Trump Called Deranged, Ardrey Kell High School Incident, Pro-Baseball Safety

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, September 22nd

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Things that go boom. I'll take him come on for thousands myself. Holy Moly deal war of the words continues. Goddard that we're that you knew yesterday before you heard Kim Jung come talk about a daughter you know that means. Thanks the only reason I knew that word was because I believe it was used over the Shakespeare's plays that I have you back of your college days into the that's very much from of those. I don't know. Shakespeare kinda movies the other I think it was all season Lord of the Rings and figure out daughter daughter utterly Goddard. Richard W looks like don't guard that go to our that's right click here and uncooked donut that's not very Smart. So what if but if you have some insults some insult words. There are not regularly used in human like to share them with us you more than welcome to join in the conversation 704571110. Then what we will do is we'll compile the east and does send them to the president. So that he is armed we have some snappy comebacks to to laughter. Kimberly jungle it connects so well a you can should remain emailed to me if you like to. Scott and a baby tee dot com's got XWBT. Dot com. Football games can tend to get a little on the wild side right mu yeah this all the time when it comes to professional games. Where you might have I don't know steeler fans and browns fans gone out of in the stands you know I mean if you. Your Steelers fan you don't wanna go to the dog don't you wanna be in that part of the stadium due to bucking the two. College sometimes it happens to write Alabama Auburn you're you to. UNC and NC state Michigan Ohio State there's some pretty big rival result there are people will contribute to our little on the left the lacked outside. But high school games. Gotta hand not talking about a rivalry here we're talking about what happened at our Rico high school last Friday. CMS tells me that any student court. Just obeying those roles in the student code of conduct will be disciplined. We still do not know if that means they'll students caught will be banned from future Friday night games while we wait for that parents students and even the principal. They say they are very disgusted at what happened in the stands. It was a phone call Audrey kill high school parents didn't expect to get from the principal. We can significant number students were intoxicated. High on drugs present another student at the beginning of throwing items herb can't. Chanting inappropriate was ordered to shouting racial comments towards others you until maybe just cynically abusing their Pearson. I need to move. Things were so out of control the principal had to clear the entire student section joy the third quarter. One parent who was there told me it looked like more than 200 students were kicked out student safety was in jeopardy I think David Wright thing. This mom's kid is in the bad the whole herd of course it's their classmates. Had they like that it's disgusting. And it makes you wonder it's very disrespectful and disappointing. Where were new Charlotte's and then I'm sad to see them larger scale high school. Football players had no idea what was going well we're on the feud and Olson we looked opens incision was and then the principal now offering this strong message. We're our secure high school. One of the top schools in North Carolina or you community deserve better than this. Going it's true dealings. Use this morning for a school. Musician so Soledad. Parents are asked to talk to their kids tonight about good behavior others just want the punishment to fit the crime might think they should probably. Glee at being suspended. You know for a number of games. Because otherwise there's no consequence for their behavior. No consequence for your behavior she senator Carl about that yeah. So but divot near the town did not expect this article high school lemon mrs. this is more to do kids here the nice there it really is very nice area. Doesn't mean that that kids in nice areas are I don't know not prone to to bad behavior. So my question to you was we there. Did you see Disco doubt I'll ever love the taunt you if you were there any Saunders go down and you're watching all the kids also disturbed filing run out of the football game all women what was going on here. Can somebody did so many. Let one slip in his it is or something bad going on over there initially there was. And I've got to I got a bit of the beef to pick would be would be administrators as far as this goes. Because I don't think it was the right move to send everybody home and I'll tell you why in just a moment weight high you call 7045701110. Welcome to a Friday. It was our body of our particular comment when you're welcome back Kim Jong-un. And some insults threats so we can pass all the president suspect he. Come back and what. Yeah I mean that would make him a pen here write this down to is we're gonna compile a list demeaned so obviously this is our duties as Americans here to what to assist the president in whatever way we possibly can't. Don't copy I'm I'm ready I got it just don't go fast is you know I'm a little on the slow side. Our gates part their own. Lights are flashing. What a train ain't trumpet. Ten. From. So the so. This is so. Mrs. how we feel about Kim Jung on her way to describe him rites are IPO the lights are the nominees are and what. About it why. Gates are down lights are flashing to train is not coming. Just couple hobos welcome to on the rout took walking on the train tracks. But that works Kenya can you dig deeper in your brain that's a nice thing what he could you might say that about in his allowing within about that crazy madman another pitcher down. Right to question but the trains not coming. It's a bag for the bag to so you'd be used to fill with rice but it's empty. We're Edwards lately you've come up with a bunch of different things but individual insults are I think the way that I'm going to miss some words that we could use. Sincerity throughout daughter and crazy man at all it's sort of stuff. So look get to that what. What do you do when there's a bunch of drunken. High costs in high school kids in the stands and you don't you don't set them off to hit the road to go home. We'll take your calls on this 17045701110. I think he has admitted mistakes and there's a break and come back and and you want to be too much credit. Not a connection time job on Friday how about ten as my favorite things. Unknown. Really yeah. 704571110. As a telephone number here what do we see what kind of insults and we've created toward Kim Jong. It's Immelman get to about the high school situation here the purses go to a Derek they're promoting your WBT was evident. I I don't given and I'll give the dog. A group say ten dollar is haircut makes Trout Erika saying not that bad news here. Can go to and they're kind of makes it extra thing that's not a bad thing we. I wonder if they have the same barber. Our ball toward. Maybe we should switch there haircuts. Accord that if you're due out actually valid that did you know what if they if if its own more to do that future to be to where trump haircut I think that would make her present very very angry. I think you would just lose his mind. Cut gem hi you're on WBT happy Friday meant yeah. Who are. Matt Light for mr. iron between the war but drove our favorite word which are go forward go work. But volatile firebird for mr. through it would be joy back to go to. A chilly today you don't want. Extra extra leeway here is that you always call it gave me Hugo and you wrap the camera is real learning her duplicate effort all Mary's. Kim is his last name yeah. Don't beat Jimmie red but don't all. I don't give a gimme baggage dorks. They Davida probably work well what about death nanny hammer. It's elegant and many amateur very nice British insult which means a fool around solely pursuant to a good job are now. Jobs are now remember that I have it tattooed in my element left calf as a matter fact. So what's attend you wanna talk about the up the situation at the high school there. Article high school Leo they sent a bunch abused these kids they were supposedly drunken high and yelling racial slurs and spitting and throwing items. I think it was a really bad move if he thought these kids were drug why in the hell would he turn him loose and sent out on the road. He's asserted that at listen I have some personal friend here. Sports quotes over secure vehicle for. Enabled them to it too hard. A high level as far as academics in school behavior to be able to even play. Now maybe it needs to be spread to his students sick bed at ten games you know yet to maintain a certain grade level or behavior dealer. Show up because you're representing your school lawyer here it made no sense to me why. You let them go now because they also eat almost driver most of them what are router my output in the gym. Had a police command take their names. Parent or guardian column pick them up and then from that point forward they come true to regain the sports I've. They've got there and just come through Elliott and should be examined air you are you drop. Yogurt you brought under whatever you gotta do to maintain. Civility. Because it is it representation of that school so it. This pony but that's about the chart similar thing you thought and young yes sure. I'll betcha he's got a poster Gilani and his. That would make him normal law and what we take out and so he has a life size cut out. It only because I don't want it but thought I got out of a scarlet Johansson I got to deal. Kim Jung and probably has on back recorder one of those you know how that makes axles and yet make it in the likeness of anybody that you want. You can fill in the blank as to where that might possibly go from there. So well so 2 things going this morning here did the that the principal there an art retell make the right decision I say it was the wrong decision. I kind of agree with Tim that should rounded up everybody. So that you could identify all the people who were causing problems as opposed to as opposed to just dispersing them sending off on their way. So there's there's no way you can possibly investigate who was there and who was doing what. Bad move I think that move what you take 7045701110. So a rogue. Her daughter that's that's one of the words that Kim Jong-un used to be strippers and trumpeter herb you got you got when foreign. Lord much slower phrase to phrase it yet operate if they had this extra burnings. There wouldn't be enough to worshippers sang appreciate at all. Clinton. You know might think was my grandmother that used to sew something similar to that but she didn't say that until she had a couple of old fashions photographer. I hear you are right efforts which call. I don't know Ryan may Hussein. Gas for breaks up with two. Was another one of the words that. That that he used Charles well Kim Jung un described trump is deranged or you arranged the rim had no. I think that could go both ways here and I bet economy I think we need to come up with smaller. I don't know possible winners that we could state arranged I think yes I've got a great adjectives for trump to used to to retaliate as deranged really pretty Smart and demented. Dementia maniacal. That's a good went to buckle whacko I'll while Rocco cracked cracked his Greg Davis Cup Zurich try to. We got screwed reference your illiterate kind of guy here mean you know all these these are all that's often how little or accordingly coming up your tongue just lunatic they go lunatic Japan now he wants to get more leverage could