Trump Speaks At UN, Hurricane Maria Strengthens, US Wiretapped Manafort

Scott Fitzgerald
Tuesday, September 19th

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What are you gonna say has finished with an 11 o'clock. We all went to questions like. Like you like Candy Land or shoots in ladders better. That investors want to come up with a question that I figure that's gonna be a hard hitting one and everybody wants to know right. I think choir and talk to your right to know supersedes your right to exist right. So prayer. This is this has been a subject that's been me a bone of contention in various places across the country there wasn't a football coach just recently. So in the midwest to that of getting canned because he wanted to prey on the field during. The beginning of high school football game in the folks there should not well enough and now it looks like Mayer Jennifer Robertson metro was sort of storm she's trying to do. Trying to start off here but no prayer at city councilmen. Memory City Council meeting starts the same way with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer wall tonight Mayer Jennifer Roberts announced the sale is getting word of this decade's old tradition. Hi obtained this email sent by city attorney Bob Hagan into the council in July. Palin mentions how recent federal court ruling that growing in county's commissioner led prayer violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment. The city attorney says that applies to Charlotte. But he didn't specifically say senior leaders need to stop praying that. The city attorney wasn't that the meeting tonight but Mayer Jennifer Roberts says the issue came up but tonight's dinner briefing. She's is the reason prayers being stopped now and not right after the initial email this because there haven't been many meetings since the rolling. And while council was receiving guidance for indications have been neutral and she says is the right thing to do though to get rid of the prayer. So the city is inclusive and. How much it means every single person. Every single in his background even those who don't have religion we want them all feel comfortable coming to army and then. So I have been on this is this is a set up your. But on the mayor Roberts is setting this up to become a campaign issue for the mayoral candidates in the City Council members. I'm because there's quite a few young folks that are going to be in City Council. And amateur and all their backgrounds are notes are varied and wide background and want to see whether or not the this is something that they insist. Will be part of the City Council meetings moving forward it's amazing how. How politically correct we are across this country now and just and just. How divided we are and how people are making decisions based upon other people's opinions. And fear. We had via the triathlon. That Europe had the word trump and attend that's gone by the wayside just not gonna happen this year wonder that happened more politics right. Politically correct. Now the annual civil war era event to Dirk can unease Bratton is bill. These are canceled. Writing this canceled. It's not canceled because it's considered to be politically incorrect or that it's a racist situation now. The officials. Will be our culture and heritage museum which are which of the group that oversees. The historic Breton spill and the museum of your accounting. Discuss their concerns about quote if something happened. This is our listening canceled because of concerns about safety and potential protests. Is that we're gonna go through life. Is this going to be dictating every single decision that we make every single event that we have every single speech that somebody wants to make. Okay do that they might protesters. Hello Ralitsa what's having got milk celebration an up tempo no no no no those lactose intolerant people are gonna come out with signs. Can't do that. Publicity lingo a get together and everybody play with Legos and have to know up candor that. People without fingers they're gonna come out protest I don't know who's gonna hold their signs but there's gonna be a protest. Let's have a Mountain Dew for not know about this sudden drop people. President sandals we'll have a sandals will what about the people would know toe is. What is an end. Can't have a civil war era of event. Can't talk about history. Can have a big cannons go and have kids love to cannon's right. And other smoking are the other pageantry of the uniforms. And can't be a day where folks just wanna get together and have a good time it's essentially role playing right. When he was im going to be a battle. Just do a demonstration you know when life was like. We need to get rid of via. Oh the of the old tiny towns that have via you know each picture taking them in the the old outfits and be look and learn how to churn butter. No we can't have the butter churning because that is just another demonstration of back in the day how they kept women down who kept him behind. The closed doors of the hall. Tired of it. I'm tired of it Mann a port trump trump tower why here. It happened. What does it mean we'll find out what's up Chris what do with the FBI it's gonna do an XT runners Levin Ted not event for WBT. Think much nines seventies time. We have president's going to be speaking to the United Nations. World about 1030 and sellers and that's when it's scheduled. We'll dig into that dip into bed she would be a president has to say of course in the discussions about North Korea I'm sure the bomb making America approached America great again. So why US investigators did indeed. Wire tapped former trump campaign chairman Paul man afford Lisa Steele of the word that they are using wiretapping. But Chris Wecker firmly within BI joins us now here and CNN you are CNN yesterday weren't they do eluded Jamaica. I was on air Burnett last night at 7 o'clock god it was that same topic Yemen there's a lot of interest in this obviously yes. So what is wiretapping the right word to use your greens. It is it's a very generic term I mean there are very different types of wiretaps you could you could just some people might think of wiretap as. Phones only but they can also extend emails surtax or any type of electronic communication. So it's a pretty broad statute there's a criminal statute that was passed in 1968. And there is a mentality and since terrorism related statute that was passed in 1978. To before that all assumes them without warrants. Dutch and and an early days literally was you attacked when you're wires to be a person's telephone lines and that'll tell you got it okay alligator clip. Got you. So the other snooping happened during due to the times descended Golan not. On the surveillance was to scheme to can discontinued at some point I'm last year supposedly for lack of evidence. And then re started it with a new fives are warranted extended lease to the beginning of this year. So what does that mean it was green they didn't find much in the new information came and so they said well let's give this another girl. I think that is the case Amanda if you understand fight it's the secret court. It and it city's use for intelligence cases in counterterrorism cases involving non US citizens. Citizens have rights that are very different of course. And so in this case it looks like there was a fight so ordered that was obtained before because of Paul Mann reports alleged. Ties to dip the the president Ukraine you you can bitch. I'm not pronouncing that correctly but. He apparently was lobbying or or working whip that pro Russian regime. To. The push policies that were favorable to the Russian government at that time I mean that was an allegation that made me and so they they have apparently they ran that size that out it didn't go anywhere pit laps. And then I think every day they didn't renew that size that appears to me that the brand new case sprung up and that was the potential Russian meddling in the election. And the potential alleged collusion to that I think that's word the second fight the order came it's two different cases. Now now somebody is allowed to quote act on behalf of a foreign power they need to register for that. Is there a difference between somebody being a lobbyist for a foreign country and being an agent of a foreign power. Yes. When you talk about being an agent of reform power in the context of five that he really talking about working on behalf of I hostile foreign power. Against the interest of the United States lobbying under the foreign agent registration act it's known as Sarah. You that you can work on behalf of another government. But not a government that's hostile to the United States for example. Or you know there's at least not especially hostile lake North Korea you couldn't you couldn't some registered to lobby for North Korea. But it but you can't registered to lobby your work on behalf of other foreign governments. Got you and Chris worker former assistant director FBI had cyber and criminal division's. You if you mentioned flies in defies a court who. Who appoints a finds a court who's in it what are those dudes are dude that's like. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appoint nine fight the judges they're split they're Kennedys are not supposed to be known. They preside over. Different procedures in the five record all secret. All involving intelligence and counterterrorism cases involving international subjects. And everything happens there is supposed to be secret it's never spoke to light day. They get they basically give orders some four provide orders for wiretapping for interception of communications for searches. In those cases so it it gives the intelligence agency. A place to go to get warrants. So that they can legally. Do some of these things. Got to end this has to come if I understand things correctly. From the Justice Department they're the ones that initiate something like this. I yes sir I mean the FBI is the sole agency that does this sort of thing the CIA does summit as well but that's may have mainly when is it. All foreign subjects involved. So the FBI. Would initiated in this they would. The approval process would run up the FBI chain of command all related to the directors I would go across the street to the department justice who would run up their chain of command. And be approved in minutes four out so that they could go before the court actually applied to get the the size it's a long drawn out process. Got you into. Since it whiz with the FBI and the Justice Department some fingers are coming out of the trump world of Jeff pointed a finger than at Obama that that he knew about this and maybe even directed thinks does the president and knowing. That this is going to be going on. No he spoke to be out of the loop so to speak because he's not supposed to have any. Involvement in actual investigations. They're but he he may get briefed on certain information that comes out of why five says activities. Now there there's this thing called minimum stationed at the US citizens that are intercepted or or is this sort of incidentally to to a fight. Order a five in receptions. They're at their record dispersed to destroy it with them I think sixty days or so it they have no actual involvement in the case so. There there's you know there's that controversy as to whether the president was actually wiretapped. I mean you can say that and in. In one sense because if he was intercepted. You could generically say he was wiretapped although even if there's even if his phone was not the target of the wiretap. Touch it but anything that came out of those conversations assuming it applies to what they're looking for. Could be used