Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, July 10th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there aren't too many go to some street we lose 93. Million Americans today can gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. And good morning welcome bright just good to be back with you hope all is well in your world. And it certainly. He is very well. 413 people. Who have been trapped. For two weeks. Two weeks instead of flooding cave but also will be talked about the big story. The appointment of Brent Cavanaugh. The nominee for Supreme Court she announced by president Donald Trump yesterday evening we'll hear a little bit for mr. Cavanaugh himself. Also Carolina Panthers officially have a new owner news conference coming up a little bit later on. We won't probably listened to at least a little bit of that. It has that transpires this morning. So lots of interest in things developing and should we would love to get your ongoing import rather it's for whether it's a phone call. Or text into this broadcast. I love the headline on this story of in Thailand. This is one of the things always blows my mind. There's this tendency to want to set up conflicts that don't really have to be conflicts. Case in point here's the headline. On those who were trapped in the cave. Miracle or science. Tie K rescuers. Lead all twelve boys and coach to safety. You don't know my immediate question is miracle or science. Can it not be both. I see John shaking his head here thinking yeah this makes perfect sense. It is a miracle. Because we know the tremendous danger. They face in that cave. And it's wonderful to see. If they've all emerged alive. As we know one man sacrificed his life in helping to setup the preparations for this rescue. This is certainly turned out well and there's no question there was a lot of science involved in this and one of the most important elements of science. Was putting in place the oxygen that was necessary to preserve life. To facilitate this rescue. Lots of scientific minds coming together to figure out how to do this. In any case. Everyone has been rescued. Described as he successfully into a perilous mission that gripped the world. The seal unit set and it's FaceBook page we're not sure if this is a miracle us or science or watts. All thirteen wild brewers are now out of the cave. The robe or soccer team. Aged between eleven and sixteen and their 2.5 year old coach became trapped in June 23. You don't think about this for a moment you know we can just breezed by these numbers in the states. Very easily. Think about what you've been doing since June 23. Pick up all the things. That have transpired in your life since June 23. These boys and their coach. Have been in a dark cave that entire time. The other times you've been asleep. You've been at work. Maybe you've been on vacation. Maybe you've been at the beach. Sitting on margaritas or something. Although this time. They've been indicate. Long time. What happens. Because of rainy season. The tunnels became flooded and they became trapped. British divers found the thirteen hungry and huddled in darkness on the money banked in a partly flooded chamber. Several kilometers inside the complex. They pondered for days how to get to thirteen out. Rescue operation launched on Sunday for the boys brought outs tethered to rescue divers. Another four rescued Monday. The last four boys and their coach brought out two day. And as I mentioned celebrations would be tinged with sadness for the loss were former Thai navy diver who died Friday. Wanna resupply mission inside the cave. The last five brought up on stretchers one by one over the course of today. And taken by helicopter to a hospital. Great ending to this story. Wonderful ending. For which we should be very very thankful. As I mentioned the other big story we're talking about Brent Cavanaugh and he is the choice by Donald Trump. Honestly not my favorite choice but. We'll have to see how this turns out maybe its better. Then I think. And many think because I'll be sharing some perspectives. From other people that I. Have some level of confidence in their discernment. But before we do any of that. Why not listen to the man himself now I. So. Let's start there here are. The most important things communicated by bread Cavanaugh. He is philosophy in terms of how he would approach. He is several on the court. My judicial philosophy is straightforward. But judge must be independent. They must interpret. Law not make the law. The judge must interpret statutes as written. It's gonna judge must interpret the constitution as written. Informed by history. And tradition. And precedent. So there you go. And those words. Just listening to those words it's comforting. Now where this goes and how this is manifest in court it really remains to be seen. Because this is something may be Justice Kennedy would have said I don't know. But time will certainly tell the reaction on the left is predictable there's not a chance any of these folks would find any. Any. Positive thing out of this announcement whatsoever. How much senator Chris Murphy. This is a winner Brent Cavanaugh is a Second Amendment radical. He believes assault weapons bans are unconstitutional. Positioned way out of the judicial mainstream far to the right. But even late Justice Scalia. By the way ironically. December 8 between fifteen justices Clarence Thomas. This image. The refusal to hear a challenge to Highland Park, Illinois there assault weapons ban. Containing the commonly owned rifles and meet the threshold for Second Amendment protections. His dissent joined by. Antonin Scalia. New York Times quoted Thomas at the time. Roughly five million Americans own a do so for lawful purposes including self defense and target shooting under. Our precedents. That is all that is needed for citizens have a right under the Second Amendment to keep such weapons. Again Scalia joined Thomas. In dissent. Anyway Second Amendment radical perspective from Chris Murphy will get some other perspectives and yours coming up. And this is still Vince Coakley race. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock to me it's broken radio program. Over on the text line. This doesn't science required tremendous amount of faith it's always vote I believe. I agree with tax. And some of these things are put against each other in such an unnecessary way. Also. Texas saying America they survived the floods excellent use of science. Used to save them pushed miracle. That's great way to characterize that. On these Supreme Court pick. Can be worse. Hillary picking. Obama or Bill Clinton and yet you don't that would have been interesting wouldn't it. I'm Mexico there and we have this. Old Bowie. This is in response to my comments about Kevin. Trump could have selected Solomon. And it wouldn't be good enough for you to. A hit the I didn't know use in the mix Lance needs to me. Solomon then you go up. I wanna share a few some of the perspectives from a different sources. I wanna start with this one. Because this is a country of perspective from. They liberal Democrat memory told you about my friends a get together with in the Indianapolis mutually that this is what am I told you this guy is rapidly. Leftist rapidly. I mean if you would watch his FaceBook feed throughout the day most of it is just pure vitriol. Against. Republicans conservatives. I daresay white people. I mean I. It really frustrates me. Here's what my friend Anthony posted yesterday evening is it just me or does it matter. To IQ 45 picks. I feel their racist. Blanks. In supporters who have sworn allegiance. To write Q 45. Everybody's a racist. I mean cash what do you do with there's nothing you really can't. Can't reason with this. Not the least bit. Back in the Republican world anyway we have this from John fund. Kevin I was a real inhabitants of bush world. Even Mary George w.'s personal secretary from Abilene. For trump to overcome his background and pick him means cannot aced the interview with trump. And trump was willing to listen to establishment advice. This one sends chills down my spine what about you. This is one of the reasons I'm concerned folks that's all. I'm saying it's bad. I'm taking a wait and see approach. Vince Shapiro. Kevin does a double. Not a home run on the one hand the double was one hell of lot better than being hit in the head by a fastball from Hillary Clinton's pick. On the other hand we were promised full ownership of the lips. In his right. We have a similar perspective. From core. Percent this. The president had come with a real original list you probably would have earned my and he put him. Prince is he's very quiet voting Tony Tony. Nominating cavernous fiber Cavanaugh was far from the best most original listened to fiction list candidate available it is a missed opportunity. When Jim dement Jeff Duncan Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum sold out his trump cheerleaders. A major reason I'm sure wish judicial nominees. That's sellout didn't pay off its. Cavanaugh is as good as you would expect from someone like Jeb Bush Scott Walker or Marco Rubio if they have one. Again these are not liberals. These are conservatives. Now I started off reading from person I think is very much establishment John fund's. Saying hey this is a bush. Type of person. It's not me. And we have this. From William. They FaceBook friend. Very much a conservative. Who said this terribly disappointed tonight trump has made. One of the first major mistakes of his presidency. He mimicked cowardly decision by choosing a justice. That he can get confirmed rather than choosing the best woman for the job he was quoted as saying he could nominate Amy Amy Barrett during an election year. Because no Democrat would confirm her bookish. She can help seek to overturn Roe vs. Wade and Democrats are bloodthirsty. So they cannot confirm her. So we played the politically correct card chose a justice who supports murder. Trump ruined his legacy tonight so I guess all you Democrats can cheer and salaries were vetted another bloodthirsty judge to our courts. Deeply saddened. Hash tag cowardly move. History will record this cowardly act. Dims can celebrates. Could've been a Lincoln. President. These are all hash tags from William again. This is a conservative. And we also have this from my good friend Steve dates. In taking Brent Cavanaugh for the US Supreme Court president trumps and three messages one. Contrary to his pledge during the presidential debate supporting judges that will overturn Roe vs. Wade is not a top priority for president trump. At least not right now. Kevin I could very well pleasantly surprises and be such a vote. Provided the pro life movement towards a credible challenge to roll before the court. Which hasn't done since Casey quarter century ago. However. It's guesswork either way. Amy Barrett on the other hand was a moral certitude to be such a vote which is why the base wanted her. Cavanaugh like his predecessor Anthony Kennedy whom Kevin I used to clerk for is a risk appointment for conservatives. Not necessarily your wrist to be another Kennedy. As much as a risk to not turn out to be the game changing upgrade we were hoping for big board John Roberts. Then incidents Scalia. Item number two again this is Steve takes. President trump is not interested in a prolonged ideological battle with Democrats. Greg bear would have ignited for months trump is much more comfortable with political guerrilla warfare. Like briefing at his rallies to fawning crowds are condemning low lying fruit like NFL Mueller's and media. How activists mostly of America that America already loads. But here for the first time in his presidency he was present at the chance to truly go to war with the left than something that really matters and determines the future. There's no way to spin it keep pundit. Even in election year and I'm energize his base. While triggering the alt left to Republican said he would have clearly helped him he punted. Remember this missed opportunity leader should Democrats capture the house this fall and Meyer the president in impeachment. Next year. Item number three. The opinions of the conservative legal community which loves Cavanaugh matter greatly to trump. While that's in arguably better than anything that would have come from our president Hillary or any other Democrat. It also means you're less likely get choices that will push back on bad precedents like row. He low heat center. Once on the High Court. This is pretty much what we will see from these folks on the federal bench to they're usually pretty good against new bad stuff no threaded Dawkins the old bad stuff. Cavanaugh as the consummate beltway legal Beagle insider it's pretty much the same kind of picked you would have gotten from of Jeb Bush. Or any other conventional Republican had they won the presidency. He's team GOP. Knots make America great again. There's a lot more that Steve communicates and we will share the rest of this. Because I tend to agree with Steve and I'm with him on. This particular approach to our share the rest of this and we'd also love to get your thoughts would you like to call or text. You can do that now what did your perspective and minutes away and didn't new water on the Carolina Panthers just like a news conference should stay with this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program one of things going on today break camp and I'll be meeting with different setters this basically kind of introduction. An opportunity forward them to get to know him. Before the hearings and for the votes. That is just weeks away I was sharing if you. Perspectives from Steve dates. Good friend of mine who I've agreed deal appreciate appreciation for his perspectives. Ants I wanna finish which he shared. I love to find out whether you agree disagree. He continues. After saying. That Cavanaugh is team GOP not mega act as in make America great