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Thursday, August 9th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing why. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says still the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Could be political. OK okay. Hold. It's interesting you're all welcome to the Vince Coakley you radio program. The Republican congressman. And high point native JD Hayworth so. Oil. They have this homecoming. And I mean it's just the start of the pre season for the Panthers later today but you know we talk about homecoming. And how would relates to wood to football season high school and college you know led whale. This is my only movie homecoming behind the microphone for news dog eleven Jen. And 993. W BT now you heard it. To open the program if you couldn't quite make out the voice and I admit the. Audio narrow. Lead. I gonna pay go the folks in El Paso will be the Mike was just a little bit away from. Former house speaker and current house democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. And I play bad because in the old days a lot of newspapers below the fold would have something called two days chuckle. And seeing Dell mirror with illegal so I'm sorry. This with quote no commerce. Or if you wanna use the eight. Immigrants' even though they're not immigrants they come illegally and candidates for the house and she says. I don't wanna be political here. Noted Nancy. And guys on my side of the aisle for that matter. Everything. Is political. It's Mattel downed the big jerks. And especially if you conservative House of Representatives or aspire to serve in the people's Giles. Will get a short. Political. Donald's thing did Nancy Pelosi was doing her best impersonation. Or her best but we get the via annunciation going here. I don't believe Nancy was doing her best. Impersonation of Dwight Eisenhower president Eisenhower would always offered this kinda disclaimer. Now you know I'm not a politician was pretty Smart was pretty slick political move. You know I'm not a politician or I don't wanna engage in personalities before you mail somebody so. Nancy does the preamble where she says look and don't wanna be political here. But but it's very versed and well what's interesting. Real simple. You want to know the Democrats recipes. To take back the house. Now all that well for for some of the median socialism. But for all the Democrats and for that matter dear cheerleaders of the editorial board of the Charlotte disturb her it's one thing. Amnesty. You've got to have made. The quote new commerce. Right in the real world they be referred to is illegal aliens. Got to make them citizens as quickly as possible so they can go vote Democrat. Because Democrats don't promise them all sorts of stuff. So Nancy after the disclaimer yesterday in El Paso. Hold she gets down to business. And she uses the older. Now that's not. In this instance the title. For some sort of cable. Television show. In this case. Will stands for overreach. And Nancy. In a burst of honesty after that I'd disingenuous. Talk about I don't wanna get political here Nancy Ganz totally political. And she tells us. What I knew Democrat majority will do in the House of Representatives listen. We believe that we would have let us. Well we've been in November. And why it's important because they get leverage to every family to every mom who courageously writers child. Does this case is fifteen and didn't break. And my. It's OK okay. Leveraging this to families who made a college educated my comfort them you never can come back into the kind. All of those injustices happen to be corrected. Yeah there's a. A well worn path. Where illegals. Ann and Nancy dimensions right there or or a father who. Went home for a funeral presumably in Mexico and came back across the border. -- that that quote courageous mother. Can't desert. What judge what ms. Pelosi is telling you. And this is the message of the Democrat party and closed circuit. To the Charlotte Democrat nominee. Is trying to act like it Democrat Eisenhower. Migration shield our guys have heard well stop the presses. That no won't should put him in congress right I mean that's bad that seems to be the whole campaign. What is going on. Is that the left. Thinking ahead. Once to ensure. All majority. For the rest of the 21 century in the way they do that is not to get out the vote amongst citizens. The way they do bad is to bring in our group vault. Always if you objective there. Europe racist. Europe Xena folded back later this morning. Will give in to a column from an old pal Lou in the Charlotte Observer who. Apparently having you know even incidental contact with the editorial board over there. You start to get bad worldview. Well here's here's the situation. The Democrats. Still think there's going to be a blue way. Even win they lose an election. Like it appears what happened the other night in Ohio even though I understand about 400 plus ballots have been quote discovered. In that special election to replace my old ways and means colleague pat tiberi. Who resigned his seat early Troy boulders and why now by about a percentage point. But but the great thing is if some of you were of a certain vintage. You'll remember eight painfully thin mint. And simple novel. Written by Eric Segal is Ira coal it was a man's name. The movie store to Ryan O'Neal and Ellie McGraw. Do you remember loved story. Circa 1971. And your member of the pollsters they would have loved means you never have to say you're sorry. Well with apologies to Eric seagull that sappy movie here here's the deal. If you're a Democrat. Even when you don't lose. The press is gonna sing you war. Now wasn't McCrory is gonna be visiting with Chuck Todd and tomorrow well we're here for chuckles. And a few in race for Republicans were for open borders. Will be taking COLT to expense for Jerry Lee stay with me. 704571110. The number to call in Charlotte told 44 many. Please. It's 1809281110. At twenty past ten. On new start eleven Jenin 993 WBT it's GD. