Trump Says CIA Director Mike Pompeo Replaces Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, March 13th

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Actually do like fix things what went straight day. I got good. Empowerment self governing. Character came home. A break here in America. A weekly radio program. And good morning welcome to the broadcast. As we. Enjoy it in turn to a new stage of chaos. In the drug administration. Do firings to tell you about its add on top of the broadcast today the first is Rex Tillerson. He's out. As secretary of state after just fourteen months. On the job. I don't know how surprising this is in your view. But you know the thing that really. Probably the last thing struck me just a few days ago you remember. All the hype about this upcoming meeting. Between president Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Joseph who was one of the last people learn about that Rex Tillerson. He found out about it second man and he was not told in advance. That was assigned to be something was really wrong with this picture. I mean how are you not tell your secretary of state. You're going to have a meeting of that magnitude. I suspect this rift has been there for quite some time you know didn't we have this situation several months ago. We moved the comments were made derogatory comments were made about the president. And it's you know this all settled down I knew was a matter of time. Just a matter of time. Replacing Rex Tillerson will be Mike Pompeo who is the CIA director. Here is what Donald Trump put out on Twitter mom Mike Pompeo directed CIA will become our new secretary of state. He will do a fantastic job thank you Rex Tillerson. For his service. Jeanette Harris poll will become the new director of the CIA and the first woman sued chosen congratulations. To all. Well except for Rex Tillerson. His disappointments. Comes amid reports of his disappointment with the his departure comes. With reports of his disappointment with the turbulent atmosphere. In president Donald Trump's White House I imagine that's. What I expected this guy expect. As well as mounting criticism his performance as the country's leading diplomat. And his drastic reduction of civil servant positions at the State Department. Job security. Always seem precarious. For mr. Tillerson. On November 30 if you may remember this New York Times reporting the White House. Was considering forcing Tillerson outs. And replacing him with Pompeo is this interesting. I wonder if we can go back during that time. Wrote this particular story says the White House the State Department push back on the report that day neither trouble white house Press Secretary sir a QBC I can be Sanders. Would definitively say what the president had confidence in Tillerson. I mean this is real a real vote of confidence. Donald Trump says he's here wreck she's here. Boy that really says a lot what we know he's here is he going to stay here. Sanders made the comments when the president lose discover and it's in somebody they will no longer be here. Boy. One of the other controversies. Tillerson reportedly considered resigning after terms widely criticized speech to the boy scouts of America back in July do you remember that when. And then we had October 4. That notorious quotes NBC. Reporting that ocean called trump a moron. And if you believe some of the reports it wasn't just a moron and it was in after an Mora and so there you go. The Rex Tillerson is god he is history. Perhaps micron Theo can stay. And stay on the president's good site. That's not the only dismissal. We also have Trump's personal assistant. John McKenzie. He's been fired from his role on Monday. And these are the worst kinds of firings. And it's one thing when your fired give time to clean desk. Well in this case. He was escorted out of the White House according to two senior administration officials. Escorted from the White House because of an unspecified. Security issue. Each from campaign announced. That he's rejoining the campaign as a senior advisor. I don't OK so working for the campaign. White house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the journal we don't comment on personnel issues. This point we don't know why this guy's been fired. One White House official said about his leaving this is not going to be great for morale you think. I mean seriously this is. Quite chaotic place. There's no question about that. In this goes back to the person who's in charge. Because I think this is a chaotic person. Tell like hurricane. But she. I'm sure the defenders will continue did you say you know everything else is going wonderful. Let's go out to a call from Mike providing some perspective on this side good morning Mike. Paid out to won't comment on the top torturous. Trout says it warned California look at wall prototype Troy. He debuted the telltale. I committee bill on the wall on the moral walloped departures of the wife. It is both. A that's pretty good I like that might. A lot more states this story that I feel strength. To make it what chick get stoned to Jerry springer show. I'm not sure. There if it would be a great place for dementia thinking thought. Leave it would priest could not swallow want to put up. Eco. Thanks for your column liquor might adding a little humor to this end. Pay me as well I mean isn't this all entertainment anyway and I've been saying this all the way back to 2008 when did I say about president Barack Obama. The American Idol president. About this president the Celebrity Apprentice presidents. That's what we've done it. Now this is not a they condemnation of the president's. Hands if you listen this program with regularity. You know. That I commit in this present for the bidding cities accomplished and the same time you've got to hold the balls and strikes and in this case. There are a lot of strikes out there there's a lot of behavior this just frankly erratic. Plans are no other people will probably celebrating good Tillerson is gone. He's one of those global us. And my question would be. If he's a global list why the heck did you hire the guy in the first place. I that's what doesn't make sense to me some of these hires. Do not make sense. But what do I know I'm just a lowly talk show host yeah. You're in the Carolinas when you run to get your thoughts on this also coming up. As promised I told you would reach out to John when Jolo. He is going to join us in just a few minutes to talk about this issue we started discussing yesterday. The assault on free speech campaign but also a picture of what's happening in Europe and cautionary picture for us. We don't get our act together in regard to immigration and