Trump to Announce SCOTUS Nominee, Eight Boys Now Rescued From Thai Cave

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, July 9th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of this for. Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good Monday morning good to be back with you hope all is well in your world. And it looks like the picture is looking so much better. So much better. As we see the story unfolding in Thailand. It's a pretty extraordinary story I just wish they had. More video. That was coming out like streaming video that would be kind of cool. Nonetheless. The good news is we now have eight. Eight from the boys had been recovered. A total of twelve young soccer players are 25 year old coach trapped in the flooded Cameron for more than two weeks. That is a while. And we understand it's it's being reported now that the rescue operations are done. For the day. So it would be very appropriate pray for news for. Who we're still there along with their coach. Begin eight. Have been rescued. And it's pretty amazing looking these images of these kids I mean that licking their smiling faces and you mentioned. The excitement they must be feeling after being trapped. For so long. I was reading about this yesterday and just some of the concerns long term about how all ends in psychological health for that matter. Because there's. Trauma associated with this this is a real trauma not the silly stupid dramas that are made up in we talk about in classrooms this is a real one. Just imagine you're down there. Not having any sense of the likelihood or possibility. That your gonna make it out of their life. That's got to be traumatic wouldn't you think. But so far. Good news and perhaps. There will be able to finish this operation tomorrow. Several of the boys emerged from the cave on Sunday eight hours after eighteen divers started her operation freedom we told you last week. At the end of the week. About the seal. Who unfortunately you lost his life. Just ran out of oxygen. Are very dangerous atmosphere down there. So now the focus is on getting rest the boys and their coach the way. They rehearsed it they've practiced for these kinds of rescues. Some circumstances they've been working against the monsoon flooding. They've cut off the team's escaped. In fact it took about a week to find them to identify where they actually work. Mean a great deal progress just in the past few days. So part of what has to take place. This continue to supply oxygen. And certainly hope that the weather cooperates. Over the next 3448 hours. So we see this thing brought to a close. But this is very good news to see the progress that we've seen over the last. 2448 hours and as I mentioned. Very appropriate to continue to pray for those who were still there and for those who have come out. They were completely recover in every possible way the other big story going on and months of anticipation as we are now. Less than twelve hours from an announcement. As to who'll be the next nominee for the Supreme Court. Bright part story on this. Indicating there's sources. Leaning toward judges Amy Barrett and Thomas Hartmann. As the top two possibilities. For this election process. They announcement expected this evening at 9 o'clock. The other thing is aside from what bright British reporting other outlets are reporting different names and numbers. Leaving everyone guessing. Which is something Donald Trump I'm sure gets a real kick out of social conservative leaders have been cheering for Barrett who sits on the US court of appeals for the seventh circuit. It's confirmation hearings erupted when Democrats a poster is a federal judge remember this because of her devout Catholic faith. In violation of the constitution religious test clause. Or that bizarre moment. Dianne Feinstein used to speech sounded like you go to from Star Wars saying to Barrett. The dog bug lives loudly in U. Really. You know I was I was thinking about this over the weekend when I was. I'm going over this story when this happened before and I was exiting and myself. You know what just what it dogma lives loudly and everybody. Because I've been convinced this for a long time everybody has a religion everybody has dog. The question is who whose dog is going to prevail. See if you're dogma is big government. Well the Democrats will love you best not dogma that's just truth. That's how they see it honestly. That's just part of the progressive way of viewing life. By the way a walked in the studio was kind of amused. There's an article in the observer. Editorial in the observer about Mark Harris who's running. For congress. Paging mark terrorists it stood 21 century. What a joke. And we tersely this is the mindset. And the new religion of the day. Which is to celebrate and venerate the state in its leaders that's always in style. That's always appreciate it that is always expect it. But if you do anything to undermine big government. And the people in charge of it and those promoting its you're an evil person. This is one of the reasons why so many people have rallied behind. Rallied behind ms. Barrett. Here's something else interest in an age 46. She would be the youngest justice and almost thirty years. Graduate from Notre Dame. Clerk for federal appeals judge. And force Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia then returned to Indiana. That's a great state. As they say unbiased lead. Com. She's well known as an ardent supporter I'm an original list interpretation of the constitution. Well that's something gets my vote right there mother 27. Children. Imagine that both biological and adopted. Now she's affectionately called because of this incident. Which ms. Feinstein. Judge dogma there's some refer admirers. For that confirmation ordeal that she endured. Other conservative leaders. When they're cheering for Herman. He's on the US court of appeals for the third circuit. Worked as a taxicab driver to pay his way through school. Also graduate from Notre Dame. Became a federal district judge in Pennsylvania. Tony seventeen. Elevated to the third circuit. While some more information about him I wanna get your thoughts as well. About what you would like to hear this evening and what you're expecting in this process. I think we have a pretty good sense where Democrats are going with this is the end of the world it's the end of Roe vs. Wade. The end of the world as we know it support things. