Using Facebook and Other Technology To Build Business

Kandas & Larry discuss how to use Facebook and other technologiesto build your business.


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Welcome to black radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry going we'll show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rag radio network from the flagship station WBZ in beautiful uptown Charlotte. Here are both the rock stars are real estate and this ancillary. Whole line hello I you don't. Sorry I am doing an excellent do an excellent. You know I just pass Kermit the Frog in the hall the other day or few minutes ago. There. I would and a quarter and equipment to do our intro for the welcome to bring you. Inlet. That many talent. Well shall I knew I had to work that in there somewhere right and they're beginning. I just couldn't wait anymore I can I don't think it about I was thinking about it well and throw. You know that's what quietly as an avenue of quiet curriculum I'm still thinking about the rate and on this stuff column thinking about you know. Ask me nine man. You do know that future. Show welcome to brag radio all about being rich in generous we teach you how to invest in rules that would active. Or passive. Active as a business right around so much so bustle right make money passive. You know could be either be landlord. Or you know loan money to fix them flip investor or something like that right in and you can't talk pretty candy in anger why do you bring this candy we've seen any parent she got bigger. And 3COM bubble opener Greg. And at. The ups. I. Gonna be a lot of video. Let me heighten. Everything and torment me every week apparently you're at you know. They're being a video. Today of a today's airing. On forgot. Didn't pass on the re via minute past that and it's stresses me out. For a three record and and conflict thing about pounds sitting. Like what I got on and today I actually thought about it before we came in his agent and more one of her shirt. The most of the time I'm on many mr. Money somebody else's. Uneven you know it's has got somebody else is logo seriously. I'm bar on the weekend. Is my theory however it's like money out the logo on an element. It's easy future and there are ridiculous. And that's that argument for. I've been through it for you as a kind of like up and wearing their own teacher during a concert. And right hey there. Ang. And a grouping. It made it. Yeah it I have been in inner circle program. That's that threw it out. Made the call done the homework. You know who was applied its way and geared towards the forward Clinton inner circle together incident through them. Well let nobody out of loyalty to. Oil. Rightward. If everybody was seen in billionaire by doing. If that's what it was these what you mean by IU daily. A little confused. I mean that is going downhill. Pulled to. Stuff that's a real say show we are a real estate yeah him. Lot of deals going on right now we got out we got a couple more deals on a contract this past week. So and I think we have like either to an album on the board right now in various stages we had done for closings in the last couple weeks. Throwing it office asking and send me a picture admired deal board we talk about specific plans to teach is talent on this week. And I don't occupant on the border and on and I know is that India for. Earnest money deposit days ago. And so are you are on the first timers out there. And then go on the road he's our key is our asset manager that's a fancy word for a salesman. Right yeah he is signaling how are well managed term for what that he he does. He's a disposition manager and I just how little. Us it does this property of their gang. When you think he disposes of our property and its is that Robert is enough in the ninth on to college disposition. Right but I like asset manager you know it's like we we want to pass some weird. So he's not like a rock and roll term personal money in it. Does that we ninth hit a block of homes were personal everything else the public Iraq admiral William Schneider you know like a promotions. I. You know like via the tour manager yet tour manager. In and sun and anyway. So yet Dan's a look at the properties. In fact we cut deals all over. North and South Carolina right he's doing a two day road trip. Yeah he really is yet he did we and I we have also houses and in twelve of the states but. We got a lot of them in the Carolinas right now and he's doing road trip he's. This is what we call we call signing the property right. He goes out he puts sirens now all right on the market property. And these are what would be the wholesale and these are we're we're gonna holes but typically would raise wholesale emotional on the property right. So one of the things I wanted to talk about on this segment. Or two. It is awesome technology a lot of people were talking about technology. Now and rules state and their slopes so many different things. That can. There's so many different things. This you can use for technology. Mostly from health there are many day. I remember the day when if you go to a bar hell softly in my last they gave your book it was like a phone book. It was like this it. And they're no video to panic in and. There's. That it was it was like two inches thick in you have to flip through their