Using HUD Homes In Your Real Estate Business

Kandas and Larry discuss how to use HUD houses to buld your real estate business.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry going to show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the rank radio network from the flagship station WB CN beautiful uptown Charlotte. Your ire host the rock stars of real estate canvas and Larry. What's happened and how's everybody doing and carry you through we got this is not a lot of people it was back. From my house livable until. And I guess I say this. We couldn't believe their clapper is plagued event the event the truth. Is that clapper is that they stay out of the event Larry. Right didn't yet from. So what's been going on Howard you're doing and carrying I'm doing an excellent excellent that the 21 or listen to show up their. This is Brad radio network leading the world to be rich and generous we teach people how to invest in real state. And the end we encourage you to collect their Bragg be rich. And Jacobs really be dinners where you are now because if you don't give me have a little you won't give when you know a lot. That's true I remember general who's one of my favorite trainer she's known as the father of philosophy. General news to say. It's best that you start giving William ultra small because if you double. You won't be immediately when the amounts are large so make sense yet. The dozens and nothing good. Let's also talk to did so well you can go back and listen to previous episodes of Iraq. Brag radio dot com right yes future and our episodes are up I'm rag radio dot com. That's absolutely right and look at this. Feel in the dead there when you talked about it. Yes in keeping you Melanie it's even info at Bragg radios while he has some really good questions we if you haven't seen any Melancon there before. We will go ahead and answer your questions and then we may bring it up on the air as well as nine times out of ten you know the only one. If that same question that's true that is true so. You know what are we gonna talk about this week. We're talking about Hud I think we talk about you know we we actually got four Hud deals this past week use that we might get Warner to. You know maybe sometimes three but we got four highland. Deals this past week the war dead. There I mean listen one of almost a separate 262000. We we simply bid 50%. 50% 131000. Any person got it. Done. Boo yeah they've. In Ireland it's a sad but it was that your first bid that now it wasn't she the cool thing about hunt is going to be an every single day. And isn't evil that's in line up at school and he called back like this some people like Pattinson at this today as it is eight. They're they would have accepted their first bit and your bid would have been too. And a and is learn insults. And busy and you think he's thaksin I think he'd taken. Are known him for video later I'd insert different songs that I agreed there and their great. Maybe show yet so it's so well what what we really wanted to do was have kind of troop harder. Write a two Carter but to part of immediately campuses here with her just to make sure you don't make fun of me. Yeah so well why apple looks and then money and Jamaican you're making fun of me already up to partner at Q harder. But to try that is funny in his southern accident without a harder coming up here. What the first part. Well the first party is awarded to go through line like right while look the benefits island the. I it half way. Now do we need to do come explain the difference between. The way you're referring to and sanctioning. Well. A section a it is a rental program where if you have a rental property right. Man and and you want to have a section eight Tenet hug will subsidize the tenets when it. And sometimes they pay a 100% sometimes they pay 93% general fifty bucks for all the books or whatever right Hud will. How it will. Pay the majority of their Rea but and that's what's called it section 810. Right right. Does that make sense now while we're talking Alan it is. Is it foreclosed house. That where someone had an athlete jail. Right right where someone hand and at each table and again into the bank and now the government standing here and it. That's true western now Hud does not make world they insure all right right. They don't make the lol do you get to you get an FHA loans at Bank of America Wells Fargo chase for something and then. A portion of the payment goes for an insurance premium like pee in my private mortgage insurance or whenever. And then if the borrower defaults. In. The bank contacts and pay all my money back. Right yep been paying the premiums every month old my money back right it's like their insurance policy in the calculus of the end when they get. And in the end hugged by that low and then high enough to fore closed property. Right and didn't and there's a lot of advantages. To. And and I were coming goes through those in all of this show because our mean mean mean advantages. Two by society advantages to buying an outline in on them. It's one of the reasons that I lawful and it's also the model for the the way you buy a home for example with pot you know well let me back up. We don't know with thinning type rules that okay typical. Oh. Nine the earth. With any top rules they don't list any litmus need to have your sweet yes chicken blank. Check Fuller. And play somewhere in this thing really. That's slow anyway. So typically a mark in in the bombing and shelling rules state you've got a market to find deals right. Rang the cool thing about ha it is. There's an awful calls you know a call and call a seller who are called the agent. You