Trump In Singapore for Summit, Israeli Prime Minister Extends Olive Branch to Iran

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, June 11th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. Good Monday morning good to be back with you. We'll get a great weekend so I will talk a little bit about mind that later on some interest in things that took place. I wanna start out talking abouts and a couple of big opportunities in our world. Huge opportunities in our world as you know. We are just hours away from big. Meeting. Between the president of the United States and the leader of North Korea. 9 PM eastern time is when this will take place. So right now we're it's. What is the year just under eleven hours. Before this takes place. UK Daily Mail has a very interesting take on this we're gonna talk about some of the things. That are discussed in this particular article also. I am really intrigued by. Benjamin Netanyahu and initiative that he has sell about a set out on which I think he is extraordinary. Extraordinary in the idea of all of the provocations. That we get out of Iraq. And it's example of without giving too mature way. Sometimes. Rather then focusing on. Some country. Being an enemy. Appealed directly to the people. As friends. And interestingly enough isn't this what I have been saying for a long time even in this country. Forget about. The so called liberal leadership. Appealed to people individual. Individual people. And I think Benjamin Netanyahu has come up with something break we're gonna dress that a bit first. Let's talk about its North Korea. Here are some of the highlights of this particular article addressing. The possibilities. You know one of the things that I think we got to understand right now is our world in many ways she's gotten smaller. It's been smaller in recent years. There's a time when there is more of a sense of isolation. But no longer. Now we're a place where. We if the Specter of the Internet. The means of communication and travel that we have available to us. This just about impossible to remain isolated. Every alias. So you have people. Permit thirst for freedom of thirst for opportunity. David durst for prosperity. And no matter how much. People like Kim Jung un and others around the world tried to suppress. Information. It gets out. People understand that there's something that they are missing. I believe they do many of them do. So we've learned that North Korean officials. Are interest in modernizing their economy. Moon. They've obviously suffered from all of the sanctions that have been directed at their country because there. Aggressive policies. They said the north wants to become a normal country. This was communicated at a dinner in April. A South Korean official. Who was there said the north wants US investment. There's a desperation there. I think that's a lot of what drives this. Asked for examples of US sponsors he cited. Two things. Two things. Anybody here in the studio and guests. That they would like to have in North Korea. Two different things mcdonalds. You were absolutely right that's one of them. Can we guess with the other one is. I give what was that again serve sucks. Up but hey that's a good guest. This one little more specific to the president himself. And I'm sure he is probably extremely flattered. By this particular suggestion. That ought to be a really big can't. That was classic John you should be seeing it yourself. Script for this. How about eight trump tower. Well. Trump tower. North Korean officials say the Icelander she wants to modernize their economy become a normal country. Charl in mood a special advisor to president moon who attended the dinner in April recently revealed North Korea wants American investments. To deliver a boost to the nation's economy. And he said that US companies establishing operations. Would also provide guaranteed to North Korea's security think about this. If you have American presence American businesses. In North Korea. You all the sudden have an incentive not to do something hostile to North Korea. This makes sense doesn't it. Talk complicated. He goes on they wanna be a normal country normal state to be recognized by the United States they welcome American sponsors multi lateral. Consortium's. Coming into North Korea. Asked for examples. Chung in suggested McDonald's and a trump branded tower as examples. Overall would be modern in North Korea. However and here's the kicker. Such investment would be near impossible unless. Economic sanctions against the north are lifted. Last month US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the US is prepared to offer North Korea security assurances. The end bountiful private investment if it makes the strategic choice to give up nuclear weapons. That's the question are they willing to pay the price are they willing to ditch their nuclear ambitions. That is the question. The price for normalization complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. So far. The leadership of North Korea has not been willing to do this but now. Are they prepared. Are they prepared. So I wanted to give this. To you for your consideration. The possibility of what could change. Because Mike Pompeo woman think she didn't see dangled the prospect of US investment North Korea. And upgrades and energy infrastructure technology and agriculture imagine. If they give up their nuclear ambitions. And all the sudden. The opportunity just begins to flood in to that country what does this present for Americans. And for America. Lots of possibilities here to consider. Want to get your thoughts. On the Vince Coakley ran your program. At fourteen minutes after the hour 10 o'clock I also told you coming up. One of things to address as well is the initiative by Benjamin Netanyahu. I think this is absolutely Yasser. I think a lot of times we have this idea for instance of Netanyahu being this. This war monkey. Sort of prime minister. Who is very eager to. Blow away the air running its not so. His approach. Is something that I think we could learn from. How about appealing to the hearts and minds of people come up identifying a need of the Iranian people. And it's offering some humanitarian help. I'd be very curious to see how this is received we'll talk about it's they get your thoughts. Fourteen minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley ready for him on this Monday as always. You're invited to