Type III Diabetes?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, June 9th
 Dr Ernst discusses the newest form of diabetes called Type III

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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron hurts a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And it's for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he -- qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor. Dot com for more information. East. Time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour and learn from experts on how to revolutionized that help the knows you love most. Ask the doctor there. Here's your hopes. Doctor Eric Hertz. Well good afternoon happy Saturday you get this into the aspects earned shell hit surf pounds instead he's actually beat that beat blog health problems. I love that I'm here today on such a beautiful Saturday sharing with you the truth about this controversial new type of diabetes. Hey have you guys heard of cynical type three diabetes. It is a new term. Not 48 true diabetic condition of course we know that type one diabetes and there's type two diabetes and other standards type three diabetes. It is being laid tenth. Does these days that show up when you are and on controlled diabetic. Most specifically the neurological. Cognitive decline and it kicks then. Like alzheimer's like dementia etc. so if some is gonna states you mean and I just get diagnosed with type three diabetes. They're probably not a beginner remember that they had to diagnose this 'cause they have alzheimer's their demands that they have cognitive decline to pay medically. Type three diabetes. Is something you can go goal. And you'll see a doctor mark hind end of the doctor David Perlmutter you'll see all these MD's and blow. Type three is real. It is the late tenth on controlled defects should be a type two diabetic for waits too long is someone who is managing their blood sugars. With medications with diets but he's not fix scene at the underlying cause of the problem. If you're new to my show and you missed last week my goodness you gotta go with that we talked all about destroying diabetes. Like slaying the beast and doing it fast the case though if you have high blood sugars that yet high blood pressure yeah I'd triglycerides high cholesterol. Metabolic syndrome. A condition where your labs are abnormal in your doctors giving medications to try to make your labs the good. That is a symptomatic control towards your health okay. Sugars are high why we don't know take this drug would to get a dearly agreement figures down I guess some good actually you're not you're just covering up the symptoms. Look at my house with on fire. And a fire alarms going off and I'm like it's so loud I can't handle the noise I stumble and go. Go disconnect the fire alarms so I can't hear any thing. Would you guys say. I would be insane effects that all of the noise is gone we're good we go back to sleep were okay c'mon think about it the fire would agree. It take over the house that they watch when your sugar or high. That is not the fire. That is the symptom it's the alarm going off if you test your sugars in your sugar they're high you should go oh my goodness. There's a fire where I don't know go find it to pay when you don't do that. And you control your health with medications. And you control it and here's the crazy with diet. But doctor urged I'd been doing this really good diet my shipments in normal okay well the eye on it really really restrictive. Go eat some real food. Go have some healthy items. Well what I do that my sugars go up something's wrong. Well as long if I don't eat anything my sugars go down good luck with that at some point you're gonna also leave this planet. OK so here's the thing. What I understand it all of your health is within your control and when I was growing up. The idea that someone is gonna have alzheimer's with like you rarely talked about it because there really wasn't in the alzheimer's. Dementia parkinson's and it was like that one out of a thousand people have forgotten they work. He could remember their grandkids Kate is rarely happened. Both my grandparents lived to be ninety in the eighth still remembered everything about what they did for their life they remembered their great grandkids. Today some of us here at fifty and were like and care of my key star. And part of the reason for that is because we are not taking control of our health. And reliving medications mascara symptoms the tank. Here's the deal okay dementia alzheimer's cognitive decline in the big deal look at pulled the stats. Can I know you guys like everybody likes numbers eight. Ten per cent of people over the age of 65. Already have type three diabetes. Cognitive decline the major off. Point 5% the bureau of the 875. 