other matters right here at home. That conversation straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And then over on the text line here in the Vince Coakley radio program Tillerson destroyer of the Boy Scouts is fired. Never should have been higher to. And this I think trump. Was just as surprised about is winning the election he just threw some names and hats. Am not vetting his picture is far worse than stormy Daniels. I already just simply perspectives and there will be more. That will be offered along the way you're welcome to we share your worst Ingles advantage stock when number 809 to 1110. Thomas since retirement planning text line 713 is your seventh on yesterday's program. We were talking about the assault on free speech by corporations. And we're talking about the fact the mayor of London. Was one of the people calling for more censorship. To try to weed out hate speech interestingly enough I told drew about an article. The spurs to just yesterday. And it's posted on the website understanding the threats will the US follow Europe's suicidal example. In here to join us to talk about that on the program our good friend John boy and girl a good morning man. Good morning thanked fans for having me again. I'm sure you're intrigued as as I certainly was I hearing about this call for greater censorship if by I think it's the mayor of London and it ties are ADM with what's taking place in Europe. You've got to what amounts to a colonization of Europe and at same time. The people smells are being shots through censorship. Is is that pretty much a picture what's happening and what could happen here. It is a picture of what's happening in Europe. It is demonstrative. All so. Oh Lee. Strategy. While the Islamic movement which is to claim a back. As speech. That. They don't like that event islamists and their profit of them vote. Probably cheered by the way just so we're very clear that the implementation of the Islamic law book slander. You sure Korea saying anything about Islam or a model. That they've marveled would quote get flight. Is slandered Islam and it is great capital card. It is punishable by death that's why people like Theo van Gogh and others are dead. Because they ate he in his case. He wrote a film. In the case of others to draw cartoons of Mohammed. Or like here fielders did step up until about Islam where you literally. Showed quote from a core arm and then marvel. Doing the things that the current command and that earned have a death sentence so he's under point 47. Protection and he's a member of the parliament in the Netherlands. So these are the kinds of things. I argue. Then it's not a matter of will that come to the United States it is birdie here we have those imposing. This Islamic cause slander or in the media they are in certainly the Democrat party or the Marxist party United States. And and senior Republican leaders as well people like John McCain Marco Rubio. Folks like that Paul Ryan. John Boehner when he was around coup. Refuse. To look at what is actually happening and refused to recognize. There when you tell Americans to be quiet Chris what they say is offensive. Violated their inalienable right to free speech and free expression of how. Until I that's got to where we are and I would argue the United States is already. 90% down that road right now that the question is will we battled back where Europe is remaining silent. We're talking yesterday about Sadiq Khan and effective he was speaking to the SXSW. Group. And indicating that he knew was very much in support of these tech companies. Doing much more censorship. Now here's my concern here. Do you think that's the the folks the titans of the tech industry have the wisdom to resist this or do you think they're just going to continue to buckle under. Corporate law I don't think it should go by your audience. It could be convoys and often taxes. The SXSW. Primarily music festival. Run which is primarily. You know perpetrated by liberals. Liberally minded people and I don't mean that I mean that more classic sense and I do and that's. As a progressive. Marxist central mean like people would think liberally musicians artists both kinds of things. Would have a terrorist state job potty like some wearing your body if you will so be content common tell us we need to chill free speech. And they applaud and they invited. Think about that the first sector that's how far down the road we are American in track tryst. That's where that took place and in fact that we think that's okay. So that's I think the beginning of the of the problem if you can get away with this stuff from Texas. Granted it cost them but it still access. What what else is it possible you've got to look at the way this enemy users say disrepair kicked our tail all over the place. She and there's. Indications that there are succeeding at this. In and it. Do you see any evidence of any pushed back though by these tech companies or do they seem very. Are friendly to this message of censorship I know there's been a lot of conversation about weeding out fake news. And trying to weed out hate speech it seems very much like they're on the same page are they not. Yeah I know they're on the same page you look at Twitter I mean I can give you commercial book factual examples of how they. Clearly have algorithms for my partial Couric out and for understanding a threat to Twitter account. For our FaceBook or YouTube channel. Has often been more YouTube and Twitter page has come under attack core we've been censored. Then now they have no problem. Killing all kinds that don't. On Twitter you can you can be a Joe Hardy. Leader and talk about killing Jews in the requirement killed Jews turned out. Enslaved people in all that that YouTube bullet that's good but that we put out a factual radio about what Islam teaches. It is all teachers that this behavior is okay that we're all has on occasion consent or by YouTube. But I and yes I think the tech companies. And certainly. You know the year leadership. Quote Twitter. The leadership. You know YouTube Google FaceBook are very much in line with this message. We know better. We're gonna censor. Messages. Good we don't like it some thought about free speech it's about. You know this this. Wreak. I've one of the Soviet Union at a young man when it was still the Soviet Union and I've got to see firsthand. How things actually work there. And I'll tell you this is. That is what we're look at that kind of censorship she you'll get you'll get what you get the good news is that president. The current president is working around it by. You know unless we have alternate media sources built. We're we're gonna have trouble getting good