Trump Pressing Ahead with Plans to Impose Tariffs on Chinese Imports

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, June 15th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris expose a lying. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real. Good Friday morning. Good to be back with you for your day is starting off well big story is for us to talk about this morning. Looks like we have H three the war. Also we've got this. Inspector general report. I warned you about that reports. First off I didn't expect much from the report itself. Second off even if they did discover anything. That would be. Quote actionable. I don't think anybody's gonna take any significant action on it will go into it anyway and how the president characterizes this thing. Then I'm going to get into something. At the pitch just blew my mind I had to see this story in fact I had to dig up the audio on this. To hear this for myself. And I'm going to let's just see. Express a dire concern for the American people. Let's start off talking about trade. Because it looks like we've got a full blown trade war. Ahead of us. Drug administration saying today. It's going to move ahead with a imposing tariffs on fifty billion dollars in Chinese products. The Chinese are already talking about retaliation. We have the two biggest economies in the world. This is the latest twist by White House that's vacillate between taking a tough stance on Chinese trade practices end. Declaring a trade war was on hold were apparently it's not an old anymore. The president already ignited trade spats and numerous fronts including levying tariffs on metal imported from allies. And adverse side adversaries around the world sparring with Canada. Mexico over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Here's how this will put out the penalties. Against imports from China will come into. In two ways tariffs on roughly 34 billion dollars of Chinese products. Drawn from the list the administration published in April vetted through a series of hearings in mid day they go into effect July 6. I think that's just what a couple of weeks away. Administrations also proposing a new list of tariffs are roughly sixteen billion dollars in products. Richardson would undergo further review including public hearings. During about a lot of good cheer 11102. Categories. A list that generally focuses on industrial sectors that relate to the country's. Made in China 20/20 five plan for dominating high tech industries. Like aerospace automobiles. Industrial machinery. Information technology. Robotics. Goods commonly purchased by American consumers like mobile phones and televisions. We will not be taxed. So that's what we have. The president. And this is a phrase you probably heard an ad nauseam. Trade between the countries has been very unfair for a very long time. United States would pursue additional tariffs if China retaliates. Beijing has said it will hit back by imposing its own tariffs on roughly fifty billion dollars American exports. A list likely to include. Agricultural. Products and manufactured goods. So pure ego. This thing looks like it's going to escalate. Were to sit ins and should probably one of the most important questions. How much is this going to cost all of us. In the long run. We will see. The inspector general's reports released yesterday afternoon. There's great peace. By 538 I'd encourage you to check out because they think it sums this up very well the 500 page inspector general's report in 900 words. It's finally out. One characterization by 538. Is how exhaustive this thing years. 500. Pages. Do bureaucrats love to write long things don't take. Our oldest documentation. You know and basically most of the time it may his will be toilet paper. It carefully and meticulously on pax. How organizations and individuals acquitted themselves before and after the toy sixty election. Much of the nuance stripped doubts interested parties present trumpet supporters former FBI director James Conley. All found in the report plenty of ammunition to load the gun they were already calling. Cherry picking a side. The report did come to some conclusions. 538. Looks of the legal policy and political implications the report also. They tried to keep the nuance while losing some the complexity. And adding some brevity. They came out with four key takeaways from those 500 plus pages and about 900 words. The reporters overwhelmingly about the Justice Department's in the FBI's conduct in the Clinton email pro not the investigation surrounding trump Gore's campaign's alleged connections to Russia. Inspector general Michael Horwitz is now looking elements of the term investigation and he's now moved on to that. The report does come down hard on call me into areas first suggest the process that led to directors public comments. On the Clinton team a case July 2016 slamming Clinton's email use but say it was not a crime. October announced the investigation would be reopened because of some emails found on the computer Anthony Weiner. Were problematic. Making those comments without consulting lynch and other top Justice Department officials. Whose outsider department norms. Secondly report says Coleman himself was using a personal email accounts to conduct some government business. Hypocrisy much. This violated department protocol. And it took what appears to be. Hypocritical action considering the Clinton proven parched involved or use of non government email us secretary of state will duck. It's pretty obvious. Friendly lynch criticized for her handling of the tarmac meeting with President Bill Clinton which inspector general suggest. She should avoid it the report concludes mention Clinton did not discuss the email investigation of course it would conclude that. The IG also fanned lynch did not adequately manage commie and the investigation. And key moments the problem was not the comic jurist disobeyed direct orders but rather. That he did not have any direct orders to Obey conflict that's. This just kills me. I mean. And again. The conclusion number one. Only looks bad procedurally. But not legally. That's number one. We wanted to the other items. Concluded here. In this 900 word summation. Of 500. Pages. Which I've suggested. It's probably suitable for your bathroom. We will address this and much more also coming up. I'm going to express express it and what dire concern for the American people. And