against them as the case unfolds is a great. That's correct irony Chris selector. Former assistant director with the FBI head of cyber criminal division's always subvert insightful man afford. Looks like he could be in some trouble of course they they do via the search and seizure of his home indictment might be on the way to break him back Karen Travers talks about the president. And the United Nations is on the way and WB two days. When we have president. Addresses the United Nations. Like some weapons. Does it bode well for our future and courageous president trump was speaking to French president. A man and and stoked up with the pronunciation of Emanuel not how brawl at the UN considering Hadley parade here in the United States. Will say. I wanna say that. Salinger yes it's. One of the greatest dreams I've ever seen. It was two hours. You can lose military might. I think tremendously for freshness. Of your friends. And people don't know what a great warriors and our friends you see them. Too much instead because a lot of notice we may use something like that on July 4. In Washington down. They are however we had a lot of military mind. And that it was really beautiful little dizzy and representatives from different wars in your reviews it was real hello I'm going to impact. And more Larry call worm I think you're absolutely that social work. Even though. Fourth of July. Pennsylvania Avenue outing and really remember pages she normally do strength you know we. He said he should send hundreds. And well wishes and. For good news because we're friends but tonight statement to make Karen Travers. He's joining us now from New York City as the president prepares doses of vocal warm ups you ready for your speech to the United Nations his first one. And some of the other reports are coming up this and he's going to be speaking in extremely tough turns about North Korea as a which really to me. Yeah that's what we're expecting a bit North Korea will be a major part of this speech are rallying cry after the world community to come together and do more and to come and have a unified message. That North Korea has tank cut out these destabilizing threatening actions. But you know the press has really talked tough on North Korea the last couple of weeks remember it was August when he. Warned of tiger and cheery that would come North Korea's way. Since then three missile tests and their most powerful nuclear test and moved on North Korea's action to be in the front row this is not by choice field. Lottery system here being dragged to have a camera on that North Korean trade we can't wait to duplicate those cut shots that I started to get reaction and won't be bringing it to you on the radio for those who can't see it we'll tell you what we're seeing. But you know this oh yeah really interesting speech for the presidency he's taking center stage speaking to leaders are nearly every country and when we were traveling overseas with the president earlier this year you and I talked about how. How is beginning you received at that skepticism. From other world leaders think the same time. Everybody's going to clamoring to get some of his attention and he will come me in that room. But it's different room for the president to you know this is an cheering crowd at a campaign rally it's going to be. Presumably stony silence and very somber setting but. President today is giving what White House officials are calling an enormous opportunity. To demonstrate American leadership and values. It's interesting to see that there there are folks within his administration that are sort of at odds with him. The president says he's not interested in nation building as spreading democracy with our military power working through denominations. Brooke fostering global stability. To those things to us that the kind of went hand in hand. Any interest rate meaning there's a split at from what we're reading into their within previews that we're getting from White House officials say you know you have on the one hand sovereignty is gonna be emphasized. This belief that the UN and other multinational organizations are bureaucracies bloated bureaucracies in individual nations need to have that. Right individuality. That. That's no kind of that brief part Steve Bannon rhetoric that we heard but at the same time in nearly the same speech the president can save the world needs to come together. Could this threat from North Korea's so some crises are so big. That you need everybody on board but at the same time every country should allow it to you have there O'Neal America first ask policy and. Most of most of its on the UN speech is not all that I don't know earthshaking. And is George Bush George W back in 2002 the you know rivers bring a Saber rattling was a pretty big when that. Do you think president from my polish shoe off like Nikita Chris. Did back and I'm sick that's always cited as the bigoted to stay out of her no law exists yes absolutely and you know there's always. Some big pressing global issue I did appear for many of these now with presidents bush and Obama and there's always you know they get one hot button issue and for. Obama for many years it was Syria and what was he going to do because it could just the way to timing of these speeches and privacy for President Bush Iraq dominated. Most of his second term when he would come onto the UN and there's skepticism. In in the international community on both of those issues. The president today is in the making his case for. You know the rallying cry in North Korea but you know something I'm working stories. Can't call up North Korea by name but as you get a car out Chinese need to do more exactly and China's last year president she is not here this week. President trump in she spoke to yesterday on the phone. And everything was hunky dory according to the White House read outs but we certainly know that the president has been frustrated that they haven't done mark. I don't think this is going to be a speech to we will forget anytime soon cared Trevor Taylor is to look forward to getting your your take on ovals we get together tomorrow. He's and the values and Karen Travers with ABC in New York for the United Nations speech. By president trough and again let's reach comes UA 1030 we'll dig into some of that for you here is that we make it through today. Don't forget 11 o'clock today Kenny Smith mayoral candidate for a for the city of Charlotte from the GOP sized will be where this. It's going to be vote Thompson Mark Garrison John Hancock me asking questions if you got one. Shoot one Jimmy's got at WBT's dot cubs got XWBT. Dot com. Was it awry or was it protests were looking at one year from the from the situation here in Charlotte for the whole world watched. We'll look at some of that when we come back hurricane Maria back and forth. It was a void that was of fathers are floors of the five against still. She told not a 160 mile an hour winds to make landfall are made landfall in Dominica last night. Via prime minister there Roosevelt's characters in my room is caused them to complete mercy of the hurricane house is flooding. He had to be rescued from his own mind I was there with a category five. Season that there's that one of those angry vote. Wu I think godsend to me a message I think got to send any message that I need to leave. Five. That's amazing can and we're front this year museum first hurricane season since 2007 that we go to category five storms. So Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands saint Croix way. They. They're right there in the path. There is there wouldn't there's got to be much left if it indeed hits and and strikes a minister direct strike I'm out what can withstand hurricane a category five. Mean. What they're saying when they call a category five with that means is they're really can't be any more damage caused. If the winds get any faster. It's it's a big bad dude in this take case a big bad lady and it's going to. Rick is as much possible damage as mean as we can possibly imagine shall rule that they need to get ready for that. We'll find out today as I was we get closer I mean this thing so far out people are saying gee is this going to be a repeat of Burma's is gonna potentially be a repeat of Hugo. We don't know yet want us to talk to Richard Llewellyn with a weather channel come anyway 10:15 this morning. To us to get an update then doesn't sort of prognostication. As to what the likelihood is. And just how bad things are going to be. United Nations we know we talked with a Karen Travers a little while ago about two of the president. Talking to the folks there at the United Nations are gonna get to a get to that would Eric deters cubic first an update on Paul man afford to there was a raided his home they took away a bunch of stuff and files some looks like that perhaps. There's going to be a mile an indictment on the way. Wiretapping for sure is something that we know of financial Warrick what's the latest. Well do we know diplomat afford blows wiretapped by defense before the campaign and then after has signed off on by the so far as the courts men aboard has been under suspicion over tax evasion and money laundering related to his lobbying work for Ukraine and Russian clients. And he has fallen under suspicion in the broader Russia investigation now to see whether he pushed any of those clients to perhaps interfere in the election yeah. He had encouraged Izzo is the word that that I hear thrown about did he encourage them to do this. Well right and and and you did good there's been no harm allegation but again metaphor seems to be squarely in the cross hairs of us. The special counsel. And to the extent that they even threatened him with an indictment according to the New York Times and if that threat is. Followed through he would become the first person indicted. In this investigation. And there's also some rumblings in her folks are in the toilet. The metaphor might be the easiest of all involved to turn. You hear anything about federal. Well they certainly applying some hardball tactics right amid threatening an indictment reading your house. You know. Putting going up on her phone number and that's did to these are the classic hardball tactics trying to get so under either from the port to. To cooperate or or or something so if they want to assure their metaphors ready to do that so your ballot counties mounting quite the legal defense. And and there's no guarantee that he's going to roll over on on anybody there or whether he has anything anybody to roll over on the if it is so big it is still not clear how that all goes down. Yeah good point they're not nuclear attack world war three Armageddon that's what people work Google link. After trump talked about North Korea and it threatening them we'll see what people Google today how hard the one you think he's in particular the United Nations. Well I think he's going to come. Edited to say that North Korea is Fred they're meant the world needs to do we even more than a Pattinson and but he's also coming with a message that says America first and and you'll see how that squares take it to anyone and distance yourself from an institution built an international cooperation on the other hand trying to elicited support. So it's a delicate balance and a challenge for term for the president and I think. The about colleague here camera and a chief foreign correspondent for the doesn't it doesn't matter much of the UN may despite strong politically but they delight in watching him. Yeah oh yeah and Kara we're talking about the in the past speeches in general these are not memorable occasions but. Have a feeling that that trump. He likes to relieve he likes