say like some of the border has slipped off his noodles okay. As opposed to the pancakes or the elevator doesn't go quite to the top yeah we we we've heard IRA before about from the movie elf a cotton headed meaning Huggins who oh who will be a good long puzzled. You'll be wondering for a long time with them yeah he'd have the entire team of translators he would pull the Smart people were building the bombs off that project six. Tell me what this means tell me what this mean art I've got a plan to resolve all of the cut which would. Make 100000. Kim Jong-un Bobble heads and just come across north character North Korea I. Stepped up. Pin the tail on the on the Kim Jung on the he doesn't take jokes very very well he seems to be he's we're 11 of those real serious crises and even though he is it's stupid. Fat faced smile go and that's a state plastered on grin of a crazy for you think he has enough feeling that you don't think so its eye off if you love in his heart now. It's not that Hussein that subtitle woman hurt it was a two. In America and not I don't know whose latest selling. San Jose do you know when to say yeah or. Thank Dioner gentler put a little love in your heart Kim Jung and he needs that go high a name for Kim Jung and perhaps that we can get to the president saluting his armed with a Mora insults. Well Estrada wrote down a set so birdies but it it's short tag Egypt took. Did you can jump Jim's brain. And put on razor blade to be like a baby born six daylight. I. Couldn't. Pick his brain out put it on razor blade. Feel like a BB on a six team lane highway I like that. Pyrotechnic. You do the same thing man if you took his his brain out. It would be sort like put the BB inside of an oil barrel. On the road around and there. He does listen to this program pension jumped compellent switches so one of the reasons we do this because we know that it they. The intelligence agencies and record dissonant. Told him out what it is he needs to look out for come in from Scott FitzGerald. George hi good morning here on WB two more. Well I just have some a company might like it may end as a voodoo dolls and is image and it would appear in there. And everybody about it need you did break a mistake you where you want to see what happens when he's okay big maybe a beat you up and up and down and sideways whatever. Prick him and stick him Brian. I kind of liked that that's and they think that's a that there's a bumper sticker in the Macon men's side thank Brigham and stick in my luggage Randy hi take is to the bottom when he got. Tell us this comment about it. If you play your brain and a hummingbird it would pop records and shut come you'll look Ramona Norton. You know I woke up today as stand in the shower now is thinking man I hope somebody says something about sucking a meals plus the man not a that was that was on my list of things in Europe. You've made me happy there. The fact. Cheered me up at Scott at WBT dot com. Van rights and Nimrod is my favorite book and I even mr. grabbing uses it on sponge Bob episodes so yeah we can get away with Ireland. Which Kim Jung un is a big sponge Bob fan he seems like he would call me Kim Jung on toilet papered it Emeka. We should send that it has folks because you know they don't get to eat much and they probably don't have much to a prison that's usually in short supply. A break and back and they'll join Serena Marshall did an update on the president and the battle between hate and Kim Jones and company weigh your WB two. We're headed there Scott FitzGerald happy Friday to. Like he was so talk to sort of Marshall they've had similar. Daughter patsy it's so we can jump on. President of the United States so those of a back and forth but still a little promise he was right in action as well we'll get to that coming up hub or try to come up with a a new set of insults. For enjoyment that so we can pass a law to be a president of the United States because we are here to help that is our civic duty is to. To stand behind our president to make sure that he is armed with the slings and there is necessary to bring this man. Down to size Mike good morning here on WBT. Hey you don't it's all good happy Friday to explain to you you know. Everybody picked up first about it's like you're pretty sure you know. If you check this guy out hope we all her. Eight start belt he'll thirty why are you beat derby. Let's he would get applause. Stubby. Chubby study it's almost like one of those ice creams for Ben and Jerry's. Absolutely absolutely not only imagine met its whopping well. Very there's all. I I would imagine that is probably the case to hand. And and Mike I think what we need to do a good is an email and you know I can both do the same thing we'll send him an email with a recommendation for the low T senator Barbara that. And that will play great. And you gotta keep it up you know I was in our report are very. Well I appreciate that you tell my boss or right. Our I had hit a good bit chubby step we. Can conclude an important step we chippy. Going to be repaired to where we go with that Serena Marshall with the ABC joins us now care Trevor taken the day off your hand and Serena totally destroyed. That where some of the words coming out of the other president's mouth but missed sort of backed off a little bit moved into the good diplomacy chills up. Woman into the diplomacy channels but then now it's become a war of rhetoric you had Kim Jung in responding to the presidency UN speech. And it threatening to destroy the United States saying we're gonna take the highest level action against the US and he called the president a mad man. I gangster he saved his framed it dog park the louder it and then the the president this morning responding to that on Twitter. Calling him a mad man who doesn't mind starving her killing his people and said he will be tested like never before colleagues in recent can take a test like a personality test. I bigger than our diplomatic ged test of diplomacy hope. Well yeah yeah I think you're absolutely right humble one of the things a president has been hoping to do and an and waiting patiently here. Used to get the Chinese to step up a bit from the financial and economic side that looks like that's gonna be happening now with the banks. Yet at the big deal to yesterday the president announced he signed an executive order now what that does it bug the US. Treasury Department to go after. Individual entities banks that do business with North Korea and this is basically a choice you can do business with us or North Korea we want to light to do business with both we will freeze your counts and find you and the same day we learn the Chinese. An unprecedented mid of clamped down their financial flows of the North Korea they ordered their central bank and all of its subsidiaries to stop doing business with North Korean nationals. Three of the largest bank also be rated being told are cleaning out existing accounts now that's a big deal but the question will be. How long it will last is this simply a response to kind of get ahead of the Treasury Department so they don't hit those Chinese financial institutions. And they'll enforce this for a couple months then relax those were controls. It is simply president she. Trying to show control as they lead up to their party congress in October. Or will this be lasting change will this be the Chinese stepping up saying enough is enough with North Korea who they've had it interior deteriorating relationship with as well. And hopefully get North Korea to the diplomatic table. Yeah what are you hearing coming out of the White House or the administration about Pia. On his declaration Pomona that there may be a hydrogen bomb nuclear bomb are blown up over the Pacific someplace. Yet the foreign minister said that could be the highest level of action taken against the United States. So far from the administration we've only heard I in response to us specifically. From president trump and his tweets now yesterday though I will say that Nikki Haley the UN ambassador for the United States said that nobody wants war nobody wants loss of life were maintaining the stranglehold on the diplomatic channels and on the economy. A North Korea and hoping Dow pushed them to then went to the negotiating table however. The national security advisory term McMaster last week did say there's always a military response but. The question is is if we'll take that military response in response to that. Hydrogen bomb testing in the Pacific. Nikki Haley seemed to imply that it would have to be a direct attack on the United States or her allies. Got you sort of Marshall with ABC I covered the White House be here today appreciate your update Kim Jung on not only the most popular people in the world right now may be with his own people. Tom worked at least he thinks he is when his own people very strong. Direct address to to the world and the president of the United States you're one of the things you said wasn't frightened dog barked louder. So like I can't apparently he's calling the president dog. And insinuating that he barks. He's as I'd like to advise trump to exercise prudence in selecting words and to be considerate of them whom of whom he speaks when making a speech. In front of the world. Well of course. He needs to be considerate and and and exercise prudence in selecting words which is why were soliciting for you today to send us. Some insults are we concerned his way. The list should be long right so far Nimrod don't dork. Julie bag a donuts. Which is interest in Christie they gangster dude Sammy the bull gravano got a jewel today so good timing. Let's see. For Kim stick him and robots right victims to come remarks and then ranks burning rocket man that was the other latest that was sent to me. Scott at WBT dot com or you can come on Tuesday. Strong words from Kim Jung much. Stronger church. He ended up his. Just little note from love notre president. So I am now thinking hard. About what response he could have expected when he allowed such eccentric words to triple off his tongue and whenever trump might have expected. He will face results beyond his expectations and I will shortly. And definitively. Tame the mentally deranged US doctored. With fire. News. And anywhere from one of mine. So what do we have what are we what are we calling my I think we need to know we need to put together a list. Of words of the president is armed Rivera some snappy comebacks to deal with Kim Jong Hun. And a how're you called 7045701110. Levity is not sitting well with view is that when I gather. I'm how important Collins story it is their target market up. It is situation. Schedule will hold up Howard added Kristi and you powered Lola gets somewhat. How much thought to talk about this situation if it's not funny at all. And I don't know why aren't you feel heartfelt thank you feel about her you've got to give what you are now this present Peter took him. Well from acute and Howell and now it's open golf. So we have what we need to do it if some people they do we have some we have been trying to talk about their situation. Okay and how all how can you and I having a conversation here. Knew that what it what are we supposed to do about that and is as people on the street. We just want to make it through our lives right we just want to take care of our families we want people to not do something stupid. So how should we react to this you're not you're you're you're acting as if we should be. I don't get no serious about this. We wish you react where some kind of dignity here we should be choppy so the belt or support a broad net. They're all president not only in the wake eager candidates situation without Albert would be anti its mortgage. He is more