U.S. and China Agree on Meaningful Increases in United States Trade

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, May 22nd

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing alliance exaggeration. There are too many egos on the street. Those 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real kill. And people like John Kerry. Maybe eat crow. Based on what's going on economically. Good morning welcome to the broadcast. On this Tuesday morning. And we can win. Some good news to reports. On the economic fronts this time. Regarding tariffs as you know. There's been a concern about the possibility of some type of trade war. Involving the United States. And see it looks like generally if we kind of pulled back from the brink of this. But we are an interesting development. From our friends in China. Here is what they've announced today they're going to slash tariffs. On imported cars. This is a move they could benefit the global auto industry. The finance ministry set auto tariffs will be reduced from 25%. To around thirteen point 8% levies on car parts to come down from 10%. To six percents. This is good. This is almost a 50% reduction. In both instances. Stocks of Volkswagen for instance world's second largest carmaker. Is up. Largely based on this news. You may recall just give you a sense of history about what has happened here in this relationship between the United States in China in particular. The president's blasted China over its seemingly unfair import duties on cars. You said this car since the United States from China there's terror to be paid. A two and a half percent. Carson to China from the United States. There's a tariff to be paid of 25%. What kind of incentive is there for people to buy American cars. In China. Mr. trump goes on the scene and since I like free or fair trade know it sounds like stupid trade. Going on for years. Stupid trade. Trouble also treated march the Chinese. Had been tasked with developing a plan to reduce the billion dollar trade deficit between the two countries. This is as he mentioned a problem it's been going on. For several years. Our relationship that China's been a very good when we look forward to seeing what ideas they come back quit we must act soon. Elon Musk even chimed in on this conversation do you think the US and China should have equal and fair rules for cars meaning some. Basically the same import duties. Ownership constraints and other factors. That would seem to make sense when you think. To have parity between the two countries to. You know you have one country charging 5% the other country should charge 5%. That sounds fair to me. Lamenting China's costly terrorists must notice vehicle made in the United States imported inch China pays a 25 syntax however. Generally pay is at 2.5 percent import tax would shipping their cars to the US. That is not good big difference there. In a joint statement the United States and China announcing consensus was reached a substantial substantially reduce. The 370 billion dollar trade imbalance between the two economic superpowers. So this will. Make a dent hopefully. In this joint statement. The two countries say. This will significantly increase purchases United States goods and services to help support growth. And employment in the United States. Going on. There was a consensus on taking effective measures to substantially reduced United States trade deficit in goods from China. To meet the growing consumption needs the Chinese people and the need for high quality economic development China will significantly increase purchases. Of United States goods and services. So this is a good thing. And hopefully there can be more like this. I think one of the the things and and I think everybody's pretty much on board with this. There's there's a need some times just to shake things up. Just shake it up. There's a sense a lot of times for people we would fall he is this we followed two routines. And it's we just do what everybody else has been doing. And it's not necessary. You know if it's working that's great. But if you have these imbalances. Why not do something to try to change that dynamic. And hopefully this will have a ripple effect on the rest of the economy. We will seek stay tuned. As it looks like. This. Situation between the United States in China is actually. With concerns at least in recent weeks about the possibility of a trade war. Speaking your floor. We not discuss this issue in quite some time and frankly I'm kind of concerned. In some sense. That's with the I don't you Stuart demise there will be an overstatement. But with the huge defeat for prices in recent months. There can be a temptation to forget. Though root problem in the root cause. Of the violence that is committed by. Groups like crisis. And we lose sight of the fact that this is a centuries. Centuries. Long battle. And we still face a lot of danger. Braver reporting. On what they've characterized as Ramadan rage. It is kind of ironic. Jihadist kill 41 injure 102. In the first four days. 41 people killed. 