participate in this program Ingles advantage toppling number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes lined. It's 713. Series seven overrun the text line already. They'd say what strums firebrand advisor Navarro make a statement about the G-7 members. So there's a special place in hell for those who disrespect Donald. You find that is alarming side do this Navarro character is clearly dangerous. Yeah I I get concerned when I hear people are running special place in Howell. Force someone. Not about. Doing something evil. And about doing something that personally offends somebody else. There's a special place in hell for somebody you you know it's funny if we're talking about far side. You know that cartoon I told you about. There are those people down in hell you know heard there because they are driving though in the left lane. Driving slow you know that's parity. That's funny. But when you're talking about this in a serious way. And basically saying some may deserves help because they don't cooperate which you. That's ridiculous it really years frankly it's juvenile. Anyway. What else do we have on the text line another perspective that she grabbed my attention. Prince after terms. And this you said North Korea wants McDonald's. Who could afford to go there. That's kind of a problem listening to. Yet I have people can afford to go there. Much maybe. If we have some investment in the country. This could all turn around. You just never know. I want to talk abouts. Israel and Iran. Little bit later. Ross you're gonna talk about some very important elections taking place tomorrow primary day in South Carolina. Do your homework. Finish. Your homework so you know what to do tomorrow. When you go to the polls to vote in the primary election where and talk with one candidate in just a few minutes. And one of the most important things you do along the way. It is signed the most solid consistent conservative. They can't vote for that person. New we've talked repeatedly about draining the swamp. If you run a drain the swamp you gotta replace. These. Campaign conservatives would genuine conservatives and keep the ones who placed toward getting the job done. By the way we're talking about North Korea Kim Jong-un. Is out for little tour of Singapore today. That should be interesting. In fact I am looking at images. Now it is night time there. At 10:23. In the evening there. So I could see very much. Just. No barely see people moving out there. So become interest in what what an amazing amount of publicity. For Singapore. To enjoy for this couple of days. So let's talk about Benjamin Netanyahu. I've been saying about Donald Trump. When and I've been encouraging him to do. I'm encouraged him to go over the heads. Of the politicians the Mitchell Carlos Paul Ryan's an appeal directly to the American people speak to them. Speak directly to them and I'm not just our Q Republicans. Democrats. Speak to them to speak to everybody. Tim is what I'm calling for. This strategy is being employed right now. By eight binge of minutes he had Netanyahu in dealing with. The people of Iran wants you to listen this message he delivered. Well. Two German American unprecedented and offered oh. It relates to water the Iranian people are victims of a cruel and tyrannical regime. The demise of vital war. Israel stands with the people of Iran and that is why wanna help save competency million lives spews out. Iran's meteorological organization. Susan you mean 96% of Iran's. Suffers from some levels of drops you circulatory performer remaining in agriculture minister. So that's fifty million Iranians could be forced out of their homes due to environmental damage fifty million. Millions of women and children. Are suffering due to mismanagement incompetence and the stuff devoting resources by the Iranian regime. Know Israel also have water challenges we've developed cutting edge technologies to address them. Israel recycles nearly 90% of its wage war. That's far more than any other country on earth we invent a group irrigation art technology targets individual plants. What exactly the nutrients they need for each book. Israel doesn't know how to prevent environmental catastrophe in the wrong. I would share this information with the people of Iran suddenly Iran bans Israelis from visiting. So we'll have to get creative. We will launch a Farsi web site with dutrow plans on how humans can recycle their what is war. We shall Hollywood Indian farmers conceive their crops and feed their families. The Iranian regime shouts death to Israel in response is yourselves life. To the Iranian people. The people of Iran are good and decent they shouldn't have to face such a cruel regime alone. We would view we will hope so that millions of Iranians don't have to suffer. The hatred of Iran's regime. Will not stop the respect and the friendship between our two peoples. Isn't that amazing. Ice on that this morning I thought this is awesome. Absolutely awesome. And you know it's amazing about this. Is the very message. That's communicated by Christ. Jerry they are shouting death. To Israel. And Rosie saying. We wanna speak life to the Iranian people. Stand with the people of Iran. I absolutely. Love this and I suspect this is not going to get the media attention it deserves. Because the media. Loves to beat the drum. In hatred of Israel. Here's another example of why that is really really. Screwed up and so many levels. Tony 7 minutes after 10 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program. We told you the coming up we've got a very important election. It's a primary election in South Carolina North Carolina we had ours last month. A lot of interesting races and one of the big questions tomorrow especially in these congressional races. Mobi the impact of the Donald Trump presidency. We've got candidates who are clinging to Donald Trump and people who are saying that that is the litmus test to determine who should be. The nominee for the parties bear fidelity. You trump has so whatever that is. What is it you're looking for Fletcher South Carolina voter I would love to hear that from. That much more as we continue our Monday broadcast. And 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the instinctively your program ends. Reaction to what we're discussing just a few minutes ago. Fans it's always good to hear affect my mom won't be through to hear from. My callers here and that is a