that's really get them. We leave you in suspense is the next few minutes what is Vince going to talk about where you're going to find out some. YE a share this with a coworker few minutes ago. And you should see this guy's advice it's like you've got to be kidding me I am not kidding you. We'll talk about it and much more as we continue our. Friday morning broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Play minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program we've set the table for you talking abouts. These terrorists. Better now kicking in what amounts to a trade war. Between the United States. In China where is this going to go. Over on the text line. This is great. Good morning Vince I love our democracy and mr. rant about trump tweeting about Mark Sanford getting kicked out like he deserves. I hear it was epic. I just wish we could vote to see if we can replace you. Like to get to try please. You know the reason. Notre I I hope you're still listen. Because I'm really eat it at ice had an epiphany this morning. I really that. I had an experience that just in the past few minutes and I am going to explain why in just a few minutes. I hope you're listening. According to your intro it's about time for OJ Simpson to find the real killer here and yeah. That's gonna happen Vince sounds like dollar tree is gonna have to change their name to two dollar tree. It's broad green for two terrorists I guess making reference stall this cheap products. That are being sold for dollar. I want to hear someone who sounds like a Democrat constantly criticizing a prison I would watch CNN. I know I'm not the only listener who returns to this other station when you come on. Really. I'm gonna pray for you to. Because you're terribly diluted. I'm not an and that seriously folks there's a new passion in my heart about this just this morning. I'm really concerned. They're at this summer if you. You're on the borderline of mental illness. I don't hesitate to say it. And a good explain more. Why am concerned about this. We also have this doom and gloom. Despite network that might not work this. This is falling pretty pissed off red flags. While we were always you won't miss. You can look at you and me put it. You know it's really funny if your dear leader. Does this which he does day after day and week after week you don't have a problem with that do you. Guy whines. All the time. But that's not a problem is it. Anyway. I wish to share a quote from the other day but it's not fit for a year. Another text to sing I don't care for anything from China well good. Another person say if you buy American the Chinese tariffs won't affect you come on people. Can we really be that naive to think. That we are going to isolate ourselves and just by America that really sounds wonderful but really ducks. But when you finish the practical application of this it's not very simple they really isn't. And IE feel sorry for people. Two were suggesting otherwise. Let's go live to our friend Geraldine Calvin is good morning welcome certain. They won't assert patent. Overall our little Wall Street that Wal-Mart on the block out Q is there that was overall a we are often Ahmed. Ahmed Huber the growth is. I hear you have. If you don't you sound like you're where I am Gerald you don't really have much much expectation. These things can be done about any of this. Also the author and forty go Brooke hey pat is also say airport Pavel and no other safe. Enjoyable week signaled that. US well thank you very much absolutely appreciate your call always good to hear from Gerald Ali so it's the and TPS. Just a patriot Q. Salt of the year it's kind of guy Roberts good morning welcome. Y and Warren are richer. We what equipment net net and their Q would you put. Well. Thank. The culprit is. I don't. I don't see any evidence of that well. Priority always a little moment. Premium. While they they got married you know it didn't get out for Obama when it. He doesn't say anything good about very many people. Are. I think he's an equal opportunity offender or don't you think Roberts. Brent Sherman. Yeah I each just think that. And it's. Here here's what you have to understand Robert. There's a good quote from the guy who helped to write that broke the book that's he is touted so many times. About his style negotiating the art of the deal. You know what he said about Donald Trump he said Donald Trump is not a white supremacist. He's each front supremacist. Or are. Just just remember that Robert this is not about race and don't leave the race speeders who try to get you believe that nonsense. Add to my knowledge I don't see any evidence of racism. So just don't go down that road it's a distraction. Broker that fair announced that they are not all right appreciate your call their average. That was pretty easy however he. Seriously and there are people you know I'm sure people living yes that's got to jump adamant yes I think if our expressed no never have believed that garbage. Instinct that's nonsense. She's got some solid evidence I see it. As a black man I think it's very important that we're very measured in how we make allegations of racism. We need to be careful there has to offer and I think it's thrown around so much that we get to a point nobody wants to listen anymore. It's like the the boy who cried wolf. And they have been too many people complaining and crying wolf for too many years not to mention any names. Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton. Denise out of Columbia good morning. Good morning. The president has been doing a lot of very positive thing. And his alternative which would have been Hillary would have been disaster and I. Okay that's nice I don't. Understand why we can't. Examine some of the things. That fire in my mind problematic for instance that he can example. On the matter of doc out. The president. Came awfully close to thing about doctor recipient who we know are not all military veterans an honor student. As a matter factor that is eight total misrepresentation. And what we do know about the aka recipient is that almost to a person. They are fully in favor of the law breaking up their parents and the benefits that have accrued to them as a result. And I don't think that attitude has been very good attitude to start your citizenship for the United States but in on their behalf. Donald Trump said that this bill he was promoting. Would be a bill would love to give. Citizenship to. We'll visit one point eight million doctoral recipients. We'll look look at the matter of Hillary Clinton and not prosecuting her only three weeks after the election results in November 16. He says that we can go after the girl he's suffered enough. And that was followed on by Kellyanne Conway coming on elaborating on that about how they can Michael after health. Not yet just try to figure out which one to believe today vs yesterday and this is fiscal clean radio program since. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock I'm Vince Coakley radio program me and I just absolutely love this text line. You didn't think we can. There's this. I'm changing and complaining to the administration of W or a but highly degree doctorate in my sixty's. Well with all due respect sir or ma'am I don't care about your degrees do you know that they're highly educated people who are very well positioned and worked for totalitarian regimes around the world did you know that. Having degrees. Having credentials. Does not shield you from deception. He does not. Very Smart people very intelligent people for instance have supported eugenics. Those were dummies some of these were scientific minds who promoted this nonsense. In fact. Very often totalitarian regimes. They court people like that they flatter people like that and you know what's your the very very kind of person who is susceptible. Because you think you find your identity in New York credentials. And all you need is for somebody to come along and tell you how Smart you are and how wonderful you are. And you will drink their Kuwait. So don't come telling me about your degrees and how Smart you are. Because it doesn't necessarily mean anything. When the things that we're dealing with today in America. Also this she got orange light Vince that's the drug trade get on board or be run over. I'm serious this is. Do you folks here are you hear yourselves are you listening to your selves. This is really mental wellness idiots. And everytime I think I'll listen to Vince he reminds me why I don't. The station needs to get rid of that guy he's constantly calling the listeners names. Calling some us mentally deranged. Dumb as you better find a mirror you're the wild with a problem apparently you think you don't need listeners. You hateful grouchy old bastard. Ashley. Is essentially staying. Let's go out to a call from Tim good morning Tim. Taken away Syrian air. Yeah Mary you must you it is you got my act apparently. And which one is this their grouchy old tunnel you're that person I know what let me tell. That's pretty yet that water what they're mart radio which you you do it's a lot. They can. It became a rarity don't know what color the person you can be white lacquered Greek. It and you'd just be your. Under radio you're taking it. Taking an in making your decision and that rumor that call that a person is which is wonderful. Yes it is. The other. Burton say of terror Yasser. I kind of like with Jon Stewart here because we left the door open so long. That it's very they're coming in and they have. You can't go to walk brought up by a sudden it's made in China everything he's been trying to wreck we and I'll tell you I want to at a pretty new for like on the front of the house. I recorded three places to find one of the main US state are you serious it was made in China I was like a complete what irony. A healthy before they can make our flag. That's an atomic maker USA regular treatments stores. So I kind of like we do owner didn't we let the door like a circle too long. And it's going to be looked painful for people are shut plumber himself put. So you're willing to pay the price is what you're saying temp. I'm willing to be yet to be self sufficient. United States we make her own stuff and exit. Object that's that's fair enough I I appreciate the fact that you go into this when your eyes wide open you willing to you. Two. Do you of the consequences for better or for worse. She'll run out of gas studio welcome. Nancy you aren't excited today. So I'll just happened you know they are addicted kinda glad Delonte. Okay actually heavenly latte at home. I know yeah. Did you know I was gonna say that Sean did you know that. I have no idea actually here at the weekend you know you're. But I didn't have a built it to production because certain George Xperia trump. Yes go for a firmly believe that this that the entire trump thing. This Bill Clinton's idea. I think he called trump up before they're nowhere near as electric generator right triple. Right or or you don't outlet get elected and different with the. Actually due to local control. Really that's an interesting theory. You'd think he'd be the Clinton. Machine is behind this. I don't think booklet or trying to get bowl produced darken the middle of the debt old mill the flight. That's up to Republicans a little bit and also an all out get your truck got elected. But yeah if you think issued another dog and pony children and the missing daughter's body it is. Steve do you think he succeeded by. You know art and even in victory do you think he succeeded. I think it's something you don't if fastball I think I think. She's done an excellent job of manipulating the media to be able to have them talk about. All sorts of stuff that are essentially eating less. It's and I and I think I'm not angry but yeah. I think surrogate jobless basically. Keeping their businesses and it doesn't. Go through a new dagger gear under sorted and certainly other problem and it. It's no question about that shot eight I appreciate your call and I would enjoy life today later today when I get home. And I told the guys here I'm gonna put them on spot. I wanna share piece of audio it's you right now this is from this morning on FOX & Friends. Fans I want both these guys to listen this clip and they're gonna tell me with their initial thought is. And then I won't share mine at here it is this interaction on FOX & Friends we closed that seem mr. Jim here at the White House. Could happen I mean you're talking yeah whatever yeah I think it's something that could happen again okay. He's the head of a country and I mean he's the strongest. Don't let anyone think anything different when he speaks and his people sit up and attention I want my people to do the same well. I think it's in total chest. Giving so I think side. Charles and no I didn't I didn't catch apparently