US Embassy Opens In Jerusalem Today

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, May 14th

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From the heart so that Carolina. Bringing the daisy fans into focus the lens so the liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. Fans history in the making. Right now. In Jerusalem as the United States opens up. Eight new embassy there this is a big deal in fact so much of a big deal. At this moment we have the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is addressing. This gathering. The dedication of the embassy itself let's listen in on what he has to say again Benjamin Netanyahu. True the truth and peace are interconnected apiece that is built on lies or crush on the rocks of Middle Eastern realities. You can only build. Peace untruth. And the truth is the Jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the Jewish people that capital of the Jewish state. Okay. Can you please stand. And just think it's okay. As our justice soon caught on bouncer can attest truth peace and justice this is what we. This is what we believe him. The profit Zuckerberg declared over 2500 years ago Paul Molinari. Child due soon Michelle hug did little to change our mind. Because you socialize in the puck in Mitch. Sosa the morgue. We returned to resign and I will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem and Jerusalem shall be called the city of truth. Maybe opening of this a loser conducive to spread the truth far and wide. And may the truth advanced a lasting peace between the newsroom and all our neighbors. God bless the United States of America and god bless Jerusalem the eternal but didn't look at a couple. Well. It Yahoo!. We'll. That is the intrigue of a message for Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli prime minister. Addressing this gathering of the dedication of the new embassy there this is an extraordinary event. That just by way of background their presence who promised this was going to happen. Four years. But now we're actually seeing this embassy opened up in Jerusalem to me. This is just a recognition of reality and you know it's amazing Benjamin Netanyahu in those. Few moments that we took his speech and we heard the very end of it he's actually been speaking for about ten or fifteen minutes. This man has said more in substance. That the Democrat party has said in about ten or fifteen years. I'm not just exaggerating here and this is not an exercise in hyperbole. But when he said his right on the money anything that is built needs to be built on the foundation of truth. Truth. If you don't have that you've got nothing. What we've seen in the Middle East with Democrat and Republican administrations. Is an effort to build. Upon fantasy. Wishful thinking this is what they've been building up for years this idea of giving up land for peace screw that it's not happening. That is a fantasy. By the way one of the controversial figures that we are planning to discuss. In fact let's listen in on the prayer they think John Hickey is praying now let's listen in. And brought him home again. It was Jews who made statehood possible. Did we shoot it gave a miraculous victory in 1967. When Jerusalem was reopened to worshippers of all faiths. Jerusalem. Is the city of god. Jerusalem. Is the heartbeat of Israel. Jerusalem is where Abraham placed his solemn. Holy altar of the temple mount and became the follow the Romanian nation she. Jerusalem as word Jeremiah and Isaiah opium principles of righteousness. That became the moral foundations. Of western civilization. Jerusalem is where my Shia will come and establish a kingdom that will never end. We think you'll lord for president Donald Trump's courage. In acknowledging to the world of truce established 3000 years ago. That Jerusalem. Is and always Shelby. The eternal capital of the Jewish people. And because of that courage of our president. We gather here today to consecrate the grounds. Upon which the United States embassy. We'll stand. Reminding the dictators of the world. Not America. And Israel offer every ninety. We thank you for our ambassador David Friedman. And pray you're barking up on him. Has he opens the door is open US embassy to receive the nations of the world. Let the word go forth from Jerusalem today. That Israel Leo she shouted from the house tops that Israel loose. Let every Islamic terrorists. Here this message Israel news. We heard in the halls of the United Nations. Israel live shot. Echoed down the marble halls of the Presidential Palace in Iran. Israel live. Being told to all men on that Israel. Should they go shoot let people tell Israel neither slumber shall surely push. As King David 33000. Years ago. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And all it shouldn't happen binge let the name of the lord be glorified. Today. Thought the defender of Israel today. Tomorrow. And forever this year. Can we all shelved alleluia. Hey man. Wow. That again John Haiti one of the people who has been criticized degree deal we're gonna get to that in a bit. Wasn't that an extraordinary prayer again just kind of rehearsing history. And this goes back to the subject of truth this really builds upon what was communicated just a few minutes ago from prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. About the fact that Israel was established. Jerusalem established as its capital. This is not about. Really of president. This is not abouts. In the country. This is really a supernatural work. That began thousands of years ago. And we need to recognize that we are part of this picture just apart. And that was powerful at the end. Israel lives. Lit Islamic terrorists. Let him hear it. Israel lives United Nations he knows. The knives are out from these folks. You've probably seen demonstrations already. I wanna get your thoughts on what you've seen so far. Do you grasped the gravity of this. Significant event and at the same time how concerned are you about the violent reaction to this. What does this mean. For what happens in the Middle East we would love to get youth. Much during the course the broadcast and cement should. We'll talk about it's a couple of the controversial people around the president's. Some of the people the media not too excited about. That much more as we continue our Monday broadcast. 