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth North Carolina native. When we're out there is old and got elected to congress had now like a bullet or rain and door malaria. I'm back to bug you. Heard the news dog eleven dead and Maggie died three W BT now at the outset of the program. As I was in for brother Vance I was explaining there's there's no big secret. What the Democrats. Wanna do when they take over the house note there even. Even lefties. Are capable multitasking. So let me say it this way one of beer key priorities. Is to make sure they conspire. With. With the open borders Republicans. They the guys who earned a BS so Burkett the stupid party. For the party and which I represented their word was elected. Why do the congress of the United States portion to the people of Arizona Republicans Democrats independents libertarians vegetarians. Certainly there but I was near as they rip. Public and what I found out was unremitting hostility because. Somehow hole. Quite often the message would give lost. And so some columnists. Some of them conservative. Would cold Republicans sooner or the Republican Party quote the stupid party. Let me tell. The open border Republicans. Had Peta go along with the Democrat amnesty are being stupid it. They are committing political suicide. Now it's only did some. GOP yours are malware adroit. And today explaining themselves and their positions. It's also the fact that you have a highly partisan press. How to world to put their thumb on the scales always in favorable left or should I say it this way they use Mir left thumb. On the left side of the scale. And what the most problem that leftists. And maybe this is a bit of hyperbole. And maybe it's a cheap shot. But my real pal Pat McCrory. Told us in his program bed dad he's headed up to DC and gonna visit with Chuck Todd now I don't know what. What is entailed by their. But I do know that Chuck Todd not only is married to a Democrat political consultant. Showed allied burst on the scene at. As a young man that. Who was working quite hard in the presidential campaign of 1988. Force senator Tom Harkin. 050. No maybe chuckles when and and did the things that Tim Russert did. All these Democrats staffers when they become pundits well I'm I'm now a registered independent. So why all for that preamble. As we listen to Chuck Todd this is scarcely 24 hours ago. In the wake of bug some primaries but also NS a special election. In Ohio oh well. Now what appearance and there may be a recount. I depends on lease 400 plus quote discovered ballots. But I don't know what's gonna actually. Set up a situation for a recount. Between. Then the man who appears to be victorious the Republican. Troy bell Paterson and his democratic opponent who why I believe is named Danny O'Connor. At any rate does he ever stood chuckles. Chuckles puts bad days now and as a Democrat win here is from yesterday eight. On The Today Show. And this is like Democrats I think are now heavy favorites. Two. Take control the house I think the question is really the size is it. Thirty seats forty seats fifty seats they have a night like this but they didn't Ohio they could win forty to sixty seats. 12. HL goals. I know you're feeling good. Because Denny came Danny boy came Monday close. What you see if they have a night like they had in Ohio. And finish second they don't take that house. That's just simple. I know it's tough for you don't understand and but assembled now. Just a mold. Justin closed circuit to my old pal governor McCrory parent would you gore bare wood Chuck Todd. And of course we respect your opinion bad. But don't do that John chase seek routine no served with Joseph line in the congress. There's a great guy. I mean give him credit he bellows the budget. So George decides gore run for president. In 2016. Any tells me when I was were in a news mag Stevie. Daddy's girl a higher the McCain people from 2008. I say John these guys have been in the national campaign but please do not run a campaign designed for 2008 and 2016. That's exactly what governor Kasich of Ohio did it. Why should I should borne out they did governor Casey. You still represented but the district where the special election was held Tuesday. But Casey goes on with with Chuck Todd. And again he seems to be sing and from the the Chuck Todd him. Dead the Republican winner and the because it was so narrow is somehow a loss here is Ohio governor Jon k's sake. From MM MS NBC's FTP. Data leak yesterday afternoon. There's no question that people sent a message to the party. Back to Republicans that knock it off to chaos the divisions. I mean kids being separated from their parents at the border. Well. Jaw line. This is what happens. When you hire. Open border amnesty Republicans to run of a campaign. Dad is unsuccessful. You'd get mad because you look at your resume eight illegal way and it wasn't congress to balance a budget wait a minute. I'm a two term governor a Bellwether state wait a minute I narrowly won the primary over Donald Trump so I'm president of the stage. Rice served as governor. Forty minute might feelings are hurt. And so nevermind the fact. That I was strikingly against. Trade with China when I was in the hell so I've been enlightened you know I'm for trained. With the Chinese and end now by golly I'm embracing amnesty because well that's the adult thing to do. That's what the establishment wants to know yet those agribusiness. Sidelines. But Coke Brothers. If you ever want to get your financing for national campaign you gotta be for open borders. So bill is Republican governor Casey reinforcing. Good Democrat message. This whole friction about kids being separated from their parents at the border. Did you see the story the other day about a guy who comes across the border with the young girl says since his daughter. And finally the truth is exposed. It was an unaccompanied. Or maybe kidnapped her Mexico brought her north of the border and had warned her repeatedly. Did I say everybody does that Knoll. But your that is separating kids from their