50% of your over the age of 85 that means if your your earth if you're 87 years old at the flip of the coin you don't remember what your flip the point four. Not a good thing. We have the fastest growing population right now of people baby boom mean beyond 85. It is estimated that in the year 2050. More than 50% but we'll have alzheimer's which means it's gonna be the median neurological disorder and the problem is there's no known cure for it medically. Just like this there's no known cure for type two diabetes medically. There's no known cure for cancer die by our cancer medically there's no known cure for high blood pressure medically. Guys you recognize that they met that is not gonna cure your condition. Only one person can. And it you do. But in Horry do it yet become educated you have to learn I guarantee you you're listening to me going. I've read diabetes you lost your mind there's only two types there's only type one juvenile type two adult on that there is no tight three red alerts. Goal online I could and you're gonna find all of the doctors who are. Public figures trying to its agreement announced that the guys that write books. He's going to TV doctor Oz doctor mark I inducted David Perlmutter doctor Aaron heard on the radio. We are telling you. It's coming but no one's listening at eight. I'm here to tell you this okay. Scientists. Are now saying all timers disease is type three diabetes they what is the link between author iris and diabetes. I got talk about that. What is the link between sugars and your rain the ability Euro member of talk about that today. What is this being called type three diabetes have never heard about that I have thought about that we can block stuff with talk about. No it's not coming in here today. I realize most people go never hurt a three and even pay attention yes you should because you don't know about this. You won't know what's happening to you you'll need it figured out that tank. That's Florida it's that type three diabetes and you guys notice that hey I'm hosting a summit. I think is actually in about two weeks OK it is on the 23 opinion and what we're doing. Is that taking you guys to an event that's and let's do it but fixed diabetes let's crush let's conquer this. There can be no more excuse. It might destroy diabetes summit and giving tickets away all day today Heidi get access that 4906209. Or. 704906. Tuesday night for tickets and only 25 dollars. They're yours Frey. But he got a call that number seven a four or ninety or excuse your night or death accurate show more about I read I beat them back a few in this moment. All right welcome back. But it's a stock carousel goes doctor or nurse and I feel welcome back. Thinking that you've been sticking around their whole commercial break going right around her I don't know more about type three diabetes. If you're just in the end it's your health our. And I here today to talk about type three diabetes a condition most people have never heard of yet scientists now confirming does exist. If you have it you won't even know you have it's because you often have alzheimer's cognitive decline dimension X xetra. But there isn't known cause of type three diabetes are gonna talk about that it is eight form of diabetes with talk about that. There's a way to fix this with talk about that. And if you don't even remember that I told you it's type two diabetes that turned it is type three diabetes because you already have dementia alzheimer's etc. I got help you to fix that. When you get your memory back. And you might be Godard terrorists I'm Marty losing my memory I can't even remember something that just happened yesterday our brain fog and forget polite fatigue that the guys its creed tight three diabetes and I think that. So if you're new to my show it's called gas doctor or show for a reason you ask we answer and I got a lot of questions lately about diabetes Arabic just because like its national diabetic month sometime soon might even beat this month. But here's what did you okay. Go to my website ass stockyards dot com if you are at the point we are looking for an answer for your health. I've been doing this offer for our radio listeners that you've Pena UECD's but this says request a free consultation. You Phil archer and fell and boom you get put onto a call log that I can reach out here and say hey you've got me for fifteen minutes no cost let's talk. What's going on and I pointed to a direction last week we had 22. Console requests I love it. I gave away 22. At eleven hours guys at my week more or less. Where I say here's what I think you should do and I don't charge a dime for that the case that's free. We also have our FaceBook live stream so I my FaceBook hers who are watching us can see this camera. And the reason what you have or FaceBook is you can physically stare at the show alive while it's happening comments. Leave us the testimony I don't know whatever you feel like. Two weeks ago someone was into my back sugar showed its members ballad that's figures show. And they said oh my gosh is the best show ever at thank you for showing us how to find out how many cars we have. Only in one week they cut their cards down oil lost ten pounds title lob that radio listeners like thanks doctors though lost ten pounds you helped me. Right. Guys I'm here to help you to become your doctor or do they show so I can help you to answer the questions no one else is talking about. Growth of