Trump Torpedoes WH Position on FISA; Congressman Massie Talks with Vince

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, January 11th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing an alliance exaggeration. There are too many young some street. Those 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. And good morning welcome to broadcast your respect for you love this Thursday morning is always. Elected to a conversation. The Eagles advantage talk play number eight hundreds nine to 1110 Cummins since retirement when he takes line. It's 71307. I want to start off as I'd like to do where I have the opportunity. Sharing some good things are going on but I wanna give you a heads up because in a few minutes. We're going to address address a subject that is really really important. And I don't believe it's getting the kind of attention that it deserves I'm referring to the renewal. Of this vice a court. This is an issue that we've talked about this program repeatedly. And one of my big concerns is the fact that we have. Basically assaults. On our rights. And our privacy taking place. By means of facie. And I also wanna warn you. Because I'm going to share the star this broadcast again some good news some very connected to this administration. But I also have to tell you I've grave concerns. About its contradictory messages coming out of the white house on this very important subject. It is a vital subject. We will have a good friend of mine member of congress who join us in just few minutes to talk about this. And I am I'm very glad to hear this in fact I'm communicating with a member of congress now who's. Touching base with someone in our area member of congress who is on board. With him on this I'm which I'm very glad to hear I was playing to reach out to another member of congress about this did his spots but. Folks. We're going to addressed this today. And I don't do this very often. But I want to strongly encourage you to reach out to your member of congress on this issue of phys reauthorization. We're going to delve into this in just a bit and I'll tell you how important this year's. I wanna start off. Setting the tone with some good news. And we continue to see encouraging changes as the result of the tax legislation just a few weeks ago. We started to see these announcements of bonuses by a number of companies now. While march is out within announcements. They're boosting. The hourly wage to eleven dollars and delivering bonuses to employees. They're also going to capitalize on this US tax overhaul. With this this is the goal is what they're trying to accomplish. To try to stay competitive in a tightening labor markets. The increase takes effect next month it's gonna cost 300 million dollars on top of wage hikes that were already planned. He onetime bonus of up to a thousand dollars based on seniority more month to an additional 400 million dollars. The company is also expanding its maternity and parental leave policy. And adding an adoption benefits. Doug MacMillan. As the Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart says tax reform gives us the opportunity to be more competitive globally and to accelerate plans. For the US. This is absolutely awesome. And again. This is something that I ate give the administration. And congress credit for getting. This tax legislation passed as imperfect as it is it Riley stimulative effect. On our economy. Another positive development. The drug administration. Early today has put out some new guidance in regard to Medicaid. This ugandans were allowed them to compel people to work. Or prepare for jobs in order to receive Medicaid for the first time in the half century history of this killer. Of the nation's social safety net reported here by the Washington Post. The letter to state Medicaid directors opens the door for states to cut off Medicaid benefits to Americans unless they have a job. Are in school are caregiver or participate in other approved forms of community engagement. This is an idea states have broached over the past several years but it I'm sure you're not surprised. Near Obama administration push back on this. There's no reason. There's no reason they should not have been done in the first place of course I don't believe these programs should be in place periods. But this is a step in the right direction. A very positive step. In the right direction. Let me give you another brief story. I don't know whether someone already eager to talk about this pricing issue. This administration showing some indications in that and it's kind of a mixed bag here. They are taking this immigration issue seriously. Ice agents raided dozens of 7-Eleven stores. This happened yesterday they arrested 21 people the biggest crackdown on companies suspected of hiring undocumented workers since the president took office. You know for two law. These companies who have been doing this have been getting away with us. And it's time that we see people prosecuted. There should be a cost. You know we can say whatever we want about the illegal immigrants I get it I get the person who comes here are just looking for a job. What I do not yet and would I do not appreciate. Are the so called Americans. Who were. Gaming the system. And undermining the employment of Americans. By hiring illegal immigrants. And like I said in yesterday's program if you want labor paid for the labor. If you're looking for cheap labor. And you willing to go illegal for that purpose. That's about as un American as you can possibly gets. There's no excuse fort. None whatsoever. So I applaud. I applaud. The administration for pushing ahead. On these enforcement efforts it's. Wait pastime for this to happen. Another good thing. Let me make some brief comments about Fleischer before we go to break and we have an important guest joining us in the next segment. I'm going to give people an opportunity to weigh in first before I do peace good morning welcome. Eight bit RY a but I will say this trough corporate arms true you gotta watch but he doubts about what he says he's a bit and so Wal-Mart. Then I'll choose why keep her bought out of anger or Parker or cold. Are trapped call why aren't done our part. Why are called when you first start collect it on our group couple people out and Al Gore LB embargo Caprio. Let's talk about global warming cannot or that our guard at our work our sport but it goes back have already. And of course didn't but I do think it could shock you it forces. Put up so. Again I expect to come at all. Our post it perhaps. Well Pete's coming up after the break and get a share refuse to items. Both out of the trap administration. One from Trump's Twitter page the other. A statement put out by the administration last night let me give you hints they don't agree on this very important subject. We're gonna delve into place and much more as we continue on the broadcast. 