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Wednesday, May 9th
Vince covers all his bases today, from North Koerea Nucleur deal to interview Republican Mark Harris.

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Good Wednesday morning welcome to the broadcast it to be back with you lots of interesting things going on and yes. The political developments on primary day. Near the top of the list and we would gets loose in due time I won a starch. With some great news. Especially. For three American citizens. I just reflecting on this especially thinking how long some of these folks have been detained. Imagine what it must speed like to be detained in North Korea of all places to be detained. Is bad enough. To be detained in North Korea. What is have been like. And I'm sure if you ask individually these. Three folks under way back right now to freedom. I would suspect toward hell probably comes in there somewhere. But we have the announcement this morning. Secretary of State's Mike Pompeo is returning to North Korea after successfully negotiate the release of three American citizens. He's in the air right now. This is with president said to. There are on the way back to North Korea with three wonderful gentleman everyone's looking so forward to meeting they seem to be in good health. Kim Jong to all of Virginia detained 2015. 2015. Spent three years. Sentenced to ten years in prison on charges of espionage and subversion. I wonder what to who wonder what was actually done. That was characterized this way. Accounting professor. Tony Kim. And also university professor. Kim hacksaw. Both detained in 2017. And to top it off I mean this has to be a bizarre experience across the board I I remember truly viewer remember. Back in. 1981. I believe was when Ronald Reagan took office. Watching. And and we were seeing. Several things come together one was technology. One of the first big live broadcast by satellite. From some of these foreign countries. As the hostages were released from Iran do you remember that. And and they showed live pictures when they made every time they made a stop somewhere. We get to see some images of these folks and I remember just stinking. My goodness after more than 400 days of captivity. Was that I. To be free what are they thinking as they're making these stops. And then they come back to America. Then there's all this attention. It must be overwhelming. And top it off. At the end the journey I mean I think I'm I'm just thinking of this. Here you know and and I'm just gonna be very blunt about this in in I think it's amusing how many people. The guy I've been soft on president Barack Obama. They obviously were not listening. At that time. Think about it you are detained in North Korea and you know you have a worse for president. And there's very little hope you're going to get out. Because. You have a president traveling around the world. With an apology tour. Yeah like I'm doomed to. There's no way on God's green earth we're gonna get out of here we're stuck here. And then imagine. What's going to happen to these folks in a matter of hours. Guess who's going to greet them at Andrews Air Force Base. President Donald Trump. An inch streak at this poll or whatever magic which you in your cell wherever you are in North Korea. Would you ever imagined. That this is the way this would play out. Did you have a president who stands up to the north Koreans. And then ultimately. You get your freedom. And then you're going to meet the president. When you land in America. This it's got to be a sensory overload. What's also intriguing about this. The president says secretary Pompeo and his guests will be landing at Andrews Air Force Base at 2 AM. 2 AM. This is this is just going to be a an all around weird experience. President says I will be there to greet them this is very exciting. I would suspect. There would be network news coverage of this alive don't you think. This is a a moment that's made for television. President went on to praise Pompeo successful meeting with Kim looking forward to his upcoming summit. With the North Korean dictator. Also good meeting with Kim Jung who he wrote. Date and place sets. So that is the story. Could here they are in good health. There on the way. And each. We will see them. And it will be intriguing to hear their stories. And I would encourage you pray for the pray for these folks. The adjustment they're going to have to go through. After there are imprisonment. Is going to be extraordinary in the same time. They've got quite a celebration ahead of them. That will be absolutely awesome to welcome them back to the United States of America. Another very important foreign policy success. And I go back to and I don't mind saying this I used to love when my when my dad would make this comment. He talked about the good old days you know in the good old days were. Win people around the world did not day dare lay a hand on American citizens. They knew you're an American we've got to leave you alone can we get back to those days I'd love to be back to their states. Where we are respected. Around the world and people know no. This person is American we'd better not touch that person or there will be hell to pay. Can we get back to that do you think. I'm not sure. But this certainly. I would sit. This has to go beyond just a president. Because there's a part of our culture of the past degree recaptured. I'm not talking about being arrogance or thinking that we would rule the world we're in charge you're anything like that. I do think. This images. As America as the paper tiger. That's got to go. Just to respect that's all we're asking for here. Not generation. Not worship just respect. Love to get your thoughts on this coming up were also going to talk about election results yesterday evening as I told you it. South Carolina you've got your turn coming appear in a few weeks. There are some very important victories yesterday evening. That there's also a mixed bag of other developments. There's no way you've really to speak of other than just a wave of change in the number of areas and it affected Democrats and Republicans we will talk about it. But walk highlights some of the best of last night including a guest. Who won a primary last night. And unseated someone who talk about coming up. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock celebrating. The affected three Americans are on the way back home. We'll talk abouts. What's happened with them because we have a question on the text line we will attempt to answer here. We also have this. It wouldn't sixers say trump didn't trade five terrorists. For bird dog the traitor yes we remember that notorious trade don't point. You know it's kind of like these baseball trades where they trade someone for player to be named later or twenty players to beat. Like not a good picture here. This Dexter saying what we know of at least three confirm votes for trump in the twenty Tory election you better believe it. If Hillary become president I guess those three gentlemen would still be in hell yes pretty much so. Because he she would still be Hendrick seat you have to remember who made that stupid deal with the north Koreans in the first place. Do you remember that was. William Jefferson Clinton we have played that audio on this program. About how wonderful this deal was that would prevent North Korea from getting gas for it. Nuclear weapons how did that worked out for us. And said there's no way. There's no way she'll be able to backtracked. And take a very different position now because her husband negotiated that bad deal. Pretty sad. Sherri win with god all things are possible in a huge amen to that another text to wondering too they even know what was going on in the USA. Very doubtful. Very doubtful. Just think 37 years ago Iran releases prisoners to when he eighteen North Korea releases prisoners. And we think things will ever change the land they are back. And we have this trump being my savior would be somewhere in the list. Below Mickey Mouse Mickey Mantle but a thousand pages of names above the abomination. That a a a that's pretty clever. Be careful or you'll say something good about trump. Jim out of gray area we're gonna answer your question how long the three been imprisoned in North Korea. We told you about one but I get a answers on the other two we will get to and a bit. Gerald out of captains. Says I pray the president's present trouble get our Vietnam. POWs back now how many of those are still. Still. Missing. Make messer proven conservative hot. They keep using that word I do not think it means what they think it means well that word has been thoroughly bastard eyes I can assure you it really adds. To answer that question about the used to with Korean detainees. We have Kim Jong tools. He's been there the longest October 2015. Almost three years the charge of espionage. My goodness. October 2015. Eight yeah I just cannot imagine I really can't. Tony Kim. Also known as Kim saying duke. He. Was actually detain it looks like in April of 27. Team. April of 27. TV. So it's been a little bit over a year. His charge committing hostile criminal acts within aim to subvert the country. You know I'm sure these people are such they were such a terrible threats don't share imagine. The feast of all Americans. Were just such a terrible threat. And we have Kim hock seeing. He was detained in May of 2017. Again. Committing hostile acts against the state I wonder with these hostile acts where. It's kind of curious. But this is the story there on the way back home right now pray for these guys as they become acclimated. And again. There will be a celebration. They will be greeted by the president at 2 AM tomorrow. 2 AM. Also the text line you any do you have any information American pastor. Andrew Brunson imprisoned in Turkey when our government is doing towards a possible release I am not heard anything on that case in the last couple weeks if I remember correctly is that. One of north Carolina's senators is trying to work on that now I don't know if it's Richard Burr. Or whether it's Thom Tillis one of them is has pledged to bring this up every month. Until something happens in this case. We're gonna follow upon that it's a very good question. I feel really good about the USA for the first time in a long time our president is on our side doesn't take any crap from anyone. That's the kind of posture you've got to have especially towards some of these regimes. That think they can push us around. In regard to McMaster I cannot support anyone who endorses Hugh leatherman sorry governor McMaster. A boy. You were you really reveals hearts doesn't win you see someone wholeheartedly. Endorse and embrace someone. Indicates. That's just sampling of some of the items here on the text line let's try to rusty in Charlotte good morning. I guess I have not what could happen out there are. Airplane don't quite get it out with a more affordable Al-Jazeera. And Cheney was upset. That the trial was down and negotiate what Kim Jong-Il. And I had bipolar the proper second at bat it down Barack Obama. That would get in general Kim Jung and to come to the table and discussed it as she got a piece saying. You're Fraser like I care so that. That the only thing that popped up in doing that he's doing something that they've asked for cooked. Here's an order compressed a Republican Democrat IP that he had never aren't. And that's certainly what they're bigger at the world. And what life has or that brought it that I got here. Nuclear warheads on Mets and wanted to and according to take them apart it will get Emma seat at the table. What kind of response did you yet. It looked like. Oh or one but I think I broke that it should. People perception is reality. And it back first saying that their leader is being slighted. They will do everything in the world to pass fairly eager CNET the world quicker exit we have both Chrysler back eat. Go to the United States' perspective and hurt and probably should call one billion dollar in aid and it's enforce our our. Always got a guy that. Why not as a warrior and you got all the way. Get that English I think you need to understand that the ultra. If they're part of the power play something you bet out of here or should like this. Yep I even made a great point there appreciate your call their rusty and I mean this is how I look at it if through the years of history we have. But the presidents and what they've done and what they were not accomplished. I'm willing to try something else and I think that's where a lot of Americans are you wanna see something different. Then the so called diplomacy that's been deployed over the past few decades. And it looks like in some ways it's already paying off don't you think 29 minutes after ten. Before we get to our guests I want to quickly tell you abouts what I'm looking at the conservative review page in please look at the scorecard. North Carolina's representatives are looking at scores. 