I'll just like you don't know on you at all airports help me here. What words were words we don't hurt you and you're hurt you diet if you keep don't want. It did I hear you a 100%. But what are what are you and I supposed to do about it. I don't I don't wanna sit and whine about it and I don't wanna you know I don't wanna beat up on the president's saying well he just needs to be quiet I don't wanna say Kim Jung on Tuesday to be quiet you're both be enough a couple of kids on the playground here. That that boards the hell out of me to be quite honest Howard let's have. On the bulls don't keep it on the playground go get a whole lot of people cheer or nuclear weapons and it is not trying to yourself. That's that's all I'm Rebecca. Sorry donuts is that's all I need from the Howard and appreciate you calling. He's tickled Howard K yeah we we need to get a hold him give him some silly string and take until his tongue tickling to he's got to pedal. Gorelick starlet ABC here and a go to that's go to Mexico where there are still trying to dig folks out and what is the story Alex they hear about the little girl who doesn't exist. Yes got good morning and man this country is in shock right now because they thought that says that they were going to have a story of survival and out hope Frida is so CN that named it win all over the globe win. Eight got known publicly that this was a little girl authorities said they were communicating with the they said they delivered her water Knox. That she was telling them that she was next to two or three other people she thought they might be dead but that they were nearby and she huddled under a desk going yesterday. The military here came out and said. That was all the mistake bid dead that she never existed there were no children alive or dead trapped inside their school. And age there are a lot of conspiracy theories here in Mexico right now that they think this was a made up story to make Mexicans feel better about. There's be effort today and that there was going to be that there could be. Amazing stories of people who lived through all of the the destruction here. But whatever was that the government the Marines last night holding a news conference saying that they made a mistake. Did in the fog of war information got messed up and that it was their fault for. That information false information coming out but Scott you gotta wonder if that's not just slightly wrong information. Those are very detailed facts that. That never existed that they were completely made up her somehow. The wires Dick gave crossed a lot of confusion here in Mexico. Everett and there were so many people I mean it was somebody television cameras around this building and so many people that work. They weren't you making efforts on this here I mean there's going to be a lot of angry people as a result this year. When there are and I here in Mexico and and your right people hit they were camping out outside the school because they wanted to see her being pulled out rescue teams had gone toward this school thinking they could help out. I TV stations here were going wall to wall. And not not breaking away from coverage of the school thinking little freedom was going to be pulled out at any moment. And when word came that there was no. Freed the so Fiat that dead and many of those TV station went right back to regular programming of soap operas yesterday that at that event players now like well okay fine. But is that there are a lot of questions here over that while. The overall rescue effort continues last night they did pull somebody out alive at a textile factory just down the street from where I am right now. Thought that person came out to cheers and and and firefighters went right back to trying to find anybody. Who could still be there but but time Scott is running out it's cool it's been in the fifty's it's been raining. That hypothermia is gonna set in here very quickly in and kill anybody who might still be in in the buildings. I'm not sure which is worse than the colder to discuss two incredibly hot. I'm either one would be. Would put put people in despair fairly quickly here the other the other part about all these people Maltese rescue were spending all this time in this building is. How many other people could have been rescued. If resources were were put in different places man asks a question now a lot of the resources are going elsewhere at the Los Angeles county urban search and rescue team that that landed here yesterday just to make sure they ran a dog through there yesterday at the school. And they got no hints on any dead bodies or anybody alive. They still and then the school so they immediately went elsewhere they were gonna put the resources there. They're still searching through they're just in case there is somebody who might still be there they think there could be a custodial or maintenance worker. Potentially in there somewhere just because if they haven't heard from that person not likely alive at this point but they're they're gonna continue searching but a lot of the the resources are now leaving the school and going elsewhere to help out. Yeah all right appreciate the update Alex gone in Mexico City is we continue the other rescue efforts and the other clean up. From the other seven point one earthquake hum the FaceBook folks confirmed yesterday that they've decided to turn over copies of roughly 3000 advertisements. That were allegedly purchased by Russian linked groups during the presidential campaign. Zuckerberg himself got in front of the camera. I don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. That's not what we stand for. Now I wish I can tell you that we're gonna build stuff all interference but I just wouldn't be realistic. There will always be bad actors in the world now and we can prevent all the governments from all interference. We can make it harder we can make it much harder we're actively working with the US government on its ongoing investigations into Russian interference. We've been investigating this for many months now. And for a while we found no evidence sort of figure counseling to Russians coming to Russia running ads. I know we recently uncovered this activity would provide that information for special counsel. We also briefed congress and this morning I directed our team to provide the ads we've found it to congress as well. Now as a general rule. We're gonna be limited in what we can discuss publicly about ongoing law enforcement investigations so we may not always be able to share all of our findings publicly. But we support congress and deciding how to best use this information to inform the public. And we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete. All right so there turner and all over. The General Counsel for Facebook's I was we believe it is vitally important that government authorities have the information they need. To deliver to the public and full assessment of what happened. He went on to say this is an assessment that can mean to be made only by investigators would access to classified intelligence. And information from all relevant companies and industries and we want. To do our part. So. Their dignity and mrs. this is coming at the request of again special counsel Robert Mueller. Do the rest the Russian investigation senator Chuck Grassley got a vial. Hussein hit the FBI. Hey hey FBI. Why don't you tell us whether or not you as a hero ever breathe through horn president trump about. These alleged attempts by the Russian government to infiltrate the campaign his campaign. He says if the FBI did provide a defense briefing or similar warning to him then that would raise important questions about how the trump campaign responded but it on the other hand. The FDA did not look the campaign that that would raise serious questions about what factors contributed. To its decision in what appears have been handled differently. A break and back him when we come back we're gonna Tebow joining us it's 1015. We'll girl hit the face of the baseball at yankees stadium. It's time to make some changes. In our sports Arenas to keep people safe we'll get to that coming up plus more insults for Kim Jung on the way on WBJ. Let me get a break it here it's. 45. Five emails or do they say thank god it's Friday essentially in other words as well but essentially it's like man whether we get this year and so my glad you. For making this Friday Friday morning until whenever 704570. And a potentially vote for joining us you're coming up at 1015 talk about based. Paul and netting and keeping people safe and and ray you've called 704571110. Am glad that you did to morning. Amaru or do and our rights are graduates. They're very simple solution for the baseball where he can you need to put matting down the first baseline. And bedding down the first baseline. That would take her look probable. Yeah a majority stadiums and done. Because of one all of them to go through years ago I got I was O Rama third base side art or perhaps dugout. Seven Mark Teixeira the Yankees had a line drive on the right sure and even Syria. Wow what were you what were you watching at the time and we were you. Watching him back to where rewrite some place else. Watching them but here's the thing about that we hear the crack about bats. If you react to the site owner and look forward to bet you're not concerned the bulk of the ball hearted all now. Mean this defense and how far away you are well our group you know me yet you're sitting on the outfield. And then you hear the crack of the bat that balls thirty way up in the sky. Oreo yet is Kazaa faster you know sound travels and I don't know how fast those balls travel booked a I think they said. Then it was over a hundred miles an hour the one that if you don't face also the ball pretty well over Barbara so I'm sure it's gonna be way over and admit the pitcher control at a hundred. Then than the force of the bad has got to make it that much and that much faster. That you notice that they have batting behind home plate for the god technical. Sure of course. I woke particularly because. If the ball is is found it goes like straight back you know it's just you know skimming that goes from literally over the top of the other head of the umpire. There will be absolutely no reaction time for people knew Richard you're so close that that obviously you wouldn't be able to get your hands of president. But that that was really weird with the historical trip. Yeah guided to a follower of blubber for the kid and I NFL horrible for the players to. Mr. Todd Frazier who was the one who did it. Failure is yet to be. Chip we are about yeah. And I imagine that they gonna have a way in their brain disorder shake that kind of stuff off otherwise did it take you you know particular right out of it you know. Well that's not solution on the betting on first base and third base suspect that's almost global problem that not all of. Yeah no I agree with you on that and a and other a lot of folks say no we can do that the game needs to stay pure. Mean still don't have that same sort of intimacy level so that. Literally you can reach over the dugout and you know touchstone in the touch the players are they can be right there and threw the ball right up to you. Which is always been one of the bill of sort of a baseball is you are you're more part of the game then just completely a spectator. And you spend so much more time with these players. Who I think about a 161 games as opposed to sixteen with football. You know show you this long season to spend all his time getting to know these folks and an Indian right there in the middle of the ballpark you know just some contaminants up close and and some that is so very very into went about it. We