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Kandas and Larry discuss using social media to build your real estate business.


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Welcome to black radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry going to show you how to be rich in generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the right radio network from the flagship station WBZ. In beautiful uptown Charlotte. Your host the rock stars real estate pandas and Larry hello hello hello Lou what's happening and until an excellent Howard to do it again great great good to be back. Saturday afternoon. Right. Are you ready are you pay that it's in this. Aaron. And me. You. Need. You're ready inch any Hewlett that's agree. It should. It's like the term. Yeah slow. What do we do. Where. It is brag radio and investing in real estate it be rich engine is this your first show. For that we have been on the radio. I'm confused. On the and Obama is not. Good good good so. You just tune in bright radio is all about in this funerals that to be rich generous as Estes and that's what the answer and that's the western it's. Analysts on pressure I loved this is were among those efforts shirts there Aaron diamond. Button being in here it's real sure. You Google on the run. It means that the this year. Any way a lot of rock stars where. Really you moron I'm not ever seen anything Marten popular and and who who else dire straits there's the challenge those. And who else. Eric Clapton. He wears a robot every show he's the Emmys and tell them. Outlook the outlook shirts. Aren't aren't sure enough about my own my idea apparel wardrobe. But yeah. Were gross me out I'm used to Harley shirts and in other button down that this blatant dining club and none other weird look this year. This weird. We invest in real estate to be rich in dance so late and afford these answers that you like the way it's. Hey you can't spend years however you want. I'll con that's right for the last couple weeks we've been talking about marketing to buy properties not voting as initially it was going to be like our planet do. And then it has stretched out so this is now their marketing to sell as well Leland and I. Yeah that's exactly what we're gonna talk about we're gonna you know we got a lot of Lister reactor analyst come by the office or exit to a three. Maybe four blisters last week as badly last week come into the office. And it's cool to see people come in and see there. You know where they're from what they're doing their dispute started but you know what's even more cool lets you know Michael Richards what's even cooler. Is people who. Are like inner inner circle and circle students that are out there and out kitten deals and I'm in the emails calls and talk to him he just got my third deal. And and realized it all started with them call each absolutely ego in that crazy it's pretty wild it really and it. Radio show has prompted so much of other people think that's. The way it was this year. Elect that the we have to do. That didn't. Of course treated elicited. They came in the door now again you know. In everything situated Abidjan you can ups here I can hear your cough drops in my head. Mr. everybody out here and there may be yes it in fact it let me play with a roll the tape yesterday but you're good and I tell Obama it's a lot. Of Heathrow their final but it often is on his stomach and that's makes it fun and. Or like water bottle at. So weird Q why did marketing this so robberies. If you have let let's let's talk about that so about it sort of oil what do you would say well what she. So. What we do is we whole cell house it's okay areas as many of our listeners know we wholesale color will stay date trading of recoverable called getting started and we'll stay date trading how to buy and sell houses and using the Internet. But there's a lot of different ways you can market for the property seat Candace you know you know this. I have a lot of people we have a lot of people that come to our events and they're scared to make offers could you don't want the biggest fears right. Yes. In the total what is. Right. They're scared to death may governing governing governing alliance like old news that the three most important things rules. It is makeovers Oprah had it. So what I wanna do on this episode. They share with you some things that won't help you. To be more comfortable to make golfers. Knowing that you can get the properties sold because a lot of people say oh my gosh. Of 50000 dollar house or a 100000 dollar house or 200000 dollar house. How in the world in my gonna sell that house. In fifteen days or twenty days or even thirty days are we gonna do that the limit his son if it's a deal. You can on the bar and it fits that deal would you care for an America you call me about a house where it that the deal. If it's a deal actual house. Thank you learn from us and that's going to be doing about it. Well if you learn and you listened opens let me Perez that all the next thing I don't feel that learn from us but sometimes they don't actually listen. Which is a problem because there. That's true we have some people that'll come do tour maybe get a book herself and then in the call up he has got a problem can you help me out of well you know