Vatican Responds to Sex Abuse Crisis, Youth Employment at a 49 Year High

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, August 17th

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I three W. Try not hard. Order. About him. Why don't legion. Jesus Christ gets the is alive. Yeah hopefully he'll program. Welcome to our Friday broadcast for lots to share refute today hope your day starting off well and hopefully a wonderful transition into the weekend. Lots of interesting things to share we have faith focus Friday back with this today. And probably one of my favorite authors frank viola will join us in the next hour he has an extraordinary new book. Hence. My dear to say it here in the so called Bible belts. It's a book I strongly strongly strongly. Recommend. And I don't say this abouts. Many books but in the spiritual realm. I think this is probably one of the most important books written. There are a threat. I think its message is timeless and it is. Timely. An essential insurgents. Re claiming the gospel of the kingdom frank viola will join us. In the next hour to talk about it Tim perhaps we'll have a mom more than one show because. There is so much addressed in this book that it is. It is absolutely. Dynamite. So. There's that also. In interest in conversation. Lou once segments of this broadcast today. We are going to hear from a local TV news personality who has been out she's been sick for a while. Ands. I just haven't run into him yesterday. And the story behind that is is just it's crazy how this happened especially in light of a conversation that took place in this studio. About 24 hours ago. The guys and I will talk about that and you hear. From this news personality. Who would join his son during the course this broadcast this is a recording conversation from yesterday. That we will share our what are starts. When some promising signs against Saddam. John Kerry's narrative Kenny gets blown up here I don't know what she'd argue about the Iran DOC talking about NAFTA a timber which arrives. About a better deal. We have the story the drug administration's nearing a deal with Mexico on or revise NAFTA. But there are still some issues that have to be worked out with Canada. So what we're talking about it's they revamped North American Free Trade Agreement. This would be a huge breakthrough if it happens. For the administration after a year roller coaster talks. Intentions. With both trading partners. Prison trump is actually threatened to withdraw from NAFTA. Leaking negotiations truce call for a wall along the US Mexico border. And slapped tariffs on Mexican and Canadian steel to apply pressure to make concessions. Both Mexico and the US have some strong incentives to pushed through a deal quickly. Mexico once likened to an agreement Ford's new leftist president takes office the White House. Would love to have a win before the mid term elections in November. Canada however. Not so urgent. There are expected to return to the bargaining table once. The US and Mexico settle their differences. And the question becomes whether Canada's finally willing to re engage. Sign off from what's been agreed to already and work out any issues there. So the trade negotiators. They've been meeting with senior Mexican officials in Washington. And both sides of largely agreed to new rules on auto trade. Top priority for the White House this wouldn't. Boost investment in the US and curb a flight of domestic production and jobs to Mexico in exchange. Flexibility on an earlier demand for an automatic five year termination of NAFTA and a proposal to make it easier for the US to. Press anti dumping claims against seasonal produce like tomatoes from Mexico. So it looks like. A strategy now. Is to close the deal first with Mexico. Without parallel discussions with Canadian officials. This has been characterized as very unusual. One trade lawyer. Specializing in Canadian US affairs. Not so sure about this he thinks the drug administration's playing a risky game. Because he said if you have a final deal with Mexico and you presented to Canada. There's something already accomplished. This may not go over well. Here's how this works. The US congressional rules on trade require a ninety day period between the administrations notification the deal on the actual signing an agreement. Mexico's new president. Was elected in July takes office December 1 that means a NAFTA agreement would need to be announced by the end of August. We nearing that. In order to allow for the ninety days to pass and for the current Mexican president to sign the fact before. The new president takes office he she are tricky to sits. Then at least two weeks. Two weeks. To work out a deal with Canada. Even if candidates signed some by month's end. And there's a three way preliminary agreement. That would only begin a lengthy process including a period of public review economic assessment by the US international trade commission. They revise NAFTA would not be voted on by lawmakers until next year at the earliest. After a new congress is seated. So Canada which candidate thinking here. Well they're likely to have a major issue on the new auto rules. They're not likely to is actually bad they're expected to go to the mat are at least two US demands. Trump administration officials want to pry open tennis restricted dairy market and do away with the existing NAFTA provision that allows candidates challenged. US anti dumping claims to an independent panel. Also. Appreciation for leftover from the recent deterioration in bilateral relations after trump refused to give Canada an exemption. From steel and aluminum tariffs. There were also some harsh criticism directed at the Canadian prime minister. And the straight advisor. Justin Trudeau is under a lot of pressure to stand up to drop. He's unpopular in Canada. So a lot of moving parts here. I think it's good for America. There we have apparently some concessions year. But we have to wait for these to be finalized. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks and then we'll see how the rest of this plays out with Canada. And here in the United States what is a new congress look like in January 2019. All of this. Under consideration I'd love to get your thoughts. On what's happened here are you encouraged justice. An encouraging sign for you. Giving the Canadians will play along. Those and other questions to be answered in the future. Torre can of economic news on the way during the course of our broadcast. Some very interesting stories including one of the things we talked about. A couple of weeks ago I believe about jobs that are available. One of the hot areas tricky. Well in order to drive you gonna have trucks. And that seems to be a difficult thing to pull off now we'll talk about this and much more coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I told you there's so much good economic news we've talked about this. Possible wrapping up but the new NAFTA deal. Here's another piece of good news. Youth unemployment hitting a 52. Year low. And this is an area that's really important I've always believed this is really vital. Because for young people involved in the workplace this is an opportunity for them to experience. You know kind of gets your feet in the water inexperienced real life. This an opportunity to learn job skills but also learn responsibility. To just get a taste of adulthood. And know what it's like to work for someone. I think experiencing this as early as possible. Is absolutely. Vital. It is vital. We won the most important thing said he believes developers they work ethic I can tell you stories. Hope. We can I tell you stories. This is something desperately needed right now especially among young people. To develop a work ethic. Which is one of the reasons why we have what's called a minimum wage the minimum wage was never created. For working people to support families that was never the intent. But this is where. Our young people coming in fact I would love to see us take another look at child labor labor laws. For this very reason. I'm not talking about toward him up putting lure children into factories or anything nonsensical like that. There are plenty of tech jobs for instance. I mean how many jobs can be done today on the computer. So I kind of wonder whether even now we have antiquated laws in place. That are too restrictive. We also need to deal of this broader question and issue. Of how we prepare our younger people and make jobs available for them it is good to see. There we've got a record low. In terms of the unemployment rate among young people that is a good thing that we should absolutely celebrate. Another interesting piece of news. Wal-Mart. And you would think anybody who knows about the economy it's going to be the executives at Wal-Mart. And this is pretty much a picture what's going on with middle America. Characterizing this economy's being the best for their customers in decades. According to an analyst who spoke with Bloomberg News. This based on his conversations with Wal-Mart executives. Right now the best economy for their customers they've seen in two decades. Armored based in Bentonville Arkansas. It's also a place where nearly 63% of voters. Turned out in favor of Donald Trump Tony sixteen. By the way back in July Wal-Mart was forced to pull an anti drug T shirt and shelves. After customers threaten a boycott. And expressed outrage. Not something you wanna play with if you were retailer like Wal-Mart. And we have this. I was really intrigued by the story I mean it was just a few days ago we have a conversation. We had this conversation about its job. Opportunities out there what do they hot areas to get into and one of them we came across with striking. Wall Street Journal has a really interesting story about what's happened in the trucking industry. The free demand is so hot right now. Truck manufacturers. Are expecting to break records for order this orders this year. And they've got deliveries. To go well into next year in fact if you order a new heavy duty truck this summer. You have to wait until sometime next year to get it. That's really good don't you think. It's a good sign. There's an unprecedented run of orders for big rigs in its push the backlog of truck factories to nine months. That's the largest since 2006. Back during that time. Truckers were concerned about environmental restrictions. So he decided to try to buy these trucks before those cake did. Typically the backlog is five months now it's up to nine months. North American free dollars ordered more than 300000. Class eight trucks in the first seven months of this year. And they're on track to order a record 450000. For the full year. The largest. Book since 2004. When orders reach 390000. And you're curious I'd love to hear from you truckers. What you're seeing. In terms of this particular industry and if you're one of these people is ordering a big rig maybe you have a business. A small business yourself in your ordering. I like to know what this looks like what's going on in this particular area. I'd be curious. To get your observations about what's happening there. I want to turn to. Closer to home. And a couple of elements. That's. I want to bring to your attention. I wanna start. With social media because I've been following this for the last week or worst were to. When things I've communicated is. Just how. One of the sad things about getting older. Is. Watching people. That you become familiar with pastime. And there's certainly been a lot of this lately. One of the people that I've learned about just recently in the past couple weeks. Was. The talk show host on this very radio station. I'm referring to Jerry Klein. Jerry Klein been in failing health for quite some time. It's sub and horrible journey for him. Horrible journey. And it into this morning at about 630 John Hancock posting on social media about this. Jerry Klein passed away this morning about 630 long hard fight. Rest in peace Jerry. Lewis I'm sure was waiting. Jerry and I ate I would not have agreed on. Political things. But as you know right now I hope. We had a number of discussions just abouts and it's just about politics but just about life. And rush humanity. And it's it's certainly sad to see him go. John you're also familiar with Jerry. Tell me some about your experience. I know would they brought him to WBT back in the early nineties. I would hear him late at night then I didn't agree with him on a lot of topics but he was a lot of fun to call in. And you know a lot of lot of vigorous discussion. These nine now I would like to call Linda in can aggravate Jerry from time to time. For a hate us but then years later I got to meet him and talk with them and to spend and beat one person though dissent and nice got to talk with them. Talk about radio he loved radio. Absolutely. There's no question about that and it's. It is do as I mentioned it is very sad to see him go and yet it seemed time it was such a difficult difficult. Rode him very long and arduous. Journey on the way out so. We have. Just recognize his passing this morning. And time in the very least that's. A time of suffering and struggle for him has come to an end to Jerry Klein. Passing away this morning. Still to come on the broadcast. I mentioned we have faith focus Friday. Coming up in the next hour this is an interview about a great book it's called in surgeons. Reclaiming gospel of the kingdom. Excellent book we'll talk about it's just a few minutes away stay at this. This is still this Coakley radio program. Other Vince Coakley radio program if you like to join as the Eagles advantage talk play number 890 reliving ten common sense retirement planning takes lined. 