Trump Slams Weakened Germany as 'Controlled by Russia'

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, July 11th

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From the heart to the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. Let the fireworks begin. Both before and here we are watching. Eight in the spectacle. Donald Trump. Taking on the Germans fans how they've engaged Russia. My goodness. We're gonna share some audio. From. A couple of sources on this particular issue. That's very often I like to start with something on the positive notes how many years. How many years have we. Either hurt or we participate in the complaining about American its dependence on foreign oil. I wanted to start off talking about some the ending is really cool. A trend that is. Continuing. And I I think it's important for us to understand the law you're. Trajectory. Of this particular development because it's not something that just started happening. This month or even this year. This is something that's been building up. For quite some time. And who gets the credit for this. Americans get credit for this. Because I believe Americans have been working toward this goal for years. What are we talking about it's important to look let's get the street here Bloomberg. Has a story today. That the US is set to become the world's top oil producer. We Huber match in this way back in the 1970s. Where we have a gas lines here in this country. And we've had this concern about our dependence on foreign oil. There's been lots of political discussion about this what to do about it. And really the most important thing. That we've needed to do all along it's just develop our own resources it's really that simple. So we cause the dependence to dissipate. I don't think independence is ever going to go completely away. And that's not necessarily a bad thing but for us to be big place of greater independence this is awesome. US government sees oil production further climbing. Next year even amid transportation log jams the country's most prolific shale play. The Energy Information Administration sees US crude output averaging eleven point eight million barrels a day in 2019. And that's up from eleven point 76 million. In the June outlook for this year. In 2019. The Energy Information Administration forecast the United States who averaged nearly twelve. Million barrels of crude oil production per day if this forecast holds. That would make the US. The world's. Leading producer of Kurt. Isn't this great. This is something to celebrate. Beautifully spent all the time complaining. About our dependence. This is another milestone on the path to independence. That we definitely need to celebrate. Church or crude output is remain above the ten million barrel a day mark since February. That's while Saudi Arabia told OPEC it pumped about ten point five million barrels of crude a day last month. As the kingdom sought to cap rallying prices. By ramping up their output I believe they were ash to do this. There's still concerns over the worsening bottleneck in the biggest US share region. How this might affect domestic output in the second half of the year. Part of the problem Maginnis transportation. There's limited pipeline transportation the region. So their concerns that production could actually slow. And we were reached capacity in the next three to four months. Nevertheless. This is definitely going in the right. Direction. Don't you think this is cause for celebration I certainly believe so. I wanna go to. Don't mind because that's exactly where we are now. Any interaction. Between the United States and NATO I'm gonna say something just the outset and I know it's gonna take some of you off. But I'm gonna make a prediction here. It's quite possible there may be some striking parallels between the leadership of president Barack Obama and president Donald Trump. Alienating our allies for very different reasons. I think this is quite ironic. Because I hate. I like many viewer. I was frustrated watching the United States. And former Barack Obama go around on the apology tour. Then basically leading from behind it. Howling up with rogue countries. This really frustrated me to watch. And now. It's almost like a similar kind of thing is happening for different reasons. And it doesn't make sense to me now some people all this is great America needs to project strength. Okay that's wonderful project strength. I wanna play for you clipped. And we're gonna listen to the entire thing here. That is available. Of the president in an exchange that took place this was supposed to be a photo op. For starters. And generally photo ops are. Their pleasantries their smiles. There hey how you doing blah blah blah it's. Not anything heavy traditionally. Well that was the case this time around here is the start of that exchange and. America needs I. Owe us for me. Where they're doing quite. Then so you go back ten or twenty years you're just did all of this massive amounts of money is. The United States is fades. And stepped up blend. Know what it is gone on for decades about who it is done for many residents but no other president broke out like every you know. The good news is. I just saw the news this morning and tennis. They'll do here it's. Vs those folks who. Do you students there on the mall it's. Mission why would better. Playing okay. It's day when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with the Russian. Where you're supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and paid millions and millions of dollars a year to pressure. So we're protecting Germany with a protecting French we're taking over these guys. And the numerous public confidence going how to make the pipeline deal with the Russian. Where they are paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russian. So it was supposed to protect you against Russia but they're paying billions of dollars to Russia. Think that's very inappropriate and a former chancellor of Germany and there's added pipeline company and supply the gas. Is ultimately Germany will have almost 70%. Of their country. Controlled by Russia with a natural gas and you can tell me instead of program in moonlight and complain about this from the time I got. Never gonna have to happen but Germany is totally controller Russian. Well how we're gonna stop it there right now. And and that's is the big bomb that was dropped this morning in the interaction between these leaders. Russia. Totally controls Germany. Yeah well. This at a photo ops we're gonna hear a little bit more this audio. And some of the reaction to this we continue to broadcasting hate we'd love to get your thoughts great year. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio program over the text line. We started this go get a drop. Call out these freeloading leaders call a spade a spade. They've been screaming and screwing us for years. Already. Since president trump definitely has a point where American taxpayer dollars funding a large amount of Germany's defense against Russia. When their purchasing 70% of their fuel from Russia. Instead of us. Plenty to lead NATO Secretary General agreed with president trump. US puts an unfair amount of monetary burden of NATO you know I've talked about that on this program as well. I purely my question. Is a photo op. The appropriate place to do this. Was that the right way to do this to grow about this and that there was a very good point graced by someone I'm gonna share in a bit. But let's listen to the rest of this exchange that took place during the photo op with the president. Earlier this morning listen if you. It's an appropriate. Name is the loss and non Asian. Know there are so plus news. Only streaming. But I doubt so. These are really focused for Arizona to resolve this obvious differences we are all. Your your minor brawl for all stood. There. Fear does grow more vulnerable more at all. Well there's really not at all. Energy problem. And the person you want. It's not the way we started together all saloon. Sean you are stronger I think early in the season I just think you should check out here. Maybe we just want a good good use Cold War hurt and they cost retreating we know for sure I don't know how. I just didn't install a it's we've shoes and. I think traders wonderful I think energy is a whole different story. I think energy isn't much different story than normal. You know a country like all of them more access the gas use look at sorry it's. Still wanted to be captain did you rush. Germany's Marcel it's tough just to rush it's getting so much. But getting their energy. From Russian. Already. It can be explained. Cannot be explained. Also the takes like more advanced trump could have given Adolf Hitler in the business and you would find something wrong with that seat at this is so predictable. It is so freaking predictable. What are you build a shrine. In golden altered this guy. Seriously. You can't question. You can't challenge. Raise legitimate questions about the appropriateness. I'm not even talking about the the facts are the issues at stake here. There's an appropriate and an inappropriate way to do things. And there's someone who raises a really good question that I'm going to get to it a bit. Vince how do you even know how that conversation started this morning. I didn't think so move on. And you can always tell the people were drinking the Kool Aid. What does it immediately go to a defense of trump. It's not about the issues the merits. Of the conversation the appropriateness of it. Any case. So this is where we start. At the beginning of this summit. Well Angola Merkel was not too pleased with this. She has pushed back against Donald Trump's extraordinary tirade. Against Germany in the first day of the NATO summit in Brussels. Denying your country was totally controlled by Russia you know let me say this. This is really hyperbole. Let me say that. It really is hyperbole. To say that Russia controls Germany. And I really think if I were president Donald Trump. With the people I know in the business dealings. Better known and unknown connected to me. I would not be accusing anybody house of inappropriate relationship with Russia. When you have a family member pursuing a meeting. With the idea of potentially getting dirt. From Russia. You really hardly a person. With the credibility to making make this kind of charged this is eight a really sweeping charge. Any case. In less blunt language and the US presidents the German chancellor made the point. She needed no lessons in dealing with the authoritarian regimes were calling she'd been brought up in the east Germany. When it was part of the Soviet Union sphere of influence. That's something to consider. I've experienced myself how part of Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union I'm very happy today we're united in freedom. The Federal Republic of Germany. Because of that we can say we make our independent policies and make independent decisions. That's very good especially for people in eastern Germany. And nobody can argue. That's especially the people eastern Germany. Are not better off. Then they were before. So. This little dust up. Has occurred at the start of this summit. Former NATO ambassador Nicholas Burns was not pleased with how this went down. Ands you can add this to Trump's Twitter activity over the past few days. There are clear indications this would take an antagonistic turn. We've heard this before about the need three stations to increased her contributions to NATO's funding. I'm all for that. All for it. Nicholas Burns in responding to this again he's a former NATO ambassador. Here is how he is characterized this exchange this morning. It's just infuriating. To watch this happen you cannot imagine any American president all the way back 75 years. Deciding to become a critic in chief of NATO. And it's orwellian he's making our our our friends out to be our enemies and he's treating our enemies like food not as our friends. And he's misrepresenting the facts there have been four straight years. Budget increases by every NATO ally. The great majority of them will be at this magical 2% of gross domestic product level by 20/20 four. All of our ability to project power in the world in the Middle East and Afghanistan comes out of the air bases Ramstein incirlik be on all the naval bases in Italy and Spain. That the Europeans pay for. They pay us 2.5 hundred billion dollars a year to keep our forces there if you would cost us more money to bring the troops home and keep them in Europe. So what is the point that this is all about politics in the president's base it's not about the power of the United States this. Incredible alliance and rebuilt every president from Truman it's infuriating to see this happen as diplomatic malpractice. Wow diplomatic malpractice. Is always characterized this and at and let's be. Again let's have a fair discussion about this without the super hyper defensiveness. And I made this very clear before I'm not a never trooper and I'm not an always stripper. Consider this perspective from Nicholas Christoph. Trump opens the NATO summit with something of a tantrum against the allies. If only he could get along