rose she got about a minute rose to morning welcome back. I completely it can look project operated limited their water resource to carry out our people can east. But now I am not re keeping an apple product temporary. There was an executive order 136. Oh victory written that Obama at the round opponent in the she didn't let that get government may take Obama all the concept of energy a couple of aux sable transportation. Are. And you were rock. Or water from Henri sort sources. I hope a lot of give and products that are capable are being in jet back here led. Humans are animals cannot restore it. Well last couple other. Medical solar. But here put it that I don't think about that it is. Facilitate it looked around the country. You are allowed to come back chaos and collapse back. And equipment. And and not induction. And I'm sure that the interpreting the military. I guess their way up. Why can't we know how the water. I heard nick the other time that water I thought it was a hot water and you say. You know what's gonna happen. Yes I do it's not a pretty picture and I do appreciate your call their rose reminding us. Again unfortunately the some of the darker things they have to do. Can put together. A successive administrations these executive orders are really they're really scary. And to my knowledge these particular executive orders had not been rescind it still waiting for that. 30 minutes after 10 o'clock and I mentioned we've got a primary. Day in South Carolina tomorrow. So very important races in a long it's. He is a race in this listening area. In Spartanburg district thirty eight's right now it is represented. By young men I've gotten to know and I think it's very promising young man. Persons to I think could be one of the promising young leaders of the future referring to. Just I am Magnuson who joined some broadcast this morning welcome man. Good morning thank you Brad and they ought. Well I just want to touch base and you actually asked to come on this broadcast today and you've got a race going on. What is it why should we care about decide a Magnuson being in office. In the South Carolina legislature. Well I appreciate that question in the thing is that I have a strong proven record of being a leader. On conservative issues. What we're facing right now without a lot of is we've got so many politicians in Columbia news. Say one thing and do another and they're they don't go down there and vote. For the will of the people and it certainly don't vote on what rye a lot of content decisions are made just based on what special interest. Are the most powerful. And that's that that are working to change on the strong reform advocates and but I want to commend you on on pulpit which is your emphasis on. Virtue of their own community and how the spiritual. Issues are. What the real solution it's for our country and that's something that I'm focused on as well it is to try to. Reignite. Virtue. In both bought district in the state of South Carolina and in. Our country because I think that that is the true answer is restoring. Any that the ark here during community and ultimately trying folks back Q to the war. I mean that's quite a bit they're there they're people who listen to this there orange decide and say wait a second here you cannot legislate morality you can't legislate god. What's the practical thing that you're able to do in this circumstance. Riot so you can't legislate morality and and we do have separation church and say they're not agree with without. But what government can do is mostly get out of the way we can strengthen our our families and churches and communities. And that the government can step back and say. We're gonna create an environment where there's liberty. And where all family values are going to be protected in the church has religious liberty. And right now we need them better protection I think on some of those levels we need to. So let the people do their job and I think that we do how. Strong character in our country epic we do you have strong community but often. The government gets in the way and we're we're just overtaxed and over regulated and we need to we need to liberty ought where there's a balance between liberty and virtue it's so that's really where I think the solution it is. It is both K created environments where virtue can excel but then also. Just get government out of the way out of our crew from looking out over us. And now and let the churches and families be strong get. I'm curious looking ahead as some of the issues in the league coming up in the coming months and beyond. What you're ride it and we only have about a minute men have left in this segment. What are some of the key issues do you think the legislature will address that's important for somebody like you to be there. For. So there's all kinds of issues to reform one of my biggest issue is. Judicial reform that not one of only two states where the legislature Lex the judges. And I think that create conflicts of interest in and I'd like to see that changed. But that we got utility reform we got trying to improve our education system on the we've got. Just so many areas where I believe we do need a strong Christian conservative voice. Com and one other area that I'll put out here is abortion. We need to. And act personhood and our support an end to abortion and all the that we don't necessarily have that coming up and take coming impending you know we we can. Until we fight for it but that's wanted to do despite. You offer personhood define life as beginning at conception so there's a number of areas where I'm leading. And I'd like to be able to continue and now continue that record of a conservative voting. Somebody wants to find out more information about you what should they do you just say. Well I've got town hall meetings they're not try to stay connected to the people. That's one of my biggest distinctive but the other thing that both it is they can go to my web site which is Magnuson at C dot com that it cannot stand on the issue they can see Allen voting. And do you hope to be able to continue to leave for our pro local value. Well my slot for coming on the broadcaster site Magnuson. Spartanburg district thirty eight's I appreciate you coming on man ends hey will be praying for you amend our blog as well. Thank you didn't appreciate it. On the Vince Coakley radio program. Men again tomorrow tomorrow's the big day the primary