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1019 out of instructing radio program on this money addition we mention the fact it. We are less than twelve hours away now for the announcement from president Donald Trump as to who he would nominate for the High Court. Couple other items on this will tell you a little bit more. About one of the top two candidates according to bright part but also. We'll tell you wide giant is in favor of one of the candidates in particular. In fact I want you to say exactly what you said during the break same words. So. We'll see how that goes over by the way tell you about a developing story just a few minutes ago Harvey Weinstein remember him. He's been indicted on charges involving two women. He has been released on bail. As he fights sex crime accusations that now including third woman. The defense attorney. Bin draftsman said this outside of court we fight these battles one day at a time and today we won this round. Winning this round means bail. He's pleaded not guilty after he was brought in the courtroom handcuffed from behind. Then on cuffed for the preceding. An updated indictment unveiled last week alleges the movie mogul. Turned to meet two villain performed a forcible sex act and a woman back in 2006. But new charges include two counts of predatory sexual assault. That carries a maximum sentence of life in prison upon conviction. An amazing life in prison for that I'm not downplaying the crime. You can kill somebody and get less time. I've seen it plenty of times. In the case. The district attorney. Cyrus Vance junior. Where there's an interest in name. Said Weinstein charged with some of the most serious sexual offenses that exist under state law. The attorney saying all of these allegations are false and mr. Weinstein expects to be fully vindicated. By the way North County is. Alia accusation against Weinstein. 75 women. Who have accused him of something sometime for wrongdoing. Seven. That's a lot. So we'll see how this plays out. As mr. Weinstein is now a free man. Until this thing comes to trial unless he does something really stupid and finds himself back behind bars. Before the break we were telling you abouts. Right parts identified two candidates. For the High Court. We talked abouts ms. Barrett by the way before forgets. And why does John support ms. Barrett. I didn't say I support. Yes I said that I think she will be selected because. I think trump likes blue at the ladies new looming. And what is it about her that you liked I think it served her rent there is a positive from the checks all right that's all Metallica. That's cool carry out. Yes Rwanda Rwanda. So we're telling you about how about parliament. Who is the other candidates. Brave bird at least since reporting a long twos that are the finalists. He's distinguished himself on several major issues during his tenure on binge from the ruling these. Case where he wrote the Second Amendment must be interpreted according to its original public meaning when it was adopted. Back in seventeen anyone striking down a federal gun control law. As a flight to tune nonviolent criminals for minor offenses from the government conceded these individuals were not dangers. The Washington Post. Cold hard amid a Second Amendment. Extremist. Yeah these people they just don't stop today. By the way another developing story the British foreign secretary Boris Johnson. Has resigned. So we have a little but the turmoil taking place. Within the British government I think a lot of this relates to bricks it. This has caused a great deal of turmoil. And it's probably not the end of the turmoil began net. Breaking just now the British foreign secretary. Has resigned I want you. To tell you more about the Second Amendment extremists. Part of the thinking is this may actually help his chances. With Donald Trump. This is actually a badge of honor to be called this. By all accounts judge Brent Cavanaugh of the DC circuit is still a possibility in the many outlets say the judge ray Roman Catholic Church. Of the six circuit is no longer being actively considered. The White House not making any official statements and all and any of these names. So we'll see. And I'm curious what are your thoughts who would you like to see emerge. As. The nominee for the court. Who would be the best choice and I've contended all along I'd like to see the most conservative person. Get the nod. We will find out in a matter all matter of hours I'm away business insider had an interesting story over the weekend. And we don't know whether. This indicates Mets this particular senator knows anything. But in his wording. Is quite curious. Top Republican senator might have just offered a massive clue about the identity of Trump's Supreme Court picked. Orrin hatch wrote an op Eds this was on Friday to bolster president trump soon to be announced Supreme Court nominee. Any referred to the pick with a torn towns her. And she. Is that hint. They could be. Only one woman in this. In this. Competition if you wanna call it that. That circuit judge. Amy coney Barrett. Now some are seeing this. As possibly an effort to encourage trump to prepare it ports a clue about an already made decision. That's were waiting to find out. Here's what mr. hatch said. Too much at stake to allow politics to corrupt the Supreme Court confirmation process Troy in the coming weeks. I lift heaven and earth to see the president's nominee crossed the finish line. Just as he did with new course which the president's promised nominated impartial judge or wise and season jurist. Committed to appoint the constitution at all costs but no matter the nominee's background or credentials. Progressives will do everything they can to paint her. As a closet partisan. If not an all right extremists. By the way I thought they had this in for enemy. She's apparently part of a lets you see. Very eat exclusive what comes across is a very exclusive. It's religious organization. Of charismatic Catholics. Where this really raises eyebrows charismatic in Catholic boy that's a shocker. And everybody loves using the Siewert. In reference to that with this which is cult. Don't be surprised especially if she's the nominee don't be surprised to hear that thrown around what kind of weird cult this is woman involved in. These people were so predictable they really are. Mr. hatch who resigned. As a senior member of the Judiciary Committee all fight to keep jurisprudence is the sole focus of her confirmation hearings are to vote. All my energies to ensuring we confirm the kind of Supreme Court justice American needs a justice who says with the law is not right she. Once it to be. The justice who calls balls and strikes instead of swinging for the fences a justice. Is foremost allegiance is to the American people and the constitution. So we have who's prone sounds used. Her. Being chic. Does it mean anything. Does he know something. Or is he pushing for something. We'll find out in a matter of hours blood to get your thoughts on what you're expecting. And so maybe more importantly what you were hoping for. As we continue our Monday broadcast 29 minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Okay. 1036. Out of Vince Coakley radio program. This Monday morning by the way. Those really sprawling metropolis. Of