giving away tickets. Last commercial break we did pretty good it was a seven tickets my events normally it's 2.5 dollars due to sit in the seat and get access to my summits. This what does it is at the Holiday Inn express and sweet here in Charlotte is on the 23. So we're looking at just a couple weekends away from now and I do still have tickets for this more than likely by the middle of this show or possibly the end of the show they might sell out. So I would suggest you'd jot this number down 7049062094. Call it's. Let them know you won a comic. The benefit of coming to an event easy gates' view. Not only learn everything because it's way more than just this. Little tiny bit of time I get with you on the air but it's dead it's to hold delivery system you have information of everything given to you you'll know exactly what you need to do. You'll note the test you can. Ask your doctor to run. Or you'll have opportunities to get the test run yourself. You'll know exactly what the cause of your current health condition is because it's diabetes were gonna talk about people with. Diabetes with obesity with high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides. Most diabetics have other health issues. So I wanna look at it from you might not have diabetes but you might be like hey I've been dealing with high blood pressure. Can icon gas hey I have cholesterol at all over the place that'll take drugs anymore and I come yes. Hey I don't even have a condition no I don't ever want to end up with one can I come yes but. It's only about take its last seven afford 9062094. Okay man we're here type three diabetes is the big wind is not type one nets juvenile that's often somebody who's really young under the age twenty to had an infection. Has some sort of Powell thing going on. The B intestines turn on them they get an infection negative viral infection and all the sudden boom they're sugar start going crazy. It's because the pathogens viruses bacteria or there was one on the gut. Irritated the immune system enough that the immune system got confused instead kill the patriots. And now they can't make insulin they must injecting got to control the sugars that's type one. Type two is known as adult on site but we don't call it adult anymore as some kids have it. Which is where you don't have an insulin issue. So their pay increase is working with. But for some reason the sugars are high even though insulin is president. Okay type one diabetic doesn't have enough influence that makes sense why the sugar or high. The type two diabetic has been slated has high sugar that doesn't make sense that we go. It genetic or we year you're missing your medications solicit met forming Google fought act toast of India whatever they'll stay. Take this stuff. There's no you're supposed to do by the way to figure out why it's not working. Listen to my destroying diabetes summit aren't a show from last week I told you why that happens you can fix that's. And an I have type three which is you didn't take care of your type two diabetes or you did medically or with diets. You made your sugar so low consumer so restrictive when your foods that they couldn't go up. Or you took Matt Foreman group of five or act goes to whatever you made them come down which didn't fix the underlying condition the cause. So now your brain says hey I don't have any sugar also. You're cerebral spinal fluid sugar content goes up. The brain says an insulin resistance the brain says I don't have sugars into the brain goes I can't steal my job. What does that look like brain fog forgetfulness mental fatigue. Or they'll harsh diagnosis is like alzheimer's. Cognitive decline demand six that trip. And if you didn't hear my previous segment it's estimated. That that is going to be one at the number one diagnose conditions surpassing cancer surpassing heart disease as we get older. We don't remember things we're losing our minds physically. They're going away. They're dying off and right now it's 50% of people over the age 85 have alzheimer's where they can't remember things from their past. And a lot of health practitioners alike wartime fearless causing is that these plaques in the brain is it aluminum. It's some at all. Okay it could be but the new resent researchers say in no way I think we have a wrong it's just the brain just became diabetic. So here's the way things work in type two diabetes you have hopefully guys are watching my life feed okay go to FaceBook that consulate asked doc turns. You have a cell look at this box of water. And down is not a bottled water its box water because it's better still says it's better. Anyway here's a selling your body and you've got to get the sugar inside the cell as to how it works. Is there's a race up there see this Gary here to fill opening point there is stepped their have to let insulin are sorry sugar in. What opens the receptor what goes like this and says open figure going and in foreign lands on their staff there the receptor opens and sugar goes in so here's the thing type two diabetics you have info line. You have there are sectors but for some reason. It's not working. It