actually takes place those are you in South Carolina make sure you study up well you know who would issue voting for go win. Find those people who understand for true American values not just run on them 44 minutes after the hour. Let's pitcher of frauds in ten richest in some of the things that just I was talking about it because there. And I'm just speaking personally because. I've had the opportunity to hang out with desire a couple of times and I really appreciate this kid's heart. You know right it's. And I hope I don't insult them by saying this when I listen sometimes and they can while he sounds like me. Because he understands. That it's. There's a certain quality of care to hear it's absolutely essential for us if we're running continue. With this country that we know and love. There's no way around there are no shortcuts. And each. One of the ways we've got to continue that is to put the right people and office make some great decisions. This is still Vincent. Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your perspectives on the things we've discussed so far North Korea. Israel and Iran. And also South Carolina primary election taking place to morrow. Let's go first to a call from Richard in South Carolina good morning. Good boy and then could've talked it again. That this election can't never got caught balding haven't go lottery search. More that the big look for a candidate. Cool stand up against the conspiracy. Of silence. He might have what they can spare it silences. The conspiracy is silent there's nobody talk about the geo engineering nick goes on in and day out. Gain weight England great front geo engineering and watch. It caught on the hell he's got there they recovered. Or having a collapse from the buyer fair. Where they are all paid. I don't know whether or manipulation. Did this not been proved not sure if in fact I want one candidate to stand up. And speak out against it. Certainly. Tumble at each other they're they're they're silent their gag order. Eight and the media have been wolf not talk about if there actually. Then what you talk about this issue would UN review dame waiting candidate geo and there are lots I want. Up or down vote yes sir well. We will explore this Richard I do appreciate your call because it sounds kind of intriguing. I would be intrigued to know more in fact I put you on hold to get more information Charles will get that information from you. And I will explore whether this is something out worthy of more air time. It may be may be knocked let's got to Jeff good morning. They certainly don't racer. Just bear witness saw them and give us and Paul now. I'm fifty probably sold about. Kind of watched the world in this country for Sprint Cup and I'm not so sure can sustain you as well sure we've we've made it this far but. People sickened are on the way things work in Washington area and right so this is not a bit. Today this country's bill the promise of democracy. And what makes that war is people vote for all but instead of voting for these people to go through. Instead up from Washington. And org you got anything done I don't we go to on the issues. Why don't we have a system in place. Quarterly. Whatever the former national level court before the state level optic local government can take care of itself. We're the issues are presented to the people. And the people vote on what needs to be done and then let these clowns but Crowley in Washington. They're a minute. Instead of the that they are arguing that not unique and not. On the side in peace should be done because people. And if people say well. You know that the typical Smart enough to do that are not gonna participate what you don't into bat. But you have the chance. To do it and to make this country better. Now that's far fetched that that's. We're how to make a better and putt per local. Noon and stations report on the issues should the American people are educated. So that they can listen to what it's gonna take place. Well I well I appreciate your perspective their it's it's kind of a clever idea Jeff. You know it's some. Point and we have more time about this I can offer some more thoughts my initial thought especially about the media apart that's never gonna happen. Because the kinds of issues that are important are not sexy enough. Especially for local television. I mean it's just a reality I hate to think that way but that's just reality. The other parts we're republic a constitution Republican part of that is. You re we. Elect people to represent us. And if we are upset about what's happening in the people were electing. We need to look at the mere demeanor of the EU. But unfortunately it's plenty of other people who were voting for them many in the morons who were in office right now can get about thirty seconds yourself. Oh. Hello Ken are you still there. Yeah yeah. I'm here. I got about forty seconds now. It okay. Let your boys are out. Pardon direct ahead. I did our own. They cannot let your late mother Alice it. That not true bailout we have all look. The red or let it get booted breakdown models on yeah. Let Larry Bigbie better say that as you cannot wait maybe late. People would be good. That's that's a great way to put it. Appreciate you doing that very concise on the Vince Coakley radio program. 54 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock by the way we have some breaking news to tell you abouts. And this is actually a good thing if I remember. Correctly I remember seeing some previous stories about this Ohio. Has a plan with a aggressively take voters off of the voter rolls. If people were dead whatever the reason they're aggressive about this. The Supreme Court has upheld that law that purges lapsed voters from the rolls. As you know there are people who are determined to believe the fiction. There's some conspiracy to keep people from voting there isn't. In any case against Supreme Court has upheld what I was doing. It's probably good idea to do this all across the country. Needs to be a purge. We don't need dead people vote. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Promoting American. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many young some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. 