Under Cover High and No Phones At Concerts

John Hancock
Thursday, February 8th

Hancock discusses the show Under Cover High which is a show about adulkts going under cover to high school and how it ties in to many musical artists banning cell phones at concerts.


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This is John Hancock. Yeah hours at Thursday's regularly. Those that Philadelphia crowd sun's out like our our rebel yells you've all heard that tape I assume many of you heard that came from our. Illustrious 95 year history. Prior hopper's Charlie Crutchfield a rebel yell. All right well you either get under your belt. They're very good I was telling TJ it's so nice to see the sun out. I don't know what it was about yesterday I was extremely busy yesterday I got an early start they had a good news and stuff like 103011 o'clock yesterday. I got to the station like an hour and a half early. And usually do know I had a workload here to get done mouse or and so forth we got in the studio. It was overcast it was rainy it was ugly it just seemed to be like analog and all know old no energy day yesterday. I'm so I was on driving to work today the sun shine in and got Tom Petty played on the radio and and I'm just thinking yeah. And neither of sunshine day. So. So it's good it's all good as Thursday. Which is technically the best day of the week. Because it's a high anticipation day. You're thinking about the weekend you only have one more day after today to get to the weekend. You got big plans for the weekend. Forget about it it's gonna rain. But it didn't matter. Rain on the weekend is still a weekend. I don't know who would be a great philosopher was that showed that first but. I believe it was. Meet the couple seconds ago. Our government shut down not present at midnight tonight Woolsey were all that goes Q Breyer on the wire and the WBT newsroom today. Mud could be a it's a government shut down for the second time this year. It's not necessarily expected to. But deny you never know until you're no. Good news is is that Nancy Pelosi is now in front of an open Mike. Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer agreed to a bipartisan deal yesterday that would fund the federal government for a couple of years and increased federal spending by more than 400 bucks. And Danica and immigration and all that stuff no place to be found anywhere defense spending and domestic spending would be the primary beneficiaries of the deal that was struck yesterday. Which increased by like a 165 billion dollars and a 131 billion dollars a respectively. Over that time for him. And whether that's enough to have come Salome happy Democrats. Who are concerned over baca and or house Republicans though wary of I increased deficit spending. A remains to be seen. And disturb. A little setback by that line increased deficit spending. Concerned about increased deficit spending. We did that start. And that started at thirteen trillion dollars or twelve trillion dollars and a unit in total debt burden. And net net ending cover obligations. That's just that's just a round figure debt that doesn't cover the obligations. True concern. Senate is expected to vote today on an extension through march 43 as well as the a McConnell Schumer budget deal what the house voting on that package later in the day and so almost Q bras on NCR. Well what's going on stock market is taken a beating. Was down 592. At least it was about to six and a half minutes ago when I last looked at it. 610. Thornton has sooner about 600 points. So. This would be the fifth loss for the last six days technology companies. Though leading sector over the past year are taking a beating today banks fell as well Boeing and caterpillar. And I took some of the worst losses so far today. It today we didn't get much help today company earnings report came out today and US companies did. Mostly did well at the end of 24018. But then the number of them had a weak finish to the year and down Hanesbrands has won you hate to think that our whole economy is right now on underwear dodger. Guys guys think about his portfolio and all the city has all of my gosh under shorts are down iron here are they immune system to mrs. One of my dreams and one aspect of my life but I got it's killing my portfolio. Yeah underwear tee shirts and socks their way down reported a similar profit then a smaller profit than investors had expected. And it's forecast for the year didn't deliver up to. Analysts' estimates either and then iRobot. Don't rumba. Vacuum people don't you have one of those TJ. We'll go buy some more. Apparently you are purchased didn't help. They plummeted 30% after it took projected small annual profit to know Wall Street was expecting so. Said that that's what aren't that bad that's what's alleged thing about the stock market is it runs on stuff like that. Bet underwear report. You know. The stock markets are different from the rest of us so you don't you don't. Ill fitting underwear can affection all sorts of different ways. Duke is that. This for Saturday night where Tar Heels here that on the news eleventh indicted on three WBT. Pregame starts seven. And gave an 8 o'clock a bully that's the way that goes. The Olympics gets started it today opening ceremonies until tomorrow mobile talk about the Olympics little bit Larry you're on Jimmy drop below us signed a five year deal with the goes forty niners. 137. Point five million dollars five years. Haven't done the math on that. Think that's. That's Bobby cherry money. And the NBA trade deadline is today and I haven't seen anything happened with the well with the hornets they got their senator yesterday from a New York. But that was no big deal as of 11:55. This morning ESPN is reporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers were staying persistent in trying to construct a deal for kemba. But there remains no traction error and then after all that happened. Cleveland traded their entire team. They traded Isiah Thomas and no forward Channing Frye. And their 20181. Round pick bearers. Not the one that they have from Brooklyn which apparently by rules now they can't trade until the trade they can't get rid of that draft pick until the year. And tell the draft. But they traded debt Isaiah and Channing Frye and their first round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance junior. So Isiah Thomas off to yet another team. The heat traded Dwyane Wade back to Miami Heat in exchange for a heavily protected second round pick that sounds like a gonna retire after the season move would like to do it back core I started. They acquired Rodney hood Cleveland did and the Utah from the Utah Jazz and George Hill from Sacramento as part of a three team deal. Sacramento gets Joseph Johnson. Any month Shubert. And a 20/20. Second round pick via Miami and new targets Jae Crowder. And and Derrick Rose. And so Cleveland has sort of been not as active as anybody at the trade deadline there's been a few other deals and there are but nothing really of note percent. And no give rise on that what does that do trade deadline does it end at three so it's done so in Los something is does have been announced yet to. The hornets. Been doing it and so on totaled 10-Q for us on that as as time goes on the atrium. They made the big announcement yesterday that I Charlotte based Carolinas healthcare system was changing its name to atrium atrium so they could be a little bit more encompassing in other words. And they started to leak out yesterday. By being called Carolinas healthcare system. That limited in them and their scope in this time of not just health care mergers. But I mean come on the whole world over the last twenty years has been one big merger went off when I got to this radio station we had eight stations than we were bought. And and we ended up in our group I don't know what the numbers are there more how many stations to greater media have. Forty. I have no idea. And now intercom. Which just merged with CBS and our two or 300 stations are somewhat passive. That's and it's a way it's probably