complaining if he gets cius face Wednesday and it and it's yet. Erica. Are we close it seemed mr. Jim here at the White House. Could happen I mean you're talking yes I would actually I think it's something that could happen again okay. He's the head of a country and I mean he's the strongest. Don't let anyone think anything different he speaks and his people sit up and attention I want my people to do the same wolves. I think you're referring to like his cabinet. As administration. He looked like when he was on the apprentice I mean that he took a kind of a physical body gestures that a Kenya attacks with. This is thing if the if he gets a haircut then I'm gonna get really worried. That's a look at the pop pop pop. Already folks. What do you think of what you've heard now what do you honest opinion. Don't start filibustering and talking about all the residents said this business and that. No. Just tell me what you think of what he had to say there. I would give my perspective. As we did. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Oh come on people. No phone is ringing yet well there's one. Do you you're plot on what the president was communicating when he said you know I want my people that he would take should like people in North Korea. Now part of the take on this is. He's referring to his staff he wants them to stand at attention. And listen and hang on every word. But Charles here here doesn't see any humor in this at all doesn't think this is there's no joking he's dead serious. Do you think he's referring to a staff you think he's referring to everybody. Charles. Do you think he's referring to his staff object. So I'm. I'm just I'm curious the blood to know you're. How are your receiving this thing. Over on the text line tariffs are tax increase on American citizens represented anti capitalist view of economics. Barriers to the free exchange of goods hurt economic growth. That section if you that I hole too by the way. Dexter says you're the president just had no wind to shut up and just let stuff fall where they may geez. The last ultimatum from I 93 mustang was from China cost me over at third lest I did the labor. If I've been charged for labor that would have been ended up being about 40% to. I've been getting. Notices. Three and a half years for alternate or so far qualities on par if not better. All right. The attacks during Vince your reaction to reading these mean text is priceless I'm glad you enjoy it that's what it's about spent entertainment right. Welder friends here no offense but I've met people would degrees couldn't pour mud out of the boot with the instructions printed on the bus or. Never heard that before thank you for that what are gonna use that sometime. A no textured you ever listened yourself for of course I listened to myself. For the pendulum to return to censor it must swing first the other way okay that's what's going on here. Another person say appreciate what you're doing we have your back when thank you. There's no 100% self sufficient. There must be a better balance. I'm still worry about the heaters keep sharing the truth and inspire discussion and thought their play any of us independent thinkers out there. Well lets you do here. Let's put the mentally ill hyper trump supporters with the hyper leftists in a ring and sell tickets for the automaker great paper few events. A you are so delusional if you think this is a dog and pony show. All the things he's done for this country you idiots. Seat this is what frustrates me. Have you ever heard. Vince Coakley on this program deny the accomplishments of this president have you heard it once. What'd I say at the beginning of this administration so I said this was going to be what. A mixed bag. Did I not say that. So my question for you if you get a mixed bag do you. Take the whole bag and you just say oh just look this up let me just give me example. Let's say somebody gives you a bag. They say oh here's a bag of chocolates oh by the way. When I was putting this bag of chocolate together from the table are pet rabbit. Got on the table. And dropped a few. I could not figure out which ones where the chocolate morsels and which joins with a rabbit dropping east but I put them all in the bag. All right enjoy your chocolates. Let me tell you what. If you have any sense. In the very least if you're gonna eat some of those chocolates you're not gonna reached mindlessly into that bag and just grabbing eat whatever is in there. You're gonna pour that on the table and they're gonna take the chocolates well I tell you what if you got chocolates mixed end. We have rat droppings you probably don't let the tackle it's either. But. If just for the sake of the analogy. You can enjoy the chocolates and throw away that crap. What I see and hear our people were either ignoring the craft. Sure there are embracing the crap. And they're trying to pass it off to me is chocolate. It happened folks. But it may have been. Dab out of Fort Mill good morning welcome. I did and tell our wide open today. Thank you very much. But I'm. I am I think trump what are the subtle jab obviously he does there all the time. He. I think he would. You know Amy back toward his administration but I don't think he'd gotten there just to yank the name. Of them mainstream media because they take everything he says and does runway at that it was there. And I think he got them on purpose. Sometimes it makes them a little hard and that's cam obviously our road no more right. I here's here's my question dead aren't. He has made repeated comments praising these dictators. Like Putin. And the North Korean leader he's on video there's actually a picture of him saluting. Eight North Korean general. So. Putting all of this together. Don't you think there's more here than meets the eyes. I am I don't then I read what I really Donald. Yeah I I'd I have to disagree I do appreciate your perspective Deb I think this is a guy who once generation I really do. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the hearts are there Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. Howard a virtue of our bright guy. Good to be back we're here. Us on this Friday. Would you not agree. Coming up we'll also talk about something very serious though it's freedom of the press. And it's. For the story as a request. I don't we give leaving elsewhere weeks before telling you what did he is specifically. It's a very patient callers waiting on the line let's start with him out of Lawrence good morning. I'd urban. All right how about yourself. Many of them there. This if. Whoops I think we've lost Tim reception was never get are you still there attempt. I think we've lost him run if you try to recover that call. Meantime let's go out to barber Inman rogue good morning Barbara. Good morning. Are you all right yourself. And Gurney. What do you wanna comment on the president's comments. Short and I look at the top believe the president has always been having a blast with a prayer. And then he's totally not period. How about god wanting to be a dictator. And I believe that he has more humor. And then. You know. Obama ahead in that the united didn't have any at all that people don't learn how to react. You think this is humor. But weren't wearing the dark hair and Karina Byrne okay. Our agent broke her I appreciate your call in perspective lets you watch you get studio and congrats. They're it's. What I guess so when. The your program he said that. President saluted to a general. Military. Protocol is that if you were saluted to. Salute back AM. But the pictures that I saying the video is that the general. Saluted pro bush and president trump returned it and also world president trump was there military school. So he salutes when he comes off the airplane order. His helicopter. I just wondered correct that. Well here's the thing in and I have this incredibly bad way congress according to military protocol. It is customary to salute officers of friendly foreign nations. Would you put North Korean I category. Well they have they finally came here on. Out there and you can look at it from that point if you. That. It was under a U an agreement knows seeking peace. So well look at that side of that they're. Jerry that's definitely something considering they get to hear from you comrades do crawl against some time. Throughout two freaky also in guess Tony or good morning. A bad guy yeah the regular about 09 people wait aren't big you know you're baker got cut short as he got a long car. You're note and are they go to I don't eat. And they don't read packet patterns and how are back all the time. I mean really you know and the era and what exactly it here order black. I'm the other hey. Okay gee what really. It's gotten Smart about what they feel a lot of the people are approachable. Many years since Arab. Give America away. Any trying to intimate feel like I I really I'd really. Say look you people. I'm crazy or do you know. Given all the way out and not it didn't get much return. And I think if you're trying to unique appeal. Okay I'm having said that what do you think about that comment. Do you think that was a joke where he is running to be. I guess have people stand at attention and listen attentively to him. I'm not all I know he likes he likes the attention act. I don't know I check some turn to beat in the middle. Yeah I am anxious you control what he really cool after the write about a lot of banks that aren't aren't Diego because you're Eric B Billy goat so honored. Let down oh I'd probably or she or not we'll see you here. How tough issue it your all picked Tawny ball well you gotta put that went in the lexicon mayor. Going to be interesting to add to that good morning buddy in Charlotte could morning. I lay eyes on eight. I you it's customary when somebody. Bridges are and that it's regular am. You gotta be a lot like it by. President Obama went there Mondale you're year old. Shirt Kirk road rail road Castro's I am that is going to sit down that he thought would gables Florida we'll worry. It aired. President Obama salute not Communist general. They have made it a bit out all right I. It's kind of interesting I kind of to be honest so if you aren't gonna see a double standard here I mean how many times do we complain about Barack Obama. Bali authorities leaders in believe I didn't I didn't appreciate that either. But I don't appreciate a president going around and praising as this president has praising dictators. And city are you there's. This comment that he made this morning in isolation. I might have left that but he said to many things before the indicates to me there's something in there there is. D'Amato wrote the constitution so widow I had to have a bit tighter seal the buyout battle torn both. Then that strike. Here's what scares anybody I think there are millions of these millions of people in this country who are doing it anyway. They're not being compelled to do it they are doing it willingly. Why Amanda is this did you know it's a double standard here and every site. Yep ends you know why I believe me I was disgusted watching eight years. Especially as a black man. Watching all of these people. In the black community you could not say anything. Anything. Wrong about Barack Obama you didn't dare say anything about him. And now I see people who are alleged Republicans doing the same thing about Donald Trump. Oh no don't dare say anything about dear leader. It's the same thing. And what scares me is how many people do not realize they're doing this. I'm just briefly gonna say this. I've talked plenty of times in this program about my previous experience. Unfortunately. A good part of it in churches. And there have been some very damaging things done I have watched. So many people I know. Go down the road to two big master schism and even atheism. And broke it in shattered lives and marriages. Because of this. Very type of thing. It's a focus that is very unhealthy. Seem to end this again this is not even about trump is about us. We're we're gonna put some person we do not know ahead of the people right in front of us. There were going to be nasty we're going to be disrespectful we're going to be brood we're going to be hateful. Toward people over someone we don't even know. That's where we are. That's what concerns me. That's what's called cult. I'd love to get your thoughts. Coming up we're gonna talk about another one of our freedoms under assault. And unfortunately it's not the Obama administration. That's straight ahead. This is fiscal clean radio program. But I love this overrun attacks like venture a Smart guy maybe too Smart for your own good. Your bit ahead of your time trump is a necessary evil so to speak I agree with you on this this extra think you're right on the money. By the way have you ever seen what ends up in your favorite chocolate bar. Let's