travelers rest. There is they have an opportunity for some free ice cream. Hey there's freebies I want to encourage you to take advantage of the Steve Brooklyn. Insurance agency travelers rest they're giving away free ice cream. Today starting 11 o'clock this morning for ninety minutes so fury in the area in the Arab states. And travelers rest. You know. Go check it out. So. They did nothing wrong with free ice cream 6719. State park route. So. Good on there and get some free ice crew and a day like this why not. Our brother Tex lines of the things we've addressed so far. The rescue operation going on in Thailand also. The suspense building over tonight's selection announcement. Of a Supreme Court nominee. Here's a we have got a text line. Then it's I think it's time we start to go for me page for ending trumps image. To mount Rushmore. We've please head this up. To. Do you think this person strolling me what do you think. Today probably. Probably so. Also key oh here we have this text. Her and she I don't know Vince. The candidate is actually Lindsey Graham. I wanted to share this with you give you since some of you people we have stayed or really cruel comport Lindsey Graham. He's a nice guy. A liberal but you know. Seriously you guys really are cruel. On these names coming outs once Dexter saved Corsican being mr. action played some Democrats hound dogs up the wrong tree when it's always possible. We will see. And it reference to me is bear itch in her charismatic Catholic background. This texas' Vince the charismatic renewal has been alive and well since Vatican two and is not exclusive dory is the people praise which burger lunch to you. They welcome. They've been welcome you. All right that's a good thing. I hate it's basically characterizing this the way the media. Was characterizing this because to the media does not liked. Things that are not normal that don't fit. The typical stereotypes. And boxes they like to throw people in you. You know whether to Protestant Catholic and we don't especially don't fit into one of those. Psycho who are these people. What kind of core business. These people to. Catch got all these children to. Yeah I mean seriously this is the way their minds work because they're not used to seeing people. To actually have an appreciation for life. You know and and people looking Leo look the same way apply and my friend Matt Bevan governor of Kentucky. Was he of nine children. Some of them are our our adopted from Africa. Truly one of that that was one most coolest experience I've had within the office holder at the time. Before he was an office holder of first time I met met. I'm minutes his family saw them walking into a room with all those kids. Those cute little African kids they were just absolutely adorable. I mean this disliked. I mean in any other universe. If this work if and if not Bevan word Democrat he'd be a rock star I mean seriously. Because this is what you're supposed to do you know look at this Syria is he's a tough to black children. This is a wonderful thing. But of course since he's a Republican. It's not a good thing. Just adopted them so we can turn them into. You know into Republicans. This the only way we yeah black Republicans probably. I'm just throwing out. You know ideas the way people think. Because I know the way a lot of these Democrats think it's very unfortunate way to mention Lindsey Graham. I just wanna put a bug in your ear about something. For Tony Tony not only do we have a presidential contest coming up. By the way did you hear there are whispers of the possibility we may see Hillary Clinton back to run for president again. She didn't give up. I mean how else is she going to extort I mean now how awesome is she going to get money from people. To enrich herself and her husband. Anyway I when he put a bug in your bouts. Tony Tony. Now they're two things I think you ought to focus on if you were. A resident of South Carolina one of them. You need to put pressure on these politicians. To call for an implement registration by party so Democrats cannot vote for Republicans in primaries. Does well in the dumbest things. Second thing is. If you wanna run somebody against Lindsay Graham now is the time you better start doing your planning. Because Lindsey Graham I'm sure has a whopping war chest. And as long as you averaged rationed by party not in place. He's got a reliable. Group of Democrats who are going to vote for intent. Well there's an interesting story the state is running. Fresh off a run for governor. Refurbished has been John Warren is already hinting that is possible next campaign. This time against Lindsey Graham. Lawrence approach conservative talk show host Eric Bolling. Saying he's definitely considering challenging Graham for a senate seat and 20/20. So if you are ready to run off the road with excitement. I just wanna give you a caution. You darn well better put more than just excitement into this. They're bitter bitter BS serious ground game and it needs to start now. Usual Warren told Eric Bolling we live in a great conservative state we deserve to conservative senators. We have one in Tim's got it. If that's a good start. There's no reason why. In South Carolina you do not have too conservative senators. There's really no excuse no good when. Rolling with stripes you press mr. Warren. To commit to running. Warren wouldn't say he was doing anything more than considering a run. Even as he bashed grim and talked about this positive momentum. After the unsuccessful run in the governor's race. So I agree campaign team last time. So we feel like I have the infrastructure in place we'll see what happens and yes we will. So. One of the things that Eric Bolling mention what's really important here warns got money. He spent three million dollars of his own money three million dollars. In this losing effort to unseat Henry McMaster who can read me text her. Final spending numbers from the runoff between the mr. Warren. Are not available yet. Mr. Warren he's 39 year old marine in self made millionaire. This was his first time running for office and running for governor. Any strain played the similarities between his business background and that of president Donald Trump. He sit idle talk about all the antitrust policies that senator Graham seems to talk about it. Myth sounds likely. Preparation. Perhaps when the opening shots of the campaign in 20/20. Just thought I would let you know. As I'm sure many of your interest in seeing someone else. Come to the surface. To challenge Lindsey Graham king and mr. Warren give the job done this time. That's we will seek. This. Is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. Our money addition to Vince Coakley reading your program. Come what is going on here. Technology's just not cooperating with me as I look at a couple things here I. I found the funniest