Trump & Omarosa, Manafort Trial, and Have You Changed Careers

John Hancock
Tuesday, August 14th
Hancock discusses Trump's response to Omarosa, the Manafort trial and asks have you changed careers?

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This is John Hancock. They're either motorist can. Love temperatures up. Negative that's outside. If this was summer in the Carolinas should kill more popular. It's one thing you read. I have my grandson out in a Colorado who it's when he goes back for his. Sophomore junior high school be on the four day school week. This district that you may have been hearing about Colorado school district and is moved to a four day weeks. Includes Brighton commerce city parts of Aurora sore and so forth it's essentially. Mo call it a suburb of Denver but it would be the same house. And Denver area so it's not some. School district in the sticks out on the eastern plains are up but no you know the mountains a talent all by itself. And this four day work week or per day school week or four day whatever week is is. Is starting dead give more attention. Employer's going to forty work weeks. School's going to afford a school weeks. Trending. So we'll talk about that deny it just doubles against Wisconsin Minnesota Connecticut Vermont holding primaries today. I brought in the accountability files with me today. Or as a metaphor. Struck. Melissa Howard you're familiar with her shoes the years she's running for office down in Florida. Claimed she had a college degree that she doesn't quite have. The accountability files. And we talked briefly yesterday about. Aretha. Being in the news model to there's been any change in this story. Our. She'd been moved hospice. Social her she's kind of like our friend Jerry Klein she's gone from hospital to a hospice. I'm TJ says I think at home but anyway she's still with us but others think and. There were still thinking about her. And be excused play Aretha. Okay. I've got to say you know. Here chorus sing. Pretty cool. Pretty cool now she's still with this discover I just wanted to get some rethought now Renault thinking about it for about three days and now who's gonna replace that. Who's gonna love who's gonna whale song out like that. Now they were. Just taste of rigor of breach pickers were. They can about her. Mid Atlantic boat show summer sale back this weekend at the Charlotte convention center. This is the first true sign of the. Control. Check out the boats from the top dealers get their rigged and ready for the water when tickets for you and your family had you can do that now details at WBT dot com. Slash. Contests. Mid Atlantic boat show. Just a matter time before we start here and AJ Thompson's voice on the radio again is an RD run and it is when Diego's ages through the commercials former WBT. Said the former legend these days current legend of former WBT. A host. AJ Thompson. Bender in the mid Atlantic boat show commercials for ever. Still got a best voice in town. And to alleges that you know this summer's almost over and falls right around the corner best weather of the year. And the publisher. Wanna transferring. To stumble fall. Cable stations something over hyped tonight. But it means what it doesn't mean. How much trouble trumps then. Our trouble trumps nodded and what this says what this does it say. Did more than four people show up in Vermont. The unpopular Connecticut governor Daniel Malloy a Democrat to day is being replaced. Had eight Democrats are fighting nod to our take on governor Scott Walker in no Wisconsin. Two Republicans are battling to a face senator Tammy Baldwin a Democrat and both parties have competitive races to replace. House speaker Paul Ryan. Vermont Democrats have four choices to challenge the governor there are Phil Scott including a trans just heard chairs transgender woman. And a fourteen year old boy. Funeral fluke and they're laws he's perfectly legal to run. Now what do you do if he wins not to disparage fourteen year olds. And I you know maybe oh maybe that would be a step up. Remained. What if they electorate is so disgruntled. Did they just say give it to the fourteen year old. Via held a way to start resume wouldn't it well I was governor and then. I got a job at sudden a lot of and my currently working at McDonald's and worked my way you do good fri guy. Paul Mara never break. A look at some of the TV screens in the studio and fox and CNN are both very Leo White House news conference should. A press conference briefing. That says Sarah Huckabee Sanders does or redeem. And why did they do this. It's just the biggest waste of time ever and the whole deal today is what all the rose. NY and now in the byline on CNN is. White House. Colleague Amoroso a dog not racial. Yeah okay. Just I don't guy just. Burn nuts. We're just absolutely as is is that you. As as a bunch of human beings. We are just nuts. That's about all the roasted just a second as written a little more about video. Elections the primary system that are going on today it says here former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is vying for a shot at his old seat. And I thought yeah I'll meet Joseph if I'd lose about 25 pounds. As if things it's it it was. It's better when it was younger. Stephen is on WB tasty of. Okay John. Good I just wanted to point out. So and so a good number of the eighty politicians in Washington. Have been acting like eight year old lately a fourteen year old might be a step up the to step up immaturity. Yeah absolutely. Now well and then maybe I'd just guessing. Two a solutions is a better then. Coming up with none. Well you know I figured the way Washington is these days. They can't get much worse can only and. Steve never say never but it never say never it can only get worse. Good all they can always get worse I appreciate the call. The accountability files. And a black folder. And doesn't mean anything it just means that that's how I identified there's nothing go racially anything about them a bit. And I'm sorry an NC a pink folder. The accountability for osteoporosis. Logos are on the subject. She's. They are White House that the trump administration's take legal action against her. The they can they accuse her of violating a non disclosure agreement and Jews all over TV yesterday saying that she had signed one. But apparently she dead. She says she did not sign a new what. Non disclosure deal when she took her subsequent job at the White House. The campaign. Says that her 20s16 agreement. Remains in force that would have been when she joined the campaign right. So this'll come down to an arbitrator. To decide whether or not that's binding or not. And the Washington examiner says it prevents her. Bad bad non disclosure agreement she signed into 116 during the campaign. Prevents her from speaking ill of trump during the time of your service. And at all times they are after. Now. She has fourteen days wrist respond to responded to the a demand. For hearing. She was on CBS this morning I'm surprised I haven't seen any press on this. She was on CBS this morning. And I believe it was Gayle King who said to her something along the lines of I just make your husband back in the green room nice guy blah blah blah this that the other. But what is your relationship with the president because there's been all sorts of rumors about you when the president of the senate and I've never heard anything along those lines but. She kind of insinuated. And they never got anywhere near. That area and I've never heard anything along those lines. But I just thought it was inching the Gayle King would. Keep in mind that is that Simon and Schuster. They're the ones who were publishing no homer was his new book. They're owned by CBS. Or they're both owned by the same company here however that works. So our Rosa has fourteen days to respond to the demand for a hearing. And then an arbitrator would ultimately determine whether or not she has violated the nondisclosure pact and if so what penalties would result. There's a campaign official that told the examiner that they are seeking millions. Possibly including any money that she makes from this new book. Unhinged. Now I'm not predicting what's gonna happen and what's not gonna happen but I I would think. That if you wrote a book like Rios. You have a shot at Macon some pretty good money I don't know she got an affront to the original on those laws. What you would you would know more subject yourself. To what she's having to do right now to sell this to him booked a flight to the moon. Yesterday she gets in kind of a contentious deal with Savannah Guthrie over at The Today Show. And then she's doing a series of interviews today she's done a series of interviews and everybody's trying to get her. And she's trying to stay consistent weather story and ammunition don't sell a book on this line has just grueling but the