809 to 1110 text line 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Nineteen minutes after the lay out three things first off we have a house floor votes and battle going on over or five cents a re authorizing five cents. There's actually a bipartisan group of lawmakers that want to derail frank so. They don't want to just wholeheartedly embrace and reauthorize what's happened before. What we have is an amendment not surprisingly covered by Justin a mosh. The names to make significant reforms to section 702 with a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The price of us intelligence officials to spy on communications of non citizens outside of the US the members of both parties. Hope to put some restraints in place rather than just renewed this program again. We've talked about this many times on this program. I wanna share a couple of brief things with you dance then we'll talk to our guest. I think it's vitally important you understand last night we had this. We get a statement that was put out by the White House. Our rate I'm gonna read that statement very short. The administration strongly opposes the USA rights amendment to the five cents amendments. Reauthorization act which the house will consider tomorrow which is today. This amendment would reestablish the walls between intelligence and law enforcement and our country knocked down. Following the attacks of 9/11 in order to increase information sharing and improve our national security. The administration. Urges the house to reject this amendment and preserve the useful role phys says section 702 authority. Plays in protecting American lives. Now let me share or QE tweet from Donald Trump. House votes on controversial fleiss act today this is the active may have been used with the help of the discredited the phony dossier. So badly surveil an abused that trump campaign. By the previous administration and others. Can you tell me. How much sense this makes. They seem like contradictions don't play easier to sort out some of this confusion and should provide some perspective. Aren't really what needs to happen today in congress are good friend out of northern Kentucky congressman Thomas Massi welcome back. Pay thanks for having me on Dan send them by the way a shout out to Jeff Duncan I just spoke to him. Five minutes together in he has solid on this issue and standing up with this on the Fourth Amendment. The may be clear here. We're OK with using crisis 702 to spy on foreigners we're OK with that you don't even need award because spying on foreigners in our opinion. The problem is do you harvest a lot of information on Americans when you indiscriminately. I'm brew up a bunch of this information. And we think that you should have to have a war if you wanna go into that database. And search that database on American. Now what's going on today is that there is one heck of a battle behind the scenes in this series than being covered on fox. It's not being covered unseeded and I don't think anybody covering this but our leadership is in full bore panic mode. Because they thought they could just GM this bill through. A marsh got an amendment allowed that we're all gonna be able to vote on comic cosponsor of that amendment the amendment folic. Basically says this he got to get a warrant if you wanna spy on Americans here on US soil. And the White House. Aide did issue contradictory statements. Look it's virtually owned. For a White House to issue at 9:12 PM this statement opposing an amendment to the billing congress. That it you know literally just a few hours before it pat it's going to be on the floor for a vote. And then the next morning. This part is an unprecedented though where you have two different signals coming out of the White House. This morning at 9 o'clock clearly just twelve hours later less than twelve hours later. The president issues a contradictory tweaked by the way I think the president over the target and I think his Press Secretary it was not. The proper bit. And I and in the reason I think the White House issued that statement last night is our leadership called about that we need a lifeline we're going underwater here Wear panic. And that and then I. This morning is that what that X gone on this is that program they used to spy on me and they're just gonna rubber stamp to reauthorize it. Busy tonight and I just interrupt you for a second Thomas I so appreciate your perspective the fact that you have been loyal on this issue. You'd just in a martian number of others have been consistent on this. Here's what frustrates the living daylights out of me. Can the president tree and send his own personal experience and talk about other Americans because it seems like the only concern he has about this. Is a fact he feels like it was used to spy on him how about. Many other Americans who have been targeted by this right isn't he dividend talk about hey they did this to meet guess what they've done this to many other Americans spray and lead lead us on this issue. But what am well you know they they spied on members of congress do you remember when they were spying on Israel. Members of congress got swept up in that using the same program but you don't hear me talking about members of congress. I don't care how you get to the foot of the cross on this issue as long as you get to. Okay many in it it took the president being spied on for the president but to wake up to this. Didn't so be it but this is about every American not this congress and not about the presidency it's about the Fourth Amendment of the constitution. Which system. I'm sure mr. your listeners know requires probable cause in a war it if you wanna spy on Americans. It that this program is not constitutional now they're trying to reauthorize it in its unconstitutional format literally in. Probably less than thirty minutes we're gonna vote on this since first we're gonna vote on the among Russian men that. I hope it passes because if it doesn't pass I'm voting held no on the final bill. Good for you as well you should do you have a sense because they understand the freedom carcass. Is pretty much where you are on this. Do you get a sense of where the rest of the Republican caucus is on this issue. I am so I think in a follow blindly Paul Ryan into this. So he's been horrible on these issues either rubber stamp for the let me in and trust me at the deep state that's pushing it it's not the president there at. It's considered it's the people below the president who were in Washington DC before he got here. And will be here after he leaves visited people that are pushing for this. But I can't let me tell you about the caucuses in the coalition going on here. Did this the first bill I've seen. Were you get the Tea Party and indivisible on the same side you get the ACLU. And freedom works on the same side. You get the freedom caucus and the progressive contests on the same side of it this year. Because it's really about the constitution. Ed that it it's really it's really America. Vs the deeds a state today this says that this super bowl of the constitutional battles