thing bevel on beat and not. Come across any really good post from him lately in total weekend. This one is classic. New study reveals humanity just one coexist bumper sticker away from world peace. And agreed the headline a load is hilarious isn't it. We will address this a little bit later on so I just thought this is one and the one you've won their funny here. Creative pros and they've got a lot of good ones. A lot of good points. Over on the tech slide Vince's trump trump offered eighty supporter words of encouragement and Thailand rescue operation oh wait I forgot. Thailand is one of those crap hole countries. You were worried I was gonna say something Richard John. I don't. There isn't any political brownie points or glory for trump to get several is that Vince. Or eighty not gonna get down Everett. As we take the opportunity to explore the to answer a few questions about this particular date. In our Greenville studio good morning Alonso. Good morning since I was the weekend. It was also. Well good would you. Works you worked. What a hard working man and we sure appreciate it into common to appreciate it is grueling work. Doing all right. Let's go to they are first item. Bakken 1872. Brilliance invader John bland Dell. Game granted a patent for the for this particular item. Let's see you gonna need him for this one. I was gonna say something really politically incorrect and they're not go there. Let's just say. The company called Duncan would probably appreciate this. Don't move. A little more specific. What is the patent for. What do you need to do to make this particular product. Now the doughnut maker oh OK well lets you take this wooded doughnut cutter. This doughnut cutter really yeah I was patented an 1872. Pretty good I can see something really really politically incorrect but I decided not to. See now everyone's wondering I'll send this to you by private message. How to. A 1877. And 25 men gathered competes in this first of its kind tournament at the all England croquet. And lawn tennis club. Wimbledon you're correct. Also. Love to play croquet their hold on hold they don't actually play croquet either but I don't believe two people told me it's a dream man. Some that hey you're gonna go over and find out. Only when we're by both solid. Up the 9805. Fifth and that is pretty good. We had this commonwealth established. Down under unites all of the colonies under a federal government this was a decision by. UK's parliament. What was that commonwealth calls. Once they Australia when you are correct. The where was it. And last but not least 1942. This famous. Woman and her family go into hiding rice should say young lady. And her fairly good hiding in the attic above her father's office in Amsterdam. Pampering your corrects. That's really good you got three out of four. The doughnut cutter who really. I know you know seriously. I mean who would think of a doughnut cutter. They do it's very different product for sure I'm waiting norm on what you were concerned about war and see it oh no no play. So I can't victory. Yeah I know it's really shocking. Are you familiar with the name's Steve did Karl by the way. Yes helped create Spiderman. And he. Doctor Strange yes he has passed away. It's passed away. If the age of ninety. Ripe old age. Comic book artist co creator with Stanley of such legendary comic book characters Spider-Man Doctor Strange. He was found dead in his apartment in Manhattan this actually died on June 29 and she is definitely came to light on Friday. Why he is that is. I guess people like Kim just. Well if you read and if you read all he had no he had no family so strong well and we so if he didn't have any close connections. No. While that is pretty amazing. Borne out 1927. Johnstown Pennsylvania. Became exposed to newspaper comics an early age and found this love for comic book superheroes during the inaugural issues. Of the iconic bat main character. As well as well Eisner's the spirit after graduating high school. He enlisted in the army where he got his first job karma coming from the industry drawn comic strips for army syndicated newspapers. And we got outs. He studied under bad man artist Jerry Robinson in 1950 New York City was under Robinson's tutelage. When he met the editor in chief in future Marvel Comics CEO Stan Lee. And that's when he joined the early team of artists. Dance because she can say the rest is history. That's a pretty cool story is meant. It is it's also pretty sad because he had fallen out with Stanley and he left for a long time in any combat and created. A column but called squirrel girl which I've never read but it's very very popular squirrel girl yes. OK. You have to be out of your treaty didn't that was. That was bad. We'll see your affinity for squirrels I thought you these. There's this girl in particular the dead they go. They go we'll pretty cool and this is an awesome legacy he leaves behind so many people still entertained by it. Of this character he has created these characters he's created. However to the broadcast straight ahead it's right here. This is still this. Coakley radio program. From the hearts of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. Lest our progress we have a little fun and it's let's jump into that now. It's a look goofy hilarious post I'm babble on beat if you need some amusement just some light moments. Go to babble on B dot com. There's just a bunch of hilarious post here including this one new study reveals humanity just one co exist. Bumper sticker away from world peace. Always get the biggest check out of those bumper stickers. What do they really think here's what is the message. A new study by I think take for universal harmony reveals. The only one more coexist bumper sticker is needed to accomplish world peace. According to study should one more person put to coexist bumper sticker on their Prius or other hybrid car. Peace and harmony will immediately break out all across the world. The report also shows. As the sale the popular bumper stickers increased of the past ten years violence around the world has decreased. Period Peter's lead researcher. For TT EUH. Says the correlation between the two is untenable. It's well documented bumper stickers are highly effective at changing people's minds. He's saving the same thing about social media venture. And for religious conversions to political about faces drivers. And passengers alike to attested to the responsibility of bumper stickers. In revolutionizing their thinking these coaches stickers are no exception. They're doing the work real conversations in action can't. The study sites over a thousand shocking testimonies of gang members drug dealers members of crisis in other criminals whose lives were changed. After simply spotting the bumper sticker. I'm an environmentally friendly car driving by. It's wonderful. I feel