rewards could be great. And as far as I know she's probably not sitting on a whole bunch job offers right now so on. But then what happens if all the sudden an arbitrator decides that the non disclosure that she signed it is still in effect. At all times thereafter. And the White House in the campaign seeking millions including the money she makes from this book. And what she calls trouble racist and alleges that he used the N word during his apprentice years. What happens if she goes through all of that and walks away with nothing. Wow. We'll play a copy of the old farmer called activate. On the strange I open it up and they're just pictures of old farmers there. Closing the cows and pigs and tractors and any event it's not exactly what I would do all my post was. Tom. The weather map for summer Tony nineteen says that we should be cool and wet. That's for summer 29 team. And the weather map for all winter. Said that we shoot lower right on the cusp right on the line between Mormon wet and warm and dry. So. And wet what does that mean for us. Was it frozen web. Org yeah you know. It could be more a little more description they were oh. Old farmers so almanac is and there are away armor us is. Our accountability trials and know that goes back and forth and there's a new stuff that is come out. I guess new tapes that have come out and whether or not a meeting took place back in the air campaign as to whether or not the N word was used and and not add on on nobody seems to are really no lawyer and solar power no fight back and forth and thus he rolled that goes so before all Issa said and done. So all Derosa is in the accountability files. And then you have Paul metaphor. Closing arguments scheduled to begin. Tomorrow morning. In the Paul man for trial. He is. He'd he'd need in testified today a minute and the defense arrested. The US district judges TS Ellis the third and he said they're closing arguments will be tomorrow after a man for rested his case without calling witnesses are presenting evidence. He really has so probably vote counting on a pardon notes figured. Have even if he gets through this he's got more counts to face. He was asked by Ellis whether he wished testifying as defense responded no sir. So by the prosecutor spent a couple of weeks presenting evidence that today showed do that he hid millions of dollars and offshore counselor from the IRS enough. They also said video later defrauded banks. His lawyer Kevin downing. Said the decision not to have manner for testify came after the judge rejected a defense motion to dismiss the government's case on the theory that it failed to meet the burden of proof. And so are closing arguments will take place on that tomorrow. So up all man Fortis and the accountability files along with all the rows of and then there's this candidate running for house seat down in Florida. Running for the Florida legislature. She apologized yesterday for falsely saying that she had a college degree that she really never even completed. June GOP candidate and she admitted that she lied about having that degree from Ohio Miami University. Those she says she didn't mean to dupe the public. She admitted that she lied about having a degree but she didn't mean to dupe the public. She the testing you really should. You know you really need to lead researcher lies. Because. She said it was not my intent to deceive her mislead anyone. I made a mistake in saying that I had completed my degree. Arnaud got a mistake you lie Sherry admitted alive. But Jordan trying to dupe the public. Jordan tried to deceiver mislead anybody. She's actually trying to convince herself. That she had integration of lying to yourself. This was. Yeah that's the ticket she was I was lying to myself. About what I've been able to achieve in life and what I had many animated dupe the public. I'm wasn't my intent to deceive or mislead anybody I was lying to myself now I've got it yeah there we go. Melissa how orders her name she's vowing to stay in the race for the a state 73 house district. Which includes portions of manatee and Sarasota counties. She couldn't quite explain how she obtained a Bachelor of Science in marketing diploma win. When the university had said that does such a degree was never offered. At that particular university and that. And that she hadn't graduated after pursuing a different degree early in the 1990s. And then she's gone on to say that what I did was wrong and I set a bad example for someone seeking public service. And she added she plans to win the August 28 primary against Thomas Gregory and then lead by example from now on. So I lied and I didn't mean to deceive the public. And. And I didn't mean to deceive her missile movement ms. mislead anybody. And I just made a mistake. But after I win the primary on August 28 I I planned turn over a new leaf and no lead by example. From from this day forward. So I've got a solid candidate down there are not in Florida. And now yesterday Peter struck fired by the FBI. Friends of his but they go find me page of yesterday's so we can save some of his legal bills and help make gives me this that the other hand they collected a 190000. Dollars in the few hours. Which we should be so lucky for kids first that we can. Politico money. I mean anything. Melissa how are Republicans and oil apologized for the air college degree it lives. And is staying in the race. She apparently last week it posted a photo that looked like a Miami University of Ohio diploma. After she was accused of lying about her degrees so after she's accused of lying about it she's still tries to produce it now and they're good university comes out to us. We are an offer that her. So. Yeah she does this notion British post us up on FaceBook. Brother that got me Madigan in the files. That I but I am. Stuff that I vote ripped out post someplace molest a few weeks. And it talked about more companies are looking carefully as social media histories before they hire people. I had to remember when my nose son got out of college. If you really need to clean up his FaceBook page because. People were looking at that stuff. So I you know half naked and no drunk on the lawn of those sorts his baby not your best bill put your best foot forward. Again not opposed to being half naked. Dubbed targets has done. It just that earlier got a great job qualifier. We vote we series of weeks helped pass social media post can come back on people in the public I think this. Are represented him for this a GOP candidate Melissa Howard in Florida. I'm we see happen in Hollywood all the time in the media and sports today and if you do if you don't have. Have a headline grabbing profile. Did you can be up by an issue. There are around more companies. That are looking carefully at job candidates a social media histories for anything that might be racist or all right are problematic comment. The other part about that is the unemployment rate is low. It gets to be of that they would. Damn near hire anybody that had a heartbeat. Because they couldn't get anybody you know there would be able work. But now. We're bad actor category were pre recession. Member all the people who were holding on to jobs that they absolutely hated because you didn't put a job to you while you should ever recorded job before you have another job. But jobs are few and far between so and all people are keeping jobs that they are just really did not like at all. Because. You keep a job until. And there weren't any other jobs out there will now there are. Now the unemployment rates very low and so jobs to come out on the market in Nigeria picked it can be a little bit more selective on no on non. What they're looking for there was a survey of hiring managers and human resource executives spied jobs website career builder. Last year and they found that 70% of them screened job candidates social media histories up from 60% the year before. And that 13 said that they had found discriminatory comments that caused them to hire someone else. And to avoid that they employment lawyer Kate biz scouts of the told the Wall Street Journal. She recommends that job seekers delete comments that could be a problem. But things can often be found on line even after they've been deleted so the navy does need to clean up your act period. And so that's a possibility opera some job seekers it might be better to have to be up front about what they've done in the past her on social media. So while. Employers cross country admitting that they don't hire certain people after they re search the person on social media. They had did a survey of a thousand hiring managers and human sources professionals from various industries in the private sector. And most of them said that they would resurgent applicant on line before hiring them. And only 31% of hiring managers said that they wouldn't hire someone if they said