102 injured. For first four days the holiest month for Muslims. Ramadan a time when some adherents of Islam believe Jihad and martyrdom to be especially heroic and rewarded in paradise. This year Muslim leaders declared Thursday to be the starting of the holy month when most Muslims abide by Ramadan fasting tradition. Abstaining from eating drinking smoking having sex and other physical needs each day starting from before the break of dawn until sunset. Sadly. This is your post inserting this. Killing people is not one of the things on the list to fast from. Just saying. The various calls for jihadist groups to halt their campaign of terror has fallen on deaf ears. Especially in Afghanistan. Holds a majority of attacks so far this Ramadan the deadliest attack took place Friday. The Taliban carried out intact. We gunning province killing nine wounding seven. The Afghan Taliban also behind the attack with a most casualties eight killed 55. Wounded it. Us. Speed narco jihadist targeted a cricket tournament dubbed the Ramadan cop. Drawn the ire of the Afghan president to urge the terrorist to stop their attacks during the holy month tackling the leaders from the US the United Nations. Yeah we mentioned so far no. This is falling on deaf ears us. And there are more concerned she asked and more friction. Since we see the continuation of immigration we'll talk about what one countries dealing with coming up. This is so is Coakley radio program. Well one minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Started off talking about what appears to be. Some. Great movements on the issue of trade with China. Over on the text line. Vince is sounding like he's getting on the trump trade about China. But it's based on that John Kerry sound byte Tunney trump over making a better deal. The scary checked with OJ lately about his search for the real killer. Now let's go take it. I speak like George is really close to the real killer he's getting warmer and warmer. Spell and out of Spartanburg hurt. Also regarding Ramadan and unfortunately the violence taking place in certain parts of the world. Distraction says it's the Ramadan the Obama fell on. Her bright. Also. The trolls are out. On the China issue you can't do it and you vents. Give the president credit for any thing. It's just a high cut this is shaking his head like what in the world they listing who knows. You are you just don't know. It's called poker events and by now anyway let's listen you know rouge you don't know how to play no I don't know how to play poker and I don't care to play broker. C'mon people. Just cracks me up so amusing. On the serious side. I did tell you. About what's taking place. In some parts of the world with the threat of frankly Islamic violence. It's during Ramadan. And I mention the irony. That this is a time when so many people and I would see a majority of Muslims. Are engaged in peaceful means. Of expressing their faith fasting and abstaining from eating drinking smoking having sex and other fiscal needs each day. Starting from before the break of dawn until sunset. And fortunately killing people. Is none of that list ends for many of them it never will be. Painfully. The French government. It's kind of concerned about us what they may deal with based on a decision has been made. Here's what's happening is reported by brave part. They've born Muslims could set fire to the neighborhood in one of paris' migrant populated suburbs. This is after record ordered to take down the number of tents erected for Ramadan. In administrative court ordered the tents erected in the commune of Severin. Northeast of Paris to be taken down as they were placed in a private car park. The mayor in the Muslim organizers. Of the tents which are used house Muslims praying during the month of Ramadan were given until two day. To remove the installations by the court. This is really ticked a lot of people off. And there's concern this could escalate into riots if that's answered not removed by the Tuesday deadline the city could face fines. Very expensive finds. The Secretary General of a local association said it's been four years since we installed since this parking lot the furthest place from houses. To disturb his lowest possible. And all the other neighborhoods. Donors allow associations. To install tense why should we not have the right to do so. And they referred to this. The court's action as a provocation. Severin has a high never. Of residents with migrant backgrounds many for Muslim majority countries as far back as Tony thirteen it was shown. More than half of the residents the area. Declared a sensitive urban zone. We're firm migrate backgrounds. Just think about this. Riots are not uncommon in Paris suburbs and usually ignited by interactions between locals in the police. This happened last year major rating broke out after residents claim police are purposely inserted of the time. Into his rectum. What's said about this later evidence and expert testimony cast doubts. Funny original claim. Another recent incidents. A Muslim woman told remove her. New job as they were banned under French law. Said to have potentially spark rioting one in the city's suburbs. Others claim the death of a prisoner in nearby prison. We also been the trigger for the violence. Here in here's what we have to understand and I think many of you get this. When you're dealing with totally different culture. Period. And our expectations. About how this is going to work. Frankly need to be adjusted. And I would you say in this country where did I say just a couple of weeks ago remember we're talking about the census. What did we say is the fastest growing language in America right now. What is it. It's Arabic. Arabic. Now. I'm a person who believes that we've got to. Take a balanced approach to this we should not be fear mongers. Are we better go into this with eyes wide open. Recognizing this is a totally different culture not just people coming in and their nationalities. But the spiritual aspect of this cannot be avoided. There's no way to avoid this. Let's get your thoughts. On where this goes in the future. In the concerns that we may face and how long might be that we would face these kinds of issues in this country. Yesterday we spent a good bit of time talking about school security. One of the things that I express my frustration with is the really completely unproductive conversation that takes place after these incidents. About banning guns. Texas. Looks like the leaders there are stepping up to the plate to talk about things that really makes cents. But considering installing airport style security public schools. And screening students for mental health issues. Alternatives to gun control. To throw to repeat of last week's deadly shooting in Houston area high