to make an impression so I was finish is going to be a little bit different and some speeches in the past you've. All YI I think so could he speaks differently you know all of that Obama was more academic and end George W. Bush was blunt and Donald Trump's because slogans. Here the other day was talking to make the UN great. Thought again he had just may yet you make. These pills and an end those slogans and it's taken people's minds whether they mean anything or not. You know who have I think we'll wait to see that the delegates they getting meaning from the foot. I'm sure they can expect a memorable liner to. And do their position and ABC foreign leaders some of them like him some of them don't like him some of them absolutely have no idea what to expect. But the president of the United States certainly fascinating stuff but it's going to be fascinating Washington thirty's when that speech is supposed to get underway and will dig into it for your ignorance or until 993 WB two weeks to have enough time to get this cut in here is it okay let's go and play this. A year ago tomorrow big do once you're in town. October 3. Stand two weeks after the. I don't have windows still pouring out of the singing traces of tear gas barely cleared away. The issue letter outlining plans to address the underlying causes of the unrest and. Okay. First promised his career you have to implement recommendations on these practices. Trust and accountability when CNBC oh really something the second we must create 5000 new workforce and affordable housing units. Three years. Okay. What barriers. Good paying job. We'll talk about those promises we'll talk about your experiences. A year ago tomorrow and shooting at peace Lamotte. Our stories on both sides and we'll take your stories coming up when we do that so hard for you on WB. So you're planning this weekend to get ready for Armageddon. He is maybe it was just a rumor. The world is not according to. Newsweek. September 23 doomsday prediction took off on social media. Another over the weekend and so this is good newest impending apocalypse. Very loosely based on last month's solar eclipse. So Saturday September 23 will mark. 33 days since the eclipse in the number 33 is apparently a very biblically significant numbers and people who interpret the Bible. Now this is not the we've had so many of these. Tony twelve to the world blow up into a twelve no I didn't OK I'd describe it sure didn't miss that. That was that was another one of those big once you know is he speaking already stand if any other president is an SP into the. General sellers level in sixteen years. And because of our regulatory. And other reforms. We have more people working in the United States today. Than ever before. Companies are moving back. Creating job growth the likes of which our country has not seen in a very long time. And it has just been announced that we will be spending almost 700. Billion dollars. Or not military and defense. Our military. Will soon be the strongest. It has ever been. For more than seventy years in times of war and peace. The leaders of nations movements and religions have stood before this December. Like damn I intend to address. Some of the very serious threats before us today. But also the enormous potential waiting. To be unleashed. We live in a time. Of extraordinary. Opportunity. Breakthroughs in science. Technology. And medicine. I curing illnesses and solving problems that prior generations thought impossible to sell. What each day also brings news is some growing dangers that threatens everything we cherish and value. Terrorists and extremists. Have gathered strength and spread. To every region of the Platt. Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists. But threaten other nations. And their own people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity. Authority. And authoritarian. Powers. Seek to collapse. That values. The systems and alliances. That prevented conflict and tilted the world toward freedom. Since World War II. International criminal networks. Traffic drugs weapons people. Forced dislocation and mass migration. Threaten our borders. And new forms of aggression exploit technology. Tremendous our citizens. To put it simply. We meet at a time. Both immense promise. And great peril. It is entirely up to us whether we lift the world to new heights. Or let it fall. Into a valley. Of disrepair. We haven't and our power. Should we so choose. To live to millions from poverty. To help our citizens realize their dreams. And to ensure that new generations of children are raised free from violence. Hatred and fear. This institution. Was founded in the aftermath. Two world wars. To help shape this better future. It was based on their vision. That taveras nations could cooperate to protect their sovereignty. Preserve their security. And promote their prosperity. It was in the same period exactly seventy years ago. That the United States develop the Marshall plan to help restore Europe. Those three beautiful colors. They're pillars. Of peace. Sovereignty. Security. And prosperity. It's president trump speaking to be UN general assembly will get back to some of the speech. Momentarily plus an update on what's happening with Maria swirling out there in the ocean it's on the way you run WB to get more attention to this time. 11 o'clock today. Linda Kenny Smith comes standard double Thompson's belief to charge on that John Hancock will be here mark chairs in world has taught him about. What we can expect when the mayoral race really kicks and what would be like as a leader. Little does some of the things that we need to know about this guy so that'll come your way at 11 o'clock you get a question Scott WBT dot com Scott at WBT. Dot com president still speaking to the United Nations in that we will get back to his speech here. Momentarily when I wanted to get an update on Maria Richard rolling with the weather channel joins us and you and I Richard. Spent a lot of time talking about Irma as is she made her approach and then landfall and then some. What is your reaction how do you feel when you look at Maria. And think back to compare that in contrast that with what we saw with Burma. Slowly impacts are pretty much the same in fact we've been. Getting some of the initial information out of some of the islands on the damages bear especially dominate jets. Where the IEL one across the island of course. We just also reports from the prime minister bear that's that pretty much every structure on the dollar to dominate a lost their roof. Paul and others as widespread damage everywhere in fact the prime minister himself from Domenici had to be rescued. From his house this morning as the eye of hurricane rolled through because. The flooding in of course of the damage they're receiving mayor and looks like the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico or gonna take a catastrophic hit this may be. The first category five hurricane to impact. Puerto Rico since sudden 1932. So it's going to be up. It's going to be a devastating blow for the island cent of course so that's what we're going to be watching gears and move onto the next couple days here. Has too many people there to do area massive evacuations so. Hunkering down is going to be what they need to do do we know is there area a massive influx of supplies you know batteries in milk and food and flashlights that sort of stuff. Yet there was so little larger run on but cereals yesterday especially in the sand on inward ahead of the storm and of course. Lot of people boarding up and getting ready and of course. The military has been in places. There have already been hit by arm and they are making sure the a lot of the damage that happened with the armor was cleaned up enough. That those materials that become flying projectiles. When the storm when Maria comes by so. There was a quick cleanup in the recovery effort bear a lot of the military that was sent to the islands especially in the US and British Virgin Islands. I have been evacuated back out to sea and they're gonna ride this storm out C as they wait for the storm to pass by and of course they will be back in the air. I'll want so Maria passes body and that they will be up picking up where they left off. Hopefully would not more damage and what they've already got in some of those locations. Sacha and as I know it's early. But everybody in Charlotte the question that we really care about is of course you wanna make sure there's many people are safe as they can possibly be but really what we care about is is this thing gonna come our way and there's multiple models out there. Most likely scenario at this point in time. Well there are five star things that we're looking at right now that are gonna play a role on exactly where Maria goes right now. The forecast through five days is pretty good in five days from now we expect the storm to be over the Turks and caicos silence may be in the central Bahamas. But beyond that there are a lot of questions that we're still trying to iron out there's a weak trough in the Gulf of Mexico strong ridge that's. Going to be building up over the northeastern US where is Jose in regards to all of this. And a lingering wrist it's off to the northeast of Maria all of these ingredients are gonna come together. Do actually steer where the storm is going to go so there's still some questions beyond five days on exactly where the storm goes. At this point the US is not. Expecting any impact split time won't tell. As we move toward the end of the week in the weekend on exactly where Maria's future path will be and that's what will be following this move onto the next five to six. They did not return would Llewellyn with the other weather channel if I appreciate how hard you work for us to make sure that we can pass along the the information approached me. Maria. Not a nicely. She's coming our way category five category for what you gonna be when she gets closer to us of course we'll stay on top of that let's go back to by the president of the United States speaking to the united may. She is is only acceptable future. The united nations Security Council recently held to unanimous fifteen to nothing votes. Adopting hard hitting resolutions. Against North Korea. And I want to thank China. And Russia for joining them out to impose sanctions along with a all of the other members of the Security Council. Thank you to all involved. But we must do much more. It is time for all nations to work together to isolate the Kim regime until it ceases its hostile. Behavior. We face this decision. Not only in North Korea. It is far past time for the nations of the world to confront another reckless regime. One that speaks openly of mass murder. Valley of death to America. Destruction to Israel. And ruined for many leaders and nations in this room. The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise. Of a democracy. It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture. Into an economic lead depleted rogue state police chief exports. Armed violence. Bloodshed. And casts. The longest suffering victims of our translators. Are in fact its own people. Rather than use its resources to improve our rainy and lives. Its oil profits. Go to fund Hezbollah. And other terrorists that kill innocent Muslims and attack their peaceful Arab. And Israeli. Neighbors. This well. Which rightly belongs to Iran as people. Also goes to show are up. Michelle are our sides dictatorship. If you are yemen's civil law and undermined peace throughout the entire Middle East. We cannot let. They murderous. Regime. Continued these destabilizing. Activities while building dangers missiles and we cannot abide by an agreement. If