that go on. And clearly the vote gonna go to Canada next. Thirty minutes to an hour IC. There's so Lofgren on this on my screen right now on C span she's a liberal from California. She's on the floor today supporting the same things that just the mosh and I are supported just know much is on the floor right now debating this. Didn't if I had no idea I know it's hard for people to get excited because nobody in the media's telling them about this except for you. But this is our constitution on the line. It's pretty basic pretty basic I hope you guys are able to come through and pushed this. Over the finish line we have less than a minute left. As a backup. I understand that rim Paulus prepared to filibuster. This reauthorization. It took bicameral bipartisan opposition. Rand Paul and Ron Wyden are on the same side over in the senate so is Steve Dave and Jon Tester. For Montana thorough. If you know if not a plant doubt in the senate either if if you're right spirit with other back up and there's also the president to step pitted they. Still this is the one used to spy on me so there's still few levels to back up here for the the best strategy is that keep them from getting out of the house today. I can tell your listeners because I know a lot of are represented by Jeff Duncan heated solid on this issue he is standing for the Fourth Amendment and the constitution. And thank you for doing so. Unfortunately we've got to go Thomas messy man we absolutely love you thank you for what you're doing thank fans. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 events Coakley radio program we will follow the vote that takes place in the house this morning. Related to phys. And I would encourage you if you were shown incline make contact with your member of the house. And let them know where you stand on this vital issue is Thomas Messi mentioned. Congressman Jeff Duncan from the upstage. Is definitely on board this amendment. Which would bring this into line with the Fourth Amendment. And I'm not surprised at all the Jeff Duncan and other members of freedom carcass have taken that position. As for where other members of congress are across the Carolinas. I do not know I'm going to attempt to reach out to some movement during the course this broadcast this really just kind of came to my attention late yesterday evening. So I would love to know where other members of congress are in both Carolinas. Because we need to know. Where they stand on this vital foundational issue. We've also talked about the immigration issue. We're also due Donnie Darko a little bit more users. They build it's actually been craft it will tell you more about. During the course of the broadcasters well let's go to Joseph in Charlotte good morning. Good morn there were you doing well. They're great they're great upon assigning blame it on a shot where is that. What had happened yesterday. OK there you go I was just looking outside at night I didn't see this on us okay. And I want to believe we are very yeah Brady. A year we test screenings poker new show. And has called quite how the Clinton. She's and. They have the president did Obama. It is clear screen. He did it while this review and I'm quite sure that show or do whale. But that we'll let you keep what we always. I want to talk to and I want to adopt a flip through a car a little bit the inning and after that and then. Slogan let it be because I wanted to get before there. Well he ultimately it's a wild. That typically. Network LAM. Good. What he did what he showed that typically been him in the slop that he feels he's been clocked him at the seventy. And been flip flopping through that eighty quit he would repeat. This is because we know that the hearing and he was talking about the if you don't look like Indians took me. I only. I mean he didn't have to deposition hearing about the rest car. Saying do you not then he kind of slip through the contract being I don't know I decided I don't vote that's who he. Told the light is beginning this the thought that given the song all on. We storm in 26 I think many keep the tires. Thought he would agree that Iraq. Now the warranty is running out and now we're getting them out in clean record we have decided to purchase. And that bit that it he's going to all. And so the IO who we all. Ed Markey is what we know you always. Vote we quit get it anyway. What. Don't know I wanna ask you a couple of questions first off did you vote for this president. No I didn't and I built mine knows we'll continue. Am voting Democrat. Excuse me sick it went just sickened. Where it's clearly a lot of creativity about what excuse me I'm back. I would say. You know how could you government troop could you. Quote Ohio won't former governor of Ohio that we're running time 96. In recent current governor of Ohio. I worked I was I was looking at K within the but Republicans put up in war but I'm sure they want but they've all he'll do here. Fourth straight batter who. He walked in the genome and he knew he won't. Do is quite thought oh god also ban actually knew he would with a partial block. And the ball into with speaking bit okay it would take him to frustrate Malcolm spoke. She didn't nano chickens are coming home to. Or I don't ask you joke when you look at the economic things that we just giving examples what's going on with the tax plan. Are you encouraged. I don't know get because I'm not a vote of 180 felt. Oh come on Joseph you're gonna. You're gonna receive some benefit you don't have to be above who told you have to be a 180000. Dollars come alive and. They have. They're the propaganda want to thanks for the call. Yes and I and I want to know what to impact is for you personally I'm not I'm not here to me it cheered you should know by now I'm not here to be a cheerleader for anybody. But I also believe in giving credit where credit is due and in terms of some very important economic metrics. There's really it's there's no controversy over the fact that what the president has done has been very positive in this first year. Now I agree with you about this man be all over the map did the question is you just have to wait until where he lands. When the actual legislation comes out like this fight said thing today if it reaches him. We'll find out where he stands. If it reaches him in its present form right now. Which is it is it the trouble administration statements or is the trouble administration. Tweet that went out this morning which one do we embrace and and I get your confusion Joseph. Cultural I'm not been in a golf ball we'll build represented who. To catch future saying the newly you you believe he's basically politically schizophrenic. You know the medical unit. If we don't have a good screen that Lipton we go play here we caught up there and we tend to knock Obama. And I asked him about it he did you not them what are we don't vote. I'm in I think that I know when you put out all you got to work with the crowd not pick up the book well but I know or