Trump-Putin Summit, Charlotte City Council Meeting

John Hancock
Monday, July 16th
Hancock discuss the press conference and summit held today with Presidents Trump and Putin. John also plays excerpts of the City Council Council meeting, and discusses the meeting itself.

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This is John. Rather other or as muddy as we get big. The shame nothing's going on today. To India. Trump couldn't summon. And City Council who is doing narrow meet and greet two talk over the RNC was some of our finest citizens. And then after we get done with the theater part of the presentation today than there will be the predetermined vote. Which everybody already knows. Other voting. But anyway I got to do want to get to the other and so. And so that's what's going on everybody gets a minute to speak. And in some of these people don't have a real. A strong idea of how long or short a minute it is. And some of them are pretty good some of them go out there and I had a really concise. A statement to make you know there is an out of their 3045 seconds but a big. And then others barely get out. Hello my name is I've been none and end their time is up. So while we're monitoring that and you'll love another news department uses so well. I Joseph Gillespie you know Mark Garrison have on of the newsroom sure of something no word to our. But take place that would be. Noteworthy. Then willow. They've been I think they know they've got an open invitation to wander into the studio at any point to a during the afternoon do our. I tell us anything that has gone on everybody else seems to be talking about the trump who know a news conference. It's. Well we'll talk about that in just a second just just. Since we're kind of like a fishing. A lot longer on into the City Council special meeting announcing you know clearly the next speaker. To pursue this without. Do we not seeing red because we were so enamored with Greek. Then there's the idea that would be beneficial to clever legislatures who wan stepped on your next when you passed local ordinance that was a little local electric. And to have done everything in their power to gut checks and balances of government or state and beyond. Cellular contract you're not allowed to remove from the parents read. And they refused recently agreed to the Republican leaders of the republic to the public good the stops it. Others we'll take to praise for anything because right. Do you begin to blame for everything that is wrong if you vote just to mention we'll be punished and ridiculed even worse because even people who voted you're not with you on this. I think you can play for pool until you learn something from it. But you must choose between the lesser of two evils thank you. She was well prepared Vichy was so nervous. Good this year that archive get a message out I mean there clunker of a fifty year resident of Charlotte's. And all in the community I'm realtor. Selling houses and we need to have good that good people here and more people coming. Com economic benefits and laid out most importantly though I think it's important that we look at. As secure as a community. Do we really include every one and it's with this contentious environment we're all going to opposite sides. Closes eyes and poignant the other side it's. Com mail wrong. Many in this is the Republican Party have things to change. Those of us with more in the middle. Look to do good things for all of this city and I think can bring in a convention of this size of this stature is good for the city. Thank you that some there's you know. Speakers I just had to give you an idea what's going on data to government center this afternoon. Very started about 2 o'clock this afternoon and they got a number of us speakers that are. Now scheduled to speak and then able to take a vote to on me. I'm. But on whether to bring me RNC and accept the the the funds. Two. There was over a 130 speakers. And I don't know what the final number was by the time they finally started this thing 2:2 o'clock. The the RNC is expected to make a formal decision later on this week at their meeting in Austin, Texas brawl kind of assuming that would happen on mellow Friday. One of the word has been for several weeks in what happened on no via twentieth and that would be Friday. So will us CEO of a world they're over the weekend at first the contracts for the Republican National Convention. Were not released. And that caused some confusion. Dimple Cashmere said on Friday afternoon that she would do vote against the city hosting the convention due to a potential cost to our taxpayers and and they all met with her. Not tart club a car you know lark and east and Eagles and some other guys so met with her and explain to her what those contractor actually said and however wouldn't cost him money and Bob Hagman. Then refused to release the details of the contract they finally release the details of the contract last night. Nom and so hey wait a pretty typical Charlotte. Invisible transparency. Everything else the open so long as it's hidden behind the walls. And so that's oral or doing today and so we'll come key pariah on know that mayor vial Lyles. With the a meeting started 2 o'clock. And we talked to a pretty extensively on that on Monday or expand burger among others. Still interest in ditto Lyles is so much for this but it has on now said to issue addressed in the democratic women of Mecklenburg County last week that she would do not give a welcome address. Although the mayor always gives a welcome address the last big twelve major political. Not conventions have had the mayor welcomed the delegates to town. So that's kind of trying to derive aligned. And it all comes down to whether or not you want the money you're not or. Whether or not you're afraid that this particular convention. A will be so contentious. That the divisive nest that is tearing our country apart and could be seen exhibited in. While get to that in just to say about. They have after that trump food news conference today. If you flashed between CNN and Fox News that's about all you needed to know. About why the country is torn to shreds. Both of them. In their own. Love of their own on their own ground. Refusing to budge. Is there not a place. Is they're not a single place. You can go these days. To get. And accurate story on the news and both sides represented. And the answer is I don't think so. President is. Performance and the news conference following me to know the trump who know. Summit today is not. A receiving. 100% accolades. You wouldn't expect that. They came out of the press conference on CNN. With the Anderson Cooper saying you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leaders certainly than I've ever seen. An extraordinary press conference. So you pretty well knew or CNN was going right off the bat. And then wandered on over to a fox. And you pretty well knew that. Were they were gone. And and I guess when it was also none went after I cannot analyze this and the other no went to The Washington Times and read what they had to say went to the Wall Street Journal and had to see what they had to say and went to the fox account went to the CNN account. Now into way a couple of other places to just kind of see what the angle was that they were Washington times so words were that they were. They were riding on. I guess I was disappointed deal. Because got the president of the United States. Standing next to the president of Russia. And quite frankly I. And I don't know what the strategy years. And what I've been told the strategy news. I wouldn't. Claimed to BA such a student of politics are political science that I would be able to ascertain. Accurately. Oh what the strategy is the role of this. But I guess the question I kept asking myself and it was all over with was hey whatever happened to that guy Donald Trump that was in the primaries. That wasn't afraid of confrontation. In fact relished it. What ever happened to that guy. And I don't know what the answer the question is actually. Because last week. I saw. Trump. Before he had a meeting. With the UK prime minister Teresa may. He affirmed what he had denied. Which was the US's commitment to NATO and apologize to her door. Any misperceptions I guess in what she is. And then today he had a chance. To stand there with a guy a bully. Arm and ascertain just exactly. Who is still the most powerful nation in the world. And I and then to me he passed. Now again. IA Olivo the door opened up for. Not being able to see the long term strategy of all that. Or. Maybe at this point just today and not being able to truly define. A method to the madness. But quite frankly I would of liked to have seen our president walked out of that press conference. Having been the aggressor. Paul