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock to Minsk group the radio program history in the making this morning as we have. The dedication to US embassy in Jerusalem. Recognizing the capital of Israel this is not complicated at all there's no competition here. This is their capital just like Washington is our capital. It's it's kinda uninteresting. The way outsiders especially those who are anti Israel are so insistent. Our oldest needs to be an international city we don't want to close any further strife didn't interrupt the peace process. You heard all these blue beating. Bigots. Really whipping our. Crew determined. This day was not going to come ants they will and let me just go on record here. They're going to blame every bit of violence that takes place like the violence we have seen already. There are blamed on Israel it's their fault and the also blame it on trump if he hadn't done this. Then. There wouldn't be a problem. Because you know. People wouldn't be killing each other otherwise. In this part of the world. It's is that amazing but logic or the lack thereof. So varying opinions on the text line on this. We begin here this techsters is our relationship with eight million Jews is costing us our relationship at one point six. Billion Muslims. And I would just ask the text from not being Smart Alec here. What would you recommend that we do. Should we pander. To those one point six billion Muslims I'm just curious in which sect of those Muslims. Should we partner which should be the Sunnis should be that Shiites. Which one. Do we picked. Finish what should be the terms. Just curious. Also on the text line. I never heard John Hague he mentioned Jesus Christ I wonder why that is no I'm not sure. This is the context for that. I think it's pretty evident where mr. Haig he's coming from honestly in the interest of full disclosure I'm not a big John had he fan I'm not. But she has prayer was pretty powerful this morning. Israel's a collection of followers of Christ Vince. Not the collection of people rejected Christ terrible anti Christian narrative events. This is a person who. Some would characterize as participating in a replacement theology the idea that the church has replaced Israel. It's not a few that I would embrace I think they are apples and orchards. Inched the promise has got is made to. This. Country. I think it's its efforts. From. What got his stewing in his people through Christ it's another thing altogether but. We shall see how this unfolds at the same time I am also one thing I can tell you I am not nor by ever been. Be an expert in the area are prophecy. So. You're not going to hear any prophetic series for me I just wanna make that very clear. Prince I'm so glad trump keep showing every day. That he definitely doesn't have the morals and conservatism so many others did if if he did I'm sure this would not have happened. You know come on use logic this these things are not related. Just because somebody gets one thing right. Doesn't paid here's here's what concerns me there are too many people are fair you feel like you've got to justify Donald Trump with every state. Don't do it didn't work on me. To me it's issue by issue it's. It's also. Policy by policy. Its action by action. Fans it's not necessary for anybody to validate this man. In anyway. Whenever he is whoever he is it should speak for itself. And I and let me just reiterate what I've said before. I am not aid never trooper at the same time I'm not a Kool Aid drinking. Trump supporter. Neither one. And they refuse to participate in the games of either one. Also the tech slide. Roughly Blaine Trump for the violence. May be just like you'd during the election do you remember ha ha ha ha come on. Seemed the moronic tweets these moronic techs are back isn't just wonderful. What we were worrying about a relationship with Muslims who want us dead over our relationship with Israel that's a very good question. Another text you're seeing the Muslims already want to murderous some of them do. Prince Israel's a sovereign nation. Right to outsiders believe they can dictate the location of her capital that's a very good question why. Why why why. Scrub to a call from Kevin in Charlotte could morning. Good morning. What are your answer. Well aren't supplement it and that yeah do speak a cult mayor I don't think. Anybody might be somebody calorie but the last sound you heard. Another country's leader. In the Middle Eastern we're out says god bless you sir. Yes pretty extraordinary is that you can normally you hear how especially in some parts the world you hear I god as something else. America in fact you can find preachers here in America that rule put another word in there. I got that one day you thought it ironic. That one of our closest ally. That which site that. All the world's stage or is in no other countries especially in the Middle East would daresay. God bless America. Or any thing else in our stable. That's pretty cool there's there's a special relationship there isn't it Mary and that's absolutely awesome we should appreciate that Kevin I do appreciate your call. That is great to have somebody who is. So much a supporter of America and understands America and Americanism and I would daresay he understands this better then liberals. And I would say he understands this better than a lot of Republicans we can throw that in there too why not. Vince this is the trumps her for Vince to think this is a texture. Tell all the trouble trolls that the president is all of that these made up to be he doesn't need they're loud mouths. Who. That's really good well said. It. I'm gonna save the the story by the way about used to preachers about this Jeffers guys who are not a big fan of and they. Four after the break because the media has been really having a field day with this for X fox did me it looks like they were interrupting. Jan hate peace prayer which is rather unfortunate December the rather listen to. This prayer from John Haiti than listening to these Fox News. Blow creators. That was a powerful moment in for them to miss that was really kind of unfortunate any case. Rick intelligent good morning you have about 3045 seconds year. Today. Bad things like my call first of all. The fox. Both Fox News guys. With respect the Fox News dot viewers are at a higher plateau. Then any other. I'll religious stop person because that is there religion racket ball a lot yeah what has been hop benefiting. Not Middle East peace by this whole. Ceremony today and the fact that we moved the embassy. Through this. What Rick what are you stabilize and we've got a great great great are you still there pulled I'd just to secular. Because I wanna develop this question is it's a fair question asked let's talk about it after the break. