Update On Panthers, Mark Zuckerberg Testimony

John Hancock
Tuesday, April 10th
Hancock discusses the buyers for the Panthers, plays excerpts of the Zuckerberg testimony before the senate and more.

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This is John Hancock. Not a whole lot going on today. Zuckerberg said before congress been kind of watch unit and and listened to it to some extent but. I'll religious test bed get catch up with the as the time goes on we'll do that through our WBT news department and anything else we can read does the there's the showbiz on this afternoon but. So far. The people he's been grilled by the same people that he scares me that he talked to yesterday. And his. Rounds of Weston of of a DC eight. I'm staying. Nelson. I just seems like these days are ahead this conversation with some but they're serious concern obviously about via personality quiz for 30000 FaceBook users in the compromising their vote. 87000 accounts which then led duke. How many ever. Peoples so information being compromised. And are being lied to make Cambridge analytic and obviously the Russian probe is come into this. That was fine Steen who was fairly emphatic to point out that this was. That FaceBook was used as an anti Clinton. Election. Tool and Soria got the Zuckerberg thing going on that you got to Syria going on we're all kind of wait to see what's gonna go on with us Syria apparently there appears to be some sort of compliance along with the France and Saudi Arabia. As to what the reaction will be towards Syria we don't know exactly what that will be but it doesn't look like the United States will be going it alone. Tom. When you got the Michael Cullen raided yesterday. The Olivia president's lawyer. And his offices raided. Which is pretty rare when they do that to an attorney him attorney client privilege and an all that stuff so that's big we don't really know what that means yet. Sarah Huckabee you're watching her Sanders. We were. Watch a little bit of both of them the the White House presser today. And no she was being grilled but she was pretty noncommittal what you would expect her to would be somebody asked whether or not they thought that this was. Two separate investigations Pico and raid and the Russian investigation. Or whether it. All Philip president Felton told polar one umbrella. And Hershey said it obviously it's two different investigations. But that the president kind of feels like it all falls under. What umbrella. That he got personnel changes in the White House more to add to the list Tom moser it is a leaving. And then you got to the the Panthers sales. And how many billionaires are still involved. And no we think the guy who we were told yesterday is probably out of it probably isn't out of it. That. David tepper. In fact not only is still in the bidding but probably very well may be the favorite of the unifil ownership. Which you know was a story that came to light with Pat McCrory and vote Toms earlier this morning when no Felix a modest joined them. Two give some in sight so willow will play a little bit of that for you. They also had a chance today today to talk to Scott slush nick. Who respectfully disagrees with the New York Times article that. But then this was discounted last night. In the Charlotte Observer. That temper was out of it so temper apparently is in net. And then though the one name that kind of is just kind of flowed underneath the surface and nobody's quite sure whether or not he's the fourth billionaire involved or not. Is Kerry billionaire Jim goodnight. In his name's been floating around a little bit so were not quite sure world that goes. So there are two to four billionaires that are still exited buying the and then good news that you just heard with Mike Doyle during the newscast just passed Carol there was one buyer who wanted to at least have a conversation as to whether or not. Other cancers could be moved. And he was pretty much met by a brick wall and so he apparently is out of it and whether or not that means that's the fanatics guy. I I don't know I got really. Jumping. Two conclusion they're nothing's given me reason to believe that that was the one that is only one that I can figure out that we've known about that. Doesn't seem to be part of picture anymore so I've just kind of ending a two and two together and coming up with a three point 75. So lob. All at Melbourne ID six years old today. Which show we don't go to that for 96. We we put Henry Boggan and and regulating an Emmy and hall of fame last year. So it was a year ago today that we did that broadcast and that seems just impossible. And that was between Australian and German earlier but George Sylvia was between 5 and 6 o'clock so we started that whole thing at 5 o'clock. I guess that does sound familiar to me now. And in about 530 this afternoon a year ago they surprised me I dad it. I don't think they could have ever kept a secret in this building now along. Are they did. I don't think they could do it again. Although the exchange of information around here is always been kind of secretive anyway so maybe I'm wrong. And to be all sorts of things going on that so we don't know about. Or do know about so a lot about other than all of that. Really not a whole lot of not a lot going on. Was a looking out the window used years ago and Nadia lawn care guys are here in the cut laundromat around the one guy had a big tank on his back. And he was walking around all the beds spring weeds. And I was watch and the guy who cuts my lawn. Yeah nine or when a model on more award but the new big house. Come on fifty bucks an acre. I just to since it blew in my living room by under shorts whether a couple co authored by and watch it. So. But Washington the other day and and he was doing the same thing because he sprays my beds. For we'd still. And every time I see that a reminds me of that we didn't have that when I was a kid. Every now and then your mom. Would inform you on a Saturday or Sunday that you need to come out of the yard and help her. Did your tweets. With that metal thingy you know the kinda had. Before key thing at the end of it. And so you got to go in there are a dance alliance he had to go Rihanna underneath them and then you'd have to Apolo and me and in Allen Paul stuff up. And it wasn't just you know I mean if it'd been eight weeds that would have been fine but it was and by the time you got done with it it looked like. We never got done what that was the point because you raised so it was a pain in the butt to have you and and then this was the whole purpose. This is where kids learn how to get their way. You pull about two or three ways that it would be. Hot and sticky and itchy and you didn't wanna do -- on until four until you start whining about it menus start two and a half. Big job on an in this Alonso of more than at some point or another your mom just decided. It was probably more trouble and it was worth and she'd say you know this forget it get out here. And that's how we've learned should we conduct ourselves thrust of our lives. If you make it. More trouble than it's worse for the person who wants you to get it done at some point or another they'll say oh just forget it. Go do something else. And that works fine for us. So lump anyway if we had to weed spray respect their forty some odd years ago I'd. And good morning happy you know strapped the thing on my back and gone out during spring. So long it and take more than eight minutes. He got access to ABC audio on no Zuckerberg looks drop in Mary he's being grilled right now my Orrin hatch. Com so we'll get frail little bit of an inkling on just exactly the timber of what's going on know with the FaceBook CEO testifying on these social media privacy abuse of data and election meddling. Can turn the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator I think that there are few categories. Legislation that. That makes sense to consider around privacy specifically. Tom. There are few principles that I think it would be used faulted to discuss and I mean potentially catapult it into law. One it is around having a simple and practical. Problem is set out of low wages are you explain what you're doing with data. And we talked a little bit earlier around that complexity of laying out these so long privacy