71307. And anything we discussed today. One of the interesting stories we also talked about this week. This grand jury report on sex abuse by priests in Pennsylvania devastating report. We finally yesterday heard from the Vatican on this. Breaking silence. About reports of decades of sexual abuses by priests and cover ups by bishops calling the accusations criminal and morally. Reprehensible. Greg Burke director of the Vatican's press office had regarding report made public in Pennsylvania's suite there are two words. They can express the feelings facing these. Horrible crimes shame and sorrow. Terms under save our police he treats with great seriousness the work of the investigating grand jury of Pennsylvania. And Valenti interim report has produced. The Holy See condemns unequivocally the sexual abuse. Of minors. Bob Francis has been under increasing pressure. To address. This rapidly escalating sexual abuse crisis. Sexually spread across. Really every continent. And it's been a little awkward at times. Quite awkward at times. Because the Vatican has stumbled on this issue some Catholics are worried the pope's ability to serve has a moral witness for the world could be compromised. If he does not act decisively. Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston. The clock is ticking for all of us in church leadership he said. Catholics have lost patience with us and civil society has lost confidence in us. O'Malley himself said he canceled trip to Iceland. Sorry about that I actually Ireland. For the world meeting of families. To deal with a sexual misconduct investigation in his arch diocese. Own seminary. So kinda curious again and it and I'd like to hear. I mean are you encouraged especially from those of you were Catholic Q are you encourage you finally heard something out of the Vatican on this. Are you optimistic they will address this. And on. And it's pretty firmly. You don't address this by moving people around reassigning people. Doesn't work. They're asked to be much much more this criminal aspect. There's a personnel aspect. Both of those things have to be in sync. And unfortunately. It's not always. And that way. We think that's been very clear we'd love to get your thoughts. When you call or text him about this. On a personal notes. I wanna tell you about a conversation. That took place in the studio yesterday. Button to give you some background IE. And known Steve crop. From. Charlotte television station WB TV for quite some time we have a lot of things in common. We both I went to Eastern Kentucky University. Graduates of that school. I both missed worked at the same CBS station in Lexington Kentucky. And Chris we ended appear in this markets working at two different television stations. So I run into Steve from time to time. And I think we also share a love of jets we're talking about a concert as a matter of fact we were looking forward to. So while I understand that he was ill. I did not actually see the story when it aired in WB TV actually showed the story. And so interviewed him he'd mentioned he had an illness. And would be out for awhile. I did not see the story I was curious in fact just yesterday. John tell me what I asked about just yesterday. You you asking about Steve carpet and I was Dylan. And in it was really interesting because I did I would rescued anybody see that story because it was a weaker to. A go and I was trying to figure out does anybody know what's going nine. In fact during a break. I walked down the hall to a WB TV and mentor to her friend Dennis Milligan. To ask him hey what's the deal. And indicated debts. He's dealing with serious illness in this out for awhile. What do you think happened yesterday. And this is so. This is a story that what I call Romans 828 story with the scripture says all things were different for good those who love got a call according to his purpose he orchestrates. The affairs of our lives. Just so happened yesterday. I didn't issued to deal with. With some Social Security paperwork. So I went thinking I had the right documentation and guess what to know. You need to go to this medical facility and get it and so. I went there. And lo and behold. I your voice call out to me pigs. There was Steve Crowe. Ended up talking with him for a few minutes we prayed together. And I asked him hey can we talk for a couple of minutes and he said sure so curious are exchange. So I've run into. Steve croft. And we've had a I don't believe in coincidences I definitely believe this is a divine appointment but it is we that. Great visit here time of prayer. What do you wanna save as I'm sure they're people lots of people out there would love to know how you doing what he wanted to say. How does one affect them I want to pick them for their prayers. I want to thank people for their various levels of public support. I want to thank you for your friendship because a lot of people won't know we want the same college. A gazillion years ago and worked with the same TV station and I got here a moment before you and up. Always admired your talent and the ability that you had to be grace under pressure as we've competed on some of the scenes stories and you know to stay in the U taken for who you are and you know and I admire that. So much about you your care whose offense. You know your credit to our profession. And a full review and I'm glad that we had a chance to sit down. Brave. Protests follow the developments on this journey. Then again most importantly the viewers not had a chance to have homelessness that I had a chance to come you know for the past three plus years it's. You know it's just it's been an amazing ride and I'm very grateful for their support and we're going to be back. Linda. And more specifically everybody's going to know how Steve doing what he wanted to tell she's doing fine Steve lose on the mend. Steve. A great. Team of medical professionals. And more importantly I think you know this is taught me some. Very important lessons about faith I'm not a guy that were so please CS school stripes on my arm but at the same time. I think he got a knowledge who have to go through this kind of agility. You must. Amen to that. Got bush Steve thanks for your friendship but it. Conversation Steve crop just yesterday afternoon again. Just asking about him yesterday and lo and behold. Randomly run into him I'm sure it's not random. I'm sure you would appreciate your prayers. And I suspect he may be listening right now I'll also if I remember post a picture. With Steve on the FaceBook page and one of 63 of your deal also. For a WDT. So keep saving your prayers end look forward to having him back. Stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Back on the Vince Coakley radio program. And our previous segments. We talked about this. He reaction finally reaction out of the Vatican on this latest. Revelation of sexual allegations against priests in Pennsylvania. And Dennis eager to talk reticence rankings mountain this morning welcome sir. Good morning how are you right here. Alone at the life long Catholic. And being in an area