would be the equivalent of you have the key to open your house but you put the key and and you turn in nothing's happening. You have to lock you have the key you sugar wanna go in but the door will open. Okay there's two reasons for your insulin has become mutated. To the point where it doesn't fit in anymore and it doesn't turn the lock which can happen. Usually it's a protein degradation issue influence of protein approach he gave it twisted turn because of the toxicity issue. Aura more commonly. The reset there is blocked. There's heavy metal inside a bit there's inflammation going on in the bodied or something blocking. There is sector's ability so they call it insulin resistance to insulin does not work your bodies become resistant. And as insulin resistance climbs the only way to push the sugar is through another pathway called medicine and that'll work temporarily but most people. Her diabetic go like this oil started on Matt Foreman. And it worked because my sugars were down. But then I needed who qualifies as they started going back up again and then they needed you know act Stosur that I needed other drugs and now they're telling me so bad that I have to ends Jack influence and hire a type one diabetic. And I like to say that's pre tight three economic Cuba tight to a type one out of the type 32 plus one history. But Daniels say known unknown now I don't have alzheimer's they don't have forgetfulness they don't have dementia. And then I'm gonna ask you to repeat what I said ten minutes ago when you're gonna go like this I don't remember. Okay. So maybe you do so here's the thing. The only way to know. Is to get tested the only get tested if you direct contacts so the problem is when summons diabetic and they get Cassel can attest that getting blood sugars. Anyone see that's not gonna look for type three diabetes and sorry to tell you this. Because that doesn't find the cause of diabetes in the first place. You have to look at your inflammatory markers. Like he wrecked approaching homocysteine. Said rates ESR. Your red blood cell distribution weights the our DW's Kate you might go what what are you talk about the never even heard of these Kate that's why you need to find someone who knows what they're. Talking about OK I am a health coach I'm a practitioner. Hey it's Saturday but guess what Monday through Friday I have a clinic that I work out of they see thousands of people. Across the US. I of people that call in a state I'm sick of this disease can you help me. I don't know yet have you had this test drive now go get that running come back. I asked my doctor they won't do it of course they Waltz because if you got the tests that finds the cause. They're either legally bound to show you what to do or they'll have to admit I don't know how to fix that. And you need to go somewhere that does the case so guys tied to become your doctors time to learn type three diabetes exist what is that it is the rain. Insulin resistance it's when the sugar that you need in your brain to make your brain work can't get in your brain and thus your brain goes. I need food need something. And those of you who are clients of mind to know a lot of my patients listened. The secret way to prevent that from happening is that key device in your blood your brain can use key tones. As an alternate fuel source but watched most diabetics type two. Had zero keep guns in their blood. Most people have zero key turns in their blood I go pooled John off the street think he Johnny willing to let detector Quito and that he says yes and I prick your finger I guarantee you close to zero. That right there should freak you out because you have every power incited you to make your Keaton go up doctor earth what is. No I don't know what they. Why do you think I'm hosting a summit. And it's free. And I am asking you will you come and will you let me teach you. OK I can only teach people who say got Fat Mike to learn about that Kate idle at the paper that though can it be free apps. Seven afford 9062094. If you don't call in during my radio shows or during the commercials they have there is Acosta had someone calling yesterday. Literally because they're like I was watching a video of one learn moral what's the deal my staff was like whoa hey we have an event coming up and he goes how much does the cost they civil point five dollars and they didn't even let them finish the sentence. They were gonna refer him to my show today and he goes done. On bio in it I'll be there you can avoid all of that. 7049062094. I'm asking you to pick up the phone. And take a step towards your health so I can teach you what you need to learn. He can fix it when we come back a little bit more about how to reverse brain disorders like alzheimer's dementia forget the list. By attacking this type three. The legs and destroying the beast. But while we do that call I'd throw at 7049062094. Again 70490620. Nines or. Gas doc turned show will be right back don't go anywhere makes you come back after the commercial break his back. Well immaculate he's got sucked carousel because soccer and arts. And what an incredible. Show topic we