information the American public. John we only have about a minute less than a minute left here when asked how we fight back on this. Well. I by encouragement and the encouragement we give all the time as. That he pink locally. Don't worry about. We just worry about actually the entire problem Atwater. Locally will work quicker local City Council your tired your police she showed. And it they're pushing their garbage you need to throw their butts are on the street. Work with your pastors would local community and civic leaders and that they're not willing to speak truth about it. Then get rid of them and find people they cannot make this is what it is a good citizens have god complex supermodel. This is the time being we are at a very critical time in our history candidates are done at the local level it's not gonna get the. And I'm there with you John granola. Understanding that threat dot com please check it out lots of great information and thanks for coming on this morning share. Thanks for having me that and thanks for everything you do about. Think in truth. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. That's why. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program what do you think there's comments there from John Wooden Jolo in previous segment. Just warning about what's taking place here in America ends its. It's really unfortunate. That what we have is a. Really. An intersection. Of shared interest between the left. And the Jihad these may have some of the singles. And so. From the American standpoint these liberals have come useful idiots to accomplish some of these same objectives. That's your hobbies are pushing for. Find the text line. Vince please come down. We're not at a critical time in history just riding the tide life I commences. Take care of your own yard. You can't know every one show art. That's a pretty interest in your expression there. Also on the text line Conan Tillerson departures are not positive. Dissenting well informed cabinet is critical. You know. The other techsters saying over 100000 Muslim people had a big rally in Atlanta this past weekend didn't know about that no news on that which is probably why I didn't know about that. Tell me how the president is for free speech just ask Rex that hit a a couple of already. I guess this is a reference to dissenting opinions and how they don't they are not received necessarily well. Also this what about when Harry Truman fired Douglas McArthur John F. Kennedy. Fired to. These CIA director Lyndon Johnson fired Roberts should meet near secretary of state or Richard Nixon. Fired people would Jerry from Gerald Ford fired people Jimmy Carter fired people Ronald Reagan fired fired fired. Alexander Haig secretary of state to other people George Bush fired many many many many people. Already. Since Fox News says trump says Tillerson was OK with hero and deal if that's true he need it to ago. However it. Princess for Rex she reminds me of a song. Another one bites the dust. Tolerates. Construction have promoted Jeff Sessions to secretary of State's no that would have been a brilliant move. Perspective there from John out of confidence but it would have been interesting positioning there. For what it's worth if you worked for this drug administration. You'd be fired as well well I probably wouldn't have gotten higher in the first place. Let us see. Other comments do we have here nothing that can be shared at least for the moment. The way have you seen this crazy story going on. And we haven't talked about this on this program. But this is really creepy stuff. And especially when you think of the idea of the Cold War era is supposedly gone. You've been following what happened. To this poor person. In the United Kingdom. Russia is now demanding. Samples of nerve agent they suspected. In a poisoning incidents but they get a real. Conflict going on with folks in the United Kingdom. Moscow was summoned British the British ambassador. As the foreign minister is denied Russian responsibility for the attack. On a couple of people. Russia has summoned the UK's ambassador and Foreign Ministry. As its foreign minister denied countries behind last week's nerve agent attack in Salisbury said it would only cooperates. In an investigation if it received. Samples of the agent. When I first saw this story about myself. Boy this is really diabolical. What are the chances you're going to get enough. Of a sample. To be able to prove this. He goes on Sergey Lavrov said this during a televised news conference. They're marked an escalation in this standoff. With the brits. Of the poisoning of the former Russian agents. Sergey script when his daughter you'll yeah. Russia is not responsible. Pretty emphatic language year he also suggested Moscow. Would not comply with a Tuesday midnight deadline set by Teresa made to deliver an explanation or face. Retaliation here are the choices by the way they are really only two choices here. That I think the brits are putting before the Russians. Either eight you acknowledge you've been irresponsible in allowing this nerve agents. To. Somehow get out to be used in this manner. That would be irresponsible. Or. Option to. The Russian government was directly involved in this poisoning in it was intentional. I can't think of any other options can you think of any other options. How else does this happen. If it's not and it's not intentional. Or if it's somehow. Was. Stolen and I mean that's really all that's left here. So it goes on here. We've already made our statement on this case Russia is ready to cooperate in accordance with the convention to banned chemical weapons if the United Kingdom will. Deign to fulfill its obligations according to the same convention they want evidence. But threesome may I don't know what this retaliation is she's actually looking for an explanation. Or she's warning. There will be retaliation. Moscow his request to see samples nerve agent have been turned down. They've been called a violation the chemical weapons convention outlawing the production. Of chemical weapons. This is not the first time that we've seen the Russians involved in poisonings they've done some pretty horrendous stuff. T don't don't be fooled by the idea that the Soviet Union no longer exists. The entity. That was called the Soviet Union that's gone. But it's. The apparatus everything around it including Vladimir prudent. Who you know I've made references to him to being former KGB. I've been corrected. By some who have said there's no such thing as former KGB. This. Is an ongoing entity. Ongoing entity. Dexter saying here prudent has a history of poisoning enemies. Very scary stuff we're talking about here