with Europe and Canada. As well as he gets along with Russia and North Korea. Think about it for a moment please. How does he engage these people in public. What's the level. Of interaction. I just want your honest objective opinion. As we continue the conversation 29 minutes after ten. This is this Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock minstrel the radio program and get a share this quote from yeah Nicklaus Christoph. Trouble does NATO summit with somebody that tantrum against the allies. Fully can get along with Europe and Canada as well as he gets along with Russia and North Korea. This is. I think a pretty fair assessment. I wanna get your thoughts let's begin with no out of Atlanta good morning now. How are you are doing. Good good and shout about Greg got to act and I'm normally not the area and I'm old at our Charlotte an area ultimately can't edit mostly about eight for an African American Beauty election each after the last here. To probably 85%. Not affording child she's you know 35 port 40% increase in an eagle and wow. I liked better and so good over time become a little bit of STB did not start white oak and my main point is. I think I understand on your call street that I met the kid that bad acting and then they are I I equated it you have to chit. And one of them that try got to think I'll drive you might call early. Raise them and and handle them almost with should go out to get them out of that they occurred there's danger at Q well. On and the other kids that make you work at all you expect more from them I I really eight Ayers. We talk about North Korea and Russia cursed the other. You know our allies I think there's a method that he's got that I think all I bet I think you're gonna end up a OK I think there's. You know I think at the end of the day peace. You better edit if we give them credit for and at eight we should probably I'll definitely ask questions and then have these conversations but I think it's gonna end up. I'm in and our best interest and the yet. I hope so I certainly hope so it's it's awesome to hear from you I do what I've follow up with comments she made it started this. So you were talking about what's happening among. A number of people black community with the responsiveness to the president so weeds economics. If economics and affirmative border I'll be honest and it's it's interesting like aspect. And I'm actually at a minority it off oddly enough that area and I got a price got 80%. Up front and a that they remembered African Americans and why I'm Asian and it ain't happening the open dialogue conversation that's really interesting that he this year and it economics. On it's a little bit of the border though I think more people whereas we definitely want to come help support people and cheer up keep. People there's still that threat they beat you want some sort of border security at a little control but it mostly economics. And here's some you're either or I wanna hear something about this border thing what are they saying specifically about the border. That right now that we talk about you know having more mourn their page action and on that. At the end of the day you start thinking about it actually tied in NATO interesting lineup we have these big long discussion about. Some of those countries maybe you have more special programs that the reality is as weak as a country do you support. A lot detonate at least we put more money into a lot of ink or other countries she can't hack it in evidently if we don't they have a quarter. The social programs that we haven't I used to help people when they first get here. We just don't see a way to get around and act better actor. I have to go out and I'd be eight people are still working hard edge and that it secure lacked an insult your hand and they feed back to that future. You just cannot support the influx of the amount of people coming Okur without taxing more. Yet there's no question about that that's pretty awesome and I hope. Which you've said here is indicative of what's happening out in other parts the country's well Mel thank you very much for called good to hear from you. And C graduate of accidentally discovered so that is a very good think. I'm let's go. Briefly out to Charlie Rose in blue ridge good morning Charles. Yes that I didn't call about this this this since you brought it up. I would say that they had ten Merkel is the last person on earth this too good to talk about certain things that. Having your received very big degree from the live in university in Moscow and having turned their country. And the same is true could prevail in Canada and and many European states. Entered into a basically commune Islamic. Dictated issues where where it is no Christians who wanna I wanna try to survive. That would put note there written up calling mainly because it is on this. Cavanaugh issue I don't know why this so called conservative. Media. Is complicit in covering up this guy's involvement in it a couple really serious scandals including. Here that's having bid the individual that covered up evidence of Austin murdered. Did you ever talk just car weapon he's been at fort Marcy when they found his body. And that there was. And Hispanic invested in the mid Miguel Rodriguez. That debt limit this and amp up the pressure to call that big a suicide and we've putted. So that Clinton got cabin on anyway uncovered about the and intimidated witnesses can do it all kind of public. And ethical things they get this thing ruled a suicide off so what an individual. That came up with the argument. With which. That's chief Justice Roberts shot the obamacare. Down our throats said the idea that it was attacks. And it and that the I I can't think of anybody worse but it looked at the leftists screaming bloody murder of course they always do that. That this circle the wagons. Around Cabot he is no kind of conservative he's a bush like he would be the next David Souter. And boy. I sure hope you're wrong about this Charles but I didn't you listen this program are expressing some of the same concerns here. At least in terms of policy that this was not. By any means the home run. Have a choice. And let's go out to Mike good morning Mike. They've been thanks for taking my call. Eric did get back and NATO and and our president. How how many times as he started the conversation with a really really outrageous. Claimed more Indian. Only they're trying to dial back didn't and so saw when when when our president says some of these days. I don't I don't even really worry about it until you'd implement it because I know that that is very much. Are