36. We're going talking about here I'm looking at a second ended 6 minutes after 11 o'clock. I'm Vince Coakley radio program getting your reaction some of the news they've been discussed hospital follow up. On our discussion on Friday where we talked about the fact a couple of high profile people have. Drove themselves. And I came across an excellent article yesterday that just pretty much reaffirmed much what I said on Friday just added some additional thoughts. That'd make a really imported really. If you really did have shares to ideas. That are are just so valuable for this season lifes for so many of us and I'll I'll say relates to none lead to suicide but also relates to. What we're going going to do with our older. Parents. This is another subject that continues to. I see this everywhere got a number friends dealing with. We if ailing parents. How's this going to be addressed. And it gets out of the same cloth. As the issue we discussed on Friday. There's one person to really tie this together well and show this coming up. Let's go first to call in South Carolina our friend Preston good morning sir. Preston are you there. He has disappeared somehow we will try to get him back here. I go ahead and go into this. Article because I think it's excellent fact we're gonna post this. On the FaceBook page for a 63 WRD and for WB TU SA today this is that something written by Kirsten Powers. Americans are depressed and suicidal because something is wrong whether our culture. She says don't. Path apologized the despair that is irrational response to a culture that values people. Based on ever escalating financial. And personal achievements. Roll. What is she talking about here but what I said to you on Friday. This is one of our problems and I and I have expressed this concern about many of us Mavis so called Republicans. We seem to be concerned about money only. Goes on C economy is great. In the country straits. It just worked in your home. It doesn't work anywhere else either. Kirsten talks about the fact. Of her own experience. And the dark days that she has addressed. In her life. Due respect to September 2004. She got a call. A dreaded call her father dropped dead of a heart attack he's only 61 years old. This came at a time shoes are already grappling with the other issues including watching her mother fight breast cancer. From the preceding six months a break up with a boyfriend a lack of structure life. Freelance he has consultant. Trying to figure out what what was she was gonna do with her life. She described yourself as being an emotional freefall went to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist said well the anti depressant. Sit there was prescribed by your general practitioner. Well it wasn't. What she needed to. So we gave her new. And guess what it made things worse. At that point she actually was suicidal. Kirsten since I couldn't imagine life without my father our hour's long conversations about everything the train was debilitating. Getting out of bed was Olympic event. Life utterly devoid of meaning stopped eating shed fifteen pounds and a month I couldn't series to be alive. She goes on I thought a lot about this period during suicides Kate Spade. And Anthony brewer named to people who buy public appearances seemed to be living their best lives. By the way isn't there a so called Christian so called evangelist who's written a book. Your best life ever. Yeah that's digs. Are deep point. We also learned this week we talked about this Friday's well suicides. Risen nearly 30% since 1989. Making international crisis. Kirsten share her story. After interviewing John Draper director of the national suicide prevention lifeline. First new have been severe future brother in law. What people don't really know is there's research that shows the media can reduce suicide. What creates contagion effect is when the media focus mostly on the suicide in the way the person killed themselves. If people are more open about talking about hoping through suicidal experiences and the media highlight those stories the evidence is very clear. This has a very positive effect on getting people through suicidal crisis. What is she saying here. You need to hear survival stories. You teach your stories about people who've gone through this and they've bounced back. So it might help a person contemplate suicide to read that I'm thankful I didn't succumb to buy suicidal impulses. Quarter learned that people like Halle Berry Elton John drew Barry more attempted and survived suicide or that Oprah. Olympian Michael Phelps. Demi Lovato considered suicide didn't go through with it. But there are other factors involved. We often assume people commit suicide or men Leo this is not always the case there are many factors that can contribute to suicide. Have nothing to do with mental illness including las a relationship loneliness. Chronic illness financial loss. History of trauma or abuse the stigma associated with asking for help. Even those who do ask for help. Friends and family can be flummoxed by successful people. Planning their own deaths my family and friends told me I was living the dream was to strong does come to so to a suicide. My psychiatrist didn't take my complaints seriously saying I didn't percent as a suicidal person. Who's more likely to shore up disheveled and it and breathe. There with a blowout and me and a fresh manic here really. You know scatter my SPF. I mean I think back to silly movies back in 1980s better off dead give her that movie. Established he couldn't kill himself he's trying to kill himself and even succeeded that. Kind of a silly movie. So the doctor receiving saying nothing was wrong. So change the anti depressant and a few weeks suicidal thoughts diminished. She's not sure whether the medicine helped or not. She goes and talks about what really causes. This emotional. Despair what is the cause behind it. She drives this thing home very well. Kirsten Powers and as I mentioned we won't post this on the FaceBook page strongly encourage you to read it and please share it. It's very very good units Coakley radio for a thirteen minutes. After 11 o'clock. Kirsten says her suicidal thoughts past. But an oppressive depression. Grounder down that your life agonizing and a daily struggle. Just that when I heard the Kate Spade was reportedly fighting depression and anxiety for five years or I can think his. It was nothing short of heroic for her to stay alive as long she did. While that's something you think about it you know commonly think I mean it just said ultimately. She told herself. There's a battle she valiantly fought for quite some time. She drives home. What it is that's behind emotional despair. If you take nothing else from this program. Don't miss this. It is excellent. And our share right after the break. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. For the break ever shared with you an an excellent article it absolutely is an excellent article Americans are depressed and suicidal because something is wrong when our culture. This was in USA today it's like Kirsten Powers. And I went to drive this home. Before we go to more of your calls. In the final section where we suffer emotional despair. A lot of people don't understand this person contemplating suicide is an overwhelming emotional pain they think very differently than people who are rational. It's cognitive constriction. You're pre frontal cortex goes offline. And Euro flight fright or freeze imports in this case suicide seems like the best way outs when the best way to fight for your survival they think maybe. My afterlife will be better. But why are so many Americans getting this level of emotional despaired that in the past. Here's why. Journalist Jo Han Har. Brooke is bestselling book lost connections uncovering the real cause of depression. In the unexpected solutions the epidemic of this depression and despair in the western world. Isn't always caused by our brains. It's largely caused please listen to me by key problems in the way we live. We exist largely disconnected from our extended families friends and communities except in the shallow. Interactions of social media because we're too busy trying to make it. Without realizing that once we reach that goal it will not be enough. In an interview this year the comedian and actor Jim Carey talked about getting to the place where you have everything everybody is ever desired. And realizing you were still unhappy. And you can still be unhappy. The fact that you can still be unhappy isn't shocked. When you've accomplished everything you ever dreamed DeVon Moore. If only we get that big race or new house or have children will finally be happy. That you don't want we won't. Is Kerry points out many ways achieving all your goals provides the opposite of fulfillment. It lays bare the truth that there is nothing you can purchase possessed or achieve. That will make you feel fulfilled over the long term. Rather than. A college guys in the despair and emotional suffering that's a rational response to a culture that values people based on an ever escalating financial and personal achievement. We should acknowledge this something's very wrong which is stop telling people we yearn for a deeper meaning in life they have an illness or need therapy. Oh my goodness this is loaded. Instead we need to help people craft lives that are more meaningful and built on firmer foundation then personal success. Wow. Yes there are people who have chemical imbalances you should be supported and treated with medicine. But most Americans are depressed anxious or suicidal because something is wrong with our culture. Not because something is wrong with them changing our culture is critical. Being honest with others about our own personal struggles and dark knights of the souls the first step. People on the edge need to hear stories that assure them there's a way through the all consuming pain to a meaningful life I've told mine. Now don't tell yours. Isn't this awesome. I love this. As I mentioned check it out. 1063 WRD FaceBook page to be BT FaceBook page Kirsten Powers. Right on the money and let me share one more quote with you I'm not sure shared this on Friday. This is something that IE. Intended to share a few. And this goes broader. Remember I told you discovers two things such as suicide but families. I'm running into more more families. Dealing with no. Parents. And what really sends me a vision start with a friend last night. She's got 45 siblings. And she and her sister the only ones who are taking time to care. For her mother. Brazil. What's up with it. It just blows my mind how many children can just completely forget about their parents. And leave it to somebody else and see it is their responsibility. This is part of that disconnected has some talking about. There's a time when and I know in some ways it's not practical always do this. There's a time when families generations of families were together. And the same area and it was a priority we don't care about that anyway anymore we're running were all over the country now. Doing whatever we can't. For the almighty dollar. Family and extend extended family be damn it. There's a price to be paid for that's it. And I think we're missing something we're all missing something as a result. I have. Intended to share this with you on Friday. And I'm going to. Get to this now. Because I think what can be said about us as individuals can also be said about us as a country. Because I think this is something that's many of us Republicans are missing. We're so focused on. The economy. Here's what I said the same applies to us as individuals also applies to us as a nation we can be outwardly rich and prosperous but dying on the inside. Don't be fooled by the deception immaterial prosperity in alone does not make for healthy nation. Let's go to a call from Preston who I believe we have back we only have about a minute left in this segment said the taken away Preston. The more events. He gave Romano wanted to talk about the he's started and things about bella the mom personalized. My mother was schizophrenic she was also somebody about picture of would you go to breast cancer in two orbit similar numbers stepped up to determine mama she got under dire straits. And and didn't name a commission and the military is bill whether or whether the border of Iraq in 2003. So I understand sacrifice director Pamela especially mentally ill always. Move that it's personally a home. The thing about suicide and Alexander's. Well I was raised to 45 years old but the because when you're old. I never really certain that the church. Or was around Christian people whom tiger opened a very. Abusive physical well I'm an alcoholic code of branded drugs you could name and. Wow that sounds like it sounds like a challenging atmosphere Preston. A lot more to get to please hold on line because we're gonna have to go to a break here our conversation continues here. I'm Vince Coakley radio program. 