it provides cover for the eventual. Construction. Of a nuclear program. President is still speaking to be United Nations General Assembly and a virtual us. Keep digging in on this you can make sure that you know all the important parts. I'm not its fiery. Not as fiery rhetoric is is some folks are anticipated so. He's not done no pistols and plenty of opportunities. Washington Post is reporting there's another dead creature was and other data breach. At Equifax back in March. Then tell us this went. Two breaches fairly unrelated we don't have any details about that when bit again. They they screwed approach Equifax make sure you protect yourself lifeline or at least a go to Experian and India the other reporting services and make sure. Creditors froze and it made me a break and back here this is there's 1110993. WBT yeah. When you want to figure skater. Out there on the ice and you start doing that spend thing. Firms are way out wide. It's a certain history to that spin and then. What happens when they start to bring their arms and closer and closer and closer than go faster and faster and faster that's what is happening right now with Maria. She is developing that pin that. Hole high and to say that that is dreaded would be an understatement Jim Ryan and ABC joins us now here. And so we did her little bit about some of the destruction that is has already occurred as a result of this and that doesn't look like it's it's done doing its business out. No you're right unfortunately it's because spit on out to the northwest word is right now of the Leeward Islands is for the last strike had it. That it has done that extensive damage to some of those communities that already were who's tried to recover from hurricane karma or just less than two weeks ago. They expected that it will be opera Puerto Rico by early tomorrow morning. And continue on up to what he peaked a little to the north of Haiti that the island is going to get to a bit severe lashing from a even if it doesn't make a landfall or. And then continue on to the north west. Where we skated through dangerous to try to project these things too far out an advance because there's so changeable as we saw with Serb. With or must I mean it is made some twist and turn toward toward the end so. An original landfall produce a projection of Miami. Eventually had to be revised to the opposite side of the. Take him now Puerto Rico are almost three and a half million people as the voters of 26 team here. This could be an incredible disaster here because they're unnecessary there's a lot of areas are not necessarily known for a a lot of structural integrity yeah courses wealthy folks when there's a lot of poor people there as well. Oh absolutely and and they depend on I don't favourite sports but he also depend on tourism and I'd just like the Florida Keys the what are going to try their best to get back on their feet once the storm blows through. But they won't have that sort of financial resources that that Florida coast now. Of course that is they got the United States backing them there would there will be federal assistance the president already has issued an emergency declaration for Puerto Rico it could be difficult to recovery process there. More so certainly didn't do that it's going to be for the Florida Keys. Yeah indeed I don't know. Puerto Rico I don't know anything about the landscape there he's in today's it mostly low lands or other a lot of mounds there as well you know. It is well it's a Little League chairman it's got to planes could also has some the most remote terrain there as well what. That led media bid to solve but I have no problem when you start looking at the powerful storm that's coming through on what the UI's cigarette you're there. In my Wear down this storm still wanted some of the punch out of it. Even if it does it's likely to pick up some of that strength again after a greasing Puerto Rico or going across Puerto Rico as it approaches eighty. Touch him Scott Jim Wright and ABC and yet again we recover another story here we have Harvey together we have hermit together and and now we're doing Maria. We just want Jose to Jose the latest models are Havoc with and around me making a tight circle to the right. Almost. And I'm trying to come up with the analogy for what is going north in this kind of goes in the mideast in his room zipper bag around. So anywhere between. Virginia and in New York maybe in Connecticut to are going to be in the yeah. In the path of Jose 1000 turns around bizarre story that we had here locally. I guess Tony as a matter of fact I believe it was in July. Just to fill back. She mushy asked some dude should not trying to hire a guy to kill her husband. Thomas whose name. And we thought this was a slam dunk deal you are somebody to kill you were you know as anybody. Murder for hire it's a bad deal and don't go away for a long long time but no it's not the case. District attorney says he can improve Jessica Filbeck have the money to pay to have her husband killed. And because of what they call that lack of proof. Charges against Filbeck were dropped. Channel I spoke with her strange to husband after learning she would be released from jail he says now he's concerned about safety. She's. Not innocent why they jump followed murder charge against my life. And I feel like I can't trust her interest in all I can't trust the people at the courthouse and I need some answers. The man police say that she asked to do the killing was originally hard you work on our home again Estonia. That man says he went straight to police after Phil Beck made that offer. Mean. So you go hire somebody. McNamee get this straight you so now if I were to walk down the street and and I would go ask a dude freshman drugs. Time to send an uptown staying in the park Marshall park and are a good guy drugs. And the nice is yet and he starts to hand me something in the top seed this. But I don't have any money to pay for it does that make me any less guilty. I don't think so. So what's the difference here this when really this one has me scratching my head grown women there's there's something wrong when this. So. She tried to hire dude killer husband but the letter not because she didn't have the money. You're telling me that there isn't any sort of alternate form of payment she could of offered this guy. Moon. Whom things are making your them. Smells funny to me. Actually smells funny to me the take a break coming up 11 o'clock Kenny Smith. These candidates Republican side trivia for you mayoral ship defendant correct English. You must be mayor for two. We'll talk to him dig deeper into who he is what he's all about. But Hancock shares in Thomson may grow to be doing and you've got questions got XWBT. Dot com. And it was good morning to you Simon and Scott FitzGerald tomorrow. Feel on your anniversary. Got an auto brake elusive Charlotte. I was in Raleigh at the time and it was amazing. You can hear the story we've reviewed the story than you thought okay this gonna go for broke and and the next day now and then the next day now. So. So Mars that they were to observe that we're talked a lot of folks and wanna get sure your remembrances. Of this. And up if you have any suggestions or is two people we probably should talk to about this stopping shoe right shoe me an email Scott. That WBT. Dot com protests seem to be happening all across the country here. We've got to protest at Harvard because of up Chelsea man I think we get protests in Saint Louis and then there were protests. Georgia Tech in Atlanta all started because a man with a leatherman. Was standing from the police saying should we. Eight he had issues RA. All of us have issues mill shells thought he'd be attending his son's Georgia Tech graduation in a few months but now he's planning his son's funeral. Campus police shot and killed 21 year old scout shields outside his dorm late Saturday night he was the president of the schools pride group. I just cried reading all the holes on his FaceBook page. Monday afternoon GBI officials said shields as the one who called skip this police saying someone who sit in outside his dorm with a knife and gun. When police showed up this cell phone video shows and talking to a barefoot chills. Always yelling at police to shoot him. Police say he was wielding a knife but his parents say he was having a mental breakdown and he only had something like this in his hand a multi purpose tool. Which has supplier. Screwdriver. You little nicer. His parents say shirts was battling depression and campus police need to training on how to deal with that they also need to carry nonlethal weapons and not just gun. Yeah any news to analysts and the pleasure to listen the police put down put down but it. Oh when you don't there are consequences. Of the consequences a little too two brutal. We'll start with a ten users Schumer went from there but then again not a police officer and no police officer's job they're they're hoping each and every day as they go home at the end of the day. That's what they like to do so now protests are there and it's not the only place back to back protests Atlanta and Saint Louis. Also new overnight violent scenes from the campus of Georgia tech university in Atlanta at least three people were arrested after allegedly setting a cop car on fire. Tennis is after a peaceful demonstration over the police shooting death of a 21 year old student late Saturday night. Police say they opened fire when scouts Phelps kept advancing on officers walk carrying a knife. A Stanley attorney says shields was suicidal. And having a breakdown when he was killed. And a large crowd gathered outside a jail in downtown Saint Louis demanding the release said demonstrators who had been arrested on Sunday. For the fourth straight night of protest there passed without violence. The demonstration stemmed from Friday's acquittal of a white former officer who shot and killed a black driver after a car chase. Wow so another day of protests going to Rob Ryan Burr with ABC can hit that button to bring him up there Kazaa I can't reach it. But Ryan burrowed talk about it what happens and most a 160 arrests so far is that where we stand or is the number inching up. And we saw that number actually kick up considerably yesterday afternoon we we have been told by Saint Louis police that Sunday evening. And got a wrangled everyone up who who is still out protesting. As the police say they illegally at that point that there were eighty arrests that number jumped to about a 123. Felt. That's why we saw a little bit of a spike in the number of arrests yesterday discuss them just revised numbers essentially. Many of the demonstrators who were there are taken by surprise. In a procedure that police cute called peddling which essentially kind of cut off their entry and exit points. And they were able to Rangel everyone in its. As a result many of the people who were inside day and got wrangled up by police are on Sunday night some of them were not actually demonstrators some were members of the media some more attorneys do. We're monitoring the event somewhere doctors is well we're monitoring the events that. There were few people who I've made out of expected to be put in that situation and then the demonstration to resell left leg mainly a part of the police office. The police department they should say telling officers to let go of the demonstrators that were made it cut. I'm having a hard time get my arms around this one here so people were pro testing. Are some people were peacefully protesting but they got arrested as well there's going to be some as some legal wrangling when this all comes down. Well here's what happened on Sunday night