Trump Continues the Verbal Battles; Employees Fired for Domestic Violence Issues

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, October 11th

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Coach is that you in the background yelling watch the race date it. Talking about flat somebody during the forecast when he said you know lot. I heard I distinctly heard and that your background we'll check on that Milosevic and take it for him recognize your voice and your and instigated. Troublemaker for sure. But certainly let our best news that I have ever about if you were. But between you and Gillespie's garrison there for him did staff you're Chad you to jets can't believe you believe you adore will only be audience. Don't exclusive content so yesterday pay gonna caller ready and want to do want to be a situation where I told usually. And that I have figured morale up of the situation cinemas in the schools being closed is what it was a threat to kill an ex wife. Parents and neighbors out here contacted the BC CB Charlotte concerned about the district's lack of transparency. I took their concerns to the superintendent of flesh all over. Obama's doing. Now when meg. People don't know what's gonna. Neighbors and parents question Maurice CMS gave showed few deep tale of a threat that closed sterling elementary to use today. William Lee says rumors spread the neighbors were worried for their safety on news on this dangerous. Also look you know we don't know. It wasn't until we. The day for the district finally revealed the threat came from this man 37 year old praising Burge of fugitive from Michigan. He's accused of threatening to kill his ex wife who is a school employee. Police arrested him late Monday get a hotel in north Charlotte. Bershard already made his first court appearance before the district. Explain what happened both safety and security is always the most important thing for us and so when we determined that. There was a real threat we made the decision to close school superintendent doctor clean Wilcox defended the decision. Not to explain to the public why the score was close. Will cut excess appearance had been given some deep tales about a threat last week but many in the neighborhood say they had no idea what was going on. And we're worried when they saw police cars outside the school. I actually knew one poll here. On a purely. They're usually all day long district two school board representative Thelma buyers really says she didn't know much about the threat either learn give them an abundance of details. But I think you lose Paul for the betterment from the safety of our children and the stand. Some cash six states only six states. In the entire country. Have protections for women Norman. Or anybody who has any situation where their job has been threatened because of our domestic violence situation. When you measure be a difficult decision for you for Bausch so you run a business and there's somebody that works there to call a person any. And person B has threatened to come kill person day. If I goes on on on and on and that person still still on the loose. Then are you responsible if you know bat to let that person go. So there you have me a super plants. It's kind of a double whammy against the person who's in that domestic violence situation. And there's been a lot of studies about this year that to have. When that job gets lost which happens quite often the net creates an extra spiral for the person who's going through that violence and going through their domestic situation. All of a sudden the lifeline that they had for financial independence delegates went away from them. So not fair not fair for sure if you have a demeanor turning in you know how things work here in the eastern North Carolina or in South Carolina. And I'd love to hear from you settle for functional level until we're put out some phone calls to folks who have to try to get some insight into that so that you know what your rights are. Or what your rights may not be. Depending on who which state. Which just which line that you were you are all so again Isaak James birch 37 years old been arrested. Schools close because of an abundance of caution. So what happens when this guy gets out. You know is gonna get out Bryant they always get out. Doesn't matter what you do any more than legal system that seems like you know you just do it he gets slapped on the wrist and then you know. Back on the streets. Even though this kind according to some Michigan prosecutors. Not a stranger. Cloning six separate convictions. Yeah that's somebody that's got a real future in society don't you think that somebody that will be very easily be rehabilitated and Schuettler. I'm absolutely sure Chris hi there you're not WB 2 good morning. Marmol worked. And I moved moss. Did you have let him go I don't meeting drama I don't need drama at the office women already have a few good stand out par admit did gosh. Get a job or stay all. What would they have a job Chris they would it would if they work for you so are you saying that if if they're important for me. He and I got some problem that all they're coming in tomorrow offers what I'm. Out of out of fear of violence or what if there's not a fear of I don't want to drama there on their to war. Not place soap opera or. Now. Review very happy we write this that is now a stay out how the army we should get out for maternity leave now. I don't I don't know actually it used to be back in the they have debating go back door. It's a battle on Temps have had kids and so so that I do not know that's a pretty harsh way. Lay it all down there are 704571110. New York chris' side on that get rid of the drama out of fear. Potential dangers your employees who are. You try to figure out a way to could be assistance of assistance to the person is going through that it's like you really add insult to injury. We'll break him back and you coming up here under is eleven to 993 W BT and what acumen and Scott FitzGerald come at 1105. Today that a shot at 1000 dollars. Producing four K they get away coveted 705 other at 1105 to a club another chance during rush then 505. Hancock show. So I'm not sure what it is about people in uniforms. And and having sex. It up from a local standpoint yesterday one of the big story is was out of your penalty. Here Kevin tolls and said back in August and a dark cloud hung over this office. After allegations surfaced about sex on duty involving six deputies he said he thought all that have been taken care of but now more questions and more deputies are forced to leave their jobs. Two deputies broke a sheriff Kevin told some last week resigning during an investigation accusing both of having sex while at work. The resignations come two months after deputies Jennifer Forsythe and Daniel Hamrick were fired after being accused of having sex while on duty. Four other deputies were disciplined for being involved sexually with Forsythe going back to 2003. Today sheriff tolls and was clearly disgusted about having to talk about this in public. Again this is what it is it's not pretty it's not us. Fun to be up here to talk about our employees and police officers that I 600. This time according to statements from both deputies deputies had sacked six times from 2015 to 2017. At times in uniform in a patrol car and then that in a wooded area in Fort Mill. Olson says that the two deputies who just quit had not he would have fired the one. He says deputies must be held to a higher standard however brushed. The city here and think does a group. That these kinds of activities don't have an anchor profession I think we're we're fool ourselves. For ourselves every profession. Yeah good people are not an ugly is some all over the place. And here's their trend. With people who Wear uniforms. That was at York Caroline. Kennedy airports things have gotten strange. They say there was an abusive cultural power by male bosses who pressured women guards to have sex those who didn't comply allegedly paid deeply forced. This is potentially huge ramifications. Because this company is contract and by the Port Authority which dad's tax Payer dollars. It's just won't go is just all along this is inhumane. The subject people listen up. Madonna Powell repeatedly broke down in tears as she described what she calls the daily degradation by male managers at allied security. Which has the Port Authority contract to provide guards to protect all of Kennedy Airport. This thank you complain that your honor roll with other supervisors so you'd think someone will come and say something like that's wrong. Then no one says anything. There's definitely abuse. I commend the tear it sounds like oh you're a woman so I can just sexually harass your team and you hear from my pleasure my looking and I can actually central questions all day about your blasting your body and I you have sex at home all those kind of things that you're not supposed to ax me in the workplace Caesar the things that you are subjected to. All day from them all day. I'm trying to brush against you in touch you squeeze in small spaces or rub up against you. One of the most staggering allegations in the lawsuit that she was forced to stand by as her supervisors who watched her colleagues have sex insecurity boots. Via closed circuit television cameras. I didn't quite click on their homes. So they're watching it on the camera and they take their phones aren't they all were recording and lasting and then texting it to each other. There was live streaming sex just Kennedy Airport to us live streaming tracks actually a friend. Live streaming sex Kennedy Airport. And by the way they're hiring if you believe vice president of safety can make 150000 dollars they're Kennedy Airport. How come shall be a camera phone a security officer and warehouse agent needed to JFK airport we know that's kind of thing that you're into just to what you know they're hiring. Partly because of the distance call her a look at. So what is it about people that Wear uniforms. But I'm sure that it doesn't happen. Within every industry where people Wear uniforms that there's this I don't know. Mutual Balkan thing going on knocking boots. But I'm sure doesn't happen all that often within mechanics the world of mechanics. They'll Wear uniforms right for the most part yeah. It's one of those went what do you call it when it's a cover roll yet cover up those have to be a pain. I really liked Giuliani but this zipper goes all the way down. UPS folks. Some people are in the brown. Looking at the Bradley Cooper you do well and I you did say. And I finished luckily thank you think it's important. Sure rather sexy uniforms. 