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 the Vince Coakley radio program. This is a big day in Jerusalem. The opening a new embassy dedication of the new embassy. And you heard Benjamin Netanyahu just few minutes ago we also heard from John Hague. We can raise the question Rick out of Duncan raised question I think it's worth exploring a little bit further which is why we held him through the break. Repeat your question again Rick about that you're concerned about where these go from here. Yeah bad again bank to keep me at all mine mine op art and has why. What good does that do to recant because probably speed upgrade you. True campaign promises one bit he would move you know move the embassy and then to. Bet he would opt facilitate that Middle East peace any court erred. In charge that yeah so it's got a but he really hurt if I can comment if you really cared about black apple would tell police but he does 'cause. Yeah what about the first one ready cared about back. Said that if you did give up point. The war keeping his campaign promises. Did it take away points for everyone it's gonna get killed. It do it this transfer. On both sides. Good guys from the hole and I don't see any benefit. Are advancing peace why this move plot public ceremony at all while. He has fifty young. Product each and and I think it would be it's 10 opt wait too much cover. And we're not concentrating on the second promise of peace because that's got bigger and more important picks. OK Rick let me pose this question to you what is. The formula for peace in Middle East. I have no idea I can tell you what you don't do then you don't want BM that speaks to apply. Bet he is is is gonna create. Op violent. And why not Harrison here's right Rick let me ask you this question. Who did this land whose belong to. It. It belonged every one. Tend to according to whom. Palestinians and the Jews because they all live there I'm out here. Look they all have a stake in. Result. Let's back it up let's look at America for instance. And I know this can give very Dicey. Who's a slam blown to. Everyone isn't who. Cool. So are we can't all OK we all can't be in charge at the same time Rick. There's only one of the groups yeah I'm saying it's chilly start hurt right I'm saying that they they're mutually exclusive. If the Indians for instance artery in charge you for belongs to them. Then they are the ones who should be exercising sovereignty over this land and not you and I. So early so we need to. Know I'm not asking two separate questions. Because here's here's the here's what's so important about district. Because of its a question of national sovereignty. No you have to separate question of where this embassy belongs from the peace process because it if it if this. If this is sovereigns if this is a sovereign country. We should not be telling them where to puts. Their capital. Where else do we do this on the planet Rick can you tell me anywhere else on the planet where we tell them. Where we dictate to them where at odds what does what does the determination for their capital where is that. There is no place else because there is no place like the mentally yeah whip all of their complex piece of paper at. Bet go back thousands of years there is no arbor. Places like that area's unique and based solution that is our unique ability I'm Middle East. And got on and beat the our embassy does not facilitate. You know in that our direction. Okay I I understand respectfully disagree but I understand where you're coming from Rick thanks a lot your call perhaps we'll talk about this again some time because. I won my frustrations about this and I think this goes back to what Benjamin into Netanyahu said about peace in about truth. Is if you don't have a foundation of truth you know you've got nothing to work with that the truth Ann and I use this word loose loosely the Palestinians are learning. Is that you know the the people of Israel the Jews their peaks and these people. Our animals. And they don't belong in Israel. They have no stake in fact their Matt does that have Israel on its. That's their truth so my question is whose truth do we go apply. Should be the truth. Just the truth period should be a special Israel truth. An Arab truth of Palestinian truth. This is where he gets so complicated. Only. Only if you reject. Biblical foundations for instance. That's where things get very much clarified. Also on the text line. Vince Jihad because of an embassy. Right which may be different scar out of easily reason that question. Another texture pastor Hague used miss dial. We know who that is it wasn't just took time or place to have ideological discussion I do believe in replacement theology. But I do recognize and celebrate my Jewish roots as a believer. Already. I believe if the protesters were not try and scare the border fence between their country in Israel and also not throw rocks at Israelis. They would now be shot it's probably true. Convinced this is the Kool Aid drinking trimester we think you're awesome. Not all of us are trolls. Burp. It had to throw that in there. Another person quoting Romans 228. For he is not a Jew which is when loudly. Neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh but he is a Jew which is one inwardly. And circumcision is dead of heart in the spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not of men but of god. When my favorite Tex I'd love that. Really good stuff. Of course Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Of course. Prince while Lindsey Graham managed to find a microphone in TV camera to talk. Well in Israel who would have seen that coming down what a shocker I'm. Let us see what else do we have here. Twice as caller assumed this move was to advancement wish peace. If it's the right thing to do just do it. Another first encountering this Landis not belong to everyone. Also Rick sounds like immediate hater just wants to argue made no sense I know that's kind of unkind to. As a different view. The trick or a piece of land and house on it it's not Rick's property it's all of ours and give it up break. I want your land. See that's the kind of direction we start to go is that if you're talking about sovereignty can't play around these with these things loosely. Hence my kid in Virginia tell Rick it's none of our business where Israel or any other country decides to put its capital. Then she should go by God's truth that's the answer to your question. Ricky can put the embassy on Mars and the radical islamists will still hate you crew. Vince I agree with Bieber upper I'm pleased with trump would also love your show. But I'm not adorned snowflake I'm glad to hear that otherwise she wouldn't be listening. More of your calls we can talk about Israel also gonna talk about. An interest in campaign terrorists somebody I think who's taking a page out of the Donald Trump bought. The Democrats. Who would like to go to Washington. And I think he thinks he has a clever idea for getting there. Just use an obscenity at the very beginning of a commercial. We're gonna show you that much more to continue our Monday broadcast and talk about the Panthers. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program those of you who are on the line wanted suck but Israel. Whole blood we will get to you as soon as we can. We also have a developing story which could get very interesting. Maybe as early as today or tomorrow is some of the speculation out there Sports Illustrated. Among the news agencies reporting. Who could become the next owner of the Carolina Panthers. And what's intriguing about this being mean that is emerged to the top of the heap. Ands that name. Is David tepper who in the world is this guy I wanted to get some perspective on this. And we decided to pull in for our sister station to be refugee crisp clean of Mac attacked a welcome back brand let's open slots gone up hey good to talk to you again. What is going on looks like this is going on pretty rapidly Sports Illustrated saying. There could be an announcement they are tomorrow they are serious about that. Oh yeah data David Newton also ESP and whose local here in Charlotte covers the Panthers he reported that as well so. This thing's looking like now we're gonna get some finality and it is going to be David tepper and I think that. The key here is they wanna get this thing pusher at the owners' meetings next week he'd have to get. Three quarters majority the owners Tony for the 32 owner supporting it and next week they got a meeting. Of the owners I think they wanna get it settled by then and David tempers one inching dude hedge fund manager. Worth eleven point seven billion dollars I mean and I've read a couple profile pieces on him like this this this is an inter staying at man there is no doubt about it. No question about that also he's gonna minority owner of the Steelers since 2009 what happens there. What he ends up having to sell yields 5% of the Steelers fans up put that up for sale. He's got to do that can own you know stakes in both and I think that's one of the things that that people like about him I know the league he's the favorite league for awhile now. Because they've already vetted him you know by becoming part owner of the Steelers they've already. You know look for any issues are part of the club public speak he's part of the clubbing you don't insulate that. Oh really rich guys club works in the NFL apartment they kind of like you know sticking with their own I think that's a factor of it as well they feel like they can trust him so. He's kind of the guy I think the owner secretly wanted Jerry to go with all long. I think even though Ben Navarro has been rumored to have offered more. It sounds like he was still scrambling last week to get investors that's where the Joseph person report came from about him asking Peyton Manning you or jump in and this temper thing is crazy he can just stroked the checks for two point whatever 1000000006 and a half nine billion leftover killing mix. Except that this is absolutely insane to become that much money absolutely mind boggling and it sounds to me like this vote next week just becomes a formality if they make an announcement this week they're pretty sure. That's what it feels like I think the only question all about tapper wasn't the owners it was about Jerry Richardson. Andy Kenny really get more money elsewhere. And would he want there there's a lot of talk to about the owners probably trying to it worked Jerry a little bit hey do this for us this is guy we want. Maybe take a little bit less on take if you are under house hundred million dollars last up to you and I cut it seems like how that eagle at today. 3400000. Dollars less but obviously Jerry Rich's in his own team for a couple billion maybe it's not as big a deal. So yet it seems Agassi a bee wrote rubber stamp pretty easy as easily as long as yours no snags here. So what does this mean for the team and for the stadium what do do we know anything at this point what about what direction it's going to go. Under David tepper Swedish. A lot of questions I love the fact that this guy many of called him the best hedge fund manager ever you know in the industry. He is sharp shrewd businessman no nonsense. I'm he has there have been former employees and some of these profile pieces that have said he'd be a great guy outside the office but he has a son of a gun in the office but. The reason is he demands perfection I don't know if that's a bad thing for the Boston Carolina Panthers. The stadium issue could get interesting though Felix Abbas is on our station over a dog yet and he last week he's talked to David tepper says David tepper will want a new stadium. So back to be the next issue we could have a guy who rated check when that well that that's gonna be to hang up. These billionaires and biscuits started don't wanna spend every day it was I think you real he's he's got his money for a reason he realizes. When he can get other people to spend it. He could be gasket and that will start I'm sure you guys will be all over that wanna start obviously a whole lot of controversy in topic in its own rightist. Should we step in and fund billionaires you know wish of the stadium. So we could be added to that. It and you know. Are we hearing any rumblings about that in terms of trial whether this could be part of a deal or debt that expectation be associated with the deal. It feels like that's separate listing details like that could be separate I will say this he by all accounts. The first all the NFL desperately wants to banter sustained Charl by all accounts not rattle you know anybody it's not a source on that. Matter fact you guys had had on your station where one of the guys got Sasha some from Bloomberg. Was all bow McCrory and said hey Tom there's a minute walk somebody early in the process was turned away. Because they started saying I'd like to move this team so the NFL was dead zone on somebody that wants keep me here by all accounts David tepper wants to keep them here. But if he starts asking for tax dollars I don't know we try to play hard that's kind of down the road but I'm just kind of predicting that that could be the next that if that we and a deal. If you replace abet what do you think happens with stadium. I don't don't you love to be put on the spot like I do because I mean I don't know I don't do well Betty I can you predict football game. Negated all the politics of all this Dotel I don't know man listen we we were torn on our stage we have debates back and forth about it. I kind of feel like 90% of the stadiums in the four major sports. Our professional sports are. Funded at least in part public. So even though the concept seems absurd right this person it's worth eleven billion dollars has asked us for money. It's just the way the game is started getting played so I. I feel like if he asked I don't know what do you think you know the local political I feel like