are we doing where what is the purpose for our continued involvement. Aunts what is the exit plan is there such a thing. I would daresay this is something that we need to spend some time on. There are people who have called for this so far this has not happened. I'm the tech slide responding some of the things we've been talking about including the Papa John's story one slip all the good done is forgotten pub jaundiced so much to support. Heroes. And make a wish. Yeah it is pretty unfortunate. Prince Minnie who love using the word ignorant believe it means a similar stupid or low intelligence the word doesn't mean that at all. Simply means someone doesn't possess particular knowledge and given area has nothing to do with intelligence. That is very very true. Do we know the context in which he used the N word yes we do I it's I understand it and I remember reading quote last week. It was a role playing situation. He wasn't even saying you know it's not like you say we're that stupid in knowing you his role play. And there were people who were immediately. Triggered by this. Spans. The rest is history. That's the way this thing works. Protection saying hey Barbara Johns just needs better pizzas and that might help their sales. Will there's also that. Trump and Bruton coming up we'll take it if it happens. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty their asses of Vince Coakley radio program. Wow and we are watching quite a spectacle right now. I told you about this news conference. That is supposed to take place at this. Our Vladimir Putin and president trump we just had a heckler. In the middle of the news media at this news conference and this I should tell you the news coverage has not started yet. This guy I saw him holding a sign I don't know if you is saying something in particular. I assumed that he was probably doing so protesting any still running off the mouth. Agents are escorting him out of the room right now. And it really kind of makes you wonder. Now it's being reported this is a reporter. Getting forcibly removed. From the briefing. You also have to wonder does this raise security questions about this particular event. Who are they going to. Had this event as schedule is is gonna change the schedule of this. Will they do this. This is bizarre. I don't do you do you Charles Serb Jon and remember anything like this happening ever and AE and this type of events. I mean I know the scrutiny that you go under. Anytime you have an event like this where there's a news conference for the president is involved they are very very thorough. Very thorough. So in will be very interesting to see how this affects the timeline of this briefing. That is expected to happen any minute we're gonna try to go into this news conference a little bit later on first. I want to draw your attention to it excellent excellent post. By. I am someone I eat peas in a position to know. About the hearings that took the last let took place last week with Peter struck. Republicans walked right into Peter struck trap here's what they missed. In America's need to know. A person who has written this. As I said is someone in a position to know the former assistant director the FBI. Referring to Chris striker back with us welcome back to the broadcast good to talk to you share. General wa it has been awhile I want a job writing and and get your perspective. As a person who's given your lights in the life to the FBI. What is going your mind when you have seen this guy Peter struck in his antics over the last few years. Wolf first and foremost. I am and a whole host of former agents and current agents and employees of the FBI are disgusted. He's contemplated. To excuse himself to the FBI and say that any attack against them than cracked and the FBI. We'll be FBI didn't send those tax that 36000. Men and women of the FBI didn't send those tax. They didn't do the things that he did and they didn't stand up there were that arrogant smug attitude and then deny everything. So I wanna get their message out first and foremost because there are so many good men and women the FBI they're doing their jobs every day. And they're not Peter struck not the ending the caper urgent. One of the things said there was intriguing about this and and I warned about this new advanced that so many times he's hearing said very simply a circus ends. They give the opportunity for people to events and a politically posture but they very rarely accomplish anything of substance I love this line you put in your. Which your Britain you're Redmond getting a platform to speak to the nation and a daylong TV performance. Struck should be summarily dismissed from the FBI. Thoroughly investigated and prosecuted if the evidence shows he has broken the law. That's really what we're watching wasn't that this was a an appearance this was entertainment. There's a bar room brawl and mr. Langer didn't hear what was wrong with this hearing from the beginning. And and someone like Trey got it should remember so and I think he did note but he still wanted occurred on. And that is that the FBI at attorney what's been behind cute structure look. And they weren't they were telling him what he couldn't couldn't testify. To add to substantive matters and so that that would limited that that guarantee that we were gonna get any real sensitive information what Bergen again. Was ten hours of denials and in every form of fashioned self serving denial. All along so it gave him a platform a national platform. Tended to do that. Well one thing that could come up that there are that that. I think everybody has not spoken to picked up on was the arrogance and the smug and send them our system of Peter Strauss. When there was one other little gem came out of that and now word that. Do that through the Justice Department broad sword Nellie or. God did not he came through them to your guy that important. Ethical and learn more about that later. But that it was important to know how that original. Russian dossier first came to the FBI and I think we learned that one thing out of here. And that's important information and yet the same time. You're