come to find now that Paul how's that paid to sure the got involved the sticky situations. That you call me. Before you bought this house right Candice. Or riding in check through the material distinct sure that she covered your basis. That's right in and it. Good for you okay so first thing you wanna do and being able to market your properties especially through holes selling okay. Because who re wholesaling to think about it all right you also want to go out you pick up property may be as they RV. After repaired by a 100000. Maybe it needs 101000 more okay. In Europe and Canada for fifty beautiful so for sixty that person holds solitude. They're gonna put him and work at seven and in the 400. Deal for them right now so they might fix it flip that. Or they might fix it now they about fiction seller finance it or least optioned the property in the war right. So investors should be your number warned potential buyer for. You were wholesale deals and was the best place to go you know fish in the best nationals right. Go to your local re groups hate real stands for real estate investors associates. I just told somebody about that this past week that called on that called in to the Bragman 877 mango and we were talking about that and he was radius started gung ho about doing everything I had researched. Real estate investor groups and so hopefully a little less CNN national honor this month. That's great that is great and grudges don't you medical metro in Korea the largest largest investors group. In the Charlotte area there's others out there you can also go to media go to meet up dot com ME TUP dot com. Okay and check out. The different rules state groups that are local. You know meet up will check your location and then you can search from groups within like 25 miles five miles or ten miles or whatever. The just type in real state. And there's 45 different groups out there. You know we used to do regular media in just got to be too much is because Obama probably keep me on the road all the time but. Enact into. Yeah I don't I'm with and people. Don't on the scene and it is now yet. Yeah see that's what I'm no fan and loyal and that's why I'm grooming and had it at the moment. Would be the rules they do room right. As you know. Grooming you have figured them out in a park on it. I'm bored I don't like forced education community near term. You have views. And about himself the pressure I think a lot into. Italy. Bill. But we've got a ton more things we need to cover about how to market your property but go to the real groups that network it's full of investors but all the there is real state investors. And if you wanna get a free copy in my book. And some other stuff. Call 87 cents or call 877 Larry 877 link out speaking at the investors get out here email if you are. Close enough to the opposite come on pick it up we'll have a digital Mina physical version ready for you there. You mean 877. Larry. Back. And I respectfully. Some so now we're back welcome to brag radio and that's funerals that to be rich and generous. We're local the Charlotte, North Carolina you're probably listen to this either in your car or you're listening to it replay. You can be listened to it from India the US states or the other countries we've had people from all over the world tells. You know that the ministers loyal listeners right and aren't related to us economy. All hours of the day not relent and let time because they don't hand this is going to follow. Not an Iowa and ends in an instant on and that's. Is there any. And that's seriously that's 1 o'clock in the morning and that we were in the afternoon and shall be. I don't know landing from aid. Rain on. Nine. What's become an all that good three edge of vacation. Wanna get an. So we're talking about how to sell your property is very fast but it was awful seller. The best thing. That that the biggest fashion you have a wholesaler. Real estate date traitor that's what I call. Is your buyer's list your cash cash buyers list right in the first which we talked about the whole last sentiment. Was you Rio Group meet up groups and we groups the other thing you need to do is every time you see. And I bought houses. Whether it's O line and or its lighter and regroup for today it's a science and about how silent when you see those. Or anything any ads in the paper you know afford telephone poles and it's. 01 and FaceBook need to call those rats and find out what they're looking for. You know not all about houses and silence and ads and all that are holes or other holes. They could be landlords that can be fixed and flip investors. That's sort okay so does any term you see somebody this is buy houses. All the Shia and flyer Facebook online and offline and whatever it is or car. Port truck like coma and it's a it's a moment shortly about stark. But. It is time we see that you need to call and find out what are you looking for your cash bar you'll go for fixed and flipped. Are you looking for buy and hold are you looking to do seller financing or are you a wholesale. Now. Their wholesale. How can you still work with that competition. Or can you still work with so. Let me share with how you can still work with. And so. If they're also wholesaler in your whole seller you can match them now what is your strong