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736. On the fifth from his radio program by Sunday morning edition just this reminder. We come your way. Monday through Friday 10 AM to noon right here and who's Levenson and united three W BT if you like to join our conversation this morning on anything. The many controversial subjects we discussed a little 4570 enter text line. 713 Easter seven what are the things we started off talking about the huge government shut down. As you know there are people who are freaked out about this others who are saying hey great you heard Eric tells our Eric trump base piecing this is a good thing. To shut down the government. Providing some perspective on this are good friends over. At conservative review the director of research for conservative review. In fact he is a conservative from deep blue Massachusetts. But he makes his own now in Greenville, South Carolina rob you know welcome to the broadcast this morning good to talk with the man. Yeah and let's start off talking about this I government shut down what are the issues what is what is the foundational issues year. The bonding isn't that the Democratic Party is putting. Illegal immigrant above the American people there in the back holding the American people opted. For government that and ordered to do. Citizenship. Not yet allowed in the country but it gives citizenship dreamers. So that they can have an electoral majority of the next generation. I mean that that they ate Cole. Political play. In to put the world be it. The green and hope illegal immigrants who remember came here illegally. Over actual American citizen. So that they can get so what parliament are at that basically. What happened in in what I've been. Very into his legacy. Is that your name and actually be telling the truth. I terabyte is in the print media weather but bad media. I'm in a bunch of articles and places like a lot and post the New York Times. I mean others that they have looked back at the Democrat voted to shut down and out. That in fact it is the democratic party of me but the government but opened at the democratic. And the power that the about the work you're supposed to be checked out. It's amazing that you know people are screaming that the world dying. When the Democrat side Easter and now that the Republican. I'll let you know that since we we caddie government system that it is aimed at the object. They're having a little bit of the options that everything will be I'm here in Washington BP for the week ended. You know people will be milling about. Nobody seemed to be screen each other everybody we have every so you know it's not the dire it's a bit higher rate people are trying to portray. The government let them. You know the Dianne Feinstein said that people were gonna die here remember that dire warning from her. Yet all of the people that he didn't die. From that tax cut and from net neutrality. Go away. You people know alive. Our had not died yet I I did not beat. People you know. Cropped over on the street I get into a weird thing where these won't like creatures. Beating and beating around people on a string. I'm so it will go a little large. That everything seems to be fine. A separate hockey with Robby you know from conservative review. Got a curious in watching the events of yesterday. Because we have how's the Senate's. Still in session and tried to figure out a solution to this. Do you see any evidence of any movement at all by either side here. I'll I I think you're there you know add that goes on and as. As the Pratt you know build up they'll they'll always by the pollution they only do these into rarely last more than a week. So I I think you're seeing probably a little bit of movement out of nowhere near coming from where exactly it is but it and you get a hold would be do. He had a couple of Friday that showed that the American people. Did not want the government shutdown dreamers. So it more or all of the Democrat. Had taken a position that is untenable but the voters that they're actually voters now and not the voters are trying to make. What the deal. I think you're gonna see movement come from their side it is capitulate Dow nearly eight out of the Republican and not. They're not cave in on this they're on the right side of the issue who want. It they should not. Qaeda and endangering the dreamers deal part of any. Of these things and they you know they should put our. Continuing grab a resolution that is the longer they can make it. You know that there was this story yesterday were congressional Republicans work. We're thinking of maybe putting cabinet and would enter the the next ER they shouldn't be shouldn't give in. I'm the Democratic Party and it because of the American people went and you know the Democratic Party seemingly had. A it easy lay up to eight majority in the a bit. Sort of thing and I think that's why Erik Compton down from junior excited about it is that sort of thing is putting in jeopardy. What they adopt the going to be an easy election. I'm but again we're. You know what would that where each month or eleven months away at an app on the way. A lot can change between now and then including. With the next few weeks people getting more more money in their paychecks. Even though the Democrat he vehicle the they would not. I bet I think that probably intentional at all mapped to but did Republicans should stay in firm that and not gonna last week to week I'm being overdue. I'm maybe that's what does mean is that the the other one that goes but I think you know you'll you'll be removed but it probably starting tomorrow. They're kind of just hanging around for the weekend and adding it. What things I'm curious about you talked about the they dreamer issue. Is in to make sure I understand this correctly Republicans are basically holding firm and saying you know okay this this entire conversation about immigration. Doesn't belong of continuing resolution we just need to fund the government. That's pretty much the Republican position. The Democrats wanna use this as an opportunity to inserts. Coverage of protection for the dreamers is that what this is about they're trying to force something into this there really has absolutely nothing to do. Width dreamers they're trying to. Insert this in the budget discussions. Absolutely it in the in the appropriate the crowd and they're trying to surrogate but you know even in doing so. They're all so. You don't nick nick I would say. The Democratic Party voted against on mutual help that your program. That was good short term funding. That would be in that they'll be six year appropriation. Or at it yeah renewable Mitchell in public terms program. Was also in the New England resolutions. And you've had Republicans vote. To me that Butler program. In you had Democrat vote in Democrat Al. Hit it in children and children that are here legally. That they don't matter. Because of illegal immigrant matter more. That exactly what happened on Friday. Indeed it is it I think the American people are starting to understand that that the Democratic Party gave. I'm in that they understand that the Democratic Party it. I think that was the eerie at the bet that a Democrat. We certainly hope so here's something interesting before we go. Rather intriguing. This is a statement apparently made yesterday by representative loot to Luis Gutierrez. This is a guy who. Is probably one of the most radical leftists you're gonna find. One of the most pro Mexico members of congress you're ever going to find. Saying yesterday he's willing to give president trumpet signature border wall if the Republicans. Would agree to new legal protections for