Unemployment At An All-Time Low, Trump to Meet with North Korea Leader, South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Eliminating Daylight Saving Time

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, March 9th

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You know straight ahead. I'd fix things what went straight day. Okay I'm good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character you've. Break here in America. Your radio program. And it's amazing to see it. Uniformity with the all of the cable news networks CNN Fox News. MSNBC what do they were reporting on. North Korea. Kind of intriguing isn't it. And we won't get there to bids. Including some comical reactions to the story about North Korea and the. Plans meeting now between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Hoon big story developing yesterday evening. But I wanna start something. This even more time. News this morning about what's going on with our economy some really great news. And I like to share great news when there are opportunities to do so. Here in the Drudge headlines on this. February jobs blowout 313. 1313. Thousand smashes expectations. A record 1550002151000. Employed. Black Hispanic unemployment historic lows stocks popped up. His brother's Kurdish gonna get its first economic news. And you would think Jordan again be cause for celebration. But to you want your celebration from certain quarters. There will be a continuing litany of complaints. But we won't do that here. Because there is something to celebrate we're gonna break down some of this information as well 313 thousand jobs in February. Unemployment rate held steady at four point 1%. The way if I may interject something here. Because you're. B perspective of your host is one of the reasons you're listening to its broadcast now. And a lot of reasons for thinking about this now this season in my life Wendy I may share more practice. I was thinking of this in a different contexts a number of context actually. By the way Everest. I had the opportunity. To. Have a conversation with one of my favorite people CL Bryant. I was interviewed on his program yesterday by the way CL Bryant if you've not watched the video runaway slave. Shame on you. You need to order that right now and watch it to and then shared with other people. Awesome video. One of the best I've seen on the race subject. So check it out runaway slave. But here's what I eat. Communicated. Because I think this is really important is a relates to race relations and you'll see how this connects. If you're looking for discrimination. If you're looking for racism you'll find it. If you're looking for opportunity. You'll find it. Tell them what you are looking for. And I said the same thing economically if you're looking for bad news you can find that. If you're looking for good news you can find that to. Our perspective is so important here and I think the starting place all of us need. To. Cultivate. Is one of thankful this for what we have and what is going well then we can begin to work on what's not going well. Does not make sense. And I go back to this in one of the reasons why this is so important. You know people talk about the book of Romans in the book of Romans in the scriptures where it talks about this. Unfortunate it's spiral. Off moral character. You know where it all begins. People and their unwillingness to be thankful. That's where it starts. Beat me refusal to acknowledge god for careers and thank him. Once you're at that place. It's all downhill. If you take nothing away from this program. That's worth the price of admission today. I don't care where it is. And your. Merkel life your relationships with. Spouses. With friends with family. Mix that you're starting place what can I be thankful for. And then work from there. That's a free. Ticket with you today. And they say the same of our economy. This is something to be thankful for we can talk about some the other things are not going well in our society. Let's begin by being thankful. Appropriately giving thanks to god for the opportunity we have in this country. No where else do you see this unprecedented. Ability. To basically turn on a dime as we had. Since January of last year. Now to give Barack Obama some credit. There are some more let me rephrase that to give the American people some credit. Against the headwinds are what the administration previously was doing. We were coming out. Of the recession and we were seeing improvement. Ultimately and in if you wanna get Brack Obama some of that credit that's fine. You need to give primarily the glory to god. Because their places on this planet where things can it change. That quickly. And there's no hope for change in some places at all. Venezuela. You know what I'm talking about it's we're kind of hoped to those people half. She we've got regimes in this country unite don't mind using that word. They're following socialist policies fortunately we can turn around. But when you have a totalitarian government in socialist government when you have a gusts the system that set up that's not a democratic republic. What kind of hope you have to ever change history. Truly. God shed his grace on the United States of America. Construction jobs expanded by 61000 new positions. Retail business services 50000 jobs each manufacturing. 31000 jobs added finance 28000 health care 191000 mining growing by 9000. Jobs. All good things Enders a little more wait there's more. Reported by the Wall Street Journal. US household net worth pushes further into record territory. Household wealth rose more than two trillion dollars in the fourth quarter. As a result of rising stock in home prices think of that moment. Household wealth up by two trillion dollars. I that we were supposed to be. Upset by trickle down economics. What do you call this. At some wonderful wealth. I don't know about you I'll take it and what do I said before about tax cuts. Even if I don't strictly benefit I will celebrate your success. I will celebrate your tax cut. I will celebrate the fact that you're net worth went up even if mine didn't. She gets the mindset we need to bring to this doesn't have to be us vs them there's a lot to celebrate here. Americans' wealth pushed further into record territory the final quarter of last year. You know the room we are wealthy is 100. Trillion dollars. 100 trillion. Household net worth. Valuable assets stock real estate minus liabilities. Like mortgage credit card debt. Rose more than two trillion dollars a record 98 point 746. Trillion dollars. That's a pretty smelling your face. Don't you think. Much sports we continue to broadcast today next we'll delve into North Korea the reaction good and bad. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program. Glad you are with this as we head into the weekend. You like to join the conversation Ingles have been historically number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes line. It is 71307. Scrub to a call from Tim in Charlotte good morning. Event I just caught a few moments and at turner radio that accorded to BBC. Great. I think it's so you're talking about what I see is. Americans are more like it. In entitled or. Self focus. Type of individuals now that if we did he's definitely my grandparents. They've brought her pressure stuff like that coach Eric he's kind of or guarantee you. Did you know you think that you you deserve it type of issue. I think cellphone and computers. Most likely Asia probably ever chimera because if you look at it I think you're by yourself heat heat heat once they wanted to say it. I turned yarder at five and Morgan put on Fox News this morning. They have they have warned them kitchen for a shooting. In this door I think it. Our campus they connect caught me they caught me off guard out of luck right now or are we wound in grid but we can't order chip designer. He says there shooter. Boy it would even Hewitt and I can't even broke out here. Like that they didn't force there to warrant that struck me. Certainly in my in my heart there's this think it's this kid is seventeen trio hit. The guys in the shooting is an outcast from the outset and it it just. Reverberate through me about how every generation seems even more. Worried about themselves. Or their. Then their neighbors are applicable to your credit this phone for like six months I can tell you I've talked I think to neighbors. Not because I don't watch it because you know they locked door and go insiders. Wherever it's just. Neighbors certain viewers. What are gore storage I try to avoid that you never meet a stranger. Visual crack you up if you can negotiate right. And you brief conversation to that guy Friday no matter what what their dealers. I thought that it says you're gonna drop somebody the person. It you have no idea what to do it that they just you know. Every terrible day or every great date but they remember their eighth district for the person. There and they're not the norm they're trying to. We're all. Who world. Humor that brings. Tim I'm an ice so appreciates the rich who -- you are and what you're doing because which you've communicated your children to is awesome because. We need more people like that who we're going to face people in the elevator you know we're going to actually engage and relate to people around you. And what you said you never know what's going on in somebody's life. And and and I'm not saying this and I'm not tooting my own own horn by saying this I enjoy doing that I go to the grocery store there's an opportunity to engage somebody. Engage a family engage your mom a dad whoever it is they're just those moments. When you can just see something that might be encouraging it might be five and it might be seeing a baby. And you know. Just sing something kind of the parents hate that when a beautiful child no one years. And it's. What you've said it just it's right on the mark there's a piece in fact I haven't read this yet I just put to decide probably for something I won't share in the coming week. Foster freeze has a piece out. He is out of course one of the big donors and Republican Party. I think kind of libertarian type. I'm not read the whole article yet but I've seen portions of the article I just kind of skimmed it. He's addressing this very issue with the context of these school shooting issues. And by the way will I made note of your quote about outcasts. Among outcast for outcast from outcast. Because this is an issue we've got to tackle. This really is an act and there's a way to do this. And it's image should even be for this reason okay we wanna stop school shootings so gonna be nice to people know. When we exercise this anyway here's isn't this what we're supposed to do. You know I I've had this conversation the number of people especially those of us who live in suburbia what do we do. What do we do. We. Get within range of our garage doors at the point where the button will cause it to arise at the door goes up. But I vehicle was in the door comes to. Have no idea who our neighbors are no idea whatsoever. Stearns change. Time to change that. Overrun attacks line. We have this text referring to the media I assume so they finally get in line about Korea. Guess you'll be amazed by the way. Protester says I have the same ethnic thing as you Vince we mean by that. Coming treatment. Vince I woke up had a roof over my head clean water to drink had food to eat have a job to go to earn money thanks beating god good for you eight men. And you know what else. You know it's reminds me and and I think one of the experiences that really reminds me of this I've been to Haiti three times. It ends. I'm just say. How much I appreciate. The diversity of fruit. And how water. Those are things that you don't experience for you go to Q. Some places. You do you take these things for granted are consistent Internet. I mean every time I went there are times the power would go out or the Internet would go out. These are things that we just take for granted every single day and in fact that a lot of Americans we think this is our birthright. And we should be thankful. Very thankful. I've a nephew who make six figures and is. A liberal Kool Aid drinker who wants the rich taxed more I hope he gets his wish yellow up up up up up up up. Yeah is is that ironic. Isn't it ironic. Make six figures. You know if you're making that much money. And you think the federal government doesn't have enough. To transfer wealth to somebody else went to voluntarily give that to somebody else rather than advocating that we take it it's called. Staffed. Fact there's a FaceBook for your mind. He very frequently finds ways to insert on his FaceBook page. Taxation is theft. And it is c'mon people. Vince are you going to run for office again I would of voted for you last time Bjorn in my district. You Dario don't always agree with everything you see in the radio I believe in new while. That is awesome thank you very kind of you say. Vince I cannot believe one shooter. Net loan shooters are shooting people or multiple eyewitnesses report multiple shooters and all of the shootings the last twenty years. Well there are some. Theories. Then have floated out there regarding some of these incidents. Also. Vince your economic data begs a question to be asked to Nancy Pelosi how many crumbs are in a trillion. That I'd love it how unique problems or in a trillion. Second question. Who's your plastic surgeon. So I know not to go to him or her. That is cruel you should be ashamed yourself making fun of Nancy Pelosi like that. Another techsters says I'd wanna go to distorted talked to people I go to shop okay that's fine all right that's okay it's okay. I one Leo and emphasize here I also recognize people are different terror people we're just not. Picture arts there's some of you. You just. Your youth you go out your very focused on what you're doing thank god there are people like that because there are people who need to hyper focus. As opposed to people like myself. And my kids all over and play. Just past the people around me they will testify this. Some other great items here in the text like we're also gonna delve into. The story