good vibes already. Don't you. I was at a stop light while making a delivery saw the sticker on the car in front of me I immediately made you turn both literally and figuratively. A former MS thirteen members said. I exchanged a life of drug dealing and violence for tolerance. And love. I don't volunteer at a food bank. Payment have an apartment remove my face tattoos next week. With world peace Sunni year. TT UH rural next director attention. The connection between god is real billboards. And the recent upsurge in church attendance in America. States shouldn't. And that's great. These guys just incredibly. Creative. And let's go out to a call from rod and good morning welcome sir. Start Gloria. At two worlds here. But okay are you talking about the bumper sticker. Just. Just. Remember inside edge from someone talking about bumper stickers they said they pulled up behind the car. At a traffic collide and mass noticed a bumper stickers say at all if you love Jesus. My hall the lady turned around and flip the ball. Yeah yeah. Oh. How ID. And there. Oh my goodness swallow. How does happen. Yeah probably so but the cars like what's that they are doing on my car slide don't want any of those line truck seen I don't either CI and I think a good part of the time and my wife made this observation. A good part of the time people are putting Jesus or Christ bumper stickers on our car. They're putting such and such church on their car you're knows that that's the in thing now. But even otherwise if you putting you know the eight juice or whatever it is on your car it really compel issued to drive. Like you get some sense. And it frustrates me when I see people these. Christian symbols in their car they drive like the devil himself. You're like driving slow in the fast lane. I mean that that that is an abomination that ought to be the eleventh commandment thou shall not drive slow in the fast lane. For fear of hellfire. I'm kidding people. Oh boy let's go out to march in right Jill good morning march. Good morning bad second hour. The best bumper sticker was really out. Trumpet and bumper sticker on the Korea. You know and now I just and I had to pull off the battleground Ed laugh till I cried. You can be environmentally sensitive and still support trump and it's. Yeah out. I read about calling and why is that something probably doctor Walter Barton about four past the Catholics let it be generalized. Across the one word eight. Traditions. Practicing christened them. Stated that there are Catholics that. Artful balance to try and bet bill the bill condemn anyone else. Are there are Catholics that no they history Ben Knoll there at its aid. Organization and now they are impatient I'll send down the problems. Carotid. The history bears that very bad. There's no easy way to say this one is that sounds so evangelicals. That they ignore the differences between. Evangelicals and the process reformation. And this is the catchall folder rat in the boat that are all out of there out of their own theology. And could paralyze. Okay. That's an interest in you know a set of by categories to throw people into. And yet to be interest I guarantee this is going to be more discussion coming up things for your call their marks. As people will be mystified if it turns out. Any Tony Barrett is selected as the nominee for the course where they're gonna they're gonna go through her religious background went with a fine toothed comb. I'm sure that. They while all kinds of stories what is this organization. Really good stuff coming up. We are going to talk about what is going on in Haiti. This is of special interest for me because I've been to the country three times. And it sends me to see what's happening now violence is breaking out. This country has just been through so much. Most recently. The earthquake. Several years ago. And it's getting worse right now I'm sure detect similar since in today. Aren't all that sex line so funny about the honk if you love Jesus bumper sticker boy that was hilarious was niche. Another person say I once saw a bumper sticker across the back of a person's wheelchair. Winners are clever place to put it. Another person. Or boy I remember this bumper sticker if you get too close to my bumper I will. Tell me there estimate Jon and I don't guess you. Know 04 or something on you. Yeah it's. I think I will refuse to pick this text to read. I think John cut their prime. Another person saying my favorite bumper sticker reads you can have crap without rap. A cut I thought I a couple of that is pretty good Sabra Versteeg in the said. Where the hell are we going and what are we doing in this hand basket. That's pretty clever. Also this like carrying aid supply of confederate battle flag bumper stickers to place over Obama stickers if I find them on the back for a car. Just to watch them destroy themselves. Four that is devious. But I devious thing to do. Coming up we will talk about Haiti what's developing there in the threat to Americans. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock on have been screwed we really your program. And there's techsters say my bumper sticker was a picture. Clothes in in fourteen rifle. Stating this was my Woodstock. Yeah. It's a pretty interesting approach to. One things have been said to. Observe lately. Check detector brought this to my attention again this morning I was quite surprised and I saw Haiti back in the news. Unfortunately because of its. Civil unrest. We have this text this convince have you seen these four church groups stranded in Haiti. The rating people burning down their own country. So yes the church groups rushed to go there and rebuild their country again. This is really the last thing these people need more unrest. You know one of said things without going too much into history lesson this country's been struggling for a long time and one of my frustrations is I visited the country several times. Was watching. Our country vets. Really does not have sovereignty. And does not have its own infrastructure. Apart from the United States and the United Nations. It's really surreal to ride through the streets of Haiti. And to see the blue helmets. I'm using UN soldiers. With their rifles. It was really weird to. This is an example of what happens. When a country falls under the control. Of the United Nations. They really haven't been able to exercise sovereignty over themselves. Why is that. Many other countries do you see. Being occupied by the United Nations. I'm just throwing this out there. But we've really ruin that country. You wanna know what is wrong with Haiti Haiti has its own internal problems. But the United Nations has certainly. Facilitated a lot of these problems in the United States of America. Has its own responsibility in causing these problems. I remember several years ago. Bill Clinton even admit it. That some of Haiti's