do. Yeah that was back in the early nineties. I hear you let you know though if you go off when you become president. It doesn't make you better if only exposes growing group. Want you get a review your character I get a joke and I do appreciate your call. I would encourage you inch. Along the way to keep an open mind each about these things that are accomplished for good. I think there's a very important balance here very important ballots. Overrun attacks line. What world we live and you're Fox News alert on proposed entire network requirements for able bodied persons opponents argue work requirements are burdened some. And do not bring people out of poverty what the heck. Yeah. Then some companies hire illegals due to their passion to work. Our government spin it too comfortable to be unemployed why work when you can sit home and get it for free. Yeah I think we've been skimmed he. Oh well Messi is a great guest with an excellent perspective which is why am on this programs I would have to say. A probe we had congressman Thomas Massie in this program more than anybody. Because. I mean in terms of ideologically. You know I a lot of it's because we probably agree on just about everything that that's part of its. But I but I love how this guy's willing to stand alone for for principle he's done it in ways. The other members of congress have not you remember I think was a couple of elections elections ago. We're Paul Ryan was voted is house speaker. Not just pull right every prospective Boehner. He was one of the few who voted no before it became fashionable. To start to get rid of Boehner. Thomas Messi was already there. Did not want to have anything. To do with that. Anyway. Also the text like no matter what Joseph says he voted Democrat because he's black. It was a vote for crooked Clinton will not so sure about that I think Joseph was actually pretty reasonable guy. And the last thing we need to do let's make sure we don't. Alienate people like Joseph. Because they really think he's reasonable and open minded. We'll have. Future conversations I'm sure. 8931110. Text line 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 on the Vince Coakley radio program. During the break my friend you. When Joseph said he voted for Hillary Clinton I did. Another texas' Vince please tell Joseph to tune into Jesse Lee Peterson show for some good eye opening information on right vs wrong okay. Sure he may be interest to do in such. Since I don't like trump hundreds and either glorious trouble worse trumps a terrible my wife and I gross eighty K we finally. Might not have to pay the sheer good for you I hope so. I hope so. The scrub to a call from met in surely good morning. Google have been bought out today if Baja. Yes sir layered it better be it Democrat. Beats being. That that. It people they got the call that activate then that are calling you the middle class. And I don't know what it's gonna take it deadline coming up table where people start to beat the true. Act money going back in their pocket. Cut open air that bit. This big government that we have now is you being in the right direction yeah. If not under me that they think they've got report elsewhere that that Belichick trumpet parts of the country already operate their act. Vigilant now. It is one truck proposed and actually what he went where it is budget. That actual war. They should get every one they really do get they get money back in your pocket. Yet not surprised. One side of the day that day to day you call it got it down. And then hit a little bit of agree but in LB dot olive and it did 800 now and now he's got five billion. He talked about judge let doctor yet then I did not not many Republicans won at around it that it. Cut it down like we're giving prepackaged all these doctor bit yet. Quiet. It is not big number that is being called power now its not you know it got a million. What trump why it is what humor and audit and to any chain migration. Do. If it really reform power. Can't immigration and I'll be in a look today a lot of the holes where we had people in any group that did that. Not Italy increased our track bay. Where where the 800 doubt they will be an act that began at. Architect it will continue to calm down. I don't know what it did it take the people understand that but it is something car that we eat out that I have argument when it. We're people who want to act like the idea that you don't let a million people come in and pick that doctor. Yet I think what you're talking about is people are confusing doctor with amnesty those are two different things. Two different programs entirely and that's a very important and it's a fair point to make. Because the numbers are very significant here you're talking about a few 100000. Verses millions. That's a big deal so I certainly get it to match in. And if I could add something here in defense of those who are little skeptical. Aren't there are some things in terms of his character and his communication. That Donald Trump can own and take responsibility for that really make this a lot easier for people. I I think that part of my brain beat it I don't work you'll. Hey idiot album while at the big time but it bigger shock may pay. Do you kinda brought to you it. Do yeah the whole part of truck and getting something done and that's what happened that I have been played. Well you know ideal why article what. What they probably don't want. Yeah eight PH good bit there at the other being brawn now. Wool pulled it in worse shape if he does the heat bird. There he's got a lot on their own. Until people early peek there are bark contrary it is being. In that direction I'll pull it wore it as well. I'd get better he actually all. Be happy you're not they're. Yet we have migrated here and in the other day a local news meant to which we didn't want your break here. RHY. I I appreciate your call their mats in and perspective that you were shared a very helpful information about the way one to tell you. About a developing story and Betty is that sub. Federal judge has ruled that make more baby can lead. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You may remember the controversy about this the person was in this position before wanted to basically hire his own replacement. And the president. Said hey wait a second year I should be making that decision. And he. Took the man who's in charge of the budget are on the move rainy from right here in the Charlotte area. And she put him in that position so a judge has now ruled for a second time. Against Leander in Leander English and her claim. That she should be the person who gets this position. So. There you ago. Judge Timothy Kelly denied English is emergency restraining order to keep moving any from taking on this second job. And they sided with president trump which is a good thing. I read it. And what universe think about this in what universe. You people in charge. Of particular departments. Get to choose their replacement. This is. This is just madness. Pure madness and stupidity. We're gonna continue to follow this price of votes and it should be out underway right now in fact. I see Paul Ryan is on the house floor speaking to this. Keep a close eye on this one folks. When you're talking about the Fourth Amendment this is not a joke this is serious business. We'll forward for the rest of broadcast in which you know what happens in the meantime. We'll come back. In our number two Eagles advantage talk going number 8931110. Are kind of sits retirement planning text line. 71307. But this is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it got us out boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Sports service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. Eight this is much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. And number of the fight score together Casey. So this radio program. And fight we must I'm watching right now. Eight disappointing. Vote that's taking place your Merman the first hour we had cars from Thomas Massie on. Who is discussing an amendment to try to rein the end of fleiss authorization this is a reauthorization. Folks would you stay with me just for a moment. This reauthorization. Is for six. Years six years so if we make a huge mistake here. This thing is going to be around our necks. Until Tony Tony for. Just think about that for a moment. And I would daresay. There's probably going to be less attention on a thin there and then there is now. Is this is what I'm concerned about we the American people are becoming too conditions. To having this spotlight shined on us as Americans. The spotlight needs to be on the politicians. And what's happening in Washington not on us. And it needs to be on terrorists. I wanna tell you how this vote is going. And it really turns my stomach. There about two minutes left. In voting for this substitute bill this is the amendment offered by Justin a much of trying to understand this correctly. On the Republican side the Yates 24. Then days 77. Among Democrats. 42 days. You know what's really. I'm gonna see something that's gonna rile some of you it looks like they're Democrats who have more cents. Then Republicans. You know why these Republicans are voting for this because they're following Paul Ryan. They wanna follow leadership and you know why they wanna follow leadership. Because they want to become leaders this is how the system works you suck up to the leader even though the leader sucks. You know what I'm talking about some viewer and business places like that that right now. You've got people who have no business being in leadership being in management. But you know you have to kiss their rear ends if you want any hope of going up the latter. That's the truth of the matter. You want understands and I. I'm gonna go on a limb gonna say this anywhere it wasn't gonna go there you'll understand why I have certain only certain members of congress and senators on this program. I don't wanna hear. From anybody if somebody has a conservative review score below fifty. You have nothing. Probably have nothing that I wanna here there's nothing you need to say. Because your worthless as a member of congress. This goes for good part I'll be honest with you of the north Carolina. Republican congressional. Delegation. This is the first time I'm saying this. On both stations. But I've had a great deal of praise for the south Carolina Republican delegation for the most part it's pretty solid. But the north it is abysmal. Democrats. 64 voting for just an a marshes amendment 24 voting against. This tells you a whole lot to business. What's the deal when you've got Democrats. Who have a better understanding of the Fourth Amendment they're Republicans. This is a disgrace. And if this is what this party is gonna shovel out to meet and show brought to you they can shove it up their rear ends. There's a text I need to go to on the tax line this is the perfect time for me to answer this question. I believe someone sent a text in earlier about is there an appropriate time to ever vote for a Democrat let me tell you what's. If there's a Democrat and Mitt and you don't make you listen what I say here. Here it is let me in this person's being funny let me ask you a question. Do you believe voting Democrat is ever acceptable given their beliefs and morals. Well depends on who it is if you have any Democrats who votes conservative. I see what you show me a Democrat with a conservative review score. That is above us I see you're above are my vote for that person. No such person exists. Because it doesn't matter the party is not the problem it's the character of the person. So that's the answer to your question. But this is incredible to me that you've got 83. Democrats voting with Justin a much. 83. 31 Republicans. 123. Republicans have now voted against this amendment. Persist disgrace. It really is and I wanna look at every name. Every name of a person. Of all the people who voted for this thing in both Carolinas. I'm and it Thomas Massie sent in important message here. And that is just now he just sent this the victory is getting the votes Thomas is back on the house floor. And he's right about this the victory is getting the vote. Because it's possible this thing wouldn't even come for a vote I mean Paul Ryan can shut this up completely. So they didn't even have the opportunity seen the other good thing about this now we know. To understand some beliefs in the Fourth Amendment. And again. Shame on those 137. Now Republicans. Who have voted to. Against the staying. 137. It looks like the voting for this is into it I don't know how this thing works. Because. An awful lot of people simply have not voted well. I guess they're going to do next to extend the time because there were hundred people still have not verdict. Me and this stuff is it really does give me worked up because we're talking about foundational constitutional values here. This is not about the color of the Jersey. This is not a popularity contest this is where the rubber hits the road we either believe in our constitution or we don't. We either believe that if the police want to investigate you or anybody else they need a warrant or they don't. But sadly you've kept people who. I think in many cases don't even understand this issue. They just follow along follow the leader old. Your meter Polaroid who we need to move through these three duke blue route. But you know what if this thing goes through in its present form the other piece of legislation is passed is I expected to. Keep your eye and Rand Paul and others and I hope they filibuster the hell out of this thing. And as a backdrop there president trump does not sign this thing is suggest that indeed is literally the littered the video that's all folks. It is eight disaster. I believe this thing called freedom. That's what I believe that's what this program is about it's about political freedom. It's about economic freedom it's about spiritual freedom. That's what we