in this play it's one thing kinda get out ahead you may have seen some of the broken windows and the overturned planters and and garbage cans as well there's some of them protest. Until they do get violent. When EA community organizers and clergy members kind of broke off and said we've done our piece this is as far as we're gonna go about 630. There were hundreds of demonstrators that were made out on the streets and at about 11 o'clock at night. I'll police say it's time to break it up guy we're not dead when I can do this said he more. So they they attempted to get them to break it up it didn't happen and that's so why they did this killing procedure basically rounded up the remaining people. Judge have you talked to the other other folks in the news world. About you know what's happening in Saint Louis and then what's happening in Georgia Tech can't just how many protest we have gone on across the country here and a lot of them because of pollution and. Yeah you know that is then it's something we've seen the last what five years I take pretty much since Fergus and we've seen it in Minneapolis say and Cleveland in Chicago and Baltimore as well. Hey if this kind of underlying narrative that especially among African American community. That the police are you know out to get them in bed did doing these shootings purposefully. And today it has been very very difficult to prosecute. White police officers ordered a study police officers and their cases we saw also a Milwaukee as Ian you know the murder of civilians or suspects. He's a situation where the suspect is believed you have a weapon and the and the officer's life is believed to be a danger and this is kind of another chapter to its of that story line. Abdel this is a little unique in that it happened in 2011 and this was six years ago so. The outrage perhaps sell a lot of people are learning about it now. You know we beat state spent kind of in place for awhile yeah sounds like he had if this is that this is definitely another piece of that that puzzle. Now you mentioned a vocal Maureen mentioned Ferguson you mentioned Milwaukee did you mention Charlotte. I Charlotte yeah the other was that one is that what they're the other end tomorrow's the anniversary. The shooting people are starting. When all hell broke loose. Who's really the beginning of the end when it came to America for Roberts it was a sort of the last straw. The second the last Brothers and yet she had quite a few of them her soda cup as a matter of fact there. We'll talk about that all day tomorrow. Right out of the shoot starting at 905 in just a couple of minutes 1105. Would be in the conversation. We've GOP hopeful Kenny Smith is going to be joining us here in the student shall. Get some questions when Hancock dance for gears and ask your thoughts on today as Peter may Dakota's way. You can choose to me or any of the guys here Scott WBT dot com is how you reached the spot at WBT. Dot com conversation gets underway here just a few on WB two. Please visit WPG election Tony seventeen special on any in depth hour with Republican mayoral candidates Kenny Smith. From the WBT studios along with Scott FitzGerald John Hancock and Mark Garrison. Here is Botox and. Is 1104 and is eleven sandman and I'm very WB changed. I guess when the big boys guys says your name that that this signifies you won the primary. This is not the case meth candidate for mayor in the east Charlotte may oral election. Just a week ago tonight do they defeated. Source USA game the nomination and will take on a vial Lyles in the general election he is in the studio as you heard. The big man the top tell you that Mark Garrison is here John Hancock is here Scott FitzGerald here. Have course yours truly from WBZ's morning news but the man of the hour is Kenny Smith. Until it's exciting I wanted to be on radio and. Looking at least listen hello he knew we thought about that. How many of you guys wanted to be sick more science does let's see if there's and did you got I wanna be running for mayor now I'd never want to be running from him run a front America. I think I got more powers a talk show that happened. We are here for the next hour. Two I get to know Kenny Smith and I've just been notified dead just before I went on the air that. I vial Lyles is going to do the very same thing one week from now just going to be with us next Tuesday. From eleven to noon and the hope is that we're able to do several of these. Because I think in in both cases both with Kenny and with by both of you have a task over the next. A month or so to introduce yourself to Charlotte there's a section of Charlotte district six obviously knows who you are. But a greater Charlotte and getting to know Kenny getting to know via Lyles and so that's we're gonna do today. And Morgan you're not gonna go around the room conversation only as the hour goes on hit some some major topics. This is of course the anniversary week of the year Keith Scott shooting we're gonna get into some of bad and the ramifications of that but I wanna start today. With. Where we should start Kenny Smith who is Kenny Smith. I'll start the ball wrong by saying Kenny and this is your chance from square one to speak to the 50000 watts a listeners out there tellem who you are animal at the guys here in the room. Chime in after that match their own questions about just kind of an into introductory thing here but. You have the Florida start us off here and thanks for coming in today. Exciting glad to be here really appreciate you all haven't asked down and provide this service free listeners I think. He should have a lot of folks are more today listen to get to know us little better. And almond native shot in L and a half mile from the Hermann throughout and in my mom's still resides there today and a father passed away about a year and a half ago. The week I grew up in Berkeley downton. And right by their now I have three beautiful children sometimes well behaved eight and a half year old twins Robert named Gordon and then five and a half year old. Many candy. Beautiful wife Bridget whose from Saint Louis we've been married. A little over twelve years now a Jimmy is Saint Louis girl growing up here that's great question out of the but says she was in town visiting some friends she went to graduate school at Chapel Hill now and she was in town this in some friends over Good Friday weekend. And we had a big group that just net out there is no prearranged set up and we were at the meeting house of all places and we hit it off and Alice taken from the first time we spoke and ended up the talk turned to come into Charlotte. After graduation we were not yet engaged and she did not yet have a jobs issue and not a followed in the vice out of given brains are not an error or females that told her hey come Charlotte Nath. I think's gonna work out. I'm on the commercial real estate broker. But they trade spend a lot of time on that throughout the years not so much mound in the campaign as she can imagine your days are filled up with two and stuff like this. I do mostly office and land sales. I'm. I'm man. Grew up in Charl and sell one AG marked our high school graduate from Chapel Hill. In 1996. Came back to work for a small manufacturing company called Charlotte pipe and foundry got into real estate in 2005. I've coached basketball that doubt why we're actually played as kids those kind of fund given back at an active that that. Church he's group leader ordered deacon. I have done some other things in the community in the neighborhood association's president nest that's an election probably when mother. I just showing up and then after work it's hard to win now and might have been drawn to shorts short straw but he gave me a real good sense supported district represented does. And my predecessor was indeed Dolan. And we worked a lot with Andy to get things done and one of the things are really sort of spurred my interest in service. If you get it to corner of park we downs in running mate you get about 30000 car today coming down running mate. You get about a web and come and Embarq announced we've got about a 150 kids at least sell one or AT walking home. The flashing lights that crosswalk lights weren't that good and we needed those replaced in require a vote. In require budget allocation it is required somebody that you called in this case it was indeed. Sing your problem is important and we can we can help you fix it and says that was a cured from my neighborhood days was a good death. It could lead in the get in December service. Talking to our Ken he's meant Tuesday a candidate for mayor they Republican candidate for mayor. Here and is 1110993. WBT a special election Tony seventeen. Presentation today and again by allows will be with us one week from today mark let's go to use second here any introductory questions for canning. I think I have a question about to know what if you CU went from a kind of being any. A neighborhood association guide to getting interest in the City Council. Asset transfer no warning to be mayor because you don't vote very much as mayor I heard one mayoral candidates say once. Well you kiss a lot of babies and you cut a lot of ribbons but you don't get a lot done so why do you think to be more effective is there SA great question. Wanted to make we need some balance on our own government I think cabin NASA made the opposite party leading will be helpful. Our mayor can put stuff on the agenda the mayor does actually have a say they're the face of the city both. Internally in the next journalists were trying to attract business to area. But most importantly. We've all seen what can happen when you have a bad man a bad may or may get to do more harm than good mayor but the past eighteen months almost two years now. In an incredibly chaotic. We have strayed away from our core function puts a safety. Infrastructure. And jobs and we delve into issues sit. Are really that national level issues that tend to divide communities gotten away from the blocking and tackling and I think I'm the person best suited to give. Give our group get counsel. Back focused on important issues. Days so is at another way of saying Jennifer robbers to spend way to much time pushing gay rights. What among other thanks I think she puts a lot of things that don't fall into. Our jurisdiction in this local government Sanctuary City status. Climate change out came up talks ports. Midsummer this year as says she focused on a lot of thanks to god outside of our our purview Gilmore an activist nature always say that. Potholes or bi partisan not Democrat or Republican they just want to be fixed. And I think the citizens of Charlotte are looking to get back to. They may air it knows what the issues are for the citizens and how we can implement the plan in addition to best that give us going forward so. Yes you line news or talk about the other position being ribbons and babies. Unlike crib exactly what when I was a kid might this that you can be president of the united states of my first step was to go to West Point because its military academy. Obviously things have changed and never gonna be president but that was the beginning of the path for you the pants started. You know and local activism Pitt and fill the bottles chains in the rights and then not councilman you're looking to be mayor. What's your real trajectory where you're looking to go beyond this to surrender how much I should try to kiss up to you for the future effect down. I'm trying to become mayor Charlotte. Now when I got into politics lucky go back to 2013. In 2013 the big issues with street car which is still residual hanging around we'd just purchased Eastland mall. I had to paint their