parents. What do we do to Americans who break the law and convicted nor incarcerated. Your colds are coming up the. 704571110. It's JD for events on the biggest weekly radio program. Well here it is. 1036. New store 112 and a nine V 93 WBT. As we talk about our international border. Let's let's go south of the border are just from Charlotte. Delta clover South Carolina calling and it's 70457011. To any it's any good morning and welcome to WBT. Morning Jay gave I had like your show. Thank you for filling in fervent. I was calling. I'm kind of going in a different direction I would cry about health care reform act regarding the preexisting conditions. And it did. My understanding is that. And the Republicans are trying to. Not have preexisting conditions come under. Reform act like they're calling it. Different they'll like it used to be with Obama health care act. It is going to be the case through. State by state or is that how that care reform act gonna include pre existing conditions or delete them. I won't tell you as best I know. And I'm no longer there in the congress. But I would view this and meet with some cynicism because to me it is a political prescription. This has been the the charge of the left. And they are cheerleaders in the press now for what about six months other they're Republicans and get rid of preexisting conditions. No they're not but then I would point out. And I can say this would put belied all that garbage read on the Internet about drew remember over groove carvers you go to Europe if we're lurid new digital dirt. That's a bunch hokey. Embedded there to clean his term I can think of all the spur of the moment I can tell you guys who stayed past. Aged 65 yet they elect to go back to Medicare. But younger guys and I was eight Tinder 48 year old. Well enough I finished second and left the congress of the United States. And let me tell you I. Guy who gives stood to go Obama care is as things stand right now. I've been told I get to enter the marketplace. Next. And Jillian the ultimate pre existing condition then Obama cared does not cover. It's cold eighty she. If you are over 55. You're about to get hammered I take a look at the insurance cost. And we still make our home Hayworth hacienda located out in Arizona. And I am looking for the the most meet her policy. They want meager pay eight. About 2200. Dollars and apparently the crime news. They're I'm over 55 as his my spouse and neither of us are on Medicare is so. What what these these these compassionate folks did. Was never folks were the ultimate pre existing condition grow enough. So so that the new zoo is while. The leftist cheerleaders are saying look at the sparkling object or no no not spark plug mock at the big monster in the closet. You're gonna get rid of preexisting conditions. Current law. Elmer G who. If you're 55. Plus person. And not that did you. If you're somebody once sued tries to work for a living and do the right thing and you put in the early in the eye healthcare marketplace. Congratulations juror you were pre Medicare gift and it's it's a decade long if obamacare stays in place. Your decade long meta obamacare gift. Is paying for the ultimate preexisting condition your age. I guess they figure they're gonna may get a deal on Medicare but I it is a horrible thing that goes on and I just have to tell you and I don't believe. Bed preexisting conditions are gonna be eliminated. From the health. Coverage that bed comes what could still state by state or federally. I don't believe in the final analysis you're gonna see. And elimination of pre existing conditions being covered oh. What I am gonna tell you what what you should notice right now. Is the wisdom in the bumper sticker. That was put forth when this whole debate was going on. If you think healthcare is expensive now. Just wait till it's free. Hey hey hey nothing free about it. Yeah but so true. So was the the ultimate thing is if if you go up and we're a completely grown but you know what I mean I don't like to use that word that rhymes with gold or mold. It's only three letters. As we continue to grow up. Free Medicare. Get ready because you are me you or your mill will your Digg and I'm a big shock and hind quarters. Courtesy of obamacare. Oh my gosh so. And that's the thing they did they don't want talk about it now if you're into Jen. Or right you're on the border of would just get by. Well congratulations. You're you're now only eighty favored to person in society so they'll figure out some for you. But I do somebody who works hard plays by the rules. And you insurance goes away you've got to step into the mom quote marketplace. Which it isn't Joseph Barry no marketplace. So it's just sore and be very careful Dell may or but I still hope as as is appropriate for the community from what she called us. I still hope everything comes up clover. That's silly. Iowa thank you. Thank you and good to hear from me. They care again the number across what we called it back in the days of double bits and leisure suits. Well across natural lineup that's all we. Ways to go Charlotte red car across metro well I know the number 70457011. DNA and told free from any place. Because you could be listening to news on the Internet wanna get enormously in its 1092811. To. No hair and two against health care. And at school and it's time. To proper. A teaching moment. And I'm gonna do that right now. Rejection. Is not just that old Flickr and sixteen millimeter. Movie contraption. That you use to see in school back in the day. Projection. Is a tool used by the left. To great effect for example. Sure they're Republicans to get rid of preexisting conditions and conveniently ignore word that hole. Situation of the ultimate pre existing condition. Growing up to be 55 plus. Are other things that the left dog is so well they project on T do what they themselves are doing. A case in point. The governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. No he's in a bit of a quandary that's right Walpole is an 83. The deal is. He's being challenged