again. The conservative fund raising groups will send out their who's standing emails claiming otherwise which they would have done at the president nominated a yellow dog. And Democrat groups will claim he's a modern day Moses come to reimpose levee Atticus. By the way well anyway I'll finish this and come back to my. My other squirrel later. This is all just political theater there will now be ignored out here in the cheap seats. This is not a pick that will inspire the base to do anything other than you on. And return to their summer and 48 hours who largely be forgotten by most voters and toes confirmation. Process begins. It does trouble no harm. But not much good either. Since Cavanaugh as likely to give the typical canned answers we've come to expect. From GOP judicial nominees in confirmation hearings he won't have a chance to do anything the potentially pleases trumps base until after the midterm elections are over. When she very well may do. We won't be Julien and time to altered the trajectory of the Tony eighteen elections. This is a political single that drives in Iraq and but it could have been a walk off home work. I he pretty much share the perspective. Of Steve days on this. I mean wasn't it earlier I share refute it. Didn't Shapiro. Said this was a double Steve days calling it a single. By the way I need to come what was the audio in fact I have been saved. But I'm not prepared for broadcast yet sometime this week. I need to share with you Somalia from Steve days on a program over the weekend Barrett told you about all the hysteria. All of these people were just they've lost their minds. Because they're convinced this is the end of Roe vs. Wade and all these radical people we're gonna send women back to the time whether being dragged by their hair. You know it's. Israeli nonsense it really is but we were so bad. Steve days. Walked out of the discussion. Because it was just stupid and I don't blame him I may have walked out here. But eager to get your thoughts let's begin with Michael out of Greenville good morning. You are you familiar and racer. Couple quick thoughts about Supreme Court. Number one you know railways weekly named for the announcement. Yes. I really wish justice Sergio trump portable weeks remain Merrick Garland. Just watch football try to figure out how to complain about it. Hilarious. Just went well thank you so much more grateful and sort of sort of been when they heard the actual name problem. But then also everybody and that this country that you're expected George Bush was president. During his administration. And they look at Roberts is the comparison. Came to mind bushel also gave a Swede. So there so. Guess we could be surprised and it wasn't bush who also gave us Clarence Thomas. There were more senior British senior games Clarence Thomas and I think bush senior was even more liberal than his son. And also you have to factory on the bad. You know everybody's saying this through and the chance to get rid of Roe vs. Wade because those guys just as horrible as Roberts. All of Roberts when you get rid Roberson play disqualified for a majority to do it the other. Now it's a long way if you've you're a long way from being able to accomplish anything of the sort. No I think what will happen will be a little regular edition so we're about abortion. Will become more concern of things like parental notification and you know those kind of blue laws will be upheld in the states. Actual overturn what we're gonna happen you're way anytime soon. If I'm there with you Michael. And here's to the hope that this may be this guy will be more conservative. And so more solid didn't some of us are concerned about how. I'm just hoping the one day when there's a Democrat president given the state of the monitor dusk auto Cavanaugh and Alito could start a chorus look straight years. Not true. Since there had. And I thought I put a. That's good they appreciate you called her Michael. Not sure. How. That would be good for sure. Over the text line. The Dexter who have made the correct about me. If Solomon were chosen wouldn't be good enough for me. Textures that I had to go way back to pull Solomon out of the mix hope you enjoyed it I did thank you very much. That vs say here I work for Canadians but I don't want to gain control and government run health care for free. Good for you. But a person picture seems sloppy to me. But he shade right F Kennedy perhaps that could be right on the money. 00 my the pontificating Monday morning quarterbacking is amazing let's remember they must get confirmed. They could get Boortz. Units altogether possible CNN I think our caller had a very good point which is the Democrats were going to oppose this nomination no matter what. They won't turn I mean think about it think of how much they vilified Mitt Romney. And this guy's about his the village you can possibly get to know trying to portray him as an extremist. Didn't eat or is that police said about himself he was an extreme conservative. He was some really awkward language. They will they will just that's the way they are you know works. Vince I think we need investigation right away I wanna know why the tolerate peaceful and loving liberals and NBC offered Donald Trump millions and millions. Of dollars to stay on their network can continuing show when they all secretly knew he was a racist homophobic Muslim Haiti womanizer. I'm quickly becoming a racist these days against stupid people of all colors and political correct crap up that's. A I understand where you're coming from yeah what why is it all of a sudden. This is the narrative see this is the narrative you have to create. Mean need to keep their laws out of women's publicists for woman wants abortion bad enough she'll get one even the wrist roll life. General fertility I've seen it happen. Doesn't mean I'm for abortion just means them a pragmatist. Just like trump. Trouble with putting moderates on the court is they compromise lives never compromise. So I think that's another interest in port I was thinking about this. That. Liberals don't compromise when it comes to their nominees to the court they don't. They put it. Pretty solid liberals but apologetically on the court. Also he year. John I've Spartanburg were like to know Vince why don't you try reading some positive points about dissemination. Anywhere they. I think I'm serious I have kind of scoured the net a long conservative ranks anyway. Ands. I just shared with you when I had. It's not that this necessarily need the negative it's just that it's not really that positive. I hope you see that distinction. Coming up more viewer reactions including calls and text and we are few minutes away from a news conference the new owner. Of the Carolina Panthers. Stay with us. This is still since Coakley radio program. Minutes before 11 o'clock each other just a few minutes way aid news conference the new owner of Carolina Panthers. That was me official yesterday. We'll take some of