12344. Halves apps for have apps one has a one of the people who has an F. Representative Robert Pitt injure a 51. Conservative review score 51. I'm very thrilled to tell you. He will not be going back to congress this fall. The person who will replace him lord willing if he defeats his Democrat opponent is joining me right now on the phone a man who won the primary yesterday evening. Mark Harris good morning welcome back to the broadcaster. You know morning are you doing doing very well congratulations sir on this hard fought win for you. Well thank you so so much. Well I've got to ask you here at the outset because as I understand it even and I would just hold your internal polling indicating. Indicated that mr. ginger was going to pull this out is is that accurate. Well our our internal polling did not necessarily reveal that. You know that's been a big question people have been asking today what in the world. I happen to you and as we've. I've had several congressmen. That have called to congratulate me and winning the prime area. And calling from watching and that's been one of their questions as they said you know we saw one public polls. Just probably a month or so back should you down about 30%. What in the world happened. And I. Slain bandits you know. First of all week we felt like the polling that we were here. Was somewhat faulty and but you you know polls are expensive and there's got to rate we're tranda. Spend money is flatly as we could but ultimately. Felt like we needed to do a poll probably about three weeks out. That poll showed that we were at 32%. Mr. that your was at 31%. And 34%. Were undecided. Wickedness and carrying out the balance and so. That that those that poll really turned out to be far more realistic and and I think in the blue and election. Having 34% undecided with three weeks out. It's not too crazy and I think that that that really what we started working toward. Mr. are sure former pastor and I wanted to ask you about so what is ahead in why you're running for congress what has motivated you and by the way we should remind people you lost this same race by under 200 votes last time around. Decided to go at it again this time you have one. What is it that motivates you. We you know event. It was really following the marriage amendment vote in this state in 2012. That. I really begin to recognize such a vacuum of leadership. People that were willing to stand on principles and stand on the values that we hold dear. And really people that were willing to step into the arena as a pastor I was. Frustrated. Evil and other pastors are willing to step up and speak up and a lack of that and so. Bill logic can ask people do something you're not willing to do yourself. And so after praying about it and realizing that the window of opportunity to turn this country around quickly closing. My wife and I just felt that that god leading us to take the step of faith. Into the Serena. And and stand for those very solid biblical principles. I remember I am and I'm sure you remember this is well the conversation that we had uptown over lunch. I think this it was a couple of years ago about this very subject you were concerned about this leadership vacuum out there. Looking ahead you've got to contest here get it against a Democrat opponent who has a lot of money. How are you going to pull this officer. Well obviously. Starting today we're raising money and we've got to we've got to. Or begin to at least match. Supposedly king and that money that is forty and to this race from out of state. From left wing group that feel like they can target that seat and have targeted at night district. He obviously breezed through a primary without having to spend much of the resources. So we're gonna have to pull together and we're gonna have to raise arms. To get our message out or recruit with. Mr. Kissinger and I think anyway in the fall election last fall. Present proof you don't have to have that much money at a rate that the other person that you've got enough. In order to get your message out and so we're gonna work home. Immediately and it's going to be a matter of unifying and pulling people together. And realized that in any way that this is a battle perspective and battle of world news. Of what direction our country is going to go forward. Which are remark sure she won the primary in the ninth congressional district yesterday evening here in North Carolina. And I'm curious about what some of the issues are that are near and dear to your heart your concern about the future of the country. What are the things that that concern you that you'd like to take action on. Well obviously some of it being we have seen that Utley were part of really an agenda that presents thrall has has laid out we wanna see those things accomplished I'm very concerned. That we have yet armed and and build the border wall I think that's an important piece so there's. Whole situation and our country with immigration we got to secure our borders. And and I wanna be apart. Helping them all we're making that happen and I think that's critical. Also think that we wanna stand continue to stand on the issues of life. I think it is ridiculous that we continue to unplanned parenthood in any way shape or form. And we got to move to be funded. I think we've got to be fun Sanctuary Cities. And you know we see some things happen here Mecklenburg that are extremely concerning even I yesterday in the democratic primary per share. That called all of us stuff they re concerned about the direction locally. That we may be headed but I think those are issues that are are important I think we've got to continue to. Spur the economy but but then our I continue to be most concerned about this sudden national debt. Thank you got it. He brought thank you. And I. Can I jump right in and ask your question about this are you willing to stand against these stupid omnibus bills and ends because we keep seeing these. The process is being circumvented by the leadership of the house. They keep putting these omnibus bills out there rather than running through the appropriations process properly are you willing to vote no to these bills. In order to do the process the right way. Absolutely. And every single time necessary. Because I. I firmly believe it and I rental throughout this campaign and it was resonating with people. If we would just follow the constitution and understand the United States two representatives. Has the power of the purse. And omnibus bill that that was so offensive. There's so many people the one point three trillion dollars spending bill. Did the very fact that we did not have a bit bent spending initiative bill. That we would pass in the house says that to the senate. And or the senate to take action so that it. But you know week we have. What's sounds like we're losing here are signal here. I'm mark terrorists we've got a bad connection were also against a heartbreak and you hold on with this through the break and try to get a better connection as well can we do that. I entered absolutely awesome which I would marketers he won his primary Republican primary in the ninth congressional district this is the first. Incumbent who has been taken out in elections so far this year extraordinary. And we'll continue our conversation with mark curious right here in the broadcast. 