of them believe that it's there's really not much production here. That came out of this that ultimately what needs to be done is something that needs to take place. Just through the and operation of the FBI in firing this guy. Right I mean I'm not a conspiracy here are actually spent a couple of years yeah yeah general counsel's office sent an agent attorney. Who went to the streets. And I know works is they can crunch all the testimony of someone who saw the role in the FBI much closer than they can't someone who's. Retired or resigned from the FBI that's not so they can't control other testimony that you at least a page or someone like that. Some of the they have much more control over some of the bill on the lol I think now he specified. That smile that you be summarily dismissed like it should be. So bare minimum for conduct unbecoming and through misuse of that BI good equipment and this sordid situation he has at the other FBI attorneys and an opinion or putting your thumb on the scale of the investigation. Now let's talk Eds abruptly broader subject of the investigation self what do you expect to happen from here and that is this going to play significant role at all. Well there's you know there's really two broad investigation she didn't we all know outright its email investigation. Involving Hillary Clinton have that went nowhere what they're really truly investigated the way that the FBI should investigate cases. And along with that learning and that Graham what its foundation and that mission that you never really got off the ground thanks to the attorney general. And then we have the trump actually Russia and I didn't hear the condition which is really of espionage investigation. There was more what I believe it's gonna happen with the special counsel investigation which is being conducted aggressively and and then that pretty much out of some people may disagree with me pretty much in normal fashion in terms of using all the techniques available to the FBI whenever. Properly open investigate him. I think we're look for more indictments beyond the war to me that. I they didn't say that because I'm a supporter of the president. But I also know that the special how close look toward something bigger I mean my plan. Pop a golf course there's what three or or the people who have quote let. So I don't expect it and that question indictment I suspect there although there will be some US citizens. Indicted for assisting the Russians. This is your question that the group. Now we only about thirty seconds left I'm kind of curious year half Europe do you think this goes and does this affect anybody within the trump administration. While I don't think it reaches the president because on him indict a sitting president I don't Robert Mueller knows that. This team knows that I think they would sort of report on the the Albert and sent a reporter congress and let them do whatever it is they'll do just pretty much nothing. I think there's there're there are possibilities that someone like commissioner will charm you and your crew get indicted. If they fill up fast track the Russians that are pushing sat there in helping them. For example if you if you were that. I can you hold on to the break Chris. Because we'd like to have to tell us a little bit further we're talking with former FBI agent Chris where. This is this Coakley. Tony minutes after 11 o'clock and took the radio program we start with Chris worker. It's been 24 years with the FBI by the way this particular article. That was posted on the fax website yesterday I understand has. Received quite a response one point seven million hits in the first few hours. Lots of interest in this subject I didn't want to just jump away at the last minutes since we were running out of time I wanted to spend a little time on this. Are you were saying Chris worker you believe there could be indictments that touched. Actual people within the trump campaign. Related to this matter of election interference. Well maybe your maybe not I wanted to clarify what I what I was get ready to say there and it's not it's not that I want to see this and that any further indictments let you wanna see the Russians exposed these were twelve GRU agent so we're guided. And then we know that the Russians I've been trying to undermine us great long long time under prudent. They would give anything to bring us down so people need to understand that he's the base I think what my friends. Often ask me is well you know that somebody in the trap campaign really helped them out. Inadequate and that which sounded mad fantasy. The only Americans say is that the Russians are very clever. And they know how to compromised people and they they work very hard at it. And if they were able to get to somewhat. And chopped campaign. And offer them dirt. In exchange for even discussions about release fonts sanctions because sanctions are hurting go carts. They're hurting Putin they're hurting there and and it and it frustrates their efforts. Because Albania is in addition to wanted to bring you bring us down there Ottawa also want to make themselves rich and staying power. So they would like to see these sanctions. Listed or or relaxed. So what I'm saying nears its any US citizen worse say OK I'll I'll accept some dirt on Hillary Clinton or anything of value. In exchange for even discussions about release on sanctions. That would that would be very close espionage or -- coast assessing the Russians and espionage against the United States. By the way we're watching. A live news conference between the president and Vladimir prudent right now and he once again has denied interfering in US elections. I got a tape Chris worker this blows my mind that he can continue these denials. And it's you know whether this is connected or not connect to the trump campaign you have to you big knowledge what they have done. And it seems to me like even on the top level of this administration there seems seems to be a sense of denial. And a lot of followers and I and that's another thing that concerns me. Seem to to read only one to dismiss. What the Russians have done. Because they