suit is your strong is your strips are you were strips. Gesture and Arturs hustle and who was thirteen makes from the real technical and he paneling and better grammar and in the union he definitely has its because his mom who teed up in a little has three degrees today. And I'm not Toma thermometers. At the open. Then let in the world married and and I have no degrees nine. But you know what happens sometimes. When Pam gets mad at me she says or what you know. You don't even have a degree. She says yeah she does best and I mean but you know in my responses. My responses 100 thermometers have degrees were to some people put those. A Q a. That crazy. The vote anyway so you wanna talk to this other wholesale or. And ask him what are you worse separates those. Districts. That are display. In more social. Clinical. Oh it's go it's in the past. So anyway. So what are your stripped so. There's certain thing called pole holes and we've done it at twelve. So co host selling this where one person fund the deal and another person sales the deal right. Like you might be good at finding deals getting deals make it offers negotiating your government contract I. In that you might find another wholesale power that has a buyer's list already built in right right. So for example we've got a huge buyer. We didn't. As well now we've got a huge buyer's list we got buyers from all over the country we've sold houses to people in Australia. All strike. From right here in the Carolinas. Can you believe that. We've sold a house in Australia. From right money. And now. We really result housed beat with Nicaragua who. The you. Couldn't. Get a fined an okay. He called me a redneck all right it's all right so anyway. So what to do the use and people. Look at it like it. So what you gonna do is you're gonna. Find other wholesalers that are good at what they do in the new complement each other and you can co wholesale deal like for example if they get a house and contract for fifty. You know you can go out Charlotte in each make profit for sixty in each make. 5000 dollar right. They're great or what plan on your strengths that abandoned by exactly so just like if any if anybody's listening. I should say if anyone listening is because I know there's at least one or two people as that but if anyone listening. Has a deal that you need to wholesale unit us let us know we haven't we've been having great website to go to. 22 cellular properties it's called submit a property dot com. Submit a property dark like that don't have a student. Well they can submit. It until they can submit a property and sell to us or they can go to Larry about houses that outcome. And submit that same property. So that's when you would be about MI bit slow but anyway. You can submit a property and and you know its deal will sell it for. Okay because we have fires all over the country even around the world so signs flyers. It's printed classifieds FaceBook ads online classifieds. Online houses for sale all that stuff. And even in looking at all those like when you look online classifieds. Like Craig's list. FaceBook ads which probably due June FaceBook was getting into the rules that business. You set some I deny it until he says some about this past week I did see where they are. Get in until like the job market thing to where they are allowed people to post jobs. And you can you can geo target for job seekers now and then he said this past week about face again into the real estate world. That's true FaceBook is getting into the rules state world and in fact they've partnered with a somber. And with the apartment list dot com they're going to be putting. Properties for wrist in their marketplace you know the FaceBook marketplace right they're gonna be putting properties. There. And you're going to be able to Lister properties in poster properties and all that good stuff and they often it's going to be great it really is. So FaceBook is not to be outdone. By. You know is a low or Or any of those others right. So there's a lot of things there's. Or else could could. Back got those back and just a second chance 11 quick thing before we get to that as things break here a minute. And when you're Collins. Science when your call on all the other. Adds to see what it is their ballot their strength and things like that. You might even pick up something that they say are their voice now that you could incorporate in the let you do many of the Baylor job around and we call that sign. Just because I wanted to hear whether it was Knauss you know what this I don't remember what a sad that you actually right. Help doubles is set up for you really just give some good information. And Allen sent a lot of money at outback eating at Goldman. Or the other side and. It because of my computer. Leave me alone without the Pete you Nicklas Dolly now. And allot land that is wrong that was just. In it to be back don't permanently now. Are you look at companies that are in the party. Movement. A note and slow. End when he decided about the regroup make sure that you have business cards legitimate business cards when you go to those groups to people I'm wants to go work with people that are. They know what they're doing. So if you does on a copy of an ounce up off or if you want a copy of the real estate. They