stadiums he had some issues where government really wasn't spending taxpayer money wisely. The two candidates for mayor. Work Patrick Canon. In Edmond peacock both a little bit older than me but recently young gas I figure I can when district six what we did I could surfer handful years. Maybe three terms for content the most in it and see if I can provide some leaders. There assuming. They get that. Candidate for mayor at that time was going to be in for about the same amount of time and then I would come back to. In a fulltime that maybe there's not a political position that she could could explore. Obviously we had one mayor go to jail and we had Dan Clark Tucker Phil and did not get reelected in and we had mayor Robert. And you know in July of last year when we were battling out trying to get a speak to resolve. And you roll into the fall window showing no leadership. Turn on the protest some call protests and called riots not count. Al pennants and I've got a better way to do this and that's we got in and we'll save or at least for right now my focus is. Helping get Charlotte back on track. Cameras circled back around to a mark's question you do as mayor shut the dialogue. What do what dialogue would you says a priority going in and I'll kind of bridge that with we're I think we're going next and that is tomorrow's the anniversary of people months Scott and and you kinda came to prominence when you walked into the crowd after a meeting mirror. Carl what are your expectations for tomorrow so let's we'll start with they want they want we get sworn in in early December success first. Monday December. The very next day and the Sadat city manager on the sit down left community leaders and all of our department heads we need an integrated. Vision. Across all departments. To give us out for the next 25 years. We we we know now the people are coming ran 44 people a day. But 2040. We're gonna add another 400000. People that's Raleigh that's Pittsburgh or Cleveland take your pick. Those people are coming. We have to be prepared for that we need public safety. We need infrastructure. We need jobs we need water sewer we need everybody to be rolling in the same same direction we do not have that planned that. We do not have a plan that you can measure it has metrics of success or failure to make sure that we we we're where we need to be is a city. 25 years out if you look at a lot of the issues we face today it comes from not having a plan twenty top thirty years ago. Great vision. But no plan in place and asked to me that's what we do day one. And I think we've got the leadership skills would only talking about this trap out about this we've got a leadership skills and vision to get that implement it. I don't essence will mean more money because growth does not pay for itself so in essence you it's gonna take more money first and foremost. It is gonna take it better use of resources. The tax base is gonna continue to address on so we'll have some natural growth. I am right now we've got the street car hanging out there that does take money from. General revenues to can go to other thanks so we've got some things out there and better ways to allocate the money back to your second question it. I hold that thought does this part two we're gonna get to. Why is John Hancock suggested the anniversary tomorrow Keith Scott shooting for mckinny's. Plus on that and what he's expecting. 1116 and is 1110993. WBT I'm vote Toms and a special presentation today. Until noon election 2017 and we are spending an hour with Kenny Smith. Mean GOP mayoral candidate we have John Hancock here we have Scott FitzGerald we have Mark Garrison we have viewers to really vote Thompson from WBZ's morning news. And most importantly we have Kenny Smith the candidate on the Republican side and one week from today at this time. By allows has agreed to do the same thing with us. And we're gonna get to what is tomorrow the a one year anniversary of the shooting of Keith's got Mark Garrison I'm Marquette something net to add to the very end before we wings. Shift gears here you mentioned on day one you'd like sit out city manager and talk about water and sewer and setting some priorities but the truth of the matter is visited the city manager of thing can. Convinced they will face a meeting mr. mayor. If you wanna put that on a council agenda good block key because. It again added that the manager runs the government and he gets directive from the council as a whole. And you pulled NB most likely if you win and working with at least nine Democrats who have probably no interest in working we view so how. How do you pull that off and. Effective and so first summit. I disagreed and maybe now and tea and a couple good candidates out there and without a doubt that they have a good chance to win set history here in town indicates yeah it it it will be likely deficit right I think that my record to date on councils and that has the most thoughtful pragmatic and willing to listen all sides. I often talk about my friend John Autry we did agree on much but we had fantastic conversation. On policy and in the dinner briefings are set to the left thumb side albums had done and fell into the left to be on top and we always getting hit it's up all that. Let out I think if you're running for council if you are running to be a member of the eleven member body. It you look at this is and you look at the fact that we sort of got caught flat footed where we are today it you're gonna buying into that bush knew gonna buy into the need. To have that happen because if that doesn't happen. Point five years go on the road is going to be more of the same today is going to be more congestion. It's going to be in more growth it hasn't been as planned planning director of planning content of that. Weaving in to our rezone in process traffic water sewer Wayne news and having that comprehensive plan. I think Gary let's combine into it but I think it's not mean irresponsible. But he but if you're swimming with sharks and the members of the opposite party you'll have a tough time selling much of what you wanna run into that that's where the one thing the mayor has an Anthony Foxx had a good job of this that you do have a little bit of a bully pulpit you do have the biggest megaphone on there until won't need to bring in community sport. And I think the city manager would welcome he's data driven and I mean city manager were welcomed help trying to implement a 25 year vision plan. And then I'm optimistic that we had to cross on. To date my record on council working across the aisle we don't always agree but the willingness to sit down and work has been second to none the observer. Actually gave me really high marks and you know would stick to my. General philosophy of government without alienate not colleagues said David Howard. He was a previous at large number of before any big policy discussion or vote would always come and in my office which. To me was a part of really cool there an at large act came into a new B. District six reps in an office suites and on talk he wanted to hear what I had to say. Only hear what he had to say communication is part of it a 25 year vision plan as bipartisan as nada. Rider left us it's okay just so we make sure we get through all those topics are gonna try to hit this hour hunt tomorrow. The anniversary of Keith Scott shooting. And Mark Garrison our talking in the newsroom yesterday about how if you look at. What was going on ahead of what happened in Charlotte last year there's some similarity because you can see what's happening in Saint Louis we see what happened. I'd Georgia Tech last night there's some unrest around the country. I tomorrow night is theirs is an anniversary tomorrow afternoon and so logged Hancock just asked few minutes ago. What do you Kenny though Kenny Smith what do you expect is going to happen what what are you anticipating. As we hit this anniversary tomorrow. I'm so this art community still working on healing. In our community still has a ways to go to it chiefs and the goals council set out that we quite frankly need to have. I damn well balanced community. Either sell or events throughout the week that I'm planning on attending. When my support to some of the healing efforts back to the question mr. Hancock asked about the night that I walked into the crowd sometimes. And you just try to do the right thing in near a little scared he can come across an end up having a great result. That night we spoke to come down expressed extreme displeasure. With council. And a lot of words that aren't they wanted to settle all on radio there are threats made against my family there are threats made against me often. And it ended the night we had a opportunity. The mayor mayor pro attempt when it out sort of just usher out which would have been the absolute worst case scenario that evening when we had the opportunity. To say hey let's let's start over. And welcome not into the crowd had no idea what to expect the second most angry. Protestor there gave me because it would not coming your house. I'm Danish protestor was not in the mood for any sort of reconciliation. That night I walked up and sat down next to one of the black lies matters leaders and said hey look I'm Kenny. She introduced herself has nice to meet chuck here's my card may we got to launch sometime now so look they're people. But I represent. A dramatic chief for. Writing main tent up stuff uptown. In the end your mad at them additional think they care in reality is nobody knows each other we don't know where the other person's coming from. In my take away from that is with strong leadership of willingness to listen. We're not doing much here now when my dad always had given her and more are listening to try to get to know the other's viewpoint you can start assault some of these community problem. So the other mayor and the police had a bit of a longer head and some folks are felt like the other the play's got thrown under the bus at the same time we're dealing with the issue of how do we handle incurred. The three of the appearance of too much police violence against folks too many shootings going on here. How do you love them but at the same time insist on some policies that that make folks stand back just a little bit so we're responsible. Response to a discuss situation that's it. It's a delicate balance and I think. First and foremost the police need to know that they have there's the support. Other local elected so as they head into their daily jobs and communities they know that they know they have support. Act conversely. When when there's a bad acts and the community needs no that they will be held accountable. After kerik was arrested back. The previous police chief and they put the wheels in motion on that one on that shooting. And so I think that the balance is making sure you do have some transparency that the public feel safe in our community policing efforts. Our work in it our outreach in diversion programs are working. Couple Gwyneth accountability of the community sad that's one thing we never hear about this in these conversations. Did accountability in the publicly used to make art. Police officers and citizens knew each other citizen she's known each other neighbors to know each other anymore. Your standard and for those two say two protesters that you just talked about tomorrow night and and they wanna know what's been done in the last year. What's your answer so we let we've outlet division first things that we thought could help cure some of the underlying issues first and foremost affordable housing. Com we heard that I mean this funny all of the pent up anger was more than just shooting it was about other