know you know inquiring giving a lot of information. You know there's no negotiating going back and forth because. Albeit that's your favorite part. No you're not even. Theaters and that's true but there's plenty of other sources of properties that you can negotiate with Friday. There's plenty of levels but with it it's all of and only. He simply submit debated home store. Or place you've been out. This hold stored so the phone call there's no negotiating. There's no direct mail she a lot of people were doing direct mail. To be able to get deals which basically means. Your children out letters and postcards. Absentee owners meaning somebody who won't how's the that'll live and maybe there are about a stake that can potentially be dole probate is another direct mail right. He is that you are on the in everything will partner no longer. A rules later yeah. Exactly like man. Squirrel today I cannot fit into marine bing and there was little I don't that you and implement other reasons and I can you. Oh. And how is that working out in pretty good your snide. So some other benefits are applied is you know you don't have to do us some marketing there's no direct mail there is no pay per click. Advertising you know what to do FaceBook marketing you know you don't have to go put out pandas. Are bird dogs are property located yours to advertise in. No basically no expenses everything is done. Hud Holm store dot com right Candice. I. That's funny. And I you know Hud quite frankly now you look at the mud as your sole source of properties. You know it's there's an end in just worn out until people keep five to ten different methods. But getting deals go. Right. But picking deal flow of ideas. Easiest. Fastest safest secure shortest no risk weighting it feels like and mail in today's market. And. Are organized as somebody would over the blue. No one. That that. And dominant unit here and flippant. I'm slip and you got them up the violent that show the source segment today is still how to get a free copy of homes and even that. I don't have it. He'd do I do not you know how to you haven't come out all the current tour I have none. Link him out of experts toward she has the abbey about the book. Which you've just candy to a few and give me cough scheduling office tore. 877 Larry go you can schedule it to work on my pick up the physical kid like. Lynn did or I can send you the digital kit to your email address. 877 Larry go are also text the word BER eight seats at 803. Eight none 76063. We'll Barrett back. Welcome back. Brag radio that the in this. And later what happened to land air gets tired then you better watch and you can see Woody Allen. That is ridiculous and it's simply thin air there. Right well you know it you're listening to your listing lives. You know who you don't see us because. We're streaming it but we do recorded Sonoma the any ability of our. Studio here that it will that's because we again and media who again and again. To a bigger studio. Across the hall which you have to do is you have to go to brag radio dot com. And and watched the streaming there want the extreme the art house. All of these these days here. Showed talent here never any strain. I'm tent. City witnessed in the wrong we'll Booth. We're on the wrong little Booth Kabila strain we don't have a sound board with a little sound that things. We don't and then caller capability so. Of course YouTube and permanently here. I'm. So if three sheets. And gave them. Finishes Bragg the rich in generous we used thrills they and that's we can eat she added you as well that's been our avenue where about. Rich in generous. That strike in a heroic the it's. We have been out we've been talking about well the first thing we started talking about in my Larry loves it house's. Young let him know of. Yeah media also if you just if you just watch and be sure follow social media by intentions. Do you go to the leadership council and someone left something that moment quarter over. And include canned this is crowding you brownie. Can have distort covered up proposal to issue thing. Click on big daddy and that a clean it up the middle critical they just aren't good outlet news and it will authority dried up whatever it is. What with the housekeeping so where is it Dermot for those that needed down now. The best way to gain him institute. You know it is not about exporters. In the air or are. Thirty minutes those things that you don't actually. All right so anyway it act. Be sure to follow shall I didn't book FaceBook dot com forward slash leery H Owens. And you can follow what's there and updates all over Albright episodes are also posted there as well. Home video and audio as well. So we're talking about pod houses. Some of the benefits of hard houses the reason that I like on houses we talked about there's no phone calls don't negotiating direct mail. Nobody in the sense marketing advertising. No expenses. And we also talked about all pot houses. Our bid all at this web site Hud homes store dot com. I'd hold store dot com okay. Now some of the other benefits that I really like it is with with. Is most of whom received listed below market. That's another benefit most of them are already listed below market. Now I've actually. We didn't deal a little while we actually. Eat more than list price for the property. More than list price for the property. So those people do that whether it's analysts properties to. I mean it happens in every on every platform and you're trying to buy deals sometimes you do about a little bit about what afloat deport. Yet it and sometimes you're getting more and because that's already listed low enough okay. So. We