Ryan is. In the Arab news press today. Likened funded or not but anyway he's. Ryan is none too happy about the president's or performance today in May he says there is no doubt. That the Russians metal and our elections. And then I guess I don't quite understand what strategy would be had if all the sudden. It's all but proven. That they did meddle in our elections that saw everybody in the country wouldn't be upset about that. That some foreign entity. NS and an especially Russia of all of all places. That some Russian entity. Would somehow or another get in and screw around with our elections to begin with whether or not they're effective or not whether or not there was any. Change in the election or not that that's a so. So yeah I was disappointed in the president today. Tom. They met for two hours and in May sat down and no I have another two hour meeting with aids and so on and so forth. The Russian president dismissed the notion of so called Russian interference. He said I had to repeat that the Russian state never interfered and that does not plan to interfere in internal American election process. There was no collusion. Obviously. Trump. It's fairly sensitive. And should be about how we won the campaign. Why he's president of the United States. Bum and he said at one point we ran a brilliant campaign that's why I'm president. And that's exactly right. Energy you'll remember. When the election night was all said and done with what was it like states like Michigan and other places where the president put his people and his resource as. Where the reason that he won the electoral college and why became president of the United States. And even these so called confirmation of Russian. Involvement in our elections. Can't confirm that there was ever that there was any change in the outcome of the election because of it. Did a prudent want to trump to win at that point they said yes he did. Does he talked about bringing the US and Russia relationships back to normal will stay on this sister around yeah. Of the president of Beers with the prudent. And. And trump questions via finding the Russian meddling in you in the US. Selection and one of the interesting points and here. Was at one point. Gooden said that he reiterated the president the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere. And a reporter and I don't know what to run the reporter was from. Said what proof could be offered to exonerate Russia. And mr. prudent challenge that reporter to name a single fact. That proves Russian involvement. And in essence. You can't. Rosen style last week he deputy attorney general. Announced charges against twelve Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking the Democratic National Committee. The Clinton presidential campaign. And the democratic congressional can. But they're never going to be here to answer those charges. And could not kind of made. The said no well well well we we will be happy don't question those guys. And in fact if you wanna give Jonas and mr. Mueller over another company two the list and those are questions and answers and you may do so. We would expect you to reciprocate ways and there may be some people in America though we'd like to talk to. I mean that was kind of what took place today. So trump publicly questions US intelligence agency's conclusions that. Moscow interfered with the 2016 presidential elections. And and said he didn't see any reason why Vladimir Putin or Russia would would wanna do that. Said that the our Russian president. And it and then no he today's been a great deal of time discussing the matter during their four hours of talks. And that prudent was extremely strong and powerful in his denial. And asked Toomey believed. US intelligence agencies are prudent. Trump said that the Director of National Intelligence who is Dan Coats. Who has been out is there got a few quotes out since this a summit meeting took place but sent to Erik and Dan Coats came to me and they say said that they think it's Russia. I have president prudent. And he just said it's not Russia. So the president today is that I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be. During a news conference stroke was attacked. Or actually attacked his Justice Department. The and the FBI described the probe of whether his associates colluded with. Russians efforts to interfere with the election as a disastrous for our country that has kept us apart. And in fact of the matter is. And I kind of stole this from Russia I guess but I mean. And other commentators were emphasizing this today as well it and that is. This president. His extreme. Really sensitive. With due reason. As to why he won the election. You won the election because they beat Hillary Clinton. He won the election because they went to key areas and won the electoral vote. Anyone have pretty convincingly. And he wants credit for that. This idea that he was elected on some sort of a share album. Eats at him and I don't think there's any denying that. And we already know that he's got a pretty good ego so to not give him credit. For the historic election that he and his people went out and one. Ellis pretty historic that he got through the primaries. And that's west say to some extent I guess I was disappointed today because I was looking for primary trump. I was I guess and I did you Brit probably wouldn't be a Smart thing to stand there next to video president of Russia and we'll pollutants stay in the eye. And take on the same. Attitude that he had during the primaries. But I guess that's what I was kind of hole opened most of them president of the United States would prove that we still are the greatest and most powerful country in the world. Arm and and and Colin out. Now I don't know what happened behind closed doors. And and I don't know what the strategy is. Couldn't. Asked whether he wanted trump to win the 26 feet election today. And and actually this is kind of interesting because in the same time that he was asked about whether or not he wanted trump to win the 2016 election. They also asked if he directed officials at the Russian government to interfere in the election on his behalf. And I'm not so sure that couldn't heard the second half of the question but he answered yes I did yes I did. Because he talked about bringing the US or Russia relationships back to normal. So then there's a number of press options today that weren't quite sure that prudent heard the second part of that question. But as to whether or not he'll wanted trump to win the election he openly admitted yeah I did. Com. Couldn't said they discussed the possibility of him dividing up Muller investigations to Russia at a question I have been charged officers. And that he would expect the US to offer. A reciprocal arrangement. Trump said I you know Olympic gets an incredible offer. Trump failed. To publicly pressure to non election interference. And I guess I was kind of wish and he would done that too. Armed but the and Lindsey Graham came out of by the news conference and thought he called it a missed opportunity. I hate to be in lockstep with Lindsey Graham but. There are some that said that'll be seen by Russia as a sign of weakness and not create far more problems than it solves well. I don't really give a damn what how it's seen by Russia. I do kinda care about how it's seen by me. On and I wish that he would have been a little bit more forthright with this. Well and his aggressiveness. They discussed. Apparently a range of issues during this four hours of meetings today arms control they talked about Syria they talked about. Moscow's annexation of a crummy up in a 2014. Trump said our relationship has never been worse than it is now however. That changed as of about four hours ago. Couldn't now lined up and arms control agenda for future US Russia discussions that included extension of the new start treaty. Which should be compliance with the 1987 treaty on no intermediate range nuclear forces. And our Russian concerns over US missile defenses and and a ban on weapons in space. To the best to my knowledge I don't think they and I don't think he urged anything no deeper cuts in nuclear arms everything like that. Trumpet handed on a Monday that he would try to block the construction of the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. Flash he kind of hinted that. That he probably won't do that. So. Last week he had tense meetings with longstanding US allies that the North America or North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And he. Was pretty critical of the prime minister UK prime minister Teresa made its handling of the bricks that process. Com that later apologized to her. And he didn't seem to really wanna be and any kind of a confrontation with the candidate either. And I guess I was kind