Trump Holds Bi-Partisan Meeting on DACA, Insists Border Wall Part of Deal

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, January 10th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Nice exaggeration. There are too many go to some street. We knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for us like OJ Simpson's things don't go out and find the real. And skewed Wednesday morning welcome broadcast good to be back with you. Lots of things going on. Of interest and I think topping the list today is daka. And there are a couple of reasons for this one. We have the ongoing discussions. About what to do you. To protect people in this country those who are here. Really not by their choice originally. They were given. Basically stay. By president Barack Obama the other big development a judge. Has basically step DN. And blocked Donald Trump's decision to end daka. We will delve into both of these very important angles on the way to make sure I have this correct. I did send you the audio for mud Donald Trump about Taka I hope. Yes. Oh there is we will get to that but I wanted to make absolutely sure. Because I want to address this issue just so very curious has been going on as well. In the discussion. On social media about this. We'll delve into that as well because. There are those who were making this is the suggestion. Don't trumpets sounding like some other candidates who were running for president. In 2016 on this doctor issue. By the way. Candidates who were roundly dismissed. And job. Rejected. I wanna get your thoughts during the course the broadcast today on Taka and other things. As we talk about them today. The Eagles advantage talk claim number 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement planning takes line is 71307. I first wanna start with the judge's decision. To pull the plug on Darko. What's happened to. This happened late on Tuesday a federal judge temporarily blocked the drug administration's decision to end the program. Protecting young immigrants from deportation. For a go into anything else. Can someone explain to me. Something that's very important here. On what basis on what legal constitutional basis to president Barack Obama. Set up daka. What sort of constitutional underpinnings. Arthur for Taka. You're talking about people were not legally in the country. What sort of legal standing do they have what is it that's. Causes a judge to be able to make this kind of decision to say you can't do this. On what basis. This judge's name is William alsop. He's a district judge. He granted a request by a what a surprise California. And other players to prevent Donald Trump from Indy. The deferred action for childhood arrivals program why the wildly lawsuits have been filed have to have an opportunity to play on in court. I also said lawyers in favor of doctor clearly demonstrated the young immigrants were likely to suffer serious irreparable harm. Without court action. The judge also said lawyers have a strong chance of succeeding at trial really. As you know Chris we talked about it quite a bitch we're talking about a lot of people. Darkest protected about 800000 people brought to the US illegally as children or they came with families who overstayed visas. And this program includes hundreds of thousands of college age students. US attorney general Jeff Sessions announced in September the program would be phased out saying. President Barack Obama heads had exceeded his authority when he implemented this back and Tony twelfth. On Tuesday Department of Justice said the judge's decision doesn't change the fact of program wasn't. Illegal. Circumvent shouldn't of congress. And it is within the agency's power to end it. Now let's keep in mind here. The question that I raced a little bit earlier. On what constitutional basis. Does this judge saint. On what basis do Barack Obama set a docking in the first place what constitutional underpinnings Arthur there are giddy. This is an entirely a matter of discretion. And I believe that discretion. Was abused. Not surprisingly. The White House has come out swinging. Referring to this as outrageous. Just hours after the move introduced. A new complication to talks on immigration between the administration and congress. Here's the quote we find this decision to be outrageous especially in light of the president's successful. Bipartisan meeting. With house and senate members of the white house on the same day. So we're already working out something. Trump also tweeted about the decision shortly after the White House statement trump held a long meaty the White House cabinet room. With lawmakers from both parties to separate yesterday. And in an unusual move much of the meeting was held before the cameras. Trump trump actually stunned Republicans and Democrats. According to the hill. By offering support for a comprehensive. Immigration deal. This is sound familiar to you. Isn't this we fought against several years ago. Back when George W. Bush was in office that phrase drove me up for what I don't know about you. Comprehensive immigration reform what the heck is that. This is what you voted for. I especially when you hear from some review hardcore trump supporters. Who were confident. This guy was gonna hold the line. Can hold the line told the wall and I'd give Intel these Democrats and progressive Republican demands. And now it sounds like Q. Just get signed pretty much whatever they give him. Does this bother you. Getting your thoughts your perspectives on this. Let's start with a call from Stanley in Charlotte good morning. I meant are you doing doing well sir I can but the one thing about your question is enrolled at all there's a screen cult is not about prescription. Which is where if you own property for a long time somebody you're not foreign announced in and he did nothing about it. And then later only to you all Peter can't come round them all they now have that is my permanently. And I think that gonna talk more a moral question the problem is because some just talent Barack Obama originally and that's why they're here now. Nobody got like the first time and now we're certain we are limited with our options. Go outdoors thing you can say here's this if you can't eat you can't let that happen again no Japanese insurer now. That you go oh you keep a more secure and then figure out the best option to let instead go to the only option we now have. So you think this battle was lost years ago. That's essentially what you're saying Stanley. Yeah what it would block the negative we let Barack Obama Lipton and and not just tell him that what they're counting the bomb and another port or suffering the consequences of politicization of judges. Apple and that's why it was so important proposal comes a bit to a Christmas to appoint judges who would actually uphold the constitution ball. Well glad to ask you before going here who got a heart break. How concerned are you about doctor do you think. She it sounds like you think this battle is lost they ought to just given up. Well I think I don't think that if they don't think the Democrats do orbit it open to be able to vote. How I would support from part of the limited right to stay here but not full citizenship. Yep here we come from a lot of people agree with that by the way Stanley. But I have a feeling the Democrats are gonna take a little here a little fair. They will get them voting believe me. That's the control. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley ready for remain a hundred day 31110 text line 71307. In the over on the text line. Prince people worry about what kind of planet we're leaving for kids might wanna consider what kind of kids relieving for our planet's. That's pretty interesting. Thing to consider on doctor. Be aware of DHS secretary requirements to phase one trump also said to merit based no wall. And the plan mystery in birthright citizenship. Federal protection like you know how can we get rid of these activist judges does congress need to impeach them and don't hold your breath. You just plug trying to push the line you secretly waiting for trump to fails you can infested station with liberalism. This is meant for Vince. Who did you think was going to read this. And so. My goodness but secretly waiting for trump to fails so we can in first liberalism. Do you do yourself a favor. A rates. Please move away from the orange Kool Aid vet. Because you have had way too much weight too much. This is a black and white issue asked the question of the kids here illegally they're no matter what no matter how you spin it. They're illegal immigrants. And they should be sent home don't reward people breaking the law. Also I think Brazil knows full well the Republicans and Democrats are going to be able to agree on any piece of immigration legislation. We can say he'll sign they send him knowing they're not going to send him anything side. Inch. We do know this morning. That's. One person is characterized this as situation when the talks are nowhere. So we'll see. We will see. This lets see how much real compassion the left has to these dreamers told the dims all these young illegals can stay and become citizens except. This day forward they will never be allowed to vote. You think it would curb their enthusiasm a little that's Alan. I think if you put something like that the legislation that's gonna get struck down by a court. I can just see it now. I can just see yet in equal protection under the law argument how can you create a special type of citizen. Who does not have the right to vote. Kind of interesting isn't. But I think especially in mid it's intriguing that here we have more activism from the bench. Why would you expect anything to your church. They will step in to do everything possible if it's not done with legislation. The courts will step in then they were forced this issue until. These illegal immigrants have every single right that you do. This is how it works. Confused about the democratic senator wanting a mental stability test for a Otis candidate is he saying just none dims. Because I've not seen a Democrat that would pass it. We're going to burn a bridge down so certain drivers can use it anymore not realizing. They won't be able to use it as well stupid. Yes that would be interesting to see some sort of mental tests. Applied to a number of people ends you know you for me make reference to what's happening in the US senate. And I'm referring to Republicans and Democrats and these folks I don't know if they know what day it is. It's that bat. And yet many of them are still there that's really where I would start. If you wanna do some sort of mental test. But I digress. So we have that lets keep your thoughts. Regarding Taka. James Woods. He has some thoughts about daka member James Woods the guy who by the way is very supportive. Outspoken. Outspoken in favor of president Donald Trump this is not and never trooper. We need to know he has to say. Said that's it a truck rolls over on doctor he loses my vote that is a promise. The story reported by daily wire conservative Hollywood actor James Wood fired a shot prison Donald Trump the Republican Party warning the president all bets are off. If he gives in on immigration. Now on Tuesday trump let the media watch an hourlong meeting here with congressional leaders on doctor border security chain migration the visa lottery system. But woods wasted no time warning the president and Republicans. Regularly this if you fold and immigration you're a one term president. That's a pretty strong warning don't you think. And as I mentioned later Ronnie said that's it truck rolls over on docket he loses my vote that is a promise. What do you think about this folks. And again this is not a never trump for someone who's been very vocal in his support. Enthusiastically. Supporting the president. Woods finished by hammering the seemingly inept Republican leaders in Washington who haven't figured out they're supposed to be governing with a power they've been given. Which treated in daka completely build the wall defund Sanctuary Cities and chain migration enforce voter ID. Deport all lawbreakers. Democrats never listen US when they were in control wake up Republicans. You have the power you sit for God's sake. It's pretty strong dude should think James Woods. Woods also threw jab to the Democrats serious tweet storm Democrats have no platform no integrity there early interest in NH self perpetuating paradigm of existence. They would let America be overrun by chords are freeloaders. Just for the votes necessary for survival as a political party wow. That's pretty strong stuff isn't it. Tonight remind you again this is not an ever trooper. James in Charlotte good morning. You're a racer. Work work work you don't put up or near Paramount Larry they don't spend some. Well probably another topic aren't. And we know worst morally now. Wrote science. Grow quite stated that if there are other good people. Well I'm very Aaron Miller. We never got a bill out there all. Right. Well that's the way it's supposed to work. Do you think that's the Republicans get hold the line here we just gonna roll over. Well I think they're about to be spread. And Miller column markets that the game bigger player for what the coming years. I'd ask you know why it why would president Donald Trump actually tell them patent you know whatever pretty much whatever you put together I'll sign why would he say that. Okay little embodied just the other you know that they're no more. Part. I didn't play our game good. You really think so. Why did you stop listening to rush. All I don't know I didn't. Well I brought a rowboat. I. That's fair nephew and listening music rather than the Talking Heads understandable. They slog for your clock pitch it seems to. I. Who could blame for wanting to listen to music take. The trophy gear. Also the takes like Vince make it a felony for someone to be here illegally and then we will be able to vote. Well I don't work on it can't vote of convicted of certain crimes. They should not be allowed to vote. Since I must correct you run the illegals. They will not have the same rights as natural born US citizens they will in already do. And we'll have more rights than us. That's a banker of Spartanburg idea what you're saying it feels that way doesn't here we are the legal people working career in soft just keep things together and got people just slipped right through and no big deal. Vince every she learned trumps art of the deal right now. Shoot long been pulled back. And we have this who can blame truck for not even running for second term I don't want him really want to roll over and immigration yet president trump. Has to be fed up with all of us. Those are just some of these perspectives over on the text line. Your views perspectives welcome 809281110. X 9713 your seven coming up we'll talk more about Oprah. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program for a week in Duncan good morning. They expect big MacWorld. You have. My opposition not and that got is that. Is it really care about what you guys who's got the credit DL and another tick the box and they'd be. He's not about what apple. So bad that yeah. It what you hear some here I'll whiskers allow our quote perhaps I'm not all arm. Give structure are run including money. And protect the same position he's got that idea exactly and that he'd be underdog. You got Britney is voters he got the need some of these folks. And they'll win anyway and that's going to be your opposition. That kind of deal and move on and and expect. That's pretty these aid deal deal dealmaker. Quarterly annual bang out an Elliott. They had they had asked them about his suspension. I could not believe he's bad my position is. It turned out of that group around the table and congress yet but yeah. Yet no. No pleasure and yet no no stand out and respect themselves until they continued to force them. True I'll repeat. What Republicans are older and she knew all of my demo the wall going to be trying to put bad and bare. And out. So I think he'll find whatever but he got it was also very very interesting when you guardedly. I'll White House our web web web site. That one may. You are document and write the odd minutes up the meeting. They are a lot of what you got that big screen that's up I guess whoever whatever idiot did that opt. Yup happened there or camera rolling and they've ordered more and they really get court what he that the bet can't beat like that away now. Bad I. Thought that was always something that they are absurd. What you said yesterday and we got it partly. Partly our lack quote. Well it's not courting Jewish state he had and they will certainly be out there for everybody to listen to in fact we're gonna play a bit of this thanks for your call there richt. And said I wanna go straight to that pitchers a couple of interest in pieces about your wanna put out there and on some commentary is well by as someone I've follow on social media. Grass from very interesting observations about this I'm gonna share a couple of pieces of audio first. Donald Trump from yesterday's meeting as our friend which just describing meeting with Democrats and Republicans. I feel having to Democrats in whether this is absolutely vital because it should be bipartisan. Should be available loved Shirley junior bill of love and we can do it. I'd like to ask questions. What about it cleaned up the bill now here with a commitment that we go be an issue. Like you back I remember when Kennedy is here. It was really a major changes have. It was great disappointment. No matter nowhere to. I don't know what. I think that's basically what they can say we're gonna come out with dock us. Limited duck and that we can sort of immediately on the phase two which would be comprehension really didn't really feel I would like I would like president. Okay we'll payola and would like to see. We're but I think we have to deduct interest at present yeah he'd be paranoid I think I think what senator feinstein's asking here. When we talk about just not that we don't wanna be back here two years later you have to have security. As a secretary would tell you I think that's what you said. I believe when the pendulum but no they can't look. That's English and in America I mean if you can and that that's who. And why I don't think I've ever who's been arguing very nice as well lit the can argue it would America. Could who can argue with merit based really come on people. Now what you hear. I mean what do we fight against back during the Bush Administration. Comprehensive immigration reform I am I'm missing something here guys. Where we got up in arms about this several years ago and all of a sudden president Donald Trump. Talks about comprehensive. Immigration reform. This was supposed to be the issue that got him elected right. I wanted to play for you something that emerge this was a commercial. That aired during the political campaign. You know when more than a dozen people were running against Donald Trump I want you to listen to this listen up. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. This channel it's gets it gets so it's a it's an act of love. Did you hear that. This was a dig on Jeb Bush. Because he said this was an act of love what does Donald Trump's say. Basically the same thing. So can somebody explain this to me I'd love to hear an explanation there's got to be a good went out there somewhere. ENN Harrisburg good morning. Melo. My name is inquiry that you artist I'm sorry but I I'm actually an immigrant from South America. And I just wanna say that I think that Donald Trump. Is right on and everything you said on immigration and so far as supporting everybody that came early blue. Because. I may have been adopted. And brought here by somebody Oregon State but. They broke the law. And we are nation a wall that's what people come here for the most part because the law and our country got built them and they want to subject themselves but couldn't just Waltz. They broke the law. And now they suffer consequences what they did. I'm not a positions are in them all but if I was they would be on the first plane brought sort whatever. Back where they came from. While. That's pretty strong language cheers so what do you think what you're hearing out of the president now especially about doc and comprehensive immigration reform. Well I actually paid off go just because somebody. Come here and a certain way doesn't mean they're any less guilty. I hear you I mean do is does this or a constitutive betrayal for you. This is a betrayal and honest people like him saddened about because they haven't really have to suffer. As much become a citizen because. Being the citizen. Am becoming a citizen is destroyed we have to go through a long process. You have to go through it tests you have to learn about our walls them had to do any of that. And if they did they might appreciate a little more of Sevilla pending at the moment sort platter. Well Ian. Strong call man it's always good year for me thanks a lot for calling end. How would got Lonny got about a minute here calling. Heading toward Atlanta on I 85 good morning sir. Good morning yeah I'm heading towards Atlanta are. Allowing. Legal status for the knock out. People without having them vote spot that typical green car or worse. Enjoy all of writes the citizen but they're not Citizens Bank cannot vote. The beast 680000. People that we're talking about here. Don't even green card status what they really want is a permanent worker visa. They're already should essentially give their citizens of Mexico or Central America or or China or wherever they want to be a moment ago. And work they have jobs. So we're looking at fifteen million illegals overall. 