promote here. Pins. If you don't believe in those things you're going to be very very uncomfortable here. We're here other agendas that are more important. Well this may not be very interest and but it certainly is to me millions of other Americans. We love to get your thoughts on this and how this vote is going down and Kennedy is clearly going down. 809 to 1110 that's the Eagles advantage startling number Cummins since retirement planning text line 713 through seven. This is so is Coakley radio program. Go to nineteen events broke the radio program. And bear with me because they've been out texting with various members of congress. During the break I wanna give you an update on a couple of things and during the first part of the broadcast. Are we had a conversation Thomas Massie about this face amendment that was offered by Justin a much. And it's one of the things that he put out there. Was that congressman Jeff Duncan. Of the upstate. Was with him on this. I've since been in touch with Jeff Duncan. And he was very pleased to Thomas Massie was on the program this morning to talk about this. I've also reached out to the usual suspects in North Carolina. I've not gotten to meet this guy yet but I love his record so far. His instincts are just absolutely solid. And the first person I'd thought of on this amendments on the mark meadows was Ted blood. Two represents the thirteenth district. And I asked him hey where do you stand on this amendment any point yes with the exclamation point. So I asked him the question do you know of others in the North Carolina delegation who are voting with few. His response just me and meadows. I just did these things are so predictable folks. It's the folks who stand with liberty who stand with liberty time after time after time after time after time the politicians. You can predicted they're gonna do the same thing too they're gonna follow the leadership either because they're following leadership or they embraced the ideas of the leadership whatever they are they just happen to be in sync. But I've said it's pretty pathetic when you've got at North Carolina delegation of Republicans. And is at least a couple of years ago. There are only two or three out of the what is it there are three Democrats seats which left ten Republicans. And I think they were about only two or three that had passing scores. Passing liberty scores. That there were actually above. I'm doing this because I'm not just doing this to to stir things up for that for the heck of stirring things up. I'm saying this because I believe in liberty. And I believe there's much more at stake in some politician's career. And honestly if you don't get something as basic as liberty rights. And the fourth amendment rights you don't have any business being in congress you just don't. But you know what shame on us. If we're so ignorant that will send someone back to the house or the Senate's who doesn't understand this. Because you really years. Very very simple. Very simple. I wasn't planning to do this but if you have the opportunity. Would you connect. With Jeff Duncan. Connect with Thomas Massie connects. With mark meadows Ted but send them messages. And thank them for their support for liberty stand with him to which you can to stand with these guys there in a minority. You can say whatever you want about trumpet in this program that program I'll tell you what. When push comes to shove. It's really only conservative people lead genuine conservatives not the campaign conservatives that you can count on. Time after time after time. Roberts in Iraq killed good morning. For more endurance. Take it away certainly. Well. Were lower than it was. Reported that the government shut down this year because they can't pass the budget. You do that though all are necessary people to stay home. So at that point. If there are necessary during an shut down there are necessary every other time. And I think it I get a little better know that. And argue for reducing the size of government. What was that idea I don't remember that I that was Dora the Alamo a lot on my pick through them. All of that would yeah better not go there again. But not this isn't it and all of them until it hit pretty decent whip it. But it does driver and an I'm with you thank you so much and I appreciate. Who you are your stand for liberty by the way someone just sent a message here. Quote social media's always open here. And a friend of mine whoever heard from and while Kathy and send a message to read Ted birdie is a great man love his family. I'm gonna pressure any mentions a member of congress who remain nameless. Who I also consider friends. And ask why he's voting now. And you should be need to ask him why he's running now. I don't understand it I just don't. This is not complicated stuff folks. Again I want to get your thoughts. We need your thoughts your perspective on this. I by the way on this surveillance issue. And again the you can say whatever you want about fake media this is not a fake media story. Because I shared with you what came out of the White House the White House statement followed by eight tweet from Donald Trump. Totally contradictory messages. And this is why you wind up with a perfectly justifiable had Bryan on C and ended said trump slams then supports key surveillance program. Think about this folks within within the span of twelve hours. He supported and slammed it. Joseph good morning. Welcome to the broadcast out of York this morning. Thank you sir I appreciate it app I'm not sure it is part of what you're talking about. Eight or 9/11 happened but. But to agency warned to communicate the fact that there were. Middle Eastern people taking our trading in the United States. They did not want to learn our own land or take off. In and did they end result was. But it won't try to be communicated words that fit the station that these people. We're learning how to crash into buildings and certainly that's what happened and I playing Jim or change. Ordering McCormick. But maybe it's our fault maybe you what the law back and. See I should wait although it and you aren't they see Joseph I'm glad you brought this up because this was part of the argument made in the statement put out by the White House. That this war all that exists. There's no wall that exist you know who erected that wall politicians and bureaucrats erected that raw and what they did is they provided a pretext. To be able to. Go after surveillance of Americans this is what they've done. They've used as a pretext your own incompetence. And their own stupidity. They've used as a pretext to take more of your freedoms so don't buy this arguments and I don't think you do Jerel. That's O. We weren't able to communicate our poor we all recruit there's this pull between us. Put up these these stupid statements these stupid. Our legal arguments and legal positions. I think that came out of the Justice Department did not. It was their fault. What are correcting it or not bode. Dish bake