got today. Hey if you're new to this show if you're just tuning in whereas we're talking about a condition that's now being called type three diabetes. Is the health so it's your health our my name is doctor Aaron are so I wanna talk to you about type three diabetes. And why you should wake up to the reality of eight learning what it is being discovered if you have aids or if your precursor to have it. And feed going OK now they know what it is I don't ever want that thing now what type three diabetes have. And you might be going wait are you saying it's right tight three. Like 123. I thought there's only two type two diabetes doctor swears is coming from well. There are some researchers some of which are at Brown University Harvard together herded them yea old and they're saying stuff like this ready. Type three diabetes is the term that's been applied to insulin resistance of the brain cell itself. Okay type two diabetes is insulin resistance of organ tissues cells and body cells like your skin your eyes. Your toes your organs your heart your lungs your liver your guts he explains what ever paid every cell in your body needs small amounts triggered a function. That he can't push sugar into an organic sell then that's called type two diabetes if you have insulin president. If you don't have insulin presents because you're paying Greece has been destroyed. That is called type one diabetes putts. What about the brain. What if you can't put sugar into the brain because your brain is insulin resistant. Well some doctors over at Brown University said here's what's going on. They did this study in humans and rats and they blocked. Influence the ability to get into the brain. How they did that I have no idea but they did this they use some things to block the path of insulin to the brain of some rats and what they found out is. Is this sugar starts to climb in the brain tissues and the brain starts to pull its insular interceptors back because too much sugar is a bad thing. So as the brain cells hold the insular interceptors back what happens is we'd lose the ability determine. If we can perform basic functions in the ninth to the brain stops getting sugar for energy so what happens is the brain cells start to. I'm come back to where what they're doing to understand hey I need some assistance. I George real quick I needed timer so what happens this attempt. We get to the point where we don't get blood. Into the brain has insulin because they blocked it then we don't get sugar into the brain cells because they're they're not there. Then we don't get the idea where the cell can produce its normal function because the brains basically going I don't have sugar. So I can't perform functions here's the interesting thing. As insulin levels decline in the brain as sugar levels decline in the brain something called beta amyloid plaque. Starts to form because there's inflammation now in the brain because the cell to stand. What's going on what's going on how my doing so what happens is this. You become a diabetic in your brain. And you turn into an alzheimer's patient you'd turn into a cognitive decline patient you've become dementia ish. So basically it works like this the more carves you eat. The more your insulin gets sick created to combat those scarves. But because at some point the info interceptors become resistant to insulin sugar keeps climbing. So insulin keeps climbing but the body's going to hate freak out here I gotta stop giving all the sugar and so the cells pulled the risks out there is back. When that happens in your organs it's tight to what it happens in your brain it's tight three now the insulin is causing inflammation. The excess sugar cause inflammation. And what happens is. The brain cells start to lose their performance you don't remember things you get brain fog you get forgetful. And then there's a buildup of the stuff called beta amyloid plaque medicine says we got to get a plaque out but the unified drug that'll get rid of the plaque. Or let's do a brain washed somehow it's inject midnight that'll go around eat the plaques guys do you see they're going after symptoms. Amyloid plaque in their brain is a symptom a brain inflammation and rain for elation is president when there's too much insulin to much insulin as president when there's too much sugar. Too much figures present when you're a type two diabetic or tech won on controlled or your eating too much sugar. Too much sugar present causes inflammation inflammation causes. Disease inflammation causes disease so here we are in what we have is the idea. That you have to treat yourself as if you have diabetes now. Paid you'll ever wanna get all fighters of your sewing your family is all who has alzheimer's you like costs. If it runs in the family I might get it to what runs in the family is the lack of education for health. Trust me on this okay. I met with someone earlier this week it's a bit stockyards Peta really healthy diet like super really help you know I was like OK can you tell me what you eat. Well for breakfast I have oatmeal. And for lunch I have a whole week sandwich with low fat meats. And