680000. Is not going to be a big problem for anybody I don't think. And it could be even. Kind of show the way towards comprehensive plan where another. State child would get. All worker visas almost wipe your face this. And but not the right fit to vote. Yet that's it'll be interesting to see if they'll be able to have balance this somehow. I have no idea with a gonna come away. Really don't. Since 49 on the Vince Coakley radio program over on the text line. Those of you who have since taxi and then it's. The text line is actually burning up with lots of comments here Cummins since retirement planning tech's front 71 preachers seventh. The Eagles advantage talk like number 809281110. And we begin here. This person is saying great show. I am a lit the text annual growth through. Crisis in the message by email. So we'll see what comes through on this one. Also this let all the criminals out of jail they're just as guilty as all of the doctor illegals are under desist important gold wall. They give our border officers the support they deserve. If Obama created results trump had trump guys. This year only took a dollar salary is trump has. UB praised knighted seeded cryogenic plea frozen enshrined and immortalized for all the C. The greats it's being done. Yuck I just threw open my mouth. OC DEC east and that in already. So what else saying this is a negotiating tactic since he's fooling the congressmen in the room into thinking they have a say in the matter. People won't work with you if they think what they're doing doesn't matter. All right. Vince please tell us where you stand on doctor and what you were solution would be. Good question I'll come back to this one. Illegal immigration the devastate their throats rip. The Tim Republicans. Need cheap labor the truck being used in this opportunity to expose them both. Given time. All right. This it depends on what the definition of love is compassion guided by wisdom is the key units Paul out of Greenville. The guy says she's an immigrant from South America. Must be from northern South America he shares sounds like a Yankee to meet and I moved here from New York in 1985. Or are but a but a Vince the hard court trump supporters are drinking the Kool Aid. They are not drinking the orange Kool Aid they're snorting get out of the pact. Already trumpets at the Helm of the real looking forward to see his cleaver moving. OK. Let's we've been working on comprehensive immigration reform for 53 years there's no such thing as this kind of immigration otherwise. We have no country. Or Charlotte caves on the stock a deal and anyway he will be a one term president in no matter how good the economy is. This is the issue that got him elected if he fails to the eyes of his voters he is done. And we have this. Since I was wonder if anybody thought maybe trump was putting a scare into the Republicans. In these Republican senators and congressmen. Now they have come up with a good idea. All right constructive show in New York. Good morning welcome. Thank you sir are really appreciate it I Hillary church by calling my two senators and my congress then. Trying to find out what the doctor of law was intended to say. And only want to vote and would tell me any sane and I want I call them illegal. I would corrected. Because what had happened which the law based on its apparently that it El Salvador there was an earthquake or something. And we outlaw what could be written. Debt we would take on 200000. Children. They get about the disaster area. And it was very clear in the law when which ripped in accordance front spokesman. Former reps senators from that in no way would they ever be able to become an American citizen. We are going back to their country intent to hit a routine procedure for bringing people in the country. So if our country at large. There's no way that I it would support trump or anyone. We're rewriting a law ought to transpire current situation. If it's so final breakdown of the country when you have mop rule. And if our congress now is just the mob rule and not really. Then work done a defiant after the stage that the next stage. Pop rule in LA complete destruction. Both democratic republic. Is having gay. Catching tight as kind of person. So I hope trumped in just trying to negotiate. The wall and each cannot concede on doc are you done. And I campaigned for impact at least so I was strong strong track support throughout. You can't tell until the end of that game would actually do it he's one thing. That's my opinion. I hear you Joey hey appreciate your call out of York this morning. And she. One of the textures raised the question your what is your position on this and you're right I've had this job. Had this conserved for quite some time. IE eight maybe this is out. Too much for the government should try to handle. But I believe in providing some sort of discretion here and here's what I mean by that. I like to see a scenario. Where you examine this on the case by case basis. I'm not excited about the idea of giving people. Blanket access to the United States of America. Did you need to interview people and find out who are they in what are they here for what are they doing. And for the most part you have the law abiding upstanding citizens. Let's figure out something to help them. But I don't favor just a blanket OK let's let everybody in in this category from this country. Then have a problem with. Jerry get less than a minute here what are your thoughts they're out of Winston-Salem. I would have blind sighted in my opinion there is a lot of abuse and adopt a program as far as people that have been allowed. To participate in it. I assisted someone in pending approval to participate in the program. And senate not geared to a received. Numerous calls from other. So people warning late to stop making. It's. Untrue statements about there stage in their location at the time that they had to. Probably in this country to participate. So it's just my belief that terrorists there's a lot of people in the dark a program that did not originally call. If that doesn't surprise me at all Gerri I do appreciate your call and again. Whenever you put those words together government management he just sends chills down my spy stimulus. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Observing that new era of. Okay I'm good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character you've. Leave radio program. Number two at six minutes after the or 11 o'clock if you like join the conversation it was a fairly startling number 800. Nine to 1110 covets its retirement planning text line is 71307. And boy do I have a blockbuster. Story for. Let's just say we put this in the category. I told you so. And. Days ago. But I'm not gonna say what it's about yet. We won't get to it. Very very soon. Let's share some of the text though that have come in and just past few minutes. We start here. This Dexter says doc a is a trick sounds like a Nazi concentration camp and it was actually. Duck. Dutch. If trump supporters. Of trouble actually supports duck he's had not see my the only one. Who sees this left to set up. Two different situations docket doesn't apply to the salvadorans they are technically long term natural disaster refugees. They came legally but are supposed to leave once the disaster has abated. Doctor applies to people who are not supposed to be here at all. We also have this I think dispersants being facetious. Prince kid she she trump he's using his genius deal making powers to get this big beautiful were all built. He's running rings around the Democrats you'll see the it's can you explain. How those folks from El Salvador came here on a temporary status. And then we have children here. Published children and I'll automatic citizens of America the fourteenth amendment was met for freed slaves and their children to be American citizens. Yes or is that not been preferred it this was now for a bunch of illegal aliens and their anchor babies Jim out of Easley raising this question. Pretty sticky. Dense I like many others did not vote for mr. trump we voted against Hillary. If he backed rebels on this I think he would lose against Al Franken in Tony Tony. That's pretty bad. And we have this. They referenced you out. Other members of the team in the Arab states. Vince terror and Bob and all the other troopers refuse to seat and acknowledged the bipolar and judgment of their huge mega candidate Strom. He told them he would betray them because he always wanted a deal he doesn't care what's in it. As ugly as he can say he made a deal. Trump has never been held to account for his actions so why would he worry about that now. We're at the mercy of every whim of this narcissistic. Megalomaniac. Sociopath. Overweight. Thanks for answer my question vents might question the question these text your pro is was abouts. Doctor. We don't always agree I do enjoy your show appreciate your honesty stay strong my friend we will. Also someone here who was skeptical because they know that Vince Coakley is. Let's just say the has a real struggle with ADHD sure you'll get to the story eventually. Now prove me wrong. Thought I need you guys told me to account on this story by the way you know what story I'm talking about a story yeah thanks a lot some help you are. Vince I support strong border security the premise that an expensive 2200 mile long wall will stop all immigration and drugs is delusional. You can achieve 90% effectiveness of a wall of less than half the cost of the wall that makes more sense to me. Already. Willie on the line to talk to us in Charlotte's welcome back sir. Why don't clearance then they just tedious or I'm appalled and OnStar that some of the of the commodity amount. It's our role Craig you're there let's Polly what did I say that's appalling Tellme. What the question is why would Jesus do what we achieved which you know we tried a barrel. Not I'm not really strike per hour with a Trenton played well let's repeat that but beyond that there everybody treat the cut their oil out there are producers got beat Miami go. Symbian and meego are back all of our guys will work and honestly I don't great or keep that up I need it. Hey I need the prayer and you need to practice you're ahead but I do finally get our. Am I didn't sit on their patrol won't let about the fact that many of these children are not really didn't breaking the law regular caller. Cynic caller though. Can you address at yeah I came here are the parent brought the loss well. Many great care we will concentrate on the track it made it short sell. They wanna go to school or contributed to the American but god culturally politically they can in order LaBroque. Apparently professional the American Packers they've released a fairly well and they are actually Americans. By only extra because a particular paper. It got the critical front on the positive from people to contribute many immigrants come here. And they contribute a lot about it look at your packet that is illegal aliens. Are are the. Now Willie Byrd. Performer for eagle on here it wouldn't let me just ask you questions do you think I'm against -- do you think I'm against immigrants and immigration. I'm trying to do you think I'm against immigrants and immigration because it sounds like you're trying to make the case for something. That I I I have not really argued against. Well I think I'm gonna look back from my second thrill and did you hear what I had to save. It should be legal you write it should be illegal procedure for him to come here. I am talking to a militant committed that can hear each without without their knowledge. And that's what we're talking about what I said is I believe we audits we ought to address every single one of these situations on a case by case basis. I don't favor a bully kids. Allowing all of these people to come in let's review these situations and give these judges discretion. Is there something wrong with that's. I think you're going around all right well my tell me as a kid my prayer covenant with. I'm a wonderful day. US well yet the U what's interesting about this thinks Willie. And again I think a lot of times people assume an important reason I'm saying this about doctor. Is because I think there should just been a whole lot of hyperbole thrown out there. And suggestion that somehow or when he's going to be hard line on this. And what I'm really talking about here. You know I I'm not even necessarily agree or disagree with our guy. But I I'm wondering here whether there's been an inconsistency. Whether something has been sold that is not going to be delivered that's what I'm wondering about. Denise are you got about a minute here. Okay the people who are in favor of gawker went argue with you that there has already has been a case by case analysis and that. There were requirements for them to be able to sign up form they accepted into the dock programs so. I'm. As you probably recall I'm not in favor of this not any way any health. But Tucker Carlson there's a wonderful interview last night with Jorge Ramos one of those most outspoken. Wealthiest. Journalists. Who represent the interest of Mexicans in the united. States and he says that the Democrats should take the deal with the walker the ball is gonna do any good