trader book ends in CD's and other education and we got in the investors can't give it caught 877 Larry go 877. Larry does. And we'll get that out here in Mallory and come out of office and pick it up we'll be right back. Welcome back to brag radio that the in this. And there's these boys these boys and their music that's where I'm running out love you Larry now you guessed concealing. CEO. I am. An area. With the music in ornament remnant of debris a meter and hall and holed a few of them beaver concedes that randomly get it. Vampires that won't work. That. I don't know I work. Oh which had leveled breaks open. Do you do and he's got a new telling how he got into lying down a bag with. Thanks for Asia. That's okay dangerous. So we're talking about. Marketing to sell your property to so many people were afraid. Two to buy houses or even make offers because the biggest fears what they say yes right. So we've talked about so far about regroups to your local re group code you meet up. Go to beat up dot com. About houses science flyers and all that for. Signs flyers. As a print it only costs I would not like total selling. If if you Fargo deal would not religious element. Partner up with somebody. You know economy what a lot rather have a little bit of slump and then all of that if you against aren't. Exactly. That's exactly right shall the next thing is the place to find buyers is auctions. Auctions. Both owned land and off line. Auction and I can understand how you would find buyers at auctions off on honey on them online. Yeah it's added he got the seeds would there are as usual our bidding. Yeah there are certain web sites like real to bid dot com you can see their profile and has their email address in their pro. Does that grade or that interest in it truly is you can also run ads at auction sites like eBay. You could post a property. It doesn't even have to be real deal with two. It's a potential. That you poston bad guy. And then people inquire about it and there's a bars and sort of this property is not available were you looking for a Potomac bars. Yesterday arm thing let's pretty. I. Nothing actually is pretty common. I'm very and that's a lot went up calls. And immigration and that's that's. So. O line class homeland auctions and offline and auctions. There is a website called auctioneers dot org auctioneers. Dot who are G. Right and and you can find in the auctioneer and local auctions in the we're in the country that states. All of well all the different auctioneers cause it's a professional association the most auctioneers. Our members. On that. One each in one imagine the to acknowledge him. We can do. Yeah. Out of the killers. So. Here's another really cool thing. When you find properties that are available at auction in your local area now this. Is this is really good. Auction buyers list. Right here guys. Auction buyers that's right. Exactly what this I think most people do this okay but the ones that will do. Will rest assured you will get real buyers and they'll be cash bars. Is what we here's what she shot. Here's what you do the guy. You go to a property that is about to be auctioned off now. They're not showing the property they. There you know people in that potential investors go out look at the property okay. But the realtors aren't taken people over there walk them through military. In this you all I'll say here's what you do. You have some stickers. Right. That have your name your company name and your website and your phone book thicker. Than a sticker business card. Well it says. Here's what the business cards look at the bid in this color. Here's what assess it says I have houses like this only cheaper and with your name and phone number when it's in the go in the stick it on the front. The storm. And then in the investor goes and looks at the apple code the NORTHERN IRELAND. Oh while positive there's investors going through the house looking at it to try to determine what they're going to be in any investor didian an auction. They RE cash buyer and there are real and they're not a wannabe there's not a newbie typical typically. Right they're not new day they know what they're doing. And you're gonna get calls you're gonna emails right and neither and there are going to be Rio. Cash buyers don't you guys remembers a lot of people say. You know just like I said earlier we have a huge buyer's list it. It we do. But what's more important than have a large bars list is having any real. Active. Engaged in Hungary in cash buyers right. So that's that's more important and India really you know so. Those stickers at auction houses. Ready. The city you don't get called. By anybody afterward at night when they actually got to do our auction. We mean you're a little bit auction house that typically dual life. Yeah are you gotta do is look up on the web sites like auction dot com home XO MB dot com hole which used to be home search. And some of the other auction sites ruled to be a look up that whatever area Alexi here in Charlotte, North Carolina and a and just look for houses available they are cool rental houses particularly for wind. And front door ready and I thought you gotta do. And usually you have to do that you capacities somebody. You can run at a number I just land it situation. That's a that's