school. This isn't this what I told you they they do we need leadership. Leaderships can lead us away from the nonsense the conversation of what is not going to happen we're not going to have. Gun control legislation it's just not going to happen. And even if we did accomplish that. It's not going to solve the problem. Way to solve the problem is to solve the problem. I don't we beef up security. At these alleged gun free zones. No matter how many times you tell these people. They're gun free zones. Well apparently they're not listening I think. Love to get your thoughts on some of these things that are proposed. And we spent a good bit of time on this yesterday so we probably won't spend a lot today. Also coming up this is a new. Right refugees. It's very unusual. This is still this Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock to Vince Coakley ready for him over on the text lie in responding to would be text earlier about poker. This first in the French broker a redistribution of wealth. Through the unscrupulous. Boy that's pretty accurate. Another person saying here Ramadan is the least peaceful time. This Fallon is Islami is Ramadan makes it worse. Depends first of all all of these so called inclusive sympathetic open armed leftist and Christian organizations that are so eager. To allow this evil within our borders had better take a long closely it would islamists have is there also a goal. The Koran of their profits are very clear on this. And they've gained enough power and any land they're commanded to eradicate any and all religions and people. They refused to convert to Islam they're gaullist total domination of the world. That is Jeff out of flying in late Q. Expressing this concern. You know I had someone the other day making this observation. They were talking about the royal wedding. In just wondering. What is that country going to look like fifty years from now. How relevant when the royal family be. At that time. It's a fair question to ask. Just looking at immigration. And birth rates alone. You see this is part of what. How far too when you go into this today. I should first few before. A country is not about money. It's only a part of it there's a heart and a soul to a country into of people in once that gets lost. The country it just becomes god it. From the inside out that's what's happened to Europe. They've become got it. As a people they have lost their identity they've lost their way. And they just meld it into this internationalist. Crap. They don't know who they are. And wandering around without a purpose and we were talking last week about birth rates dropping here in the United States the only reason. We're not losing population is because of immigration. But again all of this is part of the divine order. In the sense that. There's this natural desire to reproduce. But I think much of western society. As chucked. What an interest in children. Children are expensive. So the same people who. You are. Basically advocating for. All kinds of economic things. Don't also see that they are killing. The country. By depriving. This country of young blood. These are the people who replacements for us other ones that. We'll continue our civilization. And if you reach reporter without equilibrium is lost between the people who understand. Your values and understand America and what it means. And you have people coming into other countries where no concept of this. You can't maintain this country and and I should also add you've got people in this country who have no idea with the country's about. No idea whatsoever and frankly it's by design. So this is a recipe for. Deconstruction. Deconstruction of the country. And we not even begun to address these issues. Rhetoric screaming yelling. Not gonna solve a single thing. There's got to be something. That drives us back to the foundational values that truly made us great. We what was said about the British empire. The sun never sets. On the British empire look at it now how that happened. They ran out of money now. They lost first inside. We need to remember that. Earlier today in fact I was listening to. WBT. This morning and I heard someone there's against two is talking about these. School killers animated interesting observation this is really not rocket science there's been a lot of us figured this out. And he was talking about the idea. That I'm sure you'll remember this job and he was talking about how the these killers seem to be watching the other killers. And they're trying to emulate and I'll do them. Yeah we did talk about that earlier this aunts that cannot be dismissed from this discussion. There's a there's a desire for one upmanship. Is I was reflecting on this ideal of a bit of searching and I came across this story. From that Chicago. Tribune. This story was actually published. March 3 Tony eighteen. Then for some reason I eat. Did not. Notice this before. Six days before he allegedly opened fire on an elementary school playground. PH greater return to his in stir great group chat to fixate yet again on his most intense interest. Guns and bombs and the mass murder of children. My plan rude Jeffs Jesse Osborne who turned 143 weeks earlier. Is shooting my dad Guinea skis getting in his truck driving to the elementary school four minutes away. Once their gear up shoot out the bottom school classroom windows there the building should the first class which will be the second grade. Grab teachers keys so I don't have to hassle to get through any doors. And there's more. He'd been researching other school shooters for months determined outdo them. Learned exactly how many people they've murdered thirteen a column by and Tony six sandy hook 32 Virginia Tech. Jesse declared I think I'll probably most likely to around fifty or sixty. If I get lucky maybe a 150. The Valentine stay the same time police say another angry teen Nicklaus cruise slaughtered seventeen people apart