that I'm in which this overwhelmingly. Protestant especially Baptist. We kept ourselves confident. Daily almost defending your religion. And I have been extended and expanded independent and more likely out big cap but the rest Marla. But aren't just saved this make you angry at such an understatement used bad. And it is not just anger just embarrassment there. It doesn't matter now what I say that these these increased need to go to prison and the same thing they did to these children need to happen to them while in there while. A hole and made the come right out today. Then went to jail. And advocate the giving them the harshest penalty which you can hear. Because as Catholics we do what we're supposed to be defend our religion just for something like this stuff happened. An up and not the beta on a problem I'm gonna do that but they live for this there waiting for some light is and of course if you go our FaceBook and you look. You see and you hear comments like Kris should never be around children to begin where. And it checked out the church they're doing it I mean Churchill never. Turned a blah and I toured with the church and not bring it in Arafat be part of it people had a before they even come within their cancer from within. They don't come into the church and become paddock. So it does it make you angry that they got in there but it is not the church spring and again we're just still just this angry because when the church aren't about that they should be thrown. Under the GAO. But they hobbled enacted that aggravating an embarrassment part of. I'm gonna ask you this tennis how do you think this happens how do you think they give in the first place. But. Ever out there I do believe there kind of beforehand. And what they do it based CC. An opening they see that they can get in there they're around children when they come descriptive study than Bob goes and such an altar boys and they. This the guy about her people say well maybe if you took a way. You know the fact that they're celebrate that by itself but because there. I think that's not the case. And when will somebody say that the fact that they come in and they're going to be celebrate. And then say well that's why they're taking these kids know best their sick before they complement. It's saying that when you have that high school coach who come here and he's already got a thing for young girls. How do you do you prevent people though tennis anti vet people and just. Determine whether they are fit. You can't if you right now where I decided I wanted to become priests. Where we decide to go to the seminary we do everything that we're supposed to do and it doesn't matter from the Catholic Church put a Protestant church on the corner. If spent what you are before you go win there's no way to bet it's just you can't know. No more than the TSA can know if that person community gonna let a bomb through. Yeah there's no way you'd have to trust that person. And that's why it's so important once they get in there and a church sign out about it this church need to call the cops and say this from what I think they've gone on investigate yet. And prosecute to the world. I hear you Dennis I do appreciate your call and thanks very much and and I hear your passion. This is a rank and file Catholic this is very offensive TU. And I'm sure you wish there were much zeal in the leadership as there is that you have a gem good morning welcome sir. You're out there. I thanked part of the issue our group southern Baptist. You know let them pay for the kid because I had a total Immersion don't go bad group. And you know one thing that impressed me about the Catholic Church here is that it Trulia many government would that saw him. Territory property he goal by could count year old. And engine but much like every government including a government where there we're right here every day. Nobody controls them I'll make good comment you or your apartment several probably not quite in control of our government is littered all living breathing. Somewhat control and did you MIT had to sum up what you're expressing concern about is there's a danger whenever you have the consolidation of money and power. Yeah and it doesn't matter where. All other brother article others say in Columbia, South Carolina about these charming little perk is all well and well particularly in Carolina's. Bury your head and emerge from bar her closer and older are quite poignant story. Active members and make their candidate actually collect enough money to pay their bills. But yet we got the Catholic government aren't culture shock collar Catholic government. Bet that basically duck whatever that hey I want and it. But you know while they're partner but they don't know whatever there all the time every day but all the government where. And while I. I understand your concern their gym I appreciate your call probably enough time for at least one more let's go to David's got a minute or less year taking away. Pants love your show gone through this and absorb larger area knowing about a lot period. Yeah I would I hear this stuff about the pre I think about. This stuff but none of it due respect in this sixty dollar DeKalb school the Connecticut the sixty. And my basic training at Normandy which were pretty much like you talk format or jacket was not the compared to the mind games of the violence. And abuse. I remember about a third grade teacher at Fallujah era slamming my face in the black board. Because I don't know about problem not once but we cannot. Intellectually the gulf war crawl the my hands and knees back to my desk. Not a soul that I worked condition looks fab new blood running down my face has coated in there. David I would operatic set up about David and I'm very got to ask you just have you found healing. Win your soul for this journey and experience. Apart like that I'm forgave socialist era a few years ago. And I had dismantled Asia wise yeah. Up against time here I'll hold on the line here at Davidson and I'm coming up faith focus Friday right here stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing that AC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no big Stokley radio program. Our number two of our broadcast. Four bit later I'm gonna share some of the texts and while there's some pretty extraordinary Texan cannot and few minutes our conversation about. What is happened the Catholic Church the year. Grand jury investigation in Pennsylvania will share more of those text and a little while first though. The conversation I've been very much looking forward to you frank viola. It was a book by frank viola that I have to tell you. Begin to revolutionize my life was a book called they can christianity years ago now he's got a new and out. Called insurgents. Re claiming the gospel of the kingdom. And I to tell you on this subject there is this broke I have to say there's really no equal. I've asked train to come