posturing and blow be meeting going on. The thinking they're bid but not just wait wait until it implemented so you think this is just stay for a an opening shot here. And and he's going to find some sort of for. Some sort of place of agreement somewhere. Shirts they're I pay attention I'm I'm. I'm a guy admits it's. You're in May be yet but it may be some amount of his book. You know just a negotiating skill of the earth tactic. But in general I I almost called president trump president Prius because he's especially would NATO. I think such a hybrid between like a Rand Paul and Pat Buchanan. And somebody even as bad as the Jimmy Carter. Other love Tutu make our enemies our friends and and Obama fitted to a to a large extent. But yet on the other hand I know what we're doing that we don't need close ranks certain IndyCar not a protectionist isolationist. Make America first. And background kind of like a hybrid dog thank. That's an interesting way to look at that I appreciate your perspective there Mike will seat she held this. Balance itself balances itself over the coming weeks and months and and where discuss in terms of her NATO Alex. I don't questioned her all idea for instance there are. Allies need to take more the responsibility for their own protection. I certainly agree with that. We'll see. How all of this please out here. Love to get your thoughts. 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after the hour of the 10 o'clock actually trying to see if things ahead for some reason on the Vince Coakley radio program. Getting your perspectives on the firing. Of the opening shots. In the discussions that will take place among NATO members and we've talked about this plenty of times before about the need for NATO members to. To take on more responsibility for their own protection. What are your thoughts on this and how this has started off Bob obviously good morning. I've been Ankara and beyond. All the you know like in part of the problem is. Age difference C would Donald Trump looks that Russia is looking at the Soviet Union. And and people nowadays. Don't even remember what the Soviet Union looked like that win went. Good job. But pollutants worse the former KGB's head he's gonna do everything like this Soviet Union and if you do business with them. They come at a high price and a lot of other way. One of those ladies could talk Hughes said he had no problem not dealing with that totalitarian government or something like that. Think that's that might have looked at the end okay you meet client right there that it works it has. And Saddam. That Donald Trump is exactly right and people from their era a time. Just don't understand. That how they work. And that and that term outlook our tour that all time they've been under the so oppression. Under Soviet Union collapse fifty or sixty years. Actually since 1970. Basically that I had to constantly feel the pressure from the Soviet. And there are. And you know you're just doing what they're at a security we don't trumpet this blowing smoke erupting here. Backside. When he acting like he's their friend it would either acting like he's the little. Rocket and fur and they're he he understand in these guys art and architecture that. They're not normally adjusted to the modern society see. The little guys from a hermit kingdom lake he can basically. Biggest start people all the time you know he hit it he's just playing a game. And the thing is that about trying to not playing at the same way I would think about it call him. A gangster. He's been to it they're using a different. Definitions. To things they're not saying you like Al Capone he sent their guys stranded here like government down. And he is doing and he's doing a great job and it. And the media hate stat and early attack them. Both on this saying that going on today over in Germany and everything bit desperate go to not respond choppers just. The media painted how they want and most people don't know history. I hop. All right Bob well I appreciate your perspective this morning let's. Get another opinion on this out of Gerri good morning Gerri. I hello thank you that my car powered Smart all right sick. God I I think done later credit he used to be you it which it will be sorted and includes Turkey. And even Turkey is different than it used to be jerked around that and I'm Steve Islamic dictatorship under record so we are now. Defending an Islamic dictatorship under that I think that you were taking a new look at and I'm glad trampled during. They hear it and here's a broader question and he needs to be raised. Bed because I think Donald Trump even raise this question before is this alliance itself obsolete. We. I think probably it is I think I think we need to go to Europe more than that needs to do list. Can find Russia and responder seductively Annan and ad hoc basis and Napoli can be done with. I'm alliance includes Turkey I don't think Americans are. Comfortable defending countries like Ukraine allowed into the country but do we wanna go to war torn. And doesn't let me go you know. NATO served its purpose and we'll Apollo the Soviet Union it's worth taking in the look. Yeah sort of the W natural liking a lot of. Oh. Times have certainly changed in it might be time for a new look at this and tie your scenario here Gerri I do appreciate your call let's jumped to PT good morning Pete. Oh good morning good morning candidly. Which would have stopped and talked to think when situations soccer. I've been important trip to start out in Europe. The stroke war. I'm really quick start marker out there and that's basically dumping more. Then then. Good that the focus for the movie. OK. So this is fully what you expected. Our our. Arnold and there he goes around her trying to do our urban. American trying to can can get along in stated that he really can. Sure remember it interspersed. Things Coke people in the work that we believe in fair treatment is best known that you foreign. First term we want to make it best you that you came. Fireworks and perhaps world good luck to her words just little reconsider our NATO commitments. And more. Work without some of their nervous or not they've mentioned Brian. American war so American. And to. Okay okay that is. Quite an interesting way of Burr approaching this thing now one final call here for this hour from told the good morning Tony. Yeah Buffy is American Becky is a lot quote up but because she can't win a war ourselves you know benefits as well. And so that the Q well by itself a little bit left so. American views keep Allah that that their vote up or so puts up. And how do you believe he is doing a terrible job. Yes but I like mica like look at what we gave up it but it worked but it because they really don't don't think it is 210 who were. You can't run over the world. And that's it back what you saw on you but that's where it's mistake going to be. But it looked liked it's well yeah just over so we went to its limit her back or better and they'll for the release of the court. Well I hope that it is not the case. Do appreciate your call their Tony you know and pay that's my hope in all of this. Everything turns out well I mean it's. There are our future at stake here in the future of the country. And how we interact especially with our allies around the world very important conversation. As we continue to broadcast. News coming up next. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. First hour we talked about the nature of seven the starter pits and got your perspectives and we have one remaining call Barbara out of Monroe good morning. Good morning. Take it away. What are your thoughts. Well I know that your question was really regarding. The term and place of the comments that remains. Yes and I was wondering if you had any more information regarding. What was happening. You know during all of that other than just a photo op. The adults. IA I mean what kinds of information are you referring to. Well I didn't it. Notice this is something I mean as I mentioned some of these things we had some sense that this was going to be somewhat. Confrontational. In the past few days based on some things have been posted on Twitter. But I don't know that there's anything more than Matt. Well I just say my comment would be let it play out. And let's see what happen. And reserve judgment for but the time and the place so hater and a you know maybe it just. They just happened then you know he felt like the camera dry eight and you know like up did we weren't they here we don't know what happened. Well we do know what happens and I see this is part of what concerns me about this Barbara I do appreciate your call. Is there's this reflexive. Defensiveness. We can't have a conversation about the and appropriateness or appropriateness of this there's this defensiveness. Employ the text line it is absolutely. Toxic today. I just share a sampling. Of some of the items here. A you know I've heard the pundits screaming forever about oh my god Trump's mouth is attitudes going to start nuclear war with North Korea only god he's going to turn chatting gets his when his mouth. Now is do the same thing when NATO. That's how it begins negotiations slaps some around until they act like get then they do what he wants. He's also a heck for chess move PS prudent after the NATO meeting which is another stick. That he can be made to win. The only reason America can't win a war by itself it's because. Your soft squeaking crybaby liberals won't turn the military. Loose and let them do what they do best. Another person drinks do you events I will not listen to the station from ten to noon I wished I could get rid of view. Really. This is seriously if that's. You have no right and I I'm just gonna say this very bluntly some if you have no right to call anybody else a snowflake ever again in your life. We need to take your snowflake calling card away. Because that's what some view bar. How dare anybody question anything your great god said we gonna do next give an altar call. Do except Donald Trump is your personal savior. I'm serious are gonna start back to rising people in his name. This is this is creepy. It really years. This year though Juan Williams of our side. This is just a music. We tolerate you because every side has to have one you know the place raw all the waste grows. Thanks to your service. I will no longer support your station thanks to Vince Coakley you need to wake up. I'm definitely not alone in this sentiment. Are we a dedicated listener of another station they managed to support our president instead of looking for reasons and ways to bash him Vince Coakley blogs on MS endorse seat. And a I'm serious. John what is wrong with these people well one of the listening to it. I mean they're it's. Seriously. Off the blinders. Pointers. Or yes. And as Sears slit our. I got news for yeah. If you think this man or any other human being is going to quote make America great again you are living a delusion. That's what he has a delusion. Because this kind of mindset this kind of Holtz isn't this kind of hero worship Cesar worship. Will be the death of the republic just as much as liberalism. You cannot build on this you cannot. In the divisive miss. The nastiness. And I I'm going to be honest with you and I I will say this exit before I will see it again. Some of you people are nastier. Than the people who were upset with me because I didn't drink the Obama Kool Aid. And you don't know what I dealt with with that. You have no idea. Got the scars to show for it. And some of you are nasty year. And those Obama Kool Aid drinkers. And sadly. Some viewer less intellectual the in the Obama Kool Aid drinkers. All there is this just cool late. Just Kuwait. Let's go out to David in Spartanburg. Let me tell you don't it's your. Our wanted to say I mean I'm not I don't doubt president trump not unlike both dining area that commonplace that come out RB got. It's special but it was trot out. And it did things like you know everybody but certainly bring that out your automatically bash trawl your. UAW hate America everything else but me and may your spirit upon in a play just like you said to putter real suspense and I mean it. Trout he just can't help themselves it just eat whatever don't respond he said we do good and bad. You know but you gotta realize that you can't keep order. You know split everything out that they are a lot. You know that they have been set up for this where he can have peace discussion. So now I don't think this what people you don't think this is part of a great strategy there are big corner but it try. Do you think this is don't you think this is part of a great strategy David. Well I mean it could be. Child that you like boat people on the spot. So I mean maybe that's why he did it but at the same aren't funny they're at a time and place they discussed. Yep by I hear you David I do appreciate your call let's quickly go out the Joey got about a minute joke. Patriots I just wanna say brother hang in man. So between you when you talk politics. And you don't how left and right and you're right down the middle right at home. This is what comes out of and I'm a Democrat which you know when a Democrat crawl. Give