weaker cubic. I don't have any understanding of any law and are feeling it now for anybody within the sound of my voice can correct me on this. I would stand to be corrected but I I do not know of any law that would prevent federal. Agencies from communicating with each other I mean I don't care. Did it did doesn't make any sense for somebody to try to come along and say that oh we needed this five cents for that reason yeah our I hate it it's it's lame it really is joy I appreciate Colin thanks for being up to speed on this issue because this was a hot issue remember gene Andy was Jamie garlic from the our previous administration I think this goes back to Clinton Era. Where they were talking about this. And so it was it was pretty pathetic. We will continue watching the out phys are reauthorization. Stopped by the way the next vote won't be too. Basically extend what they've been doing. I guess all the way back to post 9/11 days. So this extends it for. Six more years. So they broke this thing in which they may very well in the next few minutes that means we need to. Very quickly focus on the Senate's and by the way can I just put aboard interior call your senators now. Richard Burr here in North Carolina. Contact him contact. Your senator. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott. This is still this Coakley radio program. 1136 on the Vince Coakley radio program and so we are now in the midst of a vote. You know I think it's really interesting and very telling. Her I told you how slow the vote was going. For that amendments. Two with a price. Re authorization to one by just in March. They were very slow voting infected compared to extend the time. We have. Just two minutes or so left. For the votes on now I'm. This is the new vote now. Fund the bill basically authorizing. Re authorizing fleiss or for another six years in this current form. When and how that vote's going. Right now. 239. To 146. House is gonna pass this thing. You know what's crazy about this too. I'm honest I'm trying to get Thomas back on this broadcast before the end of the show 181. Now 185 Republicans who voted Ford. You know there are more to Republicans have voted for this then against it there are fewer Democrats voting for this. Then again it's. On this issue. These Democrats they're on something they understand something. They're right those. 113. Democrats. Who rejected this. I salute them. I do. The trust who call firm Crist in Charlotte good morning I'm way before you go to Chris. Where are those who view the upstate. Need to hear from you this morning what are your thoughts are right Chris take it away. They didn't tell you Dylan while. AI. I bet you're referring to there are so large in Europe France through the firewall they used to be a firewall between the FBI and CIA. And that goes back to the hole they would all urging start I don't know remembered him. That was despite right. Yeah and got broke their departure there was a Walker's. Here in Britain there's always action on the capital gains was probably. It's about did the most damage in the FBI I was trying to. Alertness CIA that factored this guy it was. You know doing doing well above a lot of things a bit you know and and they'd they'd expected a much but it that I employed. And got back that's part of the problem in the intelligence community. Because in different parts of it happened communicate with one another. And the idea in the old days in the Cold War was broke and we're not allowed to spy on Americans you know this yeah Haitian police aren't gonna I'm. I'm American so it inhibited them doing counterintelligence. That that would. That was a firewall that existed before the assault by a certain. Issued. Jamont. Show. And it and it's an appropriate question does it require that you get rid of the age old practice. Of obtaining a warrant. How difficult would that be Chris. Well. I think I think it's. I think the issue would devise a court it. Is. Yet. The men haven't been overturned. As far as I know. There's been no partisan decision better than overturned it's extremely disturbing because some people were unmasked. Apparently there and the campaign. And we don't want is used for political purposes. The war in Asia you're right I mean. I don't know why they weren't able to obtain warrants to. This environment are not Aldridge in this office via as. I mean how complicated is that Chris I mean this is. I mean a first grader can figure this out I appreciate your call their Crist. And just what you end up with here's the bottom line when government screws up they look for excuses. That's how it works they look for excuses. And they find the excuses to take more power away from you take more rights away from you and take more of your money when you screw up. God forbid for instance on your taxes. Or they'll come after you with a full weight of the federal government you know how this works. Ronnie and Taylor's good morning. The morning and sure why I listen to drag gallery in on the what do you. Like Fox News being interviewed and his comment about somebody would bite was well you know. If we don't it is for me at what good would it be fit well I think his. If it's very good of the country didn't do what they did it. They had the idea of well we need safety and security more that we need to have a revolution against the tyrannical government. We'd be in bed sick right now. We certainly there were. I don't know where he was comic moment that the idea. You know the physicist is totally ludicrous. And any Democrat Bennett be that it felt the same way we can throw away this vote that will look real good come mid terms. Yeah I know it's pretty sad when they've got something to run on on this issue I mean heck. I mean when you're talking about protecting liberties guess what we Democrats we stood up to the deep states. Which is the big phrase so many Republicans are throwing around now log run. Thanks so hard for your call by the way. This out legislation has officially passed. So just frontal you know you try to see if we can go to Thomas Nancy to join us again but if not maybe another time so I'd like to follow up. What has happened here. What do we take the opportunity here at 42 minutes after 11 o'clock to look at the day in history. And roll. Coming up talk abouts the immigration proposal that Republicans have put together it's kind of interesting stuff. This is the eleventh day of January 2018. And still wrestling with getting that last number right. In fact they just put it wrong I can tell what's wrong with me mr. right so in the upstate good morning in Greeneville. Good morning you'll get there are some day yeah next year fifty yeah probably that's how long it'll take. Let's start back in 1935. January 11 1935. They solo flight from Hawaii to California completed by this woman what was her name. Millionaire hard you're. Genius. You got it 1964. Luther Terry the US surgeon general declares smoking cigarettes. Idiots I gave the answer away what what