don't have nets that maybe NT doing. All around lots of net remember I'm trying to remember consumer. Not over the entire stadium but there's there's a good bit yeah. I don't know. Like the idea keeping people safe means and we may get that but. I don't know. Seems like it would just take away from certain portion of the audience of the game. 70457. Or 1110 if you don't like to join in on conversations for his alleged ghost. The bearish it to my knowledge there's only been one person. Killed. By any my fly ball. And I was back in 1970. Out. I know we lost we've lost. Fans at NASCAR races yeah right which tires flying off and that sort of thing. And was where those the kind of things that precipitated embody opening offenses because at some point in time. During the races there probably weren't fences around everything now it's stand right next to the track bag today yet. But I don't know and not dumb enough it's gonna bred hybrid the morning you're WB two. More paying out resist listening to the weird science their commitment that. Say those are terrible at certain speed camera. But anyway pitchers throw an outline or cougars exit speed don't oh am I am. Big home run hitters certain in the scenes like other entertainment and eighteen miles an hour at all. Barry has missed all but not approaching the speed Sam. None and I and I could. If I if it if I sounded like. I was insinuating that they that is is because I know it's just when you see the dish and on the outfield and and in every vividly remember in this group having all the top. At least get cheap sees he sees the ball leave. The bat and you can see it coming your way and it's in the air and then the sound if you. What does that make sense to your eyes obviously see things immediately and. I wasn't any of my own her comment airs street Paul aren't there. He. Didn't see the ball because you know without a sequence where they're coming out there at the all things struck him in certain and the third or so ago what you. Haven't learned about a thousand respondent and the big bets court. Resident you're it was a rip in the space time continuum have Wimbledon so I appreciate your preach appreciate the physics lesson. I think it was physics I don't know what oil was Fred appreciate your call my coming at you first on the other side. 70457011. Technology for some science I am always for learned over the sides as long as it does have anything to do what they thermometer certain body part break him back 1010 now at WBT. For the Yankees are under siege after. Terrible tragedy with a little girl get hit in the face Medea. The baseball. Could number three. Not long after the that went down around Yankee Stadium something with a camera grab some fans there and and got their take. My 100%. You made the game you never know what's. Become abundantly clear. It's dramatic and all the hallmarks of your your. Anyway I'm. You see the response from everyone it won't happen. Typical that is their plan will work in the Yankees are just didn't beat at home here to what to make some changes Mikey called 70457011. Tent. You're on WB to your health and also be in the presence of the mighty Tebow and. But borrowed more embody a you don't have a large manly and Obama. I think it's great open net is because one person it would have been all while I hate a blue girl culture that hurt but like. You have put a net at the phone at three quarters of the audience now because one person got hit by a baseball on it coming before the game is indeed about baseball. Now you're there take a weight affected you know how neat is that rockabilly cat or you have an opportunity to catch a foul ball that lights senior moment. You know because of the net punting it over kill more people choke on popcorn and you baseball's. Well there might be true. Would you feel differently about that if you were sitting there and you were on the you know third base side and Paul came on day and he your little boy in the face. Not an accident happened I mean I was. Well probably ten years all go down the steps at Charlotte motor speedway and light cracked Michael. Why we shouldn't have been drinking you should have been drinking when we are two if there is a 2014. Report I think 2014. But 17100. People a year hit by a foul ball. Maybe not to that extent. But at 17100 people that have been hit so as not just a onetime incident and it happens a lot more than I realize now not that severe but it does happen a lot. That would mean how many people like hitch ball ball go a little kid that it makes their day. I mean you know you gotta balance so if you have that unlike put there are of like NASCAR did the same thing. Then I can understand their. Called for it because I think that was just probably NASCAR did it they had a problem with threw me. All caught parts flying in the crowd after Rex so they had to raise their expenses. All unlike all the stuff but only people to like one lady I hit my attire and died DL yeah I understand that kind of stuff like I'm. I don't think he's by the regarding kilt like about foul ball. 1970 lady and Simon birch movie 1970. 1972 hours ago that dugout at the finish with a baseball and I. Yeah but I mean it's I think I think you've got to kind of degrade the experience there I think it's yeah getting into our cultures now where. Everything has got to be so super say you have slug it. If you can't if you can be safer than it is and why why shouldn't why wouldn't we take take the steps necessary to make it safer if we can do that. Do you complaint you could not all of Mike you complain about the net if you're sitting behind home plate. I mean Alex who like when you go to they organize heavily looker now I just think it's kind of Billy saying I mean. Look at how it can boring Yankee Stadium the big hit about baseball it even at 700 people are about baseball per year how would capability gains. But why does one person captain maybe die someone dies then you take action wanted to take action before something even worse happens. I wonder one political getting enough that that's enough. Might yet mean Mike the argument while how many people didn't get hit. That doesn't hold water I mean that's not kinda statistics that that makes sense from a human point of view. No but when you look at it this way I mean. Like Britney prevent the plane crash happened but they don't give people still fly. I mean acknowledge that ground flights and you know because they had a few car crashes over the years I hope people got about it all the the years I did it play. I mean it's not like anyone's guess say you know you know better don't go to baseball game knows sign you might get hit by a baseball. I'm mark my daughter was thick playbook goes they're okay you know okay I'll I'll roll the dice on this but I don't think it's gonna be risky. Well mission yet pick your daughter up and holder in front of you catch a ball comes your way that. Yeah. No my Mike you what you're saying you know Judy you know there's 49000 people or 9909. United didn't get hit with a baseball. But still who is in one another the tragedy. Talk about it obstructed view also wide that's what you to a net is of little sideways you can make that to someone else doesn't get injured or die potentially right it's not like you'd. Have a complete wall of part of you were you can't see it's a net like. Get over what's it's a Morales ordered gotten. Well there's not a nets are higher so Tebow would W offends you the fan is doing insert unbelievable. And the in the foul ball deal catching the foul balls. Most of them that you catch go up and then come back down and those would go over the net. He won a title of the globe now the state CF. And yankees all our gold glove winning outfielder Greg Garber said yesterday that if he sat there. The balls come so fast or and that little area 105 miles per hour gold glove outfielder in the majors he could not react quickly really yes. That's how fast they come to that part of the state that that seating area eat a gold Glover Mark Teixeira first baseman for the Yankees throw up on another gold glove winner said. That he couldn't do it. So I've grown men. That played a sport can't react quick enough how or little kids and people aren't athletes sort of response now cost not a dangerous if he's open to closed. But how far does it need to go down and I don't think it needs are going down to the foul line not not to not the foul but you've got I mean. Consulted about it and edit into the dugout Maine health party go out into the dugout maybe I guess I mean depends on where do the researchers figure out where the most dangerous is that's why in the standstill are surprised I was but in pale by a bats of piano when they go back to you every game at bats flying in the someplace spree especially when they. When they break communion at this Jeff Bridges that go along how about hockey games. I know they've got to the shields go to a certain height you're devoted to listening to go higher because a puck curious what date date date they are that wake as someone did get it. Yeah Malia I believe all little girl boy got hit they had to do hockey fans complain about their obstructed via or they're better experience to do my get up puck in the grill yet. Gloria consume what you'll ST yeah actually asleep right exactly know yet it's a good self look I was dollar bid to. And it was 2002 was a Blue Jackets game Blue Jackets Calgary French thirteen year old. Britney Cecil. Did she died. What others would not amount if you GO export more people died. As our participants arisen spectators and I don't know I don't know soccer really yet because of bad behavior can be ever in players being around him thousands of people. Is there any danger to football game whenever mr. whether put the net up. For the field goals is it because they wanna keep the ball they wanna keep the ball at all let out the danger in football games to probably be fan sites there's a lot of say maybe. Anytime a raiders play a football game just YouTube the next day. Raiders fight yet and you'll see aren't a lot by etc. I just more day injury and go to Philly but there's more danger it stands right neck games then. Anything else unless you're jets and then the team might what you endanger. The two that would just by watching them in my heart attack heart attack and heart attack or dying of misery if you are or tiring of or just like you. You might catch depression or a football intra day whether them if they wanna put nets up because they're dangerous than they need to get with a rib stairwells. And escalators and what are those build alleges that people can hang over absolve still stuck in out last caller I get the foul ball you get to that. The chancellor felt a bike at a baseball that's right the might get a baseball to the chances are it three. Kids' attention spans how long they got to remember that foul ball or. No you rewrite the united it's like don't forget it like a weaker so well that and I mean I got balls when I was but the color. I've got congratulation I see with and I think if I told them I about a hero the German now I know I'm that's a sure all of let me look Jack. On Hillary Ontario Chris you Merkel WBT where where where you stand on this. Back titles and an advantage but that it killed admitted or it isn't a film aren't as learning a lot I really don't have a strong opinion about it beyond its really. But I am period of new guys new light coughing like when I watch golf curse and they're like this alleyway of human bodies in state is going Dow oh I like. I mentioned pride shall golfing life. And had a straight you know I don't really ever see at arm's certain that had to happen. And I'm Jerry do you guys you're done it's far beyond that that that