happened in whatever industry you're in as well that the days of though working for the guy. Now with his office in the corner office are done we're all working for conglomerates were all low beholden to the stockholders were all. That's the way our world it's it's change well Charlotte based Carolinas healthcare system change their name to atrium yesterday re branding. So they can and then they announced today that they're buying this nab a cent health which is say healthcare organization in Georgia. So they got I had to make the announcement yesterday so they could then. Absorb the Georgia. I healthcare organization. So I think they're to to some extent they're been waiting for health afraid for a name change. I never sent healthy is Macon Georgia based. And it will become part of atrium I assume they're assuming that name as well. And by being called atrium that Brenda takes the boundaries off you know not to are confined to the Carolinas anymore now you can know growing and that's exactly what they've done by this move. In a Georgia. The. The new public. Nonprofit corporation expected to be one of the largest hospital systems the United States employing 90000. People operating sixty hospitals. Atrium already had had forty hospitals and about 65000. Employees. And never sent to has thirty facilities including hospitals and about 6300. Employees so if you add that all together you've got. You you you you've been you've grown considerably. So what atrium allows them to go outside of the confines of the Carolinas and go out and get bigger and be all encompassing so. I'm for that matter I'd boomer and I were talking about this old earlier and now we've decided to I now call ourselves John Boyd Billy yeah. So well that'll make us a little bit more encompassing and don't make it sound like we're better than we are. So. So welcome to the John boy and. Boomer show. Yeah. There you that you don't name yourself exactly make something that sounds kind of like it. We're not Nabisco work Tabasco. No we're not Coke or croak or you know that kind of stuff now. John Boyd boomer. Then you re an hour. And our producer Randy. So I go out there. The senate leaders reaching a budget deal yesterday were all wait to see what happens with the government shut down before midnight the US has launched just samarra airstrikes on a Syrian government back to troops. A frivolity should ensue there. Some of the top White House aides have resigned following a domestic abuse claims from ex wives and this would be our rob Porter in this particular us instance. Are resigned as staff secretary which is a pretty a big job actually. Our media reports about domestic abuse claims from a is two ex wives. Including publication of photos that showed one of the women with a black guy that's never good deal. He resigned. He blasted the allegations as outrageous as simply false and he said of the photos quote the reality behind them. Is nowhere close to what it is being described as. His former wives described to a media outlets experiencing up physical verbal and emotional abuse from him. His first wife said that he had choked and punched her. And his second wife filed a protective order against him and she described him as wants dragging her naked and wet from the shower to yell at her. So I'm. Anyway the the White House chief of staff has taken some heat today John Kelly because he apparently tried to control the flow of information do it not only to trumpet. But apparently had known about this for sometimes on the kind of ran cover for the student. And the White House at first Tenet defended Porter. With Kelly calling him a court man of true integrity in order. But he lost that support once the photos came out and Kelly reportedly was urging him to stay anyway at least until they. Could tie up some of our lives since he wrote killer released to stabilize last night and I was shocked by the allegations released today against rob Porter. There is no place or domestic violence in our society can't take any other stand on that right now you know you can't take any a stand on that anyway but. I'm particularly. In light of all the news that's come down in the last three to six to seven months you just can't do them. Well we talked. About. A undercover. Hi. To show on not. Any we believe in the air yesterday. They send seven adults who look really young who are barely out of school themselves and undercover to a high school. Duke got a discover the pressures on kids in the impact of cell phones and all that stuff. So I wanna share that with you when I come back but I also wanna talk to you about a company called yell under which we've talked about when Jack White said he wanted cell phones no longer in his category news sponsors. And no Chappelle uses this and his comedy shows. You put your phone and a baguette and then it latches. And you can't get your phone out of the bag when you go back out to lobby and have it on latched. And the guy who invented Yonder is a pro uninteresting story but the things that they're finding once you take people's phones access to people's phones away from them. People actually start talking to each other and it's having effects that they. And hadn't even anticipated so wanna talk about all of that we're gonna do it next. A couple of days ago I became aware of a television channel show called under cover higher. When you're about 456. Years at a high school. Did you ever I think to yourself wow if I knew then what I know now blow it like to be a senior in high school again. The concept of this television show is they send these. Young adults. Who still. Look like they could be in high school. Federal court she could still be in high school. Yet it is. No let one of the undercover students at Highland Park High School this was in note two peca I believe. So did envelop the deal that undercover high is they get these adults and they go undercover as high school students. This is a show on any any it airs on Tuesday night's. And I'll I'll get to the particulars of what. They are found but just to be it is kind of there's there's two articles that I have uncovered about undercover. Life. They have found that depression was surprisingly common at the high school we are talking about this yesterday. I'm. I obviously have been out of high school for some time. I couldn't relate to what the pressures are today. I know what they were when I was at school it was popularity in was peer pressure and it was you know whether. He had a cool group yet and I'm cool group enough. And it was based on. I don't know law wasn't pissed if it was based on your looks it was based on the clothes you wore it was based on me. Whether or not you could go win a fight or not you're you're dive. Allow me it was based on know whether or not you were good looking and out of your girl are you know it all the stuff and and when was it just it was at a good time not doubt for me. I hated it. When a good athlete Eleanor good fighter. As funny. But funny I didn't really work role well when somebody's you know slam and Europe's oil locker. So. I mean ninety now and then we went through the period of time after I got out of high school were. You're the grunge era. Where they were all singing about teenage angst. And but I would no more understand especially with today's net technology cell phones and all of that I mean that's changed everything. About what the pressures are today they say teens often feel pressure to maintain their images not only on line around the clock and that leads to stress and feelings of inadequacy. And your editor with all due respect to any teenagers in May be listening right now your catcher all time stupidest. When you are preoccupied. With a whole lot of things that don't really in the long run matter the people that don't like UN school today. We'll know more BL party your life in five years and fly to the moon you don't care you won't even remember what had except when you go back to the reunion. In twenty years which you don't thinking about right now. And find out what they've grown fat and ugly and