did he declare it wouldn't he declared to be. Dangerous to your health a health hazard that's where each. 1973. Major League Baseball adopted this rule for the American leak what is it. Makes it different from the National League and tuner. Close try again it's an outing in navy yes. And mr. Wright who goes three for three yet again. And Johnny. Tell us what he was not just ten. Can I get on a graph picture of Vince cook well always when guys roost my part I hear those are hard to get. Autographed picture you get assignment action figure the other big. All code below and you guys colluding guy miss velvet stuff. For Monica lewd mill and. You're scary go back to your hole in the upstate mr. right so. Hey great to talk to you again man Roy catcher but he did very soon. Hi I'm Vince Coakley radio program. Again we'll have an updates on what's going on the immigration legislation. And certain wrap up this price approach where this goes from here very important subject. Singles event startling number 809 to 1110 times since retirement planning text line 71307. It's 45 minutes after 11 o'clock. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. Couple quick updates for you. One of them. I want to encourage you to fanatical listen broadcast live. You can listen to be podcasts. Let me tell you we can go to make it very very simple. You can go to U. A go to the plea store and shoot you know or the Apple Store whichever one you have whether it's iPhone or whether it's android. And she gets he if you listening to this broadcast on WBT. Get the WBT app. If you listing on WORD. Get DW or idea. Demands. UC one a 63 WRD app you can find that as well on the play store. He listened to the broadcasts. Life or you can find the podcast that way let me encourage you take. Advantage of those services provided for you. On the tax line. Some interesting things including this one pins you can any Coakley for congress T shirts left over. Actually I don't think so they got burned the rest I'm just getting. Rick out of Dunkin' good morning and welcome. I think we roster Rick sorry about that I don't know what happened there but you can do to try again want texting it count upon. Vince I believe this is the first sure you've done where my 100% in agreement with you. And George played in the national championship and it snowed in Florida I think Ellis finally frozen over. Good work keep up the pressure that's freak out of Greer. This goes to show up the dreamer should not be punished for the actions their parents seem to forget they insist the children of slave owners should be punished severely for the actions. They're great grandparents. Who. Who interest in inconsistency there on on phys this texture would like to know how Trie Johnny prudent I would Q. He's one person I did not. Send a text you're trying to reach my phone here. By the way. I reached out to you Jeff Duncan a few minutes ago and I asked him not only how he was voting Byrd who is voting with him. He was absolutely sure. I believe that. Let's see here that's Mark Sanford was touring with him. Mark is another person who's very much in the libertarian and conservative. Realm of orthodoxy. On pretty reliable on these kinds of civil liberties civil liberty concerns which is great. This I hope you get this text in time James clapper said there was no place a request on trump even with this law he lied. So like you say no excuse for it well thank you. What job Vince you said Democrats did something right some of these listeners will like this ha ha. I know somewhat. Price award confirm based off steel dossier also fast and furious investigations might be reopening after confirmed Obama ATF help. Our three letter agencies are about to get demolished can we can only hope. Can you simplify an explanation of this thing you're talking abouts but they're voting on I don't quite understand the meat simplified this way. Fleiss have basically allowed us. A collection of data and metadata. And the idea is to targets. And here's the key thing is supposed to target non citizens. The problem is if they non citizen is talking to a citizen. That's where you start getting into trouble. Because. That can sweeps in Americans. And this is done without a warrant. The only thing I'm saying Thomas messy saying. Just in a marsh is saying. Is. Get a free can wart. It's a simple. We don't believe there should be blanket warrants given for any purpose. This is not acceptable under our constitution. We've got Rick out of Duncan back on the mind good morning. They've had eight yeah I'm Alexander I thought that the up quite a vote without what are good vote because it come down to an issue love. If he person's privacy and this need to get a war a war against an age when you're stopped collecting. You know terabytes of data trying to. Figure out what what's going on and yeah they're they're a couple prayers are with you. Is it if you had the opportunity to stop a terrorist attack that killed a quarter Americans. At the same time. The out party for that information a lot of that the government had all your FaceBook boasts. And they were gorilla about to vote are on call but the final one I don't think they're that good it's a good trade off. Because they're not up my mind the safety of the American people. Well no one and kind of. Can any harm America appears here here's my other question Rick can you identify a single circumstance. Where this has proven. To have saved any lives and prevented a terrorist attack. Not yet because it's probably been. Are maintained without privately so. Don't know what the truth of the matter is there's no evidence there's not because this is Rick Rick this has been shut out in the question has been asked in hearings. And for that reason we know that we know they cannot come up with a single piece of evidence. Oh. Yes I do. I do because of they had the evidence they've come out with that Rick they woods. Are not but I am Irish I respect your opinion and I hate and understand the position you've taken that sometimes. And and I can't it. Because this is tough when you talk about. Talk about who lives in the potential for terrorism. You wanna do everything you can't. To prevents catastrophe because there are catastrophes. That certainly could have happened. But I stand by this to my knowledge and I think there has been given a number of occasions where. These officials had the opportunity to explain themselves. And they've been able to say is single example. Also on the takes like Vince make more Rennie was our South Carolina district five congressman rob kill down the Camden South Carolina. Campaigned for his replacement Ralph Norman. Who has done an even better job than they did good I'm glad to hear that I'm really glad that you feel like you have an upgrade. Boy that does happen too often disappear in a parade in congress and it's been great talking with you were back tomorrow lord willing have a great team got Bush's. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.