economic problems. There are fault. Not as in you know this and meet. But as in the United States through the United Nations. Trying to micromanage this country. Did you know years ago this country used to visit Haiti. They had so much rice they were exporting rice anybody in here when I guess where they get most of their race now. Just take a wild guess to waiters there rice comes from Asia. Know the United States. They had the ability to afford to grow their own fruit. And now we have to exported from us. There Bill Clinton apologized because he recognized. You know this hasn't seen this is what big government does this what world government does. They told the Haitians listen. You can better use your resources another way. So you wanna spend all this time and energy and and you know basically land. Growing rice. So what ends up happening. Now they have to export. A good part of their rice how dumb is that. Don't you think the Haitian people could have figured this out of their own. By the way it would encourage you read up on the history of Haiti. Because there's a strong argument. That's. The United States would not be the country it is about Haiti. There are things that. They Haitians did. That mean huge difference in our freedom especially for black Americans. Perhaps we can go into more detail about this and overtime but if you like creating this is a good subject to read up on. There's a lot of rich history there that. I did was now aware until I visited the country. Here's what's going on now. The US embassy and Haitian capital Port Au Prince. Told Americans citizens to remain inside until further notice. As the cities gripped by violent protests. Just give you some sense of what it was like for me staying there. I was very relieved. From a security standpoint in the morning any real security issues just the only thing that would be concerned about right after the earthquake we arrived three weeks after. The earthquake. The big key Syrian security concern back then would have been something like looting and we never had a problem with that. But every time I've stayed we stayed in. A place that was run by. Any religious organization. And had a big wall and a gates and opened up. To let you in so there are some measure of security. And I'm sure that security is very much appreciated now. The state department's cautioning do not traveled to the airport unless you confirm your flight is departing. Yesterday flights were canceled the airport had limited food and water available. Communication services including Internet phone lines have been affected throughout Haiti you may be difficult to reach people through normal communication methods. And Steve Berman also expressing deep distanced condolences to those affected by the ongoing violence. I anywhere closely monitoring the situation remaining close contact with Haitian authorities to verify the welfare. And whereabouts are US citizens in the area at least three people have been killed including two protesters. Fatally shot by authorities in a security guard who was beaten to death. By demonstrators. After attending to disperse a crowd by firing his gun into the year. An estimated 120 Americans. Are believed to be staying in a Port Au Prince hotel. Targeted by the protesters. They attempted to bypass security and set the building on fire youth groups missionaries. From an array of US churches stranded in the Caribbean nation. Unable to make it safely the airport for departure. Haitian government Saturday hopefully planned fuel price hike after tension and fighting escalated late last week. Jack guy. The fronts and who is the prime minister. Previously declared fuel prices need to be raised to bounce the budget announced a 38% increase for gasoline. Diesel and kerosene. Still a whole lot of anger there. A source on the ground describing the situation is on fire only getting worse. More major demonstrations expected. In one of the wealthy on enclaves. Government vehicles moving to high ground we've been told to initiate total lockdown measures immediately. 11 source is indicating. This has to be a frightening situation all the way around. Can't get and this is still a country that's still has not recovered completely. From the earthquake. Already had infrastructure issues and just and just give the example kind of things when I tell everybody infrastructure you would actually be. On the Internet and the Internet would go down. You might be in the shower and the water goes out. By the way all the water's cold. So I remember being there for a week a couple of times didn't and that was one of the things I really look forward to coming back to be able to take a hot shower. Things we take for granted they don't have there. The fruit. I mean it's it's literally. The distance between the the firm and your plate is not very far at all. I know this is uncomfortable for some people. But. The meals were right outside world just put it that way. We had checked in a good part of the time and I knew full well. Those chickens were. Right outside. They were killing them and serving them pretty much saved their next day. Very primitive in a lot of ways. Pray for the people of Haiti and certainly pray for the Americans who are still there that they return home safely. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after eleven Vince Coakley radio program. It's you don't talk like Greek mines I was just thinking this morning if I need I wanted to talk about what's going out of the hornets. And you know on my ADHD mind works and I you know crossed my mind I forgot about it. And then I remembered again at that I need to scenes in emailed Crist claims you fought come on the broadcast lo and behold I forgot again. The nice side Crisco down the hall that sweet meet you. And Syria is. I was so upset when Vince got males regardless what you won't talk about sodas are Panthers then sends a hornet's as the odds and I'm glad I don't. I'm sorry I hate to do that I'll fail. Any there does this thing different feeling in terms of the gods talking about one over the other well we gotta do it. We'll since your jury talking about what you say what will wrap bubble talk about the Pentagon has that wrapped that I can I liked most about what's going on the hornets win what is the deal what is happening with sports. I don't know I mean it feels like because big question with them cut coming in the offseason is. Are they to try to terror this thing down and just got to rebuild my car they stock in what a lot of folks call NBA purgatory which is. You're in that's bad enough to where you're drafting the elite players at top of the draft. Which are not good enough to really contend for much of anything you right in the middle and that feels like in any in the MBA it's kind of weird to figure you'd think that's better than the the bottom. No way yeah it works