think acknowledging that immediately. Somehow implicates the president isn't that what we're talking about what complicates this. That's right on the nose. That it that's a very good analysis. Then they've. They're very much like to undermine this country and they are the courts are gonna deny it but they know we know that that's the way to game is played. They know we know and they that you're writing kinda lightly and that's what they have a special gift for that. Couldn't come out the intelligence community he was KGB Benny was FSA. Many in use stationed in Saint Petersburg. Right in the middle of the one the largest organized crime families in Russia but I am not attempt off organization. And he isn't bad without them their whole their whole game mr. enriched themselves. And undermined the United States and that Russia back to where they were before the wall came down so we need to understand that very course a lot. He can eat but he knows we now. This is pretty disturbing stuff to watch here and CEO here's one of my my questions in I don't know what should you or I can do about this Chris because. There's such polarization and politicization of this entire issue how we get to a place where were interested in facts on this. Notched trying to score points for reap political side I don't care what political side that is but just giving to the truth and letting the chips fall where they may. I'm worth young man censorship so much political posturing going on both sides and I wanna I wanna see facts. I want to transparency on the part the FBI I'm on how the investigation got started because I think that is important. We need to know whether whether junk information what you get this whole thing started. And that would have been an active on the part of the Russians and doing that. Again I'm trying to undermine what we're doing guys I'm I'm disappointed in our lawmakers accept them up there to do their job. Not just united Cilic what they showed us the other day and that's just political partisanship. At it's worst. Policy facts I want to see them doing their job and uncovering their facts or is. And right now we're not doing it are you optimistic it will get teachers. I know our outlooks they want then I'm critical of the threats. The compressor staying on top of the list no matter what news you watch. Yeah I think eventually an aggressive media are well wolf what pushed so hard. There was fear not facts that we can make up our minds it's gonna take a little while I think that the IG investigation is gonna show us more. I think he he. The ongoing that people will disagree with me on this but I think the ongoing Mahler investigation. We're short spring because I don't think it's gonna end that anybody without slam dunk facts. We the jury of twelve would all agree on. Not you're not gonna go to you know take a shot in the end zone here it's going to be hard core facts that he puts sports so. Ultimately event I think we'll find out what happened here it may take a little while and I know we're all impatient about it that's gonna take some time. Our rights Chris Rucker who served 24. Years for the FBI. Former assistant FBI director thinks look come on the broadcast good to talk Q again and we absolutely appreciate your perspective serve. The dark it and take care fewest well 46 minutes after 11 o'clock and we told there's news conference going on interestingly enough. President Donald Trump ends. He Russian president Vladimir Putin let's listen in as the present in this I don't right now. Emphasize the importance of placing pressure on Iran. To halt its nuclear ambitions and do stuff its campaign of violence. Throughout the area throughout the Middle East. As we discussed at length. The crisis in Syria. Isn't complex one. Cooperation between our two countries has the potential to save. Hundreds of thousands of lives. I also made clear that the United States will not allow Iran to benefit from our successful campaign against crisis. We have just about eradicated. Iasis. In the area we also agreed that representatives from our national Security Council's. Bromide to follow up. On all of the issues we address today and to continue the progress we have started right here in Helsinki. Today's meeting is only the beginning of a longer process but we have taken the first steps toward a brighter future. And when were they. Strong dialogue. How a lot of thought. Our expectations are grounded in realism but our hopes are grounded in americans'. Desire for friendship. Cooperation. And peace and I think I can speak on behalf of Russia when I say that also. President potent. I want to thank you again for joining me for these important discussions and toward advancing open dialogue between. Russia and the United States. Our meeting carries on a long tradition of diplomacy between. Russia the United States for the greater good of ball. And this was a very. Constructive day this was a very constructive few hours that we spent together. It's in the interest of both of our countries. To continue our conversation and we have agreed to do soon. I'm sure will be meeting again in the future. Often and hopefully we will solve every one of the problems that we discussed today so again President Putin thank you very. Great timing as the initial remarks wrapup from prison Donald Trump meeting in Helsinki which. President Vladimir Putin looked at your thoughts on his comments in our discussion about the investigation. Stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Tony four minutes before the noon hour here at Vince Coakley radio program we are shared a little bit of the news Jeffords is still going on between president trump. And president Vladimir prudent. One of the things that was communicated earlier. No reason for this relationship to be complicated to. I did say that's the president of Russia has denied meddling and yet it's present Donald Trump. Since they spent said they spent a good bit of time discussing. The election medley an issue. Which is kind of intriguing. A great deal of time the exact words here. Also discuss Syria and Iran. And described. Vladimir Putin just few minutes