The Turnhouse Grille

At Home with Roby
Sunday, August 20th

Trent and Patrick are joined in studio by Andy Pressley and Aeisha Davis of The Turnhouse Grille. Located on East Woodlawn Rd in Charlotte, The Turnhouse Grille offers some of the best food, drinks, and atmosphere in the city. Andy explains how The Turnhouse Grille started and why he felt the need to develop a new dining experience in Charlotte. The great dining experience is only made possible by the incredible cooking done by Aeisha Davis. Aeisha explains some of their dishes, and why The Turnhouse Grille has become a place for fun, food, and drinks.

Trent and Patrick finish up the show by telling another Wish Story. Another Wish Story means we’re getting closer to the 10th annual Pitchin’ for Wishes Cornhole Tournament that takes place on September 16th in Freedom Park.


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Do it morning and welcome to cleaves and Carl's while they review job cleanest Whitney is always is Karl Karl are you doing this morning. Carter could get into a better place and a I don't know what's gotten good in that day saying it. Connelly for a week now if it Belinelli and tackle now Willis walked shop we got I got 32 inch carburetor rear of the assailant might not an. Downing powers. Over in I think today we had to give the real the real picture of what will you we are really Internet. This is that only go to the country's broad and I don't know what our race how to Trent lot is always clarify my rent and Libby be their right out Patrick and the guys that the road be electric along with training hasten. President CEO of the relief in the companies you listen to at home with Roby Trent was. Was texting as we are doing our interest halves times CP is paying attention I mean honestly I probably dead serious I'm missing lastly keep you'll tune in. I hope it was OK if you get into any and old check out our podcasts I wasn't here know please do David McGuire said in my stated he he is one of my very best friends and does a great job. But I thought they were trying to kick me out Alice but should be out of town this league best eight bag just an extra held down called for a but tell me David did a pretty good job I was I don't keep telling me that the understand I'm canceling trick now concerns you I'm not not not miss another clown I hear kids are out of town and I'm geared just solely does make sure my foot stays in the door I think you could guess it would trim the delegation come and now that. Jason with the release nearly companies in Patrick McCann as they. Was really electric in WH house plumbing let's let's talk about battle that we talked about in the last said it to him was not here for. In which he does not want you listen to podcast but he really does. Now we have some exciting news about their VH house plumbing he's been in business since 1920 with talked about. An addictive and invoicing is that that they has now come under the Robie family accompanies umbrella. And Timmy can't be more excited to have them they're wonderful team yeah not enough Ernie Tucker. And all this is they're my they're my senior and in and it several others and before him he he'd purchased them I think back India early ninety's. Late eighty's it's a remarkable story he brought it from mr. Hinson who bought from mr. Hobbs. He can get it checked out their stories Hobbs plumbing dot com Hobbs plumbing HO PBS plumbing dot com. I learn a little bit about the story that more importantly if you have a and he had a climbing it's you whether it's a dead drained it won't it won't drain properly needed new water heater. He needs fauci kind of cloning issue severance related residents fleeing in commercially we weaken help you now in L falls underneath that ruby. Stanley the company's umbrella. In its rich here to point to any talk about rounding out our art services and maybe can speak a little bit about that always just. Lou we're room where bill in the service is platform wanna print be able to provide Amy EP. Mechanical electrical implement a race BAC alleged school employment services whether on the commercial residential side. Security. And and also we do handyman has whales so it just kind of make sense. That says that if some money. And Colorado be in will be it would help you and which we the that they're great partner. What do what a lot a week. In we have last week in with the PGA being in Charlotte Meehan quell Holler. I have friends throughout the country and and Alice getting text on Saturday and Sunday go one man. Do you ever get to play quail look this is the may seen in in you now will be. Truthful and take it a little bit for granted we've we've had to walk to be in the Wells Fargo for years and years. And it's a wonderful parliament they always say that might be the fifth major scandal that class of a golf tournament. But then this weekend Johnny Harris. Grateful to have viewed as a Charlotte patron Johnny in what you've done mr. Harris. But Johnny Harris had had a stream Contra thing there was an article in the is our they're equal. And and take it I don't honestly thank you could've went off with without a and then went off any bad. They they delivered in something interesting as watching the Golf Channel on Sunday morning as he Saturday morning of Sunday morning in Brandel Chamblee is one of the one of the Talking Heads for the Golf Channel. And he said he he's he said basically I wish that PGA championship was here every year. It went off that well what I thought that was pretty cold here. Which atlas was turning into it to Luke turned to such event let's turn turn a senator talking about eighty Presley and I Isa Davis sword gas up from turn house grill in Mecca. Well I'm not that bright either but I just figured out that turn palaces that is light when you go from nine to channel golf course helpful I didn't mind is that right. How fast that's it turnarounds. 