from high school. With a semi automatic gear are fifteen. Jesse. Was sitting in a South Carolina courtroom waiting to find out if you be tried as an adult. For that 2060 Rampage leftist fathered a six year old boy did I remember that story. That was so sad. They kid basically bled to death. This story talks about affect these two teams have a lot in common both investigators say tortured animals. Obsessed over guns and bragged of their deadly intentions on social media. In the hours after Cruz's alleged killing spree. A group of detectives prosecutors and psychiatrist from writing answers about Jesse. Who's fifteen now. He detailed his motives and dozens of online messages in his 46. Page confession. And inland the interviews with doctors who are evaluated him offering extraordinary insight. Into the mind of an American school shooter. It for Peter linger in one of the country's leading experts on the subject of teens calculated approach and lack of empathy and called for mine Eric Harris. Can. You remember him. And one of the Columbine killers and Jesse I realized he couldn't he couldn't get a share more about this is this is something we've got to remember. You can't take away. The media. Sensationalism. Aspect of this. Dan's. The fact that there are others waiting in the wings to copy these kids yeah. This is fiscal clean radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince co premier program. Interest being attacked sheared they've come across this one in reference to are concerned about what's happening with runaway immigration. This texture says deportation. Is not a dirty work. It certainly is not. We've been talking about serial killers and I've been sharing with you a story done by the Chicago Tribune it's really good. It talks about copycat killers. And one who very thoroughly. Studied. The actions of previous school shooters. One of the things should mention is affected. Certain of these kids to kill animals. This techsters says. Cops indiscriminately kill animals every day especially dogs. Interesting coincidence. Really. I would love to have a conversation with QQ I get some sense of what you're thinking and where you're going with this. I think guy. And tracking with your concern. If this story it since chills down my spine it really does. 'cause I don't think we understand. What's going on our hearts and probably what's going on the hearts of some kid right now. Who crew could be. The next one who commits a crime like this at a school. I was sharing with you about. This kid in South Carolina. Who's involved in the shooting. Tragically. Six year old kid. She sure boy. And also the father. Of this alleged killer. Lost their lives. We're talking about Jesse Osborne in here how will be here's our Hughes described. As it was describing the lack of empathy. Comparing this to Eric Harris one of the Columbine killers that Jesse analyzed. Nicole blood goodness to callousness the attack not only before but afterwards. Even having done it he's not struck with horror. Or guilt. Can you imagine that. In fact James Ballinger a psychiatrist who interviewed Jesse for total nine hours founded the team revealed. In what he'd done. He wants to talk about how dangerous he is. According to Ballinger he wanted people to know. After Friday's hearing. That began in February prosecutors push for just to be tried as an adult because if you remain in the juvenile system. He can only be held until Tony one. Jesse's defense team meanwhile tried to portray him as a loss but misunderstood child. And looking at this picture by the way as I share this with you. It is just chilling. Think this monster. This. No conscience whatsoever. And what do you think is the accusation from the legal team about what happened to this kid. He had been bullied by kids at school mistreated by his father at home. May be true. Jesse grew up on his fairly strict confirm liked to shoot guns. So to many voices siege in towns or rural community forty miles southwest to Greenville. He can't with his grandparents who needed to ward watched the movie throws and one of his favorites. Ever agrees or reader of history told us fairly wanted to fly to space when he grew up. In odds. That portrait we're Jesse's own words captured in dozens of messages he's exchange and his private chat group which the teen claimed included users from around the world. Here's what he said I want you to listen to this. I have to beat Adam was. He wrote this nine days before the September 28 2016 shooting and misspelled reference to the sandy your killer Adam runs. I have to beat Adam ones at least forty. Two days later he debated whether he should attack his middle school from which she'd been expelled or is elementary school just took the road. He decided on town's elementary because it was closer had no armed security can I repeat this again. He decided on tell bill elementary because it was closer and had no armed security. Jesse. Consider himself the victim of an unfair world announced on line he would kill kids he didn't know and it never met. Before they believe that nobody's. My goodness yeah. Here's what he ended with it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel dearest friends whose identities remain unclear. Along with whether the FBI is tracked any of them down. The agency declined to comment the citing the fact this case is open just wanted to share this with you. Coming up on the positive side. Testimony. Transformation. Tuesday straight ahead right here the Vince Coakley radio program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program WBT. From the heart to the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. Could you Howard number two of the broadcast you may remember yesterday I told you about. Going to Kentucky over the weekend just to visit with extremely but also. I went to visit a sick friends. Aunts as I think I have told you. He is so not expected to live very