or is only so many elite players each year. And most of them are gonna go towards the top of the draft so kind of started. I didn't think this before I start to feel like that we just got a draft earlier armed. And I must say the trappings been good they've had chances to get players I can run down the list of guys that day passed over and made mistakes in the draft like a lot of its been on them. But it just doesn't appear that's the plan I think part of it is Mitch Kupchak the new GM realizes. I got a lot of contracts are true that would then at each track we've attempted to trade your before he got here and since he got here. And they're just not desirable I think you realize it's a little tough to kind of turn this thing over right now so. I think they're gonna try to ride this out and and that's what's going on and see what they can do and unfortunately. It just feels like there's a ceiling on this team like if they were to make a run vents in the playoffs. It feels like it's going to be a seven seed and an eight seed not a very long stay in the playoffs but. It appears like Weathers to assess it your plan that's kind of what they're looking to do right now squeezed back into the playoffs. Tony Parker. And this is lots of hinted this is our young Tony Parker either I mean he's. He seen better days but but the role as decrease I mean he is one of the guys it was one of the biggest parts of the spurs' dynasty along with Duncan and Ginobili for years and he'll bring experience this team he knows the system. James ray go the new head coach here that brought to San Antonia makes sense of a lot of those ways a guide can kind of be a coach on the floor for the young guys. Arm and it's definitely better what they did at last your backup point guard Michael Carter Williams I don't wanna insult got too much personally. But this is going to be an upgrade over that accident. That's good to see one this Mac the other coming back here I did not see that one in hornets are now that hornet's bingo I did not see that occurring. Butts and it's interesting because they swapped one undesirable big man contract we'll really they did they swap twice. Dwight Howard was an undesirable big man contract somehow we got rid of that. But we had to take another one on a miles guard we get rid of that one but business contract is not a very good contract yourself. We've kind of been trading a lot of bad big man contracts this off season. So what do you expect. Purgatory right now it's same area like I. It feels like the six teams in the east. The best sixteen just feels like we kind of have an idea of who they all are Cleveland's gonna kind of come out. And I would expect him to be in the area of the hornets will be battling for those seventh and eighth spots but it feels like teams like Boston and Philly. And even Indiana and Milwaukee in Washington feels like you kind of know that first six. Spot seven and they are available mama gonna say they couldn't get those spots. But I think if they I do think it's possible if they get to the all star break and make Tennessee we're not contending I think and you could see Campbell walker trade. Because he's got to command probably upwards of thirty million dollars a year when he becomes a free agent next off season. Are they willing to pay that when they had still bunch other contracts they can't get out of I'm not sure to announce later budget tough decisions to. Certainly what's corner on an upper management. When you're in this purgatory. What do you do do you want is a question of money and that's part of it too viscous like if you do a total rebuild which I think some fans are on board for. Then you saw what Philly did Phillies everybody looks at Philly they call the process write and edit edit them stars like Joseph OMB to bend Simmons and now they're. Arguably with LeBron out of Cleveland the second best team in the east behind Boston. So everybody looks at bat and once himself like that but took off five years they whiff on you know a couple high draft picks they had on a couple. So I mean could be a five year process and there are still no guarantees and get a team like Sacramento our team like Orlando they drafted a top six every year. And they're not trying to be mad and they're not there's a process or pull up. They just are incompetent so there is leaf there's no Guerin days if you don't make the right trap Nixon rebates of bat once here. You can be stuck there like the kings or the magic. I just think just just hanging out here in the middle is not that much fun either you know that's what they're up against you nailed it from a money standpoint George take the hits on. Tickets will be sold concessions because less fans will be there yeah as we appear to be really bad so. If that's what Michael Jordan's got a way out that that monetary hey you might take for a few years. Verses if you become a Philadelphia team imagine the money you'll make back in fourth exactly now and that's what he does appear willing to do you now cast. Since it's crazy just crazy. Let's talk Panthers yet based around a lot more excited about Anton why big time excited his team's goal to play else for the last five years. They have established themselves. As one of the I think steady is teams in the cut in the conference in the NFL's matter of fact I think there one of only. I think it's five teams. That have gone to the playoffs four times the last five years I think they're one of I think they're fourth in total wins of the last five years or Ron Rivera to this first two years to kind of take over to win team and get things moving. They have really establish themselves as consistent seem a look at Ford senior season the only downside is this conference is a Bayer. You know where's the hornets are in the easier conference in the east. Panthers are indeed leave NFL's version of the Western Conference in the NBA. It's going to be a bear this year they could easily be. A really good team you know and be on the outskirts looking in but I feel good about this season and it's football I you know I think a lot of us now. Baseball used to be my dad was it was growing up that was the pastime and America. Feels like football's a pastime now so I'm about ready training camp is not that I'm counting sixteen days away it's not. It's pretty close eighteen days happily sit there. That's pretty extraordinary do you have the sense that it's you know the atmosphere. With scandal roll all of that is so we're kind of clearing away for Madden and push. Yeah and I think the last little horror roll a couple of girls. Last couple girls will be David tapper closing on that sale and that should happen it's it's banning earmarks for July. So any time here and these next couple weeks have been nice to get that done before training camp the other one that would be some closures what happens with Jerry