3-D T barbecued salad senator Carol oft not now. So Andy and decent big offer and a big socialite and he's our guest today is a good friend a money school life you can you know love listen him and IE should Davis who is his head shift by over at the turn house grill. All segments two and three. So we have excited exciting guests in it's a gain in these old river rat he likes to run around and river with me. He's a big Belmont guest guest and Tammy patron as well so. What do you make and they can deliver some good fit man Tony ice it when I kiwi dearest he has taken up rafter says yes because at the ankle Sunday he's on jet age as many you know we pretty records show little Sunday's they have. Sunday brunch so after church today packing your caller space they after IAC gates is salivating in the ground and in service. Head over to return house thank you Amway is very intimate you might even see mania AK a ask that you give to meet I Asia and I have some great but it hit. And you strike their cut and institute foil would launch cross imparts great shopping so I think it's like bright blue Jason's deli. And I can't miss it with these days is off off the charts unbelievable and it it's cool to have. Is somebody like pace executive chef and it tells about it. So who's ready to give back to school quite frankly I'm ready to get back to routine I'm ready to be able to take my three girls tea elementary school every morning and and then act consent must day every day and as a stopwatch because they got to be there by 815. So I do my breakfast is at 83840. Will we get back we'll have mainly Presley will Mecca. In turn house NIC davis' say it's yet. Thanks for join in this state and will be right back. Classic from them. Along with the pace into the wrote the family of companies. We are your post every just singing about our guests and great. Man and you don't want to hear me sing. How did I think we do and he's now you don't matter I. Considers a story goes back when I was in the eight grade Wilson middle school thousand miles a big eighth grader at middle school. And housing course class. And my teacher like me a lot and and she came to me one name she said we were train and for our for our contest and and she says hey. If you're just slip saying. I'll let you go to contest she can Wear that outfit with a comer bun and ales stuff and you can be not page turner on the piano. Maybe out Corus story teased him in fourth grade if you made it the don't biggest call course is calls on mills the amount apple and where I grew up Marietta Georgia. If he made the chorus if they Collison indifference he got to Six Flags sinks like every person in war graves out of China now. Sing about one minute and I boy just Milan. Move on I haven't and so you got a job six flies. Low that leads us to our our guests today are right he should Davis and Andy Presley. Will let Andy introduced. IE should a bit Amy. And and we kind of run in the same circles over most in the construction real estate business and only generational business guys. I think originally Mike Griffin. You've heard me talk about grew from Brothers. Introduced this couple years ago when a diamond creek together and and a slight why have we not ever need senator senator so welcome mainly. And on and thank you and you and your lightening you yeah ally going home in payments on time tackled players such. How to go much. Give brilliant and thanks amateur Patrick kimonos. Real quick my AM course teacher ms. Alexander just tell me not to sing with the experience way. Fourth grade it says she'll junior. If there. With a funny thing is much course teacher did notice though when I was in the fourth grade. My a oh my god father Tim Robin method mouse his brother mouse whose ultimate handyman force. In me he got married and he's my idol and he let me be the page turner for the you know organ. Morgan aside so I have a long history of turning pages. But thanks for having this this is exciting. Heard a lot about the show and can't wait to I'm here listen remorse that sessions of OK so yer. Your latest Newton's own Ross Fisher latest adventure but it butcher your most outside of the box bit venture now eyes that turn house griddle or turn house girl which was to thank everybody who's in the know in town goes in turn house grill. Is really also restaurant food atmosphere is an experience. You know what net Hector you Dornan a restaurant. Well you know the real estate markets little slow right outside the odd found something else to spend my time on. And now I've always had a passion for people into obviously if you look at me so I can't see me. But we've found throughout with a buddy of mine too. I grew up with a buddy of mine that sound. This thought the world of and he's been in the restaurant business for long time who's time from now owned his own place in. I wanted to place it acted out has been. More time Matt know that I can have quality food and quality service and luckily we found the famous I should Davis our chef. Give Mona. Last arcing and now that I'm an eternal place some maternal great. Hey I Asia how you doing nature and I am thing in our you can still doing great so I ASEAN and I'm man a couple months back. A hat we had a a good friend and client. Ron Stanley and talent Patrick and myself and and and tell the Iranian in any cement I got me I got nothing to listen to the blue crabs are. Soft shell crabs that she had special somebody gave it to the and he sick to my overnight he