ago as a good competitor. Really. Justice to meet every week. I mean I'm just curious here. Under the tax line there's a lot of winners year. While for Obama. And even Steve strong he'd be in jail. You say there's no privilege. He couldn't be more in your face really. I think prudent is prudent. Is written into us. But. That's pretty interest in characterization. Another person like to know if the trump prudent media protestor is Jim Acosta. Not quite by the way somebody reminded me of the shoe incident. That occurred. I think that was an Iraq. Win President Bush was there someone threw a sheer. That would be the probably the equivalent of anything in history that's ever happened. Compared to what happened would this person who had an outburst. Right before this news conference started. Also in the text line Vince I don't just fall in line I believe the Russians interfere with our elections my problem. The investigation is the vast majority of the media using investigation. To try an albatross around president. There's no evidence attached to suggest this kind of extrapolation. Let's investigate without making a political but the apps is going on that's the problem. Undermine the US. Look in your eyes lighting your face how's this different from the press. FBI DOJ and every other good for nothing politician. Does that include the president. I'm just asking. What is it we know we know the Russians medal we also only know the facts. As a biased FBI DOJ and promise no angels either side. I don't know about you but I never seen any actual proof the Russians did anything. Also it's a shame. I can't listen to the station I hate to hear Vince bash our president because he is right. Can repeat that again. Tonight actually said this. I hope this is a joke by the way I hate tear Vince bash our president because he is white. And my goodness. Darn Vince too bad still no way. To tie trumped the Russians keep trying buddy. You know what you're an absolute moron I don't mind telling you that you are a moron. There's not a finger I have done to try to tie. The president anything. You were so in love. Would this idol of yours. You know I should start doing I should start start making. Donald Trump crucifixes. What do you think. And selling them do you think this should be a great business John. Donald Trump crucifixes. She and carry it around and you can kiss it. Some business capital on an investor you wanna invest and that's posted I wonder if people would buy them. I'm serious this is really scary stuff. I'm serious this isn't even about Donald Trump. This again is about this borders on mental illness it really does. This text to resign a bison ruby slippers and try clicking your heels together three times in saying there's nothing like impeachment nothing like impeachment nothing like impeachment may be one day your dream come true but it won't be until after 20/20. Oh my goodness. This is so scary. Seriously. I and I'm really concerned. Any case. We move lie and then brought to Concord and Jason good morning Jason. Say they're afraid umbrella it's. I am Eric or internal probable a little bit but I remarkable. Democrat friends. Are somewhat sensible we have conversations about it. By going to the Supreme Court issue what are Cavanaugh. Are you here obviously before banality and mentioning. That the world running in a matter really troubled gonna not pay again. My thing is that you know we elect senators and congressmen to represent their constituents. And the other day not who was they were interviewing. Checked shut got checked out humor. Well you'll see the gas and we're talking about. This old Democrats. Boating party. Over where talking about but I. They are West Virginia. There were heavily Democrat Joseph Manchin involved. If you're really supposed to be represented your constituents Jenny just because you're Democrats doesn't leisure but I don't. Pardon on me and amp amp amp M unmarked correct. Well exactly and the same can be said for Republicans. Charlie curator Ali dot dot dot org or agreed on that because I'm all 43 years old. All right here the last time any senator or congressman that represented me reaching out and they talked to me I try to send letters in the past she. Most don't come back here and the united god bless the USA for the most part yeah he and now I am thinking you know at what point you're really listened to your constituents and are secured by. And the primaries and I looked out the conservative reviewed and nor denied the higher remarks I'll vote or on our idol barbaric you know I just don't bring no matter who we truly. Both for its all about the money in politics and what they're harder want to not think it's sickening a lot personal opinion not only are got a. First our Jason let me commend you forward to a number search on these people and voting accordingly that's absolutely awesome. The problem is Jason you're not doing anything wrong the problem is there are simply are not enough principled conservatives out there. That's what this that's what this comes down to Jason. They if if you looked at that. List you know there they are in mid in the minority. Among Republicans. And I still unconvinced. That millions of Republicans do not get that. And Dave this is why they're looking to Donald Trump. To accomplish something that I'm just gonna tell you right now he's not going to pile up accomplish. He's not going to get some of these done things done simply because this party. Is eight is a progressive. Party. There's progressive blue and there's progressive red. 89 and then outside that's the main reason why murder trial bombing want I would. Her vote for Hillary regardless by. Only tell somebody to say thank but also new on November the eighth 2016. Even as Charles Warren. We still have people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and yeah. And there really wasn't gonna matter a whole Albanians. Since then. Youngest daughter thank you traditional ways to get true true conservatives and all that so closely. One of these days. It'll make a difference. Well OK if I can just dead to Jason I do appreciate your call one of the things