look at the houses were slow and right hand and it's called. That's all it was an MLS book right in the print them up every single week right you would go by the rules state office and get a book with a lot of trees and an army gallantry a lot of treatment of the this'll slight back in eighties to nominate. So but now you got him at last he does zillow in the originally from FaceBook is union to the marketing. Of properties yet added FaceBook they're gonna be the news they'll. There are going to be the news you can Post Properties now FaceBook marketplace right right we're getting on leads. Four by your personal FaceBook right now so that's a short technology is FaceBook. There's FaceBook groups if you go at their new search FaceBook groups okay. Just type in real state Charlotte under FaceBook groups will lead and doing it right now. She's going to face Buddhist checking him complete a so but but if you look in the group so FaceBook. And and and tight pin. Type in rural state Charlotte rules state Boston wherever it is will stay whole selling landlord. You know whatever it is there's a lot of groups right. There's all the groups out there we actually are members of about. Almost 300 groups. Remember Andy thing that's ever Killen now. Yes it is it is a lot of the green and the reason we're eager and nonchalantly. Aren't pretty. The reason. We are members assuming you know is everything and we're we're members. Real estate investing groups locally. We're members. Of rules that groups nationally elector there's one group out that it's a really good group it's called wholesale warehouses full time. And it's very very active group if you make a postal that group to a 300 people we're gonna respond right out. So yeah in it's good to network with other people it's a great way to network of learn and and built a buyer's list and private money and this and that there's a lot of different stuff. Out there available to us is 11. Group and they were members of a lot of local recruiting groups like jobs posting because we're always looking for. For new people to join our team. For different positions. And you know it's it's a great place to recruit people to replace learn about rule states great place to find properties and a great place. To sell your property as well right. Yeah and they it is a good place to fill properties. Mean like you said this from us and our buyer anonymous or Barley is that a lot of our our leaves are coming in brown do a lot of them do. And I've got a ton of other technology all the talk about but we've got a free investors get before we didn't break told us that campus to. Give me a call at 877 Larry go 877 Mary go or you can text the word BR AG at 8038976063. And get the investors get so Nazi you I would got a digital kit actions and your email. Or if you're close until the auction amount of the physical hit 877 Larry go baron back. Welcome back to Brad Grey areas with. In its the only place they're armed. Welcome back. So we're talking about technology. You know learn new stuff. Computers and who would've ever all apps will be a word admirable and that was the first of people started you know it's short for application. You know that and you know apps short for application. And that is. An extra for appetizers. Even gone out and say they. Look at the all right so while we were talking about FaceBook at first there's a lot of ways to use FaceBook as a religion groups. You can post you can share post. You can. You can call slow. Run ads on FaceBook that's FaceBook at a camp that you can run and you can run as this thing about houses. In the condition anywhere cash. And I eventually got the day Kansas. He ran an hand or or made a post and shared it political by two different groups that said. I'm gonna give away free vacation to the next person that brings me a deal that job. But it. If you don't have to abide. And but if you find the files. Right and if they if they bring you one and you buy it you know it and he went on to say you know just look for vacant properties look for rundown properties in media address whatever. He'll look at and get the owner's name and all the good stuff. Think about it. You know I mean you imposed sanctions very cheap right you know that. That's right you can concern. Concerned. That you can get a foolish on a box. You know the light pole we did we did dude giveaways of non. Vacation that actor it and we did we did and they cultists like a dollar to eight or shall reign on dispute and in the but. Anyway. I. So yeah there's all different kind of promotions and things and I guess I even used to give weight TV's a big screen TV and somebody will buy oil from. Proponents. How's it going to be extreme they mean to bring and then back. It was a whale hunting house that night and aren't so Allan where it has little Tulsa little trouble selling out and been story. So let's talk about a couple more technological things and and some of this is kind of basic YouTube get that you understand. You know sometimes it's it's good. Be reminded about some of the stuff we use zillow a law and you can use a low you can use a low. And and on your phone you know they have an app for your phone you can use it on the computer same way that you can use FaceBook corners on the phone. But zillow has cults right immune zillow has comps. And that. Now don't