at all. And they're gonna remember I'd be that 45% are already jumped or did the job for now the walls are gonna do any good if you wanna waste eighteen billion wherever it is. Go right ahead felt completely Dhaka and other parent which is shortly to follow up though he even deepen somebody as. Rabid dog on the interest of Dhaka as Jorge Ramos is simple. Both favor of building a Balkans he knows just like I figured it'd have been doing a good. I hear you Denise I think I think you made up. You plausible played here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program we have this from my row who wrote in. Saying amen to Ian. Number he called this a few minutes ago my husband and I personally wrist. As personally sponsored three people from the Congo. We had to put everything we had on the line to do that. My pastors from the Congo. He came on an educational visa to attend Davidson. You would not believe what he went through legally and financially to get a green card. Amnesty in any form is immoral why do they get a free pass because they strung across the border. That's the million dollar question approached why. Bob out of Charlotte to morning. They're good morning area nicer. I just played I read time they've done that before. And what they said that these people for different and a half Sotomayor. When mostly here overseeing visas. Can win this program we kicked in the income. Some sort of breakneck. A big day indeed created can come in afterward they were already here. So we feel that's. Pathetic and collegial as. Well there are illegal. I mean dad ever pardon but no end. Adored camper received via real problem for these New York Times readers. They don't you know what it needs. It. If you missed it until we know you keep saying they need to be at this citizenship. Because they've been here at seventeen or more years. We're gonna do it all the goodies that they held none spoke English. Studies they simply for seventeen years and never speak English. That's kind of a problem is and it's it kind of blows the whole lot of the idea the concept of assimilation Bob appreciate your call. Our Curtis also in Charlotte good morning. Couldn't good morning to show. You that the are not able doc I think everybody cultural people should be. British period. Each recently Bowden. I think. We need you can look at the magazine emigration laud your feet aren't. Actually go to cannot hear that crowd something didn't we need to put our military on the border against the wall give a real world training like domestic armies or Big Brother were bought ala. The criteria I mean. What it was wrong with us the lack of will to really enforce our own borders Kurdish I appreciate your call. Am I some breaking news tell you about your I told you so many things that happened. One of them is a poll that I'm gonna tell you about the ditch. The other when Darrell ice so member of congress Republican from California. He's not going to run again. He's done. I don't know how much you know about Darryl I said this guy is load it's I don't know how we mean is money I met him. Several years ago when I was running for congress. When I was in Washington DC one of the things that happened. And he got Menem at the ball field at the nationals. Baseball field that's where I saw him and we are very brief conversation. But I was told by one of his colleagues this guy is loaded. You know why would you wanna go and put it this nonsense. If you had all this money. Well power that's the next thing you want power. And it's. I don't know if there's really anything left to do for somebody like mr. crisis so any case. He is packed and it up and leaving. I want to quickly gets mother concert before we go to break. The end it will ends with a very interesting poll that is just come out today. I want you to be aware of this let's start here. As you know Oprah Winfrey. At her speech at the Golden Globes the other day. Really stirred up quite a buzz and there's no doubt in my mind this was orchestrated there's a plane here in place and the plan is due. Sharp lots of lots of interest I think this is a Ross Perot strategy. So that there appears to be a groundswell of support so that. Oprah looks like the reluctant person she doesn't look power hungry she looks likely reluctant person who just wants to give the people what they want. I think that's where this is going. First I want you to listen to Van Jones you know that Communist guy. We used to be in the Obama administration. Well he had some comments the night after the Golden Globes that I think are worth listening to you listen up. Van Jones. In fact. Let me say something before we go to this. Think Jones. Is I mean about his transparently socialists is your possibly going to get it. Ends. One of the things you have to understand that when you've got in Marion Jones is a guy who's in with Barack Obama. Museum with Oprah all of these folks are part of the same club. So what he says should not surprise you listen up. But what what you see him in obviously. You know give orders are don't trumpet never been president and his president. Well the question is this you want to be demoted. From queen of the universe to present United States as the only question if she wants to do it she can do it. She is probably the most beloved human being on earth to prod the most beloved carbon based life form on earth. She could if she runs she will destroy anybody in front cover the what did this you wanna do it. I've talked to a lot of people who work or close star or round terror is basically you know bedlam in Oberlin right now with people yeah people begging her please run please run please run. Alicia is given no indication. That she has moved off of her position that she doesn't wanna do it I will say that speech last night. Was extraordinary. That speech she KG did in nine minutes what Barack Obama did in seventeen minutes in 2004. She she told her story. She told the American story in a way that just was electrifying. It sheik sheik if she decides to do this it is going to be one of the most extraordinary runs in America has should be good I mean then you know. Do you now hold just stop that a medical won't pick this up because Anderson Cooper asked him another question what did your coach say to you just two days ago. Do you guys remember what I said a couple of days ago. I told you that speech reminded me of Barack Obama in 2004 Van Jones same observation. You can keep playing missed listen up to Anderson Cooper asking another question. Business in a lot of ways and I'm in your point you know admitted to step down for her your saying but. It's actually entered the fray. You know things change very quickly you get bruised they had battered you get you get money. Give it different for the open though. She's already confessed to everything about our lives her life isn't over but they'll all then back though the top thing on Oprah might be some I think you're right wasn't as bad as you say or mistakes you made weren't as awful as you