no. And in the girl that wasn't there all that attractive shows up the twenty year reunion and she's become attractive in the chick that was. The head cheerleader comes back and and tension she looks like old ships. Posterior. So Bob. So that was the one article I'll get back to that than I read another one nuggets from another episode although it was the same. People in the same month Kansas high school. And they really zeroed in on Smartphones and they found that female students frequently faced pressure to send sexually explicit images of themselves. And apparently this is more the rule than the exception Minnesota group of adults. Part of the reason the Smartphones and social media contribute to teen depression. Is. I I mean did. That and they're set of those pictures. So. I get back to that in just a second. Tie that into a story that we did not too long ago about Jack White and it seems like there was another musical artist with in the last week or ten days. I'm. Guns 'N Roses. Is a group that doesn't allow phones and their concerts anymore Dave Chappelle comedian. Doesn't allow phones. At their concerts anymore. In general artists are not very complimentary of phones out crowd. If you just paid 200 bucks for a ticket in your sitting behind somebody that stride to film the entire thing on their phone under obstructing your view. Detonation less than happy. So when Jack White announce that he was not going to allow people to have cell phones and his concerts anymore you all got really. Why are you gonna do that Jack. And it comes with this. Couch that someone. Someone is a guy by the name of Graham do bony. Who went 24 team. Came up with a mobile phone couch. So when you go to one of the shows. You don't give up your phone. That you are forced to put your phone in one of these pouches. And then that pouch closes with a proprietary lock. And the device for unlocking them. You don't noted. You have to go back out in the lobby your back out into the entry area to unlock the phones so you have your phone. But it's in this couch so you don't have access to your phone. So that makes the artists happy. And the guy who invented this thing said. You know initially. People are hot. There are not happy. He figured out this. It took him a few years to do this he's at 31 year old guy. And he finds it found this company called Yonder YOND. Our. And there was series of studies and experimentation and is that the other they come up with a small gray pouch. This swallows your phone. And walks the bag up. Keeps you away from your phone. Your fingers and eyes. You're addiction. And accessible. And any starts offering these things around hundreds of thousands of neoprene pouches and are now being used in North America Europe and Australia when he first went to shop this. From the investors kind of laughed at him. And then he got somebody to bite on it. And then that worked out really well and and that's word started to spread and and you had concert venues starting in and you had this that and now you've got skulls. Throughout the country USA especially. These pouches can be rented for a single event or on an extended lease and they're now used in more than 600 US schools. And they entity is is yes you've taken the phones away from these kids. But it is what has. Transpired. Because of that. We talk about millennial in this building that walk past you and all and you say hey how you doing and they seem to be stuck for an answer. I think they are in some cases. Because they're not used communicating with people they're commuting you'd been used to communicating at people. Talk talk about this young underside company in the second another more on this undercover and if you're a parent or if you got their grandkids or if you got you know somebody is apparent. Yet the other stick around for a few because I got the slightest plenty of interesting if you take those phones away for long yes there's resistance but then. There's a light of day that occurs. Pretty acoustic. So continue into the next half hour of I just think it's fascinating this guy who invented this have pouches that they put the phones in a weather going into a concert or sporting event or schools. People are going into schools and courtrooms and concerts at medical facilities and weddings and other events and they're being asked to slip their phones in the these couches when they are. And and you can't to have your your phone is inaccessible to you and tell you come back out. Mom and and and because it's got a proprietary lock on it end of the day in and you have to go back out to the origination point two. To get among locked. So from that standpoint the artists and so on and so forth are getting what they want and that is a little bit more on divided detention with their audience. Once lock the phone stay with their owners until they are ready dual leave the premises and in the devices are released from their little tiny prisons. And and unlocking base. And as we pointed out the pouches can be rented or extended leases they do this now and about 600 schools will the schools. It's been really interesting. At first they said people seemed agitated and unsure of what to do with their hands. And then they had just. In an eight in line at a concession stand you'll overhear people talking about the artist that's playing as opposed to being. Face down and their phones. At San Lorenzo high school in California. Which the school year began with requiring students to put their bags and they had their their phones and this in other words to Yonder they use Yonder has a verb that's the name of Eric. The company that produces these bags. So they required the students to yell under their phones from the beginning of first person until the end of the last. And the difference has been stark says this article grades have gone up discipline problems have plummeted. Referrals for defiance and disrespect are down 82%. Adding that before Yonder most of them stemmed from arguments between students and teachers over foreign news in class. Another affect the campus. Is really loud and now. Because students are interacting. Because students are talking to each other because students are reading out loud because people are kicking a ball or socializing. Because they're not standing in a circle. Texting each other. This is kind of the side ramifications are yes they wanted to get as did the the phones out of the classroom purse say. So that they had a chance to teach but they're notice and all sorts of side benefits. This guy who invented this is a College Soccer player and a jazz pianist and and nav interest in the philosophy and he worked briefly enough finance and Atlanta I think he graduated from duke. I and that led into investigate the nature of anxiety and many a steady dose. Some philosophers. And and that taught him that stress about technology is not a new thing. He is there and did they do gaudy companies. That did that invented this Smartphone. He compares the advent advent of the Smartphone to the development of the phonetic alphabet. For the newspaper in its a moment to listen to us. He's I don't think people realize how radically different it is to be human being with a phone in your pocket if it becomes something it's going to hollow out the meeting of your life. That's something we're going to have to address all we're saying is step the newest phone free zone. And see what that's like for a while. More than three quarters of adults in the United States possesses Smartphone at this point and it's become a path of least resistance. Walking away phones has been the rule at all Dave Chappelle's shows for years and people are increasingly asking Yonder at parties have for upper yacht or Yonder at parties and other informal event. Because the absence of phones. Performers know this. No they're not gonna be bombarded with requests for photos and they're not going to have a lot of cell phones in their face when they're trying to do improper. And in the end you go to the guy who invented all of us. Wants people to ask themselves what is the point of all