704571110. Ladies I think we've probably come up with your top three. Who's concerned women are independent dudes in uniform journey. Or some women are into women in uniforms in Maine let's look losses Theresa we're going to be equal opportunity. Conversation hosts here flight attendants try to move now into the flight attendant things you liked it a descent who like I begin right wings. Charles mile high. What the stadium good morning oh the club the is that uptown where where's the mile my clothes got 010 that went what do you have to do to get that club Charles. If you need to explain it. I really need some help at. Nurses is like whether this one goes like Halloween deals you know this sexy nurse during. What is what is the sexiest you know you you in uniform that that you are aware about there and who would you imagine. Are the ones that. There in the uniforms that are doing this sort of thing where there's this new in this cross pollination so to speak. Marching band. That's the number one college college marching get AS clarified that. Can Russia and you're spats Breivik thought it took a army we've had army navy air force Marines we've had situations who recently were. We've had situations invesco and I'm just asking you. Was in the budget Petraeus write these are familiar with that. On how about the other folks that work at sonic. Did the people at skate. I don't get there enough a month today if you remember in smoky the bandit. Burt Reynolds would never take his hat off there was only one thing you were taken off four and that was for Sally fields. So do you think the sonic people keep their skates on. Welcome back come back here honey you wrote it but then. Karate instructors. The critical uniform no fear in the Dojo. Don't show that a euphemism. And. Bee keepers. Can you imagine if two beekeepers were trying to hook up. I mean. They beat some of these cities on these officers and obviously we're doing it on the jobs but I don't know that by killer bee keeper. That I would want to get amorous on the job. Let's let's not go there it's just not go over and jam high WBT sexiest uniform a ball. Well this school. Turn it's your hot man here and answer hi. The other folks that clean up meth labs. Nothing says hot and sexy like Hazmat suit on. So IQ tests. Tillerson the president. Of course it's a topic of discussion plus a little Bob courtroom we'll get to that would cared Travers joins us for our White House discussion that come your way. Head to head 930 plus. Apart mascots with the heads yeah. You've got over the chick Blake now. You're the number of the therapists. Not to mention no Wonder Woman news. Those are set to. Got an email coach Jimmy emails like Scott at WBT dot com's got a WBT dot com I won't reveal the name. Prefer just got an email from the very high ranking public official. Very high ranking public position. Itself it's not governor McGreevey could well we never. Ever say anything if it were governor McCrory. Materially you know since I was once we Shoney's big boy. Had to fight the girls off. Sex or winning a big had double the main event. I mean isn't that what the big boy had those and big boy double double meat burger dead yeah I'm member that there are American like stay in Allah top Israeli. Obviously it's a turn on content important. I still like the guard Chucky cheese to begin play Chucky cheese and Libya. That's it turned on there. Serbia the deputies. In uniform via security workers. At Kennedy Airport. Everybody's getting busy. So there must be there must be something about people in uniform Karen Travers what do you think is the probably the sexiest uniform out there. I am not there weigh in on that that we can certainly talk about the White House. You know I thought you were brave. We're sense sonic the people that where the other the other roller skates but to. We'll move on White House IQ the battle of the IQ's here. Are there any sort of discussions are bets going on there and I in the White House Serena there who who might have the highest IQ. In the White House is saying it was a joke the president wasn't saying Tillerson was intelligent man that anybody take the president commented Forbes magazine has him thinking Tillerson wasn't Smart to write saying she's smarter. Rocky books. Pending an excuse me and I'm smarter than younger. So is there is there any discussion if there's actually going to be an IQ test taken. No no accident that on the table yeah. Ahead as far as we know. We missed out on all the fun so is there really a battle going on there is they're undercutting going on or are they really kind of on the same team what do we know on display. You know the White House says that they have a good relationship the president has full confidence in Tillerson and certainly has suggested in recent days you know if he did in terrace and wouldn't be in the job anymore right and IA that it's they had great lunch yesterday and have a great relationship but you know others we know we've reported on this that there's been tension. Between the two of them in recent months frustrations from both sides. So about the tension between. The president and and senator cork or hear this one doesn't seem to me to be. Jokes and and manufactured this one feels real. She can't this is something that also can impact the president's agenda I mean coworkers and chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee he can certainly. How for Iran all items that the president wants to see move along he's also considered a critical vote on tax reform because of his if talked to the deficit and and how that relates to this big tax bill. The congress is pursuing. And you know by a pink kind of picking this by aid you risk alienating him now is economic. Not vote for something just because the president called him a little on Twitter thing you know he's a politician they don't get how this works but. It doesn't seem like it potentially helpful strategy coming from the Oval Office. I understood. Tom what about. John Q Kelly there's been some discussions that. But Kelly's school and a bit of trouble here and when I first read this I'm thinking Kelly Kelly can and why does the president have a problem with Kelly Ripa. And then I realized he was talking about John Kelly Bruno the latest on this. You can presently now last night to is something I don't know what he ready clearly read or sol or heard something and that was perhaps speculating on and staff shakeups are changes. You know we've talked about this that terrorists some frustration again between the two. General Kelley came in to bring order to a pretty chaotic White House you know has he reined things in Charlotte is it completely smooth sailing now. So there's always speculation and that's a favorite game here in Washington of whose in who's out. Carolina and the Eagles. Right now North Carolina minus 345 points looks like they were pursuing as the total what's the betting lines so where do you where do you stand what was that number there they are Carolina minus three and a I'm 45 I don't understand how so I don't understand that John do you understand how that works now to their favorite fan I don't really I think that means we're the favorite so rights which means that if I were to take Carolina I would need to give you three points. So that if it's 45 to 42 we would tie right I guess it would be so. So you wouldn't wanna bet I'll I'll I would like to bitch you that that if Carolina wins that you need to tweet. That that Scott FitzGerald. The WB change Charlotte is your favorite host a talk to the. Yeah ha ha ha. I said we still to come up with the terms of shifts that is Wednesday right it would day isn't it when we got till tomorrow we get there tomorrow all right we'll think about it. However you like that when neither the uniformed isn't like the bad gone on here can't services they receive in the White House. Appreciate your insight unit once you're going down the Eagles are going down. We'll trash talk about the numbers of trash talk about the but I will learn hi we'll learn. Watermelons. At a fire house. Sounds to me like a nice way to spend the summer afternoon right but no it's actually. Racist. Especially if it's got a pink ribbon and break him back to you much good morning to you was at 946 famous passage your. We president and secretary Tillerson move back and forth your retarded who can't covers about this course. The IQ wasn't a joke that sort of thing. Go ahead and and he's an IQ was not a joke at all and coming up at 1145. This morning we're going to be talking to be that he's the vice president I do believe of the Charlotte blue ridge Mensa. Our congregation that really congregations chapter I guess would be a better way to describe that. Linda between now and then John Moore Charles we're going to be practicing some IQ school test questions. Good via sole. Sharpen up your brain that your future and what we weren't. We're doesn't I fail so already you're gonna give up ahead of time now take it at this time Pelletreau a little concerned about my performance on my performance issues so I. Commerce. Peterman the IQ test the idea that performance in Africa is making sure that. Well around here you never know who we are we do have to sort of clarify things from time to time but everybody's very very sensitive in this day and age. There's rich tradition in the world of firefighters at least laid is out of Detroit and and I've heard this and other places. That when you show up for your first to work bush first to come bearing gifts. In sometimes the gift that you choose its. That can go horribly horribly horribly awry. Meyer before he eventually started. Last Monday 41 year old Robert Pattinson went to introduce himself to his style firefighters at engine 55 a joy in Southfield in Detroit. Second battalion chief John McCarty called it a tradition for firefighters is now. Man it's always follow Jay. You come in the Yankee game gives you you migrants and not the usual get this don't ask okay. Which allowed to bring you whatever you want a morning. And pads and a probationary firefighter decided to bring this watermelon with a pink ribbon on top. We're told some African American firefighters were instantly offended than 90% of the people who work get injured 55. Are black. When you get your Christie tells to a firehouse you you know it's all pretty much it's getting yourself into so all unhappy as saying. Well it's really bad call is there racially insensitive to bring a watermelon endorsed my god speaks to some people. I spoke to pass him by phone who claims it was not a joke and he did not mean to offend his fellow firefighters. Box he clearly dead. Fire commissioner Eric Jones says the Fed native was officially discharged. In Jamie Jones says there is zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior inside the Detroit fire department. On Saturday September 30 at