of disappointed I don't expect him to go full fledged royal primary trump. Obviously it was sort of dealing with the people that have a little bit more. Power and standing than Jeb Bush. Brought down. I guess I'm not used to see in this president that doesn't appear to have I go face to face confrontation either I thought about that red I thought he was. I'm up for doing that so I had just kind of walked away from the whole thing today a little a little bit. Think most of the argument and debate today is gonna come down with the now with drug declining decide with US intelligence and that that seems to be where the networks of both staked their. They're two claims have just look at the TV screens to see what CNN no say and because so CNN came out of the gates just way Adeline. Which is about what I would have expected. Denied Russian interference in the twice sixteen US elections US intelligence agencies have insisted Russia did interfere. Trump declined to endorse the US intelligence community. And the assessment rushing interfered in the election saying that Bruton was extremely strong and powerful in his denial. There was one moment during Nadia. A presser today. And he said end end end end trump says so. So let me just say that we have two thoughts. You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server. Why haven't they taken the server. Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee. I've been wondering that I've been asking that for months and months and I'd been tweeting it out and calling it out on social media where is the server. I wanna know where is the server and what is the servers saying. I have president prudent he's he just said it's not Russia I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be. But I really do want to see the server. But I have I have confidence in both parties. I really believe that this will probably go along for awhile but I don't think that it can go on without finding out. What happened to the server what happened to the servers of the Pakistan he gentlemen that worked on the DNC. Where are those servers they're missing where are they what happened to Hillary Clinton's emails 33000 emails gone just gone. Putin said he'll look into extraditing the twelve Russian indict Russians indicted done by the US grand jury last week. I any said and through his translator. I don't know the full extent of the situation. President trump mentioned this issue. I will look into it. And this is the head of the KGB. It I mean the money he knows of at least he knows what the know what what what's been alleged. He had that the Justice Department Friday announced indictments against twelve Russian nationals as part of wrote Robert Mueller's investigation which is. Then which is proven nothing against trump. Or interference in the twice sixteen election and accused them engaging in May have substantial effort to hack democratic carry emails and computer networks and and all that stuff. So that's that is. For the most part I think where. The rhythm the basis Ford the debate. About what happened today and what didn't happen to their what was said to they're what was said today. Is is gonna fall. So while. They ranked. I just would love to walk away feeling that the most powerful of the two guys. With my guy. And I just didn't really walk away feeling. And the other thing that I walked away from was no way that I. Well listen to when watched. Then the press conference. And then with remote controlling hand. Went back and forth between now fox CNN. And MSNBC but primarily fox and CNN. And just thought to myself is it any wonder that we are why were we are in this country today because. There is no place to go. For both sides of the story effect just got an email from a guy. Sterling. Trumpet is shown who he is yet you keep dancing with the double Hee Haw John losing respect for your show. Sterling I have no respect for your email at all. Because I just spent the last 45 minutes giving both sides of the story. And apparently. You don't have the ability. To have. Noticed that. You just what you were side you don't want both sides. And that's why we have two networks that dig into their side does it doesn't really matter. They don't have any stake in whether or not real news. Or journalistic. Integrity. And excellence is performed by the number or not. What they need is the largest audience that they can get or at least the niche audience that they are after her. You don't have to have the highest ratings. To get good results for your clients. For your sponsors. And believe me I know what I'm talking about here. So CNN might be poorly rated but they get enough ratings. That the people who religiously turn into CNN every liberal in the African world. We'll sponsored a little bold. Won't buy from their sponsors. So it doesn't really matter whether or not they're exercising. Journalistic integrity or not. What matters is. Is that they're sponsors keep buying time on their stations which adds to their bottom line which makes their board of directors. And stockholders. Extremely wealthy. And the same with fox. You have to primary news networks. They both are so bill again that they couldn't afford to actually. Performed journalistic. Excellence. Because it would hurt their bottom line it's no wonder we're in the shape there were candidate. Am Charlotte he had sent a test ideally pay HTT Charlotte. Talking eleven dead and 993 WP GO radio dot com station. I'm Mike Doyle in the WBZ news center news conference in Helsinki Finland with president's triumphant potent. Following their one on one meeting today trump telling reporters the two leaders talked about a wide range of issues. But the president did not criticized Russia for US election meddling despite what his own intelligence agencies have determined. He did however target the Muller investigation back home for damaging relations between the two nuclear powers. The probe is the disaster for our country I think it's kept us apart. It's kept us separated and there was no collusion at all. Congressional reaction pouring in as Serena Marshall reports Republican chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob coworker said quote the president's comments it made us look as a nation more like a pushover. And speaker of the house Paul Ryan so the president must quote appreciates that Russia is not our allies and had he remained hot style to our most basic values and ideals. John McCain going even further calling the press conference at the quote most disgraceful performance by an American president in memory Serena Marshall ABC news Washington. Thousands of Charlotte chance having their say this afternoon about whether this city should host the 20/20 Republican National Convention. With president trump in office of the show that event be offered to the city here's WBT Smart garrison was. More than a hundred speakers signed up Charlotte City Council has been getting an earful about the Republican Convention coming to attempt a President Obama. Did not speak about people the way this president does many of those against the convention do not like president trump track represents all that is not right with this country we do not want to try and train in his gardens in our city but others were just his vigorous saying the convention is good for Charlotte economically the meeting began with city attorney telling council that Charlotte will get fifteen million dollars for security from congress. And the Republican National Committee will foot the bill for any construction required at the arena uptown for the convention. We're garrison WB teams. Just talk 11% 993 WBZ check traffic now brought you back under bill Ford. I 77 exit 23 years bummer for you might sink to the lay's own Brooke shirt this afternoon west fell Berkshire this report is first of vice sparkle watches those disabled vehicle in the left lane of westbound Brooke sure as you approach Idaho drive just before I 85 near the airport a collision Billy Graham parkway a Mars you'll drive I don't west boulevard at marsh field. For the north Galloway wrote it Mallard creek road I don't Harris boulevard just west of Mallard creek Rick your homer business services sparkle was sparked a wash pressure washing. Sparkle washed dot com slash Charlotte. That's sparkle watched dot com slash Charlotte who were buying cat and WBT traffic. Several supporters try steel bikes these smaller Chevrolet. Some of the families and get more safe more expect more as Steve Moore Chevrolet Steve Moore Chevrolet dot com. Several days gun violence in Charlotte has left a second person dead in his many days. Please say a man was found shot to death near sixteenth street in the sugar creek Greenway around 11 o'clock this morning. Over the weekend plays responded to numerous gun related incidents including the murder of a high school football player in the wounding of a six year old girl who was shot while playing in her yard. Groundbreaking scheduled for this Friday for the long planned to gateway real station that officials hope will spur even more growth in the uptown area. The initial work on what will be a seventeen acre site between the football stadium in ninth street. We'll include track improvements passenger platform and signals. The estimated seventy to eighty million dollar the dollar up project expected take about four years to complete the trains are expected to roll into that area until at least. 