what we do. We pay a signed jockeys to go out. And put silence. We should probably put stickers. That they can. We don't do this yet. No we don't you gave this week I don't we don't do it we don't do it right now only be calls. We already have a huge buyer's list. And we buy in three different states we don't buy in Charlotte specifically we don't buy in Raleigh specifically recruit Columbia ala. We buy up all over the place right so we have many analysts everywhere. That you. So. The money is not the right. Often acumen uneven doing. Well we as a great up and it is a great at least so listen we've sold houses but she'd we have sold houses to people with California. In Australia we have we have a very by Zealand we we've sold houses which we got. I can't honestly you cry at seven senator Larry you can get on countless does well. I edit them in such a buyers were in the bars listeria and and inquire about our inner circle apprentice program. You know where we can personally mentor Yuen who helped you to open and that's what we do. That's what we do so. Anyway. We got two minutes left in the short militia for control one more out there okay there's. There's a talked a little bit about FaceBook but I what you would down specific about FaceBook Coca. Which this money and run into the next segment possibly. Use of FaceBook. Everybody has a FaceBook profile if your own FaceBook profile lecture personal profiles OK that's where you connect with friends and it's okay. But in addition there. You need to have a FaceBook needs for rules that goes right. So you have a pay to top bright and try to FaceBook. We're says help them to a drop down to actually add a page at a pace for your business for you real statement and mobbed by houses or what that broke I. And then. From there there's a lot of different things you can do with FaceBook. I mean just a lot of different things and when we come back from the break I'm a tell all those different things so get ready get a paean handy. To write all the stuff down because he's going to be some really cool FaceBook hacks. As well. But in the meantime. Cans that you didn't get a free book and have us mint. Real estate they generator but men area there real estate day trader not a bounce up off the Jetsons CDs and dvds that that information. An education materials on the Imus well. You can get a call 877 Mary get out if we are if you are close enough to come out of office and pick up the physical kid. Then I'll have that ready for you if not I can send it to you. Digitally to strike fear email give calling 877 Larry gut check out our past our app shows on brag radio dot com. We'll be right back. Welcome back to bring radio. I'm human. Really like and and a junk in it here. The average amount of observers good ago start bringing him now they wanna air on. Any sort of round here I mean how are saying my. Oh. Let's review. It is to win screen. I think noticed noticed Chad has war does not that would. You know the girls. He knows how to call without enough pop pop up on the ability. Of. They say you're gonna talk about on the last saying that you said you said that you had ended FaceBook acts. I absolutely all this race is an army base that tax. It was FaceBook hacks for real estate investor owners right. Real staters real. Rules and that's what must uncles and their only areas that. But that's OK so proud about building your buyers' lists Eleanor property's market to sell the properties. Guys there's more users on FaceBook than any other website out there okay obvious that the group right. With FaceBook you have a profile. Okay. But you need to add a page for your business all right on the top right hand side has them its last segment clerical help. Click O at a page create a page for that now from there what you wanna do usually followers. Today. So you wanna start promoting you or pay. Age make a post okay. Make a post about houses and condition anywhere I have deep discounted properties for sale fiction flips fiction rants fiction seller financing. All the good stuff say what you do post that makes imposed. When you go out to a property. Take a video of you tour in the property looking through the property take pictures and posted it put it on their put it on your pennies. And then you can also do what's called it promoted post when you make the post. You can promoted and you have to spend elect and dollars a week OK you don't have to spend much doll book promote that post. From. And promote that occurred so you can do that. Now that's a great hack right there and itself. Interface that as an affiliate program that we should have done a plea today announced that for. FaceBook going here. Mark and careless well Zuckerberg. He's human in my opinion in an information about it is due to grow that market it's a drop in the. When he flew these groups. This. And if you like. The next thing is groups. Groups are huge old place. Groups are huge we need. As an organization. Are a member. Of over 200 groups probably close to 300 group so please okay. Now you really need to do. In his search for groups and type in the keywords realist. And wherever you go about. Like sharp rules North Carolina State Carolina real straight Riley rules today. Las Vegas rules state you can also type and other key words like