don't look at disaster. Created the system means. It doesn't mean. You'll look at the sold cops. You can look at the price history and you can find them in the property this was only in my last its golf appeals. Yet. And also does some for Selma all the properties and another thing you can do to find the ovals hello is look for properties for rent. Okay just do a search of properties for rent. And those are properties that might be adult wonderland board right. I don't want owner land or. The national Elaine implement and they don't want her landlord isn't that a term bill Warner. Circle it in. A they republic of a it depends on the. Maybe so. I'm sure people can areas as well. As I got campuses and treat it. Him isms from wife and distorted and Obi is literally millions and neither funny. Oh. And meet. Him. And Monica there's an animal short yeah. OK so. Zillow you can get comps you can land properties. You can search you can do save searches you can do safe properties. All that stuff with zillow app okay it's a very very very good that I know the good out. Which is pretty common is Right the cool thing about the rule from dot com app. If you are driving for dollars for properties what that means is just your run around neighborhoods looking for me. You can you can post a little. Triangular thing that looks like. Under the you like more. The fear rather realtor app open crowded around dollars in it triangular thing. Push a little thing that that shows like go to where I dale. It's whatever that is it's a pointer on the map right that's all it is it's a pointer on a map so when you push that it's gonna. Put the map a exactly where you war. And then you can push a little thing but this is followed me. My opinion so as you're driving down the road that app is movement with few on the map and you can sheep houses pop up for sale right. Because it was too little triangular you were there. They can see why can't they. Can't they can and Africa Kaymer. Anyway. That's for the replay this is radio line. But she's talking about for the replay right wanna listen other shows. You can go to at past shows not confusion not anybody else that show did you think Q do you think they were confused about that used other shows it. If you were to listen the. We were a little blond. I don't think. I Brad radio goes to brag radio dot com when installing it. So honestly got the And you got to trying would you ground in this following union. So what if you come up on and again after not for sale. That's a really really related questions that there's. Apps out there and there's an app out there called land glide write this down. Land glad not a few drugs and one another they were at Aaron hit it's it's great that it release all of it. So here's what land is and it's okay. It's basically got to follow me map as well Michigan affiliate links and it's. Patient much as we talk about it now right. So it's a map. But the cool thing about the map as you move the map around to hover your mouse over the sooner the little silver cross in the middle and it tells you when you go over parcel property. In the bottom it tells you who holds the property. And you can click on the link when you click on the link at the bottom it takes you to the tax assessments. It's that well if that county as of today the page yes some have a reported killing ideas so. If you live in accounting and like summer again anything is the pleasure counties not reporting. Or back on in their. Boarding ladder that is very clear today I remember years ago. That there was some of them that weren't even on line but just about all the world and they'll. We'll open up sons. Who last week two weeks ago when I have to go to Kershaw out. I was enough sons and some are down there at the county housing can that I like to keep it up went on got a feeling that I love that app and whatever county I was in our was going through the corner. It down they are reporting. Really meant it whether they would use it was sure wrong. No cart now commercial Camden there's. I think. Let them short how many have anyway and it's and an I don't know it still without county or one out of strap on thirty get to where I was going but. Cendant down there wasn't reporting. But the cool thing about land glide is no matter where you are you can even type in an address or whatever it'll tell you who owns that you go to the tax map. Right there a link to you go to that there that taxes social web site it'll tell you when they bought it almost paid with the tax value is what the land value with the property value is. Any inning get the dimensions of the house or the buildings that are on the market exactly click on the link for the map from flat in that little shall house. Owned the property you know I already aligned as well that comes up when you are have been out and exactly and you could look at it as a regular dude view word satellite view were ordered government. So it's really really. A good but it is I got I got several more apps and we'll talk about. But and she got to. I want you guys to get our investors can if you've been listen this show merger first time. We're gonna give you a copy of two of my books right yes our homes cap off and getting started real estate day training exactly and these are books that are available wherever books are sold you compiled at a bookstore. But as a listener to brag radio wouldn't do to you absolutely free we've got some other training that we're gonna give you as well. And that till about that Candace. So the kid you can until the opposite to get the physical version appear close enough to do so take a tour I mean everybody there and get a bill Burke. Who we are Molly do a little bit more than a show but at the digital can't works better for you. You can't give a Collins at 877 Larry go either way thinking of that office we're scheduled or acting at the physical kid sent out here email address. 