there's ever been any push to. Have more crowds date he had golf about it. That's that's a good question. Because I'll fly real fans may they got to the faster than a baseball Mitt. I don't Lloyd audience and I know that the guy Happy Gilmore got an Aleman. So now as the 2000 fortunate to Bob Barker that. Not a Oksana again. Chris I'll look at a four. Good question I don't know the answer to golf related to. Spectator injuring an operative nausea frisbee golf and I think Tony you know we don't pop ups are probably no now water polo was a wonderful of so probably drowned before. I know that they're good people who died watching bikini. Volatile real heart attack that next at bat the architect. Peabody collected against a time capsule unappreciated don't take the ball on the grill for the world luck. We'll talk about my balls come about for the news Tuesday was just just. True but nets around the a baseball parts of emails and comments. Odds of getting hit by a baseball. One make in 297000. Talks will odds are getting hit by a cart one in 113. Still obvious do you do you is correct here we need to put Mets are on the cars and makes absolute sense. James writes him there will be ticked off fans who can't catch foul balls especially hits from star players. Assuming that James as well the nets have their Scott there's a reason Romans should have the coliseum it was the CB Christians being fed and eaten by the alliance. And since they stopped at the coliseum is not in complete disrepair. But at that. That that is true. That that is true. Meet rights and your caller. Little while ago who said you know if the kid doesn't get to catch a fly ball you know they're not gonna have that life changing moment. So he writes and mr. Kerr comedy life changing moment quote really. I guess and he has set the Murray did set the bar very high about like that as far as looked I was going to be of any life changer. Samaritan Phil writes in Tampa does put a net and that raises and lowers. Yeah I think that that's a possibilities of what goes automatically overs. Her mom just and then do you rights and one person what you buy from sex every year. And then there earth and he has some lines about foul balls and gripping the bat in I'm just not gonna go there and deter skew with the ABC joins us now here updates from FaceBook and the Russian investigation. I'm mr. Zuckerberg himself said hey we're gonna give it all up. Well and that's after a couple of weeks of of resistance when they first disclosed that they had. You know pulled the ads that were paid for by Russian spies effectively. They've been and really share much else sudden now under pressure from the public and from congress they've turned over more. Material and said that they would try to be a little more responsive going forward with political advertising. Making it easier to find out at least to Haiti before we had some. Because they they found about a 100000 dollars worth of spending. All abide by a Russian agent sent them comic a lot of money but remember the 100000 dollars for FaceBook buys you a lot millions of Americans saw these things. It wasn't just that there was also at least they can count some 500 of them. That you know one of them video kind sound as great as that purportedly. Looked dead and some. But up at area that. That happens quite a bit him in one of the things that they read over the week and about ways to check whether some of the news regular story Israel is Google image the image that's included with it because you're assuming people has gotten paced news pictures from all over the place. I was really questions I had it it would seem to me and I and I could be brought them the seven the conversation was somebody about this the other day when it comes to political spending. If if somebody buys a political a political lead here and wants to be on the radio we need to know who paid for it. And there there's a log that's kept out because there's no such stringent laws about political advertising. And I would think at the same thing would apply for digital they would have to declare who was quote paying for it and I'm sure they kept records of that. So who looked what's the problem wanted to take them so long to have to get up and off line on this. Well look if there is in the same kind of regulation for a digital advertising on the way there is a radio or television what you know what. Both the tagline I'm Aaron Cook Turkey and I approve this message to break. That's not required it's her turn to kind of digital advertising that some members of congress now say maybe it should be and that there should be some accountability. Which is against kind of ethos of an unfettered unfiltered Internet so there's going to be a fight coming up. Yeah I I would imagine Tom is going to be a GOP had to be a Democrat it's going to propose this you think. Well you know that there may be bipartisan support for this but also they have because he helium Billiton and in this particular case. The blue book the Russian interference may. May have. Benefited. One over the other it could just as easily go the other way to next time title. I'm not sure you're gonna have to see a whole lot of resistance. Indian political corners especially because. This is just say if nothing else this is effectively evidence of Russian meddling not anybody necessarily needed it but. You know they did there's there was a clear. Effort read that that FaceBook has exposed. Yeah and then you still still the argument against there why this is any big deal at all list. Can't this you can't prove that to change anybody's vote is is New York that's coming utterly. Anti communism because supposed to know but so which piece of advertising is going to be V. You know the influential piece but you still know the number of eyeballs. And and millions of Americans saw these adds. And potentially were affected by them and Peter do you want. Russian agents that being the BB influencers here. Com and then the third good does that help or hurt hurt the democratic process. Yeah I mean I don't think anybody wants that. Ambit you went in and when somebody says I had this conversation was on the other day this well you know bad don't give our media minute change of a's might well then why does Coca-Cola why does apple lighted these big major corporations spend so much money on advertising. They don't do it because it doesn't work you know to just just because there is no direct line to cash register from somebody who's our FaceBook get on the way to the polls. A doesn't mean it didn't work. This certainly true and and renew remember it is interest Viet it would take account in the post in the more subtle things. That. An event that may have. You know that had been may have influenced people to to vote one way or another and you know he's he's you know of a David and advertising indeed he had. If you want a couple who inoperative. Any form having a say yes yes the American election turns out. Friday I think Aaron that saying the word advertising sort of diminishes the impact of it if we would just always called a psychological operation then it might affect people there for. Aaron do you still approve this message here always are marketers we've ABC appreciate your picks and forties your time. Let's go back to. Kids drinking at high schools. In the stands and and getting kicked out could that possibly happen around here for how do you spell art read hell famous pretty simply time. One of the additionally he's just given you what they have pizza that was flows of what did you say it was a similar some limited pumpkin weighing pumpkin spice beats pumpkins vice reason. Hello dominoes for a method it thank you. So let's take forty it is time hi there my name is Scott FitzGerald web that you would dispute today so high school kids are known for after getting ready ruins and oil. And maybe even drinking from habitat certainly don't condone it certainly don't want our kids do that both the when he wanted to not they're gonna do it right. And apparently that's what happened. And assist with the principal fraud was gone down at our green cal high school last week. But I can understand and maybe you've seen situations where one kid was was kicked out of a football game. About everyone of us. CMS tells me that any student court. Just obeying those roles in the student code of conduct will be disciplined. We still do not know if that means they'll students caught will be banned from future Friday night games while we wait for that parents students and even the principal. They say they are very disgusted at what happened in the stands. It was a phone call Audrey kill high school parents didn't expect to get from the principal. We can't significant number students were intoxicated. High on drugs present another student a little cleaning and throwing items are bad. Chanting inappropriate words and shouting racial comments towards others you can. They've gained just cynically abusing their Pearson. I need to move. Things were so out of control the principal had to clear the entire student section joy the third quarter. One parent who was there told me it looked like more than 200 students were kicked out student safety was in jeopardy I think David Wright thing. This mom's kid is in the bad the whole herd of course it's their classmate. Had they like that it's disgusting. And they makes you wonder. It's very disrespectful and disappointing. Where were new Charlotte's and then I'm sad to see that project Cahill high school. Football players had no idea what was going off we're on the feud and also we will still abuse incision was and then the principal now offering this strong message. We're our secure high school board and top school in North Carolina. Are you community deserve better than this. I think it's pretty good. You disappointing for a school. Musician so Soledad. Parents are asked to talk to their kids tonight about good behavior others just want the punishment. To fit the crime might think he should probably could be suspended. Never number of games. Because otherwise there's no consequence and who do you mean. Suspended her from from the games. The suspended from school was not the role not edit. I don't know the school never heard a school that doesn't suspend you appeared drunk. Right I never heard a school that doesn't suspend your they find out that your high. Maybe emissions up and here. But I still think it was a mistake for them to just kick them all out and then send them on their merry way because if indeed you make a decision to do simply because you believe that somebody's drunk or somebody's high. And then you make them leave that place then your basically sending them out on the road to rushing them away. Out into the real world where bad things could happen probably even worse things could happen out there in the real world than they would. Shouldn't there in the stands. Don't think it was thought all the way through public Jewish settlement for a front 7UP 1110. America's high school and eternal human far from the U are right aren't I am close enough that in our neighborhood for some time the kids would park. The soon to park on the streets in this particular neighborhood. Because it was close enough to walk to the school. And I was fine until they trashed the place knew they would literally leased so much garbage. When they left after their you know left from school whatsoever they had to eat or drink whatever was in their car they just through the garbage on the street on the side. And left wryly yes so they stopped today just simply stopped it. And did you name neighborhood. Notified the school that this was gonna happen or just a news but I cited signs in the parking wow parking on the street Sabato