1049 on the Vince Coakley ran your program we're talking win if Republican nominee for congress in the ninth congressional district. Mark Harris the end when I've heard so far I very much like I'm not surprised just based on our previous conversations and one of the things were discussing is the budget process how this has been broken for quite some time who the processes and broken. There are irresponsible people who continue to fail to do their jobs and present the appropriations bills. As they're supposed to come up here's one of my questions for you mark are you willing. To be a leader rather than a follower are you willing to stand up we don't know who's the house leadership is going to. Be comprised of this fall once we have elections but are you willing to stand up to those folks if they try the same tricks running through these ridiculous bills. Absolutely been side you know one of the things that we ran in this race was saying that we needed. More or less of Washington DC come into the ninth district in more of the ninth district. Taking our voice to Washington DC and I. I think people across this district understand. That they are they're expecting congress to demonstrate some fiscal responsibility. And understand that there is a process that needs to be followed. And is that those same before we went to the break it what is so frustrating. Is instead of the house doing what they need to do and passes strategic defense initiative spending bill send it to the senate. And and force them to take action and when we would bring that out the opposition would say well you've got to have sixty votes in the senate. But let's send. Tests. In the midwest that are having to defend their senate seats while would you not. Wanna put them on the record of having to vote against a military defense spending bill. But instead the house just would give him and fold. So leadership justice today we're going to be jam this omnibus bill and ram it through and I'm not gonna stand for that then we'll stand opposed to that. Given the opportunity. Let me assure you mark terrorists and and I would I hope we are able loot to stay in touch I've got other friends in congress. That I stay that I stay in touch with this very reason. And I hope you feel. A first off we wanna make sure that you win this. And that you're elected to beyond that we wanna work with fewer and make sure that we stand with you here. Two. Odd to make sure. That. These things that you're standing for our ultimately upheld that they prevail because so far. We're having trouble getting our voices heard here on. I've for some reason. We have the leadership that is hell bent on capitulated to Mitch McConnell. We've got to have people were going to stand up here. So I'm glad to hear what I'm hearing here. At the same time. I I am suspecting their people out there who were probably thinking hey. Mark is just speaking a great game when he gets there he's going to cooperate. What is it about you that should commend us to you and assure people that you're not going to be just another. Politician like everybody else. Well to be honest review. Movements throughout my life record. Not only walking through life with people in my role as senior pastor but I've. How the group to demonstrate leadership. On taking stands on issues in the state that. I felt were right to end that put everything out there on the field to make sure. That we fought for those principles and I don't intend to let. That change. Unfortunate not to go to Washington DC I want to still fight. For those things that are right and and stand up for them I thought felt like you can. You can stand on principle and you couldn't really helped convince people and bring them together I didn't feel like we've got to find ways to work together in Washington. I don't think you have to go win with the aches and our cooperative spirit but I think you have to go in knowing what you believed. Willing to stand almost principles and began to try to find other like minded people to bring with you I. I think that's a key we've got to let more people that are going to coming in and we have a real opportunity when you. Consider that there are forty now 41 Republicans that are there now that have already announced they're not coming back. Two of the US house we perhaps have a chance to elect a freshman class this hall. They could be one of the greatest freshmen classes and working together they could be like minded to new distribution in the right direction. We can only hope. We can only hope here if people like find out more information about you word they go sir. They go to our web site Mark Parrish for congress dot com. And they can find an issues based there and my plan now more about us that they wanna support as they can find out how to do that there's well. Can I just share this excerpt Haitian review of publicly before you go this was on my mind yesterday evening. As I was thinking about my conversation with you today my expectation would be this we hope and pray that you win this and that if you do. That you not. Fall into the temptation to baptize the swamp. The I think I'm with him rather I'm interested in draining it's not bad doesn't it. Well I appreciate that. Mark terrorist thanks a lot for joining us on the broadcast god bless you will be praying for you in the coming months or. Thank you prepared in the event god bless you and thank you for all you do. Thank you very much sir. Enjoy the conversation actually that was going to my mind literally I was walking to a parking lot last night. And it's about midnight and as I was thinking about the conversation I just been texting with. Mark Harris and I that was a thought just came in my mind that's. I just want to exhort him if he wins this not. To go to Washington DC. And baptize the swamp. Because we've guides and and I I don't wanna go down this road I don't wanna see too much about this because I've already said plenty. There's way too much corruption in Washington and there's may wait too much corruption. That Christians have baptized. In the name of I don't know whatever we think we're accomplishing. For some purpose. We'll take a very quick call Michael got about thirty seconds or so good morning. Good morning I yelled wanted to ask what you think the chances are for the challenger to. All Matta and. I somewhere between slim and none I know why you asked that question because I was in that race before rates Michael. Unfortunately. These districts are so profoundly gerrymandered. It's a Democrat district I do appreciate your call. I'd long for the day that. We figure out a way to do this differently. I don't know the answers are really tell. Our number two of the broadcast a little more political news discusses wells they were this. Six are never to all of our broadcast. Can