still hooked it and goodness gracious we had a night. We do identity theft and yes I mean this he's flirting Trent Trent I mean they were on believe black had social cram ton a time in my life and I think that was that was by far the best dish in the way he presented it in and brought out to us was that. Was unbelievable amount to in my first experience it turned oust the united on out there and socialize and in that somebody's very happy hour here in their habit defeated and the house is won the way you say you are you are very talented and he's settlement. Is a lot of time we're at the penthouse and been able to beat treatment. Didn't think that I love that the things so where you from on the way to learn to cook I was. Washington DC a lower oh lord yes I'm a city Caro swamp rats know yeah. It. Who knows as saying now I courteous at all rat I ever seen like being. CN that was one every is that Washington DC and I came down says Charlotte to go to culinary school at Johnson Lowe's. And ascent and low Charlotte then but it wasn't the right time so I move back to DC and continue working and continuing grown Democrats and then finally I'm like it's time to get back to Charlotte. And I did and I'm happy that I came when that didn't because and that Andy. It's a great story how we met. So guy John and I went down signed the lease on a little restaurant and their part town trying to apartment shopping center. And I had a little folder bunch of pitchers have so many items that I wanted all my favorite stuff I was being selfish it definitely and out. Time at least didn't even have a shelf. I think we itself in a burgers and wings and beer and about with that's great yeah but luckily I was on her -- may have sent to me about SFR Myers park country club. And called her up came and and she walked in the door and an all about a hundred and some plus ten point eight pounds outlay what do you know about it is good. But it can be very defeat a guy that's the first thing she said she ever seen greedy man thought about the size is about the hard and added in Thailand art that says it best for this young lady. Say when we sat down we interviewed in down a similarly a couple of references we just immediately had this great conversation ever passion food. And down the suit here a couple. References one was closed the down for its gathered to Jimmy Luke. I call him up I can understand a word he said that his excitement tell me that she was kid. It and she gave me another one I never got a hold them in the third reference a semi wanna speak to your mommy your dad should've seen the look she gave me a lot. I'd like we've your parents can give you get rappers who can't and so many Iraq Cotter data in that aspect on the phone about thirty minutes it was just an enjoyable conversation. So go back but the best part of the story as we work together for two months before she ever cooked once this. We were two weeks to grand opening to finally go to first dish channel up and amassed. So what was the first dates. But atlas. Actually just some burgers well then the French green suit Aaliyah Aaliyah Sammy clintonian soup and all thumping at the famed and Estrada that's buffer which Jeff flu really like she he she could mean for that island outline from the guys. But the menus is amazing it's not it's not too big or too complicated it's just fresh. She's just Somalia special. Shaft but a special person has just been a real joy. We're coming up on our first year September 8 and let them grade jewels have a big party. I mean I call it you should have a big party in and you can tell you special person justice that you talked and he basis but the Jones bottle of this is Sunday morning. If not detain as wind at home with ruby show airs. So what's on the menu atomic bomb on the ways to church indium thinking about where many eat after after church. Maybe Ashley had to turn house would look at should ended up turned out really well lately we've planned them on the menu Monsanto has. And sand so we have some awesome selections for rise and well it's some that was something special thing is my favorite is the banana reference those oh yeah. And it's absolutely deserve progresses and amino one's gonna judge about it is front trade and how we also have a cost Democrats Kate Benedict. Master yep it's 5050. Everything your feet. Austria. Not thing I think done had crab cakes and there couple cows woke. We and you took the main prayer case. I tell it was so special about the food and in the places just to comfort nobody comes in you hear the same things from all the customers this is a very relaxed enjoyable setting the food's very consistent and it's just it's just wonderful prepared food. No way it is and and a joke a bowel how lack. While I guy named name pass. Any Presley got into the restaurant business he's been and I think you've been in at a restaurant business a couple in your lives. But to just such. A joy to be around in such a center of attention and you're always out hustle and a networking. So. It doesn't make Maine doesn't make much better since then free to do it and the cool thing is. I saw the bodies on them and everybody goes on house grew so. Can you stick around Andy. I'll I'll like IE should give another plug for current house and in the TV stick around we'll tell by your other business lines for. Makes them love to love to I should have the way you located how people. Yeah Holden. So we're located on park and would climb across from now park village shot in cynic. And and we are open from fourth to 11 PM on weekdays the Manuel then from eleven to. About midnight on Saturday and elevenths and at 10 o'clock on Sundays. And as such a great place to come and