extremely discriminatory. Things against are groups race creed religion or sexuality. And you know it and then if you are saying that kind of stuff on mount on no social media. While promise as a lot about you anyway and what kind of person you're gonna be in the workplace. Character. Nor does I know we decided I guess character doesn't count if you all holed a really high political position. But I do think character still counts. Down here enough. In them. In the grassroots. It in just you know every day of bills. I think worst below. Counting on our friends have character and our. And relatives to have character and and quite frankly. I expect my boss to have character. Expect my bosses. To have character expect my friends to have character. And mean they have to be walked and Greece. No runs. But. And 27% of hiring managers Jack cared if you lied about her qualifications. And I got caught because of your social media prod fall. Only 27%. So. Anyway good luck to a Melissa Howard the sad thing is is that her getting on and lied about a degree in the said the other I don't know how that played out in Florida. But when we would you be surprised if she won. Now you wouldn't. Look at that look at politicians and end as some of the people that have been. A busted for doing this that the other that are of somehow or another maintain their job their position in there. Or in a really obscure case. Marion Barry. No mayor of DC. Lost the gig and got it back again. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I've back you may have fueled talk a little bit about this Torah school district it to try to mail forty workweek. Authorities school weak excuse me. Which means that you would probably have to find a daycare. Four one more day. How far they've come up with a system in this area of this Denver area school district it's going to a four day school week for a you can nugget daycare. And George gets in your kids do I think cost you thirty bucks today. For chief. Can be pretty cheap in regards to whether or not you keep your. Your job or not. So while I talk about the four day school week. And I'm bringing more and more about employers and other countries in some states and some government tried this in schools especially. Moving too late for gay and model. And two questions do you think afford a model would work in this day and age. And would radio announcers give it. Four day school week this is not just any. School district this is one that so right on the outskirts of a Denver. About 181000 students. Are affected by this. And the school district says they'll save money. They do account for the fact that some parents are gonna have to pay a little bit more for child care they've made to. Allowances for that as well. So this Colorado school district is transitioning from a five day week to 84 days a week. And they started this year in August Myer grandson will be among those who are. The Guinea pigs. Four this time I doubt very seriously that the that you'll hate this. I'm in first place it gives him extra NATO work. This is in Brighton. Which is. Right outside of Denver close to the airport fairly close to the airport. Like I mean I can tell you but I hear you would be between now I do at a Denver and Thornton and facto Thornton in that area I think there are portions of Thornton that will also be affected by this a change there are portions over Aurora. That will be affected by this change 181000 students in Brighton in commerce city. And an area out there called Henderson. For those of you radio view of ever lived in Colorado before you'll recall commerce city was were they used have all they Olivia oil tanks on the gas tanks and in the big. Not necessarily when you're really scenic areas of right off seventy and 76. So are. Bright. And based school district 27 announced yesterday the four days a week. They think this will entice quality teachers and allow for the allocation of resources. Two items more critical to their primary purpose. And they kind of outlined where they think they'll save money. First of all they said we're confident that this is going to attract teachers and keep them. That's the the district 47 superintendent by the game of Chris field or. He said I haven't had teachers say this is a horrible idea. They. They also hope that this will help them reorganize and create time to support teacher development and preparedness. In other words. Teachers will still work I think one Monday a month or something like that half day or something along those lines. And I think there's some extended time during the day and that will be allowed to for a time when the students aren't there. Offer pre open. Trading and sore and so forth soared stated. It's to support the teachers is much is anything else. The new school schedule. Follows the district's six failed attempts to get more money through while bond elections which is becoming increasingly hard. Offer a lot of places so we certainly seen that in Charlotte. And so what this new changed this school superintendent Schiller says that he hopes that they'll save about a million dollars from three key areas. Aid by not running school buses on the days with no classes. Go into a forty week. He said the school estimates that they'll save about 700000. Dollars. Now this is a district of just 181000 kids. So I don't know how much you would save in Charlotte Mecklenburg but it would be substantial. Com. They plan to attack on a couple of 100000 more dollars. Savings by not paying for substitute teachers hadn't even thought about. And the final savings that he mentioned it would come from utility costs. But he couldn't quite clarify how much that may or may not be. When they. So what what they say while they plan on saving money and there are some parents you'll have to pay a little bit more for child care. A field or they superintendent says that the district is can offer child care services on the days that kids won't be in school. And it will cost thirty dollars a day. Which he admits isn't as a great an option that parents currently have with their students in class. But. Thirty buck seems. Pretty reasonable to me. So there would be a place that you could send your kids on I don't know. How they're run this well there's going to be Tuesday through Friday or Monday through Thursday here. We talked about the four day workweek and we're awful lot of people that chimed in it's an hour about Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday. Take a day off in the middle of the week. I don't know how their own plan do I do this. Know all I do I've I've taken aback they're bigger Monday is also this'll be a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday school week. Because says I just said teachers will still have to work on no one Monday of each month. But it will only be a half a day. And the new schedule also gives them an extra hour each day to catch up on work which is something that they don't currently have. At least not on the school's time per say. I'm sure they have to do that but they're bid doing it on their own time. I'm so that's what they're. So if this were proposed Charlotte Mecklenburg are what do you think about because this is kind of trending I'm I'm seeing more and more. We've seen some countries moved four day work week. We've seen some school districts moved to the four day school week. I'm it's kind of trending. Tennessee may be a society that yearning to see if they can some are figure out away to. Enjoy life a little bit more and have three days to yourself and four days were. Quote unquote. The man. And could forget he's your legacy event. Which is up on WB TA coach. I hope that you'll enjoy about the clintons speaking. I just wanted to chime in on dot com and a lot of country over in Europe I'm pretty much thinking like Germany. And Korea that are pretty you look up or day work week. But this first of saying that the school I can see a lot of benefits of up because like you said the letter cut down a lot of the expenses. And even though you probably didn't mention it like something like you know like school lunches but one day that they don't have that people working. And doing about it preparations so I mean it might really be helpful. Now they admitted substitute teachers they save on substitute teachers and you're right the rest of us staff janitorial and knows and as fans luncheon. Security guards we talked yesterday about an awful lot of kids are gonna be going back to school this year. And they're going to see an increase in armed guards and other RO restrictions. At school I've got that would be another day that you didn't have to have armed guards and alike. I mean it might be that accused thank you because you know what I'd be content and but to attack them you know increase her leg got school budgets. So we've been seeing over the years. Maybe that will be