long as I understand he is in hospice right now. My reviews transferred there that they that I left which was on Saturday. What are your fuel background before shares Maya with you see you understand the context of where you're about ready to hear. And me and this is kind of emotional for me to is I think back. To. These wonderful years. Back when I was a teenager senior year in high school. Senior year in high school in which Kentucky with my parents. It was kind of to move through a totally new area your senior year. Hands. On me quite a splash I can tell some stories but I won't bore you with us. Along the way. I met this friendly towards. Pitted daughter who. And we disagreed younger than. Then myself and we used to have Bible study group we get together every single Friday. And it's just had Bible study and prayer or high school students had a great time. And as a result of that it's kind of connecting with. This young girl's mother. And long story short short she was involved this time but it didn't stutter organization that's well known this part of the country in the church nomination notice the Christian and missionary alliance. Were wonderful history. And this particular family was involved in trying to get a CME church in Richmond Kentucky at the time. And since. Just skipping a lot of detail here. The ended up succeeding. During the first came to pastor that particular churches really. I can say without any contradiction was the finest. Most wonderful pastor of river hadn't genuine pastor instilled mistake. In touch for them they served in Africa for several years just a wonderful family. But anyway this very pivotal family this coupled Jim and Judy ward. I have been dear friends of mine for years. Richer about it here's a clip IE. Decided to record I was having this conversation and up and I just stopped and asked Judy do you mind if I record this because what you're saying. It's just wonderful it's just a wonderful testimony if what you've been through. And it just too quick background on career she starts. One in my eight trips to visit my parents over weekend. I happened to Lindsay in Kentucky in hands. I thought I haven't heard from Judy you know while we call her. I called to find out she was a rehab facility. Because she had an injury so. If you know anything about in your isms most people do not make it to the hospital she did and she's done so well. So well. Still around this happened ten years ago. And this is a good place to start the segment it's only a couple of minutes conversation I had with Judy worried. In hand again I mention her husband Jim is in the hospital right now in hospice actually. I'm curious that conversation. From Saturday. Yes ten years ago. And I know you came to this scenario remember this remember that I saw you out there are a little nerve that lasted. But. He went to bed and then I am paying him this terrible pain in your head then I thought oh I'll. I mean you can't little the plane like hits his side crowd out and I and I think Jim guy down on the floor. You can with me and he was told me in his arms. Sanders look honey I'm dying and I it's okay I'm not afraid kiss. Heard me say I'm afraid before the news I'm afraid of here I like elevators are afraid of airplanes. And ice and this. Big news outlets to be afraid that I have Jesus is my anger. I get chills just thinking about it and I'm kind of lose it now. I'm 77. And I still look forward to the game was alerting. And this is struggling here. Click com. I don't know if he will be that you systems. Grain of sand who knows but it. Tourists can give it to us on our marriage and they get really committed murders. 58 years we've been married works and I try to attend these young people. I'll get divorced just keep us. Yeah I mean I just praise the lord for all those downpours it's your time. 58 years and just accepting Jesus as I say. There and I hope I'm here I walk down any time now and his mother and it gave me by having. I walked down the aisle with about. I want my hand and I was not a Christian I thought I would have thought I was because I thought she had to beat I'm doing good deeds. Good yeah. Yes raised that way the gift that have a right your big east. Present a liberal church not getting the gospels were. And once I heard the gospels certainly Billy Graham what are you in my whole family through Billy Graham cracker say it here and I'm just changed my life when I accepted Jesus as my savior and all that fear that I'm sitting here now personally I just tarmac. Write to him every time I have a crisis. He's always been there is always maintained. He's here today at any given day in the last year and he loves me and it has my children and grandchildren. Great grandchildren and friends it's. And there are all Christians Christ the lord still wants an oral not to understand. Isn't it wonderful testimony I wanted to give you should have given a heads up that is. There's a lot of background of these desert number of people fairly Mary's in the room in this discussion and I'll see what that. That really. Really ministered to me on Saturday. To listen to Judy share about how board met her during this time and and I think you're she is ten years later I I didn't know. I mean it is I told you when you have an in your resume. I'm good part of the time you don't you make to the hospital. Fact she's balanced bounced back her mind is still so sharp. Ends and when things are just so minister to me was watching her. Just sitting there are laying there in the bed comforting her husband. Loving on. I loved her words to wish you saying yeah right tell younger people. Don't get divorced. To soon make up. 58. Years. And she. Embodies. The truth in that message till death do us part. She's going to be there. To the variant that could be a manner of doing music to be manner of hours. Just this morning I sent a message to their daughter. Just to see everyone is doing. Daughter