issues in the community where people go like they didn't have a sense of hope. Now we're about 40% of the way there in lesson half the town so we're on track for portable house now released a four point plan I did it. We'll help us get all the way to rolling need to get it. I'm I think from the police standpoint our cops and barber program. Our community outreach efforts have stepped up policy at Hickory grove Baptist Church said that night we had a wonderful actress asked what we had members from the independence division and hatred and division. Ross didn't tables to sit ascension would get to know each other and we had to play twenty questions with an officer. I'm so I think our outreach efforts are stepping up. Malcolm Graham misquoted in the favorite is tennis people around the streets riding they weren't there for affordable housing that's exactly. They were out there for a host of reasons I think they're out there from a sense of being felt left behind and all the people up there. Quite frankly worn out there for after this they're out there to cause chaos or folks came in from around the country some and we won't question everybody's motives. And getting that roundups on the we'll tell you finish your point out just on the other guys that we're gonna take great care and we'll add. Folks in the streets were there for host of reasons. Did my genuine take away was that there's a group of our citizenry. It genuinely feels left behind our community. Those that are left behind if they're neighborhoods aren't safe they feel as though the police aren't always on their side they don't feel like they have economic opportunity. And what we need to do is we need to create a city that works for everybody and we can create a city that works for everybody. I think some of those issues are eliminated but to your to your point there were folks out there for the shooting in outrage and I think the narrative that came out of Ferguson. I'm getting help and it was you know timing. It's hard there's more to talk about your obvious they're gonna continue that. I would get a check of news and do some business here come back the second half hour coming up with Kenny Smith and our. Here on news 1110993. WB today I'm votes Johnson we'll be back. C 1110993. WVG. This is an election 20s17 special. Don't go with the Republican mayoral candidate Kenny Smith. Or seven other way Scott FitzGerald was doing a show and all these people showed up at half staff and that's in the same room without any food Canada that. Well I think that beefy enough of those where you guys lessons to be told there would be at your real long station at WF ends the if you want to use those with the sports station I get your peace agreements on our way out about it if the past John Hancock. Time though Thompson Scott FitzGerald is here of course as he always is during this time Mark Garrison is with us as well from Charlotte at six. And the WBT's and a new newsroom and the right across from us all is the mayoral candidate on the GOP side Kenny Smith them are spending an hour with Kenny today. I'm here till noon no one week from today by Lyles be sitting in the same share doing the same thing answering questions from all of us. And we appreciate you being here Kenny we were talking about as you're going to break. At the end of the last half hour about tomorrow's anniversary of the Keith Scott shootings. And everything that happened in the aftermath of that telemarketers and you wanted to follow up on this yeah right after the riots the city counts. When you signed on to this letter that an open letter to the community that should we hear the anger and frustration expressed. Arm I was there during the riots I watch stores alluded trucks burned the police chief called these people criminals. As John pointed out they're not intra they were protesting affordable housing. It seems like City Council. Jumped quickly to wimp out on law and order. And tried to blow Letzing combed by now with these people who just tried to burn in the city dam. I think some colleagues probably did get a look quickly there I think if you look at some of the events that happened. I think in many in my colleagues probably did not stand with. Chief putt needs is trying to do his job as strongly he would have would have liked it but why sign this letter. I think it in the aftermath of unprecedented times in this city Charlotte I think that is have body who. Consensus Ross were trying to find a way to show some. Reaction to the communities because again. Someone in need to work. Listed in there are need to we need to addressed to become a better and stronger stronger community and so I think that. We felt our reaction. Us to do that and then on an individual basis we had opportunities whether it's on this show or. Throughout town and other media outlets to talk about some stuff such as its police and start putting the good job he did and if you go back to that event. The mayor never invited the National Guard. State highway trooper for the police down to thank them for the work that they did keep in the city safe I was able to go down on thirteen nine to the riots. I went down to just grant street where the change or would occur chief asked me to come down he said to be very helpful if they had somebody. If they knew was that supportable and so they know their efforts were actually being paid attention to accounts are my first response chief us federal floral. Up to one down to address the brave men and women have seen PD that have been working twelve hour shifts. First celebrate straight he said it's important so I went down there and I was able to give spokeswoman of the pep talk let them know that a lot of our community does appreciate what they're going my kids and I went down on several occasions where. Energy bars and in. Fluids like Gatorade what not to help help out with. With their efforts on I think if you look at what happened there. In the event that happened throughout the community you often saw a lot of folks that would. In a note assistant then you see folks that go up and thank officers probably more it's tough to beat plays suffered today's world it's you know. Do we saw the ascendancy of a group called. Rise up Charlotte. Or Charlotte uprising. And then now one of their members who was heavily involved and that is running for City Council may end up winning. On their website they still call for police to be disbanded and for prisons to be open are you comfortable serving with a guy with a radical agenda like them. LB eleven members on there and I'll be I'll be mayor. Is needless to say I do not support to spend in place author Steris. At a rally in Marshall park recently were some folks referred to. Oasis are racist institution which I disagree with that assessment as well the we have men and women that go out every day they keep us safe and the fragile neighborhoods that they're one and two. Often need need him the most. I'm salads say that they candidate it is supports disbanding the police probably won't find a lot of other folks on. And counsel to go along with some. And it is mayor they'll not be part of part of my agenda will not heed to stand in. In a place I can assure you that that's enjoyable Betty get back to supporting the place that. As the voice of Kenny Smith here on news 11109093. WBT this is a special hour. With Kenny Smith fan votes Johnson joined by John Hancock also Scott FitzGerald and Mark Garrison. One hatton shift subjects here gonna try to get in as much as we can hear Kenny you wrote. And editorial in the observer back in July it was titled we need fresh ideas on affordable housing in Charlotte. In that you wrote we must address Charlotte's affordable housing need before it becomes too late. It's time for creative solutions to solve the housing crisis in a way that encourages increased philanthropy private investment. And fiscally responsible stewardship. And our tax dollars unquote and already in the the week that you all the two of you have been candidates UN vial Lyles affordable housing is that hot button issue that has come up and cocky wanted to talk about affordable high housing. Well yeah Dell along the lines of that dregs in the midst of all the conversations you all had about whether or not you're gonna support memorial student soccer in this than the other and it's on tour we're talking about money. Ed dregs comes up with a proposal that maybe you we instead elated that we did did did to change the way that the city paid for the improvements that are going to be made to bow jingles arena. Which would free up eighteen and half million dollars for affordable Simon you you voted that measure failed but you voted for that. I thought it was really creative. I still think it was really creative so I guess volume my one question is expound on that a little bit but the other way is would you put a dregs back on the economic development committee which he was drummed off of by the current mayor. So it is safe to say that it can be the chair of that committee you pigs that the most private sector experience with that wealth of knowledge in the banking industry. And when we're negotiating some pretty high stakes stuff into guy you want on there I thought Ed's idea was brilliant on the score were elected to do. Now we're elected to come up with good ideas and figure out ways to implement and he came up with a way to meet in need. And to have funding. Allocated for that without raising taxes. Indeed mayor pro tem voted against that. It seems as if for some candidates. Campaign speak and campaigning and election season issues come to the forefront but they're voting record does not always match that. I think that if you look at the probe that what I. Written opinion that that came out. There were several candidates running for office and I serve with the accused it of dirty Republican tricks I didn't realize the good ideas were cornered. I had to be partisan. I'm so and so we were folks that were. Morris Almond social media Santos is that plan might not got really good ideas for former house and I've gotten better ideas than my opponent. And I. Oddly after I wrote this he came out the seven point plants I guess thirty years or not this. Four points is not enough or thirty years and in government four point is not enough new layer on more bureaucracy that seven point Europe. And a vial Lyle said that that would actually delay the project but city staff disagreed and said no it would probably move forward on time so well that become a campaign issued on the road I would imagine is going to be a big campaign issue I'm proud to stand on my record I'm proud to stand on ring and ideas that will bring. Free markets Philanthropic. And the government sector together on an issue that we recognize this community importance. I'm proud to have the voted for a creative solution to add eighteen million dollars to this. And I'm yes yes I imagine there be an issue Gilliam. When you were campaigning here to get this particular position to be the actual candidate who are you mentioned a lot of different things with problems with it. So yes or no real quick and targeted the question we have prompt with roads right. Yes crime about debt yes school issues. Yes but not city SE NK affordable housing. Yes need jobs right yes I seventy sevens kind of screwed up. Yes murder rates yes our problems are so pure sitting down in front of Amazon who's considering Charlotte to be a potential new home for a second cup. How would you address all those things that you just said yes to. That's says there are some challenges that we face and I think I'm the leader of best equipped. To fix us I would also say the leader best equipped to sit down