policy. It's hard to say that people in a fully understand something when it's only written out in the long legal document this need the stuff needs to be. I'm implement a new way where people can actually understand it where consumers can can understand it. But they can also. Capture all the nuances of how. Are these services work in a way that doesn't that's not overly restrictive on on probe of providing the services such warrant. The second. Is around giving people complete control. But this is the most important principle for FaceBook every piece of contents that you share on FaceBook. Bob you own and you have complete control over who sees it and and how you share it and you can remove it at any time. And that's why every day you. About a hundred billion times today. I'm people come to one of our services and Peter Post a photo or send a message to someone. Because they know that they have that control. I'm and not a crude they say it's gonna go to is going to be Tom houk who sees the contents I think about control assuming that's important that. I think should apply to to every service. And go to the the third point is is just around enabling innovation because some of these use cases that. That are are very sensitive like face recognition for example and I think there's a balance that's extremely important strike here where you. Obtain special consent for sensitive features like face recognition but don't. But do we still need to make it's and an American companies can innovate in those areas or else we're gonna fall behind Chinese competitors. Com and others around the world who have different regimes top floor for different new top features like that senator can't world. Thank you mr. chairman welcome mr. Zuckerberg. Do you know talent here is. Some people have referred to them as a Stanford analytic. Do you agree. Senator I have not heard that OK do you think talent here taught. Cambridge analytic says press reports are saying. How did you these tactics. Senator I don't know. Do you think that talent here as a restraint data. From FaceBook. Senator I'm not aware of that. Came. Do you think that that's during need. 2016 campaign. As Cambridge analytic goes for running support to the trump campaign. Under project Alamo where there any FaceBook people involved and that sharing them. Technique in information. Senator we provided support to the trump campaign. Similar to what we provide to. Any advertiser or campaign. I've proved correct sort so that was a yes. The study us. The senator can you repeat the specific question Medtronic cherry and I guess specifically they are asking during the 20s16. Campaign. Key bridge analytic worked with the trump campaign to refine tactics and work FaceBook employees involved enough. Senator I don't know that our employees were involved with Kim Metallica but I know that we dated. Help out to try to campaign overall and sales support in the same way the reader that is senator Maria can't close they are Democrat out of Washington and she followed Orrin had issue with the Republican do you analyze and we are gonna give you a little bit of a taste of oldham a flavor of well what's going on with Eric Zuckerberg I'll resist. They and he he's only been on. Intended to go in 1:32 o'clock something like that so well. You'll be before the house tomorrow he's before via a Senate Judiciary Committee today. And but she obviously is working off notes. And opened in doing did you know and that's what these hearings in congress generally don't turn out to be so. We'll continue to follow that as the afternoon goes up and it was something substantial it comes out of it though below will of course lets you know. Do. This you don't. We ask today is a 4 o'clock hour late 4 o'clock hour we read this New York Times report fitted said the David tepper is out. In the bidding for the Carolina Panthers seized the guy who is one of the original front runners. And the Asian guy who want to 5% stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers socially unifil owners know him already. And that was kind of surprising to see that printed well no sooner did that news come out then the Charlotte Observer was reporting on no sources there's a new Bruno I mean David tepper worst source basically sand on an element. Haven't that that information is so wrong. So we assume they're still three billionaires. In the Indy running for the team we don't believe the Michael Rubin of the fanatics owner is a part of it and longer. The Allan Kasten bomb the new Yorker who lives in Florida and by the Canadian steel company. He's. Certainly still Lynn and have been Navarro the Charleston financiero. He is certainly still win. And David tepper c.s says that he's still Lynn. And there's of rough floating a rumor has been for the last a few days that Kerry billionaire Jim goodnight. Has expressed an interest put whether or not he's put in a bitter not at all to grow we are really know what Felix a modestly yesterday came out and said no I'm out. Although more than he prefaced that to say if anybody needed any help he'd be more than happy to but he's met with the three billionaires. And earlier today he met with both Thompson and Pat McCrory on the Pat McCrory show. Hey you made a big decision this week that you just let it be known and and your poll and out of the bed. For the Panthers tell us why and what's your next steps in what what what do you think's gonna happen. Well actually you know we were I don't know group trying to partner up. One of the potential bidders. And I've met with a group of them very nice people and I would have been comparable with any album and shot minimum or the partner. But the price have got a little push people remain at my age. You know I don't have forty years quote we're per appreciation in you global fixed number. You've got to bend toward reviving you're trying to develop that I've been under your at all. And I you've decided you're you don't work that the millions upon my permanent situation that. These troubled spot to implement the weapons deal of interest from and then the for the professional sports league. And I just not immediate impression you got more than I want it will be involved with. From a business standpoint what is the right price do you feel comfortable tell us what do you think is the right price. Because a lot of these prices are based upon not the business bottle but people wanted to join the club the unique club of Vienna NFL owner. Well it will be stripped from me could roil perspective of the new life prize. Could obviously. I pulled out of this what mother right. But you know open and I don't want it I don't want input as they have reopened border and have been there from the weather go to. But he could just got no indeed he got to be. Moto not a potential proper bowl trip to Asia for me formally published this year Sunday. The appreciation of the patent look at from the beginning to now been tremendous. But I don't see that happening today gain for a long time. So. For me to get involved was opened another sharp Oprah appreciation. And portion of other shot dividend distribution or a bit and so just just doesn't work. From a business standpoint why do you say that about the appreciation. Well you know. All the professions blew it that they obtain and not all of football basketball. Can baseball. And appreciate what a bit in the last finish. Because it would. I don't know what a miracle. That we get a lot the last the years Ed. I don't expect to see that who have been in years. The middle of the sort of 32. Owners on your approach to merge those two programs very nice people get up well. But you know when you haven't seen this so for a good number no two billion. We do bubble diploma so we'll let you know we had a good record as somebody polish third person around. You gotta have a majority owner of a sort of partial or that happened. Cash subsidy sort of sort of really about who the bad news you are able to an opinion. And you'd think you'd aren't that many people and then it in the world today that Buddha. There's a lot of billionaire in this program but the big Jim Bittermann billionaire. Good there was more in their medical money properly have that a win an investment. Today. You know you you have to put in a billion dollars of the bigger