on the left. By an X. No no no no no Republican Nixon. As far as I know Noll came into Richard Miller how snakes and big Ali used to be on that day HBO show sex in the city. Cynthia Nixon is challenging global. In the Democrat primary in New York State for the gubernatorial nomination. And so Cuomo's got a split payers he's got to take a position and of course I should point out bad. It's Cynthia Nixon's. Approaches that of the the leftists. Were not subtle at all. Abolish ice for both put borders forever. So when we come back you're going to hear held governor small bowl. Puts together some things that sounds really militant. And videos and then the process project so big on every other guys that's going up it's Katie prevents they would. Ice as a police forced their intent. Their purpose their founding mission was bright which was to fight terrorism right where New York State knowing eleven. We want to police force that fights terrorism. We don't want what we have an ice which is a politicized. Police force. Which is doing the president's political bidding. And that's really the problem. We don't want him politicizing nice we don't wanna politicizing the FBI we don't want him politicizing the US marshals. Andrew Walpole of New York obviously a Democrat. Rationalizing his open borders cold. And they're doing so Barney. Falling back on. What should always. Happened politically just let me let me tell you this from the recovering politicians handbook. Wind out lash out. And see for quote oh he doesn't want to admit that Cynthia Nixon exists. But he's got to get really strike the Dalai some of the same time Murrow show what a responsible governor. So we gives us a false history lesson about the advent device. Then this was served this and what became immigration and customs enforcement. Was moved Homeland Security ecosystems to fight resume. It tells us president. George driven through. Any sort of you know the police or produce nice. So we showed setup. And the reason award depleted for you is it's a classic case alone. Projection. Because when a leftist talks about. A Republican or conservative doing something where old. You bet your bottom dollar. Then there's an actual example of a Democrat doing it already talked about new politicized ice. This is from the daily Kohler are based employee booted for campaigning for Hillary it worked. So so well Adele lost your job. For violating your. I'd be out they had checked and it worked. She. She admitted posting more than 100 social media messages and supported Hillary while at work are on duty in the 2016 can't blink. What do you you can support who you want to. So she's got the actions like those FBI love birds using. If you what geniuses. Or how what elegance. They're gonna use clear they're government phones to text back and forth about how much they hate Donald Trump. But here's the real life pays all day and ice employee. Politicizing. Her jaw and getting caught doing it. But governor Cuomo's gonna tell you so mellow it's total total it's total probes wall now. Almost gonna do something more here with tips he's got a double barrel. So here is Cuomo making an open invitation. Two illegal aliens and yet the very terrorists. He claims he wants to what he about a New York State as the big trough. Democrat governor and done. Political boss. Perry is talking about how he's gonna do his part to melt ice solicit. I will do nothing cooperatively with ice. I have simply send them letters asking for an investigation. I said if they do when he criminal acts which a police force can do we will take criminal action against ice. You got there there is head and told him about a guy who ought to known criminals in my opinion. We're guys who trades along the line it's Andrew Cuomo he's trying to tell you. That the law enforcement guys showed the criminals and these gorgeous up there. My gracious. It's enough to make you Bork. Always you're the mayor of Philadelphia. And maybe you've seen it on TV do a little dance. A Sanctuary City or Sanctuary City and don't. Predictable results. Any legal. Raped a young girl they are now again because the the the enlightened give folks in Charlotte not the bedding quotes. We discover editorial board is trying to save our say all illegals are rapists no I don't. But I do say that elected political leaders who try to stop. A legitimate law enforcement function of the federal government and refused to cooperate and threaten the law enforcement. Authorities by sing their law breakers. As far as I'm concerned. Governor Cuomo. Is a crude. Governor slug before we have to cut out your I think from Lancaster. We've got a caller is it is it John telephone from Lancaster. I still haven't. Real will get him right now I'm sorry. It's butch and Lancaster. Coach welcome to WBT. JD or aren't at all mostly sorry about dad for more they'll hold the beluga okay arms. Mr. so let me ask a couple questions and all the suddenly because I'm driving number one I'm. Can help your run of the immigration problem is this pure crap coming over you make it a felony automatic five years in prison. If you are coming back the second time that tripled. Third don't know honestly is the one on one of the American citizens your indirect. Didn't want to kill all citizens into each other and do that how is that not treason there are worth it. Well you made. Two very. Very exceptional points butch. To your last point it absolutely. Is treason. And what we have is a lack of political will old. To do what used to be done in hikes they use. That would the rosenbergs were caught given the go atomic secrets to the Soviets. Both of them took a wrong I don't old Sparky. And so all those guys who were told about tiger being a doubling middle of the rotor he understood what had happened to the other stuff your suggestions on immigration I'll talk about those in our two. Much more ahead. It's JD four events. This is well Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. I mean for giving usaid and they're not helping us of which is the case in many of these countries. We find these people crossing border illegally or visa overstays. We're gonna charge in 2000 dollars by reducing that from the afforded they have I think that's that's a small that's a small part of the funding mechanism that put together but. But it is an important part because it provides an additional deterrent from. So right now makes could not really enforcing these helping us of course there are border this will help promote be inspired to help. Red is United States congressman and V gigs a Republican of Arizona. In fact there Andy represents the district. Next door who who won I used to represented in Arizona. It is a guy who ended up in Arizona but do is back. In front of the microphone. Here on news talk 1110 in 99 during that would be. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth I might point native pulled back washout. And today once again just goes for my pal Vince Coakley. And does we're already into how were too. And 7 minutes past 11. Eastern daylight time well that almost sounds like gate convenient store. Shown Arnold. And for your convenience I'm gonna take a big topics. Right before our first hour concluded. Bush was on the line from forceful. It did a couple of points to make a ballot those who cross the border illegally. Sarah brother butch. No wind crossing the border illegally should be eighty felony. No ifs and should buts about it and should you. Cross the border illegally and art call two. When you are convicted you would go to the slammer for five years. If you do it again. You go to the slammer for fifty years. And brother butch because he. Has not been serving in Washington. As a valid point. And it is incredibly far afield from what Andy Biggs was just discussing or what we heard it discussed. Last night on the Fox News Channel so any Hussein and look. We give our whole. A whole bunch of dole to Mexico. And other countries around the world we are suckers were for a day. Now the Washington argument is world and lose only one pursuing a dual boot or less than 1% of rural overall spending which may speak. Two great big huge amount of spending we do here in the United States it's still real money. So what are you seeing. We catch people we find out the country or their origin and we did duct. 2000 bucks per elite goal for their country of origin in terms of 48. I'll go one better than what Indy. Is talking about all the while I'll give Andy credit for putting this in legislation. Again bush made the point about this should be a felony butch is absolutely right. And dot all also aside. The criminal cost that he set up through incarceration. Let me talk about the financial cost you know there is another way he. To pay for the wall that would really have. The Mexican government paying for the rule. And does it would be a tax on the illegals themselves. Do you realize the billions of dollars sit back to Mexico. Annually in terms of re admittance is. Now banks in western union and the way you do you're able to get money across the border those guys don't wanna see this messed with at all. But if you're really want the illegals to pay for the bowl in and I I appreciate what India is doing but here's the most direct way to make sure they do. You impose a tax on every remittance. To Mexico. Well it's it's now over a decade a gold rush twelve years ago I wrote the book whatever it takes. And that talked about what was going on within legal immigration. And I sit back there we took a look at the estimates. The money. Going back to Mexico. Was close to twenty billion dollars twelve years ago in fact the only. Revenue. In Mexico already exceeded remittances. From the United States. The only money dad did the only totals economically in Mexico that exceeded that came from. The oil company wrote I knew by the Mexican government Pemex. I Pemex was churning out about 23 billion dollars a year. But about twenty to 21 billion was coming back to Mexico in terms of remittances. No so I understand it I don't have the figures here directly in front of me. But I believe the positions have been reversed now remittances are the eighty number one way dead money comes into Mexico. So you slap a tax on bad. Or did the billions you need to build the wall. The problem is there is a lack of will all on the wall. Political will. And no way poll ride Mitch McConnell. While they are remaining leadership of the house and senate respectively are going a little Bilko. So I appreciate Andy Biggs and his efforts. Anybody else who wants to Levy a tax seems to be a ways and means guy like well I'm not there anymore but not boycott all revenue bills most originate in the house are slap a tax on those remittances. Yes I award. Mercy so parties on the phone I think we are done for the bridge to get this season Allen RE five whip is all maligned Rick welcome to WBT. Thank you protect in my crawl. And Israel have worked on and try straight these people for so he's not quite five years. We need a back chart Mexico fullback charger where it was thirty or forty or 50000 dollar a year per person. Well that's another way to make some dull. I was charged to the governor and charger directly to the government. Don't sell or what we're we're gonna take it away. From this little worlds not little from from the allowance the international allowance you get from the United States. Chart. That's a good way to get things done Rick. 85 but do you got me. Clear path to common sense and I appreciate the call. Her brother had that idea drug along 85 you'd like you've thought to have an economic cost. And you've god damn. In force under the laws seed they are there's a senate talking points and literally pull back the curtain. I don't care if if you're a leftist. Might. If you're I don't care if you're Luis Gutierrez you know big open borders guy. Or go to the right and take my buddy Steve King from Iowa conservative Republican. The one line that every member of congress says or every potential member of congress. And this would be good to check with the the celebrated. It Democrats. All that