just say you're better off now Biden oh you didn't just keep enjoying yet you know yes I have been told. Then it's. By someone who used to work and it can chip place. You don't wanna know what to catch. I mean seriously. I sure hope. Point your mind. Techsters here the trolls are out I did not know Bob cork or had a radio program. What did you use your head for little bit more than hat rack and just making a suggestion here. Kind of ironic in light of conversation and were about ready to have it is from my good friend who is injurious and a number Fridays now. He's got a great book that's out and encourage you read called beyond Sunday's. And this gentleman is actually had done any video I've not had a chance to check out yet but I certainly will. They're really delves into the political atmosphere that we have right now there's a little bit different conversation. I'm with swing Jacobson who joins us now on the broadcast. Good morning Wayne good to talk to you again. Important bit rewritten it. And you have had a burden about this for quite some time in this is what's happened to our discourse in America. Oh what's been on your heart. Guys aren't quite quell attempt though not the moment the discourse wasn't near so vitriolic as it is today it was just. That's somebody Christian gut here in California felt disaffected from public schools so like that all the big problems schools could be possible for their fate. Large print that was quite different would market the public school so I began to help schools. Work with religious parents can help them understand what a safe environment it can't be for people who have differing points of view. Secondly to do a thing called bridge builders and was helping people get along perhaps they're different certain. But quite a bit of success with that but more recently. What although the vitriol and animosity that's been our political dialogue these days. We've been working to try and help lower the rhetoric so that we can really listen to each other. And maybe find it we're not as our part is the media wants this to believe which you know. This is really how old. Politicians succeed at what they do in you know I actually had someone when I was running for office into a fourteen. I remember every conversation Simonyi said prince which you've got to do is you've got to find an enemy 2.2. And get people to turn on that enemy and that's how you get people to follow you. We have been told the same thing or liberal book called the world views collide. And no publisher would take it that that you've got to pick an enemy in this fight and vilify them we can sell that book we can't roll book on peacemaking and I think it's I'm they're really changed the dialogue a little bit I don't know how many people when you get the room. Feel like that if someone got you pegged as a conservative or liberal state you fit that stereotype that most people would say they don't know that so. The widow liberal media covers conservatives that the way the conservative media covers liberal. Inherently very unfair to them and people are. It would legitimate conversation and really listen to each other and work for solutions that we can all embrace. Would be a better country. Don't blame one of the things said I think is so important about this is an end. And I think the one when they are just put out very quickly. If your person who's not professing to be a Christian this may be an entirely different conversation. But I think. If you are under the banner of someone who names the name of Christ I think we have a responsibility. To do this and to transcend these labels some. Don't. Well Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers and I don't know why that's getting lost today kid I think some remote. Vitriolic language oftentimes come from people try to I was with a guy this week we want to. Reassert the mosaic laws but law the United States of America and just trying to get him. Just they bit our our country didn't have the will prove that Israel could even live under successfully. Why would we try to make people who don't believe in the god we believe bin. Act like they do and it's our responsibility to do you solely convinced that it. I'm fully commit it's not that there hadn't been nuke up did you come to the things that Christ by choice not like compulsion. You know and here's what really concerns me and and in in light of the journey that we've been on Wayne. I have we have so many things in common here. It disturbs me that. I'm how shall I a characterized this there is a there's a there's a string end within christendom. That he is about Caroline compelling people to behave a certain way this goes on in churches. But it also has been carried outside the churches as well well they are where. There's very much or friendliness to some levels of totalitarianism. It's scary and you know that a guy did it because I'm right I think got right I have direct I am very excuse me out chick who forced you into the way I think you should live. And are back at me was what a shame to christianity in our country as a whole like somebody could look rejected it. You can't just force people to a morality one of our early founder Roger Williams. He called whenever you try to make somebody live to a religion of god they don't embrace it call it the rate of the soul. Oh why did you you won't endear them to your point of view you actually alienate them from my god you want to each and I'll. A powerful statement. What does it strays again the rape of the soul. Yeah that's what we call whenever you try to get somebody who live in opposition to their conscience so stupid here content than form in form Q a certain way. Lipped it out all you want to but when you're trying to make someone else do it. Who doesn't know the god you know he sought as a violation of the person's spirit and heart. And he started against the band authentication inviting them to the god you know you're alienating them America. One of the things send and I am increasingly convicted about this Wayne is the importance of us to be salt and light. And I think. Boy this really. Opens the can of worms here. Indeed we are part as those of us who do have a relationship with Christ we're part of a new kingdom. And I tend to think that some of us are more focused on this kingdom the kings of the kingdoms of this world. Then we are the eternal kingdom isn't this a part of our problem. I