numbers being put them there demoted to work when you. You have a pretty good chance to get a pretty good return money every year. My new partner kind of money on a football game you got here Russia is country that money. Make one important. We're talking to us Felix about us here live on WBT the Pat McCrory show. With Democrat or in a vote Thompson and mr. some modest you mentioned the fact that. That you've been in contact with the three principal. You know bidders that have been mentioned here that would be a David tepper it would be bin Navarro and Alan Kasten bomb New York Times yesterday. Remain had a report where David tepper because of the you know it's to 2.5 billion number exceeding that. May be out of the mix but that's been contestant last several hours. What can you tell us about these three men these potential you know finalists so you've talked all of them a lot of people around Charlotte want to know them and who they are. To better degree. Well amid all three doubles a bear will be bright orange. They're the dipper I was very impressed with. Can discipline the meeting in business and had a reputation of being. A person that these very disciplined weasel investments. And indeed he knows what he does not mega power they will make a great owner. David Rubin in a number of Michael Rubin is a video about what about your social. Fueled one of the largest e-commerce company in the apparel business involved with the unifil the NBA in Major League Baseball yeah. Try to go getters will be a great. Because he knows a lot of people in the NFL. Sure sure we will make you move make it easier for him to move could those in the circle when he got a good and they've done. And you've got Obama the real nightmare and I met him so are you. These are lauded that you he's committed to begin to show you permit to do more to be sure most prominent Charles. All three of god the good all of these about it and I guess I would have been fine partner up with any of I never spoke through. And Lamar there's been stated that they are not for you individuals and if you didn't want partners that I know off. So but he gave his brother lives of people stuff going on everybody that spend notions that. Very highly of him and they credit market which is what is company that is also what about race course. And they're one of the best also won't ever have in minimum unit could be fit all the people work for him. I really denies buttoned down people but you know. Show Felix and the remaining minute do you think all three of those potential owners will want a new stadium. At a certain point in time in the future. Go to outplayed you from all you can restore but I bit. You can blame but still you know what I hope will probably years. But you have to build a new stadium event. Good is just get an antiquated. And he doesn't have all the modern. Convinced that the newspapers have been built. And in real revenues thirty with a bone. Implemented the Super Bowl pool that would amount of money that haven't the paper that didn't they will have to. I have additional income for all the videos in the building. And led to autism only only look forward to more might have been playing this spectrum and we'll do things that yeah and do it within all open state. Felix we got to wrap up but you took me out to dinner and paid for mar mile cup police going house opened during the dinner conversation you had so that was conversation that it took place with the mayor and both times in this morning and no Felix a modest they also had a chance to talk and if we can find some time two road plug this in no we will do so. On a pretty busy news day but they also have via a chance to talk to a Bloomberg sports business reporter. Scott Sasha nick. Who. Respectfully disagree with the New York Times article although by this morning though temper had already pretty much come out and said that the New York Times article was sort of was mistaken that he is so still very much. In the bidding process that the information is being provided such nix said. And then. Rationing he had suggest David tepper is still very much involved in the process of David tepper is pretty much said he's still. Very much involved in the process suffer get a chance to share that with you. We will do that as well. All right Mark Zuckerberg for the Senate Commerce Committee go target an update on that stock market is they're doing know well as we approach the year closing the Dow is up for 45. Point 85420. Point 85. So which sits at 2439995. NASDAQ is up a 148 S&P is up love 44. So we'll look keep our eyes on that battle becomes so comes because. Via a Chinese. Now president. He did sing. Promised on a Tuesday yesterday to lower import tariffs on products including cars. And to open the country's economic. Economy further to foreign investors in a speech that is seen as kind of an attempt to defuse the off. What's been an escalating trade dispute with PL United States. See this is where. That this is where noted. For those of you were sitting on the fence about Donald Trump there's a lot to sit on the fence a wrought with this guy. But there's also some. Letter didn't taxes yet. I understand that that's probably gonna baton combinations of those things gonna have probably had a trillion dollars through our via a deficit didn't betterment Extenders but. That's a pretty big book but nonetheless. Now I'm get more money back. So the tax cut. Is beneficial. And saw like that and I and I can understand where as I we have said in the past. Wounded rail and on but long before Donald Trump. We we wouldn't every now and then we would rail laundry you know what they need to do is they got to go find a businessman and somebody who basically looks at this from a business perspective rather than me. A political perspective. That has the backbone. To cause the pain to initiate the projects and initiate. The programs. To get us back on our feet again and be able to do it. In the face of everyone screaming all my god were at the end we're gonna fall off the edge of the earth. And we were kind of open for that. We were kind of open that it would be a little bit better wrapped. Than a Donald Trump that it wouldn't beasts quite a you know the Twitter and all that. He makes it hard to rub back is credibility sometimes but. I don't know where this trade thing is going but it just puts us back on better footing than we've ever been. At least in recent history. The Mets sets us up for a more stable economy for a longer for all in the long run. Better agreements with Mexico better agreements with Canon battery you don't want to oversell. That seems to be and to some extent and you can't we don't know where we're gonna end up with a all of this but. Via Chinese president yesterday. Promising to a lower import tariffs on nothings like cars. And and open the country's economic. Of the economy Ted foreign investors. You know most of patience things stood pledges. Had been. Previously announced dating back to at least 2013 but foreign business groups says so the third implementation as long overdue well let's see if we if if he implements any of the stuff. His speech didn't explicitly mentioned the United States or its trade policies yesterday but. He said that isolationism. And what he called a Cold War mentality. Would quote hit brick walls. So trump announced terrace last month on fifty billion on Chinese imports and they in Beijing responds. In kind. By saying that it was impose tariffs of it was fifty billion or 46 billion erred or something imminent in this same general neighborhood. And and then trump proposed another 100 billion into Europe's and the all time the stock markets just been going. Crazy. Not good crazy either. Tom. And then I'd China's commerce ministry said that they they didn't want a trade war that they were but they weren't afraid to fight one right now. So. I like I say it's too early just conclude that this thing is going to be successful on the road and end up when they. With a more level playing field a trading field and so on and so forth but to some extent. You kinda have to be patient and sit out the process and not overreact. Which is what we tend to do these days. The press over reacts it's like the Cohen thing yesterday. I understand the severity of heaven the FBI on the raid your