877 Larry go past shows are on brag radio dot com or you can text the word BR AG 8038976. Zeros victory we'll be right back. Welcome back to brag radio. He doesn't drive in have a question about any definitely talked about so far and send me an email to info INF brag radio dot. Com hey you know we didn't talk about in the news portion or that update version of the you know Internet or should begin is show you kind of go through what current deals it bad and well we really go through today but arm. Very usual format we've got office patent and we have a blood drive scheduled now. For June 26. Blog yes. In 26 a ledge out an outline. For the Lindh to come over. And do you adulthood. Yet. Look at this moment and I mean we're. You know I'm on the radio right now. Let's do this you colony. So let's talk about that girl in the inning and the blood job and late inning of bullets there. Yeah yeah. He published you're talented people who need the blind it's June 26 is going to be office. That's a perfect reason for Sonny to make a plan to end up to investigate it. Who were doing a blog about it the office at the opposite the blood mobile is coming will be missed. Stuff like me I'm not there on the blood from people though that that they have professional. I got a feeling you can stick the throw hard I'm not a physical therapy and palliative care and not. Not lob it just a month and remote here. Another one behind us now I'm not well. My sister and lines now. Do was that then. There. Is currently. The. Tagging it come out there acting here now after your ship that he ain't no. To you and coming personalities can we get from navy T come. Along. The book that. Will there be cookies afterwards yeah that's that's quite well how can have whatever you out I'm in doughnut. Whatever you want. I haven't there for you went in the patient and the level ovary and stop. And give us some reader blow yet. It's in the people how about you get a free book. For every 180. For many come out ruling make a plan to come over what's the date. And when it is a news anchor. Isn't anything that everybody here will commit to. Recruit. Well run and and yet I'll. Now. If you does anybody listen and is actually take in the series right now instead of the people in the room with me right now. And it is June 26 and we are doing a blood diamonds came about because. On I left work late one day and wasn't able to make it's a blow job and concerts. So I decided. To make a bigger splash and make a bigger impact and to see what week did you. As a company on a larger scale because I missed it forward some bring in the blood got to office now the moment that I'm. And the people apparently amenities aren't people well not good people but sat down aunts and could you and is not a good thanks. And Jack yeah I'm not able to happen. But people. Champions and Kermit the political. Pounding gaining on him. Love love and it's it will be a bit. Apparently the thing that's awesome that's my June 26. If you would like to. And note any more information about that or go ahead and schedule yourself to come and join us for that info at Bragg gradient on. You tell them about it until about the Christmas party. And we aren't tipping bide their earnings and our pay. Winning eighteen for the bike jog and. Yes definitely hurt her. Let me take care of the blood stuff I played a blog stuff we'll start like them ice and off yet the employees at the office or two through with Cuba. Not to the real man out over the crap out. That. We enough blow around the earth. And Matthew drama and give blind. Next week could be used to. All I mean really an American rent crops and blind. Union body make more money your mind. That. I'm glad to do that that's. An important. Part to bring many. Yeah anyway. So we're talking about technology and rules they would talk about a few laps. You know FaceBook app market on FaceBook we talked about Angelo. We talked about Rupert come out and also land. And Candice there's another one out there similar to land are. But he gets even batter later on especially for market. It's called the old machine. Didn't mention that the machine you didn't know about the machine. She knew about machine deal. It. Machinists offs you haven't I here's here's the thing about the machine. It's primarily for vacant houses & Associates Kirk is here's what you do in Iraq and around driving for dollars. Use your lake house you don't know who owns okay. You you take a picture of the house right where you can type in yet dissident but let's leader for a house you take it to the house right. The machine looks outfielder. Right. You push another button it'll look a their contact information. Right. Their physical actress with accidentally instead of the property old. You can push another