we had to deal little while back where it was listed for forty shall and we paid 45 we actually paid a 103%. List price. And we sold our house and and Hamas to remake of a deal. Which. Oh my whole point. Any any of them up on now on I'm sorry America and give our economy into Google and now look. Put your phone down should do like like I love you guys but into our view whenever. We're on the air. You know like like jury do I had jury duties this past week. And jury duty you there's been a person just wonderful and Tanzania I want our own tornado. Anyway. So. I have jury duty right and truck but that'll let you take your phone and they do not add a new word diet or in. Yeah. Aisles every it was slot that practiced with a note that disposal than couldn't do that constantly. Take your phone. He would be I would not want you on Jerry with me our form. Because your brain not enemy in or Q so your brain is not going to be in there in the Koran. It was. An. We shall we as a general. There were several jurors that only we had the eagle had no penalty area immediately. And we it and there. Some attorneys that were dropped from Columbia. Columbia's real. Well. We're an hour and a half let you know an. Emmy and ran in the courtroom. I would say OK you got paid for the 86. Jurors pool these jurors to pool room but that you pay for the sport. Is ports are. And then of course the judge was not the courtroom Stan in the 20. Nickel role in the two in the mail people read it right. The girl for sixty under eighteen cantv and have you with your over sixty that you option you can you can opt outs. Right but the rural people there oversees about your. In every not. Every mean I would I would absolutely. But and the yen. In Indian currently 11 o'clock judges that goes through the roll call and then the judge says okay we're gonna take a recess come back into this with lemon for. Come back at 2 o'clock we get there to the judge walks up to fifteen. And says ladies and gentlemen. But you wouldn't take off for the rest of the day just called the number and let you know be here. So called the numbers so close. That and it's all cases have been settled yours. So anyway you very last time. You know. If it was me I would make a rule that all cases had to be settled with a seven days of trial if not you're going to trial not gonna pick Oracle's. Why don't you run my country run them on Africa and I got too much of the G a tour. You did not happening yeah. This evening. And the high crime. Well that you do have important. Isn't it. Why not outfit and it's no you're just these silly now. The guy right along and evidence mean. I was just agree with what they're okay let's get back to upgrade over over a hundred person listless OK and 3%. Current 3% list price house with a for 44 of them Hud house. And remember we were talking about most houses listed below list right this one. It was listed for forty force on them and we paid forty something like two or 3% list price. And and when we bought that property and we sold for 899. And we didn't touch we did not even touched this. We don't Palestinian anymore you know learned a couple weeks ago about the I'm we don't do that delivery Robert. This was a fiction flip without the fix yeah we made 38000. Dollars on this house and and we turn around sold and did nothing. Two it absolutely nothing. You know we had a we had a student pilots and two alarm want to calls the other day. I'm randomly you know we'll go back and listened to our gas on the phone with students distant camps the other thing and and now and if you. So one of our guys with talent a student comment name isn't Ali do all the time and he almost couldn't fathom the thought of being able to. Make money on the property that we don't touch because he had been. Rehab and her or go see. You know the cool Leo loves crazy I love it when that light bulb goes off a student and I just bulbs sold a house in Alabama and I live in California. Wow I'm gonna do this again I didn't know was so you know he announced he would. Right now when we come back from the break and we'll talk about some more hope benefit someone goes through what PCR is. And where it absolutely imperative that you take a look this before you put vehicle property. And the PCR does not mean paired. Imperative. Be sure and call Candace right now 877 liter ego and asked for free copy of Hud homes have evolved. The book as well as. Some of the things that are in the investors Kia. Right yes both books as a hug himself off both real estate day's trading there are some CDs and dvds. Things like that if you're in a digital version which you are more than welcome to do by just calling 877 Larry go. It will come with links are additional training you can also text the word brag PR AG to 8038976063. Plug it back to brag radio. Leave the world to be rich and generous love from a. Town Charlotte with the the 80% to their part and in the Mayfair fire. Yeah I'll buy me the guitar based on in your client Angel heart and I'm sorry I can't. This is trying to paint and that's. Ivy. But home mine guy you have to do I watched the video AT&T tag them. Unfortunately. Well at this price shuttle's return the camera on image and Dylan and triangle and Shannon knows its have been adamant that the we need an idea senator we should put up their game and cool that you see on that yet. That's an excellent idea at the end laying commending your tyranny of the spot. I. Oh lead this thing right here. About business. That's like a two Euro are no fresh and fit it in your now. Does that. Elect elect. Good okay so well today we're talking about the benefits apply it once I'll like. Houses soma. And