what's gonna happen and what are these consequences. That threesome may as warning about what can they possibly do. I think this is going to be very difficult for them to navigate very difficult. All of this. Reflected the broadly dismissive tone. Adopted by the Russian establishment. We have an enormous government here in Russia it's a global country we have a mass of problems both internal and external. This entire story about your internal score settling in scandals. Don't interest me wow. They're just trying to blow this stuff. Hi I you have to hand it to Teresa may and for being kind of a Bulldog on this issue but I wonder. What is the consequence that follows all of these threats. What can they possibly do. And I love to hear from you about what you think they should do and can do. 1049 on the Vince Coakley radio program went to the heads up about tomorrow's program could have Eric. Polling join us. Dutch view we're not familiar some time ago. They're rolling had a pretty tragic thing occurred to him. And spew involves the loss of his son. We've had a lot of discussion about OP your aides were in an interview with someone just few months ago about this. This course is very personal for him he wants to share his thoughts on this news perspectives his story. That's coming up on tomorrow's broadcast you do not want to miss it we've been talking about Russia. And it's activities. I think there is. A situation now in international incidents brewing between the United Kingdom and Russia. Over. A poisoning. That's really what it amounts to its poisoning to people. And basically Russia saying you know bring your evidence we wanna see the evidence. Roger good morning welcome out of Matthews. Yeah I heard talking although welcome you just says where shall let him sample so they can do you really going to be. I don't know I was ready later say that what it was not been given any sample book I was. If I don't have to read something that true that you didn't know well who wouldn't even know Britain will be given an access turned it isn't so. That's a good move good Britain don't turn it over to a halt usually call up a lot of options about Russia. I guess slipped something Duval aluminum aluminum power that they didn't themselves. That third party involvement. They just you blew this thing worked out tonight and people should read them and not just. To pull something like that without going to a third party is believed to give it. And ignore the questions it comes to mind here. What kind of options does United Kingdom had here we can Teresa may actually do she's making these threats. But. What can she do. Good question that's why wouldn't even think Brooke I guess I. I don't lower leg room about this whole situation just elaborate on the news but. Bill brought luck they're doing this don't come out I think yeah. I would not be surprised Roger do appreciate your call and certainly it is it's kind of scary it is one of those things on a reminder Saddam be real jolt to us. These folks are not our friends. Ends do not hear what I'm not saying. I'm just gonna tell you what I am saying. I do find it disturbing that our president. Has been not let's just say the less than strident. In his positions regarding Russia. I don't get the impression he views. Russia as the threat that it is. I'm not making any allegations about collusion or anything like that that's why I'm telling you don't hear and I'm not saying. But I just find it odd. With all discussion as well about the interference in our elections. Did this doesn't seem to be taken seriously at all. We need presidential leadership on this. And there's no question in my mind. The Russians ran circles around Barack Obama. Ended a very different what. It may be that. Vladimir Putin continues to run circles around this president. By eight simply the fact he's not. Doesn't seem to be focused on the Russians and with Europe to. Does that concern you at all I just find it rather it. 53 minutes after 10 o'clock great time for us to take a look at the day in history. This is march 13. Of 2018. And fortunately we are just a few days away from the official start of spring. Hopefully the weather will match specially after a day like yesterday may him run so good morning welcome and good morning. Let's starch width sixteen. And 39. Talking I AV lead here Cambridge College gets a new name. What is it called now. Think of one of those up to the schools. And the IB day. We go Princeton. Old. Man and take another guess I don't see. If you hit it this time. What you'll see on the Ivy League school lunch room. Morale. No not that way. A Harvard. Harvard. Is the answer and apparently no more Ivy League schools and I thought yeah that's pretty good pretty good man. HD course I was highly recruited the yeah exactly as I was. 1852. The New York lantern magazine displayed this first cartoon. Other character we're very familiar with this time of year as we approach April 15 that's a big hit. Who is that character. Uncle Sam yes and this Uncle Sam as opposed to Yosemite Sam my next guest Greenland. Yeah there you go do your pledge or why not. 1868. The senate began this process. To deal with Andrew Jensen. What kind of process wasn't. Impeachment you're right impeachment trial. Finally some role today. 2012. Fans. This particular. How should they describe this after 244. Years. Encyclopedia. Britannica. In did doing this and they descend to go all digital. What have they done what they do in 2012. Can stifle and they stopped the print edition you're right there all digital now. What does that look like now. I'm just kind of curious what you would how do you have any digital encyclopedia. Yeah exactly kind of wonder whether it's. Whether it's. I'm not needed anymore. Just one of those questions. Alonso always great to document great job. Sierra. Adios. Straight ahead Vince simply reaffirm gonna talk about toward Hillary Clinton still going around with her sobbing tour explaining. Why she lost boy this is a winner. But I think a lot of women out there ought to be insulted by what she said she's not gonna win them. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey just couldn't. Putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as a Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. They took dangers and it's got to stop boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power till one guy in Washington DC multiple slicing each of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. This is much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country dammit my country. And number in the fight score together. It's totally radio program. I don't know six other Vince Coakley radio program. And apparently State Department official is confirming it you know how anybody here wanna guess. How. Rex Tillerson learned about his firing. You or against Jan via Twitter yes it was really. All. Bad. It is serious I don't I don't care what you say about this president what he's done what he's accomplished. That is just freak in tacky hideous. That's just tacky. That's others to it. Any case you're welcome to share your perspectives on its. Fans you couldn't I mean you can agree. That this guy needed to go and maybe should have been hired in the first place. Yeah I can give the guy dignity of sitting down and saying hey man it just hasn't worked out you know send out a tweet. You know there's a word for that it's called cowardice. There really is. When your face somebody like a man and tell them you know what. You're fired. Tell you have to do. Any case if you like to offer your perspective the Eagles advantage starkly and number 8092 at 1110 a common sense retirement planning text line. It is 71307. Speaking out. The administration. One of the things that Donald Trump is touting today. Is the decision by the US House Intelligence Committee the Republicans there. They have. Finished investigating Russia and the toy sixteen US election. And they found no collusion between president Donald Trump's campaign and Moscow as efforts to influence the votes. But pretty Republicans said they agreed Russia sought to influence the election by spreading propaganda and false news reports by social media however. They disputed findings of the Central Intelligence Agency National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation. That Moscow side to aid trump. What a surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Republican representative Mike Conway who has led the panel's investigation for the past year told Reuters. We're through with the interview freight phase we're now on the report drafting face. For Oprah to purchase their investigation it's over with. I'm sure you're absolutely shocked. Representative Adam Schiff the top committee Democrat strongly disagreed blasted the announcement is a premature shut down. House investigation one of three main congressional probes a Russian Torre sixty election and possible collusion or structure of justice. By trump and his aides. It's been marred for months bi partisan wrangling. And you remember the release of the dueling memos the Republican memo came out the Democrat memo came out. You know Irish. Crime it's over it's. Dance beat you know what I what I said you before folks about these congressional investigations. They are a waste of time they may as well put their findings are on toilet paper. They really are worthless. They are. And I'm just saying it doesn't matter with the outcome it's even if there Rick come back and say. Oh we found collusion so what who cares. And I say that because. I cannot think of a single committee hearing of consequence. In modern history. What are they gonna do just come out and oh here's our statement here's we found. And then the conclusion is so what's. Because they don't do anything anyway. Maybe I'm wrong here if you. Differ with my perspective on this I'd be glad to hear it I'd love to hear you know how after all of the posturing and all the appropriating. I'd love to hear what example where something was actually done. Because I'm really sick of seeing hearings and even at the the ones that don't go on the ones that are going on behind scenes. In their colossal waste of time there really are. Tim in Charlotte good morning. Say good morning you know they are colossal weight that the I'd be curious that there are much armed itself bank and that's why it's probably been quite a bit. But for the good bit of money. I cholera it's only about the source inspiring my suspicion that it arm. He'd probably know about that a week ago. You think so you think you saw economy. I you know I. They're they started to go to Atlanta and flat they had bit better reflection before. Yeah I suspect I suspect that they'll probably. Let you know. You know. Elaine let them as opposed the combatants. But you still without a doubt that there. I don't know I bet my suspension I don't I don't I. You don't nobody know a little bit at all but that area or anything like that so. So loudly but you know I've been fired by email and. Are you serious. Yeah I was spotted by you don't notified about or whoever I. I'm actually candidate Mike didn't lay out yeah. And I and I'm you know somebody came out but fury your email. I said I don't know what you heard there aren't mellow like. What are they they don't know I think that was doing the kidney itself. You know now. Oh my goodness so is this statement about you or it was a message to review. Which one was. Don't match to me you know I'd out of breath that I I was I was in the proper but moving on but it. Don't operate together you know check it out I don't know how they battered late Sunday. This deal about it again now that Roger. Goodell a couple of drops. We've written bit people nearby I don't know like well like yeah they've been Qaeda. And he's still doing a bang up job. Oh my goodness. That is quite a story that is quite get it and it's gonna you know what I like about this. Your attitude about it you're not bitter angry about this you can share this story with humor and that's. That is really evidence that healthy human being. You know if you would take a couple of little walk along what many. You're I would get ordinarily probably a better person. They were you've done well so. Any case. That's I'm very very pleased that you've you've come a long you've been able to transition and move ahead and have a sense humor about all this Tim thanks for your call. Wow that's amazing. Fired by email. That is something else. I was tempted to comment about something else but I think I'll just leave him alone. I'm me as well since every guy in there there's somebody who. Let's just say a situation I'm aware of where some people were. Hoping some would would finally be thrown under the bus in this person was and you know they always do this chance you will yea rather witches did you know. Yeah loose one of those circumstances. Pretty sad when it comes to that point. It's difference between being a good leader and being a boss. If you he's been answered explanation how that works I'll be glad to talk to your best at some time. 15 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince. Coakley radio program. If you got a joint. Okay. He minutes after 11 o'clock gunman took the radio programs got a Carl good morning. Aren't. What's looks like we have lost there we are you back they're girl. That got