for dinner I have like say a piece of fish. And I have some sauteed greens and that's my diet now with all my gosh that is not healthy diets. And you'll be said to me it hits I've lost five pounds OK I get that but losing weight isn't health okay. We know healthy diet is a diet that supports your brain. Your brain is made up facts he need to eat a lot of. Back not low fat high fat I heard that it. No you're not you're gonna lose a ton weight. We know that 60% of your brain is made if that he should be eating 60% of that your diet. We know that proteins are necessary but too much protein can cause cancer too much protein because information too much protein can make you get sick. We know now what you need to do to get well the problem is it's not what you learned at the gym it's not what you've learned from your diet is certainly are gonna learn from TV. And your classic medical doctor takes approximately one class in nutrition because to them. They want you and I say bay not the MD's that medicine as a whole 22 each tilts. They wished that they could come up with food in a pill that you would have to eat anything they wished they can get you to take a pill that will make you feel as if you are on cloud nine. They wish you would take more medications. They're unhappy with the fact that they've saturated the public with methods. They're going how we get more people would take more medications what we have to tighten the restrictions on what it takes to get a diagnosis. That's why the numbers are going down you now have to be better. In order to not be prescribed the drug to fifties no longer good for cholesterol now it's 200 other stating easy under 200. Blood pressure once when he now not anymore it's got to be 115 or better why. Because you'll take more drugs you can get out of this rat trap you can get off the medical merry go round but you have to. Come learn how to take care of yourself. Look if you have high blood pressure high cholesterol high blood sugar high anything and you wanna get back to normal. I'd inviting new 704906. Tuesday overnight for my eighth summit is coming up soon if you like a week and a half. The 23 11 AM at the holiday express this leads the tickets are free if you take action now I'll show you gotta think she sugars. Picture helped the best parties you can do it 704. 9062094. Again seven afford 9062094. Death doctor art show. We'll be right back. Our eyes. This is yes doctor herself. Because doctor Aaron Aaron what a beautiful day today here in clean city Charlotte. Grab a great conversation if you Justine and retire about type three diabetes have been sticking around for his top of the hour good for healing guess what now comes the good stuff okay. How do we deal with this how do we get this condition under control how do we get our life back how -- turnaround diabetes how do we lose weight how to we get fit how do we control everything. Which is doing one thing. OK look high blood pressure high cholesterol weight loss resistance brain fog forgetfulness alzheimer's dementia heart disease. They're all linked to our pre diabetic condition. Now you might say to be oh gosh stock cars I already have type two diabetes does that mean I'm starting to develop type three. According to research yes you do not even have to be a diabetic. To have insulin levels that are high enough. To create the inflammation in your brain that causes cognitive decline why do you think it is that sometimes we're like. I just lost my self train of thought mid sentence. Why do you think it is that we go around. Where did I put my keys they just had them less than a minute ago why do you think it is we walk around with their glasses on our heads going isn't racing my glasses a boycott have lost my glasses. These are early. Creek cognitive warning signs that your insulin levels are slightly too high and that your sugar levels are slightly too high. But pre diabetics wall to be diagnosed so they won't be testing they won't be looking so look I test my sugars who regularly. My daughter is seven years old and she's already been checked to see what is sugars look like my son is all league not even two years old he gets checked regularly. How hard is it to prick the heel of a two year old it's tough man but all do it I grab him by his foot hold a sit down and he's Whalen its agreement. But he doesn't understand and juniper is healthy for his wellness. Even a child they too can have high blood sugar you don't like twenty DP nothing but sugar all the time. Yes they're sugar should be slightly higher than as adults but it shouldn't be 200. OK so here's the thing. Maybe you're listening you're going whoa low doc turns can we just pull the reins in and try to figure this out yes OK here's the bad news but the good news at the same time. Eating sugar and refined carbohydrates processed foods white guilt the white wheat white Costas grains dairy cheese anything that turns into sugar. It is not only the cause of pre dementia. Dementia alzheimer's diabetes excess trip because the amount of sugar we eat is directly connected to the difficultly that we have been doing this. The good news