said. He's a tough guy he still hanging in there. Thank you for the prayers. As you think about it key thing toward Stanley in your prayers. I am so thankful for them. And this. Really spoke to me administered to me in ways that you will never know. I thought it would be a blessing to yield. What on earth Tuesday transformation segments. It's fourteen minutes after eleven. This is this Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock con Vince Coakley really your program I hope and that previous segment was a blessing to you my friend Judy word in Kentucky. So mention her husband news in hospice right now. Juror about confidence is Vince. And all God's children said. Amen. Let's go out to call from raised good morning rain. Good morning I'm very excited to wonderful morning to looser. Great I think you'll what I am. So Blair bit I've got in my car and turned on because he had heard you and her desk segments. I don't know how many other people listen we know we're blessed by it but I want to thank you. Or playing a match and I just. I'd. My wife of 55 years she passed away with the fluid body dementia secured what you had a persecutor. I have an uncle who wanted it's and you Rizzo might have another. Father in law passed away from menu resume plus you know. It should just reviewed to and could be due to a lot you'd played that segment. All right thank you and I think bill I am and just appraisal of that. Absolutely hate to thank you very much I appreciate your call their ray and how are you doing. I'm doing well thank you sir. You have a Blackberry. Pay you as well good to talk to you thanks for. Joining us on the broadcast today. Hot. Me and how it is is one of those things how in the world do you follow after. Something like that is it kind of sets a tone and aim huge then it's very difficult sometimes to. To figure out weird to go from there. Probably good transition now would be to take a trip down I 885. Two. So we will do that now to see. How many answers he can come up with this time around. Good morning runs so good morning Vince good to have you back with us again. And by the way before I forget because I'm likely to forget before. Pee into this segment you have something to tell us. About it new petition. To the. The loans or home. I do and it's it's not a baby. I'm going to be well you know some people may think Toobin he's. He hit it he could play guy got a new car. And cool men's side of and no not post the picture of that I was send you a picture. OK IRA TE your freedom would be identified seven tons well it's it's pretty noticeable no but there are. There's a certain element of people out there believe it or not that don't like me. I cannot imagine there's a couple there's hope for and I'd rather. He is in con Migo was. Someone such as myself can be so we have to it that makes a lot of sense so. All right that's that's good damn. I know I'm not paranoid not been threatened yes I know I'm not recently animal work on that. Been there in there got the T shirts to understand where you're coming from. Let's us take a look at these answers these questions actually for this day. And going back first in 1761. The first of this type. Interestingly enough we've been talking about death. This company started issuing something. In 1761. And it to prepare for people dying who would listen to. Caskets. I'm gonna give you a Mulligan on this one because this. This is. More dealing with the financial concerns afterwards. Wields. All know I can't believe her. Life insurance policy since OK listen I think Gary answer I gave was a good answer they were good answers it was. IE and needs to be more refined and how I present this this surprised me. Aid patents was pretty it was actually granted in 1849. For a floating dry dock. It was given to leave former Epperson who would later become president who wasn't. When used to him 1840 now. This person will become president about. Ten years later. I was gone so Abraham Lincoln year corrects its Abraham Lincoln was a surprise to him. Who's a lawyer so I'm pretty Smart yeah this is pretty cool. It's 1972 this president became the first to visit Moscow in the Soviet Union. 1972. I give you a nickname if you need one to become earned all Knoll. I told you tricky Dick. Returning from BSE it was Nixon. In 1982 this pursue and hosted the Tonight Show for the very last time. Concourse. Johnny Carson is absolutely correct pits pretty good notes and I got the entertainment question right. Wonder Abraham Lincoln right to. I'll give you a bonus question Kyle like bonds and I have a good friend who is a congressman. Who also has. A few patents. Who is it. From the moment. Told me. I in new. Anybody else wanna guess. Congressman good friend of mine he's on this program all the time. And no it's not trade Garrity an idea. Oh the when you hear this you're gonna think of course. Not just don't whom he drives a Tesla. And it's more libertarian. He he is up political approach. I cannot believe that see you expect us on a pay attention colorful and. Don't forget. Kids. I'll apply feelings are terribly church. Oh my goodness I cannot believe it OK Kentucky. Does that help. RN hall. Oh my goodness boy this is really getting different. See if they while there's a texture Bruce figured this out it's not marble mouth it's not at all I'm really disappointed that you did not figure out who's this congressperson. Is. He's been serving Kentucky for several years in the northern part of Kentucky near Cincinnati. Do you insist on this program a couple of months ago he visited and Ian prince had lunch in Charlotte. Came to speak at a liberty event. And any case his name is congressman Thomas Massie. The trickster is correct. This okay. We'll have bonus questions in the future. They realize broadens the pollution you know I know owns the chances are zero point let's find it's cool and it's all right. Great great talking to ensure