helpful. I don't know I go to school lies aren't so. I don't really look at it as an outback but I look at it or like benefiting. Their community or you know maybe you don't like counties are lets you. You you bring evidence to point dent to some extent I think let me ask you a question Don you can answered as honestly. Or or president billions know why you home school. Why I hope cold blood by because we're even going out. It was rated three out of parents and being the highest. One being the lowest. And I thought well you know we could probably do a better job than my authority. Out of tag. And now he's getting a better education out of it when he's doing a lot batter. Just don't do not program so she's here the son about the school's army he gets up on the news about the school shooting. And it kind of like to reiterate. Five goals while. I don't think he's a bad place right now you know could be worse. Yeah I'm just curious I know a lot more people are are choosing to home school our private school or charter school or. Our people are abandoning. Good traditional. Been a mandate in a lot of ways because the traditional schools of abandoned the people busing in this that the other you're did you buy a house you're. Half a mile away from so and so school but that's not the Q school your kid goes to what the people get kind of fed off of that idea that's not the way I grew up. I just curious why you why you are why you home schooled this listen you're not in the minority anymore they used to be. Andy has to be really weird if those somebody was home school and some religious cult or something but it's it is an anymore. No more Monday's for a Colorado school district. They've moved to a four day week we just got finished talking about them. There was say. Stanford researcher earlier this summer. Who loved to understand there about the forty workweek. And we had talked about that a couple of weeks ago there was a DJ two threw eggs you. And were deciding no trying to decide whether or not fuel rather have on Monday or Friday and actually found out that the consensus would have been Wednesday. Bunt work Monday Tuesday take a day off work Thursday Friday have the weekend. I can do that. Com. They're less Stanford researcher earlier this however the said we shouldn't work full time until we're forty years old. But DJ used to have nine years. That would somewhat affect your retirement though wouldn't they now. Given my stage in life right now the sounds are really bad idea I hate to think that I was only twenty years into this deal. Easy to feel like there's not nearly enough time to get everything done this cycle. Oh just Laura Karsten. Karsten son. Said that it's possible. To find time made it's just that light is rare and strong. She says rather than working for four decades we should be planning for a marathon careers that last past age 65. And have a longer breaks along the way for learning family needs and obligations outside of the workplace she adds we need a new models. Carl one doesn't work. Because it fails to recognize all the other demands of our time people are working full time at the same time that the raising children you never get a break. You never get to us stepped out. You'd ever get to refresh. We go at this instances a sustainable pace. And then pull the plug. She adds that education and a pretty ships should stretch longer. Through the years when I know many people are raising children and that a full time work would really ideally begin about forty years old and then gradually transition. Two part time in the later years with full retirement sometime around the age of eighty. It doesn't tell me how old this psychologist dunes. But I'll betcha she's thirties. Or maybe forties. If she's a psychologist she'd have to be. And I did work has got to inferior education bill that because you know indication at all old shoes. But she doesn't account for. I mean I understand that people are healthier now longer. And people are living longer. Then it'd the other time. But she doesn't account for every day aches and pains and arthritis and it in all that other crap that fatigue and everything else that. Basically can. Cutting your energy level and your focus level when you're older just occasional living longer doesn't mean that your. Living healthier longer purse say. So I don't know I it said I. I would disagree with their I suppose. I can I get the part about peer kids. But part of their responsible. Part of having kids and I realized that this is so. Old fashioned. But part of the responsible part of having kids is knowing what you can afford what you can't afford. As opposed to having them and then drive to figure out that in general for the so if you have a baby now. And your add to. The beginning of careers or Europe ten years in two. A launch of a career. And then all the sudden you've got daycare costs well that's gonna come into. I mean did did doesn't that lead to a discussion within. The family as to whether or not it's a good time to have a second order not because that all the sudden daycare costs are gonna go up. But at least double. So things that you have people should think about maybe they do maybe they don't anymore I don't. What's the what's the cost that they say it very Big Three 170000. Bucks or something like that for a cure and which is a Corvette. In the corvettes not even the right hardy and save you more because corvettes kind of like a cliche now in its own rights. I read the news today oh boy I got more stuff on jobs we may talk about before we wander out your half of American employers are looking for a new job review one of those that inept under the recession but you might be now in many Americans is completely changed fields. Since starting their first job post jobs so we'll get and stuff like that I read the news today has always go to net. All right did them. August the fourteenth. Payday tomorrow. For many 226. Days into the air 139. Days ago now. Thank you 35 Franklin D. Roosevelt side to social security act into law law creating unemployment insurance and pension plans for the elderly. I had a bank account the Dutch government a grade three years years years years I believe Lola piece of paper nerves are great big giant ball. Kids got all these little torn pieces of paper off from the corner yellow pads as Ohio. Oh. 1945. President Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally ending World War II. Steve Martin is 73 today the cartoonist Gary Larson the far side of 68 today. Former hall of Famer Magic Johnson is 59 today and David Crosby. 77 years old today. You can go to the Larson page dot com we'll hear an unbelievable interview with the I've Keith and and David Crosby. Just oh by the way get a chance to work. We'll go for the Mets or red rocks to the lever Brothers show back in early July. Jabber Cisco giants held a ceremony to retire Barry Bonds Jersey. Sponsored biopharmaceutical company. This. I'd I'd guitar festival in Austria Australia. And assemblage of about 400 electric guitar players played AC DC's highway to hell to set the new world record for the largest number of guitarist playing at the same time. And residents of Paris or upset or the deployment of exposed open air your Reynolds throughout the city streets. And as the wave of the future. Now why they invented alleys and dumpsters. Best in the. But the dumpsters been doing more of the royals didn't pay. Played better. Gosh mattered John should matter he said the ousted their founder of the pizza chain Papa John's suing his former company. The father John's suing pop jobs. In the lawsuit shatters lawyers say that he is seeking to inspect company documents because of the unexplained and heavy handed way in which nobody is treated him since he. The publication of a story that falsely accused him he says abusing AR racial slur. Barbara Johns tonight is claims that a statement video company said that it was saddened and disappointed by the lawsuit which it calls stood needless and wasteful. Matters admitted that he said the N word it on me a conference call. I'll with a marketing firm. But he claimed that the firm asked if he was a racist and he used to the N word in describing how KFC's colonel Sanders used to talk. I'll chatter has since said that he would also told the firm that today he himself would never use that word. If you own a Papa John's franchise or US stockholder your Peyton Manning dizzy on several than. This is just got to be a nightmare we'll tell. You couldn't you couldn't have. A worse year than Papa John's pizza. Spoiler though and I say that that I think about Benadryl about a hundred years ago ahead of those big brown did a drill. It was a drug at one time to discuss. Weekly lambasted for. Now at town hall as one Toobin just was this would have been. I'm talking decades ago. America's spends 42%. Of waking hours staring