ballot they wore a mean. She's uniquely positioned. Herself to be able to take those and those blows and turned them into our advantages first off let's at that what we're thing. I don't think it part of what happened when Hillary Clinton was issue was not able to get white women to vote for her but the majority of white women voted against her for mantra. I do not think that is a problem Opel if you haven't they don't have women on the tour have meant. Black's wife lets you know as business people I mean come on I mean. I I I did I got my popcorn I'm hoping I'll wait and I'm watching something that happened here I hope. What do you say to that. I knew what and number of people were saying in a new poll that's come out which we're gonna talk about here to bitch. But again. I this is something that better be taken very very seriously. John fund has a piece that we may I don't know for a time to talk about this but John fund has a piece out for fox talking about reasons why. Oprah Winfrey would run for president. Fans. I mean everything is pretty much self evident this woman she's got everything. Literally going for her including the money. In fact there are a lot of mirror things to the trump campaign. That she has going for. In fact I would say in advantage. Coming up we're gonna tell you about a poll just out. I want to free yourself this what this much more as we continue our broadcast here. 28 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock and have. Let me just tell you you might wanna fasten your seatbelts 89211. Dead. Our tech slide if 713 years. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Lemmon 36 to Vince Coakley radio program a lot to get to in this segment with. First go to call it Ryan and rock show good morning. Sporting event they can take my call this year to chill water drop a couple real quick bullet point guard yes about the stock exchange first. While most of since you're seeing it right here in. In politics days that is illegal under Richard you're doing jobs that Americans all due to show offensive. Can confirm that there are jobs that American or not future treat their family if it got to be great up there were you know comparable defense endeavor. Tracking all of now they may get out like this problem is it's so insurmountable so typical oh how spoke to deport eleven million illegal. That's why don't do anything even approaching that we do Warren. Every year you're you're here illegally you catching additional charge every year. Right that's number one number two if you are employer to hire we wouldn't even better if you're small business over there. Mow the lawn care company in Charlotte, North Carolina or you're tight to move through bring them over about oh yeah yeah by the way they do. If a company that does that it will only heightened legal and that's what I've been in some garbage truck and you are they sure as well as an organized client now Fitch. I mean I believe. Catch up with operational Rico statute because Lamar and so they can start to. Confiscate your your your assets. Eight you do go to one company got into one touch and two or what happened. I did all of these other companies that aren't illegal the jobs are all big hill to import it don't hope that could put a single person on a bus but it's super sharply. They can get it because. Dingle ball it can happen while they give it. If we don't like the federal government it's so that they want to politics. Or being done to rub it into their jobs and. Hey I'm there with you Ryan good stuff good stuff I mean how many times in this. We heard this particular argument and I think it makes a whole lot of sense for the promise we have people who do not want to enforce the law that's what it comes down to. If so bundle for the fate of the street we are a lot of what Obama can relate. They're really not you will develop their picker was our very yeah. We've got caught like that I thought I'd guarantee that there are plenty of people but rather that be are well air absolutely early yeah. Bryant you know how you do know how you get people to pick strawberries. Are you paid them you'd cheap states. That's the problem thanks for your call Ryan this is what really ticks me off. Because what's happened is we've got a business environment where these employers have no incentive to hire legal people when they can hate illegal people less. So we have to do you wanna get. I'm I'm telling you. This is the way are free market system is supposed to work did you have trouble getting people to work in a certain area what do you do you raise the wage. That we capitalism is supposed to work. Well this gets me wound up folks. We have Republicans and Democrats. They don't believe in capitalism they don't even free enterprise they believe in crony capitalism that's what they believe and and it's distorted as we were talking about I think yesterday all too often is distorted and this is what people have come deceit that capitalism is. And then people come to hate that which is why I think a lot of people these younger generation. Are supporting. Unfortunately. Supporting. Socialism. Earlier we played for years some audio from. Mean Jones. Who is sub about his leftists as you're going to get to his excited about the idea of an Oprah Winfrey candidacy for president. Donald Trump is out well he's Donald Trump. Being himself. He had this question put to him yesterday. During this discussion about docket and other things here's what he had to say. Got veto that helped ruin me a lot of fun yeah I know very well you know I did whatever less showed she had Donald Trump is before politics for a last week. And G had Donald Trump and my family is very blessed though I like Oprah I don't think she's gonna. Do you know I don't think she's got around and yeah I know very well. Think. He would be here that's the first thing he said how beat up. If she runs. Cycle OK there you go. I warn you about the other day folks. And IE continue to beat the Strom and I will not stop. Because I think it's vitally important. That's when we present conservatism and conservative ideas they need to be presented and away that is winsome. That is inspiring. That. Mixed the tents as the largest can possibly be with the right kind of values. And let me emphasize that part. I'm not talking about compromising on principle I'm talking about it. Making sure that we present these these things in a way that is attractive. And we have someone who comes across. With things that are unfortunately. Disparaging. Or comes a crisis hateful. As just mean spirited. We've got a problem. Especially if you have someone. Like Oprah. It was just very likable. I'm gonna go ahead and I'm getting in the tees here Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll today. Anybody guess I am I'm gonna put you guys in the spot Charles. Charles job. It's really the results are of this poll done after. This Oprah Winfrey stuns. What are the results who wins. In a match up between president Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey and what is the margin. Also Oprah wins. By 15%. Wow. Jai. It's total guest Oprah by Tony points Tony percentage points. All right here is the results of this poll this just out. TV personality Oprah Winfrey is the likely winner over present trump if the Tony Tony election were held true day. Let me just stop there for a moment. What's going on with our economy. Our country's going greatest and it's concrete. So by all. Metrics there is no reason in the world. You wouldn't cute choose anybody else doesn't make sense doesn't. Why would you possibly put somebody else the white house with things that have gone as wells they have taken on. Clean in the last year. So what do you think this is why do you think. What do you think this news. Here's the latest results. From a survey. Gill wrote this for the 8%. At 48% of likely US voters would opt for Winfrey. 