your calls your perspectives. On the nomination. Of Brett Cavanaugh. Well why not throw this out there. I'm pretty good background. For mr. Cavanaugh. There's also this. In the ninety's cannot was a key member of independent counsel Ken Starr's team which produced a report that serves the basis. President Bill Clinton's impeachment. He has since written that president should not be bothered by legal inquiries. While they are in office. Could this have something to do with the president's decision. Just curious. Your morning Jim. Out of Lincoln didn't. Yeah it's orange actually first thought he did mention respect for precedent trick tribal like secondly. They demonstrated on had pre Renaissance single Cavanaugh how to you know. That's a good I'm sure they had. They've probably had signs there early for. Finalists for this they probably had science for everybody Jim. It's like OK it's Gavin let's get together and as signs up. Not too difficult to do but they are with you on this precedent thing because it you know if we go by precedents. Aren't there would still be in place so we called Dred Scott. Something that would basically reduce the votes of other people of color like myself. I would be classified electorally speaking as three fifths of a person wasn't that BS standards. It was a Supreme Court decision wasn't it. Assertion we honor that precedent. Just asking. Let's go out to our friend Willie good morning sir. Hey event once again calling you to get Soledad wonderful charisma and let them from you that I need every day I call you read an article compromise Oklahoma State but look. I'm what I'm Leo let you know industrious some white people can't a styrofoam religion let's get religion on this. Why people care what people do their bodies or. You know bullet to. Or I don't know slump that why why. And let me ask you this quite a question and I wanna make sure we're on the same page year. Would you put pulling a tooth in the same category. With sucking a baby into a sink. Well I mean it's so its approach on decision if I have the baby. It's it's something indicted by Nam than my plan or it's some then got itself so we just exterminated. Why is that why I initially if you are you gonna take care of the baby or somebody. Oh you're so we just exterminated as they were just saying Willy. So we just exterminated is that what you're saying. Unfair and what I decided to let my body it's my my person just. Not your body and it's not her body either Willie. It dead that's the problem totally separate DNA. It is day eight totally different person. Why you order that are based on science Willie based on science let's talk about science. This just blows my mind you know in this one of the problems we have this discussion abouts. This particular issue always goes back to emotion doesn't. Now's a good time for us to take a look at the day in history. We have several items here are friend Alonso is not witnessed today. So jive is going to try his hand at these questions there are four of them are you ready Johnny ready as I'll ever meet. 1925. This high profile trial. Got under way in Tennessee. Had a great impact on how we educate children. Abouts how old things came to be at the Scopes trial you are correct this great job there. I give a good here and their two putted giving this way you don't get blondes are this good chance in hell hole. For peace not listening 1951. Talks began to end this particular war. I would also say it's kind of timely in light of world events. Which war was the Korean War you're corrects. Two for two. Let's keep this going 1965. Let's see here. The Rolling Stones hit number one we have this. Oh what was it probably one of their most famous hits home now. Satisfaction yeah yes that's good man. TI dot that would be harder George has like it can't. Quite I'd George helped the guy out. In 1985. This huge mistake. By eight company decided to. Create a new version of their products. He didn't go over very well. What was the product is new Coca-Cola you are right. And facts Coca-Cola announced the whole New Coke idea was a big mistake. And they were bringing back. The old recipe Coke classic to be coming back. So. The lesson learned there don't screw around with something of its working. Just leave it alone like Crystal Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi declare Pepsi you can see through the tasted like next oh I don't remember that went in last long. Are you serious city that's kind of cool just. We will be all that colorful any kind of. What they have. Get a big news we told you about us. Billionaire. David tapper is the new owner. Of the Carolina Panthers. Goalie at 2.2 75 billion dollars that's a lot of money. He's having a live news conference just minutes minutes away we will listen to some of it stay with this right here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Goes I know. Aspirations are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battles and prop. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real killer. Q we are however two of our broadcast. As promised at this hour there's a news conference going on. And this you are now beginning to hear the first comments. From the new owner of the Carolina Panthers his name is David bad temper he is a hedge fund billionaire. Just few minutes ago before we go to in line. He was asked a question about the possibility of practice field a new stadium. He said the practice field will be a top priority so be interesting to see where this spins up. Let's listen in to a little bit this news camp to get this is David tepper the new owner of the Carolina Panthers beat. Gambling. You know we do have an advantage that we can think about what fans may want to make sure they're in our building. To cheer this Seymour because I do think an active fan base I do believe that the fans are fit to twelfth man on the field. OK and I wanna make sure that trough this in that stadium. So. I guess has some of those things where there are revenue producers. This other development here you know we do. The practice field. To someplace other than right next to stadium which pessimists and makes so much sense. Problem you know you do open up a lot of areas for development and other development here in this into the new Amtrak station. You know it's just up on what street I guess with the radio station is that they got that right. So I'm thinking about those sort of things and I mean all these things are. You know. You know everything goes community and in in this in this community. You know it's not just the business thinks it's a matter of also things like high school games and I kind of think that high school championship should be played in that stadium. That's what I think OK because that's part of community bringing it and community but I also think that it should be more. I'm not I don't wanna screw up to feel old but I think they should be more bigger events there like you know. You know. The right type of