at screens. They're really thought about it totally thought about it. 42% of your waking hours you're looking at a screen. And I don't think we're talking about a door. Assuming the average adult gets eight hours of beauty rest denied that means they spend six hours and 43 minutes a day looking at a screen or 7956. Days of their life. When contributing factor is that day a third of us believe that there is now a greater need to check social media than five years ago. Seven in ten Americans say that they had checked their phone immediately upon waking up in the morning. I can wait. In fact I have people off sometimes because. When people send you a text message our they should do an email now are they send you a messenger now are sort of like that. They just expect teachers sit there reading a visit comes across the and it can also do know three or four hours have you ever got the bravest kids did you and then they write back and again hello. Dealer. John hello all and then. You don't do hours go by civil like death. Plug in agony answer me than just screw you. For them at all. But his lawyers are we've got to this point. What bad could not answer. Half of us have no idea how much water to drink. Big daddy gonna die they always saw Judith. But he should be drinking about two liters of water a day or about a half a gallon water didn't want one. If you I'd start to develop diabetes type two. It's easy. And then once she got the diagnosis it's hard. 51%. Of adults say they rarely drink water and less it's mixed with something else. A low water our of them Colorado in me or what but the deal is but so volley anything. I just assumed drink water is anything else at all. And if you think you're hot. Don't think your hockey your own home. Haley thing here I know. If you think you're hot you're probably are. No. Well chances are if you think you are you are. Steady Sam Houston State University or read the news today doughboy concluded that were pretty good at estimating how others view our spirits. And women are especially bitter predicting how men would break them. Why because we tend to pay very close attention to how we look at how others look and unlike women who are fairly confident that our rating almost anyone's parent. Men are only good at this party trickled in the rating women. Well but it also if a guy ever says anything about alloys and is that better days ago get George Clooney got so handsome guy is good looking guy. We'll let all the sudden you get tattooed live. Guys are supposed to complement other guys. Well you look like. Guys great look at a great looking guy. Well do you like him. No one yeah. Guys failed miserably when they raided Jo there's attractiveness or try to anticipate how other people are very Dell. You think you're hot you're probably not. You women out there the draw plus. Brazill. And. We just dug about if you think you're hot you're probably are. Yeah people like people like themselves. Resurgent Cornell last 978. People what qualities they valued most in a potential mate and then ask them to rate themselves with the same qualities. And they found that. Mate choice seems to be based on our preference for a long term partners who are similar to ones perception of their own self. Now my wife and I are so much opposite in so many ways it's not even. But I think that's what makes it work but then. A lot of our ideals and. Researchers asked people to rate potential partners on a scale of one to nine on such qualities is financial resources physical attractiveness. Faithfulness. Parenting qualities. Social status health of devotion and ambition family bonds. And out the bad means stocks and bonds to Asia compared. That's always. Is your daddy Richard your Obama good look at its. And desire for children. I've had Justin Brown a pretty good friends that would have probably gotten married in a heartbeat except that a desire for children thing got in the way. I've had a few friends are dead get married and then tried to decide that question after they got married and that didn't work out real well either. Anyway people who rated themselves highly were more discriminating and want to they wanted and made but people can do like. Themselves. Now here's another survey. Of men tend to like women with a few extra pounds on them. Yeah I think that's right. Trophies are. Hard to put that in a book a law and now that I've had a lot of experience. AS surveyed debunk the myth that then is then with men men would rather have a one of the few too many pounds. If you might be the key word there rather than then no too many bones. Even though most men still find via the centerfold. Ideal of a woman the most attractive. So yeah that's what you look for guys and airbrushed woman. Most all the surveyors that they just couldn't have the ideal bid the better the a woman be a little heavier than Federer. Psychologists say the appeal of certain body type subconsciously affects how we view health and fertility. So they go everything you need to know. Based on. My life experiences. The I just heard Mark Garrison not talking in the news about decide 77 toll in debate. Which there's a big huge meeting tomorrow. North Carolina secretary of transportation is going to detail what the agency plans to do what with the interstate 77 tolled lanes. I would imagine not everybody up around the lake is probably going to be. Tuned in to find out what Jim drugged and has to say. When he presents options tomorrow to the lake Norman chamber of commerce. For changing what is scheduled to be too told lanes running from uptown to Morrisville. Which are under construction as we speak and they say could open as. As the end of the year. Now I just went up there. Went up to Morrisville to have lunch two weeks ago with an old friend of mine. And does so I had not necessarily seen the construction. In a while. Not since we did does the hometown tour to Davidson in fact had a bit of 77 having been through Metairie. And it looks like they're all long long long way away from completion to media and in fact they've still got some moral bridges and. But they say may be by the end of the year. There are politicians in our Raleigh Jeff charge me extra. Who. Speculates that those planes probably won't open until next summer. Which she thinks gives the states among more time to negotiate an exit. But plenty of questions remain. And should maybe some questions Oleg be answered tomorrow. The most popular option that has emerged so far. Is converting one of those toll lanes in each direction do what general purpose free Elaine. And. And so we'll just have to wait and see. Whether what happens with that. Back in May you might remember the are members of the local advisory group agreed to recommend the a state make one told lane free I think comes at ten out of twelve members had voted that way. So. Jim Puckett quoted this article in the Charlotte Observer are saying no several members of the advisory group interviewed by the Charlotte Observer said that they expected drugged and tomorrow will outline a similar plan to their recommendations on Monday on Wednesday tomorrow. And awful lot of unknowns Puckett says. We just aren't sure what that dance will look like. So this has been controversial from the get go. It does certainly played a factor in now probably who currently sits in the governor's seat. I think had it not been for the 77 told lanes Pat McCrory. Who doesn't nine to noon and are 9 to 10 o'clock show we are WB team. I think pat would have had a better chance on reelection if he'd gotten some of the votes here and his own backyard and 77 hurt him in that regard. I don't know if you would agree with that statement or not but I assume he probably would. And then. Guys I think go a US debt to the controversy of HB two. And that may have cost him the votes he didn't lose by much. And that may have been those two issues may have cost him the votes that he needed to for another term Minnesota governor. So love 647. Million dollar project led two lanes in each direction from uptown to exit 28 in Cornelius and then one new expressed whole lane. In each direction from 28 to 36. Centro as you well know is building the lanes and then Mayo would collect total revenue for fifty years under the current plan. Told rates haven't been said they would use dynamic pricing. And this isn't the end of what we'll see what the told lanes there are more coming despite what may have been there for 85. And the Munro expressway. Which is scheduled to open next year will be tolls. I have a four day work week school district got Colorado Quetta where did you lay off four day school week. I that we talked about jobs and and we talked about. Your online presence here social media presence and how employers are all looking good at those in determining their hiring and who they're not hiring. There are more Americans. Well