on this program today and perhaps we will talk more than once. But I wanna have given the opportunity just to share about this book what it's about and why it's messages so essential for. This generation frank furlough welcome back to the broadcaster. Hey you've been a pleasure to be on again I really appreciate it. I am one start off here by your motivation for reading this book what was stirring in your heart on this one. Good question. You know Ole ball and I'm someone who. Is not afraid to. Challenge the status quo. Mentioned pagan christianity which came out ten years ago and you know I just knew in my heart for you many years it's something had to be wrong with the way we do church. And many people share that feeling in Charlotte that begin to dig around I realize is that. Churches we know it is very different from what the new testament teaches about church. And SI wrote pig christianity which basically deconstruct. Our idea of the modern church Jorge Barrera was my coauthor. And what ID came to realize. Those same sort of way is that our views on the kingdom of god. Need to be be constructed as well. That most of what we believe about the kingdom come speak impressionable from the conservative right and be progressive left. It has been all I believe and so. I discovered. After an intense study unit has met what the kingdom of god was so what Kagan christianity does. For church had ended revolutionizing. Our idea that. Insurgents. Reclaiming the gospel of the kingdom does effort king dome as well as providing solutions. And remedies for some of the problems and so. That's why I wrote the book. Is to present a new fresh vision of the kingdom of god and and just afraid that couple of the kingdom that Jesus. And Paul and Peter and the other apostles continued to repeat them preach. I want to know what is that gospel and how would law states it's. And my my answer was yes we have basically overall lost that. It but let's break this down piece by piece frank what is the kingdom of god. You know that's great that you ask that question I cannot be defined in the SoundBite. The Jesus never define that he illustrated it. And I do the same thing in the book I illustrate what the kingdom of god as I can tell you what it's not. Thank you know god is not going to have them. When you die and that is basically the idea that many conditions have only Cano got that's something I inherit one a passed away. The good thing is the kingdom of god is not the equivalent of signs and wonders. And then that's when our charismatic Brothers and sisters tend to believe and emphasize. I'm not a person who is from the charismatic world I believe in signs and wonders but the kingdom of god is something leap beyond. Signs and wonders then there's another view. That's and the kingdom of god is making the world a better place entry of people working for social justice and and political. You know leverage power to try to change the laws and things like that it legal that's the kingdom of god is making the world a better place. So those are three things events that it's not in the book. I allow hole. By illustrations. And testimonial. And many things from the new testament to what they did it just cannot be defined in this sentence without draining it from its power. But when people begin to read the book has has so many house. They step away and they go oh my goodness I have never seen this before him. Now I get it. And and the messages emerge sounding out to say amazed challenging Blair wrote the book coming up I pray throughout the book you you know you read your prayers. Hello yes go through it you know or reasons for good reason. So you up for good reason but you know it really comes down to the no revolutionary. Message of Jesus Christ and that is been deluded and watered down. And really the impetus to the book advance for me and I begin to study radical terrorism. And I started to see. Why people were radicalized. I mean we have Americans that it it'll radicalize these terrorist groups. And their commitment and their allegiance and their devotion to those. Car that goes all called this. Do so profiles to its soul all encompassing an and you know I didn't think I compared it to the allegiance. And commitment and devotion to the average Christian. That the average person out to Jesus Christ. Compared to the allegiance devotion and commitment that the radical terror attack took their fault because. I was stunned because. We as Christians for the most part. Don't even come close we cannot touch then how much they're garment when it comes to the commitment that they have to their cause. We compared to the commitment we have to Christ and so that led me to a question what's wrong. How come into this way. I want to break this down in terms or we can we start talking about gospel. You talked about it's two different directions this bureau is and see how all this has been perverted. Let's break that down the first part of that down what is the first message. One of the messages that people are often getting about what they believe the gospel aegis. Yeah I think for many Christians what the gospel is is the idea is that. You're synergies just came to can occur. As the son of god perfect to die you know in your place. And just forgive me forgive you of your sins if you simply believe in him and so did the wait is take shape as usual leaders. Something called the sinners prayer which I Trace the origin of and pagan christianity I can explain exactly where it came from. It's fairly resent the sinners prayer as a person said that there's Pereira is coming up hard now they have their ticket to go to heaven. All right and so basically what they're commission to do anything evangelical world. Is to try to get other people to get those tickets to take the yeah so what may god legal to have an RK so about all the whole name of the game is going to have it. And there is certain only eat the promise of eternal life there is certainly needed views savior. Well land Paul apart since went throughout the Roman empire and he preached what he called duck got a bowl. I wasn't wholly different message. And in that day the word got people would actually used. Buying V. Emissaries. Of the Roman emperor and what it meant was a Roman emperor has died and Nellie knew emperor has taken us for our own. And we are now preaching as evangelists they actually use that term evangelists. We are now preaching. The good news. That the new emperor has stepped into the furrow. And now there's going to be peace and salvation and justice all throughout the empire. Get on your knees give your allegiance to the new am per. Wow that's a powerful. Image that you presented there were up against a hard break here we talked with frank viola. He is the author of the insurgents re claiming the gospel of the kingdom we'll continue our conversation with free Raiola. Right after this break. This is still this Coakley radio program. I