bullet in it will send them a letter or postcard. Saying I'm your president from a click a button Colombia where. And say please. Get. Real awful place to work Kamal. Upgraded from apple and and placed our expert Q do you like that's for kids. Dini and get them out now. He was close to me about it many. Earth a look at Bosnia and. I. I'll show up tomorrow on any apple Smartphone everybody in this room on the Smartphone except for you. Can this man has been upgraded from. Apple to an actual. So let me finish telling you about you deal with GM I deal with gene. Right deal machine. The cool thing about deal machine is not only can you push a button and it'll automatically in the post or a letter to. You can also click a button when it looks up their phone number. You can click in the book and the call their phone number right from there. It as the greater or yeah. It is yeah I'm right there I mean yeah. Another car charger okay there are charging for the direct mail order George Utley at the monthly for the human exactly much how much it is promote. I'm they do Georgia mostly for the link guidance is now have a free fourteen day trial. Right starter fourteen and trauma she wins check and he turned and follow rules that investor yet. Released an area. A rules that are. So that's deal machine okay a couple of other apps I want poultry about. Now if you wanna handle lecter paperwork and make offers on line. Meaning you won't be able to submit written offers. On properties that. And do that with a couple miles applicable you know your finger on their Smartphone. A couple of apps for that number one is dot loom. Dot loop that's really really. Just studios and offered an out right right in its in its listen. It's primarily for rules state agents. That you you don't have to be licensed to set up an account and and you can upload in production and upload or rental application. At least you can upload your own contracts. Your assignments you can upload anything. In the and you don't just feel with a couple buttons that clicks in the boom and listen and offer somebody some credit application so my for a tenant. Or that and I know that ocean island so that's called dot loop it's primarily for four agents vote. You can upload anybody can sign up for Mikhail. But. Another one has got to sign right here doctor Shah has primarily digital signatures. And the one that we used some we use similar to doctor sent is right signature. Yet it's very similar to. It's very similar to what doctors right. Right to what it does that those same thing. So you Gus I'm gimme a call 877 Larry go to get the investors get out to your email or text the word BR AG to 8038976063. We'll be right back. That could. Could brag radio this is an athlete in the world be rich in generous. Reading that with real estate. A lot of people that we have gone through the same thing. And today without all of us and he's getting go into how he has been able to be generous with his lessons from analysts say not only with money but what Imus. Well what's happened impulse. Failure don't everybody get married guy we're doing all shall we're doing awesome a really really appreciate you being an earlier your great god no need for a long long time. And I know you travel around a lot. Like to ride motorcycles which alone at. Well for you dispute is telling me. Or am and let's do it let's do what I love a lot of you were just tell me you got a brand new granddaughter and you're just gonna hurl all Harley shall slump than to do with partly right. Oh yeah so I never realized the joy of sport in the grand. My I signed my outlook is much older right so you don't. It is finally had. The grand daughter and so she's my first two weeks ago. And thought popped yesterday on Amazon in order opted. Paint Harley-Davidson out. That's good at eleven weeks old party bridge open yet in my plan my plan is to your teacher. For sure both sides in the world element Piccard of opera. And then commentator on Harley yet Harley ride in. Probably has scary about that. That is clueless she's gotta love that. He's gonna look that yet you're gonna have to be careful though I'm not sure how well mama gonna like that or pay the have a good time. That's funny so so Paul you know we've known each other for a very long time and you you know you're very successful will illustrate investors so tell our listeners. You know in the Carolinas all across the country a little bit about yourself of what you do. Our yep thanks so calm. Yeah I was thinking about that I've bought my first piece of property without seventeen years old. And yes my dad told me couldn't you know we don't think it would go right to do in the construction business and so forth he thought people in the construction. We looked at the a lot of land and I want it to. Built a house on it and so how speculative spec count you know. Right it is being turned out that he is seventeen I ended up selling property two years later double. Good for you walk beings. 