concerts okay. And that's stating that they really hasn't been so I think we'll only use was the stadium a lot more for the community but I think that's important as being a member of the community. So. That. Can. The highest ever and Hyundai and said hey you aren't more than a lot of recommendations that Mary Jo White recommended be implemented. Eat light. Those recommendations including holidays and he's nondisclosure agreements to lift its relations isn't this kind that's. I will be reviewed by the week. Here at. Within the Panthers will you implement those recommendations regardless of what we decide it's specifically the non disclosure agreement are. Specifically non. Listen. Whatever was was this is now okay this going to be open place. So there's not going to be you know you know nondisclosure agreements. No matter what in this new place. And that sort of thing okay that was then this is now. Okay that was then this is now as we open place where people when it happened right people talk to. To come up with problems. And by the way that problem with the piano go by and do something incredibly stupid they should be talking about me. Okay that's a place that's what this place is going to be. Okay. Actually. Learning some boats are actually think that the problems and then. They can. I'm sorry were you with the story that's a concern us. In terms of looking at these calls that pounding the city and the relationships win publicity government as well as county. Have you had a chance in Mercer absentees. Search engine relationship with him. You reelected by city. I am listen I really haven't had an extensive conversations with. Governors and as such is just had a very quick greeting with the mayor but that's about it. There's a lot of discussions to have. About how we do things here this is my view this as a partnership. Hopefully you're not just with his unit guys you know what this is this is a logical place for the stadium. Not just with Charlotte if that's what it is but also with hopefully be. The governor of North Carolina the governor of South Carolina and a even though I haven't really returned their calls yet I'm happy to return the calls now. It was appropriate before and if you if so I think there's a lot there's a lot of talk about and I think. There's some really interesting things from the development side for them from me for us to pastors to consider okay. David tepper. The new owner of Carolina Panthers and have those you who did not hear. The year earlier part of news conference one of the things he made very clear. And I think this is important for many of you listening now on the upstate he wants to make sure this is the emphasis even though the team is in Charlotte. That the emphasis remains on the fact this is a Carolina team. Hands. Decisions will be made with that in mind that it mentioned earlier TU. One of the decisions will be made about the practice field where does this ago. It sounds like he's not a big fan of the practice field. Right next to the state and you talked about the possibilities for development near the stadium. But who knows where to Cisco is this an opportunity perhaps. You do something in South Carolina. I have no way to Cisco. I'd like to get your thoughts as well on anything that David tempers communicated. And especially for the few the upstate because. I wonder how much her sense of ownership you feel. With the steep. I mean you've got to camp that takes place every year. And in the upstate. You do you feel very much a part of this process or do you see this is largely a Charlotte thing. I think that's a very fair question to ask. Especially now with some of the potential changes that could be coming. Uh oh what impact does this have I think it's also interesting this question about nondisclosure agreements this is something that was a recommendation. After. The investigation of Jerry Richardson. That resulted in a significant five. A position recommended against having non disclosure agreement scores these agreements. Come in to play because there's been some sort of inappropriate behavior. And it sounds very much like David tempers wanting to turn the page record sale over and over again and that was then this is now this is there's a new sheriff in town. We're not doing these non disclosure agreements. And I think part of what he's trying to communicate is hopefully there won't be a need to do any non disclosure agreements because we won't have the kind of behavior. That would typically. Results in the need for this. 1803 for 7163. Is our number if you would like call in. In fact we have on the line right now Gerald who's always spiffy good mornings here. Good morning. Well you know I had lost four and it'll it'll that I thought it walker. It it'll help you. Or. Do. Are you working on oh. Okay how we're the employees I missed the last part of that. I want to be out there. As your. Or that's a very good question. In I have a feeling that question is probably going to be opposed sometime during the course of this if it does happen we will certainly let you know attract re a reporter there. Who is going to provide some insight into what takes place during the Steve's camp FitzGerald. Always great to hear from news we continue to broadcast 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program ends as we mentioned just few minutes ago there is an ongoing news conference with David tepper the you or the Carolina Panthers if there's anything significant comes out of that we'll certainly pass that on to you. Let's go out to a call from Jeanne good morning welcome Cirque. Yeah I forgive me for being politically cynical on this matter I mean. I'd have told you. I think I lost all interest in professional lot like a million years ago didn't it nature of the course of course took my life. Upload. I thought that the that this team which can be bought out by yeah. By the interests of black people like Jaycee and the NAACP. Access to what happened to that. Well I don't think a more I don't think there's any serious. Person who came forward with that kind of money to to accomplish that to answer that question. So that we elect elect bill until education political blush during the jacket. I think there were fantasizing. Things that aren't and number true. You mentioned. That you're back. Briefly which some. Going North Carolina State. Officials leadership ought to social. And you and that's. If you hear that he's or press conference it brought up what I thought he says what. I discharge from Serbia crucial friendly. I mean you wouldn't believe that is one thing. Put further over the politicians in North Carolina. Maybe something else is suddenly we're gonna have openly trying Schneider LT DT definitely the case South Dakota them. Boy you sure love hub bringing up controversy they're G or what's wrong with. I'm not I mean I am surprised you didn't look let me put it. McClellan I do it's going to be very cynical about the. Yeah I understand where you're