2024. San San Diego judge who ordered that immigrant children and their parents must be reunited. Now ordering that deportations families who have recently been reunited be stopped for now Alex don't report. Salt is temporary for now the judge giving the federal government one week to respond before he issues a permanent ruling. The ACLU is arguing that mass deportations have Sam lays may happen too quickly before anyone is certain that entire families aren't being deported improperly. The judge granting a one week pause on deportations of Sam lays it have just been re united. Bank of America beat earnings expectations about the top and bottom lines earnings per share handily beat analysts' estimates and are represented a staggering 43% year over year earnings growth. Much of that fueled by corporate tax cuts but the bench revenue increased by 3% which was approximately 300 million dollars more than analysts had been hoping for. W became news time 402. 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Sponsored by Charlie Comfort Systems heating and air conditioning. Chance of scattered thundershowers tonight lows in the seventies tomorrow that says same chance continues what I have not you on and we're seeing some should thundershowers right now to the southwest of Charlotte moving us towards south Mecklenburg County. Heading into your county right now some of those storms quite heavy. JD nine estonians 89 degrees now in uptown Charlotte I'm Mike Doyle in the stock 1110993. WBT. In the twelve grandkids date give away. All right techs who. Flow FL OW. To 72881. To get into 1000 dollars you have until the top of the hour to text here and this is the national contest messaging data rates apply for full contest rules available at WBT dot com text flow FL OW. To seven to 81 and good luck. Nine that got people talking down public forum at the government says her taught me RNC is so while he. Prize on know that. And oh we've been talking for the better part of the last hour about the trump prudent summit press conference. Today. I got together for a couple hours and nerve and got together with the staff for another couple hours after that in and held they'll press conference that has been widely panned by just about everybody. So will. I'll wander over or not and not talk to a couple you're at the other time muscle we'll be been on the phone for sometime Johns up on WBT hey John. Enjoy a little bit poorly that you shouldn't back. You don't understand. I don't understand what you would vote blue this being the we have our ball. He's dealing with a low. Trash former okay. But had to lose the any. You know he got I have to be here I have to answer to anybody okay. What albeit just slightly from the brink how powerful guy sure. I got what he did it he laid out here that you wouldn't candidate Perry told forward looking he told Williams that if being. Cash quest you. They told you get into it but do the following question to ask him later that opera opera that is what we talked about. This is what people back at it okay. I don't understand I don't know good people who didn't do people want him to just sit back the balance it beat Barbara are I don't know get it I mean here. Because these are two superpowers don't think injured inside I had hoped it would immediately come broke all of it removed them probably. Should it all the. We I just wish he'd walked out I wish when he was all said and done with that I had thought he was more the aggressor and Bruton was. Good he's been a bully for a long long time and I would like to CNET. I would like to see in our president stand up to the bullet. Yeah. You're gonna hurt bad and you're LTT. You know the more good news from all my computer I was I don't understand that as Laura in a little I don't I don't give meet you know. I am and I understand that mean like you director boxers or better in this state Maurer well. That in these forward aggressively would be the aggressor a great debt I don't. Would you stay with would you say that Putin has been a lot more aggressive but know Syria and for me and other places of the world. Yeah and and and so and so I was looking for my guy to be the aggressor today. I was kind of looking for my got to look him straight in the eye and say listen. You don't that we I don't believe that. And maybe he did behind closed doors that's what you don't know is what happened behind closed doors and there were no note takers and there were there were no other people and they're for two hours all. I don't know when neither do you know what happened in that room. It may have been play any contentious. It ended so you don't that that made me you know maybe this I don't know. Yeah I mean. I think. I don't say that. You know I think you know the the only thing is is it Barack Obama it's been MS Wang cheer that threat opera. The only thing here. Oh my goodness he would have been the greatest negotiators. Say the clerk and Omar god has been on it's I mean better and slightly red. Well Barack Obama what to spend my good part of the press conference today apologizing for America mr. Obama has so he'd you know that's true we didn't we didn't do that I I get that appreciate your a phone call let me go to Terry on WBT hey Terry. Hey John like I love your show me and I don't want to edit watch the conference but I will pay. I'm so tired of the Russian meddling betting. There was no equipment that they dropped all we're finding Black Friday. Great piece you know to keep that thought freshen you know Leo for everybody keep it in the even relevant. Weintraub at four. I'm not trusting you know be intelligent they don't be that mean it is that they like this you know they ask her or him. You know ever spent is spent before the pop up well. Well and the struck hearing a week ago are pretty much should justify bad. Right right exactly I mean I just tired with China the don't let everything and I am done so over the Russian meddling at anything we should thank them because they're going to. Make it even though they've found nobody else Kirkland be. The election process but there's no way anybody's gonna be able ever a CFO at but they in the future. Oh what we're seeing it. OK I didn't get the end of that at all but I don't understand what you just said there's no way it'll ever happen in the future. I think the fear is is that it will happen. Again that it is happening steel. Generally a better word. Julie on WBT hey Julie. You know that. I'm good are you doing. I'm I'm black got a bit archer had done little light on it now but I anyway I have I agree with. The last since college. Then and if you answered he wants a little personal interpreter he said you've gotten our outlook will will look up. Will bring them all on. I'm I'm so tired of it and you know what conflict on the world say today and there are some that they're all here that won't. It is our warm I would not trust the CIA his own Justice Department. And FBI. Well you any obviously doesn't. Well I would more well known not necessarily because the bulk of it dead came from the previous administration. Exactly. But they're not after in and and he men can do and say I'm Rory saying he said that debt. I work heavily on his campaign. I have seen him me he's he has. He's the mad I may ain't seeing. Marketing genius. And he couldn't even follow behind somebody and and and the ten point. What did he get on a world state and start yet on little money Creighton. I appreciate the gulf. There we go. Band and chorus. All right David and July 16. The city got paid like a Friday. You play primed. Pride day. Seven days a year 168 days ago 1955. Disneyland opened an Anaheim. 1969. Apollo eleven launched from cape Kennedy Florida what does become the first manned space mission to land on the moon. 1999 John F. Kennedy is wife Carol in the senate Kennedy and his sister in law Lauren does that killed in plane crash off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. Piper Serra told aircraft piloted by Kennedy's 1999. I forgot that they. You know the other thing that Ira they got to think about that was so that means it's been about eighteen years since we've seen a copy of George magazine. Which actually at the time I thought it was a good night. Former NFL coach turned commentator Jimmy Johnson is. Alternate. 