think you're so right business don't complaint saying the bears he did when they want to achieve this the company wanted to but sided give political rule that would overthrow Rome. What we're doing we're making the same mistake now we wanna political Jesus the shades the country in a way that makes a comfortable. We don't wanna live in the kingdom that transcends America or transcend our political affiliations. A kingdom that invites people simple lovable father not to a way of living that is forced on them by law. Why can not a set a better in there about thirty seconds we have left how can people watched the web video that Ted talk which you've done on the subject. Yet the tech stocks did it have a warning Christian you go to as there there web site we can actually these ways by go to light streamed dot org that's my web site. The top blog right there is that video but he couldn't click on that blank and you go right to the video we talk about differences. Don't have to make it then means we can have on its differences and treat each other currently. He certainly can't Wayne it's always a pleasure talking with you man and we appreciate you taking time out to come on this morning. Thanks Brent every weekend. You as well god bless you and we're gonna push this and one of 63 have you already FaceBook page as well as the WBT FaceBook page and check it out let's talk about it. This is this Coakley radio program. Over on the tech side we have this can we have differences without being deemed mentally go Vince yes we can't. So we stopped the world from killing unborn babies that makes dramatic Christians too well yes. And we should. There are certain things. Parents. I'm not discussed this particular area with Wayne there are certain things. I think we absolutely should press. Protecting innocent lives to abortion everything legally we can and should do absolutely. Mean even in the discourse. I don't think you walk up to a woman who's had an abortion in color baby killer. This is all about beat the spirit of which you approached this. Heart which you purchase. And you know it's it's the purpose what is the purpose behind it is your role to win an argument or you're trying to win hearts and mind sets my question. Let us see here. We also have Paula Greenville says this before you shake. A man or lady's hand consider where. That hand may have bitten. I'm not gonna finish the rest this text I think you get the idea. There's a valid point here. I don't know how many times a night. Well just not say. The context so I have been in where I've seen the people of stature. Go under restrooms and not washed their hands. Gross. In fact. There's a mean that was going on I need to find this one so Lewis had passer and a medium that was about a year ago when I saw this. And it was showing a picture. This is Richard doing when you shake someone's hands who has not washed their hands afterward the bathroom. It's a picture of a hand. Basically grabbing somebody in the crutch. The point was that switcher doing. When you shake someone's hand risen wash their hands. I know. Not very pleasant. March in Iraq killed good morning. Good morning and I said I'm. 1 and the the word play with the caller. Anwar today. Are priceless opening period April. Well thank you I appreciate that that's my wife's idea by the way yeah. Apartment that was my wife's idea by the way. Both. We. There in the audio. You played. Not try. Donald Trump. Earlier. I suspect this seemed to have. Any campaign commercial. And Tony Tony he made eight. You made only I didn't think about that. Megalomania. Bringing it back again so do you think this that you that you don't think this was a joke. I'm. I'm willing to give me give him the benefit of the doubt. That it's going to be it's gonna come up again. And finally when it comes to the times since the decorum of green. Top people have been in the Republican guard and in North Korea. He defended his continued his hand. And it's the same time. It's a non verbal communication I'm head of state. And simultaneously and Donald Trump is also commander in chief of the armed forces so good here in the general and saluted did their rights saying. Annan decorum. And our president returning the road was totally totally proper. Organic fair now five preacher Carl always good here for me there marked. Let's take another call before we take a look at the DN history I believe this is arch in Charlotte good morning. I remember we don't Karl writes their. Hey argued Alma Powell more people seem to returning to a tyrannical means to get people to believe their way up correct your mustache Maria yes. I was curious if you were aware of talent exodus. And you're a mom poses mosaic law and Moses did bring. Why does religion to the Jewish people who. Means so. I'm very aware about that exodus thirty K Tony that's coming out. So how do you explain that further how do you see that's being through the means the sort. Well on when Moses came down and gold Kaplan ulyetza. Right are you where the part where he says those who believe under god coming to me and that possibly not respond. In the wake up in Levis who became glee by smoke no grip with Atticus when it became a priest does most of them are right. She accused the people what to do this anymore. You have to go out and kill a brawler. A friend and father. While Feldman went out until about 3000. Of the Jewish people at the rug sort. And I just wondered if you're aware of. Alive I'm quite familiar with all of these stories arch and you know I'm glad you brought this up because I wanna have Steve Crosby on the spurred sometimes soon to talk about. Some of these issues because. I believe that. Let's just say the unfortunately. This mindset is not consistent with the gospel. Thought we notes into a bit tyrannical and overbearing and while I got a small it is curious. Are you aware that there have been an album Moses was actually an injection and not a Jewish person. Any Egyptian. Not a Jewish person now that's based on what it. That's based on a vote by segment Roy called Moses and model serious. And I know there's a Jewish man who wrote the book and slow and I love of life because he's afraid to show anybody. And he didn't finish until it actually late life and use and and running felt freer to do it. But he came the conclusion that bogus log an Egyptian and used a reverse. Syria or worst form of the explosion metal larger group exploded more. Just say that no alone a what you do or want to go on to come back cute but what most of the areas he was either a high level Sauna they. I'm the royalty or the priesthood and society you can wait maybe the cavalier or do you just take these. 