7500. Dollars. Clear profit and I did the only thing. In nineteen year old boy should do with that kind of a windfall. A book mother. I'm in the background and bought a car. Yet. Anyway after that in you know on the other matters when I started. Doing residential. In residential slipping. Brian Cole. You know renovations those kinds of things. In and been doing my eyes. Oh. But in one form or another mostly in the residential world the world that those folk song of the year and five years ago or so. I get serious about. Investing in commercial real estate. It. And you know my earlier report. But about five years ago that hears about it and there are certain that the animal became products in both units. And because it useful to be on the numbers were potential. You know could have multiple streams of income. 10 you know rental home that kind of thing. So in North Carolina is the city. In the marina here only quietly per kilometer per. I'm in kind of an asset like this and so we take in this Molina and we are actually converting it to a sort. It was ability to camping resort so glam pieces. The derivative of two words glamorous camping. Really good in Europe. It gained popular on the West Coast or goals to bring to the East Coast. In the room. Make a statement out here glamorous can't camping out. Glamorous camping we sort out here only quietly in the southern part of it is going very well. Two beautiful piece of property but it was a different outlet to outlet discovered is that I'm a lot of this team. Skills. That I used it and all of my other investments are used out here obviously to buy this kind of the property. Com and with my extensive construction background as well and my extent of conducting background. And in that it still. Has presented a whole new range of challenges. Because that kind of it is and the property but it's been great experience and it's allowed me to be out here and so it. Sure for. A little bit of time in them got probably six months. On the power project toward stabilizing and then I'll turn it over to management. You know you want to know what the project. So that's kind of mine yet Smart government specialty uptake distressed property optical properties under or me. And and way out see monetize it academic reform. Committee generally. Cash flow. Well equity. Also man I loved that clamping it seemed like up heard that term. Seemed like I was shall word RV park crucial emotional shall some product or something that had that reality that it looks awesome. You know what's really cool is that this happened you know assert that the united. Are building our web site few months ago in. Oprah Winfrey interviewed mr. Obama. Like an exit interview right couple months ago and ultimately says so why it was shelves says. Hey let's go Graham being. Oh wow so they had the they had this little 32 team about can't be out so we took. But that little that and we we used to target and tried. But yeah glamorous camping everything's in its court see. These forty more. Astute client it's furthermore. Affluent client it doesn't want it likes the outdoors. Like the only lie acted like the beach could never be out here and attributes in ways that likes the outdoors and nature. But also wants the conveniences. Like a resort or life day. You know a higher end. Lot of lot. Now we got a couple of minutes left tell us a little bit about how your being generous you know what do you do with the blessings because I know you've been extremely blessed. Over the years and very successful Howard UB and being a blessing to others. Yeah thanks for that by the way like I'd like that. You know that angle he's got on on this show here truly great first quarter lead in anyone's who's been blessed with. Financial success. It ending the current exceptional help them Stanley those kind of things but since we're talking about real estate. Confidential well anybody has been blah. As an option to move really does need to contribute back in some form or fashion I mean we're all. Tillman is. And so I've been very fortunate to work in the community in which I live. While they're doing the property and people have even as I was in taxes what was your browser active community church. And we're very different civic organizations. Of my particular angle is right right for all like to work with the homeless and steep homeless. And let's agree to the homeless. I also do work with the he. And Jews children senator. Hospital. And Arnold also. I operate in the entry tree so. Our coach on the men's retreat. Which. You know helped me and we're emotional intelligence relationships. Business and that sort of thing. And all of that possible because I have been. Freedom two to lead. You have to go out and do those kinds of things because of what those states you know and Indian entrepreneur has provided these so. Do those things lately I'm active in the black coach. Newton. And I coached people who lower interest it and in building one to know how to give back. In either you know person in society that is. You know Portuguese. They have book grew up for an hour parents I would famine they talked about you. You should give oneself so. I'm pretty active and so that is great thank you so much. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for brag radio leaving the world to be rich and generous Larry in Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate creates the ideal investment. More information about what Larry Candice talked about on today to brag radio or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry gulf that's 8775277946. You can also text the word brag to. 8038976063. It's brag radio be rich in generous a new stock 1110993. W beach day.