me yes we've got chip. Okay thank Derek yeah it'll back story that we're not that well where god. Putt broke out hurry. What did north side that you when he get go. Have a big you know concern that out although they're local politics all the national politics. We're talk about the big shake out. The yellow Flag Day in doubt trot but Barry you know they believe. Love that all pretty bad but at the trop it's. This deal Billy what are doing it or what but what campaign. That are ready to walk into your home court okay. It should be no surprise any right. Yeah. Go get another bank. Here are all lined to second is I'll give me time to go on here. What swamp has been drained. Well we're dork in me wearily I you're happy. No I'm just asking I'd like to know what swamp has been drains. Any anything you can cite any. Piece of evidence of something. Well it did I get that pot that debt when it. But that ain't good that they can import only don't have. You know the Republican. Club. Talking bill we have depth look at Democrat but L com. Enjoyed now by the court you know what that the straight and that gave Ali and if so how big stroke lead them. At bars during plot but it Italy. Blanket off the court demonstrated that again that doesn't agree lit him up thank you don't a great job and yeah you meg I am by. There are. When you get it straight and being here. What they thought we got that today right that all of the Republican now. Out here at bat matter but you know we got Hillary in India. Say you know the republic they're still back. You note by people that think you know get the black should apply the patient. He'd he'd he'd he'd he'd. I doubt today we don't get it straight birdie you know at stake conservative. Republican in the ad that valued that as good. All week about Beckham in. Order that it is funny. It does it. Anybody else. I hear where you can refer I would ask you something else why it if you know someone. I think the people from Goldman Sachs parents someone like him Tillerson. Right you hire people like this in the first place. Exactly what motivate in the cult like any. Multi million dollar. Bags and they're they're that this book and they want they coordinate any. Love Debbie tigers and let my. Sheehan and my question is why would the president hire them that's the question I'm putting TU. Well I would think they know little bit they're they know. Well Greg hey pop the question Billick put back dot domain being out the deal would think they would object Gil what. People you know another country. Bombs that you would think that the Tibetan people to. The topic handled those Billy in the pat but. Maybe that the only motivation I don't know the answer I'm not anybody inside but I. That Ollie Ollie. Illustration. They've hired somebody like like bill. Did you also ultimately not that bad planet so it could give the club that beat in that state. So yeah beat up another question another yeah. I I hear you Carlo and here I do appreciate your call good dude talk with you and I put this to anybody else I'd love to hear you're. Your thoughts your opinion your perspective. And the rising where force of this tiring and in this question again I've put out there what swamp has been drained so far. And I'm not saying I'm not trying to be a Smart like your part of reason I raise discretion as I've said this really for about two years now. That I think this is one of the most. Overused phrases and it's meaningless. Because the real swamp that needs to be drained. Much of it and draws congress. And I don't see the will of the people here to do that. Jacqui good morning welcome. Bad guy you don't expect it may also quick but I need to pay out there whatever Jordan looked at that it should go out while other expand on open Europa or. But I think you softened somewhat a BS. Or hold a seed Justine showed I got up my my concern is that there are trop. The situation what are present I don't get it better bet are the most immature. 71 year old and let everyone know leader that I ever that the world has ever saying. And everything has gone on the well in the open and urged both the big immaturity bad. But god has not brought up and I think he really believe that the Bill Murray out there. So without having firing that sent people residing in the adult dogs that are sort of feel. Having said that you have to commend the positive things that have occurred right. Oh no but every president every president. Have they think that occur early George Bush there for Obama. I think so if you're gonna you're doing double daily paper that all are going to be negative. And I and I'm the kind of person let that hole for the wrote that I want him the dictionary. It'll a couple of the country with which they. You know. So I'm going or. But I think that this drama that goes off on that daily base that you are what what what what that guy's got a bit it's got caught our eye about the market stopped. You're probably right there's probably no indication. Out there right now at least that this is going to change for any reason thanks a lot fewer are there Jacqui. Softened for an answer kind of interesting. Evidence of draining the swabbed as Jeff flake and Bob court heard quitting they know they're tied for rhino is not going to get reelected so what's. That's great did their god and what comes in their place. Just kind of curious. Since I'm an avid listener of your podcast here in Iowa love the show when your message have two minutes and millennial plot what. You say. You. Was never. Queries to rest this taught in school I would learn more about our mutual conservative and constitutional ideas I wanna be able to take a stand. Against the lies. And there with you. Would recommend that she you also like to know who how to expand my knowledge in these areas stinks and keep up the great show thank you very much. Further reading material books resources. You know let me give UN. I would highly recommend fear read by the way. And that would be Charles CW Kirk his book the conservatory and manifesto. I'll play one of my passions is to see the recovery. And I say recovery of the conservative. Movement in this country because I really believe it's being in the. Sidelines. I am very concerned about that. IE I think that's. The agenda. Of conservatism. Has been pushed aside for kind of a day today. I don't know what it's the com. I think toward populism has been used to lots. And it's not really grounded in any. Demonstrable. Philosophy. It's just whatever the leader sets. Somehow we've got to move beyond that. I was thinking of this yesterday evening in the context of looking ahead to our future because it's never about one person never about one