75. Pretty good for 75 year old dude. Arizona security guard arrested for impersonating a police officer after he tried to pull over a car that just happened to contain two state troopers. Eight. Thinking of Arizona State lawmaker pulled over for speeding was videotaped by an officer's body him bragging that he couldn't be given a ticket because. He had legislative immunity. And that sometimes he drives as fast is a 140 miles an hour eight. Genius. Yesterday in Chicago a shares closed it was the last in the city. In Sears Tower in that per share it is in Chicago. And both Wimbledon and World Cup into this weekend this week you have the Major League Baseball all star game and the a British Open golf tournament. Which is probably why Tiger Woods was sitting in the gallery of the Wimbledon yesterday. The men's final. They have showed tonight on HBO. Robin Williams come inside my mind that. New documentary expo examines his life and career and a creative process. Much of a judge told and interviews with the Williams himself video film includes some. Onstage performance footage and clips from home mom movie's. And as well as interviews and commentary from friends and co stars Billy Crystal him all over the people birth Steve Martin Eric Idle Dave Letterman. Hi and William son Zack William's. I signed up for HBO again because I wanted to give me a blast on video on recorded. Which is he documentary. On the David Brooks. And I never unsigned from HBO which I meant to do but it renowned weather got a bump on record not Robin Williams things tonight. Don't think it's on TV tonight is they are Charlotte guy magician is going to be. Trying to stump Penn and teller on TV tonight if he ever trip to cross that Penn and teller show were magicians don't wanna do their thing and try to stump them and a and I guess the deal I've only seen a couple times and actually I've for some reason other landed on the this weekend sometime in Washington for a few seconds. And the guy what whatever the guy was due and still don't know. And apparently if you stump them that you get an opening spot on error big show lower their biggest. If they can't figure out how you did your trick did you get to come back and opened for their own world famous Las Vegas show. So this a guy from Charlotte John-Michael Hinton. Is on the SEW tonight. Penn and teller fool us in which these famous illusionist try to unravel the method behind a specific trip. And this local guide today is gonna do so with rubies Q. So makes is to watch that some. TV viewing for your tonight judge tell you that the Charlotte knights are back in town start homestand against Pawtucket tonight at 704. Again tomorrow at 704 again on Wednesday at 704 all against Pawtucket and tonight is part in the park. Game oh are you gonna bring your dog against some video to the game. And the home run derby. Is on ESPN at 8 o'clock tonight though part of the Major League Baseball and festivities. So there you go there. Terminally ill man's dying wish of us spending his last days enjoying his favorite drink came true Don Cheney is his name moved back to Abilene Texas to spend some time with the family so many. Could not find his favorite soda. Which was cherry flavored 7UP. In fact. Local supermarket is not even allowed to sell. And that soda. The store employee went above and beyond and track down the only cases nearby in Dallas they ended up having to twelve stacks of cherry 7UP in their warehouse. He soda company heard about Cheney story told him that they will be a sending him most soda every week for the remainder of his days. I don't remember jury seven of another big soft drink. Breaker so. California based company that sells make America great perhaps again. Similar to the perhaps the official had sold by the trump campaign says it's prices may rise in response to trade tensions with China prompted by. Trump terrace. David last software runs the company incredible gifts told ABC news that prices of the hat could be doubled now from a between nine and twelve bucks to at least twenty dollars of these forced to abandon his. Chinese manufacturers and make the hats. And get the hats made here in the United States. We make America great to have again. Usually sells for about a nine to twelve blocks. But like this they could get up to twentieth they have to make him in the United States now if you think Chinese made make America great hats again are being sold by the trump campaign. It's ironic and get this the owner of the Chinese factory that makes a huge number of those hats. Drives a BMW. His version of that Germany German luxury car. Is the one that's assembled out of South Carolina. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Get more sleep. Argue less. Imagine this the less we sleep more we fight. UC Berkeley study found that couples are less likely to argue after a good night's sleep. So there you go on our. He out. We still don't know what the original investors to the Panthers made with that 2.2 billion dollar sale last week. But the Charlotte nonprofit foundation of the Carolinas today has been given thirty million dollar contribution from a Carolina Panthers investor donating Salma. Of his proceeds from the recent sale of the team the investor is Derek Springsteen. Close. And among those so he is among those who sold the franchise do with a hedge fund manager at David Kemper last week his donation represented a sizable percentage. Of the pro sets the proceeds that he realized from the sale. Not close said that he and his family were very pleased to make that give dead in the success of both the team and the initial investment as a result of this community. And we are committed to investing in local nonprofits serving those in none need throughout Carolina's. Close as part of an eleven member group of limited partners at the time of the sale the initial investor when Leah. NFL awarded DO football team he is a donation is two he's Springsteen foundation. Which is based fund held by the foundation of the Carolina. So we'll apparently made at least thirty million bucks in these given it to the foundation of the Carolinas. This money does. On the wrong would that. Pretty big thick stuff over the weekend and earlier today. The Republicans controlled the North Carolina legislature and and and Democrats have a record amount of cash to help their candidates gain power this fall. North Carolina Democratic Party on a Thursday announced that it has five point eight million dollars to help us state and state senate candidates this fall. That's such a record for the party's fundraising at this point in the mid term elections so long. You know this fall every seat in the North Carolina general assembly is up for election and your fellow Democrats pick up either a video for house seats of the six senate seats in the November election a milk. The break that Republicans super majority. So Lola C were all of that goes. Democrats in two closely watched North Carolina congressional races out raised their Republican counterparts two to one in the second quarter. That would include Dan McCready. And also Kathy Manning. McCready is of special interest I suppose poll released last week. By the conservative Raleigh based civic just institute. And you can no question conservative on that. Told the paper says I'm not so sure I think sedatives as they are conservative. And they're under new leadership which producing makes them even more questionable. But anyway they showed crede. With a seven point lead in Matt our race. And 2016 passenger one that to a district with 58% of the vote. Trump carried that Ted district just oh by the way if by more than eleven points. And and the fund raising the North Carolina bed then the video Democrat McCready has outraged. Paris. Two to one no I in that race so far. And then earlier today. Trumps twenty toi any campaign already has a big war chest. Trump told piers Morgan last week. I guess probably Wally was in the UK. Because why else would you talk to piers Morgan. That he fully intends to run for reelection in 220. Set I don't see anybody you can beat me. They do not have a right candidate. Ali don't have a candidate getting. The middle early veteran you know and what are the names were hearing. Hillary Biden. I think I threw John Kerry into the mix last week just because big Kerry came out from underneath his. Rocked duke. Throw his name back into the. Anyway new pick campaign finance filings show that trump is putting up more than just words behind as early effort he has raised an aggressive 88 million dollars over the last eighteen months for his reelection campaign which amounts to a wrote a pretty dramatic