just love the text line. Like this wonderful treat you need to get that blasphemous. Opinion made it worthless bookseller out of the air. Just my thought that meant sure couldn't get any worse now promoting sacrilege. What do you think frank let's continue our conversation promoting sacrilege here. Yeah you know well here's as saying if you read acts seventeen. In the book of acts chapter seventeen you find that Paul choruses. Was accused of subversion. And treason. Because he was proclaiming. Another empower. He was saying. Case neither is not being there as the new king in town. There's a new king of the world. And he it was a due from Nazareth his name is Jesus of Nazareth. And now he died and rose again from the dead and he is savior and lord of the world to. And boy that crater riots wherever he went. And so that got people in the first century. With the announcement that there had been a new lord of the world and it was Jesus of Nazareth. And if you pledge your allegiance to him if you tricky you give him New York. Believe me collegiate that's what's faith is it's cement truck segment you Entrust your life to him it's not a mental note sent to. You know it's not something you'd do with your mind. The devils believe in trumbull James says very. But it is then their allegiance to Christ. As king and lord and savior. And that's that's the foundation of this thing. Your entry and and and fight in just can't advance this your injury inter relationship with Christ we recognizing his authority his power his reign. And that changes everything. Yeah you can really understand that he's toward the world not just lord of your own individual lives but I mean of the whole world. And in the affected this book is having you know Communists and buckle down by we're doing here but. This this touches politic it touches racism. Such as gene of oppression injustice injustice still let me read to you real quick. This does from an African American pastor. In the inner city of Philadelphia. Because I have struggled with the divide in the body of Christ when it comes to race economics etc. There have been times when I've been discouraged and disappointed with other Christians. I carried the flag of social justice. I carried the flag of conservatism. Evangelical politics I carried the charismatic flag I carried the flag of isolationism. I carried every flag but Christ I have been to seminary I have finished my doctor work. I think all of this to say that this book insurgents. Reclaiming the gospel of the kingdom has a radically changed my life my vision and my perspective. Of christianity. And that's not just one. Of the event I'm getting Emo like this. From pastors. Seminary professors. Who leaders. Others the gentleman that you and I both know he's 83 years old he's yeah cedar could see Don acting. Because I've written about fifty books I've read hundreds maybe thousands and my 83 years insurgence is the one book you must read. And I and I would add a dime them posted after reading your book keep you posted some who sent an email basically said. I'm ready to die now because this message has been proclaimed. Like it has never been proclaimed before world we're out of time here but I wanna continue our conversation. Perhaps in the future briefly how can people read. Insurgents working they find it. Okay great one place they can go to insurgents dot orgy insurgents stop orgy gets sample chapters. And analytical spared they can go to and just look up insurgents reclaiming the gossip only kingdom. Or they go to your local bookstore and if they don't carry a ticket is sale moral order insurgents. Reclaiming the gospel the kingdom like frank viola. And ordered for you since the great places. Our semi frank so appreciate the opportunity it's our view and perhaps will. Have a discussion again very soon thanks for coming on sir god bless ship. I. And I and I'm serious about what I shared with Don posted. Donna can different mind you for me mention him as a a person I look up to his a and spiritual influence in my life. He literally said that after reading this book he said that this was everything that I wanted to communicate. I'm ready to go now. That's pretty strong stuff. Because I know how passionate he is about this particular message. Not your calls are welcome now and so were also written text line and carries some things there. We also have hold over from a previous discussion about what's happening. With Catholic Church with a priest issue and pat good morning that. I'm sorry you are right. I am I I have been. I had considered Pope controversy in my church. Been merely ninety's when the first rumblings came out. I know I might study met that this is not. A new problem in the church ordered society. Where it goes back thousands of years you know wait a perpetual. Problems that the human nature. However if I'm considered a part of our problem is them is. Main character I think there are always bad. I want the actual problem in and the church itself. That homosexual priests and bishops and prelate. Who are promoting their own agenda. And in order to get walked away from the homosexual then because of course homosexuality. Has become acceptable. They'd call that other Helio because part of Syria is. Is still. They're still. Taboo about. Yeah that. There's no question that some of the victims of Catholic priests nuns you know that they're the clergy. In general were children under that age twelve and I'm the underdog so we clinical definition now. I don't feel yeah. But most of these priests and bishops. And cardinals who have been involved in the controversies. Are homosexual. May have been infiltrating Catholic Church. For. Decades and decades. And you say this is an issue nobody wants to talk about they don't wanna face this. Her. Yet and terrain ahead. And Aaron Miller and the fact is that. Arm. Them they have infiltrated the highest levels of the church in the back end. I'm sure you Brad and you know there have been media report club now home factual and drug fueled. Car you end. I tried to I don't want a good or bad I don't wanna get into some other speculations I I think you run pretty solid ground and what you communicated before about the need to discuss the subject. Because it is kind of an elephant in the room because most cases we're talking about. Men with Boyce and see that he is irrefutable. Let's try to Dustin in clover good morning. Good morning. All agreed so what do you want from listener first some core processors are a million and the atheists are here in the deep south I home. An old. How can we let you win here I'm just getting eaten into. Jerome all of looking at the local Catholic Church have been read not for awhile now and I'll bet all the herbs for twenty years and from the world simple ma when the church demand that the Catholic priests should be celebrated. And look you know person down to natural human. Need to have sex you know let's just