individual yeah. Just something to think about and what will you pass on to the next generation would love to get your thoughts on that along the way. Coming up we'll talk about Hillary Clinton in fact you'll hear from Hillary Clinton. More of her explanation as to why she lost its so sad and also bizarre story. About Judy Garland. This when we're really blow your mind. This is still Vince Coakley radio program good. 1136. I'm Vince Coakley radio program. Getting your thoughts on the developments in this administration to fire your Rex Tillerson in particular. Lots of interest in perspective skimming and Vince even if trump defeats the swamp the key and essentially become the new swap who wields the power. Let's not kid ourselves. Trump is power hungry. Drain the swamp this process we got in this mess over decades it's going to take time to clean it up trump isn't a team like Obama tried to be. Companies doing all he can't he's accomplished more or less than two years and even I anticipated. This one swap is being drained as the federal bureaucracy the reduction of regulations. Has been tremendous and under reported but still a long way to go good stuff. Good start here. And we asked controls which I won't even bother with. Describe to mets' good morning and welcome. More on this sort of mention that just the policy game and opinions. Rex Tillerson has proposed are not online at all with the trumpet then. Especially in. You know six months ago at Arian deal. Trump on there in Latin commute could you know a different type of framework. Better would impose more sanctions then we'd be little bit easier for us. Could give an hour and then not go through their facilities are those something Eric didn't agree with them. Somehow I got through. Parents as well that was something Eric Close again. And then he was very quick to jump on the structure saying then he vetoed that prize structure. It's a very hard to understand a lot Rex would have been around longer is very you have been. Com with some other thing pretty certain period that we're totally opposed to the president's agenda. Yet it's kind of interesting it's also I'm I'm looking at a tweed here about two Rex Tillerson to breaking with the White House to say Russia is likely behind. The UK nerve agent attack. Even something like this. And then I'm puzzled by this can you explain this to me did the president's affinity for Russia do you understand this I don't get it. I don't get it anywhere and events that Democrat running pointers through archer archer Russia not so they're kind of pandering to their base. But I really feel like this really goals down to. Rex was not a no live for the last six slots. You know is that North Korea that's just another example. He he worked and formed. You have the world economics and the things that are going on there try to get these sanctions put in place where. We have now with the possibility of being neutralized in North Korea what why. Wallace not me aware of the same comment you're gonna play now. You may not be made aware of that. Served up till like this trillion been in the works for links. That's something that go out and stated you know Rick you guys he's got as saying. It sounds like this who he was this somewhat blind sided by this may be a media you are there. Could get more obligations on shell. I'm not sure but this. The big stage and let global list. Policy it's Rex Tillerson has. Could look forefront of his agenda. Which is completely in contrast with the process. I understand recovered from a appreciate call their match and I keep coming back to his question why hire this guy in first place Ryan in rock killed good morning. David and tiger are there rights here. Choice here that they'll prove me work it out and you weaponized being capable make it out still current these guys say yeah. Yeah yeah I'm. This would be a winner cook are blocked out the group of men are. All of the over what what I wanted to say. Is that we've given them before we got a problem with corruption and our government for decades. Right for decades. And that we get that guy comes along. Kuwait hated by the left in it by the right hated by the media creeping into. That you give somebody will say it was what we did just what we can't people Milwaukee and then miraculously come out of wash it billionaires right. But Gaidar. We're gonna Bible way. You know an image into that flop you know you walk him he he isn't the only saying. There for the most part ignored local agenda which adds an eight. You know getting out of that current climate accord hello I mean if nobody even knew what form that would include corporate. Show our I think would you say whenever the practice in with a huge grain of rock salt. Okay. All right Rand I appreciate your call let's drive 2 really good morning. Harold and so you might be different doing well does that illustrate what we'll see it anymore because you wanna join the car crowds aren't. Hello I'm. I wanna join the Klan those are dangerously to go ahead. Reform. Russia are important. Well it took liquor called the most sir see. It will be something like spoke out a lot of Roland but I troubled me like John Gotti you know Capuano kept in the Czech. Make sure that being you know he didn't go out in the public aren't so this is exactly like you and of course the regular out of each other what's gonna happen. Well you know what's gonna happen I don't have to carry on item is exactly like what's going on and watch it turn Russia will be back. Interesting. I hate. I appreciate your perspective there really. You've answered that question so thanks so I'm sure we will talk again. Let's have a little fun listening to Hillary Clinton before we go to break Hillary Clinton gave an interview I can't. Every time she speaks we'd learned yet more about. How dumb this woman really is she really is stupid. Because every time she talk she's trigger insulting people. Here's the latest iteration an explanation. Response to a question about why she lost listen up. I just looking at the details of the American election is hull almost 52%. Olson white women. Voted for him inspired to believe bush gave and so forth how do you explain that. Well I guess I should start by explaining that. Democrats seem. And going back to my husband even before but just in recent times going back to bill and and and our candidates and then President Obama have been losing the white vote including white women. How we do not do well with white men and we don't do well who is married white women. And part of that is. They need an identification with the Republican Party. And a 88 different ongoing pressure. Odd to. Vote the way that your husband your boss. Your son. Whoever. Believes you should and at what happened in my collection is I was on the way to winning. And white women. I'm to dole didn't former director of the FBI Jim call me. Dropped that very ill advised letter on October the 28 in my numbers just went down because all and I heard a lot of anecdotal evidence about this people have written about it. All of a sudden. You know white women who are going to vote for me and frankly standing up to the men in their lives in the men and their workplaces. We're big Charles she's going to jail. You know you want a vote for her now is to be terribly can't vote for that so it just it stopped my momentum and it. It decreased my vote. It's enough because I was I was since I had I was winning and I thought I fought my way. You know I'm yeah yeah blah blah yadda yadda yadda yadda. 