head start over the our rivals whoever they may be for the Democrats it's usually. A sitting prep for a certain first sitting president to have that kind of fundraising in the first couple years is pretty you know pretty rare. But. Campaign is spending at that say had a pretty brisk pace due to attract donors. But trump officials. Reelection committee and two joint GOP committees trump victory and trump. Make America great again still had 54 million in the bank at the end of June. Single biggest donation in the second quarter came from a Texas banker by the name of Andrew deal. Who gave 339000. Dollars. The three committees spent one point two million on legal fees of the SR could read the second quarter and that brings the total of about eight point six million. Since the start of a 2017 salt. We're arguing about we're debating here in Charlotte. And apparently the public comments of and ended. Because I now seeing council members Braxton Winston is speaking right now to settle can't City Council a special meeting which will eventually vote on whether or not to accept the RNC your novels wander in and I eavesdrop on Braxton. RC government they are contracts that maybe produce uncertainties whose final approval. Is determined by our elected City Council the voice of the people. Anyone who thinks the role of counsel should be free predetermined or simply a rubber stamp for the desires of something other than the prerogative of our cool off a hall full council. Is a fool is foolhardy mistake. Plus on the other hand some may is ask why submitted in the first place no one else did. Well sure it is several other cities did submit bids but quickly decided not to go forth. I am an advocate from putting yourself at the table. If you don't like what's on the menu and you choose to get up and leave. But if you don't take your seat at the table. You have you have no say. At all and I don't think that's an effective way to lead. I still many will ask why we so long to raise questions. I think that's a fair question as well. I believe we as elected officials did a poor job of going through this informative open and transparent fashion. What's it because the few of us that knew how the problem that the process works or. Were informed about the minutia of them have been dating gay particulars. Of these being kept that process insulated. Was sitting in the inexperience. Of a new council who was not savvy enough to request the questions of economic impact public safety planning at least logistics can see it to the proper committees to any questions answered. And involved in public comment. Questions like economic impact. I hear a lot of a lot of Qaeda is a City Council and a special meeting Gretchen Wilson is speaking right now I saw a double as mirror speaking a little bit earlier so obviously though. All get their say so undeniable love oh lead up to whale vote no the area WBT newsroom is somewhat bring this says so well. And Woolsey were all of that goes the RNC expected to make a formal decision later on this week their summer meeting well let's take place in Austin, Texas. And they are I think are expected to make an announcement as to who will host the RNC on Friday and many of. That's got to be Charlotte. What. There's a crime. Byrd started today with. We'll first of all the crap on the website crashed. And apparently off for a while they're all you saw were pictures of dogs and it's I don't get that why. Over we will find out later. It's ours we know they're back up operational. This is the fourth annual prime days started today had to 3 o'clock. So why it will run for 36 hours longer then previous years. Deals promised for our prior. Members to include offers on now Amazon owned the whole foods one of the things I've noticed and the stuff that leaked out at least early. And I literally got an end and a case study if you go to CNET. Email that you TJ. If you go to the Hancock page WBT dot com there's a link to CNET. And apparently CNET is keeping up on all the latest. As stuff gets added to the list CNET has done an ongoing. Tally of what to well what's for sale so if you're if you're curious system. Custom pentagon be a little. Inundated but one of the things that they really pushed early on this thing was their own products. Which I find to be kind of amazing because there's been a series of stories lately about. Alexa. And privacy issues and so on and so forth so I betcha that all hurt their sales. They get people like me that basically jumped dead because of people like feud being dumped him. What was it two years ago I asked right now it is Smart speakers. I had no other very. So I got one. And then now found out that can get WBT on its sole but to. I don't want in the garage out of failure treadmills. So I just go out there and say Alexa played WB tear it 5 o'clock in the morning and nighter comes bode Thompson. And now that we're on a radio dot com and suited to an end that's all we have to say. Alexa played WB two. You don't have to say on radio dot com in fact that'll just confused or. So while the fourth prime day started today at three runs for 36 hours. And. If you're a prime member. So halo also get to offers from love now all Amazon owned a whole foods. Course I research predicts that day Amazon days sales are expected to reach 3.4 billion dollars this year. That would be up about 40% from last year's hall and while Amazon will rack up those are big sales numbers CNN money notes that the company uses prime day more importantly the spotlight its own products and getting new members. Not to sign up for the prime. Prime members spend about 14100 dollars a year on Amazon compared to about 600 dollars a year for non members according to the consumer intelligence research partners. Amazon prime day is a forcing other retailers to step up their game. Tom I've been inundated. With best by email the last few days. And I don't know this for a fact but is new years is not best buy just hold on whether fingernails. The made up Amazon holiday begins today it is a profit competitors like target and Macy's and JC Penney to offer significant sales target for one is kicking off the sale tomorrow offering 30% off. Target exclusive home brands. A select baby here and now Google products as well as 25% off on no beauty and personal care items. We are and go to north lake mall on Saturday and half to about. I had gone to South Park a few weeks ago because I needed to see the sizes of the ipad's there's a ten and a half and twelve and half and I guess I've got the ten and a half now. But it's only 32 gigabytes and all the sudden I'm getting messages that are saying you have no more room. I got a birthday coming up so that's basically what I'm gonna get from our birthday. And I had gone on to the Apple Store at South Park and it's closed for remodeling. I assume that they'll be open relatively soon because she got started thinking about Christmas sales pretty soon. So why out so we went to north lake that we never go to north lake. I don't know why from where I live in Belmont jump on for 85 and give their. So it's actually over it was like fourteen miles it's actually not that bad at all. Well when we were Leven and north lake we were driving back down nine Harris boulevard towards 85 or 45. And we saw. Target superstore. And every heard of that. Yeah I've never heard of a target superstore so we've. Pulled in the parking lot Agassi what's the difference between a target superstore. And just target dog target. And superstore obviously. But the good targets I go to have some groceries and stuff but the superstore has. But obviously they're compete they're trying to compete with a Wal-Mart. But the store's huge in the aisles are alarmed large in the inventories and there was claim that it was so weak. I've now been doing target superstore feel like my life is pretty complete. Other people that are get non because of us super. Prime day. JC Penney is in the midst of a three day promotion starting today called cyber in July. Macy's had a Black Friday in July promotion last week blows. Is offering 10% off to a site wide today and tomorrow for a new and existing mile Lowe's customers. Lot of retailers are also our price matched like Amazon prime date deals including no Home Depot and staples and best buy and a Bed, Bath & Beyond. So a lot of people reacting to Amazon's prime day. But a lot of people are reacting to Amazon's prime day as well like I say on the Hancock page WBT dot com or go linked to the CNET page. That is trying to keep track of everything as it becomes available because prime. Amazon. Throws stuff up there for sale when that day got like hourly specials and stuff like that right so if you stay on in touch with the CNET page are supposed to be able to a pretty narrow on nudge know what his what's