I'm. I'm begging and especially those have you who. You know may be ticked off at me. You know if you're really concerned about change. That's with a change needs to take place in congress in the house in the senate in the states. On local on the local level with those elections if you don't make change there. You're not going to do it out of the White House it's just that simple. I don't care who it is in the White House there's certain things that have to be accomplished elsewhere. The president of the United States Donald Trump would date soccer ball. There were lots of smiles when this took place just compliments go on their starting to take some additional questions over on the out. Well I'm gonna save text line for a bit let's go first to a. Well. Boom. So first go out to do any of good morning Dave. Good morning good morning had been on the lake ranger about that that M Helsinki heckler. That do you mention but I and you also rendered this year thrown at bush. I don't look in the order not but it was on the nose at that time that the guy who through this through got two years in jail. Are you serious two years. Because that's about a low class so you group yet really. My whole I want America let you know she got through years in jail then you got a great great beer show regardless so what anybody. Well you I appreciate you caller accused of accessing your order up your BP is crab Macquarie. Gary is great he has got it all like yeah. He will be absolutely for her or you will be thrilled to hear. Thank you for your called David duke call again. Let this go next out to Jeff good morning Jeff. Good morning bands I I hope this provoke tour. Stick it to go to when you're really not litmus sincere much style. You know that you music and this morning or like markets on our prior you know you. The most with. You know mark and use of clip that you can even understand how your read what you think you're talking about change before the break America. I'm not planned change has left the train station and has fallen down attracted a hundred miles an hour and you don't like the way it looks. And what is that change. You were criticized any pangs start work for the Supreme Court nominees that the trump trying to has done that you don't like. No wait a second what are what are you talking about change. And who I am really thoroughly confused here. Oh you you certainly are. So what's your point yen. By. Old so I guess he's saying that changes happening. With the trump train and it's delivering. Paradise for everybody. Oh I think that's what this car. That's wonderful. Over on the tech slide Vince is always Hillary and everyone knows it. You know and I think this techsters onto something this next convinced I think some of these people are just trying to get a rise out of you your responses are pretty funny where do you intend for them to be your not a I'm glad to see I try to turn this into into entertainment. Because sometimes. Some of these things on the six letters are outrageous like Hillary comments I mean. You cannot have a functioning brain and believe I would ever support Hillary Clinton you really can't. And you have to be. There's a real problem there pretty air get a bus to insists Russia stops interfering with a others while we do it. Yeah that is don't you think. Also a lot on the line here. Just what in the name of whoever did the rescues due to influence our election I'm waiting broad trump see this is part of what's. We were talking about just few minutes ago with Chris riker. They're people who cannot separate Donald Trump from this investigation. It's kind of ironic. Because this is on the surface a counterintelligence. Investigation. That's what it's supposed to be. Yet there's this visceral reaction very response there's nothing to this Russian medley thing. Because there's a concern this is gonna go to trump. Doesn't have to. A crucifix because people support the president you're a dumb ass. I mean seriously. Do you see ECB. The warship out there. No this is not about let me give you can give you get it let me just give you a little hint. This is not about supporting. The up president. This is about I don't lie is seeing the president this is about worship being the president. There's a difference. That's so. That's well. There's the trumped arrangement syndrome on one side so it makes perfect sense on the other you have the ones that are so in love they've lost perspective. That is a very insightful text. Very insightful text. Let's Y two JR in Fort Mill good morning GR. We're very bad I'm billet and you laugh but it appears there are tend to agree with news. Move away more than not. And I really like twelfth and I don't understand. What you. And nobody has anything that what is this about having something against him. This is a matter of let me ask you this did you support everything George Bush did. Alba did you support everything George H. W. Bush did all of did you support everything that Ronald Reagan did. Most of what he did I have no idea what good. Very different there. Acts are this is. Well there you go. Is this is a matter here's what it comes down to for me GR it comes down to a matter off principles and values that are to meet. Are never changing. And windows are violated in some way I have a problem I don't care who we is. For instance let me ask you JR if the president lies. Should we just. Just raw continue to rot ride Donald Trump. Yeah. Nobody I didn't watch and and so he's supposed to lot. Certainly one that are liable at all but certainly all of this. Goodness see if we're doing that then I I. Let's just give up on the holding JR because you don't have integrity you gotten you don't have much of anything. That's that's my concern and did you not did he not tell us that he's not a politician. About Eric and a yeah okay. And if that's true then he shouldn't behave like the other politicians here I do appreciate your call do you stay in touch let's talk again. Because that's that's part of my frustration this guy is not what he claimed to be and yet. What do you do have a great day. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.