lawyer's office is very rarely done client. Good privilege and all that kind of stuff. I don't have any idea where that's all going I don't have any idea what they're gonna come up with or. What would force them don't put. Spotted them I can read but I can do what prodded them to decide that they had to do that now. I think it's kind of interesting and then them. Middle of the Syrian conflict. That seemed to be the time that we raid the president's lawyer's office when we're basically trying to figure out what to do about poison gas of people. But I guess timing never is good on things like but sometimes you have to you're gonna have a little faith. Even in somebody who you're not quite sure you have faith then. But you know. Maybe this crazy guy if he isn't so crazy. Tell us they would get a undersecretary of state of new VA secretary gale a new chief economy advisory new staff secretary and new communications chief. Some. High profile attorneys. And that's just this calendar year. The the arrival of John Bolton. As the national security advisor. Apparently made that you're gonna read the tea leaves I guess here but has led to the hope Homeland Security advisor Tom bolstered resigning that happened yesterday. So I'm. So they go with all of that another high profile departure from the trunk administration. I'm. Okay. The hour raid on another president so lawyer's office yesterday is. Interest and. FBI raid on the offices of the president's personal lawyer. Happened because Michael Cohen is suspected of our crimes including Brenton bank fraud and campaign finance fraud at least that's. What they're saying. Com they in a lot of cases being according to the Washington Post which makes you skeptical but. Agents seized documents including a Cohen's tax returns in our raids of his office and and home and hotel room mis. I think his home is being remodeled or something like that so he's been in a hotel room. So why that's one of the reasons that he's in a hotel room. These sources say that the records seized include those relating to current controversial pre election payment porn star stormy Daniels. And they seized records of his communication with his our clients. Which is pretty interesting given. Where client privilege and all of that. Trump. If he directed Cohen's payment to Daniels and meg could be a violation of campaign finance laws so. That's probably what they're trying to figure out. And the fact that the investigation was referred to the US attorney's office by Robert Mueller would suggest that Cohen lawyer. Might also be involved in our Russia related. Malfeasance connected to the president. And then Colin could be in serious trouble because of it emerges that he lied when he said he used his home equity credit line do I'll borrow the 130000 dollars to pay Daniels. London did that led them back could be problematic and then if they do undercover anything relevant to the Russian probe than than they would turn that over to Mueller's tame. So there's just all sorts of moving. Pieces in in at this wouldn't. Do you legal experts who were quoted this morning in the Washington Post said that the FBI would have to. Declare pretty high bar. Higher than usual. To obtain warrants for the F Cohen searches meaning that there's a there's there's likely course the Washington Post regardless anyway but there's likely strong evidence that he was involved in criminal conduct or they wouldn't it don't they wanted to on this search warrant. Offer a law office is extremely rare that's according to us Stephen Gillers. It new York university school walked. Lawyers are given the courtesy of producing documents in response to a subpoena or our request unless the government believes that a lawyer will destroy or conceal the object of the search and that's one of the things that Cohen's office has said that is. They party turned over time the documents. So everybody was a little surprised that that pitted the raid took place yesterday so a lot of various scenarios come out of this. Not many of them look good for Cohen. And then there's the possibility that both of them Ian and trump will be exonerated. And it's that the case sport would there be some questions to answer on that one because if you're going into the president's offices. And are the president's lawyers offices and you come up with nothing. I would think there'd be some pretty serious heads roll in on that one. And then they also note that Colin. Could appear questionable as well because he's telling the truth about trump not knowing about the Daniels payment. Well apparently attorneys are supposed to act without consulting their client. So I don't know how all of that tour works out to with. With with a win all that but anyway that that was the big news yesterday and and pretty pretty insisting no style special counsel US attorney's office southern district of a New York. Media so speculation all over the place today suggestion that the primary basis for the referral was this 130000. Dollar hush money payments. That are Cohen made two Stephanie Clifford or stormy Daniels. Who has cents. Is now our rub posing naked for a penthouse. Which I didn't even know there was still penthouse. Who buys that. People without. A compete in her. People would dial up. People who can't wait for download zone who advised penthouse anymore. And Guccione or whatever the guy's name big guy who is the publisher that didn't he dial long time ago. And and then penthouse was always the raunchy cousin of Playboy anyway. It took Playboy it was always the air British capital of. So I don't know what a tangled web we weave of soul sewer all of that goes. Lots of speculation. This is added to me. This is a good time for an individual on about a story like this to put yourself. A self imposed media blackout. Because otherwise you just drive yourself crazy. Reading all of the ins and outs no and speculations and what floors and a sort and so forth so you just gotta gotta wait this one obviously were all goes. So a low blow we'll see about that. Now that fake news has been no way in the news for a but two years now. The most popular black lives matter page apparently on FaceBook is fake Zuckerberg before the Senate Judiciary Committee today goes before a house committee tomorrow. And then we find out that the most popular black lives matter page on FaceBook is fake. I'd discovered that the page with over 700000. Followers that was supposed to be tied to the black lives matter movement was fake. Com. The FaceBook page almost doubles the number of followers that the official black lives matter FaceBook page has. And was actually created by a white guy in Australia. But you cannot trust any thing anymore. Any thing. That cute blonde at the end of the bar. A that may not be exactly what you think here she is it is quite whatever you know I was saying. You can't trust anything anymore. This sub page has also been linked to us several online fund raisers which they say garnered about a 100000 dollars in donations. Com. And at least some of that money was reportedly transferred to an Australian bank account but in my what I read that this morning I got to think and OK it's a fake page. Black lives matter 700000. Followers and they can only come up with a hundred grand. I would think that that would be the disappointment. Because if you were put that up there to try to profit from it. Hundred grand. I mean that's like. Two kids first campaign's. Big we can do that. Spokesman for the black lives matter movement does said that the group vendor contacted FaceBook months ago about the pages removal after suspecting that it was a scam. So there's another reason to trust social media I guess. Or to trust anything these days. Organizations that are are real or unreal or. I've got to end and that's always been the case nonprofits you should always double check nonprofits you should always go into. Whenever that charity update. Jim what's the name of that website to have to. That Jared Charity Navigator or. Fund a nonprofit navigator or something like out. Charity Navigator. Big George George checked out enough for another question that you should always ask of any. Organization and ask you for money is how much of it goes to the actual cost. And it's it's in the ninety's cents. And above area that's