engine 55 a trial firefighter engage in unsatisfactory work behavior. Which was deemed offensive and racially insensitive to members of the Detroit fire department. After a thorough investigation. It was determined that the best course of action was to terminate the employment this probationary employee. So he's gone. I lost his job bringing any gift. What do you think that there would need to be some sort of questioning some sort of inquiry as to potential intention. What do you would have brought up a basket of oranges would that have been a problem. Kind of got a what if it would have been a and a bag walnuts. A boiled peanuts. Management. Oh bananas. You think you got in trouble for bananas. And no I don't know. It. I'm sure this guy. Didn't think for a minute this is gonna be an issue here I come bearing gift you know who doesn't like watermelon. Well watermelon he took all of spit and see it's. Pretty good at 200 pretty accurate come quad should be good. Little Fuzzy but more like the I don't Fuzzy fruits don't first seminoles person knows there have been those pursuant. So if what if it would have been. A variety of fruit you can go to made a difference it would have been a watermelon and cantaloupe. And some oranges and some apples maybe some peaches. Fruit basket and I have been OK we wouldn't be having this conversation. I mean I think it's ridiculous. Why don't you get to know the guy. Before you jump to a conclusion to decide automatically that this is a racist person. Roared insensitive person. This is a really tough on video discs because. I mean how much of an IQ do you have to have to realize the potential. The potential. Miscommunication. The potential is certainly there did he not talk to anyone before he did this. Get some thoughts consideration when did you bring have a I'm guessing he's wrong. Brooke is just not thinking the appearance of it could be pit. And that's that's it seems to be awful sit in this country that we even have to be concerned. About appearances. Even if we have the best of intentions. That was sensitivity training comes down and that's what so many companies make you go through go through cents a gestures as a management I had to Malia Maria Mena. Days of that some of those videos that they showed during sensitivity training or just horrendous. What do the room with a guy sidled up to the woman at the photo copier when it looks like it was done in 1982 and a funeral. It is inappropriate to brush up against a coworker while they are standing at the photocopy your true or false. Profits are tight little room and need an attorney get you know. All balls that fly. The so. Was this guy completely in the wrong. Should he have been fired. Mean I would say am I understand this is a probationary kind of higher. But boy your shirt and certainly thrown out the baby with the bath water here there was something that you saw on this person in order to to. Suggest and to recommend bringing them on to begin and it. Was it a little low I don't know tone deaf perhaps Jerry hi good morning or WB team. Maybe eight days of a problem on Sunday papers checked out and there's been no major stable personality of their. And other participating in after the MacBreak is like going to the store and buying watermelon. And I'm quite in my entire life alma and I mean Rabin and then. We are good about my own knowledge and formal level company. Jerry let me ask you this if you and I Woertz who were to walk in to food line together. Are and you were to I don't know grabbed. Ugly fruit you know those are or star fruit or something you know there's like anti fancy fruit. And and stand in line with a big arm for the post and I were to walk up there with a watermelon. Do you think that anybody would look at neither one of us twice. Man in the advantage to target that AM EST but that goal so very and then not in my I think they'll meet you I'm not know that you're gonna beat their. Will yeah they'd ask miss in those expert this is for Jerry. Who brought about the a. How old. His back is hurting I got to carry the watermelon. I thought out well with governor Rick if you didn't read it for the isn't it though is that you guys got a walk I don't like and I keep it safely in case. Delegates are needed to become a little purse within the market they are thought that I would it's. Well enough I think you know the weird thing is that. I'm. You know who I am you've been listening for awhile here bright and if you didn't know who I was in one on the ballot. I could approach this conversation in such a way that she would look at me and go wanna pick this guy who's only don't we could even though it but we could even touch this conversation. And. Backwards I know I know about a little a lot of book corporate entity you gotta be you know what you thought about. And I you thought about that somebody would definitely probably Cardoso. I know. Under percent. And in a different situation we're different people having the conversation. What I just said to you about no I'm carrying it for him he's got a bad back. The somebody can get really honked off about that but you laughed. And why did you laugh at that coming from me. I think you'd rather have an idea who you and I look I have an idea of the argued that have to guard your honor or don't you know who yards a person you are. Time every day in and radio show that he did you hold you you guys. You're audit compensation about things. Thus far that all of what I have proposed this story to death you got gotta help. I got resilient guy that was he army Alvin thing and I like that I didn't get together and ball. The other talk generally about. Well I don't know about Scott Scott seems to eat I get under his skin just appreciate hostage Gerald. Well mr. FitzGerald I'll tell you what the watermelons there a problem with the Jews Ryder brought it really go to the drug it. Overthrow our government. And I'm Arabic in my merit rather read give. Good day and I appreciate it and so Jacob writes him. One of a black firefighter brought a watermelon and as a gift from his first day and would that be accepted. An interest in question. The conversation will continue on the other side and I do appreciate you joining us so Williams and Kathy you stay with us. We just made a banned certain fruits from the face of the planet. That's quite possibly the case right. Love your confidence is real good. I don't know who we're gonna try to figure it out and legacy of besides 704570. Yea 1110 we missed you yesterday yesterday with the world day of mental health. We'll try to get you on the straight and narrow the feel good about yourself to fiscal anyway at 1050. Glad you're here I'm Scott FitzGerald this is news eleven that night three WBZ. Think emerge. So Chris writes in my brought fried chicken or kids today just fire myself. OK a watermelon to a Detroit fire station in February. Might be questionable put in August was just thoughtful. Tomatoes fruits. An ideal person who's questioning pink ribbon on a melon I really expected it to be a female fire chief. From cross stretcher. RQ Kumble cucumbers and pickles racist. No of course not. A sex is perhaps. Sexist perhaps Kathy the firing of this are particular want to be fire fighter what do you take what's your take on this. I think it's ridiculous. I think that hurt and it's just bringing something it has is that it's darker and just hire that person and so immediately it then that in a bid itself. Politically incorrect better liked watermelon. Hey you're not I don't think I don't think it did that it had nothing to do you can't even. Talk about sensitivity training works its product a couple of minutes ago it's not it's not yet you know the poor guy. They're doing something that I think are tired it's I think it's just ridiculous exerted. Against open now we panic and accepting gifts. It's amazing it's amazing that food has gotten weaponized. Such ridiculously bright people just are not using common sense anymore that's I mean that's how I think about a pet. They let I think you mention it snapped back. Would agree I'm I don't know if there's a lawsuit at this point time my guess is not because. He was still a probationary. Before even started probationary kind of employer they can fire you will no reason whatsoever. Or exactly but I have a threat eliminated paper that they're not at a and I don't think he'll have good character like I said he has just said. Hitting back our. It's great they are there any legs are there any foods that are considered to be stereo typically whites. I don't look at it sure there'll Kurd or a hair. I'm not really sure that there would be more or do we have white privilege in that we're allowed to eat any food. Anybody any any good now ankle I know but to have without uttering it I don't know I don't I don't think so I don't buy into that whole white. Prayer versatility there and made this country can do. Very different themselves then. I can't I don't it's crazy it's a crazy world that we live in camp and I agree Jeff hi good morning you're on WB to come under the fire fluently. We. Believe Pomeroy it had to go this far about this woman fitted with a bucket of chicken and a low Apatow. This is somebody else asked that and they know this war or are trying to bat back and bit you so much if you went from a small sample who have the Shia. You know broad outlook all watermelon and chicken and sat back in it's that people Wear that locked Armando it's been like my. What it yet why it is not and it's not just there there was a I was a college in Tennessee or Mississippi or or something and day they had a welcoming dinner and they served. When they certainly should you know barbecue. Or maybe fried chicken mature and in Collard greens and there are people who are upset. Because they thought it was a racist meal when to my understanding. That's an and the way that it was it's a southern meal you know and if you are yourself there are certain meals that are southern it doesn't matter if you're black or your white. You know biscuits. People are they made it might get a record or not but what about you not me I don't know what's going on out there who knows but people show has ordered. Yet they urged quick jump to conclusions we are disorder and my butt out yeah endorsement very well appreciated thanks for effort join in the conversation to be in any time. So we'll so what if a what if a. What if a black man was the only one that was on the on the team and it was his first day and he came in it was a bunch other white people it's all white guys that were there. And brought in not school loans. And and cucumber sandwiches with no crunched. Chris so that when it. Gets injured cucumber sandwiches and that is as a snooty sorters images of that. And we can't give those