1149 events Coakley reaffirmed its. That's got a call from Tom along I 85 good morning. Probably has slipped a great day beautiful I have to point. I'll want me in those. It scares me that now of Austria a one in this State Department out and got a little story. Then we'll look sort corneas. He. Are all. They didn't matter exclude them the exterior straight argues or has a different. Point abuse that the president regularly these meetings are discussed legs or because all the road he carried out because well. Opposition. Has no problem there. It does sale and they like Gary when they're concentrating what this year different views but because it will. Shea a little bit about the CIA. Yeah that's an interesting perspective thanks for brings something very different to the table here Tom. How many are viewing in the especially all of you have talked about too though a cheap state. I mean you've got someone whose pinch in charge of the CIA. Moving over to run the State Department. Isn't this. The nightmarish image scenario that many of you have been concerned about for quite some time a Joseph out of your good morning. Oh thank you and I appreciate very much are not we are talking about. The president then it's the control following its promises. And I think series in a lot of people voted for a minute including me split because that beat new world order underneath all of this stuff. Because that may not the world new world order DT it's so he has he's facing the Republican ardent Democratic Party and the news media. And people like me voted for trump. Because they wanted to do with either party. Such such as some elements of both parties. End and so we feel you represent. The United States had some. And not the establishment. And and he didn't think already by taking away with breaking down these agencies but we haven't agent peacemaking law. And and a congress making are so we have a breakdown is that what you. Required. For the new world order to take power in our future east trying to that he can't. And I don't see any and it children are equipped are concerned. They are rude quit. Criminal in my mind because they gave Russia 20% of our uranium. And Hillary ornament trump. Per like in Russia model like Russia would eat at 20% of our uranium to the Russian. So even if Hillary is not a high theory Hillary is not empowered now why are we even in one since. She's irrelevant. Oh I agree would you agree what you essentially she shut her out. There. Are. Odd that is pretty funny they're Joseph and I do appreciate your call can look at a there's we have absolutely got to get to UNN. I in one since. I look at this is kind of a lighter story in yet. There's a part of the story that's supposed to be serious in. You don't even bring Alonso in on this discussion as well because this story I could not resist daily wire reporting on this. RA. It's supposed to be serious in yet a part of me is like you have got to be kidding. The headline of the story's not dimmed to. And the story is that Judy Garland was supposedly molested by my mentions. On the wizard of lies. These two this is a claim it's being made any new book that's come out. By the way defense this is old news of this has been alleged for a while. I asked this blows my mind. So when they're saying you're the meat to wage just turned into the not dimmed to era. Judy Garland was a teenager when she starred in the iconic film which divides. But now a memoir from her former husband a movie producer says she's that she was sexually harassed by the little people play the lunch against in this film. They wouldn't make her life miserable and step by putting their hands under her dress. According to Sid luft who Mary Garland back in 1952. The men were forty or more years old. What what what's the deal with this is this. This is just bizarre. Have you overseen the movie under the rainbow. I've not that it it's it was out in the eighties and I believe Chevy Chase was a star and it was all about. The actors and actresses who played the months since. And may seem to like that type in that movie so wouldn't shock me it's almost a documentary it sounds like. And it's just bizarre I mean and I and I guess you know I think they mentioned in in this particular story that these these folks were. Are these guys for what in their forties or so. When that they were in the movie and she was a teenager. So it's. I I guess when you think munchkin using kids don't you even though you know these are adults here I'm saying. It's just weird I don't think perverts are measured in height. He hit it. There's a lot of truth to that Mark Richardson that I think this is bizarre. But you've heard about this story before her yeah. And like you said that movie it it kind of hinted that that kind of stuff there was a comedy so it didn't go that far but. The if I remembered the midget its word. Promiscuous and other stuff. While. I. You know it S. Maybe this is something to relate to. When you look back unload these older movies and shows. Don't you have kind of since that there is an air of innocence. You know an and it's probably exaggerated isn't. Well if you've seen Judy Garland outside and I don't know about what she was older than that in the movie. No way apparently teenager when this was made and but yet that this. At and I think a lot of us we would vote we've learns. Be back story behind some of these people later on we've learned that they were not so innocent including. Your Judy Garland had her own issues. So. A lot of this is an image really the is not everything is it there's a lot more than meets the no question about it short people got no reason. You had to go there. And say good afternoon lunch so good afternoon not to. Thanks love for joining us on the bread just today. Every cell it was a great day take it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.