we pick up on the takes line. Somebody who's not thrilled about its. Henry McMaster. This person who loves to parity has certain memory the South Carolina legislature. Mister Coakley and endorsing my good friend Henry because like me he's a true conservative who places the interest of the people before his own. Trust me sincerely QL. Florence, South Carolina. They reference to Hugh leatherman. Harvard does this these these are pretty clever posts I've got to hand it to you. Responding to a previous call last hour were richer color think Al-Jazeera is concerned with the best interest of the US. Where you sit back and look at it it's pretty amazing how far upstream trump has been able to get against such a strong downstream current. I'm not. We get to do is just fight. And you have to be focused fight focused. Headline mormons leaving Boy Scouts and other fraud has had enough and has jumped out of pot of water. ABS be SA. How's that appeasement policy working for you. Very good question. Another text responding to the conversation Mark Harris a wall isn't needed if we we just enforce our laws when someone breaks in your house we shoot them. He why can the same not be applied to our border boy that's pretty rough. So glad Harris beat picture but please please please don't run in the inept border wall total waste of money. That won't accomplish its suppose it goals. Is techsters saying. Another person saying love what Mark Harris is saying how and why volunteer well he. Hopefully gave you that information that a person saying he's got my vote. What else do we have here. Vince remember your broadcasting to South Carolina to yes believe me media keep that in mind and everything we talked. And I want you understand this I want people to have a sense of the stake. That we have all of this hat especially here in the Carolinas. I hope that's. As a starting place. Some of few in South Carolina is you're hearing for instance about mark cares if you believe in what he's doing get behind it supported. In a few weeks. We've got primaries going on in South Carolina in fact there's a big third district congressional race we're going to be talking about that. I hope that some of some strong conservatives here in North Carolina you'll get beyond it behind. A strong candidate in South Carolina. We all I mean these are local races yet at same time. We all have a stake in having strong people. Going to Washington DC. So that's really important I hope that's helpful to you. I also wanted to mention the mixed bag I said this earlier in the broadcast that there was a mixed bag of results yesterday evening. Because there's some. Races where. There were victories. Very clear victories like we case Mark Harris there others. Where there are some defeats some Republicans lost yesterday evening. And there are some Democrats. Who lost yesterday evening here's a case in point. This is a look at the incumbents who lost primary elections yesterday evening in North Carolina. All of these folks lost eight incumbents. If I saw correctly I think it's five and 35 Republicans three Democrats. In senate races. State senate races senator Baer lost senator Ford Democrat lost senator Kurdish Republican lost senator Rand open. Republicans lost. House seats. Representative Boswell Republican loss Duane hall Democrat lost. More. Representative more in district 99 Democrat lost. And this one kind of surprised me Republican. Representative berg. Lost. That it's Justin Bieber. I was reading his post yesterday evening. Seems like a really genuinely nice guy I've just met him several times. Seems like a genuine guy I don't know all the circumstances there he lost his primary last night. So it's a mixed bag you can't look at this and say well there is this type of wave there really wasn't it just happened. And you heard in passing. That's. The courage share for Mecklenburg County. March. I've reached out several times by the way to the man who did win. Who's a former homicide detective in fact he's got his own show. I believe it's on Discovery Channel. And if Evans delisting Kate you've got an open invitation to come in this broadcast Jerry McFadden. We used to live in the same neighbor and used to be outs IE as a reporter at the time covering stories. Running into him on investigations. As a homicide detective talking with him. Love to talk to you again Gary. You're welcome to vote come on this broadcast. Let's try to Hillary in Henderson bill good morning. The moment. And all of that he does mention I guess it's exploded about the Mormon Olin out of aboard delta and its. The move you know what the impact of that is that. As a former. Elder for many many years at the time I was in the Mormon Church chartered 12%. Of all the boy scout units in the US while. And that that was there official youth program for boy is within their church. And that was one. You can for a long time the board out for all the stronger against homosexual leaders. Thing because the LDS church says if you start picking homosexual leaders to voice got were leading we're all of our units. And so now I guess they finally reached their breaking point. And it is you know he did so much ability as well start or on your program. Which is exactly what they're doing youth made an interesting point here I appreciate your calling Henry good to hear from you. There in Henderson bill North Carolina here's the story. As reported by the independent mormons got nearly century old tie with a Boy Scouts century. This is what's so disturbing about this. This is like color of the community this is like in institutional. Foundation a building block in our community. That's just been guided by what progressive as. And the church. As caller mentions going to create its own program. The statement issued by the church said it off to good opted for the split so we can create its own youth program all of the two organizations values. Had clearly diverged over recent years you think. Not a complete surprise. The religion last year removed 185000. Boys between the ages of fourteen and eighteen from the scouts signaling an end. To a nearly century old relationship. Based on shared values and see that's the key phrase there. Based on shared values. When those very values or shared anymore. You've got a problem. One of them 2015 Boy Scouts allowing gay troop leaders. In announcing. Girls in the ranks. So the Mormon Church misstatements. So they're gonna start a new program will start in 20/20. That would help all girls and boys young women and young men discover there eternal identity. Build character and resilience develop life skills and fulfill their divine roles and it's. Daughters and sons of God's. 425000. Boys will be moved into a gospel focused youth program. That's how it is characterized. Another change coming about in response to progressive as some. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program scrub to a call from richt and don't kid and good morning. Event thanks taken my call any job I'm as surprised you haven't disgust at all be. Be big news yesterday were trot getting out of the out nuclear deal it. Aaland and. Is also on the agenda this morning. Would you like to make some comments about that. Well I. I don't see I don't see any positive upside to this move brother then. Well there. Are what it is thought about that downsize these. Court battle inside it he's he's now broke and the alliance that we've. I'll work with the Europeans putting out there are risk where now. A trade war of sorts where. The French and the German. And the armed English and they continue to our trade with. Where are Iran and I've seen no upside if you haven't yet at UC. Any point that has been messed. Let me ask your question and and and as I will I will get to. Your question and answer it. What did you think of the deal with North Korea. That was worked out by Bill Clinton. And I think it would say. It was the best the other could be made at the time. You don't severely flawed. But it port eight pinstripe on them. You are aware we got delayed their development of a bomb. Our ten year which is better than zero. And that. You're you're pleased with slowing it down you think that was enough. Now that was not enough but that was back that we could do at the time and that it was far superior. Am not having the DL and far superior than where we stand today on the ninth may. OK okay I I understand where you're coming from on this so you would look at this and an incremental way and probably say the same thing about. The Iran deal the would you reach it helps me understand where you're coming from. That you think they're getting something. Our guys because. Eight delay. Is battered and not a delay at ten year delay is better than zero year delay. And and it may not even be at all backed bill. Yes our our European trading partner who apartment BL and Russia and China. Continued to our trade. And he always got your eyes are trading company. Well we'll bring our US goods and that's fate heavily and that horrible and you all. Laura who. I'm Rick Vince at WDT dot com hey Rick Vincent WB did T dot com. Send that information to be end and let's talk about how we can make some money out this. I'm I'm just kidding Larry. The pressure right now. Tell me tell me if substantial. Good thing they came out of that move yesterday. And the fact that you placating about base throwing them red meat and saying that. I've made about a campaign promised. I'll regardless of Britain's good or bad for the country that I don't bet that doesn't hurt many point. What is bad official of that move yesterday. You kind of think you raise a very good point here let me end and now let me answer your question because. On the surface. 181 reason why I ate did not approve this deal. Is in fact here's a quote here. At least here Friday he I thought for sure that I had this in the stacked discussed is and that was it was right on the money here it is. This is something by a friend congressman Jeff Duncan posted yesterday. This sums up the bad Iran deal negotiated by president Obama's secretary Kerry keeping in mind that Iran. Is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. Pumping a theocratic and despotic regime with cash. Why so while simultaneously. Relaxing oversight and accountability. Is most certainly not a path to peace. I ate I agree with this 100%. That's IE I don't see the wisdom in this at all it seemed to me by what I was understanding avid. It look like more appeasement. And I don't think you're going to get anywhere long term with appeasement here's the other thing I would add to this equation Rick. I animal and this is more in line with your thinking. I think Iran is a totally different story whereas I think North Korea is looking for. Recognition the leaders looking for recognition and we might be able to work with him and do something with him. I think the Iranians are in another category altogether you throw in the religious. Fundamentalism. I think all bets are rock. And the idea of trying to work out something with them. I don't think it's gonna work too well. If we're gonna work up some other new deal I don't see another new deal coming out of this on your point. So our deep benefit the old deal which still ahead at ten year our ability where you can read the in subsequent years build time but I'll applaud IPO would you got right right now but the but tenure go into it. We'll see you Rick and I I appreciate the points you've raised your riches and they're very thoughtful considerations here and I I mean I am inflicted. On the surface I think it's great to throw the thing out. But I am very curious to see a rate so what's the strategy here. We can go back distinctions that's great. But what's the in game. Is I think this is going to be totally different than deal with North Korea. That's just my since. Of their in the history we've had with a rock and it's a different ball game altogether John. Good morning welcome. I you don't. Kelly great achievement. If you study history. That we have never seen a dictator or a country like fish. That does not understand and thank god force a bullet history fished. And we've let that stand up against these states since they took a look at paper and second down in Haiti. They actually break it terrorist and kill an American should I'll different countries all over the world spread terror. Only now and people stand up tool. Workforce like we in the past during the war can never happen. Thank you agree that fueled the Korea sank discussion confer recognition up thank. Have a shift Potomac might each other that we can support you forever of course basically capped it but I'm limited. But. I I think probably the right thing own arrangement. Yet it seems to be on the right direction here John I do appreciate your call and in fact I think we have audio of the actual announcement don't we John. The announcement that was made with present. Withdrawing the United States from nuclear accord that was worked out by the Obama administration. We have John carried through sure didn't Vietnam you remember that don't you. And also remind you lurch. Do we have that ready done here Garros here is said the president. I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw. From the Iran nuclear deal. In a few moments I will sign a presidential memorandum. To begin reinstating US nuclear sanctions. On the Iranian. Regime. We will be instituting. The highest level. Of economic sanction. Any nation that helps Iran and this quest for nuclear weapons. Could also be strongly sanctioned. By the United States of America will not be held hostage. To nuclear blackmail. Wow. So again and this is the point that our previous caller raised here this potential here. Really out the at cross purposes with some of our allies. How is this gonna work out it's going to be pretty messy I will tell you that it's gonna be pretty messy. We'll take your calls in this summary view obviously wanting to discuss this ends. What is he read a reaction out of Iraq well I think this ought to tell us something. Along the lines of what I've already said. They're not easy people to work with understatement. 