48 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. We'll continue our conversation with Preston on the other side of the break. And again. He. Which is thinking about this as I mentioned because I've had this conversation about. Relatives. Just talking to this lady last night and it's actually I was hearing part of her purse had phone call anyway. Just sharing her frustration with this mother who's in failing health. And should stick where my siblings where I think. Hence she's the only one in talent take three or four others where are things. If you within the sound of my voice right now. Think about this mature relationship is there reconciliation. Needs to take place is their care that you need to provide. It's time to think about that if you haven't already. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock should want to quickly get back to Preston we were talking about his own experience in. Challenges he's faced in this life. I'll let you pick it up from their Preston. You know also those same my mother died from breast cancer three years later entered in my house who won it occurred. I just got married and just graduate of eligibility to prime time for me didn't start while selling the thing started. My life's not fair. And so we took a mother and apparently she passed away and a year later my mother in law passed away right after Percival on thing after another one. What is a lot of those things we got through those things. I would do it all over again because of their unconditional love I have my assembly under that they would do from Maine. On another note. Talking about materialistic things in the game. Come a lot of money work overseas cement over a million dollar to mullah summit he says that. And I can say though that much money comes much responsibility and much pain. So you know people think it started as a twenty dollar an hour thirty dollar an hour. Send out not a Muppet that can make your life easier for happier if if it's considered it to Tucker. Of everything out in that responsibility. Then you have to make it work the first time. Not to entry doesn't think things are correct some day you wake up you don't have a job where you don't have your health. And every visit these Indiana. To do with Minnesota's. Actually it's an override. There's in the super natural I think that there is a Christian believer. That you know it is 612 speaks out of these things that we've got to get things we can't beat sometimes and sometimes we'll opting in our life that overrides that switch. Because. Naturally we wouldn't open part of the car. Naturally we wouldn't about the proper room. So not through Integra line outside a hospital bill that. There's other things about the war over the winter and there's you put that switch. I agree compressed in yeah I do appreciate you Carl and thanks for Europe transparency where you've communicated there is I think a good part of this. I think reaches a point where there's a strong demonic influence. Because you know one of the things said Jesus himself said the enemy comes from three for sister steel to kill and destroy. She'll kill and destroy whenever you see that going on you can be sure he is a rate there. So I cannot be fooled we're not just dealing with human issues he goes far beyond that is aside Gina hope I have that correct your morning. Yet the morning as you do have that correct. Right back the last part of what we've yet caller was saying. Struck a court a little bit on what I've been saying I'm older now and you know looking back over like a lot of things right spot or important when I was younger and I'm talking about 13040. And even Ireland XP. I'm back are so important. We're constantly bombarded by the media we have been this app that's why is he back. You're bombarded every day I what you neighbor bought. But someone else as they need this or what but at all and let this nonsense and it looked flat. I I have to tell you like it cut something out and it's the wall my refrigerator it is very. And it appeared in an old Ann Landers column. May have occurred and but it is really a lot when the balance and I think it's applicable what's wrong with America today for the mind that. Or at least partially it's called the patient you can go the way. It's called the station actually they can edit there's some different variations. But the whole thing that there there is picture on a train married. You're on a trip in Europe and then my yeah armed don't want by the movie children playing field. I know they're they're warm and eighteen hours. I'll go back trying car. Just black and our patients. And let me get paired with going to be super great wonderful arm band to be playing. And that's how we live our life waiting to get that one point for the mortgage is finally paid off for the last bid if Collins. I learn every move going to be perfect. And the lesson of iron in their life is a trip there is no one. I mentioned he and my they'll plow or so explain the very deep and like I said there's different variations. We need to Google now I will check that out. And see what you think of it if it were that close I'm right or mention ever read it on air but I think people would benefit by it. Yep I so appreciate that thanks a lot fewer college you know I would also add to this and I think this part of what this saying it's I mean it's priority of life is a journey. Is that about getting somewhere. It's about the journey to here and now and in it's important we do not misstep along the way. A market right kill good morning. Our good morning bent down. I wanted to mention. Not a high profile about your years ago by themselves. I'm nominated. And honored director of top gun owners who thought who committed suicide find who put it in quote top gun. Our production. And as an updated have gone into production Betancourt. Who committed suicide he had everything. What ever person will walk. You know I knocked out wide the beautiful family. Accolades of his career. I don't know don't know how without fact connected death knell but nowadays. Our solution do. Life happen. Emit in the travail of the war in your wife and I want to say also that other side effects. Among prescribing antidepressants are in litigation. And finally where it's they're traveling represent their war christianity Josh McDowell. Well I mean that you left never content for current form has always been an industry he well something you can Google about why that's summarize. About