to John more. Make such. Many we get more gas in the currently ahead Chad you well it's true John. Come on I calls it his essays it. Am writes in. I work for a Jewish company if I brought a platter of Reuben sandwiches for that would that be wrong. You can't read somebody's heart. That's that's what bothers me is that people automatically make assumptions. That. That you're doing something to purposely offend them. And if you do something that inadvertently offends somebody. Then I'd need got to get a pass. That's my take on things. They if you if you don't have that kind are we need this some people's hearts and there is Rhonda the core. And anyone of their actions you can sort of read something into won't take it wrong but there's other people to the goodness of their heart they're trying Bob good morning watermelon where you on this. Well I'm back about the chickens got out I wondered went AFC and but I reject the agency they have. Black people on commercials and never got in. Yeah there white people and and they have probably have Asians and they probably have Latinos. I mean yeah how many can get it going door yeah I mean what happens to bring a Japanese brand Chinese and it's. Hussein pedal and say well you ought to be even going to be. You ought to be have your your toenails ripped out for even thinking that pop up you know I haven't yet another great day but it's. With Tom to reach unity after the after the break your time when you get well I think there are like you so need to be called retreat culturally are aware because. People are so politically correct it and he gave us Jewish gaffe a poor job possibly thinking probably beat. You know come out of there and it's so well we have to be careful and lasting years even in the Hebrew Bible what the Bible itself. I would never could never bothers people they would just felt like. Himself completely. One defeat them but they're pretty Google is sure let me say compatibility. If food and they said no we will not beat king we'll bring this. The apple food that they felt like fame itself I'll think about it and we culturally. Chris called true sense of that's true you know my father was Jewish and and he loves him some hang up so not everybody. Follows. You know certain quote religious rules as far as eating it. And if you don't know then it's an inadvertent situation if you do know them you know to different animal all together. But Teresa you hang on a break him back in you and your calls coming up here on WB two semi. Coming capital of fifteen. We're gonna getting at turning in to talk to us about. What's your world is like if you are a victim of domestic violence. And this crosses over to the workplace free even doesn't cross over to the workplace. Is it legal for you to get fired. If your boss is it legal for use to fire somebody because of that because you're concerned about workplace violence. Play in six states you can't be fired or you are not allowed to fire somebody because about the North Carolina South Carolina. They are not states where that is indeed the statute so we'll talk about that door as we make it through the day. But also 1145 this more and we're gonna to Russian short folks. At least when Smart person in particular if he's not a Smart person that he did a damn good job with cheating on the Mensa test. Which is being do you know that the international society of folks who have high IQ's so while they'll become anyway again 1145. We're so. We missed it yesterday bit but still beat the reverberations in the I don't know that celebrations necessarily with the awareness of mental health and mental health awareness yesterday was world mental health that it wasn't a Fonda. Yes that and Alice forty Mac at green ribbon yet today it now but I'm novel. PM yesterday when I was walking Ahram elect work yet. The bet that you end up for those who don't understand or don't know never heard of non me. Is the National Alliance on Mental Illness and you've been involved with them for a couple years now. Outlook what is the latest Kazaa I know that when you work with the service organization or non profit organization that brings awareness to various issues there are different initiatives and different actions that you take. What is the movement right now. How well the nominee of the biggest movement if you're making sure. That the services are there for people who need Q I get mental help. Because every time something that's correct when it comes if you are helping people with. What model with them I meant to happen that's not how prevalent worded. But mental health how can we get cut you know they're worried it. Medicaid is going to be cut and things like that so they don't I'll always take that hit. No carb food services for people who are dealing with. Physical issues because actually mental health and physical health cocaine and pull info. That's one of the biggest things and I don't know what I'll dress please and thank the corner right they own it raises the man. Everybody is stressed out right now are the biggest thing is to be able to provide the services. To help people who are dealing with Adam. Crisis stresses. I think like that because everything that the army does it create charts. But the support group to the classes so we're just trying to help people in difficult times right now that's gone on in America and elsewhere are actually. And again found Brian is with us here today and we're talking about to let nominee the National Alliance on Mental Illness and her mental health week was the first week of October. Suicide or no is it is a growing problem both for young people and has been. An incredible issue for our veterans how does how does the VA for. How does how does the Vietnam we worked together if at all. Well we had a I mean you just call home front. Where they're nominee has and they get the help of veteran. We had support groups began more anybody code whether at veterans or anybody else but not only does have a specific. Initiative come home front. Where they recap your veterans to help veterans if there's services that help veterans what support groups. And is dealing with the VA and things like there's a hobby definitely is involved with that is why else. So the military for the longest time seemed to not pay a whole lot of attention to mental health issues I know that two. To remember how long ago was. Second platoon Charlie company in Iraq very. They lost. Self organize CA in an IE the explosion and then the next thing look they lost more and the guys were so so angry and so upset and and the intensity of their emotions were so much that they refused orders. To go out again on patrol because they were afraid of what they would do they talk to their therapists there who were on hand and said we don't know that week. Cannot just kill everything that we see so there is. And awareness and a growing split up. Attention within the military at least. To address the mental health of their soldiers. That are on the ground there would be nice if there was more. Are more open arms to that's sort of attention to everybody across the board here in the United States. It definitely out of market in Millen now fertility for children and I see it every day every apathy art and guess what a crisis where it in this country because this facility gap work tax. We have three facilities one in our one in partner 1 illegal in the morning Charlotte and I'm also determined to warn illegal and what is the biggest watched. Is completely fluent silica flooding going on and have children come in at Spartan six hours away clouds out their parents without their parents because a lot of time. They're flooded by the sheriff's department or not or. Greg while work they have to go and get them and we have children coming in six hours away from London handcuffed. Can the Charlotte facility because we don't have enough and let me work in the current bad I hit song called all the time from from people. Looking for help in crisis. And I met one lady call one night but I want to learn pick up summer he was fifteen years so. Have mental health issues as Kirk you reach out to a C acting opposite was that the crisis intervention team and I'm going to back in minutes. But could make a long story short they call. Found EMC NV I Billingsley Davidson and other relatives no wind it and we were all full so what are people who don't. I didn't. No no I understood that there are so what now are you familiar with the told and number 802738255. I've definitely and it really paid at that number is near and dear to me because. I am not rich and they have a few more and bit. Their green which is the color mental health and may have all of them are. You're not alone because a lot of time especially when dealing crisis tour who thought he feel like you're alone nobody cared who thought he had public stigma. And yet people have a male health condition so you could feel like you're Luther. The other side has. So about statements within the number one reason but people do not get help. And on the inside of my wrist band it has been national let our hotline 800 feet 730. Eight from the top box and other important amount of public duck. The college student and I hope he eventually. Did start. A national movement that the peace through they have both people. Because when you look bail in EC which are not alone. And they are inside is that an act of third primetime are a little like tablet the people that up with children and well. Yeah I'm their pain hey you're not alone if you are in crisis and turnover. Look at that number and call in and get some help. 802738255. That is the national suicide. Prevention lifeline indoor in front I want to thank you for taking some time to it to be with us here on the show up I'm gonna. I don't return your email we'll get together and talk about how I can help I would nominate. And maybe or maybe not you're familiar with a song that has just come out rapper songwriter logic and there's a written a song about a disparate Clark Kent. Temple and contemplating student suicide. And there are millions of listeners this is resonating with. And saving lives. And hello I'm. Like a minimum time. And feel like I see. Than that I know I haven't seen him and sometimes. Names like a man I'm on my name and select matter I mean time. Olympia. This I didn't. 802738255. That's the name of the song and that's the number for the national suicide prevention lifeline would put up on the website for your. The via their right after the show. They in his IQ test stuff. Trying to get ready for the mention dude coming our way at eleven. There's a reason we bring this up is that. The president is vision was so that is like she was hired the right stores. I'm gonna subject you guys to it to some of these questions here. So for middle taught some of them are pretty easy. It's just could be because of my shining brilliance. To me because they look at the answers. Honestly had a look at me I would cheat on this I would cheat but did you know there's that when they break down via the IQ news. If you're an IQ of forty to 54. When seeing severe mental handicap. There's less than 1% of people in the country that's good news. I'm forty to 54. 