1136 out of it strictly reader program described it Craig and painfully good morning. Very rare or from our call her the ball well they're double where I love you one day. I hate them. Up up. And I. Think Jack and believe you look lucrative remember. All of us. I'll be content along the North Korea or I'll yes we got that audio I need to bring that value. Out there won't go Bob Martellus most of them the same thing. Current president is out there and there are masses. And we also acts per minute and trust the people in charge. Reduce the right thing and that guy there called a little bit. We have to end here you know it's been Iranians today this minute I am not advance written. There there. Now I don't have any doubt that they're moving right ahead with their nuclear ambitions here you're absolutely right Craig. Sorry the reception on the call was not too good. And it yet it's pretty been pretty frustrating to watch. We and you see people who and this is where. I appreciate the wisdom of around a regular says yes I'm gonna work out the steal the Soviets trust but verify. And from what I understand wasn't a lot of verification in this deal with North Korea or with Iran. To now here we are. Have basically having to redo our relationship with the North Korea. I'm not sure what this deal accomplished. Other than making people politicians. Proud of themselves. Aligned them to do have a you know their little victory lap. Tony in Monroe could morning. Our I would agree with your burger did look terrible situation but he heard say oh yeah our European Al. Could could could he ran. No and in a position where there will continue to. It followed the distance that the President Obama and other world leaders over a billion Obama did what he had so many other countries involved in this. Over a decade and then you see it come bail you want about it in a couple of days and yeah. The green with a. Yeah now Tony let me ask you this statement do you trust the Iranians. I know that kind of buck that it is is a bit. I don't I don't wanna learn don't do America act would not eliminate it may be in the big thing but what. We haven't been in a war without Maria did not remember. What can only do. It. Well I'll tell you what if they get nuclear weapons. What do you think that looks like. Murder weapon that's what vehicle but the vote Bubba we have inspected nearly all of you all of them all and how well networking North Korea Tony. Yeah yeah it did deal that Bill Clinton worked out with North Korea. North rim and we haven't been in the situation would work real worry here. Where I put the Korean War. Armand and no cool the. Here's the point I'm making Tony they were they've been threatening us for quite some time. We have nuclear annihilation. That's what they've been doing while they've been developing their nuclear program after they worked out. A deal with Bill Clinton and I'm saying the same thing about the Iranians. I don't trust them that I think whatever they think they've worked out or we think they've worked out without us. I have a feeling debts they have not stopped. And that their intentions are the same as as they were before. It didn't. What's that again. And a little bit ahead sure. Well yeah well there you go out there and they don't wanna go get a picture there. Now appears there were no there aren't and you can I don't really know what you did this in the good looks like a solo won't make that. Hey OO MB did well I'll tell you this Tony all you need is one of those nuclear weapons you know what you can do in the atmosphere. Of the United States with one nuclear weapon. What number to call the pertinent to a certain little bit because you do about it. Here though they're terrible situation. Well well let's see let's get let's give the chance here and and see what develops I appreciate your call Tony and your perspective and concerned. I understand where you're coming from because this is. This is very different there's no question about that. But I think as an eye on this why I was giving the example North Korea. That we've seen these deals and how you know these politicians have taken their victory laps and they're gone they've moved on. And now other presidents are having to clean up the mess as in the case with North Korea Dennis has written and sent this email just a couple of minutes ago Vince love your show your voice is needed. The Iran deal is the Broward County promise program for terrorist nations. That is really clever. The Broward County promise program for terrorist nations. Hot. You know and I would make the argument and then no again please do not hear when I'm not saying as concerned as we've been with the intervention ism. Of the United States of America in Iraq and in Afghanistan. You know at the real problem has been in that region the whole time. It's Iran. And they're making progress. They're making headway right now. In. Shifting Iraq. They're direction. So we've got to keep our eye on that situation as well. Bob good morning welcome sir. And good morning are you sir good. Police accused of voting I have never had a campaign Colby and many times and Robert considered campaign did. Really someday I had a 1000008 telephone call. Who would veto the phone numbers you know it could look for the coming out of gas to a castle county. And where the good looks at eight times they would be called an apologist or entry saying yes vote for a and I wasn't. While we were you inclined to go for a before these calls. Were you inclined to vote for him while unwavering. Okay good. I had written him a letter about a concerns. And I got a response that was not an answer. Yeah I have I'm ready to note that while he's not into the question these equity. Partially off on this. Because he's not committing. And as that that's what started me you know like it. Other paper that was really thing I wanted to straight answer and didn't get it. I hear re coming from. While I appreciate your brother Bob you know this political calls can be absolutely annoying I really appreciate the call black feature that I discovered in my iPhone is the peak. Boy that's a good way and it's been very helpful. Let's go out to Tim got about a minute Tim in Fort Mill. Don't