Vince Coakley and Thomas Massey

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Sunday, December 3rd

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736. News today that three WBT get this reminder to listen to Vince Coakley ran your program. Right here ten to noon Monday through Friday. Our photo if you like to call us is 4704571110. To discuss anything that we've covered you're welcome to do so. 7045701110. As you know like going on in Washington DC. Few days ago we had a conversation with congressman Richard Hudson North Carolina about. Concealed carry legislation that was basically allow. The concealed carry. Permit that you have appeared to be honored all across the country which is certainly good thing. Now there's one person member of congress where a lot of confidence in as well who is. Expressing some concern about what the end product may be this legislation. For encouragement Thomas Massie in northern Kentucky who joins us on this Sunday morning. Good morning welcome to the broadcaster. And thank early on dance. Could be on your show. Hey thanks very much I wanna start off by talking about this now I've read some email exchanges which you would also with congressman Hudson on this. Q who is an hour share little bit more about what he has said about this but. What recent you have to believe that the clean legislation regarding concealed carry. May somehow be corrupted ends have some amendments attached that would not be so good. Well I'm the Republican leadership. Last week where rock that a bill through committee. I'd never seen him do it fat and it would it on the air that. Dale. I'll bet the way to fix the background check. Okay when it was introduced in committee on the saint there at how to commit. India and then the white six Republicans voted against that it'll even if you could just barely get the text out in time before they were voting on. Even back to me that he Judiciary Committee. And Republican leadership and out that there were going to. L. Wit mr. and Barry quite popular. Don't care of our real. And the all an opening trans Atlantic and it email. And everybody. Let's go all remember. Everywhere. He. Can bill that we. That can. Rules committee. The war on it but. It's also. Over. There in the. Okay this in the and I am part of the problem here is an again. I've been communicating with congressman Hudson on this. And in the area where I have some concern instant suspicion. Is I've never trusted the house leadership or the Senate Leadership. And it's this process me to be quite leery how can we sort this kind of thing out. And and doesn't this go to the heart of what's wrong anyway yeah congressman Massey. The fact that you have all these complicated. Legislative processes that do not have to be complicated. That's right and it is they know when congress and I'd think. And that's what tournament you're compare it strikes you an unpopular at all. Arctic and killed the very popular bill without now. And it's gonna happen yet but here's the denture. The danger is that this. That the bill. That aren't aren't and consumer and corporate and there are some Republican bought it. They didn't have been good health which is. 600 million to the right there expand dinner back on record. Okay this danger at the end of the jamaat. Bill and that the bill that attached you. And it went conference. Albert the differences that they come back. With that been extra. That would support city permit and they've got to think yeah. Yeah and or. And that's one can start attacking me in any eaten them. Very popular prop eight built with its. Spent 600 married in your problem here that they did they expect they'll. There are. From bill that goes on and they'll. Spot there's a picnic there and back so about it. Better Olympic Committee. That they expects they'll say yeah I expect they'll get tenured and apply them in the past. Obama. Pressure at an agency like spoke with security agency and mr. intended as a parent administration. Pressure or more records into the knicks back anybody would deny it for the purchase. And do that. He would continue. He pressuring the minister agencies. That are applauding more in the next about and upon that. Only courts indoor court a federal. Article very court or military court. Should be able to take when you're right you're right. Big break should not be able to do for any significant there are they didn't expect about it. You borrowed from that singer by guy. Here's something here and I when he shared just a brief part here because there's a significant. Post here from Richard Hudson decent media today. But here's something you said. We're not adding anything to the categories of people cannot or weapon we're simply requiring federal agencies to report on records in their possession. On people were disqualified. We are not amending he's seeing that there there there are two sections on this list of who is disqualified. They're not expanding existing law to allow agencies to report people who were getting SSI for mental disabilities. And for people listed under the statute. How would you respond to this team do you would you say that that's accurate in that piece of legislation anyway. A 100%. Your. But Linux and here's the problem. At their Obama expanded category of people who did not from happening. The problem and it is there a minister agency. In eight people. The president and I know president trump the president now than it did she have a president. Administrative agency should not be able to that list that people. There are are barred from owning and go. Back to a right. That should be able to quite like that without UK court because. Wouldn't that classify it like for the purposes of the knicks did it right. You can never. And. The administration remember Obama. Anybody while it's patient he'd do it now. Yeah you're on. It you know depend if you are our administration said that the you've got representative petty somebody else that as your check. And an explosion at your computer everything computer. Program that. He Q ball to the street has been category of people owning a guy. The one thing you can. Part of why I would. Since that are just that bit about what they like that bill. But you're gonna. Make it need to get the upper. And it and it needs to beat them. Didn't expect yeah becoming. Wait didn't. That that people apart and every year you know. And now you're in the last year that report and its convictions for people. Where it's supposed to be able to bite. And well posited in the database if you want to. You. Were the core Internet about in the picture there are all positives. I'm about 108. And administrative and he here's here's a bunch more and a bunch more records in that dated back. I wanna make sure we've only about thirty seconds left in this segment I would clarify something here. It sounds like your big concern here Thomas Massie is giving anybody the authority of discretion