let this natural and the fact that there impose them their sexual love on these children have salute to stop the then I mean even atheist who appeared owned I don't know importer based. That's pretty strident language they're does the net and I and I take out. And and I characterized this this way destined I believe their people and Paul is one of those people who had a genuine gift Acela deceit. That's a call from god if you haven't run with it. Praise god go for it if you do not have the gift to sell a BC. Just following directions from an outside organization. Will not work it will absolutely destroy your life and probably other people's lives along with a dusting Goodyear from you. To call again I'd love to talk but you won't get more time right now whoever gets star break more of your calls and text on this. As we continue our broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I can Vince Coakley ready affirmed be very thankful you don't have video he was not. Have to be subject to seeing John stands. I'm fine this funky groove and my goodness. Room for the John helped us. Blood to get to during the segment including on the text line first and scrub took off from Roberts good morning Robert. Hey Ben good morning and so did the heavy on the radio and you connect you would Charlton since it's just great termination New York crude so. Glad we are the radio sir thank you. Well throughout the believers prefers they can just a couple of things. Race blew through and and now nondenominational. Stand what I came down to Charlotte many years ago I was looking for church and I spent a year at saint gate. The end and I want to victory Christian which is predominately black church. Then went over four children don't look at what can look and in my pro of all this is especially in I'm got a real course French culture and one of devout Catholic who left the Catholic Church years ago. And what might fences and I mean don't disrespect I am I do feel a lot of legalism in the Catholic church and obviously big business. Really it's obviously you have to have faith but this is about a personal relationship as our. Then yes yes yes Robert you're absolutely right about that that's the starting place. And see on. You can't you beat out limited budget you wanna put into it when you do mission's work you get so much more out of what you. Give input impact don't leave you with this cell 10 my they're created gunman who conduct Catholics. We haven't typically take your girl for your children who go to the beach. Prolong weekend. Typically in the fall in the every quite an American school the weather is still might drive which so nice. And we ourselves are one big bear in the we talk we talk politics with talks saying we talked issues in the it's been you know bomb obviously being Christian and I'm obviously more conservative we've got folks to detail older. You know more liberal in the two things they bring up. I'm this is crucial first so crazy that's fine if you believe that about us why don't people just at least read the Bible war. Gentry nor. You know it's growing and making judgment should truly world that it. It's starting place no question about that Robert MA UK I do appreciate your call love to hear from you again. Always enjoyed discussions here. What you about a minute here two marked as well out of right killed got about a minute before we have to zip on some of these man what's up. Well I think rebuke where you're interviewing frank right time. Hurdle for opinion christianity years ago and never. And never went out and now. But the money on the table and button back and read about our soil around. And again back to comment the previous callers are. Any pain in the knee in anything that the mainstream media brings up that capacity in the United States. We have a large target subject to fair and unfair criticism. And their mind games leading questions advice giving direct your conversation. We're reading your own experience and that's good scores low end. Unaffiliated and product until you know underneath big numbers are reform theology as well. So this I'm excited to read this new book as well. Well absolutely and let distorts your thoughts are when she did a mark I do appreciate your call. As I mentioned a lot of text through one to get to going back to some of the things we are discussing in the previous hour. We mentioned the Arab unfortunate death of Jerry Klein. Vince I used to live ingesting carrier remember Jerry Klein quite well he infuriated me most every time I listened to him but over the years. I've missed this presents the radio I'm terribly sorry to hear his passing. It was rough. Here's my favorite liberal that's rich in Susanville South Carolina. On this issue of priest went priest think it's okay to molest children. Don't say they don't they continue to rape children what's wrong with these men. Also this old please the only reason you're trappers care is because you hate this Pope. Give me a break. So I don't know you're speaking to. I'm not trooper. So just keep that in mind. Let the conversation with Steve I don't believe in coincidences either referring to my conversation Steve. In the previous hour that we played Steve cramped. I don't believe in cruel and coincidences either I called him god incidences. After remember that what that's pretty clever. But other text you're saying bluntly the Catholic Church is dead. Not a person echoing what our caller said a few minutes ago the vast majority they abuse victims of the Pennsylvania grand jury. Our post pubescent young men not children so it's really not Metafile problem it's a homosexual. Problem. Also this when Sid and at the Vatican. It is Snead decked knee deep in child trafficking. Right up there with Clinton's. The Catholic Church were always harbor sinful people because it's not a Bible based faith only in new testament Bible believing justification by faith church. Already. If Metafile has not been identified before the priesthood how can the church know and it's tough how do they know. Vince you can bet the priests. You can bet the preceding take we opportunity to do these things may not letting them be alone with children. Much like vice president pence does when it comes to being alone with women remove. The opportunity. Then sexual abuse of children is demonic difference between Protestant Catholic belief system. Protestants turn in a pedophile while the Catholic cover for them disgusting. And that's not completely true I know Protestant churches who have done the same thing. And believe me I eat and equally disgusted. So there's no excuse for anybody. In Zagreb Catholic in New England thank the lord did not get abuse. I lifted cherished come episcopalian for a number of reasons but the sex abuse scandals broke the camel's back basically because I was in corrections. And I hate try to files to the state my kids are not allowed. Within 100 feet of a Catholic Church while. Very