at North Korea and how the media is addressing this issue also some things to share for faith focus Friday from social media. Some really great items for your consideration that much more as we continue to broadcast. Tony 9 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 on the bench took the radio program coming up just a few minutes got a conversation. What they legislature or who is proposing. Getting rid of why at least taking a look at this daylight saving time change that takes place twice a year. How could just leaving it permanently there are. A number of states are already looking at this. And that we will have that conversation coming up in just a bit over on the text line toward Vince near nets went out on now. How on earth do you pros whose infamous self fees without an Internet. Exactly. We also have this. First North Korea's concern I saw this coming I predict a long time ago. President trump would meet with the midget that in mind you'll use the sanctions as a bargaining chip. Don't be surprised when it works. Vince please look at and address the genocide against the Christian farmers in South Africa love you brother. Drug use well thank you for listening and by the way I have had a conversation with this person I met just a few weeks ago. And we're gonna have and I'm going to interview him very soon about its experience in South Africa were gonna discuss what's going on their do you hear what's happening there's a move. Much like when this happens. In Zimbabwe. To basically take farms take property away from white people give to blacks. I need. It's set in previous. And there are people you'll probably look to me and say we're way to say you need your black why would you think this is a bad thing. I have to I have to start explaining that to you can I just encourage you to have. Do some self examination. But yes we will talk about this very soon. Prince not sure I agree with the taxation is theft idea only because how do you fund a government without taxation. I will say. I think the idea behind this is. As it is currently. Executed now. It is theft. I don't think it's always been theft I don't think it has to be daft. But that's what he needs. My seventeen year old thinks I'm weird because they talk with people I don't know when doing my shopping at the airport Excedrin I told them. There's nothing. Nothing wrong with striking up a conversation with strangers. He feels he doesn't wanna deal with rejection of that person might not respond yeah they're times people aren't gonna respond to look at you like you're talking to meet. Yeah that happens but most of the time people were thrilled to death. They are thrilled to death that you talk with him. And I thought about a couple of times recently. I'm I'm a big animal lover I'm a sucker for animals and and animals they even see becoming you know it's almost like they know there's there's a sucker right there. I am pat I've had a couple of times gross rating at the airport and I saw people with animals and I just go over and engage their men play with their animal and you know that just. That makes people snake he really does. It just gives them a good feeling. I mean having a good time to enjoying. Playing with a pet so. Co feature. Also on the text like I'm a missionary kid my parents don't Christian radio stations we visited Haiti when I was a little girl. A manmade rocks in gravel by hand. Took him two weeks to do it any only earned five dollars on campus. This was forty years ago I'll never forget seeing the man working hard to make money to get food force family seeing how blessed we are folks. Funny humorous side I assume. Then setting Nancy Pelosi is the unofficial spokeswoman for Tupperware was all that plastic. I can this. And someone else. Spanning. True story about South Africa which I told you gonna discuss here in a few days. The south Africans rights are being removed from their farms by use of machetes. And insists is some pretty brutal. Pretty brutal. I wanna go into you. This issue of North Korea because this is definitely some good news the possibility of some forward movement here. And the fact that we would have talks. And we're gonna hear some of the mainstream media your reaction to it which may surprise you first please call from Gary out of Charlotte's good morning. Hey I don't rights. Good very good idea that you don't look good at all that the people just like you know give me. I'd like now that the public supermarket not to long ago and no the issue is important I would I would that we know they still have cut out for this state. You know creature would be open it's not much pretty legitimate like you can split the state senate on important then that that not only would that. And you won't pump shock to those flowers it's like it. Because you're the first Pope never actually yes I would go with it just. People here and there are so cute but he's certainly I think they you know they have built in that we appropriately during an adult. Good stroke. Tim died that's our great observation Gary ends and allowed times this works one way usually the employees they're trained they're supposed to ask you how you're doing. And certain what you said I think when people view this in a very robotic ways like well they're supposed to ask me anyway. Well remember that's a human being there since the real good idea to turn that around say hey how's your day going. Well it ever gets you in the pub in the competition went around a little bit too the only one checking out there wouldn't give the American and the colts stopped then. Yeah the little dog you don't happen to let you know Bart Scott but the other patent and didn't seem to be generally pretty and I would really like you know. I think there's not a compliment that they'll still look good they're good people and yeah we get back up out here from New York. About the New York it but no. I didn't know where my life except the last twelve years and it just killed people who are not only self. All good. We'll keep that going absolutely keep that going on let's talk about North Korea. We now have. Talks. That role. Commence between the presidents dating Kim Jong Hoon. This is a major development in other presents have talked about it. And they have you know they've put out all kinds of propaganda and all kinds of self serving messages about. You remember we played feed the audio the deal that was suppose we worked out with North Korea. Wade back during the Clinton administration. You know what that was worth. You know that that deal basically is toilet paper. For Tim jungle would. Because they've gone ahead and done what they wanted to do which is developing nuclear weapons and they've been working on missiles tech in the missile technology is well. Both of these pose a risk not only. To South Korea. But now there a point where there is a real threat to the United States of America. Now we know that several administrations have been following policies that frankly have not church that worked at all. So it is time to do something different and it's been refreshing to see a different approach rather than following the same field. Field. Policies and strategies that we've seen before I would also add. Does it remind you what's been going on. With. Israel. Is this the same garbage we've seen with the Palestinians and Israel you know land for peace seem formula. Just get another administration and and they're gonna try to build on what the previous administration did you know if you want to build on something pulled on success. Don't build on failure. I try different approach. And just maybe maybe you gift that's different result this time around coming up. You're gonna hear how mainstream media has reacted. To this story about its North Korea. Actually find it surprising. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program yesterday we told you about. Discussions going on. Really all across the country about daylight saving time. This reminder this weekend is the time that you need to springing forward which means you will lose an hour. There are those who say it's time to get rid of this nonsense let's just set the time and keep it fair permanently. One of the people who is involved in this discussion. In South Carolina. Is state senator. Harvey peeler and he is joining us on the line to address this particular issue he's out of Cherokee a good morning sir. Our good morning you know all of this was Sunday I guess it would be good after an hour. Yeah exactly exactly. I wanna find out first off where you stand on this would you like to see a change or do you just wanna study. Prop partner would like to he would change I'm kind of like live list caught complicated most aggravating. But I understand in what must have accomplished some of the stories to make it work. Your people must I'm located. I actually Julio and the shadow of the speech water tank they're great product cycle and urged late eighties. But my district also runs and New York cannon. What do loudly across combustible bridge and saw here from the folks in North Carolina through that they won't. North Carolina also sparked this conversation. Turned South Carolina in the state senate where you have a committee told us committee owner and state cooperation. And my resolution are mobile there's asking that committee of which Sasser law. To look at those capabilities they cannot execute an impact and little post. Picking up time and not. Perform in this ritual was lyrical form every two years. And people would just about everyone has an opinion on it cannot call it mile Wal-Mart Paul's pole and I'll walk through hallmark they'll tell you. And about 80% of folks would like this week. To what Florida did just this past week. There's. Sprang forward. They life's savings play that daylight and keep it there. Keep. Also more you know public some post social world about comp mop. But they do it plenty but he kind of makes me have that much going forward a half hour and just leave it there that satisfies your. Afternoon. Man your morning. And then leave it alone but this is just a ritual I think Thomas can't stop. I'm sure by affected Q I have had this conversation with constituents you probably also had this conversation with colleagues. What's the sense you're getting from them are they hearing the same things from their people and they seem to be an agreement with you. Yes there are both Republicans and Democrats here are the same thing especially if they had been closed. Some of the reporters last week several Orioles folks serious about this such a big get serious about it every time a year. Well let's bring forward when recall back. I am not everyone sort of says millions bird like the later. Well. Benoit later in the afternoon there were or. Fish or play golf have been of the other good morning around the kid waiting on the screw both and the darker room morning. So. That's not so much they have power might be the good compromise but the bottom line here. This is something that an act of congress made it and I Akbar commerce congress is going to have to fix it all out state it would move wouldn't make sense. But just one state there was child neighboring states at least both Carolina and door to let go along with the and I think Florida has the right idea. Going forward on this Sunday and leave it there. Yet its interest in his I was just thinking about this because of this region the way this works and you're talking about areas like to York county. Just imagine if you are you happen to live in York county. And you're working in Charlotte's. Gonna be into different time zones if the if there is there if this is implemented in South Carolina not north. And it's city and state corporations who now writes opera at the North Carolina and convince our. Sister states of North Carolina and Georgia at least and chronicle all walk up I think the momentum and obviously it's. What the divisive this morning and there was a segment on that and some of the New England states are also Scott I think it's a matter whose time has come. Can you give us a sense of what kind of timetable we may be operating with some movement on this. I'll move. They just there to be this time next year at various. And it's hard to. Whether that inertia and and people are a creature of habit. We'll have some people pushed back until they agree it's got more important thing that they were planned and quite frankly way better that this is something that needs to be done. I'm here again it's it's. It's an aggravation and that's one thing government can help earlier. For a change. If this afternoon he. Senator Harvey peeler we so appreciate you coming on broadcast in give us an update on this do let us know stay in touch. If there's any movement on this whatsoever please set touched base for this on this. I'm sure we don't like about. Absolutely thanks for coming on and I'd love to know what you think would you like to see this changed. And still again this this is something that's really important there's got to be a sense of cooperation on this among states and ultimately. You know it sounds like the inertia that's developing here in May just be the congress festive stepped in. And just change this entirely get rid of these time changes altogether. That may be where this goes and that would be a good thing may be. I'd love to get your thoughts. On the appropriateness of it. Ingles advantage stock and number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line 71307. And so. And we don't have enough time to get into the audio from the mainstream media again some are you gonna be very surprised when you this we're gonna show this in the other side also some. Really great content for free focus Friday. You know for all the horrible things. Then I see unleashed on social media there's some really good content sometimes there are some friends of mine in particular. They just find the most valuable things. To post on FaceBook some really good spiritual content some of which I'm going to share which you. Coming up in the next hour feeding is really good stuff also just preview coming up in the next week. We will probably have that conversation. On South Africa what is taking place there in nineteen there's a cautionary warning. That should extend to us here in this country because they think their people who have this mindset. That ultimately the way to bring about justice. Is to take from one group of people and give to another. Where do you stop where do you draw the line and how far you go with this we better start talking about it now don't you think. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as a Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children it's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation bomber. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC multiple slicing the ease of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people who. We're servant leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. Eight this is my future this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country and it my country. And number in the fight score together. She's got this totally radio program. Our average server Friday broadcast still to come we'll have faith focus Friday and I will share with you mainstream media reaction it's true. The announcement Donald Trump is going to meet with Kim Jung who it may surprise you. Let us go to a couple caller sure am eager to talk about this issue of the tying changed. As we remind you this is the weekend that we spring forward should do not forget. Let's go out to be in Charlotte can morning. And this subject. I am against that doping check out the terms of change at all eastern standard terms works. For North Carolina the current knows where it is in the style fly. I typically country daylight comes when they like coms and the same thing for a night. Creating an artificial time which daylight savings time is for North Carolina does not change the time anybody who wants to know the real time. Just get a sudden now I draw and stuff up perfect dark hole. On flat ground and put a stake in the middle of the time will tell you what time it is. You don't have to guess at it and I think it's a really stupid it's. The first time they did this as I recall they were talking about getting people out to shop. And to spend more money may be they would do this or that any other. No right now children can go to school with a little daylight messed up the chance of them getting hit back cars are getting abducted about some. Crazy people can go who worked in a little daylight they don't have to run over people get pedestrians and things like that if the safety issue too is just playing great you try to. Follow the money and that is what's going on in this country are we need to stop this great that it. Well that's how I have to thank. Beat you really so you make sure I understand where you're coming from because I I think you've been kind of ambiguous here I'm just kidding. See you want to you wanna stop changing the time altogether you what did you settle on a time and leave it there. On eastern standard time year it's. And bad that Obama was talking about getting Georgia to go on. Go go whipped up by Georgia as I call an Alabama. Or aren't are part on time anyway unless something has changed they hear. Our rates will see how this side transpires beat appreciate your call and your passion I absolutely love it great stuff there. Mark Q in rock kill good morning. Yes good morning defense. We send people consider this is inside here click it but it was a lot. Arafat to go in and I AMP social media feeds. Proposal which would which would which would require negotiations. With Mexico and Canada. Once and read it wrong. Our time so lines in the United States going from four time zones down to three. Didn't think state line. As the boundary is no more cutting through appears South Dakota for example between central and mountain. And getting rid of daylight saving time altogether it would be an hour ago. I can't that would take an act of congress the negotiating with our neighbor to the north and neighbor to itself. Again. I think he never over the road truckers having to change. Please their clocks. And are you not there the latches and even though everything is. It is global positioning now for the walked. So you'd say they would make things much easier. Do you like this idea of scrolling down to three times owns yeah I knew OK and. How poor helpless. Can help with tourism. I think gem. Helped the program back television programs scheduling. A lot of things to get beat that follow the money as they actually think well what if what if the part one of the party gets bigger fervor once. Gents let's turn off I appreciate your call their market. And I'm I'm kind of surprised to hear how much interest this is actually stirred here not renew the hunter's bill good morning. How aren't out. Ella and any one aspect as. I want I want them there's trying to shape because. It. Only the actual and put option arms well actually really don't we try it here at three. So I don't really think that can cause that child that down to it is. Are I'll try to change that body. You to a Jennings. Whom you saying they would certainly benefit from stability. We can't let that like you do what you have an autistic child is creating and the ability to try to bully. Cowell saying the mail it. You know I've never done this before but that would certainly make a whole lot of sense yet another reason. Two and make this kind of changed that is being discussed now Renee thank you for your contribution that's very important consideration in this very important consideration. Over on the text line. Good idea to get caught up on that considers some interesting items that have come across in just the past few minutes here. And we begin here. Vinson new tag line for you beating the drum of common sense great show. We thank you like tech guys beating the drum of common sense it's pretty clever but wait this out. Brian several years ago. Actually came from a listener abouts a breath of fresh air that was not a Vince Coakley creation somebody else came with that so. It's a here this over and over again. So hopefully we continue to live up to that. The title of this in response to our New York color earlier. How do you know if someone is from New York they'll tell you twenty times. A a a let's get that. I love it. The media North Korea nor O'Donnell CBS this morning looked in senate completely disgusted she had to report on Trump's achievement of arranging a meeting with Kim. Jung un by the way this meeting may happen. I have many of this year just couple months from now. Been stupidity to insanely over and over again expecting to differ results each time. Yes it is time for some. Fresh. Thinking on how to approach some of these issues around the world where what has been tried to force clearly failed. This texture saying I think trouble be able to get the third temple in Jerusalem started wow that's quite a feat here. Jeremy after Estonia except there may be born again again Nancy Dickey moved got maybe a trump end Kim. Meet up someone among them will leave them both to Christ. Well pretty big why not. Since I loved the news about its North Korea meeting