that new car by the way I expect to ride next time I come down in fact you can pick me up next time I'll I'll do that there will be a fast right. I try to buckle and yes I will I definitely well they grades targeting men have a great day. It's 29 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. I was intending to share actually a couple of things one. Congratulations. Two AW ORD Lister. Jonathan. Sent this in to whatever host yesterday. I got contacted by intercom communications to let me know. I won a thousand dollars in your text to win contest you've been running catch. Congratulations Jonathan I wanted to tell you about this. Because on both stations you have the opportunity to win. And I want you to know his or sometimes threw well and nobody is gonna win that thing are you one of those people. If you run of those people in this of Richard telling yourself stopped telling yourself that there are winners just ask Jonathan. He's now going to be a thousand dollars richer. Well. That's considering. Before Uncle Sam takes his cats. And who knows who else but you get the idea there are winners. So I would encourage you to make sure you play. Mac contest opportunity hits. I also before we go to quick call here. I wanted to look this up because I've forgotten about this issue of Thomas Massie how many patents he has he has a total of 29. Visual reporting. Thomas Massie holds 29 patents that help designers digitally scrawled on a computer by using their sense of touch. The technology has been used by companies that make jewelry. Toys. Cars. And reconstructive implants for wounded soldiers. You know amazing. That's when things I just absolutely love about Thomas Massie he's not just some yapping politician this is a guy who's where who's worked in the real world. And done he's contributed something I mean he I put him in the category with somebody like Benjamin Franklin you know. Who's done stuff. Built things created things. Not just somebody who just runs his mouth like me. Jerrold. Good morning out of cabins how are you today sir. They don't want effort favorite son when Lou yeah or speak. It make me miss you know aircraft are cruel this. You won't get people off debt is stuck so feel for a way. Junior. You've gotten you know I think I did what or outsource our work for you mean you don't Google prop up our quick hits. You got they can light it article it. Would lead into the bit for felt. I'm here yet and what I'm hoping and praying for Gerald. It's it's Serbian importation of this kind of of life in perspective. From that generation. To what every generation is willing to receive it that's my hope Gerald. We don't take hold that we all take hold of that what do you think. I hope from so powerful so it will take part site for. Protect local reform that we brought. You're as well always good to hear from you Gerald always enjoy hearing from him just. Crews salted the earth type people you know. I wanted to shatter a narrative. You know we were talking earlier about immigrants immigration and what's happening especially in Europe. But I saw a story that just really grab my attention especially in light of the fact that I've brought you a couple of interesting stories about what's happening. In South Africa. We had Jay knew him it's not a few weeks ago sharing his story about his family migrating here and one of the reasons is he couldn't get the college. Could not get in the college. So his family brought him here. You also heard I think from another gentleman named had a heck 'cause another relative. Who was killed. Because of what's taking place and he racial policies that are now kicking in and the violence. In South Africa it's really sad to see what's happening there. This story really grabbed my attention. And the headline here is white south African farmers. Claiming persecution. At home. And seek refuge in Australia. Bush just think about this for mom is. When you think are refugees most the time don't you think. But somebody with dark skin you're that's the narrative especially you see here in the United States of America. You know the and you especially here this from the white elites. Progressive. Liberals. Uga has their narrative about Republicans is they don't want anybody with brown skinned or black skinned come into the country. Are there people like that I'm sure there are few and far between. This is a really weird situation now. This story saying more than 200 farmers from South Africa of applied for humanitarian visas in Australia. After allegedly suffering attacks for being white. Because affairs deputy secretary. So this type of criteria of course they have to be here the key one is evidence of persecution. So that's exactly what we will be looking at it. Home affairs said 89 refugee visa applications relating to 213. People have been received. Although they did not specify their ethnicity or any other details. I think we have a pretty clear sense what's happening here don't you think. News reports emerged earlier this year revealing white farmers in south have good faced persecution after the country's government approved a new law. A lying for the confiscation of their lands. Which would be transferred to black citizens. Following reports the Australian home affairs minister. Announced his willingness to start fast tracking humanitarian visas for south Africans. And endured violent rural crime at home. And wish to move down under. Get a load of this folks this step was slammed by the south African opposition. Which crow called Australia and those willing to escape there racist. Isn't this rich. They're calling people racist. Legislation was endorsed by south Africans President Hu pledged to hand lands owned by white farmers. Since the sixteen hundred's. Top black citizens of the country. Without compensation for the owners. South Africa fifty million people strong predominately black but 72%. Of farmland. Belongs to whites. Legislation is evoked strong disapproval both the country and internationally with reported upsurge in violence against right farmers last year. 82 people killed. In a record 423. Farm attacks. What do you think it's like to be right and a firm order in South Africa. 