is by cutting out these refined sugars in these cards and stuff like that and getting rid of low fat diets and loading facts. Cannot only prevents but he can reverse pre dementia and even early dementia. Not seen this happen in my clinic at that pace is command. With what's called MCI mild cognitive impairment to the term that's used in medicine to say yep your start to lose it. And I some patients who say to me stuff like this well I. I'd I'd. And they write down doctors everything that I wanna see eighteen is being set in my mind but they won't come out of my mouth but hey that's. MCI mild cognitive impairment. And other what does this I will give you ten things. I'll say Alyssa ten items they'll ask you to repeat all times actually most people get 89. Mild cognitive impairments will give me maybe two in the go I I'd. Like within thirty seconds gone like I said this at tam SA apple carry orange beat strawberry they'll review backed me. If you said apple strawberry beat kennel of tomato you have a problem. Okay mild cognitive impairment pays one way seconds. If you do have type two diabetes I guarantee you you're already starting to develop type three Y. Because the type two diabetic often has high insulin I talked about this last week that talked about the week before that. Most people are not giving their insulin tested look there's even home test for insulin go to Google take data Holm insulin test. It might cost you a 10050 dollars you prick your finger. You drip the blood onto a little piece of paper it dries you put on foot female and out comes back it says your insulin levels are blank. He goalie funny reference ranges of what happens is you go home book costly as was really high. But is that a good thing or a bad thing militia there to elope the much influence hi guys that's. We. Diabetes that creed type three. Do you have high insulin you have low sugars the question should be wiser instance the heights that you're eating wheat too much sugar. Have you heard of the idea that your brain can affect your body and your body can affect your brain so what happens is. When we start to become forgetful and things we can't remember. Well then your organs are starting to forget to do things to. That your heart's like hey I just sort of forgot to beat for the last ten seconds you're gonna go. It's. If you forget to breathe you're gonna go I liked what's gone paraphrase me pace and here's what happens. Your brain controls every single square inch of your body. If you don't believe me top and the science is out there you have. Billions of neurons you have trillions of cells so brain cells do controlled multiple cells within your body. Because a billion is less than trillion I think the estimate seven beat trillion with a capital T cells in your body. And approximately a hundred billion cells in your brain itself. What happens of those cells near brain start going south on you. If they don't get the sugars they need to can't perform their functions they start to kick off all kinds of toxic waste yell as plaque and buildup and that's called cognitive decline. If you have enough of it to where you can't remember even your past and affecting diagnosis of alzheimer's and things like that. What are some pretty high end top doctors who are talking about this doctor odds. Well doctor aren't he's not hi top and he's paid guy who's on TV doctor mark Hyman. Doctor David Perlmutter he gets hurt any of these people take us our Google and their names. Doctor Hyman wrote incredible book reacts to start talking about how type three diabetes is. The decline of your brain is alzheimer's case so let's start going down the line of how do we get this back on track again. Number one regardless of the your diabetic or not you have to be your blood sugars under control and you have to know what they are. Act all time it's not like every second that the day but you need to know when you wake up or your sugar too high what's normal 89 or less. 89 or less if you make it a morning your like hey let's see how I'm doing. And you don't have diabetes you wonder how your health still when you go out in spent twenty dollars. At fail like Wal-Mart and you vial one touch wall and I don't have diabetes and paid the best way to do not have a disease is to pretend you currently have it. Even when you don't know about Cuba the best way to not get sick is to be healthy. So why would I wait until I'm sick to get healthy I don't want to get sick so I should be healthy and already be healthy I need to see what healthy people do. So healthy people have reversed their condition. And they constantly monitored themselves okay. So blood sugar lessening nine when you wake up. Second when you eat foods that shouldn't get too high so you'd check yourself two hours later and it should not be over a 140 I don't care how high it went when you eat. If you eat a strawberry sandwich which to be weird if you eat strawberry ice cream for lunch. And you sugars go to 200 that's OK as long as it two hours they're less than 140. If you meet the largest sugar meal possible would literally you open a bull with sugar and you eat that. It