coming for I don't know the user I questions we'll have to see G united. Do appreciate your call will have to see what kinds of of policies we see evolve just two with the matter is. We don't know a lot about this guy yet and this is part of this process of getting to know him. Where he's coming from how we scored to approach management of the team and within the community. All of this stuff. On the sexual adventures which stopped trading away players the top of their game like Josh Norman it would be a start. It. Earlier we were talking about it's this choice of mr. Cavanaugh to be the nominee the court. Trump was stupid peaking Cavanaugh. Khamis tied to bush fairly the bunch that one to destroy you how stupid can you get real stupid. OK. Also. In the previous hour. We had a conversation with Willie who restrained to make the so called pro choice argument which I call the pro death argument. That it's woman's body. Texture says tell Willie to use a condom he will have to make the choice to abort or not. Better yet keep it in his pants. What a moron. Wow. You guys are crew. That's pretty hardcore stuff years. We are one day into Cavanaugh. Being selected already. Already abortion clinics are being shut down across the nation women. Are being instructed by the TDF trump deportation forced to take. Either take responsibility for the decisions or keep your legs closed. Guns are being passed out the toddler's nationwide mini dresses being told they can no longer into women's restrooms. Anderson Cooper just slit his throat on live TV my goodness people what do we die and yes I get the idea of hyperbole here because there's a whole lot of that is meant. The other Textron Willie and wonder how Willie and people like him were feel if they became the subject of very late term abortions were they wouldn't feel at all. Because they wouldn't be here. Just kind of wonder here on these names we had someone wondering last hour about. You know how how would be able to quickly get. Cavanaugh a protest signs out. Dexter says the protesters probably use dry erase sports. That's a clever idea. Frankly right. Then struck late today picking this clown hopefully Kevin won't be approved by anyone in except Lindsey Graham his man. It's overshadowed by the Supreme Court pick the story yesterday Hillary may be gearing up to run in 220 yes I saw it. That would be a real treat. Can you imagine having this yeah I wonder what would that turn out be like combat. In that race if we receive that. You know just I would be seriously concerned that the the people turning out to vote. Would be depressed. I mean I I would be absolutely nauseated to see that contest again those two again. Democrats that are coming out something different and can I repeat Q my theory. About 20/20. The Democrat party. We'll come up with a celebrity. Not a politician. And I'm gonna tell you they will need to you know like can happen between now and then. But I don't think one of these politicians is gonna get the job done against Donald Trump. By the way our text or made reference to. Hillary Clinton plotting your comeback. There is such a story in the UK Daily Mail today. Is she back. Talk emerge as Hillary Clinton plotting or 22 won a come back in prepping to take on Donald Trump a second time. She's ramp up her public presence and fundraising appeals I told you yesterday about her and her husband flying commercial. While that must've been really really special. She's been outspoken about president from zero tolerance immigration policy she's raised one point five million dollars for various groups. While that's pretty good she's raising money for somebody other than herself. Clinton's next scheduled public appearance third annual Ozzie fest. July 21 and 22 in Central Park. Multiple Democrats have stoked the twenty Tway speculation fires with talk challenging trump in two years. Does this mean she's actually. Making those plans. She is made a number of appearances and high profile events. Like the Clinton foundation and at Oxford University. And asking for donations to the cause is she supports. Five times in the last month alone. Clinton let supporters know her super pac was working against trump. Then. She stayed the top for supporters in box these two events today. To rail against president trumps policies. Like the immigration policy using this to spread her message whatever that is. Under the headlines around trumps policy is a rallying cry Clinton raised more than one point five million dollars for migrant children of their families. Being separated the border with the money going to several groups including. Yes what group. The anti Christian lawyers union oh I'm sorry the American Civil Liberties Union. Also the asylum seeker advocacy project the Florence immigrant and refugee rights project. Half those donations came for two from Twitter. With email is to Graham and FaceBook also helping Clinton to rake in the cash. And the day after Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. Clinton announced a new partnership with a group demand justice. The focus is on Trump's judicial nominees. Early on its mission page our courts should be the place we can trust to safeguard our rights and promote justice. Yeah right. You want they're kind of justice IE don't think so. Love to get your thoughts. The Eagles advantage talk when numbers 809 to 1110 minutes 809 to 1110. Comments since retirement planning text line. He is 71307. And as I mentioned. The news conference is still going on or is wrapping up Charles and he coming to an end. It looks like they are wrapping it up and as we mentioned if there's anything new or significant that is transpire to pass that onto coming up. Some interesting development taking place grocery wars. In the upstate Davis. I. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I. 36 minutes after a lot of pride Vince Coakley. Radio program. As I mentioned just the past few minutes some review heard a news conference from David tapper at the new owner of Carolina Panthers. We've got to heat your thoughts your perspectives on what was communicated. Are Eagles advantage to Auckland number 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement planning takes line. It is 71 threes are seven all sworn to tell you about developing story this morning. That is raising a few eyebrows at least we have another pardon. For president Donald Trump. He's part and a pair of organ ranchers whose arson conviction became a focus some opponents of federal government land ownership to I am in your river this. To write him and his son Steve Hammond. Convicted in 2012 sent to prison on arson charges. They set a series of fires on their ranch that spread federal lands. This was the inspiration for that forty day armed occupation. Of the national wildlife refuge in 2016. The organizers wanted to protest federal land ownership. And hammonds distanced themselves from the violent occupiers and they didn't endorse the action. And one