I am and we ball on houses. As cheap biased 1%. Of list right. And we got we got four houses just this week just this week we go forward deals now we did kick one level back we threw wobble back. But we. You could see where she's been queen and everything you here a while. It anyway. So. Miami bureau bag. Well it wasn't as good deals with us and and in the instant we had like 60%. What do we get it you are we just spinning them back in time breeding and she and not raining or she can renegotiate with the reevaluate and then start a bit lower. Yeah that's exactly who didn't even do we're gonna even tell people what we're pounding. Least I'm not a muffle not really doubt if you're watching NC. I'll put it down. So anyway. Yeah what we're gonna do is we're gonna lower our bid as if they accept the next be right since we didn't since we didn't senator pot deposit like we're gonna close right there and they understand what maybe it's not as good deal news you know. That they thought it was slow you know we're gonna continue to make offers low work. Now with the net with the weight and we Aznar elements but the first thing. But with the way that we make it a bit on every house in North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia every day. How did we not know. When Aaron showbiz ergo and in. That we needed to be lower you have to ask Andrea. I know the answer to that I see is our hunt girl and she is open and I will tell you that I do know. Com ire hide bits are put on aid an automatic percentage right. Well yeah and though from when we first started out right yes Bethlehem however. However once you get your Nabisco and then we put a specific number each after an evaluation it right after an evaluation of language she should be past that it violation point. And everything and putting a specific number every property right. So. Just wanna let the people. So one of the other benefits that I love about hug. Is Hud always provide what's called PCR. That stands for property. Condition. Report. Now the cool thing about a PCR. It is. Now now hug when they foreclosed property. They are what's called an asset manager disliked the banks do the asset manager it's do their job to dispose of the property to sell the property right. So that harm what's called field service reps in the field service reps will go out and drop files. They'll put the stickers in the win though the though you know put those stripes and stuff or the tape the stuff over the toilets and sinks and nobody uses it. Reports water in there. And changed the locks and all that stuff right right so. One of the things these field service reps and 400 houses is the only specific to. As they go out and they feel out of form and do what's called PCR property condition report now. I'm going to be the first with a always present. No and it now option to where. It's both ways though I've seen it to where you know they said the property needed shall than relieved it. And that scene scene at the where they place that it didn't eat something the but the great thing about the PCR is it gives you all of the major. The major part right for example HVC. Heating and cooling system okay that's at the top of the list they're gonna let you know that can test it. They're totally you know it's operable in the Italy you know what worked what didn't work the next thing the gut check of the wiring. Right they're gonna go around in there and even though the power resolved for credit they're gonna pick up the generator two or four a test testing. Pastor but I don't know what. Anyway the a couple of things that they can attest to make sure that all of the wiring works right so the wiring that's the second thing the next thing they checked. Is all the appliances. The stove the range of it and you know everything dishwasher. And even the kitchen kept it right the temperature conceit if all that stuff is there or opera right right. The next thing we're gonna check for is the plumbing. The Giricek can make sure all the plumbing works there were tested. Check it makes a master and an kitchens the other to protect the dream is to make sure the toilets flushed all the sinks drained and the un checked. The pressure. On the plumbing to see if that holds pressure right like a lot of times you might see some light held 35 PSI. That's per square footage. Now they don't test. Hot water heater didn't. Well this test and ensure their water. I actually actually. They do check all of the all of the oracle utilities but they do check. Just about everything except you're actually right they do not checks specifically the hot water heater is eight times that depends. It the periods I've seen some that do it options on the dole like on the house that we talked about in the previous segment. That how else we had to replace the high water heater before we close. I was there in the water heater was they aired it was noted on the PCR that as they are but when Tom the was that the buyers that did the inspection the buyer's lender acts and inspection that's you figured out that hot water. Here it didn't actually heat the water that's only had to replace. That's exactly right in the exit now did they go as far as to test the shower head purchase just the wire coming on at the base. I think in the in the into the well. What do you mean bouts has you know thrown out here at lake on the bathtub with a shower it's not separate. So do they test the shower head as well I have a. Has to make sure everything holds pressure and so they're gonna put pressure at one hand where it comes right back with a water comes and they're gonna put pressure there in the they're gonna go seal up everything