vagabond Judy Garland about. So what's your take on is what if somebody would have left what if one of the kids that they. The date they saw their being you know on ruling that they were suspecting of being drunk or high. Tens of going out get in the car. And tell on themselves or somebody else. And then there's somebody else in the cars this is what we know and and then the police hasn't what would happen why even brat when we got kicked out of the football game principles that we need to go home. Would there be any sort of accountability or culpability there. I think is a bad move I think there should be kept everybody. Tim attempts at this earlier round of mullah make sure that you know who each and every one of these students are so that you can have some disciplinary action later on maybe have. And every single kid had their parents come and get a great guy good morning here on WBT happy Friday to you man. I adore her he had thought ended what was. They may be related kids are gonna get away some lenders who have loved suspension from school really honest but it kid it's more so on a good parent because foursome. Our range somewhere taking care for kids. Now I school they're probably not going to be initiatives stay at home plate gangs are trying more column by column. But and they would definitely bring back steichen and schools certainly are even better ideas that your kids could result. The parent expects. There will be nothing that would put them into bad behavior quicker than met. Well I know that there are there are school districts. That when the kids do screw up in the parents are the ones that have to have to pay others. Find that the parents have to pay. And I heard your bill of goods there marker I don't know hundreds of dollars. And even then Yemen the parents are gonna continue to haunt tot you're bit how many parents can't can't manage their children today. That the numbers seem to be so staggering compared to years ago I mean seems her parents were in charge when I was growing up mountains in that that's kings at all. What can be in charges as much to do is there weren't a passer so a lot of prayers go out mentality they're Alba I don't strength under any circumstances mentality. They and indeed the word there and they could be in charge but they have pressured their responsibilities. And are much count as my friend my child is my friend. Wonder how many these kids were drunken high got their drugs or their other looker from their parents. I broke where probably a good idea and then they know which they knew what shocked or dedicated and Sunnis. Are they Greg appreciate your call bank are new today. He got a penalty was a good move it is a very Portman it was a matter of fact I like to see and I'm looking forward to seeing what the focus going to be on this because if we don't find out there's been any sort of discipline. Against these people they kicked out. Then it was an exercise in futility we had one caller who didn't have a time to come on your buddy address that. His contention was that the principles not going to take action in the mean real action against these students. Due to a concern of a backlash from the parents. Why that but that's but the parent will come in with a student and say. You're actually going to give my child a criminal record war. Are spitting or saying this off four point one rock or whoever they all did that evening. That's that's what this chairman contends is that the that is why we're at this point is that the school. And the principal do not want to take action think they're afraid of a wealthy kids and parents lawyer and up on lingo media attention point. Would happen if it was -- lower middle class school would. Now. John hi good morning or WB to what your take on this. Yet there are sheriff's. At their art school games they all have rebel lies or not vote vote vote vote oh yeah did pick up all. I want. Yeah yeah you go that route back up and say that again look at the record at the RR. I'm so glad to stop you soon after. Just got this image of during the shares had lol that's a fact that must not familiar you're right and and I didn't see any comments about anybody in law enforcement vet and do have been there and had to witnessed at all. They're out there in that back taken mere minutes to get it you know. Couple so it got a lot here about. Yet or hurt you know at least what they could've done. It's taken ahead of the principal sent all right everybody leave and then vice principal or some teachers this stand there with their cell phone with a video camera. And so once the most single file. File on out and go into some sort of holding or you get everybody on video. Obviously the pair interest immediate teachers the principals and I know every student that is one of their own students so therefore they can you know Padilla. A video record what happened in the field takes a most American afterwards so. John good stuff appreciate your call. This year the you're a closer look at. You film a little tired. Kind of weird out here then what would have left their targets on the line that's fat fat fat back. So what's your take on this here let's put together some suggestions that we can give to the other border but it came from your school board folks the other principles there. You say you women he made out of thought about this but we have thought about this in we think he went down the wrong well. And an element about ultimately it'll story about well now some of those were. Drunk. In high school. And you can practice. Yeah. Whenever the toilets immediately thereafter the coming up we'll move forward. Hey there's got to Joseph blow to move Friday. Never underestimate the power of your pet and no seriously. Hurt double that Hillary. One is paganism really nasty things to other people at the wheel at that moment. But flooding. Is an African grey parrot pretty Smart here we can mimic almost anybody's voice. Including his female owners voice scoring in Pretoria us. She was a bit surprised when she got a gift box. In the mail from our from Amazon. Pitchers and are open. She eventually figure about. And carpet but. Prepared inaction on video. I wish that you realize it buddy had made an Amazon order. It but the look. So. She was in the other room and she could your body saying. Hail except pale access to. And then Alexa would answer sorry I didn't quite get that. But then buddies sit Alexa and then some other gibberish. And then the machine replied. What is that you want to order. The pair everybody has been doing this for quite awhile and Amazon has been. Taken his spirits order cook that good news is for her is that. Apparently if you're order is placed my voice with election that Alexis by bigotry returns. And I think even though if you if you do with the parents that they didn't pay any. At least. Particularly given you can compare so that's what one pat can do another person's pet in this particular case it was via service animal for a veteran was NAR restaurant. And you know every time I've seen something like that generally the reaction has spent a law. Lift can put you know. Not this type. And I want my line well. It's. Not when I'm OK okay it's. All we want to laugh. The only 100. Yeah. Susan a restaurant. You like to build up. Who like Hulu. L and well. Yeah. This isn't a movie I'm not making this up the like you don't. Move through movies here. Yeah and don't wanna join us and showed us I felt his announcement a boyfriend. Floyd and obviously has no power in the relationship seems like you don't wanna grab and her elbow trying to you know believe him though he's not god yeah. And Jesus loves dogs. But let's go to this goes on for another two and a half minutes. Before she finally and believing in the mail lock the door behind him. All because of a service dog. 'cause she thought it was discussing them and restaurant if you don't like the service dog eat you may lead their largest canola. Seed yet I am. Because stole my understanding most establishments will have a sign. Are there this is no pets but service dogs or service animals are accepted growing that's right all the different issues government have you ever seen a place that says no service animals. You'll I don't think ahead. Ever. But to lose your mind like death I've never witnessed anybody freaking out like that before they air in a way I'm glad. I guess in a way to let you feel like I'm kind of miss and now I'm a little bit like. It might become a hot chip and this is excellent jump in that scrum don't know I wouldn't jump did not intend. Know somebody who woman like that it gets that angry. Now I don't I don't want at that because that's again that's where you gonna get slapped yeah you know you want to the second you just need to combat I do not into account scratch your novels that's right you want her upside the head. Yeah I I just don't understand some people Johnny called 704571110. Pledged to welcome to a Friday. And good are you a few things first of if you know what it's. People which ones he most only rational person in that she entire. Situation did you see the video yes like this it was amazing to me it was almost as if it wasn't happening. Yeah I think and it sort of reminded me you know the old horror stories you Black Friday video which. Lets you see where people are hard. I mean I Q like we're trying to get to Leo loose a bullet. To win the Super Bowl right 22 tie ups Fergie you know and Europe Cabbage Patch Kids and days Columbine. Yeah and second not in regards to service animal. We weren't things that upset me about China about some people is we'll bring and that there. A three week old club being in cheek in a Wal-Mart were told Lyon and say it's my service and I'm all right no not now. Did you all grow out of the store. Sorry it's our rat get it out. But not. There are certain places I'm OK when somebody gonna dog in their purses from them like that but but not not not again. And not and a place it's trying to sell me food restaurants I'm okay with a because you know they're not gonna get anywhere near my stuff. But the stuff that I have to pick up off the shelves and off the Connors I don't I don't want. Have their. Chinese anywhere near the most of us I appreciate your call happy. David Palmer get to you. Just a moment you're 704571110. As a telephone number with a join us here on the beat Venus thank you much 1116 issued time I've got pictures. So what moment though it played a video of a woman just losing her mind absolutely losing her mind getting in the face of a bunch of folks restaurant workers and even. He had the veteran. Who is standing there with a service store and yes it was a real service dog and heavier jacket on and everything and the other veterans just been a very very calmly. Losing actually losing her mind and kind of blew me away that do these the intolerance of some people. But Kathy called a 7457. Though 1110 welcome to the program horn. So secular culture ot not I wanted to bring up the question about why she sang and the way you look was saying it. Bearer on religion and also on ethnic groups. Special from South America and over that part yet it I thought oh yeah almost went down. Consider the options could be Gary evil very dirty. Yeah at eight but all I'll say it has been brought up to believe that and at each and spirits. And that will come on me every day to day you won't say that I know I'm very good golf bet acquire what went down that far away I think. She what I write what you found that parents or your newspaper print ads for the job. Because that's something you don't do you lay out what but that's in the Venezuela. They'd get something bad they are block out what that Eric bad what there's something has just been without