also the reserves every present there are about half of American employees. Who were looking for a new job right now. Now if you blow if you lived through the recession 20072008. Nobody was looking for a new job they're work in me. And in fact we went through a pretty long period of time there were an awful lot of people were stuck in jobs horse kept jobs. That they hated. Because there was no word ago. Nearly. Every job has its drawbacks. After amber are my first job still on my dad that I just didn't get along with so and so India remember voice remembered he told me. You're gonna have one of those there. Maria place you work. And I don't know that it was in then it's been. That true to that degree. But they're obviously are people that I. Prefer over others. Just like anything else. So far nearly half of US employees. Their current work situation just isn't cutting it we talked a little bit earlier last week about millennial cell they're looking for jobs to give them some leeway to travel because they're not all that interest in really establishing a hard court career until we get to like thirty years somewhat got. They wanna take this part of their life. And experience life. All four of them. A new Gallup poll found that 51% of workers in the country are keeping an eye out for job openings are active searching actively searching for new positions. According to this Gallup latest state of American workplace report 68% of workers say that they're over qualified for the job they have now. How many of those do you figure are. And any of that 68% who say they're over qualified for the job they have now are overestimating their abilities. And even and then they may in fact they've. They've they're over call for the job now because they're not making as much money used they think they're worth. And even if they are looking to switch jobs right away that doesn't mean that there are thrilled with the present situation only 33% of employees reported feeling engaged at work. Well a lot of that probably have to do to your boss. And now he makes you feel about yourself and your valued the company at your contribution to the value of the company and all that stuff. But then there's a whole different deal on this was in business wire. And it talks about many Americans completely changed fields since starting their first job post college. Now I got in a radio on May work study program when I was a senior in high school. Small town. Daytime radio station KK EP. 1470. But no competition. Todd weicker. Good friend of mine still lives up been no Jackson Wyoming. And I he and I started off with a local radio station. And I stated that I went to college and for about five minutes and I worked to our college town radio furthest and then I got out of it now and I couldn't get back into it until about 1980. So radio has always been my focus. Although I don't know a thousand little side jobs. Radio has always been my focus but an awful lot of people that I know. I don't know how I hardly know anybody that is currently employed. In the field of the degree that they acquired from college. They did this poll of 2000 US adults ages 25 to 54 and they found out that 32% of the respondents have considered making a career change at some point within the last year. A career change not a job change or career change. So. This is gonna circle back around you and a second 70457. All of intent. You get at a high school you go to college you get a degree and. Whatever. You then. Embark on a field in that degree or you can't get a job. Lot of kids the last ten years of gotten out of colleges with degrees in graphic design or something along those lines. But those jobs everybody has a graphic design degree. And so those jobs are few and far between so also now you've been forced to go do something else. So you either get out of college and you start the maybe you started what you thought you were going to Arabs have a career in and then at some point or another. You either change voluntarily or fate just takes you would a different direction most of the people I ever know that never got into radio. Ended up. In sales are ended up in marketing or ended up in some other field or record promotion nor. Everybody thought they were gonna be on air but they all kind of shifted off to do and other things. Then the radio industry kinda has a whole thousand bunch of branches off of it and so you kind of find other areas as you may not have really anticipated when you've got into it. So what what what what's your story 70457. All of intent. You love. You Uga Uga you have more you dead or you have that will consider making a career change at some point. Within the past year 32% said that 29% of completely changed fields since starting their first job post college. 39%. Sometimes some people get married. And the father of. Isn't so and so our job and so they end up being employed in that are great you know good family business. Maybe some. 39% say they switch their job due to a desire for a salary increase. 21%. Switched due to interest in another field. 60%. Say that they are considered time of barrier to gaining knowledge and skills to enhance their current. Career or enable them to switch careers. And 62%. In this business wire survey said. That they consider money a barrier to gaining knowledge or skills to enhance their current career or enhance them to switch careers. So the whole poll being about many Americans completely changing fields and they started their first job post college. You get out of college and you're going to be. Right as state turned out. You now are a. Fill in the blanks 7045711. To. Americans do. Think change fields and starting their first post college job that's what we're talking about off to the phones we go and Matt on WBT Hamad. Darn good I'm I'm great thank you very much so what did you start where did you think you were hidden in life and read and what did you end up doing. Well I never went to let the other school of higher education I'll always been the school of hard knocks on this week. But my question to you and that I post so you. Are responsible as a society are we do have the expectation. That 1819 year old coming straight out of high school going straight into college. They've got the wherewithal to predict what they would really truly like to do progressed their life. Gal liar I don't know I I mean I think they've admitted should be known that they may not stick with what they start with I think it's to some extent I understand area. On the encouragement of all kids who have gone to go to college and stuff but some kids should go to college. Well I certainly didn't that hurt me at least some I'm glad we were I'm Matt Light but I just bigger people that thus mobilized experience. Could really be expected to go another but it won't become up and aeronautical engineer or adult girl or you're automatically. Can't say I got to know some kids no mom I mean if you're out you're hanging out news senior year he's Jive Records figured out yet and I would tell that kid hey don't worry about it my life will find Judas some extent. I just keep pursuing it. But you know some kids know some kids you conduct some seventh graders they know they're gonna be an astronomer they're gonna be a doctor like they're bad they're gonna you know whatever the case may be. I hear you there in your ride coming months my oldest son went to school and got three degrees and actually none of those. Yeah yeah. A very good they've raced practicing paying off student debt I assume. Bat but does not needy bill but he was school for sure you know it's I guess it's Doug if you just like cookie yet. Well in that the one great bills about college journeys on education is the discipline but it. Builds. Day in day and time allocation and all I mean you know it does it builds disciplines will you ever use the degree did you actually earned. All right is saying is one thing I'm so I'm not anti college by anyway means but I mean I don't think that we should necessarily prove pop plumbers and and and laborers and well listen we need a little bit everything and have. If you're not today college in your bag then don't don't don't all said and think that that. Do you use a means that you're gonna be a failure in life. Find some that you love and is that big red as the favorite brother saying decide what do. Where words what you wanna be and go duet. I'm sure you'll agree wholeheartedly certainly appreciate you taking my call. And in Pensacola Najaf is up Linda Li BT hey Jeff. Aren't you are I'm good thank you very much. I don't know graphic arts people that he got a graphic artist job and at that jaw or more than forty years. But how is not that I want you go and due date building. Architecture it. It is that a natural extension dated very. The. I ability or are still at. Its core start. And the market DD AG. And