else while they're doing their inspection and and then that in check and see if there it is the proposed 35 PSI per square inch right pressure on it. And then they're gonna do the rest of their inspection and and they don't come back conceit does that still hold thirty. Right so. Next thing is. Next thing is the they do actually they do check the water here most of the time camera told you all on one of our previous deals so. For the most part they do check the water heater and any other appliances or each piece here what do. And it's all men on our report with say they actually nota I'm winds. The functionality is like isn't functioning and like it is okay guess like a little eatery. It is absolutely wondering how I handle you haven't pulled up to the only other specifics let them so. It's definitely theories and this condition is okay here. Exactly exactly and then the last two things that they're going to check is the roof. And the septic system okay. Now they're gonna check the septic system whether it's almost septic system or its. You know city city sewer whatever the gonna check that the make sure works and the gonna check. To make sure of the roof doesn't leak or does any signs of league that it crawled in the attic and look at it do crowd and yeah yeah they're gonna they gonna check it out and guys those are the main things that you see. In a PCR. Right that's the biggest things in house call anonymously get a free copy of the book. Hud homes have fault. Right yeah -- talks about it in addition to that both you give them real estate day trading book 877 Larry go 877 Larry go text the word BER eight seats at 8038976063. Today was brag we've been talking about a thousand. Her bag Mario. Best thing in real they could be rich in dinner and lunch dinner at. Exactly be sure postal FaceBook. Dot com force less leery eight should go and write what the age therefore. You tell. The now on and that's right behind that Hud Agilent you wrote a book that he didn't I didn't Nona literally. Now to one too bad we don't some other we need to come up when another Akron and then with his name. Third day trading here and homework on that what little work on the tenth. Well another book you can get by calling Candace getting started and rules they day trading on the minds of houses. The same day using the Internet we've done in twelve different states you can into. RAM you can't schedule a tour to come in and mean everybody again physical Kidder and in the digital kids here in Malin yes. We stopped and people can't see all out opt college athletes in public and it but at all violence agencies and mr. Boehner apparently and cleaned up this through the smarter. And throw any do you have any questions about today's show if you bend drive and not able to take no answer any thing. You can check out brag radio dot com for the senate or send me an email in vote back radio dot com. There you go we're talking about the benefits of Hud houses loved by and how to houses. I am known as the it guy and wrote the book on it and we buy and sell a lot of houses we actually four offers accepted this week. Usually it might be one or two sometimes three but we actually had four offers except this past week and Andrea and and rightly even though we threw one album back it's OK one album was listed for 262 we picked up for 131. Another list was listed for like hunger and thirty or forty shall then I think we picked it up for seventy or eighty is standing. End he had another almost listed like just under 200 and we picked it up for like one hander won eleven something so we'll so yeah these are great fix it flip properties. Now we don't conflicts and no he did so. Called the and kinda combine it you can fix it all I want to do with how I know all we wanna do is make a quick ten or 151000 dollars on it and move it over to somebody else. That can make you know 30%. Right right yeah we we want it to be a win win for everybody so it's not like queer. In this is to make you know like we're talking about earlier 38000 on every properties sometimes our formula works out in the ARBs there but as a retail pro where we can sell it to homeowner that's gonna move into it. But we really just wanna keep them off the books in an out. That's right and that's exactly right. So there are a lot of heart benefits we've gone over most of listed below retail that for about a PC or property condition report the next thing won't talk about. Is they've been clean now. The best part I don't mind going and look in Atlanta had to go son. One of our properties the year ago I do like and in ounces of you know that area and and take pictures and things like that is redolent. And I never mind those. In a less than their little sketchy thing. Well you know I've never ever ever been into a trashed clubhouse I never been to a trust house. Right yeah there just aren't any the the asset managers in the field service rep that's part of what they do. If the people left furniture if they left you know close that they left crash in and around the house it's even the storage buildings cleaned out in the have a new pat local. Right over the million units that what that's that's not get me that's the next thing Candace is if the house smells bad. They removed the carpet. They call him do that they take all the carpet out. I don't. Ask me I know well me 877 Larry don't ask me I know I've been in several. Hundreds hundreds and thousands of parents say and it made several in of these albums that. Several in hand. Hundreds it's. The that smells its need to use their nose smells very good thing for me. Well you know it used to bother me when I first got into investing but I heard somebody say Abu it was Alan Thompson the founder of metal honoree. He said there's books in the York's. You know it's like a nasty smelly house. That is why when you name it and declining and an influx India critical element down. That was the government but you know it's at and I actually I heard somebody say one time you know we went into a nasty house that said smell that. The system. And learning the truth about. Money out there. That that only we've gotten a look at a few in. The pattern. It's true it is to throw the curve of right. So so they remove the carpet they've been cleaned out the next thing is you mom and a disk yeah I mean actually goes without saying and you can buy him and disappear right. Even at a deep deep discount like commits a we've a lot of hot houses. 