just enjoy yourself and relax and everybody feels like they're at home and so cozy and comfortable is. A really really great plays and. Why Xia it's wonderful love being your friend and meeting new several months back. I wish you much luck thanks for being here you have great story keeping the settlements stay tuned we'll be right back with any Presley. Welcome back at home with broke I'm Patrick classic former will be electric and Hobbs cloning. With Trent hasten presidency you know the really failing companies we are here that is true we have a guy his nickname is half his last name is not Hefner. The less famous Presley talking about turn house grill off I used to Davis is in the house as well the executive chef. And I've seen I've had a chance to experience that wonderful culinary delight. On several occasions in if you miss the second segment of the show get back and listened. The posted the ad. Banana bread and a reference so it's French toast and eggs in Iraq crab cake Benedict. On special today turn house grill. Pitching MB it is going to be their golden. Now only sugar down notes he knows that. I go signals. Not do each shooter I have four kids of course say sugar now. But. But now that the food is delicious turn house real tech outlast him and if you missed it podcasted. But we have any Presley's. Sticking around with this. Everybody knows AMD ME Mecca properties third third their starter Andre Sandra business. He's got he's coming in our space were committed his space we both do real staying construction. Andy. Turn away from from that the rest from business was let's talk about somebody other businesses. Some of the places and your family if you don't know this the Presley family really built South Korean over the last thirty that's correct my father kept on Brothers and myself and painting Yevgeny better man take over. Thank you thank you say now it's time. In my primary focus is smack to reality it's my company we've been around fifty years. Grandfather started at my father Tony Presley song called. Robert and then my brother rob. We've been so fortunate this community's been so good to us as it has to have an Israeli family. So be not primary focus over the years has been management services and commercial development. South then sort of our claim to fame. Boy if you drive through that today it's amazing. But Emma that was a visionary hand down he had the same level passion for this community as you and I do. And we're so fortunate to be hand and an opportunity now. And I just love the people I work west. We've ventured out to some other businesses and now also have a construction company called Bauer trials. Which we don't a lot of from residential renovations and some until projects a lot around Belmont near your home. And it's just been finding you know Edward. And that's been our key Weathers the bar restaurant or some of our real estate services. Well the funny thing is. I think. Mike Griffin introduced this I think you know Mike because the old Lance death actress outing and now they and the dollar only billboard of the building together. I just demands that team under the management chain you managed to building my eggs on the board owns a couple. Housing units and that's how you out a yell man a long long time ago or fifteen years of and then in the in my excite you got to know rainy Presley. I mean you'd you'd read did the same cops are rebuilding. Only look at some boulevard that I loved and would then like I whine. It's amazing building I mean we're both west side jazz now that we would love the more headway escort or. And then we're Belmont gas yeah I mean that's that's really cool I heard this where Karachi on each other's air play this west SATA I Meehan if you're in I mean I'll take you ally I even crawl. The river and one of the best arms I have be it was a day you and I first met we jumped in the car together rode up to the mounds play a little golf with Mike yeah I was introduction in. Good two hours as fast is this radiation as by those two hours went by because you're now we talked about was this community. Our families our services to people were associated with and you and I share a lot in common I think it's a passion for life and the people we share it with. Yet wait and we partnered together we are we were a sponsor you does. Ye ye macd and rob Presley in that and the team. Put together the can't greens hundredth anniversary of the couple about a month ago and we had a fellow from match up Mac owner radio talking about it so that was a wonderful today. Yeah and so we felt like you know the same vision we had first south thin in the south boulevard quarter. We know we kind of felt like it was time to week we sort of backed south and outgrow us. And so reached jumped around this corner and felt like it has the same opportunity and it's already taken place. And says especially as the Segway into. The great mix that for the next great frontier. Gaston County. And how Palestine. And but now I'm a big fan of of of the east guest account out of fan of yes and candy out together but I will say that debt are coral ordered to Wear your offices and warm offices some home. Wes Moore in your own Wilkes and are the day wastes an airport yup ten and the city has full. Inclination to make that the route to and from the airport when I was grown up. If you lived in town Billy Graham was a route to and from the airport now now over the last couple years. The city has brought the entrance of the airport out bloke some boulevard. And and hopefully there's there's talks in this gonna happen but exactly how is still up in the air but light rail will go to. Discord over into the airport some sort transportation has