they will not well. I don't think the local politicians are standup to paint they're gonna roll over debt and it's gonna be sympathetic to. It really let's see I feel I don't know if thing is if you know he wants to keep it here do you call as blog. Don't mess they hedge fund managers they almost twelve million though. And get a poker game with them bottled up that you're human and Christian claim schedule for the next one actually success that state let's do that you better believe it agreed to talk to hear about the Arctic. Promoting America. And soccer team I was elected to represent the citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says that the world. Well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. However two of our broadcast and this I promise we'll get to some viewer calls. Have similar view very patiently waiting almost half an hour thank you for your patience will get to those in just moment almost wanna give you a heads up we will talk more about the Panthers as well I wanna find out especially. Those are you listening the upstate. I want to do you think about the possibility of a new stadium because there's some practical. Considerations here. You know if you move the stadium. South of uptown you take what 1520 minutes maybe half hour off the trip. This is make it more convenient for you would you like the idea. Of the stadium. At the avenue of the Carolinas. I mean the concept this is kind of clever but can and then again. For those of us who live in the Charlotte area are you thinking about the idea of paying for this yet again. Yet another billionaire. Coming to you. With a cup in hand. Asking for money. Get your thoughts as well on the developments historic day opening day for the US embassy in Jerusalem. This is an extraordinary development we had some. Live coverage we took last hour and that's what some viewers still eager to talk about. Beginning with Tim Tim good morning and welcome to the broadcaster. Events. That question just says it's interesting. It's oil and save it. Care which is on the border want acid are taught purity Taiwan have some are trying to sort. It is an interesting concept. Be right there I mean both would have it's Carolina Panthers it's not Charlotte Panthers are more talent there that is correct. That's an idiot build it just soup was a parking all available on and makes sense we're we're I would say. These it's jury gets just two billion dollars. You've ever seen that Pat McCrory. In. If she's terrified she does not that you're good looking. You have to understand that particular do you agree with. But I looked up at a hey what are you Dodd's sudden Israel Tim art it. My thought woods. Because you're kind of wore me out there. This. Cited trump and US us. Moving their embassy. It gives legitimacy to Israel it is the weekend what record with their release it this is their capital for the and it's somebody else there has their back that yes we believe this and this is why we're moving Amber's fewer blocks. Amen or more points where Rick. I understand how to deal by you on this in your own brand himself like that we're we're pretty much have their right to it if you don't pay your mortgage. The bank gonna take it you pay your taxes to cover its gonna take it if you live in Hawaii. Motor Bert this got to take it but I have volcano that don't always saying Rick I can tell you that you absolutely. Own. It's it's destiny of your soul exit. Already well let puts it all perspective I I do appreciate your call greats talk beats him by the way. New evacuations underway in Hawaii. As a result of all of that seismic activity is absolutely incredible frightening to see those images over there. Chris good morning welcome to the broadcast. More events are doing today racer. C. I was kind of worn out by a record well it. Explain that that is why you have guys like me who. Our staunch defenders at persists dodge ninety something percent of the coverage is negative and you have just so much vitriol and hatred toward the man. But I premise of the pending retirement or possibly you know I could be deployed by. If you Gilman Nancy give them a mile and they just stated totally Wear you out. If we're gonna have the old Donald Trump that standard where he doesn't create peace in the Middle East either a belly. I just it's impossible standard and I guarantee you'll not find him on the campaign trail guaranteeing. That it will create peace and always. I love interests say that's one point one other president has had the fortitude and wherewithal to go over and preach. And as net net are not necessary preached but give a speech to the these these jihadist didn't tell them you're not going to heaven you're not getting 72 virgin you're evil. And these are not the right way to go about things you know that that's our president that's what he did he's trying to start a new cold sure. And I don't they ought to we give orange Jews the last 24 years work prior. But it and goal and set the catalog and Jerusalem have we gotten closer to peace because they didn't. Talk is setting line he's saying this is what we want. That it what you ought damaged church great Kris here's what we want but you're here to work going to do it actually change things and do we think that could actually lead. To treat their you know that they're all right now at least that he's trying to formulate and put out there are numbers seem apple or. Well it's certainly good start in terms of honoring the truth of this situation with Israel Chris side great to hear from you and appreciate the point you made here. Let's go out here to Matt good morning sir. I'm Oregon I'm Scott that show a slower comment about the you know the situation over there in the Middle East then yet call acute. About an hour ago the Serbs some nobody can kick the second campaign promise that he just built the first one in the second one being asked to achieve based. Because why does this do any of that as well. One thing everything purpose and to talk on the world stage Clinton trumpeted on on the world stage is reinforced in I think any reasonable person would agree and I'm not a core late breaker and I'm battle left wing radical I am somewhere in the middle. State there's no one reasonably they can deny. But Donald Trump and I'm gonna back down from older appreciates. You know he basically told North Korea he killed during the middle part of our children hear your buddies with China and these are the same thing too I ran. Now what all the firepower Israel has in the US backing them up. And a simple White House that they don't doubt is resolved kind of like Reagan. That does strengthen that the Middle East and all he did was something that. Every president spend promise in the Lucent may be blushed and I don't wonder. If the Palestinians and Iranians have the same firepower that we have. Combined with Israel. I wonder what the terms of this negotiation with big men. It be a totally different ball game there's no question about that mats out hey I appreciate your call and one of the things I I would also add in in what you what you said. It's important we've got a president now standing with our allies rather than against them. That is he significant move in the right direction you would talk about stability. That. Certainly brings about stability. We tried to get to more of your calls as we continue to broadcast good talk but Israel but also talk about the mid terms and one candidates. Too big she's got to make some headlines in probably get. Some campaign contributions. Awfully commercial that he's running and let me give you a hint. This commercial will not be able to run on television. There's a good reason why polls tell you why let you hear for yourself as we continue our Monday morning broadcasts. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1120 other Vince Coakley radio program getting your comments on a couple of things we've talked about thus far. What's happening in Israel Jerusalem recognizes the capital with the embassy. They US embassy. Also talked about the Panthers looks like David tepper is the man. The multi billion dollar man. Who read the new owner of Carolina Panthers an announcement could actually come ouch in a matter of hours for that matter. We will seek getting your thoughts your perspectives also looked the dame history coming up. And let's just say the very provocative commercial. This part of this 2018 campaign season we'll share that with you let's go out to a call from me 10 in Concord good morning. I want somebody to man. No matter wanted to power out of that's good that's an issue that you know as cover important committee. As Jewish person who grew up in the Charlotte area and has experience for them. Slow and not so subtle racism anti semitism over the years. I don't think most people understand. What the situation really is over there. And pretty much know Burton nothing nothing that they could do. Would make the Palestinians stand down there government is a terrorist organization. You know I'm sure they're fine people over there but they're being run by terrorist organizations. And it doesn't matter what they've in her would do anything for pace you know they give them the backyard. But. They'll never take it. Debbie you're actually right this is. A moving target is and it's in a matter what it is that we see movement from the United States on. And this was part of the frustration and expressed several years ago one of the most recent processes. Where was very evident that Yasser Arafat had an opportunity. And he just basically blew it up he beam doesn't want a deal he did not want a deal and went to his grave. Of course very very rich in reached in large part by money from the United States of America. This is just a wreckage. That's what it is. Well and have main Yassir he could've gotten peace anytime he wanted but it have been out of power yeah if they were legitimate government because. He was a criminal. The American League and the terrorist and he was a criminal. And he was that they leave and people who called Donald Trump name like that. They've never lived anywhere but in the United States. If they don't understand what it's like to live and under other countries. What freedom is not absolute bird anywhere near as absolute as it is fear. And they should really thank their lucky stars that they do the truth. The united even a candidate yet they don't have turned free speech England notorious free speech. This is the only country that has that. Yep we've got a lot to be thankful for it no question about that appreciate your call their kid. Led says zip over to well Randall this time around good morning Randall. Hi Bolivia are used to this age go to well. Eye opener of the period I've been hearing about this in the world would work. I don't know that you would not put up this data within general hula. And then they're talking about your listeners you know that the African American in the Allred you'll be grew up right here originally drew to. And Brad does does the people there are over now occupy your lawyer who are not the only new people on our religion we do that they're not even dramatic. Yeah I'm Eric wrote the chemicals and very good call me shallow and a farm or people. We're well noted let me just help you this Randall it is pure fiction. That's rooted in Barbour pardoned Nixon no or at all I'm not saying the Bible's fiction I'm saying. This idea of trying to you let's just say color arise. Jews and I think it's just absolutely insane there's there's no scholarly foundation for this whatsoever handled this is. Something that has been invented out of whole cloth and has no basis whatsoever in scripture and reality. Where did the good news coming out of bit. Yes I hear you my if you look like boo. There. It if you if you read what the final truth there they're not optimal didn't even hear what you really didn't want him ready. There's no possible. All right well I respect your opinion there ray no it's it's you know everybody's entitled to their own own opinion but. We're not entitled her own facts. Kids. Point this this one I've seen some of the stuff for years and believe me I ate and I'm not saying I've seen everything and I've seen a lot of things including this stuff. And mission say. It's appropriate for putting somewhere in a barred. 'cause that's. Just being honest. If you feel like to develop this further there's enough interest we can have a discussion about this some time but. It's one of those things it's got into the trash heap of ideas for me because it's really not worked considering at all Jim good morning welcome to the broadcast. I can bear yeah got a comment about is Israel. And and also the stadium series. But park about it real man. Yeah I'm more reward those guys that came over here what you're most more so already nationals. It added that he did say they're whoever's. The reason or other grant my humble opinion. Is still married and audible. And a bit different warm and cleared to fight through ever have a lawyer and you drop is offering the book of revelations talks about duck second coming in our motto biblical scholar. But but that her biggest drop the coming true so let me get some bad if they're certainly are looking like one day we do Herbert over the air. So why it took every American who sort strange immediate. I mean like mark order. Got me yours you pool boy the restrictions that will be put this country where you can walk me through Harvard let's. Are or they're yeah they're still medics immoral but but