going on him. On end and wide epic day and a half. Started at 3 o'clock runs for 36 hours NBC news reports secrecy is one of prime mud days hallmarks. Little revealed about how many of the ideals until there actually available. And that's right found out about CNET they'll updated guide to the best deals once they don't start rolling him so that's a good place and you'll find it at the hands on page WBT dot com. And. Right Amazon prime day and our other retailers. Online side to reacting to them. Story came out last week about a Wal-Mart patenting this surveillance tool that cannot eavesdrop on workers is now in a wire. When George left. Wal-Mart. Don't they have secret microphones picked up everything you say the. Maybe we should get some of those for the studio. Is but the ball over there were about. Phone Booth. If you are just like being micromanage Shimon to steer clear of Wal-Mart the retailer just penned an audio surveillance system. Which can be used to listen to conversations between employees and customers to check out the other company has refused to confirm or deny its plans for the technology but a spokesperson told Busby. We're always thinking about new concepts and ways that will help us further enhance how we serve customers. But we don't have any air further details to share on these patents at this time. The system that they patent and has a several cent soars. That can collect lots of audio data including beeps. And even their wrestling oboe paper bags and all of this said data they say could be used to evaluate the employee's performance. Cornell and her cereal. Industrials accuse me and no labor relations school assistant professor you feel my usual walk. Says several studies have shown that there is a psychological. Impact of pervasive surveillance that can lead do the odd this opposite feeling more employees view day employer not as benevolent but his dictators in other words. The use of heavy surveillance could backfire and lead to resistance. I don't quite understand the audio surveillance. In us they've just had an old had been an overwhelming amount of people being rude to customers at their cash registers I guess that don't don't quite get that. I don't know that I've ever had anybody Wal-Mart be rude to me there's. Different and varying degrees of personality. Some have none some. Have a lot but it on the net you know. I'm not care for the entertainment factor room. Wall Street Journal had an article over the weekend about all gadgets will soon be all ears tiny little microphones moving us toward male world were all gadgets will be responding to voice command. Like simple humans trash can opens if you ask it. Sad day if every tree falling. And every forest. Might soon be heard by an Internet. Connected microphone. What hope is there for our privacy. Already when you're sitting in a room with a iPhone and apple watcher and a Smart assistant like Amazon echo or Google home your surrounded by a dozen microphones. In fact newer iphones have four and the echo has seven while the Smart watch as just one. For now. And in the latest Smart wireless headphones Apple's expected next generation air pods. Or competing ones from Bose orasure. Along with talking microphone ovens and TV is from Samsung LG and others and anyone in a home or in an open office planned could soon be within earshot of hundreds of microphones. Most of them will be listening for the week word like Alexa or case series or OK Google. I'd just as our phones and Smart assistants do now. Well would you think about this for a second though. If you got a microwave that offers off voice. Hey do do lied to and go to goaded dude got this for two and a half minutes that 70% power. Trash can open. Series. Why WBK. At one point or you'd just wandering around your house talking to yourself. And and then I guess the part that I don't quite get it says the moving to. We were moving toward everything in the world. With a plug aura battery. Can respond to a voice command. Apple's next air pods could have as many. The capabilities. Like noise cancellation of talk source Samsung. Plans to equip every single device itself from TVs refrigerators for the microphones. It could be under Irving to be a surrounded by listening devices. But the paradox is that the technology develops so our ability to free these gadgets from having them connect to the Internet. In other words they won't have to connect to the Internet. You've trashed gamble just understand what you say opened open. Just consider the voice controlled trash can from simple human. Says open can and it opens and then closes on its own wants the user walks away. Easy to make fun of high tech trash can but this one tackles one of the biggest concerns that comes with Smart assistance the fact that. They record what we tell them and send it back to their parent there company's symbol man's trash can and can't do that doesn't do that. That's because the latest microphones and processors. Process human speech in the gadget itself without connecting to the cloud. They say at first. Self contained processing in a gadgets will be limited to simple commands and no wake words like a telling a device to. Turn on or setting a timer. And in time those commands will become more complex. One justification for adding no voice controlled anything it is that we you know this could be ultimately. Make life easier so on and so forth. Let them learn windows one meter Iowa what one device start to. Interact with a another if you tell us something to turn on what what keeps that from turning on everything. And is that a technology that you really think you want. And it sounds space age communicators show this 59 in the 1950s guy walks in the room today lifetime. Neon. And the TV was what Florida half inches wide and hung on the wall. Trash can open blood. Had been the Jetsons. We're really. He's proud of the City Council meeting and I'm sure they are right now with the mayor is speaking this idea needing little to the side they are at least get their they're in their vote on the RNC won't necessarily decide the RNC. And the mouse tested for us as a council. But I welcomed that test because if we're not test it we're not doing the right things. If we're not taking the opportunity to figure things out we're not doing the right things but this community. So I want to know. That hostname. Port they RNC is not an endorsement. The administration. The current administration. I believe that hosts in the do you have PD the Republican commissioning RNC. Is about what opportunities we can make a bit after this very very difficult time of deliberation. You know we'd like to gobbled it down and say well it's economic impact was the opportunity. But the reality is it's much more than that. I actually believe it is a chance for us to take an active role the democratic process. And I would hope that everyone would exercise their rights. I think it's also an opportunity to share the values that the city believes in through peaceful protests. Actually my interview. From the mayor of London. I thought he came out and he said. We have this kind of comment. But someone comes to visit our city that doesn't live here. And yet at the same time we can protest that and we can actually strengthen our own times. And this is a chance that we can. That we can figure it out this opportunities before us. I'm kind of rarely be frankly very honest here this is probably been the most difficult decision in my. Career. Not just as mayor. And as a mom. As a friend to many of you in this room and many of you has stepped out in ways that I can't even imagine to support me. When people tell me every day that they think about how to they have a prayer circle for me. I have a Collison a note that there encouraging me. This is really the kind of fortitude. And goodness it's juicy illustrated that the status. So what I would say to you then copy unity. It didn't unity doesn't come easily and it comes with hard work and we're trying our best to make that happen. But also hurt very much the words around equity and inclusion. And all those words then maybe recalled. That after the keep Hamas got shooting that we said as a council. Six you are not here at the time that we will review all of our policies to see. We had equity inclusion. So that I'm gonna call that study. And it's called what that study forum within our own government purse and encourage it to expand. Beyond. Our government our 8000 employees. That we began. An inclusive. Study in the next ninety days. To build in more inclusive equitable Charlotte. That we included net that we address the issues of discrimination. And race. Among ourselves first and every policy and procedure and. Practice that we have. That can be just as simple as how we conduct these meetings. How