these instantaneous. Taxes shares and likes. Even a Smartphone saturation has increased. The cultural tide has been shifting with studies linking happiness to less screen time. And former tech executives speaking out about technologies addictive qualities people's response to Yonder has become really nothing but positive. Well this undercover high. Where these people go into these high schools acting as students. To see how technology. Is affecting students. We'll talk about that next. The moment I heard about this guy who invented this. Have bagged called a young under. Jaguar uses that is concerts. I just read only should Keyes has been using it her concerts. More than 600 schools if you are putting your bag you put your phone in this couch. And then it is closed with a proprietary lock. And then you have to go back to the point of origination. Out of the lobby your rub back to the front of the school or whatever. Two I'm locking device to pitch thrown back out you never give up access to your phone you never give up possession of your phone. You just tell you put it in us in his bag. How much. And take the device with you but you can't use the device until you leave at least four of you know there are into the lobby you're dedicated area aura. How were they tapped the pouch against a Yonder unlocking pointed and none. And then schools schools are used in this and others Bob destroy me and said my grandson goes to count roll high school in Charlotte charter. And administration roundups Smartphones at the start of the day and not pick him up at the end of the dot. Com. Written about this Yonder company in this guy. Graham to go O'Neal who I invented all of this beckoned a 2004. And what motivated him to would do it. He had kind of an epiphany at a music festival in a 2012 or he just saw a guy that to us so drunk he couldn't even remember his name and everybody you know was sort of filled and him and put it up on YouTube and and I he said that kind of thing happens a thousand times a day of bothered him. He saw people at festivals so. And and and so on so we're sort of started figure out. And then we just kind of told you that. Did the side. Benefits. I'm taking people's phones away from them has turned out to be. A communication. That yes people bristle. And get agitated. And don't quite know what to do with their hands when you first take their phone away from home. But always said did I noticed immediately that in concession stand you heard people talking. Somebody else said that did the school campus that they're on it's really loud now students are interacting and they're talking to each other in their rend their socializing and they're kicking a ball around their reading and there. They're not standing in a circle texting each other. The in their you know high school in California. Grades have gone up discipline problems have plummeted referrals for defiant and disrespect her down 82%. Before Yonder before this bag that their own kids were are forced to put their bags and for that their phones and for the day. Most of those problems most of the defiance and disrespect stemmed from arguments between students and teachers over phones in class. So that's about the device that we've talked about it we talked about when when Jack White said he was no longer gonna allow phones India's. Concerts. Now let me say go over to this television show which I haven't seen yet but I will by the time next Tuesday is over all of cedar government and tape it. Kind of an interesting concept adults go. Undercover. As a high school students on this eighty show called undercover high they show a picture here overgrown and Nikola. Who are supposed to get away from being known a senior in high school. Judge she graduated 23 team so it's not like. You know she's 43 years old and so they send these seven adults. Or recently graduated. People into these schools. And they have found it and and and and Nikola was especially as big as you said it's so much worse now than it was four years ago when I was in school. Meaning phones and peer pressure and now I I know peer pressure and I know if you were to Nath leader. You're popular you are good looking or your folks would let you Wear the popular clothes and and hair. My folks and I fought over hair I can't even begin to tell you. My dad always wanted to little executives and I didn't want to be able executive good Beatles came along when I was. Twelve years old. Wanted to hair. And no we thought about error we fought about clothes we fought about everything I know with all due respect to my dad who bio load deeply. When a lot of wasted time all that was. Let kids be kids to a degree you know I mean if they want a tattoo a four letter word across the forehead then newbies should put a foot down and say no. But if they wanna. Or grow their hair along there like you know I mean it to some extent let them let him go a little farther away. Anyway these these these undercover kids are going to this high school in Topeka Kansas. Found that depression was surprisingly common at the high school level of the social media as Smartphones play a huge role in that. In the teens often feel pressure to maintain their images online around the clock which leads to stress and feelings of inadequacy. Now I bring this up because I don't know what it's like to be a kid's school these days and if you're a parent you probably don't know either we we know what appear we know what the pressures were when we were in school we know. You know the feeling you know the wanting to be popular or not being popular wanted to be part of a click or not feeling part of a click or not feel like yours tutors. On next you know. Well one of those lingering things that you don't buy my folks did on occasion wanted to say you know. Why why can't you be more like Kurt Doughty. Friend of mine. Why that's terrible. I mean to some extent there have been because that's exactly the angst I was going through was 'cause I was and his coolest as dowdy once. I already knew that. Bob Jacobs my other good friend. Straight a student good happily. I do a fight Wendy on the playground with one of the toughest guys at school beat the crap out of him. One of the toughest guys school turn out to be not as tough as everybody thought he wants. But I won Bob. I wouldn't gallery Alice part of my problem. I was running with decent guys for awhile but I wasn't. And didn't see myself at that level. All I remember all the pain that that caused. I said at the hall of fame induction deal. If you are one of the last people picked when they were taken sides. Keep team blog and maybe you'll get your night. I got that rely are reflected our relayed on them. So in the past five years depression and suicide rates of American teens has shot up just 2016 study showed that the number of teens who experienced a major depressive episode. Saw 37%. Increase between 2005 and 2014. I know it's over you all are thinking right now you think snowflakes you think and parents should think it needs a coddled generation. Could be right. The data suggest that the tandem of Smartphones and social media or shoulders a lot of the blame for the rise of teen depression. Business insiders spoke to three adults who spent the semester undercover is high school students. And they Eric council supported the idea that Smartphones and social media have made being a teenager harder than ever. This any documentary series called undercover high seven people between the ages of 2126. Navigate life at Highland Park High School and to Pique your campus they took classes they did homework they joined clubs. They interacted with students from all walks of life over the course of the spring said Torre seventy and semester. All an effort to discover what being a teenager is like today. Cell phones are everywhere ubiquitous at target at Highland Park. And teachers often have trouble restraining their students from using them during class. Back today Yonder bag. Increased prevalence of social media has put pressure on students to maintain their image around the clock. It's