building structure and not add. I'm. In the air. Under another job being open. If you are got into graphic or desire artistry and I've designed 20/20 five years ago you were way ahead of the curve. Yeah aren't aren't primarily work in. Seeing the. Industry change from fifteen or twenty caller battle all only can't he get his white Oprah or are you want. Now. Not. It you are or yeah good luck I've got to go back to college after all this time is that intimidating at all. Do you get grandma all. Much older and I love my art. So so will you be will you be better read at this time do you think or is that the hope. Com I think I wondered what happened didn't become. I did netbook or because that like and now I'm doing more because that really have a kind of passion or. That process. Am well. Passions a good thing passion can no motor a lot of things I don't not only sucked at school. And I don't I don't know if I'd be any better at it now I assume I probably would it's incredulous that ironic to me that. I never worked very hard in school and and I ended up in a job morally my main job is to do homework. Are all beat up and get ready and yeah how ironic is that if you'd a told me I was gonna choose a professional homework and until zero on your mind. So you're go figure Jeff I appreciate it does to another Jeff on WBT hey Jeff. They're young writer and a great thank you. I am like first caller I never went college. Of those art. So. That my first twenty years that I optical. Or to print shops I run a printing equipment. And they used to be are really. You'd be a really good trade and a real good living you could you know make a lot of money you had good job security. I always love the smell of print shops. Well technology at the end. Totally turned the green industry upside down and after having two or three in plant closures. Kind of floated for a couple years down the sub what I wanted you know I'm forty work. I knew I needed something. Through. And I wind last year gave my notice in my job. We've got my CD you know my my commercial driver's license saying now drive trucks for eleven. Did you like. However I love it and I also love that I'd never ever a moment that he my record going what ever happened a great job again. Yeah no that's probably true does it take you away from family and stuff are edited and do you like to travel part of it or you drive in rear basically home every night. I don't know I'm basically only relied but I got married. Two years ago in within. Let me year vet out I and the U I had to go grab over the road you have to do that for at least six months. Every major record ever let anybody take you serious that we kept him alive and Monica like. You know six month as opposed to going to college for something. Yes that would actually be a lot easier and once the six months without. Honest about it this gavel I'm like I'm my twice as much ever made before. Heads into this six months is almost like boot camp you've just got to go get it done and and get it out of the way. Your. Have hey listen thank you congratulations I appreciate you and Bart are because come back to us more phone calls when we come back Americans completely changed fields and starting their first job post college. Bitter all of a thousand US adults 2554. 32% of them said they considered make your career change at some point with in the past year. 29% of completely changed fields and they just started their first job post college and that's kind of where we're shooting for here. Somebody that went to college for a certain vocation. Got out of college started to pursue that vocation and then at some point decided to make a complete U turn and go off in a different direction. Blood and people that. Started off in one field. Like their first job post college or went to college for certain vocation and then I got out of college and pursued that. But then at some point even almost immediately or may be well into their career decided dipped they were gonna had often know do something else reliving. There was say a poll taken recently from a business wire. And a they found that 32% of the people who answered consider are considered doing making a career change at some point within the last year and win and we talked about how many people are out. Are pursuing different options now. Or quitting their current jobs jobs that they probably held on to during the recession now times are better so you can afford to look around a little bit. But this poll also showed that 29% of completely changed fields. Sit starting their first job post college so to some extent we're asking you a seven foot or so and all 457 all of intent. What did you start off what was your original content. And what are you doing now and mobile overheard Taylor. Windy on WBT hey Wendy. Arlene are you okay I'm great thank you very much have a deal. I'm I'm doing great. Like you I actually. I am had a radio station in high school that I was real and I enjoyed that I did and that. Going into the education field deliver our elementary and specialist degree. And I am a home school mom. Very cool schooling or seventeen years now you have graduated. And I still have to portico that's his job. I'm but it you know no pay but I'm glad things are just abundant. And you get along pretty well with your boss. Oh yeah well yeah and you know my husband the principal and you know we've got content and I think I. Cup but the goal has when my trick or graduating. All my peers on face up or posting. You know they got grand. Their childhood except the that this college who lack college. And I started feeling like a failure. Because my son didn't have a real interest and that M and I'm not gonna get a thirty to 60000 dollar in debt. Just because everyone else is gonna college yeah. And it's not his saying and not everybody does know what they want to do and that's okay. Because I would rather actually have a mechanic in the family. The ever need one of those. I'm. Bella and then and then who knows it all mean again that's what kind of what this is about you start off on something. Right then all Lightfoot takes over and no I had you often a completely different direction. So why build the biggest waste of time I ever had was college and that doesn't mean that colleges bad that just means that for me I learn more. In a radio station and a day that I would learn in a classroom and a year. Exactly and I would love to get back in to radio. I'm OK you look over here get this job because I'm tired of you can have a all right hey glad glad to either. And let you know there are many options I believe that world experience and life experiences. Is definitely important to me. There's too much pressure to go to college I'm not downing college but it. Com if you can find your passion. In your children that and help them to go in that direction that's great but don't pressure them because. Got a that the big mistakes. I felt really guilty leader in the seventy's to right just where we're really thought I was wasted a lot of time I couldn't get back in a radio and I ended up doing all sorts of things eleven all over the country and not. I was driving a van around Texas Louisiana Mississippi but no records and tapes and Eckerd drugstores for a long time and I was put background music systems into our cafeterias and Dallas Texas for a while on the I yeah I was working in concert promotions and I was so Turin or rock bands and I just was completely wasting my time. Except it wasn't a waste of time at all lead gave me it gave me life stories that gave me some. Some background that I've actually relied on in the profession I did end up led choosing. I'm so the seventies were actually the greatest training ground ever for what I do for a living. And that's great it's all about my experiences. And they can take you different route that you would ever expect. And that's like Alabama and I will pick yep I'm not I'm broke me in the boot I'll be happy to take over all right the effect at all. A law get all the paperwork together and and ran well below we'll get your application put in their. They with Wendy thank you much appreciate it. We welcome have a great managers get a Rivera just a texted me just football player slash coach K out. Well also he ends up on to be a football player. And then it becomes a football coach. Now here's what I've always wondered and I don't know if Ron ever had this conversation but. You are your mom and dad say yes so what are you wanna do with the rest your life. And the answer is. I wanna be a football player. I think that's gonna go over at the dinner table the other probably have reasonably that he was going to be a pretty good football player. And and he's not old old but football wasn't paying. In those days what its pay and today. So I wonder they tried to discourage him from all come on Romney can't. In agony and I you know