with. Done rocket man face to face. Otis has some big guy who it is to do that after all the nicknames. That he awarded soon. Yes that'll be interesting to have a discussion about those names they called each other along the way. But texting here on the time change please stay on daylight saving time. I would love an extra hour of daylight especially when on the lake or at the beach. Vince I agree spring forward just leave it there daylight saving time no longer serves a purpose do away with standard times. And this I assume it's meant to be humorous. To your caddie is already in another time zone same goes for guest in Downey. Are you making a dig on those two areas and just just asking this question. Why not have schools open later another person I don't have to identify with eastern standard time zone. Spring forward leave it there another person saying. We love to get your thoughts and yes you'll hear about media reaction on North Korea. It's. Any surprise some of you bet and faithful to try to coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I wanna nineteen on the Vince Coakley radio program. One of these comical jewels I've picked up on social media. This post. From someone named Rodney when John McCain steps down from the senate there's a good chance the sequel flipped to Republican. It's pretty good isn't it rather clever. That's got to Dave would also like to talk about time. Good morning Derek. Their fight you don't mourners each year. I'll lord turner on pol who love their report or where walked on Greenwich mean time or discourage called. You're around and all airlines flights throughout the car won't want all or alarms somebody stole Greenwich mean time as well. Corporate large it's just aren't full quote or should you call your Ford slams Firestone. Granted many times they weren't normal plan Tom volt. There's followed corn too far more you know around their owner Gulf Coast was removed. I must learn either forward or was amendments all of us are out there was. But we operated on the playing time dollar no problem at all. Our wholesalers saw the worst the world carry their water over the third quarter and up like we're more tolerant. OK bet some makes enough sense they're thinks a lot for your call their days. I wanna jump into this North Korea subject and I think we know we're the mainstream media stands on Donald Trump they're not fans. Although they have profited great deal out of Donald Trump's candidacy. I mean they didn't. You know give this guy. Billions of dollars in free media time for nothing there's something they get back from this nonetheless. They are very much critics. Of the president. Across the board. I'm gonna play for you surprisingly. Some. Audio. Some audio of mainstream media sources including MSNBC. CNN. And you're gonna take wait a second here this is an alternative universe became freely has. Based on what you normally hear out of these folks here's the first clip it begins with Erin Burnett speaking on CNN. Thought that was a stunning statement let's start the most stunning part that was the out NASA security advisor off for South Korea John Roy young and he is saying that in his meeting with president trump president's prompt. Expressed his eagerness to you. There are items I can tell expressed eagerness to meet president child as soon as possible. That is incredible thing and I don't think there's anybody watching this or any expert are on Korea who expected that response at this time. Pretty stunning just an extraordinary evening and of course opening the door to the big question. President trump. Can truly solve this problem that would be going down as a great president and there's no way around Mac that is the reality here. This is actually a moment that we didn't carry pure horse thought we'd ever see. The north Koreans agreeing to put denuclearization on the table a good reason to talks with the South Koreans invited the president of the United States that talks. How are agreeing to dispense certain missile tests while we're doing it should exchange Hawaii in exchange for nothing but this is definitely. And a new relationship worth pursuing the talks themselves. While they go on wolf we used to program. And that is a major national security. This all came up just in the last few hours that this was going to be announced tonight I think back to the president said just six days ago. Or five days ago at that gridiron dinner here in Washington where he said he would be of course open to talks. If in fact North Korea committed to the potential for denuclearization abandoning its nuclear weapons program. It seems that that's very arc but it is certainly remarkable evening here at the white house press that's for sure. Well remarkable evening here at the White House did you hear a single bit of criticism not a single bit. Mainstream radio and media reaction. To the announcement. There will be a conversation. Between. The North Korean presidents ends president Donald Trump. But let's. Not all supports in the mainstream news media. One of the media sources the president loves to mark. There are big husband wife hitter they still just engaged I don't remember more morning Joseph you know Joseph Scarborough Mika Brzezinski. It's I mean is it really is a joke. This this show and you're seeing the parodies of them on Saturday Night Live oh my goodness they have these two down. They'd they'd just really have these two down. It's sheets. You know they'll have them. Park about a new story and then look at each other longingly and then they look like they're about ready to kiss and then go back away. If it's. Really hilarious. It is sound. Really good stuff and I made even a big fan of Saturday Night Live anywhere that show is not really that funny anymore. They have their moments but that's yet whoever does the impersonation of there was some characters does a great job this is a Saudi ready written I want you to listen to this this is interaction between non. Joseph Scarborough and his cohost Mika Brzezinski. Ants they are kind of taking your shots. And it's this. Possibility of extraordinary diplomacy listen up. They generate so again all talk. All bluster no deal because he is horrible at making deals that's why the man ended up nine billion dollars in debt. And so now. They deal with a North Korea. Now this is again. Because you are. Even make a deal with a porn star he doesn't even signed the papers of the deal but he's dropping by don't know about the by the way he did that that's exactly right he can't even draft. And his lawyer can't even draft and confident deal. To keep the porn star quiet. So how would he go wow good north Koreans kind of painful from the get from the from the from getting nuclear weapons that. Yet to admit that really is funny that that's a great lie I wonder. If they stay up all night coming over that line. I mean between kisses I don't know I'm not sure what's going on there I just thought it was humorous to share a few. Love to get your thoughts along the way your perspectives it was advantage talk claim number 809 to 1110. Cummins since