we deliver the services and how to rebuild on our city. Is something that's replied yeah. I love the city in a very tangible way. And I know. That if we build on our values and we actually worked hard at it. We can be what we want for our kids and our grandchildren. I'm asking us to work together and now. Not only to make our city better for all people. But to make it a place where you can fight for democracy. And progressive views are welcome. I again thank this community for stepping up and speaking out. And let's get ready to put it to work. I that's the mayor vile Lyles the City Council has voted 624. To say yes to the GOP. Mark Garrison is working on that he'll be with you had to after the 6 o'clock news or Charlotte have six I'm sure this will take a very good part of foe. Oh that is our broadcast to their and so Leo following up a few hours. Of I'll comments from the city people in the city. The City Council that voted 64. To vote yes to the GOP and then that decision has been expected to widely rumored and two are probably take place this Friday. In Austin, Texas said the Republican national committee's. Convention. And now they should award DO convention at that point and on a everything says pretty much says it's probably going to be Charlotte. So was City Council just voted to all except federal funds for what is needed there are no souls who were all of that goes enough. And now but anyway that's that the vote that took place today. And as you can tell from the mayor rather contentious. Or at least lots of opinions. And she's calling for unity and so our best for we are on not that it's been a good deal today talking about the neutral Putin. Summit in Helsinki. And more particular the press conference that followed that I'm sure that will be part of our Charlotte at six. At the end of the day as well a quick reminder of peanut butter in July is going on right now you can help hungry child out this summer peanut butter July of southern women do now for about five or six years. Oh we collect peanut butter every July and then we give it to the second harvest food bank. Our latest nobly widely requested but does this is the time of year when a lot of kids don't get the a free meals through our schools and so on and so forth so. On that area of need is especially are great at this time. So stop by you leave your local Mecklenburg County or gassed in county terrorist teeters pick up an extra jarred Jeff and not toss it in the Arab in the bins. They should be hidden right there in front of you you'll see the big poster with a WBT logo on it. And if you would it takes special care to start drop in peanut butter and those we've appreciated. We've got for a couple weeks before the a month is over. All the broadcasting from my new hometown now Belmont huh Harris teeter this a Saturday. From my ten till noon a look at forward to that all of our neighbors will come by and say hi. The Belmont Carroll looks pretty good thanks to one gentleman in particular who are basically cashed in all of this pennies and spare change in. A bottle whole bunch of peanut butter and dump it in the barrel. And after a couple of jars of their myself but try to remember from a walk past the peanut butter charter club becoming jars on their brother and even in there so why help us reach our goal and two fast. So what we've done in the years past them all look. Bidder for the second harvest food bank of metro line if you need more details on that WBT dot com slash events. Regular council voted yes to the GOP six to five. So lives about a foot yeah. So more on that that 6 o'clock go with a Mark Garrison. Including the other big story of the day and that is steel prudent trump summit. And via press conference that just followed that. The blows. That little section of the observer that people are right here and they're short thoughts. Can remove the jury reached the statute of Bob Walton plaza. Those are you don't know the back story behind Bob Walden involved Walton plaza would not understand the meaning behind that but. And is now Bob Walden plaza one of the things that are supposed to come down when they do all of the when big era Marshall park and they do all of us. New development in that a particular area. There are up plans being released this happened as of yesterday for a memorial that will be built at the historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina where nine worshippers were killed in the in 2015. Racially motivated attack the memorial at the Emanuel AME or church we'll have a marble fountain with carvings of the names of the nine victims. Curbed stone benches on either side evoking Angel wings. A path will love. Lead to a prayer garden. The memorial is designed by the architect Michael Eric do well also designed the 9/11 memorial in a New York City they talked about the courage Ben. Jazeera been do us saint Bonaventure cemetery down and a sedan outside of Savannah. Johnny Mercer. They famous composer. Musician is so buried there. And and among that they've got out marble bench that's kind of curve didn't. Has some wrong unbelievably great carvings and avenge his name and musical notes and pretty cool save a lot of senators such a because midnight in the garden of evil or whatever that was of an old Kevin Spacey movie that. Susan to maybe go on a two or a bad time on time and out of Savannah this was years and years and years ago probably twenty years ago. Faster the tour was fascinating one of the places they took USA Bonaventure. And no sort of timer down in Savannah which. We get down there won't stress a year. We are we want drawn out to save Bonaventure it's replaced walk around in Russia when the Spanish moss is thank him. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. There is a rise has sought TV. Report on this. They rise in food deliveries. Now they specify. New York especially where people are like radio blitz. Mimi blitz is a lady who opened up eighteen keys. In now. Not enough like ours Bernard. In New York but in New York you can base and they concentrate on a certain area like grin which villagers so lower. Whatever. LA is also getting bigger on home delivery. Restaurants now. Are doing as much to go and delivery. And now you have delivery services that are kind of killed us. I mean it you know under a pick up the end of the deliberate part of it but people are dig in now getting restaurant food at home. And this tends to be somewhat from oven to front door seems to be the new mantra for. Many diners these days no matter what their reading an increased number of people are opting to stay home and order him. And the number of deliveries is up 10% overall and restaurants are like changing the way they do business because of it. And I don't know that this is specifically hit Charlotte yet. I don't know how the food delivery services here we have boomer eats here. Not exactly sure who's available and who's not because we haven't done this and I guarantee they're not in Belmont yet anyway so while. But by and large this seems to be oh wave double awful lot of you know and we got grub hub here right. Well there's another one called seamless Hoover eats is one. Los Angeles. Those delivery services are just Qichen but right now and by and large you know I mean if you can figure out the a status of all of that it's it's it it's perfect for a restaurant because not only do you get the people who committed diving and and the people who drop by and take out but of all the sudden yet delivered that as well you keep your kitchen pretty busy. But that seems to be the new trend. Rise in food deliveries changing the restaurant industry and know what's served. It used to be you recall for years and years and years they said that I don't know why isn't there like pizza places. Why isn't there a burger delivery place and it was they had trouble figured out a way to go. Deliver the burger. Hot fresh. But by and large to start to figure out how to do that in equipping trucks without ovens are warm person or in some cases. Having them meat patty cook all your in France that. Yeah pretty instinct stuff I just kind of seems to be be a wave of the future. So we'll see were all of that goes a lot of talked about to our talk about tonight on our Charlotte at six. With the mark Harrison and he's coming up right around the corner of Charlotte City Council after they know a whole lot of citizens a step forward to voice their opinion. Over a several hour period. I counseled and are heard from all the council members and now finally voted 65. To accept the GOP did it. Which is assumed that will be offered this Friday out of Austin, Texas for the RNC to come here and 1 each morning. And via food and trump summoned. At the top of the news as well and all of that was Charlotte sixers coming up next.