you Wear me out. But it's that it deals we're what these guys train for a flight okay. You know it talks about ritual all. If articulate immediately got it back I let my actual Al Gore camp. He's got a lot on an actual. He can say it's not a big dogs but if you are uploaded here in a compromise position. You might act executive but it will hurt. Well I gave the example to of one nuclear weapon in our atmosphere. We're done. That's all it takes one. You used to what it's cracked because it is picking him to you know a ya gonna happen with that it's not just the explosion. It's taking out the infrastructure yet of that area. Just takes one. Just one to all it takes him I do appreciate your call this thread this is why can't take these threats from these two big countries. You can't just blow them off. And say oh what are they gonna do to us how old they can do a lot. Do you remember 9/11. What kind of weapons were ultimately use for 9/11. Box cutters. And that led to the deaths of thousands. Of people tell it took. Don't forget. I know it's safe to talk about this is my wife it's probably not listening. I'm looking at one of the sites I've connected with on FaceBook. Well this was husky addicts. So I'm watching. It's crazy little Siberian Husky puppy. Great video I love these these medias and there's so many of her and connect to like three different husky sites in the villas. By the way if you know if you don't have a Siberian Husky they are crazy they're wonderful dogs. They do the craziest and silliest things very entertaining. I guess in cat videos or else. Not. About today I ever friend you do pose plenty of those believe me. I mean he's he wants to defect open apart at cafe. Yes but generally when Stokley cat cafe so an excellent man. Here's the catch me now anyway. The a couple of things are one to get through before him the broadcast today so and also won two out. Mentioned in terms of good news Walter Jones also won his primary this is another important primary in North Carolina. He's characterize this is his final run for congress third district Republican representative Walter Jones. Fought off two challengers to win his party's nomination. Jones by the way he 75 years old. This was his thirteenth congressional election first winning back in 1984. What I like about Walter Jones is you still have. It's a good pretty good record. In terms of voting strong. This is Cold War. I need to look at that Ken has been awhile since I've paid much attention he's got a 88. Think about this this guy's been around for Ephron and thirteen times. Is Canon 88 conservative review score. Reliably conservative guy. And in honestly one of the few who's been around that long that you kind of say you know I hate to see ago but again he's he's up there and age. And I'm sure he'll be glad to pass on the the time. Here in a couple of years to someone else so I wanted to mention Walter Jones who's also been on this program. A couple of times talking about some very important issues. The I don't know whether this have genuine north cured North Korean news site or whether it's a parity site. The DP RK news service. And they mentioned the mayor and the guy in West Virginia who is reading that the Republican Party was terrified might win he'd lost came in third I believe. Here's what's DP RK news service said. He impact old turtle McConnell congratulates itself on defeating blatant idiot by doing nothing. In preparations for the harvest. Which is really trip he did nothing he's congratulating himself he's so glad. That big guy he was concerned about lost. So how is Iran reacting to this deal. The end of the deal with the United States being a part of it. Politicians Iran has its set a US flag a bullies. I mean it's not just out on the streets I think they did this. In their legislative chamber. And chatted chanted death to America. They also torched a symbolic copy of the Iran deal before value to increase spending on the country's ballistic missile program. The furious demonstration the Iranian parliament reflected broad public anger in the country. After trump called the deal a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. Parliament speaker. Said Iran could return to its nuclear program but would hold off first are withdrawing from the nuclear pact. Here's what he said with a national consensus. We will give the US and zionists a response they will regret. Already. They say they hope Europe or work with them to preserve the deal. Already the EU EU is indicating it's ready to stand alongside TA rod and boy that's encouraging. President to sign her honey said he will be sending. The foreign minister to the country still in the deal China France Germany Russia and the United Kingdom and you can bet they're gonna try to you out. Appeal to us. To stay in this thing you know that wonderful diplomacy thing that they do. I wanted to revisit yesterday's broadcast. On pay him he didn't get to a day in history in we're out of time. But hopefully we'll get back to this tomorrow yesterday was very interesting show. In many ways. Allen had Spartanburg. Since this email to me. Events before you call Franklin Graham and other evangelicals hypocrites for their different comments on Bill Clinton and trump considered this. It's fair to speak differently about an unrepentant man and a man who appears to be repentant man. Trump hasn't publicly noticed he need to repent to you or meet. But he's not accused of being what used to be. For most of his adult life Clinton had both the past and present life permissiveness everything for up about trump is in the past. The prophet spoke one way to and and repentant King David he spoke entirely differently to the repentant David. You'll reverend Graham a sincere apology. If you had a very sordid past the Indy we came to Christ weather 51015. Years ago would be fair for everyone to talk today about the old events. You're very rude to their first collar after the 11 AM break she was trying to make the same point I'm making you stomped all over sweet and tender spirit. Well I'm sorry you feel that way and if she feels. In some way abused or disrespected. Hoped she would call back. And I'll be glad to have that conversation. But I will in response to your email save this. I have no need to apologize to mr. Graham. Because I don't see the repentance that your talking about I really don't. I don't see it from either man I don't see these men as being different. I still don't. And yes. When someone communicates publicly. About in this is what gosh I only wanna go down this road let me just say this. When I see fruits of repentance from either one of these guys. Let's revisit this conversation Allen right now I don't I really don't. And yes it is a public issue because. Donald Trump is a public man.