not quote it's not just your image at school that you have to uphold. Like what kind of shoes you're wearing or what brand you're wearing or what kind of backpack do you have is nickel let this girl speaking. One of the undercover kids. Now you have to uphold the social this image of social media. How many likes do you have now how many hearts do you have how many Rudy you have following how many followers. And it's just double the impact of what it was before. No I read that paragraph and I remembered an advertiser that was taken about doing live commercials with us about six years ago. And he went on my FaceBook account. And saw that I only had 12100 followers or something like that. And we lost the account. Because I didn't have as many followers says I don't know John boy and Billy your ball and sharing. Our lives sponsors affective than anybody in town. So. On you. But I bet I had never really even thought of that. So now I've got the Max that you can have without turning into a fan page and I understood I don't wanna turn him into a fan page it just. Seems. Just keep that idea. So I got 5000 nauert. You'd like two or three drop out of Renault Mihm so I've got 4997. The down part of as they got about 200 people on the waiting list what they get it on the FaceBook page Twitter I don't have a file or they got on Twitter I don't tweet march. Instead Graham. I'm not active on it rolls. Another participant in this under cover high is a 23 year old pastor by the name of David. African men are skewed began you'll African American guy. Troubled by the way students equate the popularity of their social media posts. With their own self esteem will get to that in just a second. Undercover guy Daniel who went into all of this to peak high school said he was told by the way students equate popularity of their social media pose with their self esteem and he goes into a greater detail there. I guess and another episode of this say this group of adults it went undercover into this high school called undercover highlights on ENE it's on a Tuesday night's. I haven't seen it yet but that'll change on Tuesday because I'm gonna record it. They found that female students frequently faced pressure to send sexually explicit images of themselves. Now the numbers that they state. Nationally 14% of boys and 10% of girls ages twelve to seventeen reportedly having sent a sexual explicit image. I NA 12016 serving 20% of boys 18% of girls reported having received one. I've got a friend. Whose son. Did just that. And it turned into a nightmare. That. The feedback. Was so devastating to him. And I'm not going to all the details to that would Chillicothe violating that trust and I certainly want to hear who it is or you would know them anywhere but on different city you're a different state. But she's been going through. An and he her son has been going through I mean. Unbelievable. Turmoil. Psychologists and otherwise to try to it just completely city himself. Armed and and enjoy all the U substances and everything that you were oh would assume that he probably yes. So. These are some of the pressures that kids are dealing with today that we didn't have to deal with way to nab Smartphones we did we had peer pressure we had gut angst we had. You know. You weren't a good athlete you were out you weren't a good look at you were out your parents major drag dressed like a geek you were out. Did you ever. Jimmer have secret closed which kept someplace so that you can do put those on or go to school see I didn't. There was a time out when was this have been a junior high Manning junior high school I hated that place is still drive by the building from time to time and a spit at it. It's not even Manning junior high school anymore I just hated that place it's the first last place last stop before we moved Estes Park. Which changed my life. But there was a time period there would have been sixty. 566. Were guys were wearing their pants skin tight I mean. Tighter than you can ever imagine and then he would ride it a little bit of on the caps ball almost like. You know clammed up. But that was that was the trend at the time and polka dot shirts and mantra shirts which my folks let me Wear a polka dot shirt Madras shirt but they wouldn't we Levy were the payouts. Like every all the other cool kids were aware and and dilated retrospect it was stupid. But at that particular time that's what all the cool kids were aware of so I had a pair of pants. That I bought an apparent that a store probably with those stolen money that I they got from my dad's money clip at some point. Hi and I kept him what my neighbor's house and I'd go change those in his garage and I'd go to school now and I came back. One day ire fell off my bike and hit my head and mom had to come get me. To take me to the doctor. And I was where those pants. All right take 39 days into the year 326. Days to go it's the eighth day of February. At Thursday's. 1922. On this date. The day this radio station at the air. Warren G. Harding president of the United States introduced the first radio. Into the White House. We don't know when the first radio when the first. Signal of WBQ and in the White House what we do know the White House is listened to WBT before and we know especially during the Cuban missile crisis. They Roloson and the WBG and they were hoping that the Cubans were listen and believe me tee because. This was one of the places that Cubans can get. Pertinent information are nighttime signal still his candidate to Cuba. Easily. In fact. Had they are guy go down to Cuba for five years ago and ran into a guy and told him it was her Charlotte, North Carolina and the guys that. John Hancock its order doing nights. We tried to call him a couple of times we never got through to him but we were I was kind of hoping we can hook up with that guy that. Listened to us and it's been there John Grisham the author is 63 years old today John Williams the composer conductor is 86 years old today. Former Alaska Airlines pilot has agreed to plead guilty to operating a go commercial jet all under the influence to get to gear in jail. Mister Rogers is getting his own stamp. He creators of the game of drones have been chosen to create the next Star Wars tree trilogy. And the Winter Olympics start tonight 8 o'clock NBC primetime network coverage begins from out beyond Jiang South Korea. As the F figure skating begins and the men's and pairs short program supposed to qualifying round of freestyle skiing. Now features the men saying no women's moguls and that's pretty good way to start the Olympics. Curling. USA at Switzerland mixed doubles. Figure skating on looking at solicited TJ gave me free status because of the style skiing. Men's Alpine skiing this downhill training. The men's luge. Present looting. Then we had that competition will we are in college it. Then also really wanna see going to be strapped. Have of the Olympic site is kind of like. Cattle ago withdrawal drug from the football. At least you got something to watch. Some lay out a way we did the podcast today blow and Vince Coakley and I did DO WET podcast today and and Baylor we asked the Vince whether editors at the end of the Olympics or not he said no not really but you know he watches but. And I are you excited about the Olympics like right now I mean there's you know Shaun White scenario and just get a few people who do have names. But did the deal about the Olympics as you don't have to be excited about it I mean you don't turn your TV tonight. I'm ended in May be a you don't early age okay then there's nothing else on a watch Olympics then they'll suck your right hand. And I know in addition to some of these kids and I'll show you the roads that they've taken and do these little vignettes and by the time the two weeks is over you're you're heavily invested in some of these people. Well it's the coolest thing I had Tora like about the Olympics is you don't have to know a whole lot going in on self teacher. They'll hold your hand bellowed don't go that tell you what's going on a show him. I today it was