them one Republican brawl ghetto. Politics is that gains for full and. Try to do little. Every day warning for that. And Jill he's not a politician ends stock did exactly exactly. That's what he's told us. I. Knew it hit them they keep it I'm right behind. Joseph I do appreciate your call inning and the kid I don't agree with. Everybody. Means you're not going to agree with everybody. But we've got to get out of this polarization. Especially around individuals. This is not a healthy place to be coming up. We talk about how streaks they've really is not looking good right now stay with us. This is this Coakley radio program. Would you do something just remove it before we talk about. A race that is not looking very good right now. For 28 team. I want you to step out of your American garb for a moment. And imagine you're. A German citizen. And you've watched this reached exchange. That took place at the start of the NATO summit. What are you thinking. About the United States. In about Donald Trump. Honestly I just want you to think about that for one minute put down the raw raw wave the American flag stuff. And think about if I'm a German citizen. What do I think about this exchange. TI I think it matters. A lot of this that really concerns me. I love America. Very much. And yet the same time I'm deeply concerned. I think we're engaging. Others. In a wave that's. Tends to forget that there are other people live on the planet other than us. Doesn't mean that we have to pander. To the interest of other people around the world I'm not even talking about that. I'm talking about some level and inch. And outs of empathy for other people and their perspectives. At least an understanding that wait is this may sound good to us. But you know what's we are. 300 some million. After several billion people on the planet. There's got to be a context you're somewhere. Of us understanding. That the world does not revolve around America. In fact as a Christian I believe the world revolves around somebody else. In NA Donald Trump. Let's go to Fort Mill I believe and Jeanne good morning dean. Good morning. Then at the tape not a imagined it I want to determine. How lightly at all. I would probably get a cigarette and a metal helmet and say you bet yet pat. Oh yeah. Well I didn't say it's funny that was pretty good. You don't worry me what I think Kool Aid should sue everybody and especially you. Everytime I come up political you're always represented a Kool Aid drinking that Kool Aid preliminary at all. Being punished her Kool Aid. What bat. I pretty cool they don't play in and not gonna happen to me. What are you know where this came from. Joan we're Yunus and this guy. The gap and a well. That is not you know but I but I mean you police seem bill. Somehow intertwined Kool Aid and a whole thing. And you you're concerned about the reputation of the business I understand dean and I don't deer. Oh yeah. I mean I'm okay. He worked for Coca. Name your great live today appreciate your clock thanks hurt injecting some humor into this is sketched. Good morning Dave out of Concord. Maybin and Dario all right sir. Good debt not suspect that over the legal reference there. Yeah I got out of that do most people that are that are probably that I'm doing that as low as the people that probably hit back. I like many Americans as men are finally somebody says. Believe they gut. Did you say what needs to be net. I'm in my early that he is and for years. People on both sides of the dial cords or will the proper define it way back when. Well he talked about would've been great to get a businessman. In the White House so that more and more of the people it might be represented. And and let them flow through Wall Street and and drug companies and and and large corporate America. We finally got somebody there and make any doing things. That bad rub some people the wrong way. I don't think we can dispute the progress I don't think we can. He's the unemployment numbers may not consumer cabinets. They see progress that he's making buys you a little bit. Other top negotiator I don't believe that is probably some Germans over their particular what they're going through now. Would you open borders well in the EU we can look at it would break considered to be. Like in America. You know I use the number 50%. They're probably saying and I like this that you guys it's something we're not used to in Raleigh watching our nation's debt climb higher and higher. And watching. More apology. And so is ours by the way Dave so is ours by the way. What's being done about that by this businessman. What hit it down from an economic standpoint. About her debt. Our product that all. I think I'm that Warner that I that you have to be improper but can you imagine when he starts to look at the things. But I got archer didn't win when he's going to start. Well. Maybe maybe when he gets the look when he when he sent bought some of the other girls that are being long is a way that that shouldn't need to. A bouquet at Dave for this I'm done with the excuses cut up a crap don't sign. Jolts time bills that overspend and waste our money and fund Planned Parenthood. And it's. She and curious pushing for this brawl had the opportunity to push forward he threatened to veto this last on the miss thing. After they already passed it. I'm just tired of excuses I really am discarded out. I wanna talk abouts. Any race we've got to keep a close eye on. Ends I'm a little concerned about this I hope. With months ago this changes. But I'm sure this is causing all kinds of panic. Not just in North Carolina but. I'm sure it's causing some level of panic in Washington DC. There's a new poll that's come out a Democrat is leading in a red leaning North Carolina house district. Dan the green and we talked about this a few weeks ago after this primary. Mark terrorists. Former pastor. Won the Republican primary he defeated it Robert ginger now Democrat gimmickry eighty. Is leading Mark Harris by seven points this is a Republican district folks. They Republican district. This is not a poll done by some Democrat organization either its civic tell us a conservative nonprofit. 43% of likely voters said they would vote for McCready. 