with. Fortune and her fortune when he put wherever Amazon brings on that now and understand what they're looking front workforce understand that they're not looking for. A new regular tipped burden it makes it harder to hire people understand it. When Amazon. Brings their campus here they're gonna need to streamline zoning process and permanent process that they can get done more quickly. Those issues are incredibly important for us if you look at our. Bennett availability of flame got sent the river district. We've got areas that are teed up to host the campus by this I think we have a strong workforce. I think our state. Has gotten to a point this is gonna be relentless and it didn't go Holbrooke Amazon is likely to come I think it the state level. This state has not played as much an incentive system of the surrounding areas. But they have created a regulatory environment where rates continuing number 12 or three places in the country. To be businessmen and so I think we've created an environment. It would be very attractive for some like Amazon. Com. That seal those are all those positives and and that's a wonderful pivot you do a great is soars in debate goes you know you get under points for that. We're still all those things that we have identified and you have identified as the downfall of the current mayor. As problems those still would still need to be addressed there. Maybe not today may be doing and whether we we changed mayor we're gonna chin in what is true we've got a plan on crown thorough. We can mart to implement that we're down 244 office right now they don't have the resources they need that they probably don't have the pay they don't they don't have to pay that deserve. A lot has changed in the past four years of policing in so they don't have fastened and infrastructure needs they have so weakened. We can create ace. Peter police force with the resources they need to and we can get our community police came up and I think. 1146 under is eleven and 993 WBJ I'm boat Thompson from WBZ's morning news. I'm joined by John Hancock three to six Mark Garrison from Charlotte at six and of course Scott FitzGerald. Julio normally holds down the fort solo in this time slot we've all come together today. For a special election 2017 presentation an hour with Kenny Smith the Republican candidate for mayor. How we will do this with my Lyles the Democrat coming up one week from right now during this time slot. On my show every day at 715 now the former mayor and former governor Pat McCrory a joins me for a segment and I told you are coming on today canning. Can you hear that you're okay but is that while you're the most important person really hear this obviously a I think it turned a little bit I asked the governor today the former governor two. Submit a question. Here while we talk to you in this is what it was. During my tenure as mayor of the city of show voters and Mecklenburg County voted for a half cent sales tax to support all transcend it and ensure that all transit funding. Would come from a half cent sales tax that was the promised beta the voters. This streetcar boy except promise and now money is being used outside the asset sales tax from city taxpayers. To pay for the current streak or and a planted expansion of the street car. How do you plan to pay for it and how much specifically will the cost see not just next year but for the next ten years. I'm both operating and capital cost. And where the heck is that money gonna come. For you and tell you you're gonna need a calculator did not that that's. Got a great question it's one with talked about a lot to tell them elected that we came in on the heels of the passage a street car so we spent a lot of time talking about. How the heck he gonna pay for this boondoggle. I'm in right now is currently has four revenue sources yet vehicle. License tank rentals tax you've got a a Levy for further current affair so to speak for that for the writers in yet sales tax. All of that money. Does have the ability to go into pay go funding that is general revenue that can be used for affordable housing can be used to beef up our police force and other areas. So we have. Well while it doesn't matter your property tax it. Fund industry cart does come at a cost. And it does come and take away from. Other critical. Community needs and meet the governor was spot on with asking how and paper at the half cent sales tax does not cover it. Right now we're looking anywhere for a six million dollars from the operational side. Are on an annual basis. I suspect that's actually higher number I think this government speak for possibly. Our floor. I'm so I expect operations to come in a higher level than that if you're gonna build the system out at some point which I would not support and faced three you're gonna have to be right capital funding. On that and we've got. Issues that we've addressed this far more important. The net and you know one point of differentiation between my opponent mean my opponent is all in on the streetcar but she's aren't on funding. Mystery car which again takes away from other core functions of local level. And that's Anthony Foxx who was a former mayor and and transportation secretary said the building out the street car will fulfill a promise. Two west Charlotte which was a way of saying to the black community that's been made for a long time. But there are some in the black community I've talked to who say okay so white people get a nice slick trained. And we get this slow strip the trolley car. That runs not like a bus. It. What are we doing to help the west side. With this thing run its so the streetcar I think fails on a host of levels wanna run some none of street so it can create new generation slow and eight creates congestion just not helping with the leaving traffic. Secondly if you look at least phase one and phase two they're no economic development opportunities. You start down at independence and you come up past the hospitals even hospital campus you worked your way down to elicit the central Piedmont community college. Uptick how way uptown. I don't jobs and wells campus highway in new vetted very small section of land and I know this because I've chased a couple sites in my day job. Along the court or closer to not since he's met Cindy got a very narrow court or the tricks again have the economic development opportunities. The Blue Line. The proponents always talked about the ability for redevelopment. And by that metric has been has a smashing success if you look at what's happened in south end. And what's happened is you working your way out and then clearly what is that line goes north. But she had a long line of uninterrupted real estate that was right for redevelopment. You don't have that. Along with that the goal line the Internet I think is gonna fail on a host of fronts and then let's say. You get to the ladies were growth portions let's say it happens to be successful. Oh then we can talk about gentrification. So the small business owner on babies for growth. It may have I am but you know various whatever small business is also is that what second. I can't afford to pay these rants that calls. Because real estate dice on. Update me on a couple of things it's going on first year ridership exceeded expectations second gear was down 7%. It hasn't necessarily the streetcar hasn't really had much show movement towards building apartments and retail along the line. And I guess so the what I need updated on is the growth properties side idea of 550 that had not started yet hasn't yet. Now you know it's funny we talk Bart ridership ugliness in Atlanta they went from zero to a dollar ridership dropped by almost 50%. I think it's and when it's when it's free. And is there are people may hop on par for the novelty of it. It's not an efficient mechanism of transportation it doesn't it doesn't really do the connection and needs to do either the other question I have is on the Hawthorne street bridge which may close independents are parts of it from time to time did we ever hear that going to end on this project that and shows interest in the Hawthorne street bridge they had to get to get the tiger grant we had to cross. Independents. Didn't hit fifth. Handful apartments and everything are so that we would actually be able to apply for the can it be successful and it costs us ten to twelve million dollars to reinforce the bridge. And so we were thirty million dollars out of whack. Straight out of the gate we've driven the first male one. In the ground forgetting the tracks and place. FaceBook lives of people watching us on FaceBook live a question from a FaceBook I ever our FaceBook or lives will Kenny Smith worked to end the whole road. I 77 and converted to a general purpose lane and if so what's the plan I voted against that when given the opportunity my opponent did not. I'm I think he's gonna require more than. Local mean this is gonna require working with our partners at the state level found. That governor Cooper was elected must on this he he hasn't delivered yet. I know that several Mecklenburg delegation. Out there and senator carte John Bradford some of those folks are still. Still working on it and I think that contract that was behind Nat where we're at any given non compete to a it eight private entity for over fifty years and prevent us from bill being general purpose claims made no sense. That there is gonna require is gonna require pushed down from the state. Am and what about governor Cooper re about two minutes left governor Cooper. The relationship between local government and state government has been a big issue even dating back to the airport control issue but more recently HB two we know what that's all gone. What about your relationship if you should become mayor what what do you hope and think that would be a with governor Cooper a well listen started out strong relationships with the. General assembly. Simon yeah I think it most of relationships are good not communication. I've met the governor on one or two occasions we've not had the opportunity to to work together yet. I'm you get back to whether assume director Pat McCrory when their office eight they dealt with much of what Jennifer Roberts had to deal with last time they had a candy Democrat control Democrat governor Democrat assembly and were able to find a way to work for the common good people and I think most people just wanna figure out away. To do that. That doesn't mean we roll over when state does something he appoint an airport when they do something we don't agree with that he'd stand up for the interest in the city Charlotte. And I think communication goes a long way. We had no communications with the state on May need to controversial issues over the past eighteen months we had an opportunity to reset that dialogue. When the NBA all star game is coming back ray would have some conversations with the folks in rallies and hey here's what NBA task that we're not comfortable that. How we don't want you to mistreat our intention in a phone call goes a long. Way. That is about all the time we have I think what we can conclude here is that we can do another one of these very easily because there's a whole sheet of issues that I haven't gotten to your McKinney. Thank you very much for coming in the idol and not on campus. I thought what if well I think I cumin next time and I don't get around that and I thought. By Lyles will be with us on next Monday same time there's from a letter a sees me Tuesday two from eleven did to noon. And thank you everybody else and John Hancock Scott FitzGerald Mark Garrison. Kenny Smith of course I'm vote Johnson back tomorrow morning after 5 AM here on news 1110993. WV today.