retirement planning text line it is 713 cheers seven still coming up we promise faith focus Friday some of the best. Posted on social media than any Q&A truly appreciate. Gene out of Greenville good morning. Next I think Eminem is nothing new ones that sound like banks and this is fascinating dimension of thinking about Ronald Reagan that he's up. Such a buffoon but he couldn't. Because negotiate with anybody yet as low IQ who. Spin and if he were alive today he'd probably probably watched fox notes. But. Could not pay. That. Trumpet embarrassed to be a leader. All of the diplomatic world peace embarrassed him. Having done well on the outcome may be a bitch. Who knows what ever have propelled it. But I do love you know the sort of shaped if you will of Teddy Roosevelt he was awarded the Nobel Prize for bringing about peace between not. Russia and China have backed the the turner toward your country. If you will recall your history. Yes okay and now. I think Teddy can elude. Effect walk quietly. And carrier picture would I think Tedy I don't think Ted Kennedy I mean Teddy Roosevelt. And yeah. I also want to bring on another element to this that you big impression I'm a Christian but a lot of Christian world here in America may not acknowledge. South Korea has been very and is a bit of a revival. I think it has been. The charge into South Korea is growing body of Christ is is increasing. I do believe this is god and it's so rare perk purse and other occurring inside their nominees. Shaking his space and asking god to change the heart of the leader. Ford have a purpose. You may be a door opening. Greater door opening to evangelize north. Korea that would be extraordinary for sure. Thanks a lot for your call their gene. Which could lead in and reminder coming up faith focus Friday some really good things that I have gleaned. From social media in recent days I'm sure that and much more in our final thirty minutes of the broadcast. And if you like to join the conversation 809 to 1110. My text line 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. What you think about the reaction the mainstream media for the most part. Kind of pleasantly surprised. About what's going on with the movement of activity between the presidents and North Korea some talks. And is scheduled now. Before many. Just a couple of months from now ascribe to Willie insurer like good morning Willie. Before we Martin and I am actually lower when did that they're making fun of the sports are probably things. From eighteen trump and I mean. Why didn't discriminate under these people I tried one time. Book or movie and I did probably going to be very hard work to keep up with these women and be directors and whatnot. I've learned. I don't care think I've ever tried to that line of work. Larry the latter is a lot of pressure you got out of people aren't you lie camera actually go to perform like there's a stressful how there these people make fun of these people here are. We've got to stop it but I don't think. I apologize to them my right leg in that yesterday and I was very emotional because they're. Should I picked up on that you were a little bit emotional well. I don't I don't want to speak up for the week you know I know took an adorable I know your heart and encourage you do every day and I appreciate your heart I really you. The taping you. Stick up for the week the conflicts. Send us an hour gladly welcome and not everybody now is strong and sit down with him. Yeah I oil much different you know without hero. Mainly go to they're so make America morning again toward can have a drink and she saw me then you can look at them out what do you think. So. Singh and I'd Willie. Content RT demand. Yes. How in the world do you follow through after that would. I live so try to rescue the stadium drug to Iran in the mores bill good morning. I know he I don't but it aides who Los a great great show great show you do great job. Conan going to politic Jewish he knew what you do that you're doing a great job it's gonna get short bit. But. I could opt I was you know the morning and your. There's Paula called it and about talking to people and you you should do you know about you know you talk to people. Are your grocery store. And national farm I'd be standing in line in my commute they of people you know and others are saying you know veterans and also today the pressures and I have gotten. You know in conversation and let you almost minimal why punish them. And different people and in my view shared you know that your beautiful little child. And should be and that doesn't mantle you know we're worried you are not a huge Irish English pop the people. Sometimes. You know they might be scary you books never had an epidemic in the a negotiation a world. You know the people know me today I go to war and convenient shuttle. I walked in there and replace it I Taiwan and I would do. OK today and openness list 67 years old. And Jewish god what people would like you know. I don't have no I don't do show owned and kicks they're not a underscore that communicate with people. It's a very good thing very good thing Iran I do appreciate your call it it's good people have people out there. Doing something like that's no question about it. Let's go to and make sure appearances is this Terrelle is that correct pronunciation for that out of Iraq killed. No I don't they're right here. Yeah I wanted to find out why you don't hit it won't. OJ would fit today telling history. He's disappeared. Marine whenever that Wallace I don't know what that was about. Just bizarre. How about we go back to the text line before we take look the day in history this Willie is killing me right to pull over 'cause he had me laughing so hard at the I think he should start hash tag porn lives matter movement LO well. Or I it's not a person suggesting I should bring in Willie T co host a show with me it would be a riot. Boy we have to have somebody ready with the with the mute button. The yeah that would be something. ABC just reported over 75% of psychic readers feel trump will meet with the North Korea as opposed to reporters who feel it's only 5050. So beginning psychics more credit the reporters here. I wouldn't be a bit surprised of North Korea didn't have a plan to poison the president when they meet face to face a well you're really totally skipped career. Obama dodged this issue and told president trump if they were problem he would need to be aware of Kim needs to put on this platform shoes. They both need to meet that's super cuts. A a. Or maybe. There really funny part about the audio that you played I assume referring to Mika Brzezinski and what's his face morning Joseph. They had an hours they had hours so long meetings to come out with that said line at least Kellogg. But I at least come with my comments within seconds. Or maybe you need to write for them I would be better. Also I get tired of people refer to other people have been sold in pet names this practice is to insulted marginalized he attacked person. Trump once have positive talks with Kim Jung un. He will stop calling him