55 to 69 is defined as challenged. And when you consider that the averages 85214. But that's pretty terrified. That that there's a lot of Americans have an IQ of 85. And in that range 7884. Below average. There are none of those all the time actually those are the ones that I intend to run into driving it seems like harper. 115 to 129. Is above average. If you score between 13144. You're considered to be gifted. And then genius. Sir 145 to 159. Anything above 160 is considered extraordinary genius. Via the highest I Q ever recorded his 210. By Kim Dong yon a Korea. Not to be confused with Kim Jong Hoon who I'm sure has declared that his IQ was higher than everybody else it's. I'm sure that he's he's at some point and as many state released you know statement. That says that he scored he got every question on every IQ test in the world right. Just wait for them to come up and I'm sure that he's gonna jump on the for a between now. Between Tillerson and the president of the United States and speaking of Korea the the situation there's not all that much fun at this point in time. Its the US and the South Korean folks. I had a plan. Do they still have the planned time rivers or did somebody go for it. But today blood that idea is just one of those strange story get scratch your head and say you know you can't make them up. But the story is broken probably go by the Financial Times so they reporter and soul. We did some checking our people and that's what we got their lead shall Heath a lawmaker in the parliament part of the ruling government there. I had talked to somebody in the Defense Department you said that's the real clear for months ago. Suspected North Korean agents. Tapped into their computer there and got a treasure trove of information including. Head a war plan contingency. Plan. If it came to bat that without it these US and South Korea when a poll think also a chapter on. Kneecap a dating has the leadership of North Korea. So we are hard to believe this in the looker the politician says. Big up the playbook. Ahead of the game on Sundays so you know what do you know now I guess you gotta. Circled wagons and go back to square one throughout the month with a different lines yes. Word for that matter or or do you know a real open to open. Save coming up with a new plan and keeps up a technical framework Drake. A little bit of her openness and put a good news Kim Jong-un think he has built ballot check. Steele on the game and yeah it made it out to be one put me out a part of this was also an assassination plot not just a decapitation. Of the government but but part of an assassination plot that's got him to run a little on the honked off site. Were eligible that would get him a little hot under the collar and it got they had complained to their for these South Korean special forces. So it's kind of pull it out there. And and we take it appraised value. It's it's it's pretty scary stuff it cursing at well how could they get in. We've been told. That the other computer they're not computer experts say they believe they were very clever enough to latch onto eighth. Subcontractor. That was delivering vaccines to the Defense Department and soul. And I guess those people know what they're all on one figure that they broke that they got into the mainframe and got got through various parts and got got to the important stuff. But did eventually. Got their name they've been going through to the test well thirteen months. Yeah if it's amazing how often we hear about North Korea and hacking. And and how successful that event. You think about is such a nice letter got re very very little money there. And that they seem to be you know they got two or three guys that can be pretty good what they're doing there I mean that's that's a narrative. What the real story is who knows. Enough time rivers with ABC so they got the game plan and obviously that means we're gonna have to do do some major upgrades and changing. The the X NATO commander has sworn to. If the president tweets. Too much. They could sleep walk us into the Korean War. And is warning is that a million people are going to die if this happens. Things are killed your reasoning. Debbie downer. Morass while we're at war. Yeah I mean we should make life. If indeed does some good breaks up there yet bad news. Absolutely bad news. Stored in an attorney to to help us figure out. Domestic. Violence victims can they be fired should build a fire because they've created workforce hazard. And another Mensa boy oh go over some of the IQ. Test questions here momentarily so that we can get ready for the Smart you when he joins us and dukes of hazard ain't dead. Please tell them that. Duke's ahead. Fun but I'm sure. Did you bring this up as suddenly county forum a tie this into real real world episode in mileage. But the man Lee County Florida. Padilla Toyota Corolla. And I was in control going on. Around the canal and sort of it's at a driving around construction area move detour just to blow to government. Do get out of his car. The construction workers saw it. Studies. The Lehigh acres canal for compliments. Porsche you know all of this guy who can give him the of the IQ test. But. It then a story as he got back into his car. Gunned it and tried to jump the twenty foot wide waterway. Any guesses are as to everybody made it. I think it fails. Epic fail I. Talked about the picture. Deputies are so he wouldn't hurt but his vehicle was totaled. Investigators aren't sure why he tried to jump the canal when he could've easily driven around at all. What's a dude thing. You know it's it's absolutely a dude thing. You know I was a kid grown up Billy Stillman. Had a trying to remember what year was. Two it was a veto commandos like nineteen Soviets have been incidentally that. Ending. An old record of one night. There was a party going on down on the on the bottoms near cherish creek. And there's the old record up and decided who's gonna jump tenors crate would result Camille. And maybe it was a they have a big motor that's that is that the 315. You know. Four Bellamy was it at that thing rocked me it would moved. And probably would have made it across tenors creek except. Billy steelman had this thing about stealing lawn ornaments. And he had a purely quite a collection of lawn ornaments. In the other actors know communal. So he had been no homes you know on the geese with a dresses on those little weight issue the Z a slight bit of in. Challenging their of the Earth's gravity or if you're in portability so he didn't make it he did not make it. And I don't know for you Valentine center forward dentistry was around. Back at this time in 1982. But he's certainly could have done to a customer can do you like that a couple of his front teeth. Yesterday we spoke with Tim with Meyer and the the discussion was what do we do how to we brainstorm together Amazon. To come to Charlotte Miranda and Tammy had your little get together this morning from eight until 930 here today the brainstorm and hive mind thing. So how did it go did some amazing ideas come out of this. Yeah it was a it was possibly get rid a great turnout got back and it will happen any alchemy you know that's not worried. I addictive it was not a good (%expletive) I do is not a good shape afterwards the the engine actually end up getting pushed into the passenger compartment. Many black people yet he's lucky to get killed. Quite honestly because I know Indiana creeks. There is there's a lot of rocks yeah. And that's what he ended up a diving down into so no he's not a Mensa member never was. Probably even less so after it has had smashed Julia the steering wheel and he lost and tartar. Nobody nobody got hurt the I storm this morning and we had some cash sentiment some really great ideas. I don't know maybe we drive Amazon was some alchemy knows how that would give me to come. Eric how not to go ahead she shares amount shares are shares some of the ideas or whatever it's that you're right you're open to this morning. Well my first say that first I wrote a lot with that we had a group. Mitt formed around they they want to talk about that Charlie that payout. Are culturally edgy place which if you've been reading the national coverage on this you know that the New York Times next step says Leah. Note the logical landing spot because we're not edgy enough so I I was like I appreciate you guys coming out here and fighting fighting this stereotype. That we are not edgy enough and then. So that was off. And and and so that no no really concrete idea they that we heard that that was off some. Was. The idea debt. If Amazon com here it they're essentially get approach talent from every single existing company in town right so your bank or America your Wells Fargo. You're Duke Energy if they come here you know that they're gonna be hiring some your top executives said the idea was. How knows those large corporations. That's part of our proposal. Put forward the idea of of how my own bank basically and say if you com we will. Give views some of our top people identify them or your neck and let them come help you get up on and off the ground you for eighteen months so that time or something like Batman and sort of you know it's a week shot a little bit of a welcome wagon and I'm also frankly for the large companies here in town. All of a little bit of or protection against the notion that there's gonna come and Erin and coach ordered out people on a spot. I love that idea like I think that's. Your weather now obviously whether the big banks are gonna. You do ought to put their name to something like apple will find out but I thought I was just there are great idea in terms of how you. You bridge. That transition. Period that's a lot of talent. Yeah and that and we can just tell them we're very familiar with the drive up by 85 and over forty to Raleigh and that we can help them coach folks from Raleigh to bring them here too. Hey tell you because now and then and then he's got the other thing Powell I'll throw out there that that I heard come in a couple of different ways was. I had he would get the very beginning. And my friend John Culver centers Charlotte native was in the world and I knew he would raise his hand about everybody else who moved here from somewhere else church you know you're not talked about yesterday. Put their hand up many lies I mean it