36%. Said they would vote for Harris. Jeff Scott who's a libertarian comes in with 3%. Donald prices to Mississippi tell us president said this race has all the indications are being a nail biter into November. But Republican should be concerned with the negative seven point spread in a district that has not. Our placenta that's in favor. Of Republicans. What's going on here. So. One of the big factors is money McCready is a veteran small business owner. He's of strong fund raiser he had one point two million dollars in the bank through mid April. When candidates submitted their most recent fundraising reports terrorist. Just 70000. One point two million vs 70000. Now there will be another reporting second quarter fund raising report on Sunday I hope this looks better boom. By the way I need to tell you about a story nice wonderful hit job by BBC news and I'm mark Harris and we'll talk about dad's. And subprime concerns about this particular race as we continue to broadcast what. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. By the way developing story. From the NATO summits. After all of the fireworks. NATO leaders including president trump have approved. A sweeping set of plans to bolster defenses against Russia and terrorism. Despite that blistering attack by. President Donald Trump earlier against Germany and other allies. Leaders also reiterated their pledge to increase defense spending. Trump's main focus going into enemy. I was talking about before the break they race we've got to keep a close eye out. This is a district that is supposed to be a safe Republican district. It is a raided as in our seven Republican district. It's supposed to be safe. And this guy gimmickry. Is posing a serious threat. I wanted to tell you about a new story before we go back to more of your calls if you like to talk about this in what you think may be going on here. ABC news did a hit piece. Raising questions about the role of women in the work place. There were brought up during a sermon by Mark Harris I have this conversation with somebody is several months ago and they were expressions are very concerned. That's. You can just go back in history all the sermons. For Mark Harris just. Just hire somebody which they may very well done or to go through in fines. Controversial things that mark Harrison said over the years. Because you know how they like to portray Christians as extremists. And this relates to the role of women in the workplace 82013. Sermons. And the eight Suzanne hairy strategists accused a reporter taking harris' words out of context almost to a person every mom in the ninth district would agree there is no higher calling and calling them being a mother and a wife. Or husband and a father. Calling the attacks are war on people of faith which they certainly are. You said aides said we've come to the point we're going to attack a pastor for preaching the word got. The ABC store was published on the late afternoon of July 5 interestingly enough this poll conducted July 5 through the eighth. 600 registered. Voters. Plus or minus four point six percentage points is the the spread here. The poll found both candidates Kerry net positive approval ratings even though significant portion of the electorate was either unfamiliar with. Or neutral about to both candidates and there's a lot of room for. Some movement here. And this is also interest in president trumps favorability rating in the district. Is underwater. 49% of those surveyed say they disapprove of the president's job. 43%. Said they approved this isn't a safe Republican district what the heck is going on here. She again I wanna know we think is happening here. A narrow plurality of 39%. Added they support their recent GOP tax cut plan. A possible boost for the Republican even though quarter of voters said they were unsure how they viewed it. 39%. Only 39%. Support. The tax cut plan. Indeed ninth district. Again. What's going on. Is there are serious cause for concern here. So we've put that out there shouldn't call him min till good morning welcome the broadcast. Good morning then I bet conservative Christian American that I wanna tell you how much I find your silent risking. Educationally and spiritually. Thank you all aren't. I watney thank you for opening my eyes today. Need I say I realize I might have. And Kool Aid drinker. But I I don't you know it's so you need to become that little you know what we've seen our country believed in our country. Mid to that our last fall and lived for many of the values that we are right on it it's really easy is. To find yourself and that wasn't. That you know. A leader does not fully and the leader does not act like a bug. And I do I do appreciate so many things set a child doing. But I. I guess my point I think. You know. If we pray. For him. You know he can develop more and and you know part of me wonders hit it he's not finding himself in that same position where you know he. He ends up against the wall with that does the political attacks in the media. You know what if what if you points today was you opened me eyes that the low information voters. And you know it's part of what's gonna buy mine when you were talking since I first appreciate it thank you for your thoughtful. Comments she shared here. One of the concerns I have here is I think about this guy isn't Donald Trump. If I wonder if he feels a continuing pressure to perform. For his followers. And this becomes a very toxic relationship. Where. He feels pressured to say things that are going to excite his base and the base continues to be revved up by him. And it's dysfunctional on both sites. And Chantal and I appreciate affect you shared your affect future Christian. My call and and I'm. And I I think you would probably feel the same. Is to somehow bring some sort of transcended. Values. To this entire thing. So that we're not it's. We we we don't carry that toxicity. And the animus. That we're seeing on the so called right and on the left. There's got to be a way for us to rise above this doesn't mean we'd throw out our political views and we dismiss them. But we carry those with a eight character and I grace. That sets us apart from everybody else it is that something you embrace. Absolutely. Absolutely so it. I already helped me get there yet he had ever met in my heart. And and you know we've had leader but as far as that that was wrong in the past and I think that we don't train for him set. And I'm good morning on the Bob and I know we've been a lot of things to bring the country. Maybe back to. Some of the values we believe. We were you know count on but you know. What that's all what we've got to believe that his seat we got this with some help. Unite and and and not. The ability. Yes absolutely and in Russia told one of the things that that stands out to me and and then I I once we understood IE continue to be corrected in this area because. I see and I'm I'm gonna say more about this in the coming days. But it's. We've got out we've got to walk