little rocket man there are some making the arguments may be all of these antics have worked. I think this is what do you trumped defenders will certainly say. Let's go out you if vets in Taylor's good morning. Good morning. I'm well how are you doing best. Doing very well we have four is here and but maybe seconds we have left in the segment. I threw a pass that got that comment then maybe the event evangelist. Evangelist Asia as a courier. When god in the court equation. Everything is possible and hit an example. Christian organization has made some. Information. That they had chili cheese this film and Islamic countries. Tuesday ahead that they jihadist that they are coming to Christ in regard to rooms. And I really think god is. We are in the last ten days then guy is. Saving the Jen house. One the last one if say Dan price who returned and is true they say it's. Well these are interesting times for sure appreciate you Carl other events and I and I think they're going to be some extraordinary events are taking place. I see out like you shared joy at the sub accounts that were hearing effective got some. And you've gone to some of these Muslim countries. And they're telling of some extraordinary things taking place. Much of the dues beyond our reported and our awareness so I think a lot of times people have this idea. That's. We have to know about everything that's going on and the truth of the matter is. I don't think we we know a fraction of what's taking place in parts of the world beyond our reach. Just something for us to keep in mind coming up day in history. And faith focus Friday. And some of your calls and text right here. 1149 like to packed into these final minutes but it's just a nice guy gonna give Terrelle another opportunity Iraq killed. Promises to behave himself all right what's up man. I'll be OK but I always do that's that's. I never agree with your politics dirty things but I know about it never did you look how well. And yet today our utility said that we will be bringing up. God that stormy day musician is you'd flipping flipping it never got going yesterday and instead you bring it up today but you still have it but not surprised because. That's what you wanna do you won a sweep that under the rug but it's not because they've always been paid a 130000. Dollars and the Barack. So an Ali what Joseph what chief patrol supportive that you have common that you don't think about that. Yeah I'd love to hear that two. I appreciate your call. No one of the reasons why and and I think any talk show host will tell you this there are times I think she just don't get too. I I'm not trying to avoid the subject there are other things that have taken precedence ends we didn't want you to read perhaps world view that this in the coming week. I think you ought to know by now in if you think I am proud forty minutes because I'm afraid of addressing this not afraid of anything. Really not. So. We will get to this in due time when I feel like talking about it right now let's take a look at the date in history. This is the ninth day of march 2018. And Alonso is all set. To. Just aced every single one of these questions right let's rock casino. I love it neutralized. In fact it would help you know at a time like this what what happened my screen locks. Let's go to this version 1780 eight's. This particular state become this became the fifth in the union. I don't even know how to describe this place. President saying it's a boring state in the north east. Have you lived there before I have not lived there and can rules. Yeah I'm very boring states. Mobs. Could go main. Not quite. Let me demean other hints. And see if their. Their basketball team does pretty well. I think they didn't. I don't know they've they've they've been at the top tier at times right basketball pro war Colin rising college. In fact their team if you are hard to hear about it it sounds like something. In another part of the world. As in boy I'm really reaching here to Medicare it is what I was reaching for Americans are. 1845. And there's no hint that I know it's so boring. 1845. The Supreme Court ruled the slaves aboard this vessel to be freed Spain was not police. Demanding extradition. There was a movie made about this what was that. Chip. Several years ago this came out. And Santa Maria I don't think anybody here wanna guests. Is that Imus god you are correct John got this good job good job would be the protect it our guiding myself the 1959. And then half bath. 1959. These first all of this talk type debuted at the New York City toy fair. Harvey you're correct. Nine senior mine. Sister was born 1992. Bits of history made as Antonio Novello. Is sworn in as America's first. Of this type surgeon general you can get either one of these give it to you. She actually. Checked two boxes. When news is that she assumes. I think she's chic yes I'll be one and but. Well just you run with GM I thought I'd she's Hispanic people well who else she was related to breath away. She was father Guido surgery she sister. I remember father going yeah you remember that for years ago that was great television effective back when Saturday Night Live was funny. Which has been a long time ago my pin anyway. Not so great to talk with you man and have a great weekend you have a great weekend and oh by the way one quick thing before we go. Do you know what CD was released actually record. Years ago thirty years ago. How big can you be Joshua Tree. Okay from U2 I don't mean you can give me a hint yeah I could have by the way my friend Eric who posted this he said I was the first person in Greeneville caddie. To purchase this tape he said look up taped kids because I had Anderson. In service into Hayward record bar. Wow this is quite an assortment here so that's pretty amazing now he's got this thing on his iPod but in saying that on eight track. Goal. May end. Say give Nightline's so good I Love Boat and. Right. Or age you know and we didn't even get twosome in the great content for free focus Friday let me share at least one of these with you. Because there's some really good stuff here that they came across during the course of the week. And probably share. Those few who listened to the Sunday broadcast. Perhaps shares some of this with you. During that time. But. I think this is really get any perjury this story affect what I'll do is I'll post this. On the page four. 163 W or. FaceBook page also for WDT. Kansas City Royals they are the first Major League Baseball team to host an anti porn seminar for players and coaches why don't I think this is a big deal because this is a big. Problem I think this is all summer. I want to encourage you to read this and it's also to. I'm not this is a subject that so I know a lot of men are dealing with in some way check out this story again we were posted for you to check it out. It's a the other contents. Lord willing we'll get through its. Time permitting the time just slips away so quickly so quickly. In the meantime her shows a great weekend folks and got bush and yes. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.