to just taken the masters asset write who don't match transportation and it. And reached into masses from Center City out to the down to the airport and now the what an impressive infrastructure of the putting together out there. But we're just so fortunate to be ought to be a part of this growing community in that and its it's a strong community and a lot of ways in. And it's imperative that we all just you know work together even if we're in competitive businesses just to help this community grow. It's a much tell funny stories so the build and the chief U gas ball in rehab didn't in your offices or in home on west morehead color scheme known will send. The old saying top farmers build and my dad and danger rebbe Beale mr. brings Alice. Back in the early eighties and Kramer round. That they own the building and as of fiber rag business I frankly was in that building. I want and about a mile and an early two thousands we used to go heated town and country driving in light twice a week now need to cheeseburger or look at that building. Let's tell there was way ahead in my time on that deal. Yeah Al bought it we didn't bomb but did tell mass crazy Sid is Bruce was to be. And the and yell at Yahoo! bought yell rehab it. The beautiful building. Peter is always did it with us during construction crawled to rape and says that McSorley. DRG. While we parts and up to took down the whole building then we did it too commercial condos and just that it was a great vision by the partners and tax occasion on it's a neat Billy well built German built. There's a lot of history behind it we're just happy to be in the quarter and I'm watch this quarter gross out there has. Please call billion he had actually been there a couple times in that we leave Florida parsed through the electric in and your find exactly. With an end Kyle he can be great people work with. But did a building we'll get to this show we have Brian Butler from around the commercial side of things that. With Dan gay immoral cannot be admits there's again if you miss it says. Which also really good stories about that building in the in the west side corner and you guys are actually talking about taking aback was that podcast that. Mean I think he's built a German sand I mean at Walter having Eric eighteen inches thick Saudia cellphone coverage in the. That's correct. We'll we'll certainly bring it on NASA in my day it was like to roost too big cap to were. Place the review is too big and Goodell is a bobcat in the building like they have been drought and a bobcat around the building and out and I and a court basketball. If he got ill as a and that's how the owner of the building to be honest. But but sometimes you gotta give butterflies that he hated. So it's a skip to finish my story for these people that are like what happened in the story woes nothing great everybody lived. But Amy and I met a couple of years ago used became fast friends aren't hanging out share business stories and more stories and helping each other. A navigate through the trials and tribulations of bowler Golan. And and about a year ago. And talk a little bit about I'm in a group young president's organization. And Darren being. Mr. rinks on that we would bog property from who now runs that business sync up the sink cotton yeah I don't know bouncing up by average still. You cannot join the Lafayette only became fast friends in the whole story comes full circle Solis got its small world I don't. Outback has happened Kent family yet GAAP. So we're very big you know just enjoying everything Terrelle statement you know just I need a little outlet so. Hence the turn house grill. I need a place that then the data Belda. Go and sit and relax and visit with friends and some clients and down and just enjoy a everything we do. Lol lol will give us a rundown you businesses will get about thirty seconds here tell us how people can get a hold of Ian look out for what you got going don't Datsyuk I'm Mecca Mecca virility we do a lot of management services some help a lot of people manage their individual homes we do HRA management. And then we do a lot of cells and then I have my Caldwell banker macaroni. And gas in county which were number two in that market which is impressive since appointment down there at three years right behind Allen Tate. I'm and then to construction companies Bauer trials with my good friend. Preston Wilson who I adore him just as much as you to go to his men who can and I've made him a bit more. But sounds yes so you know things are great and then you know the end of the day get to get on to a good Hotmail about chef by each hour shift divas highlight the collar. It's you have everything businesses ago didn't you know that they're community able continue to grow and support us and I'm enjoying life. Wayne BIE shared thanks for being here got a check I ACL you'll probably see Andy at the courthouse grill this afternoon. And will be right back with the Woz story leading up to pitch in for wishes. Welcome back at home with rookie I'm Patrick hasn't read the electric. While it can hasten the ruby family competence. Crennel the last segment massive TS AS and reveal it shouldn't alleviate hot climate. This system was so what's the deal would we got a diploma and there were plumbers. Allow. No we're not as it is good Lee. Thank you talk about a little bit lastly when Alan in my stated that. Yeah we've been working with Hobbs my whole life I mean really I think like forty years ruby's bill war with Hobbs and as we build on our services platform to to include. Electrical plumbing and mechanical and security. Will we doll that Hobbs was a wonderful fitted top tier service companies since 1920. I think