party day in Philadelphia city enough much of the state celebrating the Super Bowl champion Eagles. Went down not to the museum of number of Philadelphia Museum of Art that's where that where the rocky steps are. Of this of course Philadelphia's first Super Bowl parade not the city's first championship purse say last time AF Philly team won was in 2008 when the Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series. And I think the weather was okay it was cold. But I'm sure they had a good time in Philadelphia I don't have an arrest number or anything along those lines damage while they wait until the sun goes down to rely to plug the city you know. Armed we're getting now 157. New moto G. How do you keep track all that stuff. And did the TV commercial that they were run and about a mode you that shows little pile of Brown's stuff. What is that is that a soft serve cone. Chocolate cone is a what I think it is. But they were show on and on national television commercial why would they used that particular low energy if that's what it is as one of their accent. According do it in mode GP media. V 157. MOG expected to be included in the update eleven point oh include hot and cold faces a kangaroo curly hair party in face. Willis he faced. And red heads. Redheaded emote G have been now rumored to be in the works for at least a year now of the new people a mode GO the most detailed are the new super heroes and super villains. There's moral. Try to remember to tell you about it second and they all are excited about just. But the new load she's. He most significant new group of a mode uses hobbies. Meeting. Look crossed. We'll cross is a hobby. Frisbee. Compass. Compass as a hobby. Skateboard. We also get a chest piece of puzzle piece a detailed received an toolbox. Too many emerging news. So La. Valentine's Day is Wednesday. All bwic cafe and ice cream parlor in Glasgow Scotland has rolled out a beautiful pink. Ice cream when you figure peppermint. Labor isn't sharing isn't temperament isn't raspberry it's a secret mix of hot chilies. The ice cream called devil's breath. Includes beat Carolina reaper pepper. With a skull bill level of 1569300. SH year old. Thirty you know what that means but it sounds lethal. Just the name of the color Carolina reaper. I mean you know. I used to do pretty well as some hot stuff but I mean now Texas Pete makes me cry. If that number means nothing to you like it does me I know that the Carolina reaper pepper is 500 times hotter than the Tabasco. And more than a hundred times hotter than a hall of Pena off. I'll pay your take care of me. And until recently it was the hottest pepper known in the world. You know they got that pepper shop. In four mil. What's it called. Parker but. Yeah it was right down from the place where we did a hometown tour broadcaster and and I guess they're renowned I mean they've got stuff there that'll take paid off the walls. And that's just opening it. The ice cream is so spicy that the cafe requires customers to be over eighteen and sign a waiver that frees the establishment from any responsibility. For personal injury illness. And a possible loss of life. A couple of Saturdays ago. Saturday before last I guess. Of fortune WB TV in the morning other Toomey because I don't know what her name miss. Not lived it passes of meteorologist for their girl who's now taken over the anchoring of the Saturday morning show there blonde. And they were tried some pot. Peppery type stuff. And I had seen. Christine and am I gonna think. Chris. Larson unknown unknown noon showed during the weekday they had eaten some tempers are dozens of my job. Upright that pepper challenge thing that was going around for while. But they as she tried something that was pepper hot on none on the Saturday morning show. And it dim their children. And she shoe I felt so bad for candy derivatives vision thing about being in that position and being on the air at the same time. I'm and so did they went to a break. And they came back and she's still was in critical condition. If she had a big old glass of milk and fervor and she was Milken that milk like. I mean if there have been a calendar under their shooter looked up. End of I got that felt really bad part is you can see I like her eyes she was trying to you know be our brave soldier in weather the storm and the show is almost over but it still had like four and a half minutes to go and Lindsay and meteorologist was there she was trying to help her to some extent but I mean. She kept on taking that glass of milk can pay back glass of milk and. It appear on TV. Let somebody else he thought that. I feel bad for you there's that she did she handled it great. But. But I felt more. I've done that in good with people around before. But could you could tell what this fear and always go someplace and deprive yourself. All right endorse 5 o'clock Aussie had a couple right after the news Hancock WB two. Some more Barack. Nap I found. Her bad bounce back. Let me start at 8 o'clock PM DC. Some go watch on oh via tube. Mike Pence with the opening ceremonies tomorrow. In time for video Winter Olympics will be arriving in a South Korea he's on the Asian swing five day Asian swing was in Japan yesterday a warning North Korea that over an up and put their nukes. So the vice president will represent the United States at the Olympic ceremonies. And then Donald Trump's daughter you bronco. Will service the American representative from the administration for the closing ceremonies. So maybe maybe that's. Maybe I should steer clear that wanted to think DJ. He never mind. It was in bad taste anyway they had to do is something we're talking about yesterday. You're here yesterday you remember that the need to bring together with a vodka than you could buy it and there's pressure on line. It's on the podcast. From yesterday. The Norwegian Olympic team accidentally ordered 151000. Eggs Google translate error resulted in the Norway Olympic team receiving 151000 eggs they were a compiling a grocery list for the Olympic athletes competing in the 2018 now. A winter games in South Korea and dual language barrier the the chefs used Google translate to help them order from a Korean grocery store but when truckloads full of eggs showed up at the Norway camp. Shortly after the transaction the ships quickly realized there was an error in era translations are rather than ordering 15100 eggs. The chefs and ordered 151000. That's the equivalent of about 12150. Cartons of twelve. They were able to our return about thirteen 1500 extra eggs that they received so. I was like Europe trying to order a Scotch and water finally gave up just started saying Heineken. I'm against the universal language. At least I don't like Heineken. But at least and at least a new owners get. I tried to translate to those French people Scotch and water. I don't know what I was triggered by a it wouldn't be imposed Scotch and water. Winter Olympics by the numbers thirteen billion dollars estimated cost of the young Chang winter games so four times less than the record setting 2014 Sochi games. Nineteen point six million dollars was spent on cyber security and X rays screening for the John Zhang games that's the ones that are taking place starting tonight. 