that tough day in the creepy but the first thing out of dad's mouth on immigration. And so questions and it's. We must secure the border. You know lying. It pulled tests at over 90%. It saves total try equalizer. But an up word hone in on the campaign in Charlotte in north Carolina's ninth district. And told about what Mark Harris needs to do. Debris this guy who's supposed to be I did the Democrats deliver. I think he happens to be a Democrat receiver that's my opinion I'll tell you why. Recovering congressman JD Hayworth then for Vince Coakley. Stay with the. Friday. Urged congress to adopt tough policy is needed to verify employment authorization. But the commission is concerned about all the unskilled workers in our society. In an age in which unskilled workers have far too few opportunities open to them. When emigrants are less well educated and less skill that. They may pose economic hardships but the most vulnerable of America. And there is no need to adjust your radio ads twenty minutes past eleven this is new stalk eleven jail and indicted and three WBT. I am the recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for Vince Coakley. And you just heard it. A Democrat from Texas. A former congresswoman who has since gone to her reward. But her final act of public service. Was to be one of the bipartisan. Code cheers of commission. Set up in the wake of the immigration act of 1990. It was the late great Barbara Jordan of Texas. And some of Oz show. Baby boomers are remembered the 1976. Democrat convention. We're the contrast could not have been clear. A man who word got up to speak on behalf of Jimmy Carter. Who himself would run for president in 1984. A guy who. The eyes of every American and indeed every one in the free world were upon this man in 1962. John Glenn and no one of the original seven astronauts and then in 1976. A senator from Ohio John Glenn got up to extol the virtues of Jimmy Carter. And the delegates to the Democrat convention paid scant attention. But what Barbara Jordan stood to speak. All conversations ceased and every ally was upon horror. But in my mind Barbara Jordan's greatest service. To our country came in 1995. Delivering that report of the. Bipartisan commission up Jordan pointed out. The real problems with illegal immigration. But that was before her fellow party members decided. She we we can't win enough votes. Can't win enough votes air from the traditional electorate. For did get now to vote we got to bring it'll hold no vote we got failed amnesty so we can promise more free stuff. To quote new war Americans who won't vote Democrat. Any input I. And make no mistake about it. That is exactly what is going on now. You know you stop and wonder. I do enjoy a community gave that speech. Mean was sworn in on January 20. 1961. How snot. What your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. And now that's been completely transposed. We could do no good for the country what eagle give me. And make no mistake about it even the most establishment Terry Haddon. Of Democrats. Know deities absolutely. Takes. As a political imperative. Amnesty. Did devious bit McCrary. Oh I know he's a little bit of the third hole yes and thank you Dan for your service. But I believe the. The slogan. That did you have on your web site. Is a little disingenuous protecting. All American it's. So word Democrat did just what do you mean by protecting all Americans this is like when I was taken Spanish at NC state end and I learned that. To do called. Someone from the United States and American was disparaging. To those from Mexico central and South America thus the sober cab or the polite so brigade North America on house. Were for a for a United States citizens. So then you're usually hear about protecting all Americans. Did a great big tent to living in these exciting new commerce. There at the observer wants us to know about. Is this a point of view that. Stands in stark contrast. To the warning. Issued. By the way Barbara Jordan in 1995. As part of what was truly a bipartisan. Commission. And actually warned us of the problems of a porous border. They're really put it this way because I mean. I won't tell you. One of my major blind spots. When I first. Ran for public office. Was this kind of naive notion. Like that that ride did Ed Disneyland I guess limited Disney World too with the it's a small world man after all and end. Believe me there was a move afoot. Robert Bartley the late Robert Bartley. Who was the lead editorial writer. For the Wall Street Journal I believe it was his editorial for Independence. Day. It was an independent state in 1999. I believe it was he said there should be a five word a amendment. The constitution of the United States and that amendment should read. There shall be open borders. Then 9/11 happened. And for me. Seeing what was going on being in Washington. The scales. They'll from mine lies. I understood we dubbed no wait a minute borders are reasonable and necessary lines of demarcation and sovereignty between and among nations staged a established. Primarily. For security. And also for sovereignty. And so if I reach with the zeal of the converted is because I've lived. Hello all we're going to hear a kind of were first conversion. And also appeared upon the pages of the yeah. The Charlotte and disturb her. But right now we got done before the break Willie is on the line from Charlotte how I'm willing got a minutes let's make a quick hi Willie. Did headache I'm I'm glad the way you recruit and then. Trying to take business element it. Melodramatic and as a very good and I had to give them their prized. We don't let America's citizens now when you go South America are they low. Director and addressed just and then there are many gobbling up an affect you know us. Don't know it's just a description. Right but did the point is that they take umbrage at us just using the term American or America. Yeah if they don't let them do in fact they do and I don't know why are who and how has the study that history who have decided that this is gonna be America or America the continent. Yeah well adjusted and I guess is what causes the United States of America and its shorthand and I don't mean to give you short shrift to Willie world against the the lockyer. Thank you for the call and be out. I guess the lessons of multi culturally manners. In terms of language JD prevents more your calls coming upstaging. No stalled 1110993. WB she's recovering congressman JD Hayworth in prevents totally. More your calls coming up 70457011. Dinner 1800. 