dreamers what do you make of this. I did what they think that the pressure in the air there near you will need not be seen poll. Problem is salute that'd be positioned at the American people like you know the biggest thing about Donald Trump. Com and I would. It'd party at the moment out here in DC last night. Public you know some members of the administration. And the members are in it and that is just involved in politics. But you know to a lot of these folks they normally would not be Donald Trump kind of person. One of the things that I heard over and over again and your doll. That he was going to give up during. An election season. And by Nazis don't we. And you know that's a whole reason the conservative review as those all are because we elect or beaten people. Think one thing but when it comes to the legislative season they do something different. Well don't open up Ed do that McGee I actually doing what he said he's going to do. And I think you will get a while letting you need people like this year and I was shocked when I thought that they have it in the big click wheel given the big wall. We just what they're opening it would have been that one. And the thing that I I was joking with some comic server you Collins about what. The only thing we now even added it will make practical import as. Yes in fact record here is I'll take a bucket take breaks and start building myself. That's what Gutierrez says we will dirty our hands in order for the dreamers to have a clean future in America. That's a pretty strong statement there coming from a Louise routier's. So what Rabito very adjusting and getting your perspective on what's taking place there and I'm sure we will talk with you again very soon thanks a lot for getting up early this morning after your party last night to talk with this. On. Our. And take care. Vince Coakley radio program what is your perspective on all of this you know would you agree that. Democrats are vary in untenable position here trying to argue this case. For dreamers. And putting this against the best interests of the American people the American taxpayers settle for five signals to and a text like 713 yours on the bench Coakley radio program and usually it's in 993. WBT. UC 1110993. W breezy. 753 the final stretch the Fed's open radio for about suddenly additions from biker dad should listen. Monday through Friday right here newsletter today 93 WBT. Right now you can call us 70457. Elevenths and our text line 71 threes here are seven interest in conversation there with rob you know from conservative review. You may hear me make reference to. The liberty score of certain members of congress. And it's. I didn't have the time talk about it fit but Robby you know is one of the people who is responsible for putting that together. Robby you know also Daniel Horwitz who has been a frequent guest on this program. Now we talked a number of times about conservative review I would strongly encourage him. To read their material it's really good stuff. And they've got this liberty score. That basically helps you to you find out how your member of congress is doing you know you wanna understand why. At least from a conservative standpoint why the Republican Party. Is. In many ways feckless. We have to do is look at these liberties scores. In it it really tell issue everything you need to know. Helps you understand why. Why we have the state of affairs that we do. In the house and the senate. And it's I am a strong believer that if you're going to pursue. Conservatism. You ought to pursue conservatism. That if you run conservative. You ought to vote conservative. And that is really not been the case. For a number. Of members of congress and senators. You heard from one of the strong ones in fact a guy who's. New to the House of Representatives. In North Carolina in Ted but we played some audio from him earlier in the broadcast. You know probably the strongest people in this state. Would be Ted bud and mark meadows. They are very strong very consistent conservatives. They're not simply campaign conservatives. So while I certainly hope that said the continued to be with us for quite some time to serve. In each that we do not have any hiccups. As a result of the redistricting. If that is forced upon us at some point by the way. It is good that we've gotten us today from the Supreme Court should pretty much putting a halt to the effort to redraw the districts. But. Obviously if this somehow becomes an issue again. We may have some shuffling around. A couple of things that would draw your attention to before we in the broadcast. One of them. Something referenced by the president in his speech that we played for you as he was addressing the march for life. Trump administration is going to protect health workers who refuse services on religious grounds. Now let me make a distinction here and this is a very important distinction. Freedom of religion. What is religion exactly. And there needs to be a distinction here between freedom of religion and freedom of worship. Now I think in in the true Christians since the roads were those words can be the same. For Christian everything you do is worship. You know as crazy as this sounds listening to this broadcast is part of your worship. Getting ready for work. I guarantee. Is part of your worship the husband or wife for. Whatever it is you're doing it worship is what you do as part of your living sacrifice to void that's what we're sure it is. To the progressive to the liberal. Worship is going into a building. On a particular day of the week and having services. That's what people think warship is and they think you should be entitled to you don't maximize that to the fullest. You can see all the songs you want you to listen all the serve and she wants. Back to them is what's. We're shippers. But as you know for the believer everything. Is worship. So how can you for instance. Repair. Let's say abortion medication. If your pharmacist. How can you participate in an abortion if you are. A medical professional. These are the kinds of questions. Questions of conscience the frankly the government should not be jumping in on the side. Of probe ports. To try to get you to violate your conscience. Health care workers who want to refuse to treat patients because of religious or moral beliefs. Or have a new defender in the truck administration this is an NPR story the top civil rights official. And Department of Health and Human Services creating the division of conscience and religious freedom to protect doctors nurses and other health workers. Who refuse to take part of procedures like abortion or treat certain people because of moral or religious objections. Roger serving you know director of the office of civil rights. Said never forget religious freedom is a primary freedom it is a civil right that deserves enforcement and respect. That is completely. Reverses in Obama air policy that barred health care workers. From her refusing to treat transgender individuals or people pad or are seeking abortions. The Obama rule was challenged in court. By the Franciscan alliance Christian health organization in Texas and the judge in 2016 blocked enforcement. As that case played out in court. This is an issue we need to keep a close eye and it's very important. Because I have a feeling the courts are gonna weigh in again on this. Keep in mind. Worship for the Christian it goes beyond services and meetings keep that in mind throughout the week. We appreciate you joining us on the Vince Coakley radio programs and in addition again listen to us tend to noon Monday there Friday ready your news 1110993. WBT have shelves a great day and scab bush adios.