Veterans Day - A Conversation with the head of the NC USO

Bo Thompson
Friday, November 10th

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647 on WB today on this. Veterans day observed tomorrow is of course the eleventh the usual day but when it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Then the observe day is on a Friday or Monday and we bring on the line. The president of the USO of North Carolina good friend of the show for many many years he is colonel John fought and very good morning. Opposed and third follows on vibrate personal remote root out. That is OK we will wait for you. Upper upper arm. We will. And an it is kind of tradition to talk to you on this day during the year Veteran's Day and I do I dislike to get your perspective each year and your message to our listeners and as somebody who obviously has served our country works with people who serve our country and have served our country every day. And we often mean and you and I talk a lot we should be doing this kind of celebration every day. Well you're right in the in the day that we remember those are currently serve. Not necessarily always thought those were all left. But there as a remember those who witnessed. So cries of those or of the law ordination and it was started off on Monday it would Carolina. Freedom breakfast then replay. This week here in the US. Oh partner I'll be out offing Tuesday. We have the of the air that was one server you mean more heavily involved in the air. Honoring the befallen families. On Tuesday. Will culminated with the power lunch at the west and when war have retired army general or in these won't see that the army wounded warriors or change. Is he calling you know our line. But let them pop up the world situation here impact and educate. The American people on there though there's sort of full week. And I'll always look forward to December. Last several years have had a chance to come out and broadcast and talked to a troops that are that are going home for the holidays during operation exodus a at Charlotte Douglas airport and you have. Included me in that for several years and it is it really just gives you that perspective and you sit back and you realize. How what these young people go through what they're doing for their country and a lot of us go on about our daily lives in aid it's good to stop and and pause and and pay tribute to those who. Who are doing what they're doing so we can do what we're doing. Where we're at right arm is good outlook Carolina panther or Jacqueline. Good thing you know I'm entering the you know we can't go around all volunteer force. Let the 1% government in this protecting us. Every day in over a 160 countries around the world in the US so they're either side of the time they come in the military that are greatly. With a lot of different programs transition and resiliency programs. Because we both of those young men and women and those that are still there. Many of them are on their third fourth in a separate operations. Or thirteen rotation in the combat so they're not only affects the service member. But also a family member network USO. Is it intimately involved with them so if we can't ever say thank you and they say that or. And we should also say happy 242. Birthday to. The US Marine Corps today. I'll put their army is still with the observers. And ASEAN that was Kevin at yeah. Way we salute all the members of the armed forces today. On this veterans day observed and of course tomorrow officially today. But colonel John Buck and very president of the USO in North Carolina thank you as always it's always good to hear your voice. My pleasure I'll call you about exodus like given the date on. Absolutely can't wait and I'll see you then.