should still go below a 140. After two hours. OK so the markers are sugars into China morning there are over 89. And two hours after you eat there over 140 you have a problem okay to. You've got to stop eating low fat high carb diet that's the standard American diet right. Tony fact you're gonna get a heart attack wrong sugar causes heart disease even the American Heart Association knows this. Sackett you need to eat lots and lots of bats an eye saying go to vote jingles and say hey Alec the Thaddeus right kicking you out. No a stain Omega three fats. In CT oils coconut oil op a condos nuts and seeds eggs whole foods. Real healthy fats not the fake fat. Did you find it fast foods in box items. Okay here's the thing your brain requires nutrients the problem is most people are nutrient deficient. Tell me give you a quick list of some of the best nutrients you can ever take and or eat for your brain ready for this vitamin. Beat complex there are sixteen. Known B vitamins if you're like what's their beef fourteen there is. Why don't take that only PP twelve for energy your miss announced. I take B six that I heard B six is good for your nerves in your brain is a nerve wolf good but what about the beat nine and the beat twelve in the beef fifteen in the B sixteen K guys need all of the B vitamins. I personally use something called. Probe by products are vital for your brain because there's this gut brain connection if your guts gone south on you with almost everybody tabs. Well doctor Arthur I go to the bathroom regularly about tight and hot off T gone through your micro bio of the health of your gut so you have yeast in there. Some idea fungus and there's only a week to respect tearing their a dramatic is not gonna solve that problem but it's gonna help you to called your gut down. And your guy by the way. Produces the majority. Of your brain hormones at an effort nor been up from serotonin all the feel good things that you guys want. Doctor Arthur I'm tired. I don't feel like do anything and I just I'd I'm depressed. I can tell you right there your guts messed up you sugars are slightly too high and your developing type three diabetes. We need to confirm that you get the junk out of your brain your mind is made it back. And most toxins are fat soluble so might be time not to do it liver Clinton's. Not did you have got washed but to do a brain detox the problem is there's very few practitioners to know truly had a detox the mind. And in my office we ask something that we have developed called brain detox it physically is designed to get into the brain and pull out all the junk like. Mercury heavy metals pesticides herbicides and all that's. Stop they get stuck in our brains another thing we'll we have to do. Smith makes it the hormones are working properly. Your brain is one massive hormone center. It produces hundreds and hundreds of hormones everything from your regulatory hormones. Things like thyroid releasing hormone. Due to nineteen releasing hormone all your sex hormones all your thyroid hormones everything comes through the brains you've got to confirm your thyroid is working with. You're sex hormones are working in the that your core results are a balanced hormones like insulin very balanced. And because stress is the biggest play here behind all help the facts. If you have cognitive issues. If you have alzheimer's dementia if you're pre diabetic diabetic or your type two or even type one. He got the call me stressed down chronic stress takes a massive hole on the body and the brain in fact we know. That we can look at your brain hormones if they're all over the place like at the deference north and efforts territory except you're there all over the place I can look Jin stake. While YouTube live a pretty stressed life almost cost to kick calmed down a massive anxiety catcher go what's going on. OK so if I say calm down you're gonna go doctorates I've done everything I've been taken xanax will be huge trend. It's all loft packs like took them all once I don't even know how I'm still here. Listen. Taking drugs is not gonna calm you down it's only gonna make things worse. Some of the best techniques that we have for. Calming you down as earth seen ground team. Read seen as crazy as this sounds meditation yoga chiropractic care is alternately helpful. Fifty guys concede he got a long laundry list stuff you need to do. Where an earth that's our go through did you catch the fact they just gave you a ton of stuff he can do hopefully gated you're kind of like I'm a pencil caught fire you right so fast. Come to my event 7049062094. Again seven afford nines are 62094. Months trying diabetes but technically getting your health back events. It's 11 AM the 23 of this month. 7049062. User 94 Calif and hop on our FaceBook. IDs on the call Foreman at the fine. With my FaceBook lie viewers that right now I don't care where you are polite your phone employer tablet player he feet. FaceBook dot com plus Affleck turn 54 minutes of extra tips you can do to be healthy and well thanks so much for CNET and a few guys my offense. Until next week gas sector itself I just feel like thank.