600000 people that have been living here for years take them back into the desert back to their country and become their leader and that's just here. That is pretty intriguing theory here well takes a lot for giving us some interest in food for thought. They mentioned we're gonna follow up on this issue of the old testament some of these stories that have disturbed people first so so long. Let's got to Richard in pine Hogan morning. More open and oh yes sir it's all you there are more familiar I am I right your bathroom. She didn't hole. Quote yes sir okay. Meanwhile I guess that that is terrible. You you're Arnold facility more I don't give problem we're not washing your hands under there. Oh really. If you carry easy that's hurting. Are you just got guys here are your honor. RO. OK I believe this to our audience is the Hyde Richard can you Wear inside or a T shirts. So we know who you are not public. I've just stay the (%expletive) up to a much. The things that we've opened up to you today oh my goodness. I'm just for this out there. Ought to take sly and Moses was a Jew view start tonight things that are written the Bible you take away credibility from. All of it. Already. That the military thing rob out of Taylor says I'm retired military if I'm saluted IE returned it. No other person referring to Sigmund Freud. He was a cocaine addict. So the Access Hollywood is correct for the president's do you know if she washed her hands I don't Boyd. Interesting words you go down. Coming up we will get to this up freedom of the press story and look at the day in history. And I will tell you about it's where winds yesterday evening. There are trying to do any spoilers Steven missed. Sharaud. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program and sure a couple of interesting items here. And we is this fake news because this is from CNN. But he. We played you the clip earlier you know where the president city once my people to sit up in detention is north Koreans do for dictator Kim Jong-un. Now. We have a statement the president is later said he told reporters the White House is remark was a joke I was kidding he said. You don't understand sarcasm. I would just leave this year. Also. Another bigger developing story when I don't know about that. You remember a few days ago. There was a motion by eight. Robert Mueller. Concerned about the possibility that mr. men efforts format effort has been trying to influence witnesses. He has called for his bail to be revoked. Well this morning a judge. Has since manna for two jail. He is on the way to jail. His bail has been revoked. This is a breaking news story developing now. I'm sure there will be more on this coming up at the top of the hour. So where this Joseph Louis. Or voice. Who knows. It's going to be very interesting to watch I wanted to get to this story briefly before. We talked to our friend and so. This is a story that she sounds. So like a story that occurred during the Obama administration except it's happened now. In the Justice Department. That is under the leadership. Of mr. sessions. And here is what it relates to. Journalism. Here's what's happened. Justice Department has seized a New York Times reporters private email and phone records. And it sparked what a present Trump's top GOP allies in congress to say he's going to aggressively pursue. Legislation to protect journalists Jim Jordan of Ohio. A former chairman of the house freedom carcass and a possible candidate for speaker said there's a need for federal media shield law. And it's even more critical after reporter. Alley wide Kim's records were taken. She'll vice proposed would protect journalists being forced by the government to turn over their records or sources similar to bill. There have been co authored by vice president pence. For me it's truly about constitution according to Jordan. When you think about the context. Of the last several years you've seen the iris target conservatives for their political beliefs. You see with the FBI restrained do with phones and apple encryption. You've seen the steel the FBI in this reporter. All these are examples of where government continues to encroach and violate people's fundamental liberties. So we gotta keep an eye on this story. A seizure. Reporters' records. This is certainly not something that is except toward America. Should not be anyway what's very quickly. Ventured down I 85 term trend lines it would take a look at the day in history on this fifteenth date of June good morning Alonso. I think he has there. Are you very mr. right so I am here welcome. We have four questions for you beginning of the year 1215. English king and John puts his CEO on this very important document what was it in twelve. Fifteen. This is a one of those. Important history questions. And I have to admit I would probably have missed swim club and a message to I don't know the magna cart. Meg card is the answer 7075. This person this general important word aside to leave the continental army who wasn't Washington you're right. This state became the 25 in the union. And I'm from that state. I hope you vote for me again. I can't do the voice very well right now Arkansas yes you're correct. There's no you can't do them policeman I do that would pretty well couldn't do at that time and why what's wrong with me Johns priced Internet 1992. This pretty much ruined this person's chance of ever becoming presidents. Over the spelling of the word potato who was it. George Bush's vice presidents. Guns and think I was there a year it's a little early may be for you. No it's not in sizes don't remember this studio. Dan Quayle Dan Quayle is the correct answer. Right away he most forgotten vice president. I'm probably so poor guy last night went to see a great movies my two youngest children. Incredibles to. Have you seen yet loans have no look forward to adopt yes it was really good. Who is the little kids the baby Jack Jack Jack Jack. I'll just say without giving any spoilers. Jarrett Jack steals the show I'd love it you're gonna have a blast go check it out. So any case survey have a great weekend then god bless you take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.