excellent. And it dead dated it therein a high seventy's or eighty's I mean depending on who they are that's not necessarily bad either but. I don't know work bag kids first to someplace like 95 cents 96 cents something like that I would guess thing we do we do have administrative cost now because we've. We've we've gone from just chairman Wendy and me to. To be in a year long deal of help and sought does that the other sorts over a putt to but it's certainly I mean it's at it's it's ninety's it's 95 or better. So. Anyway you can't trust anything anymore. Even that blundered into the bar. All right Tom you got so much money you don't know what to do that you're thinking about Biden NFL team and at some the most you can spend some money around and this would be like petty cash if you were India. If you were in the billionaire club talking about by noon FL team bug 375000. Bucks. If they're talking about tapper. You know basically offer and what 2.4 billion and the other guys are offered 2.5 billion in May and a fellow owners Mario and that's kind of what feel it's about a Sicilian. What is that a hundred million dollars. So when that becomes small change having got to sort of you know went to a to a Jerry relax a hundred billion to that. 375000. Is nothing right. Say what you buy with that just Salem go over your children mellowed WBT. A we're asking the question earlier because. A penthouse magazine came up residents are still penthouse magazine around Mel's though in your column about. Are you all and you're also asking me about you know do people killed by eight. Can help counsel her Playboy. And courtly do because they Kia. Meet these young boy you want to see what hit them. Can they get they're older brother or her older for an excuse and I need. And then vacate the magazine spent between a man turn in the sprained. A camera in their club that. The cut that they downloaded on the computer. Mom and dad are going to find. So mom and dad are looking for magazines anymore mom and dad are looking for digital evidence. So they basically are reverting to the 1960s. And doing what everybody always did. And mom and dad are are are looking for that anymore. Exactly. And I have a friend that it seems sound lawn. Cleaning out her armed club. And she didn't get mad at eight she just laughed and ticket to the death and hit you talked to him about. Well there you can't get yeah I mean I understand that you have to go informed discipline and all of civic can't really get mad I mean it's. I mean did it's I don't know it's kind of growing up they attraction to females is a pretty natural thing. Half well and ultimately. And it was the male version are now able cause I never understood that if there were only down and he had beyond that out. No I understand understand milieu sounded so ladies you can be I just can't believe I'm talking to you about don't porn magazines earlier porn magazines. Well or like him or let me let me ask you something and our way up in the fifth in. I am I'm been listening to you for years. And year kitty cat kitty hall. Malia are long gone. I know and argued that keeps it had begin to halt Valium. And foreign affairs did it for you. And get. Pat is in the till or in my mind. And I'm a cat play here. Begging like electing all different location he did even though I'm never met. Yeah grins a grass was the one I came to town with and she was the one that that the world the vet actually came over to the apartment I was living in the time and no we put her down in the apartment and I'll never forget that have been doing that for me and she never charged me. Never got a bill for. Poor. Well I think Jacksonville and up on herself. Because we didn't. So there you go on now and Tom Alltel away can spend 375000. Dollars on know when we come back for our read the news today oh boy but it's a piece of beatle memorabilia. So if you're in the category or you can spend 2.5 billion on a football team and then then why not. By this for 375. Have a frame put it in your office. Overlooking Bank of America Stadium you know that decrepit thing that Leo plea for fallen down there at. Downtown. Charlotte. Tuesday April that tipped. 48 team. 96. Anniversary of WBG radio. Six years today. Year ago today is when we. The big show. It's. Very June Rosen come back. Coach Thompson was here Mark Garrison was here we have a room filled with the and win the WBT. Royalty. To announce that Henry Logan and no rocket re Gooding we're gonna do WBZ hall event. And then about dope 434. The surprise of my life they announced but I'm going to be the WBQ all of them. And so that was a year ago today it seems like I don't judge TJ yesterday it's six months match maybe nine I guess. But might have time plus. Great honor in my life. All hundred days into the year there are 265. Days to go a 19621. Of the original Beatles stoop Sutcliffe died of a brain tumor. 22 years old played bass. I left the group to study art. You created via groups shaggy brushed forward hairstyle. The Beatles went on to do pretty well. 1992. Sam Kennison killed in a car crash outside needles California 38 years old saw him once in Jacksonville Florida. For the second time thieves in Florida used firecrackers as a decoy at a robber shopping mall or read the news available oil man and a wife face up to twenty years in prison. For robbing ATMs. Apparently are the story yesterday apparently that was his vocation before he met her. And then he matter and then they decided to go into business together. Like Elena couples can work together. Put a protest C a whole lot of each other now. I Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt says that he has very vocal critics and that's why he requested a massive twenty person security detail. I got some pretty vocal critics myself where's my twenty person security bill. And I have terror as old parking spot. It's a Joseph Jonas go over. 2.5. Billion. About football Davis and wonder why that figure 670. Million down. Cash. More than. 375000. Boxes like let me check my money clip right. So mister tepper. Some. May mr. mr. Obama. Mr. Navarro. Mr. Rubin. Jim goodnight. Jerry. Well he's a log is getting the money or a good deal of it. A piece of Beatles memorabilia going up for sale 375000. Bucks to steal lyrics hand written by Paul McCartney for eight Jude. 1968. On how cool would that be to have in your office. This is the same lyrics that you must see being used by John Lennon mam videotape recording. Hung from a Mike stand. Song obviously are credited to Linda McCartney. An adapted from mail ballot did McCarty road for a Lennon's son Julian. It was originally called he jewels. The meant moments in time dealer is a guy by the name of Gary's in met. And he's element. Not so sure that that may be where we got the petty guitar for the auction. Rare lyric sheet has been used bio oil linen and a film recording session men and is a written all in no McCartney's handwriting. 375000. Bucks. Pretty impressive piece to have weighing in on the wall now for your suite at Bank of America Stadium. Little icing on the and. Not only is today in 1996. Anniversary of WBT. But Murphy has a birthday today. Hollow Murphy Murphy in the morning ago we talked about enough aggregate talked about it recently win no Larry sprinkle inject Daniel came announcement. Hour and a half with us in the studio just reminiscing about to radio or not and so anyway some message off tomorrow also does. Cheryl wishes you happy and have no idea which one this is for him. And I have no idea whether he's still younger or older than me I think he's a slightly older. But not by much. And a lot more legendary. And that's one. Brownie batter pop tarts. Are coming. You know we talk about all the flavor ideas and is that the otherwise in the way they did this before. Although pop tart so with all due respect. Always sound better than they are it's still more dough than ago. If you would put more stuff than there. You know yeah like a quarter and Joe Brown you this stuff would be earlier in the early good. But you why you don't remember this TJ you might George when when no pop tarts first came out. Revolutionary. We never had anything like that to pop in the toaster before and the smell of a pop tart west's. Soledad it was great an effect that there was anything in between