our current cultural more ways than predicted thirty years ago that's something that's well worth. Reading and if you can find these NPC of it somewhere for purchase. I highly recommend someone now that's corporate and therefore probably isn't it. OK that sounds good mark you know within these warnings have been there for quite some time. About what is taking place for the culture and to me yet ignore these warnings to our own harm. So absolutely no question about tests are coming up we will attempt to get to our look at the day in history some of the interest in events that occurred. On this particular date to. In the final stretch of the broadcast coming up. One of the things I just wanna read your injury to you this is a program I want to read like to know whether an and I think we're accomplishing this. I feel rights as I'm listening to some review I'm hearing. Your heart and your soul it's not just some exterior conversation. About issues. Which we do get to you. But I think these are the things that really matter. And hopefully a life changing difference for some of us it's 43 minutes after 11 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the text line. I worked my adult life entire adult life eighteen to 37. In public service. Seeing if you're got to allow the unthinkable happened why and how and it's. The kind of question that goes to your mind with people. Drew. It's been their lives. Investing. And you just wonder there are some things that don't. In this life some things you mean and understand. More stuff you've got some more stuff has got you boy that's a trick isn't it. It's one of the things and do right now is getting rid of clutter. Since when things I find interesting is how many things I thought were important years ago. I don't even want now collecting dust. With the stay with. 1149 final stretch of our Monday broadcasts. And it's time for us to venture down I 851. As we. Take a look at the lungs oh good morning. Vents good morning how are you reach him in good how we're shores it was pretty get a funny story to tell at the end here. Brett out we start off we have four questions from June 11. Beginning in 7750. The Great Barrier Reef was spotted by captain James Cook. In this particular continent. Where was it 177. The by the way cook's ship ran aground audits. Not good for him. What continent. I should know that Nolan should on the good to go broad to Australia why. Oh yes. That's the one I'd that you would miss. I'm impressed. 1977. Net doesn't name Seattle slew ring a bell. Wouldn't Seattle slew do. Wonders for crowd yes. Belmont Stakes capturing him a Triple Crown. Something that just happened over the weekend and yes justify. Runaways somebody posed the question. Can someone threw Herman posted this on his social media page after winning the thirteen Triple Crown. Would justify be invited to the White House. Asking for a friend it's a fan of forestry and yet but that's a that's pretty funny I'd love. That would by the way justify has the for sales Kentucky connection. So route one and the owners I think is connected to a horse farm there so kind of in treatment. Let's go to the last two questions and see how runs or does on these. I'm sure there will be a masterpiece one of my favorite movies are released 1986. How do I give I can't tell you this particular. Movie. It's in. Its about it. They did beat kid who skips class for the day there's viewers stay off yes. I love the courts that over and over again if it's a great movie and came to my son. After a character in the movie. Are you serious yes I don't object. Cameron will appreciate that. OK okay. 2001. We have the the execution. Of the Oklahoma City bomber what was his name. Oklahoma City bomber. Went to was he is named in the dimming effect you are corrects and you go four for four. Pretty impressive garden a week gulf bright man yes you did. And I've got to tell embarrassing story before we go here because you'll be leaving us here in about a minute yourself. So I am on the way to you like Kentucky on Saturday. And I've got to tell you about an embarrassing moment so I have my brand new bag. That I was given as gift and I'm walking up the steps of the plane. And the zipper got hung up on the step of the plane. And would not come loose. The captain came out he said this like a one and a million things you couldn't have done this if you try it. Sit you need to go play the lottery. I was so embarrassed because not only can I nagged at this loose by the time. You know I look back there were twenty people behind me in line trying to get and I was so embarrassed turns out just so happened there is a mechanic there. Who was working on the plane who just have to come by any came with a screwdriver in and get this thing off. That was my embarrassing moment for the weekend. In just does did you blush. Now I'm glad shore with the captain having a sense of humor it helped in every you know everybody was very gracious. Everybody else would've ripped that thing out there. Probably sell I'd ever ripped up bag. IRA men pay grade touchy Alonso. And they queue for joining us on me and complete radio program. On the final stretch here international house of burgers merely about. Well less than a minute left what's going on with the staying Charles. It's just gave me a great marketing ploy someone's gonna get a huge bonus. Because all they've done is put out that there were changing their name which they're not they're coming out with a line of specialty burgers for eight time. And they've changed a half a dozen stores from a that's it that's it's. Don't kid yes so if you want night and get the classic burger for 8049 sentient at the classic would bacon for 899. They've got to make a monster of two burgers for 999. And a big brunch burger that has a price tag on it. A period that's really all it is heavy trade me of these but I haven't no are you planning to do is I know your big a problem on his show are probably well. OK so it's all eighty a stud yes we can limit time burger menu print can't. So I guess the question where's the beef wanted to teach but the B was going to be for bloating. Young. Yeah it was good news. Could we get it do its future and any case but we have a great day out there and if you try this out some time let us know what you think. I'd like for somebody else to be the Guinea pig first. Hundred day. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.