on this in that Boettcher problem. That's that the congress should not be giving. Any eggs in the administrative agency that discretion to make this kind of decision periods. That's great Atlantic and quite a bit of discretion. Okay there already met mr. It's that they think about and that they Nextel. Gives penalties if they turnover. More record. And it is gonna do more money to make it's that for the wanted to turn over records. And its program. It's that he doesn't get them more so that the very clear that help. Where are cosponsored that's born senate that there aren't Republican. Co sponsors and John Cornyn is the primary sponsor. Just a little bit of all the heat it eat your first or should know about. That. Would signal that Democrats. Court in the did you. With the republic and that the sponsor. Because I think that switcheroo. Open that would make this thing through and and Republicans wouldn't be as likely to vote again. You know that you're the unit that committee. The typical. Being transparent. When members currently no quoting now but that people back all know about it you wanna know more appropriate. You want to pressure. Mr. he'd deter or record other than that yeah yeah. Or that book security administration. Okay. I'm I'm with you on this a Thomas Massie do you have time to hold on as with this through the break. But is that when it's. Awesome awesome do that we wanna talk about this tax legislation is well we have a conversation with congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky. And will continue reading your news 11109 three WBT. Final stretch Vince Coakley radio program on this Sunday morning and a reminder. You can listen tend to noon Monday through Friday regular newsletter 10993. WBT. Which I can right now with sergeant Thomas Massie good friend of mine from northern Kentucky. I want to talk with you about the tax legislation that is making its way through congress it's now passed the senate. How pleased are you with the the product so far. You know they're not gonna where could they're I got some really high. 100 I don't go for the Republican. Pertinent repeal and require. Because I didn't think it was a good grill and I didn't go defied the part about it there is much. But I am I'm finally glad you're in the Republican led by in their back in or without. When all that there hesitation. And I think it got better and in fact I've never said that I'll probably never did and build up. The ability batters in the city known for doing this thing over but we are not wearing. Not gonna hit batter for the. Sleep deprived octogenarian. Old bike get this. I want to ask you specifically because there are a lot of people out there oh regular people regular working people wanted to what's in this thing for me. Well that but even that won't go better than out they'll rightfully. They're both good and then there as they cut the corporate rate that make it more globally competitive. That the best thing about built right. They're probably Al bill that does that include. What did that how did a lot of reform. On the personal income tax. What they've eaten we were not cut in the eyes on the court when I'm excited to make sure that everybody would you. This than it allocated a lot more money for personal. And they didn't change their number of practice. They didn't do with my reform which I'm all for a lot of reform I'd like more that would change. There wouldn't do a lot of reform and that somebody you know Mike you let out cold but in the senate version they cut taxes. I would say about we are too much. As a Hal Burton would on the personal side. One of the ways they were able to do that he'd he'd be out of 308. And billion dollar in the scoring. They would get rid of the individual man. Now I think it's an accounting flooding and I don't really is getting rid of it didn't go gonna say 300. Billion dollar. But that wasn't even though it says. Services that they knew what was the other individual mandate is at 308 billion dollar load it right or not the corporate side. Ranked third in the personal. Income tax side. Well that's certainly a good thing and it's biscuit is now a conference. How would you think prevails here in terms of the final product. Yeah I I think it's gonna vote so similar is that senate bill. That maybe we should just go ahead and passed the senate bill and dragging it out and risking. Somebody's giving up you know out in April that material over there in the end it there it is there's that great big egos good. I would say it's gonna look very much buy and sell and we are they've got a mirror. The past if they can only afford there was one more senator over there and they evolve this parliamentarian over there at the fort in there. Budget reconciliation rule we don't have medical going in Hal. That we might want a big company conference there proved itself. But it would change it too much when I expect that the Internet. There's a parliamentarian says no that doesn't mean you'll and then now we're back to square one I don't think it can do a whole lot. Or it comes out of orbit in so what we're doing this if we're going back early. Next week we're scheduled to return on Tuesday but now they. Come back on Monday we are gonna vote and senator gluten and then this is the reconciliation process. And I'm sorry to the conference process where they reconcile. That word couldn't that'd be important in different context that. It was very into the conference were out spokesman at that took you haven't come up with a compromise bill that we will vote after vote on CN. That. Is gonna happen. And we we have less than a minute left I'm gonna ask you about what to headed there's another big vote is I understand it. About funding the government is this another number one of these sex show downs coming up the possibility of shutting down the government. We have been congress five years every movie he did at the deadline that number if there's always says it's all important number. It was completed in January as good as. That Indian who went there I haven't seen before I think we see we should cut with that there are certain that one of them some help on the radar. So pipe that's seven or is buying program. It he allows the government to spy on Americans without a war I think if I had. That's gonna get re authorize somewhere in the Dark Knight is trying to put that there's. We're trying go to war provision in Europe per American consumer America. So these are two things that we have to watch the coming weeks so unfortunate we're out of time here. But always insightful talking with congressman Thomas Massie who. When you wanna talk about somebody who's focused on liberty of this man and certainly is thanks lot for coming in this broadcast getting a very early. To join us this morning thanks against her. Thank you background other people their clutter them and I appreciate I hope everybody that's wonderful son that.