the two pieces there it was great. And don't wasn't. In the when they had to start put me off frosting and stuff on the outside album to make tomorrow worth heeding that. Then then you kind of knew but anyway six years after they were laid to rest Kellogg's is bringing pop tarts splits. Back from the dead. The down. Two separate flavors in one you got the chocolate Vanilla and the strawberry blueberry and the newest version called mashups reportedly features even crazier flavors. The answer Graham post shows that the limited edition toaster treats made half sugar cookie on one side. Half brownie batter on the other. It's still going to be more don't ago. Just had a big big concept of pop tarts always sounds. It's like a picture of a burger on a TV commercials. It's like. The lobster that you see on the red lobster TV commercials and then what you actually see when you go. I'm not saying it's not lobster. I'm just saying it's not the one that was on the TV. You have a tender coach. Tender. Tendered coaches are making a thousand dollars a month. Contenders still slime balls any. And they had is an edited since it's it's. It's Breuer is it it's a global terrorism for. It cheating husbands or admit. Yeah. Did you just say yes to all those checks that asked to be your friends on the FaceBook or is that just me. As I got 5000 friends are bitch on a daily basis I get some. From Guatemala our hustle were you know cleavage city. Want to be my friend are shown to suit auto sailor care. Proposal wants to be my friend. Just tear you you go get you some rebuttal. And delete com. Tyndall. Tender scares me. I'm sure there happy for that association. Are you not swimming and right swipes a major match list and empty and here than a mall parking lot in January. The option to hire eight tender coach. To help you get all those matches are you that you desperately crave online dating and dating after us so incredibly popular that the demand for online dating coaches is reportedly soared. And now being a tender coach. Is allegedly very very profitable the UK bidding side bid vying. Recently started offering a professional tender coach service. And according to the web site these services intended to help the people out there are struggling to find a. Love master of the world's most popular dating app. Services include riding a bio Oro witty opening line. But you gotta hire a coach to do that and by the time you actually meet. Tiffany or Jerome or whatever. And then they find out that you know you you can't complete a sentence or put Doug yeah got a personality of a cardboard box idea. Reader you bring the coach on the date. You fallback to your knock knock jokes. You can also sign up for tendered coaching sessions that can be as many as seven times per week. Coaches set their own prices for their services started 55. Dollars an hour. You what you need to sucker counseling. But. I'm thinking maybe. Kind of all right yesterday. In the mail. I get a postcard. And and end and on the. His first class mail. And then it says please call Monday through Friday 9 AM to eight. AM to 3 PM. To scheduled delivery to the other side says. We have a package for you'd delivery noticed nice looking blond and a black like bam on shirt and a black cat. And she's Kerry in oh box and a clipboard. And and and know what they are going green heading at the top says delivery notice we have a package for you. To schedule delivery call the number on the other side of the card please reference the tracking number to one of our delivery representatives. Our team understands your time is valuable and we will schedule the most convenient time to deliver to your home and think a lot of why have. That needs to be and decides that there is nothing. Official about this doesn't say FedEx doesn't say UPS. Doesn't say United States mail service doesn't say anything. Got the card it's got the hours for me to call the seven all four number to call the tracking code and it. Simulated in handwriting. My name and address. So I came in here today because I'm not using my own phone at home. And I called them. And I'm curious as they do you view have gotten this postcard. And called for your delivery and if you have. Call me and tell me what happened 70457. All of intent. Hi is anybody. He's the postcards delivered notice. First class mail. Please call Monday through Friday 9 AM to 8 PM. Or Saturdays 10 AM to 3 PM the scheduled delivery 70422135. I got this in the mail yesterday. And I actually tried to call. Dumb about 7 o'clock and nobody nobody answered. And I pretty much figured out that this was a marketing scam because the picture. Blonde lady. Khaki pants. Black like bam on shirt black hat carrying a box and a clipboard. You know Susie sunshine girl next door. And there's aren't green bar across the top says delivery notice. We have a package for you it says underneath to scheduled delivery call the number on the other side of the card. Please reference the tracking number to one of our delivery representatives our team understands your time is valuable and we will schedule the most convenient time. To deliver to your home. But there is nothing on here that basically says who this delivery is supposedly from. Nor does it represented UPS known as the represented fed extended that represent the United States Postal Service doesn't say anything. And then add on the front of the postcard. In in letters it says first class mail this is not first class mail. With a stamp on it. That my I is. US aid. Something or other first class. So anyway I. I called the number I Gary I I didn't wanna call for my cell phone or from my home phone. Because I figured that maybe they were trying to figure out. Kind of like sometimes when you try to get out of email all the you know police don't you try to un subscribe to email but by doing that you basically have just told those morons. On this is alive working email address. So your your own worst enemy unknown on that kind of stuff. So log. Charlie talk got to work. Could I use their phones. And thank you ray come. And I call the number. And it rings and rings and rings and then it sounds like there's one of those transfer collects. And then a couple of rings and then a really nice sounding. Lady answers. And I say yes apparently you guys have a package to deliver. And she said Dell what is your. She did say tracking code and I said you mean a tracking code and she said yes. So I give the tracking code SA CH 0406. Triple 0332. And she says OK very good now I need the name. And the address on the front of the cart. And I said well wouldn't. Wouldn't it tracking could tell you that. And she said no let's that it does that and besides that I need to verify that you are who you say you war. Seoul. I start to give her my name and address on the front of the card and then I said to her. Is this a marketing its. Game. And she's a water source or I don't know the nature of your delivery. And then I start to give her a fake name. And I am going to spell out Jonathan. And I said OK well a jail in a hello. And the phone line was dead. So it is it's a marketing scam. I don't know what their marketing deciding at that for a long whether on as soon associate determined that I wasn't a soccer. Or that kind of sucker she was looking for. Mid then it she hung up on. And if I could I would call her right now. But you can't do that it's against SEC regulations to call someone and not tell them. That they're being recorded or that there on the air or something like that so I would have to call them and say this is a radio station I don't wanna put Jameer. On an obviously. Better that's the not gonna comply with that so otherwise I would I would call organ but if you get this postcard. With the green heading at the top and we have a package for you it's some sort of marketing scam and I'm just curious of anybody's done that I get out of bed and now I'm kind of curious as soon. What their marketing. But given their behavior I would avoid like the plague because they're probably. They're probably more of a scam than they are skating. All right and I hope love and everything I can't. Hurt their business. Because. I treat you like you treat me. In fact I've just given you. Ten times the time you gave me. Trying to get Billy Ford's you're welcome. Green Bay