of the occupiers. Robert avoid a handful. Pleading guilty to charges related. To the occupation but Brothers airman and Ryan Mundy the accused leaders the occupation were not convicted. In a statement announcing the pardon white house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee standard Sanders. Emphasize. Uncertainties in the case and the prison terms and fines they hammonds had already paid. The evidence at trial. Regarding the hammonds responsibility for the fire was conflicting in the jury acquitted them on most of the charges going in the White House. Hammonds are devoted family man respected contributors to the local community. And it widespread support from their neighbors local law enforcement and farmers and ranchers across the west justice is overdue for Dwight and Stephen Hammond. Both of whom are entirely deserving of these grants of executive. Clemency. Both men currently in prison on five year sentences. So this is a major development in this case again a pardon. For him to ranchers at the sender of that standoff. This story just developing in the past hour. Getting your thoughts on the Supreme Court choice on the Panthers whatever you'd like to talk about the we've discussed during the course of the broadcast today let's go to Greenville and Bruce. Good morning sir. Good morning appreciate you taking my call. Regarding your stated that effort I think it's as they've been in this discussion. So good that the 22. Also that I felt like you know that you would probably won't any questions about the National Anthem. It will be good on that the Al east is in the deep south. And these is that something that was anyway you know misinterpreted. You know he supported those who did not stand the bit depth they'll you know for the Panthers. And Beckett going in regards to their windows or as a new stadium I don't quite understand that because if that stadium battle. No leads at all he looks pretty good. Regarding the Supreme Court saying you know I'm certainly happy that the conservative base that is the main interest staying. But I he would have picked the lady who has said the pitch you know and being in the Catholic Q. It would have done medically but he got Opel board you know speak about it. That would at the live monkey wrench into it. Good thing you know let's go to is that what Kabul in October milk house McConnell or sad fact. Like he's much of the leader would. Would this come to Iran could you not have a quick vote on the do it next week as opposed to letting you know to look at all. And campaign on the issue in our lineup that you got. Hey I appreciate your call their Bruce and and the truth of the matter is I think they can set the rules for this. However they once you. You remember the filibuster was done away with on the judges this something the Democrats this is a carry over. From what the Democrats did before and now this is coming back to bite him in the rear end. So yeah they rushed this through harbor quickly they want. Now they do have to make sure they have all the Republican ducks in a row for this. That would be a major screw up if you lose some people there. Corey in Charlotte good morning. I gave it to be a door right well thank you. But in the to have my nineteen year old MI twenty year old daughter with me that we would split it's an abrupt yes. A tremendous early voting has the press conference. Talk about abortion which. In my little daughter she's nineteen. She's on defense. I'm not have an abortion and given a baby fourth option Thai baht processed so we actually about incessantly. That's when he clicks what these girls 'cause when you see that is not their body. My oldest daughter this is Omar that it makes no saints in Mumbai. Why city moving it to me what they do with my body. And I hit it tackle. Go to social issues it job have to be aware. And pay attention to what's going on in America. No what do you mean by this social issues. It's you being ingested its board school type broke our. It. When I think so to be cute and really into. And be the next screen court justice. They're knighted student was grown on an hour or Aqua cream right there. It is my personal anyone out there around why. And I think similar what you're saying here there they're concerned about what is what is. Comes across to them is extremely personal it it of it seems to affect them personally is that what you're saying right Corey. No we are world something not distance. And over the air but something right where they live that's what they're they are focused. And if you're in here's the point I was making about. But not being their bodies I'm talking about that child. And does it have an impact on the woman's body absolutely. But I am saying though that that is a separate incident that was the point that I was making this and we therefore on some level have to make the moral choice. Is this a human being or is it not a human being I think that's one of the most important questions if it is a human being. Then others it's deserving of protection. By the United States constitution. The same way. Corey you and I are protected by the US constitution. Yes sir and their main thing aside from nine months. This woman actually growth through mental trauma yes no one's really taken that in the Pacific and. I get that in yet the same time and here's the thing I would say on the rape and incest thing. It's nine months. How about caring for the rest of your life they guilt mountains nearly nevermind what some horrible person did whether it's rape or incest. You don't then you'd be the evil is something that is separated from you but imagine living the rest of your life knowing. IA made a choice state in this life. That's on you. And I don't think. And and I can see the other side of this. That's I have heard from women who have made the choice under these circumstances to go and had a baby and. I've heard some wonderful testimonies especially people. Who have been spiritually impacted in some way have been convicted about the importance of preserving life. And they have no regrets whatsoever sykora that has to be important part of discussion. You cannot. I think this would be very difficult to do without God's help. There's no question about that but let me add one last thing corps to forgo his Rogen star break. The percentage of these hard cases is less than 1% did you know that. But far and we're there yet we do we believe in true I think we'll let it lets you create personal. And as a woman. I just really really feel it means we should be their. Of course I want women copper women in congress say widow. Yep and take care of them be a father BS standup guy. And most of the time they won't wanna get rid of the baby if we do that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And it's. Okay. It's. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock each other Vince Coakley radio program. As a inventions have topped the are we at a news Jeffords do you temper the new owner in Carolina Panthers. And our good friend Chris the plane from over at. A WF and G is joining us edged fresh off this news conference and one of the funny things you said in the very beginning it end of this thing. A little bombshell thrown out there or what in the world happened. I think clearly the biggest headlines came for the last question Scott valor at the last question Charlotte Observer yes the statue did not. It's a had been asked to that point I'm thinking and you know they they tell us from the corporate question of the we're trying to get the sand. Scott Ballard asked about the statue and David tepper says this the statue of dissenters Jerry Richardson out front yet which we have all speculated they want to take it down after what you know he had done and all that and David tepper said I'm contractually obligated to keep it up. And he walked away and everybody's just say no mouth wide open so clearly I think you've got to believe it was written into the sale right the way he worries. I think that's the only way I think to a slew. See I'm gonna put you on the spot now and you gotta do that voice she did during the break you've got to don't like your Richardson it's satellite part fault or leg or an Al. Our decade of if you won't get to team you've got to leave NASDAQ you'll you know so I think that's out this is out when I'm with you I'm not Rich Little exactly. I cannot act after act that hot I've Levitt I love it. Who is at the parts I was listening to the very thing that stood out to me. It seems like he was communicating the idea that the team is behind in terms of infrastructure. Yes what do you think he's saying there is he kind of setting up for the conversation about. New stadium upgrades of stadium what is he talking about I thought. That was mostly about the practice facility this this practice facility like you know they don't have an indoor facility there. It literally and he can't think of ventures that are ballroom I think at times when it rains I think it literally ended up in the air doing a walk through practices and stop. So they any kind of what it's called bubble in other most teams have in the NFL. Almost like little mini dome where you end up practicing on he that seemed to me like what he thought was behind I think he's pretty accurate and that assessment. And I thought it was really cool as a fan of the actors that you recognize that was like. No word I've that that's an advantage other teams and I want to erase that essentially I think is what he was getting that he is really. Committed. To the idea both Carolinas. That there's no doubt he be brought that up in Atlanta when he first you know made the it was announced. And he brought that up multiple times today and I think that's one of the reasons why people believe it if they do you separate practice facility could be something Danza you know cross the border. Or something like but he seems really committed having. Both Carolinas and ball so I thought that was interesting but I took that a good way like he noted they were kind of we can't be this. You know which was has has given you specific discussion about sites for that across the border Lotta people speculate I don't know if it's you know tied in that. Land near caraway and some people speculated for male. But I'm not sure but he you know. It that the blueprint for that is I think cowboys had at Minnesota has a lot of these news let these new stadiums have been built where they're separate. From those practice facilities and corporate offices. And teams have literally into the vikings have literally turned it into you know retail. San mean war shops. And you know lomb restaurants are their people can come. I stop at the team store this appeals to the business as our resistance source of revenue that you have currently that they don't currently have there are so. You can tell David tepper is also thinking that way too low this you know it's not just a building and now this now we can rent out space that we you know whole facility there where people go for entertainment purposes now. To get any more hints about the stadium itself they've written can you have to think in the back for his mind and in all I'm thinking here's a guy he's got billions of dollars. And he's watching. Over here at some of these other teams that have much better stadiums and Carolina Panthers. Did we do we get any more hints about what he's thinking. It was interesting he was asked basically about using tack a billionaire using tax dollars. For a stadium when they clearly can pay themselves this is whatever I am right Becerra thanks right. And he'd he did not directly answer the question on hey would I want tax money. But he spoke of partnership between. Himself and the city and the things that he that the business presence. Provides city. So if you take that a step for further Vince is he trying to basically laid the ground work for why he. Should get a little help us say that's kind of the weight belt but he didn't hopeful he can go through to the next step but it felt like he was setting it company was explaining I do this. What city I do this or stay. And then when it's time you know in the partnership. Are gonna help me out too that's kind of what sound in now. Of course epithet got to ask you the last minute we have left here it didn't talk about the different atmosphere between David tepper. And Jerry Richardson. There is no doubt David tepper and again this is just from a couple press conferences right but he just hasn't. He calls himself a regular guy that happens that billions of dollars and a lot of people roll their eyes at that he really does a great job presenting himself. You know whether it was a self deprecating jokes in Atlanta he would make about having no air. Or whether it was you know just just some of the little comments that he won't make. He says I didn't grow up and a good neighbor and city of Pittsburgh so. I don't remember that a pre shift home really from Jerry Richardson ever like on my got to just leave it happened so thankful. I think it's genuine you know everybody else can make their decision. That comes across and he also made a point two when he was asked about the past and what happened with Jerry there in the past. That was then and this is now and there is gonna be transparent is gonna be open he even made a comment again these words sound great he's got to put into practice but he made a comment to. If I do even if I do so stupid. He says that I think people need to be talking about me around and I know that I'm still hopefully Foster with all. Yeah I've been if he does it's certainly will make a huge difference in the atmosphere. Of the Carolina panther team and front office everywhere else. Chris McClain to every offense he takes a lot for coming in and no more questions no snow no well I start this time a much bigger app app at. And everybody else have a great day god bless you take care. This. Is still Vince Coakley radio program.