was like 99 point 5% other rom and then end up Mets haven't moved here from somewhere else and is show people how picked up on that team had any idea what. You should you should move here because we all merger and it's great you know like there's there are actually million of us. Here are true relocated from somewhere else and there's a reason and that's why you should be narratives. That's an interest in Saudi and that if it were just about to Charlotte T insane come here because it's great. Well yeah you think his critics it's your hometown but if you compress all over the place. You know you've got stories. You don't necessarily want a DS but it would be kind of interest and if you could put together a group of people who. Who came from all of the other challenging cities you know the main tipsy get Larry from Birmingham who thinks they're in the running initially you know I used to live in Birmingham and there's an okay place but here's why I like Charlotte so much more she can sort of you know pickle rail a little bit of thought or the other cities and. When I was a reporter that covered area trial where they had to pull a lot of a lot of people through jury box here in Charlotte as a rigorous trial back in the early two. And I swear like I wrote I would name Elvis somebody outdoor doubt that. I think the entire population of buffalo has relocated. Saying mr. a lot of you know love as Rust Belt cities here Cleveland they're trying to clear from Ohio every time the Steelers play in town yeah yeah there's a lot of flags out. Arms and so yeah I mean that story up I moved here from actually and but I stayed here because yeah you know because it's a great play. Yeah we can we could create almost a hallmark cards with a with a kind of story I'm I'm I'm I was. I was surprised when the times said you know we're not edgy enough what we're we will get another men and half through over some of the ideas to help make us look at junior Tim. I mean look what evidence it were a lot of things that came up is that Charlotte is already. You were already a majority. Nonwhite populations city L which is where the country as a whole is is headed just demographically soak. As disappointing not been playing out together this is this is already a very diverse place uses the obviously Amazon headquartered in Seattle. That that's an important factor for them and then. The made the other USF has to do it you know. My guess saw where there are several people there who were just sort of straight up entrepreneur orders. Which is like we have this the other sort of stereotype of the bankers and a button down blue shirts and their pinstripes suits and all the stuff but there are. Lot of people in this town who were here we got magaw this morning group. Makes wooden box says that he brands the other city skyline onto it. And then whatever logo you want on our side of it their story box yeah he he he wants he he's he wants vendors submit a proposal and in one historic boxes but it's like. CNN you're making eleven doing enough out of all yeah it is pulled out. That's something different and obviously other buries become almost a stereotype and and that their love themselves but. Again it's that type of the new and people don't wanna start. You and your company. Throughout the new ideas yet have that we got to take a break it's him with my arrogant. I appreciate you joining us. Tells about how her good Amazon come here we get open streets this weekend right open streets a 704. I get an idea how we can improve. She's topless. Parade now governor. And email it. Charlottesville. Tony doesn't trust me as a believer. Does not believe me about the alchemy you know. Sorry man. The way that we used to do and I was when I was in high school they would get a a flat flat wagon. Generated the kind of weigh it's we support behind the the. The truck and truck near the structure of the tractors to to put hang on. And we put that infield and then we bring generators and they would have a band typically the van when I was in tenth eleventh and twelfth grade was a band called rock found. And they were elders from high school and you know to put covers arms of AC DC in the cars and that sort of thing and you know they and they were the biggest thing since. I can't say that we're the biggest thing since I don't know fourteen foot cucumbers from. So then and then we to have the other keg of beer right and then they admitted the old cliche be red solo cups. And he he put in your five bucks each red Solo Cup and then there'll be that you want to Rome do that you could possibly get to what's gone. And Billy Stillman. It was a big fan of the beer and loved rock bound as well it was rather dudes that used huge whose major stood. He was a kind of guy that would do the the squats and you know how they have that the big giant bar was before he focused in his keep putting those 45 pound weights on it. He puts so much on there that that somebody the people on each side had the kind of pushed their fingers on it to hold the last plates on yet he's a stud. And that's how much you could squat. And and I and I and again I can't remember senator seminar and but it was via the Big Three fifty motor in and looked a little communal. And the funny part was after he wrecked it he's got blood poured down his face and onto a shirt and I think it was a Pink Floyd insured through the wall. He's just smile and a man almost made it I. Obama he oh he's always looking on the bright side things. Not not the sharpest knife in the drawer. By any stretch of the imagination. Speaking of which here we get an IQ tests come anyway that. You'll get a couple questions right now and then 1145. Minute conversation with a one of those minutes are gonna do is we can help us determine whether or not the president or mr. toes impressed. Has higher IQ. Try to John Moore still. Which of the words below his closest in meaning to be word reassuring. Kind reassuring. Is it compassionate. Comforting. Explanatory. Or medal some. Comforting comforting correct yes you're right that there is correct yeah right this is the middle to upper four again which numbered. Logically follows in this series here. 4696146. What will be next. Nine. What are your choices are songs that I. I reject that 617. And nineteen. And 21. Seventy. The book written down and but I think it's nineteen. And bitch you will soon turn. Then there's a calculator from them yet well. You have four. The six as the medics and six is the same each time but before the nine in the fourteen news at five each went two for Pastrana's nine not to strive fourteen. Fourteen to strive for is ninety. So that's my guess and arousal there'd be no match. You were told wrong but it I don't know who told you doesn't that just one area that I. I always right so far by the way. He got the answer aids I didn't look at me it's a page. Until I answered them. All right Charles guess what number. He's one corner. Of 110. Of 15. Of 200. So repeated again yes the numbers 210 if so you are one quarter of it than 110. One fifths. Okay what is the number point five. Your choices while our point 25. Point five one. And ten I think point five you take forefront based upon what I did the math in my head. All right so two of seems to see if he's right so one quarter. Of 200 is fifteen going. 110 of that would be five. 15. Of that. Would be. Is that we get the problem you have but I think I got the wrong I think it's yeah. I missed have been reversed its its its just like good equipment and what do they call that new may have cramped at the end of Americans have to learn common core math isn't about you I think Q have one word. Koehlke late tour. That's and it's a good that and I went there is a question number three. With a minute assist chicken. That's like chicken chickens at the right answer we don't have Tommy we don't have Antonio take a break. Well I don't get the first two right. Charles is confused me with a lot of bad stuff. Don't break your back and when we come back here let's talk a little bit about why that school. Sterling was shut down because of a domestic violence concern. What was everything you fire the person who was involved in domestic violence. The one who's the victim. What are your rights as a boss what your rights as that particular person we'll find out when we come back here on WB to I. And a half hour away from the immense demand. I'm I'm Albany Smart you know the peace and again he can get restless by the. I'm Bosnia. Threshold guardians there have been be a little concern for taking joins us 11:4 o'clock. So what kind of a scary situation earlier in the week here and I don't wanna go ahead and address this again I unfortunately I was right yesterday when my guess about why school was closed during an elementary school closed and private. My guess was that it was probably a domestic violence situation there was a fear. That that some bad person was going to come in and try to do something bad to somebody had been an relationship. We have an edit turned out to be the case. Cops arrested Isaac James birch and he was the one that was a turning to kill his ex wife. Who teaches at the school. So. Glad they did that very good move but no one of the questions it just popped to mind because of stories and I've heard of in the pistons. What's what's the status. From this woman and her job. I efforts situations where somebody is in the victim of domestic violence and they end up losing their job at certain amounts of people say it's a form of discrimination. The people say we know what Bob just try to keep my employees safe. For Marcelino and Tyson would get two attorneys joining us here today Jennifer Moore senior associate attorney famine larger worlds are right Jennifer. Good morning good morning graduate is bright Tyson as well partner thanks for being with us here today in your more on the employers' side is that correct. Well there aren't there yet let's start with Jennifer here so if effort. Whatever reason this teacher ends up getting fired. And calls you what sort of counsel do you given once again this must make this hypothetical situation and giving out legal advice to anybody at this point in time. Just kind of 30000 foot overview. Yes thank you. So loud and what Carolina has been pretty clear attacking it and I'm surrounding domestic violence and Howell a big important can protect themselves and want an employer can or cannot deal. Thoratec them. They typically employer is prohibited firm five fire rained letting her get planning. I'm an employee who take time off from. Work do it in teen different accounts protective order. Or any other relief that that person may be. Able to ever bring it would be if I'm so an employee who were abstinent can be got relief. It would be a violation