packer receiver Trevor Davis arrested Sunday on charges of making criminal threats after joking at Los Angeles international airport about having a bomb. Teams he reported to us. Airport police said the 24 year old Davis was checking interest flight when he was asked us standard security questions including. Whether he had weapons or explosives. Any turned Jewish female companion and asked if she had remembered to pack the explosives. Frivolity insanity was arrested. Here's a guy who needs a tender coach. I get a postcard yesterday looks official but not. Has no signs that being from here postal. Servicer. UBS Soros FedEx or anybody but it says those side we have a package for your. It's a green heading on the top with white letters across says delivery notice. Grill next door blonde and dressed in khakis and black shirt a black had carried a box and they are clipboard don't look so very official tells first class mail on the front. Not phone number that you need to call between certain hours so tracking code your name and your address. And has said to a scheduled delivery call the number on the other side of the car didn't refer to the tracking number and sounds a lot I did that. And after I give the tracking code and they wanna do no the name of the address on the front of the card I asked him if it was say a marketing scheme and they hung up on me. So wasn't it was it wasn't scheme that was a scale bars this game Morris gambit since they wouldn't stay on with the long enough to let me know I have no idea well mark writes and and he said the delivery is indeed a marketing scam. I have called and receive their pitch over the phone towers was a water purification company wanna do a test our water slash sell a system. I'm must have both husband and wife to meet after the pitch. You get the free gift fifty dollar gift card. Up bogus. Best regards Marc so that's where are all that came from. So are another conversation that we had a little bit earlier involved. I'm negated a talking about penthouse magazine. Oh yeah yeah she says she's a stormy Daniels is opposing for penthouse and arrested put their house and you mean they're still has one. And then are rolling nice lady. Very nice sounding lady calls in and says hey young kids are still getting penthouse magazine because they know better than do rug and go on the computer because they're folks old. Digitally followed them and figure out where they've been so they're still. Bio meg getting somebody to get on the girlie magazines and they stick it underneath their bed and down. The same methods it's been used for decades. So we were or were out talking about that well. I got an email from a guy and I don't want to give John's name out. And he said does the lady talking about the kids hiding magazine under the mattresses reminds me when I first moved to Charlotte in the mid eighties I worked for. AR carpet cleaning company. And so whenever I moved beds in the kids room and found these magazines under their I would just tossed them on top of the bed in the league ball well. And he said that it was kind of a matter of who got in the room first the kid of the mom I know that's a terrible violation of the man could not wrote him back and said brutal. Mean may hit the and he said you have I know very serious violation of the men go to there was a nineteen in a little vindictive. Well I don't know are you either do an appearance in favor or. But and to some extent. I don't wanna condone and I'm and you know but I would say and it's all kind of a big part of the process of growing up. I'm saying that in that also known think and so while what you know I've been that it. I don't think I ever ran into that problem. And that maybe they're dead did. But I don't think I ever ran into their problem mama I I don't think there would have been severe penalties. Or do you just put it back where you found it. And let nature take its course. You've got to any of parity no directions army. And now that I'm gonna be one again. I am but however grandfather. But I don't don't know but albeit. That's got to somebody else's gig and it. So you have the jetBlue flight attendant who did sixty pounds of cocaine at the airport to. Sentenced to time served this was Marcia gay Reynolds she pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. She was arrested in march of 2016. Citing her cooperation with prosecutors and judge on Monday sentenced her to time that she has already have served in custody although the story doesn't tell me how much time she served in custody. She's likely to be released shortly I I guess she was arrested march 16 she's been in jail for what to me two years. Anyway shall spend at three years of supervised release. She was. She was the flight attendant. And the TSA. Selected her for a random security screening at LA acts. And moments later she dropped her carry on bag. Kicked off for heels fled down an upward moving escalator. And out of the terminal. And then surrendered in New York days later that's what I remember about the story was is. Happened in Los Angeles. And she booked in all the way to New York. It's friendly turn herself in and so was for a couple years in jail and sixty pounds of cocaine. They would be an uneasy feeling. To be a flight attendant and know your pretty sure you're just gonna walk yourself through the TSA because you always do and and all the sudden they say oh I say live up though rejects use this time. I'll check her if so there you go. All right CBS is freaking out about Charlie Rose at an Expos they approve of the Washington Post is doing it. The top 20% of Americans will pay 87% of the income tax at the that was kinda uninteresting so all love. All share that information from the Wall Street Journal with you. And credit cards are gonna stop requiring your signature and we'll tell you about that as well. Tax is dead yet. I didn't mind Saturday. Easier this year than I anticipated. Sometimes raises and there's enough last year we had a move where and how sail away at I don't know seem like they're dull Lester took refer right into our Turbotax. He used CPA for years and years and years and in one year I tried Turbotax and sent walked why in my opinion a sepia. Because I mean that's you know mine's not all that complex. So while. Got mine done get more money back. Thank you mr. trump appreciate it. Now if you'd just get this terrorist thing over with it's going to stock markets that Jack back up to 266 appreciate that they know Ari. You got a month. Com Wall Street Journal report top 20% of Americans will pay 87% of the income tax. Now they can say a couple of things. Households with a 150000. Dollars or more in income a make up 52% of the total. National. Income nationally. A bit pale larger portion of the total taxes. It also kind of goes to show you that. There's there's a there's a lot of people that that would that make a whole lot of money and there's a lot of people who don't make any money at all relatively speaking. So the gap a caddie illustrates the gap but it also should kill the myth that the people who might the most don't pay because they don't. One of the Al least discussed parts of the American income taxes how progressive it is in the attacks overall didn't change that fact Tony eighteen top earners will still pay a higher share. Of income taxes in the individual income tax matters a lot because it's the largest single source of US revenue. Odd the share has risen in recent years 2018 it could raise 50% of the total. Federal revenue. So who pays what share of all that tax. Well IRS data is not available until long after people get finish filing and the tax deadlines not until Tuesday the seventeenth because Monday is emancipation day in the United States so you are you got an extra day out of the deal. Yeah actually got two extra days so the deal because Sunday is the fifteenth that's tax day. But down. They divided about 775. Million American how. Sold and a five income tiers to this Wall Street Journal story in roughly 65 million people each. In the income includes earnings from wages and investments plus untaxed to mount such as from health coverage. And these additions nearly double the income of people and a lowest tier and add about 20% of those are two of the highest tier and the results show how steeply