92 H eleven TN before we get there. Just a couple of notes your usually you know why amid new. There were. Are two critical things to say about the Charlotte disturb her. But there are couple of book I gestured. And contributing columns. What I referenced over give the credit to elude to the gentleman whom credit is due. He's a former Charlotte City Council and Kenny Smith wrote me a very useful piece. The three steps Mark Harris needs stood to take legally take to Washington was like how the freeze dubbed Smart Harris needs to take to beat Dan McCready. In north Carolina's ninth district. This pretty good and then there's another column from a guy who gosh I convert coal when he was behind the microphone interviewing me. I call him transformer WB to your team's war certainly he wrote a piece whom to thank for my change. On immigration. Remember before the break I was telling you what I went through and how I was one of these kind of Robert Bartley. There shall be open borders and men the cold reality. Of Powell. Our immigration system had been abused. Was first brought home with crystal clarity to meet on 9/11 in the end. Although my district was in north central Arizona I went to the border I started talking to people who live there and I understood. What we god is a major national security problem. Mean national security is border security. Ed any gray day in the in the special opinion piece entitled to whom to thank for my eight change on immigration. Here is the these. Salient. Paragraph. Quoting now. What will go on what's going on is I would leave budge simple. Donald Trump has taken as you know phobia advanced academically. For years. By pundits like Pat Buchanan. And given it philosophy of velocity by deftly wrapping it is now make America agreed to give month for a that allows adherents are rallying cry. More acceptable than quote. We are scared Les Brown people taking over. And this column. From my old pal brother in law listened. Concludes if this corruption of the American spirit emboldened many to express their fears under cover of the American forest was so high do. Yeah of their true hards have been clearly seeing. Which has motivated others to express themselves with the equal Cleary so we use with me. If that constitutes a change I have my faith. And Donald and his Merry Pranksters. The fact. As a guy who changed his opinion. Go on the other direction. I have no reason to Caldwell the author of that column. For some sort of hypocrisy. But I never thought I'd see the day when that particular writer would morph into George W. Bush. Because one of these one of the incredible disappointments in May they were legion. In the two terms of George Walker Bush was this insistence. To label those of us who were greatly concerned. With border security especially in the wake of 9/11. Labeling no says restriction bush. Regina follow bush. Or worse. When I confronted coral role. Any Republican retreat to. When the president what President Bush had this idea of what was called Social Security quote equalization. Where a cut this this was going on the Bush Administration want to figure out away eight. To have voted. Mexicans who came to the United States and independently of their immigration status. Be able to get a little Social Security benefits some sort of equalization playing. And I went directly to the president has a Mr. President please don't do their. Because if you do log already worked with the visual booed and others we have a resolution of disapproval. Also goal. And we will we will get the discharge petition and we will stop this. Let me just say for everybody and it was not done in this column but but another another trick I'm sorry to say and another. Citation of these the open borders smokes in addition. Two to seeing that you're you're room restriction just your racist. Or you're Xena fold. The other thing they do. Is they imply that your faith is less than genuine. They cite scripture I believe it is in the Vatican's. Welcome the sojourner. It is one of the books and paid attention first buy books and to welcome the sojourner. In May interpret sojourner to mean. Well illegally anybody who shows up in the country. But the sojourner is exactly that someone who's traveling. In fact given the desert culture news. You can make the argument or at least an interpretation. Be kind to there are no bad debt. Just said culture. Is prevalent in fact I saw out of my own eyes in Kuwait. I was in Kuwait City what would they do in the summertime is the wealthy kuwaitis. Now sometimes people go get camping where I guess they call it grabbing now. When all the creature comforts of home so too does the kuwaitis they go to get a taste of what great grandpa did. As a nowhere they some of these kids. Almost as a novelty like camping out now so much as the culture changed crew Petro dollars but I digress. My point is this. For every one who wants to misinterpret. Sojourner. And save this absolutely applies to illegal aliens and and because in my face I see this and you won't let me point out. What Neil Meyer did do you what Neil Meyer again. When he returned home. But cause. The people had been subject to attack. Neo mollid did what he built voter poll. So good people can disagree and yes people can change their months. But in my book it is not some sort of xenophobia wrapped inside sloganeering. And it's just under recruited diary system. They all argue reminds me a call we came it you know because we have a fair number of Irish illegals. There was a reporter. We showed up