38% would choose trump. Here's another scary thing. But here is what ties him with you guys in your predictions. You said Tony you said fifteen. 14%. Are undecided. You throw that and decide if you split that undecided number Europe there at that 15% mark. You're right they're Charles. Like it was that song she's got. Personality. Keeps clearer it's they're. Here's what I also think is interest in Winfrey has the support of 76% of Democrats. 22%. Of Republicans. 44% of voters not affiliated with either major political party. The president earned 66% of the vote for Republicans 12% of Democrats 38 of the un affiliated us. I'm telling you. Donald Trump. Better throw aside the bravado and take this very seriously. Keep up the policy. But it better work on himself and his image. Image is everything. When it comes to presidential politics. 1149 of its Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on this new poll 4838. Oprah Winfrey ahead you know and you sort of things Van Jones pointed out. Everything. That its first we know there may be some other thinks everything negative about Oprah Winfrey is already out there. What would drive up for negatives how you do that's what you possibly drive of the negatives on now obviously for me it's ideology. It's a never had never Oprah in fact there's a hash tag no for a bit going around right now no. That's where I am but for people who are wishy washy. Like the people voted for Barack Obama and then voted for Donald Trump what's to keep them from voting. For Oprah next time around. Shannon out of Shelby I love the liberation there Shandon out of Shelby good morning and welcome. They're more. One thing Aldridge and I am I am all for all the president Blackburn and whatever. I wouldn't care vote for a little monthlong. Lesbian covered. And Hezbollah have some partners. They do have figured out there don't profit god. And I have I'm up on the Christian so I'll stand. Because the second ponder Christian. Yeah I got tired. Or sort of do able or every normal again. I saw Donald Brown's standing up for Christian. Christian business owners. Asked where nobody else would have I don't believe. And not have heard Oprah. Play herself that she beleaguered more than one way to error. Other than do you discard. And I've also heard Ers played so crew. I'll circle playing here there's and then at that time teaching yet they're watching their it's okay. Well person like probably what got us here about it and it expands. And I just wouldn't I wouldn't vote storage. Occupied. I mean he could. Read she has the money to do it too she could certainly do that and and I RR RMR yeah. Are there are. Don't want Amare and I hear you shed and we appreciate your call this important it's good to right kill and mark to get about thirty seconds here mark. Okay it's. I have. Everything he has been very into this area it's some clarity here that has sustained saying in the Van Jones recorded it something else catching up on. And scratch paper. One at Nevada hopes for a I called on Monday mentioned the creation research journal article done it was started 2001. The title as well perhaps making a new way it's not he had fun 21 and number four. OK okay. It's that feature length article that he has can't instead. Financed and Jones says rubber stamped. This article is thorough. In its last shivers going down my department found that they have edited for. Our content and that's so. How reasonable person would assume that. This went. The deadline. To months before it hit the mail. All right RH well hey I appreciate your call they're marked and making the point here and I mean who cover part of this at some point. I think going to be worthwhile to talk about its. What he is described here this Christian research institutes done item that was put together. Are we do want to address this because this woman has some very very the profoundly. I would say very hostile ideas. To Christians and christianity. And and I do I think they're worth paying attention to it's going to be very important for the future especially if she does decide to run. 53 minutes after 11 o'clock let's take a quick look at the day in history. We've got to us before the end of the broadcast today he mr. right so joining us from our upstate studio. Good morning man how aria good morning I'm awesome. Well we hope you're awesome would these questions here. There's some tricky ones. And here's a hint the first two are the same city. 1863. Underground passenger rail system opened up. It's also known as the two but what city is this located. That too. And I'll add it's probably a place she would never go because you refused to fly mr. right so. Chrome on the to a London. You got at its London. Already given the second one way UN general assembly met for the first time really they meet in 1946. So much. How you don't want this. I. Let's get a bit skidded. 1984. After 117. Years on the outs. This particular religious cities states and the United States establish full diplomatic relations what is it. When you're putting them. 1984. Religious city state that's a big big hit mr. right so there's really only one such into. All know how old hole. Anybody here wanna yes. Cleveland. Now that's that's classic. Religious city state mr. jinx him. Religious. City state and find beside Vatican City. Bingo this take him. Well aware would but to me I propellant. And established long before that no is that interstate a lot of people didn't know that seat we've informed people on something really important. Then last but not least this ought to be obvious this is been in the news every single day it seems like. This country announced it was pulling out of the nuclear nonproliferation. Treaty. We caution you. Oh no that's a joke right your North Korea. Reached down their monthly burden. Three this guy's neck I gonna do review. Russia. Goodness. Any case it's been a blast is used to hook it to a question. It is North Korea. North Korea. Hey we've had fun they slept for joining us today mr. right so everywhere and it got bush should have agreed today. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.