also I think relevant new dimension bear. Circle are short and alcohol hole in the wall technology. Growth. Socialist. And that power play back there all the world bear or camel today and here right here economy. So that's the Albania where god he learned. I'm going all or alert. We're not gonna prefer that horrible horrible air thought of every American right now certainly cleared by delivered over the air. And he pretty strong and guerrilla war and why aren't we can pull at all. He made a great point there are hey appreciate your call you wanted to come and about the the pastors as well before you go. Well yeah and all of what we're. Don't Carter stadium in downtown Charlotte bad audio about going down your way there may even in the South Carolina. But I go about a bit thank you and forty years down the road. A huge mega ball put down mayor. They get hers yet he ought not to do if you can't spell. But every sport imaginable. Including live next summer oh happy water here in the care. I think about that yeah. So are you excited about this idea. All the I would be excited about that thought they Arnold more good news. I think in the back pocket the bureaucrats do your uncle are there large Mecklenburg County Israeli shell on it. Well. OJ EA appreciate your colleague Jim. You can impression he doesn't trust politicians. Started putting them out there speaking out. Politician who ride hitch your right between the ice. And sudden you've indicated this what you're looking for. C which they give this guy will rule share some comments from him and his new commercial. Coming up in the broadcast it's 1129. This is since Coakley radio program. Do. We'll have a little fun here the text line before we go to Q are grateful studio record for an Luntz notes take a look at day in history. Let's begin Hughes hurt. We're talking about this idea and this from caller who was raised the question of the original Jews actually black. Texture here says used to work for the black liberation theology east. I learned that no white person ever did anything worthwhile. And that the cure for racism is for all white people Asians and Hispanics also to be the slaves of blacks. Nice religion is and it's and it's wonderful. Another person would like to know if you seen this really dark Katherine Timbaland TV ads this is the worker in Reba masters it squad. That's seen this commercial. Princeton theory about the white Jews reestablishing Israel. It's fake it's from Lewis fair time. This is for lights just like the Palestinians were nomadic people who wondered all around the Middle East it wasn't until 1948. United States and Great Britain decided to divvy up the Ottoman Empire give Israel the Palestinian people lane to call their own. Gerald on the sports issue. Let me just warn you. This is a little racy from Gerald out of counts. Vince I would rather watch the Pope may glove to a virgin gorilla we go to a pro football game. I'm only giving expression scrolls we spoke with earth. Up up up Charles is like what it. Oh my goodness. Another person here this is a perspective I've always agreed with. It's simple you don't recognize or give land to people who call you save ten period. Do it's pretty logical don't you think. What kind of what are the hopes for peace. First look at you because you Satan I mean honestly. Not much at all 38 minutes after 11 o'clock let's ventured down I 85 tour upstate studio and one so. Who's very eager to answer some questions now about the stay in history good morning man hour. I'm still trying to recover from the Gerald think his I'm sure he sees that stuff all the time and it. If it actually elephants and other things involved yeah yeah yeah it's nice. Yeah that although hatred gonna burn you up Gerald the. It's gonna be it just saying I'm sure you'll have plenty more ideas to present to us. Let's take what the data history and they were gonna talk for one about one of our favorite shows infected I'm way behind on. Now cut even more incentive to watch. And you understand the reason for the ads in just a bit. This is the fourteenth day of may. And we go all the way up to 1796. Back to 1796. An eight year old by the name of James Phipps. The first recipient of doctor Edward jitters vaccine for this what was it. Polio. Oh who would not quite human to guess again. We are again. 179617. Or anybody in studio while guests with us this works there. No wound. Up march. I think mark had the answer was that again. He says smallpox and that is correct. Smallpox vaccine when we're going through Monica playing next. Yeah I hear you man. Eight you know for this duo left Saint Louis on their expedition to the west they would eventually reach the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark you are correct. You think of every time I hear Lewis and Clark. I think of that Superman. Show years ago Lois and Clark do you remember that yes tune. Cleaner after my wife is a big fan of that show she loved that show. And this is very timely. Affected some weeks. Post something about this on the face cringe. 9048. These Jewish national council proclaims. This. In 1948. And they were with under attack within hours. Very timely in light of today's events. They were recognized seeing. In the country what they are a country. And that is what her New York correct claimed the State of Israel on this day. In. 194870. Years ago and last but not least. Cold blue eyes passed away the age of 82. You know that is course. You're correct it's Frank Sinatra. Turn to believe it's been that long ago. You actually think I didn't know that. It's pretty pretty impressed I knew you wouldn't know that. Let's talk about whenever you're around who I know you're around to watch him some clubs and stuff Josiah. I'd know that is incorrect Smart LH. Give your club upside the head out of an unofficial. Member of the round time. And cut what it's tragic confuse me with Sammy Davis is amounted to a town don't even go where you're going yeah I know this to be yeah. We'll tell a lot of fun with that. So what are my favorite shows. It is lethal weapon. And we got some disturbing news on lethal weapon last week. Clean Crawford. Got the acts they fired him. And I mean I wasn't sure how this formula was gonna work this guy I never heard the guy before he's hilarious and plays this role of this. Really unhinged partner. Four. Damon weigh ins and it's it's worked out really well the chemistry is great the show is doing well and then he goes and gets fired. So now. We have a replacement I simplest Alonso last night. Seann William Scott what was your reaction when you saw that. Armed walls seem to canola being too spoiler here. Beef I hadn't watched the season finale. Until after you sent me and I get it now. That's all I'm saying. Old man well