good show today Vince then Q well thank you for listening. All pedophile sighting in the church any church should be hanging out while. Not only the Catholic Church so take the log out of your own but before you do your brother's. Sexual abuse in Bob Jones. Already. And that's first. And I assume responding to be trumped text. Hello World not you Vince they know who they are. But this is in reference the one who is saying you choppers going after. The big Catholic Church because you hate the Pope so. This person's clarifying. I knew you know one of those people. It's pretty funny I have to share this bizarre story forward before we go to break we'll come back. And take a look at data history and in Luntz who can talk about this if you vice I'm gonna share the story on the FaceBook page for a 63 WR DN WBT. This story reported by the UK sun. How would you sit down for this one in fact. I don't have time to go into this. I have less time that I thought. You don't talk about crazy practices in a church. This one. This one actually resulted in blood. Yes. But I'll tell you what this is all about and I give you another hint sadly it happened in my former home state. I think that ought to be a clue to a lot of people as to what happened. Kentucky. Yes we're gonna share this story can take a look at the day in history. And more of your calls and text. Right here statements are. Back to the final stretch. Of our. Broadcast for this Friday. Right now in fact I'm posting this story that just absolutely it's. It's mind boggling it really is before we gets this story. We have our friend mr. Wright's soul joining us to take a look of the day in history. How we're doing today mr. rates. I'm good blood. What teasing I mean you teased before the break he's come back for the break everyone's ready for this story in the and you put something else in front of that. You know I learned this from. Don't you. Yeah you Norah let us television news. There's a way they do it they string you through the entire. 35 minute newscast and then they give you ten seconds of the story the story is shorter than the Promos where. Our guys say he does not know what they're teasing use millions of the disappointment I hope that doesn't opt to now there's there's definitely a few years ago. We would never short change anybody don't. That's just the way we aren't. You also to answer few questions here lines though. Yes I am well I won't admit this first one I it's really hard given the easy. Hints on this one this is a tough one altogether. It's a just be up. That Claremont. You know with this wise. Eighteen I was seven. The calmer more and you have no room. Do you it's sounds like a hotel well actually it was an Robert Fulton steamboats began tripped up the Hudson River. You'll never guess that million years I know I wouldn't have. Why did you say this began a trip up the Hudson River yet we need sail boats you would know the name of that so listen we know I think Hudson River I think we're ma oh yeah right. Nineteen see it in 1960. Gary Powers. Pled guilty to spying on Russia how did he supposedly do this. Jerry powers. I give you a hint to be able. PM me he was a pilots. And American pilots. So I was doing this husband say hot air balloon. I guess this problem. OK yeah actually flew his YouTube jet over Moscow. And while that was quite an international instant star couple of tough points here in the rest of these are easy they will lose his call sign you know that's. They tell a couple vigilant that Abdullah. 1998 this president admitted to having an affair. With White House intern Monica Lewinsky dot. Com home. Governor Palin's. Death after. 2000 eighths this person won his eighth gold medal. At the Olympics faith. And broker record set by swimmer Mark Spitz back in 1972 was that person Michael Phelps you are correct. And again into this story because this this really is crazy. Now I told you where the story happens so it's a pretty big hint as to what it was about so what do you think this story is about. That I have been teasing. Are you sort of take Kentucky that can be a whole lot of effect it's a church incident that occurred that left some one drenched in blood snakes. You're absolutely right. Here's the sun's version of this UK's sun horror moment US pastor is bitten by a deadly snake. During a service leaving him drenched in blood. Cody Kreutz is the head and that's something you're real Kentucky game was ruined it I don't know I. They head of a Kentucky church. Where worshippers handle snakes and drink poison to prove their devotion to god. I eat it by the way if you've not done it yet. You can follow the pictures with me and runs or by going to be one of 63 WRD FaceBook page. I've posted this on the WBT FaceBook page as well these pictures are incredible. You know you scared me he says if you haven't done yet up are you gonna say if you have an analyst snake or drink poisoned at a retreat into like you are right it's certainly not encouraging this. At all. This guy almost got killed performing this bazaars to service. Drenched in his own blood Cody could had to be carried out of the full gospel tabernacle church. One of the few in the country which still allows snake handling. Curry's father Jamie was killed what a rattlesnake bit him in a similar ritual Bakken 2014. But it does not stop him from performing the same. Death defying service. After he was beaten and collapsed on the ground Cody asked to be taken to the mountaintop. Where god would judge where he would live or die. But this friend also named. What do you think his name is eight. Drove him to the hospital. Where doctors say the snake came close to severing his temporal are artery which would have killed him. Torre's friends that most people bitten the face are dead in 510 minutes. His own daddy got bitten the hand within seven minutes was dead. And this is just a mind boggling if you see these pictures can actually see somebody took pictures. We see this guy's blood drenched shirt. And it's. They were filmed by the way this was also filmed the spread of a new documentary entitled my life inside the snake church. The two part film follows Cody she recovers from the bite in reevaluate this life and faith in the wake for his brush with death. Or some would say lack of faith aren't like us because if you have more faith you know when medical and hospital. Our campus. This is crazy never actually been three. Recorded deaths in the US from snake bites during religious service in the last six years don't you think this is like. Tempting guy that there's no that's this. Pretty much so. My goodness. What do weighed in the show I don't like John good dances away. He's already started. Plugs a red grapes darkly the have a great weekend you to enjoy that car does I'm sure you will. And everybody else's you enjoyed. The weekend as well gets arrested on plug relax. Jeb Bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.