progressive. The US income tax remains for 2018 households in the top 20% we'll have an income. Of about a 150000. Dollars or more. And 52% of the total income. About the same as 2017 but they won't pay about 87% of the income taxes which is up from 84% last year now by contrast. The lower 68%. Of households. Who have an income up to about 86000. Dollars. Receive about 27% of the income and this year won't pay no net federal income tax. In no 28 team vs 2% of it last year. After the income tax the most important revenue raisers for the are for social insurance like you know social security and Medicare. And and they will provide about 34% of the total tax total this year. According do by the joint committee on taxation more just a sec. Corporate taxes Bullock out about 7% of the revenue and that's down from 9% and 2017 and the rest of the total they say comes from excise taxes and estate and gift taxes. And other sources like a customs duties and stuff like that so roughly one million households in the top 1%. Won't pay for 43%. Of the income tax got that roughly one million households in the top 1%. Won't pay for 43% of the income tax that's up from 38% and 2017. And those are filers who earn above a 730000. Dollars a year. Which is pretty good money. It's not by the Panthers money. But it's pretty good money and according to Robert and Williams. And income tax specialist at the tax policies that are the share of taxes paid by the top 5% will rise despite the fact. That people whenever the largest beneficiaries. The overalls that tax cut both in dollars. And percentages so there you go. When that a breakdown just in case you were one. They're good and you are requiring signatures on your credit card siding with their credit have somebody evil hearted generous. I it is kind of worthless. Visa Mastercard American Express discover. Later on this month and stuff requiring that merchants have brought customer signed the receipts. Are you may still find yourself signing receipt sent us some stores. Since the mood changes optional but to a major retailer target Wal-Mart people like Ben said that there are dropping the requirement the credit card companies say. Signatures art it. Definite way for approving somebody's identity and her rarely used as evidence enough fraud billions anyways so it just kind of an old. And kind of falls back to reporters in the fifties and all that kind of stuff. So that's are where that goes. As a neighborhood in Lexington Kentucky. Then his band residents from owning eleven at dog breeds. In now with the neighborhood developer of McConnell Trace. Informing homeowners of the new rule last week. It's a restriction already that they had existed on unspecified. Aggressive breeds but now the breeds that are allowed have been actually spelled out. So. This a neighborhood like to begin talking you can have a German shepherd or Rottweiler or a Mastiff aura doberman Pincher or a pit bull or a husky. Foreign Alaskan Malamute for a chow or a Great Dane or Nikita. Or a Saint Bernard. Or Saber guards mean. The head of the areas so homeowners association say it didn't have a say in the restrictions but that he believes current animals and their owners. Are being a grandfathered them. Morally arrays and of the breed doubt that tomorrow they you know and I I still get all their own pit bulls just because of the reputation it got I've met some sweet pit bulls. And every now and then my wife you know worst got to channel three and they bring the dogs in and every now and then there's a pit bull mix or something like that. Arm and it may look intimidating on the air sometimes but. She just says of the sweetest things that I mean do you just you know. Whose start scratch interiors and in the back of their blood above their tail they just turned to mush. Nancy west he on the list. Yeah well if you break it to my offense. And offense to that don't have offense. We. We never have had a cents. The old house. The first year and a half for the new house. Well we've been taken our dogs out to go potty for on deletion. I mean for eighteen years or something like that I don't know why would never pulled the trigger on offense but we finally are called I ran across a guy by the name occur Richards. Who owns a company called landmark fences of lake Norman. He was actually referred to me by a friend who said I think this Kyle really go out of his way to make you happy that is kind of the way he does business. So I called this a guy corporate chooses name landmark fences of lake Norman. And he came out and gave me an estimate we got one of those black metal fences 54 inches tall. Nom I ordered does the 54 injured because it was. Because I can get a better square. I got a better price on it by by midday anyway. So we got a fence now and it's the weirdest thing overall got to get used to with the dogs get used to it. I know one thing she doesn't understand the idea of coming when your call because she loves it outside she gets outside and she just I mean. And we love it because you just open up the back door I still watcher like a hawk because I'm worried about somebody you know region and no steeler for Darby that's just always scares the heck out of me. So while we still watcher I mean we're still stand on the porch while she's up there and stuff but gosh haven't offenses like I wanted to win that eighteen years ago. Anyway thank Stewart curt Richardson landmarks Vince is a vote lake Norman. For a taken care of us they were great they're out there there its installation people were great and he's called me a couple of times to make sure I'm happy and I'm not in assuring us our work on the radio. So I I think I mean I think that's just the way they do business over there landmark fences if you need to reference give me a call and also how to get hold of and if you love it got dogs and you Ewing got yourself a Penske owns. And what what. One on novel idea. No they got us earlier. Do you believe that men fall in love faster than women. Poland lost faster than women. Did they stay in love is against the question. May not seem like it but apparently men fall in love faster than women only sets according to a study published by the journal of social psychology. TJ gave me his copy the study found that men are also more likely to say I love you first. Guys say you. And was or ulterior motive for saying that. And if it. Maybe this'll work. Our results actually showed overlay data lockyer nor carted off. Can always get what you want but you might get what you need. The study found a dead men are also more likely to Salem you first actually are Rizzo results actually should men are three times more likely to drop the L word before their partner. Researchers also found that men know if there in love after just a few weeks. Well it takes a woman a few months because they are are more cautious. And logical. But I thought there were studies out that said that you can kind of I thought there were studies out that said women can pretty much determine like in three and a half minutes whether or not your worth their time or not. Probably has something to do with stuff stuck in your teeth are. A certain air about you've. I and here's an app I don't know a fiddle send all your. My information do a Cambridge analytic or not but today if you miss shooting film from an old school camera there's an app that you might want to check out it's called Dudack. GUDAK. For iPhone. And it shoots virtual rolls of film. And you'll get 24 exposures on each role. And then when you finish your role. You'll have to wait an hour before you can load another. And begin shooting again. And then just like owning a film camera. In order to see your images. You'll have to hit the developed button and then you've got to wait three days to see your picks. This may not be the most popular after it's ever been no produced but nonetheless there it is and I'm happy to tell you about it. I'll see you tomorrow Eagles are down tomorrow night they say going to live concert does more good for you then your well being and no spending hours during yoga we'll explore that tomorrow. But Eagles in check consider tomorrow night going without looking forward to it even without Glenn fry com Joseph the last three. Charlotte at six and for Mark Garrison and he is coming up next.