officially easily nineteenth wing man. But they have documentation. Of an invoice back to 1920. Right. So. One a better fit to parlay with the with the Robie family companies on our services platform in and Patrick. Be as you've matured in your leadership on and you've done a great job in your great partner and not only area are you. The president reveal lecture but now the president of our servers this platform to include going to be towns built that house thank you for what Judy will. Let's get on an attentive to what I think more important stuff and now more interest idiots is most talked about make a wish in our upcoming Cornel turn attract think we're about a month away. Give or take a day or two maybe 45 Saturdays but as we've been doing over the last few weeks we've been telling Emeka with story. And selfishly I've been telling the stories and says now I'm going to. You're gonna tell a story was CP get through exacting its new one of these things without you said so as everybody knows. Make a wish is our passion this mop passion not a syllable word and this year is our tip Pena. And and Christian McCollum who's out with baby. Had a great idea of us doing an Al worst story. Every week for ten weeks lead note to our to our Cornel terminal September 16. This year is our tenth anniversary so we did in weeks while I and I just got. Amid a week like six or seven I just yet but. It is so. Our wish story this week is about Jason. I think I know the story from me on the board I wish to have a greenhouse. Was started off as an ordinary day for eleven year old Jason. Became a day he and his family would never forget it. Jason was diagnosed with leukemia and in only a matter of days Jason's life completely changed. After his diagnosis waking up for school every morneau was replaced with hospital business and treatments. He was no longer able to do the things he enjoyed like going to video game camp. Or even eating fresh fruits and vegetables his mom was like I am making a sister in college and have learned all about Michael Lewis as their national philanthropy. She decided to refer her son and during the difficult hour span in the hospital having Haywood was something exciting for him think about. Says he was a toddler Jason has had a blueberry bush in his backyard he loved going into the backyard. And picking fresh blueberries. However the animals would always get to the fruit before he did it. For his wish Jason knew he wanted to greenhouse to tape is bloggers. Win win make a wish supporters and metro on a greenhouse has heard about Jason's ways they couldn't wait to jump in and help make it come true over the next few weeks the team in metro on greenhouses work to prepare Jason's backed killer for the winners. Jason had no idea that while he was in treatment he has a surprise waiting for him at home. When Jason arrived home friends family in the metro on greenhouse and make a wish team we're gathered in his backyard chanting his inning. He walked to the backyard and approached. For approached the curtain hiding his greenhouse. When the cardinals' fullback in Jason saw his wish he was immediately overcome with happiness and excitement. Jason's mom say quote he had the most amazing day and was completely surprised and appreciative of all that was done for him in court. To learn more about Jason and his wish. Go to pitch in PI TCH. I Ian. For wishes dot com. And and and check it out that you can see Jason's story. I do know this Louis it was about a year ago. Council while Wallace on the board and they invited all the board members to come out and we had a great turnout a board members on the which revealed. I'm Alice out of town so I wasn't able to be there but match on a greenhouse does a wonderful job in support of a make the list of central western North Carolina. It is just a great way semi such a unique ways led bush to have a right. The end of the tomorrow blueberries to update the eve eve told how this process gazed down and obviously this is 100%. His wish it wasn't his parents it was the Brothers and sometimes it had stories here where. That this child would give their wish away to a sibling which I think sauce and Steve it. Make which is a wonderful job sort of peel back the onion find out what that it with a child that is going through Everett went through. But they really want to do it this is the prime example of somebody released. Really work with with with with this young Fella to to finance a blueberries and look at the healing power in this area our he's he sat at a adamant in the hospital for three weeks in treatment and he comes home to any hasn't greenhouse houses wastes. And some special in this story just can't attain our beginnings as an honest picture of her voice is. Brendon hacked at one under real reasons our teen years ago. We got started was about Tony for Tony five years old employee of Roby and a good friend to migrate data very very athletic extracting strapping young man. Head doll before we got all our our medical waste in our our pitching for which is Kate adults do blood cancer leukemia non hodgkin's lymphoma. So so listen to this very prevalent and it can happen anybody sentences so good godspeed to you Jason and go a lot. Pitch him for which has got to work. We had a wonderful show today we had any Presley nation Davis Cup and about. His competitive construction business or roving Mecca rules they were ready but then also the turn house grew we will never have rest. You write trip what we've another restaurant but come out of turn house Phyllis after New Hampshire ice who has some some special on the grill. Golan. Check it out. Will be back next week thank you for joining us have a wonderful Sunday.