private money for trying to raise privately dispute deals. Private money. Rules state private money. For closure of other key words like short sale. Wholesaling. Rules state. Investing. Land awarding property management. Seller financing. There's just leveled out there there's one called. Whole selling houses full time. There's just bullets or. So jewel in his meaning of those groups as you can and start. So to join his many groups is pianist or posting of those groups to start networking and put ads on those groups that have houses. I'm note guys that has sold all of their wholesale deals no other source that FaceBook. Really isn't crazy or no other sort of us and I am from. Says that no other guys that can. And it doesn't surprise me that they can't just do it solely on the rise we've got some students. And the DFW area and that's how crucial their houses has a place book that's now especially. If you are all refinement to our house or you do lease options. FaceBook is a phenomenal way to sells houses or to rent those houses right. The next thing of the groups you join the groups in the post spoke. Regular the regular poker on a consistent regular basis the next thing you're gonna do is you're going to store your home. I. Like we have some groups for our students. Most likely going student group yeah we have legal circle group for sure members. The network and helping each other as well. And have layered on golfing group. Master. Mastermind. Ego. So because also when you see other people post. On the group's. I don't pages you also won't comment. And Sheryl when you share on your name goes right up there as well you know. Like we re going shared global blog post from you know real state also right. So if you share. And you comment. You are doing it's as well. I had a really active it's pretty have to be very intentional. With grapes that's true. But so you wanna share you won't post and you were calm it right and that this is doing well those groups now. We don't know nobody asked me at time for that. Right so what you do you have of the day. A virtual assistant. For. In an hour of the day for about two dollars and in in the Philippines. A virtual system in the Philippines. To make your post they can even think it is separate page for you. The if you don't even care if you don't even have a profile. They could setup a profile setup plays the conjoined groups that opposed the common share. Post join all the groups that can do at all for you. A virtual assists. You can harm virtual assistant for virtually nothing yeah. And are there for about five to ten hours a week. One or two hours a day that's it that's all you need. And they can children tire buyers they can even make those offers for. Right yeah that's what our newest VA does he's making offers for us I'm excited and I went there. Yeah me too I think he's gonna do the only price you didn't he didn't walk all yesterday. He didn't wall goals and until about 10 o'clock. And then when we finally got in touch with him he's at I'm sorry we had a big storm here could pull them. Well that's only a well I think that's the only problem with the Philippines. It is. With the Philippines. That they have a bad storm. Immediately and the I. It's sad but it's true. In that we've had that is not really I guess it's an issue that is not an issue at the same sound with everybody. With all of the ones that we worked with. That's I salute and a common thing. That's actually true now the other thing that I would share with you before we go. In addition to FaceBook you can do this scene hacks. With linked to him saying it ain't saying. I'll praised grew. Comment share post. And joy there's all kind of groups. Only stand. Yeah well done you can even post adds to recruit people. Only nest to recruit and position managers and sales people and all that stuff and Alan. If exactly there's a tremendous weighs about ways to do. Now than we've gone over a lot of different ways to market properties right right but there's a three week there's a tremendous amount well. Marquee properties this is weak market about property about the Basel. Yes but. If you want all the other ways just called Anderson get a copy of my book getting started and rules that day trading and ask her about art and shall Oprah's program. Yet they inner circle apprentice programs will vote give you a lot deeper dive information. You could also come to win our three day events it's not quite as deep dive but definitely deeper than the books and appeared just likening it started the books. Our and included in the investors can't even get the digital versions sincere email or if you're close enough to the office here and likewise South Carolina. You can't come on pick that up we'll have a physical version ready. 877 Larry go 877 Larry go check out Al paso are out some bragged radio dot com or send an email me at info at cracked radio. That's gonna wrap up today's brag radio. Leading the world to be rich kid generous for more information about what Larry and Candice talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry go I think 775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Marion Kansas we'll show you how to invest in the real estate at them anyways real estate creates the ideal investment here on news 1110993. WBZ.