4683. Dollars the average price of a week long trip. To be John Chiang for the Olympics will all get to more of a that in just a second Americans are going to be to the Olympics. Some orbit. We'll explain why most of us aren't. 242. Athletes on the US team that's a record for any country India Winter Olympics and there are two mascots that you'll see for the games. So hall run. Is a white tiger and band Douby is the black bear. So remember that TJ so when euros and around negative are watching saying all markets. And Abby. People are going to South Korea for the games by a large can't imagine why not. Can't think of any problems they've had over there is there there's nothing the threatening over there going on is there. Let's. Kim Jung whose Harris gets scares the hell out of view of. Winter Olympics South Korea you won't see a lot of Americans in the bleachers hi travel cost just for starters. Shortage of hotel rooms has put Americans off attending media marquee event displaced or don't Yung Chang is like a pretty small place. And if you wanna stay in the capitals like a two hour soul it hundreds like a two hour train journey. I'm from Seoul to get to the games so that's two hours there are two hours back. So that has so that it was that as well that a young Zheng is a population of about 44000. People so it's not your model. A tourist destination. You will see people there from China and Japan they have the the most searches for flights to South Korea according to data that we deserve brought up by the travel apple hopper. Shanghai Hong Kong and tore Tokyo. These cities with the highest search volume for Olympic travel only two US cities made the top ten Los Angeles. And New York average price for a round trip flight from those cities. To Seoul. 800 to 930 dollars. And the countries with the biggest surge in interest include Vietnam the Philippines and Canada. More on the Olympics and I just a second solo winner Olympic faction may or may not know about just trying to give you did you already for the 0:8 o'clock started in BC. Tonight. Start tonight they go to the 25 South Korea NBC news the network although it'll be a spread out all through whole bunch of good different NBC. Networks. 76%. As the number of Americans who will all watch the Winter Olympics according to of the Bridgestone winter driving survey ninety countries will take place 2800 athletes. 102 medal event seven sports fifteen disciplines and eighteen Olympic competition days. The most popular figure skating 35%. And ice hockey 16%. And figure skating starts tonight at 8 o'clock with team competition. Men's and pairs short programs. And freestyle skiing us tonight. And curling is tonight USA vs Switzerland in mixed doubles. 38 to 44 pounds is what that curling rock ways. If there was an Olympic sport that I was involved with that would be the one. I'd be one of the broom guys. Those are granite curling rocks oh wait 3844. Pounds if you see happy 700 around Yung Chang that slogan relates to the average elevation above sea level. For this part of our Korea. The location is believed by many South Koreans to be the perfect place for people to live in harmony. With nature and culture. 700 meters. 765. Yards. In elevation. The more aerial taken notes on this is going to be a test when I'm done and. Vincent pieces on the Olympics we're just gonna share in review we talked about some of the athletes that you do know. The great thing about the the Olympics is you can. Start watching tonight at 8 o'clock on NBC opening ceremonies until tomorrow night. But. Even if you don't know deadly about the yeah athletes or any of their. You will. That's what's so good about the programming at the Olympics as they they are delusion to these people and they. In Buchanan. You can develop. Stake in these folks you're used our roots program USA I mean you know I'd say it's it's a patriotic deal. I Shawne lights back you know him the redhead guy snow boulder a sort of border skews me one no golden 2006 in 2010. And he and his Tolle how card trick Karabakh and Byung Chang. Lindsey Vonn now is a down there are the skier she's targeting her second Olympic gold medal in a 28 Jane. Skiing is such a in exact I mean if you're the favored used to have one bad. Half second screw up you're done. The youngest Alpine gold medalist in Olympic history of Michaela Schiffer and worst vote slalom champion in Sochi at age eighteen we'll see how she does. The brother and sister ice dancing team Alex in a may ship boo Connie. These share bid Sims. Who have been a skating together for fourteen years have a gold in their sites. The yes no border Chloe cam earned a silver in the Tony fourteen winter X games. Began competing in front of family and South Korea so I would do a kind of tune in for that when Nathan chin is a another he was the defending men's US figure skating champion. And I Jamie Anderson will compete in the end new 2018 Olympic event snowboard big air. And that's just what it sounds like worse no boulders borders fly it down. A steep rampant and perform one explosive trek before landing. And then maybe maybe the landing gears that are explosive Star Trek. Which probably won't cost you points for a day anyways some of the stuff for the Tony eighteen Winter Olympics in Byung Chang South Korea. After finishing fourth in the medal count in a 2014 team USA is a seeking. Olympic payback. So we'll see how all that goes or Russia will not be formally represented Byung Chang do gruesome a massive but doping scandals. Security obviously is once again a major concern. Especially considering via host hostile northern neighbor. NBC universal's. 2400. Plus hours of coverage. And this'll be the streaming Olympics this is going to be don't wanna Moro people or watch it on mobile devices probably more than ever before. They. Thirteen billion dollars the estimated cost for these Winter Olympics. Cost he would take you about 69 minutes to ago from sold to young Chang on this new speed rail built for the Olympics. 34 degrees as your average daytime temperatures there are so if you are going. Don't take your shorts. 43 point seven. Thousand is the population but 44000. Population appear on chairing. Flight time from New York to Seoul. Fourteen hours sixteen minutes. Cost you about 4683. Dollars two stay there for a week. 242. Athletes on the USA team. 2.5. Thousand athletes expected to attend the games. 92. For our record number of countries all participated in the Olympics a 169. Russian athletes receive day a special exemption to compete after Russia was banned in the U 2018 Olympics due to the doping scandal. But they won't derby they're competing for Russia. Sixteenth Olympics will be televised by NBC universal. And their tenth consecutive. And in fact in BC has the TV rights to the next seven Olympics so it'll be on NBC all the way through the year 20s32. The. We're talking about the Olympics and wander over and sailor who was Steve who apparently used to be stationed in Korea and that's always a little bit of an idea of what Korea looks like in a hasty of our. Yeah are you I'm not great you know where you were in the military there. Yes I remember in the army or pleasure and norm and do you know Yung-Jan. No I don't I'm an apple would bet yeah its mountain iron and it's about 44000 people so it's pretty pretty small and now a couple hours although they've got a fast rail they built for a for the Olympics but it's about two hours from muscle. There's a pretty good military we we talked about not many Americans there but there's a pretty good American. A military build up or there is there. I think there's like 45000. Number in half so you'll probably see some although. And with though with the conditions the way they are right now they'll probably be on duty were you over there what was last time you were over there. I'm 91 OK so you are you have have been their for the latest from polity in front I I wouldn't recognize that are ordered and are now. I'll what did you what did you like about South Korea. The moment what the best thing about it was the way they did the ticket you little local bank and bought tickets if you want to go to the Olympics. So you went to the last you're into the last Summer Olympics there where there. Right yeah okay. So the tickets were like ten bucks fifteen bucks so we wouldn't even somebody with my salary can go. Even though it did in the army jacket portico. So yeah you just went back because the ticket could popular. The Aussie or over there for the Olympics it's very cool. Route what do what do you remember about the people 'cause I everything I've heard from the athletes right now say it and for reporters to editors say the South Korean people are just unknown unbelievably nice. They've been really our problem you just yeah you're you're denial it ever that are. Everybody's great dam. Tom guesses at what they're doing what your member of the third. I'll