bounce. First century why that it but they do they can get very very irate about it. She actually can't I thought Al along but it took her three year say. To being in the united right before you really got over to realize. That shouldn't that was all the bad that that would implicate but they're by a lot of people. That a bit Barbara channel original I believe that dogs aren't as they tilt the election and that's evident a place that you eat eggs you know that's. It landed into almost like hell but a lot of Arabs so and you believe you are pure public want and not the other you know. Yet it's just something that's not why not let them as it's done. And it's not just the problem for some popcorn and watching it becomes the Fabio which some and they will yet they won't get irate they just blew it. Yeah I didn't know. I didn't get the feeling that this was a you know and other world culture or religious situation here. I think she just called a disgusting and I can understand somebody doesn't like to think that doesn't mean that you lose your mind and you go off on somebody like this. And as far as religions go. There there are examples of and in the the Muslim world the dogs are considered to be ritual we unclean. And according to this particular article uncommon for practicing Muslims to have dogs as pets contributors scavengers. Is not affect in Britain police sniffer dogs. They're not to to either they're required to Wear leather dog booties. When they are searching in a mosque or in Muslim homes. Interest. Tests of the I don't see any other religions that do a better. You know just take totally these are virtually unclean animals and I keep more way for me here so Kershaw gets you a Mormon running Europe next here on WBT. Have you any. One they are growth forces to sell out faintly like that. And to be honest it looks pretty cool but do you realize if he gets scary because you realize when you gotta go through them to get out of our. It's you just heard record but you know you're talking about the ladies when they fight. Oh my god yeah beloved that is going to happen and so how school. Probably pulled most of these two girls guided tour of the top of the steps. Then I mean they guided tour and I played football a couple of football players come walking around the likes the eleventh Gaudio brought the girl who welcome large nominee I'm not big enough and every tell a big loud when you're not bring it up of course they're going to step up. Which have Nadal also a confident and so I broad jump bid to try to break up this Foxit. They beat girls and women available and they go down the stereos they would down there's still further now broke. The measure Mayo led that it failed afternoon with the football club could just sit in doubt as well like they do go out of football but the because it should what did you out there has been a lot and broke up two girls leaguers. Out one million never did you'd never get to build a campfire. In the now and slow but they bailout life. Every girl they changed the name all the way it hugging each other best players. And a billboard Olelo on the floor just blatant bid or blood. That's awesome. Not did the did did the heels come off and then the hearings get yanked out. All we know about funny because they were doing that as good camera at the end but when the guy jumped him. Still lies within the overtime and out would feel the weight that's what David. Tell probably not out to the hospital by the love new logo out that the almighty god it happened then I'll fly until people that you know its its got to watch a video that you can cut out for breathed but bullying in the middle of the arguably did I gotta get out. At a thigh area a 100% and what is the protocol if you break up. Try to break up a fight between two women and then they turn on you as a man are you allowed to defend yourself to mean. Didn't mean if a woman's coming after you are you allowed to hit them. Lebanon I McGee doesn't merely a vehicle women yeah he's got those swing you'd anyway they could begin out real life that they were they get a bit not I would just try to get out the floor they get away from these girls so they obviously get course the big girl was tried to get out of there. He had the I think I'd run to I think that road to justice you know. What what it was it to discretion is the better part of valor live to fight another day I cannot think so are they running appreciate your call. I arbor shareware Ivan. If men as often. Just awful gone after this guy because he had a service dog and I guess the question that I hit news. And you think that most people most civilized people will go. OK I don't like dogs to me that's disgusting one and I get up and leave go someplace else. You know does go it the right exactly. Or if they say if that person comes in with a dog after you've been there for awhile. And say you know hey I have an issue would are would you mind sitting over there so that I'm not near he was opposed to. Raising holy hell Herschel high here on WBT get more and welcome to a Friday and. Oh I I got thank you so much for taking my call absolutely crucial. Yeah I I think this is a big problem I've I've been affected by this as well because. You know I've been out in public without a pet. Yeah and people get upset that. If you work if you intend establishment and maybe they're not used to. Being around Pat's foot here other colas has mentioned in and I just don't understand how how people get so upset and angry well I mean. Thursday that there is a difference between. Just a pet and area and a service animal crucial you know service animals or whether welcome they should be welcome everywhere and people should understand the reason for them. Being what they are doing what they are but you know and some places I do have a problem with pets. Well I mean if it's if it's that there are deep at that you know conjure anxiety may you have for a therapy tell you a corporal Pearson you know phobia. If you haven't they're people that I. I personally have they upon some. That I use what you the call me it's that the Fed upon their credit for five years possibly. Yeah yeah he's so apostle mark I rescued and one day in my backyard. I thought that he was is he's been you know a little sickly but as they prepare a most impacted how people you think these are great that he he's he's got strained. And I. If you want you how strained a possible I'll be O yes yes and it's kind of sparked when we demeanor. Are they are they Smart I didn't think they were varies. Smart animals didn't want you must be it's a top of the class I thought could it. What is his name is if there's a possibly have and yet named herald herald the constant yes sir this is a column area for a short. Here the what but the Durham. That lets face that they make when they when they get angered a comeback and the solid snake face and kissing Roy hissing noise at remote. The only time that happened was when we you know I do. Looking a little ill one night as in the little congested talks I walked him up to those that CVS on the corner just and there was this just. They re angry obese Hispanic woman who just I kept screening techniques. Calling and calling her oval or road and I was trying to explain to her that unmanned and correct this is a marsupial. And did you. I I don't know like I've just never seen such anger and he got very scared you know he made that tape stick to talking about death and maybe your your call from my earliest correct you know with people not understanding pats. And intense situations and thinking that there you know. Scary. Good about that might make a lot of sense that this woman accused. She is just very Opie and very. Haven't. When a congested we give a congested possum. Did you go CBS is it flown lasers certainly would like Campbell like I can't that the and that's that's vet recommended. Full Herschel best of luck with a shareholder letter carriers. It's it's cherry right herald. Yeah plus column everybody here at your home like a friend. Shimmy pictures got a WBT got come I would love to see your your. Near constant. I bet that's not a dirty things. Somebody could take it that way Jim initially apostle and. Possibly said possibly break him back. You and your calls Mike and Tom coming up on that these 11109 events three WBT. I wanna cross and net. So the only marsupial that lives in the United States. Throw served. I know I I hate to ask you for all the hard research up but can you look at marsupials and see what other marsupials may be living here regardless. It's if I can give ponson then. Michael heard a different marsupials durable. Astronomers who feel okay about it. Excuse me where do what is today's must that feel the candidates for engine and it's good to a aerial is it aerials I pronounce it. Burger I'm good man I'm glad you called here might be coming up next woody woody got fortunate it. They were neglected points first Dennis. We give people the right to go whatever they want to say they're inside you run your life and I don't care about what people think about it so apt comment goes up. Obviously you do interstate did not want my words but you're well so something don't go my way man enough. There were this year react it was just crazy. Thought the other border execute and score I'm thinking I'm 45. My mother knew me always follow whatever she Tunisian who got the job even have to tell ya I told you keep them coming quarter the gang then. Who want to escape something how to bring more he had just yeah I've been around the holidays but I think what who control biscuits. Nobody can barely. You know I mean. It's pretty upset because you know what guys and some aren't that they're not promised you some good morning go to church and I'm not me not sarcastic. But it's it's it's it's getting crazy man I'm all heard the Jersey two companies place. I hope Yugoslav got a lineup or real peaceful. There's this crazy if you land so that got my blog but I don't show enough I'm not mom don't want to let you know what he's been. Well will spread the word what that they're there's you and has Buenos Diaz Willie. You heard you've heard Willie call right artery get by you do the same and I appreciate it very much. Yeah who's in charge because nobody's charged case or not George themselves. And other written on my discipline and self control. Which whenever different story about the other band practice and and the of the bottle of Jack Daniels will get to that come and appear so it. How might you be next a time good morning your WB today. Yes sir thank you very much. Interest in in this investigation. That is where directions colluding with its charm people. Add at least it did he abandon it because. We have to remember that Hillary Clinton and president Barack Obama. Came Russian points per cent of our uranium. Tab so I can't catch you up no. Time we're talking about we're talking about pets today we're talking about dogs and we're talking about Fossum pitched. And and maybe maybe this is a back a backhanded sneak it in kind of way of saying that you think Hillary Clinton is a dog. But I'm not here at all a matter at all OK I'm a bit there are no no that's OK and just wondered what it would but what made this. Wood made this pop into your mind at this particular moment I will work out chide. It added nick I've injured in the part where you're able went skyward in the that the Peter Brady orchard normally you know. I would have to be out. I OK Portland and I mean that's that's behind me we do we can get to bed at. Edit add another day but you know if I agree on a different kind of a pet there that's a horse in that horse has been beaten to help you know. So. All right it's it's going to let George now Georgia what is your