on our doorstep when I was in Washington. The harassment Hayworth you certainly don't mean. The Irish because we have the red haired like your mom and freckles and I said ma'am I don't care. If someone comes from high swing and or India or on early and if they come in the United States illegally each. It's wrong and it should be stopped. So for everybody wants to make this all about Mexicans are all all about brown people and not just by Appel who wrote the column that's what does. What did Karl Rove should be W bush just most of us like grown people. They're a whole lot American citizens who happen to be quote brown and their four lucky did Donald trumps them. More your calls or bad it's JD prevents. New stalled eleven Tim and 993 double BT. Told free from any place 1809281110. Or from Charlotte to end the seventeen. For some of us trapped in a polyester time warp the police musical metro line up. 7045. So don't know 1110 back to the phones from Charlotte used George I George. Get his solid bank a bank you do when you're Ali and I. That those who want to quote great job as usual. Well thank you very much I appreciate what's on your mind. OK let's all of you were darkened lab the Democrats and element and not true it's actually but I. All right give a shout out to really did just colleague and he says they weren't quite sure allow America or lend America while they look identical almost did it but he actually did that in the where they and dazed but they got a actually BankAmerica. Is language the lakers' best UC. That's right America's best achieved yesterday. Glued to yeah. Yep and now I really did my attitude or opinion probably would probably order it could. Well let's you know when you we've taken aim and they're they're different names for example right within the Hispanic culture these folks. Right there there was one baseball game the legendary Dizzy Dean of course. I from his days is a rare back fire ball in the right hander went into broadcasting. And used to be the the Yankees games he had Peewee Reese and once there was an exhibition game. Between the Yankees and and the San Francisco Giants back when all the Alou Brothers fully pay had Mandy and Hayes moos. Lane and haze just got on base and a mention of viewer just turning end. When. When we're dizzy makes the call against G is a good job. Ladies and gentlemen Jay is just also a good base but of course he was referring dejesus a world war. But he angle and size so that's our new. And so I'm glad he's not abide by all Latin hello. And I look out circle again and went to the minute and any outlet luck and everybody look around it pretty I'm sure blueprint Ali Karim Khalili. Will very you have good cheer enjoying a cultural sensitivities. Are. They third super cold George I appreciate that may have been another day in and of course. George ward tells about America's fiscal chi which is cool. Little retired out to Arizona and I guess made some money off old. We still Loral bud bud Disney's Donald Reid the so it's written and does seat. English sized he's oops. Which had to be interest in bed days. For anybody who too did the exhibition involving the the Yankees in the giants back in the early sixties. Our soul. I just wanna have. Did this well may maybe you know maybe I'd. India lot of fun just kind of play around here but I think the elections are coming up by theme today is what is going on and there's been this critical I tested north Carolina's ninth district there their war more and more importantly there were more. Tuesday's post more terms yesterday eight from predictable folks who you talk about guys who change their mind. People's exhibit any. Our guy I used to song with who was one of the seventy. Plus Republicans. Better group including yours truly. They gave the GOP its first house majority in forty years. And both of us work our facilities when we were elected so we'd never didn't we never share a Republican House majority. I referred to Joseph Scarborough hold. Ed in the wake of all the primaries. Joseph you know who's had kind of a change of heart. And I don't wanna say it's because of affairs of the heart defect these. I guess marrying his cohost Mika Brzezinski the daughter of as the big bad Gusinsky was Jimmy Carter's. Our national security advisor. Maybe old Joseph just takes a look at the audience over there and MSNBC. Amigos over these are late. Republicans would be welcome I gotta have guys on who'd be welcomed in the editorial Sweden the Charlotte disturbed. Because Joseph has. Has done a complete 180. But that does not mean that his thoughts. Are completely irrelevant though they have radically changed. Oh from the Apollo officially named a morning Joseph program on MSNBC. My onetime Republican. Congressional colleague and classmate. Joseph Scarborough. That seems to be in overarching headline of all these results that. Women have not just been offended by Donald Trump but they've been activated. Is such a level that. That's probably know women are probably the greatest threat to the Republican majority right now. Are so there are millions jolt. A pilot on the GOP. And he is doing so for predictable economic reasons she actually has a valid point. Might I suggest. That it has ever been boss. Even in the heyday of Reagan and win that historically Republican majority was elected we heard all this talk about gender get. And they're they're a lot different theories you know they will be. The Republican Party is the Daddy Party talks about responsibility. And the Democrat party is the mommy party and ended talks about feelings. We tell. The fact is. Politics is based on person. Sensitivities. And people would do well to their own sales beat true listen to the concerns of others. But don't try to tactically change. Instead call out your opponent that's what Mark Harris needs to do a day and really on immigration on taxes. Then go to a myriad of issues CMO merited myriad of issues I guess Russia takes a while it's been great being here for Vince Coakley. JD Hayworth stay brave. Stay free. Stay tuned.