and if I employee fired up fired at with fired by their employer. Now if good teacher came can meet with these that he is my first step would be to discuss with her. Why do her white dwarf under the domestic violence. Outlawed the party states. He could obtain any protective order immediately. I had called active part campaign. That she could go down to a judge or magistrate. Tell that person weather happening and have been in a protective order. And and that protective order she could request that the person from whom she is. I'm kinder to stay away from Correia and the order did not come get her place of work. Is that is that a form of relief and a protective order. Dutch. Too often the Jennifer we hear stories. Liam we were talking about gun deaths. Earlier in the week. In thirteen hundred dessert is a low number but that's a number of women that are killed each year by somebody in a domestic violence situation. Often after there's been a restraining order of some of some short. Sometimes they may work sometimes they don't work. If that's in place. And the employer knows that. I can understand how and employer might feel a little nervous that perhaps it's gonna spillover from home in two of the place of work. If the employer decides to try to make a change would that employee do they have recourse there. Am I think Brian might be a good person to answer that question being the employment lawyer. So I might I might prefer to have a. Yes certainly Father's Day depending on whether they. Public or private employer or there could be several different considerations that's. You'd want to look at specifically. One was be north product has what's called a retaliatory employment discrimination. And it is certainly that is one of the reasons that. Simply could not be terminated exercising right under chapter Christie beat. Arms of those women beyond domestic violence situations. So I think that would probably. You know actually you have to work through. So. What if there's OK let's let's assume I am private business and I got a restaurant. And one of my might let's say my manager his one and she's as a domestic you don't abuse situation going on at home. And the the guy comes to the restaurant repeatedly even though there's a restraining order against amendment causes problems. When does it become. Too much of an issue or too much of a potential danger. For the employer. To keep that person on. Is is there is there a test for that you know naming. Com as far as you can employees to keeping import you are and I don't know if you can that was a specific. Got on the gardening employer what I would tell them as. It's very. If their restraining order that's important has gone and got you know you want to work with in the confines of what the law provides with respect to be up to read start to go just mentioned. Export import guest might try to you know somebody that has. No legitimate business reason to be actual place of business. You yourself can actually see Gerstein in order against them Huard I think probably wanna encourage employees to try to enforce that order for the oil protection. As well as those at the restaurant and they couldn't see myself. Yeah I'm just think and again if somebody is incorrigible. You know they get slapped down get a restraining order from the woman get a restraining order. Because of him by the restaurant in in this particular example of somebody keeps coming back and got her back sure we do we know how are wonderful court systems work in and somebody who's in this kind of situation they're not gonna spend much time in jail but they're not gonna give up. Then. At some point in time. If I were the employer be like damn I'm I'm I know this is a tough situation for you but if this guy keeps coming back it's gonna escalate. I don't know that I can risk a bet. MIA completely. Without rights to do that. No I don't think that you are I think that. Being but there. Is that requirement for an employer can maintain a healthy safe and healthful workplace. And I'm domestic violence is certainly a workplace hazard and and the situation that you're mentioning. It's no I think that an employer could say that I'm pretty could have acted with death while. Not discriminating against the victim employees. But until take an active combat do you protect its. Into her workplace. He had developed a written program for example. You have reported violent. Educator plead not how to pre defined his potential violence. Maintain records. Of these and prevent the and implement practical is to prevent. Our control that and it intended. I here for example an employer might move. The victims parking spot to another area. Provide an ad court to that person not fair you know get her car after her she death it's. Arrangement like that since. Senator I think that the employer could do to protect did hit the workplace while still maintaining and you know. Saying what and a lot as far as not discriminating against this employee you. And that would add into it your intention maybe it was because pull them more as well what I I. You believe the courts take very seriously domestic policy issues are excellent very big court or out there. If current student who was not abiding by that. Then I think input would be able to enforce that with respect to criminal contempt potentially we could end up as you have mentioned putting their personal jail Jennifer didn't you would want in that regard. Certainly fill it. Any kind of demand they found the protective order in the report the ball. Either via a contempt action which can be criminal in nature. Or by alerting law enforcement. You know it it it and they look at me parent and when you violated a number of our starter typically but. It can't escalate from there. Killed. Yeah you know I hear you when you and they are court to do anything you know like they're overloaded as you know they can only give him much but. There are repercussions from it and think that can be done. Yeah it's a crappy crappy situation all around unfortunately it's it's reality. And for the victim to have to continue to suffer and perhaps perhaps lose their position because this man it's insult to injury isn't it is just absolute insult to injury. Brian Tyson again Jennifer Moore both with Marcelino entice him. Do you find a monoline your NC attorney dot com. Your NC attorney dot com and was commercially and Tyson thanks for resorted to themselves well this is something that. Ends up with another what a happy ending a break him back this is his eleventh 1993 to maybe take. I overstated in the air here GB hard. You know that doesn't mean Charles knock down enough. I have a friend. Very different vibe. Has an air can be. I used to help the malleable than cleaning have a ball and to make sure the people and turn things up when they were out of town. And and I would trust. Trust my friend to stay there are nothing goofy would happen. But in this day and age with the world filled with crazy people and perverts. You've got to watch out. How many people who will be talking about your job they could be alive there could be many up there who unknowingly were victimized Keith that's why police need folks help on this thing Condit was locating here cedars ease a long boat key so these videos they found deep back to 2008. That's why police need the public's help last month in Indiana man and his wife were saying a long boat key Condo they found on air being beat at 63 cedars court. The demand later noticed this smoke detector in the bedroom. Does something seem off to you. There see that black dot revealed there was a secret camera and microphone hidden inside. And it was pointed right at the bed moved up an opportunity to analyzed what was on the SD card. And there are a couple different people on. The owner Wayne that was arrested and charged with video boy eras. Nat lives in the unit when it's not blocked and he says the cameras are for his personal use step at a I'm not activated when the guests are present or at least say the cameras can be operated remotely. And they found numerous videos in the bedroom including one of the Indiana couple. That was not only today police believe there were many victims who were unknowingly recorded who knows what it's being used for. So it's it's very concerned. It was the most important goal underwent anyway but if we gotta get out a house right shtick can't talk care. It's just I. That's coming here being behind me. Not. Anymore. But let's not let it. You never know is somebody take your pitchers thank Carl high have you been to an air BB before. A yard you talk about it and I just called it a matter this just secure store like. They regular golf. Well I'm glad that you did what what we gonna say. Well I you know I as big air BNP's they've met in an air EMB post before I could ask video camera the other camera. It out now appear to be their cameras. Yeah right now right or unit share your collection of has been here whose back a note now yeah now after this story. Would this make you think twice about steer staying in and they are being MB again. No probably not in the now we eat you know you can go you can always go it'd put tape over the you know. But over everything. Because youth unless you know exactly where the camera might be administered. Here I don't know there. So you know that's about the bell I didn't you know. Dying from the Mueller Amman on else it's more than a million. You just roll the dice and say what the heck. Look back yeah yeah CI I think I'm like you in that and I don't know. But my wife and I think about taking a trip in November and we were. Considering the Caribbean B route but I hope she's not listening because is my put the kibosh on this Melinda be at a motel six instead. But it wouldn't mean. Don't care where it somewhere I want to get me changing or you're out in the better bet is that what. I mean yeah. I think what I would do first Carl. Is before we would show up is I would write a script for a little skit. And then and then you know my wife and I could you know rehearse today at a time and then do some sort of skit. Where what were read it we're basically were planning on burning the place to play it from there. He cut quote here I can't wait to go outside and get that can of kerosene honey. That's right here. I have matches right here. And it's how long before they come knocking on the door exactly my idea a good idea that's right it is it. Delicate then in the background we can be planned doors come on baby light my fire. For which which would remain useful for either direction the one that that you hoped was did you the direction things were going to. And then the skit so. The bubble off can you Thomas a little bit of a different kind of guy girl. You've you've got to go oh yeah. Good I appreciate that parents are. Up Karl I think he's reconsidering. They may and he didn't say it but I think he's real sitter and I went and tell I don't care very deeply with women wouldn't. I look fat in them so yeah. Let me tell let you know people get to they like working out to get their bikini body right there bathing suit body. So would we need to work got ahead of time to get our air B&B body I was more worried that I get there are a different day and the police would come to say I'm sorry this property has been stolen somebody you rob it's only whatever or it's not they didn't even now great to read it to Q and that's. I. Yet you yet you can have this air being beat on the he's been missed placed C gonna have to break the window. Just to the right. Your arm is long enough. I don't know the alarm code is charged with the click. We thank you for your tickets cleared. Your children doesn't. Why would somebody needs to set up a video camera. Inside of there your B&B if they want. Video of a naked people. Don't John Morton you told me before. There's a lot of that on the Internet isn't there guys on here that's what I hear the break him back how Smart are you Mensa those are the Smart ones will. We'll break it down for you see your truck for Jose and is this murder alliances with 21110. 