look through whose solution com boom they'll be home and we are fact I had to go on the boomers are advised to check up on target and had a Korean barbecue wall that. And what did you think of it was excellent yeah everybody everybody and TJ might have producer went to bunch and has been talking about it ever since he says is pretty good stuff. Ellen Bravo very little to express spoke about a guy who don't don't wanna go video relay. And then I was cool thing weightlifting Barbara and into the group both must also remember how long does see a basketball game sort of trading and tickets are mostly the Olympic gold. I'll. I'll call the yeah very cool. Oh well tonight's opportunity to be over there I had to have the Olympics going out of same time that that kind of almost makes you happy to have served at that particular time. Yes sir that or how long did you serve. I pretty much happier now army. The army now they will listen thanks to Colin thanks for your service or pre judgment. Welcome to our I thought all right welcome Steve to got a little experience with the South Korea the networks we talked a little bit earlier about. And a NBC has the rights to of the TV through 2032. A 176. Hours of programming on NBC 369. Hours of programming on the NBC sports network 46 hours of programming on CNBC. Forty hours on the USA network. And then the that's about 18100. Plus hours of programming on the Olympics. And this is the one Olympics were. You can see every event live in some way shape form or another. By the way in the midst of all of that programming we just talked about 3000 journalists are expected to cover be on time games. 900 million new projected ad revenue from the games. And that translates to 7002. Hundred. Commercials. Ads that will later during the 2018 Winter Olympics coverage. 31%. More than twenty bit inventory fortunate. So a little over 7000. Commercials. They think they are one us. 42 years is the length of lay out McDonald's a sponsorship at the US Olympic Committee which will end after the 2018 games 42 years McDonald's has been nail sponsor of the Olympics. Coca Cola's bid in for ninety years they're contract has been extended to 20/20. 222. Medals will be awarded in the 2018 no Winter Olympics. And I've got day someplace or it it's the heaviest metal. But they've ever put out. And I had a somewhere and I can't find it but it's like one point 29 pounds or something like peppery struck gold medal. Record setting weight of a gold medal the 2008 is 586. Grams. So I don't know what beverage of your balance. What on the radio guys it's perfect for profession for a guy with a C average in norms and. I'm elated Kemba Walker and not to get traded today at the NBA tread dubbed I'd trade deadline but he was named to his second consecutive all star game. By the commissioner Adam silver today as a reserve for the eastern conference on the territory eighteen NBA all star game marks the second year that he's been selected he replaces the injured Chris stops poor's Angus of a New York. On a team LeBron. Team LeBron. The Cleveland team LeBron. Are traded away half well over a third of their players today. They were really active. Pretty eventful trade deadline for the Cleveland Cavaliers today the they treat you way gush after roster within the span of an hour Isiah Thomas. Who they'd gotten out from Boston. For carrier ring. They traded him and Channing Frye to the Los Angeles record lakers they traded dead Jae Crowder who they also I think got from Boston good defender. And Derrick Rose to the Utah Jazz. They traded he Mon chauffeur. And. To the Seattle to the Sacramento Kings and know they sent Dwyane Wade back to Miami. They also all floated to draft picks and in return they get Rodney hood from the jazz. George Hill from the kings. And Larry Nance junior and Jordan Clarkson from the lakers. The big name leaving the cavaliers as Thomas who god and with the trade with the Celtics earlier this year for carrier ring. I his agent said it's a bronze ball and it has clearly wasn't working this is a good opportunity for Isaiah it probably is our history and so Mel's earlier this said Los Angeles is a good place for him. I don't know basketball that well that'll take their word Ford Los Angeles faired better in the trades in Cleveland which didn't do much to increases championship hopes according to CBS sports but. On the other hand the lakers just cleared a whole bunch a cap space. For rail likely attempted to us signing oh I don't know maybe James himself in the offseason. So we'll see how all of that goes but Cleveland I don't know does that mean they've given up this year. Or does that mean that these guys are more conducive to a player and and let me know LeBron do his thing doesn't take much she's. In case you ever heard he's pretty good. So there you go there. 5000 members of the South Korean military will be on guard for the Byung Chang games we were given you some statistics that the we have dugout because the games start tonight at 8 o'clock on NBC. With curling. And figure skating team competition. And freestyle skiing. And then at 9 o'clock men's Alpine skiing. And then the men delusional have both so much action tonight at 10:9 o'clock on him NBC sports network. And at 1130 tonight until about 2:12 AM curling mixed doubles USA vs South Korea. And I'll be live on the NBC sports network until 11:30 PM so world. There will be thirteen thousand police officers who will be mobilized for the Olympics. When we told you yesterday. My about the 1101000 dollar kind of a 1101000 condoms. 1101000 dollar got a 1101000. Condoms. For the Olympic Games. It's enough condoms for every athlete when it was at its sixteen days to have sex 37 times. In India when nausea and a so if that doesn't make you wanna go untrained. You wonder you know what they considered it can't just be the metal. And and and now iPad now you know that apparently this is. Barely had better than tender. Although probably not for old guys senator. But can you all just move on know from all of that. Quincy Jones have some interesting things to say. And hopefully it'll. Reveal words that I can't say here but they interviewed Quincy Jones and he described The Beatles and when they came over as the worst musicians in the world. Recalled meeting the band the first time in during an interview he's promoting a new Netflix documentary and no TV special little be shown in the United States it was with New York magazine. He had a air while the scene now 82 you said he 84. So he's still within his wits he had discussed his first impressions of The Beatles and unsparing terms he said they were the worst musicians in the world. They were no playing. And their word IK is Paul McCartney was the worst bass player I ever heard. Any really any rift it Ringo. Yeah he said that Ringo was having a particular hard time in our ranging to love is a many splintered thing for his 1970 debut solo albums sentimental journey. And he'd taken three hours four AL four bar thing that he was trying to fix and they finally told him hey go get. Some blogger linemen some shepherd's pie and take hour and a half and relax a little bit and while he was gone there brought another drummer and why did the big deal. And name there Ringo comes back in the room and wants to listen to the tape again and so George Martin plays the tape and Noah and Ringo several I think that's out it's so bad and and and good G Jones said yeah out word I can't use because because you weigh in now that. Ringo he are reserved for Israel didn't plans Eric Clapton scream. The guitar skills of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen you limited U -- latter day output is that they Manilow Bono with all my heart but there's just. Did you do much pressure on that down. And he chastised his most famous charge Michael Jackson for stealing a lot of stuff MacBook alien he said in other words cunning scheming. As they come. So hey the guy's trying to sell a documentary you can go in there and say it. Rooms and as citizens. Got a nice show for you today though here's Mark Garrison.