I did here. What happens and well I didn't hear what happened but we need to watch it I need to watch it due back like 78 shows to watch to catch up. But yet bush really adjusting is it to you you may get it are you get him well they get a missed his character. Oh I'm deathly gonna miss the character and the actor. Whatever went on behind the scenes amino read now various stories about it. Where some people got hurt in some things and he was especially mean to people apparently. But the chemistry and we'll find out. Was it chemistry. There are was a written. Because we know the same writers were on the original. Lethal weapon movies. And that's what you and I liked so much about the series is because that's the same feel to it because of the writers so. The supporting cast is very very good no score say easy. All those other characters around them so. We'll see. How money give it a shot. We have be about thirty seconds left putting the Du'Shon William Scott. I've seen some things where he's kind of funny has seen some things worries horrible. So was unseen anything that he's been in lately so uno spent a long time isn't he said it didn't have some substance abuse problems or something for awhile and it's been kind of out of circulation growth everyone in Hollywood as those zones and that's true. I mean I'm very happy for him I mean you know so that's. He's had a tough road so hopefully this can be. Redemptive plural form and we do show can do well not so great to document UCL. Much horse we continue Vince Coakley radio program campaign season which means silly season coming up and compete this. We're discussing during the break has slowed the points a mark was making and how we can just discussion about. When we do it's lottery winnings. Into Rupp were you planning to do with lottery winnings. I'd separate charitable trust. Yeah write checks Ole okay do what you can do that I mean you can set that he could sit there and just go in at 9 o'clock in the morning until three and you know take requests spurred. And funding for various projects you know whether it's homeless shelters or you know drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs of churches are doing and that's what the. Can't screen idea pretty good idea. I I told. Mark and I should Charles is well. If I if if it's one of those like for power ball if it's one of those one billion dollar. But. You know lotteries where you've got that much you know it's got to be an awful lot. There's a piece of property that I want to buy a rate down from the airport that I often fly. Into in Kentucky. It's your word for Kelly Kentucky it is a castle. Literally a castle. I would love to buy that place. It's seriously folks if you wanna take up displacing just do it to a search Kentucky castle and you can see this place I'd love to know what you think. We will talk about this another time and it's it's amazing story behind this. And in its cool it is just too cool. Anyway for some reason Gerald wants to call backed and I think take a shot or two at Lawrence O I'm betting. When my one half loans are ready for his response to this too. Anyway let's go to cal prints and Gerald what are you stirring up this time men. Hey good morning sir. All the little. If you look at and they're ordination and my brother at all. Altec Communists and respect. And walked one they had their folded flag to run their views. It's more about hey it's part of that we're expected did they vote it and it's real estate deals go the bachelorette. Did I hate Redd is just water. I'll ooh that's why he. That's why you're really ticked off for the NFL. Sure they are not sure they want or informal are not what you are good people and it's really good you know do you expect to make it back secure real. He used it for me. Well I I think she you know I think I can speak for. Montero Reynolds we keep in mind me saying this he does not begrudge you in your. And what you have the south church and I think he would have any disrespect to immunity disrespect. Towards you whatsoever. That is certainly safe to say. Man. You never know which stories. Are going on behind the scenes with people do you just never know. By the way. I told you we're gonna talk about a couple of controversies in regard to the ministers involved in the ceremony in Israel today one of them. In fact I have this in front of me. One of them involves. The pastor named Robert Jefferies. And I'm not a big fan of this guy at all from a number of reasons he can just take. Anyway I Mitt Romney's one of the people was called this pastor out. He's been characterized by Mitt Romney is a religious bigots. Who's unworthy of such an honorary role. Robert Jeffers says she can't be saved by being a Jew Mormon is missing heresy from the pit of hell. Romney whose Mormon wrote on Twitter Sunday night. He said the same about Islam such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens United States embassy in Jerusalem. Dallas pastor Jeffers who leads dallas' first Baptist Church. And is also a member president Donald Trump's evangelical advisor board. Well known for sharply critical statements on faiths other than his own including labeling the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. A cult. Jeffrey Simon church's website. Salsa ridden islam's a false religion if you sincerely follow the tens of Islam then you end up in hell when you dot. So. Good bit of the controversy surrounding this gentleman and we also have. The John Hickey story as well. He's also I've been criticized. For. Something else entirely. We don't have time to get into all of that now regarding him but I will tell you. That. Some of these folks are never going to be satisfied. They really art they won't complain about it's whomever. Was offering the prayer and so on any case the bottom line in this manner history has been made. Extraordinary that we watched this live today and got a sense of the magnitude of what took place. And we end by going into the sewer and listening to pat Davis do you have pat Davis ready marked. Let's listen up. The NRA. Their program policies have resulted in dead children dead mothers and it bothers. I'm pat Davis yeah and I approve this message because if congress won't change our gun laws we're changing congress. Already. As you might expect. We did not play for you with the actual word mr. Davis used is the F wort. That's how we start soft commercial. The NRA. They're programmed policies have resulted in dead children dead mothers and dead fathers really. But I'm sure this guy's gonna get a lot of traction. He's running for congress in New Mexico. Move this work. While remains to be seen this should be quite interest in future commercials are Great Dane got bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.