99 street will be PC user can't. But I knew it was gonna. Happen as seen videos of people burning football jerseys as a result of another protest everything going on with the minutes ago. Folks taking a meter in the national. And I was just waiting for somebody to be stupid enough to burn their Jersey while it was still on them. I'd have to wait long. Vero Beach it was all upset that he wasn't upset the protesters. He was upset because his team lost. She birdie he decided he was gonna burn his Jersey was still on and this family members tried like they could hit it off of him. Betty we heard some pretty bad second and third degree burns to his back his arm and his hand it'll surprise alcohol was involved op. Has indeed. So the reason I bring that up is because IQ seems to be in the news here the the back and forth between the president and the secretary of state. Allegedly Tillerson called the president a moron. And then the president responded suggesting the two of them take an IQ test together to see who has the highest IQ. So I wanted to go right to the well here right to the folks who know a bit about IQ's. And that would be the folks in Mensa and we have a chapter here the Charlotte blue ridge mentioned folks. Where quote no two people think alike but they think a lot and doctor Jack Freud. Who was the vice president of this chapter joins us doctor good morning welcome WB TRE today. Good morning conference revenue sir I appreciate you being with us here today I am I know that chances are you guys have name tags and has your IQ number right there. Iran right. Actually let not the case no we we all know what the qualifying score is but after that we don't talk about it it's so what is the call qualifying school. Yup so while there's a number of different tests that the organization except sort mention. And they all are calm calibrated be and 98% propping up the score better than 90% of urban. Cold and who takes the test so it's kind of like it's a good curve that. They're a little bit of Kirk could they know there's some like amateur shouldn't let then I'm making sure that that that. That discourse are able to have to be extrapolated to a larger population. I can honestly not everybody takes one of those tests that outburst. But mystical art techniques can be used to ensure that those numbers. Reflect a greater popular. So so far we're concerned about my ability to be able to become a member of Mensa based upon my test results. I could sort of fudge things what looked like what's on sale went to via the north Carolina state fair. And and got every single Carney. To take the test so that it may be potentially not stereotypical. Drop that scored down a bit then if I were to jump in right then and there than maybe that might help my my chances. Well you know you written decision point is you know we we have these mental model. Who we think is intelligent who we think is caused a lot of and then indecent parties as an example and you know duke you might be right that McCarty I don't choose that career out of an abundance the biologists. I believe me doctor I know quite a few car raced I know a lot of guards its a its mouth breathing territory and in many thanks. So but but but but what won a commitment that we use of the puppy or intelligent it's except. And rapidly final waters that we assume that people are in that they are successful are intelligent and people that. Are not successful or not not on the third of the case. I'm that a lot of highly intelligent people that decide to stay out of afraid of me wanna compete in the order of business or medicine or neglect so. I'm probably I think I think that finished in back to whatever it is that you know we can. Between the two look come up with a list of attributes that we can qualify somebody to be intelligent man to beat not intelligent but the to look at such trying to do is try to take. We generally accepted concept is being orderly enough way it's not a test for the general knowledge yes it's not a quiz. It's more around you know how you're able reason in and out shack where are you verbal skills. It is a lot of it's been a pattern recognition kind of things in your brain needs to be able to snap in day and sort of snap out of the immediacy of what's there kind of go into that ether world and then put pieces together and come back and go well okay it's usually it's sort of Burr. And oh boy thought it seems to me. Yeah absolutely and and and also to do so quickly come into contact you have to be able to reason and get the correct answer. All of them or you know a quick amount of time and and that's an important trucker who voted that most. Mostly caught this. Attributes I eat up as well yes it you know given enough time you could probably read about the writing potential question. I'm but we don't typically think oh you know people who are not quick thinking is being opened and an immigrant Rick we want you to be able. To answer these questions and I and a very quick conference. Question so maybe it's like to get on the Doctor Who programmed into the tortoise and stop time than that have a better chance at some of these tests you're. Because like instructional out what is they become important to protect her without proper being that they wouldn't have it yet they're doing a very very good point. So how do Smart people talk and more in a one of the reasons I asked that is. You know and we take a look at somebody like the president and then somebody like Rex to loosen or somebody like you know all a lot of various politicians. Al Franken comes to mind and he seems to be to be pretty bright. Can you really look at somebody and and based upon the volume of their work shall we say. Determine whether or not somebody's got a leg up on other folks. Yeah I I think I think it's hard necessarily to content. To. They're determined by looking at the memo from the somebody who whatever intelligent or not and and and the reason that comes about it because and so manifests itself in a lot of different ways you know people that. I'll are highly skilled and verbal skills and I think. I'm Obama was one of those very crate or later I can get people that are not a very good at mathematics maybe not certainly. You know although beat the click for the party has six triple break a burst open totem subways. I what do you couldn't found that education art teacher in high school told me that until an even matchup itself didn't look away it's so. Professional football players from our for example how to. Unique ability to use their mind until manipulate their bodies and what is that many can't say I'm broke. I think it's difficult to do that Becky quick look at some of her factors. Around the president and Republicans. His academic successes they have you know buttressed by Austrian economics of the world Golden's. Through the medical when I went to audio so I think I think there's other things that you look at the if you look at some. Bill Clinton he was a Rhodes scholar and you know those those markers of success I think sometimes can sort of get Crockett or terminate my. Somalia yes and I don't know a lot people question the president's intelligence because of the way the speaks and answer thing and and I would I wanna things I would argue is that he's got an incredible emotional intelligence on the ability to read people. To get what he wants entered into u.'s worst among give woody Watson about that to me is a sign of intelligence. Yeah I think we. It we would come under tribute boaters to always speaking at a very well actually some way but probably even more difficult moved up Obama spectrum but yet to people are leveled what they understand. I personally subscribe to the cut items you of the parliament. I think he's incredibly. Gifted at working the media and being able. Used phrases and concepts that inject the man that keep the ball wrong direction that he wants yeah but that's such as our Q I don't really think that. The easy thing to do I don't think people who are. Moron can pull now. Not agree with you and ask me questions see how Smart I am can you ask me questions. You question has made as main question she's seen her house market. Can't we put on the market hired tugs that priority know the answer before you you've asked but I O clock where they were not up one I'm the right thing. Specialist will never know the answer is it depends. If scenario that's a particular thought it hit the so if somebody wants to find out whether or not this is the world for them. And they may be become involved in the Charlotte blue ridge Mensa chapter how to they do that doctor. I'd go to CB are meant or that's Charlotte blue ridge mentor dot org. October the national front month for our organization we have several updates coming up for all around Charlotte felt very I'm built. I'm he garment another word you get contact information there to get fed up with south African fast right go after runs I think it's thirty dollars a month of October so. And it's available. But you guys when you give change you don't need to use the cash register you could figure out what they've been using your fingers right. Who who who went in third option worth trezeguet like doctor Freud once again museum vice president of the Charlotte blue ridge Mensa group. CBR. Mensa is where you find them online. Ohio are Smart and on those feel there's not a thing streets good again tomorrow thanks for listen until then I wish you lose guys and green lights take care.