Richardson Sacha. You know in terms of that as scandal with Jerry but I think the sale I think David tepper said all the right things I think he's excited fans a little bit. And again I think the team I really think Marty Ernie had a really solid offseason I mean this team has added a some weapons for Cam Newton I think it's a deep miserable weapons and the best weapons he's had since he's been here's a quarterback so. I think once we get David tepper becoming the owner he gets here and spends a lot of time in Charlotte. One team starts training camp I think all that stuff will you know thankfully be behind us in terms of fans you know. All right let's sounds good man. Pretty excited about Panthers not so much about the hornets I gotta be honest chance I gotta be honest take back asset and that's why you're here that's right it's like you may need big buck it's coming and that's right and it's re meant handing slot for dropping my goodness thank wrote. This broke the radio Berger 44 minutes after eleven I want to get your butts you know how do you feel about the hometown teams you have the same. Perspective here about the hornets about the Panthers. Love to get your thoughts stimulus. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You know I don't wanna come across is insensitive it is as at all you know it's in stride now on CNN. Anguished mother separated from sun for more than a month. How does the parents who are separated from their children forever. Because they drunk driver illegal immigrant to hold them. How many stories too we see CNN do on that. You remember seeing any. Really go on and on and on and they keep looking for more and more families. These people really disgust me. Anyway ten minutes before the noon hour let's squad took off from Luke in Boone running to follow up on our sports conversation. Yes thank you very outskirts while you're not and so stood on the other shoe off you're just realistic. You know I'm I would like opposed to the City Council Charlotte and the mayor that president you know grew worse as you noted for you know. All the things may be if you know we're looking at the two organizations so hornets. Who up poll poor and the Panthers who have pulled for it if you look at. Origins of those two franchises. We can have a policy came with George yeah. There's literally went to a mental facility was checking out a woman that. You know to do things where. And then you have Jerry Richardson. Reza statute. It has stadium named their premier Europe they say something golf hall of shame and then after that we could go without the other. Italy members like quarry cool route that Greg party and we can go on and on and you know you can get a pretty good about. Hall of fame go on there. Let's of people Charlotte deserve better than Jerry Richardson's. At face. You know. Statute stared at him every time I walk commit statements this despicable and UNC saying hey. He made detective named down. Wow. Our rights pretty strong opinions here I appreciate your your call their Luke and so I think announced I would not be surprised if a lot of people agree with what you have shared. On the program this morning. Over on the text line earlier we were making reference to what is taking place in Haiti. Just the unrest. That's going on right now. This Dexter says. Yes Vince they gave us through to thank you eighty. Oh really is that it's. Vince Haiti import their rice yes they do you Foreman things are speaking of earlier Vince's lawyers Haiti is controlled by voodoo in spirits is an. There is no hope. Another person saying eighty imports rice from us not exports from us. All the respect after 2010. Without all the money we've given in this country wouldn't exist its own corrupt government is to blame. The same time I agree we should just let it be sounds inhumane but either they would have figured it out on their own. Where they wouldn't well I think there's another thing I think art interference has really been more of a hindrance to them that help. That's part of our problem. Spain to blame for controlling their country before people's mind sets are still under control influence of other countries they need to stand up as a nation one that they do. Eighty pray for what it. How much for them to be able to. They run their own country. And to prosper. It into the light Haiti's leadership pledged allegiance to say. And if the French were overthrown I remember Pat Robertson getting heat for saying this. A recording artist Anthony David featuring the story in one of his songs most familiar with that story line by the way. In 8040 years ago people lived on the city dumped it's called the circle of life circles have no hint. And this person saying Vince I would certainly support sending in US military to Haiti to extract US citizens at risk. The most vulnerable. Are the teens and young girls in these church groups. Launch from step up do the right thing dispatched. A fourteen skew that airport. You know I didn't think about that. But you have to wonder if this thing. Goes downhill we've been further. DC the president step up ends intervened. Do we see a situation. Debt becomes very much like Grenada. One that I'm very much familiar whiff where my wife is from. And apparel some pretty amazing to hear you think about Ronald Reagan. Cindy yen. The troops to Grenada. When the major reasons the justifications given for that intervention. The medical school there we had a lot of American medical students. Now I'm told. After the fact they were never in any danger but it made for great pretext. For us to get involved. The fact we've got Americans stranded there. Can't get outs. This might be a no brainer I don't know. Would you support military action there. To try to bring some resolution to this this will be very interesting to watch. In the coming days. But so what's serious somewhat comical story. This picture is priceless and I'm looking at right now. The American mirror. Doing a story about its. Bill and Hillary flying commercial. And they've actually got a picture. The race the question is she attempting to fashion herself as one of the people in preparation for a 20/20 run. The way to characterize this bill and Hillary forced to fly with the unwashed masses recently according to video posted on Twitter. Video shows the pair currently sitting in the first class section. Caption across the aisle. Piceance. Filed in the coach. He can you. The short clip ends as the former president appears to spot the camera it's not known. Where the duo was traveling to vote appears that was at delta flights. Flying commercial certainly a long way from traveling on Air Force One it. Or even on board chartered campaign planes of. So what kind of interest. To see them on a commercial playing. With real people yet this must be political. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.