I mean it's usually you're not gonna make a great living being a football player you're you're pretty damn good at what you do but oh you know to be a pro it's one in A million shot and besides that it doesn't pay much and what are you gonna do when you get finished playing. Is 3530 year old art bald B a coach. Our coaches don't make any money. You know I got up football coach I know aspire to be a football coach. Don't ever let anybody say. Tell you know. Don't ever let anybody put a barrier in front of your aspirations. I and I'm not saying that they've been money that Rivera's making these days a makes it all worthwhile I would hope that and I've read Medved knowing at least a little bit about him. I would assume that there's a lot more things a more rewarding men what to he gets it this paycheck and makes this job worthwhile. Accomplishments and relationships and he gets that he got a chance to meet me. I mean. How many people do you have many young football players and aspiring coaches out there. Are thinking to themselves right now if only I can. Mean Charlotte's most beloved. But anyway I made this is cutting edge to football coach is a good day is kind of financing deal because I can distill my you can see your dog your beer mom and dad yeah I have a football player amalgam I know I was seriously or anywhere where you really wanna do with restaurant. And I'm gonna be a football coach. Welcome when you're gonna starve to death. I don't think he storm didn't. Right on. I did have a good deal realism video for the program. I mean he's Baghdad is often now that they're back from spring again that means he's back into the office in the afternoon so we can go start getting text messages from. Think in six months off from the show you are gonna have so don't talk about just not do it has really does exactly what it is TJ it's just birds. Could be a fine involved. I'm sort of WPG news regard I think I can never pretty much assure you that don't mark never had the villain of into proposed to adults no way cheerleader wondering where to get going up. Can they be wrong you would be 100% accurate sir if you're wrong on that that just won his team if there wasn't that good but this could have been cheerleader was that the wrong in my life's better news cheerleader and analyze the figures like she has a brain. Oh my gosh I'm. That's a lot of pressure it to shoot him at that. I 77 tolls lever you talking about today a big meeting tomorrow why and I guess all worlds watch and. Now the secretary of DOT coming down the lake Norman to the chamber of commerce there and essentially say what he and the governor decided to do. I mean you know I view view the idea of the project being canceled his pretty well not going to happen but what's being recommended we think is one line among lame that stole and then that would open on one additional freely. I went up to Morrisville couple weeks ago at pebble launch with a friend reminded end if they think they're done by the end of this year I'd not happening yet. Did it that you know I was thinking at two dollars on I 77 other long ago and have a there's no way they're gonna have all this done by the end of the year and the paper today said do this took out bridges and overpass. Don't like get to work out so I mean I don't even look at it that aspect of it I just look at it through sheer amount of the work that they still have to do just from the road standpoint exactly now there are some bridges some big bridges there's still have to be done so I don't see it happening mission is this luncheon deal tomorrow with the chamber. I hope so did that dog just getting I think it's hard to 130s or is probably an after lunch kind of thing so we'll have the answer by the time we don't yet rendered him tomorrow I'll be there are some. Last figure transportation Charlotte light rail all in LA they scanned you know find out what's in your pockets we don't do that do we know. We do not I mean identically grandkids on light rail over the weekend and I mean anybody can get on there with a backpack or whatever but this is kind of inching in LA they'll speech did they shoot these beams that your from a distance so you never know your being scanned during another in the fact that they tell you you're gonna be scanned. And if they see something interesting in your pocket Togo Heidi you just glad to seniors and again on while. Now that's interesting and they're one beams shoot down their arm up at. Yet they said well if you don't want that then don't ride the train that your option that your opt out you can't ride the train now we're Girard light rail you didn't take it all the way up to. Heard Sheryl in a very university of Charlotte back to -- we hop done at the university that was closest to where we were we wrote it in town and to bring kids out a snack and rode it back. I haven't done I have not taken that leg every yet. But I want to almost as a tourist he type deal and my kid went to UN CC and now I've they'd had a one night he had done that. It would have opened up all sorts of a Friday and Saturday night avenue. Really well and it's interesting as you ride it from the university area because sometimes when you drive up here you just don't realize all the development that's going on. You can really see it well from the tracks it says there was an interesting ride in him. Dirty restaurant today you've got a play a fairly popular place and dirty McDonnell's within low score in the eighties. Now amend this place is a mass civil tenure about then and also Charles will check out a New York style deli. It's not caps is that it is a matter of fact I think it is all of them it'll get a great recommended and I love cats are my gosh and I hear from him from time to time I had he's moved locations has original location was impossible to foul our laws here and everybody found it because he's that good it is and his new location out and Valentine. And that's why I say I haven't even heard journal's reporter yeah but I just guarantee your right now Charles would love. Capp street know it until they're real New York Delhi and Tel oh absolutely and you know my favorite thing is fair ball all the stuff he serves I love his egg salad. I played really good I hate exile although I have bad day he yells I know Gillespie if there's a thing called sweet noodle putting or something like veterans like it's almost like macaroni and cheese in kind of a sweet thing if you tell him and judge did you know exactly what I'm poignant to check down around his room and his open face through should. Oh my gosh. I'm back now monger. Think tit for so anyway I created stick around for Charles report because other caps is the real deal and it may be the only true New York sell it thinks about it town so Bart CR register couple. I talk about people who us started off at one location and no women in changed careers in the middle of the stream of civic get a few more calls that morning is up on WB DA Rene. Good regulated. Mullet and accounting degree did that tree year. Let that. And Canada coupons. And then served in the store and then. Went into. A company that had engineering department and would document control did that try and number ear. Lift to the Caribbean. And in style in go around provide our liner remaining pulled into bid decorative. Concrete. Ideas. Your accountant your personal. I hurt. And man. Out of the bag now look on my momma had delay and been limited specialty advertising. The border either. There's your card. And that didn't go whale has been out wanted to match Flash Player eight. And did that for years and years. And more out. I moved to Georgia and then moved back home. And now time. And customer service. Doing. Entering customer purchase order. And I'll show helping now wish he'd purchasing department. Now 11 question before elegy go get a do are you ever sorry that you left accounting. Oh Allah and at a scab burned out yeah. And Allen make cute comment before Alec again. Livni is sort MIA all time favorite restaurant let them maybe that was right across cultural leap pad or AKL. All out try and and I'm mid Katie hall. Oh my kitty hawk. Now York Haiti how I was look at it we have kitty hawk was a cap that I had been he's been gone gosh twelve years now some within. Well that's how long have been listening do you mean even longer than that but. And talking about the valiant men there're. There are video of pharmacy that would do it. But you're never. To go to reinvent yourself. Find something he loved it and we get Carrick ethic he has fought in the whole world of opportunity yeah. Where exactly right you could end up in the Caribbean doing coolant to decide what to being. And Soviet. Appreciate you being here today I'll see tomorrow at 3 o'clock mark Harrison journal of the sixers. Coming up next from Jon heck are Charles most bloated we are. Out of here.