60504030. Uneven ball a couple of on the 20%. Of list. And the thing is it. Our peso we about a lot of these in North Africa we've been one of the leading a buyers in the state for several years. But that doesn't mean that we give priority ever anybody else that did a word about it does it just because we've closed up more than the next doesn't give us any kind of clout. Or anything with that you baggage. Better discounts soared deeper discounts or anything like that it's all just based on what they name you know their bottom line for the property they could care less say they don't care who we are in Michigan an award of companies are taken out in a backhand volley down and a lot of people's leader when are you teaching your corporate holiday. Many. I remember and some that will have a. A descent planet are you teaching your competition well the sad truth is most people are gonna follow through. Oh yeah not only that but I mean everybody's so diverse in what their looking for a we have a very specific model that's two and we have a very specific formula and everybody. Doesn't have to have that same formula to make ends me. That is out there does blow them up on that is so I'll call you and magnitude investors it. Is there up the discouraged people optical now only calming. A lot of I can't hear it now. Right so the next thing wanna talk about as far as benefits is there's no deed restrictions that this is a big one that's right. There's no. Deed restriction no team should not huge doubt what does that mean it's huge that means now there's some there's some sell yourself there's some banks like anyway. And I believe that is home to Cuba health two home you can't sell my house. Right for more than probably it's 10% profit in the first ninety days. So. Anyway with Paula you can buy a house at 10 o'clock. And then have your closing the circle land up at 1030. In the bars for 5000 potential for 50000 heart doesn't. Here and see and that's emergent a little bit of our other strategy that's in the other books that people get to rose they day trading. Yes via in my Gonzales and a yet. That emerges a little bit of the two together and you'll find that I think across all of our training is. On negotiating a sack from Hyde is the same whether you're gonna the inch outage is filthy rich is or alternate buying and selling machine. Order in you know people that don't know of those courses tend to listen to us before. That exit strategy being seller financing release option or also Alan. That crossover. Marino and. I'm looking for the website. I'm looking up another another a website here that I wanted to share. Now remember this no deed restrictions. You know you can buy and sell. You know you can make as much on an issue won't tune you'll have the holder to specifically at that time some people call that seasoning. And in other wars where you have to own the property for certain at the time before you can sell for more than excellent profit right. Matt Allen there's another thing with the two you've got sit around and make sure that. You are and he always did business honestly and ethically but with when you go into a pumps or in your search and make sure you accused. The correct Tom type of buyer. As far as we're concerned we are investor buyers that whirling and we look in an extended properties. That's true that's true there's a federal wire types and did. So. Make sure you did as an investor double Lashley were mentioned with Hud is there's a lot of data of opal. A lot of data of every one of the web sites that I wanted to share with who is hide the home value. Dot com. Hud home values but wouldn't sure if it was singular or plural so that's why I wanted to look at upright quit and it lets sing your heart home and dot com. But you can search and find out what every hub house has sold four. Is for cell for. And they even give you an idea as to what they think it will take for a hug properties now I will tell you this that partisan relevant. Because I've seen them tell me. You know you're gonna have to bid 200000 on this and we got a bit accepted for Auburn to him right so and I've also seen it the other way around this way. It can go either way but the best thing would be for people to give us a call 877 Larry go and just get the book. Request additional investor skits announce your email. I can get that out takes the word Bragg be our eighteenth at 8038976063. You can also let me know you wanted to adopt the store. And come by and pick up the physical yet. Thank you canvass and make sure to tune in every Saturday for brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry in Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate creates the ideal investment. More information about what Larry and Candice talked about on today's break radio or to get a free investors can't call 877 Larry go. 87752779. Forsett.