was your experience we've done with posthumous. Well I have one experience I won't talk about this mad about on earlier we're just awesome but how. This every year ago a walk that back the order like trash out one more angle and the war game. Went around the corner to that the church are trashed and they'll look possible sitting on top rhetoric. And of course Randy gave me great they eat out so all our poorest yeah immediately stood straight up. And not a gave him a bag I'll let out. But about social you know we got cited the bulb errors you know save the tiger saying you're anxious our hundred dollar debt. We needed to establish Jerry Elaine decided recited the apostle who stuck it right here in trouble and let our children to crow about about organ election. Could be the spokes costs and Ford try and an indictment possible not boxing would try and all of also bit worse shape. You know two out of body and that's so let it be adopted. So can be he can he could be the leader sort of a about possum posse. Right now. I know it's pretty good idea. You know when I hit every minute tape back I miss him out. Out contribute to our card almost orders to averaged let are desperate goes you know. A lot of now more should be cited during an accurate cycle are both lack good in our net Serb broke our yellow asylum at all. Week we need to start saving the animals that have nasty dispositions is a general rule. Well this is taken trying to bottle got a mess it does little economic and lean VirtualDub so no matter. I take away admits he can quit congress and to shape the oh by the way the other hundred bucks. Bring it to me and small untraceable bills. I promise I'll get it to be. Appropriate for a prompt Carolina we'll get you come and appear next says talk about the kids that are out of control. It's our retail debate they certainly work. I don't think if that's the worst part of the whole story to me the worst part of the story is how the school and its handling needed just don't you just don't berate them would your language. You discipline them because that's what's been causing the problems to begin where they got no damn discipline a break him back in you coming up on WB two. Did rush fan area. Not to be in the state and they'll follow them. And then sign marks on death going to be and fix up there are other citrus mutual assistance when they are tough. That's me we that we play the FB audio awhile ago and it's actually a video if you Google and its it's disturbing is all get out. It's it's not safe for work. Unless you get the edited version. Unless you work some place where F bombs are or are common. Complex. If that is indeed the case then than have that but the woman was gone off about service this guy's service him. So that led to pets in various locations have been Herschel gone about his past some which show was congested so we took into CBS and I was on a few times this is caught my very. That that's scary face on champ hi you're on WB 2 good morning. Tim. Tim Tim Duncan told to do room. Now. To Asia. To maybe got eaten could bring. Couldn't have made by a marsupial of some sort. It's good to a Carolina Carolina you're on WB 2 good morning. Yes Scott thanks for having your. I think between me and you don't think that's helping out the morning. Did you talk about possible us or you're talking about our retail high school and know what the officials did there by kicking out all these drunken high kids. Well approximately they're gonna take care of herself and we beat me to be more worried about PM that's I agree with that percent. I am out of your age and a stainless six children. Let them hot school in the sixties and that's not what he counted my mom and dad ever put out some time now. And I thought he wants our markets today what. My dad would take us to school and you entered basic after the teacher and he would say. I expect you take care much how here. If they. If I screw or do something they're not surprised it there to pick corporal punishment. And VNU let me narrow and not take care but I home. But the big problem there's no consequence attorney sang any any children dated at midnight noon and that settled while we many get in our school today. And I was then perhaps go ahead Jack strangled school for kids that. Messed up and we needed some direction. We Nate they can't we don't need outlets that aspect he would love that school suspension and meg and got to do what I want to enjoy and angered a lot ever. You messed up and school you don't strike into that they can't let Air National Guard some of our National Guard. Take care about herself and her army. People had been trying to do that. But it will be much cheaper Cuba to have a base camp for these kids. And let him get some direction open like star Acton. They hand them. People in prison for thirty years. Mike are straight a lot safer. But this is something we desperately need we need debate can't said he gave it to me trying to happen but they'll know what authority has. Our respect DS. And that south school suspension or you put him back on history that's what I want one he thanked her acting up there me just talk time. Yep naw I hear a 100%. They would do would miss Dotson used to do to us when I was in fourth grade fifth grand jury might have been rigged to treat children destroy the other day that what she would do is that you would. Makers crawl underneath her desk. And then she could sit down and chaired she'd. Scooter chair to the Sunnis were under the desk where you have very little room at all and then she would she would folks. Who proof look at the he didn't wanna get in trouble we weren't gonna build a better keep forgetting of the finish the story let him get to a note in just sort of here. But do you think the kids drinking and scope and unfortunately it's it's and it's as old as time is in the soda. Pass situations going on forever and a day and I wish I could say that you know I was a squeaky clean Kidman's golden Knight wasn't completely squeaky clean. I didn't and had my first drink until it was senior in high school and tail end of the year just before the spring band concert. Brent good apple broadening our big giant bottle of Jack Daniels. And it was on the scene it was truck. So bunch of us decided we were gonna you know sneak out Google some legal super too. So it. We just kept making rounds it was Carol minimalism and it was Amy and it was mark and with Wanda was taunt him keep him sharp shot which pretty soon a bunch of us. Pretty hampered. And the band practice is going on and I'll never forget this one. It was until almost a type of a given in this on midnight to. Not denied blue. Porgy and Bess whatever the hell solace from pro reimbursed. And where we're trying to do it mr. green's doing the directing our band director Caroline she's a trumpet player she drops a cup and she runs up. The restaurant I mean tops street. When she comes back and she's come it's like it's almost like it's a really raised she comes I Paxson and the Melissa. Most dogs on the flute she gets up and takes off to compete vacuuming Victor of the captain the flag court she takes off. It's like tag you're it you go. Then it was mark Krause who was on the drums and and it was a walk and a who'd put a saxophone that's the funniest one was Tony Russo. Because he was hammered enough that. He tried to take a Susan photo which is that thing the big and big giant in the goes overhead and and a Moroccan over his music stand there and knocking and into. And remember the Duke's name. So web mr. green really started to get angry started to get angry hand. And rightly so yes we we deserved. Only one of those got suspended for that and it was brand because mr. Greenspan did give him a shot yeah. Let's go to low Lance I'll answer a WBT was seven it. They've actually got out of school suspension muck up our talk parts also well. In school you know outside read. You know cleaner you know don't socket shattered you know background and no against small boat. What are. I do not know what I can understand that they wouldn't want the kid doing something there at school August to be some liability issues and that sort of thing. But I'm surprised they wouldn't allow it to be like in his school suspension were littering the senator room. You know all day long with a pencil and a piece of paper and and try to keep yourself occupied I mean that's worst are being at home. And that's the all of that is built on that. Wow. So you sent a mom yeah I never really. I never understood the value of of that were understood the value of an expulsion because the expulsion doesn't teach the kid anything. But it's it's more for the year for the school to say well gee we you're embedded we don't launch around anymore. And I've seen some situations where if a kid gets expelled the the parents and a suing the school to get to give back in there so. Iraq project share in the story here I am how much how much trouble and danger danger child did then at home. Well work of course other let every bought. Well it was excellent book. What is this your ex wife. Just your ex wife and I think those are the. I don't know how I knew that based on the way you sit mother. I doubt that kind of gave it all the way to mile as. Excited me to bring up a sore subject hopefully you're doing okay. Are. Yeah a good day. Hello our children. Are children how to weave and we keep him on the straight and narrow. You think can jump on his. Childhood was like. Hinting he he had to would not have gotten much love. No no those are two ways. No hugs no hugs no I'm sure. No little smacks on the cheek saying what a cute little boy. Mean how could you have AAA good family life win here. Your parents or her assassinating its members around you must have been he must've been like a pugsley addams. You closed that would blow things up. Chances that's that's prima you're you're your own. From the Adams for Campbell and I remember I think your opponent until it's inevitable things up all the time that it that it wanted very much and more like Pinky and the Brain would have had to do today pinkie same thing we do have a take over the world and he would train sets and both he could with the blue random together and a whole lot. And then I want another million pack of firecrackers police took and his dad would say absolutely that's right what do what do these four. Practice breakfast with the future. Now he's gonna have you had to have a lousy harmless and somebody who's soon could be having a lousy home life. Did you hear that you know what's going on in the Philippines you know that the president there is. I run Rico detect dirt deter her and I pronounce his name. He's the guy and it's on the Rampage about about drugs. And he is killing drug dealers and drug users all across the country they're saying that they may be even that killed a 100000 people so far. That that are drug you know drug users and dealers his kid. Has been accused of smuggling. Huge. Huge tons. Huge quantities of crystal meth. From China in two of the Philippines. And this is this is his son frank so baby boy. Smuggling drugs daddy says I kill people who smuggle drugs well. His run record to say I said before my order was. If I have children who are into drugs. Kill them so people will not have anything to say meaning the stick to his word. So he said I told who long. Just the other son's nickname might order is to kill you your cause and I won't protect the police who kill you it's true. I'm guessing that this son might take a vacation someplace else and and making an extended stay what do you think foyer of the ending. All right I'll bet it's extra time there for the conversation we'll see again Monday till then I wish you lose guys. We might stick here.