109 attacks more than fifteen murders in 2018. When African civil rights group. Reporting these figures back in March. The controversial reform may jeopardize commercial farming in the country according. To the agricultural union of South Africa experts say. South African government may repeat the mistake made by the government of Zimbabwe we've talked about this. They passed her state sanctioned purge. Of white farmers 19992000. This measure plunged that country into famine. Famine. As in no fruit. I sure hope I hope and pray. Hope and pray. That cooler heads prevail. South Africa. And not only they don't do this but you white people. They don't do this to themselves. This. Is suicidal. They will not prosper. If this goes forward. Wow all the students. I am looking at my ensues cart. I think I have the wrong job. Up I congratulations. Man I'm definitely gonna get arrive in this state. It's pretty cool here I would not give any descriptive shear but I won't tell you. Let's just say. Alonso will be styling a lot more then your host. Of just putting it in a a overall the text line. I was telling you about to the tragic events in south African affected mint now you've kept refugees white people trying to get in Australia. Dexter this have been tried before in another country now for Gasquet to my memory yes it was him Bob way I believe they're all starving to death. Now I'm sure that what happened. Just give them enough time. Thank you for talking about the south African issue events have been trying to help the story get out by FaceBook could for you. On top of that someone else says South Africa's in the third year drought. We live in evil in reverse is not a solution. For history be men in fact at some point. I'm gonna share this on him to make it moved here. To play a song. On faith focus Friday that I've been playing lately I just love this song. Aren't years ago just a brief history. There's a ministry called integrity music out of Mobile, Alabama they used to put out its worship music every. Eight weeks started off in the eighties on cassettes. In the moves on the CD. They've been brought out all their assets were brought out by the David Cook company several years ago. But. They did live praise and worship and put this sign. I mean it it's the best serious a dead than I've ever used in fact I still played east of the hole CI I'd try to rotate them. There is one they did in South Africa and there's a song. I'm gonna share it you probably very soon called forgive. And it was the whole idea the whole message of this CD was about south African reconciliation. It is powerful this song. It just. Reminded me of that this more. And as we were discussing this. Let's take a couple of quick calls beginning with frank in Indian land good morning. Hey there and so I really enjoy your program thank you. About twenty years ago and on this. Sport can ally and always very angered that here that there. South African white former. Girl man who's been taken problem you know and load blacks there and I was at the time I was developing are up or stay residential development and Cornelius and our. The guts to say this person I am because there was a firmly. Bennett moved to South Africa through. Marker Obama and you look at around the different places to go. The bond relocate stray or but it is heartbreaking. To hear him tell about. Is. Form an errant ball and spinning him out there and sure. Under superiors are probably X. Or was just taken away from him and not. Well aware that. So it's to a famine but I must trust coach can. Kill people. Property that they don't have that knowledge to move to work or pro would czar to work or so. The big bush error before there are none. This just sort of the stripper at the end I don't something happened stores are recruited. I'm there with you I appreciate your call their Franken and engage you've described its funding. When you hear this story in theory and I remember here in the story you are years ago and this was going on Zimbabwe and I thought wow that's really sad and yet. It's another thing when you talk with someone who's actually experienced this firsthand. They know exactly what's going on here Brian good morning welcome to the broadcast sir. Hey hey dude I'm not home you know we're not you know what I wanted to say then. You've got first and foremost we give a shout out to that you'll want to make sure that you don't want the job now during that the fight to see bad. Are true. I don't know world view was when the white former king South Africa and and and drove all the data we saw in their lives no more non native people of Delaware and South Africa. Are you know and but so what what what Obama simply put that you know and in the world what's gonna happen if they possibly a good start out. I don't think so I just think karma is what it is. We are you push you believe in karma Brian. My agreement karma yes I mean that what you put out yet we will come back to you thought that describe as common among I think I do yeah. Okay absolutely. Okay and you like the one to mayfield your fan. How well you know what I'd do over a year. Oh yeah and if anybody. Know why oh why community because. Do you think she's fighting for your community feel and the run continued there's nothing that you got to throw that achieve it he's a very good point oh. NPR this morning that. The police do not police our community what it does on the community. In case Brian where we're out of time here and tell you what call me let's talk further about this another time. One thing I'm definitely for use. Open dialogue we'll do it right here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.