a fine line here between our citizenship as citizens of the kingdom of god. And in this. This. Temporal kingdom. Of America. And make sure that our passion for America never transcends. Our passion for the kingdom. Because our character will then take a hitch. If we get these things mixed up somehow. And I I like which you said about praying and I'll tell you are repeating Jim Rice said before. My prayer is this president will face challenges that are so big. That they would drive him to his knees in humility. That's what I'm praying for and I would put a secondary thing and that's. Good god would put a faithful messenger who's not afraid of Donald Trump who be willing to speak the truth to him no matter the cost. Chantal I'd live feed a hole on the line because I love the talk with you again sometime in the future enjoy the conversation. Thank you for being you. 44 minutes after eleven. The way we talked about the nominee for the Supreme Court mr. Cavanaugh. He is meeting with key GOP senators today. In the ongoing process to win the votes necessary. For confirmation so that is taking place today as well. And before he up possibly gets more of your calls let's take some time I'll take a look at day in history gonna onto our Greenville studio. Our good friend Luntz who is back on this today. Thank you very much for rejoining us here. Now tied at that time in her camp. That's very much appreciate it let's go back to 1804. And our very first question. We have a contest of sorts between. Error and bird. Who is the former vice president and the Treasury Secretary former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Emirates and unfortunately died the next day. What happened between these two what was this event called it was if you lose faith duel you are correct. And there in her mortally wounded. Alexander Hamilton pretty ugly 1914. And this person. Debuted. For the Boston Red Sox. 1914. May new pitcher. He's also a pretty decent hitter what was his name. Not a mile paper and George Herman Ruth. You're so brilliant 1975. You'll never think of this we have I knew why would never think of this either. Archaeologists May Day discovery of 8000 life sized figures. More than 2000 years old do you what it wants. When you with us discovered 1975. They made the discovery of 8000 life sized figures more than 2000 years old. So you don't know what the figures for what was this. Where the figures yes cats up. That's what it. Up and Charles may know this he has this look on his face like he's aware of this answer. So actually infer Quinn's terra cotta army. I never would have thought that a million years here's an easier when 1995. We spent a great deal of time in this particular area unfortunately lost a lot of lives into a lot of people feel like. This was one of these words we didn't prosecute well 1985. We reestablish diplomatic relations with this country what was it. Probably our worst. Engagement militarily. In this generation. Afghanistan. How young. And I. Anybody wanna guess in studio. Barack think about John Kerry I served there. Know your member I served very Vietnam. As a secure food the way you last collections completely threw everything off resonated Celek was the recent war. Well I meant our generation because I think everybody thinks if this is are probably the most mishandled. Military engagement. I hate to to be derogatory towards the host but I'm sure some of the people would agree with me that way out of the question Ryan I was concerned about the integrity of the clues there. The news. Well. I have some commitment to find me. And that's how you feel I'll just quits. You know I'm six. Us as an you'll you'll have a panel there may be run questioned by the panel before you asked who that I can do run this by AM. These these guys. Knuckle heads you you mean John included. That can be rather dangerous rather dangerous take great to talk to your usual good to have you back same here how wonderful that our great meant. Let's just took off from stand get what he stand. I don't carry a racer. Ryan ornament. The point here. We've had. About socialism but instead of having it internally in the country which we did. I think there's been that going home. Between countries. But global it and I think that well has been being siphoned from. Wealthy countries including America which is the wealthiest. Two organizations like. And that's monetary fund the World Bank by the UN. World Trade Organization. And figure crawl and you can gluttony and you can't. Years and years and years of are actually losing own building giving away money. Because of the socialistic nature of bat. All the sudden pop in his campaign then I was hired to represent. The citizens of Pittsburgh not parents. So you put yourself in that position and even India shouldn't try to group alone. Our our our corporate tax we're hoping to do one more 20% now need to our countries of their just 10%. So you go into these countries and say look I'm gonna make it fair and right. Of course they're gonna screen so what would you do if you were prop. What would I do Clinton. That's a very dangerous question to ask. Humor you know you want know how would you doctors are in hot Papa that crap people over here. Agree with that their greed and America's department oral so all of what what do you do it. CNN see this is an important part of it for me though. I think he can engage this issue without being insulting at a photo op. That was part of the point out is making I'm not even disagree with the idea stand. But I can't think a lot of times what we do it the way we engage. The way we engage. Is off putting to people before leaving get to the subject matter. That's the only concern that I'm expressing. Well picked up significant cut in northern how they are the. Our city is and I got news for yeah I got news for let me just say this stand. Everything is not a business transaction. And it let me just ask you let me ask you this stand are you married. I'm not okay I think it's probably not a good person as the here's here's here's the